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Archives: July 21, 2005

Robert's wife's law firm targeting Iraq reconstruction

Israel considers harsher citizenship limits on Palestinians

I'm giving Roberts a fair shake...

Had a bit o' the devil in me today.

So Maybe....the Rove under the Airplane wheel...wasn't a joke?

To be fair, Nagourney misled about Lieberman's enthusiasm for Roberts

Court pick is dilemma for the Dems

There is a difference between saying no and offering an alternative

Reagan's speech on signing the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act

Question? If Al Gore invented the internet. Why didn't he have it regula

On what do Freepers base their claim that Plame was....

Is it me...or does this picture look off (Roberts/Leahy)?

Roberts Wife Law Firm Targets Iraq Reconstruction

I support term limits for members of Congress

Australian bombing victim questions Howard on Iraq

NYT: Iraqis Not Ready to Fight Rebels on Own, U.S. Says

War crimes charges add to Blair Iraq woes

Taft relents, releases weekly reports related to workers' comp

Death toll up to 18 in Phoenix heat wave (mostly homeless)

NYT: An Interview by, Not With, the President

I think I'll venture into GD

My grandpa grew Andy Warhol!

anti & pro Tom Cruise art

Bush Awaits Orders From Rove On Handling Of Rove Scandal

If your friends tell you not to do drugs then they're not your friends,

"Isn't life a blast? It's just like livin' in the past..."

question: why do men settle for unexceptional women?

question: why do men settle for unexceptional men?

Hey doc, I need a martini

I need some martian advice

I need some martial advice

I am thinking of changing my DU name to Yoda....

where is the du gallery?

Can I get a kissy squeeze from someone?

John Roberts and Major Healy - separated at birth?

Why don't the wimmen folks like nice guys?

I need some doc martins

You know, it's not the heat. It's the humidity.

The Orange Juice Thread!! And opossums!

I need a little excitement

question: why do humans settle for unexceptional pets?

ulysses knowledge thread.


Guess what my dumb ass did??? (LONG rant, slightly humorous and enjoyable)

It has been MONTHS (or over a month) since I have last posted...

I need some marital advice!!!!!!!

WHO does Judge John Roberts look like? It's driving me crazy --

Popular people don't have to be nice. Agree or Disagree?

Two executed in Iran for sex crimes, blogger writes they were gay

My 2 "new kids"

Fresh quotes !

Question: Can Bush actually FIRE Fitzgerald from the investigation?

BuzzFlash homepage reminds us of an early bush "promise"

When was the last time Cheney was sighted?


If you can spare $10 for Jim McDermott....he needs our help.

Eric Alterman says the abortion issue hurts the left?!

Sid Blumenthal: Democracy was only an afterthought

For Marines in Iraq, Humor Offers Escape

slate: Last week, John Roberts wrote Bush a blank check

Business as Usual with Judge Roberts - Counterpunch 7/20

Who is Judge Roberts? (WSWS article)

Judge Dread - John Roberts and Enemy Combatants - Counterpunch 7/20

The Stupidity of Income Tax Cuts...

Chad Tidings By Richard Cohen (on USSC Roberts nomination)

Did Dick Finger Valerie? - Counterpunch 7/20

Debating William Westmoreland

Roberts Gave GOP Advice in 2000 Recount

At risk: Roe, rights and religion

'S' Is For Secret (Not Share)--Rovegate

Energy- Winners and Losers

Ron Suskind on Rove

Abu Ghraib pictures released on 6-30-05

9/11 Families Who Fought To Create 9/11 Commission Declare It A Failure

Prove He's Not Another Scalia, Don't Just Say It

Today's attacks: a warning? Bush/Oval/Warren, detonators only, AND...

David Corn (Tom Paine): Robert Merry: the Anti-Neocon

Greg Mitchell (Editor & Publisher): Whoops, 'Plamegate' Back on Page One

The Rural War - smaller U.S. counties sending most soldiers to Iraq

A Letter to the British People from a daughter of Iraq

Bush vs. Gore is the litmus test (NY Daily News OpEd)

Big time trouble

Why Deep Throat Was an Unimportant Source/Watergate (A Must READ!)

The Record of Judge John Roberts

David Brooks : A Competent Conservative (re:John Roberts)

FBI Keeping Lengthy Files on Groups Opposed to Bush's Policies

Rovegate: The scandal that lays bare the cynicism behind Bush's war in Ira

CrossPost//LAT: Roberts would undermine law on Roe, Rights, Religion

Arianna Huffington: Iraq: The War We Are Not Being Shown

Bob Herbert: Education's Collateral Damage

Burnin’ all Illusion Tonight

The Pakistani Connection to 7/7.

Lessons Of Big Government

Iraq's Dangerous New Friend

Summary of Plame et. al."Fitzgerald...Occupied Washington under siege"

The CIA and the War on Drugs

A 6-pronged strategy for defeating Roberts

One Day the Americans Will Learn 'Fighting Terror is Not a War'

"Borking" History":1987 Supreme Court fight often misremembered

The Barage Continues Agaisnt Santorum....

Juan Cole (Salon): The Iraq war is over, and the winner is... Iran

Michael Klare (The Nation): The Iran War Buildup

MUST READ by Chris Floyd - 'Judge dread: John Roberts and enemy combatants

Molly Ivins: Big Time Trouble

There are apologists amongst us

Raging Grannies Arrested At Recruiting Center (indymedia)

Take the Pledge NOT to shop Wal-Mart for Back to School

I still support doing a follow up to the G8/Live 8 thing on immiseration


Form letter response from my Senator re; Roberts nomination...

THE smoking gun on the Roberts nomination

Take a poll that matters

Get your Congress member to comment on outing CIA operatives...

DU Activist Idea

Wow! They printed my LTTE!

So how is the Activist Squad doing?

Help contacting my Repub congressman re: voting reform

Santa Clara County Democratic Club - More UpComing Events - July August

Call from my Congressman's office re: Flag burning letter I sent

MoveOn petition drive to stop the Roberts Nomination - Today!

Contacting elected representatives effectively

DU Activist Corps, July 21, 2005 -- Supreme Court Petitions

LA Times Editor John Carroll Announces Retirement

Let's nourish our next generation of journalists. From Media Matters

Is C-SPAN showing the Waxman hearings?

China allows a 2.1% increase in yuan evaluation

"Greenland glacier 'melting rapidly'"

Massive Fish Kill From Toxic Spill Closes Winooski River (VT)

Upstream Drought Shrinks Gulf Dead Zone - "Only" Rhode Island-Sized

Up To 8,000 Pelican Chicks Die At ND Refuge - MSNBC

Interior So Busy With Oil & Gas Leases That It Has No Time For Monitoring

TS Franklin and Gert?

Iacocca Slams Detroit For Sloth, Inefficiency (I am without words here)

Carbon Dioxide at Highest Level in 400,000 years

The New York Times (July 21): Iraqis Not Ready to Fight Rebels Alone

US warns Africa on farm subsidies

Will England ask the USA to join them in the war against terrorists?

Israeli protesters abandon Gaza march

On the slope of Jewish democracy

Sharon: Time to expand Ariel

London flirts with appeasement by Amir Taheri

Fatah bans press on PA-Hamas clashes

What is Zionism?

Seymor Hersh(?)


London 21/7 - Why this restraint by terrorists all of a sudden?

9/11 Families Who Fought To Create 9/11 Commission Declare It A Failure

Part 2 Interview with Indira Singh re: PTech

7/7: What kind of explosives have been used? Endless contradictions.

Civic Engagement and the Restoration of Community from a voter activist’s

Bradblog: Ohio Election Director 'Docked' for Accepting $10,000 Check...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 7/21/05

Fed Court Upholds Volusia County Decision NOT to Use Diebold Touchscreens

Call your Secretary of State to vote for Paper Ballots.

Whatever happened to that Ohio paper?

Roberts & Florida 2000 recount obstruction

Tom Paine: Timing And Turnout In Ohio

Cross Post: NO BASIS for Confidence Elections; Activist Crackdowns cont.

Bush, Schwarz dismal approval ratings, and election fraud

Voter Confidence Resolution ADOPTED By Arcata, CA (First in Nation)!!

In support of ClaudiaJean.


Dear Representatives, What The Hell Are You Thinking?

Skelton - Obscurity Allows Westly to Shape His Own Image

Daily Pilot: Poll shuffles pole position

We'll take the blue states....funny e-mail

AP via LA Times (July 21): Redistricting Measure Ordered Off Ballot

Hollywood Town Hall meeting - Sat. July 23rd details...

Any Santa Barbara DUer's

What Democrat Will Beat Ahnuld For The Governorship?

Any Cali Law Enforcement here?

Weird, weird weather again

Response from Feinstein--signed petition re; Roberts nom.

Action Alert! Help arnie "celebrate" his birthday on July 28

yet another DU CA Campout thread- I need tentative RSVPs

Dubuque UFCW President Endorses Dickinson (IA-1)

DFL event: Cheney's visit to Wayzata tomorrow

Watch Coleen Rowley Tonight on CNN

The Star Tribune published my letter on John G. Roberts

My comp's DVD drive is making horribly loud noises...

How do I "flip" the keyboard on a Powerbook?

Anyone have a system they want to sell, preferebly cheap

OH15 - Mark Losey Discusses Religion And Politics

DSM After the DSM Meeting in Houston. (Star Pizza)

Stop House bill 2-Contact your senate and house reps

Chris Bell's speech to the SDEC

Anybody know why Nancy Pelosi was in Houston this past weekend?

Houston Police: More Tasers, Need help!

Sen. Feingold to host Milwaukee picnic

Did Bishop's Creek Profit From Last Year's Arson?

That's not thunder.....

Gov Doyle -Vetoes Protect Environment

Kerry/Feingold win Appleton; why no local Dem candidates?

Watched Robert Kennedy Jr. on the Daily Show

Plame's identity was a secret?

:"Our Constitution is not self-enforcing. Only YOU can prevent Tyranny

MSNBC Plame’s identity marked as secret

Here's today's WaPo front page

Plame's name, CIA link were clearly secret

Isn't it time we DEMANDED that Pat Roberts have that

CIA veteran discusses Black Ops & Disinformation, Niger Uranium

Leaking Standard: No pal left behind

Leaking Standard: No pal left behind

The incredible shrinking Judge Roberts

Another wonderful letter to Congress


Freeptard thread about the new WaPo article -- should be fun

WSJ's Hymowitz: To Rein In CEOs' Pay, Why Not Consider Outsourcing the Pos

Do you know any people under 30 who oppose gay marriages?

So who's the new Deep Throat?

MSM is all over the WHO leaked - When will they get to the WHY?

Excuse me, but on the Roberts kid

An impossible to consider though

Leaking Standard: No pal left behind...

We're smarter - they're just dirty, rotten, greedy scoundrels!

WaPo Keeps its Eye on the Prize...distraction short lived.

"That's right Jon, liberals have been mad at Bush's nominee for weeks."

RE: Plame being covert... Was she covert? Yes...

If you read ONE post on how to fight Roberts... Read this (from Billmon)

So, thanks to the credit card minimum payments BS.. my parents cant afford

Self Deleted

press puppies barking Rrrrooberts? new toon 7/21

Lunatic Roberts UPHELD arrest of 12-year-old girl for eating ONE frenchfry

Great post from the Washington Post message board

P2 grand master Licio Gelli indicted over Calvi murder


Experienced DUers: We need an arrest manual.

Credit Card Companies Commence The Big Squeeze

Wadded up newspapers in a crappy motel abortion. (the flipside)

My Republican Reps. response on the Downing St. Memo

Andrea Mitchell in a tussle with Sudanese officials while with Condi!

Gitmo tour on c-span. They're not congressmen, they're CUSTOMERS!

Smart bombs..... not so smart.... perhaps summer school would

WaPo A01--something about Rove?

How We're Doing As A Nation -- Sam Smith's timeline

Is it me or is the coverage of the Roberts Nomination

Schorr: Rove leak only part of much larger scandal

Rupert Murdoch sets up shop in cyberspace

I hear that Karl likes to wear "buttons". I have one for him

Sudanese guards rough up Rice delegation

WHAT ?????????

Roberts gave advice during Fla. recount - but was not paid

Fiore: Double Super-Secret Background

Stand with Joe Wilson

Karl - If you're reading this: No SCOTUS confirmation until you're in jail

bush: 'the war on terror is going to be a long war'

My Mom now thinks bush was behind 9/11, but she's afraid to say it aloud.

Gay marriages will not destroy the family. The following WILL destroy it:

Is anyone concerned about the threat of an "American Hiroshima" in August?

breaking news: london underground evacuated

Anyone here about some sort of "Incident" in London today?

Oceana NAS on the chopping block

The Good Ol' Boys Strike Again - DUer on BuzzFlash

Did Bush's postponed physical ever take place last year?

Americans: I know you're busy and have alot on your plate but

Ford to Stop Production of the Excursion (the BIG SUV)

Living in Blaironia!

WHY should banks care about bankruptcy?

A great article on John Sayles and "Silver City"

I've participated in two abortions. I am not sorry.

Head CEO of Pfizer on CSPAN WJ Call in now!

Rant: Daylight Savings

Anybody for Kucinich in 2008?

Anyone taking bets that Bush is telling Blair to NOT withdraw from ME?

The London Bombings should put attention back on Iraq

More US soldiers killed in Afghanistan to date 2005, than killed in 2004.

Why it doesn't matter if it was a detonator or a bomb.

Military to Deploy Microwave Crowd-Control Weapon in Iraq

drug reps are overpaid, overdressed caterers who spin like politicians

Roberts wouldn't answer questions involving precedent at the 2003 hearing

Will this attack end Blair's career as PM?

A look back....

Don't worry guys, * has been briefed on London "security alerts"...

BREAKING:We are still at war in Iraq (America's forgotten war)

Bush gets a little horse during his speech (CAPTION)

Rice & the Sudanese - Think the Administration might get a CLUE???

I hate to even guess at a scary possibility, but: Dirty bombs?

London blasts witnesses report

How would you characterize the statement made by my W-stika?

(Reuters) London blasts very serious incident--police chief

What are you going to do today to make the world a better place?

Congress and Bush need to stop listening to the 'christian' Right

Freepers are against Roberts

Why can't right wing Repubs take personal responsibility for anything?

It's really more important to bring up Roberts stance on the environment..

Fuck CNN!!!

Why I can never be "Pro Life"

The name of 2 tube stations in UK are "Shepard's Bush" and "The Oval"

Being conservative, I am a liberal

When I hear pro-life - I think of a Big Mac

another day, another comment in our local paper...I am liking this

John Dickerson on the Al Franken Show

Tony Blair is Toast

"Those who approve of BushCo actions share in their guilt....

WP front page Rove article, Pentagon Iraq progress report.....

Are some being too cavalier about the recent bombings? I think so.

Since when did LTTE replace letter?

Microsoft, Google duke it out for China

America strikes back! Fuck yeah!

Awesome new BEP song.

Uh Oh... whats going on in london... not such big explosions but people


Roberts v. Sullivan Roberts?

DOWD's Mother Dies at 97 (on 7-17)

Republicans LOVE corporate lawyers, but HATE peoples lawyers.

Liberal Media Comeback

I watched the movie "The Siege" the other night

I respect London so much

Crystal Ball Image from the Republican National Convention, 2008?

"Democratic Filibuster of Roberts Unlikely"

Hannity apologized for suggesting Plame was a glorified secretary.

Talking point on Roberts: He's a lifetime Republican operative.

Is it just me or does the media sound disappointed the bombs didn't go off

We're fighting them in Iraq and London so we don't have to fight em here

is there a "definitive" Buy Blue website?

I am never in a position to question Prominent Republicans but some here

What was the obscure law possibly broken (Olbermann last nite - Rovegate)?

Sound familiar?... Rove fired by Bush Sr for leaking to Novak.

Prez bush is speaking live now on cnn

My Greatest Objection To Roberts

If it was about setting the record straight why not a news conference?

waaaaaaaaa Rice treated badly

"The world's ecosystems are failing, forcing business and industry to ..."

Alabama's famous 'Go to Church or the Devil Will Get You' sign replaced

How much debt would you need to have before considering bankruptcy?

CAPTION THIS - Rove/Novak Pals

I know FOUR women who had abortions, even though it's illegal in Brazil.

Just got this email: Subject: Thought For The Day

Group Offers Redrawn Map to Iraq Assembly

Fears of witchcraft fuel infanticide in Benin

Sky reporting: Explosive on bus same as ones used two weeks ago.

Are Fitzgerald's hands tied or can the investigation expand

Dean Calls for Disclosure of Top Secret Memo Distribution List

Now what - Dems rolling over on Roberts!

POLL: What are you doing about GOP vote rigging & suppression for 2006?

Theory: Small detonations in London to distract from a crime?

tinfoil hat time

Howard Dean to be on Al Frankin Show today!!!!

Hummer Ad Aligned With London Bombings

What countries have loosened/ended their dollar peg this year?

Okay, I'll try this again..

A Suspicous Unidentified Package Has Been Left On the Nation's Doorstep

Roberts played role in stealing Florida 2000

Ex-officers: CIA leak may have harmed U.S. [read all]

Good line up on Franken show today...Dean, Larry Johnson, Oliphant, Esty

Heads up -- ScottyRoast™ in 15 mins, at 12:45

Sensenbrenner bragging on Pat. Act again on Senate Fl. cspan

Feminists for Life?

I think Blair knows he is in trouble-he is subdued-as i listen to him on

Listen to Thom Hartman on Roberts nomination........

G.I. Grandma to Help Soldiers in Iraq

Confidentiality: Plame vs. Watergate

Bushfellows Is Roberts a "made man" in the BFEE?

Would you agree that bad parents are society's biggest threat?

Christian Right labeled as Hate Group

Was John Conyers on Washington Journal this morning?

'Reality' TV show looks for next Karl Rove

At the Pentagon, Truth is the Enemy.

Got any good Chimpster quotes?

Shepherd's BUSH, Oval, Hackney, Warrin'

Is this Some sort of Pentagon Propaganda Website?

Thom Hartmann tearing John Roberts a new one on his show.

Say President Bush had nominated Joe Lieberman

We're fightin' em' in England so's we don't have to fight em' here.

Which c-span feed will Scotty be on?

Limbaugh Rules Ratings - LA & Chicago -

ROVAK Photo: I am a source, not a target!

How much better of a human being and President was Bush 41 ?

Why did Novak refer to Valerie Wilson as "Plame?"

Holy Batcrap - Pentagon getting desperate - to raise recruitment age to 42

Great read by Chris Floyd - 'Judge dread: John Roberts and enemy combatant

I saw a great new bumper sticker today...

Fantasy Getaways for former ambassadors...

"Shame on Christians Who Supported This War"

Caption bushie - He is really getting angry now.

Cellphone Firms Accused Of Billing for Unwanted Ads

Is it possible to breed humans like this?

Did anyone miss this bio of "Turd Blossom" yesterday? Fired for leaking

"attacks on the soil of a freedom loving people"

BBC/police hint that today's London attacks were failures, not hoaxes

American Insurgent

American Insurgent

In Case of Emergency

GOP mad at another artist - at a lawyers' art show

Just Saw My First Pro Roberts Ad On CNN!

DU this ESPN (yes, I'm serious) poll.

Does anyone else think this drought is going to cause

Letters to Editor RE Tancredo - WINGNUT ALERT!

In case you missed this recent story: Huge File on Antiwar, Rights Groups

Official Warns Against Misinterpreting Iraqi Forces Report

Is there anyone who believed a word the Pfizer CEO had to say on

whats the deal with Robert F Kennedy's voice

Promo for tomorrow's CBS Early Show: "Was it another terrorist attack?"

Hearing date for employees of PETA reset for Aug. 16

"Talking Points" are destroying real reporting

Framing the opposition for '06...


best argument against Roberts: he refuses to uphold US law . . .

Is it just me or is Bush going fast with stuff?

Hey George, how's that social security privatization campaign going?

we will be in Iraq next yr. for sure - new riot beam gun to be used then

Hey George, how's that WAR ON TERROR going? -PIX->>>

Let's say *shudder* the RWers get Roe v. Wade overturned and stomp

We win when R's stoop to "conspiracy theorist!" smear regarding 2004.

Deeeeeep thoughts...with Gee Dubya Bush (CAPTION HIM!)

There's nothing Conservative about the Modern Conservative Movement

Debunking the all liberals are poor myth

We win when R's stoop to "conspiracy theorist!" smear regarding 2004.

"Whoops, 'Plamegate' Back on Page One"

I am called a Terrorist Sympathiser on the Guardian Newsblog

Republican defenders of Rove==Rove-publicans

Woah! Dana Rohrabacher against the Patriot Act

imposing Codex Regulations on the US. . . ?

"Why Was Miller Fit To Print?"

Isn't there a press conference today? n/t

Jack Reed (D-Rhode Island) talking Abu Graib

Has Gannon/Guckert been subpoened in the Plame investigation?

What is your life philosophy

Howard Dean coming up on AAR - Al Franken show

Bush Aims to Expand System of Merit Pay

Right Wing Extremest Republican - A Useful Phrase

Will Rove be gone by Labor Day?

Google turd blossom

Howard Dean's on Franken now

London mayor: West created terror

John Roberts "loves his family"

U.S. says Iraqi security forces' abilities limited

If Roe v Wade is overturned

Is your spouse or significant other a republican?

Will Bush piss off every female in his family by putting Roe V Wade in

It's the COVER UP, stupid!! This is the bullet...damn the smokinging gun!

Helen Thomas on NPR....

Enron jury acquits on some charges.

Breaking : China "revalues" it's currency ....things will now cost MORE.

An almost-abortion story...

How do we overcome this obstacle?

Supporting Bush = Supporting Communism

Lock in your adjustable mortgages - China unpegging the yuan

AACK! I went to the Lounge

GOP Talking Points on John Roberts

Roberts: No friend of the Geneva Conventions

Islamic Fanaticism vs. Christian Fanaticism

What Happened To The London Bus Bomb?

"House Votes Against Early Iraq Withdrawal"

Prince Turki al-Faisal (new Saudi-US ambassador) and 911 lawsuit link

London terror controller trained in US, known to intelligence agencies

Anyone ever hear of

Here's a bumper sticker for ya!!

My minor viewing of Roberts coverage last night

Computer guru needed: when I click on

More London bombings? Where's Rudy Giuliani?

Burnin’ all Illusion Tonight

China Severs Its Currency's Link to Dollar

scotty transcript ready

People who were behind the 'flypaper theory' should be tried...

HOLY SHIT Bernie Goldberg is fucking nuts!

Riot-Control Ray Gun to be used in Iraq as soon as 2006

a little perspective

See, that's part of my problem with the whole rove/plame thing

I'm sorry but John Roberts is just Dead Zone Creepy

Roberts and working in a steel mill during the summers.

Why was Rove wearing "I'm a source not a target" before be was either?

Syrian troops 'fired on by US forces'

AMERICABlog: Senate Gang of 14: Fillibuster On Roberts Unlikely

Are the Roberts bad parents?

Catholic nun's letter on Santorum

GOP: McClellan NOT stonewalling, he's in a permanent vegetative state

Why such a difference between Canada and the USA?

How Many Times A Day Do You See Chimp's Ugly Fucking Mug?

So when will Blair crack? Let's start a pool for the poodle

Iraq: Women's rights to be set back 50 years (NYT editorial)

1771 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Apropos Saddam Toon

Another debate with my GOP friends

Do you want Rovegate back on Page 1 with a VENGEANCE?

Microwave crowd control weapon - is this thing real?

Stripes letters on the "I miss Clinton" T-shirt controversy

Lt. General Boykin...Task Force 121? 'Manhunts'

Plame Memo still No. 1 viewed story on Post

Rove trying to dissuade Katherine Harris from running for the Senate

Rovegate Marches on

Today's RAW STORY has everything. Two SJC memo leaks + Gay sports

WH Press Breifing...Rove still Supreme!!

Mary Matalin is on Hannity

Mental health study shows strain of deployment, combat

Impeach Bush Contingent to Reserve Buses for Sept. 24

Here's My Idea For A Gov Program To End Terrorism

The Nacirema, nearly 60 years later.

Ethel the Church Lady on Randi

WHEN did the DSM fall off the radar?

The War on Terror cannot be stopped and cannot be won...

Where is Barney, the Presidential Dog?

Help me here? Has anyone seen a report about Durbin and the FBI report

***Am I serving my country????***

London bombing: The strange identification of the four alleged bombers

So what was John Roberts doing the first 40 years of his life

O'Lielly's turn to get schooled

CNN just had the Rove button on...

A Fight on the Right or Baiting Dems on Roberts?

Friends are saying Roberts is really a liberal - a Souter....

New Website Please Visit

New Tropical depression forms near the Bahamas

Has the entire world gone mad?? Andrea Mitchell in a 'scuffle;' with Rice

Poor London.. Never fear.. America has your back

The Madness of Ann Coulter

Rove's Most Telling Words

Bush sees London attacks as reason for Patriot Act (coincidence?)

Heads up, Florida and SE coast

Larry Johnson on Franken suggests they look at Bolton

Karen Hughes confirmation hearing tomorrow

Limbaugh's "Club Gitmo" pictures...Ugh

Wanna bet the FFL does not mention E.C. Stanton's "The Women's Bible"?

An interesting article on gay marriage from a Christian site

Maddening Absurdity: GE Trees for paper

WTF is everyone posting about video games?

FAIR Media Advisory: "Borking" History:

New Democrats unite!

I figured out why chimpy wants Roberts on the court by October!

Slate article suggests Roberts may have hedged on overturning Roe

How long until we get a "candidate brought to you by Coca-Cola"

I'm depressed - help me!

Your thoughts on this for a TV commercial concept

C-SPAN 3: Hearing on Disclosing Agent's Identity 10:00 am ET

How to bring London to a standstill

police officers now are reluctant to carry Tasers

were the London bombers radicals?

FYI Senators and Representatives can be recalled.

Google Bomb Idea

O'Reilly: If Carter "were president today, we'd all be speaking Arabic"

Rove violation only one flame in conflagration

Will the Abu Ghraib pics come out tomorrow?

Here's my LTTE on Rove in today's paper.

DUers vs freepers reality tv show

NYPD doing random backpack checks on subways

Right wing radio hosts John and Ken will be doing a show from a mosque

Damn!! I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow

Tell C-SPAN to cover Plame hearings tomorrow at 10 AM!

Blog Update on Rove on CNN's Inside Politics

This should be a great interview. Liz Holzman is on with Randi Rhodes. n/t

College Free for Female Virgins -virgin status determined by gynecologists

Question: To love what you are, do you have to hate what you are not?

Plame leak hearing Friday 10AM

Anyone notice that conservative sites are falling silent about Rove?

ANWR "Rally Vans" (still time to save ANWR)

Wholesome Fun for the Entire Family! It's......


I"m going to tell you why this picture of Roberts should concern us

Today's Freeper LTTE...

Randi roasting Rovak over "I'm a Source, not a Target" button...

Perjury, obstruction of justice or leaking classified information

Tweety doing the timeline

How do I handle my stepfather's e-mails.


The weight loss staple

How many rank and file pro life people actually have a medical degree?

What happened with Bernard Goldberg on MSNBC on Wed Night?

Thank you Morality Policewoman Clinton!

Did Karl Rove Lie To The FBI?

Afghanistan struggle goes on, democracy a mask

methinks Rove is pfukked! or perhaps reameduptheassed.

Reporter Shoved On Tape (Andrea Mitchell)

About Slamming the Roberts Kids

How to Detect Lies---Become a Lie Detector

Big Time Trouble

Roe v. Wade Not Just about Abortion...Birth Control Endangered too.

So, Uh, anybody know Mr. Robert's church?

Was there an equivalent to the Democratic Party in Nazi Germany ??

There are days I really do like Jeff Rense's site

GOP: Fetuses and Corporate Personhood Outweigh Living Human Beings

Information on Plame in memo was extra-Top Secret

Republican Congressman Angers Muslims - Has A Point?

c-span - little kid on house floor

New Twist in Plame Case (CBS Video)

Question about c section's vs partial birth abortions

CIA and State Dept both doubted Uranium from Niger

Not-So-Breaking News! john mcCain is a POS liar!

Donald Trump wants to rebuild the UN!

How did the "Get Wilson" conspiracy get cooked up?

comic artist Jim Aparo dies at 72 (drew Batman in the 1970's)

The right wing beat the left wing at invading the core institutions...

Olbermann to talk Plame next

Current Legislation on U.S. Policy in Iraq (Nice chart from FCNL)

Voting on the Patriot Act-Cspan-now -

The Chicago Tribune is a RAG!

Why Bushblossem should follow Roveboy to prison

Bush's Grimmer Vision

What Is This "Cultural Elite" Crap?

Caption the flim-flam man

Do you support Animal Rights Issues ?

Karl didn't SEE the memo, Ok. But when was it read to him and

I have always despised smarmy Ari Fleisher with a white hot passion.

Stage 2 Power Alert in Cali - Isn't this kinda thing the govnor's fault?

What makes me crazy

* planning nuclear attack on Iran.

Gay kids hanged in Iran by the sect we're fighting for in Iraq

Why can't I reply to this thread???

Make the most of this people. Get your Karl Rove WANTED poster here

WOW!! Rev Al & Rachel Maddow on Tucker tonite

WSJ to Break tomorrow am - Memo Top Secret, Classified

So has Bush been questioned yet?

Are you a radical?

I can't get Air America's page to come up

Correct me if I'm wrong.. but if Rove/Libby get the PERJURY slap...

Could past cocaine use be affecting bush's behavior?

Cost of Iraq War July 21st- $182,205,225,430

I have just seen how we might be able to stop the Roberts nomination

Wake up and smell the failure.

How come we are still at code Yellow?

Have you ever seen someone that looks so mean and hateful?

Is rGBH still injected into dairy cattle?

guess Ari should watch what he says, uh?

Attention Photoshop Artists...skill/resources are needed

* * TOP SECRET * *

Chief Justice Roberts - try it on for size

Can John Paul Stevens Hold Out Till '09?

Hey... Fox News!

"Tom the Dancing Bug" - Should G.Washington fire Benedict Arnold?

Is there an IRC channel for DU ? nt

Top Secret means the document was TS, but the paragraph was still S secret

Heads up: CNN will be talking about the memo, and the letter "S"

Out of the mouth of Bush

A Repub Caller to C-SPAN this AM said she was from Ohio and....

C-Span 3 will carry the Dem hearing on Plame leak tomorrow

Say Rove, Ari, and Libby go down...

Other than inditments, how much of the GJ testimony will be public?

How Much Is All This News Swaying Public Opnion?

I was never a huge Gray Davis fan.

How Will History Books Remember the Iraq Invasion?

What On Earth Could Bush Be Thinking Right Now?

First-Ever State Report On Hospital Acquired Infections

Hatch urges John Roberts NOT to answer questions

Countdown Top Secret Vidclip

NYC Police to Search Commuters' Bags Starting Tomorrow >

Rove how much jail time will he get?

King George's Madness Linked to Arsenic

When you think you are above the law.....

Bloomberg reveals Rove, Libby gave false testimony

How does one listen to the weekly Dem radio address?

Should this book have been banned from school library?

Crooks and Liars confirms what we all thought about Roberts

How are Freepers taking the latest Plame revleations?

So I'm covering Rove and the Supreme Court on my blog..

Favorite Daily Show Staff Member?

NORML calls ONDCP on their lies

If the economy of this country is run by the service sectors

Bush responds to perjury allegations

One of these pictures is NOT of the pResident. Can you tell which one?

Hardball: Did Matthews SayThat Ari Called Rove From Air Force One?

So the torture pictures and video are due tomorrow, bad news for repubs

Finding a skeleton on Roberts

Panic Attack: just got warning of Trojan virus on my computer

I've changed my mind. Christianity should be taught in the schools...

Question on the Patriot Act voting today

Jon just said he's having Santorum on his show on Monday!!!!

I voted for BUSH - TWICE!

GWB/Rolling Stones

Yes Weekly is running my LTTE

Breaking News: New report that Libby and Rove may have committed perjury

A pic dying to be captioned :)

This little tid bit may just be the "sleeper" in Treasongate

Proof that the rightwing is screwed on Plamegate: They're whining about

The DA's WANTED Karl Rove poster

Inspirational posters. Would love these in the office.

So, the Dems are not going to filibuster


My Thoughts On Censorship

Perhaps the most powerful/disturbing link you'll click today

All signs are pointing to a terra alert!

Remember Traingle Shirtwaist!

Heads up - Bloomberg story just posted on Plame

Say hi to Hannity - he may visit us

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Shin Dig

anti-torture legislation is unamerican

At What Point, During Nixon's 2nd Term, Would A SCOTUS Nom. Been Untenable

"The Boys From Brazil" A True Story?

House Votes to Extend Patriot Act

The Zell Miller wing of the Democratic Party

Christian right warns that "mandate" sounds too gay

Overturning Roe V. Wade will not cause the demise of the GOP


Downed sites?

Jobless claims drop sharply last week

In Defense of Roberts...

CSPAN Schedule Friday July 22

Is the world in a coma? Bush admits to lying about Iraq...nobody notices

Teacher says principal ordered Bush portrait removed from classroom

Conyers: Patriot Act in the House, Resolution on DSM, More on Rovegate

IMO here is thesingle best reason to reject Roberts

Wilson on Countdown ....

big deal! some sudanese guards pushed ANDREA MITCHELL around...

Anyone watching the Daily Show??

Let's remember - Rank Corruption is not Brilliance

Anthrax = MIHOP

Bush working behind the scenes for a year to sell Roberts to Conservatives

Poll: What should the "Hillary bashers" next bogus charge against her be?

What's your opinion on recreational drug use?

This would have been my short list for the SCOTUS

A JAW DROPPER I Found In The Abuse Documents Secured By The ACLU!

Roberts' wife's law firm and Iraq Reconstruction involvement


John Roberts was a steel driven man


Recieve A FREE Pro-Peace Armband And Bumper Sticker!

The Plame Affair: It's Rove vs. Cheney

Bugliosi on "perjury" .....

ACTION ALERT: Karen Hughes nomination hearing CALL THESE SENATORS!!!

Photos Tomorrow -DUer Project WWW.ENDTHEABUSES.ORG. We Can Use YOUR Help!

Heard Chalmers Johnson on the radio today. Is he as brilliant

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York vs. Freedom


New hate mail's in! (You will be amazed, twice)

A discussion about The Plame Affair on another board *rolling eyes*

Springer is thinking Gov in '06, Franken is thinking Senate in '08

I hope this does not sound insensitive on Roe vs. Wade

Here's a Rove wanted poster that DickSteele did. I've resized it to 8.111

Families who fought for 9/11 commission declare it a failure

P..... E..... R..... J..... U......R .......Y

I'm 28 years old. I have a PhD. Two masters degrees.

Rockstar games and GTA

POLL: What should Hillary's next crusade be after video games?

Big Story in the New york Times!

Well, if you need Proof that FREEPER are NAZIS...

Jon Stewart needs a radio show

does Anybody remember the Colin Powell Palm tree incident?

Bloombeg News to report Rove and Libby gave False testimony.

"Tasers: A Reassessment" (Please Read)

"Attention! Remain calm. We will not tolerate civil disobedience."

Cross Post: What can I say to Our Hero????????

"Creationist Summer Camp" SCARY SCARY SCARY

I'm Pro-Choice and Pro-Life

Breaking Bloomberg report suggest both perjury and obstruction for Rove

The Official When Will The Indictments Come Prediction Thread

Fundraiser: Help Send me to Detroit and receive the DVD "Rove's War"

Bush's Soviet State

YES. Pile it on. Marcy Kaptur speaking now about the OHIO (C SPAN)

As a kid I loved video games

Taking my friend to have an abortion tomorrow.

TOONs: “The Oompalution will be Wonkavised” Edition

Is everyone here aware of Operation Yellow Elephant?

There's No BASIS for Confidence in Election Results; Activist CRACKdowns

Favorite Food Towns - Non-USA

I live in an agricultural promised land--so WHY can't I find....

How do YOU cook chicken breasts for maximum

Uses for fresh dill weed?

I'm making fried chicken thighs and pinto beans for supper tonight.

Favorite food towns - USA

Wow...drug tunnel between WA and BC unearthed...

Canadian Muslim leaders decry violence

Anyone dealing with MS in Alberta?

The Ashes Thread (England v Australia)

Fuck, more tube evacuations -

Sending my thoughts and prayers to the people in London and the..

I am sorry about all of the

NT X-Files exposed (Northern Territory, Australia)

Court pick is dilemma for the Dems

Washington reverts to 'Montana-style' party ballots

For Marines in Iraq, Humor Offers Escape

Physicians, Universities Strike in Bolivia

Sunni Faction Halts Work on Iraqi Charter

John Conyers on Cspan at 7:15am est (just a few minutes) n/t

Panel weighs giving troops option of cash instead of benefits

Militant Attacks Kill at Least 14 in Iraq

Algerian diplomats seized in Iraq

Don't write Iraq constitution without us - Sunnis

London bomber idolised Osama bin Laden: reports

Moderates cast doubt on court stalemate

War On Terror Going to be 'A Long War': Bush

Incidents on the tube (London subway stations evacuated)

Eight killed in Mosul attacks

Karzai under siege from Taliban in run-up to polls

Report: Explosions on London underground, bus

London Alert - Possible 3 More Explosions

From 365Gay.Com: UK Gay Leaders Receive Muslim Death Threats

Sound familiar?... Rove fired by Bush Sr for leaking to Novak.

London Underground Stations Evacuated ("minor blasts" reported)

Person whose backsack exploded looked "extremely dismayed"

Army: GI morale low in Iraq

Explosions Shake London Underground Stations 7/21

Suspect Admits Throwing Grenade at Bush

Blasts Hit 3 London Subway Stations, Bus

Lawmakers Debate Patriot Act Extensiion

China Severs Its Currency's Link to the U.S. Dollar

Results of AP-Ipsos Poll on Roberts (59 percent no opinion yet)

Australians will not replace Brits in Iraq

Man arrested in Whitehall (London)

Top al-Qaeda Briton called Tube bombers before attack

Arabiya TV airs tape of Saddam tribunal hearing

Hillary would crush Pirro in elex - poll

GOP tries to dissuade Harris

5 Officials Pull Names From Proclamation (Chicago GOP nix welcome to gays)

Obama Undecided About Supreme Court Nominee

El Salvador asks U.S. help to ward off terrorism

Jury acquits on some charges, deadlocks on most in Enron case

Bush Grenade Suspect Pleads Guilty, Would Do It Again

Too early to blame al Qaeda, says police chief

UK boy wrongly labelled as bomber (London bus bomb, 7/7/05)

Administration Trying to Build CAFTA Majority Vote by Vote

Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens

Iranian exile's info useless, officials say

Housing official under Giuliani sentenced to five years in prison

Army says Fort Campbell soldier died from self-inflicted injuries

Teens Charged With Calling in Ferry Threat

Police to Check Bags on NYC Subways

Democrats author 70-page dissent on Patriot Act reauthorization

UK boy wrongly labelled as bomber

WH Press Breifing...Rove still Supreme!!

Police chiefs want new powers after London bombs

London hospital on lookout for man after blasts

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Oks random packpack & bag link......

Lieberman: Roberts Probably Not Extremist

US REWARD FOR BIN LADEN (new campaign)

Taliban Kill Nine; Relatives Stage Retaliatory Attack as Violence Simmers

GOP Congressman Supports Troop Withdrawal Timetable (Gilchrest Maryland )

The Hill: Dem fundraising soars (Dem Senatorial Campaign Committee - DSCC)

Lawmakers aim to ease utility-merger rules (Enronization of America)

U.S.: Destroy Stockpile of Unsafe Cluster (bomb) Submunitions (

NYPD Begins Bag Searches In Subway After More Explosions Rock London

Italian Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Warrants for Six More Purported CIA Operat

James Dobson favors Bush high court nominee

(Hillary) Clinton, Gingrich Seek Health Care Reforms

UK boy wrongly labelled as bomber

China launches shake-up of yuan

Poll: Roberts' Abortion Stance of Interest

Sudan's New Spending Plans Set Off Gold Rush

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 21 July

Filibuster Forces Special Session in Texas

Senate Panel Rejects Bush Spending Limits

Incidents Reported Near Tube Stations

Report: Bloomberg to reveal Rove, Libby gave false testimony

Gov't Backs Off Idea of Civilian Patrol

House poised to reauthorize USA Patriot Act

Rovegate: The scandal that lays bare the cynicism behind Bush's war in Ira

Stage 2 Power Alert in Cali - Isn't this kinda thing the govnor's fault?

Roberts Helped Counsel Jeb Bush (presidential recount in 2000)


US pats itself on back over Iraq

Roberts' wife's anti-abortion group takes stands on other issues

U.S. Transit Alert Likely to Remain Orange

Bloomberg Reporting That Rove, Libby May Be Subject To Perjury Charges

Man Arrested for Harassing Mont. Governor

Complaint Against Kerry, CBS Dismissed

US sailor dies of wounds sustained in Iraq bomb attack (#1771)

Attacks designed to scare, says PM Blair

Syria says border troops fired on by U.S. forces

Democrats author 70-page dissent on Patriot Act reauthorization

4,400 recruits join Microsoft (but majority are outside USA)

U.S. must press Saudi Arabia on terrorism, senator (Lautenberg) says

Rice angered after US officials manhandled in Sudan

Iraq war vet battles GOP odds in southwest Ohio district

Guantanamo inmates declare hunger strike

Contributions Down for DeLay Legal Fund

Families who fought for 9/11 commission declare it a failure

Schwarzenegger more unpopular than ever, poll finds

(N.J.) Foster Children Jailed Beyond Terms for Petty Crimes (NPR)

Two Men Arrested in London Blasts

Lawmakers Blast Pentagon Over Iraq Report

Bloomberg-Rove, Libby Accounts in CIA Case Differ With Those of Reporters

NYTimes front page / For Two Aides in Leak Case, 2nd Issue Rises - READ

London attackers 'meant to kill' (So, four failures?)

Feds Bust U.S.-Canada Smuggling Tunnel

Hartford Courant: Nominee supporters and opponents to pressure Lieberman

Oman Takes Steps to Safeguard Future Without Oil--Daily Star

Ethics complaint aimed at (Indiana) governor’s RV

Rice says Sudan has credibility problem on Darfur

Schwarzenegger's redistricting measure ordered off ballot

Analysts: Trade Deal Would Cost Taxpayers ($50 million a year)

Democratic Filibuster of Roberts Unlikely

Noe involved in 'absolute theft of funds,' Ohio's attorney general says

US lawmakers may extend daylight-saving from 2007

Illegal Miners Threaten Brazil Indians (Guns and Diseases)

White House threatens veto over detainee policies

Roberts gave advice during Fla. recount

Recruiters Pursue Student Data (before parents can opt-out )

Iraqi Forces Nowhere Near Able to Fight Insurgency on Own, Senate Told

(Republican) Congressman Admits Affair, Denies Abuse

Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens

Senators Demand More Information on MTBE

Bush urges CAFTA passage, calls it a jobs program

US teen gets prison for making 'terrorist threat'

Cheney Calls War on Terror Unpredictable

House to Back Bush on Moon, Mars Trips

O'Connor Says She Is Worried About Future of Federal Judiciary

MSNBC: Oil Industry Awash in Record Cash

Redbud Trees Fall (Cornell Clears Trees for SUV's)

House Votes to Extend Patriot Act

You know, it's not the heat. It's the humanity.

"Look what I can do!!"

My submission for the Darwin Award

Google Maps extends to the moon!

Waaaaa...why don't women like rice, guys?

G'nite *plodding off to bed*

I'm gonna be in the DC area Thursday

My friend was just nominated for an Emmy!

This is what the rode looks like. So how fast are you gonna drive ?

Is there ever really a bad time for donuts and chocolate milk?

Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me

Senator, I'm looking at your head right now. It's only this big from here

For all your disposable headware and clothing needs

I plead guilty to DUUI

(Scotty) Doohan's ashes to be sent into space

"I Heart Huckabees" the movie...

Crazy Woman Flips Out - Video

Am going to use a tape recorder while I sleep tonight

For your consideration!

will be back momentarily

And We'reeeeeeeeeee back!

Miss me? Don't answer that! (But I do have a question)

I'm headed out

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE has been playing in my head the last two days

Does anyone get that stubborn pop up when opening DU ?

welcome back DU!

RRRooove, now Rooooberts? press puppies new toon 7/21

If Californians hate Ahnold so much, why don't they recall him?

Black Adder's on! The Queen Bess season, too!

Attention true patriots! Send a letter of support to Karl Rove! (SATIRE)

G'night. Again, I am sure you have been honored by my

Surgeon Found Liable For Leaving Needle Inside Of Patient

I love my new Acrobat program

Baby picture of Matcom, Sniffa and DS1 hanging out together

Miami Ink and Inked....any DU tattoo types watch either of these?

Look at my package!!! (photo)

Harry Shearer: "What's with the President's jaw?"

Millie had asserted her ownership of some bubble-wrap on the floor.

DU Gathering in DC for the next anti-war protest: Sept 24th, 2005

iPod help....lost all my music.

Shit... London again... I hope not

Need recommendations-digital picture hosting site.

Farmers low at hemp ban for cows

captoin condi

I love my momma, but...

Shark Shields: Electric, Chemical Repellents Show Promise

Your moment of Zen: "jeans on a fuller rear-end bottom-half mannequin"

Victoria clears witches for take-off

Microchip saves turtle from soup pot

1,100 lb tiger shark caught 6 minutes too late to win contest

I can't post because Beastman hasn't said "good morning" to me yet!

Anyone watching being Bobby Brown on Bravo?

I am up and got no clue why

Freeps react to Condi's Sudan shoving incident: "WHAT A FOX!"

Better World Club - anybody use 'em?

Cash machine customers get added thrill of a flutter

Love hurts, Love scars, Love wounds' and mars

Happy Birthday- Lovitz, Mork/Garp, Cat Stevens, Don Knotts

have you hugged your zuni today?

Water Ice in a Martian Crater

Smoke of a Distant Fire

I feel so yucky.

Am I the ONLY one who caught the big black man pissing on bush

WTF? Bush is urging renewal of Patriot Act and "more cowbell?"

Status Back Baby

"I don't know why people are afraid of love! Love is great!" - progspawn

Dominatrix Clique will be accepting new members. Please reply

Sweet!!!! My Amazon shipment arrived!!!

Demanding Shell Beau party report.

Parrot Proves It's No Birdbrain

Status check.

Last time, Rudi Giuliani was in London for the attacks...

"Bad New Bears" remake- give me more than one reason

We're not about to see an onslaught of clique-gripe posts again, are we?

I LOVE buying stuff cheap!

it's the feel sorry for zuni thread

I'm starting my own Cult of Personality

Which person do you believe more?

What is your favorite line from a song?

Has my status in the lounge declined?


Did you bowl, stump, run out, or hit wicket? If not sure, check the bail

Bizarre LTTE in local paper

sundog is chumming the lounge with ear fluids and blood

my eardrum is hemorrhaging & i'm seeking medical advice from the lounge

Unconfirmed problem

you get an invitation to a wedding

pic of my ruptured eardrum! please help!!!

In the middle of the night....he steals through your garden gate....

Do you feel financially secure? What is your view of money?

anyone want to play the autofill game?

Random Happenings...Hello from Italy

"I could be very dangerous to all of you!"

The official Zuni ego boosting thread

Would you be honest enough to report this?

Dear women of the DU Lounge:

was rove just trying to be Like me?

Can anyone here recommend a divorce attorney near Reno Nv?

"He seemed like such a nice guy"

Thanks for the reminder of why I stay single

Win a date with Mrs. Sniffa to an upcoming wedding: Apply here

YAY! I was outbid on the Martin Backpacker Mandolin!

Voldemort Bush & his sidekick, half-blood Prince Dumbledore Blair-Blaster

For sundog! Huge ass tiger shark captured off Martha's Vineyard

I question Bush's delight in "sleeping on the soil of a friend."

Here's another one for your Bush Hitler Salute collection.

Why doesn't Maddy McCall like whiny guys?

10 Day forecast- 96 94 97 91 *100* *100* 97 88 91 88

Strange? Beautiful? Clever?

Teens Didn't Want Vacation To End So They Called In Bomb Threat

Nice Guys Don't Get Laid - Published by Sharkbait Press

All "Nice Guys" need to watch Swingers. Now.

women don't dislike guys because they are "nice"

Anyone know a nice hotel in London?

Getting ready for camping tomorrow

I got called a nice guy once

History repeats itself

CAN you really BUY beer? Or can you only RENT it?

Scientology Thread: Can you be Catholic AND a SCientologist?

Here's an ice woman to meet.


Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

*rubs eyes*

What's this guy's name?

Howdy lounge! What's new today?

LOL. Barcode artwork on CD fakes out retailers

Beethoven Beats Bono In Battle Of The Internet Downloads

Kitty cat question....ethical advice needed!

B.C. Hells Angels claim they are 'nice guys

I got a DU T-Shirt for my birthday yesterday!!

useful knowledge thread

Has my status on DU declined?

I just finished my second DU Activist Corps task

OK, I think we need a secret meeting

I have 14 posts

What's for breakfast? I got left over Chinese food.

I am scheduled for surgery on Monday/Tuesday....

Franken just said that Ambassador Bandar is quitting to spend more time..

GAH! My laptop is driving me batshit insane! Help, please!

My goodness gracious. Somebody DOES love KKKarl Rove

Moose sighted! Use care when entering thread.

I think these guys right here are a group of nice guys .

When did midget become an offensive term and

A Voice for Peace

This thread is only for Admins to bash users.

Lets make a Thank You card for DU admins who are working on

That vegetable soup I mention yesterday that no one wanted

My Jonathan Product just arrived from Sephora!

Just one year of love Is better than a lifetime alone

Nice guys and women

I want to start a flame war

My GD thread's been nominated and selected for Greatest.

I'm a nice guy, and all the ladies adore me!

Anyone notice that Bush says, "Free", "Freedom", or "Freely"

I just got off the phone with GMAC....

I have a sexy voice- what would you like me to say to you?

If I had a million dollars

If you saw Tom Cruise, would you squirt him with a Supersoaker?

If you saw a big sign that said "Beethoven---Live Tonight ( hometown)"

The Hurricane Season: A Right of Passage

I just got off the phone with PNAC....

Hey, Seattle. Restaurant and bar questions.

"Dust Off" - Something to watch for!

Am I adorable?

A couple things I've noticed studying insurance policies/applications

Do you find attractive people who hate you or are indifferent to you?

Since everyone is posting lyrics....

If you saw a big sign that said "Here's Your Sign -- Live Tonight"

Do you hate people that you find attractive and are indifferent to you?

After 3 hours in ER

So I put my resume up on HotJobs

Man married his mother

Yech...never try to save smoothies

BTW- all these "big sign" threads-Deep Purple *IS* on tour

Compliment me

My computer crashed again. Lost all my bookmarks and toolbar

DU Trainers! Help! (re: height and weight)

What's yer fave hook?

Pepper and onion focaccia for lunch------yum!!!!!

It's raining, it's pouring

Revealed!!! The celebrity who designed the Roberts kid's outfit

Computer guru needed: when I click on

I'm am neither nice nor mean, and all the genders are apathetic about me!

My Boss.....

republicans fight dirty and unfairly

Will you stop seeing a preachy TV show, even if it preaches what you like?

Do you teach your cat "Evolution"?

Am I a nice guy or a bad guy?

Okay, time for teenage rant.

Why do some people worry about how many responses they get?

I'm packing my backpack

It's A Fact!

i'm back from the beach. did you miss me?

Wish me luck at my interview today!

I'm playing with MS Longhorn right now


What's with all this "nice girls/nice guys" crap???

Do girls like "lice" guys?

Do guys like "Spice" girls?

Do guys like Rice girls?

If you saw Tom Cruise, would you question him about his sexuality?

I'm Leaving DU

Time for some outrageous autofill non sequitir fun!

Ladies, did you experiment with thespianism in college?

Funny AP photo

People whose cars are ridiculously and needlessly loud...

Do Guys Like "Nice" Grills?

Have you ever been interviewing someone for a job and wished

Mack the Knife

You know what's great?

Rachael Ray Sucks

Somebody open a window.....

Heaviest Element Known!

YIPPEEE! Wifey just called! GREAT NEWS!!!

Does anybody ever hide threads that are just

Rumor has it Shell Beau was a thespian in college

Let's remember 1973 What notable things happened 32 years ago?

What's the Republican Party have to do with cancer?

If you saw a big sign that said "GG Allin --- Live Tonight"

People whose girlfriends are ridiculously and needlessly loud...

Why do women like Dicks?

MrsScorpio loves it when I dip her for a kiss

My dog is sitting next to me. Ask her anything.

This showcase, filled with fabulous prizes, can be yours, if:

Never mind. I found it

I smell drunk people.

David Bassin rocks the house

Here are some Nice, Likeable "Guy"s

What's with all this discrimination against winos?

Do you give your cat "Revolution"

One less demon walks the earth today

la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Musician joke thread

a friendly reminder to the lounge...

Why do men always like "mad men"...


Marketers May Stop Calling Dead People

whats everybody listening to right now

What's better?

From now on,

If I can find romantic partners, anyone can!

Is it that whiny people are irritating as hell?

If you saw a big sign that said "GWAR - Live Tonight!" in your hometown...

I'm getting here kinda late today,

Blast from the past: The Computer

Why does Karl Rove like gay bad boys?

Karl Rove is...

Girls who like boys

Dumb Headline: "U.S. Bodies Have Fewer Dangerous Chemicals"

ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

It's so hot..

What the fuck.

Get Your Limited Edition Photo of President Bush

Why are magnets attracted to their opposites?

Something NOT about men/women

The girly man thread! Ok girls

Why are people attracted to humans?

AACK! I went to GD

My partner and I have been together over ten years

Poll question:

Bad boy, bad boy whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

This IS what women REALLY want

Is it just me, or does SCOTUS seem like it should be a dirty word?

Breyers French Vanilla Ice Creme and Silk Shake

Why are women attracted to men?

I'm starting my own cult

Do you snore?


6 Year Old Is "The Goodest Sheep Rider In The World, Except For Jesus"

banal I'm sleepy poll

When you hear a woman say, "Ohhh"

I am the master of thought suggestion

I do believe y'all have tooken leave of your sinces.


Which is better, the USA or Europe?


Why are gay men always attached to dicks?

If we lived in a sane society

So this Nice Guy walks up to the bar.

Interesting article about rove

He Brakes For Midgets

FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Boston event

Have you ever been arrested?

Ahhhh the lounge...where peace, tranquility and good vibrations prevail!

I'm feeling really down. Can I have a hug?

When you hear a woman say, "Ohhh, I broke a nail"...

No, I'm not innocent

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Warren Zevon appreciation thread

Nice Guy, or what?

Generalizing about women and bad boys is TOTALLY justifiable.


I was just made by the Presbyterian Church

Hurray for rain!

Not a good day for me to have been here today

Okay, everybody needs to take a deep breath and click on this thread.

Waaaaaaa: "What about Shark Week?"

Now apparently it is shark-whining day in the lounge

"Everybody..Take it Easy!"

If WWII had been an RTS game....

Waaaaaaa: "Why don't women like nice sharks?"

Hey let's get happy! Everyone! Sing along!

what the lounge needs now

The word "poetry" has only 2 syllables


Peter Griffin (Family Guy)

Now, THIS is lawn furniture!

symbolman...i think i love you


Please everyone - have a blessed evening...

Would you go back to Tommy Lee for a third time?

How come no one closes doors in movies?

Why are you all trying to ruin shark week?

Help me Nero Users!

I'm a nice guy and I have women swarming around me

Shit, I forgot to start laundry

Can I get a bit help here?

I’m a paranoid schizoid product of the twentieth century.

John Kerry Has A Twin?!?!?!

World's Funniest Dog Video!

I had one of these so-called "Nice Guys" doing me favors.

Odd. My e-mail to my parents didn't get to them yet! Been only 10 hrs...

In case you were wondering, the new Son Volt cd is REALLY good.

I implore you to go copulate with yourself.

Should I publish this?

So I married this nice guy

I heard Silent Lucidity by Queensryche being played for NBC's

Can we get a VIP section to the lounge

Can we get back to what's important here at DU?

Is it that girls/women are snobs...?

Show us your.................desktop.

If you wanted to download free music where do you go?

Just got back from Nawlins, going to Lollapalooza, ask me anything (yeesh)

Is the Lounge slow tonight or what?

I just need to stumble for a bit

have you seen a lot of names you don't recognize today in the lounge?

The last time we mixed politics and religion

RPM's bored with being insulted. Insult me instead.

King George's Madness Linked to Arsenic

I need a sign idea for the protest in Atlanta tomorrow.

Anyone know anything about laws RE:Nudity in movies?

I wanna ask a question and it may be controversial....

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - with Engrish subtitles!

Is anyone here going to the Seattle Atheists meetup tonight?


Austin the Shepherd sez:

I found this cool bug outside!

Pornographic Video Games? Good or Bad?

Got the new computer tower up (obviously)!!

Damn Trusts damn Wills damn UCC damn Oil & Gas damn Family Law damn it all

Guess what I found on my Taco Bell burrito??

Where does Roberts stand on Grand Theft Auto?

"The Hold Steady"-- anyone fans of this band?

Enough of this crap: who wants a ......?

how do i get andys picture on my posts.??? help

Tech Question About An .avi File

Maxim's "100% Fake" Photoshopped Celeb Pic, Aug. 2005: Condi Rice


Disconcerting earworm in light of London attacks

Any red-state things you like?

GodDAMN Network Crash

damn it, this board is suffering from outrage fatigue; come on people!

Hurray for pain!

The manly thread! Argh! Ok men!

Most endearing trait

it's human, and i am a yeti

If I might say a little something about the gender wars /other lounge wars

there's something I've been meaning to tell you

Any italian speakers here?

OK DU, find mdmc some fun web links, please.

Can a person who gets all emotional over Nickel & Dimed be a Rethuglican?

OK so help settle a workplace gossip dispute.

it's humid and i am so sweaty

The Swedish musicians on the Flintstones.

Stop masturbating with Jesus

aaah! i almost forgot for jaws by bunnies for shark week!

Should I go party in San Francisco with my buddies and


Visited a great pharmacy in TR today. Pharmacy/hardware store!

Uncle Zomby's Relentless Thread O' Fun & Bliss!

Looks like we're going to have to get a used car...

I'm back!

Think of the kitties!

Worst company commercials

Pick one

If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in college

I am the cat that walks by himself (well, herself)

If the (new) London Suicide Bombers "attempted to kill" as reported

I think I just saw a Shakeydave? Can it be? Or was it a gremlin?

Who's got a thing for Kim and Aggie?

What's the dumbest thing you've ever bought on eBay?

I just need to grumble for a bit...

Huzzah! I won the Vintage Milton Bradley Snoopy Red Baron Game!

what's a bad boy and why do women like them so much?

Should I get liquid latexed up tonight?

So, Michael is on the phone now with ShakeyDave

What if the Woohoo smilie and the Yoiks smilie got in a fight?

The triviality of every-dayness

Don't forget to vote in the stupidity awards

to hell with "nice" people - i want honest people

Should I get lacquered up tonight?

ooo...Ray LaMontagne is playing here next Tues.

Sniffa - have you seen this?

Just got my tounge pierced....Ask me anything

Ever have friends send you Neo-cons propaganda e-mails?

I hate that voice on the Whataburger commercials

:: Groan :: Did I really need to put bacon on that?

:: Groan :: Did I really need to put bacon on that?

What is your least memorable year?

I have to water my trees!!

BlueJazz needs help with Microsoft Word

A coyote just killed a fawn RIGHT OUTSIDE THE OFFICE!!!!!!!

Chiunque in su per un gruppo italiano di affari?

I suffer from BPPV

I'd be embarassed to be seen arguing with a Freeper

Do amoebas like "nice" other amoebas?

Please Help...Need to Find "Sympathy for the Devil" Remixed w/ Bush Speech

My sweeping generalization about the lounge

Should I get liquored up tonight?

Damn scroll bars!

Digital cameras through X-Ray machines...

"Well, I gues it IS my head we're talking about...."

"You baby gorilla"

"Y2..K..? What are you selling... chicken, or sex jelly?!"

WotW Questions. Does anyone have any answers?

When the upstairs neighbor plays Hootie and the Blowfish loudly...

Question for those who speak German (especially those living in Germany)

celebrate your polopony here:

I think I will be watching

Celebrate your polygony here

The Alan Parsons Project Appreciation Thread

I'm going to see Kasey Chambers in a few weeks....

Will this Duke boy be in the Dukes of Hazzard movie?

Can't swing a golf club? Can't move hardly at all? YOU CAN STILL PLAY GOLF

Anyone want to go to the Newport KY Hofbraeuhaus soon?

Celebrate your misericordia here.

Celebrate your misanthropy here

Is anyone here a google researcher?

Celebrate your Philanthropy here.

I'm kinda disappointed in Brad Pitt.

I'll tell ya what's wrong with America

celebrate your polygamy here:

I feel like I am just falling apart.

I'm glad I'm not nice.

Celebrate good times. Come on!

I'm glad I'm not mice.

Baby Panda!!! You can see him/her if you go Right now!!!

Test post

Celebrate the cacophony here.

Clorox: Rip-off or miracle?

I'm glad I'm not Rice.

Forgive me...

Is this a decent photograph?

Favorite Daily Show Staff Member?

Why do bisexual female sharks always go with the badboy hetero male shark?

What is the minimum credit rating needed to get hired?

Oh, the moon is GLORIOUS right now!

Anybody have Broadband Phone service, and how do you like it?

OMG I need a hug.

To all those have been answering my posts these last few days...

Cute pink toenails.

Just watched "The Wicker Man"

Is this the creepiest pic of Dubya?

Celebrate your misanthropy here

Post your PC's clipboard

Is beating a hooker to death to get money back supremely mysogynistic?

Celebrate your progeny here

Elvis Costello and Emmylou Harris playing together on Letterman tonight.

Mr. 'pede is in the hospital

All time favorite song?

Say it with me, everybody: CHIMPEACHMENT !

Just sat through a tornado warning (Indiana)

Why I love the Gilmore Girls.....

Warped Tour: not into it.

The Man with No Spine - a parable

WTF Santorum on the Daily Show?!?

What's a band that you haven't listened to in years but just went

Do guys like "nice" girls?

In 9 days I will be back in California for good...


Celebrate your mitochondria here

when a customer comes in 5 minutes till closing

Insult me.

I must not be a lesbian trapped in a man's body

If we all lived in nudist colonies, it would be hard for suicide bombers

A Freep and a chuckle

If you saw a big sign that said "Dio---Live Tonight (in your hometown)"

Just How Gay Is Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts?

She don't like her eggs all runny

When you check a DUers profile. What do you look at first?

Celebrate Your Singlehood HERE

Anyone every copycatted a GD thread? What's it like?

If you saw a big sign that said "Air Supply---Live Tonight ( hometown)"

What is your most memorable year?

"The Ghost Whisperer"?

Tomorrow is FRIDAY... But I am on call... BUT TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!

ceLebrate your poLyamory here

Who is weird here, anyone?

Is it Hetero-Whining day in the Lounge??

So, I've got this nice guy coming over.

Anyone seen "Constantine"?

You got owned.

Watching the movie "Grand Prix" on Turner Classics right now

Enough of this crap: who wants a hug?

Make up some shit and post it here.

Rocky Horror Picture Show. In 30 Seconds. Played By Bunnies.

My sweeping generalization about all DUers

This is sad. Last of WWII Comanche Code Talkers Dies

Fenris! Guess what came in the mail today? Warning: extreme vanity!

HHHEEELLLLPPPPP!!! I left the faucet in the laundry room on!

What was the name of the neighborhood theater you went to as a kid?

This game is hard.

Yes. I would kill for my wife!

It's my son's 18th birthday today

Why do women always go for the "bad girls"...

Celebrate your misogyny here.

Why I may be attending another funeral soon.

Quiz time: Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?

A DU'er on the road... literally... posting "live"

Celebrate your misunderestimator here.

Theme restaurants our corporate masters have yet to trot out

Ask me questions about shit that I don't know

Cholox: ripoff or miracle ? Hi friends

What is the worst food you ever ate?

Celebrate your polyphony here.

"There are no stupid questions" - that is total BS - there are a lot of

Check this out!

My girlfriend wants to solve the energy crisis.

Cheez-its or Cheese Nips?

i Love dick swett

Nice guy who women do like speaks up -- why I'm voluntarily single.

The day I get a "hug" from some pixels and shit on my screen

Now that RoeVWade is closer to death, let's talk "The Handmaid's Tale"

Do you fall for "Special Edition" DVDs?

So tell me about your day

Here's something I've learned about the whole "problem with men" deal...

Favorite Poem?

Anyone got a capture of or location for that Toyota commercial with

What was the last concert you attended and when was it?

It's Democratic Underground fantasy football league time!!!

Are you brave enough to post your height and weight?

What do women really like?

Apology to the group, mods and admin.

No No's? A support AR*GD* Poll that is :)

When you went Veg* what was it like for your Spouse/BF-GF/Other?

Another idol bites the dust (Serena Williams)

The Continuing Saga of Mavis.

Block H.R. 525/S. 406, Legislation that Hurts Your Healthcare

Searchable product guide & Mercury calculator:

ME is in the genes not in the mind, say scientists

How about an all-gay mercenary group of DADT discharged veterans?

A question about gender stereotypes in infants and toddlers.

Lesbian couple attacked with bat in Kansas City

Just remember, we won last year. We won last year. We won last year...

Sidney Crosby Sweepstakes winner announced tomorrow - NHL draft lottery

Boxing fans (re: John Duddy)

Larry Brown - am I the only one who thinks that

Big Ten/Penn State Football fans

So, what kind of a dog do I have here?

Question about something with me

How can we learn to trust our intuition? Is it always right?

SC nominee John G. Roberts' natal chart?

Wanna guess what kind of puppy I've got?

Astrologers, how

holy war

Every once in awhile I just can't hold back!

The latest line of attack: Fake Atheists

Kerry, House and Senate Environmental Leaders Call for Administration To R

Is there a floor speech coming today?

More on the 2002 New Hampshire phone-jamming case

Rathergate Related Complaint Against Kerry, CBS Dismissed

Max Cleland considering running in GA as Lt Governor

Dem Sen Policy Comm hearing on Rove tomorrow

Something interesting about Roberts' wife

The Democratic Daily has RSS Feed for Kerry News

OMG!!! Rick Santorum on The Daily Show Monday

So whatever happened to the Bolton nomination?

ACTION ALERT: Karen Hughes Confirmation Hearing, Karen Under Oath

Kerry raising funds for Kaine

a Kerry pic thread--TGIF (five hours early!)


Forever Free _DLC Stuff not what I meant

Water contest submission thread

Water contest "comments" thread.

my very first DU photo

Here are my 4 choices for the July Photo contest. I would appreciate some

Yay, got my camera back. Grrrr, my lens isn't here yet.

Possible bombs in London subways

More on Emily

Countdown Newsletter 7/21/05: London Attacked Again

Bunny, did you watch Jon Stewart last night?


I am obviously watching FAR too much cable news.

KOEB Meeting - 7/21/05

WSJ: In Re Judge Roberts: Question Of 'Originalism' Looms Large

The root of all evil - President Kennedy and affirmative action.

Great article on Rove culpability...

WSJ: Roberts Stands Chance To Split Democrats

Did this ever get forwarded to Operation Yellow Elephant?

John Conyers on Cspan at 7:15am est (just a few minutes) n/t

Is this Tim Curran at "Roll Call" an R also?

Just herd Joe Lieberman on Imus..... aarrrggg we really need

George Will, Freepers all attacked the French Fry arrest (plus pic of her

Saudi Arabia issues a warning to US citizens in their country...

Military sets sights higher and lower, as Iraq continues to falter

The question to ask Roberts

Any Significance To The Stations Names In New London Incident.....

Bandar's Replacement

Scalia's nomination

Truth and consequences: Karl Rove is just the tip of the iceberg

Demand to be Proven Wrong....

Hey, Karl.....guess what? America isn`t your private laboratory.

Afghans tell of US prison ordeals

John Roberts, Roe V Wade, And The Right To Privacy

4 explosions in england, 3 subway stations.

Congress and Hypocrisy

Read a new pro-Rove talking point: Plame was already outed, KGB mole in 97

We Interrupt these Bombings to Bring You a Message from BushCo

"AdWatch: Progress for America on Roberts"

Roberts shows how Democratc accomodation is futile and dumb


This redistricting and gerrymandering crap has got to stop--CA

Tom DeLay calls Matt Cooper "unprofessional"

"Utah GOP State Rep May Challenge Hatch"

Pfizer dude on WJ C-SPAN arguing

Classified 2003 Memo Gives Clear Indication Plame Was Covert

Happy 59th Birthday-- KENNETH STARR!!!

Roberts - Republican Tool

Have the terrorists told shrub & Blair

Wash Post Liberal Richard Cohen works hard for wingnut approval.

Jim Gerlach (R-PA) defends Rove at fundraiser

Frist and Warner trying to salvage the image of the Benedict Arnold Party

Mass E Mail from John Lapp of the DCCC

Tea leaves ....... weigh in on how yours are looking these days ..... (satire) Freedom Is Exploding In Iraq!

Thomas Dorr - Agriculture recess appointment--vote now in Senate

Can anyone name even one single thing this administration ...

Keep an eye on this up and coming Republican

Rove: "smite his enemies, knock them down, make sure they don't get up"

House and Senate Environmental Leaders Call for Administration To R

Karl Rove dies, Satan's approval rating hits record high (Parody)

GOP tries to dissuade Harris

Damn it! Take a stand and fight.

Utah GOP state rep may challenge Hatch

LA Times - Wife of Nominee Holds Strong Antiabortion Views

Will We Hear From Plame?

Will those who suggested Plame was a glorified secretary apologize?

Bush wanted to nominate someone like Scalia and Thomas

Do any Montana Dems know who Judge Donald Malloy is?

Who is the guy talking with Franken?

Dubya looks happy today. Smirking during his speech to OAS

Fairly thorough discussion of Roberts in NYTimes

Will Hillary vote up or down for Roberts?

Democratic Senators should call a general strike

Real Flattering Pic Of Rove on The Cover Of The American Prospect

Republican Party: No respect for Privacy or Confidentiality

How about Ed Prado instead of Pirate Dread Roberts for SCOTUS?

U.S. House Republicans, Beset by Scandal, Want Higher Donations

Jack Reed (D-RI) bemoaning the recruitment and equipment problems

French justice in dock in abuse trial

Greenspan said interest rates should go up - but they went down

My theory as to why the Bush administration refuses to comment

I love Karl Rove

Dean: Tancredo's refusal....."poses a very real danger to our troops"

DNC research on Buzzflash: Getting ammunition on Joe Wilson.

"GOP fights back after 4 years of quietly beating minority to a pulp"

Why are Dems silent or complicit in Robert's Nomination

Is the clue all in a name? Plame v Wilson

The key is Powell.

Has Mary Matalin come up at all in the Rove/Libby/etc treason affair?

PFLAG Members

What if Bush KNOWS he's going to be indicted over the Plame leak...

Bush Commission Wants To End Alternative Minimum Tax

Whatever happened with Tom Delay? Is he forgiven/forgotten?

My reaction to Michael Moore's front page: I want my country back

MSNBC on London attacks: "This provides great fodder for the president"

What exactly are we fighting?

"Staying on the offense"

More and more apparent: Rove will go down in Plames!

Iraq & Iran are allies now - has anyone asked the Bushies about this?

oh no, congress adds 2 more months to DayLight Savings Time

Giuliani on Roberts: "He's a remarkable candidate, superb qualifications"

What is the "gang of 14"?

Free Republic Members are you enlisting for Syria?

If you assume Roberts is replacement for Rehnquist....?

Tell me all you know about GOP dirty tricks!

Begala Says Roberts Will Be Confirmed . . . . Yawn

On Ed Schultz

Republican internal briefing memo on Roberts

is this the reason for the London bombings?....nah.....

Pittsburgh RW talk show host Honsberger agrees w/ Tancredo; says

personal problem

Why "-gate?"

Does George flip flop, waffle, weasel, hedge...

Fitzgerald, American Insurgent...Occupied Washington under siege

When Will Bush Fire the Convicted Criminals in His White House?

Science Daily: "Bush's character seen more negatively"

RE: Roberts. I am now lighting my hair on fire to draw attention ...

Robert's work for Ken Starr

I just saw a bumpersticker that I do not understand??

Roberts and College

Do you get sick of the hysterical "They are trying to

Email C-SPAN to cover tomorrow's Dem hearing on Plame leak.

With apologies to Cheech and Chong, smells like bullshit, tastes

Let's ask this question

How about a privacy amendment to the Constitution

John Roberts - Mastermind of the 2000 Stolen Election

Who here was involved in an anti-Roberts event?

WH Press Briefing: Rove Reigns Supreme!! (Transcript & Video Link)

HuffPost: Iraq PM "lovefest" with Iran, "new chapter in brotherly ties”

Why is Dianne Feinstein co-sponsoring the Patriot Act? Cui bono?

What effect have the two London attacks had on the "war on terror"?

Belly up to the table and predict the Senate vote on Roberts for SCOTUS

Dr. Dean on Al Franken- up next. (link)

Anyone seen any Rove lied bumper stickers yet?

CBS Evening News to cover State Dept memo (re: PlameGate)

Latest RNC SCOTUS emailing

"2006" Commentary by Hoffmania...please read

If Birth Control pills became illegal how long before before there would

C-Span3 to hold 10AM hearing Friday on Public Disclosure of Covert Agents!

Have you told our Dem Senators to ASK THE QUESTION yet?

National Security Democrats Say Bush Has Not Made America Safer

Rathergate Related Complaint against Kerry, CBS dismissed

I just got off the phone with Someone Who Knows.

Response from Hillary to my email on Roberts

If a reporter witnesses a murder perpetrated by...

Anybody see Robert's Harvard picture on the NYT this morning?

DNC and WI Grassroots Dems blog Dean's recent tour.

W.H. transcript from today's McClellan - David Gregory dust-up on Rove

Uncle Sam wants you – even if you’re 42 years old - read

Who would make your day to bring down?

Poll: Virginia Senate Warner leads Allen 48-44

Ann coulter thinks Roberts is a mistake.

Cryptic Post on Murray Haas' Blog.

People in Ohio

LAT op/ed: Roberts would undermine settled law on Roe, Rights, Religion

Today's WAPO front page will definitely

Would Bush's or Cheney's hubris allow them to resign?

Rove Traitorgate Hearing 10AM Friday - CSPAN 3

CAFTA Would Cost Taxpayers

Democrats don't have enough votes to keep filibuster going...?

Bush Vs. Gore is the Litmus Test--NY Daily New oped/Zion

Florida is going to HELL

Tancredo's "Nuclear Option"

Kos: Orrin Hatch compares Roberts to Jesus

Why do so many pro choice voters vote for Bush and other Republicans?

"Deferred Success"???????

"I can tell you, Judge Roberts IS pro-life" , Lindsey Graham (R)SC

Washington Note: UN Ambassador Gingrich? Say it ain't so!!

Here's why Bolton SHOULD be confirmed

Politics is local..organizing and training by DFA in VA. Good write-up.

Calling London....

C-SPAN 3: Hearing on Disclosing Agent's Identity 10:00 am ET

Bill in Congress to Address Media Concentration

Can Santorum even run in 2006?

I hope this is going to be on C-Span. Anybody know?

Harry S Truman quote that sums up why the Plame case is important.

Don't buy that "Roe v. Wade is settled law" trojan horse

A sincere request for input

Report: Bloomberg to reveal Rove, Libby gave false testimony

DNC midyear fundraising up 50% over 2003.....RNC only up 2%.

What Are "High Crimes and Misdemeanors?"

Rove's "Popularity" Pays Dividends For Republican Congressman

We're being set up!!!


Fareed Zakaria/ Daily Show

Conyers: Patriot Act in the House Resolution Intrdouced on Downing Street

McCain on Tweety - what a whore. defending Rove's attacks on Wilson

Harris Poll: Bush approval rating on Iraq at new low

Jon Stewart just announced his guest for Monday

"O'Connor Saddened by Attacks on Judiciary"

Judge kicks Schwarzenegger’s redistricting measure off the ballot

For the Backbone Wing of the Democratic Party

Why not a single Senator?

It's time for a new Democratic whip in the House!

Now maybe Andrea Mitchell will begin to understand what's happening in USA

The number of democrats worth receiving the nomination in 2008

I hope to see the dissolution of the Bush/Cheney WH soon......

Roberts once upheld the arrest of a 12 yr old kid for eating French Fries

Conservatives Wanted: The Telling Failures of Operation Yellow Elephant

Baseline question: Why won't the Admin accept the notion that Rove

Latest RW Cop Out Defense: "I'm Not So Sure Those Are The Facts"

Ann Coulter Exposed As Plagiaristic, Sex-Obsessed Hack

Did you see this petition? on THAT site ?

Is Karl Rove half as smart as people here sometimes think ?

Max Cleland for Georgia Lt. Governor

Recess Appointments

Protests planed for * SS PR (BS) trip and speech in Atlanta Friday 11:00am

What is most f*****d up Republican/Bush bumper-sticker you ever saw?

Bush family investing in solar technology companies

What damages did you incur for having a democratic sign/sticker?

"You say Osama, I say Usama" -- Bush, Clinton, and What's in a Name

Why Can't Democrats win the NYC Mayor's race? (poll)

That SH*T Feinstein does it again

Rove, Libby Accounts in CIA Case Differ With Those of Reporters

Even American with Disabilities Act organizations says that Roberts is out

Harry J. Anslinger vs. Usama bin Laden

Teacher says principal ordered Bush portrait removed from classroom

Why do we fear a National ID card?

White House removes transcripts from WH site

McCain just told Tweety it's "understandable" why Rove leaked Plame's name

Hasn't Judith Miller Proved Her Point?

Feingold says he can vote for the Patriot Act as it goes out of committee

Gallup: Bush Approval Rating at New Low, Compares to Other Presidents

What can I say to Our Hero? That Hope Is On the Way???