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Archives: August 26, 2005

JAMA Gets Angry E-Mails From Abortion Foes

The American century - its end can already be glimpsed on the horizon.

Long view / The debate over Iraq revives the ghost of Vietnam

Krugman: Summer of Our Discontent

Jon Stewart vs. The Democrats

US workers denied access to 50,000 jobs

Gaza terror group said to have rocket that could hit Ashkelon

Rewriting history in the name of the Father

Protest Bush in the Inland Empire: Mon, Aug 29, 1 pm

Don't buy gas on 9/1????

White Pride Group Heading to Crawford

Did George Will's wife really throw his crap on the lawn after he porked a

20/20 to look into Vampires! Thank god. Finally Cheney exposed.

Politics, Personal Views Push Clintons to Hobnob With Republicans

Iraqis Miss Third Constitution Deadline

Demand The Truth ....PEACE TAKES COURAGE

Civil rights groups support Roberts

Stripes letter: Bush should see Sheehan

I have to say that Stewart was well-prepared tonight.

Bush supporters and war protesters plan debate

Mike Webb has Lila Lipscomb and Tammy Pruitt on the phone

George W FraWD!Corrupt AWOL coward frat boy douchebag with shit for brains

Have there been any scientific polls of opinions on Cindy Sheehan?

KGO7 news video on Sheehan/ gop groups: who is funding who.

Is Our Country A House Of Cards?

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS? How did he get to be the bad guy?

I missed it. When did Bush become idiot son? Why?

PHOTOS: Barbara Bush's beautiful mind is recognized

Google Is Not Your Friend -- VERY DISTURBING INFO...

Give me a good argument on gas prices please!

"GOP Fears Gas Price Anger May Spill Over" (Boo frigging hoo)

You Guys See This? - 21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

Stupid RW talking point: Hitler was a socialist

uh oh white supremacists planning on going to Crawford

Arnie's Popularity Plummets as Californians Tire of his Reform Pledges

Abuse found in military schools("culture that devalues the role of women")

Daily Show Tonight.... Bush music video....

Interracial cowboy homo kinda love…

Katrina animation Dial-up warning.

Anyone here an ESL teacher?

The Mets win!

'You're a drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay,'


Has anyone had Goldschlager before?

LOL! This is the best "locking" reason I've seen yet...

I'm actually drinking hot chocolate

Oh well, Murphy's Law preempted my show

We're driving from Toronto to Quebec on vacation

Describe or post a photo of progmom's pajamas!

Nighthawks VII. (Dial-up warning; possibly long thread)

Patsy - please post when you can so we know you're OK.

Where are the fundies as this little life hangs in the balance??

BushCo's feces dispersal session for today

Code Pink...Walter Reed...Right Wing Spin...

Boy, Senator Thune is PISSED! I watched on Lou Dobbs...

Could you personally ever show any sympathy for George W Bush?

Palm Beach Post: Sham Iraq constitution will not 'honor sacrifice'

Norman: Pat Robertson's Screwtape Letters

Vietnam on Crack

Central America's Street Gangs Are Drawn into the World of Geopolitics

Joe Conason (Salon): Iraq's unhealthy constitution

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and "intelligent design"

Senatorial Courtesy: Will John McCain Let Republican Perps Walk?

What's On Your iGod? - Mark Morford

The death of Al Mutanabbi Street(Baghdad's fear-haunted literary cafes)

Juan Cole (Salon): The Iraqi constitution: DOA?

Karen Greenberg (Mother Jones): The Achilles Heal of Torture

Even in Summer, Americans Dread Winter Heating Bills - NY Times 8/26/2005

Comments on today's feature article

Who Will Say 'No More'?

The Stranger ran my LTE

Straight and narrow: church's 'gay cure'

Government alleges Cunningham solicited bribe in home sale

Medea Benjamin/Gayle Brandeis (CommonDreams): Mother's Day in Crawford

Courage under fire (Death of 2 Soldiers. Last Throes My Ass)

The power of prayer -- and assassination

Bush elects to smear and dodge Cindy Sheehan

Bush's Words of Optimism and What They Tell Us

Rolling Stone on Cindy Sheehan

WaPo: Before It's Too Late in Iraq-Wes Clark

Daniel Ruth: 'And what did they die for, once again?'

How right-wingers are like the BTK Killer

Giving the Finger to the US- Hugo Chavez

Cheney's 'Spoon-Benders' (from psyop to MindWar)

Great opinion piece from Indianapolis Star on "Dead Wrong":

Late Night with Hugo Chavez

"There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear. ..."

Thinking Outside The Box – “Break It Up!”

John Nichols (The Nation): Bush vs. History

ROBERTSON'S DEATH WISHES - William F. Buckley, Jr.

Iraq is no Vietnam - Troop morale high, everything's going great

The Economist: Changing our view of prescription drugs

Anybody want to vote in the CNN poll?

A Nurse's Perspective on Iraq

Iran thrives on the neo-con dream

Torture's Achilles Heel

This Just In: the Real U.S. Iraq Agenda

San Diego Union Tribune: Attack of the flake

Dowd: Bike-Deep in the Big Muddy

A War to Be Proud Of

Castro Backs Violent Overthrow of 700 Club

Radioactive Wounds of War

New Riot Control Microwave Weapons May Be A Cause For Concern

American Economy is Destroying Itself: Paul Craig Roberts

My mom, not Cindy Sheehan, is Bush’s biggest problem

Timothy Garton Ash (The Guardian): Stagger on, weary Titan

Bush admin claims Americans have "too much" health insurance

HELP! HELP!!! Who is blogging from Camp Casey?

Virtual Camp Casey

I sent a nasty email to Faux

SL Co. Will Pay $4,803 To Animal Rights Protesters

Christopher Hitchens on the Daily Show (Video)

Digby on "Rotten Elites" (Beltway media in bed with politicians)

So very special...Private catfish dinner with a war criminal.

Help start a serious tv news channel.

Faux News got a story wrong, and an innocent family was terrorized

Killing the dollar in Iran and other war stories

Does anyone here have a fairly good background in theoretical economics?

SunPower (Cypress subsidiary) seeks IPO

Committee Passes Million Solar Roofs Bill on Party Line Vote

China Prepares To Tax All Gas-Guzzlers - Up To 27% Surcharge

Portugal Fires Likely To Speed Rural Exodus - Reuters

MIT Study - Global Warming Has Doubled Tropical Storm Power - Nature

Scaling up CIGS solar cell production to compete with Si wafer.

From The "Just In Time" Folder - Daimler, GM Will Jointly Develop Hybrids

Delaware - Record 837-Pound Tuna Also Sets Record For Mercury Toxicity

Rig shortage hits Rockies

Katrina Update - National Hurricane Center - First Post 8/26 5:00 EDT

Nuclear power's future

Officials say Southwest growth straining water supplies

Hotel Rwanda: Memory, Witness, and Departure

Jordan's Constitutional Monarchy on Hold

Chile officials take over colony

Israel, Vatican end row over Pope's comments

Is Idiot Son's creation of a new Islamofascist state good for Jews?

Hamas Bombmaker Vows to Continue Attacks

But the occupation remains

2 arrested for pig's head incident

The Bush administration terminated Able Danger in Feb 2001!

State sponsored terrorism against their own people? Canada too!

What's the best compilation site for London bombings?

Able Danger update

Basic Newtonian Mechanics question

Oy. Is a leftwing-gatekeeper operation?

Skinner god of cyber-heaven

Local election officials concerned about new voter registration system

Diebold Offers REMOTE KEY SOLUTION......

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News , Friday 8/25/05

NJ election officials NIX 1990 certfyied DREs like Sequoia Advantage

"Paging TruthIsAll" - an article - A blast from the past

Decertify a DRE today. Episode two.

Who is marching in LA on the 24th

Who is Marching in San Francisco on Sept 24th ?

Maxine Waters speaks to standing-room-only crowd in San Diego

Bush staying at Hotel Del Coronado Monday night: Vigil proposed

Sticker Shock for Owners of Hybrids

State targets 39 drug firms

Bart train strikes and kills man at San Leandro station (Cali)

Grassley blames China for oil costs - Developing nations using more gas

check out Mitt's mouth....

This is for you Massachusetts

Panel Dooms Otis ANG

Stephen Lynch will take part in high school military recruiting event

Anybody catch the delusional U.S. Rep. John Kline on 'CCO

Donate to Chris Coleman for St. Paul mayor.

UNION rally to supprt Northwest Airlines mechanics tomorrow

I just participated in a Zogby Poll

Linux laptop help...

Question on running spyware detectors on PCs with multiple user accounts

Franklin County treasurer to run for Oh. treasurer (Jeopardy champ)

(Akron/Cleveland) Strickland speaks on S.S. on 30th in Medina

taft releases new list of undisclosed gifts

"Conservatives, liberals unite against Gov. Taft" in

September events in Amarillo

Dallas Air America Group -crawford bound -i have extra bumperstickers

If you happen to be in Austin tonight...

Puzzled-Is there a Crawford Event for Bushies on October 27?

And if you can't be in Crawford this weekend...

i'm on my way back to crawford

Lecture on Public Schooll Bible curriculum in Austin next Wednesday

Question for those who've been to Crawford Peace House

car window sign for the drive to crawford

"Wimp" "Talk to Cindy" sticker

Couple being married at Camp Casey?

Tom Delay: Next stop on Cindy Sheehan's list

Anyone know why 1600 in Austin is down?

Last Night's Town Hall Meeting on Iraq

who all is riding the bus to Crawford tomorrow?

I've located a van in Temple and have it reserved. Is there anyone that

Air America Radio's own Randi Rhodes will be in Crawford on Sat

Cindy's tour coming thru Houston

Local Dem Chair on Radio

Horrible accident in Trenton.

Why Robertson said what he said about H. Chavez

Why Robertson said what he said about H. Chavez

Why Robertson said what he said about H. Chavez

did anyone else the words behind stewert?

Anyone notice that jaw swinging action Bush has when he speaks?

Great "Fresh Air" Interview with Female Iraq War Vet today! Must hear...

Finally! Cindy Sheehan has made it into the German media!

Senator: National Guard Involved in More Questionable Surveillance

Ralph Fienes: The Constant Gardener?

Extinction of the UN

Hitchens Deconstructed on the "Daily Show"

Coulter strikes again.... film at 11

Cornered in Crawford

crude oil is now at the highest inflation-adjusted price since 1869

Florida hurricane area people, CHECK IN!

FOX Viewers comments on the Pat / Hugo ordeal

Daily Show on now.....

Picture of a veteran at Bush's VFW address

my husband spotted DU as a source in the credits of "Embedded"

More "fair and balanced" bullshit from Faux

Most in US Back Right to Protest Iraq War

need references on & descriptions of IMF austerity measures

Daily Show "shrub re-mix" made my cat meow --- LOUDLY.

Robertson: "Operation Supreme Court Freedom" -Petition God to Smite Judges

"Bush ranch protesters plan road trip to Washington"

Since so few have heard about this: CNN:Chavez to help American Poor

Killing the dollar in Iran

Just got an e-mail that Randi is going to be in Crawford Saturday

Just watched "Arlington West" DVD the last hour...

suggestions for Sheehan-Crawford

Please include specific questions, which should be asked by persons....

Venezuela the backup plan if Iran attack plan is stymied?

profits are up,but not wages.

Biking Redux - morning chuckle for me

Bush's Tax Panel May Review Housing Tax Break, but it "seems unlikely"

Let me preface this by saying that to "escape" the batshit insane

From a Dem Activist in South Florida :)

I just heard on CNN that bush will meet with cindy but without media

Wisconsin Program Helps Illegal Aliens Get Mortgages

Antisemitism and conservative attacks on the "liberal media"

Whatever happened to Charles Grodin (I think that's his name

Poll: Many Back Right to Protest Iraq War (90%)

I need that moran picture

newsmax - stephanopouLos urged assassination

Bush scolds Iraqis? Sure, that'll help

Can't get back to Crawford this weekend, BUT:

90% of Americans support right of critics to openly protest Iraq war: poll

What does America Owe the Native People & Former Slaves?

SO - All Lance, all day...or all Katrina, all day????

"Blow away Lopez"

Canadian Former Minister of National Defense to Address UFO Symposium

Let's face it, Casey Sheehan was a BETTER MAN than bush will ever be

Newsview: Clintons Hobnobbing With GOP

Fighting terrorists doesn't cause more terrorism. But invading and

Good Solid Flyers to put on W Sticker encrusted cars?

Bush's French Vacation

i Love america, but god are they whiners about rafaeL paLmeiro

White Pride Group headed to Crawford

Ann Coulter stands by her remarks calling NYers "cowards" (VIDEO)

Republican "Fiscal Responsibility" - The Great Depression Timeline

A Republican in group from Colorado Springs headed to Camp Casey

Charges Dropped against K.C. man who spit tobacco in Jane Fonda's face

“France and chicken, somehow it just goes together”

Do SUVs Make You Stupid?

Don't buy gas on September 1, 2005!!!

Oil Fat Cats Vs. Hugo Chavez: He's stealing the oligarchy's oil

Daily Show Rerun at 10 a.m. Catch it if you can

Does Anyone Else Think That Neocon POS Chris Hittchens was drunk on TDS?

Is Baghdad Burning O.K?

Wes Clark WP op-ed: "resolve isn't enough"

Former Harvard professor recalls Bush as..

Fianally, I can now understand Home Land Security alerts.....

So talk-radio Ankarlo still doesn't get it

What kind of "renovation" is going on at the White House ?

There was a pipeline explosion in Illinois yesterday...I can't find detail

Check out the "Terror Survival Handbook"

Self-delete- accidentally started a new thread

Just watched last night's Daily Show again. Hitchins was DEFINITELY high!

Just watched last night's Daily Show again. Hitchins was DEFINITELY high!

Krugman tells the unofficial truth about the economy

George W. Bush is a Hell's Angel?

Uzbek parliament backs U.S. base eviction

Cuba TV Analyzes Bush Fundamentalism

"Able Danger" whistleblower says HE is being "SwiftBoated"

Whoa I just saw the Cindy Sheehan commercial on CNN!

"The Nation" ad on Air America

I just got called a MAGGOT!

Hey Cheney! "Where have all the flowers gone?"

What does "data mining" mean?

Britain tunes in to fake news "Daily Show"


Fear not, Iraqis! Here Bush comes to save the day!

Is Dead Wrong playing on CNN again this weekend?

Rumor: Hagel will leave GOP to run for prez as Independent in 2008.

Big-Hearted Atlantan FIRED for rescuing two dogs from a hot car

The Am.Legion Says Again It Is Not a POLITICAL Organization

More evidence of turning tides.

Exploiting children for the pro-war right

Comparison: US Fatalities in Iraq Map - Red/Blue Election Map

Anyone have clip of Rachel Maddow on "GMA" this morning?

Lance comment

Iconoclast: Camping facilities, BYOB H2O


Protesters, tempers growing in Crawford

Are You Sick and Tired of the American Political Cycle?

Scion Contestant Ousted Over Anti-Bush and Bin Laden Lyrics

Explaining the Bush Cocoon


Satire: Iraqi President Bush May Be Stoned

I never see any sandbags

Strike probabilities estimate for Katrina - Apalachicola watch out !

Good Morning everyone, here's an update on Camp Casey and CPH

Pat Robertson +chinese forced abortions +african gold +war crimes = fun!

Hey SouthCal DU'ers - Bush's Propaganda tour coming this Tuesday

Bush supporter Bill Johnson Yellow Rose headquarters

Is Federal Divorce Amendment Next?

Rachel Maddow is coming up on "The Al Franken Show.....

El Paso adopts resolution to keep racist vigiliantes out (Minutemen)

Britain tunes in to fake news "Daily Show"

Crawford Peace House: For those coming to Camp Casey

Fox News source makes life hell for family mistaken for "Terrists"

Bring up these quotes to the war-loving Freeps

Question? If Chuck Hagal is saying to get out of Iraq

Search For Missing Music Producer Intensifies (Scary story)

Super Informed Fox News Viewers on FR

Are there problems with navigating the site?

Just for clarification: Hitler was fiercely anti-socialist

Does anyone know where I could order large anti-busy anti-war

Top U.S. General in Iraq Backs Timetable for Withdrawal

American Legion VS Veterans of Foreign Wars............

HA! HA! I got a response from the Pat Robertson camp!

Now THAT'S a judge!

Iraq war....divine retribution upon a nation too tolerant of homosexuality

I believe the death toll is a lot greater than 1874

Top Venezuela Diplomat Says U.S. Reaction Leaves Doubt After Call for

Is "Exit Strategy" the same thing as "Cut N Run"?

Completely Stolen from

Here's a funny Robertson column

Computer Models for Katrina's path

Churches confront an 'elephant in the pews'

CNN: Brothers arrested again in Aruba case

Iraq: No rational course to stay

Why would George Bush denounce Robertson? He gave him 1.5 million $.

100 People Who Are REALLY Screwing Up America -- #8: Elaine Chao

DN!: Military can be experimented upon without their consent..

From the band XTC -- seems appropriate...

Sunnis rally against Iraq charter

I heart dick

Ministry of Reshelving puts 1984 in its proper place

Embedded/Live - Tim Robbins - Sundance Channel

What do people here think about the Dallas School Board

(VIDEO) The Daily Show: He Said, Sheehan Said and MC Dubya

Serious question: Is Alan Greenspan an excellent economist ?

Did the FBI really interview Jeff Gannon?

Radioactive Wounds of War

Live from Peace House in Crawford: I'm listening live!

I've located a van in Temple, is there anyone that could volunteer to

In Mexico, U.S. Religious Leader Says He's Requested Meeting With Venezuel

Bush elects to smear and dodge Cindy Sheehan

So any bets on how long a thread on teh new Gallup poll results will fare

STATShot says the truth on Onion...



chimpy and Lancey...I sleep well at night

The President DOES have time for Everyone

The new Iraqi constitution looks like the rules from Fight Club

Trolling around on

God Isn't Real

Number of soldiers killed guarding private

Question: How Do You Get a Freeper to Shut Up?

Chinese Try to Get Chimp to Quit Smoking

Clark: If Bush won't adopt winning strategy, we should demand withdrawal

Everyone write to Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana

Our "New World Order"

There's an Arab proverb that says...

Seven dead, five missing in Katrina's wake

Bush: "I'm not meeting with that goddamned bitch!" (-Capitol Hill Blue)

Latin Leaders Chavez, Castro Provoke Love, Hate in the Region

Medical Supplies needed at Camp Casey!!!

Good idea on CNN now...OK, misleader - "You're Impeached....

A tale of a chicken hawk

2 US Maps: Iraq Fatalities by Hometown & 2004 Red/Blue Election Results

KGO-TV smear attempt of Cindy, read at your own risk

Daily Show video clips on Comedy Central

Raw Story: Firm pushing Santorum book promoted bogus, lurid sex tales

VIDEO: What's bigger than the Oil Industry and costing more lives?

Full Metal Chickenhawk...

New CNN Poll: Would you volunteer for Iraq if asked by the President?

Hey Boys and Girls its..........

2 PM EST NHC Advisory about Katrina

Have the recruiters arrived yet at camp casey?

Would We Be "Spreading Democracy" in Iraq if It had No Oil??

Jerry Springer's ogling at female news anchors just really PISSED ME OFF!

"And ye shall know them by their fruit."

Look out! It's the A-Liberal-Nati!

Just heard about a "Happy Bunny" T-shirt that says it all:

Oklahoma City Bombing Files

SAD: "(Detroit )turns blind eye to demise of unions it spawned"

Excuse me, have you got a raving lunatic in the White House?

Brazil: Priest Fined $3,000 For Saying Someone is "Pro-Abortion"

If Rumfilled were just screwing up the Post Office this would be funny.


4000 jobs trump national security

We should start talking IMPEACHMENT when Idiot Son hits 35%

Cindy's on with Big Ed talking about Qualls

MSNBC Poll: Spirituality

BREAKING: Sunnis and Shi'ites agree on something: "Bush and America out"

Proposal: Web-to-reality ("BE the Media")

Unofficial RANDI Thread (It's FRIDAY, ya bastids!)

Remember Frank Burns? The prototypical repug chickenhawk?

perhaps a way to fight gas prices

Can anyone explain this photo? >>>

I don't have any freeper, fundy, neocon or otherwise far right friends.


AP: Drivers worldwide feel sting of gas prices

"Why do/does_________hate America??"

Guess what -- nobody here is stopping you from doing anything!!!

Mother's Day in Crawford

Cheney.."Go fuck yourself"...what other vulgar quotes by repukes do we

Balloons at Camp Casey?

Martha Stewart. My hero?

Lattes, Sushi and Organic Milk

Wes Clark to be on Meet the Press 8/28

In May '05 Hugo Chavez's Approval Rating was 70.5%

The case for immediate withdrawal from Iraq

You grumpy ass DUers -- looks like Al Franken heard you

Holy **(^!?! They figured out that Cindy is part of a bigger conspiracy!

car window sign for the drive to crawford

Rachel Maddow will be subbing for Al Franken all next week.

Anyone use acetone in your gas tank yet?

Randi, I love you, but why can't you let Cindy talk, and instead

This Is No "Working Vacation" - Do They Have to LIE About EVERYTHING? >>>

"Now I'm free, free falling" - Gallup: 40% approval for * (lowest yet)

Is anyone listening to the Brad Show from Camp Casey?

This Is Very Cozy, Isn't It? >>>

Crawford: Can you get any pro-peace T-shirts

Robertson and his bizarre statement, unintentionally anti-war?

New name for the war on terror!

New Bush Poll About to Come Out on CNN --eom

Contract With America

FDA Delays Morning-After Pill Decision 60 days

My take on SUV's and McMansions...

Iraqi Constitution w/o Sunnis signing off is History =Means Civil War

Tell everyone you know Bush is polling worse than Nixon!

"I’m not meeting again with that goddamned bitch" GW on Cindy

"How much credit or blame does Cindy Sheehan get for *'s bad poll #s?"

Gallup: Bush approval 40%, disapproval 56%

Who else finds the 'Allegiance to Bush' thing a little unsettling?

Great post from a Soap Board

Here we go - planning the next disaster a bit prematurely...

Anyone know where Randi got the Iraq poll numbers?

Hotel rates skyrocket in DC for rally weekend...

Full Text of Iraqi Constitution (with a few key parts bolded)

My daughter is looking into being an engineer since she is very good at

If Bush were to suddenly

Anyone seen this yet? (Great email)

No Word for "Compromise" in Either Iraqi or Afghan languages

CNN: bush** Poll Numbers are B A D!!!!!

Latest projected track of Katrina

I think Freepers victimized a guy that was on Fox

Latest Public Advisory from NHC on Katrina

Does anyone know if there is an organized protest against Bush in Phoenix?

Jack Cafferty just emailed me..he is a JERK!

Some repug's are not real bright...for example

Cindy is a "safety mom." It's just that people are starting to realize

It's the last day of "next week", where are the Abu Ghraib docs?

Why, oh why, do I argue with "them"...

Mayor Stephen Laffey will challenge Sen. Chafee (R-RI) in Senate primary!!

Does anyone have any experience building a log home?

New Ad Says 'too Much at Stake'to Allow Roberts on High Court(NARAL)

Sunni Says No Deal Reached on Constitution

HEAT WAVE IN HAWAII....29C 88F damn....gatta go surfing to cool off...Damn

Is Idiot Son's creation of a new Islamofascist state good for Jews?

Anybody see the story on CNN about a Liutenant getting a medal in Iraq?

Earth to Washington Democrats: CALL BUSH A LIAR!!!

Just Coming Over AP Wire

Our Liberal Media...banging head against wall

Conason: Shotgun Constitution will hurt Iraqis, but Bushists are desperate

Dean: Bush Needs to Take High Road on Gas Price Crisis

Does anybody here use

GULF 29N 87W = highest chance of being hit by Katrina

Trying to behave like a Christian and not talking about it constantly

Apparantly those teen girls in Ohio got pregnant by immaculate conception

Ben Burch's Birthday

Jesse Jackson to visit Venezuela, meet Chavez

Mr Bush -- "Why don't you admit once and for all that you lied?"

Sunnis dealt out? Conststution negotiations stalled.

Time to play their game....repeat our themes endlessly...except ours....

Another freeper photo (maybe) - 3 Morans

Groups, lawmakers seek public version of CIA accountability report

raed blog, his constitution, and his ideas, being iraqi

$72million outrage

President George W Bush** - Worst President Ever

South Florida Cleans Up After Katrina

U.S. evangelical (Haggard) seeks Chavez talks

Pre-Apologies, But... Rush Limbaugh In His Own Words !!!

For The Record, President Wes Clark Would Be Getting Us Out Right Now.

Hypothetical: Let's say the "drug war" is totally junked

Katrina Could Be Cat. 4 At Second Fla. Strike

F$^%#&^$&$$$$&!!!!! Another Category 3 headed my way!! (Hurricane Katrina)

Great place for bumper stickers

Gas Price Increases to Open Anwar?

Should the Pres. be worried? (blitzer questio re. Bush Low polls)--answer

Homeland Security Intelligence FUSION Centers.....

Is a right wing website?


What ever happened to Giuliani running against Hillary Clinton?

Deja vu: Scoutmaster arrested for alleged molestation

OK. This is very LONG, but I hope they will print it in it's entirety

Ann Coulter: New Yorkers "Would Immediately Surrender" If Attacked...

Iraqi Shiia Morgue Worker: 'Security-wise it was Better under Saddam"!

Look for the woman in the "Club Gitmo" shirt at Camp Casey this weekend...

Campgrounds in or near DC?

Has Cindy Sheehan said something about Israel?

Did you just hear Randi?

Iran thrives on the neo-con dream

Cindy Sheehan meant IRAQ, not US. Stupid Repigs.

What will it take for the world to turn it's back on us?

and wesley clark thunk all this up all by himself.....

Girl's story of dad was a hoax, paper says

anyone listening to Ed Schultz just now?

Pro-War mother on Hardball... kinda sad..

How can Jeb and W be from the same family?

Looks like Tom Delay is next on Cindy's list!

Ed Schultz has the guy whose house Fox said was a terrorist's..

Hey Freepers: Do You Want War News Coverage Or NOT??

The REAL reason for the Base Closures - Nuclear Attack on DC

The White House is Feeling the Heat!!!

Justice Department Approves Georgia's Voter ID Law

BREAKING: Examiner may have falsified 479 DNA tests

For the first time ever, I just spent $40 filling up my tank

HOAX! Has psycop written all over it!!!!! Child used told was in movie

America Has Lost The Forest For The Trees (Gif Animation)

Taking India's fight to the Hill

Radio interview about Kodee Kennings hoax

Froomkin: Bush's and Press party the night away!

Face it -- To Get Our Country Back We Have Win Repub Minds ....

Sure sign of stupidity? ignorance? * keeps 82% of his base....

Latest Public Advisory from NHC on Katrina, 8 PM EDT

Is Cindy Sheehan on BIll Maher tonight?

(photo) Rummy, you have to work with the military you have,

BEST CARTOON: Pat Robertson hit on Hugo Chavez

Watching CNN with husband and they are talking about Cindy

Anybody been watching the new show on Fox "overthere"?

Things "To Do" Today: Call Your Representative re: HR 375 (Impeachment!)

"Former homosexuals" to meet in Alabama; Anne Heche's mom speaking

I guess I'll stick with "House"

ABC: Is the President Taking Too Much Time Off? (Maddow takes the left)

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

UNION rally to support Northwest Airlines mechanics tomorrow

I've noticed that when someone subs for KO...

Is MIKE MALLOY another rerun?..if so does anyone know why ??

Boy, David Brooks sure does talk out of his ass......

Oh My God....staff shake up to help *? Grasping at straws...

Iraq's marginalised Sunnis rally for Saddam

I'd almost feel sorry for Bush except that he is an arrogant

Photo: Chairman George on parade in Crawford

SHAME On You & Your Offensive, Lazy-Ass Vacation George Bush >>>

It only "Looks" Political

This is something I just don't get

Just saw Cindy's commercial (PSA) on CNN...

Should Pro-Bush moms be considering "fair game"?

3 votes for greatest. vote anyone?

Your Favorite/Admired Current World Leader?

Chertoff will handle things in case of flu epidemic...not health agencies.

BY the way....WHERE is Cindy staying/camping in DC???

Calling H20...paging H20

The tide has turned, but it's going to leave a lot of garbage on the beach

Things are getting so bad I fear

Can we revisit this issue? Result of another terrorist attack here

"About that excuse for not meeting with Cindy Sheehan..."

The "Robber-baron Right" Cancer is Spreading. We must stop it.

VFW bullshit detectors, where can I get some?

Let'smake sure Armed Forces Recruiters greet the pro-war idiots in Texas!!

Okay still waiting on Enterprise to call with my van, Needs in Crawford!

Col. Anthony Shaffer coming up on Hardball

VERY Important Day 85 Years Ago- Aug. 26,1920 The Suffrage Battle Was Won

More Crazy Shit From Ann Coulter.

Good press for Sheehan from the Miami Herald:

Not Surprising...Faux sNews gets it wrong...

If I were God,...

I just notified Lloyd Doggett's office by phone and by email

Enough with the SUV arguments...what about McMansions?

PHOTOS: "King Midas in Reverse"

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...


Best of Mike Malloy tonight, Get well soon Mike if you aren't feeling well

Oops he did it again


Don't forget Bill Maher in about 50 min. Cindy is advertised to be on.

Paul Harvey mixes up his fundie nuts - ABC radio freaks out

The fat Lady are just about to start singing...

Cindy Sheehan to Shift Focus to Congress, Starting with Tom Delay

In Defense of Pat Robertson


I think we have another "Jeff Gannon" polluting the Web!

pResident calling Cindy a &^%*!

Has CNN grown a brain? a conscience?....remarkable -

Minimum wage should match cost of living

Do You Have Plans This Weekend to Protest Iraq War & Vacationing George?

Christian Abortion Hypocracy

Barnes & Noble - Santorum Debacle

Really neat jig-saw puzzle.

Happy and passive mean more productive animals

Bring Them Home Now Tour 2005

Wolverine is on the way to Crawford NOW!!

There IS one good thing * has done!!

Al-Sadr's men killed Casey - Now Bush will help al-Sadr run Iraq!

Attention Doctors & medical professionals: Camp Casey needs your help!

Saw Cindy's commercial this morning on CNN in Portland, OR nt

"We young people don't identify with these Old Left groups....

i have a board that wants to donate to sheehan. HOW

Missed it last week? James McMurtry in Crawford Again, tomorrow p.m.

The "Bring Them home Now" Tour from Crawford-Washington: Dates & Stops

Ok i need some quick help... that " you dont speak for me cindy" group..

A serious question

No disaster declaration or government aid -- yet

11 PM EDT Public Advisory about Hurricane Katrina from NHC

Gouging in the Name of Peak Oil

Does anyone know where to order really large anti-bush/anti-war

Justice Department Hits New Low -- And Gets Caught Red Handed

Capitol hill blue, reliable-yes or no?

Is Truth Out Of Style?

3 lies and 2 "I didn't say that" in 1 week from 3 Neo Con Leaders

My response to Wes Clark's email about keeping the troops there.

Bush's "Anti Cindy" strays from script; has nothing but empathy for Cindy

A fundie asked me for a job

One more time - BRING AMERICAN FLAGS to Camp Casey

My Summer Vacation, by George Bush Junior >>>

PBS is dead. Bill Moyers, we need you!

I heard a Canadian caller on "Alex Bennett" say

We cannot ask our soldiers... to give their lives ... for an Islamic state

George Soros- On Globalization

Mike Huckabee, bite me.

A cartoon of pat "let's assassinate liberals" robertson...

Freeperish Counter Protest "Caravan" Got Lost on I-40. Duh.

Liberals bracing for Roberts hearing

Like nails in a music to my ears, each time Wolfie on CNN

Telegraphing our play calls

Oh here we go, 'They volunteered to be there...' Mike Huckabee

Cindy Sheehan coming up on Bill Maher any moment now.

Bush facing growing opposition from Republicans

Latest local Cindy smear...

If Bush's approval ratings are hovering in the 30's when Fitzgerald

story on dateline is most heart-wrenching thing i've seen lately

LIVE NOW! NOW! NOW! from The Crawford Peace House!

Can someone please explain to this Canadian

Could Sibel Edmonds talk if she was a Fitzgerald witness?

Black Helicopters and Boise Paranoia

Does media do a proper job reporting WH corruption and incompetence?

Two things bother me concerning Lance Armstrong's interview

Idle curiosity: What is the procedure by which a nuke is launched ?

I know yall prob have talked about this before but did you hear that the..

DNC demands answers from Bush on WHIG

Live from Camp Casey. Day 9. Crickets, media and respecting the locals.

Why is there no maximum wage to balance out the minimum wage?

What are DUers going to do about Able Danger?

Clinton, Clarke NEVER TOLD about ATTA & Gang being in US!!

Bush's Five-Week Vacation Is Just a Big F.U. to Working People >

Cindy And The Camp Casey Posse Roll Into Town With The "Texas Truth Step"!

Guest Lineup for Sunday TV News Shows

Sgt. Viscuso needs some soap

Bay Buchanan just praised Cindy and trashed Bush on CNN's

8/26 ALL Cindy thread DAY 20

Greenspan's Goodbye "housing boom and long term poor economy risk"

Cool -- Rachel Maddow is subbing for Al next week.

Too much faith in Fitzgerald?

Chimp Over A Cliff - A Brief Look At Bush's Ratings (Gif Animation)

Not to be alarmist, but New Orleans DU'ers pay attention...

McCain now a Pat Robertson Republican - endorses anti-gay amendment AND

US State Dept. docs : "3rd world a source of raw material to be exploited"

Bush's poster child for Iraq changing her mind a bit

Canadian DU'ers: You have Big Brother waiting, story

Gall of Hitchens to bring up Alzarqawi as being "In Iraq" on Daily Show

Fat Lady has sung. Satan's got on ice skates. Pigs lining up on runway

Way to help in Crawford. Keep kicked if you are so inclined.

OMG!!...This is horrible!!! (Animal Abuse in France)

Fascists in Utah (Video footage)

very humorous comedy bit about *'s speeches

Wes Clark's response to question on Cindy Sheehan

Have you donated anything to Cindy Sheehan and Camp Casey?

Abu Ghraib: I feel like a broken record, but

Just read Wes Clarks solution to Iraq, and am convienced it won't work

Anyone who has been to Crawford, is this true?

5 more photos from last weekend to tie us over

GOP - The party of Money, Maternity, and Mayhem

BWAHAHAHA-- C&L ratted Coulter out to Mayor Bloomberg

Jan30,2001: WHO rejected HartRudman Report on Global Terror, Bush or CIA?

A new call for all Americans: Indict, Impeach, Imprison!

"The Battle for America has Begun" (Video - Quicktime file)

Depleted Uranium today

Sen. Leahy: Where is Bolton's Adult Supervision?

Question about a "new" Progressive radio network

More People Hating Bush Does NOT Equal Democrats Winning Elections

My fundie sister defended Pat Roberston

Anyone else get called a "STUPID F*CKING BITCH" today?!

The Rolling Rock T-shirt, beer-bellied camo wearer is NOT a Freeper

Why We Don't Want Men to Vote

MS's Clarion Ledger has a slap down opinion piece, it calls Bush insane

Does it matter whether one was against the war

Ok, this may be crazy, but is Cheney planning a coup?

Response to Freeper "friend's" joke about Clinton

Rolling Stone: Shrub and "dried dog shit"

Mercenary Body Count

"Current TV" - vote up this video about cars which run on vegetable oil.

Does anyone here have a fairly good background in theoretical economics?

After our coming civil war... I want 50% of all ex-Rethugs to take...

Woman General Janis Karpinski Lambastes Bush Administration

Sharpton To Crawford?

Hey folks. . .I need some solice for my brother, Michael.

What if abortion was not a political issue?

the best (current) anti-war music video today!...

American Baptist minister heading to "hunt down" King of Sweden

Northwest Airlines Update: IAM scabbing. Democrats in hiding.

So is Hitchens' ass still red from the spanking Jon gave him

A letter to Limbaugh.

*** Friday TOONS to wrap up the week ***

Bus to Pro-Bush Rally Cancelled Because Only Seven Signed Up >

Is Hugo Chavez is the greatest world leader so far in the 21st century?

The Bush administration terminated Able Danger in Feb 2001!

My anti-war music video dedicated to Cindy's son Casey

Homeopathy is not the same thing as all "alternative medicines." this the end for homeopathy?


From Eisenhower to Chopra: Time to remove war from the menu options.

What is your choice for an easy to use food processor?

a bit off topic, but I got a new toy (sorta kitchen related)

New Law slated to install Police State in Canada

I keep getting error messages on this site :( Have I upset someone?

Drama about the Blunkett affair scandal to launch More4

The "Have I Got News For You" story

De Menezes 'shot for 30 seconds'

Extradite Britons who have sex in bars and on beaches, says Greek MP

On this day 29 years ago...a 'miracle' in the UK:

Don't shrug off low pay

Monday is most common day for suicide

On this Day in History: 26th August

Absurdly provocative post related to controversial wedge issue.

NYT: Constitutional Crisis? On Streets, Talk Is About Everyday Needs

KGO7 news video on Sheehan/ gop groups: who is funding who.

NYT: Charter Talks in Iraq Reach Breaking Point

Venezuela: revolutionaries and a country on the edge

Killing the Dollar in Iran--A Times (inc. war talk a la Iraq)

The US vs The UN (Bolton tables 750 amendments in 3 weeks)

CIA Panel: 9/11 Failure Warrants Action

Washington to be sued over global warming

(ohio) Workers' Comp ignored warning about brokers' fees

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 26 August

Uzbek Parliament: Evict U.S. Troops

Clear-up Iraqi civilian compo rumours, Opposition tells Govt(Australia)

Paris inferno kills 14 children

Blast hits oil well in Iraq's Kirkuk field

US envoy sets out to wreck UN reform deal

Blast hits oil well in Iraq's Kirkuk field

Prosecutor wants delay in phone-jam civil case; grand jury to reconvene

Bush urges Iraq concessions for Sunnis

Sheehan Protest Aids Crawford Peace House

U.S., insurgents locked in stalemate ( Anbar Province )

Hundreds of firms vie for Nigerian oil

NYT: G.M. Extends Deep Discounts Through End of September

NYT: Bush Steps In as Charter Talks in Iraq Reach Breaking Point

Shiite official: Bush urged constitution compromises (federalism + Baath)

Uzbek parliament wants U.S. troops to withdraw

WP,pg1: Political Violence Surges in Iraq

Uzbekistan votes to evict U.S. troops from military base

Protesters, tempers growing in Crawford

Asian bird flu outbreak 'could trigger 1930s-style collapse'

WP,pg1: Life-Lengthening Hormone Found in Mouse Research

Fijian High Court overturns gay sex conviction

U.S. commander foresees worse violence before Iraqi elections

Straight and narrow: church's 'gay cure'

Court clears way for Sri Lanka poll

Global warming lawsuit against US gets green light

One hundred thousand Shi'ites protest Iraq charter

Talley comes out swinging in wake of Republican scandal

GOP convenes a special Dem-slamming session

Shiites offer compromise on constitution

Judge Orders Convicted Sniper Forcibly Fed

Base-closing plan angers Republicans

Schools block peace group

Witness tells of 30-second shooting of tube suspect (Menezes}

Bart train strikes and kills man at San Leandro station (Cali)

LAT: Schwarzenegger Urged to Call Border Emergency

Sunnis rally against Iraq charter

NY Senator: Hillary 57% Pirro 33% (Rasmussen)

Republicans pitch counter to Granholm tax cut plan

Panel rejects closing South Dakota air base

Pakistan sentences five to hang for Musharraf

White House Distances Robertson

Top Venezuela Diplomat Says U.S. Reaction Leaves Doubt After Call for

U.S. asbestos fund could fall short-budget office (Reuters)

Politician won't rock the coffers

Report: Russia Opens Probe Into PepsiCo

Analysis: Oregon Breast Milk Contaminated

Death sentences in Musharraf plot

One hundred thousand Shi'ites protest Iraq charter

We're not ‘emotional' on softwood, minister says

Finland reports possible case of avian flu; unlikely to be feared H5N1...

RawStory: Firm pushing Santorum book promoted bogus, lurid sex tales

Venezuela Plans to Cut Outstanding Debt

Shiites Await Answer to Compromise Offer

Bush elects to smear and dodge Cindy Sheehan

Top Venezuela official blasts U.S. failure to condemn call for Chavez's ..

Senior Iran cleric hails “Islamic state of Iraq”

PERSPECTIVE: Paul Hackett still draws national attention

Greenspan Warns Budget Deficits Pose Risk

Iraq's marginalized Sunnis rally for Saddam

Gallup: President Bush's Approval Rating Hits New Low, at 40%

Bush asked to attend Muslim convention

Iraqi forces may need years of preparation

Israel, Vatican end row over Pope's comments

Hurricane Katrina cuts power to 1.45 million FPL customers

Iran thrives on the neo-con dream

No Charges for Pilot Who Flew Near Bush

Gifts that Gov. Bob Taft failed to disclose

U.S. strikes suspected terrorist safe houses (near the Syrian border)

U.S. Court rules National Guard base closure illegal

Russia says Iran not breaching nuclear non-proliferation treaty

Lawyers fight execution of black woman in Texas

Re: Al-Qaida planning Asian attack, expert warns

FDA Delays Morning-After Pill Decision

Fury over loss of 9/11 heroes' health program

Al-Qaeda ‘preparing to attack’ Asian city

Iraq's marginalised Sunnis rally for Saddam


AP: Skakel Trial Bid Implicates Others

Saudis to build steel mill in Karachi

Federal corruption probe reaches Daley

Gas Station Workers Face Angry Customers

Colombia lawmakers 'use cocaine'

Chalabi aide says Iraq has charter, others demur

Amnesty refuses involvement in UK deportations

Stocks fall with consumer confidence

Governor Schwarzenegger Gives Energy Assurances

Myers troubled by lagging support for Iraq war

Sunni Says No Deal Reached on Constitution (End of the Road)

Shiites Await Answer to Compromise Offer (Sunni reponse "Maybe tomorrow")

Al Qaeda in Iraq issues virulent manifesto (jihad goes on until doomsday)

Arrest at anti-war protest (Australia)

Hoax Leaves Illinois Student Paper Embarrassed

Venezuela to Host OAS Meeting on Social Charter

One hundred thousand Shi'ites protest Iraq charter

Joint chiefs chairman says Iraq failure would mean instability (Myers)

Greenspan Lauds 'Flexible' Economy, but Is Wary of Deficit

NYT: Shiites and Kurds Halt Charter Talks With Sunnis

4 killed, 5 missing; power knocked out to 1.2 million as Katrina Whacks

Finnish TV drops U.S. televangelist's show after call to assassinate Chavez

Chile officials take over colony

Roberts Targeted in New Commercial

Man sentenced for transferring money to bin Laden bounty hunter

Iraq war protestor (Sheehan) says to shift focus to Congress

Taking India's fight to the Hill

LAT: Proposed Revisions of National Park Policy Cause Stir

Britain heads for clash with US

(Dallas) Bilingual-principal plan approved

Army chief says he's pleased with troops, calls Iraq "messy"

Poll: Many back right to protest Iraq war

Capital Hawks Split on Iraq Constitution (Family Research Council doubts)

Army Worker Suspect in Possible DNA Deceit

Chavez: If anything happens to me, blame Bush

Cannon and Ellsworth Air Force Bases to remain open

Authorities Brace For A Perfect Storm In Crawford

Rangel launches rambling, blistering attack on Cheney

Six arrested at state office distributing union newsletters

Two Arrested in U.S. Computer Worm Probe

Venezuela curbs missionaries after Robertson spat

Fight to stop Texas woman's execution

Justice Dept. OKs Georgia's (Republican backed) Voter ID Law

AK-47 Law Rules as Cartels Fight Over US Drug Route

CBS: 9/11 Accusations Fly Within CIA (rebuttals to IG's rpt filed)

Senator: Nat'l Guard in more surveillance (California)

Alert Posted After Theft Of Jet Fuel Truck...

20 Massacred in Port-au-Prince Soccer Stadium, Jailed Jean-Juste Mulls Pre

Bush Approval Rating Continues to Drop (Gallup: 40% approve/56% dis)

Galloway To Go On Anti-War Tour of US With Jane Fonda

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Captain Longardeaux's Book of Party Tricks Redneck Jokes and World Records

How do you like your teak?

James Bond is at it again

Bush and light bulbs

Mr. Scorpio's show will be on at the top of the hour

"Catapulting the Propaganda - Leadership Secrets of G.W. Bush"

Finally able to get Mr. S's show!

Finished The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe with my kids tonight

I'm off to sleep. Here's some photos .......

How do you like your steak?

Are you a stranger to me?

Is Yahoo! Mail not working for anyone else ?

What happens to a dream deferred?

Can anyone understand the lyrics on "Exile on Main Street"?

anyone listening to psytrance?........

And of course....

Why am I not sleeping?

What's your favorite movie of all time?

God Denies Links to Pat Robertson

From the band XTC -- seems appropriate for these times...

Supernatural - The new Mark Fiore Animation

I think I'm going to mop the kitchen floor

Headlines from The Onion from the Sept 2001 issue

Grumpy day today thanks to Wells Fargo. (rant)

Katrina, Bride of Andrew

New Viggo Movie: A History of Violence

I have to get the kids up in an hour

Celebrities adopting frozen embroyos (to wear on a necklace)

Does anyone know where I got Question #10 from in my random questions?

Well. There go my lingering doubts about HIS Sexuality

Paralyzed Golfer Get's 2nd Hole In One In 2 Years

Bourgeois may be a French word

good job jon stewart, tonight's daily show...

Not exactly the most "taper-friendly" venue in the world...

Green Day Gets 'Best Band on Planet' Award

Tobacco Company Gives Gold Bars, TV Sets To Smokers As Reward

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu

Company Invents Puppy Contraceptives

420 Pound Man Accused Of Stealing Beer From Store - Again

Police reject woman's Azaria claims

I just sent a sugar-coated but very bitchy e-mail....

Kinky Friedman for Governor 2006

SUV Crashes Into Operating Room During Surgery

Complaint Dept. *OPEN*-About the scheduling of hurricanes and such

Lobster's shell saves it from pot

Tennis, anyone?

Post here and I'll give you really really bad advice

Man Who Spit On Jane Fonda Has Charges Dropped

How did MrScorpio's radio debut go?

For you Panda Lovers.

The Official DU Word Of Today Is: Fulminate (Please use in a sentence)

Tom Cruise, friend of Dorothy?

Holy Moly!!! Did I really just send that!?

College Freshman Accused Of Beating Her Roommate With Hot Iron

self seems to be working now.

DSL question.

Anyone else having problems with DU or is it my computer?

Extra Strength, Triple Action Formula

Dive! Dive! Dive!

To any hindus here

Have you ever BLACKED OUT like Hitchens did on the Daily Show last night?

Anyone for The Decemberists? "16 Military Wives" is so poignant


Diana and Dodi statue to be unveiled at Harrod's

Knittin Thread!

Fear of heights? "You go first no YOU go first"

damn it! there's a hippy sLeeping on my couch

Help please - Mom fighting identity theft battle

Punky Brewster Gives Birth To Baby Girl

ARRGHHHHH!!! Earworm! Must ... lose ... earworm!

Happy "Women's Equality Day" USA!!!

Anyone else experiencing trouble with DU?

I just watched "The Aristocrats"!

An error was encountered, please try again shortly.



BEST Halloween costume ever!


I saw "sweet Sixteen" last night

American Football League Appreciation Thread

We're moving to the Seattle Area! Good riddance Dallas!

Why are ants now invading my mailbox?

Canadian Man Received Post Card In His Mail - Dated 1955

Can you believe this is the last friday of August?

Speaking of football-Cheerleader Ninjas_!!!!!


How do you like your Tofu?

DU Men: How often do you masticate?

I am leaving work soon!

I got shot in the thigh and arm last night...

Is G-Mail registration still by special invitation only?

Football fans-Does this make any sense?

What a wonderful day to be alive, don't ya think?

I own you.

IN THE YEAR 2525 (I'd say Zager over shot the year, it's now)

It's Friday!!! Time for some ENGRISH (funny pics!!!)

Alpha Charlie Bravo- The dog barks at midnight and the fox leaves from the

King to run for president?

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! No! No! No!

Ok, who broke my DU

Greg Hawkes of The Cars performing a Cars classic on ukulele.

Per the loudmouth idiot that is on the radio everyday . . .

I like the newcomer Annie Nalick!

My sinuses are driving me crazy

Football Season is.....

American Basketball Association remembrance thread.

I Saw Armenian Thrash Metal with My Teenage Daughter

My wife's birthday card - thanks to everyone who convinced me yesterday!!!

Pre-Merger NFL Appreciation Thread

Freeper---Wal-Mart opening is like giving a community a raise!

Tom Cruise Denies Being A Reincarnated Scientology Prophet

Cutethulhu (Must see flash anm.)

Jackoff at 9-11, sitting in front, brain idling, stammering thru goat book

ok... is it just me or do the little icons over "greatest" look like....

Charlie the Chimp, you have to quit smoking!

Hilarious smackdown of freepers in GD re: lost Freedom Caravan

The grocery stores already have halloween candy out..

Tom Cruise Denies Being A Bad Actor

What do you call your main living room?

Do you have a separate dining room or

I apologize in advance for this post

New exhibit at London Zoo - humans ("I'm funky like a monkey")

Who's going to Crawford? Familiarize yourself with Austin Lounge Lizards:

Well-here we go again--Hurricane seasons here-

Why is this Friday going so slow!

There are currently no threads from the Lounge on the Greatest Page.

I guarentee failure on this: Oceania Geography Quiz

Do you have a telephone in your bathroom?

Any DU guys that can belt out a tune a la Ethel Merman?

Hockey season isn't starting soon enough for me.

I just bought myself the most expensive birthday cake in history

Here, I will not discuss cats, back pain, homesickness, or loathesome DC.

Football season isn't ending soon enough for me

Classic rock one-hit wonder songs?


Anyone ever have something resembling a parasite experience?

Tom Cruise Denies Being A Homosexual

FReeper: Gray Davis responsible for today's rolling blackouts

Is my wife in here? Is it safe to come in?

Favorite Peanuts character?

On FedEx vehicle for delivery

Mach Go Go Go!

What is a bigger waste of bandwidth?

"Bea Arthur stormed out of Anderson’s Friar’s Club roast for what reason?"

And now for your Friday afternoon joke!

Australian DUers, your guy Howard sucks as much as our guy.

I tried to leave, but I just can't stay away (mental break)

My cat has something to say...

YAY ! 30 minutes until the weekend! How 'bout you?

What if Tom Cruise and Cher had a child together?

Can someone sound like they look sexy?

Fleagle! Bingo! Drooper! ...and Snork!

Pic of flooding in Key West

Anyone else watch Stargate (Sci-Fi channel)?

When shooting the UPS guy how many times do you pump the BB gun?

Being a part of history.

Happy Birthday Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post!

I really am a big child. Today's purchase.

family stress sucks...

Not so clever FReeper parody of the news


Anyone up for a pre-paid association thread?

I guess my show is available online. I'm going down to KZUM now.

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Go! Go! Go!

I won't get to post on DU again until next Thursday!

Whatcha drinking' tonight?


Anyone up for a 'The Association' thread?

Tom Cruise is just a wee little man, isn't he? (PIC)

Comb Honey

Cigarette bummers! Buy your own! RANT

Freepers for a 2nd American Revolution!

I've figured it out: Robertson is a comedian and The 700 Club is satire!

Elective surgery!?

This describes my mood perfectly (Song Lyrics Warning)

It was and I said not but..

Fireman's revenge

Debate: Punning and Rhyming is a form of schizophrenia

US Open - are you excited??

my mother does not have an ATM card


The dreaded 700 Club!!!!!!!!!!!

Who wants a giggle?

Doctors Reattach Ears of Man Maimed: "malicious castration" involved

Yellow dog democrat!!!( A pep Thread!)

motivation. i got none. nada. zero. zip. any advice?

Gore Vidal.... you nutty expatriate man of letters, you, time for you

What would happen if a major hurricane hits New Orleans?

Have you ever been less than prompt reacting to a green traffic light?

Dammit, where is Toey?

Oh Crap! I just got called into work.

OK - Why was my tattoo poll locked?

I love ' Family Plots' - anyone else care to 'weigh in'?

I didn't get called into work tonight

I've lived in TX for over 3 years now and never bitten by fire ants.

Life is so hard.

What is the truest, blue-est DU-est cell phone provider out there?

In honor of 3 * approval ratings of 40% or lower

I've lived on Fire Island for three years and never bitten a Texan

R.E.M. nerds....check this out!

Gas prices too high? (Video)

Are You Following the Strict Religious Group heading to

Ever done a face plant onto a hard surface?

I knew this was going to be screwed up

Death by Ubangi.

check out the name of the assistant principal

This post is gone. nt

W00T!!! I have my second eva piano recital tonight!!!

I'm on VAY-KAY-SHUN!!!!!

I am heading to the pool!


William and Harry.....and Bart and Lisa and Homer and....

Oh where, oh where can Miss Honeychurch be ~

For Andy: revenge is a dish ............

Wehweese Wodewick!

I'm going to have a root canal...

My escape fantasy.......

where can I print some enlistments forms to give to young repukes?

my local target is trying to pull some kind of scam...

Favorite Raffi?

Channel changing and I pass by C-Span 2 (BO-ring)


Expired domain name business sure is a sleazy world...

Once again I submit this query.....

How about this for a t-shirt??

Seriously, what does the "700" in the 700 Club stand for

Sweep little kittens

I'm leaving D.U.





Eat little kittens

Drinking Game

Otis Air National Guard Base on Cape Cod to be shut down.

Am I the only one who is ordering "IMPEACH BUSH" shirts from

Sleep little kitten

IT People, are there any Blackberry problems?

My job is intolerable - I can't take it anymore!!!!

Should I panic yet?

Frownland by Capt. Beefheart and The Magic Band

Thanks everyone...

And now we do the happy dance - "She made the team!"

"I just want to build every Bionicle I ever got..."

Funny Bush version of "Who's on First"

Just a silly story, told to me by my uncle.

If the '08 election were held today, which superhero would you vote for?

Weird optical illusion

(How) should I contact this woman?

Here is a pic of Sirius taken a week ago.

Texan farmer May Have Caught Legendary 'Chupacabra'

Damn it!!!!!!!!!

Anyone want a good laugh?

Is your family regular?

Pillboy Doughberry

How sad, the Bear is no longer getting drilled on DU home page

Any AMATEUR RADIO people here on this board?

Is an old Pentium Pro CPU and mobo worth anything?

Does anybody here use

"Walter Reed" -Michael Penn

Was Joan of Arc Noah's wife?

'It'll be great. All those PhD's out there, discussing modes of alienation

What's Hanging From Your Car's Rear-View Mirror?

Pastafarianism - Flying Spaghetti Monster cult grows

I got freeped tonight!

Friday Battlestar Galactica appreciation thread

How do you feel about your job?

We saw the most awesome thing tonight on the way to Bricktown...

can I get a warm lounge welcome for getting old in mke

Good Night D.U.

Supposed to have a job interview in an hour...

Anyone with a cafe press store, how is it going?

Rachel Maddow will be subbing for Vacationing Al Franken all next week!!!

Kirin, saki, sushi......and now the Lounge. What's up DU?

love me hate me don't ignore me...

Have any good suggestions as to how to hypnotize someone into

Can I get another Amen?

Bill Maher REAL TIME on in 10 minutes!

Got Me A New Job!!


Is it a thing for fundy dudes to ignore women and talk only to men?

8:10 pm Friday, drinking Jager, watching Maher

In todays terms, metaphorically, who would be Wiley E Coyote &

A Pic from an anti-Cindy Rally

Is DU stuck in the mud again?

Speaking of "cut the check",

ARGH! It's finally not 110 friggin degrees out and I can open my windows!

So my landlord entered my apartment while I was away today...

Did our membership grow by 200+ in the past 24 hours?

Mike Huckabee--tight ass, ball-less wonder!!!!

I want to cry...

I'm going to sing some minnie ripperton now....

What other message boards are you posting on tonight?

Does anyone remember this song?


Younger Son of GoG says:

Hurricane models put Katrina entering south of New Orleans.

I DID IT! I watched all 7 seasons of "Homicide" AND the reunion movie!

It's on right NOW

Here's some funny pictures of Tom Cruise dressed in drag!

OK, all you smart DUers, I give up. I need help.

Tell me your funniest joke.

Jackoff at 7-11, sitting in truck, engine idling, yammering on cell phone.

picture question

W-O-R-S-T damn 80s Hair Metal song. Pick one of these or add yer own.

I wonder what the "& More" is

For some reason this game is fun???

Cat kills shark in kitchen.

McMansions versus AverageHouse (compare bills here)

Her milkshakes brings all the boys to the yard......

Post how old your pets are here

It's 104° here!!! ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!

"I think that children are overly sexed in our society. It's disgusting."

Reality TV Show Challenges Teenagers To Go 5 Months Without Sex

Anyone ever have anything resembling a parlegal experience?

The most ridiculously overpriced beer ever?

Which is better?

May I please have a Politeness Thread?

Funny EBAY auction!

Why football is better than baseball (Rant)

What are you listening to?

Alright College Students: What classes are you taking!

Aging on my mind (turning 43 tomorrow) - post a baby pic and a current pic

Big, sharp knife + chopping cabbage = big band-aid

Hi, everybody

Are you stranger than me?

Hmm, A week back someone dared to post a H.S. pic??(post your pic!)

My cat plays like a 3yr old child.


How's your French?

Who else has asthma?

Would you wear this jacket?

A Patriot has passed

Does your family eat together regularly?

Favorite song by Jimi Hendrix?

Last night, I did something I've never done before.

There were these 3 Surgeons out playing golf

So what do you all do for fun here in the lounge?

Friday's *earworm* for lovers...

Your favorite soup recipes?

Does anyone live in Upstate New York?

I have a problem...

Football season isn't starting soon enough for me

Kitten thread!

Look at this Fool.....

I am an ex lesbian who was cured by going to a camp in Alabama

Bluegrass fans, I need help in choosing a song!

so what are you all drinking tonight?

Do I have to choose between a partner and

Goooooooooooooooooolll!!!!!!! Gol! Gol! Gol!


Folks, I am having a lot of trouble regulating my diabetes.

Project Shrink The Chimp

Mrs Grumpy and RevCheesehead are going to be mad at me...

Friday Football Flamewar

How many cats does it take to change a light bulb?

N.C. Gay Conference To Be Held Under Tight Police Security

Choosing a church: A little help please.

God: The Essence of Everything

God Isn't Real

The bad idea behind our failed health-care system

Homoeopathy's clinical effects are placebo effects, The Lancet

Earth's core spins faster than its surface

Deforestation of Amazon 'halved'

X-Rays Reveal Ancient Text

WP,pg1: Life-Lengthening Hormone Found in Mouse Research

Mars/Venus/Jupiter dazzle N. California skies this week

Homoeopathy's clinical effects are placebo effects, The Lancet

Fresh doubts raised over homeopathy

Scientists put new spin on Earth's core

Straight and narrow: church's 'gay cure'

Calif. Gay Marriage Bill Heads To Senate For Vote

McCain Backs Anti-Gay Arizona Amendment

Farrakhan invites black gay group to rally

Fighting Under The Rainbow Flag

City to adopt names-based HIV reporting

Hell just froze over. Jerry Falwell Has Gay Epiphany

Questions regarding Lance Armstrong

Oh well there goes Trachsel's no hitter

anybody else find ESPN's John Clayton oddly out of place . . .

Only SIX DAYS until College Football

Calling all devotees of Big Blue....

Lance Armstrong vs. Barry Bonds

12 yr old spayed Siamese female acting like she's in heat?!?!?!?!?!?!

New fosters in the house! (pics)

Any Other Astrologers Care To Help Me With An Interpretation?

What is happening? Just really need a hug please

Has anyone studied the Mars astrology for the coming year?

What disturbs me about the naysayers...

Trolling freepers - Sign up, or SHUT UP!


A funny Shrub comedy bit I saw posted in GD

My favorite threads

Romney story for the Mass. people here

So what do you SANE people think about the DLC

Wow! I think I've just had my longest thread EVER

Any word on if KO is on today, Friday?

To give us all a Friday afternoon laugh...

i'm headed back to crawford

KOEB 8/26/05: The Tiger, or the Lady?

Rev. Al to Join Cindy Sheehan on Sunday

Stewart Offers Tour De Force Review Of Iraq Talking Points

If this is really a war...why do they print

Why do we have reports? Just hang on every BushCo word, instead!

From GD: Cindy to follow Bush to Washington

Bill O'Reilly asks: "Are You An Extremist" (he makes a Schiavo "joke")

Mad As Hell About Prices at the Pumps!!!!

I think we're headed for civil war in Iraq.

What would it take to force BushCo to actually listen to the US public?

Stewart/Hitchens Video

A view on what's wrong - irreversibly jaded???

Happy Women's Equality Day! 85 Years Later, Women Look for More Ballots

Farish's successor to UK interviewed by Times

Too bad Jon Stewart did not know Bush passed up 3 chances to kill Zarqawi!

Any Pioneer Telephone long distance users?

ELLSWORTH SPARED: Ellsworth removed from base closure list

Republicans FURIOUS over BRAC actions

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Snark letter to American Legion

Draft Mark Warner organization begins campaign...

Bolton throws UN summit into chaos: Guardian

"We the sons of Mesopotamia"...

Iraq & Afghanistan Wars Accomplish Three(3) Things ....

NEW Grand Theft Election Ohio: Robertson vs. Chavez INQUISITION

Should Pols Swear Off War Profits & Re-Install Windfall Profits Tax

My "democratic" solution to a constitution and peace in Iraq...

My freeper co-worker (re: Cindy)

It's refreshing to find that some Heads of State think more of their own

Christian Responses to Pat Robertson

Administration Says Bush Hasn't Taken Five-Week Vacation

LTTE in The Day: President Has Blood Of Innocents On His Hands

Democrats Highlight Abramoff/Norquist Links to Suspected Qaeda Bankers

Priceless Veteran

GOP to Dems: We messed up big...give us a plan to fix things.

Post Election, Cheney switched from saying "Iraq" to "Broader Middle East"

Maureen Dowd squashes Chimp's rationale about Iraq exit "deadlines"

Sorry if this is a dupe, but it's very funny.... in a scary sort of way

Has GW ever set out any goals for withdrawl from Iraq?

Our kids are getting slaughtered in Iraq and Church Goers don't care

Wingnut whining shows its hypocrisy in "Tallahassee Democrat" Zings

Jon Stewart's TKO of Christopher Hitchens !! Transcript & Video (Post #4)

Free tombstones! Plus bonus inscription: "Operation Iraqi Freedom"!

Jeb's Sect. of State caught trying to kill initiative on redistricting

Delete info already posted. Sorry.

We are NOT "the silent majority" - more like

Does Bush Need Congressional Approval to Go To War with Iran

Peggy Noonan: Just Friends ( Clinton and Bush I )

90% say ok to protest war. The American Legion opposes protests.

Here we go - Bob Barr on CNN - going to do his best to pin....

ATTENTION; Current and Veteran Intelligence Professionals...WMR

Bush thanks MSM Whores with catfish, 'tater salad & chocolate-chip cookies

Bush, 12/13/99: "When you accept Christ, it changes your heart"

Jon Stewart is a GENIOUS! He can hold himself with anyone in a debate.

Anyone else getting very impatient with the Dem leaders?

Bush admin pushes for mining, ATV's in national parks

Bush asked to attend Muslim convention if he "wants to make a difference"

Military Definition of KILLED IN ACTION

The "Missing" or how Bush came to power

Everything Bush said about Iraq has turned out to be true.

America's Veterans Not Buying It

This is Romney's brain on drugs......

Click on this thread if you need a quick pick-me-up

I wonder if * has any of these tunes on his iPod?

MSNBC Live Poll: Should the Little President Meet W/ Cindy Sheehan

It's Friday. Any info on release of gov't motion to block FOIA request?

Governor Warner announces 97% of eligible children are covered...

Question & Comment Re: Randi....

Should Sheehan try to meet everyone in Congress who voted for the war?

This is why I won't vote for Hillary Clinton.

Oh, the Wrath of a Conned Sheep....gonna get ugly soon.

I now can start threads! Woo hoo! All I have to say is

Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides

John Podesta: Memo to the Community on Iraq

The bad idea behind our failed health-care system

EVERY poll out there says people want dems to win in 2006.

ABC Family: We Must Air Pat Robertson

DNC Celebrates Women's Equality Day

The Republicans lost Iraq. . . The Republicans lost Iraq. . .

"I’m not meeting with that goddamned bitch."

Even Gallup has the Little Prince at 40%

DNC - Bush's PR Tour: Distracting From Reality on the Ground (Iraq)

What's all this talk about Cheney running in 2008?


ALERT!! I think Cindy Sheehan is "Person of the Week" on ABC

M.A.F. war moms want to "congratulate Bush and express their appreciation"

Cindy Sheehan & Israel

FReeptards post some good Code Pink Protest Pics

So - if there is no Constitution yet, why aren't they dissolving....

Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides

Bush Talking Points 101 - the Daily Show

BWAHHHAAA... Tweety if interviewing Principi Base Closure/while C-Span has

Bush may have 40% approval, but Unca Dick's got a whoppin' 35 %...

This from DCCC:

Gen. Clark re: Cindy Sheehan

Right Now On Discovery Channel Showing Program About Bin Laden

Chris Matthews needs

CBS Affiliate Will Not Air Sheehan Ad Because There Is “No Proof” Of

Digby hits one out of the park again

Buy your gas at Citgo. Here's why:

Grroooaaannn!!! The results of BushCo labor policies...

Larry C. Johnson - Why We Must Leave Iraq.

So God hates Sweden now?

Wes Clark fans: Clark is LIVE ONLINE answering question at WaPo link.

I'm george bush and I'm staying the course

Leonard Pitts, Jr.: Sheehan's question deserves answer

Why would Putin, Kim, Mubarek, etc. respect * when he's too cowardly

Who Would Jesus Bomb? (listen)

You are either with me or against me

So what the story about the March in DC? Anything? n/t

Santorum's Machine Exposed

Bush = Reverse-Robin-Hood about to take your money and give it to the rich

Report faults dozens of CIA officials-NY Times (Reuters)

ALERT - Bush admin set to trash your national parks

Malloy listeners: that Cindy song just now is a 3+ hanky.

Robert Sheer's great column on Judith Miller...Operation Mockingbird

Freep Falwell Subject Change:Stephanopoulos wanted Saddam dead in 1997

Missouri loses 2400 jobs due to base realignments...

party unity? great.

Can we call the pro-war group...

self delete

So in Vietnam parlance...does Syria equal Cambodia?

Flying Spaghetti Monster and Kansas School Board

Cindy Sheehan to Shift Focus to Congress, Starting with Tom Delay

The Republicans Dug Their Own Graves...

Which foreign government do you think BushCo is ACTUALLY working for?

Read this -- it's important for the grassroots to know

Paul Hackett's nationwide support

Bus cancelled for Pro-Bush rally in Crawford because only 7 sign up

Roberts heard a lawsuit against BushCo while interviewing for SCOTUS

State by State GOP Scandal Scorecard....Wayne Madsen Report

everything about santorum-lots of links

standoff in crawford may come to a head saturday

How to win the red states

Clark's logic for America not relinquishing political influence in Iraq:

Did anyone else see the map that was on RawStory for a short

BushCo has been stealing so much $$$, they must have some plan for the $$$

My time in Crawford.... (very pic heavy!)

DNC: US "blindsided by skyrocketing gas prices" as Bush "sat on his hands"

Need some opinions on the Able Danger story...

Check out the #1 Reuters "Picture of the Month!"

(M)Ann Coulter on New York: "the residents would immediately surrender"

If we've learned one thing about "Camp Qualls"...folks there can't SPELL.

CNN's Blitzer has some LBN about Department of Army screwing up DNA

DLC Member Quotes Which Take On The Failed GOP

3 votes were better for greatest

Greenspan's "Protectionist" Babble

Wes Clark "Before It's Too Late in Iraq"

CLARK-Bush should meet Cindy and tell the truth- It was an elective War

Is the Bush devastation of America accidental or deliberate?

Looking for facts to refute someone knocking Chavez

The fallacy of 'appealing to the middle'

Wesley Clark on Meet the Press Sunday-General's War Table

last chance to save the world - are the Democrats too timid ??

Clark will be on Meet the Press Sunday.


All the pieces are on the board, folks....time to get worried.