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Archives: July 28, 2005

Bill Gates will be frisking you with a simple point and click

Herbert: Oil and Blood

Suggestion for those PO'd on the CAFTA vote

Demand bold solutions to our Energy crisis

Demand bold solutions to our Energy crisis

Global warming blamed for decline of puffins

New Jewish Settlement could ignite a Third Intifada


Priest confesses to stealing $1.6M.


Star Tribune editorial: CIA & Iraq/An effort to shift the blame

Tell the CAFTA nays they did the right thing!

Bad day for the American worker

RE: CAFTA - did ya see this thread in GD Politics?


Blast from the past: Bolton Stopped UN WMD Inspectors

Confused on CAFTA - what are our official beliefs supposed to be?

NYT posts corrections on Abu Ghraib photo release story

Aruba, Aruba, Aruba,Aruba, Aruba, Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba

even a good deal of the freepers opposed cafta

i cant begin to state how pissed off i am right now...


(7/5/05, but still important tonight) Democrats Blew it on CAFTA Vote

Pissed off about CAFTA.... Do something, I need your help...

repubs who opposed cafta?

Jim Matheson can lick my balls.

Should we revolt against our gov that ignores us?


Grandma sues Rockstar Games

The Republicans Passed CAFTA

Hastert to Can Patrick Fitzgerald?

Halliburton announces 284 percent increase in war profits

Here it is, CAFTA traitor roll call

And for my 1000th post... not a SEX thread, but a SEXY thread!

Leave My Child Alone

CAFTA just passed 214-211. No time left. All votes counted.

Rice Asked if Bolton Testified in Leak Case

Study: Echinacea Leaves Cold-Sufferers Sniffling

Audit finds FBI falls short on terrorism

Halliburton announces 284 percent increase in war profits

Dupe, please delete

"Politicians support reappointment of Attorney Fitzgerald"--ChicagoTribune

CAFTA PASSES IN THE HOUSE(In Bush Win, House Narrowly Approves CAFTA)

Watching "Brat Camp" Oh no! They'er caught in a blizzard!

I can't wait!!!

help me settle this age-old question:

Deuce Bigalow TWO? How can this be possible?

Anybody here ever been to Walden Woods?

It's my birthday and I'll fly if I want to.....


Did anybody see The Devil's Rejects?

That movie, "Soldier" with Kurt Russel.

Please don't kill me but I liked War of the Worlds....

Okay, I want out.

August...NINTH, there...will BE...the RELEASE, of...TJ...HOOKER, on DVD

W.C. Handy, won't you look down over me...

My favorite Long John Baldry tune.

BBQ brushes can be a health hazard

Cover done better than the original

Aimee Mann's on Letterman.

6 feet under fans?

I had to put my dog Mick down today

What's the one song that sums up this age we are living in right now?

Once and for all: Why do non-celebs agree to appear on The Daily Show?

Would Janeane Garofalo be too much for me to handle?

"You Can't Claim To Be Gay Unless You're 30 Years Old And STILL GAY."

Have you ever watched "The Childrens' Hour" by Lillian Hellman?

Study: Echinacea Leaves Cold-Sufferers Sniffling


Who would make a better President?

The Republican Party is a "stealth" Party...

What about the 218 requirement?

With CAFTA Vote, Democrats Risk 'Anti-Trade' Label

Yes, the liberals will win.....but

CAFTA: Which corporate donors threatened to pull campaign donations?


So what's the official name of these former Dems that sold out tonight?

WP: "documents show roberts influence in reagan era"

Y'all should really read this re: Plamegate.

CAFTA—More False Promises

2000: "I voted for Nader because Gore and Bush are no different!"

CAFTA Passes 217-215

Signs of Our Times, by Michael Rectenwald

Inside ICC: AIDS drug trials make HIV+ children into guinea pigs

The GOP is Certain to Win in 2006 — Unless...

A war by any other name ("global struggle against violent extremism.")

Operation: Enduring Presence (The Word Game of "Permanent" Bases in Iraq)

Death to 'Death Taxes'

Sidney Blumenthal (Salon): Selling the War

Finally, Canada has a problem: Denmark

Molly Ivins: Manners and morons

Would-be airport bomber gets 22 years

Judy Miller: A, "Was she Rove's Source?" Scenario.

Hillary vs. the Xbox: Game Over

"The Wrong Litmus Test" - by Robert B. Reich

Why has Linda Vester been silenced?

Jonathan Schell (TomDispatch via CommonDreams): The Bomb and Karl Rove

C.I.A. Officer's Leaked Identity Takes New Turn

John Nichols (The Nation): Being like Bernie

Reasonable Doubt - James K. Galbraith

'Zero tolerance' for anti-Semitic crimes

Republicans Ready to Slime Fitzgerald :Joe Conason

IWT (International World Television) Update

Leave Now .. Departing Iraq (blistering editorial by Paul Roberts)

Which of the 15 Dem Sellouts Should Start Looking For Another Job/Party?

Krugman: French Family Values

My articles on Voting Machines in SD; arrest of Jim March

The Iraqi Resistance Is Prepared For Ten Year War

About Those Nuclear Attack Speculations

One and only way to take our democracy back is to attack by state

Tell the 15 Democrats Who Voted for CAFTA How You Feel

"Tolling of the Bell" to save TennCare

New Senate "ASK ROBERTS" site -- Let's find out his stand on Bush v.Gore

H.R. 5 debating now: CALL your Representative re: medical liability

Excellent DU Activist idea! Phone Bank for Paul Hackett for Congress!! Fire Karl Rove Slogan Contest

Something I am working on--need feedback please (women's health)

‘Abort Supreme pick’

Social Security - A Covenant for the Common Good

Protesters asked to leave supermarket (MA)

Okay, it looks like our final published LTTE count is 63.

"People of goodwill say: 'No Gallo!'" Please take this simple action!

Is There Ever Too Much???

Which conservative pundit will jump ship and even use the "R" word?

IWT (International World Television) Update

"Liberty News TV"

LA Weekly: The Michael Kinsley Experiment Ends

Greenpeace rejects climate pact

EU Skeptical On Double Secret Probation Climate Treaty - AFP

At Least 500 Dead After Record-Shattering Storm In India - BBC

Lake Erie Average Temperature Up 6.2F In One Year - Detroit Free Press

LA County Beach Closures Hit New Record High For Second Year - LAT

EU pushes binding climate deal

HEAT strains Power grid: but Europe puts lines und'gnd safe fm tree blkout

EPA Delays Report On Fuel Efficiency During Energy Bill Debate - NYT

Seabird Dieoff In Oregon - No Plankton To Eat, No El Nino To Blame

Garbage Land

Delay sneaks 1.5 billion worth of pork into Energy Bill

US hands over detained Afghans to ease tensions

Mexico set to free wrongly detained indigenous inmates

Gun culture 'undermining' Haiti

Brazil pulls Saddam phone cards

China greets Mugabe with open arms

Subcontractor's Story Details Post-9/11 Chaos

Gaza settlers don WWII death camp uniforms

'New approach to anti-Semitism needed'

In a Ruined Country: How Yasir Arafat destroyed Palestine

Egyptian film makes mockery of peace with Israel

Vatican Denounces Some Israeli Retaliation

Vatican denounces some Israel retaliation

Egyptians Question Culture-Extremism Link

Police Arrest Suspect in Daniel Pearl Case

Clark asked to "say it was Saddam" on 9/11

The Mineta Testimony: 9/11 Commission Exposed

Since no one answered my question. Does anyone know about operation

Why was orginal Flight 175 flight plan far south of normal route to LA?

They DID KNOW that 9/11 was going to happen

The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later: Did They Get It Right? - video

The bomb was underneath the train

Who Knows What Happens When You Use High Explosives On Steel?

Do you guys know about this website?

pics from voting machine demo in Essex County NJ

Suit filed RE: Ohio elections

New Senate "ASK ROBERTS" site -- Let's find out his stand on Bush v.Gore

Update from Jim March

(Cross Post to 2004: ERD) Hey, do your thing on GD, now !!!!!!

Two Good (but not Great) Sections of the DNC OHIO Report

OMG wheres the daily compilation thread --no --what happened?

NICE! Great Election Reform Editorial in Ann Arbor News!!!!

OH LWV sues over elections

August Harper's article: "None Dare Call It Stolen"!!!!

Is anyone working on election reform at the local and state level?

If you could question Diebold officials, what would you ask?

The FREE multimedia CD on stolen election is DONE!

UFPAJ September march

San Diego poll watchers & monitors: Help a grand jury investigate Diebold!

My article on San Diego voting machine problems & Jim March arrest

Oil leasing terms for Los Padres National Forest announced

Feinstein needs to go for CAFTA vote!

Grassley on Global Warming

BREAKING NEWS: South Station has been evacuated due to a suspicious bag

Middletown, CT meetup on Saturday

WSJ: Despite a Boom, Minnesota's Vein Of Miners Dries Up

Minnesota Reps vote on CAFTA split on party lines

Star Tribune headline on Energy Bill doesn't mince words.

A fundraiser called tonight saying Atty Gen Mike Hatch will run

pdf files and hidden text

Video and audio editing question

Hackett will be Matthews guest on Hardball tomorrow !!!

need to know wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 14 where are they?

Ohio 2nd district, Hackett v Schmidt, polling

Hackett flyer for volunteers that mocks Schmidt & Bush

Remember Warren County!!!

Paul Hackett rocked on Hardball !!

Just found out where the bluest wards are in the 2nd District, looking for

Chris Bell Announcing within 24 Hours (today)

Another BP Refinery Explosion - this one with shelter in place

House RollCall CAFTA (TX)

Chris Bell: I'm In!

A request to you all... Veterans for Peace National Conv. 8/04-8/07

Adios, Foley's

Planned Parenthood Fundraiser in Middleton

Anyone going to Bratwurst Days in Sheboygan next weekend?

Candidacy Announcement

Case of C.I.A. Officer's Leaked Identity Takes New Turn

Rice Asked if Bolton Testified in Leak Case

So, help me here, why is CAFTA bad?

best parody of FAUX News ever!!!

Should Pharmacists be allowed to dispense "Faith Healing"

I think that us Democrats should speak liberally about Bush's "struggle."

Family Surprised That Son, 22, Charged Over Pregnancy Of Wife, 14

I bet you Bush sells off the Crawford ranch when he leaves office

anyone having trouble getting the KGO feed online?

The list of 15 are Damn Dem CAFTA sellouts ?

Should we get Warren Beatty or Martin Sheen to challenge Diane Fienstein?

I just sent the following to Senator Lindsey Graham

gonna need another coat of white wash -- new toon 7/28

Jeez-Louise..Walmart would execute this guy if they could

I can't believe the DOJ could be SO STUPID as to post an Al Qaeda manual..

Bumbling village idiot as the US Ambassador to the UN

too scary to touch? I WAS that 13 year old girl.

New one from Steve Bell bout the shuttle launch

Are things 100 times worse than they actually appear?

the repubs aren't demanding more from their leaders, but WE are

I see they sold us out again last night.

OMG. He's just plain creepy.

The Bush Crime/Mafia family strikes again. Everyone okay:?

They are our representatives and yet they have never heard of Ike E or

Bigfoot hair to get DNA test

the Nazi bastards actually think they can get away with ANYTHING now

Bush admin ignored warnings from military about torture.

It's the oil, stupid.. Herbert brilliant NYT oped

GITMO violates MY Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities!

One definition of "jihad" is "struggle"

I am just really disgusted.

Nomination for the Top Ten Conservative Idiots list


FAIR Alert: A New Blacklist for "Excuse Makers"

Who are the 15 slimeball Democrats that voted for CAFTA?

"Guest Workers", bushco slang for 'SLAVES'

More housing bubble stuff....

Did the Ice Maker on an Oil Platform break down?

good morning everyone!

Why have there been no polls of Iraqis?

A Treasongate Must Read

what this country needs is a leader . . .

Ill. Republicans Offer Reward on Daley

A Damn Twisted Photograph

NYTpg1:Alive,Thriving in Midwest:Brawling in Cages(cage fighting comeback)

Jay Leno last night

Fiore's "Homeland Stupidity":

Ex-CIA agent sues to publish Tora Bora account (Bin Laden escape)

Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson

Sirota: How to target the CAFTA Dem sell-outs.

Ugh.. Memphis is on CNN right now for "conversions camps" for gays

"Former CIA Officer Sues to Publish Book"

"Justice: FBI Translation Backlog Grows"

Nafta roll call vs. Cafta roll call

"House Expects Easy Passage of Energy Bill"

what if CLINTON had given us all the finger? oy, the republican wailing!

My representative, Ortiz, let me down with his CAFTA vote

NOW they ground the shuttle fleet, before they're even back on earth

"Senate Leader Takes No Chance on NRA Bill"

Blogging Soldier Leonard Clark gets demoted for his blog


Why are so many smart liberals being fooled by John Roberts?

I have a question

Well it's my 200th post and to celebrate . . .

Gore daughter on in 1/2 hour on NPR

Is there a transcript of Bill Maher on Jay Leno Tues. night?

The CAFTA vote shows how little power the DLC has

Chances are, you are probably going to die

domain name AMERICANJUDAS.COM is available!

CAFTA was not a party issue, but an ideological issue.

Caption this * pic...

Which Man Will Be President In 2007? -PIX->>>


"corporate supremacists"

The born again Cultists are one of our greatest threats, not terrorism

After decades of secrecy, the CNP begins to emerge

It's time to amend the Constitution

Bush's middle finger

This Maryland Dem is THRILLED that Steele Went Ahead w/the Rove Event

I heard this suggested for a new NASA slogan...

"Santorum Now Open to '08 White House Run"

Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal?

Another mom endangers her child (seems to be a lot of that this week)

US Support for Repression in Uzbekistan Belies Pro-Democracy Rhetoric

The third wave ...The third way..thoughts


The third wave ...The third way..thoughts(first post duped)

Moby says he respects Eminem because he criticized Bush

Christians in the US need to do their homework.......

MUST SEE STREAMING VIDEO: Highlights of Historic 9/11 Briefings on Capitol

The New Iran-Contra

Repugs are piling on the really ugly stuff right before their vacation

Wow, just wow. I am watching the proverbial "eating it's own"

Brazilian did not wear bulky jacket, did not jump barrier, shot 7 times

OMG.....Bounce House Collapses

Corruption for dummies

Where is your line in the sand? Time to wake up and take action!

The bird thread.

Will they use a time delay to prevent broadcasting more bird flips?

The reason the Press won't cover Bush*'s finger episode

August 8th, 2005....

We're debating middle finger vs. thumb when we have DSM, Rove, torture,...

Guess I missed the news on Hillary's CAFTA is her statement

Dean:How far will the Bush smear machine go?...convinced Novak to buck CIA

FRAMING: RUBBERSTAMP Republicans congress


Why is Karl Rove so great?

now there are TWO videos of bush giving us the finger & saying fuck off

Bush finger is probably the most honest message he's ever sent

BBC News 24 reports mini-Tornado in Birmingham

Open Letter to 15 Democrats who handed Bush his CAFTA


Black GOP Candidate Takes Heat for Having Karl Rove at His Fundraiser

The Republicans are giving away $80 billion more to the oil companies...

How did Yuri die? The mysterious death of a space-age hero

On AOL TV's Top 5, they are headlining *'s rude gesture! Lol!!!!!

Nun Chastises Santorum

"Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time."

Please put this picture on the DU home page!

"Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone" (PIX)

HILLAROUS thing just happened re: Bush's middle finger, thumb,

Could someone email Jay Leno

Vermont, CAFTA, and milk for schools. Interesting op ed.

Got A Call From The FBI Yesterday

can the finger be a reflection off the

David Corn: The Plame Game And Novak

Is showing a clip with the bird being flipped allowed on national TV?

WH Briefing Scheduled for 12:30 ET. Think anyone's going


Kos hears Iraq vet Hackett within 5 points of Ohio opponent!

Let's have a vote: Thumb or Finger. I vote finger.

cnn breaking! bush just mooned fox news channel

Should we all file anti-Bush Indecency complaints with the FCC?

i am going to send $20.00 to HACKETT from the state of TEXAS

none of the christians i know give people the finger, they just don't

"U.S. Offering Kyoto Protocol Alternative"

Art, George, and "The Finger"

Stop using Republican Talking Points

NY Post: "Dubya Shares His Dirty Jokes"

"Rice Asked if Bolton Testified in Leak Case"

Puffy McMoonface (aka Scotty) coming on.

Whether it is a pen or a finger, does it make a difference?

Oil, "the greatest single prize in all history." (Oil companys profits up)

So is NASA going to land the shuttle?

Something mildly encouraging on ATC

The surprise that wasn't (yuan/dollar)

Wow, just wow. I am watching the proverbial "eating their own"

Does freeperville have anything to say about the pen/finger?

John Conyers, now Sheila Jackson-Lee on C-SPAN

Newspapers React Differently to 'Poo' in 'Prickly City' than 'Turd Blossom

Is anyone working on election reform at the local and state level?

my God, Hartman is now talking of

Night line and the BBC

Beginning to think of uprooting and moving to Canada.

LAST CHANCE to vote in July photo contest

If you're Church tells u to b bigoted, and then you are, are you excused?

Walker logs 500 miles; East Coast by next year

Will Hackett's Iraq service hurt his bid for office?

Is Greta Van Susteren Delusional?

"The day I say Dick Cheney is going to run for president,I'll kill myself"

TPM: GOP positioning to can Fitzgerald

Vulgar, Crude, Juvenile, Disgraceful, Undignified

Self Deleting

Former CIA officer sues to publish Bin Laden book

Today ExxonMobil Announced Record Profits of $7.64 Billion in last 3 Month

I just called Hackett's campaign headquarters to make a donation.

Pen, finger, thumb or other protuberance.

There are 1788 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Last night I dreamt I was on the WH press corps

Do you ever have moments of empathy?

Water ice in crater at Martian north pole

"Lie and Buy"

the president was merely pointing heavenward for spiritual guidance

Okay, I have a mini rant here

the quickest way to kill the DLC (and the GOP): clean money

What a naughty little boy Georgie Porgie is!

Demo traitor Jim Moran coming up on Ed Schultz

Why you should buy gas anywhere but Exxon...

Bush almost wiped out a few hundred Boy Scouts yesterday


From which all problems stem...

Where is he now?

remember back in the summer of 05 on DU, the great 'Finger War'?

I know McCain's ready to reap the benefits of Bush's failures . .

You rightards are such DIM BULBS!!!!!

Nice article on Bernie Sanders and his upcoming Senate run

America's disease: FOXic-Shock Syndrome.

Letter from my senator: Shelby of Alabama

Dick Cheney's Other Big Secret

Bush Joke

CAFTA will create more jobs

My daughter works part-time in a local grocery store

Ed Shultz today: CAFTA

True? Bush Crime Syndicate funneled foreign cash into political system

''Jessica Simpson has seen more combat action than our president''

So, are we really saddled with CAFTA?

CNN: Straighten your gay kids at a "conversion camp" - (VIDEO)

Please sign petition concerning energy bill.

The Emerging Skin-Whitening Industry (mercury)

"Making Sense of the Plame Affair"

Is freeperville happy that CAFTA passed?

Question: If a sitting president...

State of the Archives address?

What's the appropriate punishment for Gorgie Porgie's rudeness?

"Ongoing Investigation" is number 1 again on the GOP Top 10

MI-6 Agents Caught Trying To Blow Up Chicago Subway ??

Jesus horses were caring parents

AP, Other Media,Encourage Gonzales to Rethink FOIA

Anyone else's rights you would trade off to desperately welcome new Dems?

Hillary gives the press the finger, repubs & media give her a pass

Novak coming out of hiding lately...

And you thought Watergate was bad?

Republicans Voting No on CAFTA:

here's a quote by fingerboy about the rove scandal to mess your head up

Iraq Affecting Mental Health of Troops

Anybody who has a list of republicans who voted no for CAFTA?

Wife believes Iraqi invasion/occupation is legal: need talking points

Looking for a picture

Christian Wire: "Concerned Women" say RU-486 kills women, want it banned

What will the Iraqi war memorial be like?

Challenge : find 1 clear, true, real answer in any recent press briefing.

The "war on terror"...... uh...nevermind...

How the British treat bombing suspects

Random thoughts on Rove slipping from the front page.

Your Political Rights as a Photographer

Why Do Republicans Eat Their Own?

Freeper Wife Is Way Hotter Than Jessica Simpson, TRUST HER!

The FINGER Debate - illustrates difference between dems & GOP

Randy on AAR talking about * flipping press off

The Republican Presidents I know

If an 18yo povertystriken student can contribute to Paul Hackett-socanyou!

New Englanders & Ex-New-Englanders: Filene's is no more

Which dems voted for CAFTA?

Election fraud in the House, CAFTA no vote not recorded

Raw Story: Bolton lied to Congress!

For God's sake, educate yourselves about civil unions and "marriage"!

My response from Pat Roberts re: Rove

What if Clinton had left Boy Scouts dropping like flies?

Voting Rights: I fear that American democracy may already be dead.

Just for clarification

do undocumented workers contribute to payroll taxes?

Running from the Police (while brown)

Bush Gets Wins Under His Belt

Historic Stem Cell Legislation Never Sees Light of Day in Senate

They DID KNOW that 9/11 was going to happen

John Glenn endorses Paul Hackett

Has anyone seen this "wear red" email?

Social Security Solvency and Offshore Job Loss

Hackett response should be example: they smear, we donate big

Tucker the potty mouth.

"The undersecretary(Bolton) wants to keep this in the family."


PTECH Appendix - lots of links & research from Indira Singh

Randi is #1 in Portland, Oregon

Shame on you. Shame on you all "Over There" devotees.

Feinstein needs to pay for CAFTA vote! she's up next year

a few months ago somebody posted a website where someone could find out

The Hidden Pages of CAFTA

Please help, mozilla mail problem.

Cicero--the traitor moves amongst and He rots the soul of a nation

Wag the Dog - Unavoidable or Not?

Tucker Carlson and guest: Missing non-whites don't matter

Biden appears to have Bolton and Rice NAILED

Why can't we have separate polling places

Something I am working on--what are thoughts? (Womens Health)

Wow, the airwaves are bombarded with pre-emptive "John Robert"s ads.

Pelosi repeat on c-span now.

Lou Dobbs poll - Is Congress representing you?

Forbes: What it costs to live well in America

Anybody watching Hardball?

Public education is under attack, folks!

anyone's company ever outsource work to india?

Do you think Bush is so stupid he would flip off the press?

Larouche's warning of Cheney's Guns of August

Kerry statement about Roberts stalling Intel Probe -

Condi Condi Con...

GOP on problem of US troops coming back from Iraq w/mental issues

Scattered, fragmented, gullible, powerless.

Updated "conscience clause"

Where are the real Democrats? Here is the run down of current votes...

Pastor charged with secretly taping girls, women (NC)

the cd race in Ohio 2 should be watched for electronic fraWd big time

Has anybody done the math? Is it conceivable to take back

ISP 'censored' anti-war email

Security Costs Sap Iraq's Rebuilding Funds

Anyone familiar with Community Newspaper Holdings of Alabama?

Rawstory: Blue Star mom told To fuck off!

Fuck this, there was a shitload of people at the "Bird" or "Pen"

Canada's success in dealing with terrorism a model.

Is Bush denying that he gave the finger to the press?

Just got a new job--thanks Hillary

Do you think Bush is so stupid he would sacrifice 3000 people?

Matt Bai of NYT on public radio

Will be away about 10 days

Anyone want to laugh at an ignorant self-righteous idiot?

Future History: Bush Died for our sins.

What the fuck's UP with all of these "you either believe it's a finger...

Impressed with Major Hackett on Tweety's 'show', he is not some ass-kisser

Don't let them scare you...

I'm quite disappointed

Bolton recess nomination, Bush will give us the finger again.

Osama Bin Laden is as representative of Islam...

Is Iran Being Set Up?

Any video of Hackett on Hardball?

A problem with liberals

Hackett on Hardball now

Roberts lawyer-client privilege? What about Clinton?

drudge canned otrage of the day - helen thomas's joke

How far out of control do these maniacs have to be before

some things are simply the right things to do.

Bolton LIED to Congress : AP Article "inaccurately told Congress"

Can anyone help me be OPTIMISTIC about our country ?

A nice poll for us

Creepy update about the space shuttle

"He died for your sins"

What is Hillary Clinton's position on CAFTA?

My LTTE was published in todays paper.

PBS: Condi says "...stop making excuses for terrorists" - (VIDEO)

Here's an opportunity to sucker punch the GOP

self delete

How far would AQ and Bin Laden push it?

What is the Bush Administration's worst nightmare?

Is Tom Flocco a reliable source? Has anyone read this before?

Fighting back against Fox News - boycott their advertisers

Rachel & G. Gordon on "Bowtie"

CNN Larry King Live


Look at the lie Bolton is stuck defending

"Scientists Experiment With Current in Nev."

Thomas Jefferson

the Bushies fell for Biden's crude trap

1 NO vote on CAFTA, by a republican, didn't tabulate last night?

I won't even dignify his name with pre . . .pre . .preside . . .

Will Bush Recess Appointment Bolton After Finding Out He's A Perjurer?

Bush is done. I know it now.

Counter-Recruiting---who's doing it for the school year coming up?

Wow Lou Dobbs Isn't pulling any punches

Deaths Rally Farm Laborers

Bush: "Social Security will go broke in 10 years!"

I visited the San Diego Zoo today. The Southern Bush Pig was AWOL.

Does this look like democracy to YOU?

Freedom's on the march...

Rovian Whisper Cmpgn #65: Is George W. Bush still Torturing Small Animals?

Question about Judith Miller

Just got back from Australia.....

Toon/New Meme "Conflict Oil" -- As In, Get Rich Investing In Conflict Oil!

High School Journalist Exposes Shady Military Recruiting Practices

The more I see this NeoCon thing unfolding

Conversation with a Bush supporter friend last night

WH confirms it was a finger (not a pen), proclaims * was giving thumbs up.

Desperate Freepers Now Want To Discredit Biden With Fake Scandal

The ultimate divorce' from reality...

I am a Democrat

More evidence that this was a thumb.

Where the heck are the Abu Ghraib pictures?

Anybody Else Worried?

$300 BILLION - Where the HELL has it all gone?

Cost of Iraq War July 28th- $183,748,400,756

Thumb, finger, pen? Who gives a shit. any DUer's know a reputable charity to help this desperate

screw the foam; add a diverter

Let's cut the shit. Change the name from America to...

Paula Zahn tonight: "Gay teens given the OPPORTUNITY to become straight"

Is Karl Rove a member of PNAC?

Did the govt. hand the keys to the treasury to energy companies?

Fox News: Bolton Was "Inaccurate"

The Caller "Doug" on Malloy's Show Last Night Regarding CAFTA

Woman calls 911 over cheesburger dispute w/ fast food joint

Holy Crap !!! Am I The Only One Who Missed This ??? (Wilson\Cheney\Ledeen)

Working Assets: See Karl Rove In Jail

Which is worse: Tranquility Bay or Love in Action's Refuge?

Brazilian did not wear bulky jacket and did not jump the ticket barrier

The Christian Paradox by Bill McKibben--Harpers...excellent

bolton Is As Good As Appointed

This is why I hate politicians, especially ones like Joe Biden

Does Any One Know About CARE

Let's cut to the quick: When a Pres signals the press to "fuck off" with

on k. olberman now

"You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to conserve energy."

"And too many liberals who opposed the war . . .

All the petition signing I've done really seems meaningless in light

Screw Up Bill O'Reilly's Online Poll

Lets drive just one corporate giant out of business; I suggest Exxon Oil

caption this *, pickles, and Karen pic...

LTTE: stupid writer doesn't know that * calls Rove "Turd Blossom."

Letter to Senator Lugar - The Bolton UN Nomination

CAFTA vote shows why DLC has got to GO

IWT (International World Television) Update

Holy crap - conservative comic books. I never thought I would see the day

Mount......? Four faces of Nixon, Reagan

Bolton's busted!

OK, they asked Scottie about the "Finger of Hostility"

How Many Untold Stories Are there like this???

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Round Up

Lets Settle Once And For All: Pick A Finger! A, B, Or C?

Fitzgerald Better Hurry

My own image analysis... it's a finger, no doubt.

Act now folks! The future hangs in the balance!

Who are these people on WJ C-SPAN? Mona Sutphen

CSPAN Schedule Friday July 29

Judge sentencing would-be LA bomber, blasts Bushco

Deliberate childlessness & moral rebellion

Hey America! Bush salutes you!

Suicide bombers: Motivated in the same way as any military organization

I was 17 and living in Alabama when Bush was stationed here....

Damn, He Shot Us The Finger

Finish this bumper sticker: "Annoy a Conservative..."

Will any news mention Bush flipping the Bird??

Revised List of Plame Leak Witnesses and Interviewees

Bush photo -- Middle Finger? Thumb? Pen??

Possible PROBLEM with the CAFTA vote!

latest 6 feet under... not much political tonight but building up...

"This is the most obtuse, head-in-the-sand, ostrich policy I've seen"


Fuck Fred Phelps!

Troops In Iraq Respond To The "Finger" Controversy / Not A Pen Look Again

Is Education Just Training for the Business Mills?

God's trying to tell them something.(Boy Scouts & bush)

Updated List of Rove Witnesses and Interviewees

Look what Brad has up at his website in tribute of Andy...

Bush gives finger to the press - What will we tell the children??!!!

How's it possible? DU has over 50k active members yet......

An Experiment on Unity Against the BushCorporacultists/neoCON Regime.

The Pentagon has too much money. Time to cut their funds.

Two Questions:

Please donate to Paul Hackett if you can!

In Honor Of THE HOSTILE FINGER...George Bush In The Jerk!

Turd Blossom

Just as appropriate today...I was listening to a band today...

Crisis Pictures

I'm a feminist, but

If 4 lawyers were electrocuted at an ACLU conference,

Joke break?

Bush caught on camera flipping the finger to reporters

SD Election observer arrest update from Jim March-cross post

It occured to me last night,

K Benderman Acquited of Desertion, Guilty Lesser Charge Sentence 15 Months

The bush "middle finger" is a pen.

Another poll: Middle finger, thumb or pen?


What a fucking kick in the head. Thanks, DU for the response

Why do we vote for the democrats when they just keep selling us out?

DU this campaign!!!! Hackett within 5 Points; Election in 5 Days!!!

DU: How to really live well in America

What do you think will happen to Cuba after Castro dies?

Phone bank for Paul Hackett at home!!!!

Conservative Group: Election Boycott Against Schmidt

If the north lost Civil War would we be in power now?n/t

The Civil War is still being fought at FR

Pelosi is pissed about the CAFTA defectors

Iraq War Objector, Sgt. Kevin Benderman, Court-Martial Begins Today

Can We Please Have A DU HIstory Lesson On Iran-Contra? >

**The NEXT Big Thing: * STOLE IT!!! Outright! Great info source!!!

Why does socialism scare the shit out of America?

Here is Scott McClellan's statement about 'the Finger' from today

Jean Schmidt's (R) campaign mgr caught using email address for bondage sex


Any recommendations for a mandoline?

I started a sponge for a loaf of bread.

Dress up Harper

I wanna be a Canucknucklehead - Part III

I am just beginning to do a bit of research on Canada.

The Day Today

You just can't make this stuff up

Brazilian's visa expired in 2003 (BBC News)

Tornado injures 19 in Birmingham

Birmingham Senior Islamic cleric is told to resign by Labour MP

Australian oil refinery evacuated after bomb threat

London: Brazilian did not wear bulky jacket.

More children may be uninsured than thought

Democrat accuses DeLay of adding fund to bill (Rep. Henry Waxman)

Reuters: Suspected Bomb Hits Train Near Baghdad; Huge Fire

US troops face further Iraq abuse allegations

Democrat accuses DeLay of adding fund to bill US failures 'fuel Iraq militants'

Grandma sues Rockstar Games

IRA orders end to armed campaign

Yushchenko defends son's high life

Udall: Up to 30% of soldiers suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Long Beach Press Telegram: Questionable grant program may face ax

Energy lobby contributes big - and it pays

Police beatings a setback to labor reforms in India

US joins clean technology partnership

Congress Urged to Get Tough on Identity Theft; Senate takes up bill

Homeland security important outside metros, says offical

NYTpg1:Alive,Thriving in Midwest:Brawling in Cages(cage fighting comeback)

Scores of Scouts, awaiting Bush, become ill from heat

Judge gets in swipe at Bush administration

FBI seeks to probe senior Israeli diplomat in Pentagon spy case

CNN: Discovery docks with space station

Warning over bomb pictures leak

NYT: Baby Oil, Benzene Provide (first ever) Look at Earth's Radioactivity

the AFL-CIO calls for return of troops from Iraq

Colombian envoy to U.S. to lead development bank

LAT: (CA) Guard Unit (under investigation) Tied to Elite Iraqi Force

Pelosi: CAFTA a Step Backward for Workers in C. Am. and a Job Killer here

LAT: (California heat) Deaths Rally Farm Laborers

Military, Bush team clashed on questioning -report

Guard Unit Tied to Elite Iraqi Force (training/ops with Wolf Brigade)

Baathist purge may stall Hussein trial

Two Airports Ask for Private Screeners

Soldier, Twin Dies In Iraq

High court puts energy initiative back on ballot (California)

AP: Attacks Cripple Power Grid (Baghdad)

Investigation into Shelby leak likely to end in the fall

Student Who Raped Classmates Wants To Be Marine

WT (UPI): China seeks soften image with U.S.

Abu Ghraib warden: Guantanamo boss urged use of dogs

IRA says armed campaign is over (BBC; implications?)

US Chinook helicopter 'destroyed' (Afghanistan)

Boston's South Station (commuter hub) evacuated

Roadside Bomb Kills 2 U.S. Troops in Iraq (7 since Sunday)

Algeria detains Balhah for praising insurgency in Iraq

More bombers may try to strike-London police chief

US jails Yemeni al-Qaeda backer : BBC breaking

MI5 links 7/7 bombings to Britain’s Iraq campaign

Times UK: Bombs find shows outrages on 7/7 and 21/7 were linked

Pakistan Connection Seen in Taliban's New Tactics -LAT

Turkey threatens action unless US tackles Kurdish rebels in Iraq

US knows of 10 leaders in Iraq's insurgency: Pentagon

DOD: Withdrawal to Be Conditions-Based, Coalition Spokesman Says

DeLay Critic to Run for Governor in Texas

Iraqi train blown up

AP - Ressam "Judge Takes Swipe at Bush Admin,"

UK 'blocked bomb plotter' arrest

WP: Bush Again Postpones Visit to Scouts (Now Sunday)

Soldier Who Refused Iraq Duty Faces Charge

Tornado injures 12 in Birmingham (UK)

Vatican denounces some Israel retaliation

Ten dead in India oil field fire (Offshore Platform)

U.S. calls IRA disarm pledge potentially historic

BBC: Brazilian's visa expired in 2003

Bush Gets Wins Under His Belt

Senate Approves Gun-Lock Amendment

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 28 July

Roberts Assures Dem He Won't Be Activist

Diario reporting they found Natalie Holloway

No Change, Bush Remains Below 50% in U.S.

Dems Warn of Delay in Roberts Confirmation (Cornyn responds)

Historic Stem Cell Legislation Never Sees Light of Day in Senate

Opponents Want Bush Barred From Summit (Argentina)

Bad Food Flooding Iraqi Markets

FBI: Hair found in Aruba is not Holloway’s

Mubarak calls for extraordinary Arab summit

Congress Blocks EPA on Pesticide Testing

Kenyan waits for Clinton's answer on offer for Chelsea

Philanthropist Pleads Not Guilty in Fraud

WP: Despite Efforts, Debris Still Issue (task force warned NASA June 28)

Pelosi questions Republican tactics in CAFTA win

9 Iraq insurgents killed in U.S. bombing (5 Syrians says Pentagon)

Delta memo fans bankruptcy fears

ZDNet: Cisco hits back at flaw researcher

NYT/AP: FDA Bans Use of (antibiotic) Baytril in Poultry

Court Reinstates Hatfill Suit Vs. Times

White House: Iranian Leader Led Movement ('79 U.S. Embassy capture)

(Jeb's) Prosecutors Looking Into Whether DeFede Violated Fla. Taping Law

U.S.: Iranian Cadre Training Hezbollah

NYT/AP: Gonzales Urged (by press) to Rescind (Ashcroft) FOIA Rules

Bush's Visit to Scouts Postponed Again

New post to help Castro 'demise' (BBC News)

State Dept. and Dems Tangle on Bolton (did he lie re. investigations?)

Homeland Security to Launch RFID Systems At Border Crossings

McCarry Named to New State Dept. Post (to promote democracy in Cuba)

Haiti: Arms proliferation fuels human rights abuses ahead of elections

Explosions Rock Fort Worth Industrial Complex

EU pushing for binding climate deal on Greenhouse

Fraud rampant in Iraq: report

GOP Puts Up First Senate Campaign Ad

Guardian: British Police Flood Trains and Buses

League of Women Voters sues Taft, Blackwell over Ohio voting procedures

Bar Assn. Reviewing Roberts Recommendation

"Russia ready for shuttle rescue mission if needed"

'New approach to anti-Semitism needed'

Ex-CIA agent sues to publish Tora Bora account

Chile: Protesters remember Colombo

CNN: Report: Record beach health warnings issued

US Offers N Korea Evidence Nuclear Secrets Came from Pakistani's Network

Searing Heat Strains US Power Grid

Iraq Affecting Mental Health of Troops

CNN: Officials: Bush may appoint Bolton next week

State Dept admits Bolton gave inaccurate answers

EPA Holds Back Report Of Car Fuel Efficiency

WP: Afghan Women Put Lives on Line To Run for Office

WP: Security Costs Slow Iraq Reconstruction

WP: In Jaded, Perilous Capital, A Collision of Perceptions (Baghdad)

Top Spy's No. 2 Tells of Changes to Avoid Error -NYT

House RollCall CAFTA

Defendant in Transgender Killing Testifies

Defiant Khatami Tells EU Iran Will Resume Nuclear.....Daily Star

Judge chides Bush administration's anti-terror tactics while sentencing wo

Judge Rules Mayfield Can Sue Government

Mormons to lose dominance of US state of Utah within 30 years: figures

Texas Minutemen head quits, cites racism in group

General: U.S. guards lack correct weapons

WP: Roberts's Reagan-Era Work Criticized (by liberal activist groups)

"Food, rest and a lot of questions" - UK police treatment of bomb suspect

Liberal Air America Radio stuck in cellar

Security costs sap Iraq's rebuilding funds

Kennedy Questions Roberts on Civil Rts ("cramped view of Voting Rts Act")

NYT: UN Nominee Omitted Data at Hearings, Bolton to Correct Form

COINGATE: Petro accused of holding out on court records (IGNORES COURT!)

Bomb on crowded train in India kills 7

NYT: Pleas and Promises by G.O.P. as Cafta Wins by 2 Votes

U.S. House approves $14.5 bln energy bill

Senate advances bill to restrict cold medicines

(US-led) Six-country pact on clean energy "not meant to undermine Kyoto"

U.S. House approves $26 bln environmental bill (Reuters UK)

Chris Cox SEC Nomination Vote Moves Investor Alert to Yellow

WP,pg1: As Debt Collectors Multiply, So Do Consumer Complaints

British MP Galloway: Americans losing in Iraq and Lebanon is on brink of c

Federated to retire Famous-Barr, Filene´s nameplates ("very few" jobs lost

Fla. Abortion Foe Jailed in Molestation

State Dept. Says Bolton Was Interviewed

NYT: Senate's Leader Veers From Bush Over Stem Cells (Frist)

WP: S&P, Nasdaq Hit 4-Year High ("bandwagon effect building")

IRA will end all activity, says statement

(US House) Warning over (London) bomb pictures leak (BBC News)

Bush's visit with Scouts put off again

Bush poised to install Bolton at U.N. through recess appointment

WP: Oceans Have Fewer Kinds Of Fish, Study Says

Wow,check out the mature quail!

A possible way to resolve the Iraq/middle east problems.

God, I love the ignore feature

Ob la di, ob la da

Here's something I found on Ang6666's blog.

Wow, a weird comparison I just came up with

South Park Passion of the Christ rerun

Mark Fiore does it again!

Live long,and prosper.

Criss Angel: Mindfreak

Ever see a comic strip called "Prickly City?"

Happy Birthday to ME and

a very short rant about my union.

Funny bumper sticker I saw earlier today.

Who was watched that Sam Goldwyn thingie on PBS?

Are y'all checking the panda-cam regularly?

There's gonna be a heartache tonight.

Supreme Court Justices Devour Sandra Day O'Connor In Ancient Ritual

Rumity Rum-Rum

Got lots of loose coins??

Nothing on late night cable news but Natalee. What are you watching?

2 police cars just raced into the parking lot of the tavern..

stick with cat (pics)

I'm having self esteem issues, can I get some lounge love?

Take it from me, you're doing great... Really

Why didn't somebody tell me that The Beguiled was on AMC?

Apparently the hotel we are staying at has wireless internet

Want to liven up the day of a bag searcher?

Shameless, shameless plug

Has anybody ever had somebody use your computer and post as you on DU?

Mozilla Mail- HELP!

Should I smoke this last cigarette?

If Orange Crush is a drink that tastes like oranges, what's a DU crush?

That is it!! I'm deceiving DU!!

Foul-mouthed British Parrot Banished by Embarrassed by Keepers

Woman Who Lied to Get on Jury Sentenced

So what's everybody listening to right now?

I need some trivial information?

Last I night I dreamed I had an affair with Bunnypants...

Dear Weathergods

That is it!! I'm leaving DU!!!

The starving child in Niger thread reminds me of a quandry I've long had.

The MOST ridiculous EVICTION NOTICE I ever got

Woman wins appeal for 'GAYSROK' license plate

Am I the only one that thinks this movie "The Aristocrats" is going to be

Apparently, there's a dead guy with my name and only

I almost wrote "kmow" in a business email

Pad Thai the cat - blog

Amazon Payment PHISHING Email.... *ALERT*

Happy Birthday Mike Bloomfield

The Power of the Dog

Man & Wife Fight - He Says, "Just Get The Sword Bitch" - She Stabbed Him

Anti-Suicide Signs in Boston have Wrong Number(Pic included)

FBI officer in line as man tries to rob coffee shop

Hurry up 3PM

Blind Teen Amazes With Video-Game Skills

White House Postpones Bush Visit to Boy Scouts' National Jamboree

Mom accused of dumping son, 4, on highway

Dead woman shot in casket in Rio, mourners flee

Photos: 2005 Boys and Girls Nation Senators in awe of God's Chosen Prince

Installing Win4Lin Pro, ask me anything...

Lay it on the Line

Eminem once called Moby a girl. Moby has newfound respect for Eminem.

Alive and Thriving in the Midwest: Brawling in Cages

Gonna have AC in my apartment back


Well it's my 200th post and to celebrate . . .

It is time once again for the DU Geek Census

Ancient dentists recommended Portuguese urine as perfect whitening ingredi

Potluck tomorrow. What should I bring?

Step right up, and I'll slander your good name.

Wow it feels like springtime here today

Did anyone see Aimee Mann on Letterman last night?

has anyone here been in a relationship that survived Hi-Infidelity?

Has anyone here been in a relationship that survived hi-fidelity? survey: 47% of workers gained weight at current jobs

Cat lovers, check in here!

bleh - fricking steroids.

It's offical: Massachusetts is the dirtiest state in the North East

I was on my roof, but now I'm back

What weighs more...250 pounds of Karl Rove, or 250 pounds of elephant dung

How would you describe, in writing, someone crying

I wish this hadn't been archived. It's just a silly little thread, but

I don't know why but I love this song.

Christmas in July ...

Looking for a picture

So I'm trying to eliminate most processed foods from my diet - any advice

Tell me your Zuni problems and I will give you solutions

Just got a fax from a Dr. Achenbach.

Does everything happen for a reason?

Call me a

So I spent my night at work...

In case you didn't see this. georgie saluting you

Burmese Python Loose In Milwaukee

How do I get the odor of perfume OUT of my phone handset?!

Bush Jokes

My Theory: Reality TV is responsible for Republicans being in Power.

If you haven't done so already - PLEASE EMAIL THIS PICTURE!!!

No dictionary... give me some POSITIVE words to describe DU...

Has anyone here been in a relationship that survived infidelity?

My Prediction: Jessica Simpson will turn tail on the Repugs

My Senior Classes (High School)

It's a Bird! It's a pen! It's a thumb! It's a Clenis!

Look: proof it's his thumb

So does this finger...

New footage of Bush flipping the bird!

The sappy little ferret

Men, what do you after your prostate check?

CNET: "Microsoft's IE 7 beta isn't a Mozilla Firefox killer. Far from it."

Isn't the thumb

Should I do any work today?

Sports update: Tonight: Pedro Martinez; Aug 13th: Texans and Broncos

Finger or thumb?


Am I missing Thumbthing?

Caption THIS

Is it me or does the singer from "She wants revenge" sound just like...

Yankees v. Twins - Rubber Match - Today (1:05ET)

Thumbgate 2005

......Spare the Bear

Escaped convict caught stealing off-duty policewoman's bag

yet another finger v. thumb thread

My bathroom/hallway flooded!

Man Arrested For Throwing His New Bride Off Cliff

For everyone that forgot what 'The Bird' looks like, here's a reference

Cops Find Matcom Looking For Forest Gump's Home

The thing I hate about working on laptops is they make your hands

I am so ready for the fall weather. Who else is?

Four Posts from 1000. Ask me anything. In advance....It's a thumb.

Matcom Arrested For Throwing His New Bride Off Cliff

Man Who Was Being Eaten By Matcom Dies At Hospital

What's The Most You Would Pay To See A Concert?

Man who was being eaten by Visigoths dies at hospital.

Best Place on Earth to see a Concert

Tell me your problems and I will give you solutions

Man Who Was Being Eaten By Maggots Dies At Hospital

Pen my ass! Skinner is WRONG. Proof...

attn georgie and assorted other freeper trolls: this is not my thumb

George & Laura to celebrate the Bumstead's 75th wedding aniversary

Attention: Do you know someone who SUCKS?

Anyone know where I can buy dental picks online?

Which film footage will be more scrutinized?

What would you do if you found out your spouse was a reptilian?

Anybody know where I can buy Matcoms online?

Even though it's HOT as heck, and some are looking forward to fall,

What is your all-time favourite black and white movie?

The KY Appreciation Thread.

Can someone help me out here?

What would you do if you found out your spouse was a republican?

If you could somehow infect young Scotty Mc-lie-man with CRS

And now a message from Tom Cruise....

Scarlett Johanssen nearly crashed after seeing her breast on a billboard

what is the origin of the word dildo?

Matcom's plane crashes in the Andes with no food; eats himself.

Make Your Own Church Sign

The GWB Intelligence Quiz

What's the most you would pay to see Tom Cruise eaten by maggots?

A Revelation: Ann Coulter is Velveeta

Is there room on me for another asshole

Need something to do next weekend? Film protected sex!

Did you hear that?

Need something to do next weekend? Protect sex in films!

Freaking little bugs!!!

I'm Dick Havemore, I'm filthy rich, ask me anything.

Why do conservatives care whether Michael Moore has a film festival?

Damn Yankees

That $%#&**@ cat of mine learned how to open the screen door!

i just got a pm from an awfuL site

OK Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's clear now

What are those little grey creatures next to a posters name..

Seventh Generation - "Our Decision to Partner with Target...

Attention Texans: Your teams suck

work is so slow today I just fell asleep for like 20 minutes

Dammit. I formed an arm of the KKK but now I'm resigning because of the

My Ding a Ling. I want you to play with my ding a ling

Lucy I think we need to do some 'splainin to a Cuban

Just so you all know: I hate being called collect

Just so you all know: I LIKE being called "cute"

Just so you all know: I HATE being called "cute"

Just to let you all know: I HATE being called...

Which do you like better: Blue-Jay or his squirrel sig?

Is the heat slowing down you cable internet connection.

Can't get into National Parks pages.

What Next? - USB-powered vibrator!

Just to let you know: I hate being clawed......

I don't give a shit what you call me

Just to let you know: I hate being declawed......

If you were a Space Shuttle astronaut...

Just so you all know: I hate being called late for dinner

Just so you know...

Good news/bad news thread

I got sick because

Just so you all know: I hate being called before noon.

Can a relationship survive domestic violence?

Just so you all know, I hate eating collard greens and cukes

Well, I guess I will have to get a new signature since the old one is gone

Top Ten Reasons Dorothy was Greeted as a Liberator...and Bush Wasn't

Help keep me awake people

Why am I so hungry? What should I eat next?

Who else feels equally sleazy in GD and the Lounge?

What is with the shaky camera shots on CNN's Inside the Blogs?

My tummy hurts

This cold front made me want that first really good front of fall.

A brilliant plan to bring down the BFEE.

What's the matter with Americans?

Does anyone know anything about the big wreck on the 5 in LA today?

Okay, is anyone here actually in a *good* mood?

I have laughed out loud five times here in the Last Hour.

What's the matter with Californians?

LBN: Richardo still enamored with Janeane Garofalo

I'll give you the best of my love.

Fun! Create your own EVIL CLOWN!


You Liberals Have Become Mean


Ha! I've been a Republican troll all along!

How is Bakersfield considered part of Los Angeles?

My crappy assed father in law...

What Helen Thomas will do if Cheney runs for President!

Werner Herzog is coming up on this NPR stream:

Let's Play MiniPitt!!

We Have Ferocious Stealth Mosquitoes! The Tiger Mosquito (I Think).

What bands do you just not understand how people can like?

Self Delete

Have You Ever Dressed Up Like A Member of The Opposite Sect?

Fancy some seafood, Duckie?

Where do you go to scream?

is there room for an asshole like me?

Doesn't it feel like a Friday?

CONGRATULATIONS! to this month's photo contest winner...


anyone's company ever outsourced work to india?

Hey man, nice threads......

Apologies for being a source of negativity.

Is there someplace to get info. on the best translations of novels?

My last thread.

I'm about to wrap a birthday present in Christmas paper

Destiny's Child: Any good in concert?

"hey, i'm innocent!"

Just got Battlestar Galactica - Season 1 at Best Buy

DNA Tests Reveal Alleged Bigfoot Hair Actually Came from Bolton

Cooking tip - Instead of saying "extra virgin olive oil"

DU FAntasy Football

I'm sitting in a restaurant watching a fight outside the window.

MTV "Pimps" Europe, One Country at a Time

Treo 600 users - do you like your device?

Blacula is on

Blue Suede Schubert....

Bush To London Bombers: 'Bring It On'

Why do people build huge houses next to each other?

Fans of the UK comedy The Office - I have a big Keith question

Flaming Lips Bohemian Rhapsody

Do the Time Warp again - in 30 seconds as re-enacted by Bunnies

Fun with right wingers...

So, I get home from work

My middle thread.

Who? Me?

wow, long lost Barry Mannilow album - FOUND!

The official 3:33 Pacific "What Are You Listening to Right Now" thread

Let's Play MiniPutt!

Husker Fan (A friend e-mailed me this today.)

I just bought a Death Star, but not sure where to put it

Another finger question

Can a relationship survive cannibalism?

Just wondering-what is your favorite bear?

Please pardon me if I don't post in the "crush" threads.

I've noticed that NO D.U. Lounge "vanity posts" actually FEATURE Vanity.

I'm gonna take a shower. What song should I sing in there??

Just wondering-what is your favorite fear?

Massachusetts woman reports her marijuana stolen

Jane Fonda Ate South Vietnamese Babies!

thank you note to my inquisitor

My condolences to all you Patriots fans....

What is your favorite word?

Now I'm all hot and sticky!

What is your favorite episode from the TV show "Sliders"? Or,

Commentary by Zinn and Chomsky on LOTR

This just in...

What is your opinion of double dipping chips?

OMG. It sounded like a LOUD nearby thunderclap but it's bright sunny out!

File sharing. What are your thoughts?

MMMM, Yeeeah, Uhm, I'm gonna have to ask you to take this poll.

Do you have a name that often gets misspelled?

MMMM, Yeeeah, Uhm, I'm gonna have to ask you to take this poll.

Happy Birthday to Sally Struthers.

Anyone ever do the Electric Slide?

Ever hook a car battery up to a Slip-n-Slide?

Lame Flame Thread!

OOooh, I call sexiest!

Just to let you all know: I hate being called "big guy"

Oh wait! I know what it is! (finger)

Thank you note to my interviewer...

Funny, funny stuff here:

Jessica Simpson to sell workout video and treadmills. Drop and give me 20!

What is your favorite splice?

Guitar players: How many and what kind do you have?

Anyone ever do the Electra Glide?

My somethingth thread

What is your favorite spice?

What's a good bittorrent client/program? Also, a question about sending...

Every so often, I have a noisy head.

2005 US Open of Competitive Eating

The John Ashcroft Singing Senator song you would LEAST LIKE to hear

Why, oh why can't it be Friday?

What's the matter with Romulans?

What's your favorite shape?

So, I Played Guitar With Green Day Last Night

Speaking of bird flipping

Who's used language CDs? Which work best in the car?

You say you want a revolution…

Oh sick I almost drank out of an ashtray

I have the bus fleet number. I have the time and place. I have the phone.

Wow. Is this the Internets?

So, when did the boy king flip the bird this time?

What is the meaning of life?

Chelsea vs. D.C. United - On ESPN2 now

Perfection (horse pic)

Do dogs have a sense of time?

Queens Zoo - any good?

Texans I think we need to do some explaining to a Californian.

One of these days I am gonna kill myself....accidentally

I've been in too much pain to be political active lately and I feel guilty

Craigslist kills me sometimes.


My first thread.



Quick everyone, download the free porn....

New contest: What DOESN'T make Bertha Katzenengel homesick?

Opium Pefume dos not smell as spicy as it used to.

PLEASE!! We need one more player in the DU Fantasy Football League!!

Bud Light's Real men of Genius salutes Karl Rove!

Mmmmmmmm.... blueberry smoothie!

Damned Women And Their PMS Food Cravings!

Bush Bigfoot Photos - who's got 'em?

Bill Maher: Rove is a "beety-eyed doughy amoral putz."

Too-ra Loo-ra Too-ra Loo RYE AYE

Freedom ain't half off

Google does it AGAIN! I may never have to buy a resource book again


Union Labor

The 3 Variable Funny Test



Kitty Update (kind of long, but with kitty pictures!)

Why 3?? Why not 2 or 4? Anyone know?

How many sodas does it take to kill you?

My $1000 made-in-china negative/slide scanner broke on me.

We need one more player for the DU Fantasy Football League!!

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

Does freedom mean freedom fries for everyone?

I'm catsitting.

Evening snack choices

And the instaLAtion is freeeee-heeeeeeeee

Test/Post your internet connection speed


I need to figure a way to turn off the charm

Anyone have an imaginary friend when they were little?

Jell-O Pudding Pops.

Any good recipes for cucumber sandwiches?

I want to make instant mashed potatoes, but I am out of milk!

Zyban - Day #1

Have you ever used "Craig's List" for buying and selling?

Your fugitive's name is Dr. Richard Kimble

My bologna has a first name.......

Well, gotta go, for now

August 27, Mendocino County, Witches’ Ball: A Sexy Witch Celebration

POLL: Would you let a gorilla babysit your kids?


The Fall guy - jr * falling down.

Holy Flippin' Fuck. Firefox just ate all my bookmarks.

48 posts to 7000. Ask away, please!

OOooh, I call sexist!

Happy birthday, autorank!

Pistachios, Ginger Ale and DU

One tastykake....and

Oops! Mispost

Spider-Man 2 is Pretty damned good

Inquiring minds wants to know: What's the stupidest thing that your pets..

The best-looking cat on DU!

Post a pic of your elbow.

Online ConEd for real estate appraising....

It's official. It was a Pen!

Tell me if this was a mean thing I did:

more sexism on DU can be found in this thread

Does Ginkgo really help with memory, mental alertness?

Woman calls 911 over cheesburger dispute w/ fast food joint

Look what wandered into my backyard tonight....

OK I for some reason can not get past the Stunt Rally

What do you think about just before you go to sleep?

What do I have to do to offend you?

Will be interviewed for TV next week-HELP

I'd post something, but it would offend me

Need info: John Roberts is the oldest brother of Julia. Roberts

Stuck working me choose my music please.

I am ridiculous.

"Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" by Counting Crows has allusions to Harry Potter.

Post a pic of your desktop

Fantastic shot of a horse race (hi-rez pic)

Anyone have the stick figure banging on cellophane animated gif?

I'm a grandpa for the second time

Pity Party Part Deux. Post here why you need pity.

Garbage performing on Jay Leno, tonight.

Name the DU Band II: The poll

i have spent a disproportionate time on DU today

Bundt Cakes: Whaaa???

Tofu hot dogs

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sugar Free - xylitol makes me SOOOOO sick. Does anyone else

I feel like stirring things up

I just bit into a pellet of Harrison's bird food

need a 2nd coat of white wash - new toon 7/28

I had a very interesting conversation with my stepmom about Bush

Just saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". The music in the original


I just love the Simpsons "Treehouse of Horrors" episodes...

Monty Python's Flying Circus--The Prophecy

At 8:30 AM EST on Friday, send me your good vibes.

Just bought a new pair of cowboy boots - ask me anything

if underpants (not the DUer) have an agenda, and they sure do.......

Virtual Bubble Wrap

What people do you just not understand how people can like?

Sniffa is trying to make a Maritni

The 2005 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest winners

What's your fish wish?

You have to see it to believe it.

What's the best response to...

Need something to do next weekend? Protest sex in films!

For Zuni: Auto-fill non-sequitur thread.

Another Democrat for Bush. Huh ??

Poor Trent Reznor.

Sideshow Bob, 'MacGyver' Coming to Springfield

My new avatar

I'm TOTALLY fired up!! Who wants to fight?!?

A Revelation: Ann Coulter is a Veela!

This fucking sucks.

Clean your monitor

Attention Michiganders/Michiganians: Your teams ROCK!

Attention freeper're not redoing my bathroom!

HUH!!(you have to see this, I am serious, you don't know what you're missn

Anyone have daughters around age 8-9?

Princess Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind. Ahhh I am in peace! Red States vs. Blue States

Who am I gonna hug in DC on Sept 24?

Yikes!! We quit smokin' and I'm going coo-coo!

My night out at the bar (an essay in pictures)

Whats the matter with Kansans?

What's the matter with Massholes?

"This could be our last day on earth."

Okay. It's time for one of my personal favorite ROFL-inducing threads:

cutest kitten photos in my Photobucket -- add yours (dialup warning!)

Tell me something good/cool/amazing that happened to you today :)

Amazingly, people keep surprising me with their ignorance.

Post your musical guilty pleasures

Why do humans SUCK so fucking much?

This here is MY THREAD (and mutley's (and Ariana's squatting)).

looks like the pink floyd reunion honeymoon is over

Funnier Dubya pic: giving the finger or with his zipper open?

Carribean or Mexico Vacation Recommendations PLEASE!!!!

Who is the most famous DUer?

For those who remember my greatest regret thread.....She e-mailed me back!

Potluck here in the lounge: What are you bringing to the feast

Newsweek: Raven Symone lacks paparazzi "because she is African-American"

Just wondering - what is your favorite beer?

CT DUer Meetup on SATURDAY!!

Let's DU this pointless poll for absolutely no reason except that we can!

Your favorite Canadian woman singer?

Blind teenager amazes with video game ability

How many guitars in a band are too many?

What's the stupidest GOP bumper sticker you ever saw?

7000th post is for Sister Sharon

Help me get to 4700 posts! Comment on my brand new pic!

this photo freaked me out

Harpers - The Christian Paradox; How a Faithful Nation Gets Jesus Wrong

If Democrats are Pharisees, does that make Republicans Sadducees?

Beta Blocker Before Surgery Not Good for Low Risk Patients

Senate advances bill to restrict cold medicines

Totally absurd question for the denizens of the DU Science forum.

British Have Changed Little Since Ice Age, Gene Study Says

Study Says Echinacea Has No Effect on Colds

Broccoli Packs Powerful Punch To Bladder Cancer Cells

Japan embarks on journey to center of the Earth to study birth of life

Shuttle does a flip, then docks with station ( video)

Ancient Iraqi harp reproduced by Liverpool engineers

NASA's Chandra Neon Discovery Solves Solar Paradox

Galaxy's vast hidden arms revealed

New animal species evolved in an instant

I would like to remind everyone that this is the SCIENCE group

Ocean Expedition to 'Lost City' Hydrothermal Vents

Judge approves 'GAYSROK' license plate

I'm all for gay marriage; and I have questions about civil unions...

Any recognition of same-sex relationships = marriage?

Right wing extremists hit company, Gays fight bnack

NHLPA head Goodenow just resigned! Who didn't see that one coming?

Callling all authorities on "baseball rules"...

Monday & Tuesday At Bears Camp

ROFL! Giants want me to buy seats for $5,000 each

Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson announces retirement

How about a little Pad Thai? (Picture warning)

Good News!!! This will restore your faith!

my boy, Andrew, is sick

So I bought a second cat bed today....

How big is your cat?

Huh? Gotta love this...Lead to mystery of Stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids an

Energy centers

STARLIGHT NEWS: The Spider's Web

Reiki - Have any of you heard of it helping with drug addiction problems?

Kerry on Stalled Intel Committe Investigation of Pre-War Intel

Kerry, Snowe Move to Save Women’s Business Centers from the Chopping Block

Kerry Press Conference Alert!

The Senate vote on CAFTA just started

Kerry news :)

Kerry mp3 question

Kerry, Wyden Schumer Press Conference Photos

League of Women Voters Ohio Lawsuit!!!

Found this on eBay

How did the Boston meet-up go yesterday?

Kerry's making a floor speech soon -

HEY I'm drunk


The theme for next month's contest is sex

Photos that change the world


Your Political Rights as a Photographer

dried roses

KOEB 7/28 - why he may show up today!

KOEB Meeting 7/28/05 It's a new tie...

Keith's Back!!! So they say. Newsletter 7/28/05 -- Raid in London.

If a bill passes under coersion and intimidation, is there legal recourse?

To any and all Pharmacists reading this...

CAFTA roll call: NAMES

GOP offers $10K reward for info leading to indictment, conviction of Daley

Changing times ...

Congratulations DLC! You must be thrilled about CAFTA!!

WH Names, Positions & Salaries

Senate Intelligence Committee Probe on Pre-War Intelligence Stalls

Politics Really Does Make For Strange Bedfellows: CAFTA, FTAA

PPI, the "think tank" for the DLC's New Democrats BOOSTED CAFTA

Delay, Bush, must keep computer database of all 535 Congressional reps

Bush covered up a critical report about CAFTA

You Really Think You Can Impeach Dubya With This House?

The CAFTA vote today was very important to Progressives

Waxman re: Energy bill's buried $1.5 billion giveaway to Halliburton

Investigation into Shelby leak likely to end in the fall (The Hill)

Hillary’s ‘American Dream’: Stuck in the Middle With You

If those 15 Democrats had voted "no" on CAFTA.............

Howard Coble (R-NC): "It's my momma talking to me" (CAFTA "no" vote)

IRA Ends Armed Campaign

Barney Frank is having a cow on the floor

Rep. Barney Frank lets them have it on strongarm tactics on CAFTA

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you....Blair doesn't want....

political donations of beleagured Fla. pol who blew himself away

Ted Kennedy, on fire on Senate floor on "get NRA out of court" bill!

We've topped 2000 deaths!

Changing the Name

Barney Frank giving the Republicans crap re:

What happened to the FBI investigation of the Niger forgeries?

Huffington has a pretty good take on the whole Rove/Plame/Miller thing...

Wes Clark supports Hackett in OH-2 special election

Blair may peel off?

FTAA - Free Trade Area of the Americas

Ohio 2nd district, Hackett v Schmidt, polling

Kick out Dems who vote for bad trade agreements and tax cuts....

Should DLC come clean with their true Identity Now or After 2008?

Why Democrats Should Value - Not Shun – Accountability

Enviro. lobbyist apologizes for threatening to expose lawmakers positions

If Santorum ran for President, what is the first thing Democrats would say

Durbin briefs Dems on Roberts nomination

MUST SEE STREAMING VIDEO: Highlights of Historic 9/11 Briefings on Capitol


Has Bush managed to shift focus from Traitorgate?

Markey: "Right now, Adam Smith is spinning in his grave so fast that he'd

"The Wrong Litmus Test" on the Roberts nom. - by Robert B. Reich

FBI has an unheard / untranslated backlog of "terror tapes" (8000 hours)

Concerned about CAFTA and the energy bill? Don't worry.

"Global struggle against violent extremism"

Quick question regarding HAVA.

Chertoff & Chao refuse to go to immigration hearing

"We all serve our time in our own way," quipped Bennett

Can someone help me with the Plame investigation?

Link to Bush's use of the finger anyone?

CounterPunch: Condoleezza Rice at the Center of the Plame Scandal

A sweetheart deal for the gun lobby (BARBARA BOXER) Letter

Let's not let the Senate Democrats off on CAFTA. They helped pass it, too

DLC Stabs Dems In the Back...As Usual

HAs anybody read santorum's book?

Bipartisan Effort to Regulate Detainee Treatment Derailed By Frist

Catholics for Faithful Citizenship on CAFTA's passage

Is John Roberts Thomas Becket?

One DLCer who came to his senses on CAFTA

Delay sneaks 1.5 billion worth of pork into Energy Bill

Does anyone have a CAFTA link

a new reality - part of Fl. will now be in La. for drilling in Gulf

Democrats: What Does it Mean to be an OPPOSITION Party?


Al Gore's TV revolution

Good Meme for Roberts

Call to action -

more large tax breaks for big oil co.'s; less for renewable energy

CAFTA flyer idea for SC - What do y'all think?

Remove DeLay's $1.5 billion gift to Halliburton

CAFTA was a vote to decrease the minimum wage....

Molly Ivins on the split in the AFL-CIO and why we "owe labor, big time"

Veterans and Troops get shortchanged, but not Sugarland and Haliburton...

Youth Votes, Console Sales, Demographics, Hillary's Probe, and Comics.

Billboard idea

How many threats and bribes did it take to pass CAFTA?

CAFTA & Energy Roll Calls. Was not sure if this was already posted

I think Democrats a have a great opportunity to take back Congress in 2006

Remove DeLay's $1.5 billion gift to Halliburton

McClellan, today at 12:30 Eastern. Churls Gone Wild.

Now that Congress has yet again shafted the people twice,

What kind of an idiot would vote against childprotection locks on handguns

No Time for Left and Right, the clock is ticking...

What does Roberts think about the death penalty?

Declassified Memorandums: Military Fought Administration Torture Orders

They're attacking Dean again and falsely quoting him.

Something I am working on (Women's Health)

Rove Just Got A $4,000.00 A Year Raise!!!

Educate me: How is Wal-Mart Worse Than K-Mart or Meijer?

Oh my God, I agree with a repugnantcan congressman!?!

It is official: Congress does not represent the interest of the People

Frist returns (Richard) Land to international religious liberty panel

Micro-handbook on Resisting Obedience to Malevolent Orders

In an Ass-Backwards Way, Progress at the FBI

Some Freepers "get it" (regarding CAFTA)

In what will be a first for me:

Can Federal deficits be justified? If so under what conditions?

Dean's speech to the AME in Houston this week Called to serve one another

Was Michael Ledeen involved in the forged Niger documents?

What are the odds we will see a "Bush Clearing Brush In Crawford" picture?

From Harry Reid-questions about/for Roberts?

We are not building "permanent" bases in Iraq...

Democrats who voted YES to limiting your medical compensation

Paul Hackett - "Otherwise, shut your mouth"

If the bushturd had not "won" on CAFTA and the energy bill

"Control Room" DVD: Some great Rumsfeld and Bush quotes, incl. Abu Ghraib

Dagnamitt! That liberal media again!

Thomas Frank links to popular DU post to make a point to the DLC

George W. Bush will not always be the enemy.

Plame leak = no smear (so says dingus in my local paper)

Larry Kudlow: "The supply side of Karl Rove"

The GOP Madness must be stopped, Congress must pass a Law

New Senate "Ask Roberts" site -- Let's find out his stand on Bush v. Gore

President Bush's Broken Promises to Farmers (DNC Release)

CIA leak invistigator could be dismissed in October by administration?

PBS: Condi says "...stop making excuses for terrorists" - (VIDEO)

Dumb question about looking up House votes.

For the 2006 Elections...

VIDEO FOX LIVE: A guest "Suggests" al-Qaeda is behind the London/Brazi

Tweety helping to "swiftboat" Hackett

Reminder: Paul Hackett/Atrios on Majority Report tonight around 9:20 PM ET

Former Miami Commissioner Shoots HimSelf in Herald Bldg..

Where is my post on the Florida Scandal??

Gitmo violates** YOUR** Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities!!!!

Please send Nancy Pelosi your support (CAFTA)

Kerry will be on C-Span 2 in a little bit, for 1/2 hr

Congress will move on Social Security in September...

Today's Scotty de-pantsing transcript: "Oh, come on"..."YOU'RE SO AFRAID"

Mini rant & Bill Maher on Bush

Campaign reporter gives Ohio a second look

Cafta vote on in the Senate

We can still stop DeLay's giveaway!

About Hackett ?

"Trash Treasonous Turd-Blossom" asks "Is lying about war an impeachable offense?"

Do you really trust ANYBODY (D or R) in this government anymore

If Bolton gets a recess appointment....

Well ewwww! Big, strong Repub "kick's liberal butt"

15 Democrats Break Ranks to Vote for CAFTA and hand Bush a victory

Hi! I'm babsbunny and I'm a Democrat

Fire Karl Rove Slogan Contest

HOW much is TOO much? WHAT will you ALLOW Bush to get away with?

When Fidelis Attacks

Move On is having a slogan contest - check it out

Did Bush's SEC Nominee Perjure Himself at Senate Confirmation Hearing?

SLUDGE - Senate Repukes break with chimpy and support stem cell research

How will Richard Lugar feel about Bolton lying to his committee?

Wonkette has a screen shot of Bush's one-finger salute to the press

What's the REAL enemy... terrorism or irrationality?

Biden: "I hope Bush will not make the mistake of recess appointing Bolton"

Hackett on Hardball, MSNBC rerun approx - 11:20pm

Bush's Justice Department nominee is a three-fer

House action now!!! The Rs are pulling something in regard

Just watched "Hearts and Minds"....incredible sense of Groundhog day...

I thought Roberts "had no paper trail"

Obviously this administration has no respect for Congress, the law or

What is the difference between a Centrist and a Moderate?

Faux News: "Bolton Inaccurately Filled Out Senate Panel Questionnaire"

Ethics committee investigation into CAFTA vote?

Why unions won't commit to Democrats. Good reason.

"It may not be perfect."

Democrat CAFTA voting TRAITORS just gave Bush THE BIG MO!!!!!!!

Clinton-UN Secretary General, dead?

"Please do not purge the DLC."

Five years in a row...Bush has snubbed the NAACP's invitation...

Frist Strikes Again (Killing Stem Cell Research Legislation)

Rep. Melissa Bean responds to my email and call: (ugh)

Lou Dobbs poll - Is Congress representing you?

So. bush isn't even held accountable to explain the finger incident, huh?

To all DLCers

Fidel Castro accused Bush Admn. of promoting subversion against Cuba

Ariana on Judith Miller

Paul Hackett did an awesome job on Hardball !!

I just gave $20.01 to Hackett's campaign

Jean Schmidt's Values Scandal (Campaign Manager S&M scandal?)

Did Dean really say this?

ok, so Bush/Blair seem resigned to pull troops out asap--

What incredibly infantile behavior from the pResident of the United States

Help stop the Energy Bill...ACT NOW!!!

"We will have no middle class in 20 years"

Notice how easily we were diverted to attacking each other ?

OH-2: Hackett help needed due mixup

Why so little discussion on CAFTA?

Creepy Grinning Condi interview with Jim Lehrer

Only 3 Democratic CAFTA traitors were DLC right??......WRONG!

David Sirota on the CAFTA sellouts.

New Senate "ASK ROBERTS" site -- Let's find out his stand on Bush v.Gore


Edge of disaster: Shuttle accident averted by luck; program grounded

If a pharmacist does not want to fill birth control prescriptions...

Hackett help threads: Contribute, Volunteer or Phone Bank; 5 days left


When you can't win a war change the name


Howard Stern supports Ellliot Spitzer for Governor of NY

Clinton 2008 -thump the Bible baby, pull that Democratic lever my children

DLC blog speculating on Gore run in '08

Can we take back the House And Senate? Has anybody done the math?