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Archives: July 17, 2005

strib: What jobs?/Labor market still sputtering

Al-Qaida: Wrong answers to real problems

An Evening with Art Torres, Chair of the California Democratic Party

Trusting the CIA

War protester arrested during parade

Diebold lobbyist tried to bribe Ohio county with $10,000

"The Menagerie Syndrome" - When Media Matters Too Much

Quick Wrestling Fans: Help With Trivia Questions and U can also win a DVD.

Which cabinet position will Judas Miller take?

Get Your War On---an oldie but a goodie, 9/29/03

Sad Flashback-'Crying Indian' Iron Eyes Cody dies

Did anyone else see the GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA piece on GITMO today?

Is Judith Miller in cahoots with the Bush Administration?

The UN: Worthwhile organization or Third World debating society?

OMFG!!! You MUST see this

Comcast censors e-mails on Downing Street Minutes

Just got this fascist e-mail

Bush's 'brain' leaked: Did Bush know?

States' effort to force Bush to regulate greenhouse gases rejected

WP: Walter Pincas: Intelligence Center, Contractor MZM on Cozy Terms

I've seen no locked posts anywhere today

DU people in England: my church's youth choir is on tour there

Looks like the Yucatan pennisula is going to get smacked by Emily

Well; that was a good book.

Oh sweet nicotne,long cut god bless the

Heaven help me- I'm in an introspective mood.

Village People Cop Busted

With Rev_Acts' Rubber Johnny post...

I'm scared to ask for help because,....

Mariners Win!

i'm drinking coffee at midnight

"Desperados Waiting For A Train" - Guy Clark

Dumbest movies/tv you have seen & what you thought was so bad about them?

I made the best soup the other night:

So I am going to a Swedenborgian Church tomorrow

I want to go to bed and wake up after the 2006 and 2008 "elections".

What do you think about adoption outside the U.S.

Anybody have info on Cozumel ...future vacation!!!!

Report: T-ball coach paid player to harm disabled boy

Emily is 1mph under Category 5. 155 MPH, 929 mb.

I love the show Cheaters.

Just bought a Mac so that I could buy a blue computer.

A challenge: make me laugh.

shouLd bi-baby bLeach her hair?

One of the few good things to come out of Texas: Shiner Hefenweizen Beer

What is your most annoying habit?

Something funny

Harry Reid sounds like he knows what he's doing

Are we looking at the right law? What about RICO for Rove et al?

Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight for the first time, note on DSM

The Observer: White House in panic over spy scandal

(UK) Observer: The bloody outcome of two worlds at war

Secrets of the Allies: Invasion of Iraq can not be based on self-defense

Shrapnel From Home

David Broder dose a nice editorial piece after he gets through...

A Poverty of Dignity and a Wealth of Rage

Newsweek: Rove at War (long commentary)

Bush’s Brain Gives the White House a Bad Headache (Sunday Times of London)

If Rove were a Democrat, he'd be shot

White House Desperation Play in CAFTA Fight

LAT: Soldiers often face 2nd fight at home

Larry C. Johnson (in the strib): A secret known, a cover blown

Maintaining cover no easy task for CIA

Wanted: Adult in the White House

Wounded soldier's fight doesn't end after leaving battlefield

PBS and its grand ambitions

NYT Magazine Cover Story: "The Framing Wars" (A Must-Read!)...

Important to realize all this before it is too late for Venezuela

How CEOs Would Handle Rove (BusinessWeek)

Now we can reveal the real Deep Throat (Woodward on his knees before Felt

So Santorum ... (Phila. Inquirer's Top Columnist Nails Him)

Bush, colleagues lose trust in Plame game

OpEd: Thomas Oliphant on R. Santorum: 7-17 Boston Globe

Joseph Wilson takes aim at Bush administration

Why Marx is Man of the Moment

The Stalking of Andy Stephenson

Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance" Returns to the Web.

You Can Feel It - And So Can Bush

Become a Citizen Sponsor of Feingold's lobbying reform bill

Other than

Another LTTE published -- surprised to find mine in yesterday's paper.

Tim Russert's Meet the Press

A couple minutes of silence for the victims of London bombing...

Show America the Truth (from Tom Hughes/DFA) ***DSM petition****

Self deleted; posted elsewhere

Rove LTTE's in the Oregonian this week - How many DU Activists?

GE plans to be a one-stop shop for developing countries

ATA to cut 450 jobs

The American Plutocracy ....government OF the rich, BY the rich...

Make oil companies pay for their environmental damage!

Fall River (MA) mayor thrust into spotlight for LNG debate

Plague of locusts invades France

Guatemala police files on abuses found - ombudsman

GE plans to be a one-stop shop for developing countries

Japan inks deal with US to produce Patriot missiles

Thaksin defends special powers decree for south

Land, sea warnings up for Haitang - Typhoon TW

Israel Threatens to Invade Gaza if Palestinians Don't Stop Rocket, Mortar

What was fishy about the Richard Reid "shoe bomber" story?

Abbas pledges to do 'utmost' to stop Palestinian rocket attacks

Israeli Army Prepares Broad Gaza Operation

Al-Ahram - Beyond the wall

List:: suppressed 9/11 evidence, unanswered questions&link why important

Danish Scientist says FBI and Media manipulated timeline and videos to giv

I heard a new twist on the 9-11/Military Exercise Coincidence today...

Heavy viewing weekend: "9/11: In Plane Site" and "Confronting

It was a "bomb-like" explosion, said WTC Janitor

UK authorities openly doubt that alleged bombers intended suicide

London bus bombed opposite "controlled demolition" van

Greenspan Fingerprints Found on London Bombs

What was fishy about the Richard Reid "shoe bomber" story?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 7/17/05

A reminder from THK

What happened to the massive new Democrat voter registration in Ohio 2004?

Feeling a little guilty today

Any reports on the Kucinich visit to CR on 7/16?

Is there an equivalent to Napster but is for movies? n/t

How to dispose my old motherboard?

Help ... can't uninstall Microsoft Office 2000 Pro

I'm going to install a second hard drive today or tomorrow

Help with my nVidia graphics card, please

Video Capture : Need Advice

OH-02: First Paul Hackett Commercial

Bexar hiring new elections administrator. Now's the time for action

Heads up for all Houston DUers. Bay Area New Democrats Fun-Raiser

Help the late, great Doug Sahm get inducted to the R&R Hall of Fame

My LTTE was published today!!

Kirk Watson to challenge Gonzalo Barrientos - TX Senate (Austin)

WTF? Repuke legislator wants to raise speed limit to 75.

When did Americans lose the ability to compromise?

Self delete cause I can

A question to all of you my friends - wild clashes all over the world

The oddest thing happened at Netflix

Is Rove the "fallguy" behind the Plame leak and is he the one who

Self Delete

Miller HAS talked to the GJ re: Libby

DAMN! I love listening to Karel, and most Sat/Sun I keep tuned

How I came to DU- Twice (warning: essay)

HUH? Ap Reports: "Mysterious Hot Spot Sparks Fire" Santa Barbara

"On the Story" "off the mark"

Hillary teams up with "Man on Dog", "Reno is a Lesbian" and Holy Joe

58 year old man assaulted with Taser over parking tickets

Nate Clay --- a Daniel Pipes fan

I don't want Rove fired.

New Frontpage Wash Post Article: The Timeline of Plame-Gate

Like Father...Like Son..

Amazing Phenomenon! Why Cats Paint: A Theory of Feline Aesthetics

Fox and Friends stupidity......

Newsweek: Rove at War (and a top secret briefing book, too)

Frontline Ally - Pakistan still breeding terrorists

NBC says first charges against Sadaam being filed?Distraction time?

Boston Globe: Chavez military moves eyed

Raw Story: What Karl Rove, and Cheney's chief of staff, told TIME

In Plame leaks, long shadows Rove’s knowledge of CIA agent at odds with

Here's what really ticks me off about the video game crusaders.

If you were Osama bin Laden...

C-SPAN Boston violator just called in from New York

Looks like the answer to Dick Cheney's medical problems....

Gerry Spence representing Portland lawyer held after Madrid bombing

Cannot change course??

What would have happened if Bill Clinton had said "Bring it on!"?

You know the church you grew up in has completely lost its way

Why is Wilson considered 'flamboyant'?

Interesting theory on C-Span

In Plame leaks, long shadows Rove’s knowledge of CIA agent at odds with

Why aren't the Repubs attacking Fitzgerald yet?

Matt Copper said there may be more people involved

If Bush is involved in Plame-gate, he forfeits right to name SC judges!

Brit Hume-anchoring Fox News Sunday, intro'ed a story about CIA "employee"

The republican culture gap:

Ambassador Wilson's on Face the Nation

Guess who's on the cover of Time magazine?

New Fundie Group - Scary Or Silly?

Is Ken Mehlman a comic in his spare time?

Can anyone name a government agency that informs, but doesn't regulate

A country attacks American soil and Officially "Declares War" on America

Funny pic....the legacy of rove

Bush's 'brain' leaked: Did Bush know? - Asia Times

Nazis stole my idea for VW logo, claims designer

128,000 DEAD Iraqis since Mar. 2003. 55% Women and Children

Congressman (R) Apologizes for Hitler Remark

To Rick Santorum With Love:

Write to Judy Miller

Pakistan 'not to blame for bombs'

A selection of thoughts

24 hour death toll in Iraq tops 100

Rove was required by law to CONFIRM any info was declassified

I believe Rove will resign

Open letter to the press

Andy on Raw Story

Locking the cashbox

Help me out. Did a Senate committee report find Wilson misled Congress?

Plame as much as or more of a target than Wilson?

Jane Harman w/ Brit Hume on Faux News...

Matt Cooper on Meet the Press Today

MILLER's Big-House Address, for Us "Dork-infested" Pen Pals

New blog; Give Us Our Khalid Back

Clinton, Bush and RW posters on message boards...

Top Cheney Aide Among Sources in CIA Story

If Judy Miller had Secret clearance she could have known about Plame.

Who Sent the CIA Thugs?

Comcast blocking all emails with in the text

Road trips begin with a deep fryer ...50 mpg on used cooking oil

Go to General Discussion: Politics to see more on Rove/Libby conspiracy

This extended coverage of the London bombings is obscene

EPA trying to weasel out of regulating greenhouse gases

Were *any* Republican Senators or Reps defending Rove this a.m.?

My 17 y/o daughter sees mehlman on MTP, asks "Where's HoDo?"

If frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their asses on the ground

want to see where Rove sits on the web - Don't You Dare Call It Treason

Say Bush had to resign over this cover up mess...

Well, what do you do Michael Jackson is gone and you can't find

Bill O Reilly interviews Gen Clark

How many Americans are guilty of THIS

Doesn't Mehlman seem like the Mafia wife...

Advance snippets of Cooper's article in tomorrow's Time....VERY Interestin

When was the breaking point in Watergate?

What Is The "Waiver" Nonsense?

Why can't gwb* ride a bike?

Was Valerie Plame outed to discredit her husband, or to...

Tim Russert is interviewing Woodward & Bernstein

One crucial, undeniable, unspinnable truth about the Rove leak

Next on CNN Presents: "Progress Report on Iraq"....

With Traitor gate all over the news this morning . . .

I'm glad lawmakers go after the video game makers

Oops.... Wrong forum

A very powerful piece of music I think fellow DUers would LOVE!

Is it just me, or is Ken Mehlman a complete....

Will fuel cell technology, help free both us and the environment

Rambo III and Iraq/Afghanistan today

I went over there and found my son's head - Warning Graphic

If l'il ol' me outed a CIA agent to the press by accident...

Danny Schecter with Bob McChesney's "Media Matters" LIVE streaming 2pm EDT

Hey there Ken "Bud" Mehlman, you're being recorded

LAT: Labor and Religion Reunite (Or: How to divide the right)

Question for a Freeper:


My LTTE gets published today but their edits set me up for slander!

Anyone seen the commercial for the Nation magazine,

I think I'm addicted to CSI

Sorry. Please delete.

on yahoo-Top Cheney aide among sources in CIA leak

Can The President Fire The Vice President's Chief of Staff?

"Rove at War" -Fineman/Newsweek

C-span is showing GITMO tour by congresscritters - from Monday.

How many of his people did SH kill? How many by *?

Who sent Wilson to Africa?


Will we witness the culprits strike out at each other?

" the comments made on Fox News are beneath contempt."

Has Bush Administration Dumbed Down Public School Class Work?

Lawrence O' Donnell shoots down one of the GOP "talking points"

Since Coopers testimony contradicts Karl Roves. What are Karl's Chances?

self-delete..nobody cares

Is anyone running a "I will impeach Bush" campaign for 2006?

Personally, I think we've finally hit that famous "tipping point"

Joe Wilson was/is a partisan, and even joined the Kerry Campaign

Why is advertising on AAR?

HEY! I thought Rush said all this stuff with Karl Rove was over Friday?

Britain could start Iraq troop pullout within 12 months: defence minister

Judith Miller may have compromised probe into Islamic Charities

I've heard that more people die from falling coconuts than shark attacks...

Congressman Dennis Kucinich On Electronic Voting

Bumper sticker in Little Rock

Hillary ESRB /Tipper PMRC?

If you read nothing else about CIA Probe-Read This Timeline

Santorum wrote the book on ignorance

Caught Again? Cooper Corrects A Rove Lie For The Grand Jury

What is your prediction of "talking point" for RW talk radio tomorrow ?

I think John Bolton would be original source of leak.

Matt Cooper, Judy Miller, Robt Novak, Chris Matthews, & Tim Russert....


Ken Mehlman seems to be putting his faith in Patrick Fitzgerald.. uh oh

bush* on this

Britain's Largest Sunni Group Condemns July 7 Bombings

Let's not forget the Dems' role in the Plame leak investigation

Anyone remember the Peace Dividend? How about the Terrorist Tax?

Cooper on MTP (VIDEO)

Take a look at this picture

Ken Starr vs. Pat Fitzgerald

Twofer! DU this AOL Poll on Rove's credibility and article on Scooter!

"Cooper! I thought you'd be in jail by now."


Fitzgerald resembles Tom Hanks. Anyone else agree?

Dem talking points SUCCESS STORY

LTTE in RW rag by Christian Conservative

Whose hopes & dreams for their children are jobs at Wal-Mart?

Frank Rich: To find Karl Rove, follow the uranium

Wow.. I was just asked "Are there terrorist that aren't Muslim ? Honestly..

London bus bombed opposite "controlled demolition" van

Bush's version of Welfare Queens

Farm Aid Announces 2005 Concert


Ontario overshadowing Michigan as auto manufacturing powerhouse.

Does anyone know why more radio stations do not stream live audio ?

What Karl Rove, and Cheney's chief of staff, told TIME

POLL: Why did chairman Ken Mehlman say GOP dropping Southern Strategy?

Did Richard Perle really say this?

Constitutionality of Iraq War

The President's Oath of Office

Funny, when Clinton was caught Lying many democrats critisized him

Iraq: Masked Men with Guns

oh, the beautiful irony

More deep doo-do for Bush re: covert influencing the Iraq elections????

Osama Bin Laden now being treated as a legitimate leader in the media:

Gaping flaw in Time Magazine's timeline

Time reporter Rove was first source on CIA agent

Love the headline of huffington Post

The Prosecutor: The Mystery Man

Time magazine: The Rove Problem

Jerry Springer has anti-stem cell research listener on, on AAR

WOW!!! Take a look Media Matters. Their home page is filled with

Pat Lang: Niger Mischief

Bush approved, then scratched plan to influence Iraq vote

Thousands celebrate new Texas megachurch

1764 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

My Letter to the editor - and the response

Even if Rove is guilty......

Where is George Tenet nowadays ?

The best picture of Rove

Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford

State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer

Who was Valerie Plame?

OK. Some Questions on the "Air Force One Memo"

Michael Bowers compares Joe Wilson to Ward Churchill

Any one watching the History Channel right now. I just got home and

Libby the other source?

OMG! Bob Scheiffer just SMACKED THE CRAP outta Bush & the BA

Neo-Cons = Dominionists

Breakfast with Mary and James...

Mehlman reserves the right to smear Patrick Fitzgerald

Greenspan Fingerprints Found on London Bombs

(Listening to KGO archive) I guess Karel has a point...

Sunday Monitor: Palast on Plame up at 6 pm Central

What if Wilson was a fringe benefit?

Jeff "Bulldog" Gannon's Interview with Joe Wilson

You All Catch The Working Poor Documentary on A&E Yesterday?

Is lying to one's self about the Plame incident and believing it

Yahoo story to rate: Rove was first source on CIA agent - Time reporter

IMPORTANT!!!!! Iraq War Creating Terrorists! Proof!!!!

Pimple Rove

Hatch: and there's a real question whether she even deserved that status.

LOL!!!! Freepers - The Plot Thickens – Matthew Cooper lied.

Open mike, closed mind, tripped tongue - Ken Mehlman on James Byrd.

What's left?

So they fixed the Iraqi elections too

Inherit the Wind on UPN now (West coast)

".. the WH had insisted for nearly two years that Libby and Rove...

What do people think of Eisenhower?

I just love watching Fred Barnes squirm like the toad he is!

Patience is a virtue.

How did the phony memo (saying Plame got Wilson the job) get to Gannon?

News Analysis: If history holds, Karl Rove's job is not in danger — yet

Latest OIF Troop Deaths. Please Remember.

Ledeen and the Forged Niger Documents

If the theory that the War was about stealing oil were true...

If it was found that an illegal drug could be used to cure both AIDS and

Are you a rebel; an unmutual?

After all the GOP lies this week

Did Wilson and his wife really pose for Vanity Fair?

Where is Maureen Dowd?

Mail: To Open ... Or Toss? - Andy Rooney (his usual wit and wisdom)

The next time we decide to have a war:

Reporter Says Cheney Aide Was a Source

LTE re: Frank Rich's column - please vet before I send it >

Why would Tenet have thought Wilson should find forged documents?

Has anyone here had any experience with Americorp?

So, can they still fix elections from Jail? Thats my question.

Why Rove let Cooper squeal.

It's Saddam- big bad guy.. forget Rove... bigger fish to fry over here!!

Got this in the mail..... do you see the distortion at the end??

Newsmax, unwittingly, helps our efforts for once!

Oy! Larry King's BIG story for Monday night is...

So, rove & libby & probably whole wh in a blind with rage about Wilson

Who has read Joe Wilson's book

Poodle responsibility fixed by Royal Institute

Hey! Just found a great place to Make Your Own Bumperstickers

Bush is the BEST President EVER

Hell has SURELY frozen over. NY Post letters to the editor

Larry Johnson former CIA

Patrick Fitzgerald - any relation?

Oh... I Get It

What happened with Scotty? -nt-

Guardian: Three days of suicide bombs leave 150 dead

Al Sadr to BBC : Resistance in Iraq 'legitimate' , quotes Bush

Now That the GOP Woke me Up...

Another Rove lie regarding the email to Hadley:

Unsettling US Army Recruitment Commercial

Does anyone know about Prince Fahd's (ambassador) real

Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out civil war

Anyone got any info on Marc Grossman ? The CIA memo was written for him

Correction: Shrub COMMUTED Henry Lee LUKAS, Not "Pardoned" Him

Novak and Rove given JOB SECURITY because they are Bush allies

Without TV, I have no way to gauge what the poodle press is doing.

More British Cover-Up: No 10 blocks envoy's book on Iraq

Any opinions on CNN's "new format"? I thought "CNN presents" last

99 Dead, 20 Car Bombs, in 2 Days.....Welcome to Iraq

If Fitz Is On The Level, ROVE IS FUCKED

I think Rove's Dead Meat - But It Goes Higher

CNN Stands by Robert Novak During Probe Into Leak of CIA Officer's Identit

So, now that the Social Security tour is over

Isn't it about time for the annual trek to Crawford for Dumbya

At least Rummy did the honorable thing

Why do we call Rove 'Bush's Brain?'

Nice thing about sociopaths like Rove...

Karl Rove has apparently been cleared and I am a hateful partisan!

Just had some pie. You think Judith Miller is allowed pie in JAIL?

Juan Cole interview that covers Iraqi political situation

Are the Bushes using Rove as the fall guy?

Maybe this will tighten up Dick Cheney's sphincter muscle...

Bush and Blair- Evil and Evil Do'ers

Max Clelland 7/24/ evidence of Iraq to 9/11 or al-Qaeda

Great moment this weekend..

"A Face in the Crowd" starring Andy Griffith.

Justice Sunday II "God Save the United States and this Honorable Court

Novak: "they came to me"

How ironic! On this day, remembering Andy, I found this

We Get Our Ass Beat in 2006 Once Again

another open mike, this time on Meet the Press

I am in print...our local paper has a place where you can call and voice

This is why the wingnuts have to attack Wilson.

FWIW, Madsen: July 17, 2005 -- ROVEGATE

Sy Hersh 10/20/03:Bolton changes policy & runs his own intelligence oper

Peter Werbe doing "Karl Rove for Dummies" now --- streaming

Criminal Contempt Could Lengthen Reporter's Jail Stay

No matter what happens regarding Rove

With All The Rumors One Common Thread Continues

Iraq pics in an email that pissed me off

Top Cheney Aide Among Sources in CIA Story (Yahoo News)

An interesting quote to remember during the Rove investigation

KKKarma for KKKarl - ain't it a bitch?

I ran into Bernie Ward of KGO at Oakland Airport...

Whites fear exclusion in new S. Africa

Gitmo Bay

Over DU's history, what event caused the highest amounts of freep attacks

Novak's second outing Brewster Jennings

How about the next time we wage a war, we do it because we have to.

Hey lurking Freepers


Who Did Shrub Pardon in TX?-------Henry Lee LUCAS

Even we are becoming somewhat used to Iraq War casualties

Christians plan Exodus to So. Carolina - Secession "is a valid option"

I would have gone nuts had there been an Internet....

Will America Realize The Mistake it Made in the 2004 Election?

Write Your Republican Representatives Now

It Turns Out That The Former U.S.S.R. Was Right About The U.S.

Karel on KGO is kicking ass right now, listen in

My local ABC affiliate just carried the Cooper appearance on MTP!

Maybe London Bombers Weren't Supposed to be Suicides

The Saturday Night Massacre happened on April 20, 2005.'s because I honor and value our military....

Bob Schieffer rips the White House (video)

Freepshit praying for Satan

Ever Notice that Rove's First Response is To Attack the Wife of His Enemy

I just heard on the radio almost 100 people killed in 1 bombing in Iraq.

Need some help understanding this point

NEWSWEEK COVER: The World According to Karl Rove

The White House spins and deaths keep coming

CSPAN Schedule Monday July 18

When Does "40% Approval" Become "60% Genuine Outrage"??

So how is that Anthrax investigation going?

A reminder from Teresa Heinz Kerry

Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer...

I'd like to educate some parents here about game mods.

Therapy Time for the Freepers: Libby's Dirty Too

another plausible Plame timeline

Ailing Mafia boss begs release from jail 'to sire an heir'

'I did all the Playstation games, now I'll do it for real'


Rending the myths about liberals

Moronic quote from Ken Mehlman today:

Is Scotty going to be doing a Press Briefing Monday?

ENOUGH with the fatalism already!!!

My head exploded - friend's wife's reason for opposing gay marriage

Page 510 Harry Potter; interesting(Bush) reference NO SPOILER

There's Something About Hillary.

Prediction: Monday Pile-on by the right

Double SECRET Probation for Rove, Libby and Bunnypants -- from Dave Ross

Is Dick Cheney DEAD???

Are video games protected as an art form? Reminded of a dung painting...

If this doesn't make you a feminist . . .

The Rove Press Machine Is Destroying Rove & Hurting The Republicans

Now that it's pretty obvious that Fitzgerald is tying...

So Now Rove Is Saying His Source May Not Have Been Journalist

What do you want to know that you don't know about Traitorgate?

The Fundies are the Anti-Christ

What is your gut feeling on what will happen at least to Rove ?

MUST READ: Transcript of Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation show TODAY

Not One Republican...

Do we know who actually authorised Wilson's trip to Africa?

Transcript of Bob Schieffer's commentary

Blindly supporting the President ...(101 for Freeps) (warning: long)

Politically, how do you describe yourself?

The way you make peace in the war on terror is by ending the drugs war

Some reading on Patrick Fitzgerald: "The Original Untouchable"

Depleted Uranium: an Introduction.

Plame: A naive analysis

If the E.U. fails, can Britain join Canadian Confederation as a province

The NDP should do a name change.

Ted Heath has died.

Ex-PM Ted Heath 'getting weaker'

PKK 'behind' Turkey resort bomb (Kurdish separatists)

MNF-Iraq: One Task Force Liberty Soldier killed, 2 wounded by IED (#1763)

Investigation tactics draw fire

Saddam charged, trial in days

Israeli Army Prepares Broad Gaza Operation

Iraq fuel truck bomb devastates town, kills 70

Matt Cooper: What I Told The Grand Jury

WP: White House Delay On Court Nominee Is Calculated Plan

Bush 'sought to influence polls in Iraq'

Plague of locusts invades France

UN number two dismisses abuse of power claims

London bomber linked to 2003 Israel attack - report

China to send pig sperm to space

Ailing Mafia boss begs release from jail 'to sire an heir'

Time Reporter: Rove Was First Source On CIA Agent

Time reporter: Rove was first source on CIA agent

AP: Suicide Car Bombers Kill 16 People in Iraq

NEWSWEEK COVER: The World According to Karl Rove

Britain's Largest Sunni Group Condemns July 7 Bombings

U.S. Uses Law to Nab British Businessmen

Equatorial Guinea plane crash kills 55

Army marking 11 jobs categories for re-upping bonuses as high as $7,500

False confessions: Taping interrogations won't protect suspects from thems

Ex-PM Ted Heath "getting weaker" : BBC

Israel Threatens to Invade Gaza if Palestinians Don't Stop Rocket, Mortar

NYT ;Officials' Pitch for Drug Plan Meets Skeptics

Newsweek/MSNBC hard-hitting in-depth article posted:

Idaho county to sue over illegal workers

Beijing refuses to retract general's nuke comment

Reporter Says Cheney Aide Was a Source

One young man's concern on extremism

Journalist denies Rove named CIA agent (Financial Times BS Spin "report")

As Google Grows, How Much Does It Know About You?

Britain looks to expand war on terror

Iraq to Meet Donors in Hope of Creating New Aid Momentum--Daily Star

Experts Urge Release of Iraq Scientists

MSNBC: Reporter: Rove was first source on CIA leak

Mayo protesters remain in jail (Shell pipeline / Ireland)

Ten-fold increase in racist crimes in UK since London blasts

'I did all the Playstation games, now I'll do it for real'

Protesters rally for medical marijuana (Santa Cruz)

UK: Seven New Terror Arrests

Basra oil workers out on strike

PRO-ARISTIDE PRIEST ARRESTED (Rev. Gérard Jean-Juste - again)

Iran, Iraq sign transportation cooperation agreement

DOD Identifies Army Casualty (#1765)

Africa moved me, says Laura Bush

Four US Soldiers Wounded in Afghan Blast

Bush denies he influenced Iraq elections

Reporter Says Cheney Aide Was a Source (Libby)

Housing Goes Frothy to Flat in Denver Area

Habib stands by torture claims

KKK Chief Testifies About 1979 Shootings

(NBC's Meet the Press) Top Cheney Aide Among Sources in CIA Story

Greenville Library Protesters Celebrate 45th Anniversary

U.S. crude jumps as hurricane shuts Mexico fields

Second Bush official named in 'leak' probe

Senate to Vote on Hawaiian Self-Rule Bill

Low-income schools lack top teachers

Identity card threatens to split Coalition (AU, Howard wants them)

Official: Iraq Wants to End Its Monopolies

Congressman Apologizes for Hitler Remark (moron repuke)

WP: Ties to U.S. Made Britain Vulnerable, Report Says

MI5 said bomber was not a threat

Muslims in fatal denial of AIDS

Top British ex-diplomat blasts US invasion of Iraq

Sordid Images on TV Repel the Kurds, but They Raise Some Skepticism, Too

Indonesia, Aceh rebels agree to peace deal

Studies: Most foreign fighters didn't wage terror before Iraq war

NYT: Large Volume of FBI Files Alarm Activists

Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out civil war

BBC: Resistance in Iraq 'legitimate'

Cooper: What I told the Grand Jury

U.S. Could Strike Northern Syria

Momentum swings to Democrats (Financial Times)

Gen. MacArthur Statue Spawns Korea Protest

BBC: Former PM Sir Edward Heath dies (UK Prime Minister)

Soldiers re-enlist beyond U.S. goal (bonuses range from 1k to 150k)

US animal rights fanatic in Britain vows to break law

CNN stands by Robert Novak in Plame probe

Groups Fighting Illegal Immigration Spread

EPA Paid Weather Channel for Videos

Saddam Hussein charged, trial to begin in days

Progressive Christians speaking up

Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Hurricane Emily Monitoring Thread... Category 5 Headed For Cancun, Texas?

Journalist at center of leak probe criticizes Time boss

ETStudy Says Ethanol Not Worth the Energy

Hillary Clinton climbs into presidential ring

New Jersey couple has two sets of identical twins in same birth

Has anyone ever been a trustee?

I just heard/watched TLC on an old SNL rerun

So I hear the new Harry Potter really takes it to Blair? Is this true?

I want to buy a Volvo XC-70 D5 (DIESEL). WHY oh WHY won't

whats up tonight?

Domain registration

why i have been silent...

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Best Clinton Pic ever (seriously)

Where's your sister's birthmark and what is her phone number divided by 2?

What's your daddy's maiden name?

Who's on first and What's on second?

I just finished the new Harry Potter - ask me anything *Spoilers*

It's a Musical kind of night.....

It's Too Darn Hot.....

ya know, id go crazy without this place.

I got a freaky ole lady name a cocaine Katy

My Dear Adolf Hitler

Mmmmm... I can smell the ocean on the breeze.


If I'm gonna sink I mid as well go to the bottom...

Ed Glosser Trivia psychic (SNL)

What the hell is Hey Horn?

I loved one girl

anyone wanna pLay poker -

Do you shower from toes to head, or head to toes?

cinnamon girl, Uhmmmm yea dog

What is your mom's middle name and your daddy's mom's maiden name?

Tic Tac Dough

My Dear Maddy McCall!

Very interesting thing here.

Your Best/Favorite Hate Mail

3:33 AM on a saturday night

Sign that should be at RNC headquarters


Log Rolling Babes on ESPN

Desperate Housewifes are neither desperate nor housewife,

I give into convention

Auto-pilot time

This might be a good Lounge post...Marfa Lights...It's late, this is fun..

I saw a Harry Potter Spoiler on accident.

Who is still up? Roll call

dog bandana sewing pattern - help needed

To that special (and totally dodgy) someone

Man shoots postman to get jailed

Man fakes shooting to avoid Iraq

Where were you born and where do you live now?

Singapore Opens Landfill to Tourists

I bought something just so I could be like everybody else!

Well in a way I guess I am the cool one now - super hero movies


I think my cat Fud just reinvented trigonometry

I have neopets...

Front Side Bus (FSB) - what does it mean & why is it important

July 16 (according to AOL): a VERY auspicious day.

What's your favorite prophylactic and where do you buy them from?

A slight slip of the tongue.....

Good Morning Everyone


FReerepublic keeps getting dumber and dumber

Dammit, where the hell is my retainer? I'd be asleep by now if I'd found..

Laryngitis sucks!!

What is your address?

Up to 95 in MN today. This heat wave is beginning to bore me...

I LOVE BOOZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, it's supposed to be 117 degrees today and tomorow

Should I exercise today?

How many states have you lived in?

Big Brother 6 has a young Iraqi man as a Houseguest

Should I exorcise today?

Any Ossining, NY area DUers?

The Fantastically Arrogant Four:

I'm insanely happy right now

Avast or AVG?

if you make a post and every other poster disagrees could you be *gasp*

Would you watch a pirated copy of a movie before its theatrical release?

A truly interesting situation. (pic)

New Stones' song, 'NeoCon', won't make it to album

Former RNC chairman found frozen in the Alps

What !!!???? Sandra Bullock, Jesse James Exchange Vows

Do not respond to this post.

Who invented booze anyway?

The years look like they've been tough on Carl Bernstein

there needs to be a warning for iTunes

Cheating lovers snap up greetings cards for adulterers

Best Dave Matthews Band Song

George Hincapie WINS a MOUNTAIN stage in the Tour de France

I have GOPisEvil held hostage (yvr girl)

Oh man, I don't need TV

Get in the hole!!

If you click on one of newyawker99's MILESTONES threads...

Is Tylenol Extra Strength supposed to make you drowsy?

Is Tylenol Extra Strength A Substitute For Love?

Man dated women by pretending to be Steeler Quarterbacks

Can I ask a "personal" question of the ladies?

I am tired of the people killing people ...

It's almost 90 degrees outside and the thermostat isn't working. HELP!

I thought that you'd be loving me.

Kiss me you fool..........

Hannibal Lecter's Eat The Press.

I am in so much pain right now.

I am tired of the police killing people ...

God is an American

In honor of CaliforniaPeggy

Hey, Zuni is reminding everyone that sundog is reminding everyone about

I'm trying to talk Fuzzyslippers into going to the store naked.

The real story about Joe Wilson in Niger.

So I'm watching a DVD of the Breakfast Club right now. Judd Nelson...

knock knock

How do I post a file?

Do you think Cameron in "Ferris Bueller" survived talking to his dad

I think I'm addicted to CSI

Where is a good place to get a credit report?

If I walked into the Bank of England...

When the wind blows down this hard, Many a bond is broken.

a friendly reminder to the lounge

What Threads Have You've Posted That Almost No One Has Agreed With?

If a celebrity goes to the hospital because he or she is tired...

I was posting on a right wing site last night, and I was called "evil"

Why is it that "Big Fish" always gets to me?

I just saw 'super size me'.. I bought DVD

What is wrong with this picture?

Can someone clue me into Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts?

What's on TV?

Cool Web Site With Hundreds of Images From The 50s You Can Use

"I'm going to make omelettes from Frank's world for you!!"


I pulled an IQ of 131 on an IQ test online.

Should I shave my arms?

Star Rover, welcome to DU!

Tom, wait a minute. I'm talking about

Palm or PocketPC?

I watched "Bend It Like Beckham" last night

Some foods..... are not just foods.... they can be much much more...

Meet Sexy Christians!

Wil Wheaton vs. Hillary Clinton: Karl vs. Carl

Dick Cheney is a robot. Here's PROOF!

Name That Politician

Happiness is ~ getting a phone call

Anyone know that HP commercial with the guy snapping pictures?

Finally, a good reason to use a Taser. (pic)

Tomorrow, I will buy some chocolate cake


Dick Laurent is dead

If I could have any wish come true...

Just got home from seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

Tiger Woods 5 Minutes Away From Another British Open Win

who wants to watch the sun rise with me?

Who wants to watch the sun explode with me??

Heath is dead

I have to deliver 244 phone books by 3pm tomorrow.

Party in this thread for Snark Week

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers coming up on TCM

Jackson Clan to Boogie in Berlin

My 3-year-old sings along to B.Y.O.B.

Anchorman: Drama of Documentary,.....

Pretend you're Karl Rove and

A perfect movie idea for Tim Burton

I just drove 80 miles to get some home grown corn...

Kitty Cat Smilie

Today has been a really lonesome day.

The band from Old School--anyone know their name?

Am I the only one revolted..

Just because this makes me smile . . .

In honor of Andy...since I couldn't be there to say goodbye today...

How many of you still have a Rotary Phone in your house?

Cripes, it's a broiler today...

Are there any Tom Dumont fans out there


You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

"Well, i stand up next to a mountain"

What is your banking institution, account number(s), and PIN?

A great photo of Karl Rove and his prison wife.

If sex is about procreation,

Watch the new Bright Eyes video...

Invasion of the Body Snatchers coming up on TCM!!!

IF One of these people were to disappear today - whom would you choose?

Moonies just came to my door!

"She looked like Olivia Newton-John, if she were really ugly, and had...

What do you call these two groups?

Where the hell is Matcom?


In the Johnny Cash song "I've Been Everywhere"

what are you doing right now this very second besides posting on du?

When did "Shark Week" jump the shark?

Storm Chasers

Back in the old days of TV

RealOne Player or Windows Media Player?

Don't you just love how...

Razmatazz Band, yeah!!!

Man allegedly mails feces to eBay customers

Where should I get my next piercing?

Behold the Sacred Parchment


This David Foster show is a bunch of bullshit

Nicole Kidman to Tom Cruise: "Leave our children out of Scientology"

Boy oh boy I miss radio

"Family Guy" thread

A word about piercing advice


we got our first monsoon in the desert this evening

If we all have a purpose in life, why aren't we told what the bleep it is?

"Family Guy" On Now - 'Animated Cartoon Sex' Warning At Beginning

JK Rowlings it my new hero for a reason none of you would suspect

If you are in Alabama and have school kids..

OMG! Animated nudity on FOX! I'm scarred for life!

am I here?

Notes from the G.E.D Section

Bar soap or body wash?

Be werry, werry qwiet. I'm hwunting tewwowists!

I prefer The Lounge night vibe better than the day vibe...

Co-ordinates locked in! Arm the death ray!

Yay, a Laurel and Hardy marathon!!

Is it possible to become confused about one's identity?

Pestilence is a virtue.

How come ex-gays date only each other?

You look like someone who can handle yourself in bed

Six Feet Under at 9 PM on HBO

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Real Time with Bill Maher returns Friday night August 19th!

Use a similie that you've never used

What's YOUR stress/comfort food?

Had Breakfast w/ Pat Robertson

Larry King has Nancy Grace on now. Like nails on a blackboard!

For those that believe in ESP kind of shit - PLEASE READ :(

Am I mean?? Am I taking Zombywoof's place???

I feel so lonely right now.

Why Paint Cats?

Phooey, I missed "Sons of the Desert"!

My dear Lounge

Bruce McGill appreciation thread.

Stupid UPS.

Can Canadians cash US Postal money orders in Canada?

Who else remembers Latka?

Watching 60 Minutes on "new stay-at-home moms" makes me want the TV brick

I just saw Million Dollar Baby...I can't believe how much I cried.

"This town is under the stranglehold of a few tie-dyed treehuggers...


Be Kind to Animals

Anybody ever use

Queer As Folk - The Sharon Gless character just referred to Bush

It's a miracle...what appears to be a professional golfer and Democrat!!!


I'm Just Lurking

Which Superhero would you like to be?

Kind of says it all...

Retirement Bonus

DC DUers: What are some good, inexpensive restaurants in the city?

The Simpsons "Left Below" episode is on (on the East Coast) for those

The Great One v. The Great Old One

Lenny & Squiggy ... Are They or Aren't They?

Who else remembers Laika?

Fonzie vs Carmine Ragusa

Lenny and Squiggy vs. Lenny and Carl.

Hey! Where are the really good Karl Rove Jokes?

I am loving all of Pennsylvania right now

From 0 to 200 in 4 seconds

What foods are you giving up for shark week?

Best. TV. Series. Ever.

Little Steven's Underground Garage

Vic Vega of "Reservoir Dogs" and Vincent Vega "Pulp Fiction" Are Brothers

The Beer Truck Image

should the two guys hosting shark week be fed alive to the sharks?

Anyone remember Silk Stalkings?

Call the WAAAAmbulance! Zuni thinks I'm an old lady.

WooHoo! Simpsons Season 6 coming August 16.

Computer Question: How Do I Scan Pictures

I just ate the Corn I drove 80 miles to get.....


Does Raphael Palmeiro belong in the Hall of Fame? 3000hits, 566 HRs.

Party at my apartment this week for shark week

How come when I goggle "Bushturd" it links to DU?

Anyone ever seen a dog and an opossum interact nicely?

Ya know what we need?

Anybody use Wildblue for sat internet service? Opinions?

Mekka Lekka Hi Mekka Heiney Ho! Jambi is in...

in a nutshell

Are you in the Kiss Army!?

Upbeat update on sweet Sirius

how do you feel when you're post #13 in a thread?

what is a good MP3 player under a hundred dollars..??

I just came back from Seattle...

Anybody got a Windows ME install disc I can borrow?

Which temperature would you choose?

Who remembers the Jonson Smith Catalog?

I just drove 80 miles past home because of some homegrown

I'm obsessed with WWII and Nazi documentaries. Does that make me an...

(hackhackhackhack) Alright now...won't you listen?!

The little girl upstairs is autistic, and she is GOING OFF right now.

Soda? Coke? Pop? Other?..Find yourself on this map

Just reminding the lounge that Sundog is reminding the lounge about

Where is Bertha Katzenangel these days?

Bob Crane is dead.

Do you believe in predestination?

Who else remembers Laika?

Lenny & Carl . . . Are They or Aren't They?

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince: Did anyone catch the proofreading

Joan Osbourne ~ If God Was One of Us

"Ed Wood" coming on TCM, 12:30 CDST.

Is love really all you need?

Use a smilie that you've never used

Favorite curmudgeonly quote?

My friend said Lou Dobbs is a liberal show......

Who here could give two yanks it is shark week?

Bay Areas ?

I'm feverish, ask me anything....

does it feel like that time again? have a problem?

So I'm at Costco earlier and as I get out of the car I see a "Support

Should I leave Colorado if given the chance?

Look everybody

How do you feel about the kinder, gentler ZombyWoof?

When does Lance Armstrong peddle to #7 win?

Tell me about alcoholism

Stopped eating beef and pork, and...

Who loves Fannie Flagg?

Sexiest Accent Part Deux

What's up with Yahoo? Are they chicken?

I am hating all of Pennsylvania right now

Where were you? When JFK, MLK, Bobby Kennedy...

Going to San Francisco for vacation. What not to miss?

Sexiest Accent

Oh man, I don't need IV

Humax 80hr TiVo DVR w DVDR (refurb) $199.00 good bargain?

I had a really weird nightmare last night

Are you the outdoors type?

You Stay Classy San Diego

Favorite smell?

Babylon 5 vs. Deep Space Nine

Celebrity deaths that hit you hard...?

Another Mavis Update!

LBN : Animal Rights "fanatics" ?

Favorite Animal Rights Quotes:

Could the Democrats and Greens ever "marry".......

How about a Vegan/Vegetarian/Animal Rights Forum meet-up?

Question for any experts (or even non-experts) concerning neutrinos

China to send pig sperm to space

Tiger So Far Looks TOTALLY In The Zone

Yankees fans! Set your TiVOs for "Mantle"

starting tonight for the New York Yankees . . . none other than . . .

Kitten question

Introducing our newest family member

looking for a dog bandana sewing pattern - preferably FREE

Is it too early to be feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde?

In what ways...

Republicans underfund VA. Punish those who call them on it.

Great THK news story in GD

A follow-up to Tay Tay's post

Anybody want LUTD?

Dear People formerly known as LUTD

Allen and Santorum are teaming up.

The White House spins and the dead don't care.

LUTD Transition

Here are three possiblities for the water photo contest


A Newbie With Some Questions!

What KO Did on His Summer Vacation!

I already finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Question: Am I right to be annoyed?

Keith lays down the law before his return!!!!

Prediction: Tomorrow on Face The Nation The Scheef is going to.........

It was a "bomb-like" explosion, said WTC Janitor

Newsweek's Howard Fineman chats live on Wed. 7-20 re: Rove

Could Gonzalez be involved in cover-up???

3 Days of the Condor: "How do you know they'll print it?"

Plame was the target. I doubt the revenge theory.

"Follow the Uranium" or WARGATE!

Notice Sadam's Charges 4 1982 action, year before Rummy Meeting

president crap.

What's the story on the Repukes and the Clinton's cat? I never

Let's make CAFTA the last trade agreement a politician will ever vote for.

Has Bush ever fired anyone?

Does Karl Rove have a printing press in his basement?

This could be your son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother

Shays vs. Farrell rematch

This post from Oversea visitor says it all:

"They said if I voted Kerry, we'd have a traitor in the White House."

Plea to American voters:Take down your Out To Lunch signs

Social Security recipients by Congressional district

Why has it taken 18 months to get to this point?

Welcome to the USSR

I wonder if Scotty will hold a press conference tomorrow

Raw Story has Cooper's Time Mag story up.

Cooper talks, but WH says they have been asked not too.

Idiot Son: Scared shitless

"Bush dumb like a fox" (in my local paper)

propagating a random quote script. Post your favorite political quotes

Clarifying SF 312 Nondisclosure agreement & how it relates to Rove

When "PlameGate" the movie comes out,

So, why should journalists feel that we should be cuing the violins for

The White House did a tag team with reporters to leak Plame...

Rovegate = Watergate

Vidclip of Cooper

Will Sadam's trial reveal any new Revelations about

Christians plan Exodus to So. Carolina to take over state government!

Can someone explain the difference in Valerie Plame's security

Bush* will Pardon Rove or anybody else found to be involved

Fox stoops to a new low / mega-dissing Hillary just now.

Here is the letter from * that "authorized" the Iraq war.

Ken Mehlman: One Lying Sack of Shit

Hatch and Biden just now on CNN - did anyone see it?

Republicans: A Long History of Criminality

Mehlman is such a revolting puke...

Guardian: No 10 Blocks Envoy's Sir Jeremy Greenstock's Book on Iraq

Fret not, at least Novak's gone

Former CIA Agent Larry Johnson now has a blog

Mary Matalin, Mary Matalin, Where Are You????

Self Delete

Lemming-like Republican apologists entering the realm of the bizarre

Bu$h played with the Iraqi elections?

Did anyone hear Ken Mehlman's comments about James Bryrd on Late Edition?

What Conyers is up against, and why I think any impeachment of any

The Stalking of Andy Stephenson should be picked up by Dr. Dean

Repubs defend Karl Rove for same reasons they defend Rush Limbaugh

Rove Outed Others

American defense spending since 1945

Attention Tech People! Browsers editing text on Website. WTF?

The Rove Affair: How Many Book Deals Are In the Works?

NYT: 'Indispensable' - Does It Have A Shelf Life (More Repubs Bash Karl)

Rove was fired twice by daddy Bush

Are Cheney's illnesses getting serious enough for him to resign?

Question on Rove OKing Cooper to tell that he was the source

Sent to the Omaha World Herald (my formatting has disappeared):

Can you help me find the stats

"War Protester Pulled from Oswego County Parade, Arrested"

Conservative Caucus: Roy Moore for U.S. Supreme Court

John Cornyn (R-TX) on Rove: "More of the same anger and lashing out"

Rove as a smokescreen for "Bush's exploitation of phony war on terror"

The IAEA reports: more Bush deliberate misleading of the U.S.

I think BushCo should be forced to pay back the $$$ they've squandered

It seems to me that people are being overwhelmed by the

Rethugs royally screw over Iraq veterans: Read and retch

Journalist denies Rove named CIA agent (Financial Times BS Spin "report")

As a Social Worker I needn't reveal a persons name to breech

Does anyone know if Gannon testified to the Grand Jury?

Not to be a serial poster, but it looks like we're going to bomb Syria and

If the White House lied to us about the Plame leak...

Who had their money on Syria being next? You might be cashing in.

Pat Buchanan: "They are over here because we are over there"

Mehlman on MTP " That's my story and I'm sticking to it"

Cooper says Rove told him "This will be declassified soon."

George Bush, why do you fail to keep us safe?

The Washington Post rubbing WH nose in their lies, yet again...

Dems, Rove and the political narrative...

John McCain just said that this is the first time in history that taxes

Scrutiny Grows Over Rove's Role in Leak Probe

Rep. Jane Harman (CA) Backtracks on Rove Allegation

The State of our union:

Just in the last few weeks---let's count them.

One thing to remember about the Bush Administration...

Saudis provide most of the fighters and we're going to bomb Syria?

The PNAC Letter That Planned The War In Iraq

TPM Links Jeff Gannon to the leak about the memo!

Just as I thought - I found proof Ken Mehlman's gay.

A thought just struck me

Why I believe they KNOW they're going down

Who was the top Cheney aid in the Plamegate leak?

Instead of calling Iraq a Quagmire

The most outrageous right win lie I've ever heard

Rove's guilt: "I've already said too much." He knew it!

VIDEO Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation rips the White House

Is there still a media blaster?

Does language re: "inevitability" of attack here serve political purpose?

What does NYT and WP have for us tonight on Rove?

Here is a detailed run down on Rove vs. Plame and all others...

Dean Down?

good NYT article about state dept. memo and plame leak

Given Plame, Etc., Repubs May Feel They MUST Win in 2006

What happened to AMPOL's Pundit Pap?

Lennon's "How Do You Sleep?" was WAY better...but.....

Ah, Sweet Poetic Justice: Rove Screws AAs - then gets judged by them in GJ

How many of you have noticed...

DU Check in: I just learned about WHIG make sure you know too

"The reality is that we're losing in Iraq..." Sen. Hagel, R-Neb.

Freeper Thinks We Should "Demand Payment" For Liberating Iraq

Evan BAYH on C-Span RTWH: What a freakin LOSER!

I'm in a war with a repug at College Help!

I`ll betcha Bush is trembling in his little cowboy boots.

Someone please explain to me (without smart aleck answers)...

Is Ken Mehlman Gay???

Newsweek/MSNBC hard-hitting in-depth article posted:

Matt Cooper: What I Told The Grand Jury

A question for the next press briefing:

I wonder...Are the Fundies aware that GW denied his faith?

Shrapnel From Home

Hillary on the Right

"Will the Rove Scandal prevent you from addressing the 3,400,000 jobs lost

Plamegate and Presidential Pardons

WARNING GRAPHIC.......depleted uranium video

Desperate Repukes now looking to slime Cooper - He's married to Mandy

One more reminder:: Bush wants NO CURE for Diabetes/Alzhiemers

Fox,News "Fair and Balanced" sued for false advertising!

Wingnuts going after Mc Cain

Politics1: McCaskill probably in, Rossi out of Senate races (MO, WA)

Tom Friedman, raging neocon apologist and self-described "crazy, liberal

Face the Nation...Joe Wilson on.

neocons, aka Israeli lobby, pulling out all stops for US to attack Syria

Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman predict indictments ...

Oh, Santorum's gay communications director is also black

John Dean: Randel leak case can be used to prosecute Rove

It Appears George Tenet is DEEP THROAT II

did bush administration use covert action to "fix" iraq elections?

Anyone hear Vilsak (new DLC Head) use the term "Progressive Centrists?"

Who's the most self-loathing, hypocritcal gay Republican?

Calling all DU computer wizards! Re: Rove e-mail to Hadley

A Must-Read! -- NYT Magazine Cover Story: "The Framing Wars"...

Ken Mehlmen wiped the floor with Tom Vilsack on Late Edition