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Archives: August 14, 2005

"Mother's protest ups the stakes" (LA Times)

please recommend this yahoo story!

carrollton to crawford ~ my pics from saturday

4 Star General FIRED before "nuke terror drill" set for August 17

The Sheehan stand-off is above politics

A bunch of lemmings going over the cliff....

somebody posted this the other nite... (a MUST see)...

My car: "I support Cindy" sign with pic of Arlington West on one side and

Judith Miller bored with jail... can't read about herself on the Internet

Responses today from my Kerry/Edwards yard sign

A Yahoo post from the guy who put my info out- WARNING OBSCENITY

Three US soldiers killed by bomb in northern Iraq

The Talk Shows on Sunday

i went to Crawford today

Report: Italy Begins Iraq Withdrawal Early

I'm listening to the Guy James Show that was live from Crawford tonite

I don't have the stomach to go over to FreeRepublic...

carrollton to crawford ~ my pics from saturday

Cindy gets her answer...not with a meeting, but with a whimper.

Will our senators invade Iran?

Third Party in 2008

The answer to the reichwing spiel, "I remember 9/11"

This Yahoo pic of Cindy. It won't leave me alone.

OK, let's say Bush was stupid and evil enough to NUKE Iran

I just took a break from watching "Gettysburg"

Idiot Son administration admits it has created a new Islamofascist country

PHOTOS - Tonight We Had A Vigil for Cindy in New Orleans

PHOTO: Cindy Sheehan hugs pro-Bush parent

as a PRACTICAL matter, is a withdrawal from iraq a good thing?

MAD COW: NY Times op/ed says US industrial Beef is NOT safe to eat

AP: New Attorney Steps in to Probe Plame Case

'Anti-ACLU' Fights for Religion in Public Life

(Newsweek) Abramoff: More Trouble Ahead?

I love music by hamsters.

While we are talking about walking down memory lane...

When the truth is beeeee liessssss......

I just drank a whole bottle of cheap Champagne, ask me anything

How ironic. The right wing, O'really, Malkin and the rest

A Bottle of Red. A Bottle of White. Perhaps a Bottle of Rose Instead

Welcome to Hollywood, you midwestern sons and daughters

The quote all here (men, at least) can agree on...


As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster...

How many people here "know" Annette Funicello in the biblical sense?

Post a pic of your left-side molars and incisors.

Help me save our furrbabies

Got a pic of your tat? Show it

How many here remember Jedediah Burr?

Christopher Walken for President 2008! Awsome!!

How many here remember Dynah Moe Humm?

I just got finished watching RAY for the first time

How many people here know who Annette Funicello is?

Best Billy Ocean song?

Since we're on the topic, I'd just like to thank the DLC

How many here remember Anita Bryant

Best Billy Idol song?

Best Billy Joel song?

Who would make a better President?

this is ragin acadian, blogging live from New Brunswick, Canada.

The GOP wants to eat your children

Post a Pic Of Your (State) License Plate Design...The Design That You Use

How many people in here remember Dinah Shore?

I just figured out why I'm single - here is the girl I'm looking for

Has anyone had laser hair removal?

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

Goodbye Veggies!!


How a pro-gun, anti-abortion Nevadan leads the Senate’s Democrats.

Belief isn't everything

I recommend this article because it used the word "rapacity."

Watchtower and gunmen shadow pretty N.Irish town

Frank Rich (NYT): Someone Tell the President the War is Over

Sorry, please delete. n/t

Miami Herald: Yesterday in Crawford (shrub's "my life" nonsense)

SFChron: "Two Faces To Piraro's Art" ("Bizarro" Gets Censored)

Emilie Rutledge (al Jazeera): Is Iraq war fuelling GCC's economic boom?

Sen. Santorum will be pivotal in '06 elections

New York Times Mag 8/14/05 "An Islamic Alienation"

CBC is replaying Deadline:Iraq.

Bush keeping Roberts records secrets violates law. Opinion Chicago Trib

Let the Recrminations Begin!

It Takes a Village to Smear Cindy Sheehan

Newsweek: "I'm So Sorry" (* meeting with families of KIA)

UN watchdog rebuts claims that Iran is trying to make A-bomb

NTY: Meanwhile, People Starve

At State, Some Employees Languish in Security Limbo (sex charges)

A New New Democrat Looks West and Forward (Bill Richardson)

Chertoff's Preemptive Crackdown (Homeland Security)

1-2 punch for publisher (American Media, Ahnold, & Gigi)

Ehrenreich - Who Moved My Ability to Reason?

Judith Miller 'Opus' Makes the Comics Page

Tim Goodrich (HuffPost): An Update from Camp Casey

" Tony Blair: Leader of the Free World " - By Llewellyn D. Howell

WP: At State, Some Employees Languish in Security Limbo (another purge?)

American Prospect cover: The shameless dishonesty of the war pundits

LA Daily News: The unasked question

The Fable of the Emperor and the Grieving Mother

David Sirota: The Resurgence of Movement Politics

A lingering cloud - Atomic vets: 50 years later

Iraq's Children: Choir of Despair

"U.S. Lowers Sights on What Can Be Achieved in Iraq" (Wapo)

Social Security Lessons (Paul Krugman)

Times: So we're going to bolt from Iraq. Where are the cries of complaint?

"Rising gasoline prices? Terrific!" ..opinion piece from today's SFChron.

The Real Reason Why Cindy Sheehan Is A Threat To The GOP

Deadly Tale of Incompetence (Mohamed Atta and Able Danger)

WOW! Six (!) Chicago Trib Op Ed pieces today critical of Bush/Iraq

Legal Urban Legends Hold Sway -LAT

My LTTE (VOP) resulted in a 5:10AM freeper phone call

Missing Link: GOP / Bush vs. Democrats, The Alpha Male Deficit

Coming Home

Links-and Maps to Crawford

another Support Cindy petition

please urge your senators and reps to travel to Crawford...

TIME IS RUNNING OUT - Prevent a nuke on our soil ! HOW ?

An amusing observation: The party of Jerry Springer is not the

how nice - St Pete Times Wash. Bureau Chief bikes with the Bozo in Chief

Change coming for Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes archives.

Yale Global Online

Cosmic radiation associated with risk of cataract in airline pilots

DaimlerChrysler Employees Exposed to Radiation (Indianapolis)

Poisonous Jellyfish Swamping Beaches From Azores To Italy

180+ Foreign Species Now Inhabit Great Lakes - Native Fisheries Collapsing

Cal Cars Initiative - Modified Prius' Can Save More Money

Interior Alaska's Permafrost Within Two Degrees Of Melting - ADN

Coal Crisis Coming?

Gov't Cuts Back Pacific Salmon Habitat

France Gripped By Worst Drought In 30 Years

As UK Emissions Soar, Climate Change Director Gets £50,000 Bonus

From Think Iranian Nuclear Power Crazy? Think again.

Confidence in War on Terror Falls in U.S.

Venezuela might deny visas to U.S. citizens

Charged Uganda radio host 'sorry' (Garang conspiracy theories)

Haareetz - On Third Thought

Analysis: Drawing Israel's borders

Why 'Greater Israel' Never Came to Be

U.S. Jews protest pullout silently


Synthetic Terror: A MUST listen to ((audio))

Exposure of 'Able Danger' likely has conservative motive

Spike in dollar -circulation in August 2001


So, what REALLY happened to flight 77?

Bradblog: WV SoS cops to endemic statewide election problems

Free election fraud bumperstickers to print here

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday8/14/05

"ELECTION DECEPTION DOLLAR" - The new US currency? (Graphics)

Brad Blog's Winter Patriot kicking ass on lobbyist working for Diebold

questioning the f-word

The Voting Rights Act's 40th b-day. Freedom demands eternal vigilence.

Carteret may try to palm off defective Unilects on other states/victems

Blast from the Past: Five implausible scenarios necessary for a Bush win

MUST READ: Keefer, Fitrakis, Baiman, Simon, Freeman, Mealy

Video of Diebold Rep-Note Part 6 on Falsifying Vote Results

Governor's budget increased state gov. by 13%

Today's photos's Blogging outside ANG Base Cape Cod x-post

If I DL windows XP home ed. util. set-up from MS site, can....

Good Blade Article on the Latest from Scum Bag Central.....

(PHOTOS) Texas stands with Cindy Sheehan

Crawford Rally photo album

Houston DUers: what's up with this site?

Barbara Bush: World's Shittiest Mother

Bush = Ahmaninejad

Nobel for Cindy

These 3 threads make me PROUD of DUers!

Does Cindy need money? Is it time for ANOTHER color silicon band?

Some ironic freeper lyrics

What happened to those soldiers in Fahrenheit 9/11?

Share what you're doing for the Sept. 24 anti-war demonstrations

Anybody else hungry for a new boudelang?

Concerning Sibel Edmonds.....

Cindy Sheehan: America's Mom

CNN just said that 7 US troops have died since Friday in Irag. I have

Links-and Maps to Crawford

Going to Iran....Mr. * steppin' into deeper doodoo..

I propose that Washington Journal change its name to Daily

I had a strange dream last night

How about white cross bumper sticker magnets...

Stem Cell Treatments help Lafayette Twins

Air Force Lt. Colonel vandalizes cars with Bush/Cheney stickers

which country having nukes concerns/scares you the most?

What does it mean: Administration is "Shedding unreality..."

Illegal immigrants won't work the fields now because of better paying

Don't miss Frank Rich's column in today's NY Times.

Democrats dont wear purple heart band aids

Cindy now on Australian primetime TV news

did anyone ever post the video of crosby/nash on hardball?

President's Own Daughter Killed in Action in Iraq, says, 'Stay the Curse'

Cost of Iraq War August 14th-$187,446,136,403 Out Now!

Can you Believe how Unpatriotic the bush twins are?

Isn't $66/barrel just what Bush & his oil buddies have been hoping for?

Parenti: Why the rich oppose environmentalism and seal our doom.


Support the Troops? Grab a Rifle Asshole.

bush 'volunteered' for the TANG, and he felt no


Joe Biden on Meet the Press 9:00 AM EST

Birmingham, Ala. news today: "BUSH WILL GO ON WITH HIS LIFE"

Soldiers in the army of god is now on hbo 2w

The words of Karl Marx and the Christian Right

Nate Clay LIVE now: Cindy Sheehan is the topic -- streaming link

A very powerful picture and image

It all just hit home.

The latest: from Camp Casey

Ya know....when GERMANY is decrying aggressive imperialism....

I think it's time for someone to post the "morans" photo again...

What goes around,comes around.

US Warns of New Attacks on London (can we say distract! distract!)

Review time: Replace Eminems image with Cindy's...

All this stress will send George back to the drinky-drinky

The times are a changing

Stephanie Miller has really been hitting her stride

Think about it. What is Bush's Presidency without any wars?

If you want to wake up real fast from anger, read this article

"Libertarian Socialists" are Anarchists, not Libertarians

A horrible, hopefully never-to-occur thought about Cindy

Today during Local news, I saw Cindy's ad.

August US Death Total Has Already Reached July's Total

Mods please respond

Think dumbya would get the message if we take up a collection...

Frank Rich spot-on today - NYT

I'm now calling Cindy "(moral) President Sheehan"... any thoughts? n/t

Metro Mothers Take Stand Against Iraq War

Tropes: A news site that covers the entire world

Should DUers unite to purchase this, &send it to Crawford for Shrub to use

1853 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Do you have a friend or relative who is liberal

what our Democratic "representatives" SHOULD be talking about . . .

Get Thee Behind Me bush

What is left and right for DU?

*WHOOPS*-Boston swans ("Romeo and Juliet") are same sex

"NO DOUSING THIS FIRE: Sheehan is the ghost at the Bush vacation feast!"

SIX US soldiers killed in bombings, shooting; Constitution may be delayed

One Woman - One Voice - One question ... and one president on a bike

This Administration has lost it

Death in Stockwell: the unanswered questions (de Menezes) . . .

The same folks who brought you the Spanish Inquisition

Korean vet hassled by cops

Saddam could be silenced before spilling the beans.

Bush shows the world how he honors the troops

Are they raising the gas prices to garner support for the war?

NC lawmaker proposes stemcell center; opponent says "Don't kill babies"

Andrea Mitchell tries to defend the crazy man in the White House.

in vain 1 : to no end : without success or result --

lose of cabin pressure per BBC on plane per pax message...

Gas wars--$1.97 a gallon in my town

reposting: Nobel for Cindy

Awesome story and video from NBC affiliate- (great crowd footage)

Missing Link: GOP / Bush vs. Democrats, The Alpha Male Deficit

Call me crazy, but I think I can accept the higher gas prices if...

Robyn Blumner vs Bernard Goldberg.

Honor and Sacrifice.....(rant)

Coal Crisis Coming?

The "Anti-Military Right" is Back

Are gas prices going up daily?

ABC: Open heart with Children's Artwork of Genocide.. insert * propaganda

Camp Casey neighbor firing his GUN!?

Could someone point me in the direction of some info on Iran &

If the asshat had seen Cindy earlier

Donations to help Cindy's cause and Peace House

NeoCon editor goes on vacation

Defrocked bishops make Italy grin

My Correspondence w Sheehan-hating Hypocrite Columnist

even andrea mitchell is asking How did suspodedlly a smart political

Iran. Has it EVER happened that a country has come off a disastrous

"With oil approaching $70 a barrel and nothing in the energy bill to ...

Don't like the message? ATTACK THE MESSENGER!!!

What? No Dean/Face The Nation thread.

Iraq Vet describes difficuties of returning to normalcy.

Dupe, sorry


In American West, elbow room has vanished

A Nation in Blood and Ink

Americans' discontent with war growing

Are his message managers on vacation too?

Cindy Sheehan's husband

PLANE CRASH in Greece: Bizarre circumstances, flying pilotless

Cindy takes over the Internet

Patrick Fitzgerald: "He's obviously proud... He can be proud in prison"

Missing Woman/Non White Tragic Ending

Possibly the dumbest freerepublic post ever

Is this real????

My 1000th post "No Name Soldier "

Anyone see the Hitchens movie on Trio: "Texas: America Supersized"?

Truthout on the front page of Michael Moore's website!

Bush is NOT seeing Cindy for a reason (and we are falling for it)

Wolf talking about Cindy to Sens Lugar and Nelson

If Fitzgerald does have indictments pending.....will he issue them

My LTTE to the Vacaville Reporter

Someone help me? Saw a cryptic post about Biden

PZ Myers on Mooney's "The Republican War on Science"

Gen Casey still saying we will have substancial troop reductions

U.S. Lowers Sights On What Can Be Achieved in Iraq

Since there are songs for the repukes in country music

Bush blames Iraq pullout on "leftists"; in related news, Iran bombing ..

New Ohio Rep goes after blogs, Jean Schmidt's new agenda


Iraqis Are Pissed That the US is Writing Their Constitution.

Nate talking about rumors of indictments by Fitzgerald

Can THE MIND OF THE SOUTH Explain the Madness of the Neo-Cons?

FSM MUST also be taught if they teach "Intelligent Design"!

THAT's what I forgot!

Dems need to be like George Galloway's Respect

Does anyone know of a good satire site other than the onion?

It was like being at a party and going to the restroom for 15 months

Ever lost a friend due to political persuasion?

Please send me your Camp Casey (crawford) or Support Rally pictures!

Sheehan Divorce?????

Change coming for Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes archives.

Did anyone get pictures of the "We don't care!" assholes?

I bet these folks miss their National Guard

Potent meme to throw at war supporters: "FALSE PATRIOT"

Can someone post directions to camp Casey

Cindy the topic on Meet the Press!

Interesting conversation I had with grandparents of a US soldier in Iraq

An analogy to the Sheehan counterprotestors

Kissinger is on CNN

Mattlage -- resentful of Mr. Bush's presence

More dumb bush lovers

I think politicians should stay away from Cindy and Camp Casey

Is the Iraq Coalition Casualties page not working for anyone else?

We need more DU article commenters at HuffPo

Answers sought in death outside Wal-Mart

I wrote a song for Cindy and all who have been handed a folded flag

Anyone seen this email???

If You Were A Lawyer, Could You Defend Someone You KNEW Was Guilty?

Is Al Franken screwing up the United States?

What is a "VC fund?"

value of ruthlessness in a winner take all world


Howard Dean on Face the Nation (video)

Should Cindy declare victory and leave Camp Casey?

Maxine Waters to visit Camp Crawford 11:30

WMDs found in Iraq.

All those Crosses at Camp Casey

'Laughter therapy' doctor Patch Adams honored in Peru, calls Bush 'fascist

Why in the world would Barbara Bush say that HORRID thing ?

So, anyone know any good books or resources on pacifism?

Rush Limbaugh wants to help T.O., McNabb settle dispute

what the fuck did babs bushmonster say?

ATTN. Camp Casey ppl: Help on this idea please:

The Strategic Class - Democrats Dilemma

2005-2006 Governor Races Map

what one mom has to say to bush

Anyone watching the Shrub lovefest on Matthews

Is it time for a "reverse 1934 coup plot" a la Smedley Butler ?

Guy James: While sitting at the DFW airport I watched the Fox news

Do you think we are coming to the end of the Bush dynasty?

Larry Mattlage is a hemorrhoidal maniac!

Can one person make a difference? Cindy has given us the answer.

For those of you looking for video of the "We don't care" moment,

Everyone be nice and welcome a new member

If Casey Sheehan were still alive, would he side with his Mom or...

A lesson to all mothers of teenagers and draft age children.

Freepers Are Apparently Sympathetic To The Guy Firing Shots In Crawford

Weldon just makes it up as he goes along...Able/Danger and Atta

This is why there will be no Civil War

Just who IS Larry Mattlage? (in re shots fired at Camp Casey)

Protesting mom vowing not to pay taxes

The crazy neighbor with the gun is about to be on CNN!!

Here's what the TRUCKERS did in 2000 because of fuel prices

Offended by the "f" word?

Bush doing what he does best...LYING

cnn doing bush's neighbor up again now

WeBeBlue still in Texas with the fire ants

What's up with the whole Curt Weldon thing, I missed that news tidbit.

(PHOTOS) Texas stands with Cindy Sheehan

Faux seemed upset that Plane Crash wasnt terrorism

Prisoner abuse

"Greece Plane Crash Kills 121, 48 Children"

August 14th In Iraq

Did you know???!!!

PHOTO: "Ah got a right ta shoot,tell ya what, ya gotta LIVE Jesus Christ!"

FYI: Karl must have gotten on the phone to Drudge again

50 - 65% of young Iraqis are unemployed?

Sign, Sign Everywhere (in Crawford) A Sign!

Cindy Sheehan for President 2008!

Cindy 'toons I tried to post Sat,

On Technorati: DU rated 71st. This that fairly normal?

How many here think the War on Terror *itself* is bull---t?

Truthout Cindy webpage

TRANSCRIPT: Bush addresses the families last night!

Gotta tell you about this dream I had last night

The 'Noble Cause'...Here is why Casey Sheehan had to die.

Six U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bombings

Cindy Sheehan vs Terry Schiavo being "used" by radical "groups"

Camping Tips for Camp Casey: Post your Activist Survival Campout Tips Here

A generation of moms who don't remember Vietnam?

Crawford Ranch Roundup

Help me connect the dots on this Franklin, Feith, PNAC, AIPAC thing...

if you'd like to puke, check Freeperland on the 911 transcripts...

Rep. Waxman's database: Iraq on the Record - it complements the DSM

Network lead story tonight; 6 dead soldiers in Iraq, or Crazy Larry?

UN Watchdog reveals evidence Iran is NOT engaged in Nuclear program

Have you emailed WaPo today?

I am listening to the Stephanie Miller show on archive and I just love it.

Cindy just said on CNN

We can do better than this!

Cindy's Legacy -- she's having a profound effect

Sen Lugar on ccn just said that McCain should not voice his OPINION

bush's ornery neighbor to be featured on NBC Evening News

wondering what is your age

McCain Say U.S. Must Keep Military Option Open in Dealing With Iran

Bush has an obligation to invite the protesters on to his ranch.

Father pays $60 million for daughter's wedding

Larry's back on CNN

First Woman Hired as White House Executive Chef - Laura did something good

SIC Fixed Intelligence

Camp Casey on NBC news with gun-nut neighbor too!

OK, it's time for us all to move to the center

A Mother And the President

we won that story on nbc...puts pressure on shrub n/t

Stanchetalarooni Says U.S. Must Keep Impeachment and Treason ........

DU Assist! "A Man Without A Country" Immigration Threatens Imprisonment

Anyone else just watch Morrie blow Ahnold on 60 Minutes?

Sen. Biden: Send MORE troops to Iraq!

Please make sure you have an "I SUPPORT CINDY" sign on your car!

Iraq is lost. Tell Little Lord Velcro Shoes his presidency is a failure.

Ahnold had an AFFAIR?!?

NBC NEws......cindy right NOW!

A president's life should NOT be "balanced"

CNN story on Larry again right now!

Does reign of the Bush Crime Family help reaffirm Atheist's belief

Are there any members of Christian Identity, KKK in Guatanamo right now?

DU did it! The shooter neighbor mad about the portopotties!

Has anyone tried reaching Conyers regarding the Byrnes story?

Is Iran intentionally goading the Neocons into invading them?

"War stories with Ollie North???" WTF??

"Cindy Sheehan" most searched for term on!!

Holy Moses!! I just did a search on "cindy sheehan" on Yahoo

For everyone so eager...

Vj Day

Persistent freeper delusion: Lefties get paid to protest....

With regard to the shots near Camp Casey, I am reminded of

The Repugs are sure freaked about Cindy Sheehan

Shots fired near Bush protesters on LBN right now!

Would Gandhi have made a difference in Iraq? This guy says no

(Expletives deleted) Sludge misreport!!!

Dead soldier's mom brings anti-war protest to Bush

I think Cindy should talk to the Texas shooter dude


Bill O'Rielly & Fox News

Call To Arms! Freepers Launch First Salvo In The War Of The Porta-Potties!

So Lance is going scooter riding next week at the ranch....

Bush Pre-senile Dementia Video

Will this be considered a protest or a waste of time.

The Larry Mattlage Memorial Porta-Potty

Anyone in or near Upstate New York Can Get Free Ride to Crawford

OKAY which one of you guys in Crawford is peeing in a 5 gallon bucket?

A Mother and the President

Where does Bush get off anyway.....

"Little help for families down on their luck"

After the war - a better country or the same old same old?

The Port-a-Pottie Invasion (LINKS)

the origin of "We Don't Care"???

Poll: 80% of Democrats disapprove, 90% of Republicans approve of *

AAHH!! My Internet Was Down ...

World Bank's Paul Wolfowitz Says Bomb Cindy Sheehan

Are there any threads on the Gaza pullout?

Didn't Charles Rangel say not that long ago...

A Pretty Typical Day For Our Fearless Leader. Making "Crisp Decisions".

The Crawford Kid. A New Poster I Will Be Taking To Texas. Spread It Around

Ray McGovern rocks


Is there a list of all the Iraq/Afghansistan KIA families Bush has met

Cindy Sheehan speech from 8/13/05

Fuck Bush and the horse he rode in on........

Here's a List of THE TOXIC 100- Top Corporate Air Polluters

O'Reilly is currently polling his website's readers

PHOTO: Larry Mattlage, who came out shooting during a prayer service

Other than Bush meltdown-Public not buying ME democracy rhetoric is...

We Might Not Get Another Chance Folks

I just googled Camp Casey....

Good point made about Justice Sunday II

Oil Prices: Is there any explanation given of why these are skyrocketing?

Arise then, women of this day!

PHOTO: "Major combat operations are OVER!"

The Sept 24 big will they be?


In a few words, could someone

Gas Prices hit $2.53 a Gallon

Why are we in Iraq from their perspective? Seriously.

Mr Priss Geo.WILL Used CARTER's Stolen Briefing Bk, Didn't Return It

FReepers practicing for that (warning, kinda gross)

I finally get why Bush speaks like he does.

hahaha, Homer Simpson just referred to Bush as Commander Cuckoo Bananas

Videos of Cindy from Brad Blog

Bush declares victory in War on Terror,


Bluebear, signing off for a while. Everyone keep up the good fight

When the Watergate hearing started...

A Mother and the President (Time Magazine)

I don't like Dr Bill Wattenburg

Map of American Iraq war deaths by state

Please Help me ..

UPDATE - Maddy McCall running late - will be in Crawford tonight

Entire video of Kesterson on O'Rielly?

Sunday Monitor - (1) Rove. (2) Live from Crawford.

Is there a Byrnes-like purge going on at the State Dept., too?

Is anyone making any sort of "contingency" plans for the

Needed: help for wounded vets' families

Now that Cindy has started the revolt - should there be continuing

Okay help me out here, DUers. Larry needs a gift basket.

Justice Sunday PU

deleted message*

Cindy has shown us one person CAN make a difference!

No-confidence vote

Where Do You Think Things Will Be in 6 Months??

I can't wait until the House and Senate come back in September.

do we have a collective opinion

47 Soldiers Have Died While Bush Vacations

just saw Larry (shrubs neighbor)on cnn i think he is leaning our way...

Michelle Malkin planning to slam Cindy

16 hours away from "The Situation Room"

Should we get a professional crowd counter to count the crowd on Sept 24?

Baghdad mayor coup bbc item from aug 8

I have no TV, but I get the distinct impression the RW is falling apart.

The first, concrete crack in the Republican monolith will be:

Go ahead George, get on with your life

Barry Crimmins (from Crawford) is on Peter Werbe's show right now.

Would canceling my Washington Post subscription really matter?

Sorry , Mr. Mattlage, but we're going to stand up to Dubya in Crawford

I'm a LIBERTARIAN because I oppose the PRISON STATE

Did anybody get their call from Homeland Security???

Anybody see Howard Dean on Face the Nation ?

Has everyone seen the Time magazine article - "A Mother and the President"

This Whole Thing Has Been Great For DU. More Of Us Sign Up Everyday!

It's all fun and games until...

Separating 'other' military deaths out from "hostile fire" deaths is bunk

Bush should declare victory in the War of Porta-Potties

In all seriousness, shouldn't the Secret Service be nailing Mattlage???

New website..

Country Music's Delusional Response to War Continues

Cindy: The Peaceful Occupation of Iraq (Day 8)

Why was the * Admin so hot to take action against Iraq?

Latest update: Camp Casey needs the following things

I'm finding the most interesting people parked outside my house

" Marine of the year Accused of Firing on Crowd in Mass.

Is Crawford Getting Too Crowded? Coming up on CNN Headline News

Which is Rising Faster: the Gas Prices or the Death Toll?

6 feet under Great POLITICAL show tonight

George is really in love with himself, isn't he?

Britain no longer part of "coalition of the willing"

Does anyone remember the Ray Lemme "suicide?" pics at link.....

Patrick Fitzgerald x 2! Great Info on Fitzgerald's New Crime Busting Boss

Just think of the intimidation the folks at Camp Casey are withstanding...

Remember Paul Erlich--

amarillo tx gas 2.69......what is everyone else

Would Democrats support a Bush war in Iran?

Video impressions from Crawford today (August 13)

Courts ruled no "equal access" for Medicaid recipients

TWO CENTS: Should the United States reinstate a military draft? (SF Chron)

Termite calls on DUers to march on Crawford!!

Open letter to the Crawford Peace House

"All right," Bush says. "Let's go have fun."

VIDEO (BBC NEWS TOP STORY): Germany attacks U.S. on Iran threat

LARRY MATLAGE is LEASING his land to NBC news for access

What would it take to change the name of Crawford?

My son just came running in..

Murray Waas reports more on Rove/Plame....Ashcroft involvement

Gas here jumped up 11 cents overnight. What the hell?

Justice Sunday: "Our laws are based on Ten Commandments"

Stripes letter: Emergency leave denied

The Secret Life of George W.

See how REPUKES support the troops?

The Lady in the Ditch and the Wartime President >>>

While we are "watching Cindy"...4 Star Gen is fired..nuke drill on 8-17

From Houston:Seeing an awful lot of Kerry/Edwards 2004 car stickers lately

curious: how long did it take to write & ratify the US Constitution?

Bush isn't scared, he just doesn't give a shit.

Once again, since there are a lot of newbies,

Bush: A National mutation through unnatural selection...

Letter from an Iraq Vet

I lost it! Please could someone post the linke for the documentary

Murray Waas & Mark Kleiman: More bad news for Bush, Rove ...

Remember An "I Stand with Cindy" site

here's a tribute to my awesome father

If you do nothing else, rate up this story on Mike Gallagher.

If ya wanna learn some interesting political history,

8/14 All DU Cindy Sheehan threads Day 8

Is this the crazy Crawford shooter guy? -PIX->>>

Beer Drinking, Gun Toting Larry Mattlage: Fascist Or Misunderstood Kook?

I was hugging Cindy and crying; meanwhile,1000 miles away...

Crawford, a weekend in pictures..

Angry Widow (Breitweiser) calls for new 9/11 Panel

I am disgusted at "leadership" so self-serving and oppressive,...

Maxine Waters has arrived at Camp Casey.

Republicans Chant "We Don't Care" At Cindy Sheehan


I'm watching Zell Miller on Justice Sunday II on TBN!

Famous Cowards Through History

OUR FIELD OF DREAMS: "If you build it, they will come"

Today's photos's Blogging outside ANG Base Cape Cod

(Won’t You Please Come Out To) Crawford

Wow !!! - Freeps Turning On Church Over Sheehan !!!

Cindy's Victory

Taking the highroad - Let's make friends with Larry

Camp Casey in Chico, CA is up and running

Brad Blog: The Strange Sacking of General Kevin P. Byrnes

ESPIONAGE - DOD employees A & B Foreign Officals 1, 2, & 3

santa fe eggs....

Canadian troops return to 'friendly fire' site

Death in Stockwell: the unanswered questions

Tony Blair's comic opera

Judge delays new drilling off California

Call to back UN genocide reform

U.S. out of visas for high-tech workers

CNN just reported 6 soldiers killed in Iraq today.

Calif. real estate boom may be receding

LAT - Deal Is Elusive in Iraqi Talks

121 dead in Greek air crash

Watchtower and gunmen shadow pretty N.Irish town

Senator, Rep. say $30K may not be tainted

Flat-Screen TV Prices Finally Coming Down

Bush slaps down top general after he calls for troops to be pulled out

U.S. Lowers Sights On What Can Be Achieved in Iraq- WASH. POST

Refugees' forced repatriation to add Afghan govt's burden

Flooded metro helps sizzling Tokyo cool off

Is Al Franken screwing up the United States?

Prisoner abuse

North Korean Delegation Travels to South to Celebrate Liberation From Japan

Christopher Walken (for president) 2008

US scales down goals in Iraq

Senior official of Iraq Central Bank abducted

Lindbergh jet curfew violations taking off

Democrats embrace tough military stance

WP: Happy 70th Birthday, Social Security

U.S. lowers expectations for Iraq

Investors threaten board (Murdoch)

what one mom has to say to bush

Cypriot plane crashes in Greece

Cox may relieve Sarbanes-Oxley pain

US paid for Japanese human germ warfare data

UN nuclear watchdog rebuts claims that Iran is trying to make A-bomb


Ride with Lance among Bush's plans at the ranch (AP)

Specter urges abortion rights group to pull anti-Roberts ad

A New New Democrat Looks West and Forward (Bill Richardson)

WP: At State, Some Employees Languish in Security Limbo (another purge?)

Vietnam War re-enactors try to feel fathers' pain

Granholm Keeps Lead Over DeVos in Michigan

Iran Says It Won't Stop Uranium Conversion

Bushes hire first woman as White House head chef

Tabloid's Deal With Woman Shielded Schwarzenegger

Biden, McCain Noncommittal on 2008 Race

Iran accuses US, UK of ethnic minority unrest - Kurds, Arabs

Lance Armstrong says U.S. should focus on cancer war

Walken for President 2008

NYT: In a Reality Cook-Off, Winner Will Be First Chef (conservo WH chef?)

Deadly Tale of Incompetence (Mohamed Atta and Able Danger)

Greece Plane Crash Kills 121, 48 Children

Harris rejects GOP doubters (Florida)

Deadly Tale of Incompetence (Mohamed Atta and Able Danger)

Smoke rises over Civil War cannon sales

Scientists Measure Red Tide Outbreak (this SHOULD be Nat'l)

Some Lawmakers Say More Troops Are Needed in Iraq

Bush Lauds Social Security's 70th Birthday

China tightens security to head off anti-Japan demos

30 Bodies Found in Iraq Mass Grave

Iran says U.S. and U.K. Behind Ethnic Clashes--Daily Star

CNN: The 'suspicious package' that wasn't /"Bomb was SS Training Tool"

U.S. investigates abduction of Iranian dissidents in Iraq

Troops back at friendly fire site

Suit claims N.Y. town used false subpoenas to I.D. e-mail critics

WP (Section D01): In Texas, A Time to Circle the Minivans

NYT/AP: Koizumi Apologizes for Past Colonization

Power plants armed (Wales)

Russia to launch English-language news channel

Colorado tax plan getting Republicans heat:-

Study Shows Florida Leads Nation In Taser Deaths

A Daily Look at Military Deaths in Iraq (listed among most popular)

Iran warns US over nuclear threat

No Evidence Pentagon Knew of Atta, Panel Says

Mother calls protest disgrace

Tests indicate seized chemicals could have been used for explosives, milit

N.Y.Times Magazine: The Other Army (Private Military Contractors)

Iraqis back women's rights - with Islam

Iran backing Iraqi insurgent bombers (Here we go again...)

Responding to Bush, Iran says has more war options than U.S.

Proposed Panhandling Ban Draws Georgia Protest

Thousands Fill Church for 'Justice Sunday'

Iraqis Consider Bypassing Sunnis on Constitution

Papers Increasingly Note Antiwar Views in Covering Funerals of the Fallen

Venezuelan Anti-Imperialist 'court' Issues Guilty Verdict Against Bush

Ind. Couple Who Rejected Child's Medical Care Faces $172,000 Bill

LAT/AP: Nationwide Gas Prices Set Another Record

Bush Approval a Low for Two-Term Leaders

New 9/11 tapes show mass confusion

Man Outed on Radio Show to Receive $270K

Critics Want Overhaul of Army's Bonus System

Chinese, Russian Militaries to Hold First Joint Drills

Six US soldiers killed across Iraq over the weekend (1853)

NYT: Rulings (by courts) Trim Legal Leeway Given Medicaid Recipients

Hotel Evacuation In Washington - CNN Breaking

Santorum, Casey Race in National Spotlight

U.S. losing leadership in engineering to Asia

Mom says war protest will continue until month's end

McCain Say U.S. Must Keep Military Option Open in Dealing With Iran

Doubt on war grows in U.S.

Polish priest slams laws of "Jewish bankers"

Police: Decorated Marine opened fire on noisy crowd

Ride With Armstrong Among Bush's Plans

Shots fired near Bush protesters

WP/AP: Music Industry Worried About CD Burning (RIAA speaks)

Tragedy of US crystal meth orphans

Just watched Def Poet Jam on HBO....

I just thought of of an acronym for the DLC.

My picture of Cindy Crawford from Thursday.

Who here remembers the Dinah Shore Lesbian Weekend?

My first attempt to introduce Igamoo to Kootchstone.......

You know where you find the worst gutbombs?

What is it like to fall endlessly through a field of bubbles?

Kajagoogoo ........

What a pain in the ass. I went to lunch last Thursday w/ a friend

All praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Punk Rockers Help !!!

I was 16 when Thirtysomething came out 18 years ago.

Sometimes I worry about the kids

If there's someone at work that you HATE...

Won't you please come play me in chess?

What sounds do you hear right now?

My car is officially disappeared.

I just drank a botttle of Wild Irish Rose and am singing

I paid $500 for my car

Too funny! Fighter pilots next door

I have no flaws.*

Okay, so I'll be in Vancouver in two weeks, who wants to meet?

Irish blessings and toasts.

On a night like this...

The best looking hips in Rock-N-Roll

The best looking dips in Rock 'n Roll.

I think I lost some picture quality in my sig

w - it would be funny if he weren't so evil (video clips)

dammit DU, its almost 3 am

I paid $274 for my haircut!

Salaries Banned During Sex

Is anyone here on Pal Talk?

Who is on DU?

Calories Burned During Sex

"Downfall." Has anyone seen it?

What's the most wonderful lay you ever eyed your build on?

Holy Dogshit, Bush comes from texas.

The best looking lips in Rock-N-Roll

I just woke from the awfullest night mare

In the true spirit of the night... The woman I'm looking for's almost 4 o'clock in the morning eastern time....and I'm posting

I wish they would do a remake of The Grapes of Wrath.

What happened to the kitty threads?

What's your favorite Kate Bush song?

I love your face (a song i just wrote.)

**SPOILER ALERT** -"Hitch"

Morning, DU'ers!

1965 Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar on eBay


Remember the guitar licks on the Yardbirds Heart Full of Soul?

Listening to The Pogues makes me want to drink.........

slideshow creator - software question

all you zombies hide your faces

(The Observer) Why Lennon lives on

*WHOOPS*-Boston swans ("Romeo and Juliet") are same sex

I played at a great party last night but...

I just woke up, grabbed a popsicle and opened it up now I can't find it!

Sylvester says disco is dead!

Joel Olsteen

Today's the Day! I am SO getting out...

Some of my reasons for moving back to Maine:

I just sang a song to my cat. I think she liked it.


August 27th...will you be wishing me a Happy Birthday?

Anybody know anything about old albumns?


Guitar players - a question

I love the "free" iTunes codes on Slurpees!

Anyone ever see this website?

No hard feelings on this end, pal! That's what happens on a cocaine high!


Praise the Lord, they're gone!!

I love nature but I can't watch shows with animals hunting animals.

What is your favorite Bushism

Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man," dedicated to Condi Rice.

Computer question...

WiFi Question: Should I buy Super G, or just plain G?

I declare the War Is Over

Drumwolf says punk rock is dead!

Undercover Angel - 2001 version

Any alt rock fans here today?

$278 dollars for jeans


Scarborough's HOT recent news stories: Jessica Simpson, Hulk Hogan

ESPN2 relseases the bees

Men's brains are not designed to listen to women's voices.

Your magic missile...

Under Attack!

Laurie Anderson -- cool, or pretentious?

Funniest thing in today's newspaper...

Flat-Screen TV Prices Finally Coming Down

Readers Digest Aug 2005 - 2 amusing articles in the same issue:

I am dog sitting the laziest dog on the planet...

America Needs MORE COWBELL

Can you recommend a free email spam filter

wmob-wiretap radio

Photo: AP uses Bush "flight suit" pic in discussion of his LOW RATINGS!

At last, freedom!!

Happy birthday to my cat Boots

Father, a rebellion has begun.

Wow that fabric softener really DOES make my laundry fluffy!

my xbox won't power up

Help! My phone doesn't have an 11 button!

Anyone in touch with VelmaD today? If so pass on Maddy's message

Larry Mattlage is a hemorrhoidal maniac!

Self-Delete due to stupid question

"I wished we lived back in the day when you challenge a

Hey look! Larry's doing the wave!!

Why does the tipping in restaurants keep going up and up?

GREAT news, everyone! Bush has a new executive chef! Now I can relax.

Need a meat loaf recipe...

To jolt your memory: (rock song)

I woke up today with a cold-first one in at least a couple years

When posting in GD, what are your criteria for a "good post" ?

Do you like TV spoilers but despise all other spoilers?

At the current price how much will you be spending on Gasoline each Month?

All you liberal naysayers were wrong. The economy is kicking ass!

Let's be glad Ansel Adams doesn't live today.

Weekend Cancelled

are there any imported bottled beers with twist-off caps?

Was the HP salesman a repuke?

Martin Sheen Portraying George W. Bush (Video)

Heat Indexes for North America...

so I just went to the gas station. . .

Smarties... If I DL windows XP home ed. util. set-up from MS site, can

For those who can't wait for Top 10 Conservative Idiots...

What CD Did You Buy For ONE GREAT Song... But Discovered The Rest Sucked?


Do you let the door hit you on your way out?


Mao Mao Mao Mao Mao


"Of all the people that ain't worth savin',

I admit, I love this Chris Walken for President stuff.


this place is full of gay men today

Goddamn Republicans sure love their home grown terraists!


The kind of woman that I'm looking for:

Bush plans bike ride with Armstrong at ranch

FINALLY!! I'm getting my PBS back

Is Larry the Gun Crazy Neighbor from Crawford going to be a Blue Collar

To be great is to be misunderstood

i like my gut

Hello to all the newbies!



I'm tired

Police Shoot Same Man Twice ... in Same Shoulder ... in One Night


The girl that i marry will have to be

I'm thinking about hearing a War piece...


CNN airs that if gas were comparable to nasay spray, it would cost

Use a LCD monitor, laptop, digital camera, PDA, or TV set?


It's raining sideways here!

What do normal people do in the bathroom...

I'm thinking about wearing a hairshirt


Green Day up the whazoo on FUSE tonight.

I saw a UFO last night



For the clown lover in you... (* lovers not excluded) Stephen King's


I'm thinking does this Iron Mask make my butt look big?

Anyone care for a Radium suppository?

"My King" by Dr. S.M. Lockridge

So, who write the Conservative Idiots every week?

I am a smart-ass, sappy, geek.

uh oh! our parking Lot is fLooded

Ashling is a kick ass, cat owning Texan!!

I donated in the new fund drive!

Am I a loser because no one mentions my screenname in the Lounge,

Commander Cuckoo Bananas episode of Simpsons on tonight!

Crawford=A)Spider-hole B) Noriega's sanctuary C)Koresh's Waco

How do you get ONLINE

Homer just mentioned Cuckoo Bananas

I'm thinking about wearing a Chastity Belt.

My cat has brought a live rodent into the house

I'm thinking about wearing a bag over my head, should I?


The Aphex Face

Spirit of Peace

I'm considering becoming a blond

Finally finished it, now I can get it out of my head

Rocket Science, or Brain Surgery?

Ooh stormy outside--a few minutes ago

I'm thinking about wearing my girlfriend.

Fund Drive!


freddie mercury


Do you know what I mean by thread count (talking sheets here)?

World Bank's Paul Wolfowitz Says Bomb Cindy Sheehan

Where has that ashling character been hiding?

Fire ants infesting my corn!

Bush is still tying to privatize Social Security

Should I slice bananas into my Cocoa Puffs?

So tomorrow is my first day at a large state university


If Arnold wanted to cheat, he should have cheated UP!

So, here's all my cats... (warning... big JPG)

Just got back from the Grocery Store......

Closeup of the baby panda right NOW, for those interested!

feed me, seymour, feed me all night long

Hey! Where has curse10 been of late? Anyone?

Do people normally tease each other?

Good vibes/prayer request. I don't usually ask for this, but


I finally bought a car!!!!!!!!!

You missed the party!

I already donated so why is the total still 0 donations?

It's official, Jack Thompson is a total horses' ass.

Gentlemen: do you carry a handkerchief?

I'm thinking of wearing a piece of cod...

What are the upsides and downsides to marriage?

Have You Ever Been To A Nude Beach?

"I am wicked pissed!"

The Comeback

It is so nice to be home.

Sufferers of ADD, Apserger's, and/or PTSD - are your illnesses included in

Which is the biggest stinker among the movies listed here?

Pics from last night's b-day party in ATL!

Who here can draw/illustrate in realistic fashion?

The worst movie ever!

Recommend a dial-up ISP that doesn't kill you with ads & crap?

Gee, the news just put up yet another bit about the lonely childlike guy

NOBODY has donated to DU in the last 54 minutes?!?!

Dylan to be featured on PBS' American Masters in September


School starts the 22!!Back to Missouri Southern State University!

California has ONE MORE DEMOCRAT


I'm thinking about wearing a codpiece

I'm finishing up a client's system. Ask me anything.

My ideal man

my perfect woman

Hooray for Captain Spaulding, the African explorer.

Do DUers like dogs as much as cats?

My perfectly ideal hermaphrodite.

Help! I'm being devoured by bed bugs!

Eating champion wins new contest

Freepers practice for Patriot Potty use after the demo!

The picture of my dream man

i saw an employment app

Harvey Birdman: Morocco Mole got busted!

Goodnight kisses from Uncle Zomby

floogeldy is making me leave du

Best Food Network Cook?

I say again: State Mottoes That Just Didn't Make It

what are you thinking about RIGHT NOW?

33 posts to 5000!

Lucille Ball tops list of popular dead stars.

progmom is the only person responding to my threads tonight

in the spirit of things ~ here's the man of my dreams

Daisy and the Dukes dip to number 3

This is an actual album cover that came out in the early 70's

JVS and I are going to see the White Sox on Tuesday!!!

Niece's friend home from Iraq.... his best friend killed by

can somebody PLEASE post something

Fun/geeky stuff: Convert a current event into a STAR WARS crawl

Have you been Feithful this Sunday?

What cheesy 70's song would you like me to earworm you with tonight?

If this doesn't creep you out . . .

See any good movies this weekend?

I once ate at a restaurant in Nashville called........

Well I am leaving DU...

I saw Cindy Sheehan in a grilled cheese sandwich!

Find your center

Swamp Rat - - paging Swamp Rat - - please pick up the courtesy phone

6 feet under great tonight

A big fat WOW!! Just found my POW bracelet from 1966!

I am a man with simple needs...this is my dream woman...

The adventures of Maddy McCall - on the road to Crawford

Does anyone know about Michigan state medicaid?

Camping Tips for Camp Casey: Post your Activist Survival Campout Tips Here

In the spirit of is the woman I am looking for.....

I just saw the 60 Minutes story on Hillary Swank

This tells you why Bush always tries to act all macho

wondering what is your age

And now time for: Smilies behaving badly

Bands of the 2000s

I had my 4 month old kitten spayed today and the poor kitten is just

What's a good, cheap digital camera?

In the spirit of is the man I am looking for.....

They're left, they're vegetarians and they're on your iPod

t-shirt idea...

Take the beliefnet religion quiz....

I'm thinking about wearing a hairpiece

What other countries have you lived in?

Dogs vs jogger- what should I do as a dog owner?

In the spirit of is the man I am looking for.....

What are your favorite nicknames for Bush?

Haaaaaaaappyyyyyy Biiiiiiiirthday Dajoki! Remember we wanted

hey neweurope, happy birthday to us, lets start the party

So I lost my job....

Super squirrel

hp psc 1310, good or bad?

I'm considering leaving my husband and starting a mink farm and gun store

What movie tough guy/psycho would you like for president?

Tiger's off to a rough start.

At what age do you take a kid to a funeral?

the latest pixels from the Waldorf Cat Haven (***dial-up warning***)

My cat lets me pet her if I have ice cream or cereal in milk.

Ok, I dare you...

My "baby" starts high school tomorrow

You're a fucking criminal, and you deserve to...

Figure out how I did this

Back from the beach - any advice on keeping that vacation state of mind

How did you spend your day?

Tweety says rock is dead!

What Radio Station Did You Listen To When You Were Growing Up?

I am really scared.....I can't get over this overwhelming feeling of doom.

Yo! whatsa' yur mafia name? capisch?

Screw you Alton Brown!


Now I've figured out why I too am single - here's my perfect woman

I had a dream last night that the DU Lounge was in a church basement.

September 24th....are you going?

Nighthawks II.

Ever had Loma Linda brand canned protein products?

New Magazine to honor and explore all spiritual traditions

"When Somebody Goes Wrong You Have To Help Them"

Justice Sunday II

The story of Joseph; sold into slavery and still manages to forgive.

The Bible & Hunter S. Thompson

Harvard Jumps Into Evolution Debate

Global Warming Dispute Resolved

A little good, fun news from Kansas

Study on gay rams may help explain human sexual orientation

Just when you thought the shit couldn't get any deeper.

Banishing gay partners to the waiting room

Those Crazy Religionists... Will They Ever Stop?

Holy merit badge! Divine retribution?

An Army of 41,000

What Makes People Gay?

happy maine day

I spent the afternoon chattin' with Kim Mulkey-Robertson...

Limbaugh Wants to Help Owens, McNabb Settle Dispute

What kind of season are the NO Saints going to have?

Why are pro football players such prima donnas?

I'm disgusted. McGuire+Sosa+Clemens=FRAUDS

Boots is now "officially" a cat--he's not a kitten anymore

Dot, while she's looking good

Kitty Thread posted in the Lounge:

Would you have missed any of this?


I really needed to be reminded about this again....

Don't EVER doubt that Miracles can and do happen

The times are a changing

In Will Pitts "Cindy's Victory" thread a poster named Vinca

VA Reviewing PTSD { Stress} Claims

Are Democrats doing enough right now?

Hey, what did Santorum say about the Boston Swans?

BGlobe lead editorial 8/14: Praise for Kerry bill

Lawrence, Mass - Marine of the Year opens fire on crowd

Going unplugged

Nikon Coolpix 7900 "Face Priority" in Portrait Mode

Can anyone recommend a scanner to me?..

Phantasmish, A Filmsie Exhibition, and a ??

There's a Tucker Carlson drinking game. Why not a Keith drinking game?

Gas prices very probable to be at $4.00 a gallon

Facts and Fascism by George Seldes

Is it possible for current administraion to allow a nuclear 9-11 to

CIA’s Bin Laden hunter to reveal near-miss raid

Psssst, Whistleblowers, are you out there?

Senator, Rep. say $30K may not be tainted

Need DEADLINE help-Constitution due tomorrow

Dean doing well on Face the Nation

John Conyers / Frank Rich: Someone Tell the President the War is Over

A simple question about the "pro-war" protesters at Camp Casey

At least the newspapers of record seem to be doing their jobs...

Unspin - Mr. President: Pork's not so good for a healthy economy

Smooth Talker Of Bushes Is Jeb, Except . . .

Major LAT Bill Richardson article: "New New Dem Looks West and Forward"

Page 210 of the 9/11 Commission Report

"The Bush side waved flags, sang patriotic songs, chanted Go, George, Go!"

Extremely racist letter in my local paper

Something strange is going on...

Chicago Sun-Times: 'Disconnected' Bush started grieving mom on mission

Q & A about Democrats use of language

Democrats need to think back to 1994 and an Agenda for America...

"Your stupid presidency's dead, Jim --- er, George." Good stuff on dKos.

Oakland Tribune: "I will work my butt off to see you impeached"

DNC press release on some statements by Dean on FTN today.

Rough run-down of Dean on CBS with Scheiffer this morning

Anyone going to Crawford and want a free t-shirt?

Has anyone tried contact Conyers regarding the Byrnes story?

Latest smear against Cindy: She's anti-Semitic

The NARAL wimp-out

Protest at Bush’s ranch gathers momentum—mother of fallen soldier continue

“I’m So Sorry” — Show It — Meet With Cindy!

This should be all over the news (Bush's BROKEN PROMISE re: gas prices)

"Do you have page 10?"

gas price reduction

VIDEO-Howard Dean on Face the Nation

Another way to protest

Something Cindy needs to factor into her talking points this week

Its about time for DU'ers and their protest sign talents for Camp Casey...

Reid Hearts Republicans (Reno Gazette: Reid, Ensign forging close ties)

Double standards or business as usual.... if we have the "freedom"

Andrea Mitchell to Biden."In a comment you made to our friends at Fox .."

Baghdad mayor coup bbc item from aug 8

Anti-war protests swell outside Bush ranch

John Conyers recommends NYT editorial - Meanwhile, People Starve

My secret fantasy about Clark or Biden or Warner or hell, even Hillary.

"Help, I am surrounded by American-hating idiots!"

" Prairie Chapel" Just one more thing that drives me crazy.

One of Bush's "tax reform advisors" is a member of THE CARLYLE GROUP.

KnoxNews: Will Bush tax reform "throw the country economy into chaos?"

I've searched everywhere and can't find enlistment papers. I want

Re: Cindy Sheehan. Am I being paranoid?

Bush Fails To Follow Law Requiring Action Against Saudis

Bush Trade Rep. rats out Republican CAFTA liar LaTourette to blog,even

So is Byrnes part of a military coup? Letter from Ralph Nader to Cindy Sheehan

Oh the idiocy of it all (Repukes on gas prices/politics)

How BushCo plans to get rid of Fitzgerald...

60 Minutes and Ahnold

John McCain = "Dick Cheney with a better backstory."

Ten Thousand Voter Registration Documents May Have Been

Bush's fatwa to Little League: "Play hard, play fair, play to win"

Who said it?

What was the deal with that neighbor who "shot at a bird" near the camp

Desperate lack of forgiveness for "my team" politics...

Iraq Consitution will be better or worse than Hitler's Weimar Republic

Would our nation be in a different place today without the Internet ?

Walken for President 2008

C-Span Booknotes: Biden gave the Eulogy at Strom Thurmond's Funeral!

Democrats being "reasonable" and "nice" by James Wolcott....

Cindy Sheehan basher Mike Gallagher has FOUR Army age son-- ZERO in

Isn't tomorrow the day the courts re-visit the Abu Ghraib picture case?

C-SPAN will be broadcasting entire McKinney congressional 911 briefing!

What is the point of the debates anymore? Apart from dividing people?

the 'drip drip factor '--grand stories on DU today.

What nastiness will BushCo pull as they attempt to save themselves...

Why is "worldnetdaily" linked to in Yahoo News?

"WE MAY OWE THEM A BIG APOLOGY " (Able Danger scandal)

James "Bush's Brain" Moore on Bush & Sheehan: "Tiananmen Ranch"

Someone asked about dems supporting a war with Iran. What do you

Cindy Sheehan Blasts Bush and U.S. Policy With Harsh Remarks

The more I read about BushCo, the more I realize how CROOKED they are...

How can we tell the difference between George and Cindy?

For those of you who can't wait for Top 10 Conservative Idiots...

In the Media Battle over Roberts, GOP on Top--CSM

If you lost a loved one to the war on terror-would you meet with Bush?

Ldotters entertain ideas of murdering Sheehan after rifle is fired.

"The president has squandered our resources, " Dean on Iran threats.

Hey Freeper Fascist Assholes.........

40th anniversary of Voting Rights Act: Freedom requires eternal vigilance.

It's time to change the meme away from "Bush Lied"

Angered farmer fires shots near Bush protesters

I'm pretending I'm Karen Hughes.

bush told the truth once.

If Saddam was executed, would it make matters better or worse?

Notes from Camp Casey (Sunday nite)

CNN video clip of Bush neighbor Larry Mattlage "pacticin' fer dove season"

Which senator can you count on most to speak the truth?

Gary Hart: "Remember her name. It is Cindy Sheehan."

Oil at nearly $70 Barrel....Who can afford and who cannot= FAMINE

should Dems embrace war as a matter of political advantage?

Teaching Intelligent Design

Any final word on if Coca-Cola sent drinks to the anti-Sheehan protestors?

The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford (Day 8): George Bush: you work for me

Britain Sunday Times: No 10 Refuses to Reveal Iraq War E-Mails

UN's Nuclear Watchdog, IAEA, rebuts claim Iran is trying to make A-bomb

Considering the RW smears against Cindy, here is a test for you

If there is a Third Way....What are the first Two Ways?

Carlyle Group = Right Arm of BushCo Corruption?

Bush: "I think people want the president to make good, crisp decisions"

How about a Globalization DU group?


I just saw Evan Bayh on C-Span and he said

Bill Maher Statement on Election Fraud

Christopher Walken (for president) 2008

A naiive question: Why doesn't the party make a fuss about voting ?

"The Resurgance of Movement Politics"

I'm a Bulldog Democrat

Cindy has an article in our Sunday Editorial Section!

Democrats embrace tough military stance

David Margolis,Fitzgeralds new boss, shady past???

McCain is a f*ckin' sell-out

Bush plans bike ride with Armstrong at ranch

Simple Poll, Do you support Cindy Sheehan or not?

"Current TV:" Your opinion?

Gas prices not so bad according to CNN..

What Is the Advantage For These Neo-Con Hawks Attacking Iran?

Elevating intellect to new heights, liberals have lost touch with instinct

Bush lied us into a phoney war and we bought it??!!

War Torn: Why Democrats Can't Think Straight About National Security

Transcript of Howard Dean's Face the Nation interview

Excellent "Cindy" poster at Dailykos. (link)

WorldNetDaily was fooled by a "Christopher Walken for President" Hoax.

Where is the Clergy