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Archives: July 9, 2005

"Impeachment Fever and Media Politics " -Coastal Post

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 7/9/05

Anybody watching Al Franken on the Sundance Channel?

We know that the RW is integrated with web forums.

Special Frontline program .."July 7,2005"..coming on now 9:30 PST PBS

Oliver Stone is going to be directing a film about the WTC

Bush has every right to name a conservative Justice

What should I tell my friend, re: Bev Harris/BBV?

"I just got off the phone with Gore Vidal."--Andy Stephenson (5/23/05)

An open letter to the press

A friend wondered whether the freepers and other Andy-haters

Tim Robbins' Embedded. An amazing play, on DVD. See it.

Need an honest opinion...

Threat of terrorism is at bottom of my list of things to be afraid of

Anybody who supports Bush is the ENEMY.

All his kids have degrees, none can get a job, all unemployed over a year

U.S. Says Iraq Militants Dealt Sharp Blow

Cuba blames U.S. for no Olympic baseball

Fighters set ablaze Iraqi oil refinery

Amid rumblings of draft, peace churches beginning to plan

I'M Gonna hit 1000 post by Sunday...

And Now, the exciting conclusion of the Nutty Lab Assistant (SCTV)

Marshall Crenshaw fans?


Look I got Tweety into a movie !!

What is your favorite Christmas carol?

Holy shit - Andy died on my 18th anniversary of my last cancer treatment

I like Christina Ricci, but have not seen the movie "Cursed"

I cursed Christina Ricci, but have not seen the movie "Liked"

Shopping carts vs. handbaskets?

Goodnight yall

Blue eyes cryin in the rain Warning..Lyrics

Tom or Jerry.....

An important service needs your help! /sarcasm

Dubya the Movie

2 down, 1 to go

I just watched a scary movie and now you are stuck with me for an hour....

A friend of mine has some DVDs I need to get back...

Bump the post below me.

I've been stuck babysitting for going on 14 hours!

Topless stream of consciousness posting. Let it out in this thread.

needed: quirky romantic ideas

Jim Cramer is gonna die on camera some day.

Which is creepier; Clowns or Fundementalists?

Do not respond unless you have seen "Cursed," with Christina Ricci.

What is a "Scientologist chaperone?"

My daughter is the coolest person I know

Better than Google? Could be.

Are there any cancer survivors here on DU?

Topicless stream of consciousness posting. Let it out in this thread.

VelvetRevolution and Divestiture

Help me if you can ...

E.J. Dionne - Let's Have This Fight

WP: Online Data Gets Personal: Cell Phone Records for Sale

Newsday: Judge: No Gov't Money for Boy Scout Trip

Asia Times: Fighting the wrong war

Reuters: Needed: idiot's guide to sex

AlterNet: Terrorism, "the War on Terror" and the Message of Carnage

BuzzFlash: Ambassador Joe Wilson -- Still Fighting the Bush Administratio

AlterNet: Who's Watching the Watch List?

MyDD: Why Right Wing Blogs Don't Allow Comments

Mayor Rides Metro To Work (DC)

Orange County Register: Why not a libertarian?

Terrorism, "The War on Terror" and the Message of Carnage

2 interesting letters to the editor re Judith Miller

AlterNet: Oh Baby, It's Drafty Out There

Rhetoric vs. Reality in London

London bombers may have been educated British Asians indoctrinated in Paki

Wayne Madsen on RING OF FIRE(AAR) right now. Article on Robin Cook revela

Asia Times: The smash of civilizations

Robert Fisk: The reality of this barbaric bombing

BuzzFlash interview with the founder of Independent World Television(IWT)

This terror will continue until we take Arab grievances seriously

'advice for poets and Americans'

Iraq: Bush Myths vs. Reality

New York Times reporter a victim of her own shoddy journalism

Amnesty hero hailed as his battles go on

Noam Chomsky: "It's Imperialism, Stupid"

Weekly Standard: The Mother of All Connections (Saddam / al Qaeda)

John Gray (London Observer): Look out for the enemy within

We're Not in Watergate Anymore/Frank Rich

The Progressive Income Tax: Theoretical Foundations

Back To The Funnies: Mallard Fillmore vs Jon Stewart

WP Editorial: Stop This Bill - limiting reviews of Death Penalty cases

Hellfire and sexual coercion: the dark side of American polygamist sects

Bush Knew About Leak of CIA Operative's Name

Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County) CA SCC Dem Club Events

Cape Codders for Peace and Justice event - 7/28/05

DSM - 7/23/2005 Town Hall Meetings and Links

LA DUers: Summer of Protest rally TODAY!

Ohio Newspaper Sitting On Stories! Contact them & tell them to publish!

Iran joins Iraq. 100 Members of Iraqi parliament demand US Out of Iraq NOW

Not sure how this will be organized

Fox blowhard advocates blowing up Paris. Inform their advertisers!

How would y'all go about helping Dems adopt...

Seek transcript 7-7 Nightline: Clarke, "Anon" & "Clever, not angry"?

Call for Indy Media! Emergency TRUTH Event, July 22-24

G8 - Some Optimism On Africa, Gloom Over Climate - Guardian

97% Of Portugal In Extreme Or Severe Drought - Reuters

Global Sea Levels Up More Than An Inch In Ten Years - KRT

China's Coal-Heavy Energy Demand Clouds Global Environmental Future

Bush Urges Less Global Oil Use - No, I Am Not Making Up This Headline

Oh Goody! Wolfowitz Will Urge World Bank Assistance On Global Warming

China's Power Grid At Capacity As Heatwave Roars On - Reuters

You freakin' terrorist hippies....

Elmer Fung guilty of raping Filipina

Chen calls jailing of 'Times' reporter Miller `regrettable'

Fake priests in demand in Japan

Palestinian boy shot dead

Interesting links about London bombing

Terror Drills in London on 7/7

9/11 film by Oliver Stone, starring Nicolas Cage is in the works

MIHOP theorists: How are suicide bombers accounted for?

Andy Stephenson - "I've left a legacy."

Witchcraft In Ohio


Santa Clara County Democratic Club - UpComing Events - July August

Umberg quietly quits Reserve

LA DUers: Summer of Protest rally TODAY!

Reggae On The River

Congressman Mum After FBI Searches Home

Cape Codders for Peace and Justice event - 7/28/05

The Falmouth Faithful Peace Mongerers- (photos) 7/8/05

Boston Court Hears Oral Argumts re Military 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Budget deal reached; state employees will return to work

Bachmann raking in extremists' cash

Al Gore here 7/12 (evening) to speak on global climate change

I bought 4 iMac G3s for $220 today

LCD Monitor Problem

Kinky Friedman on CNBC with Tim Russert right now

Andy Stephenson Texas Appreciation Thread

Wow, John Stauber is a home-town guy!


HUGE FW blog planning stages for Downing Street Memo keep kicked!


American right wingers are more like the terrorists than we are.

M Is for Moronic

Another urging of my fellow DUers to boycott cable news completely.

Rove story above terror attacks in Google news.

Is this the greatest band in history or what?

sorry wrong forum

"The Rude Pundit" comparing bu$h to Blair after their nation were attacked

Robbing the Cradle of Civilization


was trollin rush limpballs and he kept referring to Hillary

I just had a horrible thought about election 2008

"Hurricane Dennis Expected To His U.S Weekend"

Unafraid. Internet answers terror.

Economy getting better - yeah right.....

Barometric Pressure Rising?

A Modest Proposal

Operation Spear, Dagger and Sword...what comes next?

So if you get on the bus without having a christian group prayer,

Confidential to the angry

$$ Gasoline Surcharge… a personal story.

More Republican Family Values!

The objectives of terrorism, and how this administration has it wrong

"panic in its northern, southern, eastern, and western quarters"

We're almost there

Juan Cole: America's solitary confinement in Iraq

Blog Of David Sirota Has It Right:

What 1950's TV show had the line "Dedicated to you, the leaders

Feds blacklist 'illegal' Cuban Web sites

8 leaked British documents provide further evidence of aggression & crime

Do You Think This Freep Is Violating The Stalking Laws Of His State?

Oliver Stone to make 9/11 movie with Nicolas Cage

You guys think the Republican grip on federal power will end when Bush

So much for Geldof and Bono

Can you believe that the Koran & the Bible still have so much power?

World Stupidy awards the votes are being freeped

blair is just as complicit in war crimes as bush is, forget tony blair

Remember this headline?

Osama parade float sparks debate.

Bush as Jesus: Harper's Magazine

Could someone tell me the story of Andy!

Jebbie's Gots a Great Idea.

The solidarity of victims of violence.

Michelle Wie says .....

Brent Bozell smears Nina Totenberg of NPR

Tampa radar photo of Dennis

MIHOP theorists: How are suicide bombers accounted for?

Tallahassee radar pic of Dennis

Latest radar from Key West of Dennis

Spielberg risking Israeli anger over Munich tragedy

How many recruits are presently involved with Al Qaeda ?

VA at capacity.... just lay them over there next to the copier.......

Bush/Gillespie ignore conflict of interest to push court nominee agenda

Wealth and Inequality charts I found - and these end in the 90's

This is an amazing story, I think.

"Resolve" is the new buzzword?

A Big Difference- Us & Them

The Queen's speech about the London Bombings.

Mallard Fillmore baiting Jon Stewart....

86 still needed!

Goddamn mayo clinic turned us over for collection==This economy sucks

A tickler to anyone who thinks I was grandstanding

Why do you hate Britain?

Malpractice insurance rates skyrocket - now we know why

Young Republicans Fight The War On Terror! ® ™

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Lobbies Bush On High Court Seat !!!

Correct me if I am wrong, but was the US an Islamic target BEFORE

I don't know how to answer this.

Fox News slammed over 'callous' line

"She's starting to blow boys, and she's blowing hard"

HELP! Link to Peance-freance audio or video, PLEASE...

CIA Leak Isn't A Test Case For Journalistic Ethics - It's A Test Case...

This is hilarious...

R.I.P. Dr. Vincent Fontana

How does your garden grow?? If it needs trimming.... we can

can you rank order terrorist attacks? . . . if so, which is worse . . .

This country could be so much more

John Conyers: Help me get to the Bottom of the DSM

Paging Will Pitt (and anyone else interested) Re: Andy

Who cares for the French? What did they ever do for us??

Washington Press Corps Afraid To Ask Questions About Rove

Why weren't the London terrorists suicide bombers

Did I just hear an ad on AA for a HUMMER???

Latest prediction for Dennis

Orange alert question

a message to the beatles

Latest Tallahassee radar of Dennis

Charles Taylor... a history lesson.....

Issuing a fatwa on a dead man?

A small Mother's Day rally was spyed on?

"Three Islamist groups have apparently now claimed responsibility for the"

Americans deserve the unspun truth about Iraq

Petition Drive in Baghdad Calling for the END of American Presence in Iraq

I heard that Canada signed agreement to return draft what is

Pope Paul VI On Anger

Latest Mobile, Alabama radar pic of Dennis


Michael Moore is at it again...

Start a chant! Everybody loves a droning, repetetive chant.!

Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

Nearly 1,500 Republicans... I mean Sheep, Jump Off Cliff in Turkey

Next time I vote, the War & it's supporters will be my SINGLE issue.

Most excellent LTTE I found on one of my surfs (from Idaho)

We need 81 more people to sign up for Activist Corps

The Falmouth Faithful Peace Mongerers- (photos) 7/8/05

Anybody seen this anti-abortion ad on TV?

great blog surfing site for liberals

The Big Dog is opposed to Iraq withdrawal deadline

A society grows great when old men plant trees,

Any media people connected the blasts in London to the occupation yet?

Bill Clinton and the art of the possible.

From kos: How do you feel about your job? (poll)

latest radar loop pic out of tampa for Dennis

I switched my car insurance today

Bumper sticker group purchase????


I found it very significant that Moody's has downgraded GM further

Post your best post that you feel should have gotten more attention here

O Reilly Factor

Attention Being Diverted Away From Pakistan for the London Bombings Thread

Iraq signs military pact with Iran

Andy's story would have national appeal. I suggest people write the media

Is anyone getting any news today

The "Vince Vaughn"ing of America

o'really losing viewers in the 25-54 group.

A reminder of what we are up against...

Need help with: What if RFK or JFK Lived?

Critical information that can tear the Far Right to pieces

This saying helps put things in perspective for me...

Either Lead, Follow, or get the Fuck out of the way...

I just don't get it.

War crimes: can a victim become a perp? Or does being a victim absolve?

Interesting links about London bombing

1m people in Florida and in Alabama are being evacuated.

Police shot bombers' reports New Zealander

What DID Jeb do with all that FEMA money?

Answer this please.....

Andy's murder should be the final blow against them

Look at this site. Couldn't the same be used for GWB?

Calling all DU old farts, I am dissappointed. Usually my posts

Is there a MORE disgusting little man than

Ring of Fire on AAR will be discussing Rove case coming up on the hour

My attempt to be proactive

Young Republican meeting target of military question

If you have good ideas/articles, start your own blog. It's easy!

Fox News slammed over 'callous' line

Birmingham, UK city centre being evacuated: security threat

Coast Guard unable to guard much if this keeps up..... and to think

London police issue 'stunning revision': blasts were timed to the second

Freepers Defend Arson At Church That Supports Gays

Mercenaries in Iraq

US likely to restore transit security cuts

"The Guy James Show" coming up at 6pm

Charles and Camilla visited the London wounded as per snipet on t.v.

Is Guy James on Now?

Politics1 has dropped DU!

About Complacency.

If WAPOST ran a story that was very damaging to the Bush Administration

If only Americans could see Bush thru the cameras of foreign countries.

They will spin it, so that Rove, in fact no one will be indicted.

What do you think about people who don't vote?

Evangelicals Building a Base in Iraq

Halliburton is corrupted? Got this from AAR

Is Blair making sense?

I LOVE DU but...

Why didn't the cameras ALL OVER London catch anything??

does anyone have a link to audio of Bush saying "I yield"?

Please edumacate me! Are the terms Mennonite and Amish

Hurricane DENNIS Strike Probabilities

Please, can we let Andy rest awhile, without squabbling in his name?

Play with your own box!

another visible satellite image of Dennis

latest satellite photo of Dennis

Attorney General Files Lawsuit Over Redistricting Initiative

Congratulate me! I'm a winnah!

Mentally Canadian

Is there a wrongful death or defamation suit action pending

Journalism Professor Uses Outfoxed &

With Bush being unwilling to change over global warming and thus the U.S.


WWIII and its players.... you and me in the land of the free, vying for

MTV & VH1 Airing 10 Hrs. Live 8 - Uninterrupted NOW

GREAT photo of Dennis the Terrible

Hurricane futures - make money off hurricanes!

Newspaper Withholding Two Articles After Jailing

Latest graphic of projected path of Dennis

Interesting article I was reading about...

We're going to do a segment about Andy on "The Guy James Show" tonight

When does Bush pardon Miller? ...Rove?

Is Air America off of Sirius now??

They don't call 'em Sheeple for nothin' - 450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths

Operation Rescue threatens Bush "legacy" over Supreme Court pick

I'm just a regular working mom, says America's most famous spy (Plame)

Are You Sure You Guys Can Report The News? ...Why Coitenly!

Clinton and Ted Turner on CSPAN!!! PST

PBS Newshour: Mark Shields expects Rove to be indicted - (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton & Ted Turner coming up on c-span, 8pm et

My insight...

For those of us, who are angry and struggling with a response to hate

Re: London: I'm not trying to be an ass, but....

"Terrorism is not an enemy"

still concerned about situation w. Leonard Peltier

was there an anti-terrorism exercise going on in London at the time of the

Rush/Karl - If only one were to receive life in prison, which one do you

What ever happened to

Only 80 more members to reach 1000!

Thought of the day

What is the situation regarding U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia?

Storm-threatened Floridians:

Help me respond to this LTTE

Painful irony

Latest NHC advisory about Dennis

US, Britain mull major troop pull-out from Iraq next year

"America haters, family haters, Christian haters... "

Is the Sprint network down in Alabama?

OK, this is really weird

SILENCE!! The 'president' is speaking !!

In Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire.... Bishop withdraws license (Hereford

Are there any interesting elections in 2005?

Understand what "agent of influence" means, and how DU fights back.

For those worried about Dennis striking New Orleans.....

Brad saluting Andy now -- link to stream

Is the DSM officially dead as a serious media issue?

I don't see how Rove can get away with the "not knowingly" defense

Bob Geldof: Man of the Year

Scenario: After the cold war the West and East got out of the Third world.

Mind of Mencia on Comedy Central

question about christianity and kosher laws

Four Islamic centres in Auckland were attacked overnight

A man is alive because I acted, so why am I in trouble?

Will Pitt and others: Will somebody please post the Obit and oreder

I just watched Bernard Goldberg on FUCKS News

U.S. terror attack--"Ninety days at most"

Judith Miller on C-SPAN 10:15-10:30 pm

Sunday Yapping Head Shows - here are the guests tomorrow.

Is google down for anyone else???

So, I had this dream that I was working for George Dubya....

anti-torture poster found at patriotboy

the corporate flexing of muscle over employees

i've never been on a right winged blog any reason to.

Computer Models' Projected Paths of Dennis in relation to NOLA, Gulf Coast

Review of Santorum book, from

If you don't mind, one more post for Andy.

Sometimes, ya just gotta love the Brits!

Letter to Sen. John Warner: The Iraq War Resolution

CNN just told me inflation ain't gonna happen.....

Poker and politics

"Minutemen" (their wives call 'em that) to Patrol Streets of HOUSTON!

"Once in awhile"

I just got a call from "the Republican State Leadership"

Ohio -- Heard on Air America Tonight

The right is undoubtedly giddy

"Into the West" / Iraq Situation

Finally saw "The O'Rielly factor"

BBC: UK-Bombing 'Exercises' Covered for Real Attack, same as 9/11

BradBlog Blogathon

Big Brother in Britain, 4.2 million cameras!

I Just Wanted To Thank All Of You That Stood By Andy During His Fight!

Facts for freepers... deal with it.

That's It! No More MSM For Me....

Bush never linked Saddam and Iraq to 9/11, you lyin' liberals!

A word of appreciation for the DU Lounge, from a GDer.

I’ve seen the light…

If the Freepers had a fundraiser for a sick member, I'd probably donate.

Kids say the darndest things

Talk until your face is blue or bloody.

Pissing chimp off w/ cell phones

Earth's population to reach 9.3 billion people by 2050

War Novels

Shocked! Actual Sincere Apology To Andy From A Freeper!

great antirepublican song NoFx You're Wrong

In your heart of hearts, who do you really think is in charge?

The war in Iraq, in about a minute

Santorum's book may save this marriage

New toon - Saturday 7/9/05

You have to give FOX credit for a game well played.

anybody else notice novak on cnn walking around like

In a nutshell; what is Scientology?

Hate America?

Boil down democrat and/or left message to 4-6 talking points

Does Bush's mouthing off about the "flypaper strategy" endanger us?

NOW with Brancaccio is so dumbed down it hurts my brain

Cut the Bullshit, Middle America

RNA weekend radio broadcast with musical tribute to Andy is posted.

Newspaper Withholding Two Articles after Jailing

What if a Democrat had Bush's four-year record?

I'm having TOONs Withdrawal!

The difference between Left and Right

"You wanted revenge; we want justice."

"Larry the Cable Guy" (blue collar cmdy): Political beliefs (!!)

This is the reason the right wing attacked Andy

My intolerant republican uncle ripped off my bumper sticker

Do you go to right wing web forums, and if so, WHY?

Called AAR to talk about this but they ran out of time

I hate America

Why is the National Hurricane Center (NOAA) so conservative in...

Dennis: Upgraded to Cat. 3, mandatory evacuations in Gulfport MS, Cat. 4?

"We need to start pushing a story about how Andy Stephenson faked his own

Disastrous Iraq adventure is a sideshow to the long haul war on terror


Dennis is huge!

Can somebody on DU enlighten me on the basic belief systems of Islam?

HEADS UP re: Andy's service

Karl Rove doesn’t hate you.

Holy crap!

Something about this photo is bothering the hell out of me

My Trip to the Land of Wovoka

"Ohio Paper Holding 2 Investigative Stories"

Iraq Signs Military Pact with Iran - 100 Iraqi parliament want US OUT NOW.

I have been misunderstood and hated because of being a Christian

AR: Ave Maria University establishes Schiavo scholarship

How did you feel when Barbara Olson died ?

Had a dream about Kerl Rove last night

Message From Dali Lama On Rage

I talked to my brother who is a Major in the Army today.

Leading Cardinal Redefines Church's View on Evolution - NY Times

XM Deal of the year for AAR. Roady2, New Retail Package, $20, No Rebate

A big THANKYOU from Britain (joint statement from UKDUers)

Left-handed human race to make the world a better place

The mainstream media in this country are dominated by liberals.

Between Heaven and Hell: For Andy

"I have heard the cries of children in the exploding houses of Falluja."

An honest question to African American DUers....


My neighbor just told me my 6 month old son is probably gay.

For the record

The Andy Stephenson Memorial Service Thread - Info

How many here could afford to live if all prices doubled?

Recipe needed for crock pot Puerto Rican-type pork

Problem solved!!!!

A chocolate problem

Consumer Reports Dishwasher & DW Detergent Ratings March '05

Independent MP Chuck Cadman dead

Time for Alberta to exit, stage right?

We get only the finest comments.

The UKDU joint statement:

Have you all heard of Striker Million?

More info on David Ervine?

I'd just like to mention something

Anybody in or around Brum? Do you have any news about the alert?

I read that Clarke admitted that ID cards wouldn't have prevented

Venezuelan Judge Accused of Persecution

LAT: Was Rove a White House Source or Just Another Player?

Japanese companies reveal asbestos cases

Calif. Suspends Medical Pot Card Program

Police shot bombers' reports New Zealander

'Morning-after' pill doesn't increase unsafe sex

NYT: Boom in Jobs, Not Just Houses, as Real Estate Drives Economy

U.S. Launches Operation Scimitar in Iraq

USA unwilling to pay for the use of the Uzbek airbase

HoustonCronicle: Embattled leader quits Texas Lottery

Iraq urges Egypt to come clean on rebel contacts (AFP)

Blair: Poverty, Extremism Cause Terrorism

NYT/Reuters: N. Korea Agrees to Return to Nuclear Talks in July

Bush salutes British resolve

(MN) Budget deal reached; state employees will return to work

WP: National Zoo's Panda Gives Birth: Mei Xiang, Cub Closely Monitored

L.A. councilman asks peers to endorse gay marriage bill

Bishops seen reluctant to demand Arroyo quit

Planning For Detainees Faulted (reusing needles in Iraq)

Hurricane Dennis Leaves Cuba Leaving 32 Dead - (Reuters)

Roadside bomb targets Iraqi army in Fallujah

Ex-rebel sworn in as Sudan vice president

Schröder adviser resigns from VW in sex scandal

Churches, Houses Torched in Tennessee Town

Italy arrests 142 in anti-terror sweep

Lost children arrive home after years as camel jockey slaves

UK policy invited attacks - Iran

Newspaper Withholding Two Articles After Jailing

Israel protects genocide suspect

Pak interrogating suspect for links with London carnage

Police in Birmingham evacuate the city centre after receiving intelligence

Cairo mourns murdered diplomat

The effects of plamegate hit coingate and what went wrong in

Report: Britain launches manhunt for Moroccan national in bomb probe

London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Att

WP: Stem Cell Legislation Is at Risk (because of possible new techniques)

UKDissident denies link to website that carried al-Qda claim(HasTies2Bush)

NYT: New (Finsbury Park mosque) Imam Calls for Help in Catching Bombers

NYT: Ed. Secy. Spellings Suggests Expansion of Testing (NCLB)

N. Korea OKs Talks As Rice Lands in China

Firm Tied to Convict Aided Rep. Cunningham

Coup feared as embattled leader clings to power

London police revise timeline of subway blasts

Evidence Mounts Of Coordinated Attack In London (allied with al-Zarqawi ?)

Memo says US, UK readying Iraqi withdrawal-report

In Omaha, Rove touts Social Security plan

NYT/IHT: Italians Fear They'll Face Next Attack by Terrorists

Lawyer Says Military Agrees to Release U.S. Filmmaker From Custody in Iraq

Taliban says it killed 'captured' U.S. commando

NYT: Few Wealthy Farmers Owe Estate Taxes, Report Says

Michael Moore Film Fest Draws Competition

Secular Shi'ites press for autonomy in south Iraq

WP: High Court Nominee to Face Diverse Senate Panel

London Blasts Like Past al-Qaida Strikes (Timeline changed)

U.S., Iraqi forces launch new raids

Madagascar hissing cockroaches invade Moscow's underground facilities

Central Birmingham on alert (England)

Earth's population to reach 9.3 billion people by 2050

More than 140 arrested in Italy

Explosions at Mexico Gas Pipeline Kill 2

Mastermind of Madrid is key figure

Kingdom Offers Support to Find London Bombers

Senator expects Bolton action (Voinovich prediction)

200 Feared Dead in Indonesia Sea Accident

Reid: Pick Nominee in Earl Warren Mold (Dem radio address)

Spanish team helps in London investigation

Militant group threatens Shiite families with decapitation

(Treasury Sec) Snow Lauds Canada's Oil Sands Projects

Few Wealthy Farmers Owe Estate Taxes, Report Says

Central London restaurant on fire (Hard Rock Cafe)

We did it: Al-Qaeda (new claim by "Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades")

King Abdullah says Arab frustration fuels extremism

Four Named Storms in July Set Record (since record keeping began)

London Times: Happy in Hijab or High Heels, Very British Muslim Is Missing

Leaked No 10 dossier reveals Al-Qaeda’s British recruits

'Dirty War' protesters' remains found

Judge Tosses Out England Abuse Statements

Four New Zealand Muslim Mosques Attacked After London Terror Bombings

Lawyer/Military Agrees to Release U.S. Filmmaker from Custody in Iraq

Bush: London attacks show need to stay on offense (Not The Onion)

NYT: Democrats Seek Greater Voice in Nomination, Tell Bush It Would Ease

Mitterrand ordered Greenpeace ship sabotaged - paper

Bush's Judges Already Making Their Mark

Scientology case takes its toll

BBC: Police evacuate Birmingham centre because of threat

WP: A Push to Extend Voting Rights Act

UK in talks to hand Iraq role to Australia

AP Survey: Experts see new kind of war

Electrolux opens its new plant in Mexico (2,700 US jobs lost)

Minutemen headed here warned they, too, will be watched

Navy: Guantanamo (commanding) officer relieved of duty

Jones Plans 'Big Show' at Clinton Library( lol this is funny, all say poor

(Bill) Clinton opposed to Iraq withdrawal deadline

Report: U.S., Britain plan to withdraw troops from Iraq within 9 months

Mosque in Bloomington, Ind., Targeted by Arsonist; FBI Investigating as Po

Fire, Anti-Gay Graffiti at UCC Church After Same-Sex Marriage Resolution

Despite promise, energy-beam weapons still missing from action

Allawi: this is the start of civil war

Fox News slammed over 'callous' line

AP: Universal Health Care Push Being Revived

Rudy Giuliani: Random happenstance or....

Don't ever call me "ill" or "sick".

hey ... wanna see a picture of a topless DUer ~

Why don't alot of you post in GD? Just curious. /nt

Beat me!

Tim Burton fans, some shorts for you

Come here to be serenaded in the moonlight.

Okra fans,I need help.

So, bad movie lovers: Just how bad is "The Unnameable II"?

Oprah fans, I need help

Did Castro really electrocute himself?

If We Only Have Love

If Bush started a nuclear war, would he still call it "nukular"?


What photo gripped you the most from London

Red world vs green world

As I awoke this evening with the smell of wood smoke clinging

A serious poll......

Has anyone seen the movie "Subhuman"?

Oh. My. God.

A serious Pole.

Seriously, how do you post a picture.....

Wild West.

Which person has less to offer the world?

What and where is this?

amazing photos a friend sent me: albino fawn:

In the year 2030 what do you think will be happening?

I live in a log home and just saw a termite.........

Anyone up for a late-night AIM chat?

I am the white male version of J-Lo.

Have a fishing lure funny

Is this the greatest band in history or what?

Superballs! by Whammo!

Gotta do some programming...

Skinner likes me the best

Goodbye, cruel world . . .

I am the white female version of Lil' John

Did Nikola Tesla really castrate himself,

It's new, it's improved, it's SUPER SCRABBLE!!!


What happens if you ignore the warning to only pop popcorn THIS SIDE UP

Scooba-Doo Doll!

The discussion page on Wikipedia for the DU entry is hilarious.

I would like to announce to DU women that I am still available!

Bring your young children close, I have something to say.

I just heard what happened to Andy Stephenson a little while ago

my ex-boss and friend had ANOTHER heart attack tonight.

My image on DU consists of words on a screen.

There is a live one in GD

It takes everything in my being to post something with words that

My image on DU is non-existent.

I am listening to a "terrorist" musician right now

Number 400

Now being served in GD

Oh My god, an all nighter, I just noticed it is light out,

I feel SOOOO bad...

Latest conpiracy theory solved: The cause of last year's tsunami!

It's 3:33 AM Half a devil is better than none

Who the hell is Sarah Sota?

South Florida people...

Why I am a conservative

All of the same very important topics are being discussed

You know, I'm just gonna say it, this is one FINE lookin' couple

Super Ball

What's the website that tells you political party donations

Our yard sale has started!

I'm taking Beta-Sitosterol, ask me anything..... go on, ask me.

What would you rather have? hannidate or

Katie's "Scientologist Chaperone" prompts her to say she "adores" Cruise

CBGB is closing its doors.

For WilliamPitt

Post here ONLY if you have a taste for vengeance

Which actor is more irritating? Tom or Mel?

One more post, and I reach 2500!

I Really Enjoy "The Huffington Post". Give it a Read.

"Philedelphia"- Neil Young

How Smart Is Your Right Foot?

A few pictures for a Saturday...

A message for these times.

Woolly jumpers baffle shepherds: lemminglike ovine ID crisis?

I can't wait...

"The bike came off underneath me."

does the lounge have too many coffee threads?

When will Chief Justice Rehnquist announce his retirement?

Millions at stake in huge Vegas poker tournament

man builds chapel in own home

I wept when I saw this picture.

Time for a "What's your favorite Coffee" thread.

the winds are starting to pick up here as DENNIS makes his way up the Gulf

What's your favorite Coffee thread?

My car was nearly stolen tonight. Be careful if you live in an urban area

For all you who want a movie that will stimulate the mind.

I have offically started nesting...

Rethug quote of the day--this is what makes me crazy!

You've gotta have an opinion!

You'd be surprized to learn that I have...

Note to the Lounge: Will Pitt is NOT

Is there a way to "unrecommend" a string for the Greatest page?

I'm On The Air This Afternoon ... Musical Tribute To The UK

Is corn a vegetable or a grain

for my 900th post...

Michael Moore Film Fest Draws Competition

Bounce, bounce, I've been trolled!!!

Please, can we just let Andy rest awhile?

Need advice: Anyone here have a significant other move away from you?

Holy Crap! My kitchen looks like someone was shot!

I'm making breakfast, what would you like?

A friend sent me this link to some Jumping Cats.

Ducks love deer corn!

Guard tower at Gitmo was blown over by winds from Dennis

G8 photo of Bush looking into Chirac's soul...or something

For all of the cat lovers....

Guess who these people voted for.....

Br. Bronner's Soap - Also removes soap scum and scale...

If you're broke and need money, might I suggest Ebay?

Should I worry?

If someone is in love with a hobo....

Assman, WI

If someone is in love with a little

If someone is in love with

The guy who is singing is no freddie Mercury

Where does Mariah Carey buy her clothes? Hookers 'R Us?

Am I the only one who isn't impressed by Rob Thomas

I'll be leaving, shortly...

Does your cat chirp at birds?

My blog entry was about Andy....

Without my remote.... I would be blind.... from sitting


I just have to ask, does anyone like Topher Grace as an actor?

progmom on the air now - post your (straight-ahead) jazz request here!

Anyone have experience with cheap laminate wood flooring?

We just heard from my stepdaughter; she's back from England

Stretch Armstrong.

The former presidents get full facials

Sunk in GD, so here: War in Iraq in about a minute:

I see Jeb speak, and I wonder how the hell Dubya is his brother

So does your cat get the munchies, after a good hit of catnip?

Why does Paul McCartney have a small mountain playing drums?

Bagdad Batteries - Alternative Energy

Panic Attacks suck.

Why do the hurricanes hate America?? I mean... wtf is going on here

Is Spam a non-perishable?

Philly: next Saturday, Underground Literary Alliance fest...

Clinton Wars author Sidney Blumenthal answers my nicely written fan e-mail

How many cups of coffee do you need in the morning?

450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths new addiction


"You're So Vain" Who Do You Think The Song Is About?

Creative people: someone needs to make me an icon.

Stone, Cage to Team Up on Film About 9/11

I'd like to compliment the meds

I'd like to compliment the Moops.

I've always liked U2, but not a huge fan

I'm going to blow up the Fox News building

The baby site has an interesting recruiting tactic:

Pictures of my new foal

Make a fashion statement

Pictures of my new fool

2nd Best Live8 Performance up next: Green Day (on MTV)

I'd like a commissary for the mods

Pink Floyd Fans: THEY ARE ON NOW est

I'd like to condiment the mods

Fuck! I am getting chewed on over this Andy thing....

What are you listening to today?

I'd like to complement the mods

Ok, Am I the only dork still playing "The Political Machine"

Do you have a "Fox News blocker" on your tv at home?

I'd like to compliment the mod squad

Evangelist Billy Graham's Daughter Arrested For Spousal Abuse

I just realized I left a $10 tip for a $6 sandwich.

I'd like to comprehend the pogs

First fuel cell powered car in operation in California..... article from

Green Day on MTV rebroadcast NOW!

Opera fans, I need help

Someone please make me stop

If you haven't heard it, here it is! "IDIOT SON OF AN ASSHOLE"

Sympathy for EarlG: How to get Conservative Idiots down to 10 this week?

Do you know the history of psychiatry?

Stone, Cage to Team Up on Film About 9/11

Is it possible to smell the inside of your own nose?

Have you ever seen anyone you know on COPS?


today seems like a good day to watch MADAME SOUZATSKA.

Calling all DU old farts, I am dissappointed. Usually my posts

Guy from Weather Channel who's in Mobile. Jeff Gannon's kinder twin.

Where should I buy a new computer?

Blue is the worst sushi flavor

Y'all who own scanners. Can you answer a question for me.

10 Years ago tonight:

71 bucks for a plate of FUGU? Are you fucking KIDDING me?


BWAAAHAHHAHAHA - The Weather can make for some great comedy

I love watching the weather commentators when the storm is coming in

I need to dig a pond in my backyard.... yes, this oughta do it.....

Play with your own box!

Now I see why everyone goes on about fear of GD & GDP

What is your favorite Disney animated movie?

Group Fiction time! Add a passage to the story.


OK, who's tried abstinence?

What's the best free chat room that I can attach to my messageboard?

Andrew Luster

Check out or MySpace page

I have been awake for 24 hours.

Who else is working on Saturday

Congratulate me! I'm a winnah!

Marchmellow Cream and Peanut Butter Sandwiches.....

Chicago DUers - Who's coming tomorrow?

How to be a ninja.

Anyone ever hear of Aguardiente?

A Democrat High In The Air

Ten years ago today . . . .

Anyone with a cat in their lab right now?

Family of faggot fans fly the flag

should I wear my ~ The Revolution Will Not Be Televised ~ tank top today

There's a donkey in my window!

Hey, I found the puppy you left off in the "country" to be free!

Expect to see the Pink Floyd set sometime after 7pm EST again on MTV

Cute animation about the 'freedom of the press'

Anyone else having trouble with the Guy James feed?????

The Who and Pink Floyd coming up - MTV EST

By jove, I believe LBN's being spammed ...

The Who are playing on MTV

When you hike in the woods,leave only your footprints.

I'm trying to be discreet here...but a question.

Post here ONLY if you have a taste for barbeque

Any knitting experts here?

Best DU (or other online) pickup line

Oh Kick Fucking Ass! I found a free download of the old Ultima IV game

NYC DUers - what day does the Village Voice hit the street each week?

New film about George Bush to be released to theaters in February

Do you smoke in your house?

Wish You Were Here

Hey? Young Turks on Air America?!

iTunes question: can you deauthorize your computers and then

Well, this is no way to start off a collaboration

"I ain't as good as I once wuz..."

Singers who smoke

Fire up the Blender!

Battlestar Galactica on NBC?

I know we talk a lot of smack about Republicans...

you know what's yummy?

I woke up today and I was still drunk

Did MTV make amends by broadcasting commerical free?

Your favorite Pink Floyd member

What's the best BOREDOMS song ever?

We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle

What's all this crap about my old cat, Dennis?

What's all this cat about my old crap, Dennis?

Did I see a Nazi flag waving in the Germany broadcast of Live8?

The Fucky McFuck Sunshine Hour . . .

Tom Cruise: Will publicized Scientology belief rantings hurt his career?


What's with the server tonight?

We have a new member.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever swallowed?

OK Who Else Loves OATMEAL?

Days like today make me long for WINTER!

I got one, I finally got one!!!

Alright...please don't hate me, but: I need a new Tarot reader.

Ever see a butterberg?

dems should adopt children from unwed republican mothers...

Favorite Family Guy Character

Gone w/ the Wind is on TNT ...

How prophetic were these lyrics 35 years ago?

Floyd: David Gilmour's nose hairs almost ruined it for me.

Imaginary scenario: I'm able to become invisible for 48 hours

I'm listening to Astronomy Domine

Quit Bullshitting...

OK, Lounge Lizards, time to head over to GD,

Ugh...I've had a cold since Wednesday.

Like Tellin Jokes? Think You're Dave Chappelle?

Anyone know how long the AOL LIve 8 downloads will be up?

Does anyone have the lyrics to the song from AAR, spoofing "Kokomo"?

To our DU friends in Hurricane Alley......

talking leader understand modern news

the worst part of spilling a large rootbeer float in my car is..

Best rock song paired with bad lyrics?

Madagascar hissing cockroaches invade Moscow's underground facilities

The ultimate cute kitten

Dennis WILL BE Cat 4 in six hours, and possible Cat 5 before landfall.

Let's pretend that Bush were brilliant.

Roberto Duran at 50

The Meak Shall Inherit the Earth.

Amazon reviews for the A-Team Soundtrack

This place is the cat's meow! I love you cool cats in the lounge!

Well, G'night folks

Andy died??

New Vike Prescription!!

If You Could Would You Want to Live Forever?

Aww. This is too much!

jesus of the week

This is what I remember of the 1970s

goddamn it - my weber grill is a piece of shit

"Jesus Of Suburbia" music video on now

All kitty threads should be posted in the Pets Group!

I found this CD store that I must share with you

Feed Lindsay

Bunches of cute kitties.

Okay, the Fantastic Four flick was fairly good.

OK, who's tried absinthe?

Fenris's grandfather passed away last night

Eliminating "To the Extreme", your favorite Vanilla Ice CD

Where have you been?

Aside from marijuana,

What birds do you have in your yard?

Anyone with a cat on their laps right now?

Does anyone else see humor in the "Terry Schiavo Scholarships"

With all this talk of Pink Floyd

Post what kind of jewelry you are wearing right now.

post your summer song lyrics here

Is it Humid where you live?

Oh. My. God. Pink Floyd.

Now for some real Pink Floyd fun: Dark Side of the Moon and....

Does your cat have a dangerous job?

Does anyone watch Rescue Me on FX?

Blue Moon Ice Cream Milkshakse.

Please forgive my 1-track mind, but look at these images Dennis.

Coffee Poll: I am going to starbucks. What should I order?

Which movie monster would you rather be?

Eliminating "The Wall" and "Dark Side", favorite Pink Floyd Album

Hey! Hey! Any Hippie liberals in here?

If aliens land in your yard and say "take me to your leader"

Anyone here ever been a mystery shopper?

As a child, what was the greatest mess you made in your parent's house?

i officially saw the gayest show on tv

Sleep problems

WTF???? They're playing Battlestar Galactica on NBC????

Who the hell is Robbie Williams and why isn't this cutie...

Creative people: someone needs to make me an icon that fits me

I'm Home!!!!! *bounce bounce bounce*

Have you ever had a water bed?

What would Al Swearengen call Karl Rove?

Toon for Saturday 7/9/05

Doggie dreams

Is it possible to grok a typical america-hating freeper fuck?

Duran Duran at 40

NYC apartment hunting sucks - any advice?

Skeletal structures of cartoon characters

Where's your favorite local Ice Cream stop?

Everyone, meet Molly. Molly, meet everyone.

What movie can you quote lines from?

I went to the funeral of a Big Chief today (pics)

Someone please tell me if I am right or wrong

Which of these 2 superpowers would you choose?

A big urine stain, some tobacco drippings, and "Christ Died For You"

What bumpersticker should I put on my new car?

Oregon Country Fair live music is being streamed on the net here:

Anyone recognize this?

Adventures of arguing with Republicans

What city are you from?

Mutant Flowers!

Time for a LynzM POSITIVE THINGS thread

the friday night loser thread.

About this little GD/Lounge war that seems to be going on.

IFC showing documentary "Punk: Attitude" at 10 PM EST

I'd like to compliment the mods

Neil Young.........

We're hunkerin' down in Satsuma, Alabama...

Who would win in a fight: GD or The Lounge?

Oh my neighbors really made me mad today.. ANIMAL DUMPING

Wow. I just saw "The Fantastic Four". Wow.

What does your favorite coffee cup look like? And why is it your favorite

A timely musical interlude

Texas Vegans and Vegetarians, do you like organic wine?

Conference Offers Acceptance Of Gays, Lesbians (WA)

Please edumacate me! Are the terms Mennonite and Amish

How do cancer-preventing foods work? -- UIC researchers

Postpartum Treatment Key for (preventing) Depression - U of T Study

My new shirt

CSM: How hard is the Tour de France? Ask our spandexed scribe.

Halladay out; Clement in as an All Star

usatoday: Baseball, softball bumped from Olympics

Have you about orangepeel68's cat? He needs an emergency home.

A girl and her cat...

Mistreatment of animal

I'm looking for puppy proofing tips.

booster problems

Guess what my SO gave me! No, really, guess.

Astrologers: Ralfee Finn's "Week of 7/7 Forecast."

Yesterday I had an intuition about the 18 minute gap in the Nixon tapes

In light of the London bombings and a religious nutcase at work

Just heard a great athiest/antirepublican song

Cardinal denies natural evolution

It's Pluto's fault. What can you say?


What words of comfort do you say at funerals?

I don't "lack faith," thank you very much. I'm "free of superstitions."

Bob Bowman to Speak!! Emergency TRUTH Event, July 22-24

It's time to vote: World Stupidity Awards.

Call to action..."100 hurting America" - some a-wipe

a thought or two on terrorism

survey: how many are on your ignore list?

Saying hi from the DC thingie

July Photo Contest...Water Submissions Here

First shots, new glass...

A few days on the Oregon Coast (dialup's be warned)

Pictures of a Jazz Funeral in New Orleans today

The local overnight DJ on Classic 99 FM is a transplanted Brit.

Some nice news: Keith's ratings beat Nancy Grace's on Thursday.

Big Business Pushing for Voice on Supreme Court Nomination

Catch last part of radio program "How America Lost Iraq" Aaron Glantz

Democrats need to challenge the Bush policies more vigorously

Colin Powell, 03-18-03: "A coalition of the willing including 30 nations"

What I learned on Fox news in the last 10 minutes...

Iraq photo gallery...images of the hope and freedom Bush is spreading.

DSM Town Hall Meeting held in New York!

So who represents the will of the people?

Cleveland Plain Dealer Withholding Two Articles after Miller Jailing?

MSM: Jailing of Judith Miller is "chilling" --ooooh, I'm so scared.

A question every reporter should ask at press conferences

Martin Luther King: Beyond Vietnam -- A Time to Break Silence

Bush Radio: "Fighting terrorists abroad so we don't have to face them...

Redstone: Age of Media Conglomerate Over

When you think, you go left

Fixed News predicts American terror strike in 90 days or less

How does your family relate to your politics?

"Another step down the road to Armageddon."

Pakistan interrogating suspect for links with London carnage

Young Republicans relish Hillary Clinton candidacy

Lucas County, Ohio: Perz resigns after 3 months as GOP chief, cites health

from today's London Guardian: "Blair Put Us in the Firing Line"

#ush FIRST to leave summit meeting

Would a lurking free republic member help a veteran out?

Is not this "War on Terror"...

I've been published!

Faux News "Beltway Boys" re: London bombings

FOX News: Hurricanes Are A Good Thing (VIDEO)

Wilson 7/6/05 interview and statement

Woodward Came Up Really Small on Tweety's show last night

TV Ads and the selling of the President

Watch CNN Now on London attacks! Amanpour interrupted by man on street

political ad idea.....

Here's my salute to you Rehnquist......

Terrorism expert says at least one person tipped off to London attacks

Radical Bush appointees to decide Gitmo detention case

Fox News - NY Times "Fighter" Nonsense

George the Uniter

What Happened?

Bush wants to fight them over there so we don't have to at home.

"History did not begin on 9/11" Tucker Carlson gets schooled!

PAPER: Britain and US secretly preparing to withdraw from Iraq

Harry Reid: "We need to finally bring bin Laden to account for his crimes"

General Clark compared to Ashley Wilkes by OxyMoron Rush. Very Odd.

Omarion's Shocking London Press Release: Bad Move Or Hoax?

PBS Newshour: Mark Shields expects Rove to be indicted - (VIDEO)

WP: "For Santorum, Bigger Is Definitely Not Better"

I wasn't even a Deaniac. But this writer is WAY over the top!

Rove-How do you "unknowingly" out a CIA agent?

There is nothing wrong with trying to understand the enemy!

Lawsuit accuses Vatican Bank of role in World War II crimes

Sen. Lieberman's 2006 finances from

Another activist with cancer:

Website that carried al-Qaida claim has connections to Bush family

"Bush looked like someone you'd pass over for a job at Mcdonalds"

Rove and at least 1 other will be indicted in Plame case, maybe 3-4 others

Could Katherine Harris turn on Bush with evidence that Gore REALLY DID

In Memorial to Andy: "Paper ballots NOW!!!, Hand counts NOW!!!"

Amanpour Interrupted On Air; Man Speaks Truth On Iraq (VIDEO)

Iran joins Iraq.100 Members of Iraqi parliament demand US Out of Iraq NOW.

The new paradigm in the DNC..Hawaii speech by Honda, DNC vice chair.

Daily Kos purges the tinfoil hat crowd

The 2008 race will be Gen. Clark verses Jeb Bush: Agree or Disagree?

Conservative democrats

Don't let DSM die! Urge your Senators to sign John Kerry's letter now!

Fixing the Facts: An Iraq Time Line - JC calls for our assistance

Fox whore John Gibson on London attacks: "blow up Paris, and who cares?"

Chimpy repeats "Fight 'em abroad, so we won't fight 'em at home."

Economic Spin

Remember 8/04 Bushco outing of Kahn allowed London alQaeda cell to escape?