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Archives: July 12, 2005

China, US need to avoid conflict as global resources dwindle

Woe is me, I'm listening to Alan Colmes!

Fake reasearch undermines scientific integrity - Warning Graphic

A shipyard worker sits inside the hull of a dhow, in Dubai Indian workers

I may have just figured out what happened to Scotty in today's WH briefing

I just saw a Wal-Mart commercial on PBS

So, how long before Turd Blossom gets his Medal?

Go WH correspondents Go!

A note from a PDA'er in NC.... (fight for oil!)

Trying to Connect the Rove/Africa Dots

U.S. tells troops to stay out of London

Michael Isikoff (Kark Rove did it!) on with Tavis Smiley tonight on PBS

FOX to premiere new sitcom "The War at Home" on 9/11

IF you could only have one of these as a news source

CBC-TV also reports on London disaster drill story

What do we know about Fitzgerald?

Frank Zappa was a frickin' genius

Won't Bush just pardon Rove?

Nugent rocks Hippodrome, gives shout-out to area troops

freepers at a loss and reduced to imagining fantasy press conferences

Was Rove protecting Cheney???

I understand the stiff upper lip bit, but shouldn't we fear the future?

Why do people disable their profiles?

Power Line excuses Rove because his offense was not sexual...seriously

One unasked f/u question for Scotty I was begging to hear:

Bush's Great Unraveling--Missoula (MT) News

Venezuela and Vietnam Establish Diplomatic Ties

MSNBC: Signs point to U.S., British troop cuts in Iraq

Evo Morales to stand for Bolivian presidency

FBI chided for losing two aging hit men

LAT:WellPoint to Heed Drs' Wishes When Paying for Treatment(landmark case)

WP: Two Big Thumbs-Up For Public Radio,TV (new ombudsmen have only praise)

China makes some trade concessions to U.S.

US and Puerto Rican solidarity groups travel to Cuba

A future star?

Hubby and FIL are out driving around looking for my BIL

Virginity for sale - Come and get the best of the Pickin's

Help me make a decision about my hair.

Bush on Pickles: "She's a darn good diplomat...She speaks clearly"

Waaaaaaaah! My DVD player broke! And in a weird way!

I'm dedicating this Thread to LOUISE BROOKS

Doctor Who trivia-- First Season

I'll have lettuce on my hot dog, please.

Phoenix evening news feature NOW: It's hot.

Date, Liquor or Beef Stroganoff

Chimpy McCokespoon Haikus

Which Indiana Jones movie do you like best? I have to go to a "70's party" this Friday

MacGyver Challenge. Are you up for it?

Before people settled on "the mullet", we called it "the Chad".

When was the last time you made out in the bathroom/closet at a party?

Are Cell Phones Carcinogenic?

Cerebrovascular permeability to 86Rb in the rat after exposure to pulsed

I just get this vibe...

This is my cat Calvin.

This will never end.

Scholars Try to Curb "Sea of Fatwas"

A breakthrough in research for a cure for SARS?

Im going to hurl... Lab grown MEAT...

Mail Call Re: London Bombings

More background on the Plame investigation...

Rove Gate on Hardball tonight.

Rep. Henry Waxman (CA) calls for Rove testimony at Congressional hearing!

Fitzgerald has phone records from Air Force One trip back from Africa

Bush and Blair plan to reduce troops just before the mid-term elections

Donors to DEMOCRATS ... :o)

Salon: "Bush admin. said it'd fire anyone involved in outing Plame."

AP shows partisan bias in Rove reporting..."Democrats jumped on the issue"

Nixon and *: Head to Head

London Bombing Further Proof We're Winning

The Daily Show 1:00am Replay about to start, New Show, New Set

Bill Nelson vs. Katherine Harris in 2006.

What ever happened to the DSM?

Dallas Morning News: Let's Shine the Light

E.J. Dionne - The War's Realists

AlterNet: A Dumb Donkey Report (article on voting fraud)

Why the London Bombing? 'State Terrorism is the Cause, Terrorism is the E

Reformers and Hardliners

Preserving civil liberties

Karl Rove and Valerie Plame - The Washington Note

Where's Osama? Probably Nowhere Near the London Attacks

Luckovich's Take on Rove

"Directed-Energy Pulse" Weaponry....coming to a war near you.

Watching ABCNews This Morning (Troop Loss)...

CSM: Iraq, Internet fuel growth of global jihad


Taysir Alluni: A reporter behind bars

When US troops enter a Latin American country, it is not for solidarity!

Tom Engelhardt in Mother Jones:Boy President in a Failed World

Common Dreams: Exxon Mobil Becomes Focus of a Boycott

The Nation: Halliburton Fails Upward

Froomkin: Will the Stonewall Work?


The War on Terror and the Message of Carnage (Beware the WOT)

The Nation: Stonewalled In The West Wing (Day2)

Analysis: Two Ways to Look at Rove Controversy

The Sorrows of Globalization: Capitalism and Slavery

The Great Eric Alterman on Rove

The Progressive Frontier (Montana Democrats and Schweitzer)

Permanent Patriot Act Proposed

David Corn (The Nation): White House Stonewalls on Rove Scandal

Little incentive to nab bin Laden - thought-provoking IHT op-ed

39,000 Iraqis killed in fighting, new Swiss study finds

The Rovian-Centered Theory of the Media Universe

The Nation: "Bugged by the Brits"

War and Peace: They Died for Their Country

Indonesia: Acquittals Show Continuing Military Impunity

The real Rove scandal

Molly Ivins: There goes the electrical grid

WP: Frog-Marching Time for Rove?

Al-Qaida nukes already in U.S.

Asia Times: Boy president in a failed world?


Rove Goes Down in Plames!!!

In sanctum Santorum -Boston takes a run at him for calling culture sick

Week old under the radar story about GOP rigging election:

An email from Greg Palast

LONE STAR ICONCLAST:Codex Alimentarius Countdown To Extinction

huge September 24, 2005 anti-war March on Washington

John Conyers' letter to * to have Rove clear his name or resign.

The Wal-Mart movie update

Contact 4 Senators for John Conyers re DSM:

Website to national & international news links

Petition against anti-woman/gay Okla. DJ

Letters to WH Press Corps

Ok, I posted this in the appropriate thread: Activist Corps Action

Idea: DU Activist Corps Cell-phone Text Message Alert System

The Alliance is forming... The Democracy Movemnet is rising...

1st task for the DU Activist Corps

Dragging the Media Down Downing Street - AfterDowningStreet Update

How can we get MSM to stop using MoveOn.Org and "Liberal Bloggers"

My letter to the Austin American Statesman (Plain and Simple)

Activist Corps Lend A Hand With This?

$9 billion still missing in Iraq: sign this petition

Here's an idea

DU Activist Corps, July 12, 2005 -- Letters to the Editor about Karl Rove

Famous Hacker Magazine Shuts Down

Newspapers warn of threat to America from 'Londonistan'

FOX TV commits one of the greatest of all sins against baseball

EU cracks whip over environment

New campaign/website released: ExxposeExxon

The good that came from hurricane Dennis

The Bad That Came From Hurricane Dennis (So Much For Deep Water Drilling)

Dick Cheney's Wet Dream

Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village...

Nuclear Power = Clean Air?

"Take This Car and Plug It" - IEEE Spectrum July 05 - Ogre on the cover

Here's a response for the morans who think that the bombings should be

Question for the morans: "How many soldiers and CIA agents have to die

How long will the CIA tolerate being W's excuse?

Explosion by West Bank settlement

Palestinians, Israelis cooperate on farm

An interesting post on the "Environment and Energy" Chat

Hamas plans victory parades

'Israel will eventually disappear'

Gaza mosque welcomes London attacks

Arab Israeli wins Maccabiah gold

The BBC discovers 'terrorism,' briefly

Palestinian gunmen beat senior aide to PA security chief Yusef

Right-wing 'bomb' in Jerusalem London

Where's the Pentagon jet from 9-11: Video

An Introduction to Non-Orthodox 9/11 Theory.

Question re: flight 77

(Oliver) Stone assesses Sept. 11 project

Terrorist Math: 3+1=4

Contact Up For Re-election Dem in Eaton Case?

Anyone know where to find the GEMS software User's Guide?

Rove Has to Go - PETITION

Another Petition - Fire Karl Rove!

More vendors wining and dining SOSs at NASS national convention...aarrgghh

William Pitt: The Best of Us (Andy Stephenson)

Is the voting equipment in your state legal? Is there a looming purchase

Voter registration data could provide the key to the 2004 Ohio election

The Stalking of Andy Stephenson

Did Bush know about the Plame leak before it happened?

July 23rd - Oakland Grand Lake Theatre

Congressman's donors linked to tribal dispute before committee (pombo)

OK Californians - esp. those of you in Duncan Hunter's district -

Sorry, guys, you're not real Americans

arnie attacks labor & wipes out cancer help for poor with his pen

progressive seminaries berkeley area/pacific school of religion

DHS Had Contact With Girl's Family Before Her Death

Congrats on 2500 posts!

Before I forget

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Travels to Iowa for Grassroots Events

Iowa's record on female candidates puzzles observers - AP from DM Register

Photos of Club 47/Passim's 47th anniversary concerts

Spend an evening with Brockton's next Mayor, Jass Stewart 7/13/05

Western Mass Organizing Rally on Saturday, July 23 (Pittsfield)

Santorum libels Boston

Pics from Gore's presentation on Climate Change 7/12

I'm considering a portal for my domain

Can anyone assist with a wireless networking issue?

How come this doesn't work anymore in DU thread posts?

People pay the price for Republican Corruption (Coingate)

Reform Ohio Now

Campaign for America's Future going after Ney

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is Engaged

Ohio Bill would lock up all sex offenders for life; without parole.

Judge: TRMPAC operatives should stand trial

Lay back and enjoy the secret sauce

Look at this letter a former Reagan JD staffer sent Cornyn:

Anyone else watch the press conf with Frist, Reid, etc?

Austin question

Any democrats in the conservative strong hold of Collin County

Mehlman in Milwaukee this Thursday - NAACP

Wisconson-ites Unite!

Dem meet-up in Madison Wednesday from 4:00-7:00 p.m...

Did you see the website of this nutter who's going to run against Obey?

Florence, Madison and the great public education divide (long)

Anyone committed to going to the Impeach Bush march?

If you know anything about Rove, you know they ain't giving him up

Reid conference call

Yet another "fire Rove" poll

Has anyone noticed the freepers dissapearing

It seems that the UK is treating these bombings as a crime.

Homicide rankings. Top 21 American Cities.

To those of you making fun of Mennonites:

Can we do anythng with ?

This ends speculation about Pickles having work done

How Baton Rouge got AAR and How you can get it in your town too!

ABC Nightline covering Rove/Plame

warnings received before 7/7 blasts - * MSM REPORTS*

For fux sake Bill; where is OBL??

Does anyone have any questions for Peter Power?

Benedict Arnold == Karl Rove

Anybody watchong PBS's "P.O.V." about political arguments in a small town?

Can someone who does not have a conscience develop one?

REPUBLICANS: soft on treason!

Iraqi PM warns worse to come from insurgents

Parody site or not? Tulip/Cedar/Orange/Rose Revolutions and credit?

AOL Poll on Rove

NASA seems way to eager to launch this shuttle. IMHO

Uh Oh! Big Trouble Ahead for "Bush's Brain", whoever that is.

Did Rove commit Treason?

OK, maybe I'm missing something or reading too much into it, help me...

Anyone have HW Bush's quote about how despicable it would be

Scott McClellan reminds me of George Costanza!!!

Just heard Bob Woodward say he didn't see where Karl Rove

A thread that may unravel this Administration.

Burka Alternatives: You guys won't believe this Freeper Fashion show!

If it walks, talks, quacks, and shits like a terrorist ... its a TERRORIST


Did anyone see the piece CNN Headline News did on the WH press corps

Ted Nugent for Michigan Governor? (Run Ted, run!)

What the hell is a "turd blossom"

Is Niteline covering Rove Ass ?

Can anyone direct me to some good sources on China?

Is Uncle KKKarl wishing for the good ole days yet? (photo heavy)

Who is opposing UN Reform?

Mr President, your campaign was based on your war on terror

Lest We Not Forget - Bush Knew About Leak of Plame's Identity

Hummer (H2) with FReeper bumperstickers...

Scarborough & Greta both covering Aruba.

I'm Following Jesus To Berkeley This Weekend... You ??? Praise The Load !!

Another report of torture at Guantanamo Bay

CNN: Kerry and Clinton say "Fire Rove" at Press Conf. - (VIDEO)

Newsmax: Robert Novak: Plame Source 'No Partisan Gunslinger'

Does anyone recommend the Working Assets credit card?

Conservative Bloggers Terrified By Valerie Plame Affair

Jon Stewart opening a can of whoop ass on Rove

anyone Watching the HARDBALL rerun??

Palast: George and Tony get their al-Qaeda fix

NYT Rove Case May Loom as Test of Loyalty for Bush-"Karl is his right arm"

Mr. President, It is known that Karl Rove shopped the identity

Menendez (D-NJ): Rove should walk the plank

I just received a response from AP for a story exposed on DU

I'm going to see the doctor on Tuesday

I am going to send this to my newspaper about the War on Terror

CSPAN2 NOW ... Scotty's Press Confrence Replay of Today.

"Hey mister, nice hat!"

Time for Bow Tie Boys show (Tucker Carlson)

The Space Shuttle- America's Hummer.

Without The london Bombing..Would Rove

Now the Republicans are saying: Rove did not refer to Valerie Plame

Captin this pic:

Smoking makes you look dignified

Letter from former Reagan JD employee to Sen. Cornyn

A great, great article on the two federal laws at issue in the Plame leak:

Shhhh! Picture of traitor--no names, please! Nobody look, either, 'kay?

How Can A Puppet Get Rid Of The King?

Faux: Cavuto message to the press about the economy

why was my 7/7 post moved to the 9/11 forum pray tell??

Move On Petition to Save Social Security

Here in this thread we make our big huge list of traitors.

Tucker Carlson just said the Rove story WAS NO BIG DEAL

Terry Moran my vote for repoter of the day!!!!

I hate to ask, but is the person on the left on Tucker Carlson's show...

Use talking points against them.

From Buck Fush --- Behind You :) :)

Puzzling bumper sticker I just saw

DU Thank you and Congrats Card to Veterans For Peace

GOP Talking Points about Rove are at

"Democrats overwrought" - bowtie

O'Reilly Factor: if Rove broke law OR violated ethics - should resign

Any News on DSM

USA Today Rove Poll

'Beslan' damn fine TV: PBS

Someone told me that I can't post here anymore

Psssst ! Misses Rove's husband is in deep shit. Pass it on.

Grand jury: target, witness

So...Joe Wilson lied and Matt Cooper set Rove up..Yeah, that's the ticket!

Bush going to Raleigh NC related to his Supreme Court pick?

Can anyone please...

Bill Krystol just now on Tony Snow's radio show....

Thoughts on Air America and the Sirius/XM decision

Visualize Impeachment

Tony Blair: Mad Genius

So, I hear bush is looking for a new brain.

How low has the press fallen that instead of exposing govt shit they are

Why the fuck does Sludge have a picture of Hillary above his Rove story???

Mike Malloy coming up ASAP on AAR !

DailyKos: Novak Co-operated but Investigators don't believe him?

What are the Republicans trying to achieve when they call us ANGRY?

if the republicans are making lots of money on housing

Fascinating diary of Tube traveler and life in London

In Response To Something I Posted Last Friday

Who's A Better Liar?

I'd like to aplogize if I offended anyone with my language today.

My LTTE was published, thanks for the inspiration MrsGrumpy!

Has anyone else noticed that CNN

Arl-Kay Ove-Ray in Lame-Pay Rouhaha-Bay. reaking-Bay

DU Meet Up Planned for Albuquerque / Santa Fe area Thursday

Hillary's new (campaign) website -

Looks like Hannity is spending the entire hour on Aruba again


Military Begins Internet Censoring

did anyone just here gibson replay on majority report?

Conservative commentator: Rovegate could destroy *, Dems could "waltz in"

Rove's postion in the pecking order

Please sign MoveOn's online petition

So Tucker wants to know if you believe in ghosts? Do You?

Please give feedback on this LTTE re: Rove/Plame/DSM...

Oh, man they jerked the G-spot thread

Full text of Scotty's briefing today...

Interesting TIME article on how an Afghan shepherd saved a navy SEAL

What did the president know and when did he know it?

Rewind to 1973 or so when Watergate was unfolding: (need some help)


Kucinich Getting Ready To Head Down Aisle

What have Republican Senators said about Rove?

Understanding freeper spin

How do you deal with businesses, restaurants, etc., with TVs on Fox?

Once known as "Bush's brain" now known as the "Leaker"

Ace journo Gibson demands medal for Rove on FOX

Tucker Carlson is the Dumbest Shithead on TV Right Now.

OK...Who Else Were Invited To Meet Pete Fitzgerald??

Mr. President, if you knew Rove was involved would you fire yourself?

Question about Rove

My LTTE regarding Rove, Plame, and Wilson

Ethanol takes more oil to produce than it saves.

Anyone spinning Rove will forever be considered a traitor

POLL: Have you ever talked to your congressman or senators?

Fitzgerald = the special prosecutor in the film "Z?"

FAUX NEWS on Karl Rove

What's the latest with Fitzegerald?

CBS Revamps News Web Siteas a 24-hour news platform, including streaming

Unresolved questions - Rovegate-if you know the answers-spill!

All of the GOP pundits, apologists, excuse makers, etc...

Joe Biden on MSNBC

Joseph Wilson told the truth: No yellowcake uranium. No WMDs.

Has anyone in any position of authority mentioned Robert Novak

Does Islam have one leader just as the Catholic religion

Something I don't get with the Rove stuff

My TV of 16 years went out last week. It's a Magnavox, made in TN/USA.

Yahoo message boards

Each instance of disclosure of Plame's identity would be a separate crime.

Herr Rove?

A few days ago the freepers were saying Plame was an insignificant London

Oh Happy DAY! I just had a bill collector call me from Canada.

FOX "news": new events show London bombers WERE homicide bombers

Supporting the troops...the 18-22 year old rethug think tank interns.

Do you support Veterans For Peace

Baltimore Soldier Dies Mysteriously In Germany

Time to email CNN again...Kyra Phillips: "Smear Campaign"

The proper punishment for Rove would be:

CNN: GOP talking points; Mehlman evades, denies, forgets - (VIDEO)

What did Wilson allegedly lie about?

Caption this:

CNN, ABC offered unchallenged legal analysis on Plame leak from Novak's pa

A message for those who are "glad Reagan died of Alzheimer's".

ABC "News": Nothing about Leakgate...British bombers wall to wall

McClellan/*: Obstructionists! The party of "NO" information

Columbia Journalism Review daily on Kyra Philips (Rove "smear") Message to terrorists ( akin to 'sorry everybody')

Doesn't it just figure

"Axis" of Evil Here:

39,000 Iraqis killed in fighting, new Swiss study finds

if he ever has another press conf. will w refuse to answer rove queries?

A bit of perspective on the Rove situation.

CNN - Lou Dobbs- John Dean will be talking about Rove

Why doesn't the WH transcript of Scotty's grilling today match the video

Those who know the REA story of Sirius, XM & AAR post here.

"Did Bush discuss Plame with Rove prior to Rove's conversations ...

Oppose the war, suppor the troops and the vets

Randi Roads - Iran Contra Scandal culprets now employed by Bush Admin?!

Please sign the Veteran Appreciation Thread

Keep it going

Comprehensive counter-recruitment list from RW rag

Kyra Phillips should work for faux: karl rove

I wonder if Rove will still be making eggies in prison

LOL! my DU post made the front page of a Right Wing blog.

Take the quiz

RULE #1: "whoever says 'Nazi' or 'Fascist' first, loses."

Two signs spotted in the Beloit College Library

bush has already desecrated the flag

Why do you think Wilson's been silent so far?

Rove has gone from being known as "Bush's Brain" to ""Bush's Leaker"

DU this CNN/Lou Dobbs poll on Rove

sick new pop up - "Are you between 18 & 38 and ready to have some FUN?"

Just NOW seeing Scott get grilled Again.

Bush Adviser Landed Akin-Gump Lobbying Job for Chinese Firm in Unocal Bid

TPM: Plame was the one being smeared, not Wilson

"I don't know who did it" and Conspiracy Theories discussion - Thread 2

Whose fault is that baby's death in LA?

What are ALL the scandals that we know about?

dubya's 2nd Term isn't going as swimmingly as his 1st is it?

Bush and his gang have made the term AMERICAN a dirty word

Is there a child of the 60's-70's here that remembers

Frist not backing Rove?

My LTTE: Republican Political Gamesmanship

Alex Jones is wrong on London terror drill

When our baby son takes a crap, we call it a "Rumsfeld."

Jeb Bush...Shocking 'Coin Gate' Crimes and Murder

Queen Guitarist Brian May Asks For Reasoning Why Terrorists Hate West!

Congressman Donors Tied to Tribal Dispute (Rep. Richard Pombo -CA)

FAUX: What is the Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden connection?

Frame for what Rove did: CHARACTER FLAW

MSNBC talking about Rove now

Did you see XM radio's Air America Lineup?

Terry Moran - called Fox News a "surrogate" for the administration.

'bush is going to put us in a depression'

MoveOn fires back: White House 'coverup'

The Downing Street Memos: piecing together the political puzzle

Anyone know what Sirius is putting in AAR's place?

An excellent letter to the editor. (*gag*)

"Homicide Bomber" terminology dropped?

Sign Rove's Pink Slip at Congresswoman Slaughter's website

Rove's Lawyer: "Cooper BURNED Rove"!!!

Employees admit to wasting 2.09 hours a day in survey

Okay, so where do civilians convicted of treason get sent, Leavenworth?

AMERICABlog: Why doesn't the President Just ask Karl Rove?

Great (covertly) anti-Bush Get Fuzzy comic strip today.

I would like to apologize for Sen Clinton for the remarks

I think that Rove thinks he can ride out this scandal

Auto Letter from Rep concerning DSM

MSNBC-"White House backs Rove"

Karl Rove from centredaily

Activist Corps Action Question

MSNBC.. question of the day, what should happen to Rove

Anyone hear Diane Rehm and Bob Woodward play dumb this morning?Disgusting.

I've been thinking about outsourcing as a way to save money...

What does the # of people willing to blow themselves up to kill us mean

White House "Breaks Silence" on Rove

RNC Committeeman apparently believes Bush and Cheney do not belong in WH

Which is the party of old ideas? I'm SICK of them saying its us.

Did Bush know that Plame 's identity was going to be leaked?

Do you know that they do to soft, bald, overweight Republicans

Video & Transcript - The WH press corps ripped into Scottie this afternoon

Alpha FReeper "Pukin Dog" predicts Rove canonization

Now I'm POSITIVE Rove is going down

BREAKING: "Bush eats live babies in front of crowds of onlookers"

OMG! Looking for stats/demographics and came to this Xtian, racist site!

Today, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers awarded its highest

Rove is lead story on All Things Considered...Coming up.

Rove lawyer : Cooper spun ROVE!?

Christian Wire offers a hopping mad screed on Ginsburg & ACLU

Fox Follies (conyersbolog)

RimJob, the FREEPER King is begging for Cash, Again

Russell Mokhiber: Scottie and Me, Sept. 16, 2003

Realistic Comics Presents Ann Coulter In "Prep School Girl!

Caption time

1757 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Word association game for these times

Stupid gun argument AGAIN

Wishing anyone physical pain is close to supporting torture

Galloway speaks in parliament on the bombings

Homosexuality is in the genes, study claims

4000 Americans dead in the war on Iraq

So we now know what Olson was up to.

what happened with the iraq prison abuse photo dump?

How Scott McClellan can help YOU!!

Some dry humor from KGO news?

Jeb Bush: Hurricane Dennis Could Be Fault of Michael Schiavo

Impeachment supporters to surround White House - 9/24/5

we met with our congressman today

Rachel Maddow vs Monica Crowley on Bow tie Boy's show

So I listened to a local network...

Tuesday's Doonesbury blasting media involvement in the war

What's the deal with the meme that Wilson's report was all lies???

If you missed it, Sunday's Doonesbury really blasted the simple Chimp

Does anyone know the identity of the new Jeff Gannon in the WH press corps

How can the chimp's justice department be after Rove????

White House Stonewalls on Rove Scandal

White House Won't Comment on Rove Leak

Then it hit me,...Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Terry Schiavo...

I think only one thing makes any sense at all now

* to "Improve" Voting Rights Act in 2006? Wanna buy a bridge?

Bernie Ward's message for tonight: "Stay focused on intent"

Pondering the Chances Of a Nuclear Attack

So, are the British flying Union Jacks all over the place, putting

Why it's impossible to argue with Freepers

Air America coming to Baton Rouge tomorrow

Gas Pains - new toon 7/12 tuesday

23 times McClellan Refused to answer, what other questions can he refuse?

See? See? Now COWS can get married! It's a slippery slope I tell you!

Rep. John Conyers: Compare and Contrast

explaining BushCo's position on illigal aliens? . . .

Let's not forget the poor Iraqi people murdered by the thousands

don't complain to Sirius about losing AAR

The dominoes, they are afallin'.

Nothing I said in the past,or say now or will say in the future will be

McClellan Press Conference just came on CSPAN-1

Plamegate - Rove knew it would get this far

self delete

LIVE on CNN: Rove was secret source....

Excellent Article on the Rove Affair Today in Salon

when bush leaves office in disgrace, will the nation lean left?

Turned on my Sirius to hear Young Turks blasting AAR

Once again, darn it

Editorial from the Asahi Shimbun: re G8

Did Cheney get his heart pacemaker reset on high for his interview

US troops ordered to avoid London

Rove/Plame Yes, But Don't Forget

The Lame Duck?

Cheney says "ronald Reagan Proved Deficits don't matter". It matters,

U.S. Air Force Personnel Ordered to Stay Out of London

How in the freakin' Hell are the Iraqis spozed to defeat..

A thought on London .....

I love Tom Toles

Washington Journal - Rove, 9/11 public discourse project and MORE

Osama probably nowhere near London attacks

Have you heard about the Karma Banque?

Transit Insecurity...I am worried

Bu$h Ignoring Clinton admin regarding Osama and terrorism

Americans EXPECT Another Terror Attack. great, just great.

Time to turn on the screws on Cheney.

Why I think it was Cheney

Weird, wild weather a new norm

Well, I was amazed that David Gregory barbecued McClellan's ass...

In search of laptop help (pointing device, to be more specific).

UPDATE==McClellan on CSPAN 1 at 1:36 AM ET.....10 min. later

The reign of Criminals


Coming soon to a store near you. The Rove Martyr Doll

Define the word "liberal"

When is today's White House briefing?

Scottie says "you'd have to ask the special prosecutor..." OK, lets

The most criminal Administration EVER!

CSPAN moderator, "There are plenty of Bush Supporter Lines open right now"

I have to think that the Bush supporters are pulling the sheets...

Did you read Judith Miller's book "Germs?"

Pssst . . . all you "Journalists" out there -- SCANDAL SELLS!


Is there another McClellan press briefing today?

Why is powerline giving aid and comfort to the enemy?

Rove and the US Army withdrawals from Iraq...

Republican said "its perfect timing to 'out' Rove ...

Man, they knocked us for asking questions. NOW they're not talking.

Heartbreaking Photo of Cindy Sheehan. Please rate it Up....

how come * hasn't connected 911 to london yet

Marriage for Love or Money


Howard Dean is the mastermind behind the London attacks.

Hurricane Manipulation: Oil, Iran, Elections (NOORY's Coast to Coast)

So, let's see if Amazon publishes my review of Santorum's book

Bush Should Keep His Word & Fire Rove!

Amazing story of LI man who had both hands severed and reattached

Bush's Invasion of Iraq vs. Saddam's Invasion of Kuwait

Brothers and Sisters, we are getting our lessons in a grand design

"Spotlight on Rove grows more harsh over CIA leak"

Stuck in Fort Lauderdale

It's 7/12/05. Why Haven't Brit Hume and John Gibson Been Fired Yet?

June 2002: Avoiding attacking suspected terrorist mastermind

Please, Can Some DU'er with contacts at the AP: "Wife Authorized Wilson"

Christian network aims again at KOCE-TV

What's Fitzgerald got?

If you have Parkinson's + compulsion, blame Big Pharm

Another $9 Million Missile Contract for the Death Merchants. Hell to Pay

Rove: Let Me Tell You About A Jury I Served On

CNN skewers McClellan about stalling on Rove questions - (VIDEO)

Scorecard for 2-Year CIA Leak Probe: Indictments: 0, Reporters Jailed: 1

Looks like the police are following some leads in London bombing case

A heads up: NYT's Tom Friedman to be on Imus in five minutes.

Did Valerie have a hand in sending Joe to Africa?

Florida: 'A Paradise Of Scandals'

Air Quality an Overlooked Casualty of War

Afternoon Air America: Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, or a Mix?

WaPo/Kurtz: "Frog-Marching Time for Rove?"

are these pics of Gov. Ahnuld real???

So, has anyone heard/read anything from the Freepers re: Rove???

We can't afford "Kyoto" dammit!


Can an Independent Council be appointed?

Karl Rove Cover up remix MP3

Ugh just got this email :since "everybody knows there was no connection"..

Army Guard Misses Recruiting Goal Again (9th straight month)

Only One-Quarter of U.S. Teens Support the War in Iraq

The press should ask Fitzgerald for a list of criteria for Scotty.

"Investigate" Attacks In A War?

once again cartoons reveal the

Yesterday's Krugman

BBC Live Update on Bombings in 1 minute

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Statement on the Partisan Attack on Karl Rove

Jeanie Moost showing Scottie's grilling yesterday

In case you missed Andrew Dice Clay on CNN.......HAHAHA!

From The Very Beginning... Whom Did You Suspect Leaked The Name?

The only way that Bush would fire Karl Rove...

A brief summary of Rove's defense

any White House Briefing today???

Sensenbrenner wants Patriot Act permanent

they are trying to gag another artist

(Slate) Turd Blossom Must Go

58-year old goes to Iraq

where can we watch TODAY'S white house briefing?

IRAQ: Iraqis sell their blood to survive

Hillary smokescreen!

KKKarl Rove caught fiddling with Shuttle Discovery Monday night

C-Span Schedule Doesn't Show Press Briefing For Today

House of Rep on C-Span - every Dem is demanding answers

Summer grilling over Karl Rove (CNN video):

Do you like the SPACE SHUTTLE?

Haha -- Rove is "leaking"

When did the media start editorializing in headlines...

Russian Soldiers to Get $1.50 a Month for Reloading Nuclear Reactors

Having just watched the latested Daily Show...

People to complain to about chopping up AAR on XM

DSCC has raised 2x the campaign cash of the GOP (!!!)

Rovegate has to get tied to DSM - Thoughts on most effective way?

'Judicial Tyranny' = Democracy

Under the "old rules"...

Sandy Berger's "Documents In His Pants" Coverage vs. Rovegate Coverage

So, Republicans...if you don't believe in defending our "freedoms" at home

"But Scott, there's a difference between what's legal and what's right."

N.Y. International Fringe Festival - Rude Pundit will perform

You're Credibility Is On The Line

Scotty is a dead man walking@!

How many times has Scotty said

Scotty must be getting a scotch and soda

Box office blues stem from blue-state bigotry (Newsmess)

David Corn & Waxman on Rove : Democracy Now

Should I get Z Magazine or The Progressive?

What Is This? Ann Coulter With Al Sharpton? Huh? Whu? Hmmm? (Pic)

Is Rove a "target" of the investigation now?

Oh damn...Dick Durbin PWND Mr. Morris, the CPB chairman.

Will the Democrats filibuster Gonzales?

Palast: Bush and Blair exploit amateurish bombings

"The Real Rove Scandal"

please delete

Will watching Scotty today be like pulling wings off flies?

KTBI is stepping on KGO's signal illegally - please keep kicked

Does anyone have the info on the bill signed by Poppy that screws Rove?

"Scottie and Me" oldie but goodie Rove question from 2003

WWE Smackdown Featured Arab Terrorist Attack Last Thursday

Nancy Grace

What is that? Smells like bar-b-que.

Accident rate the same with/without hands-free phones

China inches up on India for outsourcing

Santorum's book reviews at Amazon

A stony silence

I have an idea for the first task for the DU activist corp.

I'm from the "Feed a Cold" crowd.

Where's the Pentagon jet from 9-11: Video

"Armpit" state has best town to live in....Money magazine

What the Hell is Happening??

"Andy Stephenson – A Real American Hero" - a LTE we got tonight.

Clemons asks: was Bolton's Chief of Staff the link on Plame?

I think you all are too hard on Rove - we need to get him a "therapist"

Speaking of traitors, Halliburton is also being investigated

With the silence at the WH over Rove- has the spinning stopped?

George W. Bush is NOTHING w/o Rove. eom

Who is your favorite current Governor?

A discrete Repub gay bar in D.C.? ... do you think Scott is there?

chief counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committe when the CIA leak law

START TO START SCREAMING! All of us. There is blood in the water!

Rove Not a Target? Oh really ......... ?

Suggestions for ?

Is There An Oil Shortage Anywhere On Earth?

Time to use the Flypaper Theory on the RW

4076 dead troops in 799 days of battle says Puerto Rico govt.

in response to Bernie 'the hack"Goldberg, who are your 10 WORST AMERICANS?

Taser International says that more "taser related deaths may occur"

Rover's lawyer: fees paid in gold bars from drug dealer

Lying to Congress IS a crime!

Today's ABC News "The Note". Wow.

Air America's coverage of the Rove scandal is pathetic.!

When Senate Intel panel "investigated" Iraq intel, did they set up Wilson

Check out this Yahoo forum on Bush/Rove.

Had a little LTTE published yesterday

Remember the movie "EuroTrip"? Scottie doesn't know...Scottie doesn't....


do you think i f stone and ed murrow are sitting

If there were a civil war, what do you think Repug's would fight for?

I just realized who Scott McClellan reminds me of!

RAW STORY: MoveOn fires back: White House 'coverup'

Rove's attorney no stranger to organized crime ....

Scotty's latest is available on CSPAN

DU................Yet one more poll on Rove

How many of you remember that Rump Leakage was a Bush campaign advisor?

“Bush remarked with shudderingly bad taste that all headstones look alike”

Did Rove have security clearance when he talked to Cooper?

Can Congress override a Presidential Veto? Curious, if we can

Is everyone else feeling "Tingly" all over on the Karl Rove case

2004 Election "Forum" Needs Some Help

ATTENTION: Anyone going to Seattle for Andy's service

Rove Must Go! - petition!!

Backing great writers because I want too... (Chris Floyd)

BushCo's newest Supreme Court nominee requirement?

XM Satellite Radio - Homeland Security - defense contractor Ratheon Corp?

I stopped by my local Democrats' booth at our Farmer's Market

QUESTION: Grand jury immunity. Help!

Boy-President in a Failed World?

ANOTHER rove poll!

Should we stop calling for Rove's resignation?

Novack said he talked to 2 Senior White House Officials

This morning's washington journal on cspan....

Plame questions

Is there ANY Republicans of any stripe saying anything @ Rove?

Intellegence Identities Protection Act of 1982

Who called whom? Cooper/Miller/Novak or Rove?

anyone know where web cast live of launch of shuttle right now n/t

National Guard risk in Iraq: "EXAGGERATED!" - "REMARKABLY LOW!"

How DARE someone Insult Our Dignified Monkey President!

Burried Thread

The question the Press should ask Scott McClellan tomorrow...

Will Rick Perry become our best buddy?

Did Rove really say this about Supreme Court nominee? Transcript?

Milbank: "This is Rove's town...."

Judith Miller may talk if she see's that he source is going down...

Anyone have Myspace, if so, enjoy my blog entry today!

Is Randi back today ???

Cheney and ** also committed

Bush Lawyered Up Following Plame Grand Jury Testimony

Cost of Iraq War July 12th- $180,222,100,747

Full video of yesterday's Scotty briefing?

Dear mods, is it okay to post the same thread in more than one forum?

Do You Realize The Stories Rove Could Tell

"It's not my job to have a constructive dialogue, Scott. Sorry."

Rush was claiming that Plame hadn't

Nigerian faces stoning for gay sex

Yeah, a right-wing internet victory! Andy Stephenson is dead.

It's not my job to have a constructive dialogue, Scott. Sorry.

Stories from the Front by CindySheehan on DailyKos

Our Dear Senator Byrd is up and he is taking names!

Red Rover, Red Rover, hey, Karl, bend over!

Question: Why are the London "terror drill" threads

What is your activist passion?

Whats Ari Fleischer thinking right now?

"Bush's greatest strength is on terrorism". bush EXCELLS at terrorism.

Okay local TV here

Events are running out of the control of the liars and warmongers.

The Grand Theft Auto: SA Sex Scandal

Is Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) wired?

Randi is back

Why would Rove know anything about Wilson's personal life

No Iraq link?

Looking for comments on my LTTE

Wouldn't You Like To Be On Rove's Grand Jury...

400,000 Iraqis sign petition to withdraw US from Iraq within a few hours..

Play the "Ask Scottie" game!! (Could YOU pose a question he'd answer?)

Worthless reform debate starts in UN

An imagined (but quite likely) conversation:

If we shrug off the London attack does it mean we're used to the killing?

For those who may call me a conspiracy theorist. Please read this:

Petition against anti-woman/gay Okla. DJ

I hate Rove for his FREEDOMS!

Just take a look at the RNC website on the Plame issue...

Its like Charlie McCarthy firing Edgar Bergen!!

The BIGGEST ISSUE is still: Election fraud & reform!!!

Did anyone hear Ed Schultz dismantle that guy who claimed this was a

White House maintains confidence in Rove

"Dear Karl . . . . I've been waiting for you . . ."

Blair's comment on the bombing

Joe Wilson is getting slimed all over the place

Freeper threads, love em? hate em?

It better be worse than Watergate. A lot worse.

Need some ideas here friends, I have the attention of alot of Freepers

What did the Senate Intel. Committee say about who sent Wilson?

Could we just calm down a bit re: AAR/XM


To help the admins and mods, list sources that are too crazy or racist

Consider signing the "Card" for Veterans for Peace

Remember Ashcroft covering up that naked statue?

Video games are now officially banned in Greece

7 Federal Prisons to Get Lethal Electrified Fences (AP-WashPost)

To the LIHOP, MIHOP people...

Rove, Hannity, Rush, Carlson, Oreilley and all of Freeperville

David Gregory's on Hardball!!!! Right now!


Is the KEY to Rove in the hidden Stories?

Wal-Mart alters Willie Nelson's album cover...

Caption this * pic....

Anyone have mp3 or video of Bush looking for WMDs under furniture, etc?

Netherlands - Mohammed B. on killing filmmaker Theo Van Gogh - Sick!

WalMart censors Willie Nelson album: replaces marijuana with palm tree

Tropical Storm Emily on the way

Only 23 signatures so far to say Thank You to Vets for Peace

Veteran Appreciation Thread, Please Read.

Anybody listening to the Daily Show?

Repulicans' Primary Responses to the Plame Outing.

International DUers. Is Plame/Rove getting any play outside the U.S.?

What IS it with those Brits? No SHOPPING like rabbits on speed?

Rovian/RNC talking points: Why haven't copies been leaked before?

CNN News-Reporters have discovered Talking Points on Rove matter issued

Are Cell Phones Carcinogenic? Part One & Part Two

Truthseekers need to press this: Plame was WMD expert preventing terrorist

Wouldn't Plame have to be specifically declassified to be legal to talk...

"Scotty hung on a clothesline and beaten like a dusty rug" (Dave Gregory)

How are tax revenues going up?

Freepers asking for prayers for *.. things must be bad

For those who think that Rove should be protected......

Comparing the networks on Rove coverage tonight

All four bombers died in London attacks?!?

My E-Mail to the Republican Talking Points Contact

I saw Avenue Q for the second time on Saturday...

If you could wish for one single "Miracle" what would that be?


Rove/Plame: My two cents...

Rove/Plame Missing the point

How does David beat Goliath...

"we have secretly replaced the White House Press Corps..

I just got off the phone with Karl Rove who says your wife is fair game

What happens to ROVEGATE when Bush makes his SCOTUS nomination?

I can't stand Monica Crowley

Oh, Snap: Rove's Attorney Refuses To Comment On Key Issue

I have an idea!

About what is the Right claiming Joe Wilson lied?

Wittman says Rove's not going anywhere, and he's right!


Did Wilson have multiple secret wives?

Karl Rove Makes "True Crime" - Because Not ALL Criminals Use Guns!

Rove LTTE help please. Is this fine? Is it done?

Judith Miller sleeping on the floor?

Woman Loses 33 lbs. Eating McDonald's

Conspiracies and conspiracy theories.

Who would marry Rick Santorum

Hello From London

Anyone Else Notice How Drudge Has Gone Silent on Rovegate?

Why Bush can't fire Turd Blossom

ken mehlman RNC chairman just called us all 'The Angry Left'

Daily Show talking about Rove/Plame

John Gibson of Fox News: Rove deserves a medal for outing Plame

I Favor Capital Punishment

Legal Analysts Critical of N.Y. Times Reporter's Stance in Leak Probe

RNC Statement Shows Cheney Lied, May Be Guilty of Obstructing Justice

100 best places to live list

From the Daily show . . . .

Rove/Plame has penetrated the Evangelical media!

GOP: "We Support Plame's Outing"

Holy shit, the Freekers are freaping out!

Nostalgia time

If you had a chance as an activist to pursue your passion

July 11, 2005: The day the Bu$h administration broke the law, again

WOMEN ONLY: Would you use violence in self defense

Dear Christian DUers...

Can healthy, sustained economic growth occur in a socialist economy ?

New Abu Ghraib photos ready - US Atty requested extension to July 22

Kyra Phillips - "Obviously a smear campaign going on" (re: Rove)

Enough. To have ever mentioned "Valerie Plame" and "CIA" in ...

There are two CIAs --- and they are at war with each other…

John Gibson of Fox News: TRAITOR

World Opinion & Gladio

A few words about the discussion of the London bombing on DU

A Short History of “Conspiracy Theory”

Searching for the ultimate tomato pizza sauce.

Hey y'all, great summertime recipe for the South.

Comedy break: Kilroy faces leadership challenge

The London terror bombings were the first suicide attacks on British soil

Yay! Looks like the Plods may be on to the Bombers!

Preserving civil liberties

Amazing Coincidences Dept: US lifts ban on USAF personnel visiting London

Never seen Blair's rottweiler John Reid more on the defensive ...

PM Blair speaking now on CSPAN (US) now (2:10 am EST pre-recorded)

Nugent rocks Hippodrome, gives shout-out to area troops

Bag of coffee slows Caltrain service

AP: Bush Conferring W/ Senators Over Supreme Court Nomination

Nat'l Guard Misses Recruiting Goal Again

RawStory: Zell Miller pocketed tax dollars for 'entertainment'


Weird, wild weather a new norm

Lebanon bomb wounds pro-Syrian (Defence Minister) minister, kills 2

Where's Osama? Probably Nowhere Near the London Attacks

39,000 Killed in Iraqi Continuing Violence

Kirkuk blast kills three as US soldier dies of wounds, Police colonel assa


Ethnically Tense Kirkuk Hit With Car Bomb

Breaking on CNN...4 Explosions in Spain Basque Region

Lebanese defence minister injured in blast that kills 2

NYT: How 2 Firings Upended Army-MTA Security Program(NYC transit security)

Brain Region May Govern Resilience to Trauma

Warsaw underground evacuated after threat-police

NYT:Transit Officials Now Concede Didn't See Terrorism in InitialConfusion

IRAN-IRAQ: (Iraqi prime minister) Jaafari visit confirmed

Italy be prepared, Al-Qaeda will strike soon, says Saudi dissident

WP: Judge Allows Suit Alleging Fraud in Iraq

Shrub poisoned zoo monkeys

WP: Frog-Marching Time for Rove?

Scorecard for 2-Year CIA Leak Probe: Indictments: 0, Reporters Jailed: 1

First Lady: Hopes husband will pick a woman to succeed O'Connor on Supreme

Army study: U.S. facing hard choices

Wounded Troops Raise Money for Veterans

Injured workers' drug benefits cut by state bureau (Ohio-Noe Scandal)

Moderators? Do we have a main strand for incoming news about arrests ....

Elderly woman hoards more than 300 cats (Reuters)

Explosion by West Bank settlement

Ethics open cash spigot for Dems (DeLay/Cunningham challengers)

BBC Radio: Controlled explosions in Luton

Congressman's interest in court ruling raises ire of judiciary experts

CBS News to Expand Web News Component

White House Still Not Talking About Rove (Bush gets the question)

Stem Cell Alternatives Bring Skepticism

Suspect in Van Gogh Slaying Admits Guilt (but not regret)

Russia wants foreigners tested before adoptions


US forces arrest Iraqi Sunni leader

LAT: Cellphone Headset Use Isn't Safer for Drivers

Bomber Attacks Israeli Mall; 2 Killed

US lifts London travel ban on troops

(Gallup) Public: Likelihood of Terrorist Attack in U.S. Now Higher

Miami Herald, 7/12: Diversity committee flunks Barney video

One last blast in the works for Hunter S. Thompson

Reuters: Bush keeps quiet about aide's role in CIA leak

London Investigation 'Moving at Great Speed'

Iraq: Troops Can Withdraw From Some Cities

White House in a Bind Over Rove E-Mail

Aussie Held Hostage in Iraq Visits P.M. (apologizes for pullout request)

CNN News-Reporters have discovered Talking Points on Rove matter issued

Monaco's Albert II assumes throne

IRAQ: Iraqis sell their blood to survive

Iraqi PM warns worse to come from insurgents

White House Still Silent on Rove Evidence

Colombian President to Visit Bush's Ranch

House, Senate chairmen disagree on Patriot Act

Brad Pitt hospitalized in Los Angeles

GOP operative should stand trial for money-laundering (Texas)

Regulators search various Intel offices

President Bush Ignores Questions About Karl Rove in Leak Case

Police Arrest Suspect In London Bombings

Ronnie 'Woo Woo' Reported Missing

Police: Bomber died on bus (London)

Security Alert is declared at Parliament (House of Commons 'sealed')

'Cash-laden' (TALIBORNAGAIN BWAHAHAHA!) Brazil MP detained

Gunmen Kill Human Rights Activists in Iraq

MSNBC:NASA pronounces Space Shuttle Discovery ready for launch Wednesday


E&P: McClellan vs. Press Corps on Rove, Tuesday Edition (Talking Points)

1 killed, 1 injured in crash of Army (Apache) helicopter at Fort Hood

Kerry and Clinton call for Rove's ouster

CNN-"Bush confident in Rove"

Official(Numbnutz General): Risk to Guardsmen Exaggerated

Bush Honors NCAA Champions, Gets Speedo (said he won't wear "in public..")

RNC eCampaign Director Michael Turk Unveils New

(Now) Police Find Suspected Car in London Bombings

Saddam's secret police still have long reach (hunting collaborators)

The ONE campaign seeks credit for G8 Africa policy shift

London Probes Whether Attackers Died

Bush Calls for Jailed Reporter's Release/ Iranian journalist

UK Muslims may stage anti-terror demo

US forces lift London travel ban

Suspected suicide bomb in Israel, 31 casualties (reported fatalities)

Four London bomb suspects identified

Democratic Leader (Reid) Predicts 'Consensus' on Court Candidate

More say Iraq has reduced U.S. safety (52% say less safe, up from 39%)

Costa Rica hospital fire kills 17

U.S. firmly rejects resolution to expand UN Council

Afghan drug-fighting efforts failing- lawmakers

Bill Clinton plans private summit on global woes

Bush's POW-MIA Chief Accused of Abusive Management


Charges dropped against Mayor West (for performing gay marriages)

US opens large embassy on Ivory Coast

Italy has no intention to introduce special anti-terrorism laws: minister

Beirut bomb targets deputy PM

Security incidents in Iraq, July 12

Official: Risk to Guardsmen Exaggerated

BBC: Anger over Kennedy Iraq war links

Australia to send troops to back Afghanistan

NYT/AP: Selig: Remarks (re. Soros) Not a Factor in Nationals Sale

Transcript WH Briefing: Q to McClellan..."Is what Karl Rove did right?"

A Discovery space shuttle cockpit window cover fell,

Philippines on edge ahead of anti-Arroyo protest

National Guard Criticized For Anti-Islam Poster

Investigators Urged Reprimand of Former Guantanamo Bay Commander

Illinois Governor Directs $10 Million in State Money for Stem Cell Researc

Gunmen kill four human rights activists in Baghdad

(Australian) PM sends 150 troops to Afghanistan

Afghan re-run for Diggers (Australian troops heading BACK to Afghanistan)

7 Federal Prisons to Get Lethal Electrified Fences (AP-WashPost)

UK forces 'could lead Iraq withdrawal'

Scarborough & Greta both covering Aruba.

Aramco (Saudi Arabia) Joins Forces with China's Sinopec (OIL)

Rove becomes distraction for Bush early in second term

Prosecutors Probing Mo. Man's Execution

Bush's Visit To Black Expo Raises Questions

Exclusive from Murray Haas: Novak Cooperated w/ Prosecutors

WP: Bolton May Accept Recess Appointment

NYT: 10 Sunnis Suffocate in Iraqi Police Custody

Police make arrests in N.ENGLAND in hunt for London bombers -SKY

AP: On Rove's Behalf, WH Issued Denials, Which Have Now Fallen Apart

Trent Lott's Mother dies at 91 (evacuated from nursing home during Dennis)

Alberta to recognize same-sex marriage

Move may reduce attacks in Islam's name

Norway to launch 'Homo Light' (pear soda) for gays

Experts urge Bush to quickly address Rove situation

WP: GOP on Offense in Defense of Rove

London Bombs May Have Been Suicide Attacks

Al-Zarqawi Blasts Mentor for Remarks

N. Irish Catholics clash with police after march

Sky: All four bombers died (London blasts)

2 N.C. Men Sentenced to Two Years for Cross-Burning

(Bill) Clinton: Rogue nations still threaten U.S.

Defense Logistics Agency ($58m contract for Tamiflu - Avian Flu drug)

Explosives Found in Car (Sky News)

After bombings, some say "Londonistan" bears blame

Oil jumps 2.8 percent as new storm brews

Hard right BNP use London bomb on (election) leaflets (sound familiar?)

British police search five homes over London bombings

Reprimand of Guantanamo Chief Urged, Nixed (Geoff Miller)

Pentagon says key Zarqawi operative caught in Iraq (second-in-command...)

White House: Bush Has Confidence in Rove

WP: Pentagon Official Admits Iraq Errors (Douglas Feith)

NYT/AP: Reprimand of Guantanamo Chief Urged, Nixed

WP: Legal Analysts Critical of N.Y. Times Reporter's Stance in Leak Probe

UPI: Iraqi civilian casualties (now at 128,000)

GOP Rove talking points, courtesy of "The Raw Story"

NYT: White House Silence on Rove's Role in Leak Enters 2nd Day

Many killed in Pakistan train crash

Saddam 'never killed Kurds'

DA Now Accepting PayPal (seized items on ebay)

One-Fifth of Cuba's Doctors Working in Venezuela

BP says huge U.S. drilling platform is tilting (Dennis Damage)

Controversial EU vitamins ban to go ahead (not on the "positive list")

Which exit course should U.S. take?

Rice again warns North Korea (to give up its nuclear programs)

(John Kerry releases) An Open Letter to President Bush ("Fire Karl Rove")

100,000 Iraqi Civilian Deaths in 28 Months

Hundreds Gather for Reconciliation Service for South Carolina Lynching

US TV stations say ready for '09 switch to digital (Consumers get ripped?)

GOP operative should stand trial for money-laundering (DeLay's PAC)

Bush Solicits Supreme Court Advice

Judge Denies New Ebbers Trial; Sentencing Wed. (WorldCom)

Florida Christian Theme Park Dodges Property (and sales) Tax

Bush adviser: Housing boom appears to be mostly market driven

Baltimore Soldier Dies Mysteriously In Germany

Girl Critical After Riding Disney's 'Tower Of Terror' Ride

The suicide bomb squad from Leeds

WP: Judge Berates U.S. Over Indians' Treatment

Kucinich, 60, finds love, plans to wed this summer

Same hate crime, new U.S. charges against convicted Burbank man

Non-Mexicans arrested at U.S. border nearly doubled

Eight arrests in US polygamy sect

Captain awarded Silver Star reflects on battle for Fallujah

Lawyer: Cooper “Burned” Karl Rove

Any Lounge lizards not too ninnied-up to notice all the KKKarl Rove posts

Whatever gets you through the night.

name not needed is an immature little kid.


whats up.

Tell me what you want, and I'll give you what you need

DU Chat tonight

Most badass ebay auction ever?

Isn't Kristin Davis such a hottie?

i am nervous...

Anyone live in/near Santa Cruz and can reccommend a hotel?


When is enough; enough? Impeach the turd** and his regime NOW!

How Scott McClellan can help YOU!!

WH Briefing with Scotty Starting NOW on CSpan 1

How come no one ever sends me tasty personal snack M&Ms?

My reaction to this Condi pic? "Turn your head and cough."

Just saw Beck!

Red or Black

In response to Goldberg, the REAL 10 WORST AMERICANS

Pick a winner

Of all the friggin', stupid, dumb luck, confounded...

i can't believe this shit

Goldbergs top ten worst Americans (I posted same in GDP)

Ring around the Rovey, pocket full of Poseys, ashes, fascists...

I'm going to try to make it to DC on 24 Sept

Hmm I gotta think of a speech topic

After hours chat

say something good that came from a bad situation in your life.

Listen'n to The Eagles on a quiet night.

i dont want to be a daddy in these dark times


Three's Company is a damn funny show?

Psst: do not tell anyone

I want a fan .

So... Has Clenis been blamed yet for the London Bombing?

The Clenis caused:

Gas Pains - tuesday 7/12 new toon


Is there a video link to Scotty's press conference from yesterday?

I took a 4 hour nap earlier and dreamt I was listening to Enigmatic's show

I can't help it, I am a nosy wench!

Quick, what are you listening to?

Man, there's so much shit that goes on here

Your favorite news/political websites.

I don't want a woman.

Man's Ear Bitten Off In Fight Over Dog

Great neocon quiz from CS Monitor!

Is the Lounge a dating site tonight ?

Why are granite cookies so friggin expensive?

Mother Charged After Forcing Kids To Take Turns In Trunk On 8-Hour Drive

It's 5:00 AM - Why the hell is the sun waking me up this early

Don't just love it when European DU'ers sign on in the AM

Any of you computer geniuses know how to get around Surf Control?

I Took A Leak On The New Harry Potter Book

I can't understand,

Cruise Raises Kidman's Kids As Scientologists

"Jesus Streetlight" Shut Off By City Officials (Shadow of Jesus seen)

Man Spends $1,000 To Fight $45 Ticket (Willing To Go To Supreme Court)

What's the largest tip you've ever left a bartender/bartendress?

Ow! Hey! My Strata is hot

If anyone has seen 'Phantom of the Opera'...

For post number 2000 I just wanna say

Awwww! Twin giant panda cubs.

Yowza, hey, my Stratos is hot!

MEN: How many babies does a gal need to make for her to have your money?

So we are an angry and adrift Democratic Party.

I wish I wasn't so old. Re: Parkour..

Hilary Duff or Lindsey Lohane

Am I the only person who has NOT read any of the Harry Potter books

Hey Orangemen!! HAPPY ORANGEMEN'S DAY!!!

Good Morning, DU!

Going to be 112 degrees today

Men, you should all want to marry a classy girl just like this gal here... parents are meeting my BF tonight.

Fashion made for "one baggers"

One of the most KICKASS computer animations I've ever seen. (RUSH! YYZ!)

Underpants - has your wife popped the kid yet?

Introducing the vainest place on Earth

WOMEN: How much money does a guy need to make for you to have his baby?

Vanity Fair - not your mother's magazine - August 2005 - hits hard


Time to play "Impossible Jeopardy!"


Failed Hurricane Dennis Turns To Depression

Having An Affair? New Greeting Cards For Adulterers

Please Forgive Us

120 degrees in Needles, California today.

The Bush Twins Promote Abstinence in Africa

I just did it again. I slept on and off for the last 32 hours.

Does anyone here think they could kick the Nuge's ass?

Does Lita make you uncomfortable?

Who would win in a fight? Mike Malloy or Ted Nugent?

My Funny Credit Card Fraud experience. (one for the books!)

Thank God for the Food Chain!

Do flamewars make you uncomfortable?

Do flaming boars make you uncomfortable?

Who would win in a fight, George F. Will or .........

Ok, Who would win in a fight George Will or Allen Colmes?

Don't forget to pack!!! Bohemian Grove time!!!!

Just for a laugh!

Methinks they doth protest too much...

Does Pita make you uncomfortable?

Terrible horrible ear worm for today: 'Next Time I Fall In Love'

I blame GWB for this!!!

He blesses the boys as they stand in line

i just saw a

I can't believe it. Now he's offing his own kind.

I am everything you want,

This economy SUCKS!

Who's NOT going to work today?

Who would win in a fight? Pat Boone or Little Richard?

Family Catches 50 Pound Catfish - Keeps It As Family Pet

WOTW Trivia (Spoiler)

Cattle Wed in 2,000-Guest Thai Ceremony

Sigh...15 minutes until....

So what's your favorite GUILTY pleasure in the sack in the whole world?

Best mod locking explanation EVER.

Post something you know about any other DUer....

Post something you don't know anything about

What's an anagram for "Rove"???

Memorable Quotes from "Glengarry Glen Ross"

Meet my deliriously adorable new nephew Jacob!!!

Catholic University Offers Course On Satanism

What is your favorite candy?

Anyone besides me have to bust out Method Man at 2 separate grandma's...

what is it with peter cetera's voice?

Post Number 3000! ....... I would like to thank the Academy......

I found out today that 3 friends from my hometown got sent to Iraq......

What Will Happen To Your Earthly Remains? Where Will Be...

My ear hurts and the ENT doctor can't find anything wrong.

You only live once!

I have a weird situation. Need some advice.


Lobster - overrated?


DU Has Taught Me About Economics, or....

They're posting in Pig Latin in GD

im watching my first Rockstar: INXS

My 500th post

The NL sucks!

Yippee!!! I just won $13 on a lottery ticket. What should I spend it on?

Bush enters "The Real World"

Just got an email offering to make my woohoo bigger....

Democratic Underground Is Under Attack

I've been posting in GD and GDP. Am I still allowed to come in here?

Show some Lounge Luv for Scotty McClellan

to those of you making fun of the mooninites:

Job interview attire

Democratic Underground is above a tack.

Democratic Underground Is Under A Yak

Let's resurrect a classic - Jesus Christ!!!

MTV Real World: arguing about Iraq

Anyone good at wireless networking?

Dinner time. Mmm.

Now is zhe time in zhe lounge vhen ve dance


Is there a Lounge area on Free Republic?

90 different Dr. Pepper Knockoffs

So what would you do if your mom told you your dad needed viagra?

6:30 pm, and it's 116 degrees out.....

Ah, what a pleasant evening.

What if your husband turned in to William Pitt?

I now officially hate GD. I hate it. They make me dislike DU.

Where's Swamp Rat?

If you only check out one post this evening, see THIS one

Whose bright freakin' idea was it to remake Bad News Bears

This COURT is now in session: the people vs MATCOM

70's Movies: Was JAWS a scary or a bad movie?

What's for dinner?

I wanna hug Scottie and give him a teddy bear. Am I a bad liberal?

Hey there ! I'm in the 700 club so I'm hanging in the lounge

Cilantro: Love it or leave it?


Ronin is on USA Network.

Confess! Are you one of the 14 people who snagged that Harry Potter book?

What Do You Say To The Person...

Puppy Kisses...

Among These Women... Who Has More Talent?

Hey ZOMBY!! "Road House 2" Coming To The Big Screen

Time to fantasize - replace the sheep with human freeper sheep:

Oh noooo!

Doing a system scan - MAN, there are a lot of errors!

Bush is too big a coward to act against Criminal Karl Rove

How many Yaks are burried on your property?

quick, who here has my sense of humor?

What if your husband turned in to Brad Pitt?

I was going to take MM Jr. to watch the shuttle take off tomorrow....

7:30PM and it's 90 degrees out

What is the most often used line in the movies?

I just spent 11.5 hours at work....

You must see this

I think this guy has been watching too much Reno 911

Can I get help with a LATTE?


What do you think is the coolest thing about Road Runner?

Very cool google program...

I think Joe Lieberman is a fine Senator

If you can't handle General Discussion then how can you handle...

My cat barfed three times in a row

An Aversion To Therapy.

What's your mother's maiden name?

May I ask?

Holy BATCRAP!!! I was approved for Hannidate!!!

Playing the British National Anthem at All Star game...ok but


Mariah Carey's Clothes fall off

Which of these scintillating activities would you rather do?

OK, now I don't blame Russell Crowe for the phone-throwing

Smokers look smart.........

Who will win the All Star Game?

Is there any quick way to thaw salmon that's frozen solid as a brick?

Miles O'Brien short circuited the transporter?

Tomato salad ideas?

Post pictures of Creepy/scary cats.

Pitcher plant post!!

List Songs About Summer Here!

Grrr...argument with fundie relative...what to do?

D'oh! I just answered an angry post in GD

Pitcher post!!!

So Person A owes me $2,000....

I'm a hymnphobic.

I'm on my first rum and coke. I'l stop posting @ the end of my

Scientologists sell £3 "Handling A Crisis" booklets at London bomb sites

I'm a hominyphobic.

Post your favorite Indian recipes here!

Top Ten Movie Dislikes

What TV show do you think should be canceled.

Caption this:


I'm going to start signing all my posts.

Here's a way the US can fix the lack of soldier problem in IRAQ...

freepers or ldotters: which are more stupid, gross and disgusting???

What if your wife turned into William Pitt?


I flew an airplane yesterday and lived to tell about it!!!


What If Your Wife Turned Into Angelina Jolie?

Tell us something weird about yourself.

More true confessions on the Internet.

What If Your Wife Turned Into Matcom?

You can support the troops, or you can support the President: Not Both!

Message to terrorists: We are not afraid ( Like 'sorry everybody')

Why does some spam (internet kind) have gibberish in it?

do you stiLL think we shouLd be "better than them"?

What if your wife turned into Roger Ebert?

The longest fucking domain name in Solar System

Best town for professional escorts.

My car is so gonna break down soon

can i get heLp with a LTTE?

WoooHooo, I get steak for dinner!

Quick! Going to Blockbuster in 5 minutes - Recommend a rental!

It was just two months ago today

what if your wife turned in to this

My World Is Over: Tiffani Thiessen Got Married *sigh*

An excellent Hurricane blog

What if your wife turned into Jay Sherman?

I just got bit by a snake. Ask me anything!

Access 2000 experts - anyone know how to disable the scrollwheel

In five-foot lines iambic post it here


Gay marriage touches me. Yaaaay!

Among These Men... Who Has More Taint?


HEY yvr girl!! I just received my "Punishment"

I want a woman.

ok, who took the first 5 pages of my report off of the printer?

How do you tell your wife she's starting to look like Walter Matthau?

"Pickles" and "assholes" just don't make good sentence companions.

Andy I will Miss You

What if your wife turned into Gene Siskel?


How do you tell your wife she's starting to look like Kirstie Alley?

Advice about a potential job-Potential involuntary reference

What if your wife turned into Roger Rabbit ?

Proof Aliens Exist. OH MY this is Freaky.

I want a woman robot

I need some M&M's please.

Just curious: What passwords do you use the most often?

The answer is OSCAR.

Queen Guitarist Brian May Asks For Reasoning Why Terrorists Hate West!

She ate a moose

DU Golfers!!! (Caution: Brag Alert!)

Does the DLC make you uncomfortable?

How do you tell your wife she is starting to look like Oliver Platt?

Does public breast-watching make you uncomfortable?

Kill the Kill the movie chain thread!

I need to format my C drive and reinstall Windows 98

Are polls fair?

We, in the lounge, can beat a dead horse better than anybody!

Press Conference Blamed for Horrible DC Weather

Would Richardo and GOPisEvil please check in here:

Republicans Are Soft On Treason! Funny Quote In GD

BUSTED reading DU at work!

Gawd help me, I love Cheetos

How do you tell your wife she is starting to look like Stan Laurel?

Dane Cook impersonating Tom Cruise on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Lucy I'm HOME!

How do you tell your wife she is starting to look like Oliver Hardy?

i said "no pickle" asshole!!

Post your DNA fingerprint

Help me choose an excuse!

What's your SSN?

My cubemate is eating Chinese food; the aroma is killing me!

Any Polish speakers here?

I'm off to get some coffee. Anyone want anything?

I Was Just Thinking, You Know What Movie Should Have A Sequel?

I'm off to do a month worth of laundry.

I like this headline a lot

tonights flamebait, I mean flame-broiled, dinner

are you one of those people who drinks hot coffee for lunch on a 105f day?

Ok..let's see..I've got your age, first name, middle name, city where you

Helen Thomas actually asking questions!!

What percentage of people get baked in the Lounge vs. GD?

Denmark jails 'racist' pizza man

Who can't wait for the new Harry Potter?

Who can't wait for the new Harley-Davidson?

The Zuni Defamation Thread.

Fred Phelps hates this ISP

Are Ch _ _ _ en Threads still banned?

What percentage of Pizzas get baked in the lounge vs GD?

DAMN!! It's Gone

Tom Cruise!! You Got Some SPLAININ' To Do!

Looks like somebody should beam Scotty up...

Has it occurred to anyone that it's now EASIER to rip off your identity

"Purple Hearts" - A documentary to be aired on 7/18 on the

Did you ever notice...

How do you tell your wife she's going deaf?

How do you tell your husband

Any Apple Mac Mini experts out there?

How do you tell your wife she's getting phat...


Write my porno detective novel for me!

Yeah! E-Orgies! (thanks to FARK)

Vocab help please > first : primary :: second : secondary :: third : _____

Sad news. Please give us some advice

~ paging goodboy ... there is a message waiting for you!

What? Space aliens don't cause Tsunamis?


Brad Pitt hospitalized in Los Angeles

Anyone ever take a Dude Ranch vacation?

Is there a such thing as an "inexpensive laptop?"

Jesus H. Butthead

Communion in a Can!!!

Utter abject failure.

Great Gif of how we all must feel some days listening to RW spin

Looks Like i picked the wrong week to stop sniffing

78 degrees with a gorgeous seabreeze. it doesn't get better than this!

How many locked threads have you participated in today?

The Steeler fan defamation thread

Do you believe in ghosts? Gallup Poll

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for July, 2005

Bush Regales Dinner Guests with impromptu Oratory on Virgil's Minor

Bush's Confession

Bush's Confession

Does public breast-feeling make you uncomfortable?

Does public beast feeding make you uncomfortable?

People vs Matcom verdict is in!

Kerry would be President IF

Uh-Oh, the White House has just commented on the Matcom investigation

Okay people the correct Minnesota spelling of "ya" is "ja"

Housing headache for giant bunny (BBC)

I have the Golden Ticket

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue...

New ringtone.

Time for BUSH to Put down Ol' Karl (With Picture)

Shit...Haloscan is down on all blogs....

Geographically Speaking... In What Part Of Your State* Do You Live?

Tom Cruise's £10,000 pasta party on board the Scientology yacht.

Incredibly stylish kitchen cabinets.

I'm from the "Feed a Cold" crowd.

How full is your inbox??

What is you pet name- and why?

Well that was a nice bloodbath

Would reich-wingers find THIS bumper sticker offensive?

Does this bumper sticker suggest a gay agenda?

Speaking of milkshakes and malts...

Day 4 without my computer:

self delete

Lately the WH press conferences give me a warm fuzzy feeling

How to flunk a test.

DOGLOVERS: Do you think this is a good place for my doggies for 4 days?

Who wants to share a bottle of Absynthe with me tonight?

I really shouldn't jam my appendages in people's ears while they sleep

Grand Jury Duty?

The talk of "the big one" hitting California


Which verizon-based cellphones allow the use of wav files as ringer tones?

Loungers, I am looking at you: Workers waste more than two hours a day

"My Milkshake is better than yours"

For geeks only...

Obscure message to matcom....

Inflammatory Post

Does anyone know of a good music reviews website?

i really like that guilty pleasure snack thread....

I said "no asshole" Pickles!

Funny Ads.

Ahem...I still need something better than the Red Nub.

Winner of World's Ugliest Dog Contest

Letterman's recent Top Ten on Bush (Sorry if this is a repeat post...)

So, will Ann Coulter now write a sequel to "Treason?"

Drunks with Guns!!!

Does PETA make you uncomfortable?

I can't find my car Keys. AARRGGGGHHH.

Happy Birthday to my momma the lurker

All Star Game Thread.

How many words can you make out of my screen name?

Best Al Jean/Mike Reiss cartoon?

Has anybody here ever tried Fromunda Cheese?

Applebee's brings Robert Palmer back from dead to sing about rice bowls

I'm a Yankee and my initials are MS. Bring me Brits.

DU Meet Up for Albuquerque / Santa Fe area this Thursday

I know many here don't like the movie, but I STILL say that

Who's the best player in this All Star Game?

Democratic Underground Is Under My Thumb

Rummy, Rummy, Rummy. He got hate in his tummy,

So, Tom Cruise has no Box Office clout with WoW #2 finish to a dud

Do you like the taste of lambykins?

What's the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?

who here has signatures turned off?

I keep thinking of all these great threads to start

Let's play musical 20 questions - can you guess what song I'm listening to

I'm cranky and need a man. Tell me of something men would want!

League that wins AS game get home field in World Series. Like it or not?

Wad D.W. Griffith a Racist?

Every time I log onto DU, I start crying.

What happens when David Lynch is your Father

LMFAO!! Those MORANS Thought I Was Serious (Washing Machine Wife Post)

Realistic Comics Presents Ann Coulter In "Prep School Girl!

Watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first

Where's LynneSin? I have a confession. That stanky smell in the lounge..


Anyone watching "The 70's House" on MTV?

I can't wait for Friday to get here

Ignore this, it's boring...

Why do my mozillah live book marks fail to load on my new /used laptop????

You of earth are stupid! Stupid! STUPID!!

Ok, Let's all sing along with the Fox News Crew!

Damn,I cleared 500 posts & didn't even notice.

What are your talents? I'm sorry. I had to turn off my television....

I'm cranky and I have CRS. Bring me grits.

Hey! ChavezSpeakstheTruth......

Best FreeRepublic Post Ever on Rove-Gate

Auntie Pasta

I am 19 posts away from 1000. Ask me ANYTHING!!!!

Does public yeast-spreading make you uncomfortable?

AIM chat tonight

Ignore this, it's boring.

I have 32,606 panties.

Uncle Albert

I'm Spanky and I have CBS. Bring me girls.

Men - I want a relationship right now

LOL - online chat in another browser... it's amazing,

did you write your Letter to the editor yet?

Entertain me while I wait for Norton Antivirus to download updates.

Two lesbian nuns walk into a bar....

Da doo doo doo.Da da da da...

Bu bo bo bo bo. BO bo. Da da de de dum.

Someone from Russia responded to my personal ad...

Browser help requested, please.

Best doughnut chain

Sigfried or Roy, who wins in a fight

Why is it that every @(#$ing time I have a short web update to do

I have a very kind husband.

Need help getting Firefox to run quicktime.

Anyone know about converting files from JPEG to Word documents?


FYI--Scotty's Press Briefing was dropped from the CSpan schedule...

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop defaming Zuni

Today was my first day on a new job

1000 Posts!

I remember when staying up past 10:00 pm used to mean something.

I'm cranky and I have PMS. Bring me gifts.

guestimate bushjr's intelligence - by placing it between two examples


SantaWoof's Christmas in July Thread!

Thank you to whoever donated to my college fund!

Could use some advice here, 'specially from any organist/homophobes.

Hillary Swank or Chad Lowe, who wins in a fight.....

Has anyone here ever heard of Fats Waller?

New Harry Potter Book Leaked

I made money today acting as a garbage man.

We're remodeling the lounge - what would you like for us to add?

A-hey oh ma ma maaaa-____ hey oh ma ma ma heeeeeeeey-ah!


ATTENTION: Anyone going to Seattle for Andy's service

eeeeeny meeeeny miiiiney moooooooo!

Elderly woman hoards more than 300 cats (Reuters)

This is neat, 30 minute lightning strike map

THE KARL ROVE COOKBOOK...recipe faves!

I only have one thing to say about a bunch of no-life assholes...

I'm homonymophobic

Fire Walk with Me.... Twin Peaks.... David Lynch Appreciation Thread.

Does public breast-feeding make you uncomfortable?

swoon over me ladies for I am the BEST husband EVER!

When did "God Bless America" become the new 7th Inning stretch song?

Ladies - "I don't want a relationship right now"


I posted about my hair disaster last night...

Anybody else ambivalent about personal posting milestones?

by far the best place for intelligent discussion is the feminist forum

Top Ten Movie *Plot* Dislikes

Kill the movie chain thread!

I have 32,606 pennies.

Have You Ever Been Tested For HIV?

What is your favorite style of Blues music?

I got it... Simple Scotty = Jerry Lundergaard from 'Fargo'

ms. sniffa just sLeep waLked out the door

What are you supposed to do when you're 37?

I wanna give y'all my love touch!

Attention all DUers of the Solar Federation. I have assumed control.

How many cats are burried on your property?

Who is covering the Discovery launch tomorrow?

singles: dare you to post photo

I had a little chat today with a guy who said he is libertarian.

Kitty Porn (pic heavy)


Most beloved member of G-G-G-G-G-UNIT!

Could use some advice here, 'specially from any organic/homeopathic

Singles: Ever think that you're destined to be alone?

The return of SLuggy

Baen books offers free chapters of new SCI FI books by Ringo & Weber

Business attire


If a bear takes a dump in a forest,

Holy shit --- what a PUSSY

Which TV character or star were you in love with as a kid?

Do you ever post and run?

What's your pet's name -- and why?

SF AIDS Walk ...... can I get some donations?

Dr. Ralph Stanley sings "I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow!"

What's something you've always wanted to do, but haven't yet?

Picture post!!

Do you like the taste of veal?

Pee Wee, I will have my revenge!

Church youth group's killing party.

Where, in the name of all that is holy, is CaliforniaPeggy?

The Magistrate appreciation thread.


Racism- the reality is a world of color.

Best town for professional sports.


My wife went 25,000 miles without an oil change!!!

How are western versions of Indian food different from the real item?

Look! DUers take a stand against veal!

I am outta here.

Does PETA make you uncomfortable?

Chicago Officials Turn Off 'Jesus' Light

Mosaic inspired image of England's favourite saint

progressive seminary schools: anyone attend one or know someone

A Prayer for KARL ROVE from the Psalms.

Curry fights cancer

Lorenzo's Oil Shows Promise in Treating Genetic Illness

Native tales hint at past West Coast tsunamis (science & folklore)

On Titan, Volcanoes Spew Ice, Not Lava

Parkinson's Treatment Side Effect May Be Compulsive Gambling

Greek island hosts three-day conference on Atlantis myth

Rosie O'Donnell's Canadian Gay Marriage Express

Gay Couple Accuses Schools Of Bias

Brazil Court OKs Gay Adoption

Tennessee Launches New Investigation Into Ex-Gay Camp

AFA Targets Nike For Supporting Gay Unions

Gay Marriage For All Canada To Be Law Next Week

Charges Dropped Against NY Gay Marriage Mayor

Salt Lake Area Mulling Gay Benefits

Ronnie 'Woo Woo' Reported Missing

It's the All Star break and do my Bay Area teams stink or what?

Hmmmmmmmm.... Tying run on deck.

NCAA 2006 , is great ...

Which breed is your favorite feline?

Have you hugged your cat today?

Alternative Medicine: What Works?

I my glee TOO apparent?

Don't get that on me

Busy day and I have to miss most of it

Where was JK last weekend and why?

For the Boston folks who detest Santorum

Kerry on C-Span 2 NOW n/t

DU it

Kerry: America's National Security - Not Karl Rove's Job Security

Nice thread in DU P on Kerry

John Kerry Works to Secure America's Ports

so Kerry is talking to McCain again

CNN: Kerry and Clinton say "Fire Rove" at Press Conf. - (VIDEO)

What happens when the * House of Cards falls?

Perhaps we could get Keith interested in returning to his job if

Rev where are you? Spiritual question ..... I will pay in Brats & Beer.


I am doing something extremely boring at work.

Al-Qaeda has changed; Bush strategy also needs to shift--Clark, USA Today

FOX to premiere new sitcom "The War at Home" on 9/11/05.

Raw Story: Chorus for Rove's head grows louder ("deserves his pink slip")

IMHO- this is genocide by the West - another LIHOP

Plame identity trail: Powell-Bush-Rove

council of churches condemns US policy on Iraq

Goldbergs top 10 worst Americans

Did Guckert/Gannon get back in the Press Room Monday?

Here's what they'll try next re: Plame/Rove/Cheney

Does anyone else appreciate the supreme irony that this junta

Can anyone, in your wildest deam, imagine

When was the last time attorneys lined up with talking heads and

U.S May Begin Troop Drawdown in 2006

US military command in the UK - a laughing stock

So, why hasn't he already been fired?

CNN and MSN : Bush Job Approval at 51%

4 bombs in Spain near a power plant

Permits Obtained to Surround White House on Sept 24th !

White House comments on CIA leak probe

List of all the Yahoo articles on Rove

Anyone have a caption for this photo?

Rove: "Noooooooooooooo!"

Trust Big Government?

Audio Clip of McClellan on Rove

So how come WH reporters wasted question on Laura Bush's trip to Africa?!?

"Rove: To stretch and twist before spinning."

If Bush could run again in '08, would he win?

July 11 = I read that the UK does not want US soldiers in London.

US Soldiers Told to Stay out of London !

Howard Kurtz: Frog-Marching Time for Rove?

Rove Scandel: Did anyone wake up just a little happier this AM?

DeLay, Challenger Get Fundraising Boosts

Remember when Dick Morris had a prostitute step on his....

CNN skewers McClellan about stalling on Rove questions - (VIDEO)

better ?: will freepers continue to support Bush if guilty of treason?

Feinstein-Cornyn Amendment--Only big cities need to have security

3 questions that right wingers can't answer...

Bush and Blair: "We have nothing to sell but fear itself."

The Note: "Where Does This Go?" (Rove)

Senate Democrats crushing GOP in fundraising

Republicans Blast Clinton - Mad Mag kid reference....WTF??

the Rove thing: hey - the press got teeth

Rove's involvement in Election Fraud 04' / Ohio

Do we give Karl Rove to much credit?

Something to get the blood boiling: Guess who pays Rove's paycheck.

My question to Sen Reid (Conference Call)

Zell Miller takes Georgia citizen's money as his own

by mid day yesterday 400,000 Iraqis had signed petition for US to

WA Post: "Didn't the W.H.promise to fire anyone involved in the leak?"

Plame's husband....

Franken playing pieces of yesterday's WH briefing.

PLAMEGATE - Some unanswered questions

U.S. waits for answers on Rove, Bush is presented with "Surfboard One"

When will we really get or Iraq?

Washington Post - "Frog March Time for Rove?"

Is "Benedict" Karl Bush's "Ollie North"?

The best way to help the investigation

I thought ignorance was not an acceptable criminal defense?

How funny is this press conf?

Investigation of Saddam is ongoing as well, Scotty since you refuse

Scotty and his horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day

McClellan's having a press conference today at 12:45 pm (Eastern)

Right wing media downplay Rove.

Vote in this MSNBC Poll

anyone know when c-span will replay press conference?

The party of the angry and disillusioned. . .

WHM missed a chance to really slam Scottie...

is there official link to today's WH press conf yet?

My VERY FAVORITE Question To Scotty Today!

The thing to remember concerning Rove and the rest...

I don't want Rove fired/resign...I want him CONVICTED and SENTENCED

The President's Executive Order 13382

Did Rove et al think there would be no fallout for their actions?

bear in mind...we thought they'd fire Rumsfeld too

Rove is an Enemy Combatant- Send him to Gitmo

Rush Limbaugh is going Batshit Insane today!!! LMAO!!

so....isnt the penalty for treason death?

Rove Down in Plames!!!


Sens. Santorum, Clinton trade child-rearing barbs

Dems' ads rap Taylor ties

POV last night "Street Fight" about the 2002 Newark, NJ mayoral race

Fox: "Bush did not use the "f" word to describe the fate of the leaker"

'Boston Globe' London Reporter Charles Sennott on"Fresh Air" Now -E. Coast

CNN pushing Republican talking points - AGAIN!

George Mitchell: The Dems' Supreme Point Man?

DSM's and The outing of Plame by Rove should be tied together

You know what, I love Bush

poll on MSNBC

Led Zepplin wrote a song for * and company ..... and Puffy

If Judith Miller is under non-official-cover with Operation Mockingbird

The Democratic Effort to Get Karl Rove Fired Is a Very Nice Ploy

Are any high-profile Repukes defending Rove?

Today's Scotty Press Conf Video is up:

DU this MSN Poll re: ROVE - What do you think should happen to Karl Rove

The cable networks are in the process of clearing Karl Rove...

The Brits are trying to find out WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US?

Rove Must Go! petition-please sign!

CNN: More Say Iraq Has Reduced U.S. Safety

Caption this photo!

Will history see KARL ROVE as the BENEDICT ARNOLD of our time?

Official: Risk to Guardsmen Exaggerated

World Trade Center Investigation Seeks Public Comments

CNN Just Said That Cat-Killer Won't Back Up Rove

Rove Has Given Aid and Comfort to the Enemy.

"Strict Constructionist Judiciary"

Rove's attorney declined to say whether Rove knew Plame was covert analyst

During the Nixon administration, they called themselves "ratf**kers."

Doesn't Rove's crime fit ESPIONAGE more than treason?

I just heard bush on the TV saying he wanted to get his SC ...

Sen. Patrick Leahy: High Stakes at the Supreme Court

OSHA bills - Rep Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) rocks (CSPAN)

Did Dems "Pick Their Battle" with Rove?

CNN: Kerry and Clinton say "Fire Rove" at Press Conf. - (VIDEO)

Hey. How's the Bolton nomination going? also....what's up with Ken LAy?

When Karl Rove goes to Hell ...

Rush Limbaugh: "If Bush is Alfred E. Newman, Your Husband Was Larry Flynt"

RNC eCampaign Director Michael Turk Unveils New

DU ACTIVISTS! This site lists links to every newspaper in the world

On the road this week from the DNC blog. Renamed Kicking Ass.

WTF? Bush up 3 POINTS in Gallup Poll?

Congress proposes law repealing Identities Protection Act of 1982

Anyone else seen this? Amend for Arnold.....

I had an idea that needs some tweaking

So GOP has "grassroots" and we Dems have "" and "liberal

Our E-Mail To Hillary Re: George W. Newman

TAKE THE MSNBC POLL - Should Rove be fired?

Rick Santorum explains Republican "values"

David Gregory: "Do you regret putting yourself out on a limb, Scott?"

Link to Novak article on Plame (edited)

Surprise! Surprise! Blitzer doing nice job against Mehlman on CNN

WH Press Secretary sounding like counsel for the criminal defendant

GOP "talking points" quote Cheney as saying "I don't know

Fox News Blowhard says "Rove should get a MEDAL."

Republican spelled out

John Dean coming up on Lou Dobbs

Lawyer: Cooper “Burned” Karl Rove

Ldotters on Rove "No story!" LOL, yeah right!!!

Social Security is not what it used to be?

Who Would You Prefer As President: Larry Flynt Or Alfred E. Neuman?

Getting Off Scott Free: McClellan's Past Quotes on Rove/Plame

Define liberal. Define conservative.

Tucker Eskew whorin' for Rove on Hardball...HARD. Full court press.

Anybody want to talk about "reforming" social security?

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy: the Choice


Rahm Emanuel just called for limits on lobbyists on House floor

Fox addressing living wage laws and then Plamegate

calling all media whores

Regarding Fitzgerald, some grim thoughts from a cynic...

CNN: GOP talking points; Mehlman evades, denies, forgets - (VIDEO)

Bush perjury?

what about this worst case scenario:

Bill Clinton's Christmas card list

For those who may call me a conspiracy theorist. Please read this:

Rep. Don Sherwood:Tom DeLay's Latest Crony of the Week

C-SPAN2 5:40 PST Replay of today's WH briefing.

Does the US "hate the Brits because of their freedoms?"

I love Helen's question to Scotty

"Shrub Poisoned Zoo Monkeys"

Does it makes sense that Cheney doesn't know Wilson when:

Bush Should Have Sacrificed Rove Long Ago

Memory refresher: Timeline of the Iraq Uranium Allegations

You know, I'm almost tempted to jump on the Hillary '08 Bandwagon

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Statement on the Partisan Attack on Karl Rove

AP: "Bush continues to protect Rove"

John Kerry Works to Secure America's Ports

Can anyone please...

RawStory: RNC Talking Points from Mehlman re: Rove

Gannon, DeLay, Fristian Putsch, DSM, Rove's Treason - Keep them going

Why's Bush coming here to NC? Supreme Court nomination related?

We cannot allow the story to only be about whether a crime

Tweety to Biden: "Do the Dems wish they had somebody as good as Rove?"

A couple Republicans I work with are calling for Rove to resign

Josh Marshall has NYT's article debunking "Wilson's Wife sent him to Niger

Mini Rant: What the ****

Kerry cranks up call to fire Rove (great WH quotes to use)....and petition

If Turd Blossom goes to jail...

DailyKos: Did Novak 'lie' to the Grand Jury?

Question: Does Larry Krudlow every have anyone on

GOP Talking Points about Rove are at

Documented Point by point rebuke of RNC talking points #1

What did Bush know... and when did he know it?

WH transcripts over time on Rove/Plamegate at MSNBC - very useful.

I want to know if anyone else has heard this.

Where is Jeff Gannon

What the RNC SHOULD have said (if they weren't liars):

Is The Tide Turning?

If Angelina Jolie did this.........

Documented Point by point rebuke of RNC talking points #2

Scotty's Press Briefing Today 7/12 on CSpan at 11:22 pm ET

Liberal "ANGER"

"Kill Jim Smith's Wife!"

Does anyone recommend the Working Assets credit card?

L.A. Times: "White House Deflects Questions on Rove as RNC Defends Him"

'We're not afraid' poke at GWB

Wikipedia entry on Karl Rove.

Focus on what really matters....Semen Stains.

The NEW Downing Street Memo: Secret US/GB plan to quit Iraq

Need a link and need it baaaad. . .

I am very impressed with both Senators Kennedy and Kerry

Here's the LINK to STOP CAFTA! Please use it to contact

Video.......60 Minutes interview with Paul O'Neal ...worth the rewatch

CNN's Kyra Phillips: "a major smear campaign going on" against Rove

Karl Rove controversial wedding photo found!

Excellent NYT "The White House on the Leak" graphic (Junior & Scotty)

Hello World

Crime and punishment - right wing style

What's being missed by the press on the Rove story...

Valerie Plame WAS undercover. "Analyst" was her cover.

Replay of Scotty on CSPAN now.

I need some help on this Karl Rove LTTE, please

FOX's Gibson: Karl Rove Should Be Given A 'Medal' For Leak (VIDEO)

Wow!. Talk about anger management problem

Rush refers to "Obama Osama" and then says Ted Kennedy called him that


CNN just showed some clips that made the Repukes look like

Juan Cole calls Rove a traitor , "Unfit"

I Want To Know Why Colin Powell Is Hiding???

Has anyone noticed how much BushCo HATES it when people don't...

Editor of "The Progressive" Nails It Re: Al Qaeda


The end game couldn't be clearer...

Kerry: America's National Security - Not Karl Rove's Job

Media whores: Plame neither proposed or authorized Wilson's Niger trip!

Clinton Global Initiative in NYC Sept 15-17th

Tucker Carlson is saying we're insane and cowardly ...

If Rove is impeached, he cannot be pardoned - it seems.

CNN: Arlen Spector is such a truly evil-looking beast. And he's the

Fox News:John Gibson Rove deserves a medal for outing Plame

Easy Senate Score Chart. This should make people from New Jersey happy.

1946 educational documentary on "Despotism - Democracy"...must see

Waxman Speaks Out on Rove

MSNBC: White House denials on Rove fall silent

USA TODAY Rove Poll... let's DU it!!!

Valerie Plume Leak - A National Catastrophe(article)

When will we know anything about the grand jury testimony?

Iraqi PM - insurgents will attack out of revenge for rebuilding "success"

TIM RUSSERT just told the truth!!! -- My head... it hurts!!!

I think Fitzgerald should take his time completing this investigation

There Needs to Be a Petition to CNN - Fire Novak or Face Boycott

Cooper expected to testify tomorrow

DU another Rove Poll

Henry Kissinger, republican Rasputin, PNAC ? ?

Empty Rhetoric: The White House & the CIA Leak. DNC counters rethug spin.

John Conyers - Zero mention of Rove on either H&C and O'Reilly last night

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman to Address NAACP


Scottie got his ass kicked at today's press briefing! Transcript & video.

Did the London bombers know that their deaths were part of the plan, too?

Has anyone here had any trouble with infiltrators at house parties?

MSNBC just showed Plame's face. I thought the news people were avoiding

Easy House rating chart; Look who is on top.

Scottie Takes a Break from Lying about Rove to Lie about Terrorism...

Here IS something you can do for our country: PLEASE READ!

Folks in Madison, WI, be on guard tomorrow for right wing shenanigans.

I think the top Democrats are jumping the gun on Rove

New Abu Ghraib photos ready - US Atty requested extension to July 22

Will Democrats give Rove a pass? !!!!!! Rep. Slaughter strikes again!!!

Who is DU's favorite Democrat?

(DSM) AfterDowningStreet Update - Dragging the Media Down Downing Street