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Archives: July 19, 2005

"The Prosecutor: The Mystery Man"

My Gay Therapy Session

Knowing God is just, patriots have duty to impeach Bush (LTTE)

Jimmy "Jay Severin" Severino out the door at MSNBC

Democrats Move to Re-regulate Media

Chinese cops bust trafficking ring; 27 babies recovered

Minibus explosion not the work of a suicide bomber, Turkish officials say

Group of Four eyes Africa in UN council bid

Police watched Orwell for leftist leanings, records show

S17 - `Voting Opportunity and Technology Enhancement Rights Act of 2005'.

Who Is Your Choice For Democratic Candidate for Governor?

Former Taliban official appointed to Afghan supreme court position

Is this what the right-wing fundies are pushing for? Sure seems like it.

Wow - I know Ken Mehlman likes the Kool-Aid, but this is too much!

This all reminds me of a great Simpsons scene:

Salon: Roving justice

Governors: New drivers license too expensive.

Why do documentary makers with popular films get such nasty attacks?

Leave the poor guy alone! He'll fire him if....

Who's Shrub Gonna Choose?

The Culture Of Intolerance

Democrats planted the fake yellowcake documents

T or F : If the White House stonewalls long enough, it will all blow over

First Charges Against Saddam Sound Familiar

Salon: The enemy is closer than we think - terrorism and the USA

Late Late Show skit!!!!!!

what do you think of the wikipedia article for DU?

How long is Scotty McClellan going to hold up?

George W. Bush Should Resign Effective Immediately Because....

House GOP Plan Swaps Benefits, Accounts

Report condemns Afghani leaders

Retired FBI Agent Sentenced to Probation, Fined in Spy Case

Advisers want Bush to consider conservative men for court

Did the CIA undermine Italy's war on terror?

Waxman's July 18 letter to Bush

More Security Issues Uncovered At South Florida Airports

Venezuela's Roman Catholic church tells Chavez act like a president

[Cynthia] McKinney calls for review of voting machines

I have a crush on a table at work...

G'night DU!

the shaak beet moi leyg on thee suufbawd in awstray-ya

ARGH! My sig pic's been hijacked!

Is the new Sufjan Stevens album the best album so far this year?

I have a dilemna

When the hell did Epstein and Washington diverge on such different paths?

Question for law enforcement/legal DUers (a definition needed)

I'm in the midst of a trauma

Hollywood Is Calling

It's so sad Gen Westmoreland died now, of all times. . . .

Does this make your day?


How do you change a ,EML extension

There is an non-descript presence on this board.


Crush this, crush that

Just in time for shark week: a picture of my little girl with her shark.

mud sh-sh-shaarrk....

DU chat tonight


I'm back - anyone miss me?

Kiss your past goodbye.


my son wants to go see Elvis Costello with us!

Quick update on Sirius ...

garden state is a good movie

Help with trip to Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri

Need help viewing video of Dean in Montana. Just get audio.

remember when faux woudn't touch plame story, now they won't shut up

RepublicanPress: Kids Book Like Bill O'Reilly's!

Evidence that WH knew

They act like guilty men

Does anyone know what the Blurb MSNBC

Who's the better American, Double Duty Radcliffe or Double Douchebag Novak

Any good Rove oped cartoons? Toles only has one and

Abortion Distortions (Boxer and Santorium make false claims)

Oh Geez....another GOP Dean scream contest in Pittsburgh tomorrow. Idiots.

CNN says it won't fire Novak

Republicans not buying Rove spin

"Citizen's Arrest! Citizen's Arrest!"

How Dumb Do They Think We Are? - Mark Shields (CNN)

Talking Points Memo - Which State Department Memo?

Fallout: Reflections on the 60th Anniversary of the Trinity Test

A new day for morning-after pill?

Asia Times: Musharraf and his Taliban 'pals'

Use and abuse of intelligence

A must-read from British author Hanif Kureishi on the London bombings ...

Can GOP 'unplay' the race card?

A Jar of Red Herrings. A Wall Str. Journ. person yestday said that Joe

`Do the best you can with him' (the latest in the Chicago corruption)

moving documentary Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq (watch it online)

NEW VIDEO: IWTnews interview with Mark Lloyd (IWT founding member and

Rep. Conyers - The Nixon White House Would Blush (Huffington)

Proposed Endangered Species Bill Rescinds Sound Science

Waxman: Bush Statement on Rove Conflicts with Executive Order

The border mentality

Rove: "Fire me? Not likely!"

Iraq’s war on women

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!): Interview with Seymour Hersh

What We Learned This Past Weekend (great summary with links) Rove-

the changing ethical rethoric of the WH -short and sweet (with links)

delete...wrong place

Ray McGovern (Tom Paine): Cheney and Plame (Tuesday)

Fire Rove NOW--Kerry petition to sign--Kerry to call for hearings.

China's Shrunken Thirst for Oil

Harper's Weekly Review

Counterpunch: Laura's Justice? Meet Edith Brown Clement

Why Does CIA Leak Row Matter? (BBC)

Eqypt's take on the Iraq War

The 13 Riskiest Housing Markets

Olbermann--"Rove: Soft on terror"

Gee, ya think Bush will take questions tonight?

Yahoo/David Corn - Rove Scandal: Distractions and Disinformation

CNN's Bob Lang Political Cartoon... WTF?

Top Supreme Court myths, courtesy of Media Matters

India nuclear deal takes Congress by surprise

London Hit - the Muslim Response

John Roberts: Sparse Record Raises Serious Concerns

Are We Truly Believers?

The supreme court pick = Fuel for Progressive America

(White House Briefing) Look Over There! (Wash. Post)

Scooter's Field Trip (Huffington)

Link to Cheney deepens ‘leak-gate’ scandal

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): It's not only about Iraq

The American Conservative: The Logic of Suicide Terrorism

This makes my big gay heart sing with joy (Santorum aid OUTED)

John W. Dean: "It Appears That Karl Rove Is in Serious Trouble"

Last Night's Daily Show

My Turn by Robert Novak

Welcome to Plan B-Preparations for Petrocollapse and Climate Distortion

David Corn (The Nation): Rove Scandal: Distractions and Disinformation

Ellis Henican: 'Whaddya gotta do to get fired here?!?'

Is being generous good for business? (Costco gets bashed, yet again...)

Molly Ivins: You can't not care

*** Stop CAFTA*** (AFL-CIO Working Families) - House to vote by July 28

Map of Rove Letter Hits

Judge Souter's House & 'Eminent Domain'

DU Activist Corps LTTE Poll

Activists--Choice needs your help! Please visit this site...!!!

"Damn Liberal Media" a letter to the editor

Human Rights Campaign take on Roberts nomination and GLBT issues

Victory! Environment just Added to DNC Issue Agenda

DU this MSNBC poll on Bush's role in leak investigation

DU this poll NBC Affiliate in DC

Need help publicizing parody site that mocks GWB, Blackwell, Rove, Jeb...

Media Ownership Reform Act of 2005 Would End Media Consolidation

NEW VIDEO: IWTnews interview with Mark Lloyd--IWT founding member

Al-Jazeera Coming to America

Pipeline threatens world's rarest cat with extinction

Politics plays climate 'hockey'

Excellent summary of the Energy bill

Methane's Impacts On Climate Change May Be Twice Previous Estimates

Religious Take On the Environment

French constitution gets a dash of green

Oil-Control Formula

My local electric co-op wants to be deregulated...

American Chemists explore means to reducing the high NOx biodiesel output.

Newest Lake Erie 'dead zone' brings horror story for fish

After Oil: Powering the Future

Moscow's property lawlessness

The New York Times (July 20): Iraq Constitution Draft Curbs Women's Rights


Sorry, but I don't buy the title "Jewish settler" as the MSM reports.

Major New Leaks re OKC Bombing (Andy Strassmeir)

Did the London bombers think they were running drugs instead of bombs?

Former Vietnam, Commercial Pilot Calls Official 9/11 Story Bunk

election methods and reform

All eyes on 2006 - How to spot fraud hotspots

More on McKinney in the AJC

DUer Autorank published in Scoop ....2nd time!

What does this mean?...

Timken (Diebold director) gets paid off

You have to see this! Great mock Diebold posters. Would be great slogans

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 7/19/05

Ohio-Franklin County elections director Damschroder suspended

Count Every Vote Act--What to do?

Why do Diebold employees call it "AccuFake" ??

Need help - give me all you can (links) re Diebold

What can I say to our Hero? That hope is on the way????

Governor keeps deals secret

Garry South to work for Steve Westly

Arnold S. says Maria Schriver needs diamonds.

The Democratic Bench in California

John Edwards to speak in Iowa in August (in my hometown!)

Cape Cod Times published my LTTE

Sen. John Edwards Picnic

Ed Markey's press release re * plan to sell nuke technology to India

Jimmy Tingle benefit shows for MA Dept of Peace Campaign

Coleman on the Fan

Cheney in Wayzata on Friday?

problem installing Windows Recovery Console on XP SP2

Hi! I want to network 2 computers and don't have any idear what to do

5 justices are urged to skip Taft records case

Brown for Senator Petition

Ohio: you may have the opportunity to send an Iraq War Veteran to Congress

Nagodoches: Environmental Hearing, July 23.

Quorum Report sez HB3 is officially dead

Break out the champagne. I've been christened with a new name

Austin House party questions

Austin DUers: Brunch this weekend?

Great Editorial in local paper

Nancy Nussbaum announces canidacy for 8th CD.

Three days of action in September - buses from Wisconsin to DC!

So. Did KKKarl's Wife "Send" Him on a Mission?

NRA cancels Columbus convention due to assault weapons ban

Tokyo Rove. That's got a wang to it.

Bernie Ward literally begging listeners to read and think

Should Treason be punishable by death?

Bush is violating Executive Order 12958, thus endangering Natl. Security

once and for all, did Scott Ritter molest kids,

DSM Returns 'Need to wrongfoot Saddam'

Hilarious Billmon: "Badly Decomposed Corpse of Robert Novak"

they are restarting the military tribuals at gitmo.

Supreme Court appointment speed up?

So if someone is going to jail, then Bush won't let them work from there?

Another brutal day at the office for Scottie....

DU Aussies, I just listend to John Howard on C-SPAN just now

A Voice from the Christian Left - Common Dreams

Will 'Turdblossom' be the historical buzzword equivalent of 'Deepthroat'?

Westmoreland Is Dead

Dept. of Homeland Security Surveillance Truck

What's causing bush's new Jaw Grinding Tic?

Hurricane Emily.... Check This Animated Loop out.....

Please vote for John Aravosis (Americablog)

What will be the next shiny thing corporate news will use to distract us

Ex-NFL QB Shuler to run for Congress (challenges Repug incumbent in NC)

Will Bu$h be named an unindicted co-conspirator?

Should Congress Investigate the CIA Leak? (DC's NBC Poll)

Vic Snyder (AR) C-Span this morning-always liked him

Question to everyone who listened to Malloy last night

Bush* to 'use' Supreme Court nominee to divert attention from Rove.

Rove story is about to go away

Requesting help from DU LTTE writers

It occurred to me

NEW VIDEO: IWTnews interview with Mark Lloyd (IWT founding member and

CNN has been talking about a security watch with a terrorism expert

Bush Will Nominate A Right Wing Freak For SCOTUS

Now what was Scooter Libbys deal with the leak??

What should Dems do with acceptable Supreme Court Justice nominee?

Look, we know they lied about the reasons for invading Iraq.

I just read on Yahoo

WP: SC "buzz" leader Judge Edith Brown Clement, 5th Circuit, New Orleans

Old war posters that resonate today

Two Reporters on Charlie Rose last night: "Very Serious"

My 21 yr. old son, Ridiculed at work by 2 Army Recruiters

North (San Diego) County Times: Survey finds many would consider moving aw

71% of REPUBLICANS think that Rove should be fired if he leaked


DSMs on NPR now "Radio Times" (10.00 am Eastern).

Karl Rove just sucked the life out of the Downing Street Memo..

Polanski tells of 'sex therapy'

'Strategists say bush leaning toward a woman for Supreme Court Spot

Cheney is ALIVE!

Rude Pundit on SCOTUS Nominee ...too funny

Are you guilty of holding different Democrats to different standards? why?

Give Young Rethug addresses to recruiters!

Saudi royal plans float of hotel and media assets

Does Bushco have a mole in the leak investigation?

Why "weird sex" posts generate excitement in Freepville?

LOL Letter to the Editor in the Strar Tribune

DU These polls

Reminder....World War Three.

cnn Breaking! Rove gets Medal of Freedom

Please help Operation Truth get their full page ad in the WP

Bush Authorized Covert Plan to Manipulate Iraqi Elections (Hersch)

SCOTUS Short list! Get your SCOTUS SHORT LIST right here!

IF a pres. were removed for treason, would his decisions be null & void?

My question for Scott McClellan

HP to announce layoffs Tuesday AM, "possible cuts of as many as 25,000"

Is caller "Ed" on Springer for real?

Forget oil. Why aren't we pushing alternative fuels? Alternative ENERGY?

1 bit of classified info White House managed not to leak about Bin Laden:

Would * naming a SC nominee today serve as a good distraction?

Dreamt that Dan Rather was tazing Ken Lay at GITMO & shouting :

Bush Translated (king of bullshit)

GET OUT THE VOTE by SEYMOUR M. HERSH - Neocons fixed the Iraqi Elections!

"the rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor"...


Seymour Hersh on Democracy Now, LinkTV, Ch. 375,

What are you doing differently? Threat level is Orange and Yellow

Conservative Terrorist Eric Rudolph Reveals Motives

Baghdad hospital doctors on strike against soldiers

There was a plot to assassinate Bush recently?

Soldier pointed rifle at my head, says doctor (Baghdad hospital)

arnie's magazine deal just tip of iceberg?

Ken Mehlman Admits Republican Exploitation Of Racial Division!!!

bush* will fire someone

Denver Post: Tancredo Won't Back Down

Video of a soldier being shot.

War has been good for Haliburton. $8 a share in Jan '02 to $49 today.

George Bush Wrote an Incindiary Biography of Muhammed!

Bush and Aussie PM news conference, will there be questions?

Feinstein's husband certainly is a busy man!

Our village has a new alarm system. (Homeland security?)

csmonitor: Bush loses some luster on credibility

Local Republican Rob Simmons (former CIA) flip-flops on Plame Outing

Yeah this makes sense.

Another joke

Helen Thomas asked the best question ever yesterday: "Why?"

TDS video on Rove is now online

George Bush = Lord Voldemort ?

What do you ask a blank slate?

Photo: "Open the pod bay door, HAL"

DU this poll - Do you agree with Bush's handling of the leak investigation

Interior asks Congress for power to take Indian lands

Bush said he would fire any member of his staff who "committed a crime."

Helen Thomas answered my email.

My LTTE response to Govindini Murty on liberal Hollywood to be published

If the choice for SCOTUS is Edith "Dingbat" Clement, we could have fun

Bush loses some luster on credibility

Life in Corporatania.

RE: Today's DU lead story.....

Rep. Vic Snyder is not a Dem. he is a pimp for smirk's military

"Wall of Tolerance" junk mail...

The Bush Administration is trying to take away the Air National Guard

CNN just said Edith Brown Clement is name rampant in DC for SCOTUS.

Devastating story.....soldiers obit on NPR.

It's ALIVE II !!! - VP Cheney To Visit New Jersey Friday !!!

Limbaugh-Hannity - Wilson smear campaign-effective-YES-NO?


What was the total death count of non-American soldiers

Victory! Environment just Added to DNC Issue Agenda

Women sue because they didn't get to meet Jesus

I really think every Republican that stands behind Rove and

The ACLU is under investigation by the FBI...

Reasons to Stay Away from Florida

Sorry, but I don't buy the title "Jewish settler" as the MSM reports.

Kansas City right-wing talk radio Rove poll!

Plames name not to be revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regarding the bona fides of P. Fitzgerald in chasing Rove

DU this poll NBC Affiliate in DC on CIA Leak

Karl Rove Is A Pimple On The Ass Of The World

seabirds are dying of hunger - rising temps in ocean kill their food

Huey Newton's 'Revolutionary Hot Sauce': Burn, baby, burn

Iraq body count

Speculation centers on Edith Clement for SC Justice

Bush to announce court choice - tonight at 9 et

BUSH: The Whole World's Watching...!

Can someone post some kind of dossier on this Judge Clement person?

Dinner with His Royal Highness, The Chimperor of the United States >

Re: Judge Rehnquist

Fineman says Bush didn't move the goalposts, he moved "the whole stadium"

Today's Breaking News is that Bush will announce his SCOTUS nominee

London Bombing: Looking for eyewitnesses who saw alleged bombers

Geez, I suck at research. Criminals in the current administration.

woohoo I made it on (as a followup poster)

Keeping Plamegate simple

So, when are those abuse pics coming out?

What Do You Think Was The Most UNDER-REPORTED Story Last Week?

My answer to my friend's email about the ACLU and crosses at (Arlington)

Caption bushie.... always grinning

Heat wave cooks apples on trees in Ireland - BBC

AP: "Athletes Spark White House Flip-Flop Flap" -- This is news??

Video of last night's brilliant Daily Show

Athletes Spark White House Flip-Flop Flap

Where is tweety bird, anyone know, what is the official line?

Will the Pubs all vote for whoever Shrub's nominee is?

smirk won - we get to keep our dirty air

Sign the John Kerry Petition to fire KKKarl!

Court rules on sexual office affairs


Soldiers forced to shout 'bang' ...

Yo, what happened with Scotty?

Simple way to deflate Chimp and the SOCTUS nominee...

Any Insiders?? What's the poop around the beltway on SCOTUS nominee?

Secret plan to quit Iraq

First hand account of a life surrounded by war/ Sudan

RATIONING (IEA dusts off rationing plans) who even knew of the plan?

Where can I hear Mike Malloy's show from last night?

People for the American Way on Edith Brown Clement

"We will f--- him. Do you hear me?...We will ruin him."-Rove in a nutshell

Washington subway system considering bag searches: officials

Suspending a clearance during an investigation is normal

Bush* going prime-time to help his ol' buddy KKKarl.

Will Bush order Gonzales to fire Fitzgerald as heat gets turned up?

LTTE: Of Mushroom Clouds, Lies and Impeachment...comments

C-span2 Alert - News conference w/ Schumer & Kennedy

something to make you smile

New ad from re: firing Rove

SCOTUS nominee to be announced at 9PM tonight-eper CNN.

How does someone scrap their knuckles like this?

A good point from today's AllHatNoCattle

Why would Shrub try to upstage Traitorgate NOW???

7/19/2005 - White House Press Briefing - live 1:15 pm - C-Span 2

Years after invasion, U.S. officials struggling to accelerate Iraqi recons

RW LTE in SeattleTimes-Rove only corrected a reporter!

Cost of Iraq War July 19th- $181,774,123,960

Randi: Republican Rehab

McCain Confused Over Criticism For 'Crashers' Cameo

Gallup Poll contacted me last night.

Please excuse my ignorance on this subject.. did congress investigate the

People are under the impression Republicans are fiscally conservative

And you thought the GTA mod was bad?

US tried to plant WMDs, failed: whistleblower

Gallo Wines is afraid of you

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!!! nt

Tuesday toons (new 7/19)

The Prez is violating the Law.

NAS Brunswick added tot he base closure list /firerove


Conservative Voice: Edith Clement Pro-Killing, Not Good for Supreme Court

AZ Freeway bloggers Headsup!

uh-oh....."exercise" to focus on nuclear attack. Charleston, S.C.

President Bush and Karl Rove Star in 'Wag The Dog II'; Reuters Reports Nom

Randi keeps mentioning " Otto Reich " (sp?). Who is he ? nt

Laura's Justice? Meet Edith Brown Clement By JOSHUA FRANK

Racists launch PC game

1769 Reasons why the DSM is Important

"Link to Cheney Deepens ‘leak-gate’ Scandal"

AP: More Americans feeling less trusting of President Bush

Bush Interviewed About CIA Leak - Let's walk down memory lane...

Some in GOP Hope Rice Runs for President

Don't Forget Global Warming - Join the Virtual March

Time to invade Iran! Texas style!

10 reasons to oppose CAFTA

Rovegate/DSM House Party Excitement Growing

"Italy shuts beach after tropical toxic algae surfaces"

Dumb Attorney -- My Client is too pretty to go to jail....

forget Edith Clement - it's going to be Edith Hollan Jones- Bush/Rove SOP

James Moore: Why Karl Rove Will Never Go

Joe Wilson to be on with Randi in the 5:30 hour!!!!! n/t

DU this CNN poll on the Iran / 911 connection

"Gore: New TV Channel Won't Be Partisan"


Covert agent ..look at what they are dragging out now.. what do you think

A question about Out Foxed. Who was the Fox reporter who

*** Stop CAFTA*** (AFL-CIO Working Families) - House to vote by *July 28 *

Survey: 25,000 civilians killed in Iraq war

CIA: What are your views?

A good site to bookmark re. Rove/Scooter/Plame docs

Rubber stamp time in Senate

National Guard members to serve as substitute teachers

Is it still a "distraction" if they...

Freepers planning a SC calling blitz, counter it call # 202 224 3121

A Brief Return to the Illusion

TPM: Rove Stories the Media Should Investigate

The Parents Television Council...

Amb. Wilson on Randi now! n/t

Joe Wilson on Randi Rhodes AAR in a few minutes (5:30 ET)

PROGRESSIVE e-alert: anti-Muslim Poster in California National Guard HQ

Website lets Americans see what the world's non-English publications say

What if Bush nominates himself to the SCOTUS???

Does anyone have a link to Hillary Clinton's recent critism of the media?

ABC News Breaking: Clement is not nominee

Please understand this quote from Michael Ledeen....

Bottled water? Jose Padilla? Harry Potter? Flip flops?

Mass doctor walkout at Baghdad hospital proves we're winning!

Will You Watch The Chimp Tonight?

A little more about the letter designators tha KOS is talking about

the diversion has begun!

What if the focus of Fitzgerald's investigation isn't Rove?

At Ginzburg's Appointment Ceremony, Sam Donaldson shouted Monica Questions

Wal-Mart Applies to Create a Utah Bank

The wisdom of Edith Jones (Anti-choice Theocrat, Supreme Court nominee?)

David Horowitz, media whore, on NPR blames U.S. for WW2.

Another * pic to caption...

OOOh. The media is all a-twitter.

What Defines A Conflict As A "World War"? I Have Always Wondered.

Rove's Troubles Expose Strategic Drawbacks of a United Front

If Valerie Plame was a CIA agent in NOC then outing her was.....

joe wilson watches tds?

Do you have friends and family who are ** supporters?

If Bush nominates Clement, should the Dems fight it?

Nearly 25,000 civilians killed in Iraq since March 2003

Who is the worst person Bush could nominate?

Letter From Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove to Incarcerated Free Press..

Who could Shrub nominate that would cause the most CONFUSION??

Media Ownership before and after the Telecommunications Act? #'s needed

Is Terrorism Tied to Xian Sect? The religion of Eric Rudolph

Supreme Court Prediction

Another lovely gem from the lips of our "liberal media."

Ambassasor Joe Wilson is on Randi's show NOW!!!

Is it possible that Plame was not covert even though her work was?

We know that Bush is not afraid to swing for the fences

Put the mask on

POLL: What percentage of Democrats are corporate whores?

Seymour Hersh: Bush Authorized Covert Plan to Manipulate Iraqi Elections

What Virus was Lou Dobbs Pushing...EPIDEMIC! What about the Flu this

Get your fresh Bush scabs and bruises pics

Need some Doom and Gloom? Here's an article for you

Where do you think more fraud could be found, Medicare or Defense

Freeper idiot on Randi.

Randi just made a good point... Congress going into recess for five weeks

Will the SCOTUS nomination today take the focus off of Rove/Traitorgate?

I figured it out, the new SC nominee is:

Asshole announces SC Nom ; We ignore it.

A good point about recruiting CIA overseas operatives on


Quick help me I need Hillary's recent quote on the media and the media own

AOL headline: Flipflop flap at White House!

Two Short BBC reports about Iraq/Iran that will scare the crap out of you

Kiss RoveGate/TraitorGate GOODBYE! SCOTUS Nom. coming TODAY!

Joe Wilson on the Young Turks. He just said that Valerie

Will it be this fucking wingnut: Edith Jones?

Boss doesn't hit on you? It's okay, you can still sue

Limbaugh: US has no reedeming qualities, other countries have no reason

will this "appointment" work to save Rove???

Cheers to the Pgh. Post-Gazette! (Bush's waffling yesterday)

Rove and Libby: The Gitmo detainees weren't charged with a crime either.

Michael Isikoff Kicked Sean Hannity's ASS re: Rove on H&C/Faux News

Dems' Attempt to Raise Min Wage One Penny Met w/Flamethrowers

Looks like fifth circuit anti-choice Theocrat Edith Jones for SCOTUS

The "house flippers" / speculators have discovered Pocatello, Idaho

CBS Evening News: "Rumors in Iraq!" = "Conspiracy Theory" in the US

Proposed ban on doggie sweaters?!?!?


Scotus Nightmare tell me the chimp wont pick Ann Coulter

Thumbs up to Whitcoulls

Hey, I'm in an arguement with a reactionary on another forum about Andy

How will the "Gang of 14" figure into this? Is McCain itching

So who's the flip flopper now??

Bush will pick whoever they tell him to pick

Re: Westmoreland, MSM refers to Vietnam as "the only war America lost"...

Bush Picks John Roberts, Jr. not Jones

Why doesn't the media check to see which SCOTUS 'candidates' are in town??

Domestic violence: Why do so many men still get away with beating wives?

LInk to WP Roberts story: "conservative not idealogue"?

Put Your Clown Suits on America !

If Rove is gone will Bush's numbers go up?

Eric Rudolph: NON - Christian terrorist

John Roberts Jr

AP announces Judge John Roberts will be SC nominee, per

Canadian Supreme Court

What did I miss about Ari? Told AF1 gaggle to ask about Wilson trip?!?

PEW: Bush approval 44% (-3% since London attack)

AP reporting * will pick John Roberts for SCOTUS

DU Activist Proposal: Urge patriotic members of Congress to block recess

Thanks, now I don't have to watch the Idiot Son of an Asshole.

Loose Lips, Pink Slips How President Bush made

The liberal media is out of control!

WHO are the sheeple? What is controlling your attention?

Got some extra time to read this summer?

Democrats Move to Reregulate Media

Who cheats more in a relationship?

Visited an army base today..... had to do a little work.... and I met

Ladies, time to turn your uteruses over to Mr. Roberts!

John Roberts, co-anchor for CBS News, cut in on Dr. Phil to....

Were you ever hit on by an older person when you were a kid?

Ok so this guy has ties to

Is it POSSIBLE that Chimp has outfoxed himself on the SCOTUS nomination?

Background on John Roberts?

John G. Roberts Jr. record

CNN's John King saying WH has been "hush-hush" re. Roberts, FL recount --

Of course, Bush was going to nominate a lunatic--especially now

John Roberts Jr Is the President's Pick SCOTUS

Reuters ADMITS SCOTUS announcement a scandal deflection!

John Roberts said ROE v WADE was wrongly decided in the past!!

Did ** pick already? I've been outside for the last half-hour

March to the WH over John Roberts Jnr

Remember those sheep that jumped off the cliff a week ago?

If it's True...and it's Roberts

If ** is impeached over Treasongate, will we have to keep Roberts?

Has Hardball abandoned it's promised week of coverage on Rovegate?

Will female conservatives pipe up and complain that ** selected a guy?

Quote from the late Gen. Westmoreland

Where does Bush find these Wack Jobs?

If they overturn Roe,

John Roberts is the Nominee for Supreme Court!

Bush has proven himself (again) to be a divider not a uniter

I just heard on the tv

The Dread Judge Roberts.

Bush's plan for the blogs and SC

John Roberts against EPA and for Mining Companies-mountaintop removal

Roberts on Roe

Karl Rove Puppet Theater coming up on Countdown

Roberts was blocked to join the D.C. Appeals court twice in the Senate!

I want a job like Rove's

Scary: AFL-CIO in danger of breaking apart

The Roberts nomination will split the RePUKE party. Half are pro choice

I see a Two Million Women March....

George And Karl Sitting In A Tree!... "That's OK Karl! I Still Love You!"

Are we capable of fighting two fights at once?

If Bush were a good president, would people notice the fascism?

Proud union members check in please!

Sorry to say, but this will be Dubya's nominee.

Abortion trumps Wilson/Plame ??

Am I the ONLY one here who gives less than a shit about who * picks

Is ** saving Judge Jones for a Rehnquist replacement?

Roberts donated $1000 to the Bush Recount effort

NARAL on Roberts

take back the Senate in 2006 and impeach the garbage

If Democrats are smart, they'll hold back on Roberts until Fall.

Will they filibuster or roll over (again)?

I heard Roberts had ties to the the 2000 election and the Ken Starr

Kerry wants full congressional hearings, RE: Rove. Pls. sign!

I'm surprised that Shrub picked a white guy for SCOTUS

WTF?!?! Panetta says that Roberts doesn't lean left or right?

Am I a super woman because I can focus on more than one issue at a time?

sweet irony....

Rep Roscoe Bartlett, R-MD live on CSPAN now - PEAK OIL nt

Roberts On Endangered Species Act And Cheney Energy Task Force !!!

Mr ask Congress to handle your Supreme Court nomination in

Nothing will suppress dem midterm turnout like dems refusing to filibuster

The halo effect is on live tv.

shrub got a dye job it is a little lighter.

Destructive Consciousness

Olbermann on Rove right Now!

It's not just two things to concentrate on...we got your dye jobs, tics,

Here On The West Coast I Have TV Land - All In The Family - On

Rove not truthful with FBI (Murray Waas, American Prospect)

I have NEVER seen Bush happier

I won't watch....but is ** on the TV now?

Don't throw that Pretzel, Laura!You're Gonna Luv em! Roberts for Supremes

Alright, flame me, but it could have been MUCH worse

Need quotes from Republicans/conservatives on how bad Iraq is

Read this about a John Roberts' ruling --

Bush's daily intelligence briefings may go up threefold in quality


They gave him primetime for this bullshit. Why no questions?????

Schumer talking about Roberts now

What else will this Roberts guy do?

Poll: "Public views Bush as less trustworthy" (about time)

Rawstory/Cheney leaked classified information

There seems to have been an influx of Elementals around here

OW... My Eyes !!! - Warning: DO NOT TURN ON FAUX NEWS !!!

Has there EVER been a more sappy SCOTUS announcement?

Is Roberts Catholic?

Caption this

*Gasp* Why I NEV-UH in all mah years

OMG, the Antichrist

Rowling takes a jab at Bush in her latest Harry Potter novel....

Maybe the Roberts can afford decent haircuts now.


MSNBC only one of "Big Three" not to televise Democrat response.

Anyone hear what Michael Moore's been up to lately?

Remember those polls on abortion?

WSJ on rove investigation: State Dept memo shouldn't be shared

Vidclip of Countdown's Karl Rove Puppet Theatre

Any Connection Between Roberts & Fitzgerald Investigation?

First draft of my Rove lTTE. cowards in the White House

Google news Rove stories today so far - 1,320, yesterday 1,140

Please help w/ question I have about this Plame/Wilson deal

To WAR!!!!

Two questions about John Roberts

How come conservative judges very often go liberal after becoming...

What did KO say about rover?

My anti-Fox LTTE is published on the front page

Maybe Roe was wrongly decided.

Clinton's SCOTUS nominees not controversial

I just finished listening to Dion's "Abraham, Martin, and John"

The distraction of Supreme Court nomination is working.....even here.

I think the talking point re: Roberts should for the time being be this

DELETE...How does one delete an accidental post? LOL!!!

Why so few military people in top Republican ranks?

Who are the most vunerable Republicans in Congress?

MSM Will Cover This Tonight & Tomorrow

Something needs to be done that will

I have a Supreme Court nomination theory (or nightmare) and more...

Mehlman yes....Dean no...

Bill Hemmer Joins FAUX

Bush slurring his words

People From the American Way on Roberts

Would you have given up the Alamo?

WTF?! According to Drudge, Limbaugh & O'Reilly beat out Franken!

Re: Roberts - what did you expect?

Bush picks anti-abortion judge for Supreme Court

How can my UTERUS be up for debate? (sorry- another Rant)

Josh Marshall posts former CIA agents letter to Congress (must read)

Who is the unrevealed cowardly White House source that allows

How long before today's teenage girls and young women of

Bush's Supreme Court Choice..Say goodbye to Roe v Wade

History Channel says al-Qaeda has a "Navy"

Roberts is another Federalist Society member


Don't forget: This (the Supreme Court) is for all the marbles

George W. Bush Answers (Stephanie's) Charges Of Drug Addiction!

Did Thomas Friedman Flunk History?

Roberts - Just waitng in the wings for his time to come.....

Treason Most Foul from Within the White House

Dean: Bush Court pick clear move to cover for Rove

Oh man. ..wrong on so many levels. (old Kerry bash)

If Dems confirm Roberts, Repubs will look like blathering fools

Stay on message with Treasongate. Nothing is happening with SCOTUS for 5

Dean: Bush Court pick clear move to cover for Rove

Roberts is 50 years old.

Are we being played by Bush/Rove on Roberts?

Rove Stories the Media Should Investigate

Why can't we oppose the SCOTUS nominee

the news about Rove Exonerates and Vindicates him

One partisan hack for another

Bill Hemmer goes to Faux News

New Pic of Rove and Bush

Roberts will not be voted on until the fall.

Senate advice and consent?

If Rove is impeached/indicted/jailed etc etc

Fla. Boy, 8 Charged With Aggravated Manslaughter In Sister's Death

CNN's Candy Crowley Says Roberts "Looks Like Dudley Do-Right."

FBI collected ONLY 1,173 pages of internal documents on the ACLU

amy goodman on aaron brown NOW

If Roberts isn't filibustered what's to prevent a rerun for the next one?

Yahoo Most Emailed Photo...

What if President Kerry nominated a Democratic activist who'd worked

Let's not worry about SCOTUS but focus on Rove?

Who's watching The Daily Show?

Roberts was one of the judges in the Gitmo Military Tribunals case-Hamdan

Is anyone really surprised by *'s selection?

He is gong to get confirmed so get it over with quick & keep the

New book 'Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar'

Deleting a Message

Whaddya gotta do to get fired here?!?

A Roving Ethical Problem

Since Plame is bound by her "status" at the CIA, retired dudes step up

Community Proposes Banning Sex Offenders From Beaches

Keep your Eyes on the Prize. The War. The Economy.

Rove in 2003 Photo with Novak

Check out the good things we've done for the Iraqis

If you think Roberts is bad, wait until Rehnquist retires

Gitmo Diet

Don't you ever get burned out by all the crap the Repugs pull?


Good Grief!! I turn of Faux News to get the crazies' reaction to Roberts.

Will The Likely Addition of Roberts Be The Vote That Overturns Roe?

After Losing The Filibuster On SCOTUS Pick #1, Will Bush Moderate #2?

Peak Oil being discussed on C-Span

Here he is.........BUTTER BUTT!!

The Daily Show is doing a histerical number on Rove, the

Caption this * in his snazzy tuxedo pic...

* >> Caption this . . .

Even the Rolling Stones don't like Bush!

John Roberts on Roe v. Wade

They say they are "pro-war", yet they won't send their own sons to fight.

Can we start a "Fantasy News Team" league? that would be fun

Lawrence O'Donnell on Tavis Smiley's show right now!

Another Take On John Roberts

Holy crikies, they puplished my LTTE

Re: The Filibuster Deal... We're We Checked, Or Check-Mated ???

Caption this: What are Washington, Jefferson, TR and Lincoln thinking?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Roll Call

If Clinton can get Ginsburg, Bush can have Roberts

We Ignore Bush's Supreme Court Nominee At Our Peril

Wall Street complains: Costco too nice to employees

Flip flop Frist wants to filibuster stem cell bills

Do you think there were enough US flags at the Bush - Roberts announcment?

Great Propaganda: Danm CNN!!!!!!!!

I'm hearing a lot of excuses to not contest Bush's SCOTUS nominee.

See? That asshole, Brian Williams just said

What are you feeding your pet? Is it the "remains" of other pets???

Ladies and Gentlemen... I have an idea for us and the Activist Corps...

OK, who is Jason Tonks anyway? nt

If Roe v Wade is overturned, what will be the law in each state

The MSM Haven't Forgetton Rovegate Just Yet - Today's Press Conference

Goodbye Roe ; Hello Back-alley Butchers

I made it into the rightwingnut "Museum of Left wing Lunacy"! WOOHOOO!

DSM C-SPAN Coverage this weekend...

Tancredo is an IDIOT.

Rick Santorum responds to Downing Street Memo in detail!

Harry Potter versus the Pope

No woman to replace O'Conner? WTF?!

Rove-Plame Scandal Leading to Deeper White House Horrors?

New bumper sticker, need feedback:

Dems doing the best thing about Roberts now - nothing


RAW STORY: State Dept memo made clear info 'shouldn't be shared' (WSJ)

John Roberts a dissenter on the Cheney Energy Task Force Case

Hitting bottom - America's wake up call - again - and - again

POLL: Would you ever run for elected office yourself?

POSTED TO COULTER BOARD: "If gay marriage was legal..."

Right-winger Jay Severin gets banned from MSNBC

Jose Padilla Imprisoned 3 Years 72 Days No Trial No Charges

When was the moral apotheosis of the Republican Party ?

Please tell me this is satire

Where is CNN's morning team

Not Fillibusterable

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday July 20

This is what you want, this is what you get

Newsflash: elections matter

PREDICTION: Roberts will be confirmed easily

YOU are the sheep! YOU allow this administration to drive your cart.

Republicans = Traitors

Sometimes Air America Radio is a little too New York City-centric

Question I wish the Press Corps would pose to Scotty...

If our Dem leaders play it right, we can do both, Rove vs. SCJ Nomination

VICTORY! California resumes issuing medical marijuana ID cards

Scary thought: Rehnquist About To Croak

Know anyone like this?

Roberts says nomination "under Senate investigation", refuses comment.


Minister: Women becoming lesbians because they work

The Vote is still 5-4 on Roe being upheld.

DO NOT drop the ball on Rovegate/DSM

Dare I call it treason?

Teaser on MSNBC states that Keith Olbermann has found an obscure

If anyone finds a troll, I want it to be /me/ first.

Perhaps the GOP wants you to hate the DLC?

You don't go after a guy's wife to get back at a guy.

Media convicted "London bombers" did NOT travel to Pakistan together!

Air America should start a sister station for just "banned" music

Charlie Rangel will lead an e-Town Hall Meeting on Iraq

For those of you who believe we should rubber stamp this nomination

Minimum Credit Card Payments to double in next few months

What percentage of your family is republican?

Hal Lindsay: Liberals are some of our worst enemies

What do they think of Roberts over in Freeperville?

Minister molests church member, who has his baby

Mistake .....sorry guys!

Fighting the Roberts Nomination Is a Waste of Time & a Red Herring

If you ARE concerned about CHOICE visit this site, please!

Kerry will call for Senate hearings on Rove this week.

Kerry (FINALLY) raises question: Was BUSH involved in Plame leak????

Take a deep breath, relax, and put things in perspective


Harry Reid: Roberts has "suitable legal credentials"

OMG, Look at the Chimp! Is he on Drugs? -PIX->>>

Words of wisdom from John Conyers

They've got the 5 votes needed, it's a slam dunk. Not the fight to pick.

Bush has a new facial tick. Flicks his jaw to his left after every "point"

Roberts wrote in 1991 "Roe v wade...should be overruled."

Another Folded Flag (Psst, Freepers in here!)

Urgent: Focus - Patriot Act II Hits floor vote on Thursday

Internet freedom just got the federal ax. (The net will be censored!!)

We Shouldn't Fight This Nomination. BULLSHIT! You Heard Me BULLSHIT!

Ray McGovern: "Cheney And Plame"

Ladies ,

My daughter is TOO worth it.

DU Activist Corps: Results from first effort here.

IMPORTANT! Freepers say they are watching us tonight, so FOR PETE's SAKE

Journalist fired from teaching job for calling student "incredibly hot"


Fuck it, I think I *will* fight some more, you fascists

Baking wonks: soy milk?

No place for life peers in new ‘second chamber’

So what do we think about the summit at No. 10 with muslim leaders?

Two-thirds believe London bombings are linked to Iraq war

BNP founder Tyndall dies aged 71

£12 credit for well-behaved teens

Iraq gunmen strike U.S. base workers, kill 13

Fighter jets collide over Mojave Desert

Bullish Chavez assumes Andean bloc leadership

Tiny Tsunami Reveals Big Gaps in Readiness

Perfect project: Rove deserves a Rove makeover

In Canada: Cache a Page, Go to Jail?

Turkey seeks tighter Iraq borders to halt attacks (From Kurds)

Tax cut on investment income is not as advertised, researchers find

Amnesty in call for civil war justice

AP: Wal-Mart Applies to Create a Utah Bank

Dentist theft case reveals huge Medicaid fraud

Court freezes Abramovich's oilfield assets

Court Speculation Centers on Female Judge

Bush Authorized Covert Plan to Manipulate Iraqi Elections (Hersch)

NRA Moves Convention From Columbus, Ohio (it has an assault weapons ban)

HP plans to cut 14,500 jobs

BNP founder Tyndall dies aged 71 (British RW racist party)

U.S. Soldier Found Dead in Kuwait Base (#1769)

Bush loses some luster on credibility

Turkey says U.S. has ordered PKK capture in Iraq

Sunnis on Iraq's constitution committee shot dead

Gen. William C. Westmoreland dies of natural causes

Egypt: Scientist 'Cleared' Of Bombings

Member of Iraq Constitution Panel Killed

USMC: Property Leasing Program continues in Fallujah

PROGRESSIVE e-alert: anti-Muslim Poster in California National Guard HQ

Bush Holds 5th Grand Dinner of Presidency

China's Shrunken Thirst for Oil

Ohio Republican Chairman: GOP will rid itself of 'bad apples'

Iraqi Interior Minister: Catching Zarqawi Not Key

Iraq's fish farmers take to arms (against organised fish rustlers)

The 13 Riskiest Housing Markets

Gnomecoming: Owners Flock To Get Stolen Statues Back

Talabani: Saddam Trial Will Lower Attacks

(Bill) Clinton warns of global warming dangers (contrasts *'s position)

Racists launch PC game

Time to invade Iran! Texas style!

WP: Abortion: Just the Data (numbers down)

Survey: 25,000 civilians killed in Iraq war (US led forces caused 37%)

Iraq and Afghanistan only 'an excuse' for terrorists: Blair

Why Does CIA Leak Row Matter? (BBC)

Bush to announce his choice for SCOTUS tonight at 9PM EST

(Sistani) Shiite cleric warns of 'genocidal war'

US apologizes to Muslim scholar for denying entry

Executed Man May Be Cleared in New Inquiry

Protests against Karl Rove planned at Gerlach fundraiser

WP:Bush Aims to Expand System of Merit Pay(to all civil service employees)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 19 July

Three British soldiers charged with Iraq war crimes

5 justices are urged to skip Taft records case

LAT/AP:Ct. Speculation Centers on Female Judge(Edith Clement, 5th Circuit)

Is being generous good for business? (Costco gets bashed, yet again...)

Bush: No Comment on Clement Speculation

Cafta vote next week, lawmaker says

Al-Qaeda gives European states month to quit Iraq

Baghdad Hospital Doctors on Strike Against Soldiers (Reuters)

Rep. Blunt seeks K Street help on CAFTA

France to go tough on ‘fundamentalist’ Imams

Egypt says Britain has cleared detained biochemist

(White House Briefing) Look Over There! (Wash. Post)

Yahoo/David Corn - Rove Scandal: Distractions and Disinformation

John W. Dean: "It Appears That Karl Rove Is in Serious Trouble"

Link to Cheney deepens ‘leak-gate’ scandal

Former CNN anchor Bill Hemmer joins Fox News

U.S. lawmakers push a longer day to save energy

ABC News, breaking: Source: Clement Not Bush's Choice for High Court

Group accuses Shiite-led government of killing Sunni politician

Dupe -- delete

It's John Roberts.

Yahoo: Bush Nominates Federal Judge Roberts

Bush Picks Roberts

Tancredo: No apology ( bombing of Muslim holy sites statement)

Pakistan: Top Taliban Leader Arrested

Australian Leader Defends War on Terror

Terror police 'still to determine bomb type'

New Bush Remarks On RoveGate During Presser With PM Howard

Akron businessman's contacts with Ohio (R) lawmakers investigated

3 Arrested After Amnesty Deadline Expires

Hezbollah joins Lebanon cabinet for first time

States Trying to Blunt Property Ruling -Yahoo

Peak Oil being discussed on C-Span

Law Requires Lessons on Constitution

Pentagon names new chief Guantanamo defense lawyer

"Governors rip feds over new ID cards"

Bush won't say if Rove offered to resign

Qaeda warns European nations to quit Iraq by August 15 or risk attacks

Va. Appellate Panel Hears Arguments in Padilla Case

Iran Prepares to Ink Oil Deal with Iraq--Daily Star

NYT: (Plaintiffs') Lawyers Challenged on Asbestos (by federal prosecutors)

BBC News: '25,000 civilians' killed in Iraq since war started

Beazley calls for Iraq 'quagmire' exit strategy

WP: On Right, Left, Time For Action: Groups Launch Long-Ready Efforts

Dean: Bush Court pick clear move to cover for Rove/Rawstory

Female Purple Finger's No Longer Wanted

Stripes: Landstuhl treats its 25,000th patient in war on terror

Riley expands support for eminent domain bill (Alabama)

Black Support for Bush, GOP Remains Low-No change in the last year-Gallup

HP to slash 14,500 jobs

Iraq : Conditions in Iraq to Dictate Troop Numbers, Rumsfeld Says

Arroyo announces poll fraud probe

LAT: Schwarzenegger Is Focus of Ethics Complaint

Iraq Attacks To Peak In Six Months; US Out In A Year: Mccaffrey

WP,pg1: A Move To the Right, An Eye to Confirmation

(Coingate)Consultant: Bureau must recompute 10-year investment history

Baghdad hospital doctors on strike against soldiers

The Times (UK): 'Top' al-Qaeda suspect held over London bomb attacks

Guatemala Apologizes for 1982 Massacre

Three British soldiers to face war crimes charges over Iraq abuse

WP:Nominee Not Well Known to Senators:Reps Endorse, Dems Put Off Opinions

Grand Jury Returns Felony Indictment In Hiring Probe (Ky. Cabinet)

WP: Hillary Clinton Draws Applause From Hispanics (at La Raza convention)

Bases Could Be Added to Closure List

Iraqi Constitution Draft Includes Curbs to Women's Rights -NYT

6 Ga. Counselors Charged in Teen's Death

Venezuela to seize 'idle' firms

Former Iraqi PM escapes murder attempt in Lebanon

WP: Justice Dept. Opposes Shield for Reporters (Lugar/Dodd bill)

Bush move to share N-technology with India comes under fire

Turkey Condemns Congressman's Remarks

WP: Chinese Military Buildup Seen as Threat to Region(Pentagon assessment)

WP: Women Closest to Bush Are Pro-Choice

Iran behind gassing of Kurds, Shiite massacre: Saddam lawyer

LAT: Aides Describe How President Arrived at His Choice

Memo Gets Attention in Probe of CIA Leak

Group: 25,000 Civilian Deaths in Iraq

Seattle Women Plan to Defy Cuba Travel Law

US travellers to Cuba drops drastically

NYT: Hussein Tribunal Shaken by Chalabi's Bid to Replace Staff

Poll: Public Sees Bush As Less Trustworthy

Cohabitating Americans in 7 states run afoul of the law

TX:African church plans Christian Disneyland (neighbor:"we'll be overrun")

Karl Rove's alibi hidden from FBI

AP: Appellate court judge Roberts is Bush pick

Gore: New TV Channel Won't Be Partisan

Millwall v Iran match likely to be called off amid fears of racist attacks

Senator Reid Launches Faith Web Site

Bush nominates Ohio industrialist to be envoy to Germany

Military recruitment continues to lag (blaming TV news for problems)

U.S. Republicans introduce tough immigration bill

LAT: Immigration Test Leaves Star Students in Free-Fall

NYT: No Vaccine-Autism Link, Parents Are Told

Bishop Pilla questioned in court over sex abuse questions

Niger children starving to death

Senator Set to Propose 25 Percent Tax on Adult Websites

Is anyone else watching "Purple Hearts"? On Sundance.

Mrs. WC Green burst in while I was taking a shower.....


Did anyone else enjoy (or even see) THE BURBS?

It's time for me to get wealthy

"I wrote this one after that time I killed a drifter to get an erection"

It's time for me to get stealthy

HDTV making it tough on celebs

Ten-Lined June Beetles are THE SHIT

Yeehaw! This be me, kickin' it old-school redneck style!

A Tale of Two Border Crossings

What's Going On

Dog enjoys daily dose of burgers, milkshakes

POLL (Not really) I'm not a donor yet or something.

Overplayed songs that you still like anyway?

Jessie married Sandra Bullock OMG

Richard Thomas

Just blew by 2500 posts.....

I'm shocked, there are actually people who don't like rachel ray.

Well it's 3:33 AM and guess who is still up...

Apple computers posts best quarterly profits EVER! Buying blue must have

Sexiest Accent Part Trois

What public schools teach our children

D'oh! Just had temporary crown fall out

What's my name, baby?

Sex Offender Sent Back To Jail For Reading MAXIM Magazine

Hungry Freaks, Daddy

Feelings I miss:

Favorite Mandy Patinkin role ('cause "part" sounds dirty)

What's your middle name?

Toddler Has Identity Stolen - Twice In 22 Months

Today is My Birthday

CRAP users check in

If you love neo-soul and Break beats, you gotta check this out:

Hey Progmon, my jam session is bigger than yours

oooWWWW ...cramps killing me....

All This Talk About CPAPs and Crap - I'm Taking a Dump and Going to Bed

CPAP users check in

Rachael Ray vs. Saddam Hussein (the 45 minute litmus test)

"I am tired, I am weary..."

Portrait of the cat as a young furball

Still room for more teams in the DU Fantasy Football League

STONER BUD is 43 today!!! (college nerd, Navy pilot, Doctor)

Is your workplace top heavy; too many managers, not enough

Google tracks Hitler to San Diego

Rare Poopie dinner set unveiled

Rare white alligator in legal limbo


Discovery of 3000 yr old Remains of Burial Rituals in Qom Alta

Seperated at Birth? The matching shoes and belt edition

Rare Pompeii dinner set unveiled

Global Warming, Ancient Civilizations and The Future/Past

Mysterious Texas Lights Draw Crowds

Old city 'labyrinth' discovered by dog

Teen Hopes Harry Potter Book With Missing Chapter Will Sell On eBay

In the grouphug smiley...

God this is a tough one, what would your answer be?

Aquifer' any other cities depend on one for water?

Latest Flip-Flop At White House Involves Lacrosse Team

Night of the Crusher

I Must Challenge Beware The Beast Man To A DUEL!

Man Has Nose Bitten Off In Fight Over Bruce Willis Film

Robots ride camels in race

Ancient Aryan civilization achieved incredible technological progress 40 c

Bookmark this! An Animal CPR site for you.

It seems today that all you see is violence in movies

A week ago someone asked people for their 5 favorite songs

Does anyone have any "soothing" websites to share?

Best drag star name ever

Elvis no laughing matter in Graceland:-

self delete


Gollum calls Mike Malloy

Man Has Attended Over 500 Concerts Dressed As Winnie The Pooh

Elves no laughing matter in Lapland :- this experiment on DU concerning Paul Wolfowitz

Tattooed Fruit

At your fingertips is the greatest research/information tool every created

How the bulls of Pamplona prepare for the run

Kittens, lots of them!

A note to Newbies: Don't begin your DU journey with JimmyJazz


I was scared to open this piece of mail

MSNBC / AP: The 2005 Top 25 most-stolen vehicles list

FReerepublic has figured out Joe Wilson! We are doomed!

Will one of you get me an electrician? Fuck!

Don't ever buy a car from

i've never been in jimmy jazz

Weird dream I had the other night

5 injured as car crashes into other vehicles, bursts into flames

I am listening to jazz while btbm is claiming jimmyjazz is not into jazz.

dope camp-- what would the farts and cramps be like?

over-wrought,uber-lame line from an outdated song that sucked in its day

The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire

Button, Button, Whose got the Button?

Ron Popeil Unviels new dinner set in new infomercial

I had my first copycat thread... Ask me anything!

Copycat thread first I had... Anything ask.

Jimmy Hates Jazz

Is Seattle in Canada?

Blonde in Casino (OH MY)

My sister wins the Non Sequitur of the Day Award

Rant- Chase credit card balance transfer screw up.

I had my first copycat thread... Ask me anything!

Highway 666 - - - Route of all Evil?

JimmyJazz---Root of all evil?


Here is a reason for Irish America to REALLY hate Karl Rove

Pope Camp-what would the arts and crafts be like?

This song has been going through my mind of late;

Be a part of DU History!

I have the lunchie munchies!

These are the freakin' MUGSHOTS?!?!?

now that's playing poker................

Extraterrestrial UFOs navigate with more than six degrees of freedom

Anyone been to/going to Falcon Ridge Folk Festival?

Okay...seeking more employment advice.

'Hey Jude' by the Beatles is SHIT.

Good Housekeeping Rates Hair Masks

More Parents Television Council silliness

Beware the Beast Man is neither a beast nor is he someone to beware of

Photo of Bush at last night's official dinner.

Tenacious D the movie

Zuni is not into Zoo and is not one of the Knights who say "Ni!"

A note to Newbies: Don't begin your DU journey in GD.

You have won a vacation for 2 anywhere you pick in the world...

Tom Cruise might be a fruitloop...but, check out his political donations

Is sundog really sunny? Or is he just a dog?

wOOt! I found an electrician!! Fuck yeah!

I'm so stupid

Pomegranate: Fruit of all evil? WARNING: GRAPHIC

No, but seriously, God Bless Walt Starr

Arnold, The Crime Fighting Pig, Dies Of Heart Failure

Inappropriate use of music in commercials.

I'm only on the 'net about 20 hours a day-----is DS1 worth the extra $$$$?

Goddamn, I am craving cake!

It really sucks when your phone # is one digit away from the Holiday Inn.

My daughters just raced up here to tell me about their CHESS GAME!

Ever look in your spam folder?

OK! All these * jokes have inspired me to post this one from a dear

Turnips: The evil of all roots

A polite thread.

Troll alert.

darlings, gather round for a moment!

I used the heat...

remember when i used to post a whoLe Lot more

How to detect and flush out Trolls

Real feel temperature: 104

1000 Posts! Woohoo! Thanks to CrazyGuggenheim for help!!

Hey! What Happened To All The Tom Cruise Threads?

What song speaks for you, right now?

If they're going to add a woman, why would they call it the SCROTUS?

OK - which one of you broke my work computer?


Say something nice about Edith Clement here.




How do I fix my sigline so that I can

Would you put Vanilla Ice in your Margaritaville?'s the drill

**********BREAKING NEWS***********

The password is...

Where can I rent "Death of a Princess"?

Blue Pill or Red Pill?

There are only two people in my orifice

Do these make your eyes hurt?

Crazy Guggenheim now over 5,000 posts!

Nude Teen Rescued After Three Days Trapped In Train Car

I'm getting hungry...what's for lunch


Is Lynne really full of Sin?

Think it would be ok to tell my son

Greetings from Hurricane Emily!

In a given 8-to-5 work day, how much work do you actually do?

The Smoking Gun: Colin Farrell Sues Over Sex Tape

What types of food do you grow?

A kid's exit strategy from the wars:

60% of Americans drink some form of alcohol and 30% do not drink.

There are only two people in my office

I recieved one of the best compliments of my life today.

Congratulate ZombyWoof! He's an asshole again!

Bad Album Covers (Graphics-Dial Up Warning)

Integra owners beware

Which M*A*S*H Character Are You?

Why does everyone offer to buy my pickup truck?

There's nothing you can do that can't be done.

A M&M just fell down into my bra - what should I do?

We got a newbe here. Her name is mzteris. Let's make

Damn it is getting cold

Lost Weekend

My 19 yr old son just got a shipyard job. Tank cleaning.

Please pray or send good wishes for my grandma

Ok everyone. I'm 5 posts away from 5000. Here's the question.

You know it's hard work

R. Crumb - Prophet on the Burning Shores

Isn't Kleeb's birthday soon? (nt)

Interesting sign

To all "Name That Tune" experts

I think JimmyJazz & plcdude are a hot item now!!!

I think I got a lead on getting a "new" car

Wild ducks have invaded my house!

Two toons for Tuesday (7/19 - new)

Gnomecoming: Owners Flock To Get Stolen Statues Back

Sunshine go away today

Question about the probate process.

Ok, electricity will be mine, soon (update)

What year is it?

My fish are overdosing on fish food.

Is it considered a "characteristic" of your profession to talk to

Did DU just catch up on removing donor stars?

Rove really was so bitter...

"Now, this is one scary story..."

How bored are you?

New Supremo? Bush follows his nose and picks...

Who would you rather listen to? Vanilla Ice, or Jimmy Buffet?

Poison Ivy - I got Poison Ivy

Are there any agnostics here?

Jimmyjazz --- Root of all turnips?

What's a Progmom?

The Joker - I got The Joker

My 10,000th post. What have I been doing with my life?

I am outing Jimmy Jazz as a covert CIA operative

I just received the following email:

Buffet or buffet?

BM Sex

"Nostalgic? Open a can of car exhaust"

Don't look at this post! It's evil!

I'm 8 posts away from 3000. Ask me anything!

My next project (when I can afford it)

Self Delete

Who here likes Ronnie Montrose?

Now somewhere in the black mountain hills of Dakota,

"McClellan conducts press conference inside pillow fort" (SATIRE)

Can I bring insulin needles on an airplane only because I'm not islamic?

Which percentage of your family is Jimmy Buffet?


We need some DU'ers in the Order of Succession!

What is wrong with some people? Seriously.

What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?

Metric volume

Jimmy Buffet or Tom Cruise?

What characteristics define you as a person?

Yeah? Well you can just KISS MY ASS!

Help me interpret this dream re: Election 2006

It's that time again - PITCH your POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

My blog is down for 'special maintenance' ... should I worry ?

Remember last winter when i bitched about the snow and you told me

Your nominees for the Professional Athlete Asshole Hall of Fame

Top story here on the Chicago news...

DUers in the buff -- oh, never mind.

It's that time again - POST YOUR PITTSBURGHER!!

I love my folding bike!

Joachim Peiper, Malmedy, the SS, and war atrocities

I had to attend a work-related retreat today


It's that time again - POST JIMMY BUFFETT'S PICTURE!!!!!

High kitty praise from Mr. DTBK

Athletes Spark White House Flip-Flop Flap


Guess what..... WE FOUND AN APARTMENT!!!!!!!

The FIRST thing I do when Matcom comes home is make him put on the toga!




Do most employers pidgeonhole their employees; even the good ones?

DU auto buffs, I have a Question...

Good Morning, DU!

They Served: WW II - Actors in the military

Half Cocked

Car Show Pictures!

It's that time again - POST YOUR PICARD!!!!!

Roger Clemens and St. Clement of Alexandria named as Bush SCOTUS nominees

Do most employers cornhole their employees; even the good ones?

It's that time again - POST YOUR FAVORITE BUFFET'S PICTURE!!!!!

I'm thinking about cooking a dinner that may give me a heart attack.....

I need a MAJOR SPOILER - who dies at the end of the new Harry Potter book?

"The FIRST thing I do when Jeffery Comes Home Is Pour Him A Scotch"


Republican Dictionary def. Of Jesus Christ: funny!

It's that time again....HONOR CAPT. PICARD!!!

It's that time again....HOIST YOUR PETARD!!!


What the hell is wrong with Roy Rogers??

Just shoot me now--my son is meeting with a Marine RECRUITER!

Convince me to update my resume.

DU this poll! It's being Freeped!

Need a couple of quotes w/ links...

anyone interested in a couple of fan made Superman Returns trailers?

PM sex

What the hell is wrong with Kenny Rogers??

ok...ok...many words end in "ocked"

Black Panther foundation seeks to sell 'Burn Baby Burn' hot sauce

Woohoo, moving up in the world

Would you like a bite?

Between fronteers is such a great resource for college students

Connecticut DUers - anybody still up for an end-of-the-month meetup?

george bush, you're Looking Like zooLander

progspawn: "why are you laughing, mommy?"

It is situations like this that make me wish I owned a bazooka.

Wonderful- Two dead dogs tossed in front of my house.

Are you saying something against America?

Can't get enough of Jude Law: He's on the market again, ladies

the worst movie that could ever be made

I swear to god this is the funniest thing ever!!!


Spoil my fun, please

cartoon about Rove by Tom Tomorrow

NOOOOOOOOO! (Possible Harry Potter Spoiler? I don't know.)

Harry Potter Spoiler Thread

Is MSNBC's Dan Abrams channeling the late Chris Farley or WHAT?

Stroll down mem. lane -post yer fave Bush/BFEE jpgs, photoshops.. Me 1st.

Raw Story Open Submission call for Graphic Designers

Political affiliations of the f**tist don't impact the quality of the f**t

Anyone seen "Million Dollar Baby"?

500,000 photos from space...waaay cool

Should I go for a walk--or paddle on a lake after The Simpsons?

Does your sense of honor sometimes offend others?

The Mohawk look just doesn't work for some men

I have to leave DU



Hannity called marijuana lab a "secret liberal lab":

Informal Survey: Tinnitus, Ringing in the Ears

I have a request...can I have a free plebiscite?

I have a request...can I have a free website?

I think it may be time to make an ablution...



I need a hug and good thoughts.

An Awwwwwww! photo

Quick SCOTUS Trivia! Who is Clarence Thomas' favorite porn star?

Six more posts and I'm in the 700 Club. Ask me anything!

Elves no laughing matter in Iceland:-

What's your soul beer?

Does the "Get a brain, Morans!" guy know he is famous?

STOP With The Free Website Requests!

Bush Nominates Federal Judge Roberts

Pam and Tommy Lee are back together again

BREAKING: It's John Waters for SCOTUS....

new resolution

fuck it....I just give up...

What kind of hamburger helper shall I have for dinner?

Redondo or Manhattan

Is this ad too arrogant?

Bush is going to nominate Roberts.

This week's guests on The Daily Show

Hey Jude' by the Beatles is A HIT.

I'm cranky...

i just got cotton-mouth on my back porch

Since Karl seems to love talking about his opponents' wives...

We're going to Costa Rica, any suggestions?

I lurve the Garden State Soundtrack

Why not nominate Julia Roberts?

Why not nominate Eric Roberts?

Karl Rove Puppet Theatre!!


Why not nominate Bob Roberts?

Hi sweeties, I'm home!

Why not nominate John Roberts?


Stars Defend Tom Cruise


Our eye will not be off the ball. The Rove scandal is not dead.


Hey Misunderestimator! NSMA is on her way home now!

Did you know that cashew nuts aren't nuts...they're apple seeds?

When I think about you I touch myself.

Hey Cananda! Turn on that a/c, would ya?

"The Pink Eye" ep of South Park is on

Star Crunch cakes defend Tom Cruise

Maybe this is old, but still cool..

Talk to me.

I need to say something stupid.

I just used my magic to replace Bush with.....

Oral Roberts!

How do you feel when you hear people talking baby talk to babies?

What is that Flag being waved at Le Tour

Maybe it's a cultural or geographical difference?

I'd like some help here;

My neighbor just put a gate up in the alley because of trespassers

Baby DJ

is nsma *really* on her way home?

From Rove to Rumsfeld to Rice to Roberts!

Is my signature too gruesome

Fab pics of Madonna!

Star Creatures Defend Tom Cruise

F**k this website.

anybody watching the PBS coverage?

Congratulate SarahBelle! She's a student again!

bush* joke that just hit my e-mail - This is probably the 3rd bush*

checking out the competition

Will someone let Misunderestimator know I am on my way home now?

Anyone have any experience with SATA hard drives?

T minus 6 days, 15 hours and 39 minutes until the REALLY BIG SHOW

Assholes need to be held to account

List bands or musicians we should know about but don't...

Without using ebay, how can I sell off my extra stuff?

Ouch! I'm sorry I stepped in THAT thread!

Read this signpost.

Dammit, Janet

Our 'lectricity just flashed

Ken Starr has had a chin lift. Look at him on Scarborough.

I can't sit still

Flame war in the lounge. Film at eleven.

Who else has never received a massage from the moderators?

REVELATION! Jesus Christ was a wizard like Harry Potter!

New Yorkers - Did the YES Network just cut out for you too?

this is an empty thread

A substantial number of states would keep abortion on demand legal.

this is an empty head

How do you feel when you hear couples baby talking to each other?

Do people in New York city live in the same universe as the rest of us?

It's been that kind of night - post your favorite prostate songs here:

Guinness = Yum +1

Are you a fan of the show 'Monk'?

This is an empty bed

Attention, "joiners"....

G'night DU.

who is a loon right now?

So, if lurking freepers are as dumb as the trolls seem to be...

What is the name of that new people search engine?????

who has a loan right now?

Are you a fan of Thelonious Monk?

Here are some good replacements for Bush, Negroponte, and the Pope

Shrimp or Catfish Po-Boy?

does biscodawg's sig freak you out?


Would you go back to your childhood if given a chance?

Treason Monkey!

Attention, non-joiners

Who else has never received a message from the moderators?

Do me a favor... recommend some good books for me to read.

Who here likes happy hardcore techno?

Step by step

it it true Bush picks his nose in public?

Who is Paul Hackett (D-Ohio) running against?


On a lighter note, the Red Sox are back in first place!

HTML tags

Are you a fan of the felonious monkey?

I am funk

Republican politician hit by truck

I'm SCOTUS Justice Ted Nugent. Ask me anything.

What was the excuse that Novak was calling Rove for anyway?

Let's get it started in here!

I am sunk

I am hunk

YEA! My CafePress pkg. just arrived.

I am confused

ok, are you all happy now?

should I change my sig

I am drunk

When you make a big decision, & new info changes everything!?! (LONG)

Put a DUer in another place


I predict that tofu will be banned n/i

It's been that kind of night - post your favorite protest songs here:

i believe in abortion up to, and including, the age of 18

I bought the dorkiest car today (but it suits me).

The real question is: What's a prog?

We've gotta protect out phoney baloney jobs, gentlemen!

who is all alone right now

Does your sense of humor sometimes offend others?

Political affiliations of the artist do not impact the quality of the art.

Dammit, progmom

The Magic Wand Presidential Poll

It's that time again! POST YOUR PITCHER!!!!

So I Walk into the Liquor Store,

Jimmy Jazz is neither named Jimmy nor is she into Jazz.

The Day I Met Miles Davis (for chaska)


Michigan is wimping out on cell phone law.

I'm a lumberjack!

You know you want it!

MMjr. asked me, "Can you get heart disease from a mammogram?"

Ok, now for professional musician asshole Hall of Fame.

Catholic Sensation: Is he really a sensation? Or even Catholic?


god help me, I dreamed about Jessica Simpson

It's time for me to get healthy

Bullfighting: A Great Tradition or Straight Up Animal Cruelty

Well, it looks as if my days are now wide open.

So what's in your CD player right now?

If that's tofu, I'm going to have to find another source of protein.

Well, we have thoughts on bullfighting, Now how about rodeos?

This storm just passed right over my head (pics from my backyard)

Guitarists: SHIT! Do my fingers HURT!

L'annulaire - Beth Gibbons

How would you handle this situation?

Boy struck by lightning: Some helped with CPR, others helped with prayer

More trouble for Borat while making his documentary

does sundog's sig freak you out?

There is a Western Cottonmouth on my back porch.

Really enjoying my new camera

My first debate challenge is up in the Debate hall at L.U.!

JimmyJazz struck by lightning: Some helped, others watched shark week

Anybody from around Hagerstown, MD?


for SugarSmack ~ gypsy

And so the conversation turned,

Got an electrical wiring question if we have a resident electrician

Why aren't Coy and Vance in the new Dukes of hazzard movie?

I already hate the Dukes of Hazzard movie

It's that time again - POST YOUR PICTURE!!!!!

Help. Distressing voicemail from my ex-wife

Creepiest Song Ever..........

I didn't get called for an interview..

Hi All, did anyone watch the Animal Precinct

The girl from Rio ! de Janeiro!

Playing today in The Lounge: Rodeo and Bullfighting

What do you think of my new sig pic?

Can anyone here make me an avatar?

I had a terrible dream.

Acupuncture may calm overactive bladder

FDA Approves Cyberonics Depression Device (Public Citizen: it's unproven)

Good news--Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure

Elephants with tuskless gene beat poachers

The Brain Shapes “What's the Matter with Kids Today”

Astronomers Debate Whether Oldest Known Dust Disk Will Ever Form Planets

Recall Bid Against Cal. Judge Over Gay Ruling Fizzles

My gay therapy session (Part 2 of series)

Aussie Hewitt Accused Of Homophobia During Davis Cup Match

Human Rights Campaign take on Roberts nomination and GLBT issues

Ban on adoption by gays considered

UK Gay Leaders Receive Death Threats From Muslim Fundamentalists

Santorum calls gay staffer a 'trusted employee'

DC Black Leader Under Fire For Homophobic Rant

Red Sox fans -- I spent the weekend kayaking the Rogue River.

Royals infielder Tony Graffanino being traded to Red Sox

I make the call

Agh BJ Ryan cant close for shit

And Joe Torre knocks the Yankees out of first place

Shareef Abdur-Rahim To Sign With The New Jersey Nets

Anyone here get a new pet soon after a much loved pet dies?

FAST question RE: Lou Gehrig's Disease for Reiki/Alt Healers

Is it appropriate to ask someone here for a reading?

Redneck Astrological Signs

A post of appreciation for the astrology, spirituality and alt healing grp

Another message from Matthew....

I want to share 'coincidences'

Bizarre fundie billboard!

Hi. Newly atheist. Just want to share the love.

What's up with tying Rudolph to Nietzche?

FEC Numbers for JK are out for 2005 - thru 6/30/05

Not another one! Call to poll...

Help needed here - another Kerry flamebait thread.

Some positive Kerry news

Interesting news about Kerry and fundraising.

Mail from John

Another great ROVEGATE summary from Kerry:

amusing wackyness about to ensue

Kerry bashing is alive and well today

Holy cr**, Dean "throws gays under the bus"!

Supreme Court nominee

This feels like a sad day for us

There are certainly some rather underthought posts out there

Iraqi political development -SRF committee

So what's going on with Bolton?

What is DLC?

Bush Appoints Corporate Crony

Kerry Statement on Roberts Nomination

I haven't been around much lately. So here's some Lover's Haiku.

Did anyone see Evan Bayh on cspan over the weekend?

Norman Soloman vs. Sidney Blumenthal

Could someone please explain the love affair with Wes Clark

Committee hearings this week

Winter Soldier documentary is going to be rereleased

On the Road...

And now for something completely different for the Water Theme

Shrub Announces Supreme Court Nominee in Primetime!

And for my 1000th post

Just for the record...

In case "Countdown" does get bumped...

KOEB 7/19/05 (so excited I'm postin' it early...)

Hey, where be Sparky?

Congressional Leadership, are you with us or are you against us

The most amazing thing about RoveGate is Cooper, Miller and...

Experienced Communications Professional Seeking New Job UPDATE: He found w

KO Vid: "Bush didn't move the goalposts, he moved the whole stadium"

"New blood": Guardian 19 July 2005 article about US and new Iraqi armies

Progressive values 101, from an unusual angle

it's time for the Dems to create something special. a little present for

John Edwards on SCOTUS and CAFTA

‘Imperialism and religious fundamentalism feed each other’ say Communists

Le menu for tonight's state dinner (India Prime Minister)

Next up: "I ain't gunna fire no one til they get their appeal"

James Moore (Huffington Post): Why Karl Rove Will Never Go

Next SCOTUS justice selection

Perfect project: Rove deserves a Rove makeover

Why have Saddam's trial now? height of insurgency means more

Pelosi: * "has now lowered the ethical standard for White House employees"

After Google - just how anti-Abortion is Edith Joy Clement -if on USSC?

Anyone asked why Colin Powell took Plame memo on Africa trip with Bush?

TMW: Karl Rove Talking Points

C-SPAN discussing the 2 "Ediths" * may nominate to SCOTUS.

The OTHER Federal Law Rove Broke (Phila. Inquirer Excerpt)

Republican Police State quietly continues construction.

Did the MSM drop the ball on the DSM?

A scary collection of quotes from right wingnuts.

DU this poll NBC Affiliate in DC

57% favor Hermione Granger for president

Don't people realize that we can no longer trust the WH-after Scotty M

The media is falling in line as White House requested ?

Bush Interviewed About CIA Leak - Let's walk down memory lane...

Bill Clinton a convicted sex offender?

Bush Flip Flops (Again) on Whether He'd Fire Leak(s)

Was Ramzi Yousef working for Iraq?

Chicago Tribune: "Leak probe could damage Bush's straight-shooter image"

Bush moving up Supreme Court announcement to 'change the subject'

Bush press policy: Castrate the media thinks its Edith Clement for SC

Which Group will win the Supreme Court Appointmenmt/ auction/negotiation?

Do the numbers. Rove will go down in Plames!

Chimp giving press conference with Howard (not dean)

Does the Constitution say you CAN'T employ a felon at the White House?

self deleted

Supreme Court Nomination is coming...

Dean: * should keep his word and enforce a high standard of ethics

What does someone have to do to get Phase II of the Senate's 911...

MoveOn's "Fire Rove" video features McClellan "then" and "now" clips

Website lets Americans see what the world's non-English publications say

Anyone see Shrub's press conference this morning with

Very good website for DUers:

"Iraq's Top Shia Cleric Warns of 'Genocidal War'"

Some In GOP Hope Rice Runs For President - Miami-Herald

BUSH: The W-h-o-l-e W-o-r-l-d's W-a-t-c-h-i-n-g...!

Bush will name SC appointee at 9pm tonight

"”PlameGate” Is Hardly a Summer Squall"

DFA supports Paul Hackett for Ohio US Rep

Chertoff Tackling Problem Of ... Caribbean Visitors?

Chertoff seeks authority to hire policy czar, alter FEMA

Bush is fine with having suspected criminals working at the.....

MSM already carrying the shit bail for Bush. Why even talk about SCOTUS

Tell the Truth, Are You a Liar? (A thread of questions)

is Bu$h's flip-flop to 'crime' not leak, a "Bring it on" it takes to

War criminal gets decorated

In their own words...

Holy Crap! Neoconservatism was a Democratic Party sect?

Why Rove should NOT be fired

How do you explain this war/current politics to 9 and 10 year olds

Does Kerry still have an army of 10,000 lawyers? I got something for them

Gore shunning politics: "I consider myself a recovering politician."

Md Gov. holds an event at white only club

Okay, someone help me out here, how do you pronounce "Niger?"

A new frame is all over the news and it ain't good for Bush

Observations - Rove and WH Modus Operandi (MO)......

SCOTUS Nom Announce=UK Terra Story Already Outta Steam?

Freepers fear Clement may be "Souter-in-Skirts", call her a "Bimbo"

Regarding the DSM, did our Democratic Senators do enough

Cornyn on SC nominee on C-SPAN 2 now... not a good sign....

Regarding the Downing Street Memo: Did Kerry do enough?

Ok, So say Rove is found to be the source of the leak....

Supreme Court: Talking Points on the Nomination Process

NPR's Talk of the Nation Taking calls on Rove/Plaime "Do you Care?"

What happened to the press briefing

Schumer and Kennedy Press Conference in 3 Minutes, C-SPAN 2

Hillary sucks

CAFTA -- the symbolic victory we need

Right Wing Talk Radio Is Spinning Like Crazy

DU this MSN poll: Agree w/ Bush's handling of the CIA Leak Investigation?

Likely approach for Dubya with Supreme Court Nominee.

Press Conference

Flash-forward to Bush's speech on October 15, 2008...

In the light of Bush's credibility problems, everything old is new again.

Making Laura Important

Time to invade Iran! Texas style!

Cartoon: "Uneasy rider", riding pillion (Chatham House report allusion)

Ever a better time to boomarang the "FLIP-FLOP" meme?

Who is working with Moveon to oppose an expected extremist nominee?

Who sent Wilson?

A slimeball from birth! A slimeline on Rove.

Can A President Pardon A Traitor?......

Approval ratings drop for Joseph Wilson's black son

Do you think DUers did everything in their power

Coburn - OK Taking USAID to task for budgeting for

More evidence that the sheeple are stirring?????

Did this guy on C-SPAN say they're considering a Recruitment Bounty?

Should the dems frame this as taking the heat off of Rove?

Edith Clement Nomination: All things considered, is it good or bad?

Rep Markey charges * with breaking IAEA non-proliferation rules

Limbaugh-Hannity - Wilson smear campaign-effective-YES-NO?

Legal implications to using SCOTUS announcement as distraction

Just heard Dana Bash on CNN say something infuriating

Typical Chimpy arrogance

Hillary Clinton Draws Applause From Hispanics

Totalitarian Republicanism

DNC video: Time for Bush to keep his word.

Bush said he would fire any member of his staff who "committed a crime."

What if it's Fred Thompson?

Ugh. Wha'ts with Lieb's beard?

Rumored SCOTUS Pick: Edith Brown Clement.

Joe Wilson or Randi just now 2:36 pacific

Can Bush appoint himself to the Supreme Court?

A good time to remember all those "liars" (satire)

Hannity says-- ABC News reporting it is NOT Clement

Regarding the Downing Street Memo, Did Evan Bayh do enough?

Bill O'Reilly Confronted About Fox News Misconduct Today

What non-related bullshit will George sneak in to the SC announcement?

Link to Cheney deepens ‘leak-gate’ scandal

Rep. Diana DeGette's fight for stem cell research: exclusive interview

"Damn Liberal Media" a letter to the editor

Oh, god. Saxby wants to withhold aid to any country that won't extradite

Randi Rhodes yesterday


Tomorrow we will be searching for Plame / Rove in the MSM

Bush, arrogance overdrive: "I'll let you know when I'm ready to tell you"

Since the media seems to have forgotten Jeff's role in Plamegate...

Whoever they told the chimp to nominate to the Supremes will

Rate this Rove story up on Yahoo, please.

CNN reports Luttig brought his family to court today in Richmond, VA, to

Husband heard on CBS News that Clement is OUT.

* Is Up Against A Wall. His only Choice for SCOTUS is Anti-Choice.

It will be Alberto Gonzalez, imo

Expect thermonuclear political war on SCOTUS nod

letter to preznit from 13 year old "educatwed" girl

Good luck to Al Gore.. new network launches August 1st..

Morton Kondracke: Will Frist back stem cell research? and AP both reporting Dubya's SCOTUS pick is John Roberts.

Need help debunking this comment, its about Wilson from a repug idiot

Betting odds on the SCotUS nominee

Roberts' political donation paper trail

DKos Presidential Straw Poll - Don't forget to vote!

Bloomberg: Ari Linked to Leaked Document and Top Officials

The SC "consultation" crap was yet another Rove trick.

It's John Roberts - DC appeals court

Atrios reports Bill Hemmer going to Faux News...

What we’ve done in Guantanamo has become an anti-American recruiting tool

What is *'s take on the Minutemen?

Alright! Olbermann moving on to Plamegate at 8:15PM! Go Keith!

David Corn (The Nation): Rove Scandal: Distractions and Disinformation

Rove targeted Wilson because "he's a Democrat."

Alliance for Justice Opposition Report.....John G Roberts.........

Any Democrat in Senate who supports Roberts should be defeated

Roberts touted to be "acceptable"

Bush** picks the Court's 107th white guy (Roberts)

a hundred fake dollars sez that Helen Thomas will still badger

Its real name is TRAITOR-GATE , not Plame-gate

Here it comes... Chimpy and Roberts...

Write your senators NOW!

Okay, so its Roberts. I don't give a fuck.

Ho hum, a SCOTUS nominee - now back to Rove in the Plame leak...

Roberts had to have done something in Florida in 2000 that he


Roberts ONLY been a judge or 2 years!!!! how can he be USSC material?

WooHOO! Media Whores F**cked Brains again...Wild Goose Chase

but but but "he's well respected in washington circles"

Which potential 08 Democrat contender has done the most to publicize DSM?

Ark: Lt. Gov. Rockefeller Has Blood Disorder, Quits Gov's Race

Why did the Dems let themselves be set up by the rumored

Al-Qaeda gives European states month to quit Iraq (LBN but not sure of

PAYDIRT! Hogan &Hartson & DIEBOLD


C-SPAN 2 taking calls on Roberts now!

Fuck Roberts - Let's concentrate on Traitorgate

Naral's old fact sheet on John Roberts included the statements below:

Boxer on Saying 5 Billion Taxpapers Dollars loans for Chinese Nuke Plant!

"Rove should pay price for leak" - more press on Rove

Expect a thumb in the eye from Bush

No Guaranteed Benefits

Fighting Roberts is futile. We need to keep pressure on Plamegate.

McClellan Defends President On Failure to Fire Rove

Send an Iraq War Veteran to Congress - Paul Hackett

Court TV is having a very good discussion on Roberts nomination.

"Scooter" Libby Is The Connection Between Plamegate and Downing Street

alliance for justice does not support john roberts

Bush nominated KARL ROVE for the SCOTUS?????

I think I'm going to cry...WTF is the Federalist Society?

Okay .... take a deep breath and think about ........ judo

More than FIGHT we must FINISH too!

I heard this Roberts is source #1 in Rove/Plame Treason gate

New Rove Stuff...

POLL for Roberts - Minneapolis - needs help!

John G. Roberts, Jr.

Kennedy 's statement on Roberts

Should Senate Democrats filibuster Roberts?

To be honest, would there have been ANY nominee that we would have liked?

Naderites/secessionists: wait a second, the SCOTUS picks are YOUR fault!

Statement by DNC Chairman: Bush Makes a Partisan Choice

Remember this document?

The supreme court pick = Fuel for Progressive America

I made up my mind...I'm not watching......

Link to Cheney deepens ‘leak-gate’ scandal

Jon Stewart: "Rove's already a shoe-in to sweep this year's Leakies." (nt)

Back to Rove

Yahoo email users - did you get your John Kerry email today?

Misdirection on Supreme Court Choice

Is there ANYTHING redeeming about Roberts?

Maddow, Abrams separated at birth?

PFAW on Roberts

Need some data help for an article.

Roberts - WHY fight to the death on THIS nomination?

We need to start stigmatizing the Federalist Society......

Remember : Iraq = Viet Nam, just before we went to war?

warning to all Utah public school teachers you "will be dealt with"

"Senator Santorum is a man of principle." So there!

Leno: Barnes & Noble better at handling secrets than White House (nt)

Roberts Said "Roe Settled Law of the Land"..

On a scale of 1 to 10, How pissed off will you be when....

Map of DU Activist Corps Successes

David Dreier (R-CA): Don't focus on Rove, focus on our GREAT economy

Will Bush order Gonzales to fire Fitzgerald as heat gets turned up?

Roberts = Rehnquist

I'm dumb but...

Is the unilatteral breaking a treaty an impeachable offense?

I'm thinking dumbya is damned if he does

Holy shit! WSJ report just sank Rove's battleship!

Did you HEAR what they're saying about Roberts' chances??????

What should Senate Democrats do on Roberts?

Judith Miller in jail


Bush Will Nominate John Roberts (The Left Coaster)

Are these five facts in Robert's History enough to stop or even get media?

Markey: * breaks IAEA rules, announces new nuke policy with India

Changing Stories

Memo on Plame leak gets attention...

Where is the outrage, Bush supporters?

so Bush has pissed off Hispanics and women

Seymour Hersh: Bush Authorized Covert Plan to Manipulate Iraqi Elections

Roberts -- Extremely well qualified . . . and extremely conservative

If nominated I will accept the Nomination to the US Supreme Court

Here's hoping we all remember who and what we are all

Yet another Debunking request


Kerry on Roberts Nomination

Wes Clark Wins First Major 2008 Democratic Straw Poll

Kerry raising millions for Democrats -- My GOD, how DARE he.

Info here re: Wilson's credibility and the 9/11 commission and panel

Here's why it's important to fight Roberts nomination

MEME: Bush** is too weak to hold his own people accountable.

So, what's our game plan? What do we do now?

Where does Roberts stand on committing treason by IDing a covert US agent?

oh. my. god. - Roberts background

Bush says "Fuck you" to most of America -- Vote this one up!

Dems should confirm Roberts immediately and get back to Rove!!

Women's Lacrosse Team Protests Bush Flip-Flop at White House!

To replace "flip flop" or not .George deserves a special term all his own

Excellent Helen Thomas article on Joe Biden's stance on Iraq.

will the Bush abortion story have "legs" now, in light of the SCJ

What does your avatar image mean to you?

Poor ol' misunderstood Rove! Jen Sorenson and Tom Tomorrow CARTOONS

Free Enterprise or Fascism?

Why you should shop Costco as much as you can

Housing Bubble Deflation?

Yglesias: WHO FORGED THE NIGER DOCUMENTS? At the heart of the WMD lies