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Archives: August 2, 2005

ZAKARIA: Journalists Point And Soldiers Kill

Peace Corps Option for Military Recruits Sparks Concerns

Marjorie Cohn (TruthOut): Bush Defies Military, Congress on Torture

Governor Pataki's Veto - Aug 2 NYT editorial

Editors of The New York Times (August 2): Ambassador Bolton

Chen welcomes Indiana's governor and delegation - TW

Japan looks back at its own nuclear history

West Africa becoming drug hub

Spy's notes on Iraq shelved: suit

Why the deadline's important to the US

Ex-soldier kills 10 in a Mexican killing rampage

Australia dithers between US, China

Tokyo levies tariffs on 15 US products

Democracy activist commemorated - TW

Analysis shows WWII codebreakers missed Nazi camps

2004 Paper Ballots Can Still Be Counted

DId you guys just get hacked?

Al Gore is so funny

I'm a Political Brat

Anybody want a free FIRE ROVE button?

If you grew up in the 70s and early 80s, there's a thread in the Lounge

Something I just don't get...

Hollywood should do disturbing dystopia films on Religious Right Fascism

Educational thread: what magazine or book has

I'm glad Malloy constantly pushes "GOP is Anti-Christian"

Quick request, I need the glassy-eyed Fundie Bushbot pic.

Conservative Magazine Shows Bush Not "Pro-Life" re AIDS

OMFG. Under "The War Crimes Act of 1996" Bush is TOAST

Current TV, a great opportuinty to BE the media! DU this is your chance

Someone please explain to me....

A photograph of the Hiroshima A-bomb Dome taken by the US military

Scandal escalates, yet Taft stays mum

There's a HUGE hole in the Wizard of Oz's pants

This just in.......

Comedian on both Bushes and Clinton.

GOPisEvil, if you cheer for the Pukers, so God help me, I'll...

A great political video by APC...

Who else has allowed RockStar INXS to become a guilty pleasure?

Latest Ward Sutton political cartoon >

Barbara Bush's true identity REVEALED!!!

Margaret Thatcher Cubsfan1982 is an fugly woman

proof that cubsfan1982 is florence harding

TV commercials that make you LOL?

Have you guys heard of *677?

Proof that JohnKleeb is Scarlett O'Hara.

Diet Coke with Splenda, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero . . . .

article regarding the imposition of martial law from 2000

Bush Foot: Man or Myth?

Anybody know what the polls show regarding Hackett?

Google JFK assassination and George H. W. Bush you'll learn a lot

In honor of the year of Einstein - Why Socialism? By Albert Einstein

About 2008: You can't say you were against the war when you voted for it..

Wes Clark's robocall for Hackett

Santorum Knew: Priest in D.C. where Santorum Worships Charged in July 2002

eXile: Freaky Iraqis

Special briefing: How radical Islamists see the world

Joe Biden: When Chemicals Attack

Trouble in the Land of the Free (commondreams)

Some Marines to Lose Hundreds in Pay Monday



Four Suspect H5N1 Bird Flu Cases in Irtysh Kazakhstan

No need for government censorship - we've got corporations for that

NYT: Ambassador Bolton

“Operation Withdrawal Scam” -- We're not leaving anytime soon...

Fear pushes many over the edge

When It Comes To Time Off, Bush Is Far Outside the Mainstream

Don't Do Al Qaeda's Work for It (parroting fatalism)

"Mess with us, and we'll mess with your family." (Plame neighbor)

Release the Roberts Papers

Rail-thin security

How Judy Miller Screwed Us All

Ian Williams (The Nation): Bolton Sent to Recess

Reviving '"the Radical Center'/Jim Lobe MAJOR STORY--FOREIGN POLICY!!!

Ted Rall: Got Empathy?

The Source beyond Rove: Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scanda

Reviving the ”Radical Centre”--Jim Lobe

Dating Cheney's Nuclear Drumbeat- by Jim Lobe and Tom Engelhardt

Editorial: Congress should prohibit cruelty, torture

James Zogby (TruthOut): Tancredo: "Stupid, Brazen, and Uncivilized"

Bush endorses 'intelligent design' - Boston Globe

Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): The treaty wreckers

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): The identity vacuum

Some may think Larouche is nuts and...

Robert Borosage (The Nation): Republican Wilding

'One of them made cuts in my penis. I was in agony' WTF, WTF,WTF!

Novak Recycles Gannon on 'Plame-gate'

Former CIA man says Bush not happy over new terror language

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!): On the Bolton appointment

John Eddie and a jammin' party with area progressives! DC, August 8

! ! ! DU this POLL - On INTELLIGENT DESIGN ! ! !

Look at what we did

How about a Voter Fraud Day? - - Nov. 2, 2005

DU this Wall Street Journal Poll and CNN Lou Dobbs Poll on Bolton

Mass DUers to Battlestations! I've had it with Santorum! This means WAR!


Sen Boxer: Protest * foolish decision to recess appoint John Bolton

Please sign this petition to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act

Was Newsworld International "suicided"?

Check Out my New Website on Cable News Bias

Nuclear workers' heartbreak

Consumers spend it all

Freeptards are crowing over the economy.

Flat Tax: what %? help me answer "fairtax" tricks

Weather Service Boosts Hurricane Forecast

What does "30 megawatt (PV) facility" mean?

Energy Bill - Is there anything in there for small solar/PV/wind?

Torrential Rains Return To Mumbai - Transport Out, City Center Underwater

Environmental Degradation Now A Top Concern For Chinese - Xinhua

4 Congressmen Urge Bush To Stand Firm On Everglades Protection

Gulf Dead Zone Much Larger Than Thought - Now Size Of Connecticut

After Weakening Mercury Plan, MPCA Lies About Enviro Group Input

Dogfish Numbers Collapsing In Coastal Pacific NW Waters

EPA Plan Will Eliminate Race, Income From "Environmental Justice" Standard

Federal agency proposes pulling pygmy owl from endangered list

Easing of Northwest Logging Rules Blocked

Report: Energy Dept. unlikely to meet accelerated cleanup goals

NAS - Increased GHG Emissions May Limit Earth's Ability To Store Carbon

Do we really want to nuke a hurricane?

McCain, Clinton To Look At Glaciers - Stevens, Murkowski Deny Warming

CO2 Emissions Rise For 3rd Year Straight In UK - Highest Since 1992

While Hyping Hydrogen, Big Oil Prepares A Generation Of Dirty Fossil Fuels

Indonesia names E Timor panel

Iraq clouds Blair's chances of leading Europe

Togo child prostitute crackdown

Aid group closes DR Congo clinics

Indonesia: Draft Intelligence Law Threatens Basic Rights

U.S. Criticizes Draft of U.N. Reforms

Teenagers stay in jail as Israel cracks down on settler protests

MOH Report: 3804 Killed and 34431 Wounded During Al-Aqsa Uprising

Israel Warns of Iran Nuclear Plans

Israeli 'helped suicide bomber'

We have a Sibel Edmonds and other Whistleblowers Group

Sibel Edmonds in Vanity Fair (tomorrow)

Alex Jones will be on Coast To Coast AM tonight. To either find a local

Indira Singh Interview-- Amazing info about 9/11


Feeling a little down? Read this! (not likely true but cheered me anyway)


Just in case it's important

I was contacted by he DCCC this morning about donating

Still no Matt Taibbai article?

We are getting different final numbersfor the Hackett -Schmidt race.

Am. Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund-top 5 election fraud cities?


Cincinnatti Beat: The Truth About Diebold and Your Ballot

Hackett Ahead 52-48!

Watchdog Group Challenges Election Results (San Diego)

Diebold and ES&S warn Volusia not to use Automark -

Crisis in the Philippines: Election scandal and impeachment

Brad Blog: Phony GOP 'Voting Rights' Group Delivers Onslaught of Disinfo

DOJ w/hold Voting Integrity Symposium - Focus on Election Fraud!!

Has anyone had any luck using the DNC Ohio Report to stop DREs?

My 1,000th post: another love poem to DU

" 30 years of dysfunctional election administration."

DAMMIT. I'm SICK of this same old story over and over and over.

Very, very sad news: Rev. Bill Moss has died

Arnebeck response to DNC report coming this week.

Los Angeles Times (8/2): 2005 Political Fundraising at $116 Million

First Shelley now Lockyer. I think they are after him.

DU this Oakland Tribune poll

Challenge filed to San Diego Election

Radioactive mine to be filled in

NCT Editorial: With wisdom, California has plenty of water

So I got invited to participate in my county's Central Committee

Need to talk with DU'er in Mass 4th CD (Barney Frank's district)

“Radiation: a slow death, a new generation of Hibakusha” Boston, tonight.

Mass DUers to Battlestations! I've had it with Santorum! This means WAR!

Boston: good cheap hotels and Labor Day availability?

Drove on U of M campus earlier this afternoon

McCollum isn't giving an inch to Kennedy

We did it!! Phelps leaves Moorhead will not protest funeral.

Anyone here using the Stingray hardware firewall?

does anyone know how to analyze hijack this logs?

Brown, Adams, Pike and Scioto Counties Demand Secession!

Hackett has election fraud under control!

My Closing remark ( Hackett election )

I've started a "Thank You, Paul" blogspot for Paul Hackett. Please submit

What Were The Results for Warren County?

Hackett Election Day Thread!

Randi Rhodes just said the polls are closed!

Rep. Conyers - Coingate: Special Counsel Request

OH district 2, Noon video report

The Hackett vs Schmidt Lineup

A Quick Synopsis of the Hackett/Schmidt Race

6 Ohio Marines Killed In Iraq

20% Turnout Or Below-- We Lose

Hackett voters take the number 69 bus, stake out the bus stops and canvass

Polling Place Info For Today's Race!

Have you enlisted the help of Air America re: Hackett?

Who is going to Washington D.C. for the Sept 24th demonstration?

David Van O's at Carrollton/Colony Democrats Meeting tonight

Hiroshima Remembrance - Austin Aug 6th-7th

History Buffs: Does Anyone Know when...

Party invite!

Flat Tax Steve Forbes is on WPR now.

Will wonders never cease? Urinal Sentinal slams Bolton recess appointment

Dumbass! Al Gore just gave us a national bulletin board! Current TV

Nice Little Concise Backgrounder Of Rove !!!

Timing the Cheney Nuclear Drumbeat

Darfur Drawn: The Conflict in Darfur Through Children's Eyes

Almost 700 U.S. Soldiers Have Died Since The November Election !!!

AAR Contact Information re: Hackett/Schmidt elections

Never Surrender!

separated at birth?

Water: who drinks water from the tap? I do; am I doomed?

What have we done for minorities in our party lately

If I were to begin planning a trip to Washington DC Next Summer....

Please delete. Posted in the wrong place. n/t

Democratic Senators Press CIA Leak Probe

Plamegate: Condi Did It

Just a reminder of why we value TRUTH.

Dem senators need to keep on pursuing Bolton on his perjury

1800 on our side, not bad, considering we've killed so many 'over there'

We can't kill ALL the Iraqis, so let's just put em' on Reservations

Bush Meets Mick (Jagger)

An absolutely PERFECT vignette of what we're up against (Don Wright toon)

2 4 Tuesday toon (8/2)

Bush & Cheney Indictment Thread (THANK YOU, MONICA!)

OMFG The FUNNIEST "Leave it to Bush Episode YET!!!"

Bolton is an abusive person.

Bush/Cheney indictments? Can anyone verify?

Prescription Drugs 16,400 % more Deadly Than Terrorists.

Iran is 10 years from building a Nuclear Bomb (Crisis? What crisis?)

Strikes over gas price in Vancouver, Canada

Bolton to reform the UN? Gimme a break!

The cash cow in the back of the bus.

The media, manipulation of the message, and the big picture.

NYT (8/2): Novak Blames "Who's Who" Book For Plame Leak

Bush Democrats? Do they really exist?

Boton appointment pic - everbody sure looks happy - begs for a caption

All you homemakers want to get your orders in early for the Gitmo . . .

Have the polls opened in Ohio today?

Fox News: London Bombings Mastermind is MI6 Asset

Bush/Bolton Poll

Predict the time and content of the first Bolton UN embarrassment

Any Chance That America Would Have Turned Out A Bit More Humble If...

U.S. Considers Redefining 'War'

Grrr...Morning Edition got my back up...

"Kudos" shout out to folks outside the UN yesterday!!!

So, it's been almost four years, now, and still no Osama.

Is there an official Hackett thread?

August 1, and at least 7 US Marines KIA.

British Petroleum profits disappointing

GHENT WALGREEN stands apart

Has One-eyed Jesus performed any miracles in Hoboken yet?

I need ammo. Bushbot tells me Clinton did 140 recess appointments.


Jail Rehabbed MILLER from Iraq-writings and Saved Her from Being Fired?

"Michael Moore Calls Mich. Film Fest a Big Success"

WorldNetDaily: "Aug 6: Nuke terror to strike U.S. by this weekend?"

Republicans sang a different tune when Bill Clinton was President. Quotes.

Why Won't George Be Attending the Service for King Fahd? >>>

Please take time to acknowledge our soldiers

Three extremists screaming for a caption

2000. Rest in Peace.

The CountDown leaving? Are they replacing him

"DNA Test Frees Man Nearly 2 Decades Later"

Monsanto files patent for new invention: the pig

"Papers Show Record Spending in Calif. Vote"

Homeland Security= giant boondoggle

Novak in '03: "I didn't dig it out...they gave me the name and I used it"

Bush: "Intelligent Design Should Be Taught"


Can I call it "Fascism" yet?

Just saw a piece on Hackett on CNN.

Seven Marines slaughtered in Iraq. I feel safe now don't you?!

Richard Cohen Can Kiss My Ass!!!!

Anybody catch Bork on Cspan this morning?

Kansas City Star headline today: "Bush puts Bolton in his UN job."

FINALLY heard from family in Baghdad

Rafael Palmeiro couldn't help lying.

Grandmother, 68, confronted by cops for accidental honk, is

Google Knows Bull.

"Georgia National Guard Unit Loses 8 Troops" & "Seven Marines Killed "

The Thom Hartmann Show on KPOJ Portland: Awesome talk radio.

The French are the new Ruskie Communists?

Six US Marines Killed in Fighting in Western Iraq on Monday

Who is this Jay Marvin gunnut on Jerry Springer (AAR) today?

Invention: Shocking airport scans

What Is This Business About "UN-Reform" Anyway?

Does anyone know what kind of voting apparatus/software is being used...


Caption this * pic...

WP compares Rove WH claims of privilege with Clinton's

My list of favorite DU'ers (in no particular order)

Things 'not good' in Iraq - UK foreign secretary

Yesterday we broke 1800 fallen men and women because Bush lied.

"Never Surrender" - This is very cool

August 2nd, 2005 : The War Is Lost

oh, look! wonderboy's new toy: an electronic device that connects him all

"[Bolton's] mission is now to help the U.N. reform itself"

For those who believe that Wall Street is good for S.S.

San Diego's big religious mess (Mount Soledad Cross)

Refresh my Memory...

Last night Malloy went bonkers on a caller , who was against PNACers

Stakeout at the "CIA Leak" Grand Jury (Rove's aides testify)

Just saw a heartbreaking story on the Niger famine (World News Today)

You have to hand it to this administration...

Unfinished Symphony

TIME: WH Knew Plame's ID in Early June >

Tom Flocco: Bush and Cheney indicted (?!?!?!?!?!)

Iraq, Judy Miller and Laurie Mylroie: The Neocon conspiracy theorist.

Fitzgerald still eyeing Rove...

Are Americans practicing COMMUNISM?!?

Some folks have too much time on their hands

I must agree with Bush on one thing...

OK, enough with the "What machines in OH-02" and such threads.

DIEBOLD Machines used in Ohio?

As long as we are discussing Intelligent design

Several with ties to fort linked to prison abuse (torture at Huachuca)

No Diebold machines to be used in OH-02

"Bolton Must Compromise With Diplomats"

" 30 years of dysfunctional election administration."

Only in America! Why do so many have such myopic views?

For those with better memories than mine: who were the players in...

I've switched to CITGO...

Paul Hackett makes the AP

Don't get into a theological or philosophical argument with the fundies

Republican Crooks

Check Out my New Website on Cable News Bias

Ten Most Harmful Government Programs (WARNING: Link to Freaker Site)

Help Please -- regarding who is profiting from this war

Who designed the Intelligent Designer?

"Bush: Intelligent Design Should Be Taught" or Are you gagging yet?

Who is carrying "Current" TV and how do I watch it?

What was it about the past that gave us the drive to protect our rights?

Holy crap! Read this interview with Joseph Farah. It's official:

This kind of shyte really pisses me off... The current CNN poll:

Why Not Use Intelligent Design To Fix The Space Shuttle?

How useful is it to poll DUers on the 2008 Presidential election right now

Magnetic ribbons disappearing?

email from Barb Boxter--to email the WH and protest Bolton appointment

How many SS agents does Mary Cheney need?

2000 coalition casualties. 1806 USA

San Diego Untion Tribune LTTE: Pulling abortion pill won't save lives

You can support the troops all you want,

Are more Iraqi vets running in 06?

Lowell Weicker to be on radio today from 3-6pm EST

Stern takes on Rush, hypocritical druggie

"Intelligent Design" is misleading

Seven US Marines killed in Iraq, toll passes 1,800

I am confused about this democracy concept.

Bush imposes right-wing thug as ambassador to UN

Is AAR going in and out for everybody today or just those streaming

Clinton Official - Prison Abuse Decisions Came from the Top

Iran to restart nuclear work, crisis looms

Let Them Get On Their Merry Way...?

Bush and the "risk takers" in space. Caption this pic

What questions should I ask Senator Durbin today? I may see him.

"expose people to different schools of thought" - no prob, George!

Thanks Al Gore for the channel Current

Bush is making phone calls to SPACE

USA & Iran are run by religious Mullahs...

Cost of Iraq War August 2nd- $184,856,000,917

anyone else disappointed in "current?"

Anyone else nervous that so much is riding on Fitgerald's integrity?

What Should Cheney's Hat Say at King Fahd's State Funeral?

Have you seen this BS?Lost Nuclear Warheads from a B-52 Now in Iran?

for those who haven't enjoyed it -the lost limbaugh drug rant

Bush/Cheney/Card/Libby... indicted by Chicao Grand Jury

Subtraction by Addition?

NASA TV Showing a Beautiful Wide Angle Shot of the Earth Now

Posting again on the annoyance of Fox News in public places --

Murdoch buys out

"Frist PAC Raises $1.9 Million This Year"

rush finally mentioned hackett today

Email from Hillary on Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

Bush and Cheney Indicted--Bullshit story

Whatever happens today in the Ohio 2nd....

The whole space trip is a blast but it's a ruse for the military industry

Someone posted a link earlier about a war crimes treaty...

Rhandi and producer of Majority report talking about Ohio

Roman Polanski to make a new movie with lots of CHILDREN in it! (Shudder)

A conservative friend said the backlash against Current is why Libs loose

Domestic partners ruled to be equal to married pairs in state businesses

737 down in Toronto, on CNN now, n/t.

Lufthanza flight skidded off the runway in Toronto.

Presidenting is Hard, Hard Work! >>>

Have any other Presidents appointed while ...

Some direction please...


Wow. Nixon loved cult leaders too.

Why does this picture make me laugh? >>>

Fall in !...Atten...hut !

Hey, Hetros- When did you choose to be straight?

"I think that part of education is to expose people to different schools

Air America -- Did I hear pigboy correctly?

Joe Biden mugging it up on The Daily Show tonight

Any word on Hackett's race in OH?

1806 Reasons why the DSM is Important

" Bush, Bolton to Congress: Screw You!"

Tribute to Bolton...

Innocent Man spends 18 years in prison and he is - finally free......

caption amb. asshole

Bushitler & Dick to be indicted by week's end?

Pigboy is Scared (Hackett)

The Appointment Of Bolton Is Unconstitutional

Hey Buddy! Your Foreign Policy Looks A Bit Ragged. Let Me Talk You...

How do American companies regard religious proselytizing during work time?

China, Russia to launch 1st joint military exercises

No doubt about it, Randi Rhodes Rocks!

Flame me if you will, but I think a Math Epidemic is a good thing.

Operation Withdrawal Scam

Rawstory on Rove

Bush and Cheney Indicted.

need some support for Brit Hume "time to buy" quote

For my 1000th post on DU, do me this favor...

Hackett about to be on Randi

Why not use our brains and start "Hiliarizing" McCain, Frist, etc.??

Anyone who thinks Paul Hackett joined the military to pad his resume...

Updated List of Rove Witnesses and Interviewees

You simply MUST read this: Iraqis Accuse Kuwait of Stealing Oil

" many rednecks wanting to liberate so many ragheads?"

Republicans must (mis)understand American people are stupid and lazy.

Why does Franken have Ryan Mauros on today?

In case you missed it -- it looks like everyone made it out alive.

I hope this is true

Has anyone seen this? BUSH AND CHENEY INDICTED !

Sex Scandal Rocks Catholic High

Site to check election returns when they come in

What did I miss?

Why do all higher level government managers put everything into writing ?

Anybody familiar with stem cell research...

C-SPAN crazies out in force RE: Bolton ...

Bush/Cheney/Card/Libby WERE NOT INDICTED by Chicao Grand Jury

I keep hearing about "Major changes" Shrub wants made at the UN.

Wealth Is Likely to Mean Less Pain at Life's End

Drudge picked up the story about Liberal Guardsman on duty in Iraq...

Joe Wilson on Anderson Cooper next. nt

Why is CNN doing wall-to-wall coverage on the crash in Toronto?

Great Minds Needed: Help me gather bits for an email response...

Gay couples in Cali must get same rights!!

Your Thoughts On This Response To Rick Santorum And "It Takes A Family"

Dubya flips off the Senate for a second time!

Miles O'Brien is an idiot.

"World Turning Its Back on Brand America"

I like this Jay guy thats filling in for Jerry

I just thought of something: the more we fight back, the more

Memo shows that UN "has Bolton's back".

Urgent! St. Louis- "Mad Russian" faces deportation!

How is Hackett doing?

What I think should be done about this "Intelligent Design" talk

Madrid Commission confirms conspiracy of lies used to justify Iraq War

Selective Poll for '08 Election. Which one would get your vote?

Compassionate conservative ? re: farm workers dying of heat stroke

Bolton as King Kong

I received an e-mail today...

My best friend is in SC and can't drive. Should I go get her?

Girl, 11, to go on trial for rock incident

Bush OKs Rove, Palmeiro, "intelligent design" in one interview: transcript

? how many does it take to land the space shuttle

Are we as brave as the members of the International Brigade?

Say Wha! Rove answers to Grover Norquist?

Santorum is fishing for fights to further his exposure.

who is Walter Annenberg and what do I need to know about him?

Fox news reports a Lufstansa (SINC) 737 crashes - freepers still believe

OK... Fess Up... How Many Of You Thought Bolton Was Tossed Overboard ???

Josh on majority report now about Ohio

1800 Dead Yanks = How Much In Bring Em On Hair Mussing?

self delete

Hackett Wins Brown County

Bush's Brain author on Majority Report!

How does *'s creationism fit in with oil exploration/geology?

Isn't Paul leading in Ohio? nt

Hackett wins Brown county- final results

So far 56 out of 753 precincts. Hackett 51% Schmidt 49%!

The Miss Conservative 2005 Spokesmodel Pageant

Men Overcompensate When Masculinity Is Threatened

Frist not invited to "Justice Sunday II"

found my answer

Hey Jean Schmidt !... You just lost Brown County......But wait......

"President Bush, you killed my son!"

Let's list the repubs

Our New UN Ambassador-----Angrybot!

Update! 175 out of 753 precincts! Hackett 51% Schmidt 49% n/t

Wait, isn't the bottom of Ohio very very Red?

Why are so many Repugs running to the center?

Republicans Republicans don't like (con blog poll)

Fun with Shrub

Hackett v. Schmidt: Hamilton County BOE website is "offline"?

Wohoo! Franking Schools levy winning by 55%!

Savings rate falls to 0%

Sam's got a freep on the phone...

OMG!! This is HUgh!!!!!11

First CNN's Blitzer won't give the Toronto EMS crew it's due....

New Update. 406 precincts out of 753 in.. Hackett 50% Schmidt 50%

Does Islam have it's own version of Intelligent Design?

New update Schmidt 52%, Hackett 48% 580 precincts reporting

Mark My Words: Recount.

Which is better: a "liberal" republican or a conservative democrat?

How Can They Do Anything To Palmeiro For His Testimony

What is a forum feature (level 2)?

It was a victory for Paul and for us the minute the TV stations couldn't

Most obnoxious highway billboard EVER

Scientific advancement.....same as it ever was

For Those Who Are Following Paul Hackett

Limbaugh called US Marine Paul Hackett a "staff puke"....

It's 50/50!!! (Hackett)

AP Report: Cows pollute more than autos

The Official GO PAUL HACKETT thread!!!!!

Hacket back up Schmidtshit still slightly ahead.

Anyone know the economic demographics of the 2nd District in Ohio?

Hackett 50% Schmidt 50% 662 precincts out of 753 in.

I thought the polls updated automatically?

What is Bolton's connection to Valerie Wilson?

I just got banned from a local supermarket (PTSD is such a trip)

Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico now the size of Conn.

Not one word about the Ohio election on the msm...

REAL MEN wear cowboy boots 'n' hats and chew tobacco

Come on Hackett! 2 questions that need to be looked @.

AAR doing a great job analyzing this race( P. Hackett's) with updates n/t

2004 Electoral Map of Hackett/Schmidt Counties & Current Results

cnn just reported on Hackett race gave no results just said it was

If Bush is walking down the street...

Malloy just reported that there were reports of irregularities in Clermont

Malloy just reported that there were reports of irregularities in Clermont

So Kos is reporting that Clermont is the only county left to be counted.

CNN's Air France coverage continues to, as Jon Stewart would say.....

I'm sure Freeps were excited that an AIR FRANCE plane crashed

14 minutes and no new results?

complaints being called into aar about precincts being closed...precints

Tom Flocco: "Bush & Cheney Indicted (Developing...)"

Brave Americans go to Cuba in Opposition of Travel Ban!

Warning: Biden on The Daily Show

Schmidthead is leading 52-48 after a "lengthy" count

Clermont election site is down but it is cached on google

Who sent Wilson to Niger?

Fat lady is singing...all precincts report-Schmidt wins

What a wierd coincidence

50 trips to Crawford in 4 1/2 years

MSNBC called it for Schmidt

we lose

Is there a link online to the full Bush health report?

Keep fighting for election reform at the local and state level wherever

Rush Limbaugh can kiss my lily white ass

I want the theory of gravity banned from schools; it's just a theory

FBI Checking Clermont County (OH) Voting February 9, 2005

Let's put this in perspective (Hackett Loss)

My encounter with an ANTI-CHOICE wench at Senator Durbin's speech today.

HA! baned from FR, idiots took 2 weeks to do it

They are trying to STEAL it again!

Thank you DU admins. Job well done.

ow convienient!

Take a break - Daily Show riff on Bolton was a riot!

In The OH-2 Race... Can We Say "Look At All That Blue?" LOL

GREAT BUSH flash video!! Leave it to Bush!

I just can't win

A credit card account of mine has been hacked. Over $17,000!

A Question About Automatic Recounts in Ohio

Hackett's showing was a tremendous victory for the 50 state strategy

Jean Schmidt is getting AWFULLY mad at you guys!

August 1, 2004: Sibel Edmonds' Letter to Chairman Thomas Kean

Terms of Endearment

How long does it take to steal an election?

John Bolton is smiling, does that make you feel better?

I Smell a Rat !

If OH election is clean it's likely GOPs are nervous about getting caught

Something my mother told me about Bush

Now that the election is over, isn't Hackett going to do another tour?

Why Do Republicans,OK NeoCons If You Prefer, Hate The Military So Much?

Ohio's Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell Back In The News

Well done, Paul Hackett, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!

Just emailed the DNC

Phuck Schmidt.....

THANK YOU DU!! I know that WE did this--thanks for responding to the call

Why won't the left forment a conservative backlash?

FILL IN BLANK: Freeper Freddie is so foolish, he thinks ______________.

What's better? A moral Atheist or a Theist hypocrite?

Hackett vs. Schmidt:.... Death knell for the DLC?

If Al Gore did run in 2008, what would be his campaign slogan ??

What did Ohio vote on in Hackett race and what were the exit polls?

I just realized Rupert Murdoch was from Australia.

Hackett vs. Schmidt: LOW TURNOUT

Tuesday Night Truthseekers please check in

Impeach Bush Update: Meetup Tomorrow (Wednesday 8/3/05)

Who thinks it's absolutely despicable that

Another way to battle the Meth Epidemic

Brain-Dead Woman in Va. Gives Birth

It's time for us to get some cigars, dammit.

Juan Cole: "Fisking the 'War on Terror'"

Ed Schultz is really getting freeped today. A caller just said

Rep Conyers - Coingate: Special Counsel Request

I would like to apologize for the state of Ohio.

Psychosis controls the Political Process

AIRBUS A340 Jumbo Jet in Flames on runway in Toronto

When is enough…enough?

Never looked at Paul Hackett this way. Check this out:

Okay, 51%-49% sounds WAY TO familiar and WAY TO...

Wisconsin bans birth control being sold on university campuses

Storm that knocked down the Air France Jet connected to Al Quaeda.

305 Precincts of 753 Hackett 51% Schmidt 49%

how did bush end up a psychopath with such a privileged life?

OK - Is DNC ready to demand the vote machines be examined IMMEDIATELY?


Trying (and sentencing) children as adults.

Is it time to nationalize certain industries?

The upside of Hackett's loss.

Bush: "Creative Arithmetic" should be taught

Clermont does it again, bastards...

20 year old Iraq veteran held in homicide: had requested stress treatment

I've started a "Thank You, Paul" blogspot for Paul Hackett. Please submit

Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell appointed to Canadian Senate

Mick Jagger

Wanna rip some holes from the fundie's embrace?????

Coingate: Special Counsel Request

580 Precincts, Schmidt 52% Hackett 48%

main reason it was classified was because of the horror, the devastation

uninsured children

Jean Schmidt blatantly violating election law

What are the MOST IMPORTANT facts, issues, arguments, realizations????

List of Fox News sponsors

Novak Recycles Gannon on 'Plame-gate'

Would you dump this newborn by a dumpster?

Hillary Just Ain't Likeable

Hackett improved by 32% to 55% in 6 counties but only 3% in Hamilton?

Santorum blasts Mass. senators over church scandal

2,000 Dead Soldiers

Al Gore is gonna run.

Beware Bruce Berman

Guy on C-Span just said something we should look into, NOW.........

something i noticed on foxnews...

Hey DUers, Does The Notion Of Karma Give You Any Solace These Days?

Look at the stupid email I recieved.

Bad Girl Jenna

The Anti-Rent War

On A Positive Note .....

WP: Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record

Look at this Anti-Muslim CRAP I got from my uncle.....GRRRR!!!!

help me make this page even better....

Another subject: How telling. Biden on the Daily Show says to Jon

'One of them made cuts in my penis. I was in agony'

Source Codes ..... let us see the source codes!

Vanity Fair to Reveal More on Sibel Edmonds' Case

Bush Endorses 'Intelligent Design'...

Darwinism and its meaning

If a president can just do a recess appointment


A Sound of Distant Thunder (regarding the September DC protest)

Santorum: "pursuit of happiness" is "harming America"

AP: Moark facing animal cruelty charges for dumping live chickens

I'm officially hooked on Current!

BRAD BLOG: Phony GOP 'Voting Rights' Group Delivers Massive DisInfo!

Green Chile Chicken Chili

Is CBC losing its quiet dignity?

Is Tesco coming to town a bad thing?

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): The identity vacuum

How Ronald Reagan let the fuse to the London bombs

Governor Pataki's Veto - Aug 2 NYT editorial

Christian Exodus urges relocation to the South (to confront feds)

Try Hicks here: Greens Senator(stand up to Bush Admin)

Democratic Senators Press CIA Leak Probe

US intelligence says Iran 10 years away from nuclear bomb: report

Veterans Affairs suspect may still be in the state-5 vets died in his home

Man badly beaten after asking for time

Drug ring allegedly supplied U.S. troops


Fox News: London Bombings Mastermind is MI6 Asset

Explosion Near BA Office/Iran

Stun gun used in home invasion

Peace with paramilitaries very unlikely, report says

Ohio congressional candidates make final voter appeals

Four Suspect H5N1 Bird Flu Cases in Irtysh Kazakhstan

Bolivia's Finance Minister Gemio Resigns Over Morales Comments

Medical Examiner Confirms First Electrocution by Taser

Al Sha'lan Attacks Iran and Al Ja'fari and Creates a Coalition with Allawi

Era of big rebates (on cars) winds down (but in some cases, things ...

Bush: Intelligent Design Should Be Taught

London 7/7 Terror Suspect Linked to British Intelligence?

Security Incidents In Iraq 8/2. Chief of Abu Ghraib police killed

Special briefing: How radical Islamists see the world

U.S. Considers Redefining 'War'

AP News Alert - U.S. command says six American Marines KIA in Haditha

Iran: Move to Restart Nuclear Activity is 'irreversible'

U.S. calls on Fox to end violence (Vicente Fox)

We defeated U.S., Iran leader tells Hezbollah

WTNH: School bus drivers on the watch for possible terrorists

Debate over what to call Iraq war delays Shelby Township memorial

The Iraq Infection (and it is spreading)

Straw's history lesson aims to bring moderate Muslims on side

'06 Medicare payment cuts to doctors proposed

NIH Worker Charged Over Anthrax Threat

Army Times reporter Matthew Cox wounded in Iraq

Sky TV: Area of London sealed off, smoke reportedly seen coming from bus

Iran Is Judged 10 Years From Nuclear Bomb

Grandmother who was Tasered gets probation

Ex-Deputy Mayor of Detroit Leading Polls

Suspect's tale of travel and torture (diary declasified by pentagon)

Iraq veteran arrested in killing

Fitzgerald still eyeing Rove...

Polls Are Open For Special Election (OH)

Russia bars U.S. ABC after Basayev interview

Graham critiques Iraq war during local visit

Car bomb hits US convoy in central Baghdad

U.S. deems Iraq women's rights paramount

Power shortage drives Iraqis to frustration, fury

Georgia National Guard Unit Loses 8 Troops

Blears backs away from racial profiling (UK)

AP: Air National Guard emerges as most contentious issue in base-closing p

Pacific Coast awash with strange happenings

US slams violence against protesters in Cairo

Supporters ante up big bucks for ballot

Seven US Marines killed in Iraq, toll passes 1,800

Suspect's tale of travel and torture (US ghost detainee)

Bill Clinton plans targeted initiatives

China's CNOOC drops bid for Unocal

Sex Scandal Rocks Catholic High

Cheney to lead U.S. delegation to Saudi Arabia

China's pig disease baffles health experts

Pentagon bans use of anonymous quotes in press releases

Gunman on Motorcycle Kills Iranian Judge

Iraq blasts Kuwait over border

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 2 August

Dead babies find shocks Germany

Breaking CNN.....Air France Plane Skids off runway and explodes in Toronto

Bolton Begins Work At U.N. (CBS News)

Envoys discuss security handover with Iraq (US and UK)

Rumsfeld says extremist, moderate Muslims at odds

'Why Do Men Have Nipples?' answered in new book

ABC's Accreditation in Russ Will Not Be Renewed--Russian Foreign Ministry

Iraqis Accuse Kuwait of Stealing Oil (Plus ca change)

Vanity Fair to Reveal More on Sibel Edmonds' Case

LA Daily News: No fair share for roads

Quarantine imposed on all poultry farms in Russia

Bomb Explodes Outside British Firms in Tehran

Milestone: 2000 Coalition Dead (Raw Story)

Blix urges Iran against enrichment

GOP lawmakers to tout successes

Blair Sends Regrets for Killing of Brazilian by London Police

We will fight, vow squatters (South Africa)

Reviving '"the Radical Center'/Jim Lobe MAJOR STORY--FOREIGN POLICY!!!

Taleban say three beaheaded for “spying”

Former CIA man says Bush not happy over new terror language

American Ecology Receives $11.8 Million Payment from Central Interstate ..

Iraq investigates widespread corruption (hundreds of millions wasted)

Bush Signs CAFTA Into Law

Pakistani rape victim seeks permission to travel to US

Sudan: More violence erupts

WP: Northwest, Delta expected to file for bankruptcy soon

Sioux Want to Clear Land of Bombs

Pro-Chavez landslide forecasted municipal elections

Masculinity Challenged Men Prefer War and SUVs

Saudi Arabia:Abdullah Will Try to Create Distance with U.S.(French expert)

Los Alamos Radiological Contamination Tracked

Oxfam warns of Mali food crisis

U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Surpasses 1,800

Pakistani couple tortured and killed over illicit relationship

Safari World fined over apes (orangutans)

NYT: Canadian Bank Pays $2.4 Billion to Settle With Enron Investors

WP 8/2/05 9:17pm: frist not invited to evangelical "justice sundayII"...

Brain-Dead Woman in Va. Gives Birth

Frist not invited to evangelical meeting


Roberts Insists He'll Respect Precedent

No fatalities in Toronto airplane fire

WP: Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record

Guardian Utd (August 3): EU warns Iran: no talks if nuclear freeze ends

Detroit mayor Kilpatrick to face Freman Hendrix in November

CNN/Reuters:Hurricane outlook worsens(even more, but warming not to blame)

WP: Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by GIs

Cheney begs reporters to cover Saudi trip but wont let them cover meetings

Amnesty says Iraqi Insurgents are war criminals for targeting civilians

Bolton May Find Greater Challenge on Capitol Hill Than at UN

WP: Brain-Dead Va. Woman Gives Birth

Bush reiterates opposition to expanded stem cell research

NYT/AP: Auto Sales Jump Dramatically in July (discounts)

(Oregon) Governor threatens to sue over air base

Amtrak Train Derails in N.C., Killing Two

Chevron paid agents who destroyed Nigerian villages

Easing of Northwest Logging [BushCo] Rules Blocked

Embedded military reporter injured in suicide bombing

Bill Clinton Hires New Spokesman (Jay Carson - worked for Dean and DNC)

Food Poisoning Sickens More Than 100 Iraqi Soldiers

Democrats vow not to take out anger on Roberts

PM 'should press for Hicks release'

Feingold Accuses Bush Of Blatant Disregard After Bolton Appointment

Pot activist granted bail in U.S. extradition case(Vancouver)

NYT: Vindication for Ivory-Billed Woodpecker and Its Fans

Roberts, Sen. Byrd hit it off

Xstrata injuries horrify Numsa

Breaking: Plane skids off runway in Toronto, in flames

Reverberations from CAFTA vote are still being felt on Hill

Reporter Judith Miller enters fifth week in jail

Six U.S. Marines killed in western Iraq-military

Hackett loses: Ex-Lawmaker (Schmidt)Wins Ohio Congressional Race

LAT: Gov. Schwarzenegger's Rules to Protect Workers from Intense Heat

NYT: DeLay to Be on Christian Telecast on Courts (Justice Sunday II)

Documents Tell of Brutal Improvisation by GIs -WP

Bush Installs Pentagon Official (by recess appointment)

NYT: Bush Remarks Roil Debate Over Teaching of Evolution

Court strikes down Hawaiians-only schools

Bush stands by beleaguered friend Palmeiro in steroids scandal

Iran may trigger "major international crisis": French FM

Putin angry over Poland muggings

NYT: 2 Aides to Rove Testify ("last Friday") in C.I.A. Leak Inquiry

Bush Thanks Astronauts for Daring Mission

Before the War, CIA Reportedly Trained a Team of Iraqis to Aid U.S. -WP

Polish PM: Iraq Nation-Building 'Failed'

Legislation Authorizing Civilian Border Patrols Introduced

Frist Not Invited to 'Justice Sunday II'

Watchdog Group Challenges Election Results (San Diego)

Rove Aide Called to Testify Took His Messages

Group says Bible course riddled with bias, errors

Former Alaska Gov. Jay Hammond dies at 83

CNN: The zero-savings problem ("saving rate at zero - that's right, nada")

US Army Deserter Fled Iraq for Canada

And all the Sailors and Admirals cried,

There was an Old Person of Basing,

There was a young lady of Portugal

lynne cheney likes the cubs


AUGHHH! The railroad crossing signal near my place is stuck "on".

Int'l Federation of Competitive Eating - Current World Records as of Aug.1

Damn small-town newspapers.

There once was a man from Nantucket ......

Anybody interested in a podcaster's DU group?

I don't quite know what it is, but I WANT some.

Sometimes GD really pisses me off.

Fat man with and his kids and dog

"Bush passed his physical today..."

Friday On My Mind

Bush passed out in his physical today

The cost of bad habits

I have a question for San Francisco/Bay Area DUers:

A girl from South Carolina

Yes or no?

A dilemma.

Purring Kitty thread!

Normally I can't stand "Prickly City"

My brothers in arms- thanks

Hendrix Said He Was Gay to Avoid 'Nam

"Once"- Richard Buckner

Fancy hearing some Brit comics talking about the bombings?

Superstar and more.

2 toons 4 2sday... (8/2)

Bankruptcy signals end to low-carb diet mania.

too bad nat king cole died

the look of love is in your eyes....

I got a scratch on my hand from work tonight .

Movie vs. Movie

Today's top headline "Young Boys Wankdorf erection relief"

I'm tired and I want to go back to bed :( (probably moving again).

Man Pleads Guilty In Stabbing - Immediately Gets Married In Same Courtroom

"The rooster crows but the hen delivers the goods."

I think I have the reincarnation of Snoopy.

Sea Lion Attacks Boy On Boogie Board

Mark Burnett Is What Is WRONG With 'Murica (And He Is Finally FAILING)

I have a feeling that the Sept 24th protest in DC is going to be massive

Favorite song by "The Animals"

Dentures Removed From Man's Bronchial Tube


Hacker forced new planet discovery out of the closet

Jerry's gonna be a cable boy, a cable boy, a cable boy.

What ideas should we expose the righties, fundies, and *bots to?

Super Volcano - The Sleeping Giants

Unidentified Sea Creature Found After Typhoon

Girl Bitten By Bat After It Flies Through Car Window

He says he's eaten 4,000 snakes

coming soon: TELEPATHIC NIGHT in the Lounge

*Grumble, grumble, grumble*

what would be a good password

MY cat.

If we started a DU Fraternity what hijinks should we do for pledging

That's a lot of spyware

Can we start a gang?

Google "google" and hit I'm Feeling Lucky

"hey i got the best coke ever"

Mouse cleaning

I think they've gotten to me.

Live At Winterland

What's on your OH-02 election day playlist?

Owl Being Removed From Endangered List To Make Way For Construction

Google "asshole" and hit I'm feeling lucky.

Idaho legislature passes bill commending Napoleon Dynamite

Man Accused Of Tossing Son's Puppy Off 5th Floor Balcony

If Misunderestimator is 1/64th Lipstick Lesbian, what makes up.....

Short Film I worked on for the Seattle International Film Festival

Speaking of animal cruelty...

People who have travelled to Canada lately, did you have any trouble

In need of some tech help

Lauren Bacall is a pip!!

Kittens FedEx-ed across country

Own A Worm Farm In Oregon? Now You Are Tax Exempt!

so tired...

There once was a man from Madrass

Homemade biscuits and tomato gravy!!

Equality of opportunity vs. equality of outcome

Man Sews His Lips Shut To Protest Charges Against Him

Four Dead In Cockfight Grenade Attack

New on 'Rocky Horror' in 30 seconds, reenacted by bunnies

scarecrow - tears me up every time

Favorite Buffy Male

the song does not remain the same....

Largest Airport

Favorite Buffy Female

Ever wonder how long you can keep items in the refrigerator?

Mom always said "Don't play Bach in the house"

Why does dissemble and disassemble mean the same thing?

Give me the year and day of the week in which you were born...

Post your harmless yet disturbing picture here

Bulldozers tear down giant religious teapot

No 10 forbids any monkey business

So what happened to sundog?

Anyone hear the chimp talk to the Discovery crew today??

42 is too young to go to sleep and never wake up.

Mom always said "Don't play ball in the house"

sundog is taking time off of DU???

401K Question

They are replacing the roof here at my uncle's house

Mom always "told me not to come"

Leave it to Bush episode 3 featuring Samuel L. Jackson...

How much sleep has Underpants gotten in the past 5 days?

Somebody's not happy,

My list of favorite DU'ers (in no particular order)

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show" in 30 seconds

Worst decade for television

here comes Lunch

1000! Wanted to do this here... Thanks DU!


An Oregon joke

Why do "emasculate" and "effeminate" mean similar goddamn things?

So what holidays are you into?

joke: president bush heads to crawford for another vacation

Who let the dogs out?

i'm an athiest...but i still love christmas songs...

Somebody told me nose-scratching counts as nose-picking.


Anyone have info on revoking a power of attorney?

No, Look at my Post Count. (alpha)

No, Look at my Post Count. (omega)

Somebody else told me ass-scratching counts as ass-picking.

Oh, the pain! The pain of it all!

Moving Sucks

Cosby SHow fans - season 1 DVD is out. BUT DO NOT BUY IT.

Sox Fans: Did Manny really want to leave to get away from . . .

I can't believe I'm doing a kitty pic!!!

So now I come to you, with open arms

Texas DU'ers - I bring you...String Cheese!!!!

Someone please tell Texasgal that I am NOT Charlie Daniels


Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'.....

Why do "asshole" and "idiot" mean similar goddamn things.....

Christmas Cats!

Lawsuit: Officer Dumped Daughter's Ashes While Searching Man

Well obviously banjo scratching isn't the same as banjo picking

Don't stop...believing

Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth

can't fight this feeling any longer

Everytime you get a new boyfriend

"This interview is not about me. What if you saw a horse..."

My doppleganger is slacking off and getting me effed over by the boss.

hey, look at my post count!

I need 487 posts until 30k, what useless, meanlingless topics can I start?

Post here if you never got into the whole Rocky Horror thing.

i'm thinking of getting a bicycle for my birthday.


"Accuracy in Media" blames poor Tucker Carlson ratings on Rachel Maddow

Grilled Cheese.

Every time I see you falling

Has anyone ever been proselytized to on the phone?

Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow,

what is the current number of members in congres?

Let's resurrect a classic - Time to *Smack* "Stop hitting me!" *Smack*

Don't you wish you felt like me.

I'm not touching you!

Worst decade for music

A present for GOPisEvil:

Someone please tell Texasgal that I am NOT Charlie Brown

My anti-social cat wanted to be petted and held this morning

The W deck

Paris update: My knee, the saga...

I'm telling skinner! I'll bet he doesn't like Journey either!

I just cut myself.

Note to self - Dont watch 'Mister Mom' on NBC

Shit... The 6 Marines killed were from a unit here

Pronunciation Poll Round 2 - same letters -reworded with love

WANDERLUST on Comedy Central NOW!

"That gal, I say that gal reminds me of Paul Revere's ride...

I just noticed something odd


People PAY to go to the top of the eiffel tower

Bid on this piece of Industrial Rock History.

Thai Red Curry Noodles...

So, I found a reasonable flight to DC, and a bed for the night (hostel)

The McLaughlin Group

You know what doesn't sting?

You know who doesn't sing?

That great game with * falling and falling onto those bubble things

Did GOP is Evil pick a football team?

I just hid my own thread.

I miss big, aqua net laced, scrunch-permed hair from the 80's!!!

Okay, help me out with my calendar for today - pwetty pwease!

Good morning DU! Today's official smiley is....

I just got an invitation to a bridal shower...

A swift kick in the ass - time to get moving...sigh...

What are space shuttle astronauts doing now? (humor)

I-Tunes technical question: How to play AAC format files in other players?

What a relief to be here. They're chewing me through

Tell the truth.

Listening to MC Solaar right now

I'm going to kill myself now :GRRRRRRRRR:

Way to go!

I'm not that much into redheads, but Nicole Kidman is....delicious

WXDU - Student radio

Jessica Simpson: "I started attacking him, he had welts all over his back"

Crunchy or Soft tacos?

Groom Killed By Stripper's Boobs

Should I break my lease or not . . . . .

A question about Intelligent Design...

Fear can sometimes be a useful emotion.

Life doesnt get any better then this..

LOL..please DU this poll...

Apple Computer really trusts its customers. I mean, ~really~ ~trusts~

Another teacher having sex with teen-age boys.

People... I'm turning 30 in about 2 months....need suggestions

Awwww...I just noticed my favorite little freaky freeper got nuked...

I just pulled my abominable muscle...

Photo: Smiling faces and clapping hands as Junior signs CAFTA

What treats/gifts do you give your pets?

I'm listening to Smiths covers in Ukrainian.

My inner Cartman speaks...I was asked how I lost some weight,

What every well-dressed Boomer girl wore.. (memory lane)

Separated at birth??

HAIL ME. Hail me all..... It is 3:33 PM

Bath and Body Works sucks.

I started today by having a mammogram, and things have gone downhill

Progmom - will you be empress of the world with me?

Name Smirky's Vacation Hideout - er - Ranch!

11 Holes-In-One In A SINGLE Round of Golf!

I'm clubbing a cub

Gonna drink Thai iced coffee...

Google now a hacker's tool (AKA Hide the bong behing the firewall)

Bush/Cheney/Card/Libby indicted in Chicago by the ghost of Steve McQueen

That trail mix tasted like cardboard.

Burger King Chicken Fries, and that commercial for them

Olathe, Kansas: Officials Unsure How To Punish Vomiting Teen


new Nellie Mckay album on the way!

I've got a girl who can bat

Here I am at a typical day at work.

I need a good deodorant!!!! Can you help?

The ongoing apartment saga . . .

I want a bat who can drive

Is it sweltering hot where you are? Is it miserable outside?

Van Halen or Van Hagar?

Can you believe Lisa Simpson is 21 today?

I need a pep talk...

Rhinophidae frivoled embraceable mejorana good-tempered cricketed citola.

I drove through a goodly chunk of rural Georgia today.

How fuckin' HAPPY does Kofi Annan look in this photo? Seriously.

Blink and it's gone...

Bush/Cheney/Card/Libby were NOT bitten by a car-driving bat in Chicago!

Mwahahaha! I successfully PERSECUTED a CHRISTIAN! I'm EVIL!!!!!

Lesbians are the New Joneses

What music are you listening to today?

I just found a stash of chocolate at work!

"Foaming at the mouth" bat bites Florida girl. Girl drives car, NOT bat.

Lesbians are the new outdoor cats

Lesbians are the new black


I think we need to have a different official smiley today...

Bush/Cheney/Card/Libby invited to eat grilled bats at Novaks Chicago condo

Bush/Cheney/Card/Libby invited to eat grilled Novaks at Chicago Batcave!

Post here and I will reveal a Secret of Doom!!!!


I'm leaving DU

I'm leaving DU

Did Fine Young Cannibals actually EAT people, or were they just POSERS?

Choices, Choices

I am delving into the black hole... Wish me well.....

I'm Levitating DU

A CD holds 80 minutes. How the hell can a NEW CD have "bonus tracks?"

Pronounciation poll

I'm staying at DU.

I find the movie Annie very depressing. Ask me anything.

The worst TV show ever made.

I made an ignorant, anti-woman remark in GD--ask me anything!

G'Nite Everyone!

I'm drinking DU!

I need bird advice

Are lesbians the new chicken?

From now on, thou shalt refer to your right hand as "center hand".


***800th post. Yay me.


Grizzidy Whichbang ZOING! Derpity Derp derp derp!

WHOA! I just heard Bush/Cheney/Card/Libby indicted by Chicano grand jury!

I'm Levitating DU.

Hottest lesbian: Portia de Rossi or Cynthia Nixon

Which would you rather have?

Please be careful, This person has found her way into my house and ......

Do any of you have cable intrnet access? How's it compare to DSL?

Who is going to Burning Man this year?

Cat or dog, which one is the better pet?

I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee...

An odd random request...

William Pitt says:

Freakiest horror movie I've seen in a while - "May"

Version 1.1 of the Gibberish Generator is ready.

Here's what I learned after not posting on DU for a week.

It's nice when the RW nutjobs do your homework for you

Are Lipstick Lesbians better than chickens or house cats?

If someone was videotaping me 10 minutes ago

There must be a lot of people called "Justin Case".

I found a peanut. Found a peanut. Found a peanut just now.


Where Freepers learn about Islam

United Airlines To Sell 'Subscriptions' For Better Seats

What genre would the movie of your life be?

************* GALLSTONES!! ****************

I just went forward in time-got a 2016 sports almanac....ask me anything

I'm heaving DU

Ok, Who wants an egg burrito ?

I'm listening to Philip Glass right now...(a very esoteric joke)

Four more days until everything explodes.

Diva's Lament



You know what REALLY stings?

I tried to watch "Manos, Hands of Fate" last night

Why are Gators so damn stupid?

I'm making a Play-Doh pancake!


A stretch even for slapstick....

I am starting a club

Funniest explanation for locking a thread EVER...

A coworker just asked me who Donna Summer was

New Michael Penn album came out today

Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?

A bag of M&Ms

"Don't Want To Be An American Idiot"

Rocky Horror Picture Show fans: when were you 'deflowered'?

Hottest Thespian: Helen Mirren or Meryl Steep.

I'm collecting money to buy Will Pitt some food

ATTENTION: I have picked an NFL team for this season.

I just made a meatball out of Play-Doh. B/Fs reaction:

Earworm alert.

I think they may have (Finally!) ran digital cable down my street!

Who wins the world series this year?

Zoo Announces: It's a Boy!

Flame me if you will, but I think a Math Epidemic is a good thing.

The Aloofness of Cats

"She asked me why the singer's name was ALICE" - New Alice Cooper today!

Anyone give me the Italian word for ear?

I'm a bad bad kitty servant :(

Ah, sweet justice! Bill Buckner is apparently in *Iraq*!!

Tibbur's smily seems to tell the story of George Bush

I live in the desert. It's 100 degrees outside. It just hailed, hard.

How's this for our 2008 ticket?

Bad Kitties.

Question about the Top Ten Conservative Idiots

New Faith Hill album today

Why, why, why?

Do you give the silent treatment to people you are angry at?

Let's Play Whose Boobs!

Teri Hatcher Shocks Neighbors with her "Passion Wagon"

The number of clueless people in this country is ridiculous

Study: 72 Percent Of High-Fives Unwarranted

I now have 5000 posts!

some more rainforest wildlife photos

What's the most unintentionally depressing film you have ever seen?

Omigod, I'm just now arriving at 4912 posts...Here I come, 5000!

My dad is going in for surgery tomorrow.

Brain-Dead Woman in Va. Gives Birth

My new California license plates end in "666"

Now what do you want to talk about?

We're fighting Iraqis over there because they wouldn't

Q: What is the difference between roast beef and pea soup?

Cute Dog Video! Amazing 'bark'

i've watched the movie, SUNSHINE STATE, for the umpteenth was on


There are unused icons on your desktop

Tonight is National Night Out in my neighborhood.

Torii Hunter out for the rest of the season

Sorry about my sig line!

At 7:30pm these are the results of the Hackett Schmidt election in Ohio

I did it. I finally bought a camera phone!

Two fonts walk into a bar.

Am I the only one that hates these Baby Safe Haven commercials?

'Why Do Men Have Nipples?' answered in new book

Another "Law & Order" Poll!

My 1800th Post! A "Law & Order" Poll !

Any Floridians notice a blessed lack of mosquitoes?

did i mention i bought a martini shaker?


Has Tucker's sinking ship already dumped Rachel Maddow??

Teen Poverty in America

Remember when recess was a good word.

Think they've had a lot of work?

A plane just crashed at the Toronto airport.

The Gratuitous Godfather Trilogy Quoting Thread

What's your pet's favorite threat?

Should I panic now? We're leaving for Canada in about 14 hours and

i just kinda squeaLed with excitement



Why is it not "anti-social"?

As promised...some more pics from my recent vacation!

I'm headed to the airport to buy my tickets for the DC protest!

Sox win again...

Scary ghost video

For DS1: A weather report

I'm leavening DU

Oh god....When naming children...THINK!!!

The Potato

Credit Card Companies are the Devil!!!

Hey Singles!!!: Have any of you adopted? I'm considering adopting

does anyone know how to analyze "hijack this" logs?

'roid Rage: The battle of the Stallone and Gropinator movie quotes

Have You Gotten LOTS Of Credit Card Offers With Bad Credit Lately?

Why Are We At "Level 2"? -- The Ohio Election Results?

I watched "Vera Drake" tonight. All I can say is

ACK! "My Posts" doesn't work!

Anybody see Sordid Lives?

Who's more Presidential...George W. Bush or the kid from Deliverance?

I like Clinique

How the HELL do you make a "Greatest Hits" CD out of TWO ALBUMS?

Why do I think I'm the best rapper on DU?

Does anyone here watch Stargate Atlantis?


I feel nakid without my duck

Why is DU so busy tonight that we're losing features?

has anyone seen Wedding Crashers?

Where is Bridgewater, Mass?

Why do some mothers think their sons are god?

The eyes are the windows of the soul. (kitty pic)

(Onion-style satire) "Bush & Cheney Indicted..." (by Tom Flocco)

Being home all day is NOT GOOD for a person with oral fixations!

How much does a pair of contact lens cost?

I just got sad news

im back

Who here is old enough to remember the movie...

My Posts is back


I've finally joing the ranks of the annoying technorati - I have a blog


I took another Schmidt tonight. Ask me anything.

I just burned "The Best of Gamma".

Stop looking at my cornhole!


I LOVE Coltrane's "Favorite Things" from the Japan CD, *except*

Goodnight, DU

Why do some fathers think their daughters are goddesses?

How do I delete the Windows directory from jimmyjazz's PC?

Yet Another L&O Poll!

Good bye, DU

SCHMOMENTUM!!! The Daily Show is a Hoot!

YEA! another up-date on Sugar Smack ~

Charo. Yeah, THAT Charo. Love Boat Charo. Cuchi Cuchi Charo.

So, the age old question.. Why are girls attracted to asses?

Breaking: Masculinity Challenged Men Prefer War and SUVs

"The stuff you learn AFTER you've learned everything

How do I download a photograph I have into the computer?

Turkish Taffy

Why don't I keep Advil in my office

Why do some daughters think their fathers are goddesses?

Some asshole stole my car.

DAD-GUM my hand hurts.

People who use body pillows, can you sleep without them?

Anyone know where I can get the video clip of Peter Gammons' speech

What's your pet's favorite treat?

How many anti-choicers does it take to change a lightbulb?


At least the Mets win!

Man they are going crazy over at GD and GDP

Ask me anything, and I'll kick you in the ass!

Iron Maiden fans: Here's the artwork for their new CD

You know what stings...

When you undress someone with your eyes.....

I rescued a kitten a few weeks back

"Groupies love the Coq"

I'm starting a post your photo thread.

I have bees in my head

***Congratulations CaliforniaPeggy: 5,000 Posts!!!***

Kennedy / Nixon debates - help!

So what happens when I reach 15,000 posts

Middle aged woman wants happening music recommendations

May I ask a kind of grotesque question?

It's that time again!!! Post here and I will be nice to you.

Salad bars in grocery stores

How do you find out if neighbors are using your wireless internet ?

I cannot believe this FReeper thread

What ELSE does George W Bush think should be taught in public schools?

What's more perfect than a meatloaf sandwich?

HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a football group now.

Music Programs for pay

I think I pulled an abdominal muscle

Post your pic thread (what happened to the last one?)

It's been 9 months since I had a cigarette

Is there a city in North America that loves food as much as Montreal?

Foo Fighters w/ Weezer --Houston-- 9/13 BE THERE!

A transcript of The Daily Show?

How do I delete "temporary internet files" from my pc?

dammit, my car just broke down, and i didn't get my kitties :(

What books are you reading now?

quick question - how to fix grainy photos in Photoshop Elements 3.0?

I just got banned from a local supermarket (PTSD is such a trip)

The 47,923,547,861 things that piss ME off:

Ho-Ho-Ho, Little Boy! Have I Got A Surprise For You!

Caption this! (This isn't politics, but too funny to pass up)

So far so good...I guess.

is this Danica Patrick photo acceptable?

Is it just me or does Linux totally suck?

Love is...

Somebody post an interesting website for me to read while my hair dye

Three things that PISS ME OFF:

Ladies! What's your favorite shade of lipstick?

Ever seen "Shirley Valentine?" (I swear this is my last post, and then

Why do some freepers think Ronald Reagan is God?

I'll never understand my boss

My car wouldn't start this morning...

Do you refuse to see movies that star republican actors/actresses...

Who is the best cartoon character, ever?

I smoke


OK! My dear Left_Winger....these pics are all of Greece...Enjoy!

"Blow" is on. I just did some reading on the main character, George Jung

Have your pets ever been pissed off at you?

Post here and I will give you a unique smilie all your own

The Revealing Movie Endings Thread

What is your art?

Chicken dumping thread in GD.

Hey Flvegan....

Man Accused Of Tossing Son's Puppy Off 5th Floor Balcony

I got a 4.0!

Has being Veggie helped you predict the future?

What is the item that is indispensable if you're a vegetarian

N.C. Church Leaves 'Too Gay' UCC

The Bible and Public Schools

Can anyone explain Mormonism to me

Bishop Calls For Suspending UK Anglican Church From Worldwide Body Over Ga

New cleaning process reduces hospital risk of vCJD

AGU: President Confuses Science and Belief, Puts Schoolchildren at Risk

Swallowing a Lie May Aid in Weight Loss, Research Suggests

Beach Pollution Is Worst During New And Full Moon

Are Earth ice ages created by stars?

Bush endorses 'intelligent design'

Let's Have No More Monkey Trials

Homeopathy in Perspective

Home Videos Show Autism Starts Later in Some

Australia Issues Warning To Gays Traveling To Singapore

Calif. Drs. Rethink Position On Gay Medical Care

Sermons Without Stereotypes

Ballot Measure Filed To Ban Mass. Gay Marriage

Black Ministers, Politicians Meet to Counter Surge in Anti-Gay Sermons

Book: Hendrix used gay ruse to avoid 'Nam

Mass DUers to Battlestations! I've had it with Santorum! This means WAR!

Globe Trekker on KCET is in Hawaii + shows gay couple getting married

Businesses Can't Discriminate Against Gay Couples Calif. Court Rules

Support Marriage Equality for ALL! (sign petition)

"No Nonsense in November" camapign in Texas (anti-gay amendment proposed)

Amazing Debates - Cartoon - Gay Marriage

26 six years later, you are still missed

Richard Seymour ends his holdout, will report to Patriots camp

Sidney Crosby on Leno Thursday night

Ferrari confirm Barrichello exit

Michael Vick

An analysis of the Manny trade that wasn't.

WTF? Zambrano? Geez!

Has Palmeiro's suspension enhanced Canseco's credibility?


Ryan Franklin suspended 10 days for banned substance

NHL Free Agent Season - Day 2

TO reports to Eagles training camp

Yankees decline $15 million option on veteran

Has any one tried a LitterMaid pan?

Jessie the cowdog adapts to being Jessie the goatdog

Bird advice needed

Need good vibes

Does anyone have a clue, feeling or anything about when

Principal of Homeopathy found in works of Hippocrates....

A dream I had this weekend

Astrology: DU Activists Corps transits

The trials of being Leo

Me = lightning rod

I just had a revelation. One of those flashes of understanding.

My Discussion on Intelligent Design

Bush endorses "Intelligent Design". And I haven't even seen this mentioned

John Kerry is right - So says Oliphant

John Kerry on documentary on Sundance Channel

Frustrating encounter with a Bush supporter.

Whew- I just went 5 minutes there after my star expired!

SOMEONE'S on the greatest page!

I just signed up for a different photo host than photobucket

Steamboat Springs, CO around 1910-1914

Stupid question...

Stand By Your Man -- Newsletter 8/2/05

Say something nice about Alison or Perky Girl thread.

OMIGOSH....I found the Charles Grodin "story"

Novak contradicted himself on Senate committee's Niger conclusions

DFA post: Climbing the steps for Hackett. Nice write-up.

should Jimmy Carter just shut up asks Neil Caveto/ Discussion on Fox

Email I got today from Leahy about Roberts - pls DU petition

Nuking Iran wont save us...

Wed@12, WaPo's Roberts takes questions on Post's investigative reporting

Wed, 1:00 EST, WaPo's VandeHei takes quetions on Bush White House

Who is worse - Bolton or Gonzales? And...

WSJ Question of the day:

Rogue Bush Backers Prepare Super 9-11 False Flag Terror Attacks

Excellent read for today

Jean Schmidt gets put in Google prison



If I were to Begin Planning for a trip to Washington DC Next Summer...

"Scary" sucks

Where's Karl?

Do you know anyone who lives in this congressional district: OH-2?

Bush/Bolton poll

"Karl’s got my complete confidence. He’s a valuable member of my team"

"Greatest of All Advisers" to Saudi Govt is dead: Leonard Ingrams obit

A true activist has passed

I was just watching C- Span again. Sometimes I think this country is

Muhammed's Example - Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Propspect August 2005

IPS Article: "Reviving the Radical Center"

Bruce Bartlett on Bush's "Tax Advisory Panel"

Ohio: Will the votes be counted fairly and accurately?

Bork-I need a quick history lesson.

Looking for a link to the Hackett - Schmidt issues debate video

Futuristic Democrats...

My read on the Ohio election...

Bush turns BSA Rally into Recr'ment drive (this time, uniforms ARE khaki!)

Shocker...Administration makes false claims...

Chris Matthews on Bolton "not really being able to do the job"

Did Bolton Deserve All The Attention.....

AP: "Democrat Seeks Upset in Southern Ohio Election"

Catkiller Frist: Bolton a "smart, principled, straightforward candidate"

Email to NoFacts Novak...

Did the Dems learn a thing from Nov 2004? (Ohio)

Group estimates Iraq dead since war's start at 25,000

Bush/Bolton Poll being Freeped... Please DU

It's hard work pretending you care about the families of dead Soldiers

Hackett, Schmidt Make Dash for Finish Line, Turnout Higher Than Expected

In 2003, John Roberts voted against the "rare arroyo southwestern toad"

never mind

David Corn vs. O'Lielly...

I can only think of 2 Bush policies that I agree with (at least partially)

Wait, is it a National ID card or a National I.D. card?

I'm a telemarketer, methinks I will bring a map of ohio to work with me

Selling Kurdistan via California

News of the Weird: Lucianne Goldbert babysat Al Gore

Repigs are Swift boating Paul Hackett, He never really served...

"Current TV" (Al Gore's new Cable Chanel) being discussed on TOTN

Salon: With a nod to Jeff Gannon, Novak smears Wilson

Why hasn't Bush just pardoned Miller?

Prayers for Ohio's 2nd District and a fair election, for those interested

I finally figured it out why a relative newcomer - Norm Coleman

Noe & Coingate for Dummies?

Under Attack: Sen. Robert C. Byrd

Iraq and the Army from a deserters view.....

Help stop Hackett from getting "swiftboated"!

Paul Hackett Campaign Worried About Election Fraud

Protester in flag burning charged with 2 crimes

Who Are the Republicans? (Revised)

Release the Roberts Papers

A fun exercise

How Pentagon-CIA Tortures Prisoners.......

On the job: Bolton arrives at United Nations

Is CNN fixin' to do a hatchet job on Hackett?

Adam Liptak, Anne Marie Squeo on Plame (ROVE) Case on "Fresh Air" Now!

Are there any projections on today's election?

Imagine ALL Democrats

Are Republicans generally more motivated (fanatical) than Democrats?

Just Heard A Man On C-Span Saying Democrats Should Be SHOT!!

Funny Bolton Cartoon...

Reason for a recess appt lasting until the new congress?

Front page of Italy's leftist daily "Manifesto": Bolton

Some very nice b&w photos of Hackett's campaign in Cincinnati Enquirer

American Conservative: US will nuke Iran if another 9/11 happens

Talking to some freeper types. And after 24 hours and with a little

Larry C Johnson: The WHAT On Terrorism?

Bloomberg: How President Bush's Social Security Reform Died

Jean Schmidt says "There are other things to talk about than

ABC News: Two Rove aides testify before Grand Jury (Ralston & Hernandez)

Veterans for Hackett Getting Out the Vote


How many foreign policy links can you find on the Dems home page ???

Sorry to be a pain, but aren't there ANY polls on the Hackett race?

Make sure Bolton is Bush's last appointment ever.

Who are the Republicans?

Republican Bloggers Trash Hackett...

Bush lectures Scouts on "serving a cause greater than yourself"

White House Denies Existence Of Karl Rove

Jim Hightower 2002 and 2000: A few caustic comments about the DLC.

OH-02 Cook Political Analysis

USA Today: Bush "rubbing (Dems') faces with Bolton's bushy mustache"

Randi Rhodes just said the Ohio polls are closed!

OxyRush calls Hackett "puke": Bush condemns name-calling

War Hero Hackett Under Attack By BIG CHURCH in Today's Election

Kerry, like Gore, had his chance - I want a new candidate for 2008

Republican values #1,234: Teacher (R) charged with raping students

If Democrats were to win House, Bush would be the most bi-partisan mofo...

WaPo Headline: Bush backs Rove, Palmeiro, and "Intelligent Design"

Bob Shiever (cbs) to do report on "milestone" troop deaths. coming up.

Has the RW smear of Patrick Fitzgerald started?

Do you really expect Hackett to win?

I just bought the URL ""

Are there any numbers in the Hackett race?

Roberts Should Come Clean on Religious Views


Message to the RNC: There are no Safe Seats

Claremont finally reporting - it's not *terrible*

O FFS! Is there an election going on ? Because by the looks of the

81% returned - less than 50 vote difference (Great site from


6 Marine snipers killed today all from Ohio

580 pcts of 753 SCHMIDT 52% - Hackett 48%

"Today is not an ending." That statement cheered us on November 3.

Hackett election results link from channel 9

Ohio: Brown County Results: Hackett 52.9% Schmidt 46.6%

Overheard at the vote counting in Ohio...

This is the first time I have been REALLY excited since Nov 2nd!!!

why bother with confirmation processes if appts

Project Vote Smart: Schmidt refused to say how she stands on issues

near-zero interest in Hackett-Schmidt race on Free Republic

free trade agreements rock because ______________________

Why Bolton?

What's The Downside To Calling Rs "The Party of Hate?"


Tweety transcript, 8/1: Norm Coleman: "You sound like Barbara Boxer"

Bush: It's my war and I'll cry if I want to!

How do we read these results? (Hackett)

Cheney begs reporters to cover Saudi trip, won't allow meeting coverage


What I don't want to hear...

Revised Paul Hackett phenomenon thread. I meant DLC


Hackett hanging on to lead.

Here's what Paul Hackett is up against today in Ohio


It look like Hackett is going to win, and possibly big because...

We should accustom people to long waits on Election Nights

259 precincts of 753 -- Paul Hackett 52.18% to 47.81%

But what about "gerry-mandering"?

Reminds me of another "Paul"...


The Appointment Of Bolton Is Unconstitutional

Ironic - 6 Marines killed today all from Ohio - the Crap Hackett took

Hackett has 52%!

305 of 753 pcts - Hackett 51% to 49%

Help! Are there any experts on the Clermont County voting machines?

it IS can we be sure the votes are counted accurately

662 of 753 - Hackett 50%-50%

Uh oh, Hackett is behind now with 75% of precincts reporting.


Hackett won Brown County, is winning in others, he has Kerry beat



sorry...accidental dupe.

What is taking the last precincts so long? It hasn't upated in 15 minutes!

this is something different for NBC Nightly News--

All that's left is Clermont County...

Race Within Automatic Recount Margin?

Win or Lose..Hackett Fires First Shot in the Revolution of 05

AMERICAblog: Claremont County Has Two UAW Plants!

Have they stated what kind of turnout there was

Clermont county results website now DOWN - what a surprise!

Do you want to chat live about the battle in Ohio?

Schmidt holds precarious lead; race may be close enough to trigger recount

Is Clermont where the 'terror' lockdown in 2004 election was?

Irregularities in Clermont; Votes now being counted by HAND!

What are they thinking at RNC headquarters right this moment?

Call Fidel Castro and take him up on his offer to monitor our

Clermont County went 71% to Bush in '04.

Malloy email: Many regular Hamilton Polling Places closed today

I had to be away for a while -- did Hackett win, and they're fixing it?

Could Hackett's win be just a matter of NEW CHIPS in cheating machines?

American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund

Hackett Loss (Victory), does it trigger an automatic reccount?

See why Election Day is in NOVEMBER?



i don't want to hear any more crap

Hackett Lost 52/48, 100% reporting

Tom Noe's wife disrupted ballot count during the 2004 general election

Robin Hayes (R-NC) is toast.

Reality check: If Hackett wins, the DLC will claim it proves they're right

Even if Hackett doesn't win tonight (and I hope he does, of course)

Anyone remember 2001 Special election?


NO MORE MACHINES...If Hackett wins OR loses...(and Gawd, I hope


Earlier tonight, Sam Seder said (re: Hackett)

Ldotters: Schmidt = another win for W (puke!)

Aww...Bush doesn't like "Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism"

Biden just made a campaign appearance on the Daily Show.

And I thought Kerry vs. Bush was a lopsided contrast in character

I think we should encourage Hackett to run again in 2006.

Lance Armstrong. Texas Governor?

I call Bullshit-another statistical impossibility-FraWd, FraWd, FraWd

The said they would "bury" us- but all the did was throw some dirt!

May those who voted against Major Hackett wallow in their own Schmidt..

an uber conservative area (almost) elected someone who called * SOB

Suddenly Claremont is back - with complete results no less

Cincinnati Enquirer Says Race Too Close to Call at 9:11PM-Unprecedented!

last 13883 votes reported 59/41

I asked some freeper types if they could tell me if their leader


OHIO 02 candidate comparison tells me some americans don't give a shit

The mistake our national party made here

Repubs looking for someone to run against Ben Nelson (D*)

MSNBC's Matthews pushed Santorum to label Sen. Clinton a "socialist"

Call for screen shots! What were nos. before Clermont got all wet?

A sober note to my fellow Clarkies


Hackett shows us the way for a 06 victory

Tonight, Our War begins.

Kerry/Gore concession speeches

Win or lose, is the Dem establishment taking notes?

Bush's Toughest Critic On Iraqi Reconstruction? It's Not a Democrat ...

can good come out of Bush's various messes

Wanna see an interesting photo from November's election in Ohio?

We are getting two DIFFERENT sets of numbers!

The Paul Hackett phenomenon has changed the face of the Democratic Party.

Bayh tests Iowa

I know that just the fact that Hackett came close is a victory for us but.

Senate scorecards show real difference between GOP & Senate Dems

U.S. military to allow recruits to partly serve obligation in peace corps

The DLC is probably praying that Hackett loses tonight.


This *is* a victory.

Temporary Escape Poll/Thread: How Would You Do In A Debate Against bu$h?

The Daily Show IS BACK LIVE! and Jon's got a few things to Say...

the bush administration don't even trust bolton


Biden quotes (from the Daily Show)

Rick Santorum: Society shouldn't tolerate sex outside marriage

Paul Hackett for Senate in '06!

Biden-McCain 08 This is HUGH!1!!1!11

Hackett showing in OH bodes well for Clark in 2008

How about a Joe Wilson ticket?

I'm tired of hearing: "fix the voting machines"....

Five Key Features of Democracy - and How We Lost Them

Venezuela takes a lead in preventing profiteering from shortage (oil)

Little hesitation in screaming foul

Thank you, Paul.

I want to leave this country. Where do I go?

Last 91 precincts in OH-2 are being hand-counted.

do we even *have* any free traders here any more?

The true scope of Hackett's victory

Before everybody screams "Foul"

Question for DUers who were 60s-70s activists....

The Energy Debacle: John Kerry Was Right Last Year