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Archives: June 4, 2005

Turned off science (Kids victims of Evolution Wars)

PA official: Abbas to delay July parliamentary vote

(PHOTOS) I took a walk in Boston today (also posted in GD)

BREAKING: New "Deep Throat" has emerged from the White House!

Is something up with Conyer's site?

US lowers standards in army numbers crisis - Guardian

Mike Webb talking with author of 'How America Lost Iraq'

No Malloy Thread? lincoln, ralps...???

Michael Savage thinking of running for Christopher Cox seat in CA?

Oh... My... God... (Gitmo... Torture... Lies... Confirmed...)

(PHOTOS) I took a walk in Boston today

Politcal Art -- would this make a good bumper sticker?

John Kerry Criticizes News Media, Joins Call For Inquiry On Downing Street

A question for DUers in other countries..

Test your critical faculties: ID the BS in this story about CITGO:

Herr Doktor Krauthammer praises "certainty"

An Interesting Link from WI AFL-CIO describing methods of the Right

We will never know the May figures for Army and Marines recruits

It has come to my attention that an "anti-Andy Stephenson" domain

Which MSM might realistically break ranks? First?

Winger ruminates on 12,000 dead in Iraq

US Guantanamo guard kicked Koran (internal army investigation)

LATimes: Man Indicted in Phnom Penh Attacks Active in GOP Causes

Head Start Leader Resigns Abruptly

NY Times: Military Details Koran Incidents at Base in Cuba

Rice Introduces New Department Spokesman

"Something's cookin' at the Cluckin' Chicken!"

Toby rules

The debut of the French potato gallery.

The Fixx Vs. New Order.

I'm off to babble

I watched "The Idolmaker" tonight

Okay, I'm going to get an RSS feed. I run windows/mozilla. Any tips?

Weird dreams...

What's on your music list for tonite?


Sith Sense

Tonight's photos: Cloud formations.

Battle of the Bands: Depeche Mode vs. The Human League

Lovelorn DU'ers check in

Love and Rockets vs. Bauhaus vs. Bay City Rollers

Wish You Were Here ...

How long did you lurk before you started posting?

Ahhhh, what the hell. Might as well post these pix here too.

Expanding Fever Clinics in Gangcha County Qinghai China

Honoring D-Day; new GI Bill of Rights; Health Care

Daily Dissent to Kerry about DSM: "Go Away"

Did we all send our three emails out today for Downing Street?

Zogby: Bush Job Approval Hovers at 46% (June 2nd)

Rasmussen: Bush approval at 53% (June 3rd)

Labor, Taxation, & Wealth Creation

Where are Paul O'Neil, Richard Clarke, Joseph Wilson, etc?

Dems Criticize Morris Event

Oil's imminent decline will impact us all

Britain's triumph in the EU referendums

Excellent economic primer on interest rates and their grim message

Deadly "disassembling"

Eileen McNamara: Mark Felt was similar to those he opposed

Chinaís Victimization Syndrome


Is Persuasion Dead? (NYT)

Wired: Question Authority--Why it's smart to disobey officials in emergenc

Interesting feature about why we made a mistake attacking Iraq

Join The BUY-cott!!!

Selling Washington (we want conservative activist Republicans on K Street)

Welcome to a Has-Been Country

"What's up with the Downing Street Memo"

WP/Milbank: An Administration's Amnesty Amnesia

Dave Zweifel: Bush lies should get him tossed out

John Nichols: Iraq is the Issue

Torture In The U.S. Gulag (CBS News)

Deep Throat's Other Legacy

'The Secret Way to War' - New York Review of Books on Downing St. Memo

The Centrality of Peasant Movements in Latin America

9/11 Pilot's Widow Denied Pension by United Airlines

"It's Our Destiny" Bush Seeks Military Control of Space

Green campaigners in 4x4 protest (UK / LandRover)

How will you celebrate the 4th of July this year?

Demopedia experts, help

Cheney to give G. Ford Foundation journalism awards for WH & Def coverage

The Blob

HAARP - Here's a video I think you should all see

Gonzales & Rodriguez: Living the legacy of Cesar Chavez

New hydrogen technologies in Russia

California legal mandate to recycle plastic ignored: Energy and Fuels

Firm Wants to Drill at Colorado Nuclear Site

Bug Power - Energy from waste-eating bacteria.

Grenade attack, shootings disrupt Burundi elections

Disturbing deficiency at Seabrook plant

AI demands justice for Tiananmen

Rumsfeld: China a Major Buyer of Weapons

US Foreign Aid Greatly Exaggerated, giving only 0.02%

Israel as Palestine

Rabbis look for lost flock

Hamas slams Abbas's decision to delay elections

Witch Hunt at Columbia

Underdog Israel battles Ireland to 2:2 tie in World Cup prelim

Israel uses new crowd-dispersal tactic

Think Again: No more taboos

was thaere a mention (probably on DU) that the company that lost

The Generator Trailer at the Pentagon-- What Caused the Damage?

Pop quiz

"Conservative" George Bush?? "Mainstream" media?? A rant about WORDS!

My own state took the Diebold plunge. :(

This merits reading, if it is old news, I'm sorry:

Dean's election criticism too generic? Long lines for working people.

EXIT POLL RESPONSE OPTIMIZATION MODEL: Bush needed 55.2% of refusers


It's Spreading! New Developments (for me personally)

PLS READ if you agree lack of Media attn has been a big problem

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 6/4/05

Leon County Fla. Report on Hacked Machines

Sherole Eaton Fund She Stood Up for Us!

Any word from the Cleveland, OH election reform teach-in?

Incidents concern anti-hate groups - San Jose CA

Oceanside residents please vote on June 7th

Progressive Democrats of San Diego June meeting- mark those calendars

The "Glamour" of Area Code 310

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! King is insane

Is anyone interested in a DSM get together @ channel 25 in Dedham?

Massachusetts DUers: Do you have kids?

So anyway today I was protesting on 28 and a cop

Will there by a rally when Bush visits Maple Grove? is a blog about Free Speech and the Media and

HP/Compaq Pavilion A800N AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Is this a good deal?

Columbus Area DUers!

Feds in ex-Ohio House Speaker Householder(R) probe seize computers

Perry's signing party is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. (from his staff in Austin)

Tempest in TX-another cult a la Waco?

Fernald shipping radioactive Mallinckrodt wastes "temporarily" to Texas

Green Bay Citizens Organize Gannett Protest

Demopedia is down?

Is al Sadr an Insurgent?

What recent case did Justice Stevens write so wonderfully about

Officer arrested in fatal hit-run

"It's Our Destiny" Bush Seeks Military Control of Space

I need more help

The Best Thing About the Bush Administration, is the Education

during leslie [wolf] blitzer's elegy this afternoonto judy woodruff and

What would you do? pictures of Sadam Hussein and Ariel Sharon

Stripes letter on SPC's views re: the handling of the Quran


CAPITAL TIMES Editor: Bush lies should get him tossed out

Conyers now calling them the Downing Street MINUTES!

This is how freepers argue.

How Will Republicans Spin The Downing Street Minutes?

well here we are in the 21st century & our president is INSANE, just great

Just testing a sig file modification n/t

The Pimping of the President

Militant Southern Baptists riot after Bible is pissed on by Arabs

The Minutes: We need the world behind us

Super-Patriot Rock Video....(The guy looks like Tiny Tim)

Purple Hearts documentary and picture thread

Downing Street Minutes were brought up by most hate radio shows today

There's nothing more dangerous than an idea

C-Span- It seems the Koran abuse didnt get buried very well

Fat ideological butthole on CSPAN now. (Guy from Human Events)

Randi Rhodes WAS on CSPAN II...

Thanks to Paul Orgel of C-SPAN for expanding the story..

I think Impeachment is a bad idea... right now...

A spiritually awakened Vietnam veteran friend e-mailed me ...

Yikes, Jetbue. Am. air. gives our flying data/credit info to a private..

Newsweek sure had that Koran story wrong!

Who thinks Rummy will try to quit before they release the pics?

What conservatives are trying to teach me:

Monthly DU Freedom Speaks Awards.


Keith Olbermann vs Dennis Miller. Now that would be a good interview.

People on my shit list:

Waste at Homeland Security

December, 2001: Iraq Analysis by the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Crazy Idea! Skinner on the Spot!

Does anyone here donate CPU time to any Distributed Computing Projects?

bush** "I'm a crier, and I weep a lot," For the DEAD Soldiers.

NYC DEMS: Draft Rangel or face disaster.

Do all States limit third term abortions?

Which Dolan is more annoying?

The 'christian' Right - A dangerous group

Bush canned his SEC Chairman, Wm. Donaldson, because he was doing his job

Chicago Trib Infers Patrick Buchanan Is A Loud Mouth?

Just to clarify the current situation

Tap your foot to the beat . folks - It's the MSM Dance

Question dealing with Congress/Blair

Rummy's worried about China's military expansion

Ahead of the Curve? Bad for Your Health? Can't Stand the Wait?

Humble suggestion to Skinner, et al. : Install a " kick button "

Barbara Boxer on C-Span 2 now


Bush labels his failure to create jobs as "the right track"

When a post of mine is removed,

TEMPEST IN TEXAS, Another Religious Cult - Quite Scary!

Is James Baker still defending Saudis against the US 911 family victims?

downing st minutes:

Dean Defends Comments About Republicans

is there a connection between ghw bush and orlando letelier's murder???

whoops wrong forum

How will Bush discredit the Downing Street Memo?

Bumper stickers seen at Montana Republican Convention

religious wrong site says abortions down under W; left is lying

Unlikely summer movie hit draws students, upscale adults, urban, women

"What's Up With The Downing Street Memo?"

What will keep a young man/woman from being drafted?

Korans @ GITMO gets same treatment as U.S. Constitution. Quel Surprise!

To highlight Bush's lies, what's he said in five years that was true?

Some say it was about Oil, some say about strategic positioning

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Friday, 3 June 2005

What Is The Media Running From? We Need More Anonymous Sources

1921 Tulsa Race Riot ...district court and Supreme Crt say 'file in 1923'

Isn't it ironic that the only country among the Arab nations of the

Christina Aguilera to preach sexual abstinence to teens

Before bush & the bushbots, the Geneva Conventions and Purple Hearts



Poll Results: Rube in Aruba bigger than Book 'Wetting'

Will Democrats Ever Take Their Gloves Off And Fight Right-Wingers?

I need your help....I'm giving a presentation on Monday.............

Wingnuts are so fucking stupid

It's hard to imagine the desecration of the Quran at Gitmo being any worse

Everyday some new terrorist 'deputy' is captured.

Sheriff Wants Separate Hurricane Shelter For Sex Offenders

Toilet explodes, injured man suing

"Secularism is not the same as forced atheism..."

costs of Clinton's lie vs costs of B*'s lie.

Clifford May and the FDD. He's all over my TV.

Hey Europe Buffs,

I missed the deal with Bev Harris! What happened?

C-Span now...Downing Street Memo

speculate: title the article in tomorrow's news per the Bolton story

Why George Bush Is Getting Away With Murder

I cant believe that this was on the front page of my local paper!

Proof that two negatives equal a positive (Bush and Vader)


Radio Group? Sometimes I want to make comments or ask questions about

I think we should add some words to the spell check

Airline CEO calls for union cuts, pension relief; earned $3.65M in '04


If they want John Bolton to reform something

New .xxx Top Level Domain - The RW is Against That Too

Why does TLC hate America?

Somber Notes From a Weary Bill Clinton

A question for our friends in the U.K.

Today's Left just wants "Normal" back. It's NOT radical.

Political Movie Recommendations

Article compares McCain torture and Afghani villager's death

We Are No Longer LIBERALS... We Are The Far Far LEFT!

Why is it so cynical?

What liberal/progressive things did Clinton accomplish?

So, Rove's CNN outlet now claims the detainees flushed the Quran!

Local Right Wing Radio Host Doubts Existence Of PNAC, Please Call Him Now.

Hubby in Dallas airport surrounded by Juarez-bound teenagers in Tshirts...

Religious cult in Texas

corporation destroys ANY product if it's imperfect. (not walmart)

What will you tell your grandchildren?

Is Kerry going to push for Bush impeachment?

Holy crap. Our side's problem is finally summed up in one paragraph.

Pissing in the wind....

"The Daily Show" bit at Crooks and Liars- question.

Woman Arrested For Stalking Best-Selling Author Online

Its been seven months since we've had a message from Usama-

Too Brainwashed to Impeach?

how can we beat the Friday evening news release cycle?

City (and clear channel) unveils sex solicitor billboards of shame

Damn Republicans now lifting positive scenes from Dean rallies

Salon: Bush/Cheney mocked Kerry on NKorea, now use Kerry's policy position

Interesting comments from people at the FBI about Deep Throat

New PIPA report. 23 countries : US & Russia NEGATIVE INFLUENCE

Let's get our own "Talking Points" ready on the DSM.

We did increase bombing on prewar Iraq to incite them

Brandi Swindell needs $$$$$ oh and prayers too.

Southern Baptist missionary "faces W. Europe's anti-American bias"

Your membership in the DU Elite will be cancelled unless...

Brad 'News Bears' Show on! Enjoy



White House Plays Down New Quran Reports

Nationís Busiest Seaports to Have Complete Radiation Detection-end 2005

The huge flaw in the PNAC plan

Quick! Need info on content of Abu videos/photos Congress saw...

MILESTONE: I got my first nasty neocon note today!!!

Letter from 9/11 pilot's widow. UAL and pensions

I remember a big stink about chemical plants in NJ being unprotected

Schwarzenegger raised $3 million in May for his ballot measures

Al Gore speech on c-span at 8:19 pm Sat

turkey shit!! -turkey shit!!...well it was turkey "manure"

Freepers say that Rep.Conyers' petition was hacked by THEM

Man tasered- no effect, sent to hospital to determine why

Christian "re-constructionists" want to take us over

How do you put HTML at the top of your blog

Language students and multilinguists: most untranslatable?

Apple to ditch IBM, switch to Intel chips

I'm looking for the best T shirt to p.o. my Repub brother in law

CNN is showing "The Flyboy's Story " AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Fears over power line link to leukemia

Guys - Downing Street Minutes - Throw your congresscritter a life-saver...

The wheels of history grind slowly.

Ricky Hatton World Champion

G.W. Bush = the renter in "Pacific Heights."

Deep throat: Case NOT closed! (Keith Olbermann)

George Bush Cardboard Cutout Roundly Mocked

Ricky Hatton World Champion

Candidates aren't candid on the WoD

New Word - Oxymoran

Is rejection of EU and Latin Am. anti-corporate govs just beginning?

Bush Makes My Head Completely Explode!!! Does He Even Listen To Himself?

URGENT: Gov. Perry in FW to sign Leg. in CHURCH, need to organize PROTEST

Karel on KGO discussing "scud" urine in Iraq

Wa Times covers new Bolton information (!?)

I heard somewhere that the U.S was ranked 20 something out of the world ..

Has Google news searches been hacked?

Downing memo on Cspan this morning, The guy that said several times

Darfur Daily News: June 04, 2005

new "crowd dispersing" weapon

The Downing Street Minutes: It's the Treason Stupid

If our dems and media ultimately ignore this Downing St. memo,

Tallahasse paper: Tests show voter fraud is possible!

Hey! I thought MOVEON was going to jump on the DSM bandwagon?

A desperado is sought on "America's Most Wanted"

Let's come up with like slogans

Get ready for "Real" Liberal Radio---The Guy James Show tonight 7pm est

If you lost a loved one in Iraq. What would you do if you...

Would Bush have gone into Iraq without Blair ??

South Korea hopes to open World Stem Cell Bank this year

Somewhere this morning a little girl is sadly awakened by her mommy....

A year after Reagan died: Why government is the problem.

Caution Head Exploder

New Zealand quote DU: Articles Of Impeachment For President G.W. Bush

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG...We're in Information Clearing House!!!

What is going on here?

The Return of Saddam - What are they trying to achieve with this?

I can't believe that people are still so uneducated about birth control!

Repukes on warpath my neighborhood...

To the freeper idiot stuck in traffic with me yesterday, here is the memo

Koran abuse: Which is worse?

If we did not attack Iraq, how many Americans would have died post 9/11?


Something sweet to share with you all! My "Republican" Mother in law,

Tennessee: Sounds like the Soviet Union to me - Drug Tax Law

USA is the "greatest Christian super power of all time"

This is a family who loved a child who lived in a house that Bush bombed..

Should Democrats be the anti-corporate party?

June 4th- The Cost of the War in Iraq $174,414,335,568

J. Conyers - 20,000 more have signed in the last 24 hours....>133,000 now!

"I'm a life-long Republican and I think George Bush sucks."

Could someone explain this logic to me, please?

from the files . . . weird stuff at Denver International Airport? . . .

Scotty McClellan: Quran abuses have been taken OUT OF CONTEXT

Monday is NOT the best day ..........

CSPAN Schedule Sunday June 5

Top Story above the fold, front page, big type face

Wal-Mart says it must go upscale

"I am fuming about [the Downing Street] memo..."

This administration is a cancer spreading thru the body of the planet


Have you ever heard of Howard Kunstler-author of

Why I admire George Galloway.

I read part of Clinton's "My Life" yesterday

The Meth epidemic - What is happening to our communities?!

Is a company required to fire anyone who takes drugs?

Warning from Gore on future - Global warming called an emergency

World News: George Bush - Nice Guy? or the Devil's Spawn?

Dammit! It's YOUR Country! A New DA Graphic...

They can not deny their own words!

US Congressman Waxman's Log of Bush Lies on Iraq

How do you deal with the mood out there?

So let's stop giving them any publicity and let them fade away...

I'm looking for ways to smear and castrate

Confession: the real reason I won't shop at Wal-mart

New magazine: RADAR. It punks out bush in the FIRST ISSUE.

Know what's really scary....homeless soldiers, soldiers without a decent


Great first post "redwhitebluemurkin" and welcome to DU!

Your view of Galloway: Positive or negative

Looks like got WORRIED...

I hope you DU'ers know what your doing

Deep Throat Bush (Michael Moore style)

I Have Seen Into Bush's Soul And It Is As Black As Oil And Red As Blood!

Is the American farm subsidy system unjust? Contributes to world poverty?

St. Pete protest draws attention to memo - get the idea?

Revelations about Racism in the Military - Witness to War Crimes

Less government or personal freedom?

Should not logically be the Congress

WoW! Bolton Stopped UN WMD Inspectors Going to Iraq!

You might be a corporate media news editor if...

I just went to, asking Kerry to make us proud on Monday

You simply MUST watch this video. If only EVERYONE knew about this.

Your Neighbor Is A Porn Producer

At what point does a soldier cross that line?

Toons for the weekend

When old dogs learn new tricks....

John Conyers says over 133,000 and counting!

Maker of Anti-GORE Campaign Ad Charged with Child Sexual Assault

Know your BFEE: Dope Dealers & Money Launderers

now that * and co. is looking at Iran too -- Who's up for building an

Shadows of doubt (Ward Churchill)

Is there a current thread that offers legal advice about...

Speaking of pizza, let's talk dough.

Are the ANY NY delis that understand the concept of scrambled eggs???

Bernard Landry Quits

Canadians: please post your cable or satellite service here.

A question for our friends in the U.K. from a U.S. DUer,

Turned off science (Kids victims of Evolution Wars)

Former Mexico City mayor sentenced to seven-plus years in prison for embez

Detainees, not soldiers, flushed Quran

Syria Denies Israeli Accusations It Test-Fired Scud Missiles Last Week

Al Jazeera helps militancy - Rumsfeld

"What's up with the Downing Street Memo"

AP: Intelligence Sees Terrorists in Iran

Rumsfeld warns on China military

NYT: U.S. Faults Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE Over Forced Labor

LAT: Africa Seeks More Positive Spin on Its 'Brand'

For young vets, jobs are hard to come by

Two U.S. service personnel killed in Afghan blast

Adelanto (CA) mosque fire investigated as possible arson or hate crime

Air marshals sue Homeland Security over rules

Noe grand jury hears from former mayor, others(Bush fundraiser a focus)

Red Tide Shuts Shellfish Areas in New England (worst outbreak?)

US government forced to act on obesity

I will fight to `lead a normal life,' Posada says

Two American GIs killed in Afghan bomb blast

US, Afghan forces dump bodies into Pakistan

Secretary Didn't Burn John Paul's Notes

Japan Squeezes to Get Most of Costly Fuel (save energy, fight gl. warming)

China takes hard line in textile talks with U.S.

"Test shows voter fraud is possible"

L.A. port getting radiation detectors (AP)

Truck Fire Shuts Down Italy-France Tunnel

Evidence points to terrorists hiding in Iran

(9) Iraqi soldiers killed in bomb attacks

Dean attacks the GOP on values

Religion, suicide terrorism link disputed

India, Pakistan Discuss Pipeline Projects

NYT/AP: Air Force Academy Leader Admits Religious Intolerance at School

Spokane mayor won't step down

Ringgold teachers plan new strike (PA)

Oldies Are a Thing of Past at Top Station

Nuclear test 'guinea pigs' go back to their island paradise (Rongelap)

Time for US to be daring over Africa, says Brown (London)

Rumsfeld Issues a Sharp Rebuke to China on Arms (NYT)

Reid won't be returning lobbyist contributions

Repression worsens under Hu's leadership

Amnesty Int. Defends US Chastising (US response like USSR, Libya, Khomeni)

Basra Airport reopens with lamb slaughter

Propelling a Space Revolution (using nuclear generation)

Iranian video highlights nuclear ambitions

Family to rebury Till today

Key Baghdad electricity station completed

Thousands stage protest in Seoul

URGENT: Gov. Perry in FW to sign Leg. in CHURCH, need to organize PROTEST

KY Diocese to Set Up $120 Million for Abuse Victims (largest settlement)

Saudi says US human trafficking criticism unfounded

Final outcome in hands of NLRB (Northern Michigan Hospital)

Judge Orders Pentagon to Release 100 New Photos of Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse

WP: Bush to Return $4,000 Given by Subject of Probe (Noe Ohio Coin)

Test shows voter fraud is possible

NYT: Frist, His Authority Questioned, Says He'll Prevail in the Long Run

NYT/AP: Specter to Push for Foreign Detainee Rules

Al Jazeera denies Rumsfeld charge it airs killings

Shiite leader heads into mainstream

Adamov's legacy or the nuclear blackmail?

Authorities stage terror drill in Boston

Beijing confirms its opposition to Japan on Security Council

Rights Group (Amnesty) Answers Bush

US "Fireballs" Threaten Iraqi Flora (collective punishment)

Sadr urges Iraq to emulate European Union and reject federalism

Latin American liberals condemn U.S. on suppressing leftist movements

Perry camp won't film church event

Rather: Watergate brought many lessons

White House Plays Down New Quran Reports

Authorities Stage Terror Drill In Boston

Anarchist Groups Plan Takeover of G8 March DJ Attacks Live8 as 'Too White'

Can You Say, 'Chief Justice Scalia'?

WP: Centrist Democrat a Test of GOP Hold

WP: Judges Are Seeking Cover on The Bench

Satellite Toll Plan to Make Drivers Pay by the Mile

Running all out, U.S. refineries can't meet demand for gasoline

WP: Bush's Optimism On Iraq Debated (Rosy View Criticized)

Laos' Hmong Tribespeople, U.S. Vietnam War Allies, Surrender After Years o

Mandelson Wants to Fast Track GM (Foods and Crops)

East Palatka labor camp raided on EPA violations

NewsLeader: MO site to fly Confederate flag Sunday (Gov, R)

US probes Isle of Man scheme used by billionaire Bush donors

U.S. Uncovers Vast Hide-Out of Iraqi Rebels -NYT

Judge Says Saddam's Morale Collapsing

Bolton Said to Orchestrate Unlawful Firing (Downing Street Memo Alert!!)

Richest Are Leaving Even the Rich Far Behind -NYT

U.S. disbands Iraqi army unit

U.S. Disappproves of Indo-Iranian gas pipeline

Edwards undecided about 2008 run(differs with Dean on Republibums)

Dream another Dream. This dream is over.

MP3's are cool

I'm Too Sexy!

Hey, you guys! GYWO - Page 47 is up!

I have started drinking my third beer.

Valis is:

I'm tired.

Is $1000 for a root canal normal?!! Argh! Need advice.

Mmmmmm Mmmmm Bitch.

I'm drunk.

I'm tirunk

You better call me a doctor, feelin' no pain Overloaded, down the drain

Do you sometimes drop your 't's when you speak?

Is this picture inappropriate for the Lounge?

Okay, who's familiar with Aqualung?

Madelaine Peyroux --

Is it against the rules to post drunk?

Ode to the Minolta Dimage IV Film scanner

Freddie Kreuger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Beaver Cleaver

Who wants to do Van Halen songs on board Karaoke?

Colonel Klink appreciation thread

Why couldn't I find a date for this weekend?

I think my drunken rablings are now different than my sober ramblings.

Which Is Worse, Michale Jackson Or American Idol

Nazi General Dies in Vienna

Why do I like to listen to Slayer?


One sad song.

One good thing about Tom Cruise...

How often do you like beef jerky on toast?


Oh, hell...that's GOTTA hurt.

Have any young males here had UTI's

How long did you jerk before boasting?

Do women get tired of hearing men whine that...

Hymn (supposed to be hopeful) that makes me sad

Discuss & rate the movies you've seen this week.

Another Cry In Your Beer Classic..

What do you think about a "gone to bed/work/ brb in x minutes" messages

If there is anyone awake in Chicago, what is happening on FOX32?

Eddie Albert Died. I didn't know that! 99 years old.

Photos of Bob Crane who played Col. Hogan.

Wild Wild West.

How many people do you have on ignore?

I drank some coffee today that was so strong...

Testing new sig line - Check, check, 1-2-3... You smell...

George Bush, the party animal

Someone click my Cuckoo-Bananas!

Some guys will find humor in just about anything.

Copy Shop.. truly odd

Celebrity Love-Child

What the phobia of long words is?

Have you ever seen something so funny it made you laugh insanely??

Who likes OLD cartoons?.. Here's an archive of them

333 X 2 =

I went to bed early and woke up feeling a sort of frantic sadness.

The World Has Gone Down the Toilet

How long do you perk before toasting?

Headline News: Dikshit calls truce with Ram Babu

My answer to every question tonight is KKKarl Rove

Accidental emails.. hilarious

Hump-day goes awry: Camel sits on West Virginia woman

Which famous movie kiss are you?

Just testing a sig file modification n/t

Wild cat has kittens in my crawl space opening.

Why does Microsoft insist on making me hate them?

If you like auras an live in Canada, or northern states like Minnesota

Damn. I never knew we had 12 YEAR-OLDS on The Democratic Underground.

Can anyone guess who this is?

Cutest puppy...EVER !!

What a name for a new baby girl

Cereals you'll NEVER see on the shelves..

Staff's thermals saving heat cost

Toyota radio anti-theft code - HELP!

Oh FUCK I'm having a craving for a tomato sandwich.

Who would make the best president?

"Boys Beware".. this is why some 50-ish repubs are the way they are

Hey, wasn't there a crackdown on underwear threads

What Superheroine are you?

Awwwww! I love this penguin!

Sleeping baby Malmutes. Have you seen anything cuter?

Rod Stewart Files for Divorce From Hunter

I am scamming the Nigerian E-Mail Scammers

Question: How old is the oldest DUer?

What kind of underwear are you?

Do nice guys finish last?

progmom is.....

When you eat cereal...

This guy is good.

Clouds for over one damn week.

German Shephards are almost like teddy bears.

June 4, 2005. There is snow in my forecast.

I tried to access the Simpson's clip of the "Commander Cuckoobananas"

Am I too irreverent?

DU Gardeners, I have a question

uh-oh,,,, my wife just asked me "So DU is overwhelmingly male, right?"

What Super heroin are you?

My wife just brought our fifteen-year-old son home from a party.

Do you hate phone static?

How Iíve waited for you to come

What religion best suits you?

Is there anything in life as delicious as a jam sandwich?

Come, dowsed in mud, soaked in bleach, as I want you to be...

Do nice guys finish last?

In the depths of a mind insane

When you were younger, did you ever watch documentaries of things

'Hogan's Heroes' Actor Leon Askin Dies (Gen. Albert Burkhalter)


lol something funny just happened (twice!)

I just saw "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (no spoilers)

Remember..... when you held my hand?

New danger for Freepers!

Please help me remember the name of a movie

What do you do to protect your computer from spy-ware, ad-ware?

What do you do while you're stuck waiting for delivery or service to

I'm a sportsfreak who served in the military and knows how a motor works..

wtmusic Finds Image of Underpass Stain in Famous Madonna

Wanna know why I won't buy an iPod?

Who's more stable mentally...George W. Bush or Pulp Fiction's The Gimp?

Archived with Zero responses, and now the article is on the Home Page?

Calling Stephanie, Hey Stephanie!


Martial Artist DU'ers, Check In!

Why are grackles(birds) bringing their babies poo to the bird bath?

Ghost stories!

Do you like Yahoo News' new design?

which is more GROSS? eating "natural" or "artificial" colors?

I've got this hankerin' for a Hardee's Thickburger

Rate my wallet:

Paintball delivery ROACH COACH all aboard...2 minutes till take-off!

Folks with cat allergies....

What scent do you love on the opposite sex?

Sit back and open your mind. Saturday David Icke read.

Help me figure out a movie title of a movie I saw when I was like 9

Left Is Write is so damned nice!

Wow, the Stratford Festival is having Barenaked Ladies score Shakespeare.

I am a woman with Wayward Nipples

did you ever think of a really funny post in the middle of the night...

Big, Scary Truck driver guy got pulled over by the Police!!!

Do people move to the suburbs to escape what they feel is violence?

RUN - It's the MEMO OF DOWNING STREET (new toon 6/4)

I'm trying to set up my web cam to see my puppies when I'm @ work

EASY RIDER - what did you think?

Have you ever met a Labrador Retriever you DIDN'T love???

Angels of ministers and grace defend us, Spock has his own photo site!

Cat owners have you tried Zero Odor for your Cat litter?

Kitten Fluff..Gotta Love 'em

is 'the outback' overrated?

How many pieces of flair are YOU wearing?

Keith olberman's previous job

What's your favorite type of rice?

I saw Big Bear Henry and Two Turtle Jim

If there's one thing in my life that's missing...

Bad News: June 25 DU Cookout in DC Area Postponed.

Is Matthew Lesko for real?

I want to thank the 1st guy who ever said LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR.

Cat claws make me weary....

Today In History: June 4th

EZ WIDERS - what did you think?

How do you pronounce COURVOISIER? KOR-VWA-ZEE-A.

Which time zone are you in?

What are the best applications for a dual processor PC?

My cat snagged a baby SONGBIRD today

Have you ever bought an item at RadioShack and it's broken?

I got a woman

so long folks

i just looked out the window and my husband is using the leaves vaccum and

How would you run Matt Santos campaign? (The "West Wing")

I'm the proud God-Mother to a new Kittie.

Can an old dog learn new tricks?

'Twas in the 'Sixth-Floor Museum" today and wrote (ranted) in the

Anyone want to see Revenge of the Sith??

Post here, your idea that would change the world.

Anyone seen "Off the Map"


DU, why can't YOU be like Endicott?

five pair of pants, three shirts, 24.00





It's been a long time since I watched this movie, but for something

I went to a theramin session today.

Still trying to figure out why pandas hate me

five pair of pandas, three shirts, 24.00.

I'm going out for some summer beer

which is better...myspace or facebook?

Awww! I love this Panda!


How do i find out the moment ICANN starts selling xxx domains?


My concept for the long-overdue Scott McClellan action figure. Comments?

I went to a therapy session today.



Were you planning to come see me play in July in Jersey? Never mind!



Have you ever met someone who you consider to be a con artist?

Has anyone ever had a straight-razor shave?

First DU meeting in Germany!


We built this city.

Oldies Are a Thing of Past at Top Station

What's Your Dream Life

Still trying to figure out why women hate me.

How do you tell your best friend he's an asshole?

I am Marty McFly. Ask me anything.

Big Charley and his daughter, Charley Jr. (pheline photos)

You jump in front of my car when you You know all the time that


Bratwurst on the grill, homemade baked beans on the stove...

I am eating hot-and-sour soup.

iím back from Suffragette City

Tip for drunks

What's the Theme in the Lounge tonight?

I keep hearing about "weird" coincidences. You know? Friend

How do email addresses get to a point...

On the radio now... "Eve of Destruction"

PSA: kittens != food


HELP PLAYSTATION 2 skips, any suggestions

Anyone here seen the movie "One Man's Hero?"

I hear the train a-coming

OK Catwoman! Equal time for the SISTERS

Ay, There's the Rub!


Is this underwear or a bathing suit?

Make your own Gauss Rifle.

Progresso Chicken Cheese Enchilada Soup

Heads up for Law and Order: CI


Hazzard County Driver's Test

UFC starts in a half hour!

too soon

The Great Egret ignores the ducks...


Miami without Wade.... down by 19. Is this series over?

That looks too tight,Toulouse.

Only respond to this thread if you have an image to show along

What is your favorite cold breakfast cereal?



Sarcastically bash the 2004 Presidential candidates!

Tornado Warning

Honest mistake, or did they try to juke me?

Test Tickles...


Pistons vs Heat Thread!

Mace Window:

Living In The Wasteland of the Free

Toronado warning.

Tarantino warning.

You've got it all wrong. It's MACE WINDOWS.

I typed this with my nose...

Tomato Warning.

Yay! The Jury Coordinator accepted my move out of state and took me...


Bluebirds back in San Francisco - first time in almost 70 years

Why hasn't Joe Pesci made a movie since 1998?

Storms in Oklahoma with Tornado warnings...

Update on my ongoing Nigerian Scam

so, how come my pic's don't show up?

Any telemarketers in the house?

Toronto warning.


Meet the new member of the Redstone family:

The saddest song ever

We put a deposit down for our first apartment today!!

Somebody said Fair Warning! Lord strike that poor boy down!


What would your dream entry in the Guinness Book of World Records be?

I am hanging out in my basement with my puppies.


Name this quote

New Bewitched movie - prediction: blockbuster or dud?

I got a riddle....

Hey ebay freaks: is this worth anything?

DU chat


Yeah I heard the new baby. All about your disease.

Drop yer goddamn britches!!!!!!!

A Logic Test For Everyone


Mrs R. is MAKING me stop work and go fishing.

I'm sore as hell(hernia surhery), and the Vicodin is making me loopy!

Poll: What do you consider the highest compliment?

Today's Garage Sale Album Buys

I'm on Lewis Black's MySpace front page.


Hey, where's a good place to find an intellectual, artistic subculture?

Are there any Japanese nationals on this board?

USA soccer is pathetic.

GRRRHHH!!!!! I hate my neighbor...

Who made this image?

Aren't we all. (pic)

It's time to answer the new game poll called "Friend or Foe?"!

Ken Jennings moderated a quiz bowl round for my daughter

Photo thread: Before the Baldwin Brothers, there were______________

Do you/ Would you pick up a hitchhiker?

Epiphany! I just discovered I look "good" in orange!

Forget Lucas' latest garbage, I just watched a damn good SF flick!

Did Van Halen's first album destroy disco?

I officially know what Darth Vadar felt like

When I shop in any store I want to hear....What kind of Music?

Phun with Photoshop. Who can improve on my sWastika design?

MILESTONE: I got my first nasty neocon note today!!

Jackson sisters take a page from the Manson gals.

need some help tracking down some info

Persistant pain!!

"At Last, The Tunnel of Light is Around the End of the Corner in Iraq!"

Could (would) you live in a house that was a

Which Zodiac Sign Would You Be Most Compatible With?


Caught on the horns of my own petard.


Post here and I will select your very own personal ear worm just for you!

I just survived a 19 hour migraine ....

wow, this is a Nigerian scam letter like none I have ever recieved

83 degrees ~ meditation in motion ... minus Leather

for in that sleep of death what dreams may come with vicks

progmom on the air from now until 2pm eastern time

The latest in fresh kitty snacks!

is it okay to listen to classical music

Insta-Geek Poll

Why do people want to have children?

You know, when a bunch of idiotic fucktards hate my guts...

If you have somebody on ignore

You Know You Grew Up In The 80's or Early 90's If..

What 2005-released CDs have you loved so far?

Celebrity Hot Dog-Eating Contest!

I understand.

What should be the theme song of the next Democratic Convention?

Is your boy puppy getting bullied after his neuter...well worry no more

I used to like snails, until I had an infestation of slugs in my garden

Firms taking music apart

Tabasco Warning- What's Your Favorite Hot Sauce?

World News: George Bush - Nice Guy? or the Devil's Spawn?

So, I'm sitting here on the couch with a duck under my shirt...

Jim Jones was fucking crazy!

Do you find this artful?

I Hereby Dedicate My 5000th Post To . . .

By special request: The Ask The Pilot Thread.

Top lessons from the Star Wars series

Mace Windu (***Only open if you've seen the new Star Wars***)

All Duers check in ---- what's your sex?

Kick-ass message for PETA:

What were your favorite books as a child?

Any gamers out there?

Travel advice please! Thank you.

Post anything in this thread, and I will tell you to SHUT UP!

Bedfellows! Lmao!

Confess: Do you feel superior to anybody else?

Bonnaroo Bound DU'ers .. .check in !

The grave plight of Quebec

Jan "TBN" Crouch: "No Chemotherapy, No Radiation, just Jesus"

I put together an anti * mix for iTunes

Any great grill ideas?

Colson on Deep Throat: Secrecy is a moral value?

Quakers take a stand against torture

Theme-park-type attraction says all creation took just 6 days.

Saudi's destroy bible's, arrest christians (see where this is going?)

Secretary Says He Did Not Burn Late Pontiff's Notes

Just give me that old-time atheism!

From Walter Cronkite ....

Secretary Didn't Burn John Paul's Notes

C.S Lewis, Satanist

Let Bible study be allowed at recess, suit says

2 Hearts beating in one lady: Added one instead of transplant: 2O/2O show


First Photo of Tsunami-Causing Rift Taken

self delete

UH to Research Sound Effects on Dolphins (from sonar)

Slowing currents could cause catastrophic climate flip

Human Ancestors Originated in Asia

Deep Impact to smash into Comet Tempel 1, on July 4. How to watch...>

Friend has a question about DNA

'Complicated Grief' Goes Beyond Depression

Observed symptoms from "The Great Influenza" by John M. Barry, Pt. 2....

Gravitational Wave....causing a ripple in the fabric of space/time?

Observed symptoms from "The Great Influenza" by John M. Barry, Pt. 3....

Observed symptoms from "The Great Influenza" by John M. Barry, Pt. 1...

High Energy Milky Way Reveals 'Dark Accelerators'

Los Alamos fears brain drain

Extreme Geneology - DNA test tells where your family was 40,000 yrs. ago

Remarkable and Previously Unknown Treasures Revealed by Tsunami

Scientists Study "Trust In A Bottle"

Inca tax man collected child sacrifices (Anthropological Archaeology)

Paccione considering a challenge to Musgrave...

Human rights groups protest Gay Pride ban (Poland)

Yankee losing streak now at six . . .

Mora hits a grand slam and Tejada hits a home run too

Wow. Sox REALLY Blew This One!

Boxing ! Tszyu vs Hatton

Kitten Pictures

So, after all the cat trauma at DU, I sit on my f*ing cat.

"Trust In A Bottle"

Has anyone ever been to a Donna Eden workshop/conference?

UH to Research Sound Effects on Dolphins (from sonar)

Polar reversal already in effect

Who has Michael Jackson's chart?

Calling LWolf..........calling LWolf!

ACG Hurricane and Fire Season

What might have been

It's an odd day on DU. I'm defending Howard DEAN of all people --

get out the barf bags - Mittens hits NH

What Kerry said this week, what * said and did in May

Okay, what happens with the DSM's?

Ok you all, Here are my possible June photo contest entrys. Let me know

Kenai Peninsula

The Weekend Dump thread (6/4 - 6/5)

Downing Street Memo published in Mpls. Star-Tribune today

Limburger's comments to Iraqi soldiers

We've Been Here Before

C-SPAN 7am. est. Downing Street Memo/Minutes discussion

Guys - Downing Street Minutes - Throw your congresscritter a life-saver...

Did Bush lie or did he not ?

Commadeer Cuckoo Bananas will return to the scene of his crime ....

Nixon's Watergate and JFK's Murder: Connecting the Dots!

Did CSPAN cover the DSMinutes?? nt

If I sign Conyer's letter, where will my address/personal info go?

When will the U.S. be ready for a disabled President?

From George's diary

Ted Rall Scores Again!

Help: Anyone have a "slow speed" connex to Blitzer's interview with Dean

I wish Kerry wasn't the ony bringing up the DSM in the Senate..

Next LIVE BRAD SHOW - Saturday 6/4/05, 7p - 11p ET!

Dumb question about impeachment

"Scandals have a way of smoldering before erupting,

Bush "nixes" torture, sleeps well, says pressers are for show offs

If Clinton could get impeached because of a blowjob, this is a slam dunk

This is probably old news - DeLay legal defense contributions

Gov Perry to sign Bills in Ft. Worth church - really

Bolton Said to Orchestrate Unlawful Firing

Junior's radio address: "America's economy is on the right track"

"the new triangel" : Russia, Iran, China

Will the Democrats Ever Take Advantage of the Kindness of Their Enemies?

I turned on FOX news this morning

A simple queston for the impeachment advocates ...

Conyer's at 133,000 and counting!!!

bush learned this lesson well.

i'm shocked !!! - "Intelligence Sees Terrorists in Iran"

6 referenced reasons why Bolton is the worst possible choice....

Nice articles by The Nation

Video library keeper: Nixon's resignation

MILESTONE: I got my first nasty neocon note today!!

Video Of Downing Street Memo On C-SPAN's Washington Journal

Attn DU of Central Ohio ...... We get * again.

What's that site that tells what % of contributions goes to which party?

From Spin Control Central: White House Plays Down, White House Downplays

Iraqis are paying the ultimate price for an unnecessary war.

Reform Ohio Now seeks to put election reform on ballot

"Don't worry, it's in the bag."

Dean is NOT a progressive

The Four Pillars Of Any GOP Discussion

strib: A way to stop gerrymandering

Bush Asks Charlotte Church: 'Which State Is Wales In?'

Attorney General Gonzales is implying that "Deep Throat" committed treason

VideoInterview Karen Kwiatkowski who worked in the Office of Special Plans

Do you HATE George W. Bush?

Living in a "Greed Economy".

TeeHeee - Randi Rhodes just tore...

CARTOON: Republican Jesus speaks out on the Downing St Minutes!

GROW A SPINE Card: Send to Congress for free-Downing Minutes

Video: Bloggers on C-SPAN re: D.S. Memo/Minutes

I am worried......... If Michael Jackson is found guilty this week

I have a confession

Watergate is the ultimate evidence of repub election theft

Space Weapons

Talking to a young man serving in Afghanistan now.......

George McGovern tells Fox "War in Iraq is worse than anything Nixon did"

A label for Howard Dean...what is he, anyway?

Congress turns its focus to business agenda

Is Bolton going to get confirmed?

The RW spin. Those who disagree with or attack us are "desperate"

Bush's Unannounced Dinner With Powell

Launched Syrian Scud Missile Was from N. Korea, NOT IRAQ!!!

Million Veteran March on Washington DC - 8 June 2005

Missing Weapons, Bolton and Docudrama on Nuclear Threat!!!!

The CIA and the Vatican ARE the Illuminati

George W. Bush Has Reduced The Right To Apologists For Torture

This Quote from RUMMY IS INSANE! Fears we "would start waking up"

'and they still believe'; list the way Repukes still delude themselves ...

What Might Have Been

Angie Paccione considering a run against Marilyn Musgrave...

The Truth(?) Behind the Downing Street Memo

DU this poll. Kicky

My dad "Bill" WW2 Veteran (his story)

Impeachment requirements.

Its time to make history.. BE part of it.. Bill MOYERS calls on us..

The Downing Street Minutes: It's the Treason Stupid

Oil, 9-11, Drugs, Social Security, Wall Street

"Overcast in Pennsylvania" - Santorum and Accuweather