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Archives: July 11, 2005

The battle after the battle

NYT Herbert: It Just Gets Worse (wow must read!)

Iran will emerge as clear victor in U.S. war in Iraq

Unanswered questions in London bombings

CNN Video - Christiane Amanpour

OMG!!! Parallels between 9-11 and London. edited for subject clarity.

National Democratic Committee, Ohio Election Report hidden away

Caution Head Exploder ...... * speaks .... a top 10 in W being W

Can CNN hire this guy?

Thought * was going to nominate Bolton over the holiday??

"let's just be kissyface with freepers"


Do you know the 14 characteristics of a fascist government?

Well here goes... a pooh thread and my first pic post

DU has stupid enemies.

HELP:I Want To Take Down the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in My School

POLL: What do you think the Public "Breaking Point" will be on Gas Prices?

I think the word Nazi has been used to conservatively on DU lately

Message to the UK from Edward R. Murrow

Housing Markets Pricing Out Middle Class

LAT: After Flagging Support, a Second Wind for Bush

WP,pg1:For Liberals, High Stakes at High Ct.:Another Defeat Could Tarnish

WP: On Capitol Hill, (e-mail) Inboxes Are Overflowing

WP: Outside of Va., Governor Mark Warner's National Ambitions Shine

I figured out why London got bombed, who did it!!!!!!

33 to go.

Cheney satire pictures?

calling all quakers

movie chain question

Michelle Wie is trying to qualify for the Masters.

Ach! Sunburn!

Jesus Is a Metrosexual

Just listened to Steve Earle Amerika v 6.0


OMFG!!!! My Pic can be Googled!

I'm watching F 9/11 on Showtime. I forgot how stupid * is.

So how is everyone?

Why do our current newspapers have to be so boring?

Family Guy.....Vomit.....Can't breathe......

You know I really like ChuckD's new show on AAR

Cat Retirement....

I think Pink Floyd sucks ass

If a Guy Owns a Pair Of Pantless Black Leather Chaps, Odds Are He's Gay

All possible topics are now officially covered on the web.

I guess it wouldn't be possible to reassign RETARD and FAGGOT...



band names I really, really like:

Calling All Angels


NFL fantasy football is upon us....

Anybody do a reading on Fitzegerald?

The President should be impeached and removed from office

Same as 9-11: London-"Exercises going on simultaneously". UNREAL!!!!!

Happier Days

If you take off the tinfoil, how likely is it that Bush might have ...



HELP: I Want to Take Down the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

restaurant owner on terror watch list faces deportation

Do Foreign Governments Have a "Human Right" to Buy Venezuela Elections?

WP: Stop This Bill (another of our rights headed for the toilet)

VA Hospital in Texas Fights to Stay Open

The three lessons of Srebrenica

Tell me what is missing from the TOP STORIES!!!!

Apathy keeps me pretty busy By Peter Mehlman

Why we don't hear more about the Dowing Street Memo

Peter Schrag: Don't underrate California abortion measure

CIA case: Special prosecutor's focus on media should prompt investigation

Nun works to comfort immigrants

Bob Herbert: "It Just Gets Worse"

Independents Are Having Buyer's Remorse

Right Wing Talking Points

Why Bush Has To Fire Rove (David Corn, The Nation, via Yahoo News)

London terror plot known weeks in advance

Great article on broadband access!

Army studying 1st Infantry Divisionís unusually high rates of TB exposure

Wes Clark: Al-Qaeda has changed; Bush strategy also needs to shift

Rove down in Plames! Likely two or more criminal charges incl. conspiracy

Juan Cole on Israel's Plan to use Wall to 'take' All of Arab Jerusalem!

The Nation: Why Bush Has To Fire Rove

39,000 Iraqis killed in fighting, new study finds

The label of Catholic terror was never used about the IRA

The Filtered Future: China's bid to divide the Internet

Experts fear 'endless' terror war....... GW says "bring em on"!

Left Coaster: "Scott McClellan... a deer in the headlights"

Karl Rove: Soft on terror (Keith Olbermann)

Sunday WaPo: Five WWII Books Reviewed by Wes Clark

Farhad Manjoo (Salon): Smelling like a Rove

.. Hillary ... attacks President Bush, comparing him to Alfrered E. Neuman

Terrorism is also caused when one country militarily occupies another coun

BuzzFlash: If a Mob Boss Says to a Hit Man, "Kill Jim Smith's Wife"...

The most prescient article ever! (referenced in today's Krugman column)

Boy President in a Failed World

After all, Venezuela has as much or even more oil than Iraq...

Rove's Leak Points to Bush Conspiracy

RawStory: Zell Miller pocketed tax dollars for 'entertainment'

Newest Rove Revelation: Legally Harmful Smoking Gun?

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): Faced with this crisis of climate change

White House denials on Rove fall silent

Jeb Bush: Hurricane Dennis Could Be Fault of Michael Schiavo

"Fortunes made on bombing"

Bomb Drill Exercise Simultaneously occurred/London Attacks(BBC Radio)

MoveOn's Emergency Fund to Protect Our Rights

I just wrote to my senators. Such as they are.

Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp Announce Farm Aid 2005

Opponents Prevail Over Dirty Bombs

Corporate leaders face protest (Australia)

Over 10,000 activists to head to HK for WTO protests

Can any of you help? Vets for Peace Natiional Convention, Dallas?

Sign up: DNC conf call w/Reid- He's reporting on nominee process

Rove Has to Go *** Petition*** from John Kerry; Please sign

Should the DU Activist Corps have permanent sub-groups?

CNN just keeps on blowing me away...

she wants to sleep with Ken Willard

If you haven't heard the Lizz Brown Show, you are missing out!

Fluor lands contract in Alabama

Anyone have links to studies about benefits for buying locally? -GD repost

Everglades Pythons

Hellbenders Hurting

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): Faced with this crisis of climate change

Diplomat-defector urges China's spies in Australia to quit

Australian PM defends appointment

Rice tells Beijing that the Dalai Lama is no threat to China

Prince William honors war dead in New Zealand

Pakistan 'moral laws' spark row

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!): Massacre by UN Troops in Haitian Slum

Former US diplomat meets nation's leaders - TW

Japan failing to address racism, UN investigator says

Gate to nowhere

Israel seeks $2.2 billion from US for Gaza pullout

A couple news videos I found

Peter Power is in Toronto until the 13th

Is this photo proof of demolition?

20 Billion to Fed on July 5?

CBC mentions 7/7 London Terror drill story

Blair rules out inquiry into the bombing!

Peter Power interviewed last night on CBC (Re: London bombing)

London: Security cameras not working

OJ: London Underground bombing 'exercises' at same time as real attack

NVRI: Georgia Voter ID Law Called Discriminatory

Sherole Easton Mediation Scheduled, TRO Extended

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Monday 7/11/05

Susan Truitt's Tribute to Andy

Andy Stephenson (1963-2005) - In Memoriam

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 7/12/05

Does anybody have a plan of action?

This forum is crawling.

homework assignment for volunteers - find some quotations

Question for you CA ppl over what a Repug friend said to me today

Just received this from the Dickinson campaign...WOW!

Went to "Eyes Wide Open" tonight.

Blouin: Iowa needs to take risks to get jobs - W'loo-CF Courier

AFL-CIO Denies Endorsement in State Senate Race (Jehlen)

strib search engine?

I've been given the task of researching

Boss is on the road, can download e-mail but can't send?

Windows novice needs help with firewall

Ohio Democrat are taking ACTION across the state.

More computers stolen at Democratic Headquarters in Ohio

We need a lot of help with the Paul Hackett Congressional campain

"Smoky Joe" piggy banks

Need definitive answer: what happens if Cornyn is appointed to SCOTUS?

Bay Area New Democrats meeting (South Houston) Weds

Nick Lampson is kicking ass in fund-raiding (Cleaning up CD22 of DeLay)

Chris Bell Reception & Happy Hour Wed July 13th -Austin

Strayhorn raises $1.5 million in 10 days

Any Texas progressive politics blogs?

Election Integrity - Voting Rights Meeting - Austin August 2nd

Act to save Wisconsin's tough Do Not Call List

Freeps "dream" Presidential speech and my response...

Anyone Know The Original German Name of Free Republic?

President Dignitude --PIX-->

Message to all from Termite.

So why aren't you riding a motorcycle?

General Discussion regulars, what is your age?

Seattle-PI editorial -- White House Leaks: A serious security matter

Big trouble brewing for "The Guy James Show" What would YOU do?

what would a 'victory' in Viet Nam have entailed?

Hardball allowed blatant lies, on the air, just now... huh?

so, REALLY, how many scandals HAS this administaration had by now?

Bush aide Rove tied to exposure of CIA agent

Our local news just reported that CA is sending help to Florida

I wonder if FR is off line cleaning off all the posts that slandered Andy?

The Rich Die Differently From You And Me, Study Shows

Great doc on CBC Newsworld now

Rove spoke to Time reporter about CIA agent, lawyer says

Clinton mentioned in a sermon...

Karl the man behind the man

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton attacks Bush

Rove's friends don't even trust him

Wow.. PBS' P.O.V. was powerful.. "The Jim Crow Museum"


Casualties rising as administration's course become more confusing

Safe is Beautiful

Fortunes made on bombing

GRAPHICS: What do Iraqis want? An important Q if teaching democracy

'Pillowcase Robber' gets 184 years

Freepermania: Working Women (again)

John Conyers is an inspiration, a powerful leader and true American Hero!

What is your opinion of charter schools?

New Footer Message on this blog

Experts fear 'endless' terror war

Bush's legacy is what?

Guys, we only need 30 more volunteers for the DU activist corps

Bob Dylan's words to Karl Rove

XM roady only $50 after rebate at Best Buy and Circuit City

Real newsman exposes right wingnut. (Historic)

OK, Sirius is display on 144, "Real Liberal Talk Radio"

"with only our tongues for our swords"

A list of RW Traitors

Campaign Underground?

Check out

Okay, so now Cooper didn't get permission from his source(rover)?

Rove has many counts, his own admission, and I think lying about Novak

So If Some Wacko Made A Death-Threat To "Karl Rove's Wife"...

Astrological view. A glimmer of hope...For whatever it's worth.

Missing Navy SEAL Found

Turd on the run

Are those who promote violence trying to neutralize us?

Who is this idiot on Wash Journal?!?

Wow its like the sky just opened up and now is POURING rain..

We let people off the hook too quickly -- i.e. Robin Hayes

Bush to pull out troops just before the 2006 elections.

So... will we be mostly out of Iraq in a year & a half?

Trojan Tarbaby -- Why We Are Stuck In Iraq

"Rove: To stretch and twist before spinning."

"We haven't seen the memo", why is that their best response to any UK memo

Maybe now they'll be able to afford armor for the troops

The BBC's "Power of Nightmares"

Willie Nelson to Release Reggae Album (includes anti Iraq war song)

What is the purpose of having a Democracy when the people cannot

GOP Presidential Candidates for 2008

Stupid interview on local NPR just now....(RANT)

London bombings give new urgency to Bush focus on fighting

Read this Reuters report of an attack on an Iraqi checkpoint today

man, am i getting sick of springer playing pattycake w/ freepers

GOP aims to savage

Which problem facing our nation is more dire?

Spin off: Lets list the true liberal media

Dubya-the movie

Where the Dems are Blowing it: A LACK OF VISION!

It Just Gets Worse

Thousands to be screened for affects from Teflon (drinking water/Dupont)

Search For Answers

Okay, what will be the MSM spin on Rove?

Bush has a much better tan than most world leaders

Anyone have Bill Clinton's office number in NY?

you just can't keep up with all the conspiracy theories

New Proposal for Hurricane Categories

more offshoring warnings

Only 20 more needed

The company in F-911 that arranged Iraq Rebuilding Conference

L.A Shooting

How much impact does the war in Iraq have on present oil prices?

Help: I need to change ISP from corp msm to progressive preferably. Any

Even Rove's lawyer is a snake in the grass.

What happened to the pictures?

George Galloway: "Londoners paid the price for Blair's decision to go

I think we need a DU list of the 100 people screwing up the USA

Cooper made a big deal about possible coersion for waivers, right?

Why do you think the Miller-Cooper leak "scandal" is so difficult ....?

TINFOIL Question - CNN Bomb Map showed 5 bombs when only 4 went off

On FBI top 10 most wanted--no problem to get a passport :( :(

David Corn (The Nation): Why Bush Has To Fire Rove

Article about Live8/G8 sums up the situation...

Why Does Karl Rove Still Have His Security Clearance?

"Fight them there not here" Let's look at what WWII taught us

Joe Wilson Outed Valerie Plame, according to Jeff Gannon

Andy Stephenson (1963-2005) - In Memoriam

Thom Hartmann will talk about the London War Games Rescue 'conspiracy'

Liberal Soldier arrested in Iraq for calling for impeachment of Chimp

On the "Down Low": Homophobia in the workplace

Has anyone heard from any of the Ft. Bragg soldiers that were at * speech?

Specific regions of brain implicated in anorexia nervosa, U of Pitt. study

PBS debate-simultaneous post

Anyone know anything about Grassroots Campaigns?

The Freepers are nuts. These posts prove it.

failed ideologues who believe they are enlightened masters of the universe


Advance Transcript of Supreme Court Nomination

Anti-Terrorism Law = Patriot Act?

Freepers hate H. Clinton more than bad news from Iraq. So why "3 Stars"

"Where terror and the bomb could meet"

Dembloggers: Video - Geraldo Rivera Falls Flat On His Ass!

Did you know Britain already down to 8500 troops in Iraq from 30,000?

Capitalism-despite its dishonorable intentions-is a bad form of govrenmen

Press Briefing on c-span...Scottie is being skewered!!

Scotty REFUSES to answer Rove Queries at Daily Briefing

Rover outing plame--on yahoo front page

Why Bush Has To Fire Rove

Recovery is still missing for workers

SC Druids report being pulled over for having a pagan bumper sticker

Rove is the source - DU this poll!

WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception

Karl Rove: Soft on terror (Keith Olbermann)

Looking for the Karl Rove Frog March photoshop

Definition of weasel: Scotty McClellan

Laurence O'Donnell to talk about Plame case on Franken today!

Why Bush Has To Fire Rove (yahoo news. rank it up!)

Shouldn't Rove resign? Afterall, he wasn't elected.

Thinking of moving off of US Soil

Alex Bennett and his sidekick on Sirius Left are fucking clueless.

Kurtz: Hillary Author Frozen Out

MSNBC to talk Rove/Plame next

(Photo) Little Georgie can count!

did jeff gannon/goesch ever take that dna test?

Why Universal Health Care Vouchers is the next big idea.

Anyone watching the C-Span PBS funding hearing?

Have to gloat -FINALLY DONATED TO DU!! Fuck the bills!

IRAQ: Farmers in need of seed and equipment

I think I love Al Franken.

"Free and Fair" trade an oxymoron


Freepers are nuts, part 2.

AAR lost its toll-free number?

Bush doesn't DARE ask for Rove's resignation.

remember: Bush asked the leaker to come forward

Well.. ...uh... at least he showed up.. .. I guess

First images of Underground bombing suspects

London Bombings - Some "Tin Foil" Questions

When is Bush going to fire Rove?

Why is is Novak not under investigation?

The terrorists' strategy

Japan racism 'deep and profound'

OJ: London Underground bombing 'exercises' at same time as real attack

The red-staters are starting to feel the crunch of the economy....

Holy Crap!!!!! they grew balls

When Hillary is asked to apologize I would like to hear this

Giuliani Was Near Site of Bombing

Does this mean that Rove told Bush to "go Cheney himself"...?

Am I Reading This Correctly? MSNBC on ROVE

Rep. Waxman Calls for Hearing into Rove's Role in Outing of CIA Agent

Blair's speech from this morning on C-SPAN 1 now n/t

"Why I Oppose CAFTA" by Sander Levin of the Washington Post

Rove's Leak Points to Bush Conspiracy

"I'm sorry I ever voted for bush, twice"...yeah right, don't make me laugh

CIA releases Official History of the Bay of Pigs

Arizona School Will Not Use Textbooks (Vail-laptops)

Hey Zell, I'm finding a certain irony in your latest book title

Working towards a new New Deal

Robert Byrd Kicking Ass On C-Span Again

Do you want to know why * went to war with Iraq?

Need help with this letter on Rovegate and DSM

Reading today's transcript of Scott McClellan brought back memories

FOIA Abu Graib?

Anyone else having problems connecting to Air America online?

Shuttle Launch Wednesday - Watch it Live


The reporter on CNN was told "We don't release some prisoners because

Rove Leak Points to Bush Conspiracy

Ministerial students/ministers are EXEMPT from the draft!

What is the cover for the next MAD magazine going to look like?

Why Isn't This Front Page News?

Where's the Amber Alert?

Cost of Iraq War July 11th- $180,000,800,099

Is your DU connection slooooooooow?

This is a Championship Fight! The * is DOWN, WE keep swingin'!"

And then there were 17

Only 30 people need to sign up

Sirius Listener Needs Randi Rhodes Stream Link

CNN talking about Rove

Liberal talk radio trends ahead of Limbaugh among 25-54 in Miami

Have the legal wheels started rolling against Andy Stevenson's tormentors?

Looking for thread on Judith Miller previously revealing her sources

Wow, Did Gas Prices Suddenly Spike Or Something?

Some thoughts about the Chimpictures we all have fun with ......

"I bet ppl that voted for Bush feel pretty stupid about now"

Karl Rove AOL Top Story & Poll

Wouldn't it be great if Novak is responsible for bringing down Bush?

Was Novak lying?

WH comments line....

Chimpy's Latest Monkey Face...

Billy Graham's Daughter Arrested

Send Reuters Your Hurricane Pictures (Reuters)

E&P: Press Batters McClellan on Rove/Plame Link(transcript of briefing)

So, Scott...The Appropriate Time Is Going To Be When?

Rove frog-march on BartCop

Scotty interview on C Span NOW


Home Sour Home - Great Article about McMansion Nightmare

FYI: Rep. Waxman Calls for Hearing Into Rove's Role in Outing of CIA Agent

I saw something on Good Morning America about Rove and the Plame leak.

Why can't they just tell Scotty:

Somebody help me...

Peter Power interviewed last night on CBC (Re: London bombing)

Okay, consider this jaded skeptic/cynic excited (re: Rove)

Bu$h: Free people are less likely to commit terrorism

Do I have to enact the Nuclear-Constitutional-Crybaby Option?

Fucked up how Scott McClellan dissed April Ryan!

Stripes letter: Kellogg, Brown and Root (Halliburton) gets a thumbs down

Wouldn't it be great if Valerie Plame outing got 'missing White

1000's of Video Camera's in London -- BUT -- Police want OTHER video taken

Roe vs. Wade

Did the White House Press Corps grow testicles while I was asleep?

Ron Reagan show on MSNBC

"White People, you are our tormentor and our savior at the same time.

Simple Scotty: They're all gonna laugh at you!

WJFK - Don & Mike Show (Don's wife Freda killed in car accident)

CNN talking about Rove/Plame

Please don't ever let Jack Valenti go on partisan shows as the Dem rep.

I don't understand Rove's argument 'He didn't know she was undercover'


Magnolia, just signed up 7 more to go!!

Let's send Karl Rove to Guantanamo Bay...

MSNBC to do Rove/Plame next

CSPAN Will show today's Scotty Briefing at 8pm tonight

Need quotes from the Conservative Hall of Shame for an LTTE response

WH reporters laugh after Scotty leaves

Our buddies, the Saudis going nuclear?

Activist Corps: Radio Lady is in

WIRED News: A Drug to Eradicate Diarrhea

Bartcop's Time Machine has delivered again


Caption this!

Rove Comes Under New Scrutiny in C.I.A. Disclosure Case: NYTimes

If Rove was Cooper's source-then who is Miller's source

Why not work for the NSA? (from the movie Good Will Hunting)

Did al Qaeda strike again?

Would you say that Rove was closer to Bush than McDougall was

Viva's Son is found!!

I think David Gregory deserves some props for his questions to McLellan

Hello my baby, hello my darlin', hello my ragtime gal....

Abbreviated Version To Scotty's Press Conference 7/11/2005

Stripes letters re: Denver Bronco Cheerleaders/deaths of Navy SEALS

Questions regarding Plame-Cooper-Rove, who broke law?

Will, where are you? You were the speaker SF and reported from

AfterDowningStreet: "Waxman Asks to Have Rove Testify Under Oath"

Hmm... nice little question to break up the no-comment soliloquy

Green Party Voter is in!! Activist Corps almost there!!

Part-Time Forces Decline Steeply, Army Divorce Rate Doubles

Can someone post this on Free Republic? I think we need to share!

Does anyone know how to reach Air America? I've lost all albility to

The activist corps needs 14 more committed individuals

Do you hold office, work for the press or just a concerned citizen?

Talk About Your Unemployment Situation HERE!!

Come on people 6 more for the activist corps

Mitterrand ordered bombing of Rainbow Warrior, spy chief says

Is Randi a rerun again !!!!

Pat Roberts on CNN ...

Senate voting on :resolution /bombing

CNN: Bay Buchanan more upset re. Rove than our "spokesman" Valenti!

There's a HUGE difference in leaking in Plame case vs all other

Scott McClellan: today I have been authorized to say that all statements

Just because Blair said no investigation, is that the end of it?

Raw story's front page is effin' great!

Fun with postage paid envelopes from credit card offers.

So more of the same then

The word "Blast" or "Blasts" appear 3 times on LBN headlines right now.

Goodbye AAR/Sirius

cnn/wolf/woodward/bernstein. on cnn now

My LTTE draft

3 reasons why you should join the DU Activist Corps.


Miller must be protecting Cheney

When will Bush ask Rove about his involvement with Plame?

London Website

Keep the pressure on the MSM and the WHPC

Anyone have a CSPAN link to the WH press briefing today?

With the high gas prices, are you noticing less traffic?

DUers with WANTED Karl Rove cafepress merchendise check in..

McClellan interview on Rove. Must read.

CBS & ABC will talk about Rove

Are you a neo-con

When the investigation started wasn't Rove supposed to come forward?

Lou Dobbs just reported China's trade surplus is now %500

Who is THIS reporter?

CBC mentions 7/7 London Terror drill story

Forget politics. This thread is to praise Noam Chomsky's linguistics work

O'Conner for the Chief Justice slot??

Attention West Coast....Rove: Both the NBC and ABC Nightly News had

re: turdblossom-- when is someone going to ask...

Exclusive: The Hunt for the London Bombers

nbc covered plame outing story

This month in atomic history

Rovegate seems to be hitting the news all over the place today

OMG, was anyone just watching the CBS news??

DC reporters KNEW Rove leaked and LIED when he denied leaking 2yrs ago.

OK, lets review .................

Soldiers say military pushes them to discharge before medical needs are .

Gore Vidal Appreciation Thread

Gas Tax REFUND Proposal - Encouraging Efficiency

May 16, 2004: London Under Attack

NEWS: U.S. May Begin Iraq Troop Drawdown in '06

Caption this photo

CNN Reporting Israel Asking For $2.2 BILLION For Settler Relocation

1755 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Bush Expresses Solidarity With Britain

Interesting info on Bolton that I haven't seen before.

I've got to hand it too the Associated Press, their kicking Roves Ass

Response to Wall St Journal question

"Revoke Rove's Security Clearance NOW!" Let's Hear It In Unison, DU'ers

Fast Forward: Rove is "Innocent" -- then what happens....? Please Read

Republicans are the real traitors.

Could it be that we finally have a sexy issue to bring them down?

Terrorism in Va.-UCC church hymnals burned/anti-gay graffiti

More evidence: Japanese are racist?

RE: Eminent Domain.....what am I missing about this issue?

Blogathon continues on BRAD BLOG. Final Days!

Barrier island beach erosion and damage

Talk about being LATE to the PARTY....

I knew no WMD's. I knew it would be a quagmire, I knew it was Rove

Why is a man with Noam Chomsky's intellectual accomplishments

So, the right wing says Gitmo detainees get to play SOCCER!

A new brush sweeps clean. In the 5 years of *, what isn't made dirty yet?

Life's A Bitch...

Pls help: Stephanie Miller comment about Valerie Plame

Housing prices and salaries 30 years from now.

NYT: Rove. some talk about press conference but mostly about Dems

I was watching "All The President's Men" last night...

(John Conyers) Compare and Contrast. Remember When....

Rove's Offical Title in 02/03 was "Senior Adviser to the President"

Do NOT be satisfied with Rove's departure!

1963 was an interesting year for coups

So I just joined VFP

Whatever happened to the rest of those Abu Ghraib photos?

Is the media pissed over how Judith Miller was handled?

U.S. May Begin Iraq Troop Drawdown in '06

Interesting interview with Tucker Carlson on his new show, Iraq, etc.

4 of the top 5 "Yahoo! Most Recommended" articles mention Rove's leak

Another silly question

Compare and Contrast: (conyers blog)

Props to Terran!!!

FITRAKIS: Hocking County Activists Go To Sheriff's Dept!

Tying Rovegate and the DSM together

So Who Gave Rove the Info and Go Ahead?

Could Candy Crowley be ANY more repulsive?


The homebuilding industry. A consumer's newsletter. (free download)

Bush and Rove The Mini borg

Scott McClellan Needs A Thesaurus

Could Scott McClellan be guilty of obstruction of justice? Indicted?

Bush's "Surge"?

XM AAR folks - is the full schedule on live?

(DUPE)Looks like Countdown's gonna have a Rovian weenie roast too!

Did you catch these sickening platitudes from *'s speech this morning??

A Pardon Before Impeachment

Home Sour Home. Read the ENTIRE article by Mother Jones.

Want your editorials all on one page?

Rove Has to Go *** Petition*** from John Kerry; Please sign

Imagine: Bush as Nixon; Rove as John Mitchell...'the big enchilada'...

Scott McClellan replay on C-Span right now! 4:04 PM

will XM ever carry the Full AAR Lineup?

"You have my response to these questions"

David Gregory is a real reporter...

Free Speech is no more-Community has no say at town hall.

Holy Shit - CNN just showed the mother of a missing terror victim


C-Span has the PBS Funding Hearings -- Worth a look

bbc UK breaking: US servicemen banned from london,RAF spokeman confirmed

Tweety's Doing a Piece on Rove Now

DNC begins Rove assault: What did Rove know and when did he know it


We should not just work to get Congress back

DU Activist Corps Countdown

Did the Newshour just pass on the Rove Story?

who to complain to about XM chopping the AAR lineup?

Olbermann to do Rove (But no Keith)

Could this be the SOURCE of rove's & others' info re Plame?

Caption (photo) Oh, Where are you, JimmyJeff?

Howard Dean speaks on rover (good read at raw story)

CBC: Italy arrests 142 just to "ease public anxiety"

Isikoff's on Tavis Smiley about Rove tonight

Remember Martha Mitchell? Wife of Nixon's AG?

Cleveland - Clear Channel Building Evacuated

Voter registration data could provide the key to the 2004 Ohio election

What is Shrub's approval rating now?

NYT Gets it wrong. Rove's cover-up of Bush's sixteen words is working!

Kerry jumping on the KKKarl bandwagon

Uncivil religion contrary to Christ's kingdom

Think of abortion like automobile one wants to make a claim

David Gregory just tried to help out traitors Rove and Idiot Son

What's a good reason not to have a national ID card?

Anyone else seeing the tide of opinion turn.

Christ. I yell at people about conspiracy theories, and then this.

The Deer Hunter on Cinemax right now.

Tucker Carlson: will be "difficult for Rove to stay on"

Rachel is kicking Monica Crowley's lying ass right now on MSNBC

Confusion over London bomb drill

OK, at this point It's a good bet we've got Rove.

Wonder why there isn't a line.........

If Rove goes down, will Bush still go to him for advice?

What Is Going On With The Downing Street Memos?

Lou Dobbs to talk about "Bushes Brain" and his culpability. NOW!

REPORT: Zell Miller Stole Taxpayer Money

I'm afraid to believe that this KKKarl thing is true? If I let my heart

I saw this ad on >>>> WTF is this about!?!?!

Was anyone listening to Michael Savage's nuclear meltdown....

If Mary Matalin is a minion and knee deep in the Neocon muck,

George W Bush=Alfred E Newman

I saw/heard an interesting debate on evolution...

Does anyone have the photo of KKKarl...

If Bush's Brain goes, what body parts do we have left?

Was Rove appointed or elected by the People?

Do You Support the US/Israel Alliance?

I bet Rove has naked pictures of EVERYONE!

One word describes latest episode of Hurricane TV

Who's Running Mike Malloy's Show 2 Nite?

Freaky photos. Caption if you dare

A Letter From the Citizens for Nuevo California -

Is Matt Cooper liberal, conservative, centristt? nt

Is Rove done?

All 3 Networks Did The Rove\Plame Story Today... Where Am I Again ???

Bottom line on Rove, Bush & Plame.... politics over national security

The Daily Show is back tonight isn't it? I sure hope so!!!

Reminder new Daily Show tonight AND a spankin' new set!

Confessed Iran-Contra Figure Lands Sensitive Pentagon Post

Feedback needed please?

Is anyone watching Tomlinson on c-span 2?

OH man...just saw Scotty on Countdown. Man, he got it good.

Metaphor for Rove and the Plame investigation???

Bush Sez: "Talk to the Hand!"

Can we send Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld and Rice to Brat Camp?

Senator Kerry email requesting money for Supreme Court fight - my letter

A Repuke was upset teachers are discouraging black kids from going to Iraq

What--me worry? Hillary will never apologize

So basically Rove's lawyer is claiming that he skirted the law

1:11 AM ET CSPAN 1 Repeat of McLellan Press Briefing

Permit secured for September 24th pro-impeachment rally at White House

Excuse me, what was wrong with my Brat Camp comments?

How Long Before Rachel Maddow Has THREE Repubs To Argue Against?

Don't forget,

Which shows/sites keep you sane?

Where is the transcript with the reporters' names --today's

Will Ed Klein apologize to Hillary for his disgraceful pack of lies?

Nice article on Rachel Maddow on the Situation

This Rove thing is just like when the freepers

So who is Rove falling on his sword to protect?

U.S. military BANNED from travel to London!!!

Sludge: NYT Plans FRONT PAGE Splash On Rove

Gotta love this reich-winger shirt...

White House for sale

Has Dean made any statements re: Rove of late?

So the lapdog press did their job today?

People who are planning to stay with Sirius ...

Okay--new name for corporate whore Monica Crowley

Press batters McClellan on Rove-Plame link

If there's anyone here who works for SIRIUS ...

evidently the DSM story is DOA now...repubs have shifted

BBC: Pictures, Profiles of the Missing (London Bombings)

As Muslims Call Europe Home, Dangerous Isolation Takes Root

Warning, ROVE RAGE! Enter at your own risk!

DUers Please for the love of Buddha quit being surprised by Woodward

Nero, the Fire in Rome, MIHOP, LIHOP, Fiddling, and reading "My Pet Goat"

Who was behind the (London) bombings? The four key theories.

Activist Corp now at 1013! We did it folks. Now...lets roll!

NYT Story posted at Late breaking news?

"When Did The President Learn That Karl Rove Had Leaked To Journalists?"

CBC: Crisis Planning in London

Correction to Top Ten Conservative Idiots page #5...

What endangers American troops more? Durbin or Limbaugh's "Club Gitmo"?

Help me to not freak out. 15 year old son not home from meeting friends

Interview with Karl Rove's friend Bill Israel (This is great!)

McClellan press conference repeat on CSPAN now

Let's be brutally honest. Republicans don't know shit about economics...

New U.S. Army recruiting advertisement...Has anyone commented about

Scotty and "Accent" oriented press people today .....

A brief summary of Rove's defense

Rove and Scotty through the months-so many memories!

Can DU sell videos of the press briefing footage?

Would You Like Some Grilled McClellan with your Toasted Rove?

joke sent to me via email, cannot verify its veracity

Am I the only one who thinks there might be a connection between

Is Rove Bush's brain in Texas, as Governer?

Apparently NYT Doing A BIG Frontpage Piece on Rove Tomorrow

Idiot Son will end up covered in Fuckface Rove's sh*t too

C-SPAN 1 SIMPLE SCOTTY McCLELLAN Press conference on! NOW!

Daily Show aims to turn Broward's Controversy exhibit into comedy

Another Swift Boat Vet Going Down (It's Kerry's fault)

Lionel: "You've been screwed and you don't care"

It's like water to a drowning man...

Spokesman Holds Tongue During Intense Grilling (Scottie to the woodshed)

New Al Qaeda Video Surfaces

The Daily Show - new shows, new studio - coming up at 11 EDT

Plame Affair - Its the Real Deal....


Daily Show: Bush has created a "Coalition of the Bomb-able" - (VIDEO)

Caption this Karl Rove photo.

Bush tells Iraqis to fight insurgents&Bush won't even face a live audience

More GOP moral superiority: Grand Jury Indicts Ky. GOP Chief, 2 Others

The NYT story on Rove is online now:

Vote in the World Stupidity Awards, Will Bush win 2 yrs in row?

Zell Miller is not only a wacko, he's a thief

This is how we hang KKKarl out to dry: "Mr President, KEEP YOUR WORD"

* and military funerals.

Credible Media Sources Question

Can we clear up whether Plame was a covert agent

link to Scott Mclellan getting grilled by press today re:Rovegate

Any DUer that still believes the NYT and the WP are real newspapers

Activist Corps: Six More For Andy Stephenson. Please?

Theonomy: scary shit

Hey! I've been down in my back. Is there a linky to the Scotty PC today?

WaPo: Froomkin - "Plame, By Any Other Name"

The newest addition to AMERICAblog's Karl Rove collection

I like the new Daily Show set! I'm glad it's still blue.

I need some serious media help on the VETS FOR PEACE CONVENTION!

Can you watch Al Gore TV next month? Will you?

Rep. Waxman calls for Rove/Plame hearing!!

Psychology 400: Underlying Conservative Motivations

Transcript: White House Grilled On Rove

we need to popularize the term 'bush fatigue"

1005 have signed up for DU Activist Corps!

Why go to school? Kid gets expelled, sues and wins $200,000

Let's be honest for a moment about the Rove thing ...

Simple Scotty's sudden grilling : media trying to cover THEIR ass

About Blackwell: Gods and monsters: Prominent Ohio Christian right leader

How long do you give this post...

"Democrats urge Bush to fire Rove in leak scandal" Hold on just a minute.


NYT's Seems to suggest Ted Olson cut a deal releasing Cooper from Jailtime

Does saying "I don't know who did it" make someone a conspiracy theorist"?

Bob Woodward defended Rove on Larry King?

Read this: A very important article about the Washington Post & Bush

The freepers are lurking: Rove

ANOTHER Repeat of McLellan will be on at 1:26 AM ET --pushed back

Gore Vidal alert- interview on now

Today's press briefing. Was Gannon back in the room?

An update for those following the Leonard Clark story...

There is a FASCINATING thread w/25+ reccommendations

Re: W, is this scary?

Which recent presidential administration's scandals are more scandalous?

Confessed Iran-Contra Figure Lands Sensitive Pentagon Post

Local RW Talk Radio TRASHES Bush/Repukes! (Sheeple Awake!)

Mike Malloy Thread??

Caption Kindasleazy Rice!

When this Vets for Peace Convention is held to be a failure I will not

NEWS: "Independents Are Having Buyer's Remorse" (re: BUSH/CONGRESS)!

CSPAN has the Press Corp video POSTED

LOL -- Chimpy Photo

Religious Fundies don't like men either

Fox News anchor John Gibson: "No one would care if Paris were blown up".

NY Post: "Republicans Nix 'Apprentice'"

The NEW Downing Street Memo: Secret US/GB plan to quit Iraq

Number Of Iraq Casualties Is Double Official Figures, Says Puerto Rican Go

Coulter calls O'Connor "Reagan's biggest mistake"

Anyone want to start a pool on how long Scotty McClellan lasts?

Toronto Star: Bush's war on terror is a colossal failure

MUST SEE TV!! (please hand me my tinfoil hat now)

Permits Obtained for September 24!

The company you work for--Blue or Red?

Bush Unmasked --PIX-->>>

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! N/T

For those following the Leonard Clark story...

Sirius doesn't even know what programming will replace AAR

"Your Honor, I NEVER said her name."

Sirius AAR listeners

Fla. Man Killed Toddler For Wetting Pants, Police Say

Dumb question but if Rove didn't do anything wrong WHY DID HE DENY IT?

How big a deal do you think gas prices are going to be going forward?

Woodward sucking up to the admin once again (RE Plame)

Too Many Americans Are Just Too Damn Stupid

Law Enforcement officer explains why he is a homophobe & bigot

Non-fiction book club reminder

I made the mistake....

Anyone have links to studies about benefits for buying locally?

Stars & Stripes letter: Stop assault on non-Christians

Communism - despite its honorable intentions - is a bad form of govrenment

Scandal preparations .....

Okay, last post didn't fly. I want to know what people think about...

Energy Question....

Air America says: Show Me the Money!

Here's Scotty's Bad Briefing in it's Bloody Entirety just for laughs

Will Rumsfeld meet the July 11 deadline to produce Iraq benchmarks?

I am going out on a limb here, I demand from you all a degree of respect.


A couple of summertime dishes

Two Chinese recipes that are staples for us

Anne McIlroy (Guardian Utd/ July 11): The state of Quebecois independence

Somebody please help me get my head around this.

Online UK news - which ones do you recommend?

Send a message to the terrorist bastards and the fear spreading

Prisoners slash themselves in protest (Russia)

Hispanic Groups to Battle Over Nominee

Democrats urge more transit funding:Say London attacks expose US safety ga

Cuba travel sites embargoed by US

Hillary Clinton accuses Bush of damaging economy, hurting middle class

In Mexico, `They just don't see us':Blacks living on the Pacific coast str

No Request for Basra Troops: PM

Egypt: Islamic Groups Condemn al-Zarqawi

Package Forces Evacuation of Blair's St.

EU split over anti-terror phone data logging rules

Al-Qaeda ordered attacks on Europe on May 29: Spanish newspaper

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq Clashes

Somali peace activist shot dead (and yes we can connect that to Al-Qaida)

Iraqi soldiers killed in checkpoint battle

Prosecutors release man mistaken as cartel head

Four militants escape U.S. Afghan detention center

Iraqi police killed in checkpoint raid

Iraq bid to mend rift with Egypt (Iraqi claimed dead envoy rebel contacts)

President Declares Disaster Areas and Orders Federal Funding

London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Att

Pakistan: Little incentive to nab bin Laden

London Times: Terror alert highest ever as police fear new attack

Iraq suspects suffocate in heat - BBC

Blast kills 16 in N Russia shop

Government chiseling away at civil rights, NAACP speaker says

Brazil in crisis over corruption claims

Four escape from US army base (Afghanistan)

Send Reuters Your Hurricane Pictures (Reuters)

RawStory: MoveOn joins call for Rove resignation

Italian FM says troops withdrawal from Iraq not linked to London blasts


Minister to host 'exorcism' summit (UK)

(Reuters) Small arms deadliest in today's wars - survey

NYT: Most Editors Would Publish Articles Based on Leaks (re. Plain Dealer)

Republicans Blast Sen. Clinton's Comments (* to Alfred E. Neuman. )

Why Bush Has To Fire Rove (David Corn, The Nation, via Yahoo News)

Democrats call for increased transit security

Guantanamo Bay detainees play soccer, eat well: US senator

Missile defense system won't hold tests soon

Urbandale Native Dies in Iraq (Look at last line of this article)

Detained Iraqis suffocate in police van

Only 42% Have a Favorable Opinion of Supreme Court

Pentagon denies knowledge of British memo on troop withdrawals

On CSPAN now the press it demanding a ROVE explanation

Spain to allow therapeutic cloning, minister says

For Time Inc. Reporter, a Frenzied Decision to Testify

Bush Cites London Blasts for War on Terror (speech today)

Part-Time Forces on Active Duty Decline Steeply

Nicaragua's Bolanos Dismisses Impeachment Bid as Dirty Politics

Leaked British Document Says Troops To Be Halved in Iraq Next Year

U.S, Iraq sign pact to boost trade, investment ties

One american identified

4 Terror Suspects Escape U.S. Afghan Base

Kyrgyz President Questions Presence Of U.S. Base

Karl Rove AOL Top Story & Poll

Prisoners escape US Afghan base

1 Killed, 1 Wounded in Belfast Gun Attacks as Protestant Marching Tension

'They Put Us in a Cell and Forgot Us' (LA filmmaker captive in Iraq)

Army studying 1st Infantry Divisionís unusually high rates of TB exposure

Bush to Meet With Reid , Leahy Tomorrow On Court Opening

Afghan soldiers beheaded

DNC Fundraising Tops $28 So Far in 2005

Rove's Leak Points to Bush Conspiracy

U.S. gasoline price hits record $2.33/gallon -Govt

Democrats attack Bush aide over CIA leak charges

New Zealand to apologise to Vietnam vets for Agent Orange

Israel seeks $2.2 billion from US for Gaza pullout

Raw Story: Senator Lautenberg- Nix Rove's Security Clearance

Tancredo Blasts CAFTA's Back Door Immigration Provisions

39,000 Iraqis killed in fighting, new study finds

First Lady, Daughters Begin Africa Trip

Church of England Considers Women Bishops

U.S. May Begin Iraq Troop Drawdown in '06

NYT: Rove Comes Under New Scrutiny in C.I.A. Disclosure Case

Confusion over London bomb drill

NYT: Amtrak Resumes Limited Acela Service

AFP: Nine Iraqis suffocate to death in police van

(John Conyers) Compare and Contrast. Remember When....

Germans craft pro-U.S. agenda to oust Schroeder

Democrats urge Bush to fire Rove in leak scandal

Terrorist gang 'used military explosives'

DNC: What did Rove know and when did he know it?

Senate debates homeland funds after London

Police Seeking Immigrants Who Were Kidnapped From Their Texas Home

Two Koreas Agree on Cooperation, Rice Aid

Nat'l Guard Misses Recruiting Goal Again

House, Senate Chiefs Spar on Patriot Act

Public Broadcasting Chief Denies Meddling

Sprint to buy LA affiliate for $1 billion

Number Of Iraq Casualties Is Double Official Figures, Says Puerto Rican Go

Bosnian grief, Western regret at Srebrenica SREBRENICA, Bosnia (Reuters) -

Execution Set for Virginia Death Row Inmate Whose Evidence Was Destroyed

Would You Like Some Grilled McClellan with your Toasted Rove?

Visiting Tsunami Survivors, Rice Faces Annoyed Asian Leaders

Doctor files lawsuit against Don Imus


Chinese labor for oil drilling eyed in Colo.

Tempered Public Reaction to London Attacks: Bush Approval Rises Modestly

AP: Mayors told to lead global warming fight

50-somethings deal with down-sizing

Police on verge of identifying one London bomber: report

TennCare Protestors Facing New Challenges

WP: Bush Aide Deflects Questions On Rove (Democrats Seek Firing in Leak)

Fla. Man Killed Toddler For Wetting Pants, Police Say

Pentagon confirms Iran-Contra figure in senior job

Supreme Court Stays Va. Execution

WP: FEC Hears Bloggers' Bid to Share Media Exemption

Kurdish Guerrillas Kidnap Turkish Soldier

Study Links Parkinson's Drug to Gambling ("gambling habit from hell")

WP:Rice Questioned on Skipping S.E. Asian Meeting(ceding region to China?)

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton attacks President Bush, comparing him to Alfre

Pennsylvania governor sues Pentagon over base cuts

NYT: Rove Comes Under New Scrutiny In CIA Disclosure Case

White House won't comment on Rove, leak

Army National Guard Misses Recruiting Goal Ninth Straight Month

LAT: Schwarzenegger Signs $117.5B Budget (approval was Dem tactical move)

Protestors Continue To Hound Schwarzenegger (San Francisco area)

Cooper Email Identifies Rove (Wall Street Journal)

Bush to discuss (over breakfast) court vacancy with Senate leaders

Global small arms kill triple the number thought: U.N. report

Activists want S.F. to oppose military recruitment in schools

LAPD Officers Kill Man, Baby in Standoff

Protest takes some of the sparkle off diamond show (London)

Britain admits secret planning to cut Iraq forces

King's Cross station emerges as focus of bombings probe

Santorum Prevails in Pa. Tuition Dispute

Blast in Port of Spain, Trinidad

Democrats attack Bush aide over CIA leak charges

CIA Leak Quotes (AP pulling all the lies together)

Enron Agrees to $356 Million Settlement

Grand Jury Indicts Kentucky GOP Chief, Two Others

Vatican credits safe investments for surplus

U.S. (office) workers say they waste 2 hours a day (Reuters)

NYT: Military-Quality Explosives Suspected in London Blasts

Strippers arrested (charged with battery) in alleged spanking (AP)

Judge rules in whistle-blower Iraq case (Custer Battles)

HK saves mother, baby from forced abortion in China

Cell phone links disabled in New York tunnels -- CNN (Reuters)

WP: War's Wounded Roll Their Message Into Washington

Ford Begins Selling Second Hybrid Vehicle

Specter to Air Anger Over Stem Cell Limits

NYT: Evangelicals Are a Growing Force in the Military Chaplain Corps

MSNBC/AP: Thompsonís ashes to be shot from cannon: writer's last wish

Democratic National Committee: What Did Rove Know and When Did He Know It?

Pentagon confirms Iran-Contra figure in senior job

Doctor Files Lawsuit Against Don Imus

Indiana senator (Evan Bayh) may run for President

WP: Bush Adviser Helped Law Firm Land Job Lobbying for CNOOC

Trotsky murder weapon may have been found

NYT: At White House, a Day of Silence on Rove's Role in C.I.A. Leak

'Take the fight' to terrorists - Bush

Two US marines killed in Iraq

Cuba Turns Down U.S. Hurricane Aid Offer

Venezuela Sends Relief Aid to Cuba and Jamaica in Aftermath of Hurricane D

One million signatures to drag foreign troops out of Iraq (al Sadr)

London ban for US service staff

Blair REJECTS bomb inquiry!!!! (Holy cannoli!)

WP: British Politicians Unite Behind Blair(Howard backs away from inquiry)

North Korea Says It Doesn't Need Nuclear Weapons if Not Threatened by U.S.

Permanent Patriot Act Proposed

LAPD Officers Kill Man Holding Baby (grrr and they killed the baby too

Quieter than bombs, Iraq's foul water also kills

(WACO, Texas) Felon gets 99 years for stealing phone

London bombs suggest local but well-equipped cell

(Calif.) National Guard under fire for anti-Islam display

Doesn't "TJWMason" live in London ? Haven't heard from him?

calling all evil doers


Carl Anderson was the man!

dubya is hitler's and liberace's bastard love child

ever want to talk about potential pending legal action on the net

Sweet lil Sixteen...

Pink Floyd, WHAM!, or Charlie Parker?

Funny how things come together just when you need them

Is anybody watching 'Family Guy' right now?

Death or cake?

Chat tonight, join us freaks

I really dig the Killers.....

I'm getting warmed up to do a serenade.

whats up this quiet sunday night?

Too sexy for her fur (kitty pic)

Well, I guess I'll mosey downstairs, and get the pint of Ben & Jerry's . .



Don't you love it when all your old injuries flare up at ONCE?

Anarchists have planted a bomb in GD.

I've actually got 'em laughing over in GDP! Ask me anything.

The British call it "Dogging"

OK, I just went to the bad place

Too sexy for my ice cream

I'm tired, but sleep is boring....soooooooo

Pink Flamingos


"We live in dangerous times."

There's a rooster that crows in Newport News

The best thing about Planet Of The Apes

Anyone else so right-handed that you lose stuff that's in your left hand?

The best sig pic

Was attacked outside my home, Ask me anything!

You know what they call a McChicken Sandwich in Spain?

Any long term couples here still park?

Most GIs I talk to these days think that Bush is full of shit

Why is crank so popular in the hinterlands....

Please read this,,, I was going through my files and found an

We only need 30 more volunteers for the DU activist corps

I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 again last night.

ya know what...

Was Ozzy a Prophet?

Hey, it's 7/11!

Pastor Used Church's Internet Access To Download Child Porn

Guess what the UPS man is bringing me today...

Well. My teenage Johnny Depp crush is officially over.

Handcuffed Suspect Drives Off In Police Car

Rocky and Bullwinkle!!!

Tom Cruise's Crazy Behavior Orchestrated To Help Church Of Scientology

it's a small world

Strippers Arrested In Alleged Spanking

you LiberaLs need to pick up today's 'boston metro'

And in other news, I got invited to a baby shower...

Granny grows tired of prostitution at age 63

CONFESS!!!!! Share with us a double super secret! I promise I won't tell

Love those snazzy Flash Movies? Now you can make your own online!!!

I am alternating typing the letters L and O to show that I'm amused

I wonder if Katie will be a good Step mom?

Workers find live grenade in woman's couch

If I wasn't writing or teaching, I'd be a hell of a thief

I need help selling an original painting.

Granny Grows Tired Of Prostitution At Age 63

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly... Post Your Adverbs Here!

How many posts on progmom's 'deleted' thread?

Hundreds of sheep die in suicide plunge

Contacting a Congressman

Which Spice Girl's nickname is actually a spice?

what animaL does pastrami come from?

Do pigs fly?

Did you know that unemployment is at 5% and the natural rate is 6%?

iPodders: If I dump the iTunes library on my Mac >

Cop 'tries to convert' pagans during arrest

Genesis - Better together or separate?

Anyone hear from Spacelady? She was riding out Dennis

I watch this whenever I need an emotional "pick me up"


Good morning Beastman

Looking for good, realtively cheap Web hosting, BUT...

Tom Cruise sparks 'alien' panic

Mac users: do you use Safari?

Movers find live grenade in couch at Selma home

Who are some poseurs you miss?

Parrot understands concept akin to zero

Stephanie Miller show...any other stations streaming

My husband called me a freeper! LOL!

Are co-ed baby showers an overreach?

Paula Jones Plans Clinton Library Visit (plans to whore herself for $$)

Record, 8-track, cassette, CD of the same production?

My daughter got hired for a Troma film.

Sex controversy over GTA game

how do u feel when someone u don't know well takes a dump in your bathroom

Movers find live Forrest on couch at Salma home

Daredevil skateboarder leaps Great Wall of China

Should I put my foot down about this?

You know what missing around here? I'll tell ya... Trolls!!!

Coming to Boston w/Mr. Graywarrior in August

I Got a Girl....

I can't get settled.... How about you?

For those of you who could use a laugh this morning.

GOP Presidential Candidates for 2008

LOL-- Dem Bloggers caught Geraldo falling flat on his ass

Another Boston event

You mess with the bull .. ..... you get the horns (3 Pamplona pics)

If your dog is a leo, does he chase himself?

Holy Crap! Has anyone else ever had a dream within a dream?

Breaking up? Give the perfect gift

Photo: "Bush reacts to accidentally misidentifying the D.E.A."

Vote on and discuss: Possible "Baby on Board" Bumperstickers

What? Me worry?

LOL...must watch

My Fan Club Comes With Life Time Membership

Ahhhhh! I don't have any posts. Nobody does!

Six Feet Under fans: What are your predictions for the show?

i just found out my new crush

I am so tired of dealing with death.

BTBM fan-clubbers: the comet is here. Time to empty our containers.

Ringo "wanted to play with McCartney" at Live 8 "but never got a call"

Tax assessor's office rant.

Drivers license photo: Should I wear the yellow or the blue?

Are you a good speller?

Now this is a cool video

I Just Paid $2.64 per gallon For Gas. Ask Me Anything.

A follow up to last night's "Troy" thread

Your BTBM fan club membership has expired. Post here to renew.

Please send this to all your republican friends - their help is needed!!

How often do you get a new computer?

A blue homeowners insurance anyone?

Skateboarder Jumps Great Wall Of China (Pic)

kids and salad bars - a rant.

should I mention I sit in front of my PC nekkid???

I'm grilling a pork loin for supper tonight

Live 8, Bittersweet Symphony...DAMN you, Richard "EARWORM" Ashcroft!

Taurus check-in thread...

7/11 Slurpees 40 years old!!! FREE SLURPEES TODAY!!!

What Non-News Networks Do You Watch The Most?

Favorite delivery pizza

One thing about GD: It sure is easier to get responses over there

Who wants their palm read?

You've loved 'em for years, so admit it: You've looked up the lyrics

Plese tell me I am not the only Aquarius here

If you were going to get into the Guiness World Book of Records...


I will never drink Fanta because of those annoying commericials

Will you people PLEASE keep it down??

450 Sheep Jump to Their Deaths in Turkey


the "biggest military computer hack of all time" (it gets weird)

Austinites: Question

Oh damn ... The Naked Cowboy cut his hair!

How should you react if a coworker tells you she has Hodgkins disease?

Food poisoning really sucks out loud.

Do you consider the term "trailer trash" an ethnic slur?

Just post here about ANYTHING it doesn't matter

Hannidate: Your profile has been declined

sushi for lunch

$25 per person, incLudes everything

Which is the more depressing film: Love Liza vs Dancer in the Dark

Is today's Randi Rhodes Show another "Best of..."??

Alligator Jambalaya

Least favorite natural disaster?

Who took all my Vicodin?!

Who ate all the Kentucky Jelly?

Woo Woo - Three of the top four most educated cities

Is my newfound fear of winter irrational?

The official COUNTDOWNS thread! (Activist corps, Shuttle, etc.)

are there 'breakfast any time' pLaces that don't suck?

The lobby of my apartment building is filled with hot firefighters...

Do you find redundancy and tedium sexy?

It is pouring from the skies now in North Georgia.

Mmmmmm lunch...Smoked Ostrich Breast, Brown Rice and Green Beans

Who ate all the paste?

Its from Eurovision! Ghenghis Kahn and the singing Kahns!

In last night's Family Guy...

Dispense your unsolicited good advice here.

Great link - Liberal Slant

Don and Mike (radio god) fans---Don's wife Freda killed yesterday

Who ate all the anchovy paste?

Who pasted all the eights?

Cryptographic user names

I'm thinking of boarding my dog here...

Cryptogamic user names

I watched Reefer Madness last night.

Genesis---better creation story?

Everyone raise your right hand and repeat after me:

WTF? Someone's selling a Snickers Bar on Ebay...

Seriously, just how clueless do you have to be??

I have a skeeter bite

In the spirit of Theresa Heinz....


Do not reply.

Did anyone notice the product placement during Dennis?

Deleted message

Life's little surprises (I need to vent!)

So I said "Look Mother, it's my own life,

what's with the serious posts in the lounge today?

Pick Your Nick

Please Help... What Should Be The Topic Of My Next Post?

I'm Scott McClellan: Ask me anything

Loungers: can we overtake GD?

Dammit. Bouncy Ball is just so much funnier than I am.

You'll never fucking believe this.

$7 all you can bowl!

Craig "Ironhead" Heyward - Favorite Moments

Who do those assholes at Fuddrucker's think they're kidding?

Why are there so many songs about rainbows

Anyone listen to Robert Evans show on Sirius?

Got a question maybe you can clear up

Oh WOW. My Marine 'friend' just sent me a pic from Kuwait.

Best Movies, ever!

I just finished cleaning the basement!

I need a nap

LOL! "Shitstorm" - I simply love that word, and always laugh when I see it

Doh! Hubby turned the 7 yr old on to collecting football cards. His team

Do you consider the term "smelly" an ethnic slur?

When it rains heavily, do you say its "teeming?"

Dead Steelers fan viewed in recliner in front of TV

Do you consider "Rove" an ethics slur?

So, who should the party nominate for President in 2008?

Someone who has my phone number(s) repeatedly emails me to call them.

Free tickets to the All Star Game - half my department is going....

It's time to play: PASSWORD!

The Lounge Revolution Starts NOW!!!!!

I just got back from seeing War Of The Worlds

Who wants to see a picture of my pride and joy?

Crappies, Sign In!

Do you consider the term "shitstorm" an ethnic slur?

All Hail JVS, Lord Protector of the Lounge

My latest image

Caption the dumb ass

Free speech zone here.

For the ghoulish who haven't SEEN the dead Steeler fan laid in state...

If you can't form a cogent thought and you've been drinking, you're drunk

BikeWriter, you're causing me to have an identity crisis!

A trip down memory lane of DU flame wars.

Anchovies, kippers, or sardines?

Cute little .......

Can you guess the company from just one letter of their logo?

Nevermind--seriously. Reference to a locked thread. nt

Should there be a warning on the lap of the Lounge...

the beginning

It's come to my attention that we have not had a Kari Byron worship thread


Should there be a warning pinned to the top of the Lounge,

Well I did manual labor and got paid a small salary for it.

Baby Born With A TAIL (Pic)

Get in line.

Bullshitting: Crude banter or fine art?

I got a job at Tractor Supply Company

I need a kiss - just got a tetanus shot

Should there be a warning at the top of the Lounge...


Ralph Nader

Tony Little, John Basedow etc...

My LTTE draft -- comments welcome

I need a tetanus shot--just got a kiss. n/t

I have a Gonzo bite

Fun with postage paid envelopes from credit card offers. (x post from GD)

I'm going to be in the Castro neighbourhood in San Fran in a few weeks.

Wedding disasters... I'll start.

for fans of the Old Time Radio show "The Bickersons"

Chimpy looking a bit primitive today

For MissHoneyChurch - Some Blondie

For Bullwinkle925 - Some Stones!


Who wants on my buddy list?

Well she did it

Do you consider the term "Knucklehead", and ethnic slur?

If you could take ONE commercial off the air, what would it be??

If you get the Heebie Jeebies, is that anti-semetic?

where do you do your best thinking?

Alan Parson fans check in (the old stuff please!!)

Throw down the morning papers

1000 Activist goal is reached...

Why is the flag at the bank across the street at half staff?

she wants to sleep with Ken Willard

Looking for blue homeowners insurance. Buyblue has nothing.

Check out these cool guitar amps.

My 2nd technologically ignorant question of the day

Okay I gotta get some work done.....

The Lounge needs some answers....

Would you become a movie critic?

How will you celebrate Karl Rove's departure from the Bush WH?

When will I hit 15,000 posts?

Mad chimp

What age do you act?

Reminder: Battlestar Galactica season two starts FRIDAY!!!

In WOTW, the train scene

George & Sam and a fun make your own movie site

Caption this!

They're remaking The Bad News Bears; Question...WHY??


hey, it's raining again!

Someone gete Lindsey Lohan her room at the Betty Ford...

I'm very shallow and empty and I have no ideas and nothing....

I just "heimliched" myself.. Yikes....

Streaming AAR SUCKS!

What do you do with a 19 yr old who has no job and is not motivted

Horseradish: God's way of telling us that she loves us

It's time once again, for the INTERNATIONAL MALE CATALOG!

A freeper wrote my home e-mail! About that Goldberg book '100 People...',

There are three dudes down on the street corner preaching...

Wal-Mart censors Willie Nelson CD artwork

TV's Frank.

Congrats, ESPN, you made me switch off the HRD within a minute

shop vs. shoppe

Sign John Kerry's petition. Rove must go.

I just paid $2.559/gallon to fill up my Prius

List your college alma mater

Can anyone find my hat?

Remember Joyce DeWitt?

I thought XM was to carry the entire AAR lineup

Low flush toilets, your opinion.

This here makes International Male look like the Gap.

If you could have one night with Angelina Joile with no reprecussions...

I feel creepy for buying this DVD.

Remember the Alamo?

My dog we almost put down lst wk. is now on liq. viagra & eatin like a pig

Remember the Alamo?

You know how I know that the Rove story is not Rovian?

The guy running for mayor in my hometown just

Anyone familiar with opting out of preapproved credit offers?

Xanadu Xero explains sexual relationships and more

Remember remembering?

Remember Kirk Cameron?

Remember when hemorroids were cool with all the kids?

Remember Hertz?

Invitation dilemma - Please help

Remember Tracey Gold?

while not a little boy or girl... Priest Happy To Be of Assistance

Fine Art 2800.

So, when did we stop using 'so' in thread titles?

Remember the Titans?

Quick! What was the final official vote tally for the Chimperor in '04?

Remember when we didn't have to use 'remember' in a thread title?

I've lost a rug

Re: Membering

What is the difference betwen a podcast and an mp3?

Remember that time that guy got banned?

Remember when we all SHUT THE HELL UP for a little while??

Tell us about the black sheep in *your* family's history.

Who do you suppose wins the fight for the mirror?

the 'to do' thread

I am going to say this.

Who is funnier?

Remember when BlondieK143 said we used to use 'remember' in a thread title

I've lost a pug.

I would like to get just desserts

Remember the Alamo!

I had my AOL account shut down for this post:

I'll put whatever words I want in my title, so remember that!

Remember when I was in that porn film?

The temperature swung 55 degrees here today.

I've lost a thug.

Hot today? My boys had the right idea

Are people really THAT stupid?

Even with the employee pricing no Big Three truck

Calling all Vigodas ...Calling all Vigodas

"When the lights go down in this California town, people are in for the...

ok, my neighbor is *obsessed* with his yard.

Oh good grief!

Where's Kleeb at? Is he still in Key West?

I've lost a mug.

Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons denies partnership with McDonalds

My fellow cat lovers, I have found a miracle!!!

I overfilled my gas tank and it leaked gas out! It dribbled out the botom

I hate it when they call Wrigley field, "Wrigley". Its like calling

Any of youze Lounge Lizards from Saugus?

Do you believe in Physics?

Do you believe in psychics?

Do you believe in sidekicks?

Moving West - Just got this email from my (once Repub) Uncle in CA:

looks like some of those idiot reporters didn't get out the way in time

I've gained a mug.

Classic "America: The Book"- "Tricky Dick"

What's the cut off time on sending a friendly acquaintance a condolence

War of the Worlds was fairly faithful to H.G. Wells' book.

I'm sponsoring a dog in New York!

Hey Noo Yawkers! I'll be in Manhattan next weekend. Need some tips.

Mr. Bojangles

more than two years

Going to GDP

Do you believe in physics?

Help me--I dreamt about Karl Rove last night.

Scum of the Earth

Do you believe in fly chicks?

Any special numbers in your life?

I was dreaming about you last night

i really like those mike's hard lemonade commercials.

Gotta tornado headed this way. #2 in the last three hours.

HR Derby. Bobby Abreu hits 24, 1st round. David Ortiz hits 17!

It's Engrish tiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmme!!!!!

Fahrenheit 9/11 in rotation on showtime

2:06 of Morning Bell

I feel cheated. I went to a strip mall the other day...

Doc Baker on 'Little House' Dies at 77

Come up with a popular song, and I'll do another song in pictures

Spinal Tap

I saw a bumper sticker today that said...

Remember the Maine?

Has anyone seen "Cosmic Africa"

194 replies,,(a thread about men & women( and NO deleted posts)

"In a civilized society, there is no substitute for democracy"

Possible Job interview....

Is it just me, or is the lounge a little horny tonight?

Need help starting up Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4 (new download) ---

Thank god my computer didn't blow up as I attempted to do a


Oh no! Hedges can't drink for three weeks! Post sympathy here:

Tonights Daily show will be on the new set right?

Just cuz you feel it....doesn't mean it's there....

anybody up for an aim chat?

Do you consider "fill in the blank" to be an ethnic slur?

Old Astrology or New Astrology?

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy rocks!

Supersize She on TLC is on.

Is conformity the only freedom?

Is your body

Barbara Mikulski REPRESENT!

HR Derby final round. Pudge Rodriguez vs Bobby Abreu.

Sometimes I realllllly hate being single.

Earth, Wind, and Fire REPRESENT!

Anyone hear the latest Marianne Faithfull record?

CALL FOR ENTRIES: The Art of Politics ...

that there... that's not me

4 Walmarts by Baker Maultsby - Its a free market free-for-all!

How do you connect?

Now I am addicted to this game.

Nasty Habits?

Of this list of kick-ass Adult Swim shows, which one does NOT belong?

Fire signs REPRESENT!

O...M...G...anyone watching The Daily Show?

Daily Show, there a map of the NYC subway behind the interview guests.

I've got something in my front pocket for you

This is bullshit. 8:30PM and still 90F.

"Marc-Anthony" the WB cartoon bulldog has a hot owner.

(they're trying to build a prison...)

Talk about your life

Anyone else going to watch "Fast Times" on TBS?

Gang signs REPRESENT!!

And for my 1000th post - one big throaty kiss

Eddy's Lime Popsicles, Virgin Margarita on a stick?


I found Moxie! (But now I feel like an idiot.)

What are some good movies with progressive themes?

I would like to recomend...(Your thought here.)

I lost my virginity this weekend

we're Looking for 1000 committed Loungers for the DU copycat corps

Clothe Your Suicidal Inmates and Save Money

What would you have to receive to be one of those people sitting behind...

A lesson hard learned....

Cappies sign in.

Do Geminis play too much with words?

CNN / Money's 2005 "Best Places To Live" List

Note from Satsuma, Alabama about Hurricane Dennis

Real News For Real Americans

How much of an evil genius is Zuni?

Fitting parting gifts for Scotty McClellan?

Does everyone know what metrosexuality is?

brand names I really, really like

Hey Corn pone,ya'll gonna watch the Dukes of Hazzard?

Would you rather be called a smart ass or a dumb fuck?

I found my virginity last weekend...

If 25 year old television can state that the Chinese

Fainting goats

If you could have one night with Candy Crowley with no reprecussions..

LeftPeopleFinishFirst is a gay robot.

Air signs REPRESENT!!

why do middle-aged people get all choked up at mentions of michael landon?

I've lost a jug. (NOT a sex thread so stop thinking that!)

is anyone else just smiling now that rove's name is plastered everywhere?

Ever eat raw bacon sandwiches?

Do you believe in Virginians?

brand names I really, really like:

Holy shit!

bush voters' mothers wear combat boots.

Lounge lizards, we need about 370,000 posts to overtake GD!

How many cats do you have?

did someone say feral cats?

You ever have one of those nights....

The AOL SUCKS!!!!!!! Thread!

ENRON-The Smartest Guys in the Room

True confessions on the internet.

Ronald McDonald in da House?

VH1: Bane of my existence, target of my rage.

Have you ever been outside - naked?

I disagree with heterosexuality.

Anyone watch Monk?

Favorite Simon & Garfunkel song?

Here is what I came home to tonight

When my cursor moves mysteriously by itself across the screen

Take Revenge Against the Chimp!

So my fiancee and I broke up last night.

How do people who don't know you well perceive you?

When is the last time you cried?

Have to gloat -FINALLY DONATED TO DU!! Fuck the bills!

Bullfighting: Cruel barbarism or valid sport?

I want a man

Tell me your middle name and I'll tell you about your last life

What TV show that was canceled do you really miss?

What musician, living or dead, would you most like to get drunk with?

Let's resurrect a classic-"time to make a movie chain!" part II

Earth signs REPRESENT!!

OMFG! The Fweepers are up to Thread 6 on discussing Natalee Holloway.

I need a hug. For good luck.

Are Any Astrological Signs "Better" To Be Than Others?

I got The Metallica movie for my birthday

Why are granite countertops so friggin expensive?

Remember TexasLeo's Boots?

How come no one ever sends me nasty personal attack PMs?

Take a look at my Mom's new baby....Li'l Chief's Shadow.....

I go away for a few days...I come back, and you guys are just as dorky

The OFFICIAL Underpants Baby-Pool Thread!

Post something you know more about than any other DUer....

Chickenscratching, come home!

Tell me an answer and I will give you a question

Lounge regulars, what is your age?

What contributes most to a good (or bad) movie or TV show?

To All You Cat Haters in the Lounge

Anyone up for a "free association" game?

I've gone Vegan........again.

Puppies and lawnmowers...funny, funny, funny!!!

Why is it that people think of vegetarians/vegans as sickly?

Weak Veggies...WEAK WEAK WEAK!

UK: Women bishops come a step closer

Thoughts on Paine's "Age of Reason"?

Are the Second Coming & Rapture the fevered dream of anxious immature

Walking on Cobblestones Good for Health

U.S. Pediatric Studies Have Led To New Labeling For Nearly 100 Drugs

Prescription Substances

Why Universal Health Care Vouchers is the next big idea.

Specific regions of brain implicated in anorexia nervosa, U of Pitt. study

Specific regions of brain implicated in anorexia nervosa, U of Pitt. study

Scientists Measure How Deep "Deep Impact" Was, With X-rays

Scientists uncover new clues about brain function in human behavior

Seeking Tourists With Cash Gay or straight; who cares?

Priests say they were forced out of ministry

N.J. Gay Partner Law Marks 1st Anniversary

Calif. Gay Marriage Bill To Get Senate Airing

Rome Gays Demand Marriage Rights

Moderate Church Groups Form Gay-Friendly Virginia Coalition

UCC Church Covered In Gay Hate Messages & Torched

Focus on the Family has a B-17 bomber replica at their campus.

Mom ties church "untruths" to lesbian daughter's death

My partner wants to open our relationship, advice?

Now the Motherfuckers are claiming Andy Stephenson died of AIDS!

British Open Week!! Yaaay drunk before noon

Traditional games uphold nations' cultures

Madden 2006

NHL roadmap: What to expect when deal is done

HR Derby!!!!

Any hockey fans?

Our new foster pup

Fargo has Dogster's diary of the day today!

Puppy in Austin needs home

Foster Dog may be adopted this week


A strange dream I had last night

Herbal Remedy ... Chamomile!

Sickening intrusion of evangelism into a Druid's life

Kerry fundraising thread

Did anyone watch Scottie's most excellent adventure in the Press Room today...

Two e-mails in one day.

Pic thread

Where is Whome?

JK sums up "Rovegate" perfectly - Clean, Clear, and to the point

My water submission choices...

Does Crispini have some "friends" in Arkansas?

KOEB Poll: Where is Keith's "secured undisclosed location" this week?

The New Blog is up

ASTB 7/11/05 (waaah...)

In the absence of the man, let the speculation commence. :-)

I hate the inconsistencies on the Rove story ...

All I have to say is that some-the hell-body outed Plame!!

An interesting interview with Ambassador Wilson....

Should the US just buy Gaza for 2.2 Billion?

Everyone - a criminal investigation is underway, a public inquiry can wait

Herman Belz (C-SPAN WJ) in discussion of SC nominations

Failing the Test

2005 Casualties

Right Wing Spin On Rove/Plame

When Did The White House Plame Outing Really Start

A conservative throughly explains the WMD issue

OK - I am stupid. Why doesn't Fitzgerald go after Novak?

bush to talk about "War on Terror @ 1040E/0940C, bet this stinks...

Gonzales Could Be Bush's Sista Souljah

Analysis: London bombers strengthen Blair

Saddam Hussein behind bars. Osama is not. What's wrong with this picture?

Did Bush time his speech to usurp Blair?

Iraq Troop Withdrawal? Huh?!?

Karl Rove, CNN, 8/31/04: "I didn't know her name and didnít leak her name"

(VIDEO) - Geraldo Rivera Falls Flat On His Ass!

Vatican silences Philippine bishops

Harry Reid conference call

* talking on CNN now.

Republican kicks republicans butt in LA runoff

When is the Rove indictment? DU said late last week or today!!!

Why right-wing blogs don't allow comments

Fear of prosecution prompts US paper to pull stories

You might want to read this after listening to Dubya's speech at Quantico

CSPAN - Durbin quizzing Tomlinson

Zell has his own "Deficit of Decency"

I found an excellent, well reasoned letter on the Plame leak...

If HRC said Iraq part of long struggle agains terrorism, she's dead wrong

Faux News really blew it this time

CSPAN NOW.. McLiar getting roasted by David Gregory!

Death of a Free Press: Murdered by Karl Rove

Turd Blossom Must Go

Question asked..."Is William Clinton

Is TDS back? Will they use some of the press conference footage?

Life in Iraq under Hussein before the war shitty. Life in Iraq after ...

Evangelical Leader is not Drinking W's Kool-Aid.

When a Product FAILS, do you buy more of it?

Bush, today: "darkness of tyranny no match for shining power of freedom"

Excellent, excellent article on Rove leak Bush Conspiracy!

Rove apparently told Cooper that it was ''Wilson's wife, ...

WashPost - Froomkin: Plame, By Any Other Name

AOL poll on Rove

Why does no one mention that on July 4th, our president...

Was Plame in a position to "authorize" her husband(Wilson) ot go to Niger?

Terms of Endearment

David Gregory (NBC) kicking Scottie's ass on cspan!!!

How to get burned. By: Karl Rove

It's not just Rove: Novak and Miller are Criminals!

CREW Asks President Bush to Suspend Rove Security Clearance Pending Outcom

London and Madrid, "common denominator ... is undoubtedly Iraq"

Freepers eat the yellow snow on PlameGate: "Rove was entirely correct"

Did anyone just see that gas pump on NBC's Today Show?!?!?!?!?

George Bush: 'The future of civilisation is at stake in this struggle'

A jury of karl rove's peers

Hope springs eternal....KKKarl Rove may be screwed this time...

Why Is MSNBC/GE Suddenly Pushing for US Withdrawl From Iraq?

Artist's Concept of the Bush Jr. Library

George Bush is on the TV absolutely too much...

Rove/Plame on Inside Politics now

CNN FINALLY has a Rove story and it was worth waiting for!

Why is the press going after Rove?

Is Scottie Human?

For the love of our country, Hillary, don't apologize.

Question about Abu Ghraib

Lest We Lose Sight! It Was 2 Davids & A John Who Began

If and when most liberals became CT'ers

Review: John Stewart on the BS LIES to war -using their own statements-

Salon: On Rove, Scott McClellan is suddenly silent

Editor & Publisher: "Press Batters McClellan on Rove/Plame Link "

How much Air America Radio do you listen to?

Salon: Why Karl Rove must go

Faux News carrying the AP story on Rove ...

Bush lies when he says there is no litmus test for SC nominees

The left's own words reveal hypocrisy and dishonesty (LTTE)

Help unravel these fallacies

The SIMPLE Question the press should keep asking (re: Rove)

Which state has the absolute dumbest congressional delegation?

**WHY** is Rovergate getting some traction?

The freepers are starting to worry..

My LTTE was published today!

Special Election in PA - Linda Minger 7/19 - Who's going this weekend?

Does Scottie's poor press briefing mark the end of the press'...

Help Juan Cole: Who is Martin Kramer? Need Oppo Research

New Pentagon Employee Latest Hire With Ties To Iran-Contra

Rove lied on camera about having "any knowledge" of "the CIA agent".

Did anyone else hear "This American Life " from Chicago Public Radio...

Freepers don't understand treason...

Do you think Rehnquist is holding his retirement announcement for...

The end of habeas corpus is near, citizens--bill in House and Senate.

Spin City: "The Conservative Voice" on "Karl Rove and Liberal Illogic"

I thought that Bush's re-election was supposed to insure cheaper gas......

Blooper from Smith (R- New Jersey) proposing weekend of prayer for Darfur

Dan Abrams condemns Jeb Bush and calls him out to apologize

Impressions from a small Minnesota town...

Just Curious - What's Faux News & The RWer's Saying About Rove's Role.....

White House press briefing transcript: See Scottie squirm

great bumpersticker I saw that was home made

CIA Leak Quotes (AP)

Has Plame leak resulted in any other agents being killed?

Sept 24th White House demonstration permits have been obtained.

Conyers: Compare and Contrast. Remember When....(Cheney & McClellan)

Daily Howler on Rove: liberal web adopting dumbness of Rush & cronies

Anyone else just catch the CNN story on Rove

Why is this scandal (Rovergate) different from all other scandals?

Conservative activism numbers?

Heard some astonishing info today from a friend.

Alright goddammit!! At least 3 threads on how SCottie is being spanked

Coming up next on "Hardball"..."What, if anything, will happen to Rove"

Washington Post: "What Rove said"

Henry Rollins conservative?

Takes courage to challenge the right wingers on religion. Good op ed.

Rove Getting Just Desserts

The Rove Story's Finally Getting Some Traction!

Bring it on!

I saw George Allen give a speech to the South Carolina GOP

FYI : Rove story on both NYT and WP web frontpages

UIC Prof's Statistical Analysis Casts Doubt on '04 Election Result

And after Rove goes... what then?

Zell Miller has been caught with his hand in the taxpayers' cookie jar

Gack! Dana Milbank's on MSNBC

What's the Deal with Condi Rice? It seems like she's traveling a LOT...


Letter from Kerry with a petition to sign calling for Rove to be fired

Our World Leader: Stem

I love that Freepers think the Plame case will blow over.

All too Human

Scooter Libby is the real news.

Journalism and the CIA-- Who in MSM is on the payroll as NOC ?

Who's Brain will Cuckoo Bananas Use when Rover is Gone ??

YRNC2005 Convention Chairman Responds to Attacks by Leftists

Why is Woodward such an ass kisser for the Bush admin?

What will happen to Tony Blair in the light of the London bombings?

"This damn war in Iraq is the cause of all this trouble"


DNC Fundraising Tops $28M So Far in 2005

Why did Matt Cooper drop his lawyer and enlist Ted Olsen ?

State GOP Chairman (+ sidekicks) Indicted by Grand Jury Today

Candy Crawly, Bay Buchanan and Jack Valenti?

Personally, I think Hillary has a great future...

From June 3, 2004 - Bush knew about leak of CIA Operative's Name

Fahrenheit 9/11 Being Shown On Showtime Right Now!

MI-Gov: Ted Nugent Running for Governor?

Scott McClellan press. conf. today.... CSPAN link...

What will Rove be charged with?

Anybody wann bet on the next cooincidental terra "incident"?

Rod Blagojevich

I need a link, please

Isikoff is on HARDBALL NOW, 7:35PM EST talking about Plame outing!

Is Patrick Fitzgerald a Republican?

How many of you really think ..

DoD sends Neo-Con Talking heads to Iraq for "the truth"

"Leak 2" on Drudge. Ugh...why did I go there...

Congress to vote on bill that would roll back much of McCain Feingold

Rehnquist announcement will come tomorrow

Daily Show: Bush has created a "Coalition of the Bomb-able" - (VIDEO)

If Rove takes a direct hit and goes to jail, can * pardon him?

Payback for Laguna Beach?

Video-Daily Show and London Terror-John Gibson

bush will personally have to address the rove thing eventually.


Was Rove getting tired of relative obscurity?

On CSPAN now the press it demanding a ROVE explanation

Zell Miller stole money meant for the Georgia Governor's mansion

DNC stops this week: Madison, Milwaukee, Boise, Salt Lake, Great Falls

Waxman Calls for Hearing into Rove's Role in Outing of CIA Agent

Indictments Keep Rainin' On His Head . . . KKKarl Rove goes down in Plames

Reich Wing radio tonight said the left wing is spending a Billion dollars

Iraq Diaries: Shock and Awe: Aerial Bombardment, American Style

Bill Clinton to the Supreme Court?(asked of Scott today.

DU this AOL poll - Blame bush for high gas prices!

We're Not Going To Get To The End of This Week And Find Out Powell....

Top 25 Republican Party donors

Is Bush MORE or LESS dangerous with Rove out of WH?

Ya know what scares me? An anti-war republican candidate in 08.

What NewsMax is saying: "Valerie Plame Leak Not Illegal"

Democratic National Committee: What Did Rove Know and When Did He Know It?

Invitation: Supreme Court Briefing with Sen. Harry Reid

Simple Scotty being grilled right now at Briefing

Treasonous Lies of Bob Novak and Karl Rove

MTV reports on Army recruiting woes

To hell with politics

Clarification on the Powell Plame connection ...

Revoke Rove's Security Clearance & Shut Him Out Of Classified Meetings

John Kerry: Fire Rove

Are you a NeoCon? (Take the test)

McClellan dodged the Karl Rove bullet THIRTY THREE TIMES today.

I thought it might be a good idea to review old Plame articles....

"Rather than letting an innocent journalist be imprisoned....

Wisconsin bill targets the 'morning-after' pill

What's Fair Game? New Rove revelations

Dean: Rove betrayed identity of one "fighting on the front lines"..

Why London happened

Talkingpointsmemo reports: Harry Reid calls Bush out regarding Karl Rove

You "out" a gay person. You BLOW THE COVER of a CIA agent!!

Wesley Clark: Al-Qaeda has changed; Bush strategy also needs to shift

Preacher to Dean: You Can't Fake It

Reuters: "Democrats urge Bush to fire Rove in leak scandal"

Alternative source for London 7/7 terror exersize claim: ITV News video cl

Isikoff reports Powell took CIA dossier which detailed Plame's role at CIA