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Archives: July 24, 2005

CIA Vet's Harsh Retort to Rove's Spinners

Malloy to talk about Andy Stephenson 10pm Sat PST

A question about getting around in Boston...

DFL's Bell throws hat in Senate ring

New Poll: Kaine ahead of Kilgore, Warner approval 74%

Rep Barton R-Texas doesn't like scientist who tell the truth

Cheney visits Minnesota to back Kennedy

OMGddss, Cons still trying to spin Saddam's WMDs

MALLOY to make personal note on Andy Stephenson 10 p.m. PST hour

with AAR expanding weekend shows...BRING ON PETER WERBE!

If you could do any kind of work for the government, what would you do?

Tribe, Boies, Dellinger support Roberts: would he support them for SC?

Spoof of Bush Wins Faux Faulkner Contest

Wanna get inspired and happy?

Impeach Bush Now!

Sunday Herald: George Bush faces a political lobotomy

Our congress knew in 2003 about the abuse in Iraq, the humiliation.

Has bush/ cheney/rovie broken any Patriot Laws???

"Is Islam to blame?"

Corporations, Malfeasance and acceptance of the status quo

A Stunning Concession on Roberts From the Radical Bloggers at Powerline

They Hate Us for our NAZIs . . . (Graphic Warning)

With Bush's help, GE courts Indian PM, nuke sector

Poll: Americans Say World War III Likely


Now listening to REBIRTH OF THE COOL by Afghan Whigs

I'm listening to the Rebirth Of Cool 1-7

I'm getting near the end of my ultra-time-consuming project!!!

Mmmm... new beer. Great taste, great name!

I think this ad for a room speaks to me on a personal level

GOPisEvil gave me cooties - anyone have a cure for them

Which book should I read first (tonights purchases)

Why can't I just lie, dammit?

Does anyone here know how to make an Atomic Cocktail?

My Cousin Wins Junior Miss!

GOPisEvil is stalking me. What should I do?

Have you ever did that...? And it felt so good, that you did it again?

I'm listening to "Tubthumping" by Chumbawumba

Sometimes I hate living in an apartment.

Packing for a 2 day trip: would you do it all yourself or would you

Is GOPisEvil the new Kleeb?

missb needs to "quit with the talking points".

I'd like to announce my Top 50 Anti Elite DUers List

Have You Ever Heard Of The Song "Dead Skunk"

Anyone watching Jack Johnson on SNL?

Ever been in the middle of a post, a good song comes on...

Best double album

Another reason to love Jonathan Swift

guess whose waitress didn't show up for dinner

What's the best way to build a web site?

snakes...two general questions

lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven

OK...I see a trend here tonight...WHY is everyone picking on GOPisEvil?

GOPisEvil is Evil

Help! I need a pop-up blocker!

A question about getting around in Boston... (Tay, Rox, Whome?)

Finally, some action !

Is There A Lazier White House Reporter Than The NY Times' Elisabeth Bumill

My first exposure to the DLC

Seriously - whom would you wish to see as the Democratic Candidate

Better Paths To Glory-Vietnam Vet Suggests Alternatives to Military Serv

art & resistance to Bush

CBC: The devaluation of a society (roots of terror)

Leak Investigation: The Russert Deal—What It Reveals

I name the four powers who are behind the al-Qaeda conspiracy

Dear Honorable Mayor of Village X

US anti-war grannies face justice

'Bombers, racists, the law: they're all out to get Muslims'

NYT: Editorial Observer - The Story Behind a New York Billboard...

Bigger sins than offending (More Tancredo hate rant)

Rising up to nullify eminent domain ruling (with 'just desserts' for USSC

United States of America has its own equivalent of Adolf Hitler's SS divi.

Iraq war comes home to El Salvador

Did Ashcroft resign after letting London bomb plotter go last year?

In The Name Of God (Blair, etc.)

How Large a Crater Will We Leave? (Iraq powder keg)

(Saudi & Israeli)Study cites seeds of terror in Iraq (war itself)(B.Globe)

Amid Rolling Hills, a Push Against Whirling Turbines - NY Times July 24

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): No tails or tridents

Plame Games Expose WMD 'Intelligence Failure' Scam

The Genetically Modified Bomb

It's Time To Be Afaid - Very Afraid - by Jonathan Turley

Iraq: This is now an unwinnable conflict

A theory in the forming: Terror war is a diversion (sees the *Co agenda!)

(The Roberts Family) "An Image a Little too Carefully Coordinated"

At California Hospital, Red Flags and an FBI Raid -WP

Six decades on the third rock from the sun

Oops, sorry, won't do. We can't just shrug our shoulders over this

Krugman: Toyota, Moving Northward (National Healthcare, Education)

Herbert: What Bush Doesn't Know

Patrick Cockburn (London Independent): This is now an unwinnable conflict

A neighbor's view of Valerie Wilson's 'outing'

Fruitless dig by Rove-ing reporters?

Punishment for "looking like a terrorist" -- Five shots to the head

Calling Out The Freepers at Radio News America

Paul Hackett's campaign needs volunteers every day this week

Progressive Blogger's Union to Focus on Blocked Abu Ghraib Photos

Fed Reserve Bank: Private or gov.-run thing?

"Earths" used by humanity: The ecological overshoot of the economy .

The Green Machine That Could Be Detroit

U.S. Orders Halt to Shipments of Nuclear Trash; Discrepancy Found ..

The seventh named July tropical storm, Gert, heads for Mexico.

Chinese criminals, spies a threat, authorities say

Pakistani security forces fear reprisals

HK politics, cash conspire against `Mad Dog' Wong

Laos seals off capital for ASEAN security meeting

Blast rocks Beirut after Rice visit

Near no man's land, artists strive for unity and peace

S Africa 'might pay Harare debt'

Thinking about the Unthinkable . . . a Couple Meters Underground

Would-be suicide bomber caught en route to Tel Aviv

PM after Gaza killings: We won't put up with terror

Islamic Jihad, Fatah claim resp. for Sat. shooting death of couple

After London, Tough Questions for Muslims

7/7: Very important top eyewitness didn't see alleged bomber nor a bag

I just finished watching Painful Deceptions.

Another investigation

7/7: Very important top eyewitness didn't see alleged bomber nor a bag

What happened to Flight 93? A summary of the evidence

A question for DU engineers concerning thermodynamics,

Cynthia McKinneys' Panel on 9/11 & many other video links

Evidence of NO controlled demolition at WTC 7

Election Agency Proposes Secret Voting Standards

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 7/24/05

Missouri chooses machines. Can someone "Show Me"

DU Rearchers!! Emergency!! John Fund NASS Keynote speech distortions!!

E-voting not in Crispin Miller's article; what links should we send him?

I wanted to write something about Andy.

This Michael Keefer article from May is excellent. Was it overlooked, or

AutoMARK under attack?!? I need some smart DU help with some major info

Can a governor be impeached?

Carla Marinucci (San Francisco Chronicle): 'Gulliver' Schwarzenegger

Democrats should change recall method so it goes to lt. governor

Please sign the petition (linked) to urge your Representatives to

What are Arnold's impeachable offenses?

Please sign the petition (linked) urging your Congressional members

WTF Is Up With Sioux County, IA?

Please sign the petition (linked) urging your Congressional members

Tomorrow, 12 year olds riding scooters will be allowed on the roads...

Republicans Recruiting at the Air Expo!

Malloy on Air America Minnesota?

Please sign the petition (linked) urging your Congressional members

Please sign the petition (linked) urging your Congressional members

Johncoby gets ink in Laredo

Pdittie is my kind of dude!

Johncoby gets ink in Waco!

Austin area folks: Do you have a hard time getting Air America at night?

Lance Armstrong for TX governor? Just heard on This Week

Please sign the petition (linked) urging your Congressional members


Teamsters, SEIU Decide to Bolt AFL-CIO

Initial Thoughts on Day (conyers blog)

Malloy on andy right now

I wanted to write something about Andy.

What to know who is giving $ to your Reps?

The outing of Karl Rove

Christian terrorists..

What if Joe Wilson was setup ?

How Seattle Cops Failed to Police Their Own


Today's NYT ...about the leak and the effect on *

How can short circuit blanket pardons for Rove and other Bushies?

Eight Days in July

The Worst Part About Murderous Cops is

So, why are we in Iraq?

Egypt and London should be a wake up call for Bush to "GET OFF HIS ASS"

Did the officers responsible for Menezes death identify themselves

Sunday morning toon - new (7/24)

One Innocent Life

Question: Cause of July 7th Air Force 1 Africa trip

Free Stickers: Impeach Bush etc..

What's Bush's nickname for Judy Miller?

Has anyone looked at the moon tonight?

Cheri Jacobus ["Republican Strategist"] (disgusting human)

The More We Learn about Rove, the Dumber he Becomes

C-span censorship? Dead link to video stream of Hearings.

Bush Family Tradition: Ducking Scandal

Judge a Society by How It Treats Its Most Vulnerable Members

The best of Ward Sutton (political cartoons)

Selling The War for $1.7 Billion

25,000 wounded went through Landstuhl hospital...

So what has the war on Iraq gotten us?

"Debate of castration bill heated" in Alabama legislature

(SRI) Investing for Dummies:

Fineman and Gregory on Chris Matthews now

Coingate: Noe has left Ohio. Petro doesn't think he's a flight risk.

Any news on Leonard Clark?

Remember when the leak investigation was in Ashcroft's hands?

Spoof of Bush wins Faux Faulkner contest

ACLU Blames Gov't for Abu Ghraib Delay

"Get Stupid" Bush Cartoon

U.S. offers forecast on Iraq insurgency : give up within 5 years

A question for any British readers ?

Mainstream Media Try to Hide the Impeachment Question (Zogby)

LAT: Parties Are Tracking Your Habits (Republicans are masters of data)

A great Opus today..... :)

So you say you care, do you really?

Democratic Talking Point: The treatment of Wilson and Plame by the Bush

If you think chemical

IT'S OVER! Lance Armstrong wins 7th and final Tour de France


What Would You Do If You Were The London Police In This Scenario?

CNN: Police: Man shot in subway a Brazilian not tied to bombings

Armstrong bows out with seventh Tour victory

Does anybody know about Gary McKinnon's plight?

Iraq: 40 more dead in Baghdad, AND constitutional process is in trouble

Beheading question.....

"Bush has yet to address some uncomfortable questions"

Patriot Act

Blair Spent $3,130 on Makeup in Six Years

Britian must not fall into the trap they did in Northern Ireland.


Are any of the sunday morning talk shows talking about Traitorgate today?

Why did the White House have Agents name?

Spoof of Bush Wins Faux Faulkner Contest

London shooting: the terrorists have won

Question on London Attacks

Typical misstatement by Howard Kurtz

Enough with the Lance....

Would you help the family of the man said to exterminate 3000 countrymen?

If Rove was just trying to knock down Wilson's claims...

What happened to thread: Air America ...We reject your filth and treason?

Watch them try to smear/tear apart Fitzgerald as the heat turns up

One in four Muslims sympathises with motives of terrorists

John McCain can kiss his "ambitions" for the presidency good-bye

ITV News: USGS reports MAJOR earthquake off coast of Nicobar Islands.

gee, since bush 'took' office a lot of stuff is exploding & getting bombed

Meet Michael Lasseter - He ran past airport security after 9/11 and lived

The London cops who killed Menezes aren't guilty.

Ixnay on the info:All information on Roberts not to be released

"The Green Machine That Could Be Detroit"

Proportional Representation

87 verses 144 images : Abu Ghraib and Fuzzy Math

Condemning all of the 'evil' people

Yes, the world is going to shit. Take time to say so. But also,

Howard Fineman: Plame a non-story (2 or 3 on a scale of 1to 10)

NYT asks the question whether we are in a civil war in Iraq.

Good thing Cheney built that brand new bomb shelter for himself, eh?

Spoof of Bush wins Faulkner writing award

VIDEO UP of Gonzales and John McCain from Sunday morning!

Payback is a Bitch

One year and one month ago today, Fitzgerald spent over an hour with Bush

Great Audio! DSM Town Hall Meeting in Oakland, CA!

NOW IS THE TIME: Take a minute.

Marcos is fishing on Lake Arrowhead in the People's Republic of California

INCOMPETENCE ON SENATE INTEL by Larry Johnson at No Quarter blog

What the difference is between a Municipal and a Public Golf Course?

strib: Now, George McGovern talks about peace and war

Are Bushbots Liars or do they just lack reading comprehension?

Cenk Uygur: The Party of Responsibility (HuffingtonPost)

600,000,000 People to jump simultaneously to end global warming!

Kerry seeks release of Roberts' documents

Safire is now the #1 WH stenographer

Only one thing can save 'em now !

Roberts: OK to arrest/handcuff/fingerprint 12-yr-old girl eating on subway

Tube survivor: No bag, bomb under the train

Who Wants to See a Photo Catalog on DU?

Unilateral Congressional Contracts

A Legal Question About The Photos

WHICH "latest bombing"? There's been so many...

From Dembloggers - Republican Economic Spin exposed!

I didn't know Tim McGraw was a Democrat

"Impeachment Time" video

The right keeps trying to characterize Plamegate as "payback"

Remember Jeffrey Kofman?

Another Massive Lie: Phase II WMD Intelligence Investigation

Don't let the DSM go down the memory hole!

Just a question?

HEADS UP: Bill Maher on The Tonight Show, TUESDAY, JULY 26th

Some examples of hope in my newspaper today....

Mrs. Negreponte on CSPAN2 now!

FLASHBACK>>September-October 2003>>Gonzales'Involvement with Plame>>>>

Is anyone else watching the show about....

Scar Wars.... protecting Amurka from threats, both imaginary

Ben Stein's lunacy (video)

Thank the poodle!

Freakiest thing I saw today and I don't think it is normal

"Raging Grannies" arrested in Tucson after trying to enlist!!

GOP Looking for new Mascot

Anybody See Saturday Night Live Last Night? Daryn Kagan Spoof . . .

Iraq is Too Hot Even for The Mercenaries. "Cheap" Doesn't Work.

Iraq Constitution drafters killing inside job

Is setting bombs off in public places the new fad... like streaking?

Come Oct. if there's a chance to impeach Bush - better jump on it

This crappy, shitty, unbearable freedom brought to Iraq by bushco**....

a small tribute to Long John Baldry . . .

Headline meant for CIA leak story includes name of Nixon Watergate operati

Anyone else a fan of Michael Feldman's "Whadya Know?" radio show?

Abu Ghraib Images/Know Your FOIA: The 7(F) Exemption:

"Grand Theft Auto" game and American democracy

1775 Reasons why the DSM is Important

My brother got "Bu$h Money" in Haight Ashbury yesterday.

Simple solutions of simple-minded conservatives like Michael Savage...

The collaborationist wing (DLC) wants 100,000 more troops.

One CEO Gets It Right (DailyKos)

Bush lied under oath--who is going to hold him accountable?

I just read about the children at Abu Gharib

the CIA vets were great, but did any of them make it to MLM?

Hi all! God I've missed you!

Following The Conspiracy's Path: Did Rove Tell Tim Russert re: Plame?

DU Rearchers!! Emergency!!

Faux: Five In the Noggin

David Holloway letter: Karl Rove might be guilty of treason

T shirt seen in London Today... Honest!

Blair Spent $3,130 on Makeup in Six Years

self delete

Overflow Crowds; 100s Turned Away For Downing Street Memo

So, who told the State Department about Valerie Plame?

Looking deeper into the Gonzales interviews this morning....

Heard this song again today......................

Interesting thing about Novak column.

London Attacks Highlight America's Vulnerabilities

We're all the same....or are we?

Does the fact that little Jack Roberts pissed off Dubya

Nixon, Reagan, and George W Bush are communists.

Paul Krugman on healthcare views on WA Journal, Ch. 355,

When the White House refuses to release the papers this means

Bush pictures I've never seen before

insurgents infiltrating Iraqi police

Shouldn't President Bush remain loyal to Karl Rove?

Lee pushes for truth on 'downing street' memo

July 23 “Downing Street Memo” Anniversary

Revolting bumper sticker I saw today.

News from Australia: "High energy prices please HALLIBURTON"

ok been dealing with a screaming baby all day.. whats the "new" items of

LOL... 'Enemies of humanity' quote raises Iraq PR questions

Idea for someone who designs bumperstickers

White House Won't Say When It Learned Of CIA Leak Probe

Where In Hell Has Laura Been In All This

Sunday Monitor up at 6 CDT Houston London Florida Oaxaca

"Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings take dream."

60 Minutes first segment about torture/interregations/Rendition

I think Mr. Menezes would've appreciated a tasing compared to what he got

A very disturbing thing I heard in my local Town Hall meeting yesterday...

A question about Roberts' children

The Guy James opinion as to why Liberal radio will never be dominate

C-span alert - Hillary Clinton on the Dem agenda, starting now

La Jornada (Mexico): Bush plans for GLOBAL POLICE STATE

Don't Tug on Superman's Cape

Bush fixed the policies for going to war with Iraq end of story

Who would you choose between Hillary & Barbara Boxer -in 08


Why do LGBT people want a federal hate crime law?

Watching America - English Translations for News about America

What did Bush Know and When?

"Lawmakers Remove Roadblock to Energy Bill"

"Roberts Vote Fraught With 2008 Politics"

Dare we hope yet?

There are 1776 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Will these two be counted in gwb's "war on terrah"???

Tonight's Simpsons came with a warning

"Online News Consumers Become Own Editors"

Rice outraged over her & Andrea Mitchell's treatment in Sudan

Dumbest LTTE ever. I mean it! D-U-M-B: Dumb Dumb and DUMB!

Alright! Freedom, Freedom, Fucking Freedom! Where Are My Flowers?

F__K Salon NO I will not watch an ad for

Separate the financial institutions

A man being assaulted by a woman? It can happen.

Watch the right crumble . . .

Shouldn't Bush have to go before the Grand Jury? Other presidents

Anyone who thinks that Gonzales did not notify Bush, Rove, Cheney, ...

Remember that at the time Gonzales was White House counsel...

I think Crooks and Liars has gone a bit too far

Camera-shy America weighs merits of video surveillance

I did a freeway blog tonight. As I was leaving someone tried to pick me

To all those parachuting in tonite for the "Drudge says hate Hillary" act:

So Little Lord Pissypants got "annoyed" by a dancing 4 year old

Venezuela vs US: Looming War of the Airwaves

can someone post how to use the DU crawler? Or message thing

"Some Vets Condemn 'Wedding Crashers' Site"

Can Bolton be hired now since there is an "on going investigation" going

Hope simple Scotty gets a good night's sleep; he may have a

Advice Please! What can I do with my old cell phone?

Looking for link: Fake US soldier editorials.

Hey, Matt PUDGE, Your "Privacy" Is GONE with the Wind-of-Wingnutism

Don't you think * knows what Fitzgerald is up to?nt

Doonesbury: * confesses!

Terrific Site on the Rove Investigation

50 years without a trial


RAW Story Tops home page with my "NYTimes edits out Bolton" Tip!

"Spoof of Bush Wins Faux Faulkner Contest"

Groundhog Day in Iraq: U.S. Military Press Releases Repeat Quotes

What would RoveGate be if Bush was not 're-elected'?

Groundhog Day in Iraq: U.S. Military Press Releases Repeat Quotes

AG Gonzales: "Latest attacks look like al-Qaida, could strike USA!"

WP picks up the story: "Bush Aide Learned Early of Leaks Probe"

London Police are "sorry"

In the age of terrorism what standard of threat should be required to kill

Canada and New Zealand are the only two sane Anglo nations left

London bomber set up AQ camp in Oregon in 2002 - Ashcroft let him get away

Malnourished children cling to life in Niger

RAW STORY: Conservative mag says Cheney plans to nuke IRAN

The genius of Fitzgerald and the criminal justice system

RED ALERT: Gonzales tells Schieffer he tipped off Andy Card re Plame probe

So what do ya'll think of the Pentagon wanting to raise recruit age to 42

FBI Interrogator in Iraq to US Citizen Prisoner: "Who Did You Vote For?"

"Teamsters, SEIU Decide to Bolt AFL-CIO"

"9-11-01" movie on TRIO Today!(blacklisted in the USA-2003)

They did it AGAIN! Anyone watching cspan?

Post your Web-site, Blog, or Web group

Breaking- White House Does Not Respond to Questions to whether Card...

Please DU this poll on the Patriot Act

CSPAN Schedule Monday July 25

The American Taliban agenda

HAHAHA -- look at this pic in the NYTimes of *

In These Times Of A Police State Run Amok I Bring You Terror Threat Pink!

Is Pat Roberts Defeatable? Should We Reciprocate What GOP Did To Daschle?

Rasmussen New Poll: PA Senate 2006: Casey 52% Santorum 41%

GOP Chair of Senate Intel. Cmte doesn't KNOW if Plame was covert?

How long do you guys think Hillary spent on the GTA??

What Happened To 9/11 Commission Investigating Bush After The Election?

Who is/was the worst Supreme Court Justice ever? nt

You guys may have seen this, but

Ben Stein gives a sick commentary on Rove............

So how many people should be fired /imprisioned/ "dealt with" over this?

The fact that Robert's children are adopted makes him dead set against

How Seattle Cops Failed to Police Their Own

Tsunami Question.... is prevention possible???

the world thinks Bush a lying war criminal and at least half of the US

Yahoo and Guardian now have Gonzales/ Card story

A man restrained by cops is executed in the street London. By the cops.

Don't be surprised if Gonzalez Fires Fitzgeralg

Are you loyal to GWB???? Take the quiz.....

How do our ways of moving relate to gender identity?

The Fall of a Freeper

THE NOMINATION OF JOHN ROBERT- It's time to be afraid, very afraid

My letter to the DLC website

Looks like it is time to get vocal about choice.


Lance Armstrong won another Tour de France. Yawn.

New Statesman, UK Cover Story: "The bombs of 7 July were Blair's bombs."

American Hiroshima. Discuss.

The lastest round of torture photos are being withheld for one reason....

In my Hard Rock NC Soil...I gave up...But I have one Tomatoe Plant & One

Plame and David Kelly attacked in the same week

At what point does the MSM get over their love affair with John McCain?

* was Annoyed by 4 Year Old Jack Robert's Dancing

Sludge: Hillary To Support Roberts

Conservative "New Republic" shows buyer remorse

Molly Ivins nails it -- the Court battle is about SO much more.

Did you see John Mc Cain today on "This Week"?


"Centrist Dems Urge Military Enlargement"

Gonzales Is Lying About What He Did the Night DOJ Called Him, Here's Proof

"Must I paint you a picture?"

Diane Feinstein: Neocon-Enabling War Criminal

Your Sunday morning reading project - Civilian Inmate Labor Program

NJ Proposes Banning Smoking While Driving

9'll widow charges bush with foreknowledge and murder and sues under rico

List of Grand Jury Witnesses and FBI Interviewees

Hey Hillary, As My Senator, I Must Ask You Which Concerns You MORE?

TOONS to start the week

Why Bicycles Are Better!

Hillary supporting Roberts - not a bad thing?

Innocent Man 'tased'.

Everybody should hear this

What kind of dish soap container do you have? This is

What's for supper ?

Moral values call to Tory leader

At least our police are not sodomizing children in Abu Ghraib

England suffer huge Lords defeat


McKinney reopens 9/11

Al Qaeda Leaders Seen in Control

Egypt Detains 70 People for Resort Attacks

Do not pursue PKK rebels, Zebari tells Turkey

Guardian: Two bomb plots 'linked'

[Gitmo prisoner] Hicks faces 'political show trial': US military lawyer

Library Leader Questions Patriot Act

'Iraq has been an absolute gift to al-Qaida'

Death toll in Baghdad car bomb rises to 22

Wal-Mart fight not over for band of adversaries

Bush political adviser reportedly a Fed candidate

Iraqi Leaders Threaten to Support Boycott

Spoof of Bush wins Faux Faulkner contest

Cook: War in Iraq boosted terrorism

Ben Stein gives a sick commentary on Rove............

LAT: Immigration Rising on Bush's To-Do List (aims at Latino voters)

Pressure on US to use more surveillance. (AP)

LAT: Left Follows the Right on Campus Outreach Path (Dems play catch-up)

Police believe would-be bombers still in Britain

Time Editor Defends Giving Up Notes

Editor Defends Giving Up Reporter's Notes

LAT: Parties Are Tracking Your Habits (Republicans are masters of data)

US frees Jordanian from Guantanamo

Spokesman for S.C. governor arrested (criminal domestic violence)

Will Daley surrender?

Revealed: London bomber's links to Briton in suicide attack on Tel Aviv

Two injured in Istanbul explosion

Feinstein could sway Roberts vote

Quake Hits India; Tsunami Warning Posted.....7.2

Army Puts a New Face on Interrogations -LAT

IRAQ: women alarmed at prospect of rights erosion, UNIFEM says

Phoenix Works to ID Victims of Heat Wave (AP)

Poll: Americans Say World War III Likely

NYT: If It's Civil War, Do We Know It? (Iraq)

Schroeder's party divided over link with leftists

U.S. Soldier Killed in Attack in Southern Afghanistan

(Sunday NYT) Who told Bush what in leak case, and when was he told?

Tony Blair spends thousands on makeup

Four Unions to Boycott AFL-CIO Convention

Explosives go off near a tourist bazaar next to Egypt's Pyramids

29 years after jetliner bombing, convicted man breaks silence (on Posada)

Magnificent Seventh (Lance Wins)

Nobel laureate condemns hanging of gay teenagers in Iran

Come Oct. if there's a chance to impeach Bush - better jump on it

Death toll in Baghdad car bomb rises to 22 (200 dead in 10 days).

Police Arrest Third London Blasts Suspect

Major earthquake off India's eastern coast-USGS

Earthquake rattles Nicobar Islands, raising tsunami fears

Lawmakers abandon MTBE liability shield to help clear way for passing.

Officials Puzzle Over Abortion Pill Deaths

Many Bombs but Links Are Unclear

Uproar expected in Arroyo's Monday speech

Kimberly-Clark Plans About 6,000 Job Cuts

Bomb attacks destroy 2 US Humvees in Iraq, causing casualties

NYT/AP: Online News Consumers Become Own Editors

'Enemies of humanity' quote raises Iraq PR questions

WP: Uncertainties Slow Push for Nuclear Plants

Man recounts Bush grenade toss strategy

NYT/AP: Shareholder Presses Unocal Board on Bid (over higher Chinese bid)

Yemen: Calm restored after violent street protests

Some Vets Condemn 'Wedding Crashers' Site

Iran admits to abuse of prisoners

In harm's way: Titan in Iraq -Workers say 'Wild West' conditions...(SDU-T)

Effort here (Seattle) to charge London suspect was blocked

Gonzales testified (before Grand Jury) in leak investigation

Ford Considers Cutting More Salaried Staff

NYT: Senate Panel to Examine Use of Cover by U.S. Spies

Haiti: Father Jean-Juste in Isolation & New Charges

Sailor dies in wreck after Blackwater training

Militiamen tied to Iraqi government involved in killings, Sunni says -KR

'Shoot-to-kill' policy to remain

UK police say more innocents could die in bomb hunt

WP: Lack of Funds Reduces Frequency of Health (facility) Inspections

LAT/AP: NASA Plans Launch Even if Problem Recurs

Philippine opposition files impeachment complaint against Arroyo

India to Continue Iran Pipeline Talks--Daily Star (in US' face)

2 dead, 10 injured as car bomber hits Baghdad hotel

NYT: A Radio Program Turns to a Blog to Cull Ideas

LAT: Will we be ready? US health officials prepare for potential pandemic

11 Retired Military Leaders Endorse McCain Amndmts (Reform Interrogation )

Bush has yet to address difficult questions on CIA leak

Short walk and the No2 bus - a very ordinary journey to death

New York's major train station evacuated over bomb alarm

Straw backs down on denial of Iraq link (support for Blair dropped 14 %)

Indiana Guardsman Awaits Court-Martial in Iraqi Officer's Death

Terror ties to Iran

US-Iraqi task force to decide on US troop exit

Chavez Says Egypt Attack Likely Spurred by U.S. Actions in Ira

Lawmakers Remove Roadblock to Energy Bill (MTBE liability tabled)

New Latin-Focused TV Station Telesur Begins Transmitting

NYT: High Tech in the '70's, Shuttles Feel Their Age(but lift off Tuesday)

Senate Panel to Examine Use of Cover by U.S. Spies -NYT

Family Mourn for Brazilian Victim

Turkey asks Syria to stop rebel infiltration into Iraq

Chavez Says U.S. Thirst for Oil Lies Behind Tension With Washington

Does The President `Get It'? Executives Complain Too Many Needs Remain Unm

Saudis want bin Laden hunt to intensify

BBC: (London) Police chief 'sorry' over death

Bush Approval Rating Falls to 44% in U.S.

Senate to Vote on Repealing Estate Tax

White House Won't Say When It Learned Of CIA Leak Probe

CNN/AP: Massive dust cloud heads to U.S.

British police to shoot suicide bomb suspects in head: chief

Zimbabwe Pursues Made-in-China Future (China's rising African influence)

LAT: Shots to the Heart of Iraq:Civilians Increasingly Killed by US Troops

Newsweek: Leak Investigation: The Russert Deal - What It Reveals

Iraq seeks electricity from neighbours

'Enemies of humanity' quote raises Iraq PR questions

CNN: Police: Man shot in subway a Brazilian not tied to bombings

BREAKING: Gonzales gave Andy Card heads-up re. DOJ Plame probe

Centrist Dems Urge Military Enlargement

White House Won't Show All Roberts Papers

(WP) Kerry Sees Lance Armstrong As a Politician

Energy beam weapon may lower Iraq civilian deaths

Largest Union Decides to Bolt AFL-CIO

'Bombers, racists, the law: they're all out to get Muslims'

Roberts Listed in Federalist Society '97-98 Directory (he didn't remember)

Top US senator urges Muslim leaders to widely denounce terror

Pope asks God to stay hand of "assassins"

My husband asked me to stop lifting weights.

Dammit! I stayed up too late again...

hi GOPisEvil

zuuuuniii.... zuuuuuuniiiiii...

can anyone help me w/ photoshop elements on this early sunday morning?

Who here has a blog?

progmom just called to say she lost her internet connection

Is Progmom the new Skittles?

I am a mango.

Post here only if you can converse in Freeperize

Work RANT!!!!!!!!(AKA Driving for dummies)

I bought some lps at a yard sale today...

Don't worry about sadfuck anymore.

Okay, It's time to post funny pictures.

I bought a car today...

People who have never been caught laughing (Pic Heavy)

Sleeping In A Jar

Is Springer real or fake?

Watching "The Negotiator" with Samuel L. Jackson and

No Dogs!

My Morning Jacket............

I know what really upsets Brits...

What would be your least wanted summer government job?

While we're on the subject of "guilty pleasure" bands, how about DADA?

More Human Than Human

Some humans ain't human

Share with me your very obscure pet peeves

I am such a WUSS!!!

years ago i loved watching war, i can't stand any war movies.

Greatest Cowbell Songs-redux.


Stephen King stories or books made into actual GOOD movies:

christ compels you . . .

Is anyone an expert on vitamins?


Would you rather fight Mary Matalin or Ann Coulter?

i just spent the last 24 hours

lawn sausages

it may not get better

"Ode to a Robin"

anyone stiLL up?

Good songs to play when staying up very late? Staying up themed?

Father's Day Gifts, Boat Drinks and the One that Got away

Sugar Crash (cute little game)

Toon for a Sunday morning (new 7/24)

I give you all a little beauty for post # 4000

I declare this week to be in rivalry to Zuni week, Kleeb week

Congratulate me! Done with the garlic butter and the deviled eggs!

I feel lazy and need some information

The latest Mark Fiore Cartoon.

They grow up too fast....

DU Parents - A Word Of Advice:

Outsourcing tech support?? Fucking bastards!!!!

I'm recruiting soldiers for a war against metaphorical wars -

Is Kentucky's Capital pronounced Louis-ville or Looey-ville? n/t

Canada wins dumbest government at World Stupidity Awards;Bush wins 1 award

Boxing fans... who caught the Hopkins fight? I saw the last 3 rounds.

It's getting light out......

Anyone watching Lance win his 7th?

Heat wave - will my dogs be okay tommorow?

USB hub question....

I just spent the last 17 and a half hours watching Lost

Reminder for "Survivor" fans .....

If I said don't reply to this post would you listen to me

The new evolution of the Yellow Ribbon Car Magnet...

Today's Official Smiley is the Head-Shake Smiley


These are the days of miracle and wonder.........

Fox Breaking: Armstrong Wins Last Tour de France

Have you ever gotten the impression...

Can't upload my own avatar - FAQ didn't answer my question

This is just a test

Does Armstrong keep winning because his limbs are so stretchy?

Woman killed while shocking for worms

Program to capture sound playing on the sound card?

Lance Armstrong Question..

Friends Mount Billboard for Mormon Bachelor

Friends Mount Bored Mormon Bachelor named Bill

sniffa is a sniffa

Eight days remaining on summer vacation: Ask me anything

How many different places have you lived in in your life?

I collect broken dreams and missed opportunities....

Best Stephen King Book

Progmom is a progmom

Well g'night everybody....

I have decided that I want to get married

Has anyone ever stopped for those kids spinning "Condos for Sale" signs?

How amok is Canuck??

Who owns Lawn Flamingoes? If you do, are they in the garage, or...

How come I can't tell the free world from the living hell?

Is sniffa sniffabLe?

Anyone watching Mystery Men on Sci Fi - J. Garofallo with green hair

The New Hampshire Review, Issue #1 (Now Online)

There's a hole in the world tonight. There's a Cloud of fear and sorrow.

This is LeftPeopleFinishFirst's very own thread!

has LeftpeopLefinishfirst ever finished Last?

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair

Austin, TX--Sports capital of the United States!

i'm tired as hell today

Black hole Sundog, won't you comedog,

Windows XP S-U-C-K-S at copying from one PC to another

Man survives 5 days in lava field--Hook 'em, Horns!!

URGENT: Anyone know of the best orthopedic surgeons in Dallas??

The new ZombyWoof is the old ZombyWoof

For my 3,000 post, I give you,

Good grief.

Oh Fenris - we practiced your favorite asana in yoga today...

The new release DVD you are MOST LIKELY TO BUY this week

Obligatory George Carlin quoting thread

How strong are you?? You would not believe it. I have evidence.

How do you deal with and conquer your own fears?

Enough with the Lance....

McSweeney's George Bush jokes..

You are my Sundog, my only Sundog

William Sapphire is even more pathetic then I thought.

Obligatory Neil Hamburger quoting thread


Starting some research on eliptical trainers

I have the most annoying cat!!!!!!!!!!!

My version of "Love Letters"

I've 50 people on my porch and in my yard right now. . .

Anyone here a computer coroner?

Diehard Republican Makes Karl Rove Joke At Junior Miss Last Night--

Quite now, Mysteries of the Bible is on

120F Heat Index predicted for Milwaukee...Put the beer on ice!

I'm celebrating today.

Myron Floren, accordion player on 'The Lawrence Welk Show,' dies

Monster dust cloud heads for U.S.

Honey, you need to get out more

Does Kahlua ever go bad?

If PMS counted as posts, what would your post count be ?


Paul Winfield on City Confidential

Streaming question...If I am listening to archived Air America show,

I was well enough to go snorkeling at Pinecrest yesterday.

So I guess I shouldn't flip people off while driving?

'Lawrence Welk Show' Accordion Player Dies

If PMs counted as posts, would your post count be..

Jesus! Kenny vs Spenny is fucking hilarious.

I'm hittin' the store for some donuts

Did you ever run away from home?

If I put a piece of frozen steak directly into the oven, will it come out

Best commericial ever! Starburst Baja Fruit Chews!!

why do people disable their profiles?

Current Chicago temperature....100.9

the Lounge feels like GD today ...

This has been a PERFECT DAY!

Today Is My 16th Birthday!!!!

Is Nytemare a nightmare?

I just wanted to say...I LOVE YOU!!!!!! n/t

Competing with People Is Not Working for Me Anymore

Is your spouse/SO's personality similar or dissimilar to yours?

So I guess I shouldn't whip it out while driving?

Favorite song about a musical instrument

Need a good laugh??

Glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub.

Rate your lounge presence

David Byrne: Genius or just some dude acting weird?

can i get a sniffa thread?

Anyone here have a pop-up/tent camper?

Well we have some VERY depressed cats.

ATTENTION, Photo Group members in the lounge...

help with Demopedia--want to add photo to the gallery but I can't log in!


Constantine, Constantine or Constantine?

When my life passes before my eyes will Morgan Freeman be narrating?

can y'all go vote in my Harry Potter poll?

This episode contains discussions of same-sex marriage.

Is the Rapture the opposite of being Tombstoned?

Things that happened on my vacation

I got to hang out with JimmyJazz last night!

NL West leader San Diego Padres only 1 game over .500. NL SUCKS!

Here comes the Sundog, doo doo doo doo, here comes the Sundog, and I say

Paul Hackett is going to be on Fox19 news tommorrow morning

Miss Hathaway was a lesbian?

Is making fun of Waffle iron polls inherently lame?

Is it lamest of all to not be able to admit that waffleiron polls are lame

Are you brave enough to hoist your post and wait?

Mom with headache lets son drive to school

Is it lame to make polls about how lame following waffle iron trends is?

"Family Guy" time

People who ask people to stop gaining weight are jerks

Good news / bad news

GUESS McClellan's response to the Did Andy Card Tell Anyone question

Vampires sell 'anti-Christ abortion pills'

September 11

Cobain's 'Last Days' inspire Van Sant movie

Love it or Hate it? Tarzan Boy by Baltimora

Who else likes to watch "Footballers wives"?

People, People who need Waffles are the Luckiest People

American Dad Thread

Does anybody know anything about record players & vinyl albums?

We nearly did not have Family Guy and American Dad.

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Do You (Or Anyone You Know) Own A Copy Of "Girls Gone Wild"??

I'll give you 10 dollars if you can find a better site than this one.

Why couldn't Family Guy do a "God called Bush" joke?

120 over 70, 100bpm. Ask me anything!

Saw "Family Plots" tonight. Question....

when sadness turns to anger

Freeper Theme Song

Judas connection to Half-Blood Prince? (*serious spoiler*)

My foot is asleep

I KNEW IT! The newest T-mobile commercial!

Are there any other Beach Music fans here?

I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you...

"Six Feet Under" fans, is tonight a new episode? nt

people who ask people to stop eating waffles are jerks

Waffle irons---In or Out?

When Exactly Were The "Good Old Days"?

Wow, Ford is now offering consumers those nice employee prices...

What are your guilty pleasure songs ?

Jim Aparo, DC Comics artist famous for "Aquaman," "Spectre," dead at 72


Happy Birthday to Lynda Carter AKA Wonder Woman, 54 today...

i was asked to stop eating waffles so i wouldn't gain more weight

Sundog: The True Hollywood Story is on E! tonight

Bread machines?

Need help locating a bumper sticker.

Most uses of the word "Fuck" in movies and their frequencies

I have to go to work tomorrow morning.

Opinion's Needed on Accuracy of Movie blogs?

Visions of Johanna

is it incredibly lame to ponder trends in waffle irons?

Going in to have the staples removed from my head tomorrow....

3 days till Paris....Almost ready, getting wicked excited, finally

My place is full of smoke

Vida Blue is coming out with a breadfruit colander

Why Do Albums Usually Come Out On Tuesday?

I feel so dirty, the car radio was tuned to the station the Tribe

If you overgeneralize, why do you?

Harvey Birdman: New episode tonight!

Damn.... asshole neighbour has moved-out, and...

Grammar/informal discourse

I want to understand Northern Ireland- recommended reading?

Favourite quote from "Bad Lieutenant"

A's complete 4 game sweep of the Rangers

What do you need to do today? (respond in smilie form!)

if you couLd be a kid again for 1 night, wouLd you?

If you were going to watch all 6 of the "Stars Wars" movies,

Look at this picture. Looks like Karl Rove is losing some weight.

SW fans: Do you think "Sith" will dethrone "Empire" in ten years time?

Deal with this.

DU'ers with Master's degrees: Have you ever...

Best American Band?

Vida Guerra coming out with a swimsuit calender

True or false?

How American are you? (A quiz link!)

List your top three bands that you dislike that others like....

"Reality movies" - do you see the day they will be made?

Which version of "With A Little Help From My Friends" do you prefer?

Patriotic slogans that grind on you the most?

Favorite type of monster

Be nice to the waitress

Who is your hero?

Favorite punk band

Cinematography in "The Machinist".

AWWWW.........I want one as a pet!!

You've GOT to be fucking kidding me

what's all this nonsense about Waffle House poles...?

More DUers agree: the Grateful Dead suck.

Startling revelation!!!!

My biggest regret of my life has just now become official.......

This is just wrong on so many levels.

Wow- Safari for Mac is nice.

ALERT! Your help is needed IMMEDIATELY!

Just got Indecision 2004

Elvis Costello is GOD! Amazing show !

KinderCare - anybody use them or know of people who did?


Did you go to public school or private school?

Why is this woman smiling? (a vanity/rant thread)

Help! My photos are out of control!!!!

I had a bad night with a fundie.

Collectors: What do you collect?

cleaaaaannn... the cleanest i've beeeeeeeeeeaaannn

I need HELP form anyone in Rockford, Illinois!

what to do with freepers in central america.......

1,2,3,4 I declare flame war

Patriotic Insanity in red state hell

Why don't men dance as much as women?

DU Front Page Pix of John Roberts is "Creeping Me OUT SO BAD! "

What species would you wish would disappear tomorrow?

An 18th birthday celebration for the incomparable JohnKleeb!!!

ATTENTION Artists: Design A Ribbon Magnet In The Shape Of A PEACE Sign!

Do you like Country Music?

Reagan and Franco are still dead. Rove is my source. Ask me anything.

Yes or no,

I just saw something completely stupid

Six Feet Under

Name a safety device they have now that we didn't

Alternative pronunciations (besides nucular) that drive you crazy


G A S .

Pslam of the Starving

Prophecy Top-Ten from includes global warming and peak oil

Anyone familiar with the speaking tour MO of the Dali Lama?...

Atheists: Do You "Pray"?

GLP-1 (lizard spit) Byetta on Market for Diabetes

Butterfly unlocks evolution secret

Good question ripe for stupid answers in General Discussion

Question for astronomers,

what do you believe is true but cannot prove?

Hazy Cloud of Saharan Dust Nearing U.S.

Mystery Chinese disease toll now 17

Presbyterians issue draft report on gay debate

Falwell encourages ex-gays at Ridgecrest

Do heterosexuals have a role in the battle for gay rights?

Million Man Follow Up Struggles for Unity

GOP and gaybaiting

IT'S OVER! Lance Armstrong wins 7th and final Tour de France

Have they Finished the Tour de France yet and what is the T.V. Schedule

The Tour De Lance is over...

Number 7, Lance Wins! The National Anthem made me cry!

Help! Anyone know of a Labrador Rescue group in NC?

Anyone familiar w/the Christian metaphysical church?

great thread on the Kogi Indians...the "Elder Brothers"

Natal Saturn in Cancer...retrograde

Oh my. This "Rapture" is looking mighty dangerous.

Delivery for Modem Butterfly...

I am with you all on the "they are not REAL Christians" line

How do you feel about "Brights" ?

Kerry: Armstrong would make a good pol

Its apparently Baker's birthday too

Official Boston meet-up (Wed July 27) thread!

Today Is My 16th Birthday!!!!

Happy 18th Birthday to our own Kleeb!

Rethuggery Week in the 109th (Weasel) Congress

Two Kerry/Edwards vids

Sunday Tour de France Pics

They grow up too fast...

Attention, Mutley_R_Us...

Help me pick?? (not water)

I've posted in the wrong place..ignore, please!

This is a test...

Heads up on photo oportunities Florida Residents alert

New lipstick on that pig

At one time didn't someone post a link by which you could email

02-20-04: Bush Economic food jobs are "manufacturing" jobs

Why is it that we cannot just disagree. Why do we have to convert

London bombing victim confronts Australia PM on Iraq war

"Rice leaves Gaza with no new promises"...Mission NOT Accomplished?

State proposal would cut Medicaid benefits

If you get the chance

Ind. Commission on Detainee Policy & Abuse

Rove Cartoon, super funny.

Republicans have created a large wall between the truth and their leaders

Cartoonist Beattie illustrates why it will be so hard to stop John Roberts

What is WRONG with catching the BOMBERS? It won't prevent

Is the Rove/Libby scandal related to the Franklin scandal?

Are you telling me that NO ONE has the video except the White

Jimmy Carter's deputy COS : "Right or wrong should be standard for Rove"

"Shouldn't President Bush remain loyal to Karl Rove?" (SF Gate)

"Thank you for your service" and other such homilies

A Democrat challenges Orrin Hatch for 2006

"Fallout from Rove's involvement" in PlameGate "yet to be fully measured"

'Nazi' row over Indian textbooks

This editorial cuts at the SCOTUS nominee, John Roberts...

Rove: George Bush faces a political lobotomy - Sunday Herald

Brian Schweitzer - a winner in 2008

Listening to C-SPAN, Republicans would give up all our freedoms...

Mayday, Mayday! Calling all Democratic Party leaders.

Ben "Stand by Your Man" Stein on CBS Sunday Morning

Salazar not heading the Senate Hispanic outreach but Lieberman is.

McClellan on Karen Hughes as a means to "improve diplomacy efforts"

Bill Clinton on Rwanda: "I express regret over my personal failure."

Choose Hillary's Best Decision of the 21 Century

US anti-war grannies face justice

News Flash: Bill Safire is still a whore.

In the latter days of the chimp's first term

The question is: When did he know and how much did he know?

Howard Dean: Rebel With a Cause

Sen Roberts Slanders Joe Wilson on Wolf show

What will history say in 2105?

is Mark McClellan, FDA commissioner, Scott McClellan's brother?

Another name to watch for......

Larry Johnson, Senator Roberts is certainly no Howard Baker - a Republican

Hastert's "pragmatic consensus"

SWEET headline: "Rove scandal chipping at Bush agenda" (Australia)

Check out this photo of Rove & Novak ... too funny!

Will any of you join me -

This piece about McCaine using secrecy on Robert's Justice....

So how do you think the Rove thing will play out?

Regarding the Plame leak, I thought the penalty for treason during

07-23-05: 1775 U.S. soldiers dead, 13,559 wounded in Iraq to date

VIDEO: Alberto Gonzales Told Andy Card 12 hours before

Article I thought was written by a Dem (florida opinion piece)

RW blogger says Rove, Libby should "take one for the team"

Will Someone Please Help Me With This List: "The Snowball Effect (BFEE)

Rove, "Bush's brain" tumor, will likely face multiple charges.

FLASHBACK>>September-October 2003>>Gonzales' Involvement w Plame>>>>

Myth vs fact as known on Niger intelligence

Read the DU front page and tell me... did Roberts knock Rove off the news?

The Enemies List...

Rep. Lee has filed resolution requiring Bushco to release all Iraq info

On CSPAN: Rep. Markey furious that Dems are not included in discussion

Jeremy Greenstock, attempts to publish damaging allegations about the Bush

A letter to my "Born Again" freeper brother

What is going on with the release of the photos of Abu Garib?

Gonzales: "We cannot allow libraries to become safe haven for terrorists"

I was just over at Truthout watching the Downing Street Memo

Where is the liberal "Ben Stein" on Faux?

Lil' Timmy Russert Is a GOP/GE/BushCo Ass Puppet

Canadians have a "Stupidest in the World" contest - guess the winners!

Strange headline on Raw Story (Developing)...

If Gonzales can talk about an ongoing investigation...

Roberts Is in the Mold of Rehquist, Not Scalia or Thomas....

Catherine Baker Knoll 1, George W. Bush 0

Senator hails chief reasons for making run (Evan Bayh)

How much damage have the Republicans done to our military ?

Plame Games Expose WMD 'Intelligence Failure' Scam

Justice Department blocked prosecutors in Seattle on London Bomber

"Trafficking in security information for political gain"; * has no "honor

VIDEO-Ben Stein's Lunacy

Remember Anita Hill? She thinks Roberts is "a step back for diversity."

Remember that it's not the "Patriot Act" - It's the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act.

IS BUSH NUTS? – THE SEQUEL and other analysis

Executive privilege seen as leak-case option> WG 10-8-2003

Bush fixed the policies for going to war with Iraq end of story

I've hit the Mother lode - 6 emails from Hillary in 4 days

"Tell Congress to Fix the Patriot Act"

CBS Sunday Morning joins vast right wing conspiracy

DoD Iraqi Propaganda machine getting sloppy??

Self-Deleted -- Dupe

Blood is on thier hands then and now

Headline writers: please, no more of "Bush touts"!

Let's Just Call That Damn "W" Sticker What It Is - a "W"ASTIKA

McCain looked uncomfortable on This Week

Kilgore (R) and Kaine (D) Tied In Virginia Governor's Race

Can we agree that Bush shouldn't fire Rove?

Pslam of the Starving.....Africa

Coming from half way around the world, KKKarl Rove situation...

GOP's mastery of data changing the very nature of campaigning

Israel Insider: "American foreign policy is in shambles"

DLC's Al From Urges Military Enlargement and Recuiters Allowed on Campus

If I could ask Bush ONE question...

WFT? Hillary is going to SUPPORT Roberts?

GERGEN: 'What did the President know and when did he know it?'

Ldotters: Lance Armstrong = "creep" "jerk" "drug user" since Kerry assoc.

The “father” of neoconservatism, Leo Strauss: Devil or Saint?

a military brass opened his mouth and out came "Lady"

Transcript of Keith Olbermann's interview with Joe Wilson (7/22/05)

vacation overheard in Indiana: repug calls lugar a "sissy"

Must read over at BuzzFlash

CNN Poll - Do London attacks mean we are losing war on terror?

Who would you choose between Hillary & Barbara Boxer -in 08

Why do so many idiots buy the "Fight 'em there instead of here" line?!?

DU this poll on sleazy Penn. congressman

Remembering Harry Bridges: Maybe Democrats should be more like him.

Kerry/Clinton ticket in 2008?

Ok - I posted a poll asking about your thoughts on who would be

Jerusalem Post: Condi's "profoundly disappointing" trip ("Rice Goes Soft")

Fox's John Gibson on British subway shooting: "Five in the noggin is fine"

New at "James Dobson Endorses Judge Roberts: Why?"

great op-ed about santorum's hypocrisy

what is the legacy of Woodrow Wilson ?

We need to discredit Roberts on grounds OTHER than Roe v. Wade

Agree or Disagree?: Priority #1 should be 2006 midterm elections

Have you heard McCain's sexist "joke" yet?

TREASONGATE: What did George W. Bush Know And When Did He Know It?

Howard Dean joins the "Cheap Labor Lobby"

Bush was "annoyed" with Roberts' son

Four Unions Boycott AFL-CIO Convention

How do you counter a President's pardon?

McCain's appalling reason for withholding Robert’s Solicitor General docs

Lt. gov. crashed Marine's funeral, kin say