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Archives: July 25, 2005

Philippine forces attack militant group

Bomb explodes outside Turkish cafe, injuring two

Australia `won't become a police state': John Howard

Beijing's expanding military a global issue

Shock the pig

Was a "Bomber" Superimposed onto Met. Police Surveillance Photo?

Doyle To Sign Budget Tomorrow?

Tornado warning Erie County, Pa. until 12:45est

Dan Moldea

Did anyone know? NOVAK'S SON

Henry Payne is pretty much a total dick.

Must see documentary: Taliban Country

"Short walk and the No2 bus - a very ordinary journey to death."

Wow !!! A Republican Blogger Admits Bolton Is A Goner !!!

Bush Psychological Profile Similar to Shoplifters

Is the internet crashing in Asia?

Anyone know when , who, why Muslims pray 5 times daily?

So If Roberts Got Caught Lying About The Federalist Society, Is He Toast?

I love the British, I love our British DUers, I love that they hate Bushco

Sen Roberts turns Intel Committee into arm of Rove's political operation

My sister's poem to Karl Rove!

this is not an "age of terrorism"

I have to brag about my tomatoes ................

You guys might like this :

Liability shield dropped to get energy bill moving

Al-Qaeda takes credit for kidnapping of diplomat


International Herald Tribune edits out Bolton from Rove piece (RAW Story)

Prostitution Puts U.S. and Brazil at Odds on AIDS Policy

Why local TV news is a waste of my valuable time

A "police state" will be a total growth market for barbers.

Speaking of Cover Songs....

Anyone heard of 'Landmark Education'? aka: Landmark Forum. Cult?

Good Morning, DU! (Midnight Edition)

What do men really like?

Which Senator or Representative frustrates you the most?

For all pet lovers

Best album cover?

Post a random picture from your Photobucket account

jpg vs. gif

What is your favorite subject to post about in The Lounge?

Best Cover Song?

Worst Cover Song?

Special election in Ohio's 2nd

Why fascination with poor Bush polling numbers?

Roberts Listed in Federalist Society '97-'98 Directory

The Doubtful Deals Driving CAFTA

Another tragic consequence of Blair’s war policy

Watch out. China's prices are rising

Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq Turn It Incendiary--Robert Fisk

OK, if this isn't textbook consoviet propaganda, I don't what is!!!

Roberts Would Swing the Supreme Court to the Right


Florida Republicans roll out negative campaign against U.S. Sen. Nelson

Opponents of Nominee (Roberts)Taking Populist Tack

For Bush, Effect of Investigation of C.I.A. Leak Case Is Uncertain

Time: Stop trying to spin the Iraq war

[WebProNews] Did Anti-Spam Gang Kill Russian Spammer?

The Decline and Fall of Conservatism

Turley - The Faith of John Roberts

An Iraq war veteran running in a red state--and the DCCC has left him hang

Simon Tisdall (Guardian Utd): Britain pays price for foreign policy

Matthew Rothschild (The Progressive): Plame Scandal Widens

Ruth Conniff (The Progressive): House Demagoguery on Iraq

Krugman makes a case for public services and a New Liberal Blog

A Christian's View of Mecca

Smirking Chimp: Hitler's Shadow & the Coming Storm

How Can America Restore Its Industrial Self-Sufficiency?

Here's why you can't buy the (Pensacola) News Journal at Wal-Mart

A Contractor in Iraq Says Soldiers Unfit (We're going to lose and hard)

LAT: Why are the Dems caving in on Cox?

David Brooks: Just Trying To Fill Column Space Cuz All GOP News Is Bad

We've been trashed-Dems are fizzling

The Savage Nation vs. the Bushbots

Rovegate: The scandal that lays bare the cynicism behind Bush's war...

Dogfight in Ohio – Dem Iraq Vet in the running for Congress

Taking the Pulse of Bush's America

For Gore, a Reincarnation on the Other Side of the Camera

Part 2 of Indira Singh Interview of Pacifica (Ptech, 9-11, etc)

Activist Toolbox

So, what do we do AFTER Santorum is on The Daily Show tonight?

Stop the Parents Television Council -- Again

DU Activist activity Suggestion 7/28 Call Senators on Roberts

Please help fight the 'Pension Protection Plan of 2005 (HR2830/HR2831)

Email Campaign re Stem Cell bill...(stalled by Frist)....wanna do this?

Tinfoil hat time - just a reminder - Tomorrow, the Shuttle is likely to

Time, Newsweek, U.S. News mis-cited Roberts's "settled law" comment on Roe

CEOs are faking it, Stanford professor says

GM crops created superweed

Oil Well Proposed for Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (ENS)

Science Of Oil Rigs: Surviving Gulf Storms

By 2050 Warming to Doom Million Species, Study Says

Surprise! Maryland Talks With EPA On Limiting Mercury Produce No Results

Hunting Witches

Degraded Environment Becoming Major Political Force In China - ENN

Droughts, Storms, Rising Seas? Don't Worry, Says Oz Environment Minister

Glacier Draining 4% Of Greenland Ice Sheet Moving At 3 Times 1996 Rate

Some Wary of Mexican Candidate's Populism

Rwanda to free 30,000 prisoners

Arab League head backs disputed UN terror pact plan

israel does not exist in a vacuum....

UAE to build town for Palestinians at site of Gaza settlements

Abbas moves to Gaza for pullout

The Logic of Suicide Terrorism

Tolerance vs. terrorism

Israel Upset Pope Did Not Condemn Attacks

Under the shadow of the 'disengagement'

From London to Jerusalem

Tom Flocco: Financial terrorism towers over 9.11

CLG: Was a "Bomber" superimposed onto photo, London

7/7: The death of Jean Charles de Menezes: Analysis

Attention Tin Foil Hatters: Check Out Tom Flocco Report (Long Read)

Learn these diagrams before posting about steel.

Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, former Air Force fighter pilot: 9/11 skeptic

Listen to Harper's Forum "What Went Wrong in Ohio" here:

IRV and the spoiler effect

Lila Lipscomb's hopeful remark on election reform...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Monday 7/25/05

Imagine voting at local mall, uptown hotel

Fitrakis' book "Did GWB Steal America's 2004 Election is being freeped on

Another Idea to Promote Our Rather Obscure Forum

Where is "59sunburst" when we need him/her. An Internet Mystery!!!

FP: Summary of Mark Crispin Miller's "None Dare Call It Stolen"

Shedding its borrowing ways a tough task for state

Ok folks if you live in San Diego

Vilsack's new job: Reunite national party - DM Register

Kennedy Announces $20 Million for 10 Massachusetts Cities and Towns

Rally in support of EC bill July 26 at 1:00 p.m.

Western MA (Olver constituents) Check in!

Norm finds time for Mrs. Felon Minnesota

Matt Entenza is running for Attorney General?

Anybody else up at Detroit Lakes last weekend?

Dayton not on the list of Dem Senators requesting hearing on Plame?

Help, please, with saving mp3 files.

Why can't people R-click on my site when they use IE?

How do I put an animated gif or picture that is in my Photobucket account

Better for gaming--Intel HT or Intel Dual Core (64 bit)

Johncoby is in the Austin American Statesman too!

Seen in Austin today at Taco Cabana on the back

Johncoby got ink in MOJO

Pdittie and I did some good things this week!

Keep Austin Blue: Religion and Politics

Say hello to Texas' newest precint chair

EAA Oshkosh is this week!

Guardian writers trace life and last minutes of Jean Charles de Menezes

Search problem

Does anyone have a link for the Heritage Foundation VP VS ballerina story

A question for DU engineers concerning thermodynamics,

Lieberman? Democrat? or Dumbya Sleeper

7/7: Very important top eyewitness didn't see alleged bomber nor a bag

Pink Pistols (A Gay Organization) "Armed Gays Don't Get Bashed"

Bomber Kills at Least 22 in Baghdad - 226 Votes, 1 Star, Impossible

Cynthia McKinneys' Panel on 9/11 & many other video links

Activist Judges

Some Iraq War Observations....

Teamsters, AFL-CIO, and other Unions need to work things out.

The Journal: CIA leak probe may linger into the fall

Interesting page on Poppy Bush

flushing things out of the bushes - TREASONGATE

Go vote.....Are you willing to be seached?

Trading on British pound

The Spirit of 1776-----DEAD SOLDIERS

about not releasing Robert's previous work - stupidest quote!

Electing supreme court judges for life is just plain stupid

Only in America, abortion wars sour Supreme Court battle

Will the Corp Media turn on the Bush Regime?

I just don't wanna see them damn new torture photos, but I support the war

Pentagon Blocks Release of Abu Ghraib Images: Here's Why

Why he probably ran......

Was a "Bomber" Superimposed onto Met. Police Surveillance Photo?

Poll on Media honesty

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Does anyone watch Sunday Morning on CBS? I used to love that

CSPAN2 now, RE: Treasongate. From 7/17, but interesting! nt

Americas Funniest Videos on ABC last night.

1 year later,what have dems done to stop the RAPE OF CHILDREN

Let's write some better talking points for the Republicans.

"The Earth is under attack"

Maybe there should be a cologne called ROVE

good morning everyone!

Inmate's 50 years without trial

Is there ANY mechanism to remove a Supreme Court Justice?

Gill/Rumsfeld Interview, The Guantanamo Fat Farm

anyone see Santorum on today show

For those of you just sitting back waiting for the pendulum to swing

When The British Kill An Innocent ...

Torture photos---can someone explain the reason why they were taken?

A new idea for New Years

Here's another picture of Freedom on the March (content warning)

"50 Candles for a Breakthrough Chevy"

House votes on CAFTA this week.

The Daily Show from last week w/Rbt. Kennedy is on now.

DSM Birthday Bash pics and post ball game protest

Santorum to chat live on

Separated at birth?

Lil georgie* missed his calling in life, he would have made a great

Democracy Now at 10amCT, LinkTV, Ch.375 on DirectTV.

Evangelicals want a biblically governed state-PA Inquirer story.

Gonzales's Delay in securing evidence makes sense only as obstruction

Dean: Bush "doesn't have the guts" to oppose "bigots in his own party"

Why does congress get so many recesses? We've got stuff to do!

Canadian Telco censors Union website during negotiation

What's with this "attorney-client" privilege bullshit with Roberts?

Well, Condi looks happier these days

Was Andrew Card on the list of people questioned by Grand Jury ?

Please vote in this poll about the Patriot Act

"Who's the enemy?" distraught Iraqis wonder

IRAQ: Shortage in food rations raises concern

Microsoft's Earth deletes Apple HQ

IMPORTANT: scandal rebranding... no more Plame... it's Rove

Need link re: the shooting of the innocent Brazilian

"Italy Muslims Welcome Anti-Terror Package"

Democrats aren't allowed to be 'above the law', only republicans

Senate Intelligence Chairman is as mad as a hatter

"Ricky Martin Seeks End to Arab Stereotypes"

BREAKING: Brain Scans Confirm Damage To The President's "Morality Center"

(Australian) Muslims think US behind September 11

It's so disheartening

I thought they were PROUD to be conservative! Think again...

Tomorrow's Launch Was Changed for Prime Time Viewing.

Grand Jury extended six months past October?

Regarding the Abu Ghraib photos

question about streaming radio audio

This "President" Has Too Much Time On His Hands -PIX->>>

Harry Potter as an allegory for George Bush?

It all depends on how aggressively Fitzgerald wishes to pursue it...

This Wedding Crashers/Purple Heart Flap...

Try this Google search

Dick, Bill, George and Karl

The Great Filibuster

What was the difference between attacks on Pearl Harbor and 9/11 ?

London Mayor claims Mr Menezes as a "victim of the terrorist attacks"

dems to hold 3:30 press conference re Gonzales/Plame leak

RW radio off an running with "He deserved it" (London shooting)

A message to the suicide bombers

ALERT!! C-Span 2 is showing a debate at 2PM about video game

FYI - Scotty on cspan-3 today - estimated time 12:30pm ET

Scotty McZeigler at 12:30 EDT

Wasn't there a new story of paid "news" from this admin the other day?

"6 Purported CIA Operatives Sought in Italy"

WaTimes: Guard recruits fall off steeply

Anyone get sinking feelin Bush and Rove are going to get away with it all?

The Thrill of the Chase (CAPTION)

Democrat-govern Repubs-rule

Help with divine right monarchs and wars....

Freeper to Freeper advice: Stay away from the fighting

CLG: Was a "Bomber" superimposed onto photo, London

Caption this * and pickles pic....

Cafta really does threaten American jobs and

Help: Union worker forced to declare disability and pay back worker's comp

'Enemies of humanity' quote raises Iraq PR questions - Oops!

The sad truth about Darfur, by pabloonpolitics

US. accepts Polish withdrawal from Iraq

A neighbor's view of Valerie Wilson's 'outing'

US. accepts Polish withdrawal from Iraq

Scottie claiming that Roberts "doesn't remember"

D.C. Area Housing Market Cools Off (Bubble bursting?)

Abu Ghraib photos and video refused. So DOD files a letter saying

"You forgot Poland ?!?"

Will the President Pardon Rove?/Conyers letter to Bush

Childhood Innocence

John Roberts, just another pampered rich kid

SICK Phishing Email uses Iraq Tragedy to Scam People

Feel like sending out some activist emails?

Here are some NAMES to put with the Abu Ghraib photos fight:

Did Abu Gonzales just slip up when he dropped the bomb about telling Card?

Barbara Boxer's thoughts on Roberts:

Today's Press Briefing is scheduled to begin at 12:30pm. ET

White House finally addressing issues of urgent concern

6 US soldiers have died in Iraq since I woke up this morning.

So this is their confirmation strategy

How many days until this long national nightmare is officially over?

Oxy lush limpballs is AWOL from his show today

'They' don't hate us for our freedoms, but because we're Assholes.

Truth Emergency Convergence Rally in DC

***STOP CAFTA!*** House vote tentatively scheduled for Wed., July 27

The Blatant Hypocrisy of Gonzales

Pat Robertson - Nutritional Expert.....

The "De-hannitization" of Hampton Roads, VA Begins (Great News!)

Maybe Rove was right about McCain.

Religious Affiliation of Supreme Court Justices

jeez, San Diago is coming apart at the seams

A Very Brief History Of Freeper Trolls In America. Know Your Enemy!

AP: More arrest warrants for purported CIA agents

A suicide bomber wouldn't run in fear for his life!

The upside of losing Roe!

Is selfishness and private property a cause for some

Just heard on CNN: "Shoot to Protect" - that's what the British Police

Santorum on The Daily Show tonight

Why is Al Franken a repeat today?

america lacks math teachers - India to the rescue

Kerry caricatured as wine-sipping Francophile, but wine now edges beer

New MBNA minimum payment disclosure

Do the troops have the unalienable right to defend themselves

The Ranch...Crawford or Neverland (CAPTION if you dare)

Santorum hears Satan in U2 song "Vertigo"

Action Alert. Reject the Pence amendment to HR.22

What are the WH's favorite words or phrases?

Centrist Dems want to expand military...?

Yes Franken is best of, but if you missed the skewering of is

Dittoheads show their support for torture

Randi is starting out great!!! Loved the Real American A-hole

Carl Bernstein "Novak SHOULD have wrote that the WH is smearing Wilson

Is there is a site that has collected all of *'s goofy photos?

"Bush Administration Stokes Dangerous Arms Race on Indian Subcontinent"

Elected officials - I have questions for you!

PHOTOS: The Beat of Black Wings

Will Dem's press conf. be shown on C-Span?

Sen. Dorgan blasting Haliburton on CSPAN2

Have You Noticed How Many Anti-Choice Folks Keep Trying To Say That

Breaking: Senator, Dems Plan Press Conf. on Gonzales' Role In Leak Case

FLORIDA public, getcher TASERS here! ZZZZZzzzzzzt!

Girl, 2. dies after shooting

No choice.. how will it be enforced?

Rick Santorum on the Daily Show tonight...

Anybody hear anything from the judge on the DOD requesting the stay?

Ding dangit! Gas just shot up $0.18 today. And I hadn't filled up yet.

"Tim Robbins at War"

Monday's WH Briefing: McClellan Sidesteps the '12-Hour Gap'

I stopped by FAUX "news"

Right wing Radio talk show host Tammy Bruce a Democrat???

Conyers: Will the President Pardon Rove?

"Roberts' Mom: Faith Was Part of Family"

Bill Clinton is offered 40 goats and 20 cows for his daughter

No Smoking While Driving

Bernie Sanders on "indecency," censorship and Authoritarianism

Flight Attendants sue Northwest: "Don't ask us to train our replacements"


This school year, we're going to see what makes Communism tick

Has Fitzgerald subpoenaed any Secret Service types? Can he?

Dems' Press Conference, RE: Gonzales, moved to 4:30 pm

"If the notion of a timely, legal heads-up from inside a Republican ...

Need some help with Bush firings/punishment of dissenters.

What's up with the Plame/Gonzales hearing?

I saw Randi Rhodes this weekend.

Government admits torture, human rights violations

Pat Robertson Counsels Youth to NOT ENLIST:

Is Iraq part of the war on terror?

McCain introducing detention techniques amendment!! cspan2 nt.

1782 Reasons why the DSM is Important

GOP Senators Ready Detainee Amendments - Rate the story -

U-S stands with Egypt. Egypt looks a little wary.

2000 Veterans call for Indie Investigation of US practices -

How long before Fitzgerald is "Saturday Night Massacred"?

I confess: I don't ever listen to Air America's why

Stop Beating Around The Damned Bush. Iraqi's Have A RIGHT To Defend

Is the US deficit dropping?

Shouldn't someone be ready to file Contempt charges against Rummy ???

Are you hoping that Bush recess-appoints Bolton?

This is to those who thought * would restore integrity to Washington.

Constitution and Citizenship Day or, Do My Job For Me

Bush scheduled ONE MONTH Vacation starts this week.

Why did Jean Charles de Menezes run?

Is Hillary the inevitable nominee?

BREAKING Pentagon: Some Iraqi police are illiterate, criminals, insurgents

The Dems should fillibuster Roberts if Bolton is a recess appointment.

Bulgaria unearths Thracian riches

Didya see Anita Hill's critique of Roberts? She wants SCOTUS diversity

CNN: White House hints at recess appointment for Bolton

National Review BS Alert: A perjury charge for Rove? Are they kidding?

General Myers: recuitment is "a national issue"

Bush aims to lower corporate hurdles for faith funds

The toll was 1776 this morning, now it's 1782, none of whom had to die.

Is this for real or just a ploy? Re: Rove and leakers....

Feinstein fails to frame Rove on CNN with Blitzter, Pat Roberts

Mid level management fights the war on terror

What's with the hands behind the back?

Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame should be arrested immediatly!

Do any of the descendants of French people in this nation

Are the Mothman and Chupacabras related?

Will the President Pardon Rove?

Innocent civilians are increasingly being killed by U.S. troops.

"Hard News" with Wolf Blitzer had nothing about KKKarl Rove or Plamegate..

OK, In a Nutshell, Someone Tell Me What the Federalist Society is.

Who is the rude ignorant female on the show with Ron Reagan?

1000 posts and a moment to reflect

Censorship in library system of leftist sites in Canada

Kreationism in Kansas (the land of Oz)

My Air America Radio listening has.....

POLL: Jane Fonda anti-war campaign help or hurt?

Letter to Joe Baca (DLC-CA) -- Patriot Act vote

Christians face jail for giving treats to children of Muslims

CONFIRMED: The President Spoke to Rove About Wilson and Rove Lied


No question W is ruining America. But what country is he turning us into?

A must read for wilson/plame followers

Broad term 'al Qaeda' gives few clues on attackers

Heads Up: NBC Nightly News to do story on should racial profiling return

Christian Wire warns "Dems" not to repeat their religious "bigotry"

Plame leak story "thriving, crazy untamed weed" -- but who's the target?

Has John Conyers gone silent? Help, I need to catch up.

Deep in Froomkin's column is this gem (* as idiot in Sound and the Fury)

LTTE on Nuclear energy in Maine paper. Anyone care to make the rebuttal?

Congress plans to scrutinize Plame-related issues

Four 48th soldiers killed in bomb attack - no mention in US. msm

Robert's does not recall if he was a member of the Fed. Society?

Why didn't the Brazilian stop whent the "plain-clothes" cops ordered him ?

Capitalism is a thug's economy: nice people finish last and garbage rises

Why Roberts for the SC? I think the answer is simple.

"Senate committee would also review the probe of special prosecutor..Fitz"

Video game biz converting to Christianity

The guy under the seats: "I seeee you."

US News and World Report

How would you feel if Bush ordered Gonzalez to fire Fitzgerald?

Military recruiters at Ozzfest

GOP to investigate Fitzgerald

how can anyone stand hannity's show?

Terror! Torture! Treason!

Attention Tin Foil Hatters: Check Out Tom Flocco Report (Long Read)

What organizations have you forgotten you belonged to?

I want another Democrat party-the Populist Democrats

Stem Cell Research vote-Frist trying to stall-please read:

PDA, Ani Difranco, Indigo Girls - National Lobby Day (Today)

Air America has a WH correspondent now!

Can anyone tell me where to find those pictures from germany

This Is George Bush's America -PIX-->>>

Who would you vote for?

Hey!!! Santorum on TDS tonight?

Jane Fonda plans anti-war bus tour

Now They Say Menendez Was Shot 8 Times Not 5?

The PNAC decloaks itself and attacks Larry Johnson

PLEASE DU ROBERTS POLL MSNBC:Should he answer questions and should he be

"Jeb Bush Recounts Meeting With Roberts, Blasts Rep. Wexler"

What to say when opposing Patriot Act extension:

I knew Democratic Congress candidate Paul Hackett in college

Whatever Happened to Kerry's Swifty Smackdown?

Are there any factual accounts of Iraq "success" stories regarding

The United States is using Iraq as a human shield.

Just got a call from Army recruiter!!! BWAHAHAHA

Reporters Fitz thinks may have been contacted by the WH:

Flushing the flag

CNN's Bob Franken on Karl Rove

Kerry, Levin and 24 Senators Urge Investigation into Leak of Plame's Name

How can I live in a country that is breaking my heart?

Keith O on Rove scandal Now

Penn Jillette is on Tucker tonite

Triple-sized mice eating albatross chicks alive

Michigan not blue enough for me-any jobs in Vermont.?

Does the VFW support Bush? And if so, is there another vet group

On a scale of 1 - 9, how smart is the average DUer?

on t.v. i saw a white lady complaining about being searched at the airport

Can Fitzgerald use provisions of the PATRIOT Act in his investigation?

Red and Blue States of Mind Should I get a bumper sticker?

Pathetic. US Military Invents Quotes About Insurgency

Newsweek: Plame, The CIA & The Intelligence Identities Protection Act

I'm hereby offering to pay moving expenses for any Okie fundy who wants

Casual activism made easy... Part 1 (No excuses - anyone can do this!)

Operation Yellow Elephant Endorsed by Gen. Meyers!

It's unlike the Bushies to just sit still and wait for Fitzgerald to pop

Britain, France Agree on Anti-Terror Needs

Shareholders and Wall Street

7 bullets to the head ?? 8 total shots ??

This christian exudus thing makes nightly news - no word of Card / Gonz?

DUers united for the democratic cause...

people are waking up. these were in Today's opinion line in our local

My Fundie Sister Just Said Plame's Husband Outted Valerie

IHT: The nightmare of civil war is looming over Iraq

Sensenbrenner after Fitzgerald too YIKES

What Has Bush Done With All Of The Incriminating Documents?

I wonder how many of these NeoCon bastards have Jock Itch?

"Shots to the Heart of Iraq. Innocents more frequently the target of US"

30-50 years from now, will the U.S. have learned ANY lessons from Iraq II?

the OUTING of Valarie Plame put EVERY AMERICAN at RISK

What happened to the "Truth Tour"

Natalee is in Venezuela

Bush wants business to contribute more to RELIGIOUS organizations

My dad's letter to his representatives!

Why PlameGate is so important.

OH-2: "Swift Boating" of Hackett Begins Online

Taser being marketed to the general public???????

You GOTTA watch Tucker Carlson's show RIGHT NOW !!!!!

I don't see how telling Card sets up a 12-hour shredding party.

I'm sorry, but there are more important things to talk about besides

First drama series about Iraq war hits US television

Would you go up in the shuttle tomorrow?

Does Doonesbury just go right over their heads?

Larry Johnson, CIA vs President Bush

WSJ - Looks like Bush* may well make recess appt. w/ Bolton

Get accustomed to the term "purge"... but it will be done the way

Letter to Senator Warner - About the Iraq War Resolution

Indymedia: Seattle activist takes on government in D.C. court

A fairly dim question (regards CIA)

Cuban Authorities Detain At least 20 Dissidents

DLC versus DNC- who's in charge?

The Party's Over...

My Dad just got his first donation letter from the Democrats.

"5-1 it outsells Bennet" Ha... Santorum is an Idiot. Way to go Jon Stuart!

Nightline's gonna cover THREE topics again tonight ... WTF?

A legal question on * pardons in Traitorgate

Santorum on Daily Show tonight....don't forget!!

Lautenberg asks, was there a shredding party?

Interesting bumper sticker in Erie PA

Downing Street Memos, Wilson, CIA-Outings, Conyers & Truth News

The Rove defenders are clearly NOT working in the people's interests

Are we there yet?

Jon.. darling... you missed it.

Texas federal judge is considering if Posada/CIA/Bay Of Pigs was terrorism

people should have more faith in parents

How come nobody's talking about this AFL/CIO thing?

My Revised List of Grand Jury Witnesses

So did the DEMs have the 3:30 press conference today?

Where did the term "water-carrying" originate from?

Randi Rhodes is really depressing and upsetting me

How did Chris Matthews get the nickname "Tweety"?

Al Franken is AWOL

I am getting sick listening to

Does anyone else think Ken Starr talks like a valley girl?

Cost of Iraq War July 25th- $183,280,850,888

Which is coming first, theocracy or a police state?

About harassing Souter

does anyone have the Part 1 of Indra Singh's from 'Guns and Butter' or any

Don't say Pro-life.

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Round Up

Unbelievable...Google Results for Rape+Torture +Photo+Iraq+Children

China Floats, America Sinks

The saga of the big three American automakers..

DU moderates check in here.

LIHOP, MIHOP, in same class as Moonwalk Nuts per Penn & Teller

I am SOOO tired of the "I'm a vet." argument.

Anybody Got A Centrist Position On The Death Penalty ???

What are some justifications you've heard from RWers for torture?

OMG Look what I found (date 11-20-2000)

ABC News to talk about "Christian Exodus" (want to sucede from US)

WTF ??? - A Little Help Here...

Today's religious fanatics are badly in need of psychological help.

What's your opinion of pending union split?

Ok, freeps, you win. We're the Democrat Party. Now we get to name yours!

Planet of the Retired Chimps -PIX->>>

If universal health care was proposed, except for the self-destructive,

Who has the tone and message you support, and believe is winnable?

It's too late for the morans(sic) to take out Fitzgerald

Reflections on 9/11, four years after.

Cheney's Plan: Nuke Iran (Justin Raimondo's "hair is on fire")

One Year After Declaring It Genocide, U.S. Congress Still Yet to Act

Another Roberts Poll: AOL; Should WH release all, some, or none

How Does Scotty Sleep At Night

Just How Much "Not Blaming The Troops" Is TOO MUCH Not Blaming Them?

What state should the fundies take in lieu of South Carolina?

People, We Should Be Scouring the '03 Press Briefings For Gems Like These:


Sen. Reid introduces THE ROVE CLOCK

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

The Abandonment of Conservatism In The GOP-- The Welcoming of Doom for US

Do the Spooks Know Our Election Was Stolen?

Filmed ALL of Conyers 23rd Meet - those who sent me there get it ALL

Labor's Split -- An Inside Look (part one)

OK Kids Here we go....It's been a while but lemme see if I remember

Will Marshall of the DLC says Progressives are ruining the party with

CIA on covert status: "It's not up to the Republican Party to determine"

And we blogged the hell out of Phoenix.... check it out! HARD WORK!

Laura Bush's abortion stance...

Fweepers just can't get enough Aruba coverage.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: How Smart Do You Think The Average American Is?

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday July 26

Jon Stewart smacking Santorum

I bet Lou Dobbs doesn't cover this story tonight - Quick turn it on and see

Post office patron just went ballistic on me...Re/ Torture photos

You have a Son or Daughter in the Army...

How would you feel if say, Janeane Garofalo, posed with the Insurgents

The other things Hillary has been working on lately

John Conyers: Will the President Pardon Rove?

Butterfly unlocks evolution secret

If you could go back in time to stop NAFTA, would you act to stop it?

YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! White House WARNS Dems on Roberts Papers

After reading the latest casualty report I decided to

another reason i'll miss johnny carson (gore)

Your Political Compass orientation?

"Sen. Clinton works to shed liberal image"

So Gonzales gave White House 12 hours to destroy documents?

bushbot co-worker

I've typed Part 2 of the Indira Singh interview...

Those Pursuing Torture Issue, Consider Reading & Bookmarking This Article

USA Today: Plame's Neighbor & Lawyer Speaks Out

Do you respect the person who enlists because they believe in the cause?

*** More TOONS: A Little of Everything ***

"Because most people weren't listening the first time."

"I saw ____ fucking a kid..." (from Taguba report on Abu Ghraib torture)

"Angry Americans Want to Take Souter's Land"

Santorum said that a legislature has the right to prohibit birth contol

I Want To Move A Shitload Of Atheists To The Same State. We Can Take Over!

Cue the "Jon Stewart has sold out!" posts

Ann Coulter admitted it: "We have the media"

If you think Sen. Roberts let Rove cook the Senate Intel report, sign here

What if the real crime was the revealing of Brewster Jennings?

The Unknown Soldier

Froomkin: What Did the President Know? --- Finally ....

I got a ticket for a political sign in my front yard.

7/7: The death of Jean Charles de Menezes: Analysis

What do I do with a "Mock Tender Chuck Roast"?

Why are my squash plants biting the dust?

Wanted: Recommendations For Home Canning/Preserving Books

Anyone know where the "Globe and Mail" got its name?

Okay, what do you Easterners know about

Telus cuts subscriber access to pro-union website

Censorship of leftist sites in Canadian libraries (reposted)

BBC2 : The New Al-Qaeda

The death of Jean Charles de Menezes: Analysis

Doctor Who news

Interesting thread on BBC R4 message board about Islam

Democrats to Press Roberts on Issues

Only in America, abortion wars sour Supreme Court battle

Pensions Freezing Out Younger Workers

Cpl. Awaits Court-Martial in Iraqi Death

Va. Candidates for Governor in Tight Race

Venezuela's Chavez Says Egypt Attack Likely Spurred by U.S. Actions in Ira

Effort here to charge London suspect was blocked

WP: "Pakistani Amer. Aiding London Probe" (2nd US Mole)

Poll: Majority has no preference when it comes to choosing Corzine's succe

Art director fired after 'Daily Show' spoof

250,000 tea pickers on strike in India

Afghan blasts wound U.S. troops, Afghan policemen

Roberts Listed in Federalist Society '97-98 Directory--WaPo

'Enemies of humanity' quote raises Iraq PR questions

Iraqi police recruits often poor-quality -- report

4 unions poised to bolt from AFL-CIO

Russian activist shot dead with son

Hicks lawyer gets liberty award

Howard makes surprise visit to Iraq

Ex-PMs gather for Heath funeral

Sunnis rejoin Iraq's constitutional commission

New Jersey legislators push bill to stop drivers from smoking while drivin

Pentagon deploys array of non-lethal weapons

Police probe flight simulator links

Imam warns Ottawa to back off Muslims

U.S. soldier among 13 killed in Afghan violence

FBI raid Bush attack suspect's home

BBC: Police name two bombing suspects

GOP Discourages Harris Senate Run in '06

Roberts Declines to Explain Group Listing

Taking the Pulse of Bush's America

US. accepts Polish withdrawal from Iraq

Activist and Her Son Shot Dead in Komi

Ebadi condemns Iran appeal court

Oil Inventory In Gulf Nears Approval (Florida)

Guardsman Pleads Guilty in Iraqi Death

Terry brings activism to Florida Senate campaign

Posada used fake I.D. in 2000 trip

Musharraf: No al-Qaida Center in Pakistan

Rumsfeld Seeks Deal on Bases in Kyrgyzstan

Smirking Chimp: Hitler's Shadow & the Coming Storm

Pope Won't Condemn Islam Over Bombings

Christians face jail for giving treats to children of Muslims

Foreign Teachers Take Hard-to-Fill School Positions

Algeria pulls out last diplomat after Baghdad kidnap

Coingate: Law firms reaped bounty in Noe Case(Worker money for R defense)

Top Democrat (Durbin): Abortion Stance Could Halt John Roberts' Bid

Sorry Dupe Jane Fonda to oppose Iraq war on bus tour

WP: Santorum: Mrs. Roberts' Work Not Relevant

Feinstein complimentary after meeting SCOTUS nominee Roberts

Four 48th soldiers killed in bomb attack (Iraq #1782-1785)

Brazilian's Killing Sparks Outrage at Home (aren't impressed by Blair...)

Mystery Chinese disease toll now 17

Commerzbank in laundering probe

dupe, please delete

IRAQ: Shortage in food rations raises concern

Broad term 'al Qaeda' gives few clues on attackers

Senior constitution writer surprised at initial document (Iraq)

Report: Iraq Police Need Better Screening

Bush picks Rice adviser (Richard Jones) to be Israel envoy

LAT: Triple-Digit Temperatures Scorch Midwest (nationwide heat wave?)

Actress Fonda Plans to Speak Out on Iraq

Sen. Reid introduces THE ROVE CLOCK

Four 48th soldiers killed in bomb attack - no mention in US.msm

Bush to host summit promoting corporate gifts to religious charities

ACLU investigates random train searches

Conflicts' costs may exceed $700 billion

Video game biz converting to Christianity

Police believe two cells of bombers met up at white-water rafting centre

(CA) Governor losing Hispanic support

Blair Defends Police After Death of Innocent Brazilian Man

Clinton to Direct Creation of Democrats' Agenda

U.K. cops want to attack terrorism Web sites

If the bombs were "under the carriages" of the London subway

Boy Scouts expect ban on Pentagon support to be overturned

GOP Sen. Santorum Rules Out 2008 Bid

Brazilians Demand Arrest Over Killing

BBC: Iraqi women fear for their rights

Iraqi women fear for their rights

Clinton to Direct Creation of Democrats' Agenda

UN Denial of Billions in Gulf War Health Compensation Denounced (ENS)

Judge: Railroad Must Cover Birth Control

Congress plans to scrutinize Plame-related issues

Russian judges in property scam

France awaits verdict on 65 defendants in child abuse case

Israel Upset Pope Did Not Condemn Attacks

U.S. Soldier Killed By Roadside Bomb In Iraq

al-Qaida Statement Warns Muslims in Iraq

House Requests FTC Probe of 'GTA' Game

Iraqis protest new Kuwaiti border markers U.S. Mass Transit Jitters

40,000 protesters rally against Arroyo

(Britian) Gay clergy can 'marry' but no sex

Complaint Against Blunt Referred for Prosecution (MO [R] Gov.)

Napolitano nixing raise could pay dividends

Russia’s Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered in Apartment

U.S. accepts Polish withdrawal from Iraq - Kwasniewski

U.S. Embassy in Saudia Arabia Warns Americans

Reuters staff braced for more job cuts

NYT: Home Sales Still Rising To Records

White House Warns Dems on Roberts Papers

Bush chooses (C. Boyden Gray) to be ambassador to EU

Signature-gathering can begin for Calif gay marriage ban

White House Pushes Trade Deal on Hill

U.S. military admits error in news releases - AKA fake news

NYT: Some Documents of Supreme Court Choice Will Be Released

Death row inmate's intelligence at center of jury trial

Immigrants do not overwhelm US healthcare - study

Discovery of faulty gene offers hope on autism (new treatment avenues?)

US military chief urges more Americans to enlist in 'noble effort'

War protesters lose tax opt out bid (UK)

Bay of Pigs case may drag in CIA - Judge Denies Bond for Luis Posada

White House Said to Block Roberts Papers

Judge denies bond for Cuban militant, seeks Bay of Pigs opinion


Bush to Hold Summit on Giving to Charities

St. Johns Co. men sentenced for selling bad equipment to military

New York proposes tracking diabetes, a non-contagious disease, raising pri

Hispanic, Islamic Groups Want Tancredo Out

Shooting victim had expired visa: BBC

Republicans hit early, hard in effort to oust Nelson

Insurgents infiltrate Iraqi police: US study

WP: Once Health Regulators, Now Partners (Private Groups Limit Access)

Two dog handlers face Abu Ghraib hearing

U.S. Pushes Anti-Terrorism in Africa -WP

Despite $2 billion spent, residents say Baghdad is crumbling

BBC: Egypt hunts Pakistanis over bombs

Cheney, in NYC, Plugs Roberts Nomination

GM crops created superweed, say scientists

Judge Throws Out NATO Protesters' Lawsuit

U.S. military admits error in news releases

Teamsters, workers break from AFL-CIO

Court nominee does well in poll; Rove does not

Italian court orders arrests of six CIA operatives UPDATE

Congress plans to scrutinize Plame-related issues

NYT: Skirmish Over a Query About Roberts's Faith ("recusal" statement)

Mass. Governor Vetoes Contraception Bill

White House May Sidestep Dems on Bolton

Pa. Gov. to apologize to Marine's family

"Who's the enemy?" distraught Iraqis wonder

Clinton Urges Party Unity, Tough Stance

Your IQ's gone up - now we can execute you

Munition exposure linked to brain cancer in US vets (Reuters)

Five Boy Scout Leaders Die in Va. Accident

GOP Senators Ready Detainee Amendments

Monday's WH Briefing: McClellan Faces the '12-Hour Gap' ( E&P)

LAT: California's HIV Tracking System May Be Scrapped

NYT: China Bird-Flu Scare Ends

Police shot Brazilian eight times

Jane Fonda to Oppose Iraq War on Bus Tour

Pentagon Defies Order to Release Photos; 2,000 Veterans Call for Independe

Bulgaria's Withdrawal from Iraq - Top Priority for Draft Cabinet

Cinematography in "Visigoths meet the Phantom of the Park"

Why don't women like Visigoth guys?

Vy dont Vomen like Vise guys?

when can serious topics forcibly enter the lounge?

why don't women like vise guys?

When can Visigoths forcibly enter the Lounge?

when can the police legally forcibly enter your home?

I beat this guy up in a bar last night.....

I am really embarrassed for you, really I am.

goodnight DU

The Museum of Food Anomalies™

all this talk about barbarians

Cinematography in "KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park".

phantom of the paradise

Did I miss anything?

Watching Stones Doc 'Gimme Shelter' on DVD right now.

who would win in a cage match?

Teamsters, AFL-CIO, and other Unions need to work things out.

''' '' '''''''' '' '!!!!

Buffy has cramps and has just taken her second dose of Ibuprofen.

Visigoths make poor house guests

Fortuna in 1940 ..(How life used to be)

I feel so dirty

Listening to Squirl Nut Zuippers - XMas in July Sale Time...

What do Ostrogoths really like?

Adventures In Conservative Sliminess

Avt Ivlivs Cæsar avt Vercingetorix?

New Game - Guess The Movie Quote That's Captioning A Picture

I swear, it's 'everything go wrong with my house' month!!

Prison Inmate Sues After Finding Fingertip In Meal

Life-Sized Statue Of Betty Boop Beheaded

Friday night pre-prostest party Sept 23rd 2005 in DC

Wow, AUDI just made themselves a laughing stock

"old people don't need companionship

Serial tickler strikes again in Florida

Strange death this weekend

What's Your Favorite Chess Piece?

Ostrogoths vs. Visigoths

African dust cloud heads for Florida

Cats have 9 lives, but may be missing 1 taste

Who would YOU pick

Saturday morning was cool!

Barracuda suspected in rare attack on isle diver

Lead to mystery of Stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids and Noah's Ark hidden som

Pet Goat Death, Rottweiler Injury Now Criminal Case

The mini-reunion luncheon was a blast

Medication triggered madness of King George

The Museum of Food Anomalies

on cell phone - flight delay

Why did the bride run away to Aruba and cross the street?

Vampire fraudsters take bite of Sicilian's savings

Is there an alternative Stephenie Miller site

Wedding Crashers

How do you abuse your hair?

Anyone ever try SimCountry, the new ad here on DU?

Asian Peers - anyone had one before?

Beach Safety Tips

Bleach safety tips

Almost crossing the line between "quaint villager" and "celebrity stalker"

2 birds, 1 stone: How hot is it & how high gas prices where you live?

They say Spain "surrendered to terrorists". It didn't. Britain did.

How many German-American families changed their names from Hitler?

CONFESS!!!! Tell me the dirt you know about another DUer

I finally got my hands on some tastycakes! `

i don't want anybody else

vienna sausages packed in tomato sauce

Florida Police Search for Naked Tickler

Asian Pears - anyone had one before

Husband of the Year Awards

Insurance companies suck.

Get your insulin ready: Pictures of baby animals

Gee. Did you ever learn how to say "Good morning" or "hello"


You cat owners don't have a clue...

wow - has a peak oil link on it...

Six Feet Under: Wow - did anyone watch last night's ep? (SPOILERS)

Six Feet Under Spoilers - Descriptions of the last 4 Eps

Smilies Suck

Man Wins State Lottery 5 Weeks In A Row

what do you put on your weiner?

Help the president!

Star Wars procreation




Man Survives Treading Water For 5 Hours Before Being Rescued

My girlfriend said I'm getting fat! (Seriously)

Thank goodness for mute buttons.

For Dead Fans - 10th anniversary of Jerry's passing is August 9


Picked up a few political Clients today...

"Mr.Blue" (Edward Bunker) is dead at 71


Today on Glox News!


God is my co-pilot.

Relaxation techniques requested, please

Insiders predict dim future for critically-lambasted Tucker Carlson

we haven't had a melodramatic 'i'm leaving du' in ages

Ricky Martin Seeks End to Arab Stereotypes (Freepers will love this)

Thankyou Midlodemocrat

Is a Apple Power PC with 320 megabytes for $50 a good deal?

OK, that's it I'm Not Leaving DU!!!

Goth websites, with black backgrounds, suck, but this one...

I love roller derby!

Eugene Record from the Chi-Lites has died.

Happy Birthday to Me, Im 54 years old

Which jazz artist is DA BOMB as far as you're concerned?

Anyone interested in faking the rapture

OK, I’ve met someone.

Guidelines for Cats!

if i were a carpenter

Time for a competency hearing yet?

"Give us all your money, or we'll make you give birth to the Anti_christ"


Roberts' adopted children

What toppings do you lack on your pizza?


Stronger than never ever before!

Is a Apple Power PC with 320 megabytes for $50 a good deal?

EW!! What's that smell?

Thanks, Telly Savalas!

my gf had to put her cat down

My family laughs at me.

"If it ain't Wham, it ain't ham!"

Detroit, Michigan, 5:00 AM....84 degrees...

Is The Hair On Your Head Its Natural Color?

Need Help with Family Guy reference:

The Nanny

Gliddy, glup, gloopy?

Oh freddled gruntbuggly,

I love this country.

a friendly reminder: not only is it ZUNI week...

I normally walk to my dr appointments but it's supposed to rain today...

KFC Still Guards Colonel's Secret Recipe

Your favorite Stanley Kubrick film

Researches unveil Ice Age Dildo

Calling DU metalheads: Sleep "Jerusalem"

REMEMBER WHEN: The cheapest you've even seen gas prices in your lifetime


Moshe Dayan's eye patch on sale

Closer to Fine

Moscow to join tallest tower club



What do Visigoths really like?

Moscow to join tallest tower club


Six Feet Under - Great episode, let's discuss (Yes spoilers)

The ol' ball and chain got a job!!

Is Zuni really worth a whole week?

I'm leaving DU*

I can't decide, you do it for me!

Kyle Quit the Band!

Get your baby brackets out-SHE'S TIGHT AS A TICK!!!

The Lounge sucks-you all missed Burt Convy's birthday Saturday

Underpants sucks - he missed Ruth Buzzi's birthday on Sunday

Cats can't taste sugar

My name is Zuni, ask me anything especially really personal questions

Restuarant named "Car Crash" closes after a Car crashed into the building

Anybody heard the new Stones song "Rough Justice" yet?

Happy Birthday Walter Brennan!

Fuck You (Dubya's Ode To Humanity) - A Song In Pictures

CRAP users help please


Some one called me a smart Alec........

I'm in the mood for pizza....

Do you google your dates

Who likes bathrooms?



Don't forget. Senator Sanitarium on the Daily Show tonight!!

What to do with an old computer?

Boy Dumped After Losing to Girlfriend at Mini-Golf

It's been a while since I posted a cat thread.... (dial-up warning)

beyond the stapLes center, you can see america

CPAP users help please

Here is a joke about surgens & poloticians worth sharing!

Everything's coming up roses

Nominated for dumbest thread ever at DU

That's it, I'm boycotting Zuni Week - who's with me???!!!

I stole the rest of Zuni's week! mmmmmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhhaaaa

Oh I'd rather go and journey

Hey Matcom!!! Look what I found!!! FOOT THONGS!!!

Has anyone seen "Rolling Kansas"?

So do I have to remove my sigline now?

What do Zuni and a Cub's cut-off man have in common?

Dr Freud! Spot the telling typo in the WH transcript of todays gaggle...

The Tomato Garden

Lance Armstrong's Last Ride

Germans find ancient phallus

How did you get your screen name?

engrish of the day

A comment about General Discussion/Politics.

Got spam? And Russian Mafia connections?

Mutiny on the ZUNI !!!!

Pickled Oprah is good.

Did underpants and his wife select the baby's name?

Am I being overthrown?

I'm going to introduce some new religions. Today's religion, Zuni Worship

'Longhorn' becomes Windows Vista

This week on The Daily Show - Monday should be interesting

I think I'm getting conjuctivitis

I got nothing.

What's the best method for cleaning the shower?

Can anyone record and upload the Daily Show/Santorum?

Vance Armstrong's Heroism Is a Moral Inspiration

Blue Bell Banana Pudding ice cream....

i am afraid Lizards, that Underpants is starting a very disturbing trend

Tickled Oprah is Good.

Anyone else catch the new "Harvey Birdman" episode last night?

Psst... Wanta make a quick $39.50 and up?

Lance Armstrong – one of a kind

If I ever get my hands on the inventor of spyware...

Lance Armstrong: Man, Myth, Legend


I think I'm getting conjunctionitis

Lance Armstrong's Heroism Is a Moral Inspiration

No, really, rumors of matcom week's demise are greatly bullshit

Anyone NOT been on a reality/fashion makeover/home redesign show?

Is the bicentennial_baby Century too repetitive?

Experts say TV show may replace entire field of psychology and analysis

Possible the strongest Banner ever on DU

Web Weenies: Your Open Source Groupware suggestions.

Rant: Why do total strangers tell you EVERYTHING about them?

Ask me Anything! And I will answer you with "It's not my fault."

All of y'all are freaking me out with the banners and the copycat threads

Half my mouth is numb.

Should I give up?

Why Do You ALWAYS Have To Have The Last Word?

Oh yeah? Well everyone alive today is part of the TAVERNER GENERATION


The Lounge is having a DESIGN COMPETITION!

What's it all about,

IT'S OFFICIAL: Celebrate the Lynne Sintury with your very own banner

The Untouchables....

Matcom week is OVER

"Listen, man. You're my friend,.........

Anyone here seen "The Village"....???

BTW, are we doing the DU Photoshop contest

Are barbarians the new pirates of Democratic Underground?

Chaos Theory - What is your high score?

Which Visigoth would you want to have a beer with?

condolences for zuni... for not surviving the first day of zuni week

To hell with all of you! This is Vash the Stampede Month!

Lance Armstrong: Long Live the King

Elad and EarlG - what's the truth about Skinner?

What did I know, and when did I know it?

Bush parody scoops Faux Faulkner award

Are there any local television feeds online? (in particular, CBS?)

Guess the Corporate Logos by 1 letter - 1st Version

I don't hold Dawn as responsible as I do

Life in the fast lane will surely make you lose your mind.

What do you think of when you think of an alpha-Male?

Why don't men prance as much as women?

Let's face it...I probably don't even deserve an evening...

worship me, dammit

I long for the simpler days of shark week.

Scout's Hour of Honor begins at 4:20pm CST. Everyone is invited.

Can you bake brownies in a toaster oven?


Lance Armstrong Coverage... Sucks or Blows?

ooooowwwww....that was my finger!

Something is fishy...

Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër ?

How would you feel if say, trumad, posed with the Insurgents

I'm cooking chili for supper even though it is hot as hades outside!

It's another tequila sunrise Starin' slowly 'cross the sky, said goodbye

Who do you believe: George W. Bush or Wayne Campbell?

Top Ten Things To Say If Caught Sleeping At Your Desk (At Work)

Jazz players: in front of the beat vs behind the beat

Ever watch a flame war develop? What do you do?

Yvan eht nioj!

Scientists worried that we'll contaminate Mars.

New Jersey wants to ban smoking in cars

Half the South is dumb.

I need some more cute t-shirts.

I want to set up a "Dimes for Democracy" collection

Aliens took our solar lights!!!

Seen on a bumper: God was my copilot...

My wife wants to get a motorcycle

Come one, come all to DeposeTheBoyKingdome

Where do YOU fit in the wolfpack hierarchy?

Playing at the same competition as Lance/Tiger: Would you?

Is god cursing the red states?

"Miracle Planet", a new series on the Science Channel

You're a good man, Charlie Brown


Jeez Ricky...get a haircut!

Miss Kitty lost her collar and she won't tell me where it is.

Who likes short shorts?

Epsilon females are nifty.

Are the Mothman and Chupacabras related?

Welcome to the Beast Man Era.

What state will PBS star Norm Abrams build? (humor)


But I want MY own banner! *pout*

Miracle Whip: new series on the Food Channel

Family of faggot fans fly the flag

I will never be able to afford a house. Am I a loser?

Stuff Fovestop Stucking!

There should be a LPFF Epoch!

Does posting that sad, mopey smiley in groups defeat the purpose?

i don't care what anyone says

Poor, poor NSMA has no internet access right now...

It's a terrya milisecond!

It's a toady attosecond!


I'm off to watch a softball game.

Someone just e-mailed a virus to me

The Smoking Gun has a list of really good movies


One never knows, does one?

So, has the shit really hit the fan?

Fuck StoveTop Stuffing!

Announcing the impending publication of

Gummi bears. Mere candy or gift from the Gods?

You all know that you can't say bomb on an airplane, right?

For any David Sedaris fans out there...

Ever post a joke thread that people took seriously?

Best smiley sites?

Salted-in-the-shell peanuts.

Best similes sites?

Okay. I can't believe I ordered this.

The Alabama Theater

woohooooo! my bushbot post from this am

I know we had a "finding your first DU post" thread...

Peaches DO NOT bounce

INSANE real estate bubble?

Remember when the days were long And rolled beneath a deep blue sky

The Pictures Matt Drudge WON'T show you!

I am a very very bald man

Poll To END All Polls - Which Do You HAVE To Have During 'Cravings'

I just mooned my sweetie from the back door of the loft.

no posts for me in over 48hrs...WTF?!?

Want to see next season's Doctor?

This son of a bitch is ice cold.

It looks good at NASA One!

I am listening to the 'ABBA' collection and singing out loud...

What's the best Fantasy movie of all time???

Hey CatWoman: Anthony Bourdain, tonight 10PM - Travel Channel

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?

Age check - ever been to a movie theater with a balcony?

Any of you here go to Ohio State University in Athens?

Only Losers Litter!

Who likes mushrooms?


Is anger just love disappointed?

wait, wait, wait - what fucking week, month and year is it

Screw you guys, I'm going home

Don't people (including celebrities) have a right to privacy?

The "Family Guy" movie has been leaked on the internets.

I'm on Melrose Ave (of Melrose Place fame)...Ask me anything!

Tweet tweet

My friend just had his rib broken by a chiropractor (just called me now)

I never knew one little nose could make so much mucus.

All alone in Cyndee_Lou_Who's house... what should I do?

I'm 47416 posts from 50000 ask me anything!

My iPod locked itself - NEVER MIND - I fixed it.

Have you ever told a non DU'er about the Lounge and

W is for Women

I need questions, people!!

Good thoughts (no, GREAT thoughts) requested, please

Curiosity killed the cat.

banners. . .shmammers. . .

could you all keep it down? I'm writing a dissertation and I have to

Free computer fill in the map games?

I'm bored on the web. Please list some of your favorite sites.

Scientists seek fresh chance to dig up Stonehenge's secrets

Pope gives speech on birth control- Transcript

Anybody ever have government cheese?

What do goths really like?

Hey, tall chiquitas? I have a question.

So I post this really good overview of the problems

Anybody ever have government sleaze?

OK, fess up. How many of you opened the Superweed thread hoping

I'm gonna have some cheese and butter cause I got low

The Visitors (Crackin' Up)

What toppings do you like on your pizza?

sure sucks when people put pics of shark steaks in their sig on shark week

I will respond to only one person in this thread.

so is Nevin coming to the O's or not

I know not when I shall see you again, fair DUers

Morrissey meows every time I sneeze

Best words ever strung together into a sentence and spoken aloud?

I haven't donated to DU in while. How come I still have my star?

I admit it. I want the Reno 911 action figures.

Question for itunes afficianados/experts...

So when & what was your last CD/album purchase?

i will respond to everyone in this thread but ONE person...

Fairly new blog that ya'll should read:

Aniston Love Letters to Be Auctioned

How would you like to see Daylight Savings Time handled?

What's best programming language to create games for mobiles?

This is the funniest thing EVER

Bush ranks # 304

good night lounge

welcome to leftofthedial Minute

Help! What veggies can I serve with homemade Stuffed Peppers?

My husband is SUCH a bookworm.

The Village

I Just Watched A Recorded Episode Of "Queer As Folk"...

I ate enough pasta to feed Liechtenstein's Army. Ask me anything.

CRAP users help please

Alright 75 posts till I'm out of the 700 club ASK ME ANYTHING PLEASE

i wonder what happened to my l0:06 PM post ... i can't find it.

What state should the Christian fundamentalists move to?

Screw Schilling that freeptard. I want Pedro back!

Get ready, here it comes......

OK Shaun of the Dead is hilarious.

I have a question about wine.....

Morality debate

You have a son or daughter going to Iraq....

Which ancient Germanic tribe was the coolest?

Have you praised Jesus today?

WTF is going on with "Six Feet Under"????

When I Laugh Too Hard, And Too Loud, For Too Long... I Get The Hiccups.

The Emperor and Darth Vader go for Lo Mein...Funny as hell!

Ok everyone, a big hug goodnight!

I got rejected for a credit union job.

My cat has removed his collar.

Post your favorite Weasel Story HERE:

Hey! Like my new Wisconsin license plates?

How does a freaking belt just disappear?!

God, I am in so much pain.

if i don't make it till tomorrow...

Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy

Who else here gets excited when the RED

albino fawn pix, with text

We need another cute guy thread.

New bumper sticker I saw today:

What's the Catholic hymm to the tune of "Deutschland Uber Alles"?

What "one-liner" in a post on DU really cracked you up?

Is there Southern and Northern Greek cuisine?


Had a pear cider. Ask me anything.

I just quit my job to begin operations on a new business. Ask me anything

I just turned 15GB of data into 300MB. Ask me anything!

BREAKING: Santorum rules out 2008 bid!

Daily Show time!

Agree or Disagree?

Send some good vibes to NYC tomorrow

So, how about that 2005 Mustang in Legend Lime Green?

If it's too loud, are you really too old?

The next 12 minutes and 48 seconds are mine! ALL MINE!!!!!!

Other than DU, what is your biggest life-waster?

Other than DU, what is your biggest life-waster?

Would you want to have a toddler forever?

Norman Bates / Rick Santorum: Coincidence?

Self delete: Dpuble post

Did someone tell Jon to tone it down?

What brand of ice cream do you like the most?

Other than DU, what is your biggest life-taster?

beast man is so 13 minutes ago

Other than DU, what's your biggest wife-taster?

I found it! I found it!

The doctor gave me 12 hours to live. Ask me anything.

ATTN birders: ever see a motmot? (jpg images)

Let us now praise the Seattle Public Library.


Is there a writer who is funnier than David Sedaris?

It's progmom Year. Drinks for all!


Why is everyone talking about Zuni week and Progmom year?

where did all these Progmom sig lines come from?

I want to start worshipping Progmom. How do I start?

Gross Anatomy

is progmom getting the staples taken out of her head as we speak?

Oh, no! Progmom is dead!

the lies of progmom AKA progmom lies

Contest: Flirt with KitchenWitch tonight!

Forget Pugs, Repugs, etc. They're the Hypocrisy Party now

Get your progmom year banners here!

You are nothing if you don't have a banner!

If you go to Boston, don't cross Will Pitt's cat

What should I do to apologize to Progmom

I'm In Duh Mood Fuh Wuv: Dedicated to?

I am a very very bad man

I want to link to my campaign website

Pickled okra is good!

Ultimate DU poll

Post something that makes you GRIN like crazy!

i hereby declare this the bicentennial_baby common era!


I would have given you all of my heart......

There is not enough of me to worship you ALL....

How a True Geek sets his alarm clock:

Oh I've just come from the land of the sun...

Let's start some Urban Legends about the ADMINS and DU

Now THERE'S a mountain

Other than soap, what is your biggest face-washer?

I need answers, people!!!!!!!!!

I went to see Charlie And The Chocolate Factory today

did anyone record famiLy guy Last night?

most recently, when i e-mailed the religious editor of a local newspaper

When the frock is my week?!?!?!?!?!?!!11!!23/?

Progmom is a false prophit, I'm the true prophit!!

Ask me something that I can answer

I hate Jared from Subway commericals.

Kevin Costner Movies; who should have got the part he ruined?

Santorum is a dick

Are Alpha-males assholes?

Progmom is a false profit, I'm the true profit!!

An Escher moment

Name this ice cream

Do you watch movies on your PDA?

ATTN reptile lovers: I saw the elusive helmeted iguana today

Hi Everybody! 4 Whole Posts to 4500... Ask me anything!

Calling out DU mechanics and car people!

I'm jonesing for some Smithereens. Anyone else like them?

Slap me. I am making peanut butter no-bake cookies.

I never say Goodbye

Name a cover song that was better than the original..

le chat -- el gato -- cat

Minority by Green Day

I just had Fried Green Maters for the 1st time in a decade!

Boomer is watching you (dialup warning)

Dad of 12 Admits He's Gay (NOT a joke)

Alright, what's up with the banners?


We need another cute pet thread.

Who have you met on the Internet? I'm discussing On-Line Dating on my show

Favourite "Twilight Zone" episode?

most irritating redundancy

"I could/couldn't care less"

Age check - ever been to a movie theater with a balony?

A Long, Dramatic Ending To Mavis's Story.

Monster Shark Derby

I'll betcha Mavis is up on the couch tonight.

Mavis is gone.

Quakers: What's your take on SIX FEET UNDER's portrayal?

Bird Flu: Tamiflu: National lab + ignore patent, is what we must have

Hunting Witches (scientist persecution editorial in the WaPo)

Golden treasure unearthed in Bulgaria (in Thracian tomb)

Japan Plans World's Fastest Computer

Ancient phallus unearthed in cave

Discovery of faulty gene offers hope on autism (new treatment avenues?)

Butterfly unlocks evolution secret

Has Huygens found life on Titan?

Seafloor survey buoys Atlantis claim

What makes science science?

Civil Unions OK But No Sex Anglican Priests Told

MCC Elects Florida Lesbian Leader

Canada Issues Warning To Gays

Wisconsin A.G. Under Fire Over Gay Pride Appearance 

Stupid Devil Rays!!

NHL: Teams dropping overpaid schmucks like flies

Genetics Leave Felines Without Sweet Tooth

How did a kitten that was this cute end up to be such a pain in the ass?

He be, or not he be? That is the question.......

A sense I had last night (dealing with the Wilson case)

I'm an Atheist, but I'm also lot's of other things

Any else enjoy Fox's TV show, "House"?

"No TRUE atheist would..." ( a tongue-in-cheek post)

Absolute Must Read: LA Times article

This is still bugging me.

Kerry, Senators Urge Congressional Investigation Into Plame Leak

Epidemic in GD of "Dems are spineless and aren't doing anything!" posts

Is anyone planning to watch Man-On-Dog on TDS tonight?

Presented to me under the heading "Get your facts straight"

The polls are up. Have at it.

Water Contest Poll #3

Water Contest Poll #1

Water Contest Poll #2

Water contest rejects thread

Nighttime "Ghosties"

Tweet tweet (a bird shot I forgot I had)

Attention, Immad

Attention, InTheFlow...

Newsletter 7/25/05: Terror Trail

KOEB 7/25/05

Niger Yellowcake and The Man Who Forged Too Much

Bush parody wins Faux Faulkner Contest

How do you really feel about the kind of Senators who would back

Robert's Wife: Lawyer for Firm Preparing Global Iraq Satellite Sys

Class, your assignment for today

Roberts and Cheney have a connection

Somehow, Some Way...

What happens if Bush gives up Rove

Menezes execution: 3 unanswered questions.

McCain, Grover Norquist, & Gingerich "Rove opened Pandora's Box on causes of 9/11"

Drudge claims Hillary is supporting Roberts

Hey Laura, how's that Gang Czar working out?

Santorum taking questions at Washington

At This 'Animal House,' the Party Is Democratic

Talking Points Memo shows how low Senator Roberts will go to protect Rove

New Pledge from Mr. Bush (regarding Plume Affair)

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) on R arrogance, CAFTA

Can Valerie Plame file a civil RICO suit against Rove, et al?

bush hardnosed on robert's CONFIDENTIAL papers

What are other devious things B*shco has done '00-'04?

Tell me again...what was the Iraq war FOR?

Special vs Independent: What is the Significance with Plamegate?

The Best Army We Can Buy (NYTimes)

Post predictions of Republican and Democratic runners in 2008

Competing With Inmates

Philippines: "electoral fraud, corruption and betrayal of public trust"

It's Rove, Rovegate, not Plame/Plume anything

Get this out to all media wherever you can

ORANGE ALERT: BUSHIES BRAIN is smoking and glowing in a

Baghdad: 39 killed in two days. When do we get welcomed as liberators?

robert's "CONFIDENTIAL" papers, Abu Ghraib Pictures

Denver Post Paper Front Page Photo w/ story: Sharp Eyes Help Secure

"World stability "could take major steps backward" if CAFTA is defeated"

Let's all send McCain the definition of negligence

Iran has benefited in every way from GWB's decision to overthrow Saddam

What's the scoop with the pictures that were due out?

Roberts Mum on Federalist Society Membership


Did Gonzalez Commit a Crime by Giving a Heads-Up?

Any opinion about Shadegg's proposed health insurance bill?

Bush invites terrorists to attack Americans

Bush tells us how he really feels

Do you support Plant Rights?

'Enemies of humanity' quote raises Iraq PR questions

Gonzales question - Is Dept. of Justice backing his claim: OK to wait?

Scotty on C-Span 3 right now.

Who will be the first GOPer to come out and demand answers on Plamegate?

Taking the bait

Can Anyone Confirm: Roberts Lied about his role in the Federalist Society

Why is my daughter's public school advertising for Wal Mart?

Gawd - the latest stupid assed email sent by the White House

Bush expresses condolences over deaths of "innocent mothers and dads"

McClellan press conference scheduled to go live NOW (9:30 AM Pacific)

"Iraqification" may turn out to be a dog's breakfast"

links for information about federal grand jury

I think C-SPAN is lying

Sen.Durbin's excellent point about Judge Roberts:

Rove's plan to avoid all charges: bank on the integrity of reporters.

Gannon/Gosch Comes Back into Play

CNN: "The Rove problem"

Frame for Gonzales investigation Flap: TWELVE HOUR GAP!

Just witnessed McCain make excuses for Rove, lost any respect

A Post-Script to my GITMO post......

Some A-hole Tore My Amnesty International Sticker Off My Car

This is HUGE - the Espionage Act of 1917!!!!

"Justice Dept" going after Durbin, Rockefeller and Wyden now??????

Voinovich's strange comments re Bolton

Criticize Joe Biden for kissing Karen Hughes' butt

Anyone know if Santorum is in NYC?

We need to tell Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, etc

Last question in Scotty's briefing - did leak fit treason law.

Terry brings activism to Florida Senate campaign

Today's McClellan transcript: Do Rove's actions constitute treason?

transcript of WP online chat with santorum 7/25/05 1:00pm


Why generals won't ask for more troops

More pablum from the DLC. Their strategy of nothingness at latest gabfest

McClellan's "I addressed it on 10/1/03" spin: he SAID "I just don't know"

Feinstein on Roberts: "very difficult for me if he opposes Roe v. Wade"

Message from Boxer re: Roberts nomination

Anyone else get a fundraising call from Dean and the DNC re: Roberts

Demos preparing comeback in La. - Beaucoup Blues

Where can we see Lautenberg's press event?

McCain introducing detention techniques amendment!! cspan2 nt.

The Irresponsible Republicans.

Kerry, 25 other senators urge investigation of Plame Leak

My local pundit subbed in for Rush today

a lil help: any links to the oldster (60s) doctor serving in Iraq?

From Senator Reid's site a Count UP Clock on TreasonGate

White House may sidestep dems on Bolton-Yahoo News

3rd Infantry Division's press office MAKING UP quotes for Iraq statements

After Fitzgerald completes his investigation, what happens next? nt

"The Bush gang didn't have 12 hours...they had a whole weekend"

Joe Biden on Gonzales: "I don't doubt the attorney general's sincerity"

Did you guys see this? New Abu Ghraib pics..........nt

US Right turns on Blair for being 'soft on terror'

The Roberts nomination is not about Roe, it's about Gitmo.

Psssst. Orrin Hatch is

Watergate, Iran-Contra, Traitor-gate. . .

We need to make Frist's phone ring off the hook.

KY voter on Bush's "faith and values"..."He puts people's feelings first"

Anyone catch Anthony Miller on CNN. The grieving father of bombing

TIME Magazine's cover for this week...

Who would function as the new SCOTUS "swing vote"

Uh oh - here comes the coverup of the Plame leak investigation...

Links to info about accusation - Rockefeller, Durbin, Wyden black ops

How much will Stewart be bashed tonight

Raw Story: Press Hammers White House On Leak, Again

Have conservatives apologized to you yet?

Is the breakup of the AFL-CIO good or bad for the Democratic Party?

Republican Senator: Covert Agents Are Fair Game

Would Scalia or Thomas get confirmed today?

Coverage of the Democratic Press Conference re Gonzales Obstruction?

Freeps: "Bolton is great, but I'd rather see Ollie in there"

Pentagon Blocks Release of Abu Ghraib Images: Here's Why

Kurtz: Journalism can be hard

Cable News Is 24 Hrs of Piping Hot Propaganda

Could somone give me a link (Re: Reagan won the Cold War)

Gannon at the 10/1/03 WH Press Briefing on Wilson

Bush can't get no satisfaction

Feinstein on Hardball reciting the "How To End Terror" talking points

Sen. Sans-Scrotum (PA) will not run for WH in 2008...!

ALF-CIO/Teamsters split

Ptech had access to DOE nuclear waste handling information

So, before today, when was the last time the word "treason"

Sen. Jeff Sessions says its OK to torture detainees.

Dr Freud! Spot the telling typo in the WH transcript of todays gaggle...

Senate Intelligence Committee to Examine Use of Cover by U.S. Spies

Bush: This is how you do it.

Sen. Reid introduces THE ROVE CLOCK

Rove and MSM: Has anyone seen or heard

Conyers: "a pardon will be a last ditch tactic to evade accountability"

O'Reilly on Rehnquist: "you have to drive a stake through the man's heart"

White House warns Dems re: Roberts

Repub on House Intell Com Weighs Leak Legislation

Patriot act/Rovegate Question.....

Keith Oberman/Rove coming up.n/t

"Bush's credibility is down the tubes and he doesn't seem to realize it."

Where Has Novak Been?

Outstanding quote of the day.

Bob Novak sells access

fundamentalist, n

Check Out Focus On The Family's New "Letter Writing Wizard!"

just a test.....

Leak Investigation: The Russert Deal—What It Reveals

Raw Story: Conyers to Bush: Promise you won't pardon those who outed agent

Barbara Boxer's thoughts on Judge John Roberts

Lieberman says he's encouraged following meeting with Roberts

I have ten FIRE ROVE buttons I would like to donate

What is the government's role in the economy?

Feinstein asking for Imams to speak up against killing innocents

We are now hating ourselves for our freedoms! Osama has won!

Right now, History Channel, Secret Society, Bilderburg Bush etc

on CSPAN II, Rep., Markey is giving Rep. Barton an education

How much WORSE is BushCo today than you predicted they would be?

Is Santorum going on The Daily Show tonight?

It is the "84 hours gap," not 12 hours.

Heard on CNBC! Kudlow says that ROVE is responsible for our Great Economy

The Washington Note: MSNBC Firm on Bolton and PlameGate

Rick Santorum on The Daily Show RIGHT NOW!

I guess the power of the crappy Patriot Act is that it will take

This would be my dream GOP Ticket in 2008

Is Christian violence and terrorism justified by the Bible?

This is a real eye-opener: "shoot them in the head"

Last Throes of Credibility: Five Years of Lies & Deception

Olbermann: White House's Leak gap actually 84 hours?

Are Democrats for Life & Feminists for Life the same? Maybe.

Filmed ALL of Conyers 23rd Meet - those who sent me there get it ALL

Our wedge issue should be WORKER'S RIGHTS!!!!

Fill in the blank: In the Bush White House the buck stops____ !

Sen. Clinton Reinforces Ties to Moderates

Why is the Senate Intelligence Comm. planning to review Fitzgerald?

Raw Story: DEMS to hold 3:30 Press Conference on Gonzalez B.S.

If one wanted to run for local office of a small city, which one would

The spooky thing about Roberts? He looks like we've all seen him before!

A trip to the recent past. Mehlman shows Fitzgerald the love on MTP.

Roberts can't recall if he was a member of the Federalist Society

Doonesbury is on Scotty's ass.

GREAT quote regarding the administration bringing itself down over Plame.

Who's on the DC fed'l grand jury Fitzgerald answers to? Who appointd them?

J. Wilson / R. Rhodes / S. Miller / T. Trupiano / J. Conyers audio

EXCELLENT fact sheet on Roberts from MoveOn - FIGHT THIS NOMINATION!

If you don't see me posting here - I may be in Gitmo.

GOP Congress Will Try To Muddy the Waters For Fiztgerald with "Hearings"

The Wake Up America Campaign

AFL-CIO split could hurt dems.

Proposed: Constitutional Amendment that prohibits President pardoning

How does the 12 hour gap help?

Roberts said he would have to recuse himself

Sounds like pro-life Democrats are pushing Dean into a corner...

Mark Warner - prez contender in '08 or Senator in '06?

Video of in-depth Dean interview with a Denver station. Excellent.

HRC urged Dems to end "long standing feud between liberals and the DLC."

Why hasn't Novak been charged?

Polls show consistent support for women's right to choose.

Want to know the DLC's agenda for America? Here it is

Thank you FactCheck: An Exquisite timeline for Wilson/Plame/Treasongate

Kerry, Senators Urge Congressional Investigation Into Plame Leak!

What will happen when Roe vs. Wade gets overturned?

Start using "Bush" as a verb for "to tell a lie."


We need a word to describe Neo-Cons that is distastefull

London Bombers Photo doctored