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Archives: August 15, 2005

I need a bit of help collecting data about Cancer and 9/11...

Anyone have a link to the pic of Cindy hugging the Bush supporter?

Bush goes reality-based (pabloonpolitics)

Question for any who have cable internet service to stay on DU.

I need the cartoon of Cindy vs. the tank

DU has lowered itself to attacks on Cindy Sheehan's family

Their contridictions will undo...(Sword of Shannara SPOILER - 1970's book)

Wacky RW Lunatic Vandalizes Ariana's Site

Lastest reason for the war in Iraq

Gingrich: We "need to be cheerfully funny about our opponents"

I know a lot of you are very much involved with Sheehan

My take on Cindyfest: Why I can't support her now.

Atascadero man joins campaign in Crawford

Need a link - Company that produces petroleum from waste

A moment of silence for nostamj, please.

If we wage war in Iran will the Freepers sign up to fight?

Something i've notice in the last couple months...

Mike Ghallather and me

Koizumi Apologizes for Past Colonization

Saudi investments abroad over $750 billion

Polar Bear Makes Huge 74 Km One-Day Arctic Swim

US conservative Christians slam "judicial autocracy"

Paramilitaries get free pass, critics contend (Colombia)

Wiccan Wants Town to Pay Her Legal Bills

i'm thinking about wearing a piece

We all cheer for a yellow soccer team!

i'm thinking about riding a cock

i need to atone myself! quick like!

How do you check AIM history?

How do you take a screenshot of your monitor?

what is this?

why is there no "fuckstick" key on my keyboard?

Do you remember the "sex thread riot"?

The Secret Life of George W.

Write a scene for Season 6 of Six Feet Under

DU I need some good vibes, we are trying to get a home loan tomorrow

I'm thinking about riding a cockhorse

Question for any who have cable internet service to stay on DU.

Lightning Strikes right on top of us!

Are there lots of new friends on DU today?

Can anybody recommend a good clip-on reading light?

stop acting so childish!

From FR, you may not believe what you read.

Neil Young, Carl Jung, Young Frankenstein or Young Americans

I would like to have known this guy.

"They mostly come out at night."

Anyone have Windows XP

My almost 4 year old daughter is cracking me up!

Besides W., Whom would you like to see the glove punch?

Dare to take the Sleaze Test.

Ever had one of those days when you feel like Michael Faraday?

The drinking game discussion...

What's with Congress turning a blind eye...

CIA we let bin Laden get away ....... opps!

Not war casualties?

Snip from FTN transcript today about leaving Iraq.

New GOP Meme: Please, DON'T Fall for THIS One!!!

If Utah schools force teachers to teach about Intelligent design....

James Walcott on McCain.....There's only one Maverick, and his name is Jam

Herbert: Lives Blown Apart (Wounded Soldiers and their Families)

Nashville Scene: "Jesus is just all right with Tennessee Democrats, too"


Krauthammer - Jihad against the jihadists

Will America be ready when oil supply peaks?

An Unlikely Conversation With The Cowards in Congress

Party Over? On Cindy Sheehan (Juan Cole).

Beyond Populism: Venezuela and the International Left

Al-Qaeda, a Secret Service Operation?

Great Bush/Cindy Sheehan Cartoon by Rob Rogers of Pgh PG

Analysis: 'Black August' in Iraq

Don't get lost - if you aren't white and pretty

Is the Iran Crisis for Real?

A Bad Shift for the Court--By William Raspberry--WaPo

Richard Schmitt (LA Times): Standing on the Shoulders of Perjury Law

21 Administration Officials Involved in Plame Leak

Tom Engelhardt (TomDispatch): Cindy, Don, and George

Ed & Pub: Guild Leaders Want WaPo Out Of Sept. 11 Freedom Walk

Thomas Graham (Tom Paine): Iran: A Crisis Of Choice

Anti-Bush OH War Vet calls Bush a Liar on radio/Authorities Surround Home

The best antidote to terrorism is democracy

Arianna: "Miller's UN-likely Visitor"...

Shrinking Detroit has 12,000 abandoned homes

The Rise of the Neocons.

Al-Qaeda, a Secret Service Operation? (fifth largest turkish newspaper)

End wasteful corporate handouts

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Reid looks to be in Roberts' corner

Pot found in teddy bear: 2 arrested

Robert Fisk : A constitution that means nothing to ordinary Iraqis

Evolution: Just teach it

Village Voice: What Now, Karl? Rove and Ashcroft face new allegations

Murdoch's "News Corp is a nothing but a badly performing business"

Helen Keller: Not Blind to War Crimes

WP: Stop the Roberts Bombing

Robert Fisk: How can the US ever win, when Iraqi children die like this?

Belonging and Becoming: The Challenges We Face

The Friends of Phil Zelikow (Able Danger Debunkers)

The Cindy Sheehan Action Center

Can't make it to Crawford to support Cindy Sheehan?

Balloon Ceremony Idea for Camp Casey

Support Cindy Vigils in Your Area (

1,000 Letters to the Editor for Cindy

Take Action - Puppy Mill Campaign (Write Congress!!)

CNN bias:whitewashes shooter {shot in air}protstng Cindy

John Conyers calls for newspaper articles

Has the U.S. Media reported Cyprus Jet crash victims "frozen solid"?

Interesting Price Breakouts For Specific Oil Grades

Cool weather in AZ

Seabird Population Collapse On Farallons Mirrors North Sea Disaster

The Oil Price To Be Scared Of - NYT

1C Additional Rise - Maybe 10 Years - To Climate Point Of No Return

Tennessee Coal Road Blocked to Protest Mountaintop Removal Mining

Finally: A Hybrid Bigger Than a Hummer

Shell tax row heats up (Venezuela)

Brazil 2005 inflation view falls to 5.4 percent

Mummy smugglers jailed for life

E. Africa opens U.S.-backed disaster center

Is an attack on Iran inevitable?

The other uprooting

The Israeli state and the ultra-right settler movement (Part 1 of 4)

Israel seals Gaza settlements, settlers defiant

Diary of a settler - 'I believe God wants us here'

35 families left in north Gaza

Forewarning of the WTC2 Collapse -- Captain Joseph Pfeiffer's testimony


Columbus Dispatch: Diebold Pushed too Hard to Sell Voting Machines

Need links on Cleremont County, OH '04 election issues!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Monday 8/15/05

A Clarification by DR Janow-- on HAVA section 301

Once we get VVPATs or VVPBs, what's next? multimedia ELECTION FRAUD CD (2004 STOLEN ELECTION) new seed

Vigil for Cindy, ENCINITAS, CA - Moonlight Beach Aug. 17th

Agenda short on voters' concerns

Gas at $3.37 self service - LA beach communities

Vigil for Cindy- Wed. Aug. 17, Ventura and Laurel Canyon in Studio City

Getting corporations out of politics...I was asked to sign a petition

Why is Barbara Boxer supporting Bill Nelson?

John Gibson Smears Cindy Sheehan and the University of California

Interesting Democratic blog in.... Orange County

2nd District workshop report

Loebsack says "I filed papers to run" at 2nd district workshop.

Vigil 4 Cindy Sheehan at Peace Abbey in Sherborn MA. Wed. 8/17

Summer of Advocacy and Fun with Freedom to Marry Coalition & Mass Equality

(Whitman) Teens list sex desires on Web

Candle Light Vigils for Cindy Sheehan in Massachusetts

My LTTE was printed in the Star Tribune today!

Kelley Doran?

Candlelight Solidarity Vigil for Cindy Sheehan

do DVI to VGA adapters cause flickering?

OK you web publishers you, I need your advice please

OK, what should be my next step?

What's a good "sound recorder" software app? I found 3 big boxes of LP

My printer says "Remove and check cartridge."

TDWFB (Sugar Land, in DeLay country) fundraiser Sept 17th

Eminent Domain

Bell fleshes out gubernatorial bid

To the residents of Crawford

Yet more Crawford pix (graphics heavy warning)

A Crawford Peace House Morning

Channel 13 (Houston ABC) covered the shots fired at Camp Casey this

Hey! San Antone's got Air America now!

Republican slams Joe Barton

Amusing pic from Bell's kickoff

A few more Crawford photos (graphic heavy warning)

Dallas Morning News headed to Crawford

Crawford PO won't deliver w/o 9 digit zip code

Why does San Antonio need 2 Air America stations?

Feingold stumps for phony Dem?

Support Cindy TODAY 08/15 in Milwaukee!

Just passed Mark Green

Wes Clark in Madison and La Crosse, 8/30/05, Wisconsin Dems

Waukesha Dems holding Cindy vigil on Wednesday

I got one thing to say to the idiot who wrote this LTTE:

WBAY just did a short story on pro cindy demonstation in Appleton

GOP Tries To Sneak $750,000 To Bishop's Creek In Budget.....

Milwaukee Support Cindy 8-15-05 - Photos!

Lincoln McGrath & I started discussing having a Midwestern DU Meetup

Praise for Cindy

Are DUers in Europe seeing a big climb in fuel prices at this time ??

Best critical essay on Bush I've ever seen (Origins of Specious)

For streaming radio fans

Camp Casey 2 springs up in Chico Ca.

Only 110 until 75,000! Wow, we are getting bigger all the time

Oh Mr. Benchley-y-y-y-y-y

Bush hunkers down so he doesn’t have to hear the truth

The Rumsfeld Dilemma: We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!

Bakiyev sworn in as Kyrgyz president

NYT - 41 Days in Jail and Counting (bring your hip boots)

Ugandan radio show host is "sorry" after charged with sedition

If it really is true that curiosity killed the cat, then George W. Bush...

some New Freedom Commission on Mental Health recommendations adopted

there AIN'T no Democratic Opposition Party

President Rides Bike with No Grievous Injuries, while soldiers DIE

Blogs can bite.

Man charged with having sex with rabbits

Stay the CURSE.

Why does God give certain tracts of land to certain people?

The Cartoonists are on Cindy's Side (Update: Almost Includes Cartoons!!)

The Bush "vacation" Doctrine

I guess we're not, "staying the course", afterall

Meanwhile...if you want to decide for yourself about the SUPREME COURT

Freeway Blogger

Breaking news LOL! A top aide to al-Zarqawi has been killed

Another RW group turns against Roberts

Del. state trooper helps enforce Rick Santorum's 'family' values

Who says that DU doesn't influence mainstream media?

Admiral Stockdale on War - very timely

'Marine of Year' shoots at noisy crowd

Interesting Quote from Murray Waas' latest blog post

"God's Song" Randy Newman

a HA ... *now* they're chipping PEOPLE.

I always liked Luckovich, but has he plagiarized? a DUer

National Catholic Reporter: Schönborn steps back from attack on evolution

Soooo Lance Armstrong is a Republican....I wonder

Wish I could give more to the fund drive

Link to Cindy Sheehan's writings since 2004 at

The Guardian: How Bush would gain from war with Iran

Gen. Byrnes, Fort Monroe - another angle

Stripes letter: U.S. should leave Iraq

Cindy in the news 8/15 Add your articles and vid clips here

Phoenix homes prices up 47% from last year. Bubble anyone?

"Thousands Blacked Out Across Northeast"

RE: The recent string of leaks and speculations on LIHOP/MIHOP and Iran...

"Chafee Ready for Tough Blue State Campaign"

Guy James to be on Thom Hartmann's show at noon est today

Someone Tell the President the War is Over

Reagan economist says Cindy is right!

A few Camp Casey pictures in the paper

Who will take the challenge?

JEEZ you Liberals are an Angry Bunch!

AP says, "Clinton, Pirro Still Very Similar"

Imus supports Cindy on morning show.

41 Days in Jail and Counting

The Congressional Offspring Military Enlistment (COME) Project . . .

surprising information about the mastermind behind the London bombings.

Get Ready for World War III (Paul Craig Roberts)

Has that "We Stand with Cindy" site been started yet?

This weeks Top Ten List.

This is fucking priceless...

Halal burger bar opens in Paris

Remember, folks: We're no longer fighting a Global War on Terror.

Support the troops ..... not so much after they get wounded.

Looking for a photo of Cindy wearing "Question W" t-shirt...

RW GOP holds political rally in Two Rivers Baptist Church, Nashville,TN.

Did you know yesterday was Justice Sunday II? -PIX->>>

James Wolcott on McCain........Pretty brutal, but so true

"kidnapping members of Congress...."

CD launch for Bill Clinton tunes

Have you seen any anti-war messages on television ?

At what point in morons* ratings...

Bush and his grief---are the "lacerates" flowing down his cheeks?

OK - Change for Cindy ------- Who cashed in the coins?

Cindy's hometown paper.. keep an eye on it

Hey, Freepers! Message for you inside

They are waking up-Republican relatives of slain soldier-against the war!

I kindly request more news

Caption Contest!

Is now a good time to point out to the nation that lies to start the

Regarding Cindy Sheehan: What Do You Hope Bush Will Do?

Who Can Stand Danielle Pletka?

$3.00 per gallon in Cincinnati by Labor Day...

Christopher Walken for President?

How many people with Cindy Sheehan this weekend?

Bike Riding With Bush Gives White House Reporters New Perspective on Presi

Dare I listen to Mike Gallagher this morning?

Fla. Librarian Suspended After Patrons Visit Porn Sites

I hate it when they say Wilson was attacked for critcizing the prez

A coup would bring in a more reasonable and democratic leader? Did ...

Anyone following Cindy at Michael Moore's site?

Cindy and her personal life should not be used as smear tactics.

Parental Notification: Are judges the new doctors?

'Dear Mr. Bush I Have a Complaint...' (music )

Farrakhan: Mexican President Was Right

Kissinger finds parallels to Vietnam in Iraq

I saw the best bumpersticker this AM

Message from a Tree Hugging Liberal - Our Nation's Beaches

We all need this...bush survival bible! hehe

Isn't the court case on the torture photos/videos supposed to be today?

Saw a cool bumper sticker this weekend

Guy James on now with Thom Hartmann -- streaming

Talk to Cindy

Bush lied us into a phoney war and we bought it??!!

just one victim of many: Yassin al-Sammerai

Cindy has the "Authority of the Dead" as Justification for Peace

Tried to buy Bush on the Couch and got this from the website

"Five Orphans From Home Makeover Show Sue"

4th Circuit Court upholds Virginia's Pledge law

See how they LIE about Cindy!

Bush says war is noble - Cindy Sheehan says her son died for a lie..

'Justice Sunday': Operation Fill Up All The Pews reports limited success

Looks like Dubya is quickly loosing what few marbles he had left.

Gas Prices

Holy See "Uneasy" about Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Antiwar camp losing appeal with Bush neighbor

Has the "Casey's Family" e-mail been debunked yet?

WAAAAIT A SECOND!... this isn't THAT John Roberts, IS IT???

What happened to Denny Hastert Story??

TVNewser has a tip that Novak's CNN office has been cleaned out

Calling out to all those who are not in the United States:

"We Will Not Pay a Penny of This Fine"

Larry Mattlage should be glad

Saturday at the General Assembly (Paper ballot mandated in NC)

Larry a tale of a country mouse and a city mouse

I finally got a copy of that freakish freeper letter. who has the rebuttal

Bush is missing a golden opportunity here

24 Soldiers buried in Ohio. "He died doing what he loved".

2.99 for premium here in Atlanta

This is why I support Impeaching this president

Standing on the Shoulders of Perjury Law (Fitzgerald)

So George Bush is Spending His Time Watching Golf on TV? >>>

OK I donated

Folks... Don't listen to Rush. Ever.

Candlelight vigils for Cindy (DFA)

Listen to Pigman

Please send me your Cindy Vigil and Camp Crawford pictures!

"Who's Behind Cindy Sheehan? " - RW Attack Version

Cindy Sheehan: a good woman trying to stop a bad war

My Letter to Vincent Fiore

Woah Billy Jack versus Bush

Sheehan: "When they start sliming my home life and my family..."

I have been bad.

Anybody subscribe to LA Daily Journal? Can you email me the

Sometimes I have a vision of DU'ers being cats that are

Where is Iraq oil going .... I thought that the oil was going to help

Help!! I need a short and sweet reply to this e-mail...

BREAKING NEWS ~ Agreement reached on Iraq constitution, ready for referral

A question about the Crawford counter-protesters

If we pull out, what about the Kurds?

"A Shot in the Arm for Protesters:"

Intercepted memo... Re: Intelligent Design

Rush was just ranting about Sheehan "pro-terrorist"

"Mother's Iraq-war Protest near Bush Ranch Picks Up Steam" & Larry Mattlag

No brush clearing photos, yet? Not one???

Bush signs bill creating electronic prescription monitoring

Bush: "I like to be fit .... I like to drive myself, I like to work hard"

Now is the time to Nationalize the 2006 elections

I wanted to discuss soldiers stories ..Graphic..

HEY!!!! What happened to the thread about the AG photos???

Need a bumper sticker design--

High Gas Prices are Al Gore’s ...Environmentalism Coming Home to Roost

If you have Google Earth...

Cindy Sheehan news article consolidation thread?

"How Bush Would Gain from War with Iran"

"(Cindy Sheehan) is a tragedy slut...."

"Someone Tell Frank Rich the War Is Not Over"

Bolton visits Judy: "Just two potential Plamegate sources shooting the ...

You know what would be really cool?

My RW neighbor is pissed at Bush over gas prices and she said

"The Situation Room", Monday, August 15th...

Cindy articles

Want to see some BS(homeland security)?


Nuclear Favoritism: Which nations get to have nuclear capabilities?

Has anyone checked their gas prices today??? I live on the

Anyone hear anything about Cindy Sheehan being behind the . . .

Pilgrims of Protest in Crawford

For Cindy

Highlights of DU Cindy posts Day1-Day 9

9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows Statement of Support for Cindy

Anti-Iraq War Song

Ed Schultz is ridiculing Bush's looney neighbor

Neo-con national anthem by Nick Lowe?

F-16s scrambled to investigate Cyprus airliner??

NYC: Anyone going to Union Square to support Cindy today?

VIDEO: Gunshots Rattle Doves In Crawford (KCRA NBC 3 TV Sacramento)

Iraq Parliament Extends Charter Deadline by Week

Iraq Update:Iraqi lawmakers agree to seek 10-day charter extension

"discovered 30 bodies of people apparently tortured"

anybody watch Henry's Film Corner on IFC?

Cindy Sheehan On Larry Mattlage. Talk To Your Neighbor.

Thousands are supporting Cindy Sheehan and no one got pictures of...

My letter to Red Robin Restaurants

Any News from the ACLU? Anyone got updates?

Quilts for Soldiers and Georgette in Germany

Caller from Camp Casey on Ed Schultz 1:18 pm PST

Killen Free On Bond

She's been asking him to take her someplace EXPENSIVE...

Kos doesn't think Delay will be indicted

Terrorist BABIES?

which is better: Tipping Waiters, or Paying them better & No Tipping?

Now, now...

Something a little less noble

Is anyone listening to the young lady caller on Randi Rhodes

Randi Rhodes quotes from a NYT article yesterday that....

Anne Norton: the Rise of the Neocons.

Camp Casey (Crawford) and Support Vigil photo album version FIVE posted

Pat Buchanan makes great arguments *against* attacking Iran

Cindy answers criticisms in Truthout article.

Stopp Clapping

Larken Rose convicted (section 861 IRS Code)

Cindy is on Randi's show now!

Counter-Protest -PIX->>>

Cindy Sheehan: cat-herder extraordinaire!

Gas - $2.70 a gallon - Columbus Ohio

A Radical Suggestion Re: Sheehan

Has anyone noticed the increased membership on DU

Ruins of Lonely Mesopotamian City Still Stand After Two Millennia

August 17th Move On organizes vigils for Cindy! Host your own!

Robert Fisk: A Constitution That Means Nothing to Ordinary Iraqis

Neither Iraq nor Iran have threatened the US, nor have Al Queda ties,

Want something to Really Really worry about?

A WTF moment

Lundberg says gas has gone up 20 cents in as many days; here it's 20 in 4

Update, RW email I responded to today

Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 15

WWIII anyone feel that it may happen within 2/3 years

For those who want to slime Cindy; Look @ *'s past.

ACLU court case today, torture photos?

No updates on the Abu Ghraib photos at ACLU yet

The AIPAC trial of Rosen/Wasserman for spying

Gas War is over!!$1.97 yesterday...$2.60 Today...

You know what Mattlage meant by "dove hunting" don't you?

Judith Miller's lawyer on Lou Dobbs today

Get Ready for World War III - "The Bush administration is insane."

Abu Ghraib update...where to find?

Newsflash to CNN

CNN - Kissinger finds parallels to Vietnam in Iraq ..LOL

Time: A Mother And the President

Cindy: The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford (Day 9); Hope

What's the endgame here?

Looking for article on Parks and King supporting Sheehan

FYI: Crosby/Nash clip from Friday's "Hardball" is up on MSNBC site, but..

opinions wanted on GWU and VaTech

John Cole reports Malkin's latest smear against Cindy

Time out for a "SNAPPLE MOMENT"

Whos is Randi Rhodes talking to now? Who is this man?

Anyone making fliers for the Cindy vigils on 8/17

Wes Clark coming up on Fox news (2:12 p.m.)


Republican hyprocisy

Rescued soldier : I was used

Liberty University Loosens Dress Code

Another newsflash to CNN

Wayne Madsen Report: "The Corrupt Kenneth Blackwell".

Was it ever PROVEN that Bin Laden attacked us?

I am off to Cindy rally in Union Square.

Jessica Saji Missing

Stop the Presses! In the country that has the highest divorce rate in the

Rove smear machine crashed due to Cindy Sheehan

Regarding Intelligent Design conjecture

Cindy Sheehan is anti-Israel?

The last vestige of "rationalized" war support: "It was noble"

Should Iran keep "military option" open in dealing with the US?

A Democratic Energy Program.....

"Stealing the Fire".....Saddam gets nuclear secrets from Nazi connections

Here it is - Design #2


Majority of Americans Have Lost Confidence in the War, Polls Show



Joe Trippi on The O’Reilly Factor tonight to debate about Cindy Sheehan

CIA not finding coded messages in Al-Jazeera broadcasts

Whoop ! Whoop ! Whoop ! blonde girl in Aruba news ! Come get it

I am really disappointed with some people here on DU. (rant)

Wired: Feds Push Flier Background Checks

In case you're wondering about Clint Black

Gas hits $3.49 in Kirkwood CA

South Africa and "The Bomb"

i think pubLic buiLdings need this image dispLayed

Rove, DSM, Torture Photos, Cindy

"A lot of people would like to talk to the president" - I wondered

To benefit all lurking freepers

Just received this email from our Dem area leader here in Ga.!

Doesn't it make you so mad?

Dean on Iraq: "We need to leave."

What can politicians do about high gas prices?

A question about Hillary Clinton and senators

Gallagher's Army Dog Poop Pickup Bag Holder

Carly Sheehan: A Nation Rocked to Sleep

So tell me, why does the Iraqi Congress need to ask for an extension

Sonuvagun! I just spent 20 bucks for gas for my lawn mowers

Laura Bush in the news, doing important work for the nation

More Taser Abuse and dangers:

Judge: some arguments in Abu Ghraib prison photo case must be disclosed

Even if you don't watch TV NBC tonight...west coast

Contingency plans for Martial Law?

US Base in this site legit?

Woo-Hoo! I made the pages of "The Right Wing News!"

LOL!! Freepers Melting Down Over Donations To Crawford Peace House!

Over a year for US Constitution to be ratified, Iraq got approx. 7 months

The Price of Power


Cindy's Victory (final version)

Global warming strikes in a big way in BC

"Doesn't it suck when gas costs an arm and a leg?" for stickers on pumps!

Whether it's the White House, the Vatican, or Great Britain, the

Did you know there's a symbol for atheists' headstones at Arlington?

Can we start a re-call effort?

Majority Report listeners: Call up and mention the "We don't care" losers

"Why Iran will lead to World War 3"

Ahhhh, Those Were the Days, Eh Chimperor**??....

Hey Freepers... I Just Donated to DU

Guess what... AP wire is reporting on the Sheehan divorce.

$2.79 Gallon, more troops killed in Iraq and no Iraq constitution

What happens when democracy fails to materialize?

Bush Numbers continue to Plummet on All Fronts

Judge rules some arguments in Abu Ghraib prison photo case must be divulge

In memory of the civil rights activists that justice overlooked

I put notice in at work because I can't afford the gas to get there.

You Can't Fit The Universe Into a Book

Abu Ghraib: Judge Rules "by and large, in favor of public disclosure"

Was Randi just talking to Cindy Sheehan's sister? To be on Hardball

Try again - new, improved version

The bright side of failure - bu$h - Iraq

Rice announces 7 day constitution delay

New at Grand Theft Election Ohio "Bush Sings" A Video Montage for Peace

Tweety's is on "thin ice".... grilling Cindy on her divorce on live TV

From Nashville: Justice Sunday II - Right Wing Hate Fest Continues

All the world's a stage.

Camp Casey Special Event Ham Station

How do you achieve "balance" in your life when you are a mass murderer?


I am so glad Randi is talking about the "mercs"!!!

Can't shake Cindy

Bailey and Thomas of NEWSWEEK strut in clear heels and fish net. ICK!

"Why doesn't Cindy go to Hillary's or Kerry's home

Plastic Paula Zahn jumping on board the CNN Lie-a-palooza about Cindy

Newsweek - Bush's emotional meetings with families?!?

Sick of gas prices ... ( rant)

"She either lied then or she's lying now"

Cindy=YES, Bush=NO

Do Any Of The Counterdemonstrators At Crawford Have Relatives In The War?

Anybody see the live coverage on Hardball of the Navy C-2 emergency lndg?

Whatever happened to the RW Radio Host gala tour of Iraq?

Chris Matthews is such a shithead

Cindy to be interviewed on Hardball - NOW

My daughter started her Senior year of High School today...

What I don't understand about the people who attack Cindy Sheehan

DUMB QUESTION on Abu Ghraib photos

How to link to a RW site and keep them from seeing the hit count

World War ll Questions.

Anywhere but Texas

oooh, newsmax just got cheaper

OK, I need a flavor, someone, please

Mark Crispin Miller on AAR right now

Fitzgerald, and his "deep-seated aversion to being lied to."

Sinister New Spyware Threats Emerge - Neonazi spyware?

A camo open jeep just drove up into my neighbors' drive...

Court Ruling Barring Silent School Prayer 'seems Indefensible,' Roberts

A Tragedy of Errors..... VeteransforCommonsense article

I finally found the video of me hugging Cindy (hat alert)

"if the cause is so noble, has he encouraged his daughters to serve?"

I have to give Cindy credit....

Did you know that Iran is apprehending and jailing Al-Qaida?

Sheehan's Husband Seeks Divorce

Power failure, shadow puppets, at Iraq constitution assembly

A sign that change is ah' comin'

And we're in Iraq because of "freedom"......yeah, right.

Hey FUCK YOU mr. bush----Protest Poster for the people

Another poll! Cindy Sheehan/Gun totin' guy POLL! DU it!

A Protest Poster for Cindy Sheehan

Who was making the signs to post at the gas pumps?....

Iraq misses constitution deadline, US ambassador blames weather

What % of insurgency in Iraq is homegrown?

They hate us for our intelligence

That fat-ass, all hat no cattle, sunglassed bottle-blonde stooge on Tweety

Did you just hear Cindy Sheehan on CNN?

Help! I need the picture of W about to play puppy football!

Convicted Killer Gets Citation From Bush

D.U. this poll

Sirius satellite radio has replace 144, AAR, with Korean programming

Where's Olbermann and why is that nasty witch on instead?

Time for you newbies.... to get on board and add to the long

New photo's from Cindy Sheehan's Lawyers Posted Now

A post to thank those who watch FAUX & listen to Rush, so I don't have to.

Which past ruler does Bush most resemble ?

Gallagher a coward and wouldn't approach Cindy

Cindy should run for office - She's more informed then Ah-nuld

Whirling Dervish Condi on TV Spinning the Iraqi MESS....

Gas Prices and Democrats...

HA! Iraqi government has higher standard for success than Shrubco!

"Don't Look For These Names Among The Dead and Wounded"

'Vanity Fair' Rips Media 'Conspiracy' in Covering Up Role in Plame Scandal

Judge rules in favor of public disclosure today in ACLU Abu Ghraib case

Cindy's effect. I supervise an employee whose son is a Marine in Iraq

Jesus Christ....Dennis Hopper in the Pentagon?? new show

Any DUers in Crawford?

Cindy vigil announcement -- Milwaukee area --

We must love and respect the Republicans....

The latest from Bushflash

A great complaint about Cindy from someone on That Other Board

Disgusting Newsweek Article Painting Bush as Sympathetic

LOL-Bob Odenkirk supports the troops!

Who is

David Crosby and Graham Nash on Hardball last Friday...

Dobson: Stem cell research=Nazi experimentations.

Pass this around!!!

"It's hard work."

AOL poll on Bush: 61% rate Bush

The Difference between candidate Clinton and candidate Kerry

D.U. this poll!

INsannity's Political Classifications, Translated, 1st Edition

Cheney and Iran rumor, anyone have any way of gleaning truth ?

Hastert’s Turkish Allies Tied to Bin Laden

!!! Gas now $2.69 in my area!

An interesting thing about Teflon.

The Smudge Report: Cindy Sheehan and the Activist Kitten

Boston Swan Duo Are Same Sex

Leave my family alone by Cindy Sheehan on Daily Kos.

What would be your favorite end scenario?

What was bush's Shining Moment, & How can he ever get that back?

How to spin a $314 billion dollar defecit into "good news"

Austin-Camp Casey 24-27th, UppityTeen too, MrUp freaking, have car space

DU This Poll NOW!!!!!!!!

Dear Right Wing:

Day 9 at Camp Casey (Cindy's Blog on Huffington)

'what kind of poliital idiocy is this?"--

In Case You Missed This-Convictions of the Cuba 5 Overturned


Forrest Gump and Olive Oyl Are Running the World >>>

DU seems to have more loyal support that FR, judging on donations.

Nevada must pay for storage of nuke waste.

Al-Qaeda, a Secret Service Operation? (fifth largest turkish newspaper)

In this way, at least, bush *is* Hitler

Randi Rhodes said her "little producer" quit

BREAKING: Japan tsunami alert after 6.8 earthquake

Reality Hits Camp Casey (truthout blog)

Cat fight on "The Situation" on MSNBC !! Live

daily show all about cindy tonight. eom

"Sheehan said Monday that other issues and groups have muddied her mission

BREAKING: Truthout on the DESECRATION of the Crosses at Camp Casey

Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) is rocking tonight!

Peace people, don't let the wackos get to you

Bill Richardson is the governor of Mexico?

Thought just hit me. Does it make sense?

How many Bush supporters were in Crawford this weekend?

Who Are the Wonderful People Who Let Cindy Camp On Their Ranch?

HANNITY wants to know...would you give up freedom? VOTE

We should be WELCOMING those that are waking up!!

John Conyers asks for your hometown news coverage of Cindy to post

I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow for a vacation

SUV listings on up 40-50% from last year

There local Military Families to join Cindy at Camp Casey

No God has Ever Commanded me to do Anything

Ras: Bush Job Approval Among Independents is 37%

the dumbshit bush lovers believe that protesters are killing soldiers

Is Cindy really leaving Crawford?

John Conyers: The Cindy Sheehan Action Center

Where is Osama???

I rather be a left wing radical like Cindy Sheehan

When it comes to tying Cindy to Move On, Common Dreams, ...

Nothing on breaking news yet about the crosses incident

Ford Commercials Driving me Nuts!

Thank god the Freepers haven't found our secret pages!

Inside Iran's Secret War for Iraq

WeBeBlue Flying Home From Crawford Tonight ...

Perspective From Steve 2470 on the crosses.

Ode to Rush ( a work in progress--feel free to add or edit)

Any good military blogs?

Maybe a majority of us have PTSD?

Is Bush Out of Control?

Tweety is making the Bush supporter look stupid

The failure to get an Iraqi constitution only works to BushCo's advantage


Dolores Kesterson..(not Cindy) coming up next.."The Big Idea" (CNBC)!!!!!

Doesn't it piss you off when conservatives call hitler a leftist?

Alzheimer's Disease & Mom: what can I do ?

Fair warning to freepers: We are now the good guys.

USDA Finds Over 1,000 Violations of Mad Cow Rules

If bush is looking for balance in his life, can you blame him?

Would it be better or worse to let Iraq divide into three nations?


MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Since when does the VICE PRESIDENT ...

How much of a RW orientation is simply ignorance ?

Norman Solomon: "Cindy Sheehan's Message Repudiates George Bush - And ..."

Cindy is shining a light that grows ever brighter from opposition

Ready for your head to EXPLODE: David Duke supports Cindy Sheehan.

Oh holy shit. Strap yourselves in, folks.

POLL: How likely is Iran War during Bush administration?

Priceless Freeper poetry: They're foaming over Cindy. Kleenex, please!

Bush Reminds Us That He's "Got a Life to Live"

The Judy File: Miller’s UN-likely Visitor (Bolton)

Tonight's Pics of Camp Casey Arizona - Code Pink ROCKS!

ALL DUers Cindy pics 8/10-8/15 (LINKS)

Cindy Sheehan's vigil, how will it end?

"Voting Really Doesn't Matter."

It makes sense really.

Good news! =======>

No Jon Stewart thread tonight?

Repuke pols are such phonies!!!

Peace is the most powerful weapon of mankind

The "Benedict Arnold Real Conspiracy" 2005 Award Winners


Larry, You Are So Concerned About Jesus But, You Are Up Drunk On SUN.


Nauseating graphic.


W’s Legacy is starting to unfold in front of us.

Sheehan's husband seeks divorce (the scumbag!)

Soldier wounded in Iraq feels cynical (Bush ego "getting people killed")

Bush family involved in attempt on Reagan's life? AP 1981

The Conspiracy Is Real And It Must Be Stopped

Petition: the George W. Bush Paid Vacation Act

Ithaca Mothers/First Report from Crawford

Is DU moving to the left?

Do you have the right to bear nuclear arms? - compare gas prices in your area

Ya wanna puke?

The TexASSholes are showing themselves today!

White House LOWERS Expectations for Iraq

"...I felt really proud that they were up there to protect us..."

Rush Limbaugh Is An Idiot (.com)

Pics of Sunday Crawford Visit - *warning dial-up*

The Bushoilini Regime climbs on the "Blame America First!" bandwagon.

Don't forget! "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they

I think the tipping point has been reached.

Daddy is Protecting Me! President Bush is my Daddy!!!!!

Regret, Repent, Repair (For Mopaul & Others w/Bush Voting Relatives)

8/15 All DU Cindy Sheehan threads Day 9

*, Rove & Hughes aborad AF1 - caption this photo

I hate to say it but...

Is PETA racist? New campaign compares slaughterhouses to slavery.

I keep hearing the Intelligent Design and Creationists say there are

"I'm sorry I ever voted for bush"..oh yeah, well fuck you.

Support the Troops? Grab a Rifle Assholes!---Protest Poster

WHY are we letting this fucking maniac destroy America & the world?

Hey Everyone! Here is a DU Donation Challenge!

How's Bush doing? POLL! Please DU it!

truck aprehended

Milwaukee Supports Cindy - Photos Included

Conversation in the Dollar Store today.

''I should have brought a Geiger counter,''

Shaun Hannity gives DU a plug

Jay Leno: Beverly Hills gas is $3.45/gal

They've slimed a POW, a triple amputee, a Purple Heart and a Gold Star Mom

Don't follow that link...

Here is what saddens me most about Cindy Sheehan's divorce

Pledge Fiasco: Episode III

Bush WILL go to war with Iran

Update on the man from my driveway.

I believe in elite conspiracy theory -- because I was part of one ...

Just a couple more... pics AZ Camp Casey!

The Greek plane crash doesn't make sense. Where is the pilot?

Photos from Republican Bizarro World

Violence is coming to America in Large Doses, from Within

FRONT Page at ATimes: "Cindy, Don and George"! Must Read!

Dear Average Republican

truck mows down crosses at crawford

How about white cross bumper sticker magnets...

Republicans Jumping Ship

Did Maddy McCall make it to Camp Casey ok??

"I love these (gas) prices. The higher, the better."

"A Sunday Drive to Crawford" - my story

"We Don't Care" -- tell us something we don't already know.

Ciindy Sheehan Rally in Union Square this evening === PIX ===>

HA! Finally got to confront a chickenhawk!!

Where are people going for Cindy Rallies on Wednesday, 8-17?

Vote for a video about Cindy Sheehan to go on Al Gore TV

Labels used for deflection...

"The Stakes Are Too High To Stop Fighting Now" (Sibel Edmonds Interview)

Pesto question from a lurker

Cheese pate with chutney

Our dishwasher is in!

Gas just hit $1.03 in Ottawa today

CBC locks out employees CBC locks out employees

Canada will take action against U.S. in softwood dispute, Goodale says

Harper chief of staff latest to leave Opposition leader's office

Clarke or Blair? Who would you choose?

On this Day in History: 16th August 2005

Dolphin spectacle baffles experts

Leaked memo sets out plan to replace workers with cheaper labour

Labour's new divide (The party needs Robin Cook's optimism more than ever)

Bush Approval a Low for Recent 2-Termers

Limbaugh Offers To Help Eagles

"The Stakes Are Too High To Stop Fighting Now" (Sibel Edmonds Interview)

Village Voice: What Now, Karl? Rove and Ashcroft face new allegations

Food Arrives In Niger; More Aid Needed

NYT: Complaints Signal Tension Between F.B.I. and Congress

Iraq Leaders Consider Extending Deadline

Roadside bomb kills four Iraqi soldiers in Fallujah

U.S. gas prices again set record high

Venezuela renews threat to cut oil exports to US, says US market not vital

Anti-Cheney protests planned in Alberta

Shrinking Detroit has 12,000 abandoned homes

Antiwar camp losing appeal with Bush neighbor

Analysis: 'Black August' in Iraq

Saturday at the General Assembly (Paper ballot mandated in NC)

Hastert’s Turkish Allies Tied to Bin Laden

Shiite cleric whose arrest triggered uprisings last year freed, aides say

Torture complaint challenges Iraq constitution

Mothers differ on mom trying to talk to Bush

Delta Seen Lining Up Bankruptcy Financing

US reports death of Zarqawi aide as senators demand Rumsfeld's head

Fuel terror plot report played down

Italy arrests 141 in terror raids: breaking

London business confidence at lowest level since Iraq war

LAT: Iraqi Constitution Panel Fails to Deliver a Draft

Al-Qaeda, a Secret Service Operation? (fifth largest turkish newspaper)

Sensors, cameras to record tailpipe emissions in California

Terrorists kill two, injure three of Iraqi VP's personal guards

Greek police raid Helios Airways offices

Canada's CBC locks out employees

Wounded Guard soldier ready to return to Iraq

U.S. does not plan permanent Iraq bases

A deal unlikely on ballot measures:Partisanship driving legislative agenda

Reuters: Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 15

WP/AP: Indonesian Government, Aceh Rebels Sign Peace Pact

Iraqi Parliament Extends Deadline for Constitution

Income Determines Level of Happiness

Sheehan's Husband Seeks Divorce

U.S. Eyes German Differences Over Iran

U.S. budget deficit improves

Party leader: Weld considering New York gov run

Reuters:Iraqi lawmakers agree to seek 10-day charter extension

POLITICAL NOTEBOOK: Reid looks to be in Roberts' corner

Center aiding victims of violence loses funds

LAT: Abortion Pill Investigated in Four California Deaths

Women: Caretaker of famous gorilla pressured us to bare our breasts

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 15 August

LAT: Standing on Shoulders of Perjury Law(Fitz doesn't like being lied to)

NYT: Spyware Heats Up the Debate Over Cookies

Officer blamed in (Russian) mini-sub probe

Canada to act against U.S. in softwood dispute

Iraq Leaders Agree on Draft Constitution

Agilent announces 1,300 layoffs (SJ Mercury News)

Germany's conservatives attack Schroeder on Iran

News-Leader: Chafee Ready for Tough Blue State Campaign

US shoots ahead in stun gun design (Electric Bullets Into Crowds)

Maldives detains dozens in anti-gov't protests

Bush administration had hoped for on-time Iraq constitution

Workers Trying to Contain Effects of Big Spill Upstate (huge NY fish kill)

Lawyers for Accused Moroccan Eye Acquittal (Motassadeq / Germany)

Bush defends ignoring protest

Newsweek - Bush's emotional meetings with families?!?

Ex-soldier accused in Las Vegas shootings

Governor's close ties to gas lobby (yep, Schwarzenegger)

DeLay charges left unduly influences Supreme Court

Chico State Fraternity Members Could Face Torture Charge

Convicted Killer Gets Citation From Bush

WP: Gingrich Points to Future (21st century Republican governing majority)

Condoleezza Rice takes Iraq constitution delay in stride

Bush hails 'heroic efforts' to forge Iraqi constitution

Nevada must pay for storage of nuke waste.

Soldier wounded in Iraq feels cynical (Bush ego "getting people killed")

Post Drops Plan to Promote Pentagon Event

Overseas Basing Commission report: Military housing could pose problem

Ithaca Moms to Join Bush Ranch Vigil

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Pressure on Iraq Could Backfire, Say Experts

31 Dead in Four Guatemala Prison Riots

Hundreds of Videos Not Given to Justice

Sheehan's husband seeks divorce (the scumbag!)

WP: Despite Setback, Bush Optimistic on Iraqi Charter

'Wash Post' Guild Leaders Want Paper Out Of Sept. 11 'Freedom Walk'

Autopsy Report Released On Man Who Died In Police Custody (TX homicide)

Blast at Sinai peacekeeper base (BBC News)

Painkillers raise blood pressure in women-U.S. study

Pakistan backs Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy use

U.S. Professor (U of Vermont) shot dead in Brazil's Amazon (Reuters)

Farrakhan: Mexican President Was Right

WP: Possible Frist '08 Bid Splits Religious Right

Sen. Biden Says Bush Should Fire Rumsfeld (incompetence..."criminal.")

U.S. Judge Sends Blackwater Suit to N.C.

Earthquake Rocks Northern Japan

Gay groups denounce 'Justice Sunday' (Zell,Delay & Dobson in tv gay bash)

Legalise drugs, urges senior Lib Dem (UK)

28 Alleged Taliban Die In Clashes

Revealed: The Illegal Online Animal Trade

Alaska Basks in Record Heat

AP: Husband of "Peace Mom" protesting in Crawford files for divorce

Ag Dept. Cites Plants on Mad-Cow Rules

Fresh allegations Iraqi prisoner abuse emerge/British Troops

Canadian hostage said killed in Iraq

Roberts Backed Efforts for School Prayer

Rice says US still confident in Iraq moves toward democracy

Granny going to Iraq - At 60, she'll 'get message out about good things'

Judge to decide on release of new Iraq prison abuse photos (today)

UPDATE: Cyprus plane crash victims "frozen solid" (Reuters)

New Internet worm affects Windows users Schwarzenegger Responds To (Gigi) Hush Money Allegations

Spy Satellites Under Scrutiny: Negroponte to Advise Cong. on New Systems

New questions asked in London bombings

Post Drops Plan to Promote Pentagon Event

Babies Caught Up in 'No-Fly' Confusion

Chavez Threatens To Cut Off Oil Exports To US

Roger Ailes to Take Over Fox TV Stations

NYTpg1: Living Large, by Design, in the Middle of Nowhere (growing exurbs)

North Dakota Starts Draining Lake into Canada

Bush neighbors to seek court order

Some arguments in Abu Ghraib prison photo case must be divulged

Navy proposing high-tech destroyer with long-range guns

Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack): "Enough is enough!" (Heads to Crawford)

Accused Mass. Marine Pleased Innnocent (accused of firing at crowd)

Congressman Ford Urges The President To End Vacation And Return....

NYT: Fuel Economy Plan Is Seen Omitting Rule for Big S.U.V.'s

Pardon Set for Black Woman Executed in '45

Nuke Drill to "Go Live" Scoffed At By Post & Courier (Charleston,SC)

Chavez to Give Latin Countries Priority in Developing Heavy Oil Ventures

Napolitano declares border emergency

Pope wants Crucifixes Displayed in Public/Government Bldgs

Left of Center by Suzanne Vega

He's been on 55 Time Magazine covers & holds the world's record. GUESS WHO

Paging Grovelbot....please pick up the blue courtesy phone

Ever post while drowsy?

What book are you reading?

Peace in ACTION

Barry went on a diet

Question for everyone, is my sig compliant with the rules?

"Jesus spoke with a "terrific down-home west Texas accent."

Girl and Pearl

Walk a mile in another's moccasins

"...get 'cher boards and go Iceberg surfin' with me"...

The winners of the Alph Beard Contest 2005

Good night, my friends! Time for this sleepy head to hit the sack....

Help me write the Rethug Code of Ethics

I am in a snarky mood tonight

Someone who truly cares:

Is anyone else experiencing slow loading here?

Foghorn Leghorn announces a Presidential bid for 08

On our sexiest cartoon lists, No one ever mentions Ann-Margrock

And now, some Minnie Ripperton...

Missing her already

I get the impression that Scarlett Johansson.....

This is weird

Is there gas in the car? Yes, there's gas in the car

A great music link

I am here Way too early today. This week is annual Camping and Canoe

Who broke DU?

Time to crash

How difficult is it to agree to disagree

I have to try ad get some sleep..... Good Day All.....

An "editorial" comment from Across the Pond

Can You Convert your SUV to a Hydrogen Fuel SUV?

Sleep....Round Two.

Plant donating CD proceeds to African aid

LOL . . . A chain mail I just received actually got a laugh out of me

Biodiesel Question

Ever take a hot shower or bath......

Belgian Monks Run Out Of Beer

Z Cars

OMG the employee discount is spreading

Funniest quote I've seen in the Lounge in a while:

Researchers Successfully Grow Meat In Lab

Man charged with having sex with rabbits

Man Shot In Shoulder By Police Twice In The Same Night (Separate Incidents

Wow ,......a CLOUDBURST here..

Good Morning DU!

Hey, it's a state holiday in my part of Switzerland and I didn't know it!

Police Halt Funeral Procession, Arrest Man

The Definitive MLB - Simpson's Analogy List

Happy Birthday Princess Anne, Napoleon

Good vibes for DUer huskerlaw . . .


Government Wants To Spray Clouds With Seawater To Make Them Whiter

Danielle Pletka looks like she's going shopping

Lightning Strikes Oklahoma Man For Fourth Time

AND NOW, FOR MY 1,000TH POST--------

MatcomNews Update: Straight Men Cancel Their Gay Wedding

Prisoner's Spend Months Digging Tunnel - It Was 30cm Too Short- Caught

Man, The Sturgis Babes Are REALLY Out In Force This Year!

I will check back in a couple of hours, and I expect to see some serious

What kind of paper is good for printing DVD cases inserts?

6 more posts and I'm OUTTA the 700 club!

I WOULD listen to stephanie Miller, IF

"It is 1000 times easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle

Matcom Charged Sith: Waving Rex With Habits

The baby's awake!

I just put pics up on ImageStation. How do I post them here?

I will be forty years old in about 40 minutes...

MAN BOOBS!!!! (NOW! on network TV)

Any Calvinists here?

Anyone know where to find the DU glossary?

Is there a cook in the house?

I have a tummy ache...

Red Wasp Smackdown II: "Mano a Mano"

Hidden Waterfall Discovered in California

Ariz. Woman Recovers From 400 Bee Stings

Christopher Walkens.........for President?

Psychic fails to predict crystal ball fire

Knicker thief banned from Scilly

If you haven't heard: Lefty (Phil Mickelson) wins PGA Championship!

Owl given 'L' plates

Limbaugh wants to help T.O., McNabb settle dispute

KG's gratuitous cute kitty thread!!!

Anyone feeding their pets Breeders Choice products?

DU Fantasy Football Laeague - Draft is tomorrow night

Jennifer Lopez, "Tabula Rasa"..."In the beginning I was a blank slate"

"The Price Is Right" just had a 94-year-old on.

Post your favourite kid photo

To the people who vacation in my small town in the summer

Lounge Word of the Day: Fuckwit

Life is weird. Life is good.

Oh LADIES !!!!

Who watched Six Feet Under last night? (SPOILERS)

I've been a DUer for two years now.

what ever happened to the smilie of the day?

What's yer favorite sci fi movie?

I have a ghost. A thief ghost.

It's 3:33 AM. I awoke with astart about 20 minutes ago

Ann Coulter Nipple Shot!

Tech help - my disk is "not formatted properly"

why is MrsGrumpy stuck on the panda smilie?

and you thought F***ing was limited to foul language

woo hoo I just realized that I get an extra day of vacation

Links for Nonprofit/Activist/Community jobs ...

Father, Son Win French Pig Squeal-Off

Ahem. May I have your attention please? Sundog and I have an announcement.

The Shi'ite is about to hit the fan.....

Check in on this Google Earth thread for a laugh...

Some ZombyCoffee to go with your shrug?

Chewing gum in the workplace should be punishable by death

Jack Johnson

Aren't these beautiful!

What is the most beautiful sight in a trance?

So how goes it with the Great Big Signature Line pogrom?

Panda baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me

OH MY.....Check out this E

OH MY.....Check out this ME...

The 'Meet & Greet MrsGrumpy' in DC at the Panda cage as been cancelled

Lazy day...

This is your Duckie

A tribute to some of our Southern rural neighbors..

What is the most beautiful sight in France?

I had a very strange dream this morning

I declare this COOL WHIP DAY!!!

Has anyone seen the Metallica Documentary "Some Kind of Monster"

9 posts to 5,000

Question for Mac iTunes users re: making Mix CDs.

OH MY.....Check out this TEE...

wow!-- check out the 2005 Hooters calendar (IMAGES)....

this panda baby is making me hungry

To our Indian friends: Happy India Independence Day

I declare today I'D LIKE TO GOUGE MY EYES OUT day!

7. Your solution to the health care cost crisis is...

CD launch for Bill Clinton tunes

Sunny side up..poached...or scrambled?.. (Egg babies)

baseball/political joke...hehe

Actually it's pleasantly plump Grey Stripe/White Cat week

You Know You're Addicted to Coffee When...

Did anyone catch Morocco Mole on Harvey Birdman last night?

Happy Birthday Jimmy Webb!

OH MY.....check out this SEA

Who's that walking with a hole in his head?



I fixed our X-box!

Does anyone really like popcorn-with-butter-flavored jelly beans?

HELP! I need an exorcism!!

Did Anyone Go See Broken Flowers?

Man Charged With Having Sex With Rabbits

Am I the only one who hasn't even seen the panda cam?

attention! LynneSin is declaring a week just for her personal pets...

Oh My.. Cheek out this Bee!

Is it offically the Dog Days of summer yet?

For Cindy

Toaster Strudel: Magically Delicious?

***progmom is spreading vicious rumors about me***


I really, really need to fake a glower

If someone sent you an inappropriate private message, PLEASE ALERT.


Blue Bell makes Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream!!

What are the keys to your heart? (more quizzes :-D)

DU men, consider yourselves LUCKY

Tonight on AMC: The best Bond film EVER made!


What's yet favorite flava of Jellybelly?

Wow, did I just get a wake up call regarding medical benefits

So... I guess I'm a grandmother... sort of.

OH MY.....Check out this TREE...

F*CKING Airlines! Pretzels and pillows take back seat to first-class perks

Best bumper sticker I've seen this week 8/14

I am building a 4ft loop tunable AM Loop Antenna to listen to AAR..Links>>

Paris to dump Tinkerbell (her pet dog she totes everywhere)

3rd Ashes test - a draw - but wonderful cricket


I have a bird's nest outside my office window.


i really, really need to take a shower

BUSH goggles/rose colored

So, my infirm FIL is going to Boston to see his lady friend

The fuckwit has been fired.

Police Search Of Backpack Yields Explosive Bestseller (Satire)

What's for lunch?

We're just ordinary people...

Stupid things people say...

What does your birthdate mean?

Internet quiz to test the amount of free time you have. Vote your results

Sometimes I'm right and I can be wrong

(sarcastic) note from bu$h to Cindy Sheehan

Here's a little inside story about Clint Black aka shitkicker

Which would you rather have for dinner?

Who would you rather have for dinner?

World's Smallest Political Quiz

I am god like.....

36 years ago today, somewhere close to a million people joined together

OMG--Another earworm--I Got Mexico>>help!

The geekiest thing you have ever done

Speaking of GAS PRICES ...

Dammit you people! I have work to do!

This panda baby is making me want another kid.

oh no, another ol' rocker sells out....

"I hope you learned an important lesson today!"

Brothers in Arms

You Know You're From Missouri When...

If Fox news is so fair & balanced....

When it comes right down to it, all I really care about is

I must admit it. I like Chuck Mangione!

Invasion of the avatar snatchers!

Eeek! Grovelbot has invaded my avatar!

I'm going for a bike ride. Screw you. Oh, wait...I'm not the president!

"Craigslist" Rants & Raves.Open board for free speech or for racist...

Elvis hater haters can go f*** themselves


Grovelbot ate my avatar...

Eminent Domain

Did Randi Rhodes's producer, Tim, quit???

Eminem Domain

Do you have a "AAA" battery?

Captured! by Grovelbot

Did anyone catch the Pamela Anderson roast last night?

wouLd you guys Leave poor dubya aLone!!?

We have been assimilated....

fuck that shit

fit that shuck

Normally I hate call my student loan place, but this time was kind of cool

shit that fuck

opinions needed on GWU vs Va Tech

Who controls the Cable companies?

How Many Bush Administration Officials Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb

I'm sorry. What was the question?

Question for techies please

Is there ANYTHING that smells better than a fresh orange?

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! I don't want grovelbot! I want JOE back!

My bills exceed my income, what to do...

Which DUer was having angioplasty/heart surgery last week?

Oh boy, sleep! That's where I'm a Viking!

Apparently an arm washed up onshore in Venezuela


Okay, I'll admit it.

How frequently do they update the donation totals?

well, today was the squid's first day back to school

I believe in miracles....

Babies Caught Up in 'No-Fly' Confusion

They've shown seasons 4 & 5 of "Trailer Park Boys"


Here at work, our computer network has a virus


ahhhh, homemade cheddar & FRESH broccoli soup served in a bread bowl

If you were the film "12 monkeys"

Meet Tyson, the amazing skateboarding bulldog

Does Vicodin make one's posts sink to the bottom?

CONFESS!!!!!! What's the worst disaster you've ever done to your hair

Are we finally moving in a direction of sanity? Rest. stops tipping

question about music transfer....

Good Samaritan Turns In Lost Check - Complains When He Doesn't Get Reward

ok, the fun's over

I Searched "Michelle Malkin photo" and look what comes up!

back in the old days...

Though I hate guns and am a supporter of Gun Control...still

Which is cheaper in your area? Gas or milk?

This is not a threat. It is a PROMISE.

Good Afternoon everyone!

If the bird-flu hits hard, the US could be depopulated in a generation.

So How About That Six Feet Under?

Could someone help me? The Today Show had a clip of me hugging

Question for DU gardeners: just planted a tree...

Women: Caretaker of famous Matcom pressured us to bare our breasts

The Onion: Bush Vows To Eliminate U.S. Dependence On Oil By 4920

Topless NYC protesters point out rights

It's good to finally have Janeane back

Has anyone ever had a dog that chewed up wall to wall carpeting?

HELP! I need Curriculum Vitae help!!!

Do you have a "AAA" card?

This is my favorite anti-war song...

Tourists disappearing in search of 'nirvana'

BlondieK!!!! Where are You?

when you post a thread that dies

I'm munching on these...

Demi, Ashton Want to 'Expand' Their Family

Question for DUers from the Indianapolis area

My camp went dogging for the first time,

Argh! My boss won't let me take a vacation!

Does it make you nervous when people don't wear their seat belt?

Question for Fantasy Footballers

And another question for a computer geek

My dog went camping for the first time,

When you post a thread that comes back from the dead....

Is U2's album "October" any good?

Would you want to own a hairless cat?

When data is deleted,

Ralph Kramden

When you post a thread that lives....

Ralph Nader

Has Grovelbot made its presence known yet?

Tweety says jock is red!

Cindy needs to tell shrub to "bring it on"... doncha think?

The Dingo My Baby Ate!

I'm getting pretty good with this digital camera


Ralph Reed

Too funny! Streakers at the Sox-Tigers game in Detroit!

The Baby ate my Dingo!

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Malph

The dingo ate my baby!

OMG! O'Reilly was on my TV for 2 minutes! DU WOMEN: WASH ME!

I want to donate a star to a real-deal DUer who doesn't have one

Ralph Dingo.


When you wish upon a star

Is It My Imagination? Or Does Anyone Else Think That Ed Schultz...

My sig is now in compliance!!!!!!!

Did anyone see the movie White Noise?

Bingo was his name-o


My Dog's going to Kill me, but isn't this the dorkiest picture you've ever

Rabbit wakes man, who finds wife in coma.

OK, I just saw the funny part of a Vonage commercial.

When you post a thread that dies....

Anyone else excited for a big UFC weekend?

PC Keyboards RANT

Waaahh! My Pittsburgh! My beautiful Pittsburgh!!

I found this poem about John Wayne Bobbit, men you may want

"How I Spent My Summer Vacation," by DeposeTheBoyKing


The TV Food Network show you would LEAST like to watch

Timothy McVeigh, where has Rev Acts been?

A can of world traveling beans.

What in the wide wide world of sports is a going on here?

What are your favorite gemstones?

Quiz: same last name

I'm going to buy a mountain bike, no more gas guzzling for me!

If a thread dies in the forest, where no one can hear it,

"The Butler Did it"

Do you get embarrassed easily?

Crap....I lost 5 pounds.

OMFG!! "Prickly City" is teh HILLARIOUS!!!

Goose Island Honker's Ale.

Am I a pervert?

Copyright question??

Nobody has sent me nekkid pictures in a long time....

Some dark dessert my way

I think I'm getting addicted to Cheap Seats

I'm drinking Coca-Cola, and I don't care if you like it or not!

Electrical question--please.

Join Arnold!

I just installed a Firewire card and a 250gb external HDD ask me anything

SPECIAL Poll for DOGS ONLY: Snausages or Pup--peroni?

I was told today that my SO's Mutti has passed away.

F Troop.

Anyone ever drive through Wyoming?

has the DUer who adopted the foster kitty posted lately?

If you give a troll a star....

on a dark desert highway

Won't you please let me go

Which of my new pictures should I use for my new wallpaper at work?

Why do I have a headache?

Where on the internets can one find a wav file of Bush speaking?

Zzzzzzz hey hey hey hey Zzzzzzzz hey hey hey hey

Is anyone else watching Monday Night Football?

My star is gone!

Has anyone put in windows?

My nephew just joined the Marines

Palmeiro plays in Oakland tomorrow.

i would like to thank you all for your letters of support

Stupid freeper ran over West Arlington and wiped out all the crosses

Song of the night. If one is dominating or making your night, post here.

Women: Caretaker of famous gorilla pressured us to bare our breasts

Leave Jimmy Hendrix Alone.........Go After Rush

I'm going for a balk,

I'm goin to bed . . .

Once In A Lifetime (graphic-intensive)

Do My EarthShoe Sandals from Walmart Make Me Look Like a Duck?

LoZoccolo baby can you see me?

August 15, 1965-Beatles at Shea Stadium

Did you hear about the infants pulled off a flight?

I'm going for a stalk,

Does anybody here remember this ice cream?

How many posts are in your My Posts?

If only God would stick to talking to these guys instead of *

Yah mo b there

John Cleese Will Sell Parts of his Colon


So, I don't know what to call this. (GRAPHIC)

Goddamned Republicans Hate The Troops And Their Mothers

I love DU! I live DU! Do you?

Why can't God just stick to talking to these guys?

Good Episode of History Detectives tonight...

We Have All The Time In The World

I'm going for a walk,

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Yes, I want fucking metal, damn you.

Greatest scene from Godfather (I or II)? (SPOILERS)

'Stop stealing our F**king signs'

Yes, I want a fucking medal, thank you.

So, my boyfriend wants to marry me.

Ever Go To Bed With Wet Hair.....


Just took a shower... Off to get coffee and treats....

You know you're from North Dakota................

My baby is going to London!

Looks like they got the truck.

Angelina Jolie Receives Cambodian Citizenship

I've been pretending to be strong, but I am seriously troubled.

Vent Alert: What kind of arrogant, small-minded, ass clown

What rhymes with snark?

Question for computer geniuses.

The House of Yes

The mobile with a jerk alert

In honor of the latest initiative by Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack), let's...

What's your ideal relationship? (Help! I'm in wacky quiz mode!)

what animal are you?

Timothy Leary


Post pics of your pet rock(s)

I'm Pretty Sure, I'm Goin Ta Hell For THIS... ROFLMAO !!! Just Trust, OK ?

Who has seen "Junebug," and is it an accurate take on the South?


'Ugliest' Dog Is a Thing of Beauty to His Owner

Post pics of your pet(s)

What's on YOUR menu?

When You're Snarkin'

I just adressed 18 envelopes upside down ...

the redding honeymoon is over

Hubby's in the Prague airport, his visa was for single entry, I'm a wreck.

28 years later, and Elvis is still dead

Psst! "Wag The Dog" is on!

In honor of Shark Weeks past - for you Sundog!

Did anyone else have a "Monday" besides me? If so, help yourself

Bob Boudelang Wrote the "Sheehan Family" Letter to Drudge!

DU men who consider yourselves LUCKY... how do you hold the purse

Is there a special way I should be pouring my Guinness?

the hitman returns to WWE

Q: I have a question for all you rock music fans out there...

Elvis haters can go f*** themselves

SpeakSpeak News; The Blog about Free Speech and the Media

World's Shortest Personality Test.....

Ben Affleck creating TV show about "Second American Revolution"

Man..FDR did it all!

Hey Kids! How about a DU Donation challenge!

With all this going on around Cindy Sheehan, (dial-up warning)

Anyone have a cat that speaks? English?

If anyone has problems reducing their sig picture to the new

What would Free Republic's Grovelbot say?

Let's spread vicious rumors about Grovelbot.

I tried...and failed. :cry:

i miss bLondiek

My family and I would like to thank my friends, my DU Family.

Bronson ~ one of my Golden Retrievers, crossed the Rainbow Bridge...

Puppy Mill Legislation Campaign - DDAL

I'm finally giving up seafood.

The reason I gave up meat initially was the environmental impact

Things to do with Silken tofu

Belonging and Becoming: The Challenges We Face

Which is more important to you? Reason or faith?

Perimeter Institute lectures on line (free)

Tsunami clue to 'Atlantis' found

Idaho Probes Sudden Deaths From Rare Brain Disease

Is the Universe Out of Tune -Big Bang Theory fails again??

Remembering Nagasaki

How Smokers Physically 'Prime' Their children To Take Up Habit

North Dakota Starts Draining Lake Into Canada

Puzzling Hot Spot Found on Moon of Saturn

Urine-powered Battery Developed

Painkillers Raise Blood Pressure In Women-U.S. Study

Study: Most Wild Chimps Are Southpaws

Researchers Find Stem Cells For Brain Cancer

Folates Best at Preventing Alzheimer's

HRC's Donna Payne on the Ripples Effects of Hate

Summer of Advocacy and Fun with Freedom to Marry Coalition & Mass Equality

anyone in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois?

Calif. Gay Marriage Bill Down To The Wire

Gay Foe Quits Ft. Lauderdale School Committee - Blames Gay Pressure

Limbaugh Offers To Help Eagles

Kleeb: (Oriole's prospect) Bailie brilliant in no-hitter


Apparently, there are naked guys on the field

Anyone watching the PGA?

fantasy baseball trade advice...

Griffey to Sox rumor won't fade away...

NHL week 3 - Pens still on the move...sign LeClair

Hines Ward ends his holdout, reports to Steelers

Schilling, you schit!

hey newsguyatl, while Razpy would not eat Jesse..

HELP! Cat spraying

My betta fish seems to be fighting to stay upright.

I need some spiritual help

Church and State Blog cites DU thread.

How they see us: "You may be a fundamental atheist if..."

"Finding My Religion" interviews Julia Sweeney

An article to make you sick with rage--and the antidote

"If you had to choose between reason and faith, which would you discard?"

The boys from the 82nd Airborne

I want to adopt a troop

Who's going to the Sept Anti-War march? (And Should Kerry speak?)

Ok, now I'm confused again. Apparently Kerry can run for both

Kerrycrat Kucitizens -- how close were Kerry's and Dennis' Iraq stances?

Democrats decide to play real hardball, and it's not pretty.

Kerry visits Schweitzer on tour

What would President Kerry be doing about gas prices?

The last of the camping pictures

More camping pictures...

Newsletter: 8/15/05 -- Bizarre Plane Crash in Greece

I need some advice:

Thanks everyone

KOEB 8-15-05

Schröder warns US on Iran military action - Financial Times

Time Magazine: A Mother And the President

Going to Crawfor in Solidarity with Cindy Sheehan

What exactly is wrong with looking at a poll before acting?

A Time for Moral Outrage (Republicans for Humility and Accountability)

Dated article for those who accuse liberals of loving the terrorists...

Look what showed up in my email this morning

Does this hold up today?

Scam Contest..Which Administration Scammed the America People?

Trouble in Paradise: "Red States" on repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax

Daniel Pletka (AEI) Says Biden is "close" to her views on Foreign Affairs

Four Days @ Camp Casey : Just Got Home

Feingold to stump for fake Dem: why?!?

Guardian UK: How Bush would gain from war with Iran (mid-term elections)

Predictable Freep reation to Larry Mattlage: "Go Larry!!"

MSNBC: "How Bush Is Lowering Expectations"

CAFTA Sellout N.C. Congressman Robin Hayes to be challanged

Remind me again - what was the $$ per barrel of oil

Annan’s brother in oil scandal inquiry

ADDITIONAL info re- folks at Camp Casey

GOP Frist-flops on their 'Contract with America'

Camp Casey Shotgun Guy - Can't they see the irony?

Iraqi Constitution Passed! (NOT!!!!)

"Iran=source of improv. bombs"/vague chem. stockpile finds/ B.S. DC hotel

Reich-wing thug calls Cindy "Al Franken Network's poster girl for treason"

Chavez revokes US agent immunity

Why was Wilson sent to Niger?

Is it OK for outside groups to tie themselves to Sheehan's cause?

Detroit News: Is Bush the wartime president or the vacation president?

Anne Norton: the Rise of the Neocons.

The Democratic party needs a "dealing with 3rd world dictators" plank

What's the deal with the September march?

Working on an OP-Ed piece for my local newspaper...

Maxine Waters is at Camp Casey!

Small town in for big changes if Romney runs in ´08 _ and wins

Why the hell would anyone want to meet with george bush?

Another right-wing "author" invites you to send "feedback" on this article

How soon will there be an emergency to make W go back to D.C.?

Deuce Bigalow political gigilo

Where is Iraq's oil money going?

By the way...Where are the other guys while Cindy is

I did what Jimmy Carter suggested

Is there any connection between withdrawal from Gaza and violence in Iraq?

new progressive movement launches 8/16/05

Isn't it amusing that, of the 4 "Blue Collar Comedy" guys, the Bush fan

My Top Ten Investigations

Think of how impossible it is for Catholics and Protestants

The gas prices are starting to scare me

Zogby report on Ohio

The meaning of "neo-con"?

So what happened with the anti-Cindy freeper thing on Saturday

Gas Prices - How will red state bush base members react?

Photo: "Songman Calahan, left, sings a song taunting Cindy Sheehan"

If that farmer-neighbor of Bush's doesn't like crowds

Majority of Americans Have Lost Confidence in the War, Polls Show

Radio KING Guy James on Crawford: "The sight of those 1800 crosses"

Someone Tell Frank Rich the War Is Not Over

Barbara Boxer asks you to support Bill Nelson

VIDEO: Cindy Sheehan invites Bush to Friday prayer vigil for troops

NEW, 7-MINUTE VIDEO: Cindy et al. in Crawford

All I have to say is, Bye bye Santorectum, I mean Satan.

Prepare to puke - David Duke endorses Cindy Sheehan

Dean: Bush does not have the "credibility" or "capability" to attack Iran.

WOW! Washington Post Journalists Revolt

NBC Nightly News: "Is it time for lowering expectations in Iraq?"

Minimum Wage Initiatives - drawing progressive voters (USA Today/May05)

Larry a tale of a countrry nmouse and a city mouse

Creation of The Islamic Republic of Iraq is why Bush went to war in Iraq

SOP: Iraq Constitution "Delay" Is ILLEGAL Under Their Interim Constitution

Can we make the protest outside Larry Mattlage's permanent?

Cindy Sheehan on Hardball...

Mothers who think their sons died for a lie or mothers who think

Rove smear machine crashed due to Cindy Sheehan

Is it too early to freeway blog

7-min VIDEO of Camp Casey: please forward and upload

Coalition of groups (Velvet Revolution) to launch anti-Bush ads--RawStory

How popular is Bill Clinton now? How much of that will spill onto Hillary?

Recruit ads urge parents to let kids go--into Army

Harry Smith, CBS: "Is she entitled to an audience? The president is busy."

So they FAILED on their constitution deadline...

Contradicting yourself again, eh, George?

Condi is either a Racist or a Hero! She either thinks Iraqi's are Slaves.

Bush's top reasons for not meeting with Cindy (from Bush's point of view)

Was the White House Iraq Group even legal??

GOP Ignores Reality on Iraq (DNC Release)

Pirro's Husband is Drag on Hillary's Opponent

Bush Vows To Eliminate U.S. Dependence On Oil By 4920

Boxer calls for your $$$$ in support of Bill Nelson

Mr Leghorn asks:"" I say, I say.....where the Hell is Rove??? Why is

Cindy on Anderson Cooper - now.

Mike Gallagher, slimeball umlimited

Bush twins AWOL?

In honor of this latest initiative by Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack) let's...

Aswat - Who linked him to the London bombings and why? (ISI/US vs UK?)

New documents show Roberts' views on school prayer, abortion, courts

Should Democrats speak out NOW about their views on attacking Iran?

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Welcome to Stage Three

What makes one a conservative? a liberal?

Photo: Take a good look at the legacy of George W. Bush.

Was Ashcroft a Co-Conspirator in the Plame Cover-Up? Will he be indicted?

Hannity fantasizes about Martial Law - Willing to give up your "freedoms"?

Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack) says: "Enough is enough!"

Arrested Al-Qaeda-Member Luai Sakra: Al-Qaeda was intelligence asset

Hitting the trail with nation's cyclist in chief (Forget Iraq)

Limbaugh just said Cindy is crazed out of her mind

What effect will attack on Iran have on the US.?

Must-read column by Paul Krugman

Bush Has His Way: It's Not Global SAVE. It's "War" Again

Why pro-Iraq war (Hillary, etc) DLC Dems Will Never Win:

Conyers: Write 1000 letters to Local Media and the Crawford-Area Papers

Wes Clark: "Our president is not doing his job."

Nominate Cindy Sheehan for Nobel Peace Prize

Trent Lott's new book says Frist stabbed him in the back


The Tragedy of War at Home

Family Research Council Fibs About Its Ratings?

I'm FAR more likely to vote for ...

Pat Buchanan: Attacking Iran would be catastrophic to U.S.

court rulings on medicaid will hurt the poorest of the poor & children

Kissinger finds parallels to Vietnam in Iraq

What effect will an attack on Iran have on the 2006 midterms?

What would impeachment entail and what would the final results be?

Bush family photo: how many have served in the military?

Dean Gets It! Hooray from "Daily Howler" with a rip to Dana Milbank's

Grim Iraq reality dawns for Bush: an Islamic republic is taking shape

Failed Bush-Cheney Leadership Leaves Idaho Workers And Veterans Behind

Poll: 1/2 of MI Repubs don't want Amway magnate to be 2006 gov nominee

Hate to admit, there is a very slim silver lining for Bush in the W.H.

Support Cindy with a Tent in YOUR YARD!!!

The GOP may have taken the airwaves, but we've got the 'Net

Wife of VOA operative illegally used to attack Sheehan

Why is there not a FILTER in Place for our Leaders? Esp The Presidency?

If you don't like Paul Hackett ........

Thanks to the McLennan County Sheriff's Office

Check out this interactive map -- winning back the Senate in 2006

In defense of Jenna and Barbara Sheehan's Husband Seeks Divorce

Democratic Politburo Makes a Decree - No Primaries!

Why are Democratic politicians not supporting Cindy Sheehan?

Is Bush Out of Control? Capital Hill Blue today

21 Administration Officials Involved In Plame Leak

The New Republic is teaming with the Third Way Democrats...

I just started my 401k last week- put it all in a energy (oil) fund