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Archives: July 30, 2005

A Thief on the Court?

Judith Miller blew a Fitzgerald Investigation of Islamic Charities

Anybody have a list from the Patriot Act vote?

Have we ever try this?

Question for Union members or knowledgeable DUers

Judy Miller, Rove, Bush, Wilson and Plame

How could any worker/laborer be Anti-Union? (Long read)

Have your privacy/rights have been violated due to the Patriot act?

Pres. Bush is a great leader--fully in control

The Protestant Work Ethic and Christianity.

More DSM info/ video 1 hour


Female Marines oppose restrictions on their service

WSJ: How Media Split Under Pressure in Leak Probe

I have a poptart with Steve Guttenburg on it's side!

Okie dokie then... Shuffling feet... Mumbling...So then...

Honey, i found the skylight installation instructions ... Honey? Hello?

Saw Carole King in concert tonight...

Frist decides to back stem cell research

Do some nights just not lend themselves to copycat posts?

What should I post for my 20,000th post?

How do you feel when a top post of yours goes up in popular flames?

Wow, a friend just emailed me from the Aleutian Islands.

refrigerator makers to avoid

I can't figure out if this is frightening or hilarious.

I'm now on Disc 4 of the original Bewitched TV show -

I feel so lame, but I'm obsessed with Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Mind May Affect Machines

Hecate and Miro update

Dear KOEB Friends--

Do we have poll watchers, lawyers, etc., for Hackett election in Ohio?

The Freeper Saga Continues (Part III)

Goldwater's Nephew to Run for Arizona Gov.

The DLC: Your Call is Important to Us! by Fred Stembottom

Marines' 3rd combat tour pushes limits of endurance

NYT Op Ed: Waiting for Another L.B.J.

Leonard Clark punished for telling the truth!

The recipe for a powerful woman

Under the cover of darkness (cheney, Jr and CAFTA armtwisting).

Final Senate List of Democrats' Ultra-Disloyal Sellouts by David Sirota

Can't Fight Terrorism With Racism

Officials: Bush Plans to Install Bolton

Bush on a Roll?

Death of a Brazilian or how to massage the facts to fit the crime

Behind PETA's lettuce curtain

Barbara Ehrenreich (Guardian Utd): Crime and Punishment

Watching neocons spin the collapse of "the Bush doctrine"

WARNING... If you are in a good mood, Don't Read!

NYT Book Review: "Whacking Hillary" (funniest book review EVER!)

American revolution, now!

Military Classes are Off Course

Hiroshima: What would you have done?

My LTE re: "A Conservative Says: End the War"

Hackett GOTV -- read this it will piss you off.


My email to Rep. Bean on her CAFTA vote. Let her know how you feel.

Anyone else send a letter to Bill Frist thank him for his support


Flordia trying to take child away from gay parents-help save this family

If destroying the economy = MORE $ in sm pockets.. then those pockets will

No economy growth over decades? 3% nixed by 3% inflation?

Japanese chemists report another way of making hydrogen from glycerin.

Vegas heading for 'dry future'

American Chemists review hydrogen from ethanol technology.

Nobel Laureate George Olah, carbon dioxide fixation, and fuel cells.

US congressman urges improved security for Taiwan

Japan's top mob boss retires from underworld post

Villagers take local official hostage - Mongolia

Brazilians turn out in throngs to bury electrician

Bird flu claims two more in Vietnam

Americans Urge for Increased Transit Security

Americans Review Situation in Afghanistan

Euan Ferguson (London Observer/July 31): World turns away from Darfur

BBC (July 31): Mexico ex-mayor launches poll bid

Majority in U.S. Feels Misled on Iraq War

Iraq Hurt War on Terror, Say Americans

Why is the U.S. building a gigantic military base on the West Bank border?


Police amass to block pullout foes' march

The Muslim mind is on fire by Youssef M. Ibrahim

Alex Jones Interviews Stanley Hilton (since other thread got locked)

Peter Dale Scott's Congressional Briefing, from July 22nd.

I would really, really appreciate a non-ominous explanation for this ...

Loftus: London bombing mastermind an MI6 agent (Fox News)

NASED conference in Beverly Hills Aug 12-14th

Anyone have transcript of Crispin Miller from Harper's Forum 7-21?

Does Hackett have a chance in Ohio?

If you haven't...

Legal question from a California reporter

Is it just me...

Bushco stopped stealing votes after they had it in the bag.

October 8

Respected Pete McCloskey is going after fellow repuke Doolittle

LETTER TO DiFi on endorsing perjurer Chris Cox for SEC chair

Which is the real "Surf City"?

Harkin Praises Senate Passage of Farm Friendly Energy Bill

For Mass Peace Train People- ***Sept 23-26***

(PHOTOS) Families Stand for Peace: The Truth About Iraq.

Replaced my power supply yesterday

"Hackett is really a Republican and Bush secretly wants him to win" NOT!!!

Hackett needs more volunteers, says Bob Brigham

New Hackett flier

Plea for help PAUL HACKETT CAMPAIGN from Louis Slaughter!

Anyone see this ?

Tell Guy James you want him to talk about Hackett on his show tonight

Be witness to the election!!!

The new NRCC ads against Hackett are just awful.

JohnCoby is a letter writin' fool

77 unanswered questions concerning 7/7:

State Dept. Now Says Bolton Interviewed

Is KGO streaming audio working tonight ?

Would somebody please try to connect to Bernie Ward's show

Ok I mised the Friday news dump and I know it was NOT

appointment with a back door -- new toon 7/30

One day Mars will be free

Bush the Negotiator! (Picture)

IRAN being setup? (From american CONSERVATIVE Mag)

Terrorism fatwa denounced as ‘bogus’ = terrorists in America

Madrassa foreigners must leave

don't see terms like "chimpy" or "bunny pants" used as often

From the "Rude Pundit"

No Spanish

Ya Gotta see this.

The NEXT Britney

CSPAN (Washington Journal) Begging For RW Callers AGAIN!

my GOD the suffering this maniac has caused. what a human pig.

Bolton's lie ....... Will the media cover it or cover it up?

America, look around you....

They hate our freedom of speech

FBI wants unlimited access to documents

Survey - They even let you input your opinon.

bush to get annual physical...on cnn's little blurb trailer

Lineup for "This is Hell": CIA, Minutemen, War Crimes, CAFTA and CocaCola

Sen. Frist Supports Gun Liability Reform Legislation

This will pass...

How many DU'er in San Francisco for the YDA conference?

Bush's Troop Strength Flim-Flam in Iraq

FYI: Senate & House Roll calls: Energy Bill

Up or Down vote for Bolton? No, recess appointment.

please DU this poll

Fred Phelps is at it again - protesting soldiers funerals WTF?

Here we go, at least I stood up for my man here.

If Bush's War on Iraq was "necessary because Saddam . . .

KKK moves on to hating Hispanics.

NY State Repuke Senators Caught Revealing Selves as Immature

Can You Name One Public Figure With Integrity?

MSNBC still calling it the war on terror, and asks, 'Where's Osama'?

New Market Slogan for Bush’s Foreign Policy

Blogger Draws Attention to Case of Missing Mom (We've got the power...)

Why I ignore the NAACP.

Why I ignore all police officers -- (or a lesson in anecdotal reasoning)

MSNBC: "No sign of cooling in red-hot housing market"

Can someone contact Senator Kerry

"I Love GITMO"

Roman emperor's head found in sewer

Should we cut the U.S. military budget in half?

60 years ago today - An incredible Naval Tragedy

I visited Ground Zero this week

Is cbc news and world international off U.S.stations?

u.s. fraud in iraq

Hackett Poll Here:

Why my rep voted for CAFTA - it almost makes sense

Check this LTTE in our Ga. paper today!

Anyone Know of A Site That Shows Who Is Running In 2006?

why the fuck is bush so angry all the time?

The false hope of "bi-partisanship"...

Military "commission" vs. "tribunal"

dubya's approval ratings at all time low 44%, 1 pt. lower than last week

Spain....Just some ruminating about comparisons.

In view of the Democratic Party's failure to stand up for our values,

The truth about Hillary - Guardian

Fla. Abortion Foe Jailed in Molestation

Have you seen this SICK piece Republicans are passing around. SICK!!!

CAFTA Vote Corruption -- Demcracy Now w/details

has the worst occurred, or is the worst yet to come?

Connecticut Church's new Stations of the Cross shows Iraq suffering

Is Paul Hackett our next JFK?

Caption * returning from his annual physical.

Uh - scuse me but........

Bush proposes 51st State

Why would Ann Coulter be against Roberts?


paul hackett is a trusty

Paul Hacket has a CCW

Coingate Scandal Grows

If you want to make something obvious....

Tour the White House with Scott McClellan, Karl Rove, Andy Card,

Impeach Bush Update

"Bush Pronounced Fit For Duty"......yeah right

Anyone ever stop to wonder

Loftus: London bombing mastermind an MI6 agent (Fox News)

The Bush Dilemma -- The Iraq Gamble Simply Cannot Fail

Idiot Faux "Reporter" Said FRIST Could Give Shrub His Physical

More Boy Scout problems

If someone wanted to run for the House, what would need to be done?

Greta's wire - gun manufacturing liability poll

A friend of mine is in Mexico for the summer (activist pharmacist)

Is the DLC really an arm of the Republican Party?

pro-peace rallies marking second anniversary of Iraq invasion

CNN and religion.

I'm a feminist, but (Round II)

I want to start blog: help me out!

What do you guys think about Nixon-era Regulation?

What did Pelosi do with the Anti-American CAFTA 15 ?

KR: (Fri.) - Fierce battle erupts between warring gangs in Mexican border

Has the Smoking Gun been hacked?

What kind of health insurance do you have?

So Shrub is going to the "ranch"

looking for articles on nrsc practices - especially re:daschle

Hubby's view of the "finger"

Mission Impeachable. Your mission, should you choose to accept it--


wasn't gannon/guckert mixed up in the daschle/thune race somehow?

What is being done about voting fraud in OH-2?

do you know anyone who voted for the chimp because "he owns a ranch"

1792 Reasons why The DSM is Important

"The Guy James Show" wants YOU to listen this evening

bolton, rove, cheney, rumsfeld, frist, delay, lieberman, bankruptcy,

Countdown: The Coming UK Coup

I heard a good joke -- that we're going to give tax cuts to oil companies.

What mental health coverage does your health insurance plan have?

In Florida too many emergency calls qualify your area for "blighted"

"I'm Feeling Lucky"

Guy James asks :"I'd like to know what you want in a radio program"?

Doctors: Bush gets colon exam. Finds.....

If it does not have a beating heart is it a baby?

U.S. Defense Report: China Working on Anti-Satellite Systems

Re: Charles Taylor (R-NC)...just a reminder

I found comfort for our current mess at a natural history museum.

The Controlling Law

Photo of Police responsible for the London subway shooting

Who Does Not Belong Here?

OMG I can't stand that woman!!!

Cost of Iraq War July 30th- $184,235,800,918

No No No! Air Force teaching High School classes

U.S. Army to Leave 13 Bases in Germany

4 rules for getting ahead in Murka

Bush's "democratic" Iraq: ISLAM to be basis of Iraqi Constitution

Daily Show videos

T-shirt for you fire-breathing, peace-loving, tree-hugging libruls.

Another Republican arrested on child molestation charges

Another "fighting them over there" quote - from 1621!

Writing a letter to the editor in response to this--what should I say,

"Illegal Aliens"?

Bill Maher reminder and Sunday chat topics: Nasa and Stem cell research

Trace Adkins : "Arlington"

Lets use the Correct word>>>>>>>>> Blastocyst

there's a Hackett report on CBS News tonight

Isn't the idea of blessing something kind of ridiculous?


CSPAN-- NAtional Urban League press conference on Roberts

Operating on Knowledge vs. Belief

Brad Show July 30, 2005, Program (7pm to 11pm EDT; 4pm to 8pm PDT)

Unions- Can most Americans expect to get a raise anytime soon?

Religion and its role today

So what do you think of this??

If there is a bogus email/hoax going around and when we talk about it,

If Bolton gets recessed....does he receive Diplomatic Immunity?

Need something to listen to? New Peace & Protest Music Broadcast

Which featured radio segment do you find more hilarious?

Uzbekistan evicts United States from air base

US oil company returns to Libya

New poll being taken for Hackett..............

No Charges In Secret Service Impersonation At Denver Bush Rally

Anyone else get creeped out

How do you cope?

This Wed., 1 pm EST, WaPo's Jim VendeHei takes questions on-line re Bush

NEW! Bill Maher Comedy Special on HBO @ 10PM EST

HELP! Any Emerson for kids?

Hardhitting PBS story at 7pmCT: Ketchup: King of

Forbes: CondiLIEsa Most Powerful Woman On The Planet!

If you have HBO, Bill Maher's special "I'm Swiss" is coming on -

Moore Says Doc Already Has HMOs Spooked

The key to a Hackett victory

EXTRA! EXTRA! Study: Fructose Sweetener Spurs Obesity! SHOCKING NEWS!

What would Jesus pack?

Fall of the Roman Empire (in my readings today)

Does anyone know what happened to Tookie Williams?

I need a favor please

President Carter: Guantanamo detentions a "DISGRACE"

The Question I hadn't thought to ask....until now:

Is KGO streaming down tonight ? nt

Legitimate telecommuter job placement agencies-do they exist?

Religious Fundamentalism and Superstition Target Congolese Children

I found my dad's manuscript of poetry he wrote over the years

Stop the presses! I just heard the oil industry is enjoying record profits

Iraqi blogger recounts his arrest and detention

Military nursing in Iraq and Germany

Bill Maher's "I'm Swiss"... I started

Is it too late for the USA?

Be witness to the Ohio election!!


Fred Phelps is coming to town on Tuesday.

KGO stream will not be working until Tuesday!

B.C. Marijuana seed dealer busted by DEA____________

Anyone in here believe Bush and Cheney knew nothing about outing plame?

Slam on your tinfoil hats and get ready

If TUCKER CARLSON gets pushed any later in the TV line-up....

Which is the best way to rephrase "Pro-Life"?

John Kasich just got ambushed on 'Heartland'

I'm getting scared...

Imagine -NOT Lennon

BUY BLUE in a big way: car insurance.

Are Diebold machines going to used in the Hackett/Schmitt election?

The London Bombing makes "progress"

*** Last TOONS for the week ***

Just watched a televangelist. I should'a had root canal without Novocaine

(PHOTOS) Families Stand for Peace: The Truth About Iraq.

BOOKNOTES in on!!! Please watch it. n/t

If and when Fitzgerald hands out indictments

Ohio: Hackett needs more volunteers, says Bob Brigham

How could anyone who voted for CAFTA still be a Democrat today?

Bill Maher: Bush is so retarded he could be on Death Row in Texas.

Was the invasion of Iraq illegal?

Political Haiku

On Farthest U.S. Shores, Iraq Is a Way to a Dream (NYT)

"Christian" comedian tells liberals: "Tolerate THIS!"

DR. Condoleezza Rice: "We weren't in Iraq on September 11!"

I was so overwhelmed by my first post response

PHOTO: War hero Toby Keith unveils 90 lb. burger at his restaurant

Remember all those "Work From Home" signs that you used to see

Tin Foil Hat Time ...... Docs say President Bush is a OK

G'night Tucker Carlson......

CIA Analyst on Cheney Nuke Plan for IRAN

What Do We Know About The Federalist Society?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Who's Taking Blame for Christian Violence?

H2O Man's "appreciation" to DUers.....

JFK's Church/State Separation Is Being Broken by Current Caths

What do we know about Rita Cosby (new MSNBC host)

Can we start a Veterans For Peace "appreciation" thread?

Happy Birthday PDA! By WilliamPitt

So, c'mon, Dems… the clock is ticking and recess is about to begin.

Question for UK DUers

Energy Bill Passes = States lose control over Liquid Natural Gas Sites

Who of these unlikely candidates would you campaign for?

Employers can ban off-duty workers from all fraternization

Yesterday I saw A Robot Pharmacist

Beam Scottie out of the administration >>>

H2O man appreciation thread

Sweden donates more than the US

The Junta spits at science again... now they want to control time!

How optimistic are you about the future?

High School to Pay Students for Attending

It's January 21st, 2009. What's the first thing on the agenda?

jean schmidt.....or......?

If Christ Himself ran for president, how would the repubs smear him?

Want to see some scary shit? Words escape me...

POLL: What will be reaction when Bush & Bolton start Iran war drumbeat?

What to do with a portabello!

Do Canadians pay for their prescription drugs?

The future of Robert Kilroy-Silk?

I'm sorry if I've made inappropriate comments

WP: DeLay's Week to Reassert Command (almost all talk of deposing ceases)

Pastor denies membership to homosexual, gets canned

Suicide bomber kills 44 near Syrian border

LAT: Disney California Adventure Accident Injures at Least 60

Outspoken Sunni Official in Iraq Fired

Saddam 'attacked' after hearing

B.C. Marijuana Store Raided, Marc Emery Arrested

President Bush Gets Annual Physical Exam

Outspoken Sunni Official in Iraq Fired From Post; Death Toll in Suicide Bl

Car Bomb Kills Five People in Baghdad

8-Year-Old Charged For Sexual Conduct With Sitter

Uzbekistan evicts United States from air base

President Bush Gets Annual Physical Exam

Police officer arrested for leaking information to insurgents

Military attache starts work at AIT (Taiwan) next month

Godfather of Japanese underworld steps aside

Venezuelan General Lopez Hidalgo rules out any agreement with DEA

Inouye: GOP Not Doing Enough for Troops

NYT: Third Union Is Leaving A.F.L.-C.I.O.

Vatican in terror dispute with Israel

'Apartheid' at Italian hospital

Iraq War Veteran Makes Run For Rob Portman's Seat Interesting

Uzbekistan tell US to pull out!

Justice Dept. accuses city of voting rights violations (Boston)

Issues in Dispute for Iraq Constitution (Iraq's name, language, religion)

Bush Picks Ameriquest Owner as Ambassador Firm's Lending Tactics Investiga

New poll being taken for Hackett..............

Worry Grows as Foreigners Flock to Iraq's Risky Jobs -LAT

CNN: India rain death toll reaches 850 (record-setting rains)

On Farthest U.S. Shores, Iraq Is a Way to a Dream (NYT)

The recipe for a powerful woman

8-Year-Old Charged For Sexual Conduct With Sitter

KR: (Fri.) - Fierce battle erupts between warring gangs in Mexican border

Sinclair nixes news in N.C. Triad

Private Prisons Experience Business Surge

OH Investment Scandal: Pair found guilty on ethics charge.

Soldier in Iraq Records Country-Music Hit

NYT/Bolton Not Truthful, 36 Senators Charge in Opposing Appointment

Marines' 3rd combat tour pushes limits of endurance

Cops, Egypt gov't supporters smash rally

Priest dismissed by Vatican

Outspoken Latin America envoy resigning (Roger Noriega)

CCTV film to aid fatal shooting inquiry (of Brazilian in London)

Bush Urges Congress Not to Rest on Laurels

Bush draws heat from conservatives on highway bill (Reuters)

Mother Cursed for questioning War has son in Iraq

Russians outraged over U.S. interview

Iran sets nuclear offer deadline

Bush draws heat from conservatives on highway bill

U.S. Agent Killed in Honduras

McGovern touts legacy of liberalism in America

(Iraq) Soldiers Open Fire On Bombing Victims--and Recruits

ALERT: British mercenaries killed in Iraq.

WP,pg1: On Capitol Hill, A Flurry of GOP Victories

At least 14 injured in Disney rollercoaster crash: local official (AFP)

Schmidt can't recall Ach favor (More OH Repub Scandals, 2ND District)

Weiner: Anti-terror dollars going to pork-barrel projects

NYT/AP: Inouye: GOP Not Doing Enough for Troops (Dem radio address)

Economist Blames Aid for Africa Famine

Mexican Presidential Front-Runner Registers to Seek Nom of Leftist Party

(AP) Man Admits Role in Failed London Attack

WP:Astronauts Test Shuttle Repair Techniques(caulk gun,stubby paintbrush!)

President to have annual physical on Saturday

Solo in a Hybrid? Merge Left (Congress OKs open carpool lanes for hybrids)

A New Hope for Dreams Suspended by Segregation

Marine never got to hold infant daughter

US checkpoints try to halt rebel passage into Iraq's Fallujah

Carter Blasts Guantanamo Detention Camp

Church Members To Picket NC Marine's Funderal In Minnesota

Ariz. Guard blogger ("Democratic activist") punished

Leaked data reveal reasons for increased bombing raids were a sham

Taylor’s staff changes story on missing trade vote

Ex-Citigroup banker Zankel dead in (9 storey) fall (Reuters)

Toyota, GM to scrap plan on fuel-cell car tie-up: report (AFP)

Officials: Blast survivors hit by (US) gunfire (52 dead, 93 injured)

Black Teen Killed in Apparent Racially Motivated Ax Attack in Liverpool

Iraq's Child Prisoners (warning very distressing)

WP: GOP Says It Will 'Bury' Name-Calling Candidate (Paul Hackett)

Oregon anti-meth law would require prescriptions

Pro-Cuba group says U.S. seized Canadian computers

Do some fights just not lend themselves to copycat posts?

Anybody else having trouble getting KGO tonight?

My wife is watching "Killer Condom" right now

Yay! I replaced my stolen iPod!

What the Bleep Do You Know?

Hey you San Fran. DU'ers..... heads up!

What would motivate a 30 year old to throw stones at a squirrelly friend?

Where is Bush's Petronius?

Two more days till the first of the month...

What's this about the Red Sox trading Manny Ramirez?

Does anyone else like gospel?

Screen Cleaner! This Really Works! (link)

It is with great and excessive amounts of farfegnuggen that I write this

I'm back people

Do some nights just not lend themselves to floppy hat roasts?

I'm front people

public enemy

Goodnight DU. I've been here since noon.

Damn it, Tigh's wife is a Cylon. Tell me I'm wrong.

Monetary Question...

The Aleutian Islands just Emailed me my friend

Best tasting Energy Drink

On Countdown tonight: guess how many of the new Jackson cd sold in the US?

Should I drink and DU?

ill be out for a few days

I'm Not In Love

The only nice thing about the Natalee Holloway story

Oh so no beautiful women gonna profess their love for enigmatic tonight?

If anyone is out there wondering.....

Bush KNOWS that he's full of shit... That's the funny thing

I am a TRUE Patron of the Arts: John Waters "This Filthy World"

Here is a website that will make you want to puke

MMM Yummy

its that kind of night again...

If someone told you, "Go back where you came from!" where would that be?

WHo does Ice Cube think he is?

I fucking hate society so much right now I could blow

Ever randomly google image search places?

It's 6:00 a.m., on a Saturday, and I am awake!

Good Night, Ya'll

And speaking of the kitty

Clothes suck

sneak in through the back door --- new toon 7/30

Bonjour mes amis!

Just got back from Idaho and Montana.

Check out this terrific Rush Limbaugh multimedia

Does anyone see a problem with this? Elvis

Cat with hands

Wow, I shot past 5000 posts and didn't even know it....

A picture of the TRUE Michael Jackson

Just so you all know, I've been shirtless all day......

*bufffing nails* LOOK! My new website for the business I'm getting going

I went swimming in the Hudson River today!

Is there treasure in my yard?

I really like Real Sports

Have you ever hidden a thread that was on the Greatest Page?

Identify the movie quote: "His eyes run up and down ya like a searchlight"

The NEXT Britney

Time to rotate your shoelaces?

Here's my ANT!

It is with great and excessive amounts of schadenfreude that I write this

Here's my mini little rant

I watched 20 minutes of a Bruckheimer flick, and must reclaim my soul

They conspired with us to kill their own chancellor...

Sunscreen over foundation or the other way around

The Smoking Gun presents your Moment of Zen: 14 Florida hooker mug shots.

I really don't care about Natalee Holloway

What is your pick for funniest movie of all time?

Have you ever had a crush on a movie star or TV actor?

How many glasses of water do you drink per day?

Wish me luck.

QUICK POLL: Going to the bar, what shall I have?

6 Music lovely BBC Station

Well, off to the green market to pick up whatever is current today

I saw the zaniest things last night in LA

Casey at the Bat

I just saw "The Aristocrats"...

What movie makes you cry?


What a screwed up day.

who the hell made it mandatory for women...

Green Pool Owners Could Face Fines, Jail

What is the best thing for dry lips?

What movie makes you laugh?

Bob Boudelang Praises Supreme Court Nominee Roberts

What DUer makes you cry?

Question, Does Snoope dog ever perform Music

Anyone watching Outsourcing Democracy on C-Span 2?

Found! Pictures of my old Chevy Impala

Red Sox Nation: Trade Schilling! KEEP Manny- Pleeeeeaase!!!

How come nobody eats Toad Legs?

I've decided to get lazy about housework.

progmom on the air - come play with me!!

Hey, I can see my navel again.

Question about rechargeble batteries.

Fundie "logic" on the Bush Vacation...

True Believers are going to play a show this Fall!

my first post using ie 7 in windows vista (codename: longhorn)..

Bush's #1 priority during his month-long Crawford Pig Farm vacation

C is for Cookie - A Case Study in Persuasive Oratory

I'm thinkin' about my doorbell.

Post an amusing google result on your nickname

The revolution will not be televised.....


Information needed on Advanced CPR

What DUer makes you retch?

looks like i'm getting divorced

DU charity clicks, so easy to do!

WTF is up with Weezer and "Beverly Hills"? Is it supposed to be ironic?

The next, just lol

TCM has a display at the Mall of America this weekend

I'm invited to a party but can't go because...

In my DU sig line

the 2005 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest winners are in!

My sweet kitty Clark had to go to the doctor this morning..he

Hey, dog enthusiasts,

Help in Switching from Teflon to Stainless Steel Cook Pan

Temptation: Living 86 miles north of New Orleans.

Be honest. Do you think these swimsuits are a bit too provocative

Dear JimmyJazz: I apologize.

Ok well forget it.

My current TV crush - Jeannine Edwards of ESPN (horse racing)

This just isn't right....

If you shave, vote here:

The story of Caver Ted

SAY 50th ranch trip in four years with a straight face? CAN YOU?

Wandering Moose Takes to Mini - Golf Course

I miss Beavis and Butthead

So I've had my windows open for almost 24 hours, and it feels very hot!!

Central air question.

when do the schools (k-12) start in your area

Six Feet Under trivia: James Cromwell (George) & Black Panther Party

I ate 2 pounds of 'potato skins' breand shit food today. Ask me anything.

So I've had my windows closed for almost 24 years and it smells awful

Tiger Woods Is A Freak Of Nature

I'm off to make some green tea. Good stuff, too. Who wants some?


Meanwhile, back at the Imperial Pig Farm Upon Crawford...

Here's my RAND!

Here's my RANT!

Yes, it's REALLY a business name: Cretin Homes

Tee Hee

"And you can fuck off as well!"

What DUer makes you laugh?

Got a strong stomach? The Battle of the GDR fast-foods

Okay, everyone. I want this, so please feel free to pitch in!

I just finished painting

WOOOO-WEEEE!!!! Guy James is on a roll!

Okay...what "remake movie" this weekend looks "passable" that you're

Hey George! Did you enjoy your prostate exam?

For those nights when you seriously need to get TANKED...

Post your favorite Ralph Wiggum quote

I like this photo.

I just broke my toe, goddammit! Ask me anything!

I need some new jokes. Post your favorite...

Summer parade in Oslo (Photos)

Lie Clocks

"Ladies in Lavender?" Judy Dench....and others? Good movie or not?

What the hell was I thinking?

Ever google childhood friends?

What are the most extreme locations in the United States, compass-wise?

Why you slimey, scaley little . . . .

Hey JimmyJazz - whatcha doing tonight

I wonder... What if there was a type of housecat that was as big as...

I am watching a horrible movie on cable

We Didn't Need Dialogue... We Had FACES!!

popular freeper college courses and majors

Look what you've done to your arms!

Why didn't anyone ever tell me about Rufus Wainwright

Bush's prostate screening test registered at 0.5.

Photo of * playing golf.

My kitten (of six years) is obnoxious.

I nicked myself 20 mins ago and it's still bleeding. Ask me anything!

Ugh, please splash acid into my eyes...

Build Your Own Corpse...

MM PSA for the day: 4 out of 5 Southern Baptist divorcees ...

Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

Sometimes this place is a pure pleasure.

Who wants to hear some JAZZ FLUTE???

Look At This...

Tear down that BITCH of a bearing wall and put a window where it OUGHT to

Pardon me; I am going to sunless tan now.

Have you ever be eviscerated by a shark?

Have you ever been Tarred and Feathered?

Have you ever been hit in the head with an anvil, dropped from 10 stories?

have you ever been impaled by a Trident?

What's a good over-the-counter sleep aid?

Have you ever been drawn and quartered?

Just when you thought the Freepers couldn't get any worse...

Have you ever been tired...

Bye Bye Tucker.............

Have you ever been shot?

Have you ever had absol-fucking-lutely nothing happen to you at all

Cat Adopts Puppies (Cute Video)

Have you ever accidently fallen into a very large meatgrinder?

Have you ever been dismembered and turned into cattle feed

The DUer I miss the most is

Seventeeenth Milllionth Post Coming Up Sooon...


Never say I pull my punches.... :D enjoy

Have you ever been blown up by a hand grenade?

This is driving me crazy!!

My insane cat Minnie, from her screen test as the bear in The Edge.

And you thought just kittens can be uber-cute?

Mystery Solved!

Alright, admit it...

OMG I'm dying of chilli poisoning!!

Lock. Because it needs a lock.

I'm beginning to feel like I'm not a real liberal

Black people won't work

I finally got my tattoo

Help.vegetables out of control

A's win again (Big Green machine rolls on)

I'm a real liberal, gosh darnit

Those Bacardi and Cola commericials are so fucking stupid

Have you ever been kicked, spit on, shit on, pissed on, and set on fire?

computer questions

What's the wierdest song you've ever heard?


Notice how politically relevant this season's pop art is?

To Answer DS1

Wow - what Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson had to say about America

Have you ever been kidnapped by aliens and

Have you ever been stabbed?

Saw this Freepermobile this morning.

What are you wearing?

Random link: Why women live longer than men (A photo contest)

Military Recruiters Set Up Shop at the Ozzfest

Have you ever been decapitated?


The Gratuitous Kevin Spacey Outing Thread

Have you ever been run through a combine?

Have you ever been steamrollered into freshly laid asphalt and had

Oh, hey, thanks for all your help with the yard work.

Who knows about the Distinguished Flying Cross?

The Gratuitous Kevin Spacey Quoting Thread

Is it too much to ask that people NOT be assholes around their kids...

Who saw I, Robot?

A gepard with kittens

Is it safe to be here tonight?

Have you ever been mellow?

DS9 or B5?

The ultimate cameltoe: Led Zeppelin

Aw crap.

Manny Ramirez wants out of Boston again? All that $$$ and a Ring

How do you think bob jones university students rebel against the system?

Are you all for real?

What does a yellow light mean?

At last, some new Boners.

Three Little Kittens, Sleeping on a Kitty Condo

Went to NHRA National drags in Sonoma yesterday: US ARMY sucks

Bill Mahr, really tearing into Bush

Have you ever had knitting needles jabbed into your eyes?

Have you ever been felt up?

Favorite Foul?

CONFESS!!!!!! What makes baby Jesus Cry?

You know the best part about Boxers.....

Guess who wrote this?

This post will give you nightmares tonight

The wait is interminable.

Lunchtime raids net 15 strippers in Tampa-area clubs

oh, god help me, I actually just typed "Cervix-A-GoGo".

Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical, liberal,

hey, what do you call that ceramic red pipe stuff use to store bottles?

Legitimate telecommuter job placement agencies-do they exist?

Have you ever shopped at CockMart? It's HOT!

This is my 1000 post!!!!!

I'm looking over a four leaf clover...

Maestro....I'm thinking of you.

How about we track sex offenders......

Is Revolutionary_Acts04 at work?

74,000 DUers!!!! Nearly 17 million messages! Woohoo!

Seal the Peach's fate - The Peach For Peace

Woo Hoo , I got my "FIRE ROVE" bumper sticker from AAR

I have MoveOn's "50 Ways to Love Your Country." Ask me anything.

"No" means no

Not quite cold Guinness? Or cold other beer?

Track the shuttle here---it's currently over the Pacific, heading toward

Do People in Gibralter Speak English?

i just realized what the most irritating song of all time is

Johnny Depp's wicked interpretation of Willy Wonka

Tom Cruise kills Oprah.

I joke about being more liberal than others, but some people

A picture of GOPisEvil doing yardwork

Best decade for Rock & Roll


Pet peeve: Film directors who substitute Canada locations for US places!

Interesting airport in Gibraltar.

How many different countries have you visited?

DU women may I call to your attention this post

Maat is almost at her 5,000th post!

I confess... I prefer the Remake of "Dawn of the Dead" to the original.

Museum (or, how I got to 20,000 posts in just 9 short months)

I saw Lyle Lovett tonite - and you didn't

I miss Rox, dmr, Kheph, Nostajmi, Olaf the White, Oafofoffice,

I'm listening to the Fixx

Favourite fowl for NOT eating?

Wow I am down to 9 posts in My Posts.

Hey you San Fran. DU'ers..... heads up!

Bill Maher: I'm Swiss - on now on HBO. (Spoilers for west coasters)

In 1973, which color was more popular for clothing?

Pssst! There's gonna be a rumble in the lounge tonight - pass it on....

So, as I post this I have a size 12 white gold wedding band on my desk!

Is there any more boring a televised event than...

I am fucking freaked out right now

Ever have anything that meant a lot to you get stolen? Mourn with me...

So. Do you want to go to Bob Jones University?

Okay...I want 74,000 responses. All DUers check in here!

Summer 1995

Anybody seen "March of the Penguins"? What did you think?

Load up, load up, load up with rubber bullets

I'm 39 posts away from 3,000 - Ask me anything!

Bad Company for 2 Bucks

Has anyone heard from Liberal_Andy? (diagnosed throat cancer)

Rickie Lee Jones.

I've heard of a two car garage, but never, in all my years, have I seen

Any one use 'natural' laundry detergents?

If you don't shave vote here

What's the most exotic English loan-word you know that we use every day?

"Turning Japanese"

What is the most absurd flamewar ever on DU?

Let's talk about music or dating or even politics then.

I just met Dream Theater and hung out with them!!!!!! ASK ME ANYTHING

Cat (Pumpkin) 1 - Dog (Remi) 0 --- The Great Animal Wars Have Begun!

Do you ever dream about celebrities? What do they do/say when you do?

Here kitty, kitty, kitty

Movie of the Year: "THE ARISTOCRATS"

Think Of Any Playing Card... Concentrate... Now Click Here.

Today, 7/30,is my birthday

How far would you travel to see a concert?

Goddamn motorcyclists.

Lover Boy!

Help! I want to learn simple html commands to post pictures, smilies,

Yes Deer

I helped a woman put MO License Plates on her car today- WAS IT YOU???

What have you done to protect the sanctity of marriage today?

Let's talk about religion. Seems like a safer topic this evening.

Favorite Fowl?

Rant!!! Someone scraped off some of my bumpertickers today!!!!

I found a crow's foot in my cereal.

Have You Ever Seen A Grown Man Naked?

Pho Bo Tai

Favorite Paul?

I'm only 25 posts from 1000!! Think I can get there tonight?

I need a funny movie to cheer up my SO

I am watching the new Battlestar Galactica for the first time

Worst earworm ever?

Have You Ever Been Madly In Love with Someone You Cannot Have?

I bought some new dishes

"Station 51, structure fire 4th and San Pedro. Time out 1127."

Soldier in Iraq Records Country-Music Hit

Men: Boxers or briefs? Ladies: What do you prefer your guy to wear?

Wow, a friend just emailed me the Aleutian Islands.

I have Aleutians of Grandeur.

So I've had my windows open for almost 24 hours, and it feels great!!

Been caring for mom for twenty years. She died Thursday.

Best name for newly discovered 10th planet

I found a crow's foot around my right eye.

who the hell made it mandatory for men...

From NYTimes: Cats are Internet's "It" animal

Alright, edited for second time around: Who is your DU crush?

Ladies! Rate this guy on physical appearance a scale of 1 to 10...

Didya hear that?

Hi vegetarians and vegans!

How old are you?

Have you visited "The Christian Alliance site? It has great Dem

does anyone have a good online bible verse search?

New study widens pill risks, benefits for cancer

EXTRA! EXTRA! Study: Fructose Sweetener Spurs Obesity! SHOCKING NEWS!

Bush check-up but 44 million none:Visits marine hospital, cuts VA 14%/bed.

Possible solution to Global Warming

X class solar flare

Corn niblets could save America from its oil dependency

Name the New Planet

Saturn Moon May Have Ice Volcanoes

NY Police Computer Predicts Robbery

Doctors Poisoned Crazy King George, Study Finds

After 50 years U-2 spyplane still delivers the goods

Study Links Stem Cells in Marrow to Fertility

Photographs from the old theocracy for the new: The Scopes trial.

Parental Rights, HIV and Jeb

Ex Gay Love In action Founder Write Letter to condemn program

Anyone else know what it feels like to be queer and fat?

NHL Draft

Embree to the Yankees?!!

Manny removed from BoSox lineup

Any other Southeastern Conference football fans...

10 Years ago today, the greatest third baseman ever

Sunny and Kudra

Dog sprayed in eye by skunk

We lost our dachshund, Brutus, today.

Great post in GD

Anybody see dirty tricks coming in the Hacket/Schmidt Ohio Race?


Native Lore Adds Clues to Ancient U.S. Catastrophes

Anybody read John Kerry lately?

One of life's great mysteries

Must read/see Edwards speech

WH denial of reality

Alex Kerry at American Eagle Event

John Kerry books?

What? No one posted Kerry's email about the Voting Rights March?

A great John Kerry ad!

Masters of Photography

Speaking of goofy questionnaires:

Hackett Poll Here:

The DLC: Why of course, they're centrists!

Bolton's role in CIA leak is one of the largest questions!

The sickening arrogance of the US Congress

The most insidious of Traitors

WA Judge Rules Against State Parties

I'd take all fifteen of those Democratic CAFTA voters.......

When Bu$h appoints Bolton next week

Sand Creek Massacre legislation on to Bush (will he sign it?)

Has anybody heard of a poll showing Hackett ahead in OH-02?

What will the Religious Reich do with Frist, now that he supports stem

Feingold Energy Act Motion (yesterday, but important)

How is it possible that an Iraqi war veteran could be against Bush ?

No charges in ouster: Feds won't pursue man who ejected 3 from Bush event

Conservative group and Liberal group, tell voters to stay home.....

Illinois takes a back seat to Ohio`s corruption.

Political Affairs Magazine: Roberts a "smart rich country club Repub...

Fox: "an exchange of blows" between Saddam and man at court appearance

Greatest Conservative Accomplishment in Last 25 Years?

Ldotters on Frist's decision

The reason some Democrats support Bush...

If GOP were smart-Bush wouldn't come back from vacation.

Bu$h administration flowchart

PLEASE DU diebold security department

Today's Bush Radio: "We're also spreading freedom"

The insanity of Michael Ledeen

Bush planning to fire Fitzgerald as US attorney for Chicago

Problem of Presidential Message vs Congressional Message...

Senator Byrd 3/3/3 Manipulation of War Intelligence

"CAFTA expected to benefit consumers"

anyone else here no longer flying the flag.......?

Gore observation........

Seen this e-mail? "When WWIII Started"

Do the Democrats have voting monitors for next's week Ohio election?

If Major Paul Hackett declared himself a republican

VIDEO-Jean Schmidt: Queen of the Talking Point

Clark Volunteers On the Ground in Ohio for Hackett!

Since the war is a lie,

Veterans For Peace Impeachment Tour

"These are evil-doers. They have no justification..."

Bush is flip-flopping on Iraq and the "war on terror" for the mid-term...

I was putting my groceries in the car when it hit me

Deputy Undersec. in chimp's Education Dept found guilty (travel expenses)

Barack Obama on Bolton recess appointment: "It's the wrong thing to do"

Heads up: CSPAN2 DSM!!! n/t

KCET: "economy best ever"

I met Conrad Burns' nightmare today - John Morrison, MT in 06

'Revolt of the Elders', group of GOPs organize to attack conservatives

(Mass.) Romney's clout in the Legislature dissolving quickly

A diet plan for the new end-of-the-world meme

DLC and the Bankruptcy Bill

When is Senate gonna vote on that Flag Burning Amendment?

Psst. Are We Supposed To Forget The "War On Terror?"

Some "counter-propeganda" ideas--what do you think, DUers?

George Lakoff. If you can get your hands on the DVD

Bush Regime attack on Iran: Highly Doubtful

You Should be afraid of the Federalist Society..very afraid!!!

World Nut Daily: Right wingnut bill (Enumerated Powers Act) picks up steam

USA Today: Poll: Bush approval ratings hit lowest point of tenure

WA Judge Rules Against State Parties

Liberal Blogs are kicking conservative ass in Hackett race

U.S. Dirty Tricks in Haiti

Bill Maher is on a roll! HBO! nt

Bush approval rating down to 44%-- surprised it took this long!

T or F: Byron York - non-partisan, non-ideological

"Conspiracy To Defraud And How To Recognize It"

"The new liberal imperialism "

MSNBC (AKA Fox News-Lite) To Add Another Conservative To Nightly Line-Up

URGENT-- DU should concentrate on the Ohio Hackett race right NOW!

Final House-Senate List of Democrats' Ultra-Disloyal Sellouts

OH-02: HACKETT MOBILIZATION reporting from the rally.......

The DLC: My One Question

Let's all put some money down on Paul Hackett to win!

WP: "what the federalist society stands for"

WP calls last week a flurry of GOP victories

Bernie Golderberg "no longer likes being associated with elitist liberals"

have you seen new dem ad against santorum

I have a question.

Anyone in DU believe Bush and Cheney knew nothing about outing plame?

Ohio vote rigging

"The greatest strategic blunder in American history" (-Paul Craig Roberts)

I got kicked out of the "Freerepublic" site!

Who are your top picks for the Dem and Repub tickets in 2008?

I can't think of one senator I'd be confident in running for '08

Hackett v. Schmidt:

Why Kerry Lost.

Yahoo's threat when I attempted to post this link

Where will Bush be on September 24, 2005 during the march?

Paul Hackett has raised $366,360.47 from 6941 donors at 8:45AM, July 30th

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed on BookTV - July 30, 31, Aug. 1

DLC and Iraq War

Wes Clark in '08--What do you think?

Discussion on the estate tax...could these guys be more full of $*it?

SOCIALIZED MARKETS... the answer to the health care crisis?