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Archives: July 29, 2005

When Hybrids Turn NASCAR

Found what I was looking for thanks

My article on voting machine problems (San Diego) & Jim March arrest

Senator Cleland Campaigning For Paul Hackett

My Summer Packer Class . . .

Whoop, There It Is !!! - No Need Ta Caption This, LOL !!!

Send questions to Harry Reid on John Roberts

From KoS: Jean Schmidt's former neighbor: she's no farmgirl.

Rove's Last Stand (image from Billmon)

"Gray (Davis) backs Arnold?"

Freepers trying to turn

Re: The Finger, If I can try to summarize...

New Calls for Coalition Forces to Count Iraqi Casualties

My projected scenario for troop pullout

I'm Sorry... Is There Something About A Finger Tonight ???

Jerry Springer is a very generous man

Pentagon Says Troop Pullout From Iraq Could Begin In 2006

It Stands to Reason, That if Bush Was

Bet more Americans know about the "Idol" investigation than Traitorgate.

"APA Ignored Evidence that Homosexual Behaviour is Part of Psych Disorder"

Any left wing authoritarians here?

BREAKING!!! Jaques Cousteau Discovers Water is Wet!!!!!

SRS layoffs hit some longtime employees hard (1200 jobs)

Are scientists playing God with Frankentrout?

WHO baffled as pig-disease toll rises

US mad cow flubs raise safety fears

LAT: CAFTA Vote May Leave Long Paper Trail for Critics (arm-twists,deals)

This is where the party ends

Shoot to thrill. Play to kill.

So.....I guess I gotta go to bed.

Do you mind if I lurk?

Pet Peeve No. 180128

Why do people jump to conclusions so fast on GD....

There is no spell-check on alerts.

Places that should have "sample" days

The Outlandish Sports Facts Thread

Are guys that hire strippers freeps?

Because Greg Evigan said so...

Are fans that watch the Clippers asleep?

Are guys that hire strippers creeps?

"Come all you young rebels, and list' while I sing, for the love of one's

My friend's boyfriend is missing.

Generic post with random observation.

These pretzels are making me thirsty.

An Ode to Jenna Bush (with apologies to the Dead Milkmen)

Don't hire strippers, buy flowers or chocolate for your girl!

Ladies, would you go topless at a public pool?

Ok, so who here knows who Misty Mundae is?

Fave movie badguys?

Are kittens that hire strippers creeps?

Bald black guys vs. bald white guys

Now that DU knows I'm really Dom DeLuise, does it change things?

Studies could alter treatment for depression, schizophrenia

Studies could alter treatment for depression, schizophrenia

Crick's last stand -- The seat of consciousness?

Strange fish -- A study reveals the decline in diversity in the oceans

I Taught A Packer Class This Summer - Check Out The Website !

can i watch Kerry on Cspan today anywhere online ?

Now that I'm in charge of next month's photo contest

What's the difference between Karl Rove and Benedict Arnold?

40 House DLC

The DLC are the only REAL Democrats!


Change the language

Violence begets violence

“Mein Kampf “ by George Bush & Tony Blair

Daily Kos - Niger Yellowcake and The Man Who Forged Too Much

Paul Krugman, NYT: French Family Values

Orange County Register: Needle points

Hillary Clinton: from the left to front and center

Bolton Possibly Original Source in Plame Investivation!

Rep. Jane Harman: Security, not politics, at center of Plame leak

Election 2006 & America's Populist Center by David Sirota

Link between cattle mutilations and infectious disease in US?

Unfucking the Donkey - Advice for weary, wandering Democrats (Vllg Voice)

Mormon polygamists building home – and an end-time temple in TX.

Molly Ivins : AFL-CIO doing the splits?

Court Reinstates Hatfill Suit Vs. Times (for linking to anthrax)

(CNN) Should Plame sue Rove?

Blair defends Iraq war, vows new attacks on civil liberties and,,,

Neck deep in the Big Muddy BY ANDREW GREELEY

What makes suicide bombers tick?

The Truth About Abu Ghraib

Dick Morris: How Roberts Choice Has Throttled The Dems

A real patriot :Rohrabacher's vote defies party leadership

WP: DeLay's Week to Reassert Command (almost all talk of deposing ceases)

Darker Purpose, by Chris Floyd

"We Regard Falluja As a Large Prison" (Mother Jones Mag.)

Huffington - Judy Miller: How Deep Do Her Connections Run?

Leak investigation tests Bush, Rove relationship!!! KRN

A Half-Cocked Gun Bill (CS Monitor)

Democrats' Solidarity Fades

Josh Marshall: The FBI's review of WMD forgeries looks like a sham

CIA-leak stories, lies fester and grow (LA Times Editorial)

Tom Engelhardt : A Thief on the Court?

Help Defeat Maine's Homophobic Hate ballot initiative


Change our language

Anti-gay bigots rallying for David Parker, Tues. Aug 2nd , Lexington, MA

Send an e-mail...Block S.397, the NRA's "Get Away With Murder" bill

How about a LTTE campaign letting the people know

More DSM Action

Keep the Vote Alive -- new letter from Kerry on Aug 9th march

Sign petition--2 million for Roe--Planned Parenthood

Why more response to one DOG than global immiseration and Darfur combined?

Dickhead at Boston Adbusters kicked me off the list

Here's a chilling thought...

DU The Movie?: documentary showing daily lives of posters + sm threads

Greenspan exposed!!!

Never mind - self delete

The media claims that the economy grew at a rate of 3.4% in 2Q.

US, Australia Pimp New Double Secret Probation Climate Treaty

Common drilling technique to be exempt from federal regulation

Bush Climate Plan A "Half-Hearted Response"

Spain & Portugal Confronting Large-Scale Desertification - UN Report

How to raise fuel efficiency without changing CAFE standards

50 Years Of Fishing Catch Data Show Huge Reduction In Marine Biodiversity

Here are the people who voted against the Energy Bill

"New Energy Bill will revolutionize geothermal energy use in U.S."

Jim Kunstler's Neocon Despair --

Is it possible to make a thermoelectric generator using solar hot water?

Oregon DOT Report - Only Question On Oil Peak Is When

Massive fire in India's largest oil field kills over 10

Australia releases detained children

Iraqi oil train bombing sparks massive blaze

Beware China's `soft war'

The Guardian - After 35 years a quiet voice ends the IRA's war

The Guardian - Give up, wife urges Karadzic

Basayev broadcast enrages Russia

Chechen Warlord Basayev Admits to Being Terrorist, Promises More Attacks

delete..a double post.....

Aljazeera....fanning the flames....

Edmunicate me: What has Israel ever done for anybody?

Tony Blair's finest hour

Fatah kidnaps top PA security official

Vatican: It isn't always possible to condemn anti-Israel terrorism

3 Israelis arrested during separation fence protest near Bil'in

The right's losing lessons

90 years of unilateralism

WT (UPI): CIA tries to block bin Laden escape book

77 unanswered questions concerning 7/7:

Owners to Get 9 / 11 Field in Pa. Back

Alex Jones' Interview: Ex-Senior Advisor to Dole: 9/11 was Ordered by Bush

77 unanswered questions concerning 7/7:

Brady bonds,Durham Family Trust,Cantor-Fitzgerald,ONI and 911

D.C. Emergency Truth Photo Album, Announcement of KC Oct. Convergence

Was the Pentagon Actually Hit by Pre-planted Bombs?

77 unanswered questions concerning 7/7:

New Free Press article ties Coingate, Votergate and the mob together!

Rep Taylor's NO vote on CAFTA changed by glitch to YES

PICS: Wheelchair access/HAVA/Sequoia Advanatge

Mods Please Delete! It's a dupe about Diebold.

Coingate, the mob, and stealing the election

New Kerry Letter: Keep the Vote Alive

Breaking: CA rejects Diebold TSx

Computer Scientist Avi Rubin to Speak on Electronic Voting

a request from OHIO! now points HERE! Enjoy! N/T

Carteret Coalition for Verifiable Voting

IS THERE A LAWYER IN THE HOUSE??? Please keep kicked!

Response Optimizer analysis of State Exit Polls

Quarrel Brewing Over Judge Roberts Memos

State rejects e-voting system

South bay, San Jose Who stole my vote invite

California SoS refuses to certify Diebold machines

Gray Davis supports reforming process of redistricting

PRO-CHOICE rally in Los Angeles area: 8/2/05

CA legislature promoting new eminent domain/property theft scheme!

INITIATIVE: paper ballots, hand counted (to stop Diebold creeping in)

The Microcosm in Sacramento: Many Little Bits ¬ and Way.

LAT: Disney California Adventure Accident Injures at Least 60

New blog by former Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party

Bigots get ClearChannel to replace Cambridge gay billboard to Navy ad

Anti-gay bigots rallying for David Parker, Tues. Aug 2nd , Lexington, MA

Wetterling to the 6th and Tinklenberg out?

what ever happened to carol molnau

Update on Patty's Trip to DC

Anyone else get a fund-raising letter from Hillary this week?

Can I wirelessly hook up my notebook to my wireless network?

Any DUers going to the Sen. Glen, Max Cleland kick off rally Sat?

How is it looking for Hackett in this race?

"Austin and Surrounding Area DSM and Rovegate Activists" Call to Action

Please call the radio station

BIG POW-WOW in Grapevine

Chris Bell's kickoff in Austin Aug 14th!!!! BE THERE!

David Van Os letter on the DLC.

Austin Chronicle: House Gives Perry the Finger

Howdy Texas DUers, I have a question...

Where to see your 2006 Democratic Candidates this weekend!

Gov.Doyle Needles Rep Gard.

"Reno 911!! "is so hillarious!!

Top Ten George W. Bush Solutions For Global Warming

Committee to Protect Journalists Speaks With Imprisoned NYT Reporter

Political Compass:Where does your needle point?

Bush gives us the finger

Bethany Christian Services Adoption agency decides Catholics OK after all.

Why does class warfare get such a bad rap here?

"American Families Are Hungry Too! CAFTA Passage Questioned"

The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later: Did They Get It Right? - video

Americablog: Airport Screeners Cuts Show RW Favoritism

TeenPrank Turns Deadly

The TSA: "Caught lying again!"

Death by Rubberstamp -- 7/29 new toon


Finger, Thumb, Pen, Penis or not, he WAS giving us the bird

Iraq Affecting Mental Health of Troops

MSNBC: "In housing boom, scammers discover a Golden Age"

1790 Soldiers gone, & bush makes rude gestures

Put a headline to this photo:

Wayne Madsen articles HOT HOT HOT!

Missing black girl coverage? News producers already admitted racism

Maine to Vote on Repealing Gay Rights Law

Bird and pig flu; if it's an outbreak in fascist China, why not here?

Truthout the opposition to stem cell is Evangellicals

Rupert Murdoch's son, "heir apparent," resigns as News Corp. executive

Frist to Back Funding of Stem Cell Study

Anyone near Chicago with a C.B. "talk radio related"

Do they Central Americans have to pass Cafta or have they already?

bush will burn in hell . . . or return as a maggot

I love Jesse Jackson sometimes

Have any of you had the same experience with CSPAN?

Should we be afraid of george bush, or should he be afraid of US?

Have the Florida voting standards moved to the House of Representatives?

The Bush hand gesture: a three-frame sequence

The sad truth about the Iraq war.

The best president we never had...

NRA Bill

Growth revised lower, inflation higher (CBS) ... you mean our Govt Lied?

1-800-SOB-USOB is the Capital main switchboard number

The ONLY thing that matters is 06'!!

I cant believe this - Fox News

About "values"

Final body count from 7/7 in London

"Fla. Ex-Commissioner Upset" & "Columnist Fired After Shooting Speaks Out"

"Senators' Voting Plans on Roberts"

NPR: Tens of thousands of "insurgents" have been "killed or captured"

BIG OIL VS. BIG NEOCONS: Who's winning at the moment?

Darth Vader 's in the house

"Gonzales Urged to Rescind FOIA Rules"

Why the U.S. Wants to End the Link Between Time and Sun

Kevin Benderman

"Kennedy Questions Roberts on Civil Rights"

So how much coverage of London arrests is enough to detract from

How "strong" is the economy? Uh, not as strong as they first claimed

"Economy Grows Despite High Energy Costs"

"Bush's Visit With Scouts Put Off Again"

Gay Rights Under Attack in Maine

John Conyers is great --- but......

Re-frame the debate

The Repubs have started the '06 campaign already...

Iraqi Kurds demand say over northern oilfields

Mafia secret of murdered abbot

"CAFTA Vote Switch an Issue for Democrats"

Breaking: Bush* Chokes on Vacation Sno-cone--Fine Now--

Spawn of MURDOCH, Lachlan, Quits as Heir (One Down, Three to Go)

"Moby Has Newfound Respect for Eminem" due to ** mocking

Has it really been TWO MONTHS since the last bush Press Conference?

"Bounty on Daley costs GOP chief his day job"

DU Book Club: hurry and vote now

Do You Know The Real truth About Judy Miller ?

Okay so part of the puzzle

"Oil Prices Up on Refinery Fires in U.S."

There should be another house in Congress

frist bucks president....

Saudi prince gives £11m to the Louvre for a new Islamic wing


We need to be prepared to show that Bush authorized the torture.

Please sign PP 2,000,000 for Roe

"Over There" Anyone see it yet?

So, what problem has NASA been working on for 2 years?

Senate's Leader Veers From Bush Over Stem Cells - NYT

Re: Bolton's selective memory:

GO READ THIS THREAD in LBN! CA. REJECTS evoting machines!

"GOP Puts Up First Senate Campaign Ad"....Against Byrd

LAT: Behind Chunks of Foam, a Failure to Confront Hazard

Help me design a invitation to an elephant roast

"Senate Debates Amendments to Sue Gunmakers"

(press release) Vote for CAFTA a Betrayal of People Living with AIDS . . .

WP: Geeks Meet at 'What the Hack' Conference

If Bush thought he could get away with anything before he became President

Bolton Possibly Original Source in Plame Investivation!

Does the Prosecutor have to wait for Grand Jury term to end before...

Has the media always been so cozy with those in power ?

The Canada Transplant Project

My congressman (Vern Ehlers, R-MI) responded to my letter about CAFTA

Until the day I die.......

"YOU'LL NEVER SHOWER AGAIN." Hacket campaign update from KoS.

What do you call this Administration?

First Medicare, now CAFTA - GOP Twists Arms, Extends Votes AGAIN!!!!

DoD parses words on torture photos, claiming they are "cooperating"

Can we change MSM by boycotting cable?

Does DNC or DLC or any Democratic Organization have a research dept

Link missing to Senate Plame Hearing on!!

"Spokane Mayor Wants Recall Effort Blocked"

CAFTA and NAFTA, I am somewhat confused.

Would anyone be interested....

How did your local newspaper do in covering the CAFTA vote?

Double Super-Secret Background

The Brazillian man shot in London seems more like a "hit job".... he knew?

Beef, Birth Control, and Morality (an allegory)

Question about bush and cartel's power

Mediachannel:Congress must be more assertive in exercising its duties

LttE debunking a winger - your opinion

New Kerry Letter: Keep the Vote Alive

Step 1: Steam clean the inside of a tank car . . .

The 50 People who deserve a vicious beating.

An end run around the Constitution . . .

The State of Nature . . .

Subway Shakedowns

Jane Fonda Replies to her Critics

Can someone here tell me what "Coingate" is?

Roberts: daughter B-Day party is more important than considering

"What everyone should know about Blog Depression" . . .

How is it that Republicans always forget everything?

whaaaa?! Frist is supporting the expansion of stem cell research?!

Man goes on rampage in tax office



struggle with extremism

Congress threatens P2P networks on porn

Al Qaeda Training Manual

Economy's, no, no economy's great!

DU VETS: How would you respond to this LTE?

Something Needs to be done about NATIONAL DEBT NOW

Regarding the new advertisement selling T-shirts on DU.

re: The American Conservative Article

Puffy McMoonface (aka Scotty) coming on

Who is that weird broad Thom Hartmann's talking with?

Hilarious video

$1.2 million per minute leaving the country

Will Judy Miller's career be advanced or hindered by her jail time?

Little Leaguers told to stop speaking Spanish on field:

Earlier this week I was mad at Franken for yet another vacation.

Corporate America helps Congress save millions!

Today's fear, uncertainty and doubt brought to you by the internets . . .

Robert Byrd attack Ad (video)

Wal-Mart Lifts Ban on Florida Newspaper Sparked by Critical Column

Senate voting on Energy Bill

Youth sentenced to detention center in baseball bat killing

Helen Thomas Tells Snot McClellan to "Shut your liehole!"

The UN, Bolton and Diplomatic Immunity

Help me convince my brother he's a Democrat

Well, at least her man's not milking the horses!

Cost of Iraq War July 29th- $183,968,800,866

Did anyone watch CBS Morning show?

Why Changing the Name of "The War on Terror" Does Nothing

Jose Padilla: Imprisoned 3 Years 81 Days No Trial or Charges

Democracy Sold Out-The Names of the 15

Letters today written to Senator Boxer and Rep. Doggett

First Is Backing Stem Cells Because of Big Pharma Want A Piece

SPECULATION TIME: Frist announcing his support of Stem Cell Research...

Take Action to Save Social Security! . . .

Kubrick 2001: The Space Odyssey Explained . . .

Edmunicate me: What has Israel ever done for anybody?

2 Cows

ok, how many cover stories are there for Flip-off-gate

Dumb question--I think I'm missing the punchline

Joe wilson's on Ed Schultz now

Today's CoinGate stories

Senate passes CAFTA

Any videos of Bush's 1994 bird-flipping?

What Free Market? . . .

1791+93+101+?=1985+?? = Too Damn Many

I hate to ask this, but I need a link to prove that Rove lied under oath.

Education sought...when we say Bengal as in Bengal tiger...

last time I went to GD...

"They don't hardly talk about it in the history books..." USS Indianapolis

MSNBC Losing Viewers At 9 & 11pm

Yeah I take this personally! Bushitler you MFR!

Well, here's the latest drooler spin on the Wilson outing

I'm very pissed at the "Best of" Air America Radio.

Perjury? Is Senator Coleman hiding under the table?

Today's Randi worship thread

I got this flyer at a Widespread Panic show 2 days ago

It's Friday Afternoon and You Know What THAT Means >

Does anyone like to hear himself speak more than Jeff Sessions?

Observation about radical right wingers that are against abortion

WHPC declawed?

Musharraf is widely expected to retain the presidency after elections...

Did I actually see CNN letting Tom DeLay spin on everything just now?

the GOP media assault on Sen. Byrd's reelection has begun

I agree with Bill Frist....

IMPORTANT: Coingate, the mob, and stealing the election

Tucker Vs. Stewart Part Deux

Atheists shouldn't say 'Goodbye' cause it means 'God be with you"

"Finding Our Voices" Please go to this site and help.

Ask Hyde to apologize to Durbin

Exxon Posts 32% Rise in Profit as Oil Consumption Grows

He Just Looks Sneaky -PIX->>>

10th planet discovered

Very funny bit about Bolton on Randi just now

*I forgot*

DU these polls (if you are so inclined)

I get offended when neocons are referred to as "conservatives."

Christian Coalition stands with Bush: "Embryos are human lives."

When in God's name did Conservatism become a virtue?

Why are the police and the suspect dressed in blue hazmat suits?

1791 Reasons why the DSM is Important

A Peaceful, Democratic Iraq becomes Western Iran, BUT…

Why does God hate Fresno?

So what happens to the fundies when the Rapture doesn't happen?

Randi has a freeper on the line

Bush Obit in 2018

Have you heard this really really really stupid argument?

"CIA Leak Scandal" instead of "traitorgate"

I'm tired of being mad and angry

Does the Frist flip flop damage his presidential ambitions?

John Kerry

Amazing British law enforcement


Janeane going to 'The West Wing'?? waaaaaaaa???

Can someone explain to me why we hold our "POWs" in Cuba?

Sensibly Eclectic Requests Your Help, Du'ers.

Looking For A Non-BushCo Supporting ISP Provider

Another Big LIVE BRAD SHOW via RAW RADIO Saturday Night! (7p-11p ET)

"Republican Family Values" We have another winner!

New Arianna post re Judy Miller-her bizarre relationship with the pentagon

Senate votes to shield gun manufacturers from suits

Has anyone made the case that Roberts might be a moderate?

Why I hope Bush makes a recess appointment of Bolton

Enter conspiracy theory here


David Gregory in for Tweety tonight! MSNBC's Hardball. nt

My entry to the "I am fucking terrified" web site is up on page 9

It's really Hardball tonight - David Gregory

several colleagues of Jim DeFede are openly supporting him in a website

Pls. DU this petition!! Planned Parenthood needs 100, 000 sigs...

Judith Miller's biography

I just saw the Ed Schultz radio show live in Denver today.

Where can I find the annual filings for's 501c3?

Bush to bypass Senate and appoint Bolton

I have had it with the tolerance of lies and dem-bashing on a forum,...

Freeper Hackett post... looking good!!

Jean Schmidt coming up on Hardball now (30 minutes past the hour)..nt

If Bush appoints Bolton during the recess

Janeane Garofalo is going to be on The West Wing!!!!

Senate Passes Gun Legislation : Shameless

The one good thing about Cal's special election...

An unasked question about Judith Miller

Have you ever been called "soft" on the Bush Administration?

Is Gawd mad at the Boy Scouts?

Ah the energy bill has passed

Could the UN refuse to seat Bolton?

Has Carville ever spoken up on media bias against Dems or voting machines?

CAFTA: how many lives is a drug patent worth?

What's With All The Nazi Stuff On History Channel???

Denmark/Canada headed towards war

Can we do for our soldiers and our veterans what we did for Andy?

Why don't pro-choice politicans ever bring up OVER POPULATION?

(DO NOT) DU this poll

Iraq or Afghanistan Question About Our Troops

Thanks to the Finest Minds on DU


How do we get David Gregory his own show?

Kick his ass, Amy

Why do only 2 in 5 people believe that Bush should be impeached?

Leak investigation tests Bush, Rove relationship

John Fund on Hardball - CIA Leak Case Is Being Misreported.

Please help give free mamograms by clicking this

Guardian Unlimited Article on CAFTA Passage

Conservatives view liberals the way Xians view the devil

Anyone watching NOW?

Anyone heard from Howard Dean recently?

Was it proven Saddam had NOTHING AT ALL to do with 9/11?

"It's amaizing that Karl still Roves the WH!"

Randi Rhodes seems to have a somewhat neo-con philosophy on Iraq

Corporate America... When the chips are down, profits are up.

DU this Poll!

DUMB QUESTION: Anyone ever listen to Alan Colmes & like him?

What do you want from our next Democratic Presidential Candiate in 08?

Where did the LBN listings go on the latest page?

Naval Recruting Officer Reads to Kids @ Detroit Pub Library

OK for Bush to hire SS impersonators?

Dare we feel hope? Listen to this NPR profile of prosecutor Fitzgerald.

New imminent domain/property theft scam in CA legislature !!

I love Keith Olbermann but

July in Review

To Hide Guttenburg Lounge Posts In "Latest"

Why Abu Graib pictures wont be released:

Sheraton Baghdad -- fading symbol of Iraq's woes

If Judy Miller is really the leaker, isn't that bad news for us and good

Transcript: Smackdown of Tweety ("You & Judy MILLER") +HACKETT to Shrub

George Bush's solution for global warming...

What about Keith? Did I just hear MSNBC say

I just found out what some of the Pork is for Georgia!

30 children LEFT BEHIND after Immigration raid

Wow...someone up there sure has it in for the boy scouts...

CNN Larry King Live

David Gregory Interview with John Fund and Amy Goodman

Has Harry Potter Out-Sold the Bible?

It's time for the "W" awards.

New post on the ACLU site about the NON-released photos.

How well do you know your representatives?

Strange Fruit

Randi on the October Surprise

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Group Hug

Something on a show I saw that might be interesting to y'all....

Randi eating freeper...right now

Falwell Confidential: Re: Roberts

Christian newswire: HEADS EXPLODING over Frist/stem cell "flip-flop"

Is Bush a genius?

President BRUSH (tm) plans 50th ranch trip in five years

Repubs are very "pro-military" except when they're running for Congress...

COINGATE EXPLAINED: New freepress article pulls it all together.

Which world leader does Bush most resemble?

How much fuel does Nascar guzzle in any given week?

Pay Frist no attention...

2 cops who beat James Taylor fan in picnic basket incident put on leave

Garry Trudeau is on fire this week.

A wierd thing about the latest Gallup Poll.

5 of the top 10 NY Times stories from the past 2 weeks

A little right-wing infighting ...

Savage says, "bush has spent the last penny of his political capital"

Could John Roberts have a Jack Nicholson moment?

Children now safe from public library's oil painting...

The Microcosm in Sacramento: Many Little Bits ­ and Way

American by God's Amazing Grace

If there are roughly the same number of Democrats

Air America UP 140% in LA & eating up oxyRUSHitlers audience!!!

We had an ex-Army officer as a car salesman today

Here is evidence of why Bush will be indicted for conspiracy

WTF!!! Wapo not publishing "Boondocks" today

Repub. parents got verbally attacked in Europe re: bush being like Hitler

The Suffocation Game

Holy shit!! I just saw an Ambien ad saying "try it for free!"

DU ELECTION LAWYERS: please see this thread on New York's New Recount Law

Today officially marks the end of the Bush presidency

AAhhhhhh, I have no respect for whores..............

Could a mass boycott on buying unecessary goods affect change?

Georgie's Fingers - a new graphic

"But like almost all stories that start out small and under control ...

Norman Solomon: In Praise of Kevin Benderman

Racial profiling? You decide

Senate advances bill to restrict cold medicines

is there any video of Cynthia McKinney's 9/11 hearings last week

"God is an American."

DU's Finest Minds...I'd like a little help here.

First they said he didn't....and now they say he did????

toby kieth's decidedly PRO WAR, and pro alcoholism 'patriotic' song

This is my first post on my own

Majority believes Bush misled the people

"I know George Bush is legendary for how he fended off the Cong in Texas

HLI on Frist's "BETRAYAL"...compares Terri Schiavo to embryos!

From Freepers "ProLife Stem Cell Fact Sheet" How NUTS IS THIS?

The Bolton Appointment worries me...

New(?) Freep email Hubby Recieved at Work-- LOL.

Pentagon says releasing the abuse photos would cause

Where do you stand on the question of intelligent design?

Gallup: Bush suffers 5 pt drop to lowest measure of his presidency

Do you watch Countdown, The Daily Show, Both, or Neither?

WP: Trying to Put a Finger on a Presidential Gesture

Toddler dies after wandering onto I-70

Not Good - Fitzgerald's boss replaced with political hack

Has This Administration "LAUNDERED" Taxpayer Money?

Is Judy Miller an idiot and doesn't she realize she was used

Please identify specific international law violated by war for regime chg

*** Friday Night TOONS! ***

Peter King (R-Sellout) sold out the labor movement.

BOOK TV Schedule July 30 - Aug 1

"Bolton’s office was responsible for the placement of the Niger uranium ..

I have to share. "The Cost is too High" Please read this.

Goddamit, Sick People shouldn't have to beg for help in America!

Check in here to say THANK YOU to Sgt. Benderman and Monica Benderman

I loves me a little political backwards aunt and I

Study Says Echinacea Has No Effect on Colds

Wow, only 34 more until we hit 74,000 DUers!

Roberts CAN'T claim privilege for his papers? Thanks, Ken Starr!

The Texi-Arabian Connection Explained -- Oil Fuels Evil (Gif Animaition)

Woo! Thrift store finds of the day:

Pan Seared Snapper

Parrish, Liberals still on outs

Let's invade Denmark! Who's with me??!!

so... anyone in vicinity of vancouver or toronto

Marijuana seed store raided

Did Thatcher really save the economy?

Queue here

"I have rights" - one of the people arrested in raids today was heard

Make your own conspiracy theory !!!

"the world's smallest violin ..."

A-S will end all activity, says statement

Iraq Reconstruction Funds Being Diverted

Congressional staffer named to prepare for Cuba transition

The Truth About Abu Ghraib

Frist to back funding of stem cell research

Self Delete...Dupe

Saddam Hussein questioned during hearing

Setback in acid slaying trial: Prosecution loses its star witness

Newsday: U.S. Clerics Issue Anti-Terror Edict

Trade deal with Dominican Republic, Central America will boost Florida's e

Culberson plan would authorize border militias

News Corp.'s Lachlan (son of Ruppert) Murdoch to quit

Police Raid London Home Seeking Bomb Suspects

Timken to cut 500 jobs in automotive group. (Bush tax cut speech 2003)

Transplant recipient stuck without drugs

CAFTA Vote Switch an Issue for Democrats

WT (UPI): CIA tries to block bin Laden escape book

frist bucks president....

BBC: 'Oval bomb suspect' held in swoop (London bombs)

Two Oil Companies Report Higher Earnings (Exxon and Shell)

Governor to shore up gun control (Illinois)


Two US marines killed in Iraq fighting

"All foreign students must leave Pakistan's religious schools"

WP: Trying to Put a Finger on a Presidential Gesture

Suicide bomber kills 25 in northern Iraq

'Terror suspect' held in Zambia

WP: Geeks Meet at 'What the Hack' Conference

AP: Frist backs increased federal stem cell funding

LAT: Behind Chunks of Foam, a Failure to Confront Hazard

China, Vatican agree on new bishop, priest arrested

Iraq: New Constitution prevents citizenship for Jews, says MP

BBC: Brain Drain Puts New Strain On Iraq

Frist breaks with Bush on stem-cell bill


The Microcosm in Sacramento: Many Little Bits ­ and Way

BBC: Another Bombing suspect arrested in Hackney

10th Circuit: controversial campus statue not unconstitutional

Nominee (for Deputy AG) Is Linked to Controversy (Abramoff)

Democrats' Solidarity Fades

Maine to Vote on Repealing Gay Rights Law

(CNN) Should Plame sue Rove?

WMAL Suspends Talker Michael Graham

House OKs $286.4 Billion Highway Bill


Dutch Asked to Extradite Accused Iraqi

WT (UPI): Chinese influence in Africa raises fears

Frontier women to defy Islamists' men-only ballot

1791+93+101+?=1985+?? = Too Damn Many

La. Republicans were put on the spot in close vote

W.House gives strong signal on Bolton appointment

Rupert Murdoch's son quits News Corp post

7 Dem women want to know Roberts' stand on privacy

Shuttle Commander Surprised By Debris Problem

The euro has screwed everybody - Berlusconi

(Al Gore's new) Cable Channel Looks to 'Democratize' TV (NPR)

Bush plans 50th ranch trip in five years

Army charges 11 'Night Stalkers' in abuse of captives

Deputy Administrator (Marcus Peacock) Confirmed for EPA

Ontario closer to regulating Chinese medicine (CBC)

Economy Grew at Strong Rate Last Qtr("It's boring,economy in great shape")

Miami Paper Fires Columnist (after politician shoots self)

Senate Clears Emergency Veterans Budget

Madrassa foreigners 'must leave'

UFCW joins in departure from AFL-CIO

WP,pg1: Hot Housing Market Opens Doors for Fraud: Dream Preyed Upon

Ex-Aide to Ohio Gov Pleads No Contest

Owners to Get 9/11 Field in Pa. Back

Recount story a surprise to Bush

Carnegie Mellon, BAE Systems to Hold First Public Demonstration of Unmanne

Ahmadinejad not man in Tehran embassy photo - CIA

COINGATE: (Prosecutor) White touted Bush ties to help get federal post.

Bush plans to install Bolton as U.N. Ambassador in recess appointment

Sheraton Baghdad -- fading symbol of Iraq's woes

Federal Judge Says Patriot Act Too Vague

Cuba, Venezuela Dominate Caribbean Unity Summit

Hate Groups Turn Focus on Hispanic Immigrants


Roberts Nomination Formally Sent to Senate

Congress Approves Alternative Transportation Program for National Parks

Senate OKs anti-terror USA Patriot Act renewal

World Bank rebuked over water deal

Lachlan Murdoch quits as News Corp exec

Roberts Hearing Date `Fell Through,' Specter Says

U.K. Police Nab Remaining Blast Suspects

Nancy Reagan hails top Republican's change of heart on stem cells

WP: U.N. Report Details Rampant Sexual Violence in Darfur

NYT: Senate Leader Criticized and Praised for Stem Cell Shift

Toddler dies after wandering onto I-70

Italy Approves Anti-Terror Steps

Cities Win Fight Over MTBE Provisions in the Energy Bill

NYT: A Harvard Governor(only black member of Corp.), Dissatisfied, Resigns

Proposal banning sales of wild horses to slaughterhouses dies

Fla. software company seeks an accounting(Involves Cunningham)

BBC: Foam 'Might Have Struck Shuttle'

Senate overwhelmingly approves energy bill

U.S. Army to Leave 13 Bases in Germany

Calif. Lightning Strike Kills Scout Leader

'All four' July 21 suspects held : BBC

Somerset coroner giving up control of Flight 93 site

NY NEWSDAY: Gay men's home burns, with epithet left behind

LAT: Soldiers Get Extra Layer of Defense ( Iraq vehicle armor)

Drug Czar Says Medical Marijuana 'Dying'

30 Kids Left Behind After Immigration Raid

WP: Pay Lags Behind Inflation (economy fine except for working families)

UFCW Decides to Bolt the AFL-CIO

NYT: Planet or Not, Pluto Now Has Far-Out Rival (new planet Xena?)

WP: U.S. Evicted From Air Base In Uzbekistan

CBC: Scientists sound alarm on Arctic ice cap

Chavez Rewards Military Officers With Weeklong Vacation in Cub

No charges in Denver 3 ouster (case involving Bush event)

Bush to receive the Thomas Jefferson Freedom Award from ALEC

Taser killed man, pathologist finds (Sun-Times)

Gallup: Bush Approval down to 44%

CNN: Ex-NASA engineer: Waiving safety margins 'crazy'

Fires Push Oil Prices Past $60 Per Barrel

Imprisoned NYT reporter praises staff at detention center

Roman ruler's head found in sewer

Transcript: WH Press Breifing - (The Thumb or the middle finger?)

Miami Paper Fires Columnist, Adding Twist to Tale of Sex,Politics,Suicide

WP/AP: Hormone Therapy Reclassified as Carcinogenic

Union chief rips Bean (D-IL8th) for backing trade pact (CAFTA)

State (CA) rejects e-voting system (Diebold)

Depression linked to previously unknown dopamine regulator - (new Txs?)

Bush Plans to Return to Ranch in August

B.C. pot activist arrested in extradition bid

"We Regard Falluja As a Large Prison"

Objecting Soldier Gets 15 Months in Prison

Are strippers who hire creeps guys?


Jheri curl black guys vs. jheri curl white guys...

Neon Knights.

Are guys that sire freepers creeps?

Are Friars that snare Nippers, deep?

Walkin' in the park just the other day, baby,

Are guys who hire Stryper creeps?

Sing me a song, you're a singer. Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil.

If I bought a Guinness tomorrow

Do two Wrights make an aeroplane?

Zombie Nerds

Superdickery: Superman being a dick

Help I need a dry t-shirt!

Is South Central L.A. getting better or worse?

I just poured me an ice cold Guinness!

Just call me "threadkillah"!

I mixed Guiness and PolyFilla.

Does anyone else think Sadie Frost sent that nanny in on purpose?

Do two wrongs make a right?

Two Wongs do not make a white

I've mixed seltzer with cinnamon syrup & pink grapefruit syrup.

Best of Worst Writing Award - Post your worst writing here!

GTA does not corrupt kids. THIS game does!

I mixed seltzer, tobasco and ovaltine....

How desperate is ESPN for content?

I mixed microwaved hamburger, tomato soup and cheese...

I've mixed Coke and peanuts

I'm gonna go watch Napoleon Dynamite for the first time right now

I've mixed Guinness and Root beer

OK..I confess..I have a DU man crush...really

I've mixed rum and rootbeer.

It sucks when you kazaa "Keeping the faith" hoping for De LA soul

The Rolling stones are the best band to listen to when drunk

A little pepperoni and mozzarella cheese

Guys, would you go pantsless at Rabrrrrrr's place?

I'm listening to Michael Jackson's HIStory album now (1995)

Rabrrrrrr & Progmom, your attention please!

I forgot to tell you - I ripped my ear today

Ladies, would you go topless at my place?

I haven't been copycatted so much in ages

"Reno 911!! "is so hillarious!!

Bills Gates gets _owned_.


This is the kind of thing Republicans joke about.

Anyone see The Devil's Rejects

What songs from a much criticized/maligned band do you think are good?

Satan's panties. (Movie quotes)

Fritos and ice cream.



What's the greatest novel?

Coke's Calorie-Burning Enviga Slated for 2006 Debut

I need to raise 10,000 by the end of the year

American Workers killed by rubberstamp --- new toon 7/29

SO! Big brother is watching

In all of my late night glory; 5000 posts.

Help with employment application

Drunk Vietnamese Train Driver Fired

That settles it: I want a ukelele

67 Y.O. Grandma Honks At Police Car - Tasered

Yay, the Boston Folk Festival will be great this year :)

Women can join my club ANYTIME

That settles it: I want a million dollars

Check with me later

Showing off my new truck

Happy Birthday, Rodney Allen Rippy!


Just a thought on the Pharmacist/Birth Control thing...

Old member, new name

Weird Dream Last Night... And Disturbing

In the misty morning, on the edge of time

free progmom to cLean your monitor

Free program to clean your monitor

WAIT!!!! Why did sus call GOPisEvil "Chatty Cathy"

Pete and Re-Pete were in a boat together.

My new favorite t shirt designs

So seriously - let's divide up the country like this

Hawaiian shirt Friday

Ok. Who didn't finsh her/his spinach?

gilligan's island

It's so big

If you are called 'sweetie', how do you respond in kind?

What's on YOUR player right now?

If there was ever a man who was generous, gracious and good...

emad or Elad grapes and banana nut muffins for breakfast....

"Fucker" Carlson has a potty mouth...

It's a gorgeous day, my fuckhead roommates are all gone, and I don't

Roman ruler's head found in sewer

Hey. I just met that giant-dude from "Big Fish"

300GB hard drive for $160, would you buy it?

Public Service Announcement: Brooke Burke is available again

Reminder: If you're an asshole and you know it, clap your hands.

Ralph Macchio, what the hell happened to you?

Okay It's 3:33 AM and I am definatly going to bed...

Fla. Man Stabbed With Sword After Daring Wife During Fight

Ok, so his jacket is too big

Freaky-ass dream last night.

Post from your cache time

What turns your brain to mush?

I am so sick of being sick

I need a check up...

What is your favorite Idiomatic Expression?


Is everybody's post display completely bananas?

Have you ever tried to cancel AOL Service

What is your favorite Idiotic Expression?

These moving smily gifs have gotten a little too complicated

Many's the time I've been mistaken...

Hey everyone has their own week....Can I get in on the action?

Indiana Jones Wants $500,000 Pay For Arkwork

It is the last day of Zuni week

WOW! Check out this scathing review of this new "Stealth" movie

Do you have a hard time remembering:

Fawn Hall, what the hell happened to you

Play The "Yeah, baby. I got yer _________, Right here" game

To Bush I say this.

Whiners - love em or hate em?

Leaf blowers should be grand

So I lost ANOTHER job

just saying..

Italy and Germany fall out in a heated row over beer, topless bathing and

The dude on the bottom, it can't be, but it sure looks like him...

Bobby Fischer, what the hell happened to you?

Leaf-blowers should be in a band.

The most OBSCENE version of "the Aristocrats" starring the Bush Family

The CPD-led coup d'etat begins at midnight.

Great Headlines: "Embryos help trace dinosaur growth"

Friday Fun!!

Attention Bunny! You are jealous of me, you just don't 'kmow' it.

Should I take a chocolate covered donut?

BREAKING! Gannon is retiring!

Authority is earned, not given

Whose week is it next week?

One of the great summer traditions.......farmer's market

I don't know if anyone has already posted this.

It's System Administrator Appreciation Day!

Female Construction Workers

Most inactive DU state forums

man in bikini stun-guns lifeguard

No one on DU has EVER used this smiley:

Do you think it's low-class to bring up old flame wars to make a point?

who wants to drink with me this weekend?

FINALLY! A day without stepping outside and immediately sweating!

This morning, I woke up with this feeling..........

Do you think it's wrong to take

Your dog's favorite toy.

FINALLY! A day without stepping outside and immediately swearing!

Cute attack

Anyone ever take Hootie?

Maat is back from taking the California Bar Exam.

I'm heading to the shore tonight

DISH subscribers--whaddya think?? I'm about to make the decision

Las Vegas to Austin

Just by looking at the photo, do you recognize this man?

Arguement you can use to piss off the "Left Behind" crowd:


Campaign manager for Ohio Republican seeks bondage sex slave - WTF?!?

Here's something really offensive

Is it still Skink week?

BREAKING: War On String May Be Unwinnable, Says Cat General

Bush To London Bombers: 'Bring It On' (The Onion)

I just saw "Dog Day Afternoon" for the first time. Great movie.

Hey Ray, Hey Sugar, tell 'em who we are. . .


Taverner is challenging CPD and Zuni!!!!!

Greatest Marx Bros. Film?

I went to Taco Bell for lunch and something isn't right

"Bill O'Reilly was a man...

Random thoughts thread

I Can't Believe Junior Still Has 3 More Years. Seems Like He's Been POTUS

Anyone else play those Orbitz games?

I've mixed cocaine and heroin

Wal-Mart Lifts Ban on Florida Newspaper Sparked by Critical Column

BREAKING: Zuni & Taverner ousted in bloodless coup, throngs hail Beast Man

Since Pigs in China are now foaming at the mouth I wonder if Bush will eat

thongs fail Beast Man....

I have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

Good blonde joke

Miss Manners Throws In the Hankie

Why do people fall absolutely in love with posts from the admin?

*warning* riding at 75 mph while wearing a tee-shirt may show way too much

OMFG: CNN wants to be the news channel that presents the news that matters

Anyone ever take Hoodia?

For those of you who think GD has no sense of humor

Where's Bush Eats Beef?

Who has the pic of their boxer in their sig line?


God no! Foxnews dot com is in my cookies!!!

Hehehe, the new advertiser has one of my all time favorite rude T-Shirts

9/11 miniseries to begin filming in... Toronto?

Post your desktop

Tell The Truth! -- Have You Ever Been To A Star Trek Convention?

Lightning Kills One, Injures 7 On Boy Scout Hike

Vacation begins in 75 minutes

Bonjour from Paris DU!!

Converse All-Stars- ever owned a pair?

Does Johnny Walker scotch use "Keep Walking" as an advertising slogan

Reminder: If a DUer is being a pain, put a sock in his asshole.

Better bird for my sig line...

I got a new job!!!!! And today is the last day at my current one!!!!!

Reminder: IF you're an asshole, and a DUer is in pain, put a sock in it

Where the hell have I been. Frist LIKES stem cell research?

I just want to rule the that so wrong?

I am doing better now than I ever have before and I don't thank Shrub

Why is the song Betty Davis Eyes stuck in my head?

Why is the thong Betty Davis wore stuck on my head?

Fun with Google! (56K d00m!!!1)

Did anyone catch Primetime last night on ABC?

are miami herald journalists waking up to the fact that the herald is now

Throw Bush Around

James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George DuPree


Drink mixer question

My co-worker just told me of a better way to experience "Road House"

Anybody see Bewitched?

Whats for dinner? I'm thinking Roasted Chicken...with mashed potatoes

So this is the woman responsible for that annoying

WalMart is giving away barbecue grills.

I'm working from a bar this afternoon. Should I feel guilty?

Question about Football "Suicide" Pools

Mr. Mojo Risin'

Rant: Anyone here sell stuff on ebay? WTF is with buyers lately?

In honor of the Pancake Bunny, it's...Stuff On My Cat!!! (dialup/pictures)

System Administrator Day

Ms. Mojo Risin'

In honor of Buffy-Fest '05, post your favorite "Buffy" quotes- again!

I work with slackard men

Men, would you go bottomless at a public pool?

Happy 113th Birthday To WILLIAM POWELL!!

For those who care, I got my new bics!!!

Dayum! Woods is destroying the Warwick Hills course! 11 under after 16

I've kidnapped EarlG - Help me write a RANDOM note

Haven't smoked any tobacco in 8 days!

Will DU eventually bring about harmony between the sexes?

WooHoo it's a LONG WEEKEND

Wanna write a ransom note?

Shakespeare - Tudor Revisionist Whore or Great Storyteller

And the "Misogynistic assholes of the month" award goes to...

Spitzer Finds Life Components in Young Universe ~

OK, I withdraw.

Is it just me or do you find this mesmerizing, too?

Well, I have a Cateract...

I've kidnapped Elad - Help me write a RANSOM note

Skinner, bring your gold - we've got Elad and EarlG

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Warning: Sweetbreads are not suitable for French toast.

anyone Bored? Let's play Guess the Google?

Skinner, Skinner or Skinner?

Donating to DU help...

ah dammit now the room smells like bug spray!

Observation of amazing fish behavior

After careful consideration, I've decided I like jpgray.

After careful consideration, I've decided I like all our new smileys

Hank Williams, Hank Aaron, Hank Hill or Hank Sinatra

This can't be good

After careful consideration, I've decided I like like

After careful consideration, I've decided I like twizzlers.

See you all Monday morning!

Goodnight Lounge. See you all later!

Skinner is the new it-boy of the Lounge

Skynyrd is the new it-band of the Lounge

Gonorrhea F. Christ

There has been entirely too little progmom in the lounge today...

a toast on the passing of a good man.

"Heat Strikes Scouts Awaiting Bush" Must...NOT...ridicule headline!


How would you answer this job interview question?


Silly question about Brazilian Portugese


After careful consideration, I've decided I like Misunderestimator.

When is the last time Skinner posted a picture?

Liberality for all...

How great is the Dead Kennedys "California Uber Alles"?

Can you recommend a really good podcast?

Does anyone buy ciggies online ?

I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.

A poll for you guys and gals

Anyone for a little Richardo?

Could this guy be one of the lowest people on Earth?


After even more careless consideration, I elevate DS1 to "might be human"

Indiana Wife Wants $500,000 Pay For Housework

Do you currently have a pet?

Eartha Kitt IS Cat Woman. There IS no other. There never WILL be.

They call you "Mr. Personality" cuz you're so ugly!! WARNING!!! Ugliness!!


Would you please help cheer me up?

I've spent the past four hours

You know what I miss, due to the Kerry (official) loss?


GUESS the film. "I think she did too much coke." "Oh you think so doctor?"

Pet post!


Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

Is your favorite team in a pro sport one that's not a local team?

YAY "The Jerk" is out on DVD :)


Your not gonna believe this! Should I call the cops?


Donald Rumsfeld in a speedo

Arrested Development fans

Caution: Freeper at work (pic)

Zyban - Day #2

I'm so bored I could die

TGI motherfucking F!!!

Weekly World News: "Ghost Of Lincoln Advises Bush On Iraq"

After totally careless consideration, I've decided I like freepers

Lizards! How are you guys tonight?

Earworm du jour - "Rollercoaster" by Sleater-Kinney

I was just in BlockBuster Video, and saw something that at first glance

911 Stop and Go call---

I love the Lounge

I enjoy a good drama, and some of Queen's songs. But drama queens?

I am transfixed by the jail cam

Help me, please- suggest site(s) to store jpegs for posting on DU

I claim the title of DU's biggest geek

I just bought "Live at Pompeii"


What are your plans for tonight?

This'un's gonna grow up right! (pic)

A Question: Why does sniffa capitaLize his L's

What was so bad about Good Times?

Have you ever responded to a newspaper ad placed by a temp agency?

Ever had your spouse/bf-gf/other visit the office and stay?

What is the rarest CD/Music album that you own?

Friday Night Fights: Ya ever wanted to see Danzig get his ass kicked?

Ya know...I really, really want this problem.

Need Advice in a Case of the Lovesick Homo and The Uninterested

Buying A Cow

Reminder: D. L. Hughley's show on HBO tonight

William Powell afternnon on TCM...

Friday "what have you listened to today" thread

Any other guys here paint their toenails?

Betty or Veronica, or Betty AND Veronica?

What do you get when you cross a Republican and a Scientologist?

The Freepers have their own magazine!

Damn. I want some pie.

Has anyone gotten a puppy which grew up to be much larger/smaller ...

Ladies under 30... what do you think of this...

They are remaking Toy Story starring Steve Guttenberg

They are remaking The Neverending Story starring Steve Guttenberg

¿Quién es el jefe de la junta de los Michgan?

The are remaking Taxi Driver starring Steve Guttenberg

I wanna be the Queen of DU!!!

Steve Guttenberg in danger of getting Omnicast

Steve Guttenberg brokers peace in the Middle East............

Steve Guttenberg nominated for Nobel Prize

They are remaking Fahrenheit 9-11 starring Steve Guttenberg

They're remaking The Vagina Monologues with Steve Guttenberg

They are remaking the "Gutenberg Bible" with Steve Guttenberg

Or or Ore or Oar

Guttenberg coverts to Scientology. Blasts psychology

Judge Reinhold to take over for Steve Guttenberg in variety of commitments

Calling Kathy in Cambridge...

Three Men and a Little Lady Prequel stalled: Gute's psychology rant cited

Steve Guttenberg vs. progmom.

My computer speaker started talking chinese to me, what should I do?

Steve Guttenberg hospitalized for meth addiction.

anyone have an INSIGHT? a honda insight, that is...

Blind Melon was AWESOME

Steven Spielberg to digitally replace Eartha Kitt with S. Guttenberg

They're remaking "The Sting" with Steve Guttenberg

No more, dammit!

Actual Steve Guttenberg Movies Titles

did anyone else have a sticky week?

Steve Guttenberg raises corpses from the dead

I kinda like Steve Guttenberg, myself

After zero consideration whatsoever, I've decided I like me

4 quarts of man goo pumped out of Guttenberg's stomach

Steve Guttenberg admitted to mental hospital

Steve Guttenberg to do one-man version of Lord of the Rings

Johannes Gutenberg be the mack dizzaddy of printing

I feel like I am drowning

Heard the WORST song today

The Steve Guttenberg Poll

I am being squeezed by too many Steven Guttenberg

Smokers & Ex-Smokers... WHY Did You Start Smoking? How Old Were You?

Steve Guttenberg in a coma

you don't wan't to mess with this guy.

Ever heard the phrase "You earn the face you get" ?

Steve Guttenberg rescues drowning DUer Dave Reynolds

I didn't know the video camera came before the print press

Ricky Martin delivers 200 prefab homes to Thailand's tsunami victims

Stick your Guttenburg where the sun don't shine

Massive Guttenberg breaks away from Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf

Steve Guttenberg to start flying all shuttle missions solo

Steve Guttenberg hospitalized for exhaustion

Tireless Steve Guttenberg replaces US Navy Carrier "America"

Gallup: Steve Guttenberg approval rating down to 44%

They are remaking "Monsters Inc." starring Steve Guttenberg

I returned to the mountain today from Greenville to sad news.

Johannes Gutenberg Sí -- Steve Guttenberg No

Can anyone else whistle the stonecutters song like a

I can't stand the rain, against my window...

Ansel Adams or 'ansel and Gretel?

Steve Guttenberg and Bat Boy adopt Bigfoot baby from aliens..

Theory: Steve Guttenberg Planned 2004 Ohio Election Fiasco!

Steve Guttenberg has been abducted by aliens

Steve Guttenberg launches new cologne: "Eau de TurdBlossom"

George Lucas to digitally take out Death Star, insert Steve Guttenberg

Ladies, any extra Barbie dolls laying around?

Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star?

Guttenberg Kneels Before Zod!!!!!

Steven Guttenberg cloned himself..

How do people feel about the change in Daylight savings time?

There are now 55 Guttenberg copy cats

I'm gone for 30 minutes and you guys Guttenburg up the place.

There are now 55 Guttenberg copy cats

Steve Guttenberg jumps shark with "Wonderful Life" remake,

This just in: Customer Service reps in India know your Social Security #

What is the coolest, liberal/progressive bumpersticker you ever saw?

Someone's Guttenberg exploded and its all over the lounge

Ah...Friday evenings in the, kitties and...


72 virgins all looking like Steve Guttenberg await Neocons at death

Shame on you when you step through to the Old Dirty Bastard-Brooklyn Zoo!!

"See something out of the corner of your eye" hallucinations

There are now 55 Guttenberg copy cats

I gather that Tom Cruise has been replaced

Guttenberg found to have 55 cats during police raid of his home!

Bush to nominate Guttenberg to the Supreme Court n/t

Anyone want to buy a Guttenberg leave?

There are now 55 Guttenberg copycats

And I thought GD was wacko....

Steve Guttenberg died for our sins.

So what did you think of The Passion Of The Guttenberg?

they are remaking The Greatest Story Ever told starring the Gutenberg

Steve Guttenberg makes offensive T-shirts and puts cornflakes on chicken?

I have made my 1000th post!!! Come and have a drink on me!!!

I Really HOPE This Does NOT Turn Into A Sex Thread

Michael O'Donoghue shares his feelings for Steve Guttenberg

I'm sorry, but WTF is up with this Guttenberg shite?

DU chat going on right now/AIM

Be proud of the US Congress

Post "yourself" Post

To Hide Guttenburg Lounge Posts In "Latest"

Ok enough with the Guttenberg posts!!!

I got my first locked thread

woo hoo. just found out we are going to disneyworld for vacation

Thank Guttenberg It's Friday!

There are now 55 Guttenberg copy cats

Braun, Clark, Dean, Edwards, Graham, or Kerry?

What the hell is going on with Guttenburg, I've been watching Road House

They are remaking "Triumph of The Will" starring Steve Guttenberg

Steve Guttenberg's secret sexy video surpasses Hilton Tape in downloads

Steve Guttenberg: What other remakes would you like to see him do?

I'm devastated: Steve Guttenberg is a Scientologist!!!

Clark, Feingold, Obama, or Warner - who's the best-looking?

Screw Steve Guttenberg; Here's to Bill Brasky!

I dreamed Mel Gibson was making a new movie

Steve Guttenberg ate my baby

Steve Guttenberg is a virus

I'm officially asking Rachel Maddow...

Wait Rutger Hauer and C. Thomes Howell are in it too and no comments?

Dear "Gorillaz",

OK time to come clean? What's your Sleep Number?

If you want hugs, you have to give hugs-- so I'm giving them

What would motivate a 3 year old to throw stones at Steve Guttenberg

You know what I think would be cool? A day of TV history DVD

White House signals Guttenberg UN appointment likely

Screw Bill Brasky, This is Guttenberg Underground

My uncle-in-law is Steve Guttenberg, THIS ISN'T FUNNY.

Battlestar Galactica is on!

This thread IS about The Outsiders

Are Gutenberg Bibles worth anything?

The Friday Night Documentary Line-up on my DVD player

People, would you go topless and/or bottomless in the LOUNGE

For TheEmpressOfAll: Something better than another sex thread

Famous palindrome

On a better, non-Guttenberg related note: I'm watching Live at Pompeii

Hey fenris

I'm Naked In The DU Hot Tub... Who Wants To Join Me?

"O Death"- Ralph Stanley

Which movie should I watch tonight?

Keep smilin' keep shinin' ... (thanks, bigwillq!!!)

Steve Guttenberg fathered my baby.

For my Uncle, the Asshole

aaaaaahhh-CHOO!!!! Gehsuttenbergheit

does anyone else read E-books?

HAHAHA I have my roomate convinced people see her nipples

Steve Guttenberg ate my baby.

"CatWoman" - (to the music of "Memory") n/t

I am going out to celebrate Zuni week

Who is your favorite cheesehead?

This is it. I'm going in.

CONFESS: This picture turns you on!!!!

What's the definition of "perfect pitch"?

***Whining Alert*** I feel crappy

Help me choose my beer.....

I held hands with my kids on a walk, then we lay on the grass and watched

If you could change your screen name

A bold experiment - fave guitar solo, in text

I just got home from work.... good night..... yall.

OK, I need to walk to the corner bar

Hey new DUers. Welcome aboard. Say hi and tell us about yourself.

Thinking about trying Linux, bunky?

Bu$h supporters.

~ Sweet dreams ~

A Question: Why is sniffa called sniffa?

Texas Bar Exam is OVER!!!!!!!!!!

whoisalhedges is taunting my cat.

What's the background noise right now? Here, I can hear my kids'

I was ruminating & was struck by

I will be your knight in shining armor

I just came home from a week in Manhattan. Ask me anything.

I just had a "Holy crap!" moment...

Midnight Oil Fans: Check this out....

Need some feedback

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

Turkey and chicken roasters/eaters...a question.


Elvis VS The Beatles

Well I just figured out what the Lounge is......

What would motivate a 3 year old to throw stones at a friendly squirrel?

Should prostitution be legalized?

I'm devastated: Beck is a Scientologist!!!

Leaf-blowers should be banned.

What word do you most often use to replace a cuss word?

Don't forget, tonight at 2:00am eastern time on TV Land is SCTV marathon

What was so bad about HighTimes?

You guys know how much I hate bush, right?


Friday Night Totally UNFAIR Poll: American Bandstand or Soul Train?

I was going to post something , but then I forgot what I was gonna post...

They are remaking The Poseidon Adventure! With Steve Guttenberg?

NEW GIF -- Love it or Hate it?

I'm Moving

Go home and hug your dog

Bush Lied

Post a pic of yourself part 47. This is what I look like now.

Hey you vegetarians out there...

Crap. I hit 11,000 without noticing.

This is why freepers cannot spell....they think it isn't necessary

Someone gave me a Bianchi bicycle - the tire stems seem small

Bouncy Ball is back!! Bouncy Ball is back!

did anyone else have a sucky week?


My Company Just Hired A Complete Novice to Head Our Info Tech Dept.

Time for a respectful requiem on Zuni week

For those who care, I got my new pics!!!

what's a cheezy song that makes you cry?

I heard Rob Zombie's the Devils Rejects or whatever its called, ROCKS.

What did the drummer get on his IQ test?

Choose life not war - thinking of new bumper stickers

Funny Sign

What would you think of a Democratic Underground TV hour?

Here's a Friday suprise for you all...

i was having the best nap, when someone caLLed

Should Joan change her screenname to "highly-skilled propagandist"?

Pictures from Washington, DC - Part Deux

The Denial Announcement thread! I DID NOT have sex with Paula Abdul!

Pictures from Washington, DC - Part One

Zenith blows- A rant on spending money on shit.


Progmom owes me some posts

your cat's favorite toy

6 random words

Remember all those "Work From Home" signs that you used to see

I sprained my ankle at work today. :(

We found the missing link!!!! Proof here...

Guttenberg Guttenberg bo buttenberg, banana fanna fo futtenberg,

to the lovely canadians of du ... a request

hey DUers, what were your nicknames when you were growing up?

What's the name of the foul piece of swine that broke your heart?!

A friend of my little brother's may have died in a car wreck tonight....


Let's have some fun......I got 18

Suggestion for people giving out weight loss advise

It's 9:25 on a Friday night

Why don't men ever approach women anymore?

Finished cake pictures

It is with great sorrow that I write this.

Veggie advice wanted in Lounge.

Veg in progress

My neighbor's barbecue is making me sick.

Evolution in the Eyes of the Church

The new Jesus-free Christianity

What Does The Pope Say About Transexuals Who Want To Marry?

The Genesis Myth Explained

So what's the deal with Scientology?

Ontario closer to regulating Chinese medicine (CBC)

Oldest dinosaur embryos found

Distant Object Found Orbiting Sun

Unidentified Sea Creature Found After Typhoon

Spitzer Finds Ingredients for Life 10 Billion Light-Years Away

VoIP gov wiretap proof security gets aired at Black Hat

Distant object found orbiting Sun

Water ice in crater at Martian north pole

What a charge!

Foam 'might have struck shuttle'

Maine Voters To Decide Fate Of Gay Civil Rights Law

Anti-gay bigots rallying for David Parker, Tues. Aug 2nd , Lexington, MA

Mass. Bigots get ClearChannel to replace gay billboard with Navy bilboard

IGLHRC Executive Director issues letter on Iran teen hanginings

Giant Defense Contractor Protects Transgender Workers

Man to protest at soldier's funeral

Anti-gay bigots want to nullify existing gay marriages

Methodist pastor appeals removal for refusal to admit gay parishioner

Associated Press links same-sex marriage to employment protection laws

NJ Nets Sign (G) Jeff McInnis

Hot stove rumor: Manny Ramirez for Soriano?

Rich Gannon to retire

Eagles' Jerome McDougle shot by armed robbers, undergoes surgery

What's the best/worst trade your team ever made?

Baseball HOF's.....All of those who would today...

HORSE RACING NEWS weekend of July 30

Cattle dog saves family from fire

NASA Scientists Discover Tenth Planet

We need help - All I have to trade is a story for needed energy

A Psychics Predictions

"The Jesus Mysteries" (image) **Slight Nudity warning**

July 29, 1967

Text of Kerry's Floor Speech Last Night on the Energy Bill

Why is the NYT so obnoxious to Kerry

Link on Kerry's record on women's rights

I need Kerry's speeches/positions on these issues and haven't

Opinions Please!

Are there more sheeple in GD and GDP?

Should there be a set of permanent guidelines for every contest?

Can a fairly cheap digital camera wear out?

Demopedia has been updated to include

some thoughts on the photography contests

KOEB Meeting 7/29/05 (Friday Night Party Time!!)

New MSNBC Schedule!

Kennedy: Roberts Holds “Cramped View of the Voting Rights Act”

A talking point on CAFTA to refute please.

We should stop letting the Right define us

Kennedy Requests Twenty Roberts, Bush I Files "Bush Wins CAFTA But Loses Wider War "

Bolton mistakenly denied being interviewed in investigation, State Departm

The finger vs the DLC

Reuters: Bush's "U.S. tax overhaul faces political obstacles" (IMF Study)

So...Why Does This Hackett Guy Think Using Favorable Footage of * In an Ad

Friday News Dump Day Alert: "British Police Raid West London Neighborhood"

State Dept says Bolton lied and what's bush want to do?

The Day: Two Sides Of Eminent Domain (Kelo vs New London, CT)

Fla. Abortion Foe Jailed in Molestation

Is Judge Roberts Opus Dei?

Connect some 'dots': framework for understanding the Plame case

Forbes "Most Powerful Woman"..."Steely nerved and delicate" Condi Rice

Jesse Jackson on C-SPAN talking about voter rights.

Frist defies the Emperor, flip-flops on stem cell research...

Will george bu$h Squat For The Rest Of His Second Term?

Frame idea: "Anything less than total, immediate withdrawl is a failure."

What will be the next "great failure" of George W. Bush ?

Normally I agree with Dorgan

September 24, 2005, protest surrounding the White House?

John Conyers - Another Embarassing Day on the House Floor

We now have our "gay marriage" issue for 2006 and/or 2008

I will be for the "DLC Dem" if that's all there is available

Arlen Specter just changed his CAFTA vote from Yes to No on Senate

Y'notice no one says "If X, then the terrorists have already won" anymore?

Senators who opposed current Supreme Court Justices

Wasn't the Senate working on CAFTA yesterday evening?

Wasn't Delay already in trouble for the same tactics on Medicare Bill?

As we continue to kill Muslims and other Arabs all across the world

WP: "quelling the rebellion of conscience/good sense" on torture

Anyone posted this yet?

"If you want the press to keep a runaway Congress in check,

IMPT. Was Bolton on 2003 State Dept. trip to Africa ? (Plame info in memo)

"Anti-Chavez Broadcasts May Be Hot Air"

Sydney Morning Herald: Catholics Are Least Anti-Gay

Re frame the marriage issue, and it goes away. Here's how.......

"New Calls for Coalition Forces to Count Iraqi Casualties"

Wired: We are the Web: A decade of genius and madness. Love 2003

Dupe:Self Delete

CIA is talking secretly with the Special Prosecutor ?

The First Democracy Bond Holder Rally, Boston, August 10, with Howard Dean

Military's Opposition to Interrogation tactics per Justice Dept

If the ACLU's FOIA request to release torture documentation was granted...

bushgang & Australia 12 mo. secret work on their own faux Kyoto

Subject: Coulter AND O'Reilly: We Own the Media Now

MSNBC Breaking: Senate passes energy bill; measure now goes to Bush

Roberts hearings to start on Sept 6 - just announced on C-Span2

Kerry Letter: Keep the Vote Alive

will Rice answer Biden?

A contrast in tactics

Lila Lipscomb asks: Does Jeb Bush really have 10,000 Natl Guard

CBS aired Ben Stein commentary defending Rove without rebuttal

GOP Mid-term Election Strategery Starts Now - My Predictions. Add Yours

N.C. Rep Switched Vote on CAFTA

John Roberts and the Federalist Society

Letter to the Editor of AZ Republic: Don't Let Fear Curb Freedoms!

Who's selling Dems out? DLC, CBC and Blue Dogs, that's who.

DNC having success at state level.

Today's Scott McClellan lie: "It was John Bolton who pointed that out"

Jeb Bush - Shocking 'Coin Gate' Crimes and Murder

CNN / FindLaw: "Should Plame Sue Rove?"

Can we hope for history to repeat itself?

Attack of the Killer DLCbots!!!

Dean: Bush Must Not Use Recess Appointment for Bolton

Latest Kerry email: Keep the Vote Alive

Straight talk Hackett "paints Schmidt as a Rubber Stamp" in last debate

Today's McClellan: "It's time to move on. I just addressed your questions"

A Conservative Hate Fest Featuring Ann Coulter, Michael Reagan

Bush after presidency - looking ahead

When Kerry shifts positions it's called a flip-flop. When Frist does...

Is it wrong to mimic successful Rethug tactics/strategies?

Maybe a Bolton appointment would be good news?

Those who think Iraq War sparks terror are "despicable," says Friedman

Rove will likely be given several indictments. Others will get at least 1.

Gallup Poll and CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll

Bolton Suspected of Being the Primary Leaker in the Plame Investivation

House of Representatives to Investigate Grand Theft Auto

I GOT IT! State Dept. Memo Plame info. fed by BOLTON to Rove!

'Grave concern' over Roberts nomination (Native land ruling)

how can we EVER take on the Right when Democrats can't take simple stands?

What a world it would be if...

Spanking The CAFTA 15 - Jonathan Tasini


Senate Roll Call Votes/Energy Policy Act of 2005

I Am Increasingly Concerned About the Plame Investigation, But. . .

need a link re Bush secrecy

Government of lies: The political meaning of the Rove affair

Feedback please, re: Abortion stance

The Nation: "If you like the Patriot Act and Gitmo, you'll love Roberts"

Repugs cheat? Never!

Is there any polling information on the Hackett OH-2 Race?

Is there any progressive group dedicated to destroying the DLC?

Ohio's "Coingate," Voinovich mob connections, theft of the 2004 election

Bush lectures leader on moving forward with action and showing leadership

Phrasing: E-Voting vs E-Tabulating or Mysterious Tabulating??

Supreme Court Nominee John G. Roberts: Hidden Records:John Dean

Who can get DNC to pay attention to what's happening to Hackett?

Passing Odd: How could Bolton NOT be interviewed on Plame case????

Freepers think Bolton "needs to be meaner than a junkyard dog" at U.N.

Nancy Pelosi

Gannon: Gay bloggers’ dangerous liaisons (Yep, THAT Gannon!)

Dubya's bloated energy bill and lobby's dream just passed 74-26 in Senate

John Fund on Hardball: "Bolton recess appointment is tit for tat."

Santorum praises Roberts after meeting. John Edwards does NOT.

"Hackett does Hardball"

$14 per hour to pretend to be Arabs ?

Our democratic leadership has no backbone at all!

Senate passes Cheney "energy" bill - Feinstein caves in

Did Karl Rove “Out” double agent Khan

I bought my Democracy Bond today

Bush gives the "finger" to Democratic Senators and Congressman!

Raw Story: "CNN: Bush To Appoint Bolton To UN Next Week"

Santa Monica Mirror: "At the GOP School for Scandal, Monica trumps Rove"

Am I hallucinating or is Frist making sense?

Resolution for Withdrawal from Iraq (C-Span Now - 9:15 am est)

So, What Is The Friday Dump Topic Today?

Should the Democrats hold a forum?

Why I don't worry too much about secessionists from the party anymore.

Chimp's "plants" get away with Impersonating a Secret Service Agent!

Plan to confiscate Justice Souter's house under Eminent Domain for Hotel

DU this poll

John Edwards (NC) on Judge John G. Roberts...

"Charging Rhino's?" Maybe "Defensive DLC'ers... Reluctant DINO's!" IMHO

I'm seeing a long haul for the Dem Party

Just heard Bill Frist's announcement on stem cell research.

Hughes now Global Minister of Propaganda

Help on this and sign this petiton; thanks

Bush Changes GWOT to GSAVE....Gosh....ain't that great.

daylight savings is what's wrong with the energy bill??!!?!??

What are the chances of another Republican dumbass for president

Delay ethics problems-free pass for CAFTA? -He's a repeat offender....

WA Post: Federal Judge Says Patriot Act Too Vague, Issues Injunction

"Frist for President", good or bad for left?

The Freeper Saga Continues (Part II)

Going 'schoolyard' on the Bushies

The issue is not the "issues". The issue is the candidate.

I'm not donating to the DNC/DLC/DCCC anymore :(

DFA is working hard with Paul Hackett. Proud of them.

Hackett is now an "honorary Texan"

CA Sec'y Of State: Diebold 10% failure rate "not good enough for voters"

The new power in the Democratic Party

Aren't most of the Congress Millionaires?

Could Frist be taking the fall on this for Bush?

Will you stay in the United States if neocons still control the US in '08

Google "failure"

What makes someone a Democrat?

John Edwards gave a ringing speech on Roberts & judicial constructionism

Washington Post editorial: The Truth About Abu Gharib

The light bulb has come on for me

"Left"? "Right"? "Center"? What's the REAL political spectrum like?

RNC dumps over $500K into attack ad against Major Paul Hackett...

... And Then Frist Flip-Flops On Stem Cell Research Funding

Surveys & Analysis prove: "CENTRISM is the road to FAILURE in '06 & '08

Can someone please name to me just ONE liberal senator who represents

my backwards aunt and I got into a political debate yesterday...

Progressive Democrats and Greens should form a coalition.

What do you say to somebody who loves * and claims to be a dem?

Wow - I got a letter from * and Ken Mehlman

God Hates America


Does it ever get any easier?

Kerry in '08--What do you think?

Wage Decline