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Archives: July 15, 2005

The London Bombs, The Rogue Network and Iran

Krugman: Karl Rove's America

Molly Ivins: Karl Rove, the CIA and the Media ("...reeks of Rove")

"Bush Family Tradition: Ducking Scandal " by Robert Parry

Sharp's Dual View Liquid Crystal Display Monitor

Japan approves drilling for gas in disputed waters

Scientists believe they have solved a key riddle of SARS

China's beer industry says its brew is safe

Bandit raid leaves 71 dead in Kenya

Eastern Russia learns to live with Chinese migrants

Thailand's press freedom on trial

Plague of cars chokes Shanghai

WRT what they did to Andy -


Freeway Blogging on Cape Cod 7/14/05 (photo)

The Rovegate Controversy; What It Really Means (conyersblog)

CNN says 425 people from on-line poll speak for consumers

What backwoods trailer park?...

AmericaBlog has good analysis of the murky NYT article

WSJ: Rove's Troubles Put Bush in Tight Spot

Does anybody have a link to the tonight's Daily Show video?

Join me in this quick remembrance of a few weeks ago . . .

"House Intell Committee Approves Patriot Act Changes"

Obnoxious pop-ups are resilient, but there's a way to remove them

The NYT and AP Stories Tonight Suggest Perjury Case Against Rove

Missing Person Report

Santorum refuses to Apologize for his remarks against Boston -VIDEO

Jeez, the Freepers are really embarrassing themselves on the Lionel Show!!

Fuck YOU George W FraWd and the whole Mother Fucking cartel

Anyone been to the Netherlands?

Help please - name of documentary based on satellite feed.

No Point. The Naysayers are out in force.

What is happening with Leonard, the young man serving in Iraq

USATODAY ..Americans awakening to SCOTUS

"It's time, in other words, for liberalism to be born again"...

From the freepers

The NRA has a new posterboy..use a gun, go to jail, live for free

Is There A New Enemies List???

Bernie Goldberg is right .... almost

Hey folks, it looks like the Patriot Act may not be revised enough !!!!

Question-Was Valerie Plame the real target of Rovegate?

Pet peeve of mine: saying "troops"

Freeway Blogging on Cape Cod 7/14/05 (photo)

Didn't Rove go NUTS when protesters once showed up at his home?

My fear: (besides global warming) Rove will = Nixon's defeat to Repubs

Don't forget DSM!! This is a great article. Hope you like it.

I think Krugman's near the end of his rope: "Karl Rove's America"

WaPo: Senate Does Battle Over Rove's Role in Plame Leak

Lost a job over a DU post.. We are being watched friends....

It Appears That Karl Rove Is In Serious Trouble..John Dean

Source: Rove Got CIA Agent ID From Media

NYT: NIH Review Finds Scientists With Ties to Pharmaceutical Companies

LAT: L.A. Times Issues Ethics Guidelines

NYT: In Rare Case, Vermont Jury Backs Death for a Killer

NYT: Police Ask Public to Help Trace Bomber; Homemade Explosive Now Hinted

WP: Major GOP Donor Favored as Next Corp. for Public Broadcasting Chairman

WP,pg1: Military Lawyers Fought Policy on Interrogations

General (Miller) contradicted his sworn testimony on Pentagon, Abu Ghraib

Scott Weiland completes rehab and avoids potential 3 year prison sentence

great innovations from rural india

Let's all get high and watch Stir Crazy on TMC

Would an 'All in the Family' type show be even remotely successful today?

Just finished watching "Beyond the Sea", written, directed and

So my internet connection was slowwwwwww..I figured it was

Your flag decal won't get you into Heaven anymore.

RFLOL!!! A KOOL-AID drinker on Craig's List

does being gay really do anything besides make your skin hot?

Renee Olstead......

Oh my word, this toon is annoying.

Yawn!!!! My friends can't hold their liqour.

Who the F Are You? (Who Song)

What do you think of the name "Lucifer?"

Name the movie from the screenshot (got a tough one for ya!)

O's win 5-3

Now that a deal has been reached... Let's talk hockey fights!

How well did Rove and the Wilsons know each other?

Now let's remember that these sonsofbitches have had 2 years

A question about Valerie Plame ?

Bush: "It's hard. It's hard work conducting a smear campaign and scandal"

Rest assured --while we all speculate, Fitz(special prosecutor)

Have you guys seen this ?(Taken from Drudge...yeah I know...)

I'd pay a shiny quarter for Bush to hold a press conference in the next

If the special prosecutor was intent on just playing lip service to

Your Guess: Who was the Other WH Source re: Plame?

Wilson's letter to Senate Select Intelligence Comm.: from Buzzflash

All Rock, No Action. An African lawyer and journalist on Live8

Myths of American exceptionalism by Howard Zinn

Shades of D-Day, As Pentagon Preps NATO Allies for 'Planetary Objectives'

"American Psychos Redux" from Corrente

U.S. Promotes Drug Addiction to 'Assert Its Hegemony'

Iraq's rush to failure (IHT)

A Wealth of Rage

Robin Cook: Our troops are part of the problem

LA Times: The outing of a coward

The Logic of Suicide Terrorism: It's the Occupation, Not the Fundamentalis

An Oldie on Walter Pincus...who has testifed to the GJ in Plamegate

I Cannot Yet Skin A Deer - Mark Morford

It Appears That Karl Rove Is In Serious Trouble ....John Dean

The London bombings: Why did it happen here?

Americans Need to Escape from Bush's Dream World

John Nichols (The Nation): Rove Defense Team

Asia Times : How the Pentagon targets teens

(Irony) Local LTTE: Lobbying is Bush's jobs program

Karl Rove's America by Paul Krugman

I. Lewis ("Scooter") Libby: The Nexus of Wash Neocon Network

Counterpunch - What's the Real Story on Karl Rove?

CSM: Extra, extra! Foreign press, translated

Venezuela Has Oil Money, And Chavez Sings His Tune

Rove's Gotta Go (U. of Alabama student newspaper)

Raw Story: Rick Santorum's Communications Director ... is Gay....

David Corn (The Nation): Rove Scandal: Who's Lying Now?

War in Iraq Violates International Law

CNN: Christian adoption agency snubs Catholics

San Antonio Express-News says my LTTE on Rove will be published

GET A LOAD of Dick Morris on Rove -- Truly Breathtaking!

Activism Suggetion:

DU these 2 Polls--Should Rove be fired? Ambassador Wilson's credibility?

Can we compile a DU directory for issues organizations?

Tell the Senate to support Stem Cell Research

My letter re Rove will be published

Breast Cancer Hospitalization Bill - Important 30 sec petition

Anyone want a ghost writer? A proof reader would be appreciated too.

Any ideas how to share text of LTTEs without revealing identity?

My Rovegate LTTE published.

Rove Lied ? Ask the MSM to cover this!

Checking the paper to see...

Our E-Mail To cnn & soledad o'brien Re: Wilson "Interview"

I'm sorry, I must be going senile, though I'm not yet fifty

Anyone send a letter to the Lone Star Times? see this...

The Buffalo News Just called Me

We should think about taking advantage of the Rove situation --

Tell President Bush to fire Karl Rove

Should we do a spin-off LTTE campaign...

Front Page News

June Producer Price Index is up 3.6% yr over yr, and media says nothing

How can I organize / unionize my workplace?

Truthout article on Peak Oil (sort of)

EPA Doesn't Have to Regulate CO2, Rules D.C. Circuit

Euro chemists study effect of more diesels on Norwegian CO2 output.

Push to enlarge security council looks doomed

Gambling purge nets 700,000 (China)

Mission Creep in Latin America

Palestinian Police, Hamas Exchange Fire

Settler slammed for Holocaust reference

Sharon: there will be only one disengagement; after that, the roadmap

The right to marriage (Ha'aretz editorial)

Hamas Militants Clash with Palestinian Troops

Terrorism works

Analysis: The end of the period of calm is fast approaching

Hamas under attack from Abbas and Israeli forces

Why is the 7/7 timeline changing?

I thought this story was very interesting

William Rodriguez is going on a 9/11 "truth speaking tour."

Anybody up for 'Patsy' schoolin'?

Cell Phone Use on Airplanes, C-Span (7-14-05)

Phantom Flight 11: summary of evidence

Question about 2000: Counties with more votes than voters

dupe (delete)

Looking for a list of DRE voting problems in the 2004 Election

Dust of your hats. Well, I hadn't read some of this... I'm interested to

Revote Refused After 110 Electronic Votes Lost in PA.

Ohio's high court enters voting-machine dispute

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 7/15/05

An idea on how to make our Election Forum more visible

"AUDITING YOUR ELECTION 101" by Andy Stephenson poll - Are you sad or happy that Mayor Murphy's leaving?

Calif. Girl Faces Felony Assault Charge (11 years old!!!)

Anyone in southern Orange County

Girlfriend looking at job in Sacramento

Attn: Mass and NH dwellers who drive south on Rte. 3

Congressman McGovern will speak on Iraq at Clark - August 8th

Military Families Speak Out -July 26, St. Paul

Hollow Man = Coleman

Kickass LTTE in today's Strib

Anybody going to see "The Corporation" ?

My promise to Dick Franson

Is there a way to get rid of "copy protection" for recorded TV?

Weird email problem.

Help ... can't boot into Windows

what the hell? I need more virtual memory!

Looking for a laptop with gaming possibilities

Any Other Darke County Dems in here?

Chief Justice selects Democrat to hear lawsuit against GOP

My email to our Senators re: their vote on Rove Amendment.

Where To See Your 2006 Democratic Hopefuls This Weekend

They published my ltte

Is this sick or what? Leg gives themselves a $6000 raise in pension.

Emily could be ours

Just Got Off The Phone With Chester Marcol

My LTTE sent in today to the Journal-Sentinal


Theory: If Scooter Libby Is The One Who Told Rove, But Rove Testified...

Bastille Day!!!

How's the anthrax investigation going?

Graphic: Chronicle of a Leak

We've had it all wrong, folks. Rove learned about Plame from journalists has an "AMERICA SUPPORTS YOU KARL" page

Child Murdered/WTF

Source: Rove got CIA agent ID from media

Liberal talk radio trends ahead of Limbaugh among 25-54 in Miami

What happened to the Rove amendment?

Did Cheney's office do "work up" on Wilson and his family?

Melhman Apologizes for Republican Racism--Republican Base Hates Him For It

Civil war continues to rage on in Iraq

How the Foreign Press Views The Rove Flack

Bernie Ward Time, Baby! The Lion of the Left

Madsen info: Fitzgerald investigating Bush, Cheney et al.....

This will make ya'll feel better, it worked for me, catchy tune!

I look at this Rehquist picture and I already know what the Onion will do

I'm curious: Who here thinks Bushco may be the death of him/her?

On someone losing a job.

LA Times Editorial: Keep on talking, Mr. Rove

The scandal doesn't implicate Bush--nothing does

New York police to warn public on suicide bombers

Check out our new podcast on iTunes!!

RARE PHOTO: Bush's soul

The popular front, the united front, and the many factions within.

Karl Rove has a Terminator on his azz

DU this CNN Poll--Should Carl Rove be fired?

Ah, WorldNetDaily strikes again: "AlQaeda after Soviet Nukes hidden in US'

Washington Post Editorial: Mr. Rove's Leak

Rove pushing Plame in July 2003-But in Sept 2003 Cheney said...

What's up with Raw Story?

Monkey see no Rove - new toon 7/15

self delete

Time to Fix DU's time-clock in main Lobby

Fitzgerald: The Terminator

Stephanie Miller

Schumer and Joe Wilson on C-Span 6:20 AM

Thanks to democratsunderground, I feel more informed. I...

Miami Herald: White House credibility on the line

George W. Bush's wife was a librarian. Anyone know who I'm talking about?

Dammit! I'm missing Rove's downfall!!

Laci and Natalee are household names, why not Robert, Jason and Dymashal?

The Plame case reminds me of watching an episode of COPs.


Has Chris Matthews been called to testify in front of the grand jury?

Prayer service on KGO in 10-15 minutes

Man, the twists and turns pretty much prove the "knowingly" bit.

Harry Reid on Senate floor: "An attempt to cover up... an abuse of power."

Black Expo bestows lifetime achievement award to *?

Who is "someone who has been officially briefed on the matter"?

The Kool-Aid Decade: From Gingrich's Assent, to Rove's Fall.

Iraq - A massive web of corruption.

Study Links Protein to Severe Memory Loss

So we just have to wait 3 1/2 more years till bush is gone I guess

Another possible scenario on Rove/Plame

Frustrating radio comments

PROTECT US, President Bush: Americans believe transit attack inevitable

Even if Novak told Rove about Plame. . .

Rep. Peter King (NY) wants Rove to get a Medal!!!

Online liberal radio

Saddam moved the WMDs

The GOP endorses Treason!

OK, so Rove confirms, and spreads...who is the mastermind of the Leak?

So Rove doesn't remember which reporter told him Plame was CIA?

Proof of theory of "Intelligent Design"....Wingers are estatic

You guys, The perjury charge for rove is:

Wash Post: Rove Confirmed Plame Indirectly, Lawyer Says

Peter King says Rove deserves a "Medal."

CNN: Bill Clinton speaks in support of Joe Wilson - (VIDEO)

Got him. Rove obstructs justice by lying to the FBI.

I wonder what turdblossom name will be in prison.

Whatever happened to the new GTMO pictures and videotapes?

Ken Starr and Kark Rove - separated at birth?

I hear more and more repubs calling for a holy war against Islam

Three Cheers for Bob Novak: PSYCHIC REPORTER!!!

Brian Lamb on C-Span all a fluster this morning!

Is Joe Wilson a possible Dem candidate?

Good "one-stop-shopping" site about Downing Street Minutes, all 7 of them

CNN: Joe Wilson corrects false GOP talking points & smears - (VIDEO)

NYT has one thing right - analysis of GOP Rove Talking Points

CNN Poll: Should Rove be fired? Care to participate?


Rove/Wilson/Planme : Are they trying to "rehab" the yellowcake info?

Karl Rove call in on NPR right now...10 a.m. EST..

And now he is governor...

Social Security video

Here is a dems "American Compact": goals for dems & the USA

Steve Bell toon - 2 minutes' silence, Baghdad

Man In Wheelchair Zapped By Taser Gun, Accused Of Assaulting Police


Non Sequitur toon -- Wiley Miller's on a real roll

Great LTTE re: Mallard Fillmore

It's time for the Revolution to start

Tired of being played for a fool!

rove/plame... something that smells funny

Take Back the word "LIBERAL"

H2Oman was a year late, but right . . . oh so right!

Joe Wilson Interview NPR (5/2004)

Karl Rove ate my balls! (A TOON for Friday)

Rove and Novak turning on each other?

Two words that MUST be spread far and wide: PRE-EMPTIVE COVERUP

Wish the CIA would bug Karl Rove's phones

Kucinich Is Engaged

My Letter to the Editor Regarding Rove/Plame Affair

So How Many Times Has Rove & Co. Lied About Leak Participation?

Kerry's Fire Rove Petition

"Leaker May Never Be Found, Concedes Bush" - October 2003

Douglas Herman nominates Freeway Blogger for Nobel Peace Prize!

Ken Mehlman on 2006: The Year of the Black Republican

Countdown to the next "homeland" "terra" attack in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

um ... hate to bring this up -It is ILLEGAL to leak grand jury testimony

We Are All Babbling Baboons

Americablog: "Lies, Lies, Everywhere Lies"

A Couple of Pictures of Chimp at the "Indiana Black Expo"

"More than 800 people are treated every week in this tiny room"

"Knowingly" or not, it's about what Rove and/or others in the WH did!

"Republicans Speak Out" on

Did Rove say he had been told about Plame by another reporter ...

Boy...the DU Homepage sure is Pretty!

You know why Ken Mehlman apologized for using race to attract white voters

Rove is Smirky's blue dress--no spinning out of this mess.

I just got off the phone with Karl Rove, who said your wife was fair game.

There's two ways to approach the RW stance on Roe v. Wade

Heads Up: Raw Story Server having problems...

Cologne cathedral may lose UN status in skyscraper row

Whatever happened to that little war they were having?

Plame-gate: Who's guilty?

Need help: a link to the bill introduced by the House

Remember when President George HW Bush FIRED ROVE for leaking...

Hey bushbots! Was the CIA front company working a deskjob!

This Is What Novak Wrote

I pretty much believe Rove was told about Plame by Novak

So I am hearing and reading that Reinquest is NOT going he is trying to

Send Karl Rove his Pink Slip HERE:

Woman accused of giving birth drunk

Christian Theologian speaks truth to power...

Who is on Sirius Left right now? When is Steph Miller on?

LTTE Feedback please! My Rep. Peter King has gone around the bend!

Just another day of "security incidents" in Iraq (8 suicide bombings)

Novak didn't only out Plame, he outted her front company.

Who was filling in for Tweety last night. David ???????

Plame Blame Game: Week in Review

Manhunt for cult's prophet of polygamy who has 70 wives

Washington Hands Al-Qaeda Publicity Coup

Attn: Fornicating Fornicators, the Cardinal Approacheth on AAR

The difference between us and them (GOP)

That's Good, George. Keep Showing Your Support for the Traitor. >>>

Was Joe Wilson an ambassador through several different

NH Pig Roast with John Edwards

Reminder: we have GOT to keep the pressure on

It's the Occupation, Stupid! Why suicide bombers volunteer.

Compare and contrast

So it was Novak that told Rove about Plame?

Under The Radar: Michael Moore Cleared In Lawsuit

The similarities between "Nixon Republicans" and "Bush Republicans"

Somebody needs to photoshop The Great Carnak into The Great Novak

Air travel gets an assist in three areas

Al Franken is having Crazy Lester Kinsolving from the WH press corp

Robert Traynham is a conflicted man (Santorum's man)

Rove did NOT learn about Plame from Novak

Is Rove supposed to be innocent now because Novak told him about Valerie

It appears Karl Rove Is In Serious Trouble, by John W. Dean

I picked up a thread on Sirius Backstage regarding slot 144

Fox news & the RNC are working to see if the following is true.

Freedom of Information Center, Whistleblowing Info (Rovegate resources)

So seriously, how does it feel to be a gay black man working for Santorum?

Poll on Randi Rhodes website....

WP: Rove's Legal Beagle

Listening to Al Franken now on AAR - He thinks Bolton may be leaker.

'Angry Left Driving Democrats,' Republican Chairman Says

Okay, so who told Rove about Plame? I lost track.

Debunking RW talking points is a complete waste of time!

"Rove issue is OVER" -- Rush Limbaugh declares today

Is it a Frog Walk or a Perp Walk or a Frog March that Rove will have?

I Think Rove Problem Will Help With The Court Appointment

RW Talking poiint "Wilson is a partisan democrat"

Will the Supreme Court be asked to toss out Roe v. Wade?

editor and publisher response to NYTimes today

"Rove issue is Not OVER", says me!

CNN just called the $8,000,000 the Gropenator got "Chump Change" just

Set the Lone Star Times straight on the Plame case. I did.

Looking for a helpful link for the Plame/Rove case

Novak should burn in hell but hey, he did us a favor

You suck because of your job? Who do people think they are?

All these stories about ROVE LEARNED FROM JOUNALIST come from one source

Ray Taliafero is GREAT, you must listen to him

Falls Church News-Press: "Karl Rove's Treachery"

DU these 2 Polls--Should Rove be fired? Ambassador Wilson's credibility?

I had a wonderful thought

"sound file make its viral way around the Net"

"Miss Education of Jenna Bush" Plays Fringe Fest, Aug 12-28

Bill Clinton speaks in support of Joe Wilson (VIDEO)

There are about 525,000 people in my immediate area, and

At Last the Secret Is Out

Gergen peddled misinformation on Plame case, again and again

Oh. Oh. Let me in the room with Les Kinsolving.

So There's A Mole On Fitzgerald's Staff Leaking Info To The NYTimes?

Made it a good day off

OK so Rove says he learned it all from some journalist

LOVE ME TENDER: (Chris Floyd).

did you hear Randi yesterday? WOW!!!

Too childish to call Santorum and say, "Bobby and Ricky Sittin' in a Tree"

China prepared to use nuclear weapons against the US

Mission Accomplice: a visual guide to people bent on marketing a war.

Police: 2 Mexican Children Killed by SUV

Film: SCHOOLS have a role in "helping" people not to be homosexual

In the America I grew up with...

Bangor Daily News just called to confirm that I sent an LTTE re: plame

Send your pink slips to Rove...

Lawyer for Publishing Industry: 'There is No Human Right to Read.'

Is Novak part of the WHIG?

Hooray for Ron Reagan!

The Women of Gitmo

have the new Abu Gahrib photos been released yet

Amb. Wilson: "148 of them would have been heads of intelligence sections"

Beyond Rove: Special prosecutor said to be investigating Ari Fleischer, S

Schwarzenegger has $8 million "part- time job", dismisses criticism

So I wrote this letter to Tom Vilsack

So, did Rove get "the letter?"

Why Has Rep Peter King Not Apologized for Urging the Murder of Reporters?

George Galloway on BBC radio NOW

Court backs Bush on Gitmo:

Can Any DUers Help me

Has anyone read "101 Days" (A Baghdad Journal)?

This spin does not help him

Karl Rogue

our tax dollars at work, paying for moral values

Tony Blair served with subpoena by US Embassy official?

Here's a Reason For Univerial Health Coverage MUST READ!

On Rove? George H. W. Bush (former CIA director (and president) says;

Conyers on Randi NOWWWW!

We can't believe anything coming from Rove

Now my turn!! DU Oklahoma poll on Rove.

Popinjay Hitchens on "Counter-leaking against the CIA" (Plame)

MSNBC Just Declared the Rove Story DEAD

Here is a theory -

Moderate repubs and moderate dems are gonna have to step up...

Paris, France to Tom Cruise: You are a militant member of a dangerous cult

Where in the World is Scott McClellan?

Why is Rehnquist still clinging to his SCOTUS chair?

I want the names of every "desk jockey" C.I.A. person now!

I will never support Hillary for the nomination in 2008

I just called Rep. Peter King's office and his staffer was RUDE RUDE RUDE

Thheee wheeeellllss offff jjuuussstiiiicccceee tuuurrrrn slooooooowly...

I got my cell phone charged up...

I've heard that Valerie Plame was "outed" by Aldrich Ames...

An interesting movie I saw.....

Just a quick question about tinfoil...

Imus: Rove needs to be taken from White House in handcuffs

Hey! Downing Street Minutes still matter, huh?! Despite Rove?

CAFTA: Leveling the playing field for America's workers!!

If ever there was a time to use the patriot act ...

When You Heard, "Double Dutch Super Secret Background" What Came To Mind ?

Japanese scientists introduce new HIV drug

Support for Bin Laden in Muslim Countries Declining

Countdown: Plame's outing has serious consequences

If you missed this the first time, check it out now. Please?

They are passing out chocolates in Iraq now

It doesn't look good for Karl Rove (FindLaw via CNN)

I had to run out for a while at work earlier and I listened to hannity

saw this on Sirius Backstage regarding what will replace AAR

Am I the only one wondering where Gannon fits into Rove's Plame leak?

Which group of * supporters sucks worst?

U.S. District Court Judge: Michael Moore’s Movie Tells Truth

It's 4:20 on Friday afternoon

Democrats attacks on Rove get sharper; Cats and how-to-read

NPR posts Plame Timeline on their website

For everyone tired of hearing "ongoing investigation," a solution:

Is it possible that Bolton obtained Plame identity?

Marine shot by cousin to avoid re-deployment

91 members of Congress call for Rove to explain or resign

Name the 'christian' Rightists who supported Bush.

Wacky idea..


Media Matters: CNN forgets Rove falsehood on its own broadcasts

example of non-disclosure agreement that Rove signed

Video: Rovegate in 90 seconds

In the Belly of the Beast -PIX->>>

Is this a reliable source ? Claim about Joe Wilson

(Christian) Adoption Agency Rejects Catholic Parents

Rove Learned CIA Agent's Name From Novak (7-15 AP Story)

Former CIA cheif says Pull out of Iraq now...

Why are the decent Republicans silent?

I'm going to say something terrible and then you can start yelling at me

Most Ridiculous GOP Talking Point Re; Plame

Coroner: Toddler killed by LAPD bullet

Are divorce-based non Catholic Christians more Christian than Catholics?

So...I just had lunch with my freeper cousins...

What if they had ignored Wilson's editorial in the Times?

Sirota rants about the DLC and CAFTA......good for him.

Meet the Press - July 17, 2005 - Matt Cooper, Mehlman, Woodward/Bernstein

Coming up on 5PM CDT/6PM EDT

State funded Repuke adoption agency won't allow Catholic parents to adopt

Guantanamo Detainees Can Be Tried by Military Panels (Bloomberg)

I explained Rove-gate to a Repuke yesterday and ...

Conyers on Randi's show, talking about impeaching Rove

Tapper falsely contradicted Wilson, misrepresenting White House pledge to

The Sandy Berger Standard

Vote: Of the top 10 'screwing up America', whom do you admire most?

Geez. Did you know the Henry Cisneros investigation is still going on?

1761 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Has Scott McClellan stopped holding briefings?

did rove lie to bush?

Froomkin, WP: The Second Source

House Social Security Bill Would Increase National Debt by $851 Billion

Riverbend is reporting that Raed's brother has been abducted

Cops: Tee-Ball Coach Took 'Hit' On Player (Paid Player $25 to hit kid)

Do non-Catholic Christians think you must be healed by Benny Hinn?

Lou Dobbs Now!

Where Is The "Pro-Life" Article Written By a Minnesota DUer

Joe Wilson even said his wife wasn't covert

Rove Reportedly Held Phone Talk on C.I.A. Officer

Carville needs to go

Almost 50% of Ed Schultz callers today were NEW listeners!

The Ripple Effect caused by outing Valerie Plame

Our BEST Rove talking point

Rove, Scooter Libby, and Fleischer Will All Walk Away From This

DCCC Video: Tell President Bush: Fire Karl Rove

Repulsive repuke billboards in Arizona (caution: nauseating)

Chinese General Threatens Nuclear Retaliation if US Helps Taiwan

Which TIA Graph/Set of Facts Should I Use To Prove Kerry Won?


Lawrence O'Donnell on Dobbs now..6:30pm EST

"Real Men are Republicans: Democrats are Metro-sexuals"

LTTE in LA Times: laughable comment on "liberal media"....

In political chess piece value, is rove a bishop? or queen

Any consequences for Rummy failing to provide benchmarks report

NY Times Sunday Preview: Profile of Linguist Framing Issues for Democrats

When Rove resigns, will he still act as an unofficial advisor?

Wilson and Plame are restoring my faith in the good winning

Conason on Franken's show this morning said something

Senate to vote on stem cell research as early as next week

Bush Approval rating: DIVE! DIVE! How LOW Can He Go?!!

OMFG - We were hacked - ALL of our email

Christian Wire: Harry Potter is creating wiccans and sorcerers!

Self Delete

Senator Hutchinson has seen NOTHING illegal in Rove's behavior

Hmmm...After two years suddenly the Plame case is leaking like a sieve?

Isn't This Kind of Like That Stevie Wonder Incident? -PIX->>>

the policeman killed the same day JFK was...what's the story on him?????

Strange story - is it true?

Girl, 11, faces felony charge for throwing rock at boy (Fresno, Ca)

Help me out r/e rove-pigboy

Hannity (in between jello shots) Rove is now "vindicated".....

Hardball: David Gregory is hosting again

Florida's Holy Land theme park dodges property tax

"Who the Fuck are You"? by the Who, gets ABC sued by crazy parents group

With Impeachable Offenses Exposed Every Day, Why?

Cart ahead of the horse; What was Saddam going to do with yellowcake?

Brad Blog: Frank, Conyers Inquire Into Impeachment of 'Senior White House

They CAN'T stop us. This storm will NOT blow over. And here is why:

Media told Rove of agent?

Air force One Just Past Over My Office

Five words to spread far and wide

Fun Freeper Food Fight Over Anti-Catholic Adoption Agency

The spinning is already happening

have we idealized our founding fathers--and their gift of a constitution

Nice smack-down from ex-CIA officer Jack Rice - Plame collateral damage

Simulations of Attacks By Terrorists Illustrate Challenge Officials Face

If you were going to cast Rove as a movie villain, who would it be?

Don't Forget Jeff Gannon's Interview with Joe Wilson


Only answer to Rs claim Wilson lied - Testify how you know UNDER OATH

Foxs news this morning claimed

Schwarzenegger cancels $8 million magazine deal, but will fight obesity

Why do people on DU pay any attention to John Gibson?

My personal investigation into Plamegate

Tenet demanded investigation and ends up being asked toResign

James Wolcott has a good column on chimpie's reaction to London

Why we need the List

So the Freeps are praying for *, lets counter it with some prayers of our

OK...fess up...Which one of you hurt John Gibson's feelings?

Has Plame herself ever spoken publicly?

How Come Every Other Country Can Find The Bad Guys?

Fred Rustmann on Hannity now.....he was Plame's "fmr. Supervisor"

What about Ahhhnold?

I wonder what O'Reily paid to get out of Phone-sex rap??

AP Story: Rove's Emailed a Security Officer re: Cooper/Plame Leak

AP Corrects Story About Valerie Plame, Says Media Matters for America

Congressman Conyers blog: excellent summary of his efforts

Bigfoot Allegedly Spotted In Canada's Yukon Territory (real story)

Is The Current WH Spin Meant to Influence Potential Jurors?

Not all Dictators use force to take over.

Did I miss something?

Dirty word on CNN?

PBS @ 9pm in Houston, TX. The Journal Editorial Report.

Countdown's great interview with Former CIA special agent Jack Rice

Old Bushisms

When are some Rs in Congress going to jump ship?

O'Donnell said something interesting on Lou Dobbs

Bush AGAIN refuses to say he still has faith in Karl Rove

Bush* Is A Racist...True Or False?

Any recommendations for the 10:00 EDT Radio hour?

Lawrence O'Donnell coming up on Lou Dobbs CNN

Drug warriors contend to end human life


Could suicide bombers be members of a cult ??

Would the Chief Justice of SCOTUS have

Media Matters: Karl Rove Controversy Coverage

Who else is bummed Josh Marshall hasn't posted today?

New York Daily News: Prez ex-flack lumped with Rove ?

Hannity now FWIW: a CIA agent coming up 8:12pmCT Faux, to

Faux News has hit a brand new level of whoring and viciousness lately.

Is there a list anyplace of who testified

What would you do if a FReep at work sent you this?

There's no TDS on Fridays, is there?

Washington Times: No Gitmo torture, Senate panel told

Woman gives birth to "drunk" baby??? Is this for real??

Iraq - 800 Iraqi Police killed each month.

Did Karl Rove and others violate non-disclosure agreements?

Authorities: Chicago Marine Had Cousin Shoot Him to Avoid Possible Return

Search for sources goes beyond Rove

CNN poll: are our elected officials working in national interest.

Tenn. teen in jail for burning American flag

England catches their terrorist in one week, ours still on the loose......

Sorry, but WTF is on Scarborough?

State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer

Rover for Dummies: what, exactly, do today's revelations mean?

Undercover Brother on tv right now.

State Dept Memo...tomorrow's NY Times...very latest on rove!

HP expected to announce "MASSIVE" layoff, 25,000 jobs?

Madsen info #2: ROVEGATE

Another bloody silly conspiracy theory ---perhaps the truth?

Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., wants to nuke Mecca

Questions of Who Told What to Whom, and When, May Be Crucial in Leak Case

British knight, Muslim, professor, refused entry to US

WOW...Did you just hear someone say Bullshit after Dobbs...

Hey, that Jeff Gannon is REALLY building up his fan base

United Way withholds 1/4 of Boy Scout funds (Atlanta)

This poll says a lot about America. 99%to1%

McCain is a victim of Scumbag Rove's dirty tricks. Has he weighed in

Fox's John Gibson outdoes himself again

Repeat: Larry O"Donnell coming up on CNN in a minute

CIA + Israel did 9-11.. Iraq War is for oil: such no longer tolerated

Buzz: ROVE "burned his TX bridges" -- "Everybody's been ROVE-ed"

My daughter's news release on Haitian journalist's murder

If only KKKarl Rove had exposed himself while making a leak

Heads-Up: O'Donnell Rerun With Lou Doobie - Must See

Any chance Colin Powell will be the fall guy on Plame?...

Media's Code Showing When Leaks Are From WH ?

O'Donnell boils it down on Dobbs (missed it earlier)

More Right Wing Spin, read if you won't vomit

O'Reilly is explaining to Wes Clark how to wage war.

GOP Treason-Gate: Karl Rove 101 For Dummies

The Effect Of This Flood Of Leaks and Guesses

Angel of Hope

Jeanne Garofalo just said "HE'S AN ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT"

Why won't Miller testify? Some thoughts on waivers. Interesting.

The WH is delusional if they think these leaks help Rove ...

Alzheimer's partly reversible study says....

Funny illiterate freepers trying to read Josh Marshall, and failing

I want to talk you into giving me your money and life to profit me.

All the spin out of the RNC, Rush, and Fox = moving the deck chairs around

Conspiracy Theories...

Here's their talking point, and it's not easy to refute.

"Oh Karl, sign my book before you go to prison !!!!!!!"

Why Rove will be indicted

Kay Bailey Hutchison lied her ass off on Hardball

Just curious - Do the Democrats put out talking points memos like the

More on the Hot Coffee Scandal: Assemblyman Yee talks Hot Coffee

Do you know how lucky you are?

Saw a sticker on a truck here in Dallas TX

Rove-gate: Who Leaked This isn't about Karl Rove

does anyone know the status of these "good news" reporters

AP at E&P: Rove E-mail, Alerting Hadley to Chat with Cooper, Surfaces

Re: freeper trolls and grammar / spelling errors.

And HERE it is: The red herring to take our attention off of Plamegate

I can't stand it anymore. Stupid CNN polls.

Christian Adoption Agency rejecting Catholic parents

Randi Rhodes "If Karl Rove is a whisleblower, then Jeff Gannon

Why is the 7/7 timeline changing?

Al Franken had an interesting take on Bolton's involvement with Plame

I know I shouldn't laugh, but I couldn't help it....

A problem with Boxer (& other dems) on Iraq

Thinking about buying "Indecision 2004" tomorrow

Bush Family Tradition: Ducking Scandal

Challenging Everyone I Know To A Boxing Match

The Official Kickoff Of Neocon-Vention 2005! (A Labor Intensive GIF)

TOONS to end my week

We no longer wish to hear the voice of these bomber's violence. But listen

I am feeling good about where Treason-gate is headed

Wikipedia and Centcom


Question: Could Fitzgerald order Sibel Edmonds gag order lifted for GJ

Bush Diagnosed

See STEAL THIS MOVIE by Robert Greenwald if you can...

You have all heard that W is the new swastika, but have you seen it?

I think we can find proof of Bush's war plan

Perfect storm brewing -- we're close to all hell breaking loose

oh, my DU brethren & sistren, help me jam up this racist outfit!

Based on Roves Non Disclosure Agreement What Are His Chances?

How do I organize a union at my workplace?

We` don't need Diebold.. We just need a few 5th graders.

Novak reportedly ratted everyone out to Grand Jury

Freepers seem to think the Rove story is over

NYT: State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry (Powell/Fleischer?)

O'Donnell: "Plot against Wilson"

What Old-School Punishment Do Traitors Deserve?

TROUBLE: Christians to "confront" mosque in Denver. "Battle of the ages"

Rove-gate: Who Leaked to the Leakers? It's not about Rove!

I heard a gaggle of Republican women dissing Bush this morning...


seperate bathrooms for americans and Iraqis - for real

Put ICE on your cell phone

The MoveOn website has a new look.

Coaches and Youth Sports?/WTF

Perhaps it's time to dig up the NYT's article that appeared September 12,

When is it okay to leak a NOC's name?

Bradblog reports on Comcast purging e-mails from afterdowningstreet

Ethics Test.....A Must.

Who will play Rove in the movie?

Al Hurrah radio: Zarqawi has fled Baghdad, he is "in his last months"

F911 on again--first twenty minutes are riveting imho....

It isn't about Rove, it is much bigger than that

Plamegate...the video.

Coach Allegedly Paid Player to Hit Boy

What happened to the RW radio hosts

Did you know that there is no DU group

Rep. Peter King: Tim Russert "to be shot" for giving Wilson "a free ride"

POLL: Who would be the best Bush in the docudrama of our meltdown?

why was Plame outed?? H2O Man's view: search for WMD suppliers

The Ahrimanization of Culture

Join this effort! Help Build a Workers' Movement

Remember, fly your flag at half staff.

Four simple things Rove failed to do...

Which conspiracy theory is the most compelling?

Take a look at our new Podcast

Rep. Waxman explains Rove's Nondisclosure Agreement

Dust of your hats. Well, I hadn't read some of this... I'm interested to


OK folks. What will be the Friday night news dump?

A stalker details how much money he spent harrassing Andy >

Under the Radar Friday July 15, 2005

"W" STANDS 4 WONKA! ... movie opens this weekend

The truth requires no spin: Amb. Wilson vindicated by the ISG

Rep. McKinney to Hold All Day Briefing on 9/11

CNN's "That's Bullshit" Coverage (see/hear the video)

Banana Bread recipes?

Chinese Short Ribs, contributed by Moroni

Homeland Security boards Canadian boat, orders it to port

So, the media is at it again.. giving winnipeg jets fans hope

We really have been a disappointment to the Freepers over the last week.

London bombs made from ingredients bought at local Chemists

From China: What we have to look forward to under ID Cards

Ga. Man, Owing Debts, Shot Postal Worker

Police hunt bomb team accomplices

Americans: U.S. Transit Attack Inevitable

WP: Rove Confirmed Plame Indirectly, Lawyer Says

U.S. demands aid be used to boost Bedouin and Druze

Source: Rove Got CIA Agent ID From Media

Jury Finds Father Guilty In Death Of Little Boy (didn't want 3yo gay)

West is to blame for bombers, say mullahs

Car bombs on Iraqi patrols kill 6, wound 23

Rove Learned CIA Agent's Name From Novak AP

Insurgents rising again from rubble of Fallujah

Civilians bear brunt of Iraqi insurgency

Iraq arms scandal unfolds

Governor Balks at Testifying

Rove Learned CIA Agent's Name From Novak

June Producer Price Index is up 3.6% yr over yr, (June = no change)

Homeland Security boards Canadian boat, orders it to port

Orange County Register: Ameriquest settles excessive-fees allegations

LAT: Peso Nears Two Year High Against Dollar

Embattled Congressman Will Not Run in '06 "Cunningham"

Orange County Register: 20,000 may lose hospital coverage

Hunted chemistry expert arrested

Paediatrician struck off

Five blasts reported in Baghdad suicide bomb spate

Jordan says Iraq-bound militants train in Syria

Gunmen shoot dead bishop

Catholic bishop killed in Kenya

Democrats rallying for special legislative session to override Bush vetoes

Rare Statute Figures in Rove Case

London Bombers Were Angered by War in Iraq

NYT/AP: Marine Arranged Shooting to Avoid Service

Woman accused of giving birth drunk

Rove Learned CIA Agent's Name From Novak

Hurricane Emily now Category 4 - CNN

Senate Balks at Implementing Budget Cuts

Sikh staff struggle with N Y transit over turbans (Turbans must have logo)

UK Muslim leader refused entry to US

Black State Senator Claims Racial Profiling by Chicago Police Officer

AP: Angered By Iraq War, Bombers Driven to Suicide Attacks Say Friends

Chemist Denies Any Role in London Attacks

Court nixes regulating greenhouse gases

Pataki Weighs 2008 Bid, Travels to Iowa

Pakistan finds 'militant' bodies

Three of Iraqi President's Guards Killed

LAT: Rare Statute Figures in Rove Case ("pointed" law may help Rove)

Police: 2 Mexican Children Killed by SUV

Countdown: Plame's outing has serious consequences


Terrorism high on agenda of Indian PM's meeting with Bush

Pakistan militants face crackdown

Ken Mehlman, a man with no face, now on Inside Politics

Rove: Novak Told Me CIA Agent's Identity

G8 debt deal under threat at IMF

Girl, 11, faces felony charge for throwing rock at boy (Fresno, Ca)

Hamas Militants Clash with Palestinian Troops

Rehnquist Decision Not To Retire Changes Parameters For Bush

Triple suicide attack raises questions in Iraq

Anti-game activist brands ESA "criminal", thanks Hillary

More on the Hot Coffee Scandal: Assemblyman Yee talks Hot Coffee

Democrats attacks on Rove get sharper; Cats and how-to-read

General Contradicted Abu Ghraib Testimony

Court backs military trials for terrorist suspects: Associated Press

Suspected Spain al-Qaida Leader Beaten

Cops: Tee-Ball Coach Took 'Hit' On Player (Paid Player $25 to hit kid)

Senate rejects bid to restrict Rove access

Case of Mistaken Arrest of Lawyer in Madrid Bombings Goes To Court

Source: Rove says reporters told him of Plame

Iraq constitution on track, but not end to violence


Iran cleric says UK could have bombed own capital

Bush:CAFTA Can Help Shore Up Democracy(another front in the war on terror)

Ten suicide bombs in Iraqi capital, 25 dead

Marketwatch: US Jobless Rate understated

UK bomber met Islamabad church bomber in '03-source

UK delays US extradition decision on terror suspect

Just Listened to BS O'reilly on Fox....The Nerve of the RW

US gov't wins lawsuit on regulating auto emissions (Wins?)

Calif. Girl Faces Felony Assault Charge (11 years old!!!)

Alleged London blast bomb-builder arrested in Egypt: ABC

Russia Rejects Bullying Accusation by U.S.

General: Iraq Insurgency Static in Size

(United Nations) Panel: Miami trial of Cubans unfair

Frank, Conyers Inquire Into Impeachment of 'Senior White House Officials'!

Anti-Arroyo protesters storm Philippine ministry

Va. Mountain Wind Farm Gets Initial OK

Man shoots postman to get jailed

(Conservative Christian) German Challenger Won't Deploy Iraq Troops

Navy SEALS photo lawsuit dismissed (photo's of abuse not wedding)

Rossi Won't Seek Senate Seat in Wash.

State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer

The sweltering Arctic: Kuujjuaraapik suffers under 37°C heat

Chile takes major step towards democracy

Marines ensure supplies, growth of Iraqi economy

(Philadelphia) A stable city firm pushed off the block (eminent domain)

U.S. losing its allies in Iraq

U.S. commander says insurgency in north-central Iraq is static in size but

US-led forces kill 24 militants in Pakistan


Rick Santorum's Communications Director confirms to PageOneQ he is gay, st

‘US should pull out of Iraq now’

Prez ex-flack lumped with Rove? (Ari Fleischer)

Russian oil tycoon involves USA in serious international scandal

Latest Al-Zarqawi magazine dedicated to Bush

Enron, California Reach $1.52 Bln Energy Settlement

Iraq seen wasting $300 million on substandard military equipment

Alarm over radioactive waste site

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack to Head DLC

Schwarzenegger to End Ties to Magazines

UK-based Saudi opposition group mocks U.S. move

Far right and football gangs plot 'revenge' on Muslims

Alabama Changing Sex Offender Policy

Sen. Clinton Raises $6M in Past 3 Months

Black Farmers Miss Chance to Appeal Bias

Minister: Al-Zarqawi Fled Baghdad Recently

Senate moving to protect gun industry

Social Security Bill Would Hike U.S. Debt

Pressure on as jailed Iranian dissident hints death is near

Labour MPs blame bombings on Iraq war

NYT: Questions of Who Told What to Whom, and When, May Be Crucial in Leak

Tenn. Teen Jailed for Burning U.S. Flag

US Muslim to appeal life sentence for inciting jihad (but RW hatespeech?)

Memo to Mehlman Interviewers: RNC Chair Tells the Same Lies Over and Over

Gay-rights opponent Santorum stands by outed aide

Japan; Study Shows U.S. Would Have Missed 9 Cases of Mad Cow Disease

Results of AP/Ipsos Poll (Bush Approval Falls To 42%)

Justice Sunday, Part Deux

'No al-Qaeda link' to suspect/Egypt

Huge HP layoff (10,000-25,000) expected any day

Rove E-Mailed Security Official About Talk

Straphangers outraged by Chertoff remarks

Parents group wants fines for Live 8 swear word

Major Hurricane Emily again strengthens to category 4

Wilson clarifies comment about wife's C-I-A role

San Diego Mayor Quits in Midst of Scandal

Local Soldier Wounded In Iraq Dies (@ Walter Reed), #1761

Cocaine traces at EU parliament

Will KKK fade into history?(Klan to march in county that convicted Killen)

Iran cleric says UK could have bombed own capital

Web star leaves both light, heat (Seattle Times - Andy Stephenson)

State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer - NYT

Al-Qaida detainees not protected by Geneva Convention: U.S. appeals court

Indonesia suspects bird flu in deaths of three family members

[Mississippi] Adoption Firm: No Catholics

91 members of Congress call for Rove to explain or resign

GAO investigator rips Pentagon on Iraq war finances

We've got a party going on! OU! Get down! Down to the ground!

John McCain to appear in "Wedding Crashers"?

15 days 15 days 15 days 15 days 15 days

What are you listening to this evening?

Does Gay Ben do anything besides make your skin hot?

Maddox explains the new...."lexicon".

Would I be really, really bad if I...

As a child, did you know you were headed toward Leninism...?

What would you rather have in your pocket a turd or a dollar bill?

18 hours and counting: SCI-FI FRIDAY premiers...

Anybody have a subscription to Time Magazine that can help?

I have a new addiction

SLC Punk!!!

How about the name Lying Little Two-Faced?

What do you think of the name Adolf Judas Jezebel Lucifer?

Later alligator.

I got the Baby Grand Tuned up today...

Who would win this fight?

Who do people say you cook like?

Wow, it is downright docile in GD tonight

Wanna play "name that Finn?"

Lose weight drinking beer!

I got the babysitter turned on today...

dupe - oops - ignore this

Check out our new podcast on iTunes!!

monkey see no rove - new toon 7/15

Saw Batman Begins tonight

I'm listening to "Both Sides Now" by Leonard Nimoy..

Ted Hitler

I have lost my ambition to Blog!

Emily is now a Category 4....Look out Texans!

Did Deep Purple really eat Krispy Kreme?

I could while away the hours (a repost from December) :)

You and your family have nothing planned for the weekend?

Greetings from Col. Noh

Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church moves into 16,000-seat Houston Sports Arena

Yesterday's "I support Karl" photo op: Bush & Rove in full smirk mode

If you ask me, I believe a full 90% of people are "below average"

OK--how many hearts are broken over this?

I'm listening to Arnold Palmer right now .

CONFESS!!! What crazy thing have you done in the name of love

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory opens today

Man Arrested For Drinking Church's Holy Water (Athens GA)

Men Hospitalized After PURPOSELY Driving Into Beekeeper's Yard

I'm going to miss you.

I think I've got a COLD!

KGs computer question of the week

Virginia Woman Owned 420 Cats In Two Homes

Foot-reading cult guru jailed (No, it's not Dick Morris)

Come you masters of war

The NHL is coming back next fall. Are you going to watch?

Wireless computer mice are a dark plot by battery manufacturers.

3:33 AM and once I again, I am UP all night....

U.S. Patent Office denies trademark request from Dykes on Bikes

JK Rowlings only wrote Harry Potter to distract from the DSM!

People with warm shit in their sig lines......check in here!

Man Robbed Twice Within 5 Minutes

I have a strange Harry Potter question.

Baby you can drive MY car (WOW!)*

Kim Alexis Wants YOU To Wish Her A Happy Birthday

Proof of theory of "Intelligent Design"...Wingers must be estatic

The inside of my nose smells like spray paint

Who is the better Batman?

Stupid idiot C-SPAN callers this morning...

Social Security: Don't get played

Should John McCain give Rove a big, sweaty, dreamy, eyes-closed hug?

I'M DYING HERE!...there's no coffee left in the kitchen at work...


Saw a grackle feeding another grackle yesterday

Man, Scared To Tell Girlfriend About Strip Club, Makes Up Kidnapping Story

Firefox users: Version 1.0.5 released (12 security fixes)

Happy 61st Birthday JAN MICHAEL VINCENT!!

The Top 100 Cryptozoologists

Good morning DU!

Okay, you Firefox/tabbed browsing know it alls.....

The K-A-B pressing question of the day:What's the deal w/sleeveless unders

Three-Headed Ant Sells On eBay

Woo-Hoo - Battlestar Galactica, Season 2 premieres tonight

Sort the Democratic and Republican Parties according

Marine Had Cousin Shoot Him To Avoid Returning To Iraq

I do not get how metalheads do not get that Robb Halford is gay!

Tinsley has a job thanks to Affirmative Action.


I am going to see 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' in a few hours!

Now Rod's found God

Am I the only one who loves to say...

my LTTE is today's paper

There are about 525,000 people in my immediate area, and

I'm in Calgary for the stampede.

OMG! Steve Earle is on Air America!

My dog almost died tonight

I'm going to go sob in a corner now :(

ewwww Bill O'Reilly is a Mets fan

Man Gets Jail For Trying To Have Sex With Dog

NZ court fines man for unsafe sex

The Mainstream Fantasy Poll: Papal Edition

Way To Go Houston - Ex-Rockets Sports Arena Now Mega-Church

Anyone else experience Brother Jed Smock?

Describe This Thread By Using Just ONE Word.

Kitty says what?

Perhaps the 3rd best "caption this" photo in history, except...

Happy Birthday SULTAN OF BRUNEI!!!

First silly Harry Potter poll: HP's favorite video game?

Didn't someone figure out how this worked?

One good reason to watch FOX (just this once)

I'm watching CNN right now. I think it's gotten better.

Why won't mycomputer let me install a *@^*$ font?!?!

Meat on trees

Cops: Woman Had Over 420 Cats in Two Homes

If Benedict Arnold actions took place today...

I received a very SPECIAL letter while I was on vacation...

The best part about travelling is........

any lounge DUers have access to hoover's online database?

Street-vendor hot dogs

I have such a fricking headache today.

Ugh,I think I just stepped in something

Should we finish our basement?

For George W. Bush, telling the truth and being honest is like

a piece of the action

This bar I went to this weekend has a picture of Bush...

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of them.

I never thought a Bestiality / Anal Sex thread would last as long as...

I just smoked my last coworker

Friday ~ ear worm

Cool, Customizable keyboard.

saw this on crooks and liars

Okay *Lifeguard Break* everyone out of the pool!!-15 Minutes!!

Most Unfit Mother-to-be Pageant

Man commits suicide after learning latest Harry Potter spoilers

I believe I am now privy to the secrets of HP Half Blood Prince

Dial M for Moron

Why does everybody want to kick my ass

I'm glad our current administration is based on transparency

Post a picture of a work of art that has no meaning to you

Free tap-dancing lessons in GD today.

Oh geez. Moving in August in Texas should be fun, right?

brilliant cartoon

I am so sick of getting injured

Trunk monkey.....anti-theft gadget

cute baby or a cry for help?

What would scare you more to come face to face with?

Is it smilie or smiley?

Okla. Woman Accused of Giving Birth Drunk

For your Friday afternoon pleasure --

MOM! JimmyJazz is cyberstalking me again!

Where would the Sorting Hat put you? (Harry Potter Poll)

Do these people have nothing better to do then screen for the "F-Bomb"

I just read two hardcore threads about freepers stalking..

"What does a stroke feel like?"

Where is kedrys?

It's A Crime And It's Treason (What Rove Did)

Karl Rove, The Goat, Is Sore

Privacy question about internet and phone.

Rhenquist: Ain't Quittin' From The Docket Today

Village People cop busted


A Reading from the Book of Armaments, Chapter 4, Verses 16 to 20

im seein Buddy Guy in concert tonight

What Size Bra Does Karl Rove Wear

Off to Grey Fox

names on spam

I'm going on vacation for a week tomorrow with no computer!

I'm getting drunk tonight, ask me anything!

OH SHIT! Mrs. Sniffa has hit the boards!


Friday the 13000th...

Would KKKarl Rove Get Thrown Out of a Public Pool for breastfeeding

New Pixies Album!

Loose nut in my head!!!

Part of me really wants a smoke right now

Holy crap! Bruce Campbell is coming to my office later this month!

Battle at home: OK . My husband is painting a room with vivid colors.....

Good news, everyone. Cameron Diaz says she's not ashamed of her breasts.

A note from a Newbie


Anyone have experience with DirecWay sattellite internet

Freeper De-light - Wal-Mart as Single Meeting Place

hey, a DUer was just noticed

Credit card scam question. Why are they doing this?

Comments: "I almost santorumed in my pants after reading this." - Scott

Parenting advice needed. I was cleaning my daughter's room and found this

Im going to work out with me - who wants to spot me?

Beavis & Butt-Head Explain It

Help me choose the next CD I listen to, please!

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Check out this picture

I'm thinking of starting smoking

Ex-Smokers... Check In Here!! Time To Brag On Yourselves!!

Sex is for Fags! (New abstinence-only program)

Democrats attacks on Rove get sharper; Cats and how-to-read

What weird thing are you wearing today?

Who will play Valerie Plame in the movie:

Siouxsie says "Hi"

I'm picking fights with my partner for the sheer enjoyment of it

I'm eating watermelon, yum!

Just stopping in to say hello

Now where is that tunnel we're supposed to light up?

Name me a good samurai film

I went in for a job interview today.

Anyone see that footage of the swordfish that attacked a fisherman?

Bush game

Family selling 12-foot Ivar's clam on eBay

Good Morning, Everybody!!! It's gonna be a great day!


We have a new addition to the Skidmore family.

Been on hold w/ the power company for 20 mins. How long should I wait?

Story thread... continue the story written here

I want you to tell all your friends about me.

this is just a thread

Broken Assholes are for Donkeylovers

A REALLY IMPORTANT POLL: Best Character on "Full House"?

For RPM (since I took all his fun away) SONGS ABOUT WATCHING OTHERS

What's a good online source for screenplays/scripts?

DS1's socio-psycho-nonscientoligific poll of the year

Broken Hearts are for Assholes

Help! My spidey senses are tingling, but I may just be paranoid!

I watched Being Bobby Brown last night

Man dies after anal sex with horse - beastility not a crime in WA unless


So, According to RPM, DS1 and MOI Have A Monopoly On Today's Flame Wars

tech geeks: does anyone know how to

Senate to vote on stem cell research as early as next week

After an hour on hold w/ Power Co, I learn . . .

I feel like I'm going to hurl

I'm off to Vegas, Baby, Yeah! Got any bets you want placed?

White House Web Site posts another subliminal "Bush Is Jesus" photo

What's the English word for......

Is it me, or does Karl Rove's attorney look almost exactly like

I worked so hard on my drawing so that I could show you

Definition of Cat Killer--Bill Frist

HELP!!!! What's the going hourly rate for a lawyer????

Rude fucking people

What do you think of surveillance cameras

Bestality / Anal Sex thread & Breastfeeding Flamewars

Have a movie party in your backyard

Once again it's time for Smilies you wish DU had available

Do not let the importance & solemnity of this day pass w/out due diligence


MMMmmmmmmmmmmmm! CORONA!

Did coffee keep my weight down?

Forum/Group for Bush conversion stories/overheard conversations etc.

I heard "Karl Rove agreed to voluntarily step aside" in my dream

I had a good job interview today...

All work and no play makes Dubya a dull boy, cuz it's hard work

The Next Harry Potter Movie Will Be Satanic

do you like what you do for a living?

SciFi Friday.

Brilliant Doonesbury today!

Okay, what the hell...

Quote of the day!

If you ain't got no Chiwawa, you ain't shit.

Changing Username?

Is the Bar open yet

I just busted a nail..


My band's gonna be on the TV!!!!

$Your first born child.09 p/gallon...

Rove was told about Plame by the PRESSident.

What is on your mind right now?

Is that...Dustin Hoffman?

That's it. I'm leaving the lounge. The people in GD are SO much more fun

Downloading music question

Cops: T-Ball Coach Took 'Hit' On Challenged Player

Question for audiophiles: OK to place tower speakers near air conditioner?

Oh girls, do you ever feel like this?

Rate yourself! What type of underwear are you?

Movies that you thought would suck but didn't really suck

Harry Potter's gonna be the shit.

Off to eat dinner. Shrimp spaghetti


Movie theaters suck!

Man arrested for pretending to be Steelers QBs to get dates

Okay, I just got a(2 actually) phone call about my letter to the editor

Holy crap- an entire Kyuss live show from '91 on mp3!!!

Man, did I make a mistake!

Hey everyone!! Post pictures of beach volleyball players here!!

LOL!! after more than 100 posts

My doctor is awesome!

Why do you never hear the term "Full Dorsal Nudity"?

High-speeders: the greatest 13 minutes of television ever

"Rediscovering" albums you didn't like at first

when was the last time you got some strange after a drink?

My fortune is made!!

I loathe my Proctologist.

I'm corny

Damn, I'm Sigourney

DS1 Is My Baby's Mother But She Spends All Her Time With His Horse

Take a look at our new Podcast

Two techie questions...

When was the last time you slept with someone after buying them a drink?

Everyone got their BrainButtons??

I am now in the dreaded 700 club. Whoot!! I'm flying up there!!!

I apologize in advance for this Britney Spears photo. But not really.

Hey, no one post anything funny until I get back

Anyone here mix their own music?

I Just LOVE My Gynecologist!

Have you googled yourself today?

Saved 600 gallons of fuel oil a year today!

So does Tucker Carlson think he's extra-super-sexy-cool

Wisconsin man invents greatest gadget EVER!!!

mmmm, banana

So - i googled my screenname and "democratic underground"...

UK Guardian Harry Potter parody contest

Gat a load of this!

Give me one good reason I shouldn't kick yer ass right now...

Damn, I'm horny

What's New Pussycat?? Fun little game

Janeane Garofalo vs Ann Coulter

Don't do it!!! PLEEEEEASSSSEEE for the love of God DON'T DO IT!


Weekly World News: Bush's "secret mentally challenged sibling Jethro"

I just smoked my last cigarette

The Rules

It's HARRY HIMSELF who dies!

Sonic Youth appreciation thread.

If you were making a movie, who would you get to play God?

Red Sox up 17-1

Maybe I hang around here a little more than I should...

Sen. Clinton Demands Answers on "Hot Coffee" Mod.

I ran across a lawyer joke that I have never heard before

Time for all new SG-1, SG Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica

It's Friday night. What are you wearing?

I'm a Nielson Family this week

The W-stika

Warning: Harry Potter SPOILER

I love you... I really, really do

Now how stupid is this?

This guy is fucking nuts

What do you think is the most exciting sport?

330,258 posts needed to overtake GD

Early Release Harry Potter Info Here!!!!!

I still giggle everytime I see Quinn's baby picture......

Do the Freepers hate Johnny Depp?

Laid Off!

A little humor....

Wikki Wikki Wikki Wikki!!

Shades of Gray

My new cat friends

$108 and a drugged out cat later

Howdy all you friendly happy folks!

Legal Advice, please - job related

You know this is what we are all waiting for

Is FUSE the new Anarchistic/Leftist version of MTV?

I just had one of those "OMG!" moments.

Another Blu Sqorpion pic for y'all

Bush's Cell Phone's ICE leaked...

You know there just isn't a market for field stone fireplaces...

"It's a lot of burger, but I'm a lot of man." Culture quiz

If I hear Brown Eyed Girl just one more time...

Is it me, or does sandy o'connor look like...

Favorite Star Trek Captain?

I'm related to Elvis.

Everyone buy gas at Wal-Mart! (There's a reason for this)

You drive us wild

Everyone is going to Heaven. eom.

is there anything sadder than seeing a couple in mathching seven jeans?


What is on everybodys music playlist right now?

video....ya gotta see this Hasidic reggae rapper MatisYahu...i like him.

Red Light Cameras: What do you think?

Update on Sirius (July 15, 9:10 pm EDT)

I was planning on going to an afternoon movie with my family, but

Did Battlestar Glalactica rock or what?!

Favorite Star Trek series?

Harry Potter Book Spoilers! (not really so read on)

Do You Ever Get That 'Not So FRESH Feeling'?

Where's Felder?

What's your favourite/least favourite Beatles song? Give reasons!!

Mother Says Six Flags Worker Didn't Want Her To Breast-feed Baby In Pool


I am on day 5 of not smoking.

2 weeks ago, vet #1 wanted to put my dog down. She is now all better

Who is your fav Star Trek character(s)?

I just saw Hotel Rwanda last night.

It's Idol Worship this time: The new Chick Tract is out!

If There Was An Award For The MOST BORING Sport On Television...

Put ICE on your cell phone

Favorite Japanese band?

In 2 weeks I leave Flagstaff, AZ

What do you think of the name Jezebel Magdalene?

Hello from Seattle!

Hey everyone!! Post pictures of yourselves here!!

4 % of UFO reports cannot be explained.

Do you think Skinner is experimenting on us like BF Skinner?

I'm going to say something that will be deleted, and I'm okay with that

How about some cuteness? (pic heavy)

It's brutal.....

Post a picture of a work of art that has meaning to you

the SAFE thread

Favorite state that touches four Great Lakes?

Google your birthdate images

Triad-area DUers: what's there to do in Greensboro?

I'm listening to Robert Palmer right now .

I want to see how you see yourself.

My dog survived "bloat" last night


Any one want a Rosco Coltrane doll?

Is there a site where I can download "The Old Man in the Sea"

Dammit! 2 hrs, 47 minutes till Harry Potter!!!

Name a book you think would make a great movie.

Wanna play "name that film?"

A Du'er was just fired from his job having been stalked by a post

Do you have a Mac machine rather than a Windows machine?

List all the concerts you've ever been to.

Once again, it's time for Chuck Palahniuk quote time!!!!!

When was the last time you bought a total stranger a drink ?

Is there a personality type that doesn't mesh well with yours?

Study: Chickens think about future

****Mavis Update - Photos!!****

Do you believe in original sin?

Poll: 74% of Americans Oppose Cuts to Medicaid

What are the thoughts on HHS/US Government web site that

Healing touch, music, aids heart surgery patients

Fresh Fears about Aspartame

Tough Stand Comes Back To Haunt 'Gay Chat Mayor'

Greek Opposition Party To Support Gay Marriage

Kansas Republican Wants Gay Adoptions Review

One of the reasons I won't shop at

thinking of having a baby soon- any lesbian parents out there?

DU This Poll: Do Catholics have right to adopt through Protestant agency?

Zach: Gay Kid's Father On Christian Broadcasting Network

Yanks vs. Sox Today. Will Schilling close?

Yanks v Bosox probably doesn't matter any more - to Yanks

3000 hits for Raffy Palmeiro

4 Walks So Far For Yankee Starter

Abeline has been adopted

Stash found - 3 5month old kittens caught red handed

Puppy house training

Do you feel it? Something big is brewing.

Justice Sunday, Part Deux

Study: Prayer does Not Affect Primary Heart Outcomes

So THIS is what the Rapture will look like.

Check out our new podcast on iTunes!!

Kerry Leads Massachusetts Delegation to Demand Santorum Apology

* says we spend too MUCH on Vet's Health Care?

Not Kerry related, but this is also amusing

Anyone else find this kinda funny?

Ready to get Rove? Er.... no.... shoot the Dems!!!

Holy. Mother. Of. Gawd! Channel 5 'story' on Kerry tonight

Kerry and Exuberance

Harry Potter and Keith Olbermann...the surprising parallels

Keep the David Gregory pic up in the bar, folks

A small Keith ref, but a ref nonetheless...

Friday night ASTB thread 7/15

Some fun background on the Fitzgerald investigation.

Botany's infidelity.

Halliburton History - lest we forget

What is that crap that Repugs always say about dems aiding the terrorists?

I like BuzzFlash's take on the new rove "revelation"

Ohh - Rove just gets lamer and lamer by the day ...

I honestly need some help with this.

"You don't support the troops" "Why do you hate the troops?"....

When does the lame duckitude begin?

Anyone up on Kenny-Boy Lay?

They are turning on Novak!!

Here's A Distraction From Rovegate: What About DeLay?

TalkNation Radio: Karl Rove Exit Strategy? Then What? Yahoo is in on it

OK, let's say the just outcome happens and Rove is sentenced to jail...

Why was this locked?

Before the present trail goes cold.....

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial this AM: "Dump Rove" !

Peter King should be expelled from the House

Sen Roberts, the Niger forgeries and the FBI

NYT: "Rove's medal can, if necessary, be delivered to his prison cell"

The political showdown of our lifetime

Was it just "coincidence" the bombs in London same time as Bush visit?

Question....Rove said Novack told him who Plame was....

CNN: Bill Clinton speaks in support of Joe Wilson - (VIDEO)

2 Questions On Rove

Rep. Peter King spinning furiously for Rove on CNN's American Morning!

Rove Rope-A-Dope and a Thing Called Hope


Flash ! NYT: Rove Held Phone Talk !!

Understand that the Rove story is a subplot to a bigger story...

Karl Rove outed you - today's Luckovich

So Rove was the source for two reporters??

Muhammed Khan -- London bomber?

Rasmussen Poll Shows Bush's Brief London Terror Attack Bump Over

Bush Spin Doctor Video

ABC's Good Morning America on Rove (Donaldson and Roberts)

You'll see why I did not post this under "Science"

Was the Plame leak Bush himself?

Reid getting everyone in line

Help Please:Does anyone have a link to the Cleveland video of people

Who should Joe Wilson and/or Valerie Plame sue?

Department of Defense Secrecy Agreement

Imus: Joe Wilson a "dope" and an "unknowing, panty-wearing wussy"

Push to enlarge security council looks doomed

Tom Ridge, the DNC, and the London attacks (MUST READ!!!) (US involvement?

Arnie muscles in on £5m contract

Today's Headlines about Rove

Fitzgerald and Leaks: A question

Going through life Stupid is a crime and should be punishable...

RNC talking points this morning - Rove was a consumer, not a producer...

Connecting the Dots in Leakergate.

Bush should at least suspend Rove.

Liberal Oasis: "It is Stupefying that the NYT would print this story."

Schiavo ---> DSM ---> Plame ---> 41% think W is honest

Need some information. Who committed suicide at the Pentagon?

Republicans Speak Out on Karl Rove (On DNC petition: Fire him!)

I don't care - even if this will result from cynical manipulation

Is or was Rove married?

GOP Protection of the TELCO Lobby

Will Unca Dick see that Rove is taken care of?

Suck It, Rove: My LTTE Regarding the Lying Traitors

Did the New York Times just get set up?

NY Times Novak story confirms future headline: Rove Goes Down in Plames!!!

Thom Hartman is having the Brunch with Bernie segment now.

Could this be how Bolton and Cheney fit into Plame story?

Photo: Bush poses with his "Indiana Black Expo Lifetime Achievement Award"

Rove's and Luskin's Fiery Pants

What important job would limbaugh's wife recommend him for?

OK DU'ers..Did anyone predict the "Rove is a hero whistle blower" spin?

Sam Donaldson & Cokie Roberts on with Diane Sawyer laughing

Is there a White House Press Briefing today?

ConyersBlog: Compare and Contrast...Remember When

Love today's Non Sequitur comic about Frist

The Latest Rove Talking Point Is Ridiculous.

If you're born into a world ruled by pro-life Republicans

Wanna see a rightwing site REALLY twist and parse?

Rove lied to federal agents?

If Rove only heard about Plame through Novak,

How many Rove defenses have we heard so far?

it's Friday

Joe Madison on Plame

"Southern Baptists Convention Resolution on the Federal Judiciary"

BuzzFlash interview:James Moore-Texas Journalist specialist on Karl Rove

Hypothetical: If Fitz names GWB as "Unindicted Co-Conspirator"

Haven't heard of the DSM in awhile....

Rove INVOLVEMENT blew the cover of a CIA operation.

Bush "firing" Rove would be the best thing that ever happened to BushCo

MSNBC Article On Bush's Ipsos-AP Poll Collapse (42% Approval)

Please add Rove debunking info here

Sen. Carper to be named vice chairman of DLC

A Karl Rove History: New Yorker interview (FASCINATING!)

Anybody else is having a feeling that repugs are aiming for

Veterans Admin has all the money it needs?

Divert, Distort, Confuse.....

time again for "Hijacking Catastrophy"...... video

And they said Kerry was "too nuanced"?

NY Times, Washington Post Accept Conservative Spin On Rules For Firing Whi

On Rove? George H. W. Bush (former CIA director (and president) says;

OK, let's talk about this 'Rove heard it from the media' crap...

Republican Spin...propaganda

Is it a crime for the "target" or "subject" to slander a witness in public

NRO about the Plame affair - Wilson and David Corn responsible for leak

Will $80 million make Frist care about the uninsured?......

What news this afternoon: Scooter Libby resigns?

Drudge Says Novak Told Rove About Plame..... (Irrelevant GOP claims)

Through the looking glass = the media told Rove about Wilson's wife?

Let's 'leak' a list of all the White House lies, with documentation...

Ken Mehlman, a man with no face, now on Inside Politics

Check this out! Luskin changes his statement on Rove not being a target

A Challenge from a Freeper

Marine Arranged Shooting to Avoid Service

Profile of Lakoff in NYT

Scottie, you lying little WEASEL! (David Corn Nation article)

Why wasn't Rove nice enough to call Dan Rather and tell

Dean: "Who do you value more, Mr President? We're going to find out."

Beavis & Butt-Head Explain It

bush's base, the ultimate enablers

As far as the KKKarl Rove affair, " the core issue at stake ...

Did you hear that caller on Randi? Repeated all repug talking points,

Something to tell all the "Pray for Bush" nuts

Plame Outing: Rove to Ari to Miller to Novak back to Rove?

Who Was Karl Rove's Accomplice?

Craig Crawford is not the sharpest knife in the drawer

Calling DU attorneys: Does the retal against Joseph Wilson

Conyers on Randi's show, talking about impeaching Rove

Randi: If Karl Rove is a whistleblower then ..

Has anyone asked this? What if Plame is a set-up and it backfires on us?

Rove, Novak (Apparently) Contradict One Another

Stop calling them "talking points"!

Have you ever Googled your DU name?

So why isn't Novak and Rove in Jail?

Kerry Leads Massachusetts Delegation to Demand Santorum Apology

Are We Getting Steam-Rolled Again????

Bush explains how he is going to create a vibrant middle class with CAFTA

Has there been a WH press conference yesterday or today?

Rove Didn't Know Plame But Went To Same Church?

Poor Judith Miller

Read what Bush expected from his staff ... did he lie?

Gibson on FOX. Bringing up Sandy Berger. FCC should put FOX

Senate to vote on stem cell research as early as next week

A thread in GD is reporting that one of the judges on the grand jury

AMERICAblog: Bush AGAIN refuses to say he still has faith in Karl Rove

DNC: McClellan Recuperating From Shark Attack?

Kay Bailey Hutchinson: "Karl Rove has the utmost in integrity."

Rove/Plame/Cooper questions.

Who will be the first GOP senator to ask for Rove's resignation

Christian Exodus Planned For South Carolina in order to "influence" gov't

ABC News reporting London bombing mastermind caught in Cairo

Rove's new spin - 'I'm an incompetent boob!'

Rove - remember that standard Bush policy is to confuse

New Word - Karlrovian

* is in my small little NC town today causing all kinds

what about rove's call to chris matthews?

Choice Freeper tidbits re: wilson/plame/rove

Who is really in charge, Rove or Cheney?

DNC: Duke Sails Off Into the Sunset

on a lighter note... Ive fallen in love

According to The Free Press

VIDEO - Clinton defends Ambassador Joe wilson

Karl Rove is SCUM

I love the Conyers avatars. Means DSM is not dead!!! DSM-Plame

There were FIVE intel leaks from the WH - Are some of them related? (Kos)

Biden starts yet another Dem group effort -& his "I'm a moderate" campaign

Rove: Deputy Chief Traitor on Staff

Let's talk about treason in the White House ...

NH-1: Sullivan Challenges Bradley on Plame Inquiry

Christine Todd Whitman basically says Rove needs to go on PTV's NOW

Conservatives and Progressives..

Was Rove ghostwriting for Gannon?

Christian adoption agency won't let Catholics adopt

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics

The 100 People Who are Screwing Up America...

Correspondent Report (Australia): Pressure mounts on Karl Rove

Need a good comeback - a photo

Can Karl Rove be indicted without Judith Miller testifying?

I hate to do this to my fellow DUers - BUT check out Limpo

Tonight's Lehrer PBS Newshour shows Shields must be reading "Whiskey Bar!"

Barbara and George should have taken parenting classes.

Brad Friedman wrote me back about Andy Stephenson

Surprise Condi Mideast visit to...ahem..."nurture and ease the pullout"

Beaucoup Blues rescheduled in New Orleans 22. Dennis cancelled it.

"John Kerry Outed Undercover CIA Agent"

Liberal web sites will have no impact on electorate.....

Wolf Blitzer on Rove

I've been thinking

Bush the Peacemaker

You would think in the interest of national security Bush would suspend

Tucker Carlson Said It: "If Karl Rove is Lying, He's TOAST"

Hey remember Jeff Gannon? He was reported to be the Plame

Most Pig-like

Another new Rove bullshit story on yahoo: Rove E-Mailed Security Official

Great resource on Karl Rove's usual tactics

Talking Point: Bush Sr. was man enough to fire Rove for leaking to Novak

Dean talks about his version of "focus on the family" in Colorado.

Can White House security clearance be yanked?

VIDEO-CNN's Lou Dobbs "That's Bullshit" Coverage

The little known 'man' behind *'s entry into politics (not ROVE!?)

So is Rove going to get away with Plamegate?

Army Of One?

CNN: Joe Wilson corrects false GOP talking points & smears - (VIDEO)

Ok. They say there are no dumb questions so here goes...

MP George Galloway on BBC Radio 4 "Any Questions" 15 July 2005 20:00

Here's more on the Plame leak connection to false WMD info in Iraq...

Matt Cooper with Tim / Joe Wilson on FtN on Sunday morn. ;

Just Listened to BS O'reilly on Fox....The Nerve of the RW

How far down will Bush's approval ratings go?

Should Bush's Security Clearance be revoked?

Fire Karl Rove? ? This IS "Damage Control"***Don't buy it!!!

Someone just said BULLSHIT on air at CNN as L Dobbs went to Rove Story

In The Village....individuals are taught to help/share/cooperate

Playing into Rove's hands.... again???

Remember, fly your flag at half staff.

Have doubts about Fitzgerald? Read this

why do I hate Bush so much?

Rovegate: When Will The Rs Begin Attacking Fitzgerald?

"Novak's own statement contradicts story he told Rove about Plame..."

Hypothesis: The GOP thinks cities and urban centers are expendable