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Archives: July 14, 2005

Mobile phone fuel cells coming in 2007

Norman Solomon: The Fake Optimism of Washington's Warriors

Newsweek: Stonewalling?

political software development question/idea

Taiwan asks Chad for oil

Myanmar transfixed by spontaneous sex change

China tilts to Russia to counter Uncle Sam

Protesters mass in Manila, calling for president to resign

How to prevent stolen elections...educate the electorate!

Doyle's approval rating only at 43%

Cooper's upcoming Time article (if he gets one)

I went to my young Dems meeting to see a candidate for Colorado CD7.

How many people do you have on IGNORE?

LMAO: Carlos Mencia shows Bush's middle-finger pre-war shot.

Is Joe Wilson a Deadhead?


espionage act - may have relevance to Rove and Fitzpatrick

Bush calls him turd blossom, for gods sake!

if this rove event doesn't convience that the media are whores

Joe Wilson on the Today Show tomorrow (Thursday)

All partisanship aside, I *do* have one prayer for this administration

The Bush administration is like Jeffery Dahmer

Democrats will file Resolution of Inquiry on outed agent

No, "Turdblossom" just doesn't fit anymore. I suggest "Loose Lips".

For your reading pleasure, the Rude Pundit on rove...

Watch the 1 a.m. EST Daily Show rerun starting now if you missed it!

turdblossom has a wife >>photo

If words have a meaning, Rove will soon be a goner

Is the Public Broadcasting System still necessary? - Poll

Looking Back at Karl (by Paul Waldman)

Go read Suburban Guerilla for a guess at Fitzgerald's true plan

MUST READ Editor and Publisher story on Knight Ridder and its Iraq news

Bad News for Bush in Latest Poll

NYT:Senators Who Averted Showdown Face New Test in Ct. Fight (meet Thurs.)

(San Jose) police explode suspicious suitcase near downtown

Ohio Supreme Court orders BWC to give all coin records to The Blade

Pipe bomb allegedly brought on Washington (State) ferry

Iran could be behind Israel bomb blast: Rumsfeld

What I'm Jammin' to right now:

"Man getting hit by Football" was not about a man being hit by a football.

"When The President Talks To God" lyrics by Bright Eyes

Hey does any one have a wedding reception speech?

Have I told you ALL that I am completely indifferent towards the vast

Is Dick Cheney the Darth Vader of the Republican party?

Did Johnny Depp invent hair gel?

Lighten up baby. I'm in love with you.

Scotty's briefing today 7/13 is starting NOW on CSpan2.....

"Seasons in the Sun" is not about bombarding Earth with solar radiation.


The Ralph Wiggum Thread

Buck buck bo buck, bananna fanna fo.

Allons enfants de la Patrie!

So, WTF?! Carbon dating can be disrupted by magnetism, radiation, and...

"I want your sex" is not about sex.


Anyone watch tonight's 30 Days?

Woo.... sophistimicated Lego...

Nude-o-rama on Queer Eye

Baba O'Riley is not about Bill O'Riley, or about sheep.

"Whiter Shade of Pale" is not

All partisanship aside, I *do* have one prayer for this administration

The Never Ending Story.....It actually ends!!!!!!

Jarred Diamond on Turd er Craig Fergusen tonight (now)

DU Chat tonight, free cake

"Get Down,Make Love" is NOT about getting down OR making love

"I want'a do somethin' freaky to you" is not about sex

Before I die I'm gonna meet Johnny Depp.

I need a name for my new podcast.

Have you ever had to medicate a fire professional?

Official Lugubrious Quotations Thread!

The sleep meds are kicking in. You may now fuck with my mind

Woody Guthrie born July 14, 1912

Happy Bastille Day (July 14)

On waves of love my heart is breaking


pic of Kerry at space center

Bush "Honest and Straightforward"? Majority of Americans Say No.

What Would Karl Rove Expect From Blackmailing George W. Bush?

WMD Prediction

Looking for a site

David Gergen for SCOTUS?

Ambassador Wilson is going to be on the Today Show Thursday morning

Given some of todays poll #'s, lets have some fun inventing some questions

Who warned Bush about the danger of the Iraq war?

The "bought and paid for corporatist" media hammers on Rove.

I know how Rovegate ends - It's called the Casey Syndrome

Jon Stewart schools Bernard Goldberg-VIDEO

Waco Tribune: Journalists burned again

'Bush Fell Into' bin Laden's Trap

Rove -- Thug, Coward and Now, a Smoking Gun?: Margaret Carlson

A Citizens' Award for Karl Rove....

Scott McClellan quotes. 100% real.

Minneapolis/Star Tribune Editorial comes through with the truth again.

Job-sponsored health care may be targeted for taxation

Rove Isn't the Real Outrage

So if you're also sick of the negativity that has infected our culture

The Plame Grenade

Josh Marshall (The Hill): It's clear the leakers knew what they were doing

Karl Rove damages president (The Fargo Forum)

Making mockery of science and Kansas (Kansas City Star editorial)

Blah3 Editorial: 'Let Up? Nah.'

Hilarious Rove cartoon

David Corn: Karl Rove's Reality-Free Defense

Sadly, there is little good news to report from Iraq

Seoul's warning to the US on Pyongyang (SK cuts aid to AEI)

War comes to the heart of Europe (by Pepe Escobar)

Foul play in the Great Game

How the Pentagon targets teens

My newspaper column for this week: Santorum

Naomi Klein (The Nation): Aristide in Exile

Just sent to my local paper, Rove of course.

Word Blossum: Karl Rove's Lawyer Screws Up (

The Outing of a Coward

Yahoo Top Story Rove/Plame-- hatchet job!

(Feith) says Bush administration overemphasized weapons as reason for war

Wolcott: Even a poodle receives a doggy treat now and then (Blair)

Special Forces Nabs 286th Key Zarqawi Aide

It Appears That Karl Rove Is In Serious Trouble..John Dean

D. Schorr: Rove leak is just part of larger scandal (CS Monitor)

Molly Ivins column. Not sure what to think.

The best LTTE written regarding 9/11

James Kroeger argues that America saves too much

I'm shocked! My LTTE was published!

School of the Americas (SOA) action

This week THE TIME IS RIPE for response to G8 Summit on Africa

Helpful site to contact editors all over...........

Last Chance to Stop Renewal of the USA PATRIOT Act!

Sug. LTTE subject

What would I have to do

So My LTTE To SacBee Was Limited To 200 Words, I Used All 200, LOL !!!

Tell the FCC that the Parents Television Council doesn't speak for you

***A GREAT idea for LTTE's!!***

Peace Train to Washington DC

My LTTE. Tell me what you guys think.

*Skinner* - Suggestion for Thread Organization

Interesting response from the Sac Bee re: Rove letter...

US Newspapers Online

Take Action: Tell Wal-Mart Enough is Enough (Petition)

Furniture for the People

Barbara Boxer: "Demand a success strategy for Iraq" (Petition)

Orlando Sentinel followed through with 2 letters on Rove today.

My LTTE. Help, I need an editor!!

tell the media to report on genocide

The Mainstream Reporters Who Got the Iraq Story Right in 2002

So, who did not love what Jon did to little Bernie G. last night on TDS?

Is half the business media nuts? - lower Defict est cause by supply side

Minnesota News Council: At last, press starts doing its job

News You Might Have Missed.

WTC *bombs* on 9/11? - An amazing interview on this AMs Lizz Brown

For current Sirius subscribers.

India proposes global work permit

Body Burden — The Pollution in Newborns

The Peak Oil Crisis: Rationing

Check out this message board on Green Living

World's land turning to desert at alarming speed

Emily now the second category 3 storm this month.

American Chemists report a chemical method for ethanol from cellulose.

UN arms trade deal toothless, say critics

Israeli Arms Sales To China and European Arms Sale to China ????????

Woman killed in Qassam attack

John O'Neill's 'Lost' Briefcase...

Must see 7/7 thread

What is the extent of the White House/FAA phone connection; and

If a thread has 91+ recommendations - is on the 'greatest' page,

Don't drink the koolaid - think !

WTC *bombs* on 9/11? - An amazing interview on this AMs Lizz Brown

NJ GOv. signs VVPR law while activists push for opscans

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related NewsThursday 7/14/05

Election Assessment Hearing Survey of Submissions available online

Unilect Tossed out of Carteret County NC - finally!

small article on Election Center, NC officials and Hollywood

Washington State Update: County ditches eVoting for Vote by Mail

If election were held today and NO Election Fraud, Kerry = 8 more states

Scoop - Suzan Mazur: Diebold & The Mormon Mason Handshake

Was there an answer of Arnebeck on the DNC report?

NJEssex County Task Force on E-Voting, forces officials to look @ opscans

Election Hero, Andy Stephenson (Seattle local Blog, nice writeup)

10,000 Registration Documents Shredded in Hocking County?

sfexpat2000 's post about Andy appears on Bellaciao and OpEdNews


Gov. to Be Paid $8 Million by Fitness Magazines

Duke Cunningham won't run for reelection

San Diego Dems pass Impeachment Resolution

Question for California DUers

May be taking a trip to San Francisco in Sept. Anyone know

Schwarzenegger's $5 million magazine deal disclosed to feds

What's Santa Rosa like?

San Diego--anyone care to weigh in on these areas 4 me?

Will We Take Cunningham's Seat?

Feinstein on Flag Burning

Jeeni Criscenzo running for office

Ed Fallon news letter

Canvass for Jass Stewart ( Brockton Mayoral Candidate) Saturday, July 16

Help our LGBT Youth!

Interesting crime statistic I heard last night re: Brockton, Massachusetts

One more reason Matt Entenza is bad for the DFL

Listen to the (hypocritical, misinformed) words of U.S. Rep John Kline...

Coleman may lead defense of Rove (Star Tribune).

Who is all in the DU activist group?

Pawlenty's approval rating drops 11 percentage points (Thud!)

Screen resolution tray utility for Windows XP

Tulsa Police Warn: Cyber Virus(looks like CNN newsletter re: London bombs)

Before I buy Spysweeper, is there any better spyware blocker I should get?

Taft approval ratings still in the toilet

OH15 - Second Kitchen Table Series Podcast Is Up

Hocking County Dem Meeting Tonight

Could someone explain the Ohio coingate to me?

recently leaked poll:31 percent think DeWine deserves reelection

It's good to be king..............

ProtestWarriors site hacked?

My LTTE is getting printed! (about Rove, Plame, Saddam)

Perry beats out Arnold in Governor approval survey!!!!

Letters to the editor at the Waco Tribune

Email addresses for LTTE

Texas A front group for business?


Roy Spence, Bill Clinton, and the Texas governor's race

I'd like your opinion of the new DCDP website.

Happy Bastille Day, Texas!!

LTTE madness

Who is going to the HDGE meeting in Houston next Saturday?

Rickey Perry at 38% approval

The Texas State Democratic Party Needs You

Howard Dean video at the Orpheum, Madison WI 7/13/05

I just realized that the initials to "Miserable Failure" are the same as..

If Rove goes, can Bush really pretend "he didn't know"?

LOL !!! - OK... Somebody Please Explain THIS To Me !!!

To Ken Mehlman's Boyfriend, If You're Out There

Most idiotic Republican ticket possible

A warning to Republican liars and accomplices....

Another Gannon in the press room?

John W. Dean's view of the Plame case in 2003 and now. Must Read

Uh Oh... Even * Supporters Are Starting To Get Pissed At Rove !!!

Will anything be done about ** and Cheney

Why are dems and former policy makers the only ones who don't want China

Patriot Act Reauthorization

Military Voices Against Endless War

My 76 year old Dad thinks Bush or Cheney leaked to Miller

Wilson is a hero in Nigera...

Newt Gingrich could have been clobbered if Katie Couric had any guts

Bernie just told something very interesting...

OYE ALERT: Young Republicans Chairman "Nathan Taylor" in Hot Water

Iraqi civilians and police dying at a rate of 800 per month

The man behind the man: Rove is the White House's key player

Do we know what involvement Joe Wilson had in Iraq War I?

Rove and the Media

Bush woos blacks for the GOP way, but skips on NAACP convention

CNN: Rove questions are chasing administration officials around the world

White House needs a bigger rug - new toon 7/14

Atta's Passport NOT FOUND at WTC

Axis of Evil

GOP Nervously Eyeing Rove and CIA Probe

Rove's offficial title should be Character Assassin

GOPers are effing scared!!!

"Karl said Wilson's wife is fair game"

Please answer my ignorant question about grand juries

Rove fired in 92 campaign. Looking for article....

Did anyone hear the imutt show just now?

UK EU presidency aims for Europe-wide biometric ID card

Here is a great web site.

The Name Game.... Valerie!

A rove history lesson

I only caught the tail end of Joe Wilson on NBC's Today Show...

Tonight on MSNBC:

Rove was fired before because he leaked a bad story to novak

The Network of Lies - The Impeachable Offenses

"Liberals are twice as likely than conservatives to believe in ghosts"

Great letter in my local paper (Lincoln, NE).

Ebbers weeps as sentence handed down

Patriot Act discussion

Did Karl Rove testify under oath?

Bolton/Rove/Libby connection?

One of the best new show you've never heard of

oh my goodness how do you talk to people like this... now they are trying.

So when DID Rove tell the Chimp that he was the "source?"

MSNBC last night - "Saving Rove"

This picture of Tim Russert proves he's such a Wanker.

cspan caller just said that 50+ yr. olds should go to the front lines

Does CSPAN cover the daily White House press corps briefings?

Slight rewrite of Ann Coulter speech

A filmmaker is producing a documentary about Fr. Mychal Judge.

Republicans are saying that Wilson lied...

The REAL President demands that Karl Rove leave the WH

Brit website: We Are Not Afraid - Inspiring like SorryEverybody.

My freedom Medal to Bernie Ebbers.

can someone please help me with the date of a bush quote?

You call that "skewering???" are you kidding me?

BBC speaks to shocked friends of alleged London bombers - (VIDEO)

Just a few bad apples? Yes in the Pentagon and Rummy is the #1

Rerun of Goldberg Smackdown on TDS NOW!!

NBC Today: Joe Wilson says Rove "should be fired" - (VIDEO)

'Fair game' question for Bush

Please take a moment to sign

Katie Couric on the Today Show just interviewed a man who

"Home ownership is at an all time high"

Why the rove story has legs and will continue: good TV!

A rw nutjob's reasoning for not wanting Hillary Clinton as president:

The deficit is going down ! ....Uh, not really....

Where is that law about outing an CIA agent?

I'm becoming a Jerry Springer fan!!

How Long Must We Wait For Rove To Be Indicted?

What Is The Next Step In Iraq?

Rove Should Be Fired This Time Too. - LTTE to DE and Philly PA

Maybe it's been explained already, but why hasn't Valerie spoken in public

An RWer Said That Hussein Would Have Killed 60000 By This Time?

Am I on "Deal of the Century"?

Wilson's mama is so skinny, she has to run around in the shower to get wet

I love Jesus General - Congrats to Karl & Scooter on new baby

Judge Mathis slams Bush

Gigantism- Why is the US afflicted with it? crashed or hacked?

Cspn has Congresspeople bringing up Rove

andrea mitchell just talked about the CIA "front company"...

Is It Too Late For Bush To Fire Rove?

OK, it's time for a WH press briefing drinking game.

AOL Poll to DU... Should Bush Fire Rove and What Will Happen?

Bumper sticker ideas

It's Always "Hyperbole" with Ahhhnuld (Conflict of Interest) - Recall Him!

Conservative Caucus' Choice for Top Court . .

When Does Rove Hit the road

SF Supervisors Reject WWII Battleship

Good article on Rove with his political biography

Mission Accomplished: Iraq Is Broken

Islamic scholar gets life for encouraging followers to fight U.S. soldiers

LTTE I am writing In Re KKKarl...any input?

MSNBC Blog: McClellan vs. the press

How long after Bush's Fort Bragg speech

It is now about a "cover-up" of a crime...

The Flypaper Strategy, an old story

Are we going to let a tiny handful of bully jerks push us around forever?

Letter of "Support" for Rove

E-mail Rove, Novak, Wolf, etc.

I swear if a sensible, anti-war Republican ran I'd vote for him/her

Bible theme park wins charity status

"Hitler is your Chancellor too!"

How the White House knew Plame was CIA - text of the INR document

Here is why the US Deficit went down (rethugs and WH won't tell you)

High Water Bill??

Since when did Joe Wilson become "discredited" and a "liar"...

"President Nixon" ?

Addressing the big lie

There are approximately 295,734,134 people in the USA

A President should NEVER have to be "under oath"

NBC/WSJ Poll: 45% Think Bush is a LIAR >

Bring Back Bill Moyers

Traveling with Pets

Breaking news.. a wall fell in NYC

Excerpts from Senate Intelligence Committee - Niger - Wilson - CIA

so say a CIA agent is days away from discovering Bin Ladins location...

POLL: Why is the press finally turning on Bush now?

Resign! You sorry son of a bitches !

We don't need to impeach Bush

Did plame do a interview for magazines before all this mess?

Jonathan Alter on Coast to Coast

are you afraid to get on a plane with 'one o' them'?

"I will not pre-judge...uh...based on media reports"

Will Fitzgerald's case expose "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" of Bush?

Video Here! Joe Wilson on The Today Show! "Fire Karl Rove!"

MSN as an ISP keeps srewing up my email and yet it doesn't mess with

We Liberals have angered Karl Rat, & our punishment will be severe

What does Katie Couric and Matt Lauer have to say about Rove?

Press Conference with McClellan today?

"The case is not about a whistle-blower it's about retaliation against .."

Rove's War

All Marriage Amendments are Unconstitutional

CODEX... This is very important!

I'm really amazed there hasn't been another terror distrac---uh, attack

Harsh Medicine from the Daily Howler

Today Show: Wilson says Bush Should Fire Rove

Question for Scottie:

why media says "white house" when they should say George W Bush??

The CIA purge in 2003, Ashcroft's resignation, & the Plame leak

Bernie's on - talking wilson

No Scotty Roast today???

London bombings: Why does Blair oppose inquiry into intelligence failures?

Rove's Lawyer Luskin got ~83 pounds of gold from drug dealer he was

This day in history:

Republicans Defend Karl Rove From Partisan Attacks

Patricia Herbold gives smirk $100,000 gets Singapore ambassador

who really sent Wilson to Niger?

Rove does the bidding of Bush. Bush is culpable for Rove's actions.

Cleveland's new panhandling law:

A message to lurking freepers WRT Plame/Wilson/Rove

"The Men Who Stare at Goats"

Another damaging aspect of the Rove story

How are the Rove defenders explaining Fitzgerald?

Character assassinate anyone that questions your motives...

Bolton Nomination and Rove - Plame leak have to be linked

Do you hope, or do you wish, when you think about the future?

Horrifying case of animal cruelty in Georgia

Republicans agree to limits on Patriot Act

Monica Crowley MSNBC's Coast to pushing the RW

* live on c-span3

Good Morning, whore you today?

Looks like the Rehnquist deathwatch has officially begun

Enron Directors Vote for Pay Raise


What's with the delay on the WH press cpnference today?

Karl Rove was fired by President's Father in 1992

Franken had Richard Clarke on his show yesterday (Tuesday)

food for thought

Where's my daily briefing? I WANT MY DAILY WHITE HOUSE BRIEFING!

CNN scrubbing propaganda from its transcripts

Tag!! You're it!! Jeb passes baton to Coburn to keep Schiavo in the news

Does anyone have an audio snippet (Randi Rhodes)

CCTV image of suspected bus bomber

I've never seen "Six Feet Under Before" I'm going to start watching.

My short list of potential indictments from the Plame Affair

Why doesn't Valerie Plame speak up?

A little conversation on the Rove and Plame case.

The Pretzeldunce is across the street from me right now

Let's stay updated on CODEX...keep this link.

seeing how the cia will gladly suicide people who get in the way....

If anyone was in Indianapolis today...

Want a laugh?......... Super Dubya Walking Tall!.................

You know what kind of punishment I would love to see for Rove and

But they are so cute together!

Anyone heard of an organization called "Democratic Grassroots"?

Wear red on Friday

Was Wilson on Today show today?

How many journalist did rove contact to get plames name out?

I would love to be on Judith Miller's side but.....

Anybody know why AAR left Sirius? That was bone-headed

Ehh.. Not really much ... self deleted.


When are Dems going to make the Wilson-Yellowcake-Plame-DSM connection!?!?

Justice Dept. wants Akaka (Hawaiian recognition) bill altered

Another Huge Hole In The Right's Argument...

If Bush and Cheney get impeached and Condi is nailed

Is Wesley Snipes headed for Gitmo?

Lest we forget -- The Rove Treatment


Is the ultimate fantasy of the fundies to force women to bear rape babies?

Wal-Mart changes Willie's new reggae album cover - for real

Did the Governator set himself up for impeachment?

Proof that the War on Terror is a political tool of fear...

So they want to talk about lies and liars..??

Who has "before and after" pictures of Clinton and Bush?

Sheila Jackson Lee on the CIA leak-cspan now! n/t

Wanted For Crimes Against The People Of The United States Of America

A New Day!! Check out Free Press Letters to the Ed-7/14/2005

Hit this MSNBC poll

A terrorist bombing rant

Karl Rove feeling the heat-My Article In the Houston Chronicle

United States Army Relief Act ??

George W. Bush: Union Buster

MSNBC Reporting there is an Amendment

MSNBC - WEIGH IN - Rove (2), SCOTUS term limits, Ebbers

CSPAN3 is going to hold a news conference with Schumer/Wilson 3pm EST

Cost of Iraq War July 14th- $180,664,199,765

Which Type Of Freeping Troll Bastard Do YOU Find More Entertaining?

Senators Coleman and Kit Bond on c-span 3 in about an hour to respond to

Galloway speaks on the bombings

Native American heritage

Wilson live on CNN n/t

Is this really our Media: Root of the Rove controversy is the war in Iraq

Help wanted. Publishing a Bush Book.


AAR homepage says Randi will be discussing Wilson's "Today Show"

Forum to go head to head (ass) with righties.

Communists Against the Military....we activists in Louisiana are so PROUD

Did Wilson just say he's not calling for Rove's resignation --

Arlen Specter: Republican senator, hypocrite, cancer victim.

What was Bolton's job at State in Feb 2002?

Ed Shultz Kicks Rush's Ass

Jose Padilla Imprisoned 3 Years 67 Days No Trial No Charges

? has anyone seen this man

Halliburton is serving our troops SPOILED FOOD!

So the United Kingdom is going to go to war with Pakistan, right?

Wilson to be on Wolfie cnn


Please allow Scooter to introduce himself

The Argument over Rove

Scott, is it true that the Bush Administration is in it's final throes?

My LTTE re. Rove

Great Quote

Could there be any clearer case for treason against Rove?

Getting Worried at the White House

Mr. No Comment, General Stonewall McClellan Finally Lets The Truth Slip.

Taxes went down, business investment went up, jobs were created, unemploym

Mickey Owen, best known for dropped third strike in '41 World Series, dies

Cally Du'ers, Cunningham giving a press conference at 6:00pm

Bush snubs the NAACP once again

Just back from Hurricane Dennis evacuation. Did I miss anything?

Participate in a new liberal audio show!

Of Unborn U.S. babies are soaking in a stew of chemicals

Is Randy Cunningham getting ready to resign?

Let's not make the same mistake again

Karl Rove poll out in the Red States (Arizona Republic)

Harry Reid Live on CPAN2 NOW -Rove's Clearance

Palast: Judy, Karl Rove ain't no "source." >

Interesting: Last summer from a repuke re: fixing intelligence

Dukakis: "Mitt Romney's priorities (death penalty) totally out of whack."

Rove was caught for leaking to Novak in '92 and was fired by Bush Sr

The precedent's there. Calvin Weber was fired...why not Rove?

"The NBC/wall street journal poll looks bleak for SS reform"-some humor

Blah3 Editorial: 'Let Up? Nah.'

WTC *bombs* on 9/11? - An amazing interview on this AMs Lizz Brown

Rove Will Escape The Noose (I think)


Remember! The more they slam Wilson/Dems, the GUILTIER they are!

Larry Johnson coming up on Ed

Fitzgerald will be in final arbitor in the Plame leak

'Christian Exodus' Sees Upstate as Promised Land

The London Bombings and The Class War

Legal issues in Plame case. Reposting as I think this is an important view

Schumer and Joe Wilson on CSpan2 NOW!!!!

Interesting Senate discussion on now, CSPAN 2, re: "disclosing names"

Where is Iraq's oil revenue going to?

R's Backing Rove? Think "Schiavo"

'Weekly Reader' Editor Was Caught in FBI Sex Probe

Another poll: Should chimp fire Rove? North Carolina....

Repugs in full throttle slamming of Wilson live on CNN

Dick Armey's amazing flip-flop on leaker

Did Rove spread a lie, claiming Wilson's WIFE authorized his trip?

Question: More than 2/3 of Americans do not want Roe v. Wade overturned...

This Is What Integrity Looks Like >>>

Wilson being smeared by the gop right now on cnn

I need a link or somethign to when Fox news said the London bombs

Senator Schumer/Joe Wilson press conference (VIDEO)

Jay Rockefeller is calmly and rationally burying Rove.

Word of caution regarding Rovegate

WP: "unnamed" WH adviser says Rovegate distracting to Bush agenda

Wilson just read part of a letter sent to him by 41

Karl Rove, Joe & Valerie Wilson, and Matt Cooper - attend the same church.

Wolf's Karl Piece Glitched Out. No Sound On The Video Clips Of Bushco.

Can you spot the irony in Frist's statement?

Faux: Karl Rove talking to Time a Crime or a good dead?

Amber Alerts

Security clearance question:

Is "media in full attack mode" today's GOP talking point?

If I Leaked Word About "Wilson's Wife", I'd Be In Jail Already.

Times headline I would love to see: Can we trust Republicans?

Wilson on CNN with wolfie next....

One MORE thing the NeoCons should have known, but didn't:

Anybody else concerned that they will do ANYTHING to save Rove?

Kennedy raps Santorum for sex abuse remarks

Larry Johnson on Ed Shultz show soon.

What is this about from Rawstory?

How We Know They're Feeling the HEAT------ LIMBOsevic Flipped Out

Boxer: who could be against this?

Does The 9th Amendment Protect RESPONSIBLE Drug Use?

Senator Sessions: 'Karl Rove is one of America's finest public servants'

Repuke Senators lieing live on CNN. I hope that this is on video for when

Snowe, Collins, Landrieu, Boxer URGE O'CONNOR TO STAY ON!

Please send a letter of support to Karl Rove-Far too much abuse here on DU

GOP nervously eyeing Rove and CIA probe

Gay aide supports Santorum

Oh Geez, More Tin Foil Fun from the FREEKS

If we can raise $50+ for Andy in a few short days, what can we do for VETS

Rove -- Thug, Coward and Now, a Smoking Gun?: Margaret Carlson

NY Times Spanks Collins and Lieberman for Porkifying Security Funding

WHAT is "patriotism"?

Question: What if Miller had NO source AT ALL? Do I need a tinfoil hat?

What intelligence asset will the GOP blow next? Place bets here.

Three questions on Plamegate and the Dems Senate amendment:

Saddam is scheduled for trial next month for the 1982 massacre.

DU The New AOL Poll (About Wilson's Credibility)

So. What's up with the "do as we say - not as we do" GOP today?

Senate debate thread #2

Is anyone else here smitten with Joe Wilson??

So how much longer is Fitzgerald gonna be working on this?

My e-mail to Sirius...

I don't want Rove fired

Randi just said Wilson and Rove attended the same church?????

Randi: You can't fire Rove

Any updates on the programming for Sirius 144?

Building a Real Ownership Society

Dubby has his best black voice on

Joe Wilson will be on CNN during the next hour according to Wolf.

Chimpy and Osama have a lot in common

Case studies: What happens when shock jocks go too far?

Religious leaders met with AG Gonzales yesterday: prosecute PORNO!

When Rove lied to a Grand Jury:

The Homeland Security Department is putting up cameras!

Democrat Talking Point

Who wants to keep tally of the votes on the Frist and Reid Amendments?

Send Karl Rove his Pink slip!

By the way, Valerie Plame has gone by Valerie Wilson since 1998

"Body Burden — The Pollution in Newborns"

Tin Foil Hat time: Judith Miller

Raw: Santorum has a gay aide

I want elected representatives who remember their place.

Wilson did a great job! Yay!

What happened to the ACLU/Abu Ghraib photo dumps?

"Duke" Cunningham will not seek re-election

The Rove M.O.

Chuck Colson on Lou Dobbs in a minute. Says he sees similarities

Liberals vs. Christians?

Shhhhhh , be vewy, vewy quiyet...


Jon Stewart is a national treasure! He evicerated that Goldberg hack!

David Greagory is the guest on Hardball tonight.

Tim Noah: The Karl Rove Death Watch

NBC shows the real war in an Iraqi ER

What happened to the Rove vote?

David Gregory on Hardball Now!

Cunningham will not seek re-election per RNC

Bush Family Tradition: Ducking Scandal

Who leaked to Miller

Serious questions about London bombings

Okay some questions I need answered?

Sen. Pat Roberts: Wilson discredited himself by being on "fake news show"

C-SPAN right now! Jay Inslee reading Scotty's transcripts

If Scotty Suddenly Needed to Spend More Time With His Family, Who Would

scotty gets his ass kicked on Air Force One

DSCC release on Coleman/Rove

London bomber ... NC connection ? KSM NC Ag & Mech...?

I love AAR's Morning Sedition! Do you?

GEEZ! How am I suppose to watch the Senate, The House AND

"Nevada's chapter of the Young Republicans has basically imploded"

Does the White House have connections to the Yellowcake Forged Document?

Sandy Berger sentencing delayed?

Randi Rhodes Petition: Fire Karl, George!

So for 2 years Rove asked Cooper NOT to id him

Impeachment NOW! Paper ballots NOW! Hand counts NOW!

The Frist Amendment fails!

It's good Karl Rove's fat sweaty face is now the face of the Repuke party

Who was the "first amendment lawyer" on Hardball ?

CNN is putting on an Iraq War progress report Sunday night, 9 PM EST

Is it just me, or is David Gregory one of the coolest in the MSM?

"Intelligent Design" is as intelligent as Faux is "Fair and Balanced"...

The Reid Amendment fails

One of the sadest news items I have ever seen

I just realized Ari Fleischer's last day was the day Plame was exposed...

DU This MSNBC Live Poll! Should Bush fire Rove?

Has Rovegate brought congress to a halt?

Joe Wilson coming up on Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN)

Like the fifth Beatle, many people can be called the fifth bomber

Shrub and Rove walk side by side today...A Show of Support?

CBS News did the mercury/vaccine/autism/R. F. Kennedy Jr story tonight

Doesn't seem like the White House Repukes are going all out for Karl Rove


When Might Indictments Come?

Freeper is saying Wilson admitted Plame was not undercover on CNN

So they dug up Ben Ginsberg to muddy the water

e-mail from Congressman Waxman on Plame case copy of his letter

David Gregory doing Hardball tonight, just starting, might be good

Rove walking with Bush; Bush Admin sticking their middle fingers at the

DU Meet Up Planned for Albuquerque / Santa Fe area TONIGHT

We the undersigned say STOP talking about bombers connection to leak

You can tell the whores by their talking about Wilson.

So how do you deal with anti-gay rights people?

Well, I Hope This Whole Mess Takes Months

Campaign fund irregularities for Cat Killer Frist -

Pope Benedict hates Harry Potter

Papa chimp fired rove back in 1992 for leaking to Novak!!!

Has Larry King talked at all about Karl Rove/Valerie Plame this week?

How Long Til Liars Start Saying Niger Document WASN'T Forged?

James Cromwell Challenges ‘Happy Cows’ Commercials in New PETA TV Spot

Limbaugh pissed at Republicans for apologizing for racism

Feith Says Pentagon Overdid WMD Rationale (Rummies top advisor)

Help me respond to a blood boiling op-ed piece

Bush Aide Involved in Chinese Bid for Unocal

Could London bombing have been prevented?

Senate thread 3 - Reid Vote (the Rove amendment)

kit bomed trotted out all over cnn...screeching lies at the top of his

Why is it that online polls on CNN, MSNBC etc. always skew heavily towards

Fox news doesn't have fact checkers

Treasongate = Groupthink (How smart people do stupid things)

Brandi Swindell: Perhaps Bush was BORN for a time such as this!

Can we effectively use the Senate vote today against the Republicans ?

David Gregory replacing Tweety tonight

on the prospect of going back to church

Look out Iran, here we come!

If Steve McMahon is the democratic strategist the party sends out

When did Bush "retract" the 16 words he said in the SOTU?

How long will ** be able to stand up to the onslaught?

How did Saddam arrange the London Bombings from a jail cell?

Larry Johnson (CIA ret.) will be on Air America Radio

Republicans please explain how espionage is ok.

We talk the talk and we walk the walk, but where are we really when we are

Great caller on AAR Right Now!

Campaign to change the UK flag...

so which city will bush attack

bush's BRAIN photo...The Best Yet!

Curious? Weren't there several reports that 70+ died after Plame leak?

Ever think that Rove didn't give clearance for Miller to talk

How do we let our Vets for Peace drop off our map?

Lets get to know our new best buddy

annoying talking point... Joe Wilson + Angry

"This is the hypocrisy of immigration in America," Schell said.

Need the help of my fellow DUers....working on Op/Ed

What Are The Chances Of Bush Holding A Press Conference?

O'Reilly (Fox) - London bombing caused by immigration of Muslim "hordes"

Some MoFo stole my yellow ribbon magnet......

"Subject: One Very Well Written Sentence" by Portland Oregonian

Holy cow! Hannity leads with Aruba story AGAIN!

Public opinion re: Rove ......... What does it matter?

If you love America, play BASEBALL

Outing Plame: Kill two birds with one stone.

Do you want to ban video games?

U.S. District Court Judge: Michael Moore’s Movie Tells Truth

Why won't Judith Miller testify?

Name things * could do on live TV and get away with. :)

Michael Isikoff on The Daily Show tonight

Why BUSH keeps us safe from terror

What exactly did Joe Wilson lie about?

Two Minutes of Silence for Terror Iraq

Hmm... 48 Votes And It Still Doesn't Appear On The Greatest Page !!!

The good thing about Intelligent Design

The ROVE amendment is coming up NEXT on Senate floor!


More trouble for Duke Cunningham: Va. condo financed by bid-riggers

Did Judith Miller get Armstrong Williams kind of money?

Will the govt. take over the internet?

Should nominating a topic automatically kick it to the top even if

"I Love the Smell of Desperation in the Morning"

Lost -- a funny political joke, but OH SO true!

Did I hear Randi Rhodes correctly?

The media isn't quite in the light just yet. Revisionism already started.

S. Korean Gov. Withdraws Financial Support frm Am. Enterprise Inst!!

Interesting Huffpost by Mike McCurry today.

White House Response Regarding Guantanamo

What's the etiquette for alerting Mods about Freepers?

Duke Cunningham aka The Dukester wont run for re-election...

Bob "Buckwheat" Barr on with Franken right now

It's official: Valerie Plame was an undercover operative

Are There Blacks in Brazil: And Ten Other Reasons Why Bush Must Be Fired

It's fun to be a Dem again.

Fox News in one word SUBVERSIVE n/t

Just shoot the dog!

Anyone have a link to the RNC's "10 Wilson Lies" talking points I've heard

check out c-span 2 now. mccain is giving the

On average 287 contaminants found in umbilical cord blood

Randi Rhodes has link to RAWSTORY interview with Joseph Wilson

Why hasn't the person from the CIA who sent Wilson spoken out?

Malloy should be proud of us TruthSeekers...

Cannot access Counterpunch...

5th Ft. Lewis soldier kills wife since returning from Iraq

What if the London bombings turn out to be more like Columbine?

Didn’t we send troops into Africa in 2003?

Everyone be sure to read this *excellent* article about Rove & Plame.

Cable TV show puts w six feet under.

Funny Cartoon By Steve Benson (Arizona Republic)

Happy Anniversary, Douchebag of Liberty!

So the neo-cons out CIA AGENTS and even AL-QAEDA who have turned in

Links to Early WH Comments on Rove/Plame - Helpful Because the Necons...

Joe Wilson on CNN

This is for all my fellow truthseekers, with Mike Malloy on vacation now

Just announced yesterday: California Autism Rates Drop!!!!!

Bush picks tech lawyer for security post

Just joined The Corps.......

Lovely picture of Rep. "Duke" Cunningham

Judy Miller, the accidental hero

Rove leak is just part of larger scandel

Question about LTTEs

Looks Like Lawrence O'Donnell Was 100% Right

When Cheney was making all those trips to the CIA

so.. which DUer first identified the Plame name as the thread

My LTTE on Mohammed Khan & his ties to the UK bombers - comments?

Limbaugh blasts Mehlman...."bend over and grab the ankles"


when will Mike Malloy be back?

Joe leads with Aruba story

Lest we forget: Ambassador Joseph Wilson was a Bush/Cheney campaign donor

I really hate Faux's John Gibson: Hes spinning Rove

Graphics on the MSM feeding frenzy on rove

Wingnut insurance rep loses it at an employee meeting. . .

Rawstory: Wilson Interview: Administration larger role:

breaking MSNBC

The main "Dem" "Talking Point" re: Rove/Plame should be that the

Rovegate is little more than he-said-he-said at this point

Will the post office deliver mail if the stamp is put on it so the

Rachel Maddow is missing from bowtie

Rove and Waivers...Any thoughts?

Gitmo is better than San Francisco, according to Rush!

WTF ? Oliphant said WH has plenty to push back at Wilson with

Evolution criticisms win more support

Who will be the first Republican officeholder to call for Rove to resign?

Let's win over the members of the military

Here's an idea to help out * and show him how we really feel.

LOL Wyoming's largest tourist attraction- the world's largest pile of

General contradicted his sworn testimony on Pentagon, Abu Ghraib

OK, hypothetical journalist ethics question:

Just to clarify: Hot coffee is a user created mod - not part of the game

I can't remember America ever being this pissed off. can you?

Wilson on CNN right now !!! nt

Jeb says Karl couldn't have done it....guess that settles it.

"Rove Reportedly Held Phone Talk on C.I.A. Officer with Novak"

Tomorrow, everyone put a sign in your car window: "FIRE ROVE"

I hope that Keph, Nostamj, Andy, and my mom are all

What will be in tomorrow's 4:00 p.m. news dump?

When will CNN fire Novak?

Let's all wish Gerald Ford a Happy 92nd Birthday!

Bush admin may be responsible for botching effort to thwart London bombing

Caption rover pic:

"Countdown" replay about start,, Must See TV

50 State Governor Approval Ratings (7/12/05)

Can we all say it now, The Dixie Chicks were right !

Loser columnist says Canada is at fault for Fox's lies

Dead people. Injured people. People who will become so. Families, friends.

Which Senator blasted The Daily Show on the floor today?

Democrats have no plan for any of the problems our country faces..

Which Talk Radio Show is Doing The Best Job With The Rove Scandal?

Homeland Security sec'y: Bomb in a subway car not a catastrophe.

Article: Wilson's Iraq Assertions Hold Up Under Fire From Rove Backers

i support IRV (istant runoff voting) what do you guys think? expl. in post

House of Cats/Part 2 Same Person Different House

Congratulations DENNIS KUCINICH!!

White House press secretary pummeled again on Air Force One

Happy Birthday Woody!...

If you could be one of the "Power Elite", would you?

Most Conservative/NeoCon Places to live?

Top 10 Reasons Dorothy was greeted as a Liberator...

Help me DU this poll about Karl Rove

Isikoff will be the guest on tonite's Daily Show

Conspiracies cannot work because someone will talk?

NY Times maybe coming out with new details of the Rove Leak

OK, Lets talk some foreign policy.

What do you think of this somewhat amusing Repuke hate mail?

None of our Vets are going to come home whole in/to any degree.

Plame has worked undercover within the past 5 years according to the WP

Oh what the hell, more TOONS

Anyone listening to Bob Barr on Al Frankin's show now?

ME... And... My... Sha.. Dow... PIX >>>

Pssst! We're Not Laughing WITH you, Karl -PIX-->>>

What do you guys think of Ron Paul (R-TX)?

Charlie McCarthy Declines Comment on Edgar Bergen During Anal Probe

Frist rebuts complaint, denies he hid $1.44M loan

Did anyone here vote for * in 2000?

Sen. Carl Levin is speaking on the floor of the Senate now CSPAN

The scammer scum are already starting to come out of the woodwork

Whats the "Frist amendment"???

cnn won't post "do you think Karl Rove should be fired?" question.

Ted Olsen so loved Barbara that he remarried less that 6 months...

Man beats 3-Year Old Son to Death to prevent him from growing up a "Sissy"


Torture and Accountability/ Abu Ghraib Tactics First Used at Guantana

Need economic data quick

Breaking, NYT, Rove Talked To Novak!

Help me explain the Reagan years to my 20 year old

VETS FOR PEACE NATIONAL CONVENTION! Will you all get on board?

So, I got some Republican's Truck towed last night,

Minneapolis Star Tribune: "... the indictment which should matter most."

Rovegate - bigger than a blowjob or not?

David Gregory .... sat in for Tweety tonight ? Replay now on MSNBC

"Look Mommy, Emperor * Has No Clothes !!"

Should this Thomas Jefferson letter be required reading in all schools?

Is Rove's wife fair game?

Raw Story: Joe Wilson says senior Bush aides had larger role in CIA leak

Believe it or not, andrea mitchell just sent the records straight!

Do you have a new slogan for Dem shirts and bumperstickers?

Is Texas on Emily's List?

Texas Legislators give themselves a $34,000/year pension at age 50.

Ford Administration: Same gangster enterprise as the current Bush regime

Why is the media making this Democrats vs. Karl Rove?

What some people will do for fun? Must be a slow night in freeperville

Children died today (warning: graphic photos)

Another poll: Should chimp fire Rove? North Carolina....

Brian Williams on NBC News just said it: "Losing the war"

How to recognize a fake/bogus/manufactured Rove document:

Jason Leopold: Report Shows Rove May Have Lied to FBI, A Felony

Bush could eat a live baby on live TV and the right wing

Alcoa Threatens Its Mexican Workers: 'We Can Hire Three Hondurans for Each

Is there something wrong with my system or

My 72yo mother is sweet on Jon Stewart

See how BUSH fucked up & caused the London bombings last week...

EX CIA Agent Jack Rice is on MSNBC

Who's the other Plame leaker?

America is led by a brutal, mocking, heedless Caligula

RNC's "Joe Wilson's Top Ten Worst Inaccuracies And Misstatements"

Fox: Rove is "a Whistleblower"

Supercomputer Weather Forecast - Cat 3+ Hurricane Emily Heads For Texas

London Underground Chief is an American former CIA agent

So in a nutshell "No Child Left Behind" basically is leaving everyone bein

Daily Smartass-isms

Court ordered castration?

Head-smacking Headline Hidden in Plame Leak Judge's Opinion.

NBC News reports officials confirm Plame was undercover

Rove leak is just part of larger scandal

I admire Judith Miller

Do You Think That Democrats Were Lying on WMDs As Well?

is Pacifica radio considered a reliable source?

Stripes letter: T-shirt inappropriate for GI

POLL: Real reasons for war in Iraq?

I appreciate both the Conspiracy Theorists and the Skeptics

Post: White House fears indictment

O.K. Just had a conversation with a Christian Conservative neighbor.

I'm listening to Randi Rhodes and just heard that Valerie Plames

Flies, and the Lying Liars Who Eat Them

Is the Democratic Party really that disorganized? Or is that just BS?

Okay, wrapping my body in tin foil now, but

Holy CRAP! ABC News is reporting bombers linked to last years arrests!!!

So I was at the Winnipeg Folk Festival,

U.S. appeals court overturns cattle import ban

Check out Rick Mercer's Blog

Stephen Harper's Image

Lib Dems win Cheadle by-election; Labour loses deposit

Here's a really weird Free Republic strand even by their standards ...

ABC reports link between London bombs and Bush admin leaking of name

Very simple. Very dignified. Very moving.

WP: Time Reporter Testifies About Contacts With Rove

GOP leader tapped as ambassador (to Singapore)

(Trademark) attorneys find Dykes on Bikes patently offensive, reject name

Senate backs land-grab limits (Texas)

Democrats seek inquiry on expired food in Iraq

Suicide barrage on Baghdad govt compound, two dead(Green Zone)

Civilian Deaths in Iraq Exceed Military

Vermont holds Montclair man in shooting plot

Bush administration asks 9th Circuit to junk judge's salmon order

Root of the Rove controversy is the war in Iraq

Boy, 3, probably killed little sister, police say

Scientists predict brave new world of brain pills (The Guardian)

US government calls Saudis 'significant source' of terror funds

LAT: Immigration Overhaul Seen as Key to Domestic Security (Chertoff)

LAT: Britain Sees More Links to Al Qaeda

WP: Specter, Feinstein Propose Curbs on Patriot Act

New Zealish (?) Fundie leader charged for raping kids

Laura Bush Seeks Advice From Rwanda Leader

FCC delays effort to set media ownership rules

Security incidents in Iraq, July 14

Homemade pipe bomb seized at B.C. ferry dock

NY1News: Bloomberg's Dem Rivals Downplay His Historic Union Endorsement

Why Iraq oil money hasn't fueled rebuilding

Taft won't give sworn statement in lawsuit

Ex-party leader jailed for rape (New Zealand)

US military handled Gitmo chief with kid gloves

Bush backs away from backing Rove

Schwarzenegger making millions as muscle mag editor

Wilson Calls on Bush to Fire Adviser Rove

GOP Watches Rove During CIA Leak Probe

NIH Finds Ethics Violations in 44 Cases( 36 still employed)

Tsunami 'unzipped' 620-mile rent

US jobless claims rise 16,000 to 336,000

Van Hoogstraten to take over top bank and colliery in Zimbabwe

(Texas) State Democrats short on funds

LAT:U Cal Quits National Merit Program(relies on PSAT,few minority awards)

Ex-party leader jailed for rape (for HeyHey :)

Bush picks tech lawyer for homeland security post

Colombia: U.K. Should Reject Pro-Paramilitary Law

Row over French bomb arrest claim

House Rejects Bill on China Arms Sales

How the Pentagon targets teens (for recruiting)

First Group accused of intimidating staff in US

Militants Flee to Pakistan From Mountains

Blair campaigns against 'poisonous misinterpretation' of Islam

Democrats introduce 'security clearance' amendment (RAW)

House keeps MTBE protection in energy bill

Priest indicted on rape charges

Iraq: Sunnis to Issue a Fatwa on Constitution Drafting

Loud explosion, fire hit central Baghdad

Massachusetts' Lt governor urges wider access to emergency contraception

WP: Clinton, Other Democratic Leaders Urge Young Liberals to Get Involved

Italy bans U.S. security guards from Winter Games

U.S. Moves to Freeze Saudi Group's Assets

Report: civilian deaths in Iraq far exceed those of military and police

S & P hits 4 year high

French ready for a new revolution

Weekly Reader fires editor over sex charge

Dems Call for Bill on Security Clearance

WHERE IS THE 5TH MAN? (British Bombing Suspect)

Sunnis allege abuse by Iraqi forces (11 tortured,executed incl 1 cleric)

New wave of British terrorists are taught at schools, not in the mountains

Break-in at Oslo mosque. Video tape stolen.

Fla. Town Officials Apologize Over Song

Judge dismisses slander claim against filmmaker Michael Moore

Anorexia Linked To Pleasure-Regulating Brain Chemical

Driver in Smart murder granted parole

New deadline set on Yucca Mountain

Chief Justice Rehnquist Released From Hospital

Unlucky in U.S. politics, Kucinich luckier in love

Wilson Live on Wolf Blitzer CNN NOW


Astronomers detect 'Tatooine planet'

Breaking...Duke Cunningham to retire after term

Goldman `Skeptical' of Bush Budget (Bloomberg News)

Zarqawi group denies deadly blast

O'Connor Urged to Reconsider Retirement

Not Enough Caskets for the Iraqi Dead

Up to 40% of Iraq forces deemed capable

Protesters Kept Well Away From President

Democrats say US security revamp won't stop attack

Pentagon Misses Deadline for Required Iraq Report

Senators say legislation needed for Guantanamo

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 14 July

ACLU Leader Challenges Arrest

US failed to dismantle Pak terror infrastructure: reports

US still pursuing nuclear options 60 years after first bomb

WaPo: Conservative Caucus's Choice for Top Court Is Cast in Stone

U.K. Bomb Probe Focuses on Chemist, Briton(Chemist NC State grad. student)

Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and Kit Bond News Conference

British Muslim (Senior leader) says he was denied entry to U.S.

Bush admin may be responsible for botching effort to thwart London bombin

India, Pakistan dig in over pipeline (from Iran)

Barton plans to write nuclear waste bill

London Bombers Tied to Al Qaeda Plot in Pakistan

Analysts see no quick drop in U.S. troops in Iraq

Appeals Court Overturns Canada Beef Ban

Support for bin Laden falls in Muslim countries

Abu Ghraib Tactics Were First Used at Guantanamo

Chertoff: States Foot Transit Safety Bill

Iran's Oil Diplomacy Frustrates US Policy (IRAQ!)--Daily Star

CIA agent's husband says Rove pushed Plame story

Congressional Trip to Canceled Shuttle Launch Cost Taxpayers $73,000

AP: GOP Nervously Eyeing Rove and CIA Probe

Body of Haitian journalist found

Rep. Cunningham won't seek re-election amid contractor probe

WP: Senate Does Battle Over Rove's Role in Plame Leak

US general denies Afghanistan 'quagmire'

WP: Abu Ghraib Tactics Were First Used at Guantanamo

Dean urges Bush to fire Rove

Grenada Orders Public off Streets; Emily Upgraded to a Hurricane

Controversy over US control of the Internet

Venezuela Tax Agency Confiscates Documents from Chevron

CIA 'outing' might fall short of crime

Myers Accuses Russia, China of Bullying

NYT: Lawmakers Postponing Bush Priority on Benefits(House & Senate Repubs)

"Christianity's Answer to the ACLU"--Ann Arbor News

LAT-Gov.(Arnold) to Be Paid $8 Million by Fitness Magazines

London bombing victims remembered by 2 minute silence

NYT: Pataki Will Test '08 Winds in Iowa

U.S. lifts Canada mad cow ban

NYT: Young Students Post Solid Gains in Federal Tests

Two Key Al Qaeda Leaders Captured In Iraq (“close confidants” to Zarqawi)

Parasites' genetic code 'cracked'

Breaking on CNN: Randy "Duke" Cunningham will not seek re-election

Italy not to reduce troop strength in Iraq

Amateur (Rapper) who raps on terror fired as baggage screener

London Bombing Suspects described: 'ORDINARY BRITISH LADS'

NYT: 8 Months After U.S.-Led Siege, Insurgents Rise Again in Falluja

Gen Teflon: unborn US babies soaked in chemicals

Rehnquist Says He'll Stay on Supreme Court

Feith Says Pentagon Overdid (lied) WMD Rationale !

Hicks' father outraged as US defends Guantanamo 'dog tricks'

Dems Seek Probe on Rove Role in CIA Leak

Enron Directors Vote for Pay Raise

US hosts military trainings for central Asian nations

Independents Are Having Buyer's Remorse

Bush: I've Made Opportunities for Blacks

China ‘ready to use N-weapons against US’

Rove Reportedly Held Phone Talk on C.I.A. Officer

Teen shot, killed at front door:Davie incident puzzles police (Florida)


Hillary Clinton to take on Rockstar over Hot Coffee

Lawmaker: Some airport security jobs a 'waste'

Husband, 84, Ordered to Serve Prison Time in 'mercy Killing' of Wife With

Thought Toddler Gay, Dad Kills Son

Wife Plans To Uphold Monona (Wisc.) Marine's Living Will

Monkey tests at heart of Merck case (Vioxx)

Jason Leopold: Report Shows Rove May Have Lied to FBI, A Felony

Lives of Three Men Offer Little to Explain Attacks (NY Times)

Sweetener 'linked' to leukaemias (ASPARTAME DANGERS)

Do some people think of their actual human children as pets?

Movie melding!

"We'll Meat Again" is not about Soylent Green.

"Imaginary Lover" is not about masturbation either.

Craig Ferguson does not make me laugh

"Fungible" - sounds pornographic, doesn't it?

If you have never seen "The Edge" . . .

Making Love Out of Nothing at All is NOT about masturbation

"Imaginary Lover" is not about masturbation. It's about psychosis.

"Danger Zone" is not about masturbation.

This thread is about wanking!

Rush's "Bastille Day" is not about Bastille Day. It's about wanking.

"Sexual Healing " wasn't really about healing with sex

FGTH's "Relax" is not about relaxing, nor is it about masturbation.

I'm having trouble convincing myself that Porco Rosso

Slayer's "Death's Head" *is* about masturbation.

One Night in Bankok is not about guns, nor about

"2112" is TOTALLY about masturbation

Could we isolate discussion about songs that are about masturbation to...

Oh my, Zappa's Disco Boy about masturbation..

I'm gonna kill that bear

"She Bop" really IS about masturbation!

Jon Stewart on Daily Show was great tonight

Mind of Mencia is a hoot. Made fun of Cheney with that picture of

This thread is not about me going to bed.

West Coast "Daily Show" Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Brockie Experiences "Masturbate" *is* about masturbation

I touch myself is not about masturbation either

"Moby Dick" was NOT about the biggest pornstar in the Biz

"Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" is not about masturbation.

look at me I am an artist

"Big Balls" is not about testicles

Are we allowed to say "masturbation"?

Don't you know you got to SPANK the monkey!

"If" by Rudyard Kipling

Robert Frost. A tiny bit naughty.

"Turning Japanese" is not about wanking.

How to become unemployed

"Yellow Submarine" was about driving a 69 Chevelle SS into a laundromat.

Clues: Solve it

In that song about smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo...

OK, the fun is over.

OK, the sun is over.

Puff. Puff. I'm relaxed now.

"I'm In Love With My Car" is not about auto-eroticism

"Detachable Penis" is not about biological functions

"Auto-manipulator" by Crispin Glover is not about driving.

So what's Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" about?

Since we're talking about lost bands..

"Rosie" by Jackson Browne is about......???

George Wither (1558-1667) was NOT a nasty man, so stop saying that!

Purring cats.

okay, how about "Right In Time" by Lucinda Williams?

Words that rhyme with " Christianization"

good Church Joke---just make it Baptist

Remote viewing Tibetan monks

Here's a nice kitty thread.

Emily undergoes explosive intensification, now a Cat 1 hurricane. 90 MPH

Arthur Treacher or the Colonel Sanders.....

The War on Beauty

All this talk about a WH 'leak' makes me want to urinate.

"If" by Bread

After 3 weeks I come back and find all this masturbating...

The Bar or an Undisturbed SCI Fi Channel premier Friday Night

"Little Willy" by Sweet is not about, well...

Gotta do the programming thing ..

It just dawned on me.....

Is it fair to tell you

Bis Später!

Okay, once again it's 3:33 AM and I am awake..

I have been looking over the current threads here in the Lounge

We should all send John Gibson Bastille Day e-cards

Who will win in a fight, Karl Rove or his cellmate Biff?

How many pins can you stick in the head of an angel?

Bigger rug? new toon 7/14

Good morning,

Why am I awake at this ungodly hour without a snowballs chance in hell

Jury In Place For Cameron Diaz Nude Photo Trial

Spread the word, spread the word. That the Yanks are coming,

Corpse Falls Into Traffic in Texas

um; ever get the feeling coffee colored clothes are the way to go?

Can you read this?

Jury In Place For Matcom Nude Photo Trial

Tiger is at it again - 7 under after 12 holes. Leads by 4

is it bastille day yet?

Good Morning, DU!


is there a site for popuLations?

Man Arrested For Using Cell Phone To Take 'Upskirt' Photos At Walmart

I have completed my Activist task!

DU is either the Greatest Website ever or Skinner is the devil.......

Corpse falls into traffic

So is the one on the bottom the lesser ....

Record For "Highest Formal Dinner Party" Broken (Pic)

Saw "The Contender" last night

Jogging In Park Is OK But No Sex Please

Futbol/Soccer Group

Superintended fired in Mass. for assault w/deadly weapon gets hired in NH

Anyone here use GABA to help relax and fall asleep

Dead Mom Stored In Basement Freezer Inspires Car Magnet

Saw 'Batman Begins' last night

I hereby declare today: Flippy Smiley Day!

what is your representative's porno name?

Drunk Scuffles With Bear in Ukrainian Zoo

Spirit tales reveal ancient landslides

A woman's pet lion, Simba, has upsetted neighbors

Worst concert you've ever seen

Police press charges over a man hanging on the roof of a car(pic)

The Auditors are here for the next two days-Will *this* work?

Woman Sues Over Radio Station's Toy Hummer April Fool's Prank

Cat help needed!!!

'Human-brained' monkeys

Gravity doughnut promises time machine

Bush's 'brain' leaked: Did Bush know?

Gretchen Franklin, Ethel of "EastEnders," dies at age 94

20-year inmate dies 3 days before release after ambulance not called

Rush's Lawyer (Roy Black ) gets reality show on NBC-"The Law Firm"

Hey Progmom, over here!!!!

Jealous noodle chef takes revenge

Greg Raymer on verge of making History at WSOP

what is a fun game we can play?

Compulsive Gambling, Sex Linked to Parkinson's Drugs

Decorate my home! Your advice is needed and appreciated

ZombyCoffee - I need it now!

You're a reporter at the Scott McClellan press conference where...

Hey Zuni! Over here!

Which city most deserves an NHL franchise??

Great examples of 'republican family values' in the movies

Watched Million Dollar Baby last night.

Allo! C'est Bastille Day, y'all!

I'm going out for doughnuts. Anyone want any?

I'm planning a catnapping again

What does Dick Morris think about the Supreme Court Situation?

Xmas is coming early this year. I've never heard about Xmas

Gather 'Round Kiddies For Matcom's Joke O' The Day

Asshole boss expected my wife to wait 2-1/2 hours for a meeting.

I have been finding myself spending more time in GD lately

Sometimes I forget the nationality of my child.

Who else loved Foundation?

Happy Birthday-Cheech, Rubik,Han Solo, Capt. Picard, Jack Kemp

The NHL Lockout is over!!! Who's gonna win the Stanley Cup in 2006?

Interview "Thank you" note question

I'm sore after last night.

A lesson in patience

Teens Win Scholarships For Duct-Tape Prom Dress, Tux

Who leaves most of the hair in your shower drain, you or your partner?

A fair comparison of the "liberal media's" treatment of Clinton vs Bush

Hedges, Beastman and asthmaticeog - hanging out in Cleveland together:

oh give me land, lots of land under starry skies above...don't fence me in


Have you ever attended a "legendary" concert? Which one(s)?

Let's do a sitcom. How do we cast this?

A little conversation on the Rove and Plame case.

Maybe someone could help me with an internet question?


Can someone help me out with a site that

I really wish there was a way to filter out the child abuse stories.

I have a picture of Tom DeLay in my home!!

Admit it. It's something you've been tempted to do.

Geek Question - have you ever ran/been on a network with a server named...

Sleigh bells ring...

In honor of the upcoming release of the new Harry Potter book

THE AGONY-How much longer must we wait to hear from sniffa's SO?

Do you get what I am saying?

quiche' and chicken wings for Lunch

Your joke of the day for Thursday!

So I was digging around through my stuff

FreeRepublic Hilarity!

Idiot - No Tag Backs

X Files afficionados . . .

I've totalling WASTING my time arguing this morning

I wish our time to edit posts was a little longer!

I just saw fricking irony today at lunch

Whiy is Rove called "Turd Blossom"?

Dog Survives Hit By Police Cruiser, Taser, Gun Shots

Sorry I just have to rant!!

Dogs are NOT a fashion accessory!

Admit it it's something you have always been tempted to do

Favorite character on " Carter Country " ?

So now I'm %&$#@! smoking again

I got a laugh from this mug shot...from

Hold on a minute... BUSH "affectionately" calls KKarl "Turd Blossom"???

Tiger users! Update 10.4.2 avaliable today

Greg - isn't this an indictment of our entire American society?

You know who is lower than low?

'Cooter' (Ben Jones) Urges Fans To Skip Dukes Of Hazzard Movie

See Emily Play

I had no idea Alan Thicke sang the theme to "Diff'rent Strokes."

Family row re: politics.....advice? (warning: long & possibly dull)

Your opinion of Bernard Goldberg WITHOUT dropping the F-bomb,

Any advice on sticker removal from rear window of car?

The good news is that I'm off from work today.

bush et al helped me in my workout the other day.

Screw Desperate Housewives

Which manhunt do you feel is being carried out more in earnest?

The original Cooter from Dukes of Hazzard is a Democrat!


do u think jim morrison gets over-emotional at the end of 'light my fire'

What's for lunch, DU?

Computer tech-types: what's this called?

Good to see the Lounge, How's everybody doing?

How do I tell my Wife she needs to shave

I PROMISE That You Have NEVER Seen Anything Quite Like These Pics!

Poker Spoiler: WSOP Main event Standings

My 1,000th post!

Help me understand this bumper sticker.

I'm depressed, can you DUers try to cheer me up?

BREAKING! iggy pop on fresh air!

I have a question.

What or who prompted you to become politically active?


She's nice to everyone....

Please take your unhappy crying baby home immediately!

Have you heard about the lonesome loser?

Do you go to a chriopractor?

Who started the "Robb is a Dingbat" craze?

Family Guy lovers:

Lies, Lies, Lies Yeaha!

At what age did your children learn about the facts of life?

List of all the major Emmy Noms: Who's your favorite?

My turn to rant!

Southerners: Do you like the media's portrayal of the South?

anyone see the iTunes 500,000,000 song giveaway?

My turn to pant

Some days, I layer with tinfoil and then a flameproof suit

How damn much tinfoil do we need?

Patent For "Dykes On Bikes" Rejected As Offensive

Smiley envy?

101 Reasons Why He's David Bowie......

Have you ever had one of those days when your brain feels like this?

Dammit, stop flushing that effin' toilet!

Kissing Hank's Ass

My Turn to Chant

She is shhocked

So, I'm changing by brother's diaper and he asks...

Moonpies: Yummy treat or evil devil-food.

Call your Representative to oppose HR-355 The Sanchez Resolution!

So, I'm changing by brother's diaper and he asks...

I met the Indigo Girls last night...

I have a pitbull

New disturbing info on Joe Wilson

CatWoman, maybe you can use this to solve your Matcom problem

Please could you stop the noise, I'm trying to get some rest.

I accidentally blocked someone, lol.

More than 400 breast implants nipped from postal service van

Paging SKINNER, ELAD and EARLG to the lounge

Valuable lessons learned by Wally and the Beaver. (humor)

Do you believe in beliefs?

Happy Bastille Day!

So, I'm changing Karl Rove's diaper and he asks...

I'm Katie Holmes. Ask me anything.

"I'm looking for Amanda? Amanda Huggankiss?"

I love this guy!

Fantastic Four was mediore at best...

Proper punishment for Rove: Dismemberment

Woodworker shares chair-making passion with former president

Anybody want to start a Progressive Bookbanning Group?

What should I do tonight?

British Open Round 1 almost complete (spoilers)

***Happy Birthday, my darling MrG!!!****

I'm a troll. Ask me anything.

How many people have to post on a thread


I'm thinking they need to beef up funding for our local library

I'm a roll ask me anything

What's the square root of a flexnar?

Hey You!

You know your getting old....

I am in the middle of one helluva thunderstorm!!

What is the music that soothes your soul?

What does everyone think of the whole "pro-Ana" movement


MoonPies and ___________

WWBVD?_____ ____What Would Bob Villa Do?

Democracy White has the greatest smilie dance party

c'est le poisson de mon raoul de frère

I just received this email & I am not sure whether I should laugh

Is "a few" and "a couple" about the same?

Hillary Clinton reminds me of Helen Lovejoy!

Steve Earle! Nooooooooooooo! (truck commercial)

Do you consider yourself to be egocentric?

The new birds and bees.

One more think our troops have to worry about--mutant fucking spiders

dieses ist der Fisch meines Bruder raoul


I just made it to 600 post!!!





And GI Joe got stuck, and GI Joe got stuck

Yikes! I even put on sunscreen.



Post A Headline You'd Like To Read In Tomorrow's Paper

éste es el pescado de mi raoul del hermano

******BREAKING WIND******


I'm tired of Matcom pissing in my threads!!!!!

On this Bastille Day - please think of Quebec


There is some critter living in the shrubs outside my door.

My 3000th post...............A Joke.

And now for a magic trick...

Mom Called: She Bought Me A New Red Sox Cap Today!

Mom Called: She Bought Me A New Red Sock Today!

Check out these Wallpapers!

Should I watch "Boogeyman"

Nap time at the Church of the Big Giant Cat (WARNING: pics!)

The Aristocrats

Mitch mitch bo

******BREAKING NEWS*******

Listening to Zemfira and Rammstein!

Medical humor

These are the times that try men's soul's.

Making beer...

Bart Bart bo Bart bananna fanna fo.

This broke my heart :( (DU Parents will understand)

Only one more week of Statistics..

What should I do this weekend?

Did everyone see Jon Stewart dissect Bernard Goldberg?


FINALLY got the new buffalo nickel

Hottest DUer on earth

To all 1066 DU Activist Corpspersons and those yet to come:

Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" Show - Awful!

What is the music that tortures your soul?

Fuck the rest of the concert. Let's go across the street and get drunk.

Okay, who wants a job at Enron?

Guess what?

Johnny Depp vs. Tom Cruise

Where did Aunt Jemima come from?


Why is it since I turned 30 I can't stop whacking

My 3000th post

Trump Condering pitting blacks vs. whites for the Apprentice

How Long Before Tucker's "The Shit-U-A-Shun" Gets Canceled?

Before I buy Spysweeper, is there any better spyware blocker I should get?

How to beat the cigarette smoke from other half of gf's duplex?

I just accidentally swallowed a gnat. Ask me anything!

Then let me rant about people stuck in one paradigm in movies.


Name best instrumental guitar albums.



Live from Taxpayer Financed Stadium

Someone please check their Yahoo mail

Am I the only one that still cracks up when Homer reveals his

It's Official....I am losing my job.


I saw Hedges at the Renaissance Faire!!!

Anyone Interested In A Photoshop Contest Group? (A.K.A Fark-style)

Wireless posting at the airport rocks!!

You F**ing "S*B's" get out there and find some "International Articles"

Will somebody nudge me?

my god, do peopLe have any foreskin? (funny copycat. enjoy.)

do you believe in fortune cookies?


Fire Star Rover!

Brainshrub is IGNORING us

Second Harry Potter Poll. Favorite Movie So Far

"Count Spankula"

Star Rover is coming!

Funny News:Brazilian bandits steal silicone breast implants

A Non HP Poll. Which is the most likely, totally awful headline...

Wow, what's gotten into Jason Giambi?

Chicago White Sox Carl Everett is a homophobic idiot

I'm still mourning's demise

Third Harry Potter Poll. Who is going to die this time?


My rant (not a very serious subject, but it really bugs me).

Nas reporterdly pays $2 million for set of beats ?!?!?

audioslave in cuba

22 more hours 13 minutes (CET) until Harry Potter goes on sale.

If a Sith drinks too much, does he puke blue lightning??

My god, do people have any skin? (unproductive rant. ignore.)

Read this.

My unintentional reference gave me a good reference

Where is the animated .gif of Tom Cruise shocking Oprah with electricity?

Oh, Jeff I love you too but...

Harland Williams on Comedy Central.

Is someone who thinks Martha Stewart "got what she deserved"

J'accuse! Has it never happened to you?

Spoiler WSOP update on Greg Raymer

Check out YOUR Air Quality (In CA it's very dirty!)

24+ hours until the Battlestar Galactica premier

to all of you who wished me ill yesterday...

So are there any good progressive dating services

The last person killed at Pamplona

I didn't buy it! I didn't buy it!

C of F's "Desire in Violent Overture" is about masturbating Rabrrrrrr.

What? Why did you ask that? What do you know about my image duplicator?

The British are Fucking Terrified!

For those who miss AL Hedges - how does he get the ladies?

Beaver Biscuits! The * Colonel * Potter * Quote * Thread

My First Of Several Harry Potter Polls. Favorite Book So Far

What are looking forward more to this weekend?

Yo - Hedges is a FREAK!

What the F......???? No one sounded the Roadhouse alarm

What kind of boss do you have?

What's that again?

Haven't exercised since July 4 yet I've lost another 4 pounds. WTF?

Why we got rid of wall-to-wall carpeting.

I feel like a slug

Tammy Wynette

(error, delete)

Please help re: fundie email


Happy Birthday Woody!...

Dog owners and their dogs should be registered like sex offenders.

My town is going nuts over a new bridge.

I Swore I'd Never Get Hooked On Another Reality Show, But I REALLY Like...

the Love we Shar (a poem)

If you like me let me know

Anybody watching "Being Bobby Brown"? New reality show

Anyone watching the Sox-Yanks? I forgot how much I hate Schilling.

If you hate me, please say so now.

I had to introduce someone to George Bush's America today...

"Crystal meth and Schnapps have turned his brain into a sponge"

Guess which breed of dog attacked me on the way home tonight..

No offense to Southern DU'ers but, MOON PIES ARE GROSS!!!!

Your favorite cheeseball movies?

Life is just a blur of Republicans and Meat!

Guess which breeds have attacked me or my dog:

Loretta Lynn or Alice Cooper?

Ooooh! Ooooh! Look what happened to my sig line... it moves!

We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll...

What the heck!! Did I join a cat dating service or something

Apparently, no one does summer like Michael Bey...

Paging Walldude...Paging Walldude Please pick up the thread in the lobby

Which is worse, a hissy fit or a conniption?

Back by popular demand: GRATUITOUS KITTEN THREAD!!

I am washing my car tomorrow... we need the rain.

Need the name of a Dr Suess book

My hovercraft is full of eels.

I wanna see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

It's 10:50pm. I am at work. I just remembered a friend is at the jazz club

Says here President Clinton is a (R) Republican now

I want to go to Cuba.

Kitty Dilemma Question

Welcome Back, Curt Schilling!

Serious question about GTA:SA & "Hot Coffee" (warning: adult content)

Da three putzes dat's what you should call this site

I saw Hedges in Surrey, England!

Just got back from the doctor.

Shameless cuteness pic: Say hello to a quickly growing liberal!

Cool down.

Okay, I'm confused...

People hogging bandwith in their sig lines......check in here!

Somehwat annyoying thngs to do with HTML

Shhh!!!! The repeat of last night's great Daily Show is on!

Leno on Rehnquist leaving the hospital

Post yer good comebacks

So I've been babysitting my neighbor's son

The Gratuitous Michael Palin Quoting Thread

Daily Show July 14th. 2005 Thread

Make you own movie - i made a bush movie

As an adult, did you think "Undercover Angel" was about masturbation?

"For a thmall fee I can thell you this little blue button to get you down"

Sorry, I posted in GD......

G'nite, gang. I hope to awaken to an even better day of things going awry

Gospel Workout?

Ever see an Igloo movie short?

I know this is...."Ah..BlueJazz, We didn't really want to know this"

I guess I don't appreciate Diplomat Pickles Bush as much as I should.

Post here for your too weird answer

ARod takes Big Mouth Schilling waaaay back.

"Corvette Summer" is coming on TCM

We saw a naked man running up to a house today..

Great food. What exactly is this stuff, anyway?

Is anyone hittin the sauce?

This is great! Every time I refresh the "latest" page ...

Bizarre Anti-Hillary Rants here

Just found a neat time waster.

Tell me what to do.

The Filth and The Fury is on IFC right now!

Show what kind of music fan you are

I hate bad movie psychics

Here's a second thread w/pictures from my recent trip...

Spank the monkey!

Man robs bank using drive thru tube.

I had one Corona Light and I feel tipsy.

Winetasters- celebrate your favorites on this thread.

does ben-gay really do anything besides make your skin hot?

Best Star Wars movie.

Favorite Character Actors

I drank a lava lamp.

Off topic: Hilarious article about the Bret Boone trade to the Twins

is there some kind of liqueur or liquor that is BLUE?

I think I'm a Diet Coke-aholic.

Worst baby name?

post here for your two word answer...

Damn it! My op-ed was published but the paper don't have it online.......

I doubt that the majority of internet users are Liberals:

Holy crap. This is brilliant (personality test I found a bit ago).

It's time for a "post from your cache" thread!

4th Harry Potter Poll. What should J.K. Rowling Do After HP#7?


As a child, did you know you were headed toward Liberalism...?

Did I mention that I was taking Beta-Sitosterol?? I now know

Why don't women hire other women for positions? I've noticed

Emily 125MPH Cat 3, 957 mb. Watch out, Texas!

Bizarro Question of the day - what would you do

May be taking a trip to San Francisco in Sept. Anyone know

Anyone want a Gmail account? I got 49 to give away!

hey! yellowjackets!

*singing* "This is the post that never ends..."

Journalistic ethics question:

All alone I fall to pieces.

Do you believe in Oreo cookies?

Help requested. My wife and I are planning to travel in the south-

I hate bad movie physics

Woman 'miraculously' grows a penis

Picture of Me And My Dog! Help Me Pick Out A Picture.

Then let me rant about people playing instruments in movies

Rickie Lee Jones fans - REJOICE!

I made my dog sick

What is your favorite method of working out?

I need some Internet Explorer help

I'm sleeping in the doghouse tonight. Sirius is dying. I'm with him.

My boss just said to me "I love you". Ask me anything.

What do I do this weekend?

Will my favorite restaurant still be there ?

Look at this photoshop a Freeper made

Just had an infuriating incident...

Perhaps the best pic of myself and Cassandra Uprising - ever!

Let's play: Finish That Song Verse!

Do you believe in sundog?

A Non Poll Harry Potter Post! Predictions. HMMMMM?????

As a child, did you know you were headed toward Lesbianism...?

What are the top 3 concerts you've ever seen?

What is your favourite type of salad?

Proof Hedges is a freak - CLOSEUP!

NYC vacation starts tomorrow. Any advice?

People with cool shit in their sig lines......check in here!

OK, are a very few pictures from my recent trip!

What's your most recent "slap yourself in the head" moment?

I'm just sitting here drawing while reading posts on DU

ATA Redux (just for fun, no REAL complaints allowed)

Do you believe progmom is going to hell?

Heads Up For Guitarists

Trading Spaces Fans - WHAT Happened To Paige Davis? Rumor Has It.....

Not to be mistaken for people you admire...who are your heroes?

Is your cat on Catster?

Most emotional scene in any film?

I always thought Hedges looked like Tina Yothers!

Who do people say you look like?

Which Type Of Freeping Troll Bastard Do YOU Find More Entertaining?

DU Activist Corps

I need urgent help


PETA wants us to take over the Weinermobile.

on the prospect of going back to church

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

The universe was created by a Flying Spaghetti Monster

Is Jesus tooo White?

Body Burden — The Pollution in Newborns

U.S. health costs highest; malpractice no factor: study

Scientists predict brave new world of brain pills (The Guardian)

Astronomer's three-star find

New MODIS picture of Aral Sea, Some good news, but mostly very Bad!

Anorexia Linked To Pleasure-Regulating Brain Chemical

Deep Impact Flyby Spacecraft Ready For New Mission

'Pleasure drugs' boom on way, says think-tank

'Pleasure drugs' boom on way, says think-tank

Santa Claus Is Coming Out...

Battle Gears Up To Fight Texas Anti-Gay Amendment

New Anti-Gay Allegations Leveled At HHS Web Site

Help our LGBT Youth!

Canada To Pay Same-Sex Survivor Pensions While Court Fight Continues

Human Rights Group Calls For Investigation Into Gay Activist's Murder

Lawmakers Have No Right In Gay Benefits Case Court Told

Santorum's Communications Director says he's been gay and "out"

Dad Boxed With 3-Year-Old, Mom Says In Murder Trial

Third Of Calif. Gay Couples Latino

U.S. Trademark Office Rejects Attempts to Register "Dykes on Bikes"

Baseball Season Starts TODAY!

Lewis ousted, Babcock chosen as Red Wings Coach

disastrous news for Yankee fans . . .

HORSE RACING NEWS & RESULTS weekend of July 14th

4-0 RED SOX!!! Hellllloooooo Mussina??????

Bite me, Schilling you Fundyfuck!

Koby Clemens

Yanks v. Sox tonite . . .

Is Jason Giambi back on the roids?

Spurs sign Fabricio Oberto

More disastrous news for Yankee fans

Horse Racing News 7/14

Orange County law bans chaining dogs outside during day (FL)

Help needed with Betta

*URGENT* Need foster home :(

Update on my cats, Smoke and Sterling

best cat toy ever!

Thinking of having a baby?

Further work on Rove's chart (new thread)

I hereby place this idea for a bumper sticker in the public domain

Thursday morning fuel for the fire

Vote to increase funding for first-responders goes down in flames

Bolton update

Kerry quoted on NASA shuttle delay

Raw Story: Kerry already paying NH staffers for possible presidential bid

anyone watching the Senate right now?

Joe's beard

Not related to John Kerry or politics but ...

Crap, I scratched my cornea

This 'Homeland Security' bill is a disgrace

Beautiful Kerry pics

Need advice

A different look at a Seattle landmark...

Post pics of Hawaii here

I'll post an ASTB thread for Craig...

So, why is Tucker the golden-haired boy of MSNBC??????

Here's a great impeach Bush resolution. Let's get all states to pass it.

Brookings Institution to Hold Briefing: Rumsfeld's Revolution at Defense

This scares me about Bush exactly like it did about Reagan:

An interesting thought about the administration's future

"Our guests tonight are Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke, and Joe Wilson..."

I can't help it, I'm really proud of Brian Schweitzer and Montana.......

Feedback on Letter to the Editor I'm writing, if you would please.

Rove was fired from the Bush Campaign for leaking info to Bob Novak

Republicans reveal their innermost souls:

Joe Wilson on Today show soon

Clinton chief of staff Podesta is on for hour about Rove on NPR 10 am vs.

Controversy about the President's visit (Indianapolis)

Bush honesty rating drops to lowest point - Further and further

"Afghanistan made a terror attack on Britain a likelihood; Iraq made it

SF Gate: Short of grand jury indictment, no one expects Bush to fire Rove

Getting Rove fired keeps Bush hired. The hell with Rove. It's Bush I want!

Meaningless "Survey" on Rove Provides Meaningless Results!

Planet Bush: Where reality is irrelevant

Why does the GOP think that by saying they are the party of Lincoln,

Rove Should Be Fired This Time Too. - LTTE to DE and Philly PA

Iraq: The Phony 'Withdrawal' - It's all about permanent bases

Why did Papa B*sh fire Rove back in the '80's?

NBC Today: Joe Wilson says Rove "should be fired" - (VIDEO)

Abu Ghraib Tactics Were First Used at Guantanamo

John Dean of Nixon/Watergate fame offers advice to Wilson/Plame

Father of Australian captive outraged US defends Guantanamo 'dog tricks'

Sean Hannity gets his ass handed to him, courtesy of Bill Press, re: Plame

Scotty McClellan and his podium (v2)

Lamest "protest" ever - the Snow and ice sculptures yesterday (no pics)

Discussing This Karl RovE/Plame Thing With A Repug Friend....

How can the federal budget deficit go down by $94 billion when...

haha check out this "Bush's Brain" pic from a newspaper

Survey: What will be Patrick Fitzgerald's downfall?

Rove Not Perfect

Ann Coulter on "the fog of lies" sent out by "clown" Wilson on Karl Rove

Don't miss today's Doonesbury!

BREAKING NEWS: Bush fires his entire cabinet

Coleman may lead defense of Rove

Bush's POW-MIA Chief Accused of Abuse

"Bolton's Enemies Are Now on the Inside." thewashingtonnote

Yahoo news Rove articles - Rate them, read them, and email them

Understanding the Neo-Conservative......

Perhaps it is time to use their talking pt from the Campaign!

Talk Show TP: 41 Democratic Senators lost the election get over it

DU this poll!

Conservative Judicial Activists

July 13's Daily Show Episode


Once again, only one Fox News show breaks the top 40...

A list of characters, lives, jobs, twirling in the wake of Rovian BS

Was Ari the Other Leaker?

Is there a WH press briefing today?

"Circle the wagons boys! The liberals are coming.."

An Army of (No) One (recruiting poor, mentally ill, low performers)

Is there a White House Press Briefing today?

Is your _________ a psychopath?? (you know who I mean)

Fire Karl Rove petition on Air America Radio front page

Did Rove reveal Plame’s identity as a covert agent in order...

What happens if Fitzgerald doesn't return an indictment of Rove or anyone

OMG Freeper Invasion!

What do we know about the "British intelligence" that confirms yellowcake

Jerry Falwell...Scary Thought

watch this (based on a true story) trailer"Heart of the Beholder" SCARY!!!

Looks like * will get away with just firing Rove

PDA evidence is what we need! (so says EasyRider at Eschaton)

The true cost of "outing" Plame needs to be outlined in spec. terms NOW!

HBO's Six Feet Under: "Bush re-elected because evil in world"..Video....

Those trashing Wilson

College Republicans: Who sees a pattern?

Regarding the investigation for "yellow cake" in Niger,

Karl Rove and Plamegate: Smell the Fear at Free Republic

How Karl Rove Screwed J.H. Hatfield's Life.

Santorum blasted for 'Boston bashing'

Chief Justice Thomas Moyer has crossed the line in the sand

A Republican joke from my college-age nephew (& Bush's latest approval #s)

"Open Letter to the Apathetic...the American Patriots.." by Eve Ensler,

" we are staring into a global deflationary abyss."

PNAC -> Rove -> Plame -> IRAQ -> Oil

When will Rove denounce and fire

Falwell vs Liberal Christians

Death Penalty for Treason during time of War

Yellow Elephant

Downing Street And Rove Scandal Are Intimately Linked

HOW many people died

The right-wing's new enemy: Time's Matt Cooper.

Butler report- you have to listen to the emphasis on the word "SOUGHT"

WaPo: Sources close to Plame case expect at least one indictment

Okay someone help me debunk, if this is wrong.

Schumer and Joe Wilson to speak today at 3:00 -Call for Suspension!

Under heavy security, France celebrates Bastille Day (chirac in OPEN car)

We need a Republican to demand that Rove be fired. Where is McCain hiding?

Don't get out the party hats yet............

If Joe Wilson's Wife was just a "Desk Jockey"

Gotta question Dubya.

Signs/Signals/Clues/Hints/ of an IGNORANT DECISION(S)

question: Is Roves lawyer permitted to be in the court room


[the Niger forgeries] were so bad that an Italian tabloid used to printing

Where has Cheney been during Rove's downfall?

John Snow and John King.

RoveGate does NOT spell defeat for the Republicans - Act Now!

Amendment Vote

Slaughter renews her pink slip drive

Ron Paul (R- Ga.) on C-Span just gave a great speech

On the Today Show, Wilson says Bush Should Fire Rove

The Republican defense of the day..

Joe Wilson on C-Span 3 right now.

I need a verfication RE Wilson on CSPAN and Poppy remark

When the arrests do come......I hope they are VERY PUBLIC!

Does anybody have the Poppy Bush letter dealing with Rove?

Which is the chickenshit scarcely cat President Bush or President Chirac ?

Lieberman and Collins put political pork ahead of national security!

Schumer slipping up.. Ambassador rove calling for investigation of

Has anyone bothered to debunk Stephen Hayes?

Cooper to Disclose Grand Jury Testimony in 'Time'

Looking for a link - anyone have it? Re: Plame

Which Website is more Ideological?

Yahoo! Citizens stand up for 1st amendment in Columbus Ohio

GOP Spin on Rovegate live on C-SPAN 3 right now n/t

Debate on Amendment to remove Rove's security clearance on Cspan2

After Hubris Comes Nemesis.

re:'re either with us, or you're with the terrorists......

BRAD BLOG: Rush Unglued Over RoveGate...

what happened to the Downing Street Memo? i mean really, is turdblossom

Scared Into Depression...

Bush (41) wrote a letter to Wilson saying he agreed with his points?

Who's the "Fool on the Hill"..........?

Dick Morris boards the Turd Blossom Express: "Bush shouldn't fire Rove"

Wilson Live on Wolf Blitzer CNN NOW

FOX News/Opinion Dynamics Poll * job rating...5 pt. swing to the bad

Nevada Young Repukes Implode.

RNC release: GOP in Congress defend Karl Rove from 'partisan attacks'

Limbaugh is destroying Wilson's credibility....

Where are the Rove jokes?

Joe Wilson...the measure of a man.

Anyone watching CSPAN2?

Rove: "Wilson's wife is fair game"

If we on DU know this much about The Plame Affair and DSM

Anyone have links to websites of LOCAL Dems running for office?

Does Tweety really have a moral compass ?

David Brooks repeats RNC talking points unchallenged on NPR

Saying attacks on Rove is a "Smear campaign"

I never thought I'd see the day when the whores would defend TREASON

Today's GDP Poll: What type of person do you want running for Prez in 08


Howie Fucking Kurtz

Typical Republican Racist Humpor

Duke Cunningham decides not to re-run for his seat...

Dems: Rove lied when he said Wilson's wife "authorized" the Niger trip!

Can someone give me one unbiased example of Wilson's "dishonesty"?

Wilson to read letter from Bush 41 on Today show

Gannon/Guckert asked a Valerie Plame quesion of McClellan sometime

Question White House Press Should Ask

DU this! - Rove not a villian

The truth about Democrats and Republicans

A Plame Leak Timeline at dKospedia

"If she was not undercover, we would not have a reason to file a criminal

Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and Kit Bond News Conference

Q. Who else prizes loyalty above all else, Dubya?

How about this for a meme?

OMG...are you watching Senate Amendment Hearings? Frist vs. Reid!

Ldotters declare: "Rove a hero, Wilson is gay!"

One City, One World, One America

How's Your State Stack up in Bush Disapproval? TEXAS at 47%

CSM: "Underlying issue is not a leak, but how America was misled into war"

Writing an oped, i.e. who else? Rove. Need two things.

RNC hack Ken Mehlman tries to redefine "leak"

Please tell me why I find this pic sooo unsettling.

Oh, to hell with it---self-delete

"Wake up and smell the fascism"

We gotta do a better job of posting International Newspapers in LBN...

My email to ABC News. Please add your letters to mine.

GOP willing to sink with Rove. Wave bye...

The republicans are so flustered, they don't even realize the

U Know how badly the WH Press corp grilled McClellan (Rove)?

Okay - Countdown the NYTimes Article. Here is the link. Post

Do you get the feeling this is only Chapter One ? let me get this straight (Plame madness)

Karl Rove laughed at the reporters this morning

Michigan GOP may close primary to Republicans only. Are they "McCain-

DFAers form new site to help those running grassroots campaigns.

Radio fans -- Do you like the fact that Alan Colmes pre-empts Mike Malloy?

Karl Rove, Whistleblower: He told the truth about Joe Wilson.

Number One neo-con MSM liar....Gergen the mealy mouthed

Do not waste your time - Rove is going nowhere

Kudos to Andrea Mitchell. Said Plame perhaps suggested, but did not

As sure as the sun rises tomorrow....

Did Rove admit to revealing Plame's CIA status or his lawyer?

Wow, exactly two years ago today!

Is It Me, Or Has That Ugly Fucker Novak Been MIA?

Howard Dean in Madison 07/13/05

Rove is suddenly religious?

Aruba ..... Aruba ..... Aruba ..... Aruba ....... Shark

letter from George H.W. Bush to Joe Wilson

Don't let Rove distract from DSM! Email Senators now to sign JK's letter!

Isikoff betrayed a little secret amongst the reporters on TDS....

DICK morris just called valerie plame a "clerk" on hanutty&colmes

Only 20 GOP show up for anti-Dean rally and scream contest. Failure.

Even Freepers have tin-foil hats.

So the Bush thralls are calling Rove a hero and deserves a medal.

America suffers because it allowed untrained, inexperienced People

DU this CNN poll....Should Bush Fire Rove?

How long before they personally attack Fitzgerald, the prosecutor?

Rove tied to House Lobbying Scandal through Former Aides

Is this an internal Clan war?? Poppy and Little Boots??

Something big about the leak is about to come out in NYTimes

Who is Miller protecting? It's not Rove! Someone else on the WHIG

It is a Crime to expose an Agent

I need your help fellow DU'ers

Is anyone in administration guilty of the Espionage Act?

"What if the President or the Vice-President told Rove to leak the name?"

Leak of Agent's Name Causes Exposure of CIA Front Firm

Tweety is DEAD...Let's sent messages that David Gregory is "DaMan!"

Asking for Rove to be fired is a waste of a good opportunity

How can the idiots claim the moral high ground when they claim that

Ten minutes to TDS

Michelle Malkin sides with Ted Kennedy over Santorum

"Christian Exodus" Sees Upstate South Carolina As Promised Land

"The Christian Right is Neither."

ATTN: unlawflcombatnt THANK YOU!

DU: Please Sign Deans Petition Regarding White House Treason.

Republican talking points on Plame (via Limbaugh)....what is the truth?

How will Bush be remembered?

Nevada Young Republicans Suffer Heavy Blow.

GOP Caught in "Leak" Frame