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Archives: August 21, 2005

WaPo: Call it a Day (Vietnam Vet says pull the plug on Iraq)

Havana Medical School Sees First Grads

I'll be in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho until Tues or Wed

Salt Lake mayor to lead Bush protest

[Video] Californian Anti-Schwarzenegger commerical

Request for someone at Camp Casey

Funny Freeper stuff for those interested.

Amazing how actual this is : 1984

hehe now we get mentioned in a sports BBoard

Request for someone at Camp Casey

As you gather more political knowledge and...

Who's right on the Qualls cross? (Sheenan Crawford camp)

Frank Rich: The Swift Boating of Cindy Sheehan

Just Back After 4 Days at Camp Casey: A.M.A.

"My cousin is dead. He was killed in Iraq."

You won a Republican administration!

Army Planning for 4 More Years in Iraq

Iraq urged not to resume executions

Original Einstein Manuscript Discovered

Jury: Parents Share Blame in Son's Attack

Man Sentenced to 30 Years in Son's Death

Gonzo Writer Thompson's Ashes Blast Off

U.S. fills oil reserve for emergency

Two War Protesters Injured During March (subdued with taser and dog bite)

Joke of the evening

I'm gonna go play Resident Evil 4 and then I'm gonna play the blues

Just to piss off RC

Got Clothes?

You know, the Milwaukee Brewers really suck, but...

Goodnight all....

Bones, It's Pirate Roberts! He's dread, Jim.

Is it possible to have other people edit your posts, if you post a link?

And some insults

More fuffy nuff. (LONG)

What do your friends "away messages" say?

lalala laaaaaa lalalala

Have I stated yet today how much I hate having sex with rich people?

Do you like meat? Do you like the taste of murder?

You were working as a waitress

A dot for every second in the day...

Things that make you utterly, unbelievably thankful

Marxist humor.

Heron of Alexandria

What really happened?

More stunny fuff. (LONG)

Is the snickering pig related to Maddy McCall's frog?

Scissor Sisters are the worst fucking band in the universe.

OK, I've given up flirting. What should I give up next?

Do you have a favorite South Park character?

Bar at Milky Way's heart revealed

‘Tenth planet’ may be bigger than expected

Judge berates US failures as 9/11 supporter is convicted

What happens if the Constitutional process collapses on Monday ?

The most dangerous man in U.S.

Activists deserve praise, not harassment

Have you read the article on the front page? "Running on Fumes"

Frank Rich: The Swift Boating of Cindy Sheehan

Chess Grand Master Kasparov to run against Putin?

My Sheehan LTTE published!

Digby/ Whose Freedom is it Anyway ? (George, you misbegotten cretin..)

Army Reissues RFP For $200 Million Ad Contract

LAT: Wal-Mart Hard Sell in Big Apple

GREAT inside account of life at the Sun-Times under Conrad Black

Business booms for US defence contractors on Pentagon spend

NYT Editorial: ill-considered attempt to link war to 9/11

Mayor of Salt Lake City Calls for Major Bush Protest on 8/22

War stress blamed in (two) Iraq veteran shootings

"Sheehan: From pathos to nonsense" The smear continues...

Iraqi heat felt in Texas (On vacation, Bush has some explaining to do

Blame sour mood on economy on Iraq, not gas prices or wages

A life turned public through protest (Cindy Sheehan)

An Honorable Marine Killed in a Dishonorable War

Ready, Aim, Fire—Again (Taser CEO Tries to Revive Ailing Company)

The Military: Walking Among the Dead (Marine of Year Snapped)

Zakaria: How to Escape the Oil Trap

New voting machines will fade as issue

"I share his love of vacations, but not his lack of remorse"

Op-Ed for Cindy Sheehan by a Iraq War Vet

Frist backs "intelligent design" and I have to say, I'm behind him on this

Hackett calls Rush "fat-assed drug addict" LOL

Why Bush refuses to meet with Sheehan 2nd time (Seattle Times)

Permission to grieve (Does Bush know how to Grieve?)

Cindy in Huffington Post

The Guardian: Under US noses, brutal insurgents rule Sunni citadel

Beltway Dems Regurgitate Right-Wing B.S. on Iraq; Grassroots Fights by Dav

Dahr Jamail's Address to VFP Convention - 8/5/2005

(Freedom Walk) Walking the Wrong Way - NYT/ed.

Publisher speaks out on situation in Iraq

Gary Younge (The Guardian): Leaderless on the left

Republican grip on Ohio weakens with state’s woes

The Safety Net She Believed In Was Pulled Away When She Fell

Rove Behavior - Could it be Bush's Watergate? Houston Chron, Repub OpEd

Another FREEPED Poll on Cindy to DU

MSNBC labels counter-protest at Crawford "patriotic"...

Salt Lake City tv station refuses to air Cindy Sheehan ad

Expansion, contraction.......and the imploding U.S. economy

Secret History of the Credit Card

NYT: Kitchen Voyeur: Sunny Side Up (Article on Solar Ovens)

West Coast States Unite on Car Regulations

I think pulling out of the West Bank and Gaza strip are the best moves for

Why Olso failed (an essay)

This is probably nothing but... Seismic anomoly 8/14/99

London bombings: 77 questions concerning 7/7. Update

Stunning Statistic on Official Investigations-- Why Is 9/11 So Different?

NY Police at WTC : dozens reported explosions at WTC before collapse

Storming a cockpit

Is The Pro-Democracy Movement Under Attack From AOL?

Have you nominated the Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News?

HAVA and the Rush to Poor Judgment

Diebold goes to Washington on Ohio(Cleveland Dispatch)

ERD X Post: Former DNC Chair Shills for Diebold. Support this GDP Post!

Extensive online book: "Vote Fraud And Election Issues"

a "game" about the 2004 election


Mass forum post needs CA support (protest Arnold tonight)

Cross posted from GD about Home Heating Oil prices


Run Mitt, Run!!!

Is reporter Deborah Caulfield Rybak related to Mayor Rybak of Minneapolis?

Northwest's Scab School: Video

Great letters! Thanks, guys

Opinions on NetZero as a dial up ISP?

Republican grip on Ohio weakens with state’s woes

How far is Arlington from

Looking For Texas List

Anyone going to Crawford today from Austin?

Just got back from Crawford...

Runing on Empty - Article on DU Homepage

"Your Credit's The October Surprise"

Poem by my friend re her son who will go to Iraq

When W is gone, what will the freepers do?

13 Coloradans plan to sustain Texas vigil

I bet Cindy Sheehan will be TIME's "Person of the Year"

Run your car on urine (no joke!)

Okay understand my mood please

e-mails from clergy @ crawford prayer vigil today

Need a Quote: 6 weeks

Pushing truckers past the limit

Factors leading to defeat of G.H.W.Bush

Jeff Gannon: Cindy Sheehan's "delusional rantings"

Just watched "Dead Wrong" on CNN international

Smack Down at my blog...

Deal Made for Iraqi Shiite Theocracy

HE came back, the cops have been notified, I got my neighbor's dog

What the heck happened to my generation?

Song from Camp Casey last night

after you've lost YOUR son in Iraq, then you can bash Cindy Sheehan

no brush clearing, just biking, where's the cowboy getup?

Is george bush EVIL?

Max Cleland gave the Dem response to *s weekly lie...

What would it take to return personhood to an individual

Oh, you're NOT Enlisting? then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

As the 2006 races approach, we must tackle the bogus polling

They died so that men might have more MONEY

Salt Lake City: TV station refuses to air Cindy ad days before Bush visit

CNN tonight, how did we get the Iraqi intelligence so "dead"

Is Condaleeza Rice 'evil'?

Thread yesterday about a Cheney aide calling in to WJ on C-SPAN.

American Public to Bush: "We Can't Go On Like This".

"Winter's predicted weather, high oil prices could bring NE to its knees"

Four More years in Iraq

Hopefully a happy thread for we stressed out DU'ers

New (old) GOP talking point revived...Gas prices....blame those Dems!

is it already too late?

Who the h-e-double hockey sticks let Newt Gingerich into

Brazilian land - wow, it's very inexpensive.

freeper caller on CSPAN...

Santorum thugs use state trooper to threaten and curb free speech...

Col. Anthony Schaffer is such a *-Cheney tool. He's on WJ now

FYI. the REAL reason we are talking about Able Danger. (c-span 1)

Dogs Used On Antiwar Protesters In Pittsburgh

MSNBC labels pro-war camp 'Patriotic'

If Sheehan was a Republican, would they attack her so viciously?

Do you live in that "gray" area...

Check out this LTTE - War bankrupting America, morally and financially

Fort Quallis and the Purple Heart Band Aids

Meet the Press on now....8:00 a.m. Central

I'm kind of wigging out, please someone talk to me and calm me down.

Last year the pharmaceutical industry spent $128 million

Four more years???? F*** that sh*t!!!

If the Department of Peace existed today, who would * nominate ....?

We got robbed today, please think good thoughts for us.

NJ: Legal group reviewing arrest of anti-war vigil organizer

C-Span Now!!....Topic is Air America Radio

Being pissed at Prince Lance doesn't mean that I don't care about cancer

I'm NOT a Patriot, so Sue me.

The Flight (someone just sent me this in an e-mail)

SCREW 'Meet The Press' (et al) *I* Want To 'Meet The Press'

is it already too late?

Karen Hughes heads up Propaganda Department

Things that truly hate us for our freedom.....

where are the rethugs?

self delete

Fletcher Computer Files Copied.

Submission Accomplished, article for newbies.....

L.A. Times prints column criticizing its Sheehan coverage

SundayTalk Shows

Peak Oil in the MSM- "The Breaking Point" (Todays NY Times)

Three stations to carry picket-line "pirate radio" broadcast

Buying gas futures.How did they do that?

George Allen and Chuck Hagel

AmsterJam Concert: Wyclef Speaks Out

How long before gas prices result in recession?

I have been considering a not-for-profit organization to advance . . .

How can I find out how many hits DU gets a day?

From the pen of Robert Burns

"The Sheehan Terrorist/Murder Appeasers" A Fweeper Prof's Ugly Screed

LOL --A couples years later Lott still confronted with Strom Thurmond joke

"Casey's Mom" (to be sung to the tune of "Casey Jones")

Is this a good site?

do Boortz and Slaughter hold stock in toilet companies?

Expect a lot more fluff stories coming out of Iraq soon

I'm TIRED of trying to be polite around republican assholes

Evil is taking over America

Hagel Says Iraq War Looking Like Vietnam

We don't have auto mechanics piloting the space shuttle for a reason...

4 more dead GIs in Afghanistan. Yawn..

just curious . . . did Joan Baez and Marcia Ball perform . . .

Ok here is a question that some may consider flame bait but I thnk

TIME: Nearly One Thousand Violent Deaths in Baghdad Last Month

Gee, the first Pres. Administration with tons of ties to the petroleum

An Observation On A Sunday Morning

"Freepers": Our Constantly Missed Opportunity

Oil: Supply and demand / 100mpg carborator

I Was in a Taxi in L.A. on Friday and the Driver Was Bitching about Gas

Media cowards running with tails between legs from Sheehan coverage

Bush Apologist Denies Social Rights For Women In Iraq

WHERE'S GEORGE? Still AWOL - Day Eight! --->>>

The next Celeb Repug...

Cindy, you are one step away...

What is the radical left?

Fighting back is not "Sinking to their Level"

ATTN anyone at the Crawford Peace House!!

Would like advice for newbie protesting

Riddle me this.. Why is the Republican attack dog/smear machine NOT

More proof that the right has no new ideas and limited imagination

The Democratic Party Dilemma

I had to take my daughter to get some back to school stuff today

My Tribute to DU…on the occasion of post 1000

Peace chant: 4/4/4 FOR WHAT? 4/4/4 FOR WHAT? Casey's d-day

The Swift Boating of Cindy Sheehan

Galloway vs. Hitchens

please nominate this generous thread! an important collection.

Gaza question - Can anyone give me background info?


Who would be closer to your view on the war in Iraq? Hagel or Hillary?

Ya think that the city council of Crawford will call to have...

Minutemen to carry guns in Houston but will only video - they say

Hey Time Magizine, who said that bin laden wasn't person of the year?

Hendrik Herzberg smacks down ID

Pictures from NEW Camp Casey site (Dial-Up Warning)

Take Your Children and Grandparents and Neighbors to the Protest!

Flying Spaghetti Monster prophet invited to Kansas vote meeting

Cindy Sheehan Exposes The Right Wing Noise Machine

Utah radio station rejects Sheehan advert...

I think pulling out of the West Bank and Gaza strip are the best moves for

Crawford Peace House Community Message board

Can anyone tell me

heard a psycho-rant on MN radio the other day--turned out to be Limbaugh

St Pete for Peace update

Armed Freeper uses gun to intimidate loud restaurant patrons!

Father of 2-month old shoplifts(?) diapers, dies in Walmart parking lot

Anyone ?

The wisdom of Jeff "Bulldog" Gannon. Re post.

Because of the wildcard in baseball, 12 cities still have hope.

(VIDEO) Maher, Rock and the Wingnuts on Iraq constitution

Just spotted this Danziger cartoon:

Heading to the 12 Mile South Coalition Rally in Biloxi

Sure, I'm full of Hatred, is that a crime for a democrat?

Is Newt Gingrich going to run for president?

For some, the hour of desperation is here.

A letter to a young Republican ...

Bush tells what he REALLY does on the ranch (It isn't working!)

DU this freeped poll - Should President Bush meet with Cindy Sheehan?

US Army reservist convicted of detainee abuse wants "normal life"

A simple question for all those slamming Lance Armstrong:

Another FREEPED Poll on Cindy to DU

GOP Senator Says Iraq Looking Like Vietnam

Senator Trent Lott Confirms Downing Street Memo ?

The supposed Air America scandal

Socialists expelled from Camp Casey site

We need to start calling the media the "ENEMY"...

Gasoline at an all-time high in eastern Ohio--consumers are ignorant

Latest report from Truthout's Scott Galindez 12:15 Texas time

Nice photo, Lance. Hope it nets lots of money for cancer research.

CNN special on WMD lies (tonight) - bushco vicitim, CIA to blame

Beyond Treason - a very important Film on Depleted Uraniam & the Military

U. Texas professor releases "How to Stay Christian in College"

Islamic-Style Swimsuits Give Women Freedom to Dive In: Stir Debate (photo)

If your son or daughter dies in vain in Iraq, please keep it to yourself

Anybody have anything on this? Bush meets with dead soldier's father.

Iraq and High Gas Prices

Another Democrat says stupid thing. Senator Levin

Folks are writing songs for Cindy all over. Post yours here please!

DU this AOL poll asking if Hagel is right about Iraq

Trent Lott letting the cat out of the bag ( video)

Barbara Bush is a:

I need advice... I have to file bankruptcy.

London bombings: 77 questions concerning 7/7. Update

1864 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Where has the Rove story gone?

I think "Incompetent" should be the buzzword of the year

Travelled 200 miles thru Southern Ohio and saw only 1 Bush sticker!

Four US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Why does it take one grieving mom to...

Embedded Live by Tim Robbins on Sundance tonight at 9:00 ET

Well I finally did it. I quit Wal-Mart. Now for the rest of the story.

On CNN now - Iraqi spokesman saying women have nothing to worry

Today's Sunday comics - Opus and Non Sequitur

Union targets WalMart employees WORLDWIDE

Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 21

Why are they destroying the buildings in Gaza?

Looking for a reasonable hotel in the DC area with WiFi or Broadband!

Taking back patriotism, taking back the flag

Patriot Act Experts: Need Help (Regarding Spy Satellite Rules)

AP: Saddam's 1990 Iraq Constitution Among Most Secular In Arab World

Conservative Pundits Bailing by the Busload

LTE: Bush didn’t lie

DU'ers - WRAL Poll for Cindy - been Freep'd BIGTIME

Judy Miller's NY Times will start charging for Web content. Are you buyin'?

Arbitrary deadlines great for everything BUT withdrawal from Iraq


Last call to vote for the September non-fiction title:

Brief history of Iraq and time line.

What did Cindy say that was so intemperate?

A disgusting protester in Camp Casey last Thursday

Speakers at the september 24 march.....

"When you take a father in front of his family.......

POLL: easier to deal with: Saddam or Iraqi Islamic Republic?

Mothers Choice

AOL poll: Is Hagel right about comparison of Iraq w/VietNam...76% RIGHT

"America is not worth dying for"--Fox (molly)--dug up some older

Our country is being run by sh*theads...

did you catch the exchange on Fox between the Able Danger

Gasoline price impact. Check in here. COSTCO parking lot almost empty.

After a crazy night I think that some in GD need to chill out.

Newt Ginrich on Cspan one right now..

Neighbor is Mentally Ill, What Should I Do?

Leon Lowery

A link to Truthout's Camp Casey Videos (more than 20 now!)

Is there any link where we can see Joan Baez playing at Camp : Updates and pics

I can't help but blow chunks at the hypocricy

We Wuz Punk'D about Da Election, We Wuz Punk'd about 9/11..

Missing Models found!!!

Meanwhile, in another part of the world.... similar concerns from a

Astounding Chris Matthews shows on now: presidential coverups.

America PR Tour?????

MTP: Discussing Women's Rights In Iraq

Question for veterans

Where's Bush?

Humor of the Day

Counterfactual History On Iraq

In 2008, U.S. Military Presence in Iraq will be

Are their any Iraq War veterans here? Anyone know anyone in Iraq?

Please post your prediction for IRAQ - 2010.

I was looking for the name of the Bush official who gave an address

Beyond Oil: The View from Hubbert's Peak, Kenneth Deffeyes


Steve Earle at Camp Casey (video)

Bush at 42-41% approval, how low will it be when the next poll comes out?

About Fitzgerald's Grand Jury.....

Anybody going to watch CNN show on bad intelligence?

Does anyone know what happened to Riverbend?

Michael Scheuer, ex CIA hardliner, on 60 Minutes now

The Onion: Evangelical Scientists Refute

Bob Costas

So, did Joan Baez ever make it to Camp Casey???

The next news obsession - model is missing

It sounds like the new Iraq constitution will be a step back from Saddam's

Teachers write the book on dedication

I'm down, folks: have they Swift-Boated Cindy, and dashed our hopes again?

"Saddam gassed his own people"........

Illinois: more harrasment of peace vigil participants.

Bomb Threat In Crawford

Cold Case using Patriot Act to pressure lowlife for info...

Right wing 527 Move America Forward plans bus trip to Crawford

Anyone listening/watching the CNN special?

More on Dead Wrong: Inside An Intelligence Meltdown 8PM CNN

Hey CNN, I got a suggestion for ya!

Let's clear something up right now about "bad intelligence," okay?

Anyone seen a good article(s) on Right Wing Iraq WMD Revisionism?

Galloway v. Hitchens - 9/14/2005

The TUSKEGEE AIRMEN make their final flight

Tony Snow of Fox describes Camp Casey and Cindy thusly

CNN Presents: "Dead Wrong: Inside an Intelligence Meltdown"

Sunnis WARN against Consitution draft

Self-Delete - Dupe


Fitzgerald Leak Indictments: The Horserace

Missed irony

Anyone Surprised? No one at FR is watching CNN tonight. nt

CNN-- Now!

CNN: Dead Wrong theory. CNN got a whiff of what Fitz is up to

Ok, DU this poll if you wish, "Is Hagel right that Iraq is like Vietnam?"

It's Nice of CNN to Tell Us This Shit Now...

Venture Capital fund for liberal version of Fox News?

OK, what do you DUers think? Was CNN Presents enough to get Bush

Not That I Give A Shit, But What Are The Freepers Saying?

The Tailor of Badgad (Inventing Intelligence) gets much more trafic than RNC.ORG

Baez Performs Near Crawford War Protest

wouldn't it be GREAT to have a Real Government?

CNN's "Dead Wrong: An Intelligence Meltdown" IS worthwhile.

Why will Bush's planned pro-war media blitz make any difference?

"Women's social rights are not critical to democracy in Iraq"

CNN...turn it on NOW.

Went to purchase Pres Clinton's book in Wilmette, IL & was SNEARED AT

PHOTO: ISLAM is our Constitution!


Bush speech at UN: "we fear an outlaw regime"....

"Since when does freedom/democracy" = lesser womens rights???

Has Donald Rumsfeld ever been right

hahahahaha -- freepers are "dead wrong"

Are we going to be spreading Freedom to Venezuela soon?


Fitzgerald has reputation for pursuing the man at the top

Meet the Press on MSNBC now

O.K. WHAT IS GOING ON (Dead Wrong)?

Question for the DLC

Is anyone going to record the Joan Baez concert at Camp Casey?

US allows Islamic lraqi state

I'm glad CNN is "coming clean"... however CNN helped Bush and was

Update in ACLU Torture FOIA Lawsuit - No Appeal

So George Bush Has Not Left His Waco Compound for EIGHT DAYS Now >>>

Sen. Feingold on Meet the Press Now re: Iraq Withdrawl

If women lose their rights in Iraq I will be outraged beyond belief!

An ode to W and his Fundie Base Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Bush = Bigfoot >>>

Bush Installs Islamic Fundementalist State In Iraq

Hey, there's something I just realized,

What was Jesus, if not a Hippy?

Inside 9/11: War on America coming on now on Nat'l Geo chan (186 on Dish)

New BartCop posted.

"Matt" PUDGE Is Very Concerned abt Internet Violence & STONES

Former DNC chairman sells out to Diebold.

national geographic channel now. about 9/11. eom

anyone listening to Laura Flanders?

"Dead Wrong" Torrent (video file) is Online!

so if the right wing echo chambers calls CNN the liberal media

DU This Cindy Sheehan Poll in N.C.

Senator Hagel, you bailed JUST IN TIME!

Do you think Cheney will get them to pull the CNN rerun at 10:00 CST?

some blonde woman better go missing fast. The Bush shit is

Why is wanting the soldiers home not "Supporting the Troops" I'm confused

"Dead Wrong: An Intelligence Meltdown" re-running on CNN now

Is it wrong to steal wireless Internet?

Joan Baez plays concert for Camp Casey

We repeated Vietnam history because no consensus 'lesson' emerged

Who will Fitzgerald Indict and when (put your guesses here)

War Backers Set Up Camp Near Bush Ranch

DUMB QUESTION: Any laws govern PR firms? allowed to lie, etc?

Some Good News in a Personal Battle

Bad news for bush on the evening news

Did anybody make an mpg of this CNN story I missed?

Cindy now knows Bush's "Noble Cause" ---Islamic Law and Less Womens Rights

I just returned from Camp Casey

Oakland beatdown/lynch mob video.

Anti-War commercials ... how to find out ...

Photo of Cindy and Qualls in an embrace, they've talked

Do the freepers think Vietnam was a good idea?

Raise your hand if you just put a blank tape in your VCR

INTEL REPORT: Bush&Bin Laden Ties Revealed, Bush&5Star Linked BUSH IS SUNK

So, what country are we going to spread Islamic Law to next?

Bushite Mentality

A CHILDREN'S book: "Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed"

Bill Maher in 'I'm Swiss'. Our War strategy was : They will love us

I'm not comfortable with the name "Arlington West"

Iraq: The bad news is good news compared to the real news

Dems urge Iraq vets to enter House

Jon Stewart interview in Wired Magazine...

Carol Lin, CNN....can never figure out how to NOT come across improperly

Republicans Hate Jesus & Freeper Lurkers Spread Vicious Lies on DU

Describe YOUR perfect world.

Iraq at the Gates of Hell--Atimes

On MTP: Trent Lott lets slip that Bush was planning the Iraq war in 2001?

Veterans praise Bush, say protests disrespectful

Protest Warriors site hacked?

Check out new DUer Billboardproject's Camp Crawford pics!!

Why did Carter take so much heat for Gas Prices and not Bush?

Ohio GOP: What could be missing?

Crawford Trip Written Narrative

Why are the FReeptards so obsessed with Air America???

Should the South have been allowed to peacefully secede?

2000 soldiers slaughtered for the creation of an Islamofascist state?

Why are the Major Women's Rights Coalitions not supporting US FEMALES

Hey freepers, I know you're out there, looky here

Sirota: Beltway Dems Regurgitate Right-Wing B.S. on Iraq; Grassroots ...

I am not old enough to really remember the endgame of VietNam

CNN "Dead Wrong" was pretty good. What was missed?

On a recent Bush statement about terrorism

Fitzy INDICTMENT against fmr Chicago Sun/Times publisher

DEA strikes a blow against "marajuana legalization movement"

POLL: Get rid of DLC whores now or later?

Social Security explained so even a freeper can understand.

POLL: Bush/Iraq = Hitler/Russia or Mussolini/Ethiopia?

GAS PRICES....what the hell is going on?

Viva la "ageing hippies"

Six Feet Under ends with some good Bush commentary

ALMOST everyone has voted C'MON we need 1355 more votes for Cindy

Fuel Prices

Woohooo Hagel turns on Bushitler!

Just got my comments played on CNN

" 'Stay the course' is NOT a policy." - Sen. Hagel (R)

Which is more important... gay rights or gun rights?

Just back from Camp Casey and WOW

I'm blogging from Camp Casey II. Just watched Joan Baez. Ask me anything!

Did Wes Clark admit he had helped the BinLadens escape the US on 9/11?

Most believeable Bush photoshop to date (from Thought

PHOTOS: Schwarzenegger met by protesters at Fenway Park Stones concert

Sun times Mark Styen on Cindy Sheehan

I don't want Bush to be impeached

Were any Aaardarks on the ARK? or Platypuses?

If the DLC broke away from the Democratic Party...

Kuwaiti man slits daughter's throat: "HONOR killing" WOO HOO *W*!

if every senator & congressman suddenly vanished, how would we live?

Simpsons hits BushCo hard tonight

PNACer on MTP: "women's social rights are not critical to ... democracy"

Un-American about Animals by Peter Singer

What bugs me the most about "Dead Wrong"

More about the Protest in Pittsburgh (the one with tasers, dogs, and mace)

Reporting a rape. How the process works.

"Global warming does not exist. It's something made up by the left..."

Robert Fisk: Prison Journalism in the Quagmire

"I have to live with that." Colin Powell..

I know this isn't political, but six feet under just made me cry!

8/21 ALL DU Cindy threads DAY 15

"1st Cav soldier discusses "the real deal" in Iraq - calls for an end to

WTF? Fox says Cindy supported convicted terrorist?

Watching "Dead Wrong?" I have a question. Imagine you're not a DUer...

Who doesn't have TV anymore???? I'm doing a survey.

Bush was right! 9/11 and Iraq war REALLY are connected.

POLL: stop using "WMD" and go back to "NBC" (nuke, bio, chem)?

Check out the average Home Heating Oil price in MA for 8/16/05

My Day In Crawford And At Camp Casey In Pics and Video (dialup warning)

Why Does The GOP Ridicule Modern Protestors But Laud Dead Ones?

Damn! Current Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Statistics Are Hard To Find

Wouldn't it be great if people ACTUALLY followed Christ's Words?

"fighting for OUR freedom", "he died for us" and other mainstream phrases.

What is the point of having a "paper trail" re. electronic voting?

Report: Dallas Prosecutors Excluded Blacks

Arrrrrrrrgh! Did you hear Duncan Hunter on Blitzer's show? AGING HIPPIES!

Ave Maria, Florida. City with no contraceptives, no porn, no gay rights

Is anyone else watching "CNNI Presents" ?

'Dead Wrong' CIA report on CNN Now!

Fuck People Magazine!!!

Anti-immigration group HQ awarded to illegal aliens by court

Why do so many people want flying cars?

More Comments/Questions Needed on A-Hole Ebay Auction

CNN's Dead Wrong: Report your converts here!


Senator Hagel (R-IN) Compares Iraq To Vietnam; War Destabilized Mid East

Enabling Danger Part One (Kristen Breitweiser)

My response to a hateful "American" at Crawford Peace House!

"When you take a father in front of his family......

Wanna know why CNN ran "Dead Wrong?"

PARENTS: Please do not bring your children to the DC demonstration.

So Basically, Women Have Just Lost Their Rights In Iraq

Cons....News not going so well? Consider "Rent-A-Blonde"!

58 Soldiers Have Been Killed While Bush Vacations

New talking points on gas prices

I got an email from Cindy Sheehan. Her mom "is doing much better"

Joan Baez to perform at Camp Casey Sunday, 6-7 pm

Is Rightwing Radio KLIF's Ankarlo the bubba behind Ft. Quall?

Frist backs "intelligent design" and I have to say, I'm behind him on this

We each know what we must do. It cannot be more obvious.

Who are these dreary, dreary people?

From the DLC website and their own words

There was NOTHING TIRED about the 60's! BRING 'EM BACK!

An obituary with a chili recipe...

And Americans here who have moved to Canada??

US vice-president Cheney to attend Fraser Institute dinner in Calgary

Montreal film festival backs out of screening 'Karla' *thank goodness!*

Looking for some info from Canadians

Where exactly IS Tony Blair?

Pictures of my 8 babies

Whilst I was tending to my 8 babies today

Is it raining in Newcastle? (Bush cartoon enclosed)

"Police knew Brazilian was 'not bomb risk'"

Through the Looking Glass

Top job fighting extremism for Muslim who praised bomber

Police 'boycott' of leak investigation

Home Office's secret policy of targeting young Brazilians

Muslim leaders 'in denial' claim

Do you think the government should bring back

What was it Neil Young said, "Gotta get down to it, Soldiers are...

A CONSERVATIONIST'S SUICIDE:Suicide Casts a Shadow on Conservation Battle

Suspected Taliban Kill Pro - Afghan Government Cleric

Pope seeks immunity in Texas abuse case

Nueces County prosecutors seek woman's execution (Texas)

Sunnis Say They've Been Left Out of Talks

Gold Star Families For Peace is getting some opposition

Treasurer warns against anti-Americanism(Australia)

English only Web sites lose Hispanics

Kuwait says no border dispute with Iraq

Historic Swiss unity stone stolen

Army Planning for 4 More Years in Iraq

Hagel finds Nebraskans troubled by Iraq

Bomb Explodes Near US Embassy Convoy in Kabul Wounding 2 Americans

Iraq considers fresh deadline

Iraq Blasts Jordan Over Saddam's Family

Former police, fire pension chairman of Ohio fined for ethics violations

War in Afghanistan intensifies as election nears

Law Seen As Soft on Militias in Colombia

Kurds say US 'pushed' Islamic law

Airport guards against bird flu

4 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghan Bombing (The Forgotten War)

LAT: Wal-Mart Hard Sell in Big Apple

LAT: Sunnis See Iran's Hand in Call for Iraq Federalism

Four GIs Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan

New voting machines will fade as issue

Friends gather for Thompson's fireworks farewell

War stress blamed in (two) Iraq veteran shootings

U.S. Republican senator says Iraq war similar to Vietnam

Rebels kill six Iraqis, kidnap five including Turkish engineer

Supreme Court nominee no fan of Michael Jackson

The Safety Net She Believed In Was Pulled Away When She Fell

Soldier 'instructed' to abuse Abu Ghraib prisoners

Lincoln Chafee: 'I've got a target on my back'

Fury as officials secretly downgrade terror threat

Safety group calls new rule a `time bomb'

Blame sour mood on economy on Iraq, not gas prices or wages

Prince Andrew visits Iraq troops

Navy to Probe Ambassador Cousin's Death

Gay Rights TV Host Welcomes Pat Buchanan

Pakistan to meet with UN nuclear agency on Iranian uranium contamination

Will DeWine be challenged?$10M campaign frightens off opponents

Ready, Aim, Fire—Again (Taser CEO Tries to Revive Ailing Company)

Times UK: Police foil gas attack on Commons

Aqaba attack may signal new Zarqawi front in Jordan

Ecuador oil protesters call truce and agree to talk

U.S. probes killing of Iraqi by marines

Black in peril as right-hand man helps US investigation

Man Finds Smallpox Vaccine At Yard Sale

Crash kills 2 spectators at Ill. raceway

Why Bush refuses to meet with Sheehan 2nd time (Seattle Times)

Jewish memorial in Belarusian capital defaced

Iraq considers fresh deadline for constitution

Report: Dallas Prosecutors Excluded Blacks

Ohio Democrats Weigh Governor Impeachment

BBC: British soldier wounded in Basra

Saddam Vows in Letter to Sacrifice Himself

NYT/AP: Iraq TV's 'Cops' Breaks New Ground

Egyptian Police Hunt Sinai for Terrorists

9-11 commission chair wants Bush response

Spitzer and SEC question Lloyd's

Hagel Says Iraq War Looking More Like Vietnam

BUSH KEEPS S.F. AT BAY (only Prez in 75 years not to visit)

U.S. asks court to dismiss ex-soldier's injury lawsuit

U.S. Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq

WTF? Fox says Cindy supported convicted terrorist?

World Bank attacked over gold mine (Guatemala)

Ohio Democrats Mull Governor Impeachment

Some Olympic Victims Won't Face Rudolph

US military exit from Iraq focus of growing political battle

Army Planning Four More Years in Iraq Is `Folly,' Senator Says (Hagel)

Autopsies: Greece Passengers Died on Impact (What Happened?)

WP: Iraq Militias Push Voter Sign-Up

Russia to field N-capable MiG-35 for India tender

Guardsman claims Iraq service led him to lose custody dispute

Don’t vote for ‘dictator’, Muslim Brotherhood tell Egyptians

Police knew Brazilian was 'not bomb risk'

Italy's Wealthy North Plunders South's Ancient Olive Trees

China-Russia drills entering third stage

NYT: G.I. Death Toll in Afghanistan Worst Since '01

U.S. troops bomb Tel Affar despite parliament speaker’s warning

NYT- Success in Iraq Depends on Services and Jobs, General Says

Teachers Accused of Anti-US Bias--SMH, Australia

NYT: Democrats Split on Tactics for Roberts Confirmation Hearings

Irksome Firm Nearly Ejected From Air Show(Moscow)

Castro, Chavez call for solidarity

Armstrong Pushes Bush for Cancer Research

Millions Embezzled at Iraqi Ministry (Several Hundred Million$)

Soldiers say force level comments no surprise, but could affect re-enlistm

London Times: Queen bores hole to heat palace (new "green" status symbol)

NW States Unite on Car Emissions(sts. on both coasts in env. squeeze play)

N.C. aircraft mechanics help Marines with helicopter shortage

Baghdad civilian death totals are extreme

US website names MI6 officers

Lott demurs on Frist character question

Visitors Rush to Glimpse Vanishing Glaciers

Taser Lawsuits Filed (by Cops injured during training classes)

WP: Democrats Split Over Position on Iraq War

Under US Noses, Brutal Insurgents Rule Sunni Citadel

WP,pg1: Skin Cells Converted to Stem Cells

US relents on Islamic law to reach Iraq deal

Driver sought in killing over gas

Iran 'supplies infra-red bombs' that kill British troops in Iraq

A nation's divisions over Iraq war come into sharper focus

San Diego sues BWC ex-adviser over alleged pay-to-play scheme


600 Million Asian Children in Poverty, Group Says

CNN/AP: 9/11 factors boost Gulf economies ("galloping economic boom")

Should new movies be released simultaneously in in theaters and on DVDs?

i'm tired'a dis yo

Beer bratwurst or regular bratwurst?

nurture my pig.....

In my view, this is inarguably shitty poetry You!

Thanks Maddy McCall for taking one for the team

Hot new locked icon question?

Where can I find CHEAP 2004

Check this thread out if you haven't already

Yet another reason NOT to shop at Walmart

Anyone want to read a poem....

Does anybody know what is coming on AMC next?

At the risk of being passe..Has anybody seen "THE OFFICE" recently?

Thunderballs is on AMC next.

I said I didn't, but I might have "Bush showed Armstrong sites he calls a little slice of heaven"

Spell check, is creepy. Can anyone help me? Please?

Ye gawds! Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" is on my Yahoo radio...

Somebody set us up the bomb!

This is the greatest picture:

Chocolate is ALWAYS the right flavor

I give up - I have decided to start watching (and believing) Fox News

Jesus Saves!

Bumpersticker seen today:

You know, If you shop for bargans and use coupons....

Which one of you naughty Nighthawks gave my email address to

Does anyone know where I can find an online registry of business logos?

I tried frosttop root beer today.

I'm ready to crash

Hot Buttered Crumpet With Smuckers Jam Time

Happy birthday, BuffytheFundieSlayer!

Almost ten years later.. So who killed JonBenet Ramsey?

Hi guys, an update, of sorts, from the previous night...

Candy lovers

Have you ever become friends with someone you started out at odds with?

Anyone else buy furniture online?

Panda baby is getting active

Very scary documentary on the "abstinence movement" on FSTV right now

Well I woke up Sunday mornin' with no way to hold my head

Pope on a Rope Smokin' Dope Soap

Quotes for a Sunday morning....

Which sound is your favorite?

There's no post I can't pervert. I am the double-entendrer of threads...

Is it a bad idea to be stupid to people with tasers?


Tech Question...

How do I post a picture on DU?

I hate looking for a job... Any tips for a software guy?

Warning! Song Lyrics

Check this out! Bush at the Paris Wax Museum!!

IT didn't happen

Lee Harvey Oswald – The Musical/ Edinburgh festival review

How do I post a picture pages on DU?

passion of the stormtrooper

The "backdrop" decor on Meet the Press is bizarre! A big window with

High eBay bid for a "hand signed card" from director Michael Bay: 99 cents

Lineman collapses, dies after pre-season game

French plan giant illegal Californian bullfrogs cull

Good Morning, DU'ers!

the average consumer is very irritating

Termite inspection info question.

which do you value more: physical freedom or mental freedom

Does anybody have a SideKick II??

Mt. Dew Pitch Black is back and this time it is sour

well i hosted a dinner party for visigoths last night

Well I hosted a dinner party for killers last night!

well WE hosted a KILLER dinner party last night

I Started a Joke

For my Favorite Lounge Happy Hour peeps.....

I am on a plane to New York! Ask me anything!

"it's mer-MAN! mer-MAN!!"

How do I post a picture?

Taylor Mali poem.

i have a nephew (11 years old) who talks like carl from slingblade

I have crabs!

The next pro athlete photo op for rugged, sweaty, macho President Bush

I also hosted a killer dinner party last night

Copycats with the same exact theme

The Vioxx ruling makes me happy.

I get it . . . All of us have been wounded by life, and our reactions

Has anyone else gotten crazy looks when explaining the DU lounge?

List the TV programs you're watching this summer

so, how can we go about making the lounge more serious?

Is there a legal loophole that allows violence in sports (like boxing)?

If Che Guevara was still alive

The sublime sunset from the hills of southern California

i really hate it when...

the official list of DU lounge proprietary/propiety police triggers:


I know a little German. He's sitting over there.

Buckeye Pecan Butternut Pie

Joe would have been 53 years old today.

I'm Here To Make The Lounge More Wholesome

Pssst. Et Awful -- "The Mighty Quinn" is on

why do people start threads about official smilies then abandon them?

so, what qualifies as an acceptable post in the lounge?

My brothers & sisters: I can love food again!

Ever have Shrimp and Grits?

i'm going bowling today

2,893 Grateful Dead concerts online

More annoying in restaurants: babies or noises made for baby?

Dogbert Says -- You Must See Today's Dilbert.

Rabrrrrrr is a true American Patriot

So I am going to the Cheese Cake Factory

so, how can we go about making the lounge more fun?

The embarrassing fall of a has-been rocker (Scott Stapp gets punked!)

I got some great evoo


Noam Chomsky -A Collection of Lectures 1970-2004:

The Rolling Stones

Profile "comments"... can someone clue me in?

Shameless plug for my rape thread in GD.

Happy Birthday HAWAII

Who here knows about BitTorrent?

My son is taking me to the Chargers - Raiders game !

The future most newsworthy story in Faux Gnus' history?

Good morning everybody!

Did anyone see Red Eye this weekend?

Dog doesn't wanna eat his food? Try Iams Roasted Beef Gravy

Cat Toy recommendations?

Happy Birthday Robert Plant (yes, 1 day late)

Can I copy a folder I have in Outlook Express to a disk?

if the lounge just did what i wanted it to do

"Pray for Bush as he leads our nation while taking time away at his ranch"

TLC's crazy primetime lineup for tonight



#1 Crush (more lyrics)

I just got paid by one of my clients. Anybody want to sell their soul?

Anybody here have a Cingular phone?

Most embarrassing word that slipped out of your mouth - come on...

Whats the difference between * and a shoe?

Walter, what is the point? Look, we all know who is at fault here, what th

self delete

How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to change a light?

So you say you are not a Templar man?

Strange thing happened last night when I was at a pub.

Anyone else here playing "The Grocery Game"?

You mean, there really IS a feud between GD and the Lounge?

I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.

I'm never going to Ozzfest again and here's why:

WTF?! I donated in April, and I no longer have donator status?

Gratuitous Sunday Purring Kitty

What's on YOUR iPod??

get sexy

WWN: "Bush's Shocking Secret Tattoo"

My President

Sorry Dup

Scream Baffles Ohio Town

Missing Models found!!!

Just got a birthday present.

Huffington Post comments question.

Annoying business mergers

CNN Presents 800pm


Holy crap! Is this even legal in US? (Chinese weapon on e-bay)

Gas thieves, and who pays?

god help me... my downstairs neighbour just received his new Harley.

I am editing out my very ugly remark about Lee Iacoca.

Do you chew gum?

Monosodium poisonate and partially deweaponized plutonium

Feeding time (Warning--Kitten pics)

I found this guy lurking out back...

Yay! All moving plans are complete. I get to move in next weekend

I don't care about the air !

One of my cat's eyes appears to be swollen, and he's not opening

ahem. Excuse me, pardon me...has anyone seen NSMA, GOPisEvil,

"... when the prime minister was killed, and partially eaten ..."

Am I going insane(er)? Watching the Simpsons, and hearing the...

Who's going to Burning Man this year?

"All the manure from pigs, where does it go?"

Kick The Can: A geezer thread.

kitty clones ..

SIX FEET UNDER: Who's your favorite character?

Six Feet Under finale up 8pmCT - now! nt

Six Feet Under Discussion Thread (SPOILERS HERE)

Bushisms: "Most imports are from outside of the country," and MORE.

The Dude Abides: Yes or No

Yay! My favorite Family Guy scenes ever are coming up...

Going to buy some George Carlin tickets

I need cat help.

Favorite Rush Album?

Favorite James Michener Novel?

Dishones Dubya Action figure! Funny animation!

Canada Apologizes to the Americans, Well sort of….

Sitting here with my mother....

This is NOT what is meant by the term "scrubbing the hard drive"

What's the first thought you have waking up every day?

is this photoshopped or is Bill Frist an alien?

Just watched two good lesser known DVD's

Wow, I'm an old fogey!

Vintage State Shirts

MeFI slow to glom the Pandacam. But they got there.

Ah! Steve Earle has Kim Wilson on his show

The Song is BREATHE ME by SIA

Ifway ouryay oinggay otay eakspay inway odecay ywhay otnay ytray

Six Feet Under - SPOILER!!

Six Feet Under - MORE SPOILERS!!

Well, I survived my ordeal at the Cheesecake Factory....

There's no post I can't stop...I am the ender of threads.....

Break Rabrrrrrr's monopoly! Use RRRRRRRRRRs!

OK, so a former classmate of mine (very Republican) just bought a hummer

Gang war in progress (horrid, frightening pic)

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life!

what's the stickiest sweetest name you can invent?


"40 year old virgin"

Please make me laugh...

BREAKING: Avril Lavigne gone blonde now!!! and what is she eating????

Rejoice! Glory is ours!

Gas fireplace logs?

I wanna be an internet DJ

Raise your hand if you just put a blank tape in your VCR

Is Bouncy Ball still around?

I was born a coal miners son

ah, my son is at his grandparents- where is that evil movie list?

Post your favorite Spam subject line here

How is everrrrrrybody doing rrrrrright now?

chat's open

Did anyone watch Big Brother last night?

Freepers taking charge of organized sports (pic)

Why do people post messages like this?

Attn ZombyWoof

Today's official Lounge Smiley:

The 40-year-old Virgin is the best reviewed movie of the year! No really

What fruit season do you look forward to the most?

Please, just come a LITTLE BIT closer...... (pic)

So what is the best way to get bumpersticker stick off of your car?

do the RIAA and MPAA go after Universities more than the BIG ISPs?

Anyone in the Lounge want to hear Steve Earle sing at Camp Casey? (video)

Just watched Real Time from Friday night....

Sexing the Smilies

Most annoying Rachael Ray mannerism

What's your favorite Clash song?

I gotta talk about computer games and their prices, someone help me...

Hey Distressed American!!!

my lord, it's been ages since the last post your nekkid pic thread

check out this email from a repuke

Any beer fans?

Are you a homeowner with substantial debt?

who here doesn't have a clue about Six Feet Under

how can i behave so freepers will hold me in higher esteem?

One pretty good explanation of Democratic Christians.

Nighthawks IV.

I'm getting ready to order some cigars at

My truck just got totaled today.

So I just walked into my apartment and found a strange, attractive woman

Andy Capp's Hot Fries

Do you wash your window screens?

Apparently, girls are not supposed to go outside in winter (RANT)

The Gratuitous Star Trek (any TV series or movie) Quoting Thread


ROFL! You have GOT to watch this video on Bush speech blunders!

Do 'friends with benefits' say "I love you"?

Geroge W. Bush vs. Bond.... James Bond

Iced coffee

Who is watching the six feet under finale

An old psych game

It's safe: The customer of the day

Starfish Orgy!

What's some of your favorite movie lines?

"Amatuers built the ark. 'Professionals' built the Titanic"

Any Bjork Fans?

Anybody else throw their loose change into a container every day?

Are you "afraid of heights"? This will cure you or kill you....

the future of the lounge



When will sundog understand that putting my name in a thread is DUicide?

I stand behind our Rabrrrrrr.

Favorite DU feature

Why do Romans have British accents in the movies?

I love everybody!

Joanie's Got A Gun: Joan Jett in Afghanistan

Need some info.....

Anyone else here not "detail-oriented"?

if you could make just one band illegal, what band would it be?

Six Feet Under: One of the most satisfying endings ever for a TV show

What's on your key ring besides keys/remotes?

Any home winemakers out there?

So, a lady in church today raises her hand and says,

40 Year old Virgin sticks it to the competition......

Lounge: Why can't I divide by zero?

DUers at Camp Casey

Rock stars who yell ARE YOU READY TO ROCK at a friggin' ROCK CONCERT

OK, I'll admit it.


What movie have you enjoyed, that few have even heard of?

who watched 6 feet under? ***spoiler****

I am going to Climax for my birthday!

Intelligent Design - a fancy name for Superstition; & words for Dr. Frist

Dead-Beat gods

Need some info......

Climate change marks dawn of man

Viewer's Guide: Mars to be Spectacular in Fall, 2005

NY Times: Results of the stem cell ban: One million new jobs - in India.

Hawaiians turn to native healing

Evolution Wars Show No Sign of Abating

The Constellation 'Emu' - Australian Aboriginal Astronomers

Researchers creating life from scratch - ‘Synthetic biologists’

Gay Batman Exhibit Ordered Closed, Gay Musical Busted

Gay Rights Group Increases Visibility As Anti-Gay Amendment Looms

Gay Ally Coretta Scott King Battles Paralysis

Westlife's Mark Feehily comes out

Man Sentenced to 30 Years in Son's Death (he didn't want a 'sissy')

Fred Phelps on Peter LaBarbera, Cindy Sheehan

5-0 Sox. Schilling MIGHT actually have a clean close here

49ers lineman dies after game

Did I see something about Tom Brady getting injured?

John Lynch needs to play with more control

Updated info on Jim Willis

Is there such a thing as 'too old to train' ?

For all us cat lovers............The perfect home

Damn crazy kitty :)

I need help with this one guys - Major Archana reading - Rove/Plamegate

woo hoo, I'm back.

If any of you have a free minute

Some tidbits about Kerry

I need some help here

"Dead Wrong" on CNN now

Kerry and the DLC


A Kerry Pic thread in GD. (Honest. Not on drugs)

A picture of Lizzie, thanks to Crispy!

Feingold on MTP Tomorrow

Audio clip & transcript, Max Cleland: "Plan For Victory is Not Working"

" Am I that easy to forget... ?

Whatever gives the media a hard-on...

Bush donors: "Like Cindy, only richer, and without the dead son"

The government will never tell you

In the defense of imperialism

Lance & George

We're good at exporting our

How do I debunk people that say Cindy Sheehan hates Israel and Jews?

Great comedy routine from Whoopi

The Northwest Strike: the need for a political party of the working people

How do you counteract the ole it's not the presiden'ts fault

Sheldon Drobny says Randi (probably) highest rated AAR show

Fox having a dicussion about Costa refusing to do the Aruba story.

Have you asked for your free DVD

Bush meltdown-Dems don't want their fingerprints on it.

Why we must stay in Iraq

"On the Media" on Cindy Sheehan

TBN on the Military: "Christ-Centered Duty" with automatic weapons

The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford (Day 14); Hypocrites and liars

The Fist behind the "neocon" blather

"Able Danger" Guy on C-Span. Appears Zelikow may well be protecting Bush!

Careless People (The Great Gatsby): Relevant today

EMD: Dems' Senate Hopes Rising

Cindy won't hurt Bush but the big boys will

Poll- Should Bush meet with Cindy

Newsweek's Conventional Wisdom gives Dubya rare down arrow

another mother asks "why" in Brazil

George Galloway v. Christopher Hitchens

Again with the Bush Iraq-9/11 comparision???

Dear George "doofus" Allen. Read this: ME Deadline Looms without Deal!

second highest US diplomat in Iraq is named in Secrets Case

Santorum Takes A Page From Bush

"Theatre of War," An Ex-Marine Brings Iraq Stateside to Washington area

WTF- anybody just see Face the Nation coverage of Crawford?

another corrupt Rep. Gov. gets subpoenaed - Kentucky

Army Announces 4 more Years in Iraq,;Political Suicide

Neal Boortz is an ass!

women's rights not critical to Iraqi democracy

Edwards campaigning against poverty

With approval ratings way down, does this mean victory for us in 2006?

Jesus Christ - Wrong For America (Rove On Jesus)

Two American Officials killed in Iraq/Roadside bomb...

How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Perpetual War: Newt Preps Us

From Truthout Cindy Sheehan blog. Cindy will be returning, perhaps soon.

"Hey's Dubya....can you bail me out again?"

The reason why Democrats should go for the jugular on Bush.

Fiengold & Hagel make the most sense on Iraq..

Hillary's secret weapon ... Republican guards

Newsweek: Hunting Big Game (PA Santorum/Casey Race)

OO! George Will is gonna cry over the mean things Cindy

Local politics - mayoral debate in NYC - UNNANOUNCED

Fred Phelps' "Open Letter to Cindy Sheehan," a new low for Westboro

Feingold To Speak Monday at UCLA Law School

Feingold To Speak Monday at UCLA Law School

If the Department of Peace existed today, who would * nominate ....?

another rat starting to jump ship...

Pull out of Iraq now?

Your opinion on this idea for Iraq is appreciated

Nader: Democrats made me feel like a (n-word)

Is this WP assessment of DU sentiment true or false?

Noe is threatening Taft - and I, for one, think it is significant.

When's the last time bush has held a press conference?

LTTE in The Day: GOP Supports Bush Because He's Effective

Joe Scarborough Ends Talk of Senate run against Katherine Harris

David Sirota: "Beltway Dems Regurgitate Right-Wing B.S. On Iraq"

Dead Wrong: Inside An Intelligence Meltdown

A list of all the ever changing excuses for the Iraq invasion...

Trent Lott had Private Conversations W/Bush About Iraq "Video!!!

Iraqi government minister criticizes U.S. occupation

Ohio Democrats Mull Governor Impeachment

How Cheney's angst and Neocon support for Israel morphed into treason...

Freep women who should don burkas in support of the Iraq constitution

So - I'm sitting here with 2 buckets of "dirt" on Deborah Johns

Link to SWEET NEOCON by The Rolling Stones

2 Great Articles you might LOVE

What If ...

Disturbing News on the Economy

Joan Baez comes to visit Camp Casey today...

Newsweek's CW gives Chimp-monster a down-arrow

Anybody see Sen. Russ Feingold on MTP this morning ?

Epiphany Time: McCain vs. Bush (GOP Primary 2000)

The Greater Good vs. The Greater Greed...

Nuclear power plant video with Alec Baldwin.

Was there really an "intelligence failure"?

Must read: "A Split Over War, the Wimp Thing, and How to Win"

Bill Gates Funding Intelligent Design Center

"...and a life-size cardboard cutout of Bush..."

Ouch... no... OUCH... Toledo Blade LTTE's sure the GOP says they won't

Allen Says U.S. Police Have Same Loyalty Problems As Iraqi Security Forces

The freepers are in denial

Idaho = no safe haven for liars

Conservative Pundits Bailing by the Busload - Daily Kos

Karl Rove - The Architect (PBS Frontline - watch online)

A challenge: How would you personally attack these Repubs?

Newsweek CW "Dog Days Edition" Bush gets a DOWN arrow

Women's Social Rights are NOT essential to the development of Democracy

Remember, Clinton warned Bush about Bin Laden

Many in Irag (abc news now) are blaming the "Islamic" constitutuon

front page,, WP - Iraq war dem's fault for no alt policy

Get ready for the RW talking points if Iraq approves an 'Islamist'...

CNN: "Exposing the Intelligence Failures...I'm Taping It..but is there a

Senator Feingold on Meet The Press. "It's not a deadline, it's a target."

CNN Special Reports on IraqWar...I'm Chicken..can't watch...are you?

Gas Violence: It's starting......

Why Jeb Bush Could Run in 2008

I was impressed with Russ Feingold this morning on MTP......

How can George get on with his life?

Madison Wisconsin, October 2004.

DU'ers: Please Boycott Presidential Candidate Polls on this site.

A bloodbath in Iraq if we leave ?

It's Lyssistrata Time!

Hilliary Clinton wants 80k more troops.....from where?

santorum running scared; GOP wants probe into Casey &newspaper ad

"The swift boating of Cindy Sheehan"

No, I'm not quitting; i'm kicking the right-wing hawks out of OUR Party

"Conservative Pundits Bailing by the Bus Load"

A glimpse of how foreigners feel about the only superpower .........

Changing the party's philosophy without the consent of the majority.

Divided we fall.

"Bring it on" - I can see the end for Bush & Co. coming -

Action Alert: Former DNC Chair Shills for Diebold. ASK Howard for Help!

Nationwide poll on Cindy linked to local TV sites