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Archives: August 1, 2005

World must wake to China threat

What can be done about the erosion of women's rights in Iraq?

CIA Black Budget Over a Trillion dollar - Manhattan II project

Drought highlights starving Niger's need for relief

My brother is considering moving to Iowa, so I have a serious question

Buzzflash put up Interview with Harry Reid

Once again, we have the foreign press to thank

Action Alerts 7/30/05 from Liberty Belle

Schmidt campaign further tied to Noe/Coingate


Emails no surprise: Hicks lawyer

Does this man instill a sense of confidence in you?

PHOTO: Laura addresses the "National Youth" on Friday...

Seriously, and all politics aside, Bush sucks.

Bush's Answer to protecting our borders

What is this man thinking??

If pot made you stupid like alcohol does,

More on Judith Miller Controversy

Why can't we get straight answers about Discovery?

Spy's Notes on Iraqi (WMD) Aims Were Shelved, Suit Says

% of Liberals that believe in God? Polling data... For oped

Robert Novak talks... well, sort of.

Al Gore TV starts at midnight Eastern time. ("Current")

Hackett on Bush "Didn't vote for him, willing to die for him"

"An Insult To EVERYTHING I Believe In As An American"

*** URGENT *** Diebold machines not HAVA COMPLIENT!!!! PLEASE KICK

NYT: Two Prosecutors Faulted Trials for Detainees (Rigged to Convict)

Brazil's president battles widening scandal

Contractors, military in 'bidding war' (Iraq)

latest on roberts; WP 10:58 pm 7/31/05 he sought to reverse civil rights..

India increases security after two days of violence

Anti-Mubarak protesters clash with police in Cairo

Signs found 10 years in advance of Alzheimer's

Japan declares US trade war

China combats swine flu spread

While watching SFU, I was reminded of...(spoilers)

Bottom falls out of thong market

Who is Kevin Trudeau and why is he on my TV screen?

What would you name the new planet?

Watching the boys drink some "Pawtucket Patriot" on Family Guy.....

Hey Brandine! Pack my evenin' britches!

Is there a more over-used word than "Diva"?

Oh, that fiesty KitchenWitch

What is the personification of smooth?

ahhhhh Graham Greene and ilk.....

ahhhhh Graham Crackers and milk.....

So, I ate a bunch of garlic stuffed olives

The X-Files was an amazingly well-done show - holy shit!

X-Day spoiler alert!

hey Cats and Kittens, From now on this swinging guy

I am totally naked

Am I the most travelingest DU'er?

why is the dude so happy after the doctor asks him to pull his shorts down

Another thing: do not ever call me "feisty"

very important poll.

Ahhhhhh, Graham Crackers and Milk....

I just adore Tammy Faye.

What's something romantic you *wish* someone would do for you?

The Last Supper

Now I know why you all can't stand Santorum

Bush on the border issue

in reagan admin. roberts sought to reverse civil rights & title IX laws

Novak Speaks: Correcting the CIA

Oil Wealth Divides Iraqis (3 constitutions proposed)

Triumph of the Machine - Paul Krugman

Changing role of National Guard takes toll on its citizen soldiers

Novak: Ex-CIA Official's Remark is Wrong

The War Is Over, and We...

Windows Vista release slips to Q4 2006

Roe, roe, roe your boat

James Wolcott : Let the recriminations begin

Fifty Years of American Racism


OMG! Fmr CIA agent sues CIA re: withholding Iraqi Aims report - MUST READ

Nuclear Warheads Lost from a B-52 Now in Iran? (Counterpunch)

Dating Cheney's Nuclear Drumbeat

"Traveler families face eviction on Monday despite UK High Court..."

Raw Story Exclusive: British, US security services clash over terror intel

A Company's Troubled Answer for Prisoners With H.I.V.

Contractors, military in " bidding war"

Jim Lobe: Dating Cheney's Nuclear Drumbeat: Framing the Plame Case

The Menezes Syndrome

'America will never leave Iraq', US solider says

Redemption tale

Persecuted Victimizers, Kids and SpongeBob

Bush often under fire for ties to Saudis


A Costly Education for America - Watching neocons spin the collapse...

Taking Down the Neocons - (Justin Raimondo)

Arianna Huffington (The Huffington Post): The Judy File

U.S.-run Baghdad regime can't last

John Nichols (The Nation): The Bolton Embarrassment

Christian Exodus urges relocation to the South (to confront feds)

A faith vacuum haunts Europe(15% atheist-only half say God "very important

My Grandad The Nazi

Liza Featherstone (Salon): Wal-Mart's P.R. war

Karpinski Names Names (tonight)

The Debate That Wasn't

That Awful Power: How Judy Miller Screwed Us All

Plenty of food - yet the poor are starving

Fight your local equivalent of Halliburton--run for part time offices like

We should do something about this (re: Pataki + contraceptives)

DU this CNN poll and MSNBC poll on Bolton appointment

One Million Reasons to end the war in Iraq (Code Pink)

BOLTON Recess Appointment - CONTACT your Senator & Congressman

70!!! We hit 70 in the Rove LTTE campaign.

Now more than ever we need to join the Sept 24th, 2005 protest

Conyers & Huffington on proposed "journalistic shield" laws

Stacy Taylor will sub for Ed Schultz

Michael Moore's next project: American health care system

Air America Radio Making Huge Gains In Colorado

CAFTA and the balance of trade

Ozone depletion getting worse

Lousiana Debates Cutting Remaining Cypress Stands For Garden Mulch

Nanotech PV cells ($2/Watt) 5 years out in product pipeline.

Bombay Death Toll Approaching 1,000 As Rain Continues- Reuters

Mailing packages

Shell ordered to dismantle pipleline (Ireland)

Apricots, Pinot Noir Grapes Commercialy Grown In UK For First Time Ever

CNN: Study shows wolves' importance to ecosystems

EU Survey - 7/10 Believe Only Environmental Disaster Will Change Policies

NYT: Vindication for Ivory-Billed Woodpecker and Its Fans

Mercury Content In Fish Approaches 4X "Safe" Limit In Virginia Wetlands

Peak Oil

About fumigations in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Droughts In Europe, US, Australia, S. America Will Pressure Grain Markets

Lockheed Martin and Covenant Aviation Security Team Awarded TSA Airport

Air National Guard emerges as most contentious issue in base-closing plan

China deal 'too small' for Mugabe

Human Rights Watch (8/2): Egypt: Security Attack Opposition Demonstrators

The next battlefield

Netanyahu's losing his way


Perfect Patsies

London 7/7 Terror Suspect Linked to British Intelligence?

Affidavits can't be found on web - can you help?

Mr. Gonzales, Read this re Ohio Fraud:

Is Matt Tibbai's article out yet?

Brad Blog: Oh My Ohio ( Special Prosecutor Now Requested for Coingate)

Need Help Quick! List of websites explaining Electronic Voting Equipment

Corporate Media & Voting Systems Ownership: Follow the Money

Gonzales clears Ohio of Election Fraud! (Can you believe this???)

List of OH 02 Vote Machines

NY Times reporters probably hold key to proving Kerry victory in Ohio

Overcoming Apathy: Key to Overcoming our Problems

Raw Story: Ms. Noe's Own Scandal

anyone know the status of cook co. il. purchase of bbv machines

Nice article explaining Donna Frye's "voting for" pension resolutions...

help fight the Halliburtons of public higher education in CA

Will Leach have an early Challenger? David Loebsack?

Vilsack plans Labor Day visit - NH Union Leader

Join Governor Howard Dean in Boston on August 10

Activism in Somerville - Honk for Impeachment

Gee, I wonder . . . will Rick Santorum *blame* . . .

Protect Your Check

Publicly owned broadband would serve city best

They need to cancel that bloody scooter law NOW.

Two Police Officers Stabbed, Suspect Killed-UPTOWN

Anyone else in mankato area get to go to STAND UP SPEAK OUT

Mallard Fillmore?

I can't get sound out of my computor

Can I bargain with Adelphia?

wireless radio on/off problem

Help! Just got driver's license on Friday can I vote on Tues??

What If Voter Fraud Takes Place Tomorrow?

Brad Blog: Oh My Ohio (Special Prosecutor Now Requested for Coingate)

Has There Been Any Polls On Hackett vs. Schmidt?

Schmidt scandal in Enquirer today, thank you Howard Wilinson!

No Nonsense in November (Dallas 7/30 meetup report)

The Taos-ification of Marfa

Peace March

Astroturf LTTE in Sunday's Dallas Morning News.

OMG! Gingrich was across the street!

40th AD get Dem candidate.

Wisconsin Valley Fair starts on Tuesday 8/2

Peace Seekers of Washington County

Post your local Dem organization website...

Neocons to nuke Iran? (Powerful coverpage image over at

OUTRAGE: SC nominee John G. Roberts tried to CURTAIL civil rights

Why Conservatives Should Oppose the Iraq War (video link)

Charge the victim?

Defining "our friends on the other side of the aisle"

Two CIA Officials Say Novak's a Liar

Claims of brainwashing, child abuse and a cult-like sex ring to be aired

Anyone watching Al Gore's t.v. channel

Open Letter To The President Of The United States - About fumigations in

The real Cuba

Are there many countries that have military bases in other countries?

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd has died at age 82.

Someone recently said that if Carter were prez, we'd be speaking Russian

The total cost of previous wars - how much?

HBO movie "The Day After Tomorrow"

Stripes letters: Soldiers sound off, on Rummy, Camp Doha & leadership

Ethical relativism

The 60th Anniversay of Hiroshima.

Bowel study backs cannabis drugs

Dems want U.S. Reps. Tim Ryan or Sherrod Brown vs. Sen. DeWine '06

Why don't I see "Karl Rove" when I Google "traitor?"

With King Faud dead, Saudi Arabia could erupt at any time


Okay, who just mentioned DU on Washington Journal?

What if anything will change now that Prince Abdullah is KING Abdullah?

If it weren't for Bill & Hillary, repubs would have NOTHING to talk about

any update on Paul Hackett's numbers?

Appearently there are other design issues with the space shuttle.

Sanctimonious Santorum --FETUS FONDLER!

"What The Hack" - Geeks gather for Woodstock-style conference

"Inouye (D- HI): GOP Not Doing Enough for Troops

No toasters at the Bank

"Bush Comforts Thousands at Scout Jamboree"

Regarding the Sibel Edmonds petition

"Senate Lacks Votes for Stem Cell Override"

Is Bush the Cialis president?

"Global Warming Making Hurricanes Stronger"

"Bush Reportedly to Appoint Bolton Today" (May this sink them both)

Do DEMS Feel a pResident with 40% Approval Should Get Everything He Wants?

Don Justo's Self-Built Cathedral . . .

"Gulf War V - The search for the president's head"

Distraction with a twist

"Pilgrims flock to image of Jesus on tree"

Looking for a 'Bolton is an ass, and here's why' link...

Now that the Crown Prince is King, will the Chimperor marry him? -PIX->>>

Qatar Crown Prince Outed

Bush Mafia has a new capo ..... Bolton has made his bones for the family.

Tell Nissan and Hyundai to say no to the Auto Alliance for better hybrids

I've decided that I am a bitch

Ding Dong King Fahd Is Dead! The Wicked King! The Wicked King!

Santorum's inability to name more than two Feminists

Bolton, Bush, Rice - PIX - Who Will Be Indicted? >>>

New mystery over lynching of Emmett Till 50 years ago

"Bolton is just what the UN needs at this time", the Repubs say...

Now when will all that brush get cleared?

How often is the Congress in session?

What If Karl Rove Were A Democrat?

Wanna barf? CNN doing a propaganda piece on Bolton right now.

Bolton "satire"...

Stephanie Miller is on vacation all week -- and SHE got a guest host

US w/make troop withdrawl their own but Iraq/Iran are behind it:

Mark Emery nabbed by DEA

Robert Novak Correcting the CIA. What an ass!

GD: Break out your email lists and help us RE: Hackett AND Bolton

United Nations appointment - Contact the UN

Bush* is a chickenshit chickenhawk.

Had an Epiphany whilst reading the Top 10 Idiots

Who's Standing in for Springer?

Is Bolton appointment going to force America to have group sex with the UN

The UN Doesn't Have to Accept Bolton's Credentials

They do it because they CAN! No one can stop them we are all

Is anyone offended by the picture of Frist on LBN page?

Should we send Bush condolences on the death of King Faud?

William Pitt Owes Me $1.00

I feel like I am living in Bizarro World

Don't know if this has been posted yet but...

Talk about non-partisan gov't things that bug you here.

What is a high security Police station in the UK?

Morning Sedition: The British demonstrate that it is possible to catch

Caption this * pic....

There's no question that Dubya will take a political hit for Bolton.

What do the freepers think of Bolton?

Paul Hackett coming up on Al Franken in a couple minutes!!

Bush: "because of partisan delaying tactics by a handful of senators..."

The Great Race and the Marathon of Hope

This Bolton approinment has me spitting teeth angry.

Gonzales clears Ohio of Election Fraud! (Can you believe this???)

Harper's Magazine: What went wrong in Ohio (audio)

I'm looking for the picture of Bush falling off his bike.

freeper on School Board outed

Palmeiro suspended for steriods, can he be charged with perjury?

posted this in BN, wanted GD thoughts: Will Dems ever learn.......

Can someone help me with a debunk....?

Looking for sources on e-voting/paper printouts

"Bush bypasses Senate to install neo-con at UN":GUARDIAN'S Headline

Al Franken to interview Hackett ion Air America (12:30 p.m.)

Bush gives middle finger to Senate Dems again! (Bolton)

Can someone explain to me how a person's hair gets so mismatched?

Is the chimp really afraid of horses?

DeLay taught bible study class on writings of Charles Colson


Figure The Bolton Appointment For After Dinner

My friend's pet goat.

Unions and Andrew Stern. What's the web site that gives what donations

Leaked e-mails display rigged "military panels" at Gitmo.

Would you advise abortion in this case?

Russian Navy Sinks Flagship With it's own Parade Mine!

List things you think should be required reading in all public schools

So, contact your senators and ask them to filibuster this decietful move.

Bolton is in=Iran attack imminent

Bolton is in=Iran attack imminent

When is the Hackett/Schmidt election?

So, he installs Bolton - does this mean?

Who's Paying for Our Patriotism?

Will the Bush clan go to Saudi Arabia for the Fahd funeral?

Annan: Bolton Must Cooperate With Envoys

11 corpses found in Baghdad. Oh, never mind, they were just Iraqis.

George W Bush should be sent to...

Michael Smith article for Raw Story: Brits, US, clash over intel

Current - TV (Al Gore's new station)

How much longer are we going to have to wait to see justice done

Nightmares in the european dream

When is the Hackett/Schmidt election?

Sorry if I'm behind the tide -- Did * really flip off reporters?

some more on smirk and the scouts

Awesome Stem Cell Article from the Charlotte Observer

Caption this * and Bolton pic...

Who was the WORST modern Republican President?

What will public's reaction be to Bolton's first meltdown?

Would you turn someone in for cheating or criminal behavior?

Will Bush attend the Saudi King's funeral?

Hackett has to win in Ohio

Starve the Beast

Which of these Dem nominees would have made the best president?


Remedy: Put Bolton's office on one of the top ten floors!

"Bush Bashing Fizzles"

Not another "we're fucked" thread!

Help! Alan Keyes Is Coming To My Town!

Halliburton announces 284 percent increase in war profits

My Quarterly Coltan-Cell Phone-Dead Gorilla Rant.

3fer: Shrub Orgasmic Physical; Recess Appt =Failure & Dictatorsh; HACKETT

Oh, the hypocrisy

Anyone Listen to Hartmann?

Should there be a "Draft Gore" movement ?

scottys transcript ready + comment and observation

Who snorted coke, drank booze, and turned out really rotten?

What is a B+ on the GPA Scale?

Big talk about spreading democracy & Bush ducks Congress, installs Bolton

the free gets off spying on us...

ok, how many more acts of rank arrogance and fascism will it take

If it's so damn easy to make a recess appointment . . .

Rumsfeld Uses 'Flying Pentagon' To Communicate During Trips

How long until Bolton starts abusing the UN?

YAF annual college convention live this afternoon on CSPAN2

DU these 2 polls on Bolton (CNN and MSNBC)

Bush terms King Fahad as a "man of wisdom," strong US ally

i have found the perfect area for bush when he retires

I am not the throw up your hands and give up kind of person, BUT...


If only Bolton's ex-wife would come forward and. . . .

A flaming repuke in my office said this about Bolton

Mike Malloy's blurb about tonight - should be a great show

Pelosi: President's Recess Appointment of John Bolton is a 'Mistake'

Debating the Subtle Sway of the Federalist Society


NASA TV - 6 1/2 hour spacewalk coming up

Ed Schultz was just talking about some Heart Test???

Da - da - da - da-da-da- daaaaa! Watch as The Human Mustache

Challenger for Iowa's Leach (R)

US warns Iran re: nuclear plants.

Saw a new face today re: Roberts. Is it just me, or is there a huge

AP: Wave of immigrants hits Northeast

Anyone hear anything about Gore's TV broadcast today?

Why the U.S. Press Wouldn't Visit Downing Street

"Dating Cheney's Nuclear Drumbeat"

NPR sucks now.

WAH! I want my Bolton! Now, off to Rancho Crawfordo. . . .

Will or Be Running An Election Results Page for OH?

More on this Cold medicine thing, in Oregon

Hackett is on Ed Schultz show NOW! n/t

Are recess appointments permanent?

"Operation Withdrawal Scam"

So what do you think about Forbes naming Condi most powerful woman?

Just saw a pic of Jean Schmidt: DOUBLE YIKES!

Question about Presidential physicals

Should the U.S. move to the metric system.?

MSNBC Survey: Is it appropriate for President Bush to bypass the Senate...

Pakistan's million heroin addicts

Today marks the beginning of August,

Is that Babs Boxer on Randi?

Toledo Police Allegedly Helped Cover Up Sex Abuse by Priests

Soldier buys well-equipped Mercedes in Iraq (Saddam's car?)

Howard Stern buries Rush Limbaugh/Crooks and Liars

Bolton's dream realised at Michael Moore's website

MSNBC: Do you think Iran's nuclear program threatens U.S. security?

Should senior bureaucrats be subject to a 0-tolerence drug screening law?

26 Seconds.

Raffi're killin' be buddy.....

"The National Security Act, Corporations, and the Media"

For You Lurking Nazis

Energy Bill that passed - Dumb question

Dammit!!! Why didn't you folks warn me!!???

It takes a mountain of gall to send Bolton to "clean up"

NASA TV - 6 1/2 hour spacewalk !

DU The CNN Poll Which Has A HILARIOUS Bolton/* Pic

How long before blowton starts in on UN war resolutions against Iran?

randi rhodes is arguing in favor of regime change again

Can Bolton Use His Diplomatic Immunity Status Re: Plame\Wilson\Rove ???

anti-hackett ads airing constantly in my area

* and Vladimir - Vodka Presidents

Check Kansas state Job Board and see how many Leavenworth

I went to see an old man yesterday.

Has there been any legal action taken against the Andy ghouls?

No More Elections Until Verifiable Voting

I suggest a new nickname for Bolton. John (Coocoocachoo) Bolton

25 and younger set only

WH Press briefing seems like a Bolton lovefest today

Rafael Palmeiro now "Administration Ready"

THE BOY KING IS RIGHT: The Unassailable Integrity of The Human Mustache!

WTF is ambiguous about this? IMO, this appointment is illegal.

GWB loves Santorum's Book

Science Ficiton movies fortold future. Eeire, man.

I don't want Hillary to win the Presidency, but...

A Bolton poll for you to DU

If the govt starts taxing motorists by mileage driven...

Why did the price of oil go up

How does voting for the bankrupcy bill and CAFTA make one a centrist?

Dumped XM Radio today

The Lyrics of "American Idiot"

DU Activists Corps Published 70 LTTEs in First Campaign

The Bolton misdirection

Cost of Iraq War August 1st- $184,663,600,779

FOX shows Hackett : He doesn't like the SOB in the White House

I Called My Congressman Today - What A Disappointment

Gee, I guess they really DON'T want a vote on Bolton.

A BushCo question for you guys.

Wow, how long has Jackie Mason been a nut?

Can anyone name Republicans who opposed Bolton?

39 years ago today: Charles Whitman kills 16 at Univ of Texas

Federal employee drug screening policy

London to use racial profiling

Some of you make me wish we didn't have liberal radio

WHY didn't Gore start a liberal Fox?

Perpetual campaigning is so tedious.

So CBS News leads off with the baseball player on steroids story

Bush STANDS BY Palmeiro despite positive steroid test!

Why do the moderators delete messages from people with dissenting opinion?

Should we start a DU "Free Marc Emery" movement?

Weekends at the DL. HELLO.

Question: Hardball now...

Malpractice:medical errors kill 195,000 Americans each year.

Cost of Treating Meth Lab Burn Patients Straining Burn Units

Floyd on with Sam...

Army recruitment at the Boy Scout Jamboree?

Computer question ..... I have an e mac.

Group pickets home of McDonald's official: civil disobedience MI style!

Good debate coming up on Tweety: RW radio hosts who went to Iraq

Is this an attempted diversion for a larger story about to break?

Link to Al Gore's network?

"The hungry season"

The Mediacracy: How Journalism Went Bad

Is Tweety...

Steve McMahon on Hardball

Hackett's a millionaire????

1799 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Just received a form letter from my Repuke Senator on the DSM...

Quick question regarding recess appointments...

Hendrix used Gay Ruse to Avoid 'Nam


William Rivers Pitt: Something to Choke On, Again

Don't forget Rove & DSM! eom.

Not good news

U.S. military and administration clashed over Guantanamo

How do we make them understand?

Send this to EVERYONE you know who might know someone in Ohio

Secret Memo — Send to Be Tortured

Planned Parenthood rally in Los Angeles tomorrow!

Gay Baiting * Praises Homophobic BSA For Knowing Right & Wrong

Did or would Bolton approve of any of this?? Did he have a part

Just found this research tool:

OK! That's it! Evolution is now called "God's Intent"...

Hackett said on Ed Shutlz that he wasn't doing internal polls

Santorum said something on Imus today about people in MO

An Optical Illusion by Daniil Kharms published c. 1935

anyone know? can UN reject appt?

We Need to Buy, Show, Promote the DVD movie "The Handmaids Tale"

How is Bolton appointment Constitutional? Here is what it says:

Here is a patriot... listen to her story... MP3.... spread it around,

My first practice test to post a pic

Hackett's latest odds of winning? Anyone heard any numbers?

I read the news today oh, boy...

I am so proud that Bush is our president....!

"Doctors Give Bush High Marks on Physical"

video .....John Bolton on the UN......

Ryne Sandburg about his entry into the Hall

Ahhhh! Tramp Melanie Morgan FLIPPING OUT on Tweeties show!

How many Bush administrators does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Google "failure"

Paging Dr. Flip-Flop... Pick up the white phone

Is the Shrub heading 'to the ranch'...

My Republican friend from Utah can't stand bush...he is a conservative

Anyone watch Al Gore TV ("Current") and like it?

If Palmeiro is charged with lying to congress shouldn't Bolton be charged?

a couple minor bright spots in the energy bill

"NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL" and other great buttons/stickers!

Lets be positive for a change. I am tired of all the negativity.

Republicans sang a different tune when Bill Clinton was President

About those cold medicine - eliminating them or requiring prescriptions:

What's up with attacking/throwing away liberals, progressives and dems?

i am pleased that kofi annan today

World borders being redrawn

Shh.... Don't Tell Them I'm a Federalist

Roberts' Vote in Toad Case Is Dissected

GW Bush, the "Recess Monkey"

"You can't handle the truth"

Is Randi losing her mind?

"Hu is the leader of China"

Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein...

Google demotes DU?

A week without posting. Miss me? Got a present for you all...

Why Do Republicans Hate America? (nt)

MURDOCH's Empire Breaks Up - Who Gets It---QVC or (Gasp!) Roger AILES!

''President Bush and Condi Rice defend the White House from terrorists''

The Three Faces of George -PIX->>>

Is DU Moving To The Center?

Book recommendation. "I Didn't Do it For You" Michela Wrong

Orlando "Meeting of the Mouths 3": Carville vs. Hannity, Boortz + Howard

Raffy Palmeiro, the "liberal" media, and GOP corruption

Of course it takes a village to raise a child.

Spineless Dems (Edition 243390483): The Gun Corp Unaccountability Act

Since were getting close to football season, I got some classic Carlin

"Ethics. Please tell me the difference" (LTTE re: Halliburton)

The Truth About Abu Ghraib (Veterans for Common Sense)

Why did Bush go ahead and appoint Bolton?

Google "failure" and hit "I'm feeling lucky"

Recess Appointments:Frequently Asked Questions (link)

Anybody think that Bush secured his status as lame duck by the appointment

Today is National Bolton Shit Stain on America Day

Wartime codebreakers missed clues to Holocaust

Carlos Mencia (AKA Ned Holness)

Question for Someone Who Has Worked in Cable TV.

Would my senators actually get wind of what I'm going to mail them?

Freedom - The Cold, Hard Facts

Bush Installs Bolton, Angering Democrats - Right! And?

John McCain and Lindsay Graham torture bill...

Filibuster Roberts SC nomination to force Bolton out of UN...???

I can't take it any more! When will Fitzgerald end this madness????

DCCC & challenging all 435 seats in 2006 from MyDD

City employee disciplined for ordering drowning of stray dogs

If this woman is elected tomorrow in Ohio, I will lose hope.

UN Credentials Committee Can Reject Bolton

Heads Up: Al Gore on Leno tonight!!

Racist Coulter on Helen Thomas: "What is it with these Arabs and suicide?"

In regards to Conservative Idiot #10.

Lance Armstrong on Letterman tonight....will they talk politix?

Time to go "over the top?"

Gore on Leno tonight n/t

Nightline 8/1: Rafael Palmeiro, John Bolton, and the Yankees ... WTF?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

Let's Have An Open, Honest Discussion about President Hillary Clinton

"We have one party rule in America. Just like in China, and old Soviet

DU IT! Is it appropriate for President Bush to bypass the Senate and appo

Anyone care to join me in a moment of prayer for a Paul Hackett win

heh heh... met a freeper today and he stormed out

Al Gore On Jay Leno

UN Credentials Committee can Reject Bolton...

Bush's arrogance and stupidity in "annointing" Bolton is mind-boggling!

(REVISED) George W Bush should be sent...

Republicans are selfish and self serving!

Could Al Franken get any more annoying?

Have you guys heard about this march to take place this Saturday in Atl?

Dean: Bolton Appointment Another 'Abuse of Power'

If all drugs were legal which ones would you use?

It Takes A Fascist: Homophobia And The Republican Agenda By Rick Santorum

You Remember Those Toy Birds That Dip And Drink? Check Me On This.

I'm a nursing manager, great job, who is thinking of going to the VA.

I've been thinking lately

Malpractice award limits pass in House (BS!!!)

If Roe v.Wade is Overturned, Is it the End of "Them"???

In regards Bolton, what am I missing?

Sorry, but I WON'T be Voting for a Pro War Democrat

Religious Indoctrination in Texas

Lte from Sen. Leahy-maybe Dems won't go so peacefully?

WTF?Leno just implied that 21% of women are whores? Did I hear that right?

What Did We Expect?==From UK Watch

Ever dream of what things would be like if Gore were president?

Oil hits record as Saudi king dies, refiners toil

I am SO looking forward to the 8/2 Rachel Maddow show

Religious Insantiy in Hoboken

Draft A Chickenhawk.

It's astounding how much importance this culture places on LOOKS.

Post some good news today

who destroyed the ancient library in Alexandria??

TOONS: Your Tax Dollars at Work Edition 8/1

Did anyone just watch The View?

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan...

Why Did Al Gore Kill Newsworld International?

Air America Radio Making Huge Gains In Colorado

Still looking for those "new" Abu Ghraib photos and video?? Well

Suppose the DLC is correct: We win only as Republican Lite.

Tucker says "Shit and FUCK" while filming higlights to his show....VIDEO

Steven C Clemons of "The Washington Note" on Bolton

Bob Woodward: Wilson deserved to be smeared

Hey folks do me a favor, quit saying that Americans are stupid...

Could there be an Islamic Ghandi figure?

freepers: "hackett needs to be an example of"

Should we stay or should we go?

We should DU- AAR and complain about Franken


Rep Conyers: "How were the intelligence and facts being fixed?"

America's Most Dangerous Drug

Prison Torture Decisions Came from the Top

I have figured out the motivation behind Bolton


Soldier get 15 months for refusing to return to Iraq.

Civil War in Iraq=Success?

"Liberty News TV" August edition is online.

Was Bolton booed on his way to the UN?

Joe Wilson is a hero! (Pass it on)

Novak Attempts to Defend Himself (new column) >

How Dare Hackett Call Bush A CHICKENHAWK! >>>>>

So... Is The "Loyal Opposition" Gonna Bend Over For Roberts Too ???

Why is MALE PRISON RAPE still tolerated in America today ?

I said goodbye to my pharmacist last night.

Someone with a Free Republic Account can you look up my name

A study by UGA professors "outs" freepers

POLL! Do you this the President was right in appointing Bolton?

Novack's recent explaination on Plame article.

DU is like a hot pot about to boil over....

Deep Throat Move Over: Disgruntled IT Employees Expose All

I Just Paid $2.52 a Gallon for Gas...

A few words about the racial profiling of Arabs (pic heavy)

GORE IN 08! (Yes? No?)

Any suggestions for Zucchini ?

totally Off Topic

Bean salad Luncheon Recipes

After Paisley's press conference, I consider him a national treasure .

The King of Saudi Arabia is dead.

Sudan Vice President Dies in Copter Crash

Ex-European bank chief who ushered in euro found dead

GOP courts consensus on border policy

U.S. warns top Iraqis not to delay constitution

Saudi King Fahd dead

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd dies

NYT: Two Prosecutors Faulted Trials for Detainees

Foreign nationals hired for Iraq (Colombia)

LAT: LAX Expansion Will Raise Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Spacewalkers may have to repair shuttle

Riots after Sudan VP Garang dies

Breaking CNN .....Bush just made recess appointment of Bolton

Dog Beats Most in Swim From Alcatraz (LBN to smile about..

Sweden donates more than the US

City mayor accuses Chelsea tycoon of fraud

Twenty bodies dumped in Baghdad after killings

WP: Battle Over Gay Marriage Plays Out in Indian Country

Iran to resume nuclear work in defiance of EU

Oil Climbs as Saudi King's Death Adds to Concern About Supplies

No 10 dismisses 'PM to quit' report

Quinceanera in Florida Ends With 9 Arrests (16yo tasers and peper spray

ABC: Leaked emails claim Guantanamo trials rigged

Pataki to Veto 'Morning-After' Pill Bill

Book: Hendrix Used Gay Ruse To Avoid Vietnam

Afghan Elections Face Funding Shortfall

Candidates (HACKETT) in final sprint (on Franken&Schultz shows today)

U.S. SUPREME COURT: Image-polishing drive staged for nominee

LAT: Getting a Foot in the School Door (no buck left unmade!!!)

Bush calls Abdullah to express condolences

Cuba rips 'subversive' U.S. plan

Lawsuit details emerge over CIA Iraq intelligence (no WMD)

Saudi King Fahd is dead.

Gunmen shoot dead high-ranking police officer in Baghdad

Raw Story Exclusive: British, US security services clash over terror intel

WP/AP: Senate Lacks Votes for Stem Cell Override

Author backs forced-marriage ban

Israel arms sales to China, FBI investigation into alleged spy affair sour

Gay activist from Miami Beach unveils Hillary Now campaign

Oil Wealth Divides Iraqis (3 constitutions proposed)

AMBUSH ON IRAQ LEADER::Mirror UK reporting assasination attempt on Chalabi

Frist PAC Raises $1.9 Million This Year (Bayh @ 1.2 Million)

LAT: Oil Wealth Divides Iraqis (drafting Constitution)

Oil at record above $62 after Fahd dies

Cardinal: Chavez needs 'exorcism'


MSNBC Bush to appoint Bolton today

Blair is a liar, say Muslim leaders

Insurgency in Fallujah expected to worsen: US commander

Teen's Vomit Sentence a Conundrum for Cops

Iraqi leaders asked to help with constitution as Aug15 deadline approaches

Iran agrees to delay nuclear restart (backs off threat)

Girl, 6, Fatally Shoots 2-Year-Old Brother

Insurgency in Fallujah on increase

Dog bombs 'biggest danger' to Iraq troops

Ex-military prosecutors fault Gitmo trials(rigged)

UN chief, diplomats say they can work with new US UN envoy

Gore's Current TV hopes to spark interest in young viewers (Debuts today!)

National Archives to Open Additional Materials Relating to John Roberts

Russia bird flu could spread to EU - vet official

Ex-Official: CIA knew Iraq was nuclear-free

Murdoch dynasty 'will end'

New GM Powertrain Europe head killed in bicycle accident

LAT: CA State Court Rules Backs Benefits for Domestic Partners

U.S. force in Afghanistan plays down Uzbek eviction

Arrests mark launch of UK protest law

DNC Chairman Dean to Address 47th Annual Convention of the SCLC

Top military QC condemns Guantanamo trials/Australia

As war drags on, perception of Iraq mixed

UN Credentials Committee can Reject Bolton...

Murdoch dynasty 'will end' (we can only hope!)

Kyrgyzstan refugee move angers United Nations

Reaction to Bolton's Appointment to U.N. (Reid, Frist, Annan, Lugar,other)

Bush endorses teaching `intelligent design' theory in schools


Iraqi Army Shows Continued Progress (Light, tunnel, train)

Questions linger as Bush pushes India nuclear deal

Sharm al-Shaikh suspect shot dead (egypt bombing)

AP: Sharpton forms group to promote racial harmony in LA

Iraqis say constitution to be ready on time

(Hackett) Candidates take it easy in final days

Drawing Down Iraq: Drastic troop cuts are in the Pentagon's secret plans.

Lib Dems call on US to release terror suspects

Ms. Noe's Own Scandal: Wife of Ohio GOP fundraiser does some election ...

Zogby: Despite Big Week for Bush, No Bounce So Far: Bush Job Rating @ 45%

US-led troops 'part of Iraq problem'/Straw

CNN: Study shows wolves' importance to ecosystems

U.S. Ambassador in Iraq Discusses Withdrawal of U.S. Troops

Tony Blair Plans To Quit

Guardsman in Iraq Punished Over Blog Post

WP,pg1: A Chinese City's Rage At the Rich And Powerful

Gonzales balks at release of Roberts documents

Garang death sparks riots in Sudan, 24 killed

Adm. Will Ask China for Broad Limits on Clothing Export(CAFTA vote payoff)

Both Parties Attack Pataki's Stand on Morning-After Pill

Novak Defends Actions in CIA Leak

CNN: Report: Murdoch clashes with children

DNA Evidence Frees Man After Nearly 18 Years in Prison in Pennsylvania

Kennedy Center Denied Federal Funding

The US strikes out

Study: Electronic Record Costs May Soar (Bush plan cost: $200 billion)

Bush often under fire for ties to Saudis

NYT: Bush's U.N. Agenda Is Well Under Way

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1799)

AFP: Bush often under fire for ties to Saudis

Black Preachers Embrace Homosexuality as Another of God's Works

School Bus Drivers On the Watch For Possible Terrorists

WP: Review Finds Iran Far From Nuclear Bomb

Ohio soldier killed in Iraq questioned U.S. role there


NYT: Columnist Hints Book Was Source That Led to Use of C.I.A. Officer's

The Iraq War: Another view (Operation Teddy Drop: "Para-bears" for kids)

Grass roots group for Hillary unveils TV ads

Democratic Rep. of the Congo: Prominent Human Rights Defender Assassinated

Homeland Security nets more than 500 gang arrests

CBS: Shuttle To Be Repaired In Flight

Bush endorses teaching `intelligent design' theory in schools

NRA Launches Boycott of ConocoPhillips

Minutemen Volunteers Find Body of Suspected Border Crosser

U.S. warns Iran on nuclear threat

'America will never leave Iraq', US soldier says

Is immunity in offing as Congress looks at Plame case?

Bush: Rove has 'my compete confidence' despite leak

Baltimore Orioles' Palmeiro suspended 10 days for violating steroids polic

World turning its back on Brand America

Steroids Headed for Troops in Iraq Seized

Breaking: Bush Appoints Bolton as UN Envoy, Bypassing Senate

WP: Peace Corps Option for Military Recruits Sparks Concerns

MSNBC Breaking: Saudi King Fahd has died, officials say

Miss Everett Teen USA Enlists In The Army

Cuba gives free eye treatment (to Caribbean neighbors)

Relationship dating Q: How can you

ATA like question (spoof)

"People should not be afraid of their governments.

aaahh, milk & graham crackers w/frosting = yummy ~

I'm actually thinking about going to bed early....

Ahhh, Graham Crackers, Milk, Garlic Stuffed Olives, Jalapenos,

ahhhhhhhhhh, Graham Parsons and kilts...

Ahhhhh, Heather Graham in silk

Pavement drawings you got to see this guys drawings!!!!!!

The meaner the shack, the better the BBQ

Enigmatic got into a car wreck this afternoon.....

Poll for straight or bi-men: what type of undergarments do you like women

Can Linux run windows applications and games? /nt

Have you ever picked your toes in Poughkeepsie?

Whatever happened to Richie Cunningham's big brother? POLL FIXED

MSNBC moves Tucker Carlson...into the time slot OPPOSITE JON STEWART.

have a wonderful day

Whatever happened to Jeb Bush's big brother?

I like guys that wear eyeliner . Should I seek help or what ?

When did the Biography channel become a freeper squat?

This guy eats hotties for breakfast

Sweet dreams DUers

Am I the only one who did not know that Richie Cunningham had an

PAX the pseudo religious good timey family network

I was told that all TV and radio would go digital in 2006

Check out this video

So, what's the next Enigmobile going to be? Some suggestions here:

I knew enigmatic would come up with a way to get DU women's attention back

hey crackhead

TO THE MODS: I love you, but I'm calling bullshit

K-PAX the pseudo religious good timey Kevin Spacey flick

Down with love, the movie

SCREW Family Guy!

Attack of the killer mod

Why are you people awake at this hour? he came out in his underwear...

I DARE DS1 to call Matcom

Awesome LTTE

"Tastes like wild hickory nuts."

MatcomNews Update: Teen's Vomit Sentence A Conundrum For Cops

Should I call in sick?

Woman Says Cemetery Lost Her Father's Grave

Well so much for going to bed early....

Golden Rules?

I Keep My Uncle Leon In My Closet

Best M. Night Shyamalan film?

Ahhh, Graham, Crackers, and milk

A question on the Zogby survey I just took

Stupid is, as stupid does

I just got into a staring contest with four deer

Any tips for a fucked tendon (strain/sprain)?

I'm so tired of waking up in the middle of the night...

Does your cat smoke clove cigarettes & listen to '50s beat music?

Man Charged For Stealing Hundreds Of Women's Undies

Does your cat play bite?

Please curb your animals.

MrG's cholesterol is too high. Therefore, we are changing our

Does your cat like James Bond movies?

does your cat act cute?

weekend from hell

does your cat drag its hiney across the carpet?

A study by UGA "outs" Freepers

Hilarious McClellan animated skit.

OK for once and all

Last night I dreamed the strangest dream

Found couplets: Lounge subject line hilarity...

now this is a hot kitty

they may have gotten Alexandria's

Who would Jesus bomb?

need to find a reasonable gift for a staff support member


why why why why why?!!?

Is Coldplay the new U2?

something weird on IE

Company Behind Pop-Up Ads Shifting Focus To 'Personalized' Pop Up Ads

Photos: Bush 'n' his mistress Condi ram Bolton up the U.N.'s backside

A hydrospanner

Once again, it's time to thank skinner, elad and EarlG for this:

I'm going to go for a walk in a few minutes...

Dog Beats Most in Swim From Alcatraz (LBN to smile about..

Well, is there any doubt now? CAPTION

Man Has Lost Dentures Removed From One Of His Bronchial Tubes

Plain speaker of the week:

Air Force Thunderbirds - Navy Blue Angels

My 1000 post!!!!!!! It's great to be back!

any DUers wear a merkin?

The Democratic Party is McFly.....

A good friend's husband being deployed to Iraq this week...

Help from a nun

Does "Bite Me" bother you?

OMG- The View - "Gay Camp" Leader on now

Is it DU or my work server?

Travel Zoo Newsflash - United Airlines Having Massive Airfare Sale

I recently found out someone I admired was a KKK member in the 50's

Gay men - do you give your BF flowers?

a little trivia exercise for music lovers . . .

any DUers wear pants?

I wake up in the middle of the night

Waiting for a job offer to call...

RANT- Sodium lights in the country!!!!!!!

Lounge: break out your email lists & help us out RE: Hackett and Bolton

This ear worm is dedicated to Progmom. Post your dedications here!

Greetings from Rochester (in the basement of the Eastman School of Music)!

My cuz caught a 4 foot shark and released it.. Can it reallly survive if

Just who do you think you are?

Anyone who tells you that soy milk and alcohol don't mix

Damned wasps!!!

Kitty sickbay...tail injury

Hendrix 'pretended to be gay' to get out of army

Did Wetzelbill really get kicked in the head by a bull?

Katie Couric: "I feel like a human piñata. No candy is going to spill out"

What is this bug?

Is there a baby underpants yet?

Post your good advice for Baby Underpants

Where do you live?

"Bite me, progmom" or "Robb is a dingbat"

Go Cincinnati Reds - woohoo!!!

Do you tuck in your shirt?

My Monday afternoon ESP thread (lol)

Has Hackett been on Franken yet?

Six Feet Under: They make the best music choices don't they?

I just got two fortunes in my fortune cookie!

Have you ever parallel parked?

Which would you prefer: attractive face; fit body; or ample endowment?

Don't you hate it when...

Mets and their fans

Okay, who hasn't thought these two weren't seperated at birth

Veterinarians, what staples do you keep in your pantries?

What would you do if you got this email from your boss?

the Delaware Blue Rocks and their fans...

Study shows many later Seinfeld episodes not actually funny

Three more weeks until I kill my TV!!!!!

Can your paralegal pork?

Separated at birth? Which one looks most like Yubaba

Guess what sold for $200,000? It's a long, thick part of Luke Skywalker!

Vegetarians, what staples do you keep in your panties?

Should Axl Rose be in Funkytown?

An interesting letter re: video games

Anyone else having a problems getting into Groups?

Ok, you people are just freaking me out.

Will Eisner's last, greatest work

Can you parallel pork?

Veterans, what staples do you keep in your panties?

Me and my fans

John Wayne, the man who defined the term 'chicken hawk'.

Post your bedroom wallpaper here

I can't click on my inbox. It keeps saying an error occured!!

Should there be a "Draught Gore"?

HP & the Goblet of Fire movie: YIKES!

Ok, misunderestimator is just freaking me out.

I rolled out this morning

If you get a letter from Nielsen Media Research OPEN IT

Does your cat spit up hair balls and crap on the floor?

President BatBoy Image

Post your South Park self here!

Palmiero suspended for steroids

Attack of the killer mold

Post here to kiss Bicentennial Baby's wounded knee

What baseball team's stadium is the location of the most violent crimes...

San Fransisco DU/PDA Meetup...

Loungers, you are formally on alert

Overheard yesterday in a well-known town in Maine

Vegetarians, what staples do you keep in your pantries?

Why the hell should I care?

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars: What color are yours?

Should there be a daft whore movement?

oh god....NIC FIT!!!!!!

Hello everybody

Favorite Looney Toon Character?

Beagles and their fans

Teenagers Have A Blast At Explosives Camp - REALLY

Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler DAMN IT!

You guys are a bunch of fucking weirdos.

I just called to say...

Should I stay or should I go?

Today would have been Jerry Garcia's 63rd Birthday

Engrish Wars: Backstroke of the West

New most favorite band name.....

The Patriots and their turd-licking bandwagon jumping cronies.

I just called to say...

Today would have been Herman Melville's 186th Birthday

Red Sox and their fans

any DUers wear a toupee?

Are you becoming your same-sex parent?

Eagles and their fans

I just realized that Sam Seder of AirAmerica Radio...

KC Royals and their fans....

Bolton belongs with Waldorf and Statler, the old men in the Muppets Show!

Calling all those who have been hurt and alienated by MsU.

Harry Potter and theHalf Blood Prince Discussion (SPOILERS)

The teams of the lands that oppress Quebec and their fans.

So what would you do with a bad monkey?

I need to replace my ballcock

When you were little, did you wish your name was different?

Are we able to discuss Six Feet Under yet? I can't wait!!! (spoilers)

Sleep problem- comments, advice, flames, welcome

Hell, YES! Gore's Current TV is on Directv channel 366.

I bet it's against some rule to DU my sales ranking?

How many days old are you??

I need to replace my Shuttlecock

Raiders and their fans

I think I'm manic, ask me anything!


OOOOOOOOO CNN is gettin' all 'IMPOTENT' on us!

This thread is dying

I just drove back from D.C., and boy are my cattle tired

The Calgary Flames and their fans

Should I be in Cooperstown Hall of Fame?

My Dog is Tom Cruise

for Pete's sake, it was a joke, but I'm flattered to get my first chastity

John Bolton's mustache is white because...


They're showing tons of big spiders on Buster....

Help Jerry Springer re-name his AAR show

" "Democrat Calls Bolton 'Damaged Goods'

I'm told I'll see Cowboys all the time in our local Cold Stone

Should Pete Rose be executed in Cooperstown for crimes against baseball?

I couldn't care less about football!

Even the Scientologists think Tommy is nuts!

The Oracle Speaketh: This is the year the Cubs with the World Series

I caught 4 chinook salmon this morning

Time for another Let Me Answer Questions About Shit That I Don't Know

Ya gotta love freeped newspapers!


Do you think DS1 will accept my indecent proposal?

Tofu jokes are NOT FUNNY!!!

I snorted 21 grams for the first time last night... can I set all subfolders of a folder to appear the same way?

My heart, you're breakin' my heart

The real question about Bolton: Rug, combover or endangered species?

Should people fuck with your head and claim they did things they didn't do

DID IT AGAIN! SOB plumbers shut water off for whole complex!

Wow! The trolls are out today. Post a Bolton thread...

What does this mean? MS Word help needed.

My friend has suddenly lost his hearing in one ear!

My God, I posted something in GD and didn't start a flame war

anyone ever seen 'a countess from hong kong"

Holy real estate bubble, Batman!

should there be a draft; door movement.

Connery fed up with Hollywood 'idiots'

Is there anything I can eat at a topless bar?

John Bolton is the Apostrophe of EEEEEVILLLL!

My Interview with Nashville City Paper...

Damn you DUers are slackers, you forgot to recognize this man's birthday:

I was NOT abducted by aliens last night

can you para-sail bork?

Should I claim my prize?

Has anybody here used Google Earth yet?

A DU'er in the midst of a Phoenix Dust Storm (photos)

Your Smiling Face

Physical attractiveness is the only role in social thing-y's

Ok so should Joe Jackson be in the hall

Christians and Professional Wrestling COMBINED!!!

Ask me anything, and I will attempt to endear you more to me

T.O. has one hour to show up for training camp.

Why is Mr Ford so pissed?

good god, it's one o'clock and I haven't done ANYTHING today....


Missing Prosecutor's Laptop Found in River without hard drive

public enemy news

Village People cop arrested by, uh... Real cops

National Museum of the American Indian - My Review

Where the heck is Zuni?

I'm annoyed right now. Please cheer me up.

XFL and their fans...

The most insignificant question ever asked on DU

Interesting discovery of the day...

Like a weird dream of falling:

For the record

IT'S A LIZARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 1st 5:28 PM

Okay, I've done it all. There's no use going on.

MST3K fans want to see "The Island"?

Is there anyway to save your web work to another site. If your running out


Dog story

Anyone looking forward to HBO's Rome?

Next Internet Explorer to fail Acid test

I've decided I'm making cheesesteaks for dinner

I'm watching "Toy Story II"...again. Post here if ya like the movie too.

Should Pete Rose be in Cooperstown?

If I find the mosquito that has been chewing on me all afternoon...

August 1st = Beatles Music

Caption This!

Update on Sugar Smack

I'm sitting here, eating grapes and thinking of a hot buttered crumpet

Any gays in the house?

How long did it take you to reach 1000 posts?

We know what people do at DU meetups

Photo: I'm thinkin' Bolton would like to invite Condi to his "club."

Anyone listening to Don Geronemo (Don & Mike Show) this afternoon?...

I'm too Canadian to be abusive. Post here and I'll apologize to you.

GAWD - Homemade Sausage Is The BALLS

Any 1/64th black lipstick lesbians here that like to use racial slurs?

Post here if you would like to crush me under a mountain of stone

Would you buy this stuff?!

Who is your favorite witch?

Donald "Duck" Dunn loves you

Who knows Bobby Hughes?

does anyone like the Doors music but finds Jim Morrison's lyrics lame?

Post here if you DO NOT have a crush on me.

iTunes, now with Mind Reading Technology! (not really, but...)

Can you parallel park?

Crush me, I'm yours

Why is the sky blue?

Interesting stuff I've learned along the way

I think we need to ban Halloween.

If it's called an "autopsy", how come you don't perform it on yourself?

Ghost Whisperer?

What is your opinion of the AWP?

I'm going camping in Canada for a week. Sackcloth and ashes

Do they ever mention me over at freerepublic?

Rick Santorum's book... Real Life Fecal Aftermath

Why is John Dolton's mustache white?

Any Nordictrack Owners Here

Why, Raffy, Why?????

The Rat Story

I got a funny letter from my employer,

If you had 3 wishes that could only be used for relocating politicians

Is there anything I can eat at a tapas bar?

So my brother & his wife come to my birthday party and put food on my tab


LMAO!! Never thought i would have to leave a "sub-forum" to cool down

I'm about to eat a bacon, mayo and tomato sammich

I want to make a fancy dessert, like the ones they make on Queer Eye

Hot Samba and Bossa Nova

Doesn't Bush have a Saudi funeral to go to?



oh great music lovers....

How much do you put into your 401(k)?

What is the difference between recordable DVDs? -R vs +R

Does physical attraction play a social role among straight people...?

Kroger Private Selection Gourmet Coffee is GOOD!

Who here believes Palmeiro?

Can I just say something about Six Feet Under?

What seems more realistic?

Talk to me about vacuum cleaners.

Wanna yank my chain?

Do they still make Jell-o pudding pops?

I watch the comedies on the WB to get an insight

I just enrolled in my company's 401k plan

Hey, DUers: Have a myspace? Post it in here.

I'm so freakin' bored

What would happen if I asked where to put my DU sticker?

Now that I'm out of the 700 club, the get to know SeanQuinn megathread!

She Said, She Said

Lounge Subject Lines Make For Colorful Metaphors

My first practice test to post a pic

Movie casting with a twist: Christopher Walken as a superhero foe - WHICH?

What is the best Senior computer?

Won't someone please help rabrrrrrr bury the cat again.

by any chance has anyone had their itunes credit confiscated by apple

Hell's Kitchen finale - so far, excellent!

What is the most senile computer?

Is it okay for me to hate Snickers and poodles?

The thing about middle schools vs. Junior High Schools I never understood.

'Murkins love them reality programmin'!

Happy Birthday Jerry!

Margarine really sucks!

Name your own personal representative to the UN: one day only!

post your fake memories here

Ask me anything, and I will attempt to alienate you.

This Guy is Fawkes...

Hello, to y'all!

Is it OK for me to hate snickerdoodles?

Hey Rabrrrrrr!

Though a repeat this is still a pretty good Daily Show.

Where does Hendrix's "Cry of Love" rate

Val-de-ree! Val-de-raahhh! Val-de-rah!

Tom Ridge Bobblehead

La-la-la...I love you !!

Hey DS1! It's thundering here in Cambridge.

I see trees of green, red roses too

This guy is fake...

Dog Lovers: A Must See Video!

Someone should prank Bolton or something...

Listening to Bob Dylan sing "Idiot Wind"

I hate paying fucking bills.....

Tell me about Wellstone.

I like watching poker on TV

Al Gore on Jay Leno

I just donated $10!

*note to self* when speaking with someone who has just had surgery ~ avoid

Anybody know what happened to Sugar Smack?

Does this guy look like Wes Clark?

Manny Ramierez, the Red Sox huge problem

What are some nice fall things to do in/around Denver??

anyone up for a good old fashioned flanwar?

I believe that Karl Rove is actually Boss Hog.

Will you see "The Aristocrats"?

Naming Baby like you've never seen it before

You wake up tomorrow, and electricty has ceased to exist..

I'm eating watermellon and drinking Shiner Hefeweizen, ask me anything

Teddy Troopers 'Jump' Into Arms of Iraqi Children

Crystal Meth should've been the drug in the new Dukes movie, not moonshine

"What d'you know about surfing, Major? You're from goddamed New Jersey!"

Martha Washington: Real person or Neocon Zionist myth?

Too damn many moving smileys

WOW.... my brother made the Las Vegas Review Journal ...

Who is more gallant? Paul Hackett or Sir Lancelot?

If you're ever near Brewton, Alabama

Are There Any Ron & Fez Fans Here?

Do you like Vista (Longhorn)? Guess what? MS won't certify its net safety!

There's a HUGE hole in the Wizard of Oz plot

And when there was only one butt-cheek print in the sand,

Maestro's grandfather has passed on. Support him here.

Chat tonight

cyborg name generator some examples

Migraines really suck.

The President is going to be on the Leno show!

Fundies are nosy and pushy.

My airconditioning went out!

Why do we call doctors doctor.....

Hey Misunderestimator.... Three of my ex Lover are now Lesbians

"The Jerk" is coming up on TBS!

Worst 21st century phenomenon (pop culture only) so far

Post your favorite movie editing gaff

Jessica and Nick are getting a divorce???

Tell me about Wellbutrin


Book: Hendrix Used Gay Ruse To Avoid Vietnam

No president from Texas has gotten us into a war

Oh gawd, this relentless sunshine and warm weather...

yankees and their fans

Why do the birds keep on singing?

Google "failure" and hit "I'm feeling lucky"

We must save his reputation!

Every time you post on DU, God kills a kitten. Every Lounge post,

I'm so excited that XXXXX won Hell's Kitchen! (SPOILER ALERT!)

Would you do homeopathic treatment for poor blood circulation?

Yes, the paper likes and Idea of mine for an oped

Why do "flammable" and "inflammable" mean the same goddamn thing?

Who is the hottest cartoon woman?

So, is there anything to do in Casper Wyoming?

Tell me about Maine, Vermont, and NH

Post your high school memories here!

Does anyone actually find Kathy Griffin funny?

What's the deal, Tip O'Neill?

How come nobody has my picture in their sigline?

4 hours to drinkin' time

Bonne Belle lip smacker, Starsky and Hutch and

Wow. 3000 Posts.

Hey Lounge! I love you guys!

Biopsy results tomorrow.

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 29th 3:30 AM

Queer as Folk --- Who watched last night?

How many dogs old are you??

Have you had any "Hey yall, watch this!" moments?

I saw "21 grams" for the first time last night.

*Sniff!* The enbalmer did a wonderful job... So lifelike...

HTML-101 Here's what a web page created by committee looks like ......

Sleepy kittens

NFL Team Bandwagon Jumping RUNOFF ELECTION

NFL Team Bandwagon Jumping Poll

Someone should do a movie about an honest cop in a dishonest system

For which NFL team should I cheer this year?

I hate it that Bush and I are both

I had an epiphany regarding my furrbaby adoption....Help!

I'm in the 700 club now. Ask me anything to help me get out.

Post a pic of your mayor!

Post your freeperized screenname here

Need advice from the cat owners

I keep forgetting, when posting to DU

Who is the hottest cartoon man?

Animal ethical question in the Lounge...

City employee disciplined for ordering drowning of stray dogs

Atkins diet company files for bankruptcy

Gag-my husband is cooking burgers for his dinner.

does anyone have time/inclination to help me w/ a shopping list?

A source for a point by point refutation of "The Age of Reason"?

Do This In Remembrance Of Me...

Wal-Mart 1st in state aid enrollees

Loss of wolves changes Canadian ecosystem

Removal of Ovaries May affect Heart

Math whiz fights terror with smarts

If you're running the BONIC client

What's the harm?

Science Fare

"If you want to drive the Bus..."

Non-malicious “RFID abuse” & inductively-powered RFID technology

About questions.

Cannabis hope for bowel disease

Pastor's remarks on gays end AIDS groups' support

Qatar Crown Prince Outed

Suburban San Diego Mayor Comes Out

A stupid TV poll to DU in Fresno

Zach is back?

Once upon a Nomar

Umpire Ends Buehrle's Streak...

Hall of Fame

NHL Free Agent Season begins!

Rafael Palmeiro suspended 10 games for violating steroid policy.

Now I shall give Steelers fans a nightmare

Who Benefited Most


Tabitha is ready for football season

my fantasy football website

Awesome weekend for our animal rescue

Lily the geriatric feline killing machine

Rescue group fund raising ideas?

A new beginning......

Good video I found for anyone thinking of buying or breeding....

What would you think of a rescue group that told you to euthanize all of

Are there any good online astrological readings?

Mercury is definitely retrograde

Our beloved dog died this weekend. Can anyone tell me where or

Interview w/ scientist who studies the affect of "prayer" on healing

Ick, yuck, ptooie!

Who'd make a better UN ambassador?

What's up with all these Anti-Kerry threads and 2008?

No election fraud in Ohio and it's all Kerry's fault

Kerry statement on Bolton appointment

Zogby McCain would defeat Hillary and a Kerry Bush rematch would tie!

Old Photos of Longmont, CO

I know the flower contest is over

Mt. Pisgah Cemetery (dialupers order a pizza)

Entertainment Weekly "Must See" list - Keith #8 !

So..where is KO on vacation?

KOEB Poll: What will happen if Keith spends any more time off Countdown?

KOEB Puppet Theatre Part II: Priorities Out of Whack (but whose??)

Where the Hell is Keith??? 8/1/2005

KOEB Puppet Theatre: A Man With His Priorities in Order

Posted to the KOEB this week as a public service.

Something to look forward to.....

Guardian Unlimited: "Murdoch's genius dies with him"

Gore's TV channel Current - Is it on DISH Network?

U.S. gauging Romania’s interest in expanded role

If OH-2 voters elected a scheming, corrupt, liar then they deserve her!!

Amazing how the rightards will come to the Saudi's rescue

Paul Hackett: The Culture of Corruption

Bolton to YOOOOO-nited Nations

Huf Post - The New Welfare Queens - Big Oil!

CBS just came up with a special report.

Bolton recess appointment to avoid further questions re: Plame outing

If and democrats co operate with this POS ever again.....

JC has doubts regarding proposed "journalistic shield" laws.

Needed: House/Senate Republicans to renounce party affiliation

John Bolton will be a lightning rod at the United Nations....

Rove seeks asylum in Scarborough Country...

Harlan McCraney

Perfect! Appoint Bolton, then scurry to Crawford and hide.

Williams Admits Error In Accepting Federal Contract To Promote Bush Policy

The liberal media has misconstrued santorum's position

Bolton to get Recess appointment per MSNBC-Breaking News

Question about recess appointments

Rawstory - Coingate meets November elections! MUST READ!

MSNBC Poll - Bolton Recess Appointment

Arianna has some new stuff on Special Judith

Must read: Brownstein on Clinton's Pact with DLC Offering Risk, Reward

Santorum and radical feminists he claims to know

It is time people-long past time in fact! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH- Protest NOW!

White House Web Site: McClellan press conference @ 12 PM Eastern

what's the worst thing we've learned about John Roberts?

Mitch McConnell (R-KY): If Bush recess appts Bolton, I can understand why

So which is it chimpy? A 'war' or a 'struggle'

Anyone watching the press briefing...

So, Shrub made a recess appointment...

Check out these fundamentalists, local oped page...

Even with a tera attack-bush approval has nowhere to go but down.

Don't worry about Giuliani getting the Republican nomination, folks.

Hitchens on Al Franken's show

"Bush Bashing Fizzles" - "Folks... trying to undermine the presidency...."

How long can a recess appointment hold a position?

Bush/Bolton press release transcript in full--Liar liars liars liars liars

Did Bolton really have the votes in the Senate ?

Reactions to Bolton's disappointment.........

Need Paul Hacket Contribution link

Another question about Roberts. Church and Death Penalty.

Why did the Rover-gate Story Die ????

Al Gore's response to running again?

The people of the United States deserve an up or down vote....

are there any online articles on Hackett with regard to polls? i can't

Whistle blower Kay Griggs

What Democrats Can Learn From Sanders-Style Populism

Move America "Forward"

This country is not split! It's 70/30 NOT 50/50!

HufPost - The Judy File - Amazing

Bill Scranton belongs to a cult

Why was 9/11 treated as a terror attack?

Let's have a "recess" replacement appointment while * is in Crawford

C'mon Fitzgerald ! Bring it on!

OH-2 Hackett needs $30,000 TODAY!!!

Khalid Jarrar tells of his experience of Iraqi intelligence (which is CIA)

Taking Down the Neocons: Federal probes will be their downfall

Zogby- Bush Job Rating at 45%

Bush cut off his nose to spite his face

Progressive majority in the House and Senate in '06, what do you think?

The 'Struggle Against Extremism'

Are you PARANOID too ?

Feinstein, Allen, Obama & Lautenberg on the Bolton appointment

Ambassador Bolton? - How can he possibly be good for Bush?

So Bush* appts Bolton;who lied to the Senate, keeps KKKarl Traitor

FYI: Al Gore To Be On Jay Leno Tonight

Joe Johns, hosting on CNN just misread the Singer quote on Santorum,

I cannot post what I really thought about the Bolton appointment.

AOL Poll on Bolton

How Intelligence and Facts Were Being Fixed

a local sign of disapproval

Voting: Customer Receipts?

DNC Celebrates 40th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act

RNC Announces Annual Summer Meeting Schedule for August 4-6 (PA)

Polls open in 14 hours!! Please donate to Hackett - here's why....

Ted Kennedy: "Abuse of power and cloak of secrecy from W. H. continues"

" Adjusted" Rasmussen Poll: Bush "approval/disapproval" at 37/42

A wee little reminder for Republicans praising Bush's recess appt.

bush just appointed Bolton

KERRY NOT but maybe and probably YES, but in a NO sort of way in '08

HOLY CRAP!!!!! Guess what the headline is on CNN.COM?

Voinovich is to blame......

A Look at Presidential Recess Appointments

why do DLC apologists want it both ways?

So you want to research the JFK assasination...

John Kerry's statement on the Bolton recess appointment

Coingate Scandal Grows

"Why should I worry my beautiful mind?"

Hackett, Schmidt Make Dash For Finish Line

Where is Cheney?

Bolton "profoundly grateful and deeply humbled" over Bush's power play

Kerry vs Hillary in 2008 (bipolar poll)

Delusional anti-DLCers - here are your choices for 08

Who alienated whom?

Bolton vs. Holbrooke: A tale of 2 UN Ambassador nominations

Bush endorses teaching 'intelligent design' in schools

Just got a letter from Rep Chet Edwards - D-TX on DSM

Awesome site! Presidential TV Spots from 1952 - 2004

Bush seriously considering cabinet post Dept of Mendacity

Will Rumsfeld's "secret" plan to "draw down Iraq" aid recruitment?

Kerry NOT in 08 what do you think??

What's the Matter with Connecticut?

So, why did we go through all the rigmarole with the Congress about

Why is everyone blaming the Democrats for Bolton's appt?

John Conyers letter to Gonzales calling for CoinGate Special Prosecutor

Frist/Stem Cells?? Where have I seen this ruse run before????

Hardball: "No matter how many times the Iraqis are killed and blown up...

Bush defends steroid-abusing Rafael Palmiero

How many U.N. "reforms" will Bolton actually enact in the next year?

My First official post and it is about Sen. Murray and CAFTA

How do Congressmen and Senators lose their perspective so easily?

Paul Hackett has asked for some help: In addition to donations!

New Zogby Polls, Mr. Bush Jr. Ratings in the Tank, So is

Self-Described "Recovered Politician" Al Gore

If Bush is in such good health,

Hackett needs some knock a drag volunteers Tuesday.

Bolton= Recess Monkey!

Grass roots group for Hillary unveils TV ads

Upcoming Howard Dean events

Wow - BBC News 24 coverage of King Abdullah's death

Any Zogby polls on Hackett race? n/t

Tom Ridge Bobblehead

Salon: Bolton "a lame duck before he even takes office."

Saudi king's death sparks oil price rally

If you were in a position to implement election reform,

The Repubs hate the U.N....

Pre-War Planning for Post-War Iraq, unclassified document

Why don't we know who and how the repukes steal elections?

Opus Dei

DC Gossip (Know any paparazzi?)

Let's place bets on who the "little person" who finally takes out Bolton

Conyers to *: No pardons for anyone convicted of blowing Plame's cover.

What press, if any gets access to the UN?


Bolton's recess appointment is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

No Democrat money to wingnuts

Gore' TV Network

Does * realize his every ridiculous word, stupid decision, and ignorance

Tweety: Bush as "The little rich kid who's not winning the game...

Who is gonna win the Aug 2 Special Election in Ohio?

Paul Hackett for President 2008?

The hubris of George Bush reached a new level today

Santorum Challenges Clinton to Debate

Former CIA Officer Alleges Info On Iraq Abandoning Nuclear Plans Was Ignor

There have been ads airing in Arkansas re: the "Death Tax."

Scary thought : World War over dwindling oil supply? (opinion)

I think the DLC is hijacking the DNC's agenda. Presenting my thoughts.

NYT: Iraq Dances With Iran, While America Seethes (There goes the pullout)

My first poll. How many people do you think there are in the

Why won't al Sistani issue a statement

Al Franken --- American Enterprise Institute/

I'm so sick of the discussions re who to nominate for Prez in 2008

So. WHEN did Saddam threaten the USA with WMD?

DLCers - does Al From speak for you?

Who would the DLC support in 2008?

Which recent presidents did recess appointments?

How do we peel secular RINO's away from the Republicans in '06 and '08?

fired CIA officer and valerie plame worked in same unit of agency

Am I wrong, didn't the DLC types used to called liberal Republicans?

Russ Feingold in '08--What do you think?

USAToday/Gallup Poll: Bush approval ratings hit lowest point of tenure

two senior prosecuters: detainees deprived of material to prove innocence

Obama Rated #1; Cornyn Rated #100 - Senator Approval Ratings

(David Sirota) --- Bernie Sanders's message key for Democrats

Al Gore is on Jay Leno now (eom)

another one found dead (swimming pool)

CIA man Larry Johnson responds to NoFacts Novak...

What is your opinion of term limits for members of Congress?

W. H. Transcript: McClellan condemns Democrats for "playing politics"

Message, Messenger, and Tie Breakers(vote fraud specialists)

Don't complain about the inevitability of Hillary being the nominee...

I know it hurts

Wall Street Journal Poll on Bolton's recess appointment

The myth that Kerry could have won by challenging the election results.

Tammy Baldwin in 2008 (president)?

OH-02: Real-time election results. Bookmark these links!

Defense Dept. Files Secret Arguments- Further Atmpt to Suppress pics(ACLU)

What exactly IS the argument against universal health care?

To lure RINOs use the availability of free internet porn issue.

The DLC: Do they have a different philosophy than centrist and moderate

"Gonzales clears Ohio of Election Fraud!" -Thank you John Kerry

What's Happening in Ohio - Paul Hackett Campaign

What issues do you feel should be part of the Democratic long-term agenda?

5 Million Uppity People needed in Washinton DC Sept 24-26 2005

NY Times reporters probably hold key to proving Kerry victory in Ohio

Kerry vs Clark in 2008 (one-on-one poll)

Anyone want to shake up a budding freeptard?