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Archives: June 30, 2005

Guardian Utd: Bush 'exploited 9/11' in Iraq plea

Republicans ride the third rail

If Uncle Sam wants you, he has to be able to find you

Simon Tisdall (Guardian Utd): No solution and no apology from Bush

The real reason Republicans want to eliminate PBS

Taiwan at critical juncture, needs arms: Chen

US, India ink 10-year defense pact

Spain's Socialists celebrate dramatic victory in bastion of conservatism

Sibel Edmonds :" FBI & 9/11"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 6/30/05

Speier Introduces Bill to Allow Local Dog Breed-Specific Ordinances

Lets form our own peace train to DC for Sept 24-26

The real reason Republicans want to eliminate PBS

The real reason Republicans want to eliminate PBS

The real reason Republicans want to eliminate PBS

Mad Cow came from Texas Herd?

Howard Dean: "This administration has failed America."

Life around here has been a lot easier

Did any politician or media "personality" call for impeachment today?

Cheney LIVES

Can someone give me a link to the two Shrub quotes...

A wingnut joins the army

What Dems were the first elected officials or candidates to openly call

2006/2008 Campaign Theme: "It's time for a change."

Please DU this poll once more

Texas Group Denies Boy's Bid To Sing Soprano In All-State Choir

Question: Didn't * order Frist to try again on Bolton?

Faces of the Liberal Media

Couple Admits To Molesting Their Baby, Broadcasting Acts On Internet

They turn diseased, dying and dead animals into pet food and gelatin?

Anybody notice fewer freeper trolls around here lately?

Global Warming Makes Sea Less Salty

(8 of 10 U.K.) Obese in despair about their size (BBC News)

Tony Blair "seeks an elusive place in history"!

I-DE-A, Howard, I-DE-A. Not I-DEER, I-DE-A n/t

Holy Shite: Welcome to child trafficking via war!!!

Can we have one final "Bush will invade Iran in June" thread?

Moron in the White House -- MUST SEE! -- "What if an idiot ...?"

Latest Mad Cow was born in Texas

Lawmakers Question US Official on Training of Iraqi Forces

Venezuela's Chavez creates Caribbean energy pact

Texas pitcher throws camera to ground, sends one camera man to hospital

Wakefield firm's military deal raises privacy concerns

Captives: Terrorists hoped for Bush re-election

Spain set to back gay marriages

Blair Denies Memos Prove Iraq War Was Preset

D.C. contractor's Pentagon deal ended

NYT: Case of Mad Cow in Texas Is First to Originate in U.S.

Critics blast Australian security raid as `political'

NYT: Secular Shiites in Iraq Seek Autonomy in Oil-Rich South

"Peg, you're not going to Dallas..."

Wow. Tom Cruise is so Manly.

Picture taken at Arches National Park (UT)

Don't it kinda strike you sad when you hear our song

A very strange dream.

The Andy Milonakis Show is dumb as hell.

Yvr girl needs a massage.

The Sonic Cookie Dough Blast is like crack....

Nestle Caramel & Vanilla Drumsticks are amazing


just watched "The Jacket" had some nice twists...great movie......

Forget yvr girl!!! I need a massage way more than she does!

DU Chat Tonight, free shit, yeah and revacts

Now that the Daily Show Indecision 2004 DVD is out...

Tom Cruise on the cover of Saddam Hussein's Book!?!??!

Life around here has been a lot easier

Just saw 'War of the Worlds' The verdict? "Eh...2 stars."

ADVICE NEEDED: WTF is up with this email?

Just checked out speechday's picture thread, feeling sad.

If you spit up in the air ................

When will the independant investigation of the Downing Street Memo begin?

NC GOP Congressman says Saddam was involved in 9/11

A Dem's new friend - Web Site Makes Gov't. Reports Available

Which GOP Senators are vulnerable in '06?


Greg Palast: I Hope I Die Before The Next Re-Fill

Let's All Rally 'Round the Flag Again, Boys: Margaret Carlson

Future climate could be hotter than thought - study

Inside the world of the G8 "anarchists"

In Iraq, giving birth is complicated by war

Racial lines drawn on slavery apology (Let's talk about race -- again)

Stay the Crooked Course (Ray McGovern )

Jury Finds Hospital Delayed Heart Surgery Over Inability to Pay

Southern racists were same as today's terrorist bombers

Guantanamo chief: Inmates still useful

Goodwin: W's war pleas in last throes?

Sidney Blumenthal (Salon): Empty Words

Caller from Randi Rhodes show: Translators left in Yeman

Dangerous Incompetence by Bob Herbert 6/30/05 NYT

"GIs Die, a President Lies" - The Record, Bergen Co., NJ

Our President's Brilliant Strategy

Star-Telegram: A war within (comment: a good read on vet problems)

Iraq compiled data

Margaret Carlson - Washington's Do-Nothing Patriots (and flag wavers)

NYT: Arrested Development (War: Children tortured in US prisons)

True West (Go West, Democratic Party, Go West!)

Wolfowitz Dodges DSM--Let's send the reporter some PNAC info

Where's the beef? --Cle PD rips *bush on his lame Iraq speech

Molly Ivins: Eminent development

War or Impeachment

Truth and Spin on Iraq by Anthony H. Cordesman

When China Owns Our Utilities

Conservatives' competing agendas threaten their hold on power

Al Qaeda and the Internet: The Danger of “Cyberplanning”

Zogby poll shows NO bounce after war rant

Rev Moon and the Wash Times building WMDs in N Korea

Same old song / Bush's Iraq speech gave no reason for hope

Herbert: Dangerous Incompetence (Bush Iraq)

"It's About Osama"

Cartoon about Bush and his latest speech

It's a Grand Old Flag (great editorial on the flag burning ammendment)

ACLU Calls on California Governor to End Surveillance of Peaceful ..

LX'er: Following Bill Gates' Linux Attack Money(Contains: Abramoff)

2 .. of 3 Americans Want Deadlines for .. Withdrawal ..

WP: A Peek Under the P.R. Mask (W.H. hires pollster on war)

Edwards Promotes Raising State's Minimum Wage

Bush misses opportunity to explain war (Tucson Citizen)

Joe Conason (Salon): Withdraw the Bolton nomination!

Appraisal: Fear in a soaring tower

Bush Bombs with Troops

WP's EJ Dionne: Who's Listening to the President? (nobody but the choir)

Dubya's Island

Too much unsaid (editorial on * speech)

The Stain of Torture

Rumsfeld releases incontrovertible proof of (US) hospitality @ Gitmo

Krugman: America Held Hostage (by * Martial Dreams)

In Stoughton, democrats & republicans urged Bush impeachment

Children, too, are abused in U.S. prisons (IHT/NYT)

Calls for Bush and His Senior Staff To Be Held Accountable

Rove Rides Again -- With the Help of the Democrats

Hopi Warning


North (San Diego) County Times: Incredibly, Marines still lack armor

Shrub not even popular in Cincinnati!

Wilimantic, CT help needed on Thursday, July 21

Independence Day - New Energy for America

Danish dissatisfaction awaits Bush

The Wal-Mart Movie update now accepting registrations

On Randi's rerun

A TV News Network Beholden Only to the Public--read the plan!

A woman shows off new digital-audio player ``U10''

Bad Banks, Stkbrs, CC's? Dirty Dozen here list: pls add your own knowlege

CAFTA, Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ)

Action: Call for a Moratorium on Pension Dumping

Visit to China

Misconceptions about quality of American made cars continue...

Drought And Heat Build Across Much Of Europe

Mitsubishi Rejects Old-Growth Chip Mills - Tasmanian Wood Industry Whines

Reid To Seek GAO Advice On Legality Of Doctored Climate Report

Iceberg Shortage Hurts Newfoundland Tourist Industry

Guardian Climate change supplement

If Overrun By Protesters, G-8 Leaders Will Retreat To Castle

(Maine) Governor signs bill to promote solar energy

Independence Day - New Energy for America

Energy headlines for June 29 --

Scientists: Artificial reef could make amends for San Onofre's environment

Irish singer in jail over Shell protests

Oceans in trouble as acid levels rise

Floating nuclear power plants to resolve regional energy problems

Fact Sheet: President * Is Addressing Climate Change

Oil well proposed in Glen Canyon

Oil War Game Concludes With Gasoline At $5.32, Global Recession

Permafrost Melt Fuels Rapid Growth In Arctic Alaska's Lake Zone

Oceans' Ability To Absorb CO2 May Be Failing - Royal Society

Spain acts to stop domestic violence

Videotape of Theater Seizure “Rehearsal” Found in Chechen Warlord’s Cache

DoD Seeks Congressional Support in Influencing Influencers

Israel shuts Gaza settlements to exclude rightists

IDF bans reporters from Gaza, handcuffs two journalists in Gush Katif

Anyone see the horrible photo of Israeli Police "quelling" demonstrators?

Two Israeli soldiers believed captured (al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades)

Israeli jets pound South Lebanon

Israel's Theocrats: Children Without a Country

Ezra: We will catch those behind attempted lynching in Gaza

check out this post, I think it's relevant to this forum as well as in the

Larry Silverstein and his Tower


How does one secure cockpit doors?

OK who has the most damning evidence of 911

Debating 911 Iraq link with some conservatives, need help.

11 reasons pointing to controlled demolition

9/11 – US Complicity: Implausible, or Very Probable?

Great article on Rove media manipulation

Galvanizing a movement -- Must Read!

NEW ! E.A.C. standards posted

Voting problems and uncounted votes in Lucas County, Ohio -

"E-votes are reliable in ways paper ballots could never be"

52 House members file FOIA

Carter/Baker Election Reform Hearing live webcast on now

Have you read JOHN CONYERS' "What Went Wrong in Ohio" yet?

DNC Ohio Election Report data were obtained from BLACKWELL!!! Hmmm...

...Caused Increase in Illegal Immigrant Crossings...

Who lives in Rep Jerry Lewis's district?

Anybody running against Buck McKeown?

Latest Field Poll, Both Westly and Angelides beat Arnold

Hey, DU9598 - went to a Bruce Braley event in Black Hawk County last night

WAAF Listeners....

Independence Day weekend plans?

would you support........

Garrison Keiller, not down with the gay marriage

That weasel Coleman has decided to support CAFTA

More Bachmann antics in sheriff's report on "Bathroomgate"

Stand Up For The Strib

If you slave your old HD by hooking to IDE cable...

firefox bug: address bar sometimes does not update when new tab opened ...

what happened to my status bar?

Why can't I download Atomic Clock Sync ?

Verizon fiber optic internet (Fios) service RAWKS!

My firewall says I keep getting an intruder alert.

MSFT Office Word . . .

Southern Ohio Election heating up, help Hackett win.

September 24th Impeach Bush rally in Cincinnati? Will there be one?

Chris Bell at Bear Creek Thursday July 7th

Moonie Alert: True World Foods in Dallas

Friedman's just another word for nothing left to lose.

Austin 4th of July Event -Democracy for Texas/Travis Co. Dems

Does "Shelby Knox" portray Texas accurately?

Houston Progressive and Democratic Activism Events for July

Bishop's Creek Seeks Millions from City of Milwaukee....

My mom is finally on the mend

Poll on Bush/Iraq at WI TV site:

Are any of you all here in the Milwaukee area an Accountant/Bookkeeper?

Rethuglican budget cuts cause Florence county schools to shut down.

Keep talking! Just met another Dem who had not heard of DSM

What say you... where is your hatred?

Salmon pak

If you get WGBH "World" channel on cable, can I recommend a program on NOW

Michael Savage = Dr. Michael A Weiner (reported on "Countdown")

GOP Probes Non-Destructive Stem Cell Research

Afghanistan, a description by Engels in 1857, and still mostly true

bush* overplayed his hand on Tuesday night (new toon 6/30)

Salazar (D-CO) statement on DSM

bush* overplayed his hand on Tuesday night (new toon 6/30)

"Are the sideshow distractions in their final throes yet?"

Proof that God has a sense of humor...

Very Busy and Important Day Tomorrow ABU GHRAIB and DSM

State: no evidence of abuse at 'ex-gay' camp

"Islamofascists." We are hearing a lot about them from the right.

Torture by Taser

Can someone post the "crying face" Bush from the end of the speech?

planes replacing terra-lert colors?

The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection

Reason by Robert Reich

Solutions to the quagmire in Iraq...

Good Dilbert today... So true in today's corp world

Gobal house price bubble

Open note to Bush twins, Jenna and Barb

College trains young Christians to be politicians

Ideas to use the August media slump

President invokes new Islamic wave

Howard Dean, the Dem Party and our national message

The Subliminal Message thing!!

Are we giving 4 billion to China to help them build a nuclear

health information technology Committee hearing 6/30

Please DU this poll about rummy:

Who Will Ask the Question, “What Sacrifice?”

God am I sick of that "At the end of the day" cliche

Oh my! Cartoon by Steve Bell, Guardian on Mr.bush's speech!

Now this is getting freaky someone pointed out "oil"

I was talking to a Jewish friend last night and she said the Jewish...

What's the most powerful cartoon you've seen this year?

OK lurkers, you know damn well that if Bill Clinton was in office now

So, uhm, where are the new prisoner abuse photos?

Study ranks July 4 vacation bottlenecks

OK, so I found this in freeperville, so I am cautious but (long)...

Self-delete: My bad!

freedom, tyranny, oppression, terror, kill, terrorists,bloodshed, violence

Did shrubco try for too much, too soon?

We got a twofer!

Anyone see the horrible photo of Israeli Police "quelling" demonstrators?

ok, so there is a bat in our house

The Face of the Jihad

See Ya at Gitmo: Shrub/NEGROPONTE Domestic Spy "Service"

Iran's Pres. is a Hostage Taking Terrorist, we MUST topple his regime!

I made Newsday re: Peter King again.

Absolute Dynamite!!!! Fmr. Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman

Those notes that Time's to hand over to the grand jury--do they intend

Request for input, if you care to offer it...

Blogging from Iraq...

The Pentagon Papers scenario set a terrible precedent.

New and Different TBTM Flash by Symbolman!

@ $5 Billion a month Hollywood could have made the Child Porn for congress

Conspiracy Theory (Iran)

Gitmo = "world class" my arse.

New President of Iran one of the kidnappers of American hostages of 27 yrs

Three good signs this morning: Troop silence, Thune and "Iraniacs".

Question/observation about cons' use of the word 'liberal'

Margaret Carlson - keep this up, and I MAY, just MAY forgive you

The Knight Ridder reporter who was killed Friday was a doctor

Carter/Baker Election Reform Hearing live webcast on now

So did Amnesty International release the torture photos today?

As war deployments increase, so does Army's divorce rate

"Corporal Valdez wasn't even old enough to legally drink in New York."

Time is handing over Cooper's notes.

Ancient urban civilisation dug out in Anantnag

Today's battlefront

Oh Dear..Us "American Women" Are Invisible To This Freeper!

Did you-know-who*'s ratings go up after his widdle girly man cry Tuesday?

‘Doonesbury’ comes to aid of Fisher House

bumper sticker today which said

Fighting for Freeper's rights too....

Hellfire and sexual coercion: the dark side of American polygamist sects

Does dirty air cool the climate?

"The Ignoramus Defense"

Mailer savages 'kamikaze' critic who panned his books

LTTE in Times' Pointed Question: What Sacrifice is Bush Talking About?

Spain Legalizes Same-Sex Marriages

The cars of Iraq (pic)

bumpersticker:"The last time we mixed pol. & religion, ppl got burned at

Time Will Comply With Order to Hand Over Documents (Update2)

Many Kids Still Don't Think Tobacco Is Addictive

State Department doctors Bono quote (how LOW can they go?!!)

Is Dick Cheney dead or alive?

Vitamin C fails to prevent colds

Taliban making its "last stand" in Afghanistan, says Hadley

Like "Cinderella Man" or Get a Refund (Pay for Popcorn, Regardless)

New DSM cartoon

Faux is really pulling out the butt plugs now!

Talk Show Washout Tries Again(Tucker Carlson); MSNBC talk-show River Styx

Do you think that TIME will release the name of the Plame leaker?

2005 has been the deadliest year yet for US troops in Afghanistan

Pope’s stargazers breed tomorrow’s astronomers

Cleveland population the lowest since 1900

Corporate media claims New Iranian Leader Was a Captor

Spies could be in charge of cops in FBI shake up

Judith Miller SHOULD reveal her sources.

Springer: We do not support Education in this country!

My plumber is going off on the Iraq issue right now

Job picture so bleak even Jenna & Barb can't find employment!

Once again, Mike Lukovich says it ALL

Anyone work for FedEx or FedEx Ground?

Iran's New President may have been My captor states a Wisconsin Hostage

Question for any DU lawyers regarding the Plame case

Californians Still Believe In Iraq, 9/11 Link

Students -- lock in your loan rates TODAY or they will go up.

bush on Iran Pres. 'obviously his involvement raises many questions'

Be on the lookout! Afghan resergence to prove violence grows with presence

Knight Ridder Pushes DSM/ Knight Ridder Iraqi Correspondent SHOT DEAD!!

Interesting . . . Of the 5 or 6 letters to the Boston Globe today, all of

Hey!! DU graphics people!! When the new pics are released, help us!!!

Did the second round of AG photos appear today? Don't see anything... nt

A link to the ACLU FOIA court order

If Osama had been captured, where would we be today?

I don't want to enlist because it would deprive a poor person of that slot

Can we stop talking about raising the minimum wage?

OK, help me out here

Is if fair congress gets a pay raise?

Columba went to Japan with her chef (on our money)

Woohoo! I donated $10 to Amnesty International!

"Standing up the Iraqi army."

LOL- MBNA defendant in securities fraud case!

Ok i was thinking.. what are your thoughts.. identity thief and outsourcing

RawStory - Letter: Frist Schiavo diagnosis being reviewed in Tennessee

Can't make this up - Pentagon says they use ice cream for info at Gitmo

Man Pulled From Women's Outhouse Tank

Ever seen the movie "Garden of Stones"

Myths of American Exceptionalism - MUST READ!

Troops' Silence at Fort Bragg Starts a Debate All Its Own

ABC pulls reality show

What's going on in the skies over Lodi?

The Polls Are "Bewitched!"

Another Tin Foil Hat theory on Iran's new leader.

Did we ever get a soldier from Ft Bragg post about the lack of applause?


Former hostages: Iran's new leader was captor

Please tell me Jessica Simpson didn't remake "These Boots Are Made For . .

Remember the Iraqi woman from Bush's State of the Union?

Guantanamo legal gridlock: a year later, detainees' appeals stalled.

Sad to see what Bush's hard work produces...

Anybody watching C-Span 1? Obey has just offered an amendment

PASTIS' Weeklong Slap at "Family Circus" (clueless family hiding Osama)

Thermal Depolymerization is the answer to energy and waste issues.

OK.look at this again...

Bush Says Fly a Flag

Bush is an idiot...if you needed any more proof

Is it possible that Matt Cooper is glad Time will hand over the sources?

6,157 new soldiers enlisted for June

What's The Most Important "Lesson of September 11"?

A Rant about BushCo's little stunt.

why is Novak not the one potentially going to jail? nt

Note To Reporters: When Rummy Sez "If You're Asking..."

U.S. changed Iraq policy to begin airstrikes months before war

Looks like we are doing a great job keeping terrorists out of Iraq

Low Tv Ratings

"Stuff Happens": The Iraq War as History Play (NPR)

Are we making headway in the battle against Bush and the neocons?

LOL Frank Lautenberg has the Mission Accomplished pic on the Senate floor

Spain legalizes same-sex marriage

Former Navajo AZ State Rep. considers run against Renzi

New headline at Rawstory..52 House Members file

16 Dead in helicopter shot down by Taliban.

July 4th Declaration of Impeachment

Iraq-Bush-Oil Cartoon. Pretty Funny!

Discovery Institute Opposes PA law to require Intel Design in schools.

Can terrorism be defeated by a conventional military force?

Have the new photos been released yet?



"St. Kerry is investigating the DSM" Really? Are you sure?

Is there anywhere where i can find the % of military that is low income

Bushists have hired "message shaper" to help win public support for war

Offshoring . . . offshore?

To anyone watching a cable newz station today ........

Could bush's War Speeches be used against him in Court?

Just called my congressman and senator about CAFTA

Why is Randi Rhodes a "best of" today?

New Democracy Corp poll. An analysis by Sirota and article in CSM.

Mad Cow Coverup in US

The revealing pause that belies RW propaganda.

FAIR Action Alert: MSNBC's Pro-Bush "Town Meeting"

What are the basic tenets of Hinduism?

What the hell exactly is the Educational Assistance Council???

30 days

Bush, Iran And The Under-Reported Historical Record

Truth and Spin on Iraq

National Review mag on Unocal...

I don't think Bush gives a rat's ass about Christianity, Islam or any

Top 10 surprises in * prime-time address

Did anyone see 30 days.. where this christian man lives with muslims

Ultra-orthodox protester STABS two gay pride marchers

Fly the colors on the Fourth, BUT DON'T LET * TAKE CREDIT!!!

Damn right Ted

the 10-12-2004 Iraqi resistance english language video message to you

What are the new "standards" for joining the service?

Dem senators seek retraction of climate change report

Martin Niemoeller on the failure of the churches to protest Nazi crimes

Debate: A Cuban American can't go to CUBA to see dead relative

Howard Beach II

Oprah Not the Only "Mad Cow in America"

Questions on the Responsibility of Newspaper Publishing

Comprehensive Indian gaming report released

The reason we have lost the past two elections and the Midterm

According to Randi...

Impeachment Meme to use on 'thugs - "What are you afraid of?"

Anyone else feel the Dems need to improve image almost as mush as *?

Mexico Issues Stamps of Black Character By MARK STEVENSON

Fred Phelps To Arrive in Plattsburgh NY July 2nd

Dwindling resources, how would YOU decide who lives on?

So, today's the last day to consolidate student loans....

DUers: Should we withdraw all troops from Iraq ASAP?

From the Friends: Sensible Transition to an Enduring Peace (STEP)

Guard unit monitored peace rally.

Media TARGETS FOR THURS 30 JUN--from Downing Street Memo.Com

Why should I

Anybody ever watch Connected Coast to Coast w/Ron Reagan?

After listening to James Inhofe on C-SPAN2

I can't read the morning newspapers anymore.

Chinese Influence on the Rise in Latin America (excellent article)

Bush cites Moon's org partner as "suspected WMD proliferators"

My DSM LTTE was published - using form letter from PDA

It's the media's fault

Does anyone know the political leanings of McGraw Hill?

bush makes case for war with iran

Bush's great accomplishemnt is that he has made war the first resort

Dinar "get rich quick scheme": Anyone hear of this?

How weird is it to think: "Great, Rehnquist is not retiring"?

MORE Americans support Idiot Son impeachment than supported Clinton's

"Make-Over" TV shows & Iraq reconstruction.

NYT Tells It Like It is About the New "Freedom Tower"

Kerry & Rush Holt are having a contest to see who can send me more email

Deelay n other thugs on C-SPAN now

My Man Byrd Is on C-SPAN2

Christian Wire Service: Why I Walked Out on Billy Graham!! (re: Clinton)

"Greenspan's Fraud"

No Bounce: Bush Job Approval Unchanged by War Speech

Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Postwar Iraq Plan

wacky neil cavuto and all that's right about our iraq policy

In 2003 gay males were 1451.52 times as likely to be victims of simple

NYT: Arrested Development (War: Children tortured in US prisons)

Frederick Douglas on July 4 - the white people cut him off

This from freeperville. (photo)

Too bad there's nobody here we could ask about the new Iranian president??

4th of July Message - How to REALLY Support the Troops

I normally adore bartcop and agree with him about 90% of the time, BUT....

ABC Won't Run UCC Ad-Will Run Focus on Family Ad?

DSM, Plame, Bad Polls. Is The MSM Covering This Stuff Now

Randi...bounce your boobies???

OK, so when do the Abu Ga -- Abu Ghura -- Ga-reb? pictures come out?

Torture and Accountability (The Nation)

Friday News Dump

Cliches from July 2003 are even more relevant today..

More Abu Garib photo's tonight?

Young Repubs - Misinformation about Protests at their LV Convention


CSPAN: Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) & callers destroying Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

epidemic of suicides (Ahousaht, British Columbia)

My GOSH but Laura's "private trip" is turning out to be a long one!

Neil FuckFace Cavuto agrees with this viewer on Iraq

Heard this program on TOTN. Great blog.

Why is Professor Tsurumi who was Bush's Professsor at HBS,

When Bush is impeached, and Dems control Congress, I'm going to shove it

Senate discussing CAFTA on CSPAN2 right now

Mississippi moves to touch-screen voting

I am having a problem with the Iran conspiracy theory...

Gallup Poll on Social Security, Bush Approval at Minus 33%

I had a dream that I figured out WMD stood for War Monger Dictatorship

Belief and the brain.

The answer to Iraq is not to throw more gas on the fire...

DoD Releases the Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support

Any Good Talk Radio Besides

Re: the Clark/O'Reilly interview last night. Falafel boy LIED

"Liberally use Rove's rules against Rove"

Wow. NPR covering Plame and DSM in a BIG way today.

Need help with an image....

This whole hatefest about what the new Iranian prez did 25 years ago...

Taser death in Surrey

Ray McGovern (CIA ret.) hits it spot on......

Have the republicans done anything in Washington DC...

What can I do on the 4th?

This Iranian President thing is going to be a litmus test for Democrats

Where's all the Air American hosts this week?

re: Iran story: when the past does & doesn't count

PNAC question re Joe Biden

GOP Kills Consumer Protection Bill

Pelosi for President???

So, what's everyone's plan

Will the MSM be the handmaiden for kids dying in Iran, too?

If the "good" Christians are tired of the "demonization" of Christianity

leno clip of presidential protest song by bright eyes

PHOTO: Bush looks like he is about to CRY

Bush Better Bomb Sean Penn Then Too ..........

Conservs attack Lincoln Memorial video for being 'librul'

I don't support imprisonment of Judith Miller for protecting source. BUT

ok talk with a puke today

So why are so many American Xians claiming they're persecuted?

Free Speech TV?

Focus on the Family reply to my letter

Did bush have better grades at yale than kerry?

Army recruits shortfall blamed on Iraq war critics

Listening to Randi. Why are the Democrats sitting on the

After 14 years, deportation looms

More studies

Great Speech by Byron Dorgan on Senate Floor right now - CSPAN2

A day to celebrate patriotism — in all its forms

Save the Unborn Children

So what if the guy (Iranian prez elect) IS the hostage taker?

Sens. Kerry & Byrd propose millions more for veterans' health care.

Subliminal imagery in televised * speech.

British memo on Iraq more damning of US than ever

Was CAFTA passed?

52 House members file FOIA request seeking documents related to Downing St

Faced with the China threat, is the US preparing to shut shop?

We Regret to Inform You That Your Credit Limit

There is a common denominator in Plame,

Gotta weigh in on Clark with O'Reilly last night. Anyone notice that Wes

Why does Bush still poll over 50% on the terror issue?

Once, We Were Told That The VietCong Were A Threat To Us

New Hampshire Town Inundated With Support to Take Justice´s Home

Aruba judge told son: No body, no case

Baghdad is crumbling thanks to the US

eminent domain....i can build a more expensive house on my neighbors land

When I think of Negroponte, I think of Salvadoran-style Death Squads

Woodward reveals location of parking garage where he met Felt

will new Al-Qaida beheading stories appear with the new Abu Ghraib photos?

I'm Thankful I Am A WHITE Male - I Don't Look Like Any Terrorists

Are these racist stamps?

How many have actually read Kelo v. City of New London?

I am responsible for the killing of US servicemen and women...

Help me DU.

Conyers on C-Span Now

Did a little bit for the effort last night

Ok, did the military release the remaining torture photos.....

LTTE's about Impeachment!!

rightie logic hurts my college educated brain - make it stop

Why Live 8? We Irish know famine. And we'll never forget.

Field producer update for THE WAL-MART MOVIE

Clinton was forever labelled a Liar. I wonder if bush will ever be?

Impeachment: Bush's Exit Strategy

The New Deal is vanishing and the 'liberal' media doesn't care about it

US keeps control of internet computers...

IS it just me, or does anyone else think that Bushco wants Osama alive

Look who's liberal according to Kenneth Tomlinson (CPB Chairman)


ABC Drops Show After Complaints by Civil Rights Groups

Senator Kennedy: "Under Howard Dean's leadership, Democrats are fighting

The problem with "democratization" which Shrub just doesn't see.

Cogito ergo est.

Plame Case Linked to Downing Street Memo??

BONO interviewed on Charlier Rose show tonight

Why are they called "Insurgents" and not "Guerrillas"?

Dr. Dean, heal thy party!

CNN's Jeff Greenfield says Bush should pardon Miller

When does the impeachment start???

Pearlstein on Charlie Rose right now! Discussing Plame - 11:00 Eastern >>>


Al Qaeda Terrorists Are Not Attacking Americans in Iraq -- The Proof:

Secret air campaign against Iraq?

I could've sworn I read 11 senators signed the DSM letter, half repugs

Andy Stephenson afternoon update

Question about Perot and NAFTA

A good point about Iran from Malloy's show

In case you haven't been paying attention...things are about to get worse. now accepting registrations

Has anyone heard about, or seen, this?

Does anyone recall the general national atmosphere between....

Isn't it weird...

New And Improved End The Abuses! Avatar Ready.

Photos of the Ex-Hostages. Awful lot of flags here....

The Honorable Conyers Does His Part on the DSM

TV Guide gives big thumbs up to "Countdown with Keith Olbermann"

What is war?

former Sec. of Army-Bush used improper reason to go to war,

I was against the Iraq war, but...

Anyone see this quote from Frist?

Why the new Abu Ghraib photos did not happen today

What if the weight of you vote depended on the amount of taxes you pay?

Question on Impeachment Shows Polarization of Nation

What Would You Do To Stop Fake News?

A small suggestion re: new Abu Ghraib photos from the wife of a soldier.

Kerry is okay.

Anyone watching "The Day After" on TV Land?

CNN: "Missing Aruba Teen" is lead story, NO Iraq headlines. NONE.

Every now & then it hits, even if quit Iraq, impeach Mr.bush, we're f*d

"The recruiters' choice was unanimous: Jenna Bush"

Wife looks at dead husband

New Demon being created - on MSM Now.

Iraq Timeline - a valuable resource.

I really want to be a journalist...

When, against all evidence,nearly 40% of the people still support

The senate is very tired and grumpy tonight...

A Caller on Malloy's Show Reported That the US Has Invaded Iran

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Roll Call

Warren Buffett on Ebay? You gotta see this

Take that hippie...four more years!

Abu Ghraib Photos???????????

It’s Not the EKG; It’s the Cover-Up: Day Six (Cheney)

The grifter is adrifter.

Stan Goff's remarks at June 28 press conference in Fayetteville

If I'm 17 Now, Can I Be A DNC Delegate In 2008?

Salihee's last Iraq article before a US sniper put a bullet in his head

Is this possible next year prior to the election?

What's the record ...

Osama Bin Laden Found!...not really

He was a brutal dictator who NEEDED to be removed from power!

Bush .....increased aid to Africa?

Suggestion for the new WTC "Freedom Tower" design

NYT's Paul Krugman: America Held Hostage

What's the liberal take on nuclear fusion reactors?

in 1999, Bush Demanded a Timetable from Clinton on Kosovo

If you think it is necessary to keep the troops in Iraq, then you support

Anyone else think it sucks that C-SPAN cut off Dembloggers?

Are You Between 17 and 38 and Want To Have Some Fun?

Military LIES about meeting recruiting goals just after Shrub's

John Conyers: DSM Town Hall Meetings to be Held Nationwide on July 23

ALL CHARGES DROPPED Against Three Protesters Arrested At Bush Rally!

Next In GOP Privatization? Toll Roads Run By Private Companies

Economaniac at dKos - excellent Plame Case Diary

Rove Drawing Attention To Poppy's "October Surprise" To Get Reagan Elected

Alan Dershowitz Is Trying to Stop Publication of a Book Critical of Him

Why does the news take great pains to get shark attack relatives

Kerry campaigning for Diane Feinstein (Dino-CA)

This is why we invaded Iraq: "a robust show of force"(Blair). . .posturing

They've Gone Off the Deep End. OKC Bombing Linked to Iraq?

Was there a connection between Enron and 9/11? This guy thinks so...

A very puzzling question RE: Abu Ghraib photos

Is evolution fundamental to biology?

Americans buying more guns, sales up 11%

Flyin my flag, just like Bush asked. Don't think my Republican neighbors

MTV Just showed clip of Bush's Tuesday speech and ADDED APPLAUSE

Weldon (R) can be taken down w/ this North Korea story involving RevMoon.

Iraqis are not as dumb as chickens

CSPAN Schedule Friday July 1

So where are the new Abu Grahib photos?

Should I bother trying to find my 69 yo Father?

Which real goals of Iraq War have any dems repudiated?

True? Pentagon Systematically Under-counting US War Dead

Withdrawing troops would be a catastrophe !!!!!!

U.S. soldiers inquire about exposure to chemicals at Base Gagetown Bush's Iraq Speech: Long On Assertion, Short On Facts

Lala Rawraw has a blog up at Huffington Post!

It's Bush's Birthday Next Week - What Should We Get Him? >>>

I'm dumber for watching the clip with Gen Clark and O'Lielly

New Iranian Leader declares "Worldwide" Islamic Revolution.

The DRAFT is coming! Prepare now! The Draft Counselor is IN

Disillusioned Republican: "My Party Has Abandoned Its Principals"

Why is Bush's "tried and true" 9/11 strategy failing?

Andy Stephenson still hospitalized.

MBNA SOLD to Bank of America - Bankruptcy law creates massive debt paydown


Life In Our Anti-Christian America

Pill Protest - News Hour (PBS) tonight

War Profiteers ...The latest Halliburton stories!

KBR Served Spoiled/Expired Food to Troops - Sen Byron Dorgan

My Worries: Fitzgerald's Investigation & the News About Miller & Cooper

What are your favorite anti-Bush/anti war songs?

Pledge your future stay at Lost Liberty Hotel (Souter home) in Weare, NH

Dude, where's my pictures?

Scott Ritter - US War with Iran has already begun

Being brought up by another thread, I would like to share something.

"What To The Slave Is The 4th Of July?"

AOL tries to spin Bush, portrays him as having a difficult upbringing

Capitol Buzz: Thune At Center of Emerging Scandal

Phelps is coming to my neighborhood

Tony Blair Confirms Authenticity of Downing Street Memo

Fred Phelps is coming to my town on Monday.

My Values weren't shaped by the Bible, but by Rod Serling's Twilight Zone

Must read press release from UK on DSM. They are pounding on Blair.

I was watching a Black couple the other night and felt sad.

"Uniquely American, isn't it?"

Abu Ghraib Abuses: Some Of What We Have Already Seen (GRAPHIC)

I don't understand 9/11, the WMD "misinformation", and the occupation

Shouldn't we stop wasting time & money trying to contact aliens by radio?

Since * is so worried about politicians past, where was Poppy on 11/22/63?

Don't you all just feel the power???


Still not convinced Arnold is toast?

It's the praise W thread!

Goddamnit, people, will you PLEASE stop it and grow up.

U.S. War Crimes Act of 1996 Carries the Death Penalty...**must read**

Zogby - 42% say impeach President AWOL if he lied about Iraq war.

a letter from my congresswomen--regarding possible impeachment.

Yet To See The Abu Ghraib Photos. But, Here's Some Fine PRE-SPIN From CNN!

Open Letter to the Working People of the World


Why do people feel sad about certain minorities, yet not about others

While Andy Continues His Fight: Please Sign This DU Get Well Card!!!

Regarding Plame: Some time ago a group of du'ers

Can one our Canadian DUers educate me on your tax system...?

BBC: Malcolm Glazer and his sons need police escort out of Old Trafford

Guardian Today

Republicans ride the third rail

(8 of 10 U.K.) Obese in despair about their size (BBC News)

Vietnam Bird Flu Toll Rises to 39

WP: Bush Words Reflect Public Opinion Strategy (wartime propaganda?)

Global Warming Makes Sea Less Salty

195,000 ACRES: Wildfire nears Caliente, Nevada

Does dirty air cool the climate?

Swiss tanks to go to Iraq (180 M113 Surplus)

Black Men Attack in Queens Neighborhood (Howard Beach/Car Thieves)

Some former US hostages believe Iran’s president-elect one of their captors

Children, too, are abused in U.S. prisons (IHT/NYT)

2 Reporters in Leak Case Given 48 Hours (Washington Post)

AP: Spain Legalizes Same-Sex Marriages

Troops' Silence at Fort Bragg Starts a Debate All Its Own

Schwarzenegger Loses Some Muscle

New Jersey Town Says Patriot Act Lets Train Stations Bar Homeless

U.S. sees fighting rekindled in Afghanistan

Two Infants Die as Flu 'outbreak' Inundates Cambodian Hospitals

PUD gets boost in fight against Enron (Public Utility Districts,Wa.)

GOP Backs Non-Destructive Cell Research

Housemaid jumps to her death from fourth floor (Kuwait)

New Iraqi party to give political face to 'resistance'

Bush sets up domestic spy service

Air Quality an Overlooked Casualty of War

self deleted

Saudi Prince Bandar resigns

Birthday boy Bush to skip Scottish delicacy at G8 summit

Tom DeLay inquiry set to move; GOP ethics chairman backs down

NYT: For G.M. Retirees, a Growing Sense of Unease

FT: US fines loom for offshore account holders

U.S. freezes assets of two Syrian officials

Biologist who fought for panthers reinstated

Spanish parliament passes gay marriage bill

Bank of America Agrees to Buy MBNA for $35 Billion

The day Putin packed plenty of bling - but was he supposed to?

WP: For Anbar's Rookie Governor, It's One Tough Day at a Time

Californians Still Believe In Iraq, 9/11 Link

Chavez warns US on ties at Caribbean summit (Caribupdate)

WP: Cities Losing People After '90s Influx, Census Bureau Finds

Nixon son-in-law eyes possible Senate bid

Report shows world drug use on the rise

NYT: Health Groups Expect to Miss AIDS Target

Sun will contest Saddam lawsuit

CIA veterans say Italian official knew of covert plan (re: kidnapping)

Gunmen storm northern Iraq city (Samarra)

Guantanamo chief: Inmates still useful

Violence Continues in Iraq

Castro Notes Absence of Plot to Kill Him

Bush cites Moon's org as "suspected WMD proliferators"

Lawmakers Scrutinize VA Spending

House GOP Propose Own Social Security Plan

Hiring changes upset veterans (KY)

US ambassador summoned by Berlusconi over alleged CIA kidnapping

BBC: US dead found after Afghan crash

U.S. Said to Plan Rackets Lawsuit Over Dockworkers' Union

Fightin' words from King

Rescuers Reach U.S. Helicopter Wreckage

Nebraskans to go on trade mission to Cuba

MSNBC Breaking; Fed raises interest rates a quarter point to 3.25%

"Stuff Happens": The Iraq War as History Play (NPR)

Bush lays out his Africa agenda

CSM: Secret Air Campaign Against Iraq?

NBC: All 16 bodies from chopper recovered

We did it! (Letter from Barbara Boxer)

Oops! Trader mistakenly spends $251 million (Taiwan Stock Trader)

Iraq: 8,000 killed in 6 months

Suspected file-swappers arrested in global raid

£635,000 for priest abuse victim

USAT: Friendly Pa. senators at odds in stem cell debate

Scott Ritter - US War with Iran has already begun

Bush says wants answers on Iran leader's past

Mexico, U.S. in new spat over 'racist' stamps (Reuters)

U.S. Speaks Up on Mexico Stamp Controversy

Spain legalizes gay marriage (???)

Taft Approves Stem-Cell Research Funding

House Shoots Down Relaxed Cuba Sanctions

California can test federal abortion law

MSNBC Breaking: Space shuttle 'go for launch' on July 13

Woman's 911 call: 'My garage is on fire!' (Ford Stonewalls Deadly Defect)

Divers seek victims after B.C. ferry crash

Bush pressured on embryonic stem cell funding

P-I Dealt Blow in Seattle Times Legal Spat

US Congress seen paving way for private toll roads

National Security Whistleblowers Coalition Demands Congressional Action

Calls for Bush and His Senior Staff To Be Held Accountable

Chinese President to Talk Energy (with Russia)

Blair 'Astonished' by Coverage of Memos (DSM)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 30 June

Bush Wants Answers on Iranian Leader's Past

Harkin-Engel Protocol on Chocolate and Child Slavery Set to Expire on July

Congress Working on Property Seizure Bills

Brazilians Streaming Into U.S. Through Mexican Border

Souter plan draws smirks, smiles in Weare

Baghdad's mayor bemoans crumbling capital

Baghdad's Mayor Bemoans Crumbling Capital (threatens to resign)

Poll: Nelson favored over Harris for Senate

Pentagon was wrong on military cuts, Southern states argue

Governor Jeb Bush's approval ratings hold despite Schiavo case


US and allies risk letting terrorists back into Afghanistan: US watchdog

Time Magazine to Hand Over Reporter Notes

Terror insurance needs change if extended

Jazeera shelves US border story after complaints

Cunningham Investigators Focus On Buck Knife Sales

Election officials examine blogs' role in campaigns

Chinese president visits Russia for talks on strategic partnership

Officials approve two LNG facilities (MA & TX), reject R.I. expansion

US House toughens law on publicity, Propaganda (Reuters)

DoD Releases the Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support

Zogby International shows 42% in favour of impeachment

Opec suspends talks on increasing output (face it, OPEC is tapped out)

Opponents Attack Marchers in Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade, Two Wounded

Bush Calls for Doubling Aid to Africa Over Five Years

Judge Blocks State's Abortion Law From Taking Effect

Minn. Government Reaches Brink of Shutdown

(Okla) Soldier (to return to Iraq) ties up interstate with suicide threat

Israeli jets pound South Lebanon

Oceans in trouble as acid levels rise

Baghdad mayor threatens to resign over lack of funds

Philippines' Arroyo in trouble as minister quits

Central American Leaders Discuss Plans(wants US to train & equip forces)

Thousands attend Sydney rally over IR changes (Australia)

Congo Police Fire Tear Gas At Protesters

Violence erupts at Gay Pride Parade

Bush pledges Africa aid - with strings

Anti-Europeanism flourishes on U.S. right(Relig. Right & encouraged by WH)

With BC-Cuba Travel (Cuba travel ban upheld in House)

Time magazine to surrender notes

Fired Officer Is Suing Wal-Mart

20,000 take to streets in poverty march (Dublin)

Zapatistas will tour Mexico to unite leftists

State Dept. Cautions on Travel to Iran

Senator Thune Named "Porker of the Month" by CAGW

Congress seen paving way for private toll roads

Europe panel proposes torture trade ban

White House consolidates Negroponte power

U.S. military jet hits building at Colo. base

UF (Fla.) alumni group apologizes for honoring gay-hunting governor

'Doonesbury' Comes to Aid of Fisher House(Stars&Stripes)

WHO calms fears of bird flu virus mutation

raw story = 52 HOUSE MEMBERS FILE FOIA REQUEST (DSM - updated

Ethics Committee Leaders End Stalemate (clears way for DeLay probe)

State senator pushes reforms to stop abuse of farmworkers (Florida)

Army recruits shortfall blamed on Iraq war critics

AP: Most Iraq Suicide Bombs by Foreigners

Police ram truck to stop car chase at Sky Harbor airport (video)

Thousands of Karabila residents return

LAT: Ebbers Agrees to Forfeit Virtually All His Wealth (in settlement)

Hundreds of extra police diverted to G8

Venezuela's Chavez Stages U.S. Trade Fair as Governments Clash

Sailors, airmen saying no thanks to Army offer

NYT: The Nontaxpaying Affluent Grew by 15% in One Year

FDA Was Told Viagra-Blindness Link Months Ago(Grassley criticizes delay)

US senators drop China tariffs bill, told revaluation coming

NYT: Novak Laments Threat to Jail 2 Reporters

ABC Drops (Racist) Show After Complaints by Civil Rights Groups (NYT)

Canadian officials concerned about torture early in Arar's Syrian ordeal

U.S. won't cede control of Internet's key computers

WP: Army to Use Fewer Reservists in Iraq Rotation

Botswana's AIDS Gains Test US Claims (Bush 32,839 patients, or 0?)

Letter: Frist Schiavo diagnosis being reviewed in Tennessee

All 16 U.S. Troops Killed in Afghan Crash

(Katherine) Harris offers to return questionable donations (from MZM)

Public Broadcast Agency to Probe Selection of Chief

No Bounce: Bush Job Approval Unchanged by War Speech

ACLU Calls on California Govn. to End Surveillance of Peaceful Protesters

Venezuela's Attorney General: Prosecutor's Assassination Intended to D

Spanish MPs approve gay marriages

Bush: Kyoto Climate Treaty Would Have 'wrecked' U.S.

Leading La. Democrats no-shows for Dean

3 NK Firms Targeted as WMD Proliferators (Link to Sun Myung Moon)

Blair may snub US on climate

Democrats struggle to find one voice on Iraq, bush's poll falls

Don’t discourage children from joining service, Pace urges

June one of the deadliest months for U.S. troops in Iraq

Iraqi (Knight Ridder) correspondent shot dead

NYT: G.O.P. Backs Blacks to Run to Lure Votes

White House checking charge that new Iran president was hostage captor

Lincoln Memorial Video May Be Revised

Senate Approves Central America Trade Deal (CAFTA)

Two Cases of Bile (Andy Stepheson story)

WP,p1:House Votes To Undercut 5-4 Property Ruling(will use in Court fight)

"30 Days" on FX channel now.

Who would win in a fight...Woodward or Bernstein?

Cat people. Who of you has that battery crazy mouse thing....

Men need massages too, y'know.

can anyone help me find what the factory warranty was on a

Off to watch "Kinsey" and "Alfie" at work.

Ok, The Chimp, John "The Rabid Wolverine" Bolton and David Horowitz versus


I have a radical idea to improve public education!!!

Oh, whoa, whoa, Georgie's cryin': Lyrics genius', help me!

I'm worried about my lady friend.

It's time to pack it in when your posts get so dumb nobody replies....


How much do you have to make to pay $3500 MTG payment?



Ok, Tag Team match....Woodward and Bernstein or Simon and Garfunkel?


I'm gettinn a error message s2008ins.exe can't load.


Good night all. My eyes are bleary. Perhaps when I awaken



Just found out an old friend is deployed in Baghdad.

Mutilated Lips

Dropping like flies..... goodnight all.

Check out this E-mail I received.

Have you tried Pat Robertson's magical pancake batter?

If I was a chimp I'd be pissed that people compared Bush to me....

I have a question for all you guys about College, Graduate School, etc...

Who-da-la la-da-la!

overplayed his hand (new toon 6/30)

I am addicted to Pirated DVD's- Please help

Can someone explain Wilco to me..

I've been in my last throes for three hours now.......

Chimpy Weekly Radio Address parody ! Funny shit.

This is why the dog isn't allowed into the Hallway of Forbidden Treasure..

I hit a heron yesterday

Tomatoes, they are everywhere....


Role Call

I should have had a cat when I was single

The ultimate redneck belt buckle.

My SO is stressing me the fuck out

an interesting question man versus bear

Woman Who Won Topless Court Fight Plans To Bare Breasts Again

Dylan Sells Out to Starbucks

Today is my last day at my job.

I live in Virginia is it to

Man Claims Condi Rice Was Dumped By Iranian Boyfriend

Anyone watch 30 days last night?

Police Officer Accused Of Sleeping Through Medical Emergency

well, the fun is over.

Money-back guarantee offered for 'Cinderella Man'

Red and white . . . . . Blue suede shoes

I've been up for 24 hours.

Hilarious article about College Republicans in "The Nation" magazine

HELP---- DirtyPinkoCommie... or other.... Linux disaster


The Day The Music Died: DUI Backstreet Boy Nick Carter sentenced to Rehab

Birthday boy Bush to skip Scottish delicacy at G8 summit

Unreal bushism

Going to see Anthony Gomes tonight

I'm getting married.

Who remembers Plastic Bertrand?

The Special Olympics has a modeling competition?

In your most evil fantasies, what do you really want to do to that box?

World's Deadliest Animal Is Scared Of The Color Red Scientists Find

Time for another *Post a Pic* of your favorite 646 pound catfish thread

I hit Gil Scott-Heron yesterday...

The day Modem sat on the American flag

my taskbar dissapeared when I used realplayer. What do I do?

Check out this cool fucking gift: A retro headset!!!!

Today is Independence Day for.. ... DJIBOUTI!!!

Rotary-Dial Cell Phone - EVEN COOLER THAN IT SOUNDS!

What should Judith Miller reveal most of all?

Happy Birthday ... ... MIKE TYSON


100-year-old tombstone mystery

Baby Whales, Moms Stay Awake for Weeks

Newborn dolphins go a month without sleep

[PIC] That's it. I'm moving to Amsterdam.

Dinner and dive from air balloon

Medical humor - "Castration"

Woo hoo! Woo hoo hoo!

'The Resistance' calls for Jessica Simpson to re-shoot her slutty video

Catfish (As Big As Grizzly Bear) Caught!

The day Putin packed plenty of bling - but was he supposed to?

Kidnapper 'snatches dog at gunpoint'

How many threads about the 650 lb Catfish are we going to have today?

Spy in the sky comes to your computer

I'm getting marred.

Woman, 73, Fights Off Man Trying To Steal Her Dog By Kicking Him In Groin

I didn't make the Greatest page

Man Obsessed With Anchorwoman's Breasts Free On Bail (Pics Enclosed)

Rings star Holm to play late Pope

Teacher Gave Good Grades To Students For Torching Her Car

Holly came from Miami, F.L.A.

Live 8 - who will show the concerts?

Red Sox fans: the All Star game should be fun this year!

Sheryl Crow Bows Out Of Live 8


How can I tell if someone has broken into my computer via my Wifi?

Your favorite Crow

Is Aberdeen, WA the most depressing place on Earth?

un self deleted. where do i g et a cheap nyc, queens title search done?

I got BLISTERS on my fingers......................

It really bugs me when people "rank" civil liberties...

I made the greatest pate

I *have* the greatest pate.

Anti-malaria?... Huh?

My sister-in-law had a sonogram today...

Hey Dio..Hear N' 8...Make it happen

Who would win in a fight between...

Matcom and GOPisEvil walk into a bar

What's the missing line?

I tried to watch "Ray" yesterday

Tell your Bastille day plans here!

When you think of the "Washington Redskins" who comes to mind?

Local charities turned away from Live 8

if the normal body temp is 98.6, then why are we always so hot

Dear Alcohol

OK MEN. Time to play "What URINAL do you choose"?

Attention you French-loving liberal bastards

I just learned Shelby Foote died Monday

Woman In "Girls Gone Wild" Video Awarded $60k (Didn't Have WRITTEN Permiss

Is "Get Fuzzy" the best comic strip syndicated these days?

ok, so there is a bat in our house

iPod distress

Better Living Through Chemistry

Rangers' pitcher Kenny Rogers attacks cameraman

Help! Macy's said they reported me to the credit bureau.

Who's got a good idea about how to store Playbills?

You're wanted by the po-lice, and my wife thinks you're dead.....

ZombyCoffee: The Year Is Halfway Shot! Blend

"The Daily Show" Should Replace "Nightline"

Thursday morning poetry corner

Good morning DU! What's the mood today?

Does anyone talk to their cats with their eyes?

Pearls Before Swine! Greatest comic strip around today!

I'll give you $5 fake bucks if you can correctly tell me who/what MadCoil

Liberal Hunting Season

ok, so there is a bath in our house

Most Iraq bombs are by Foreigner

Credit Report Question

TBS signs 'Raymond' up for 11 years

Great set of animal pictures :)

seems like Venus is getting in the finals

Are CATSTER and DOGSTER the most fun web sites for pet lovers?

My sleep schedule is all screwed up

Holy Cow!!! Closeup encounter with shark in Tampa Bay

It's official: Ben & Jen are married

more hilarity from FR---an anti-Durbin rally

The Gratuitous Classic Rock Quoting Thread

When milk goes bad...

Website help please

Post a picture of someone that brightens your day.

Please tell me Nick and Jessica aren't doing a "Tour of Duty" special

There is a fly crawling on my computer monitor

Good Afternoon, DU!

Wow.. .Nana Mouskouri is 70 years old!!

There is a fly crawling on my computer monitor

Did anyone else watch Count Duckula in the 80s?

Men Of DU: Which Of THESE Urinals Do You Use?

When did fireworks become legal?

Ikea! Ikea Ikea Ikea!

Bizarre question: Can one be a sperm donor for specifically GLBT's?

Happy Birthday, Lena Horne!

Do you ever Gridlock?

Real Player, Real media, Real 'One' should be banned from Earth

I Just Figured It Out: The Iraq War Is All Clinton's Fault!

Help the White House come up with a good name for the draft

No. THIS POST Is For DS1. THIS Is the answer to your question!

Happy Birthday, Lena Horne!


New cat book

Prepare to be blinded! No, no don't look! Save yourself!

I hope I find a job soon.

"Hold the chicken salad."

When did Ozzy jump the shark?


Billy the Kid vs. Dracula

A theory about people who don't like to or find it difficult to exercise:

Say hello to my little friend...

I'm looking to move to the northeast and have been told by

My little cheerleaders in action

anybody remember a band called Bunky and Jake?

Marion "Suge" Knight allegedly confessed

Need a good bug free download of Power Point. Where to?

OK-a poll on the exercise/ grew up with smokers issue:

Howard Dean called my mom at the hosptial!

is there a latin phrase pronounced "traloo tralay"?

The paparazzi and celebrities

Is Tom Cruise human?

I am sitting here crying.

Strangest item purchased from a vending machine?

Woman Tattoos Ad On Her Forehead For $10,000

Solve My Jumble

Please tell me Jessica Simpson didn't remake "These Boots Are Made For . .

Vancouver sets record for least hours of sunshine in June

A Non-Derogatory Funny Southerner Joke!

Is your state headed toward an economic shutdown?

It's raining cats and dogs here

My home town has a home page. Does yours? Post it here!

I may have to homeschool one of my kids

Well it went better than expected

Visiting Philadelphia next week



At last, you CAN have MORE COWBELL!

Don't drink the water in NYC - seriously

Say hello to my little friend...

Mexico Issues Stamps of Black Character

The next person that sends me an amber alert

Anybody watching "Hoffa" on AMC?

Did anyone else see "Spaceballs" on TCM the other night?

Anyone up for a little end of the workday AUTOFILL non-sequitur hilarity?

The Geezers'/Geezettes' movie thread.

In vino veritas.

So I threw some dough into the hat today...

What do you have planned for America's birthday?

Coldplay isn't doing anything that Simple Minds wasn't doing .....

You really like canned heat, don't you?

White people all look alike to me.

Is this for real or a pet shop boy?

You Really Like Canned Meat, Don't You....

It's 4:20!

Ringo Starr held those hostages in Iran, eh?

Zombie Dogs?

Post evil freeper mail to Will Pitt here

What do you say to shrub supporters who like "lefty" pop culture/bands?

NEW REALITY SHOW!! Ahem: Give It Up For (Hulk) "Hogan Knows Best"

We Just Saw the "Law and Order" where Sabrina Gets Fired,...

I got new glasses today

Guerillas in the Mist.

How many siblings do you have?

Worlds biggest Catfish caught in Thailand .

woo hoo! today is my birthday (insert Beatles song here)

I finished paying off my car today! Woo hoo!!!

Who would win in a fight Bush's Brain versus Cheney's heart?

My Mail Carrier is wearing purple latex gloves while delivering.

Tell your 4th of July plans here!

Sigh....It's still too bad that Bob Ross died

My healthy dinner...You Vegans would be proud!

Opus suspends talks on increasing comics. n/t

Sigh....It's still too bad that Dimebag Darrel died

woo-hoo, i found my rhapsody play list &

If You Were Sitting Across From O'Reilly During An Interview You'd Be:

Something good on NYT homepage: great pic of Venus Williams.

More medical humor - Listening To The Voices

Interesting bit of thought on a British TV show from a British forum...

Sigh....It's still too bad that Mitch Hedburg died

Did anyone else here ever listen to Go-Go?

What, if anything, could drive you to violence?

feeling a bit nervous - biopsy results due friday (hopefully)

The ultimate irony would have been if Bush choked on a banana not.....

The Al Franken Show is the #2 podcast

All DU Protestants, please take this poll

Finished paving under my car today! Woo hoo!!!

I wouldn't mind meeting a young single Nancy Pelosi-type....

I actually cut short that other thread because I became ill .......

Tell me how you really feel about Abu Ghraib.... no really, I can

Book suggestions

Usenet enthusiasts: Come help smack down freeper-types in!

KGs computer question of the week

Duke Cunningham would be a great name for a porn star.......

Remember Statler and Waldorf, the old muppet dudes on the balcony ?

I now have a website

Once dough becomes bread the hippies will spend it ... man.

Being brought up by another post, I would like to share something.

Best Molecular Names EVER - ---

"War of the Worlds" A tip for non war veterans ....

Once Bread becomes Toast, it can never go back to being bread again.

I made a new banner for my site, what do you think?

Happy Thursday, kids

Who has this graphic?

A big screen remake of The Dukes Of Hazzard-- good or bad?

Who else is sick of "cute" weddings?

I've lost my voice. If you happen to see it, please return it.

Best website for legally downloading music?

It's 7:51 p.m. , 19:51, CDT, and I have no SUPPER!

BBC Radio One Coming To Sirius....

How do I know if this is a collection agency or a lawyer?

So who has the Batman pic

Nine hours down. Twenty-seven to go.

I know I've seen this guy before... He's Earl Mott from Ruthless People

Two more years (hopefully) of college...

I can't believe they redid "Herbie the Love Bug"!

Who knows about x-rays and radiation exposure?

Ish pickatoe?

Sigh....It's still too bad that Jesus died

Alas! Standest thou there the lyingest knave in Christendom!

Just got in from a 'double-header' at the movies today.

Sigh....It's still too bad that Madonna dyed

Just got a telephone call...............

Just watched "The Girl in the Cafe" on HBO - watch it

Knock. Knock.

Wonder if the guillotine can be resurrected to be used for the guilty

Poison Ivy Sucks

OK, I'm a dumbass!

Could you all "fix" this poll for me please?

Timing belts and I have a long history.

an interesting question man versus beer

All you bitches put your hands in the air and wave them like you

Well, you wake up in the mornin’, you hear the work bell ring....

Awww nuts, I hit 18,000 posts, and I didn't even notice.

OK Women. Time to play "What STALL do you choose"?

War Is Over! If You Want It

Classic Comedy Episodes

Wow, it's quarter to ten at night and still light out.....

The cloister bell! Wild catastrophy! Imminent disaster!

A professional résumé - point size?

God hates cows

Entertainers with names that sound like other words

RENT Trailer.

Someone is goin' nuts with fireworks outside here

What did the black hole ask God?

Any DU'ers help me out with Warrendale? PA?

Just wondering.........Does Conan O'Brien still do his........

I have a sudden craving for potato salad.

Tonight's menu: Clean-up

I need a new tennis racket

So, what are you doing for the Fourth?

July 14th is BASTILLE DAY ... Bastille Day used to be celebrated here in

Ferry vs Pleasure Craft (Marina if you're going to be technical)

It's brutal in Dallas today - 107 deg.-- 100 in the shade.

The sky is purple.

A picture of (part of) me


For Muslim DUers: Question about the latest episode of 30 DAYS

Help me think of a post that would get a lotta replies

I put a Swanson Hungry Man 1 lb. chicken pie in the oven.

I gave my free movie passes to a kid with cancer today.

I liked Batman Begins! I thought it was great!



iTunes users, Show us your Top 25!

Heads up - "The Day After"

I am OUTTA HERE! I have brownies to bake!!!!!

I'm killing threads today,

Somebody is driving me crazy.

Clinton's out promoting his book...

What food are you craving?

What's the deal with Texas Hold 'em??

Yivvers, runs ferry boat into marina while slamming cocktails.

Cockatiel Tipping

Did anyone see those racist stamps Mexico put out?

Goodnight all.

We had quite a Reaganstorm this morning. Ask me anything.

Having never checked in on the blogs - which ones would you recommend?

That's veal, out on my ass! Paroles no joke, Keillor!

Webmasters and Blog Owners - Check in

Texas version of Tell Tale Heart

Night Flight, Midnight Special, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert?

I'm so angry with DU, I'm not posting here anymore this month.

Have you ever spoken like Morpheus, not used contractions, and

I'm tanning right now - ask me anything

It's been storming all day long here

I hate what modern cities are becoming. Having spent a lot of time in NY,

Tomorrow being Canada Day... Let's bash the Not-So-Great White North!

When will we be invading/liberating Iran?

Who wants to come and clean my house?

Favorite Crosby, Stills & Nash number (with or without Young)?

Happy Fourth of July Conservatives

What's the deal with this guy?

Polyethylene Glycol: It's that special ingrediant in Dr. Pepper

A new movie remake

Aw, man! "Top Gear" is on Discovery

WWE Smackdown is so racist...The Undertaker is about to fight an Arab....

I smell sex and candy here...

tell me something .. If you would ..

Who else wants to get Intoxicated tonight?

Fun Movies and TV thread, I'll start 30 Days rocks, Mr. and Mrs. Smith

IF you could live for a few months in another country - which one would

What's the deal with NSMA's ass?

Anybody Want To Weigh In On WEIGHT?

Does anyone here actually make money on Cafe Press?

All DU Protesters, please take this poll

Graduate School Help Please!!!!

i made the 'greatest page'

One good thing about drinking Scotch on the rocks . . . .

What's the deal with MY asshole coke dealer?....

Ever dream that you were trying to get to sleep, and could not??

My six month old son writes his first DU post.

Misheard song lyrics!

Hilarious post from Freerepublic

word to the wise - if you got child porn on your computer,

The "impossible" has nearly happened

Favorite Ice Cream?

I found my gelato!

Cookie Monster to stop eating cookies; eats vegetables and exercises...

Why can't I get into Gwen Stefani's album?

Okay, gang... think I am ready, or not?

What should my new user ID be?

Wow My 500th Post!!!

PRINCE is a Republican?? WTF?

Instantly Homeless: Little Boy

I drove by a Ninja Academy today. I wonder how sweet it is in there.

Some Blake for the lounge

Mone me, si erro.

So what childhood books inspired you?


I've had (most of) one cocktail and I feel tipsy

Same sex marriage now legally recognized in Spain!!!

Neutered dog haikus

This cute kitty does not exist.

What's the deal with my asshole coke dealer?

iTunes users, Show us the most embarrassing song on your play list.

4 days and 46 minutes smoke free.

I met Howard Dean tonight! (ask me anything)

What's the deal with, what's the deal posts?

kitten haikus

What's the deal with ZombyWoof?

It. Is. Finally. Over.

Passed on a family tradition to my small fry.. I am so proud!

Songs that make you cry...

What is the deal with Texas??

I like Gay peoples !

Tom Cruise: Psychiatry a "pseudo science"

All your base are belong to us!

I just...I just...the world is coming apart.

Here's our Save the Date - it's cheesier but in our style, still

Here's a wedding invite concept - what do y'alls think?

I got a little surprise today. I saw a screen-saver, and it's me.

I am being stalked

Are you posting while intoxicated

Am I wrong to be disappointed in Soylent Green?

Any Vets here?

What's the deal with New York City?

So, I'm moving to Connecticut.

What college myths really annoy the heck out of you?

Do any of you dumbass idiot fucks have even a SINGLE fucking clue?!

Watching That's So Raven w/ my daughter.

Looking for a story about a small newspaper guy and the WaPost...

Paul Anka's new version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit".....

Spirit in the sky comes to your computer

Limiting it more this time: your top 10 music artists

words that sound dirty, but aren't

Have You Ever Disliked a Movie Eveyone Else Seems To Love?

Felt SO good today - to be able to 'rub it in nicely' to a repug.

1 hour in a 12 mile traffic jam ... on the Mass Pike

Do offensive phrases here give you the heebie-jeebies?

A CREDIT CARD Dilemma....

Qatar inter-faith conference begins

U.S. Muslim groups urge mosque rights for women

What are the basic tenets of Hinduism?

Russian Prosecutors Probe Jewish Law Book for Racism

Health Insurance Coverage for Children up in 2004;

Earth trembles as big winds move in

Met relative of scientist Cassini.

It does depend on what the meaning of "is" is

Marine crisis looms over acidifying oceans

Spain Legalizes Gay Marriage

Fundie Groups Demand MA Gov. Veto Bill Giving Money To Gay Student Groups

NOW Convention vs. Southern Baptist Convention & "Liberal" MSM

Jerusalem Pride Parade: 3 participants stabbed by relig's Jewish protester

Judge: Transsexuals Have No Federal Human Rights Protections

I'm watching LOGO!

L.A. Schools Settle Gay Discrimination Suit

New kitten sneezing...

A question for the herbalists, if there are any here

So my question is.... if one of the colors in the rainbow rebelled

What's a good folk cure for warts?

What sacred site(s) would you most like like to visit?

Nolle's Astro-Report for JULY

To the participants in this group.

A present for my fellow Kerry-iacs

Hearings for Thursday, June 30th

Another call to action.

DSM Kerry and Kennedy

CAFTA vote tonight - John Kerry: CAFTA is a Giant Step Backward

What's the status on the Bolton nomination?

I Just got back from the John Edwards Minimum wage Rally in Columbus

Why is Harry Reid backing anti-choice judicial nominees???

Hey Lakoff - Don't FEED The Elephants!

Any other Kerrycrats going to the DC anti-war protests in Sept?


Did anyone watch "30 Days" last night?

Who IS this person?

Who's up for a Fourth of July fireworks challenge?

Question - Nikon Coolpix 5900/7900 Face Priority and Red Eye (Pet Pix)

Newsletter 6/30/05: New Iranian Leader -- '79 Hostage Taker?

Keith's Moonlight Graham story is up on

KOEB Puppet Theatre, Episode V: The Umpire's Strike Is Back

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to gogiiii.....

KOEB, 6-30-05

Pardon me but that Tucker Carlson promo is just plain funny!

Big 'ol props to Countdown from TV Guide...

If I was as tough as John Bolton.......

Some interesting posts on Josh Marshall's TPM

mainstream media no longer produce news for the mainstream population

Call your representatives and senators to oppose DR-CAFTA

as much as i dislike what you stand for, Ileana ros-lehtinen, i feel

Fact vs. Fox-tion

As usual, *bush makes no sense.

SC Howard Dean Rally


Canada is dead wrong on drug reimportation

Reid slams Santorum -The Hill

Send message to investigate DSM - Easy !

Since howard is leaving the FCC controlled air, do you

Fly on the wall at a Republican fundraiser

Hinchey's anti-propaganda amdendment has PASSED THE HOUSE

Is it worth it?

Common Dreams Must Read: "Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America"

Bush 'exploited 9/11' in Iraq plea

Bush Bombs with Troops

Neocon brain: the depth of evil that knows no bounds...

House schedule for Thursday

Is the CAFTA vote today?

Fly your flags, like Bush asked...but UPSIDE DOWN

Bush Sets Up His Very Own Nazi SS Spy Service

If mob overruns Gleneagles, G8 delegates will take refuge in castle

Fix Bayonets !

Backing for Bush on Iraq is gone, local veterans say

The Bush Interview: The Times

"It's all God's Fault" - Excellent Capitol Hill Blue Rant

Krauthammer won a Pulitzer in '87? Do they just give those things away?

Can someone explain the Katherine Harris fiasco to me?

Anyone have a link to Dean

Invade a Failed State in order to Lure foreign terrorists in...Ethical?

Limbaugh spent a lot of time yesterday on 9/11 and Iraq War...

What are the chances of Bush accepting any Climate Deal at the G8?

President Bush's Brilliant Strategy in the GWOT

It's kinda fun watching the CNN pollsters scrabbling to help Bushco.

Wrap your minds around this Kiddies.

Look at Flag drape behind him during Bush speech/ 9 stars/2 strip

Where are the Abu Ghraib photos??

Onward Christian soldiers, morphing us to war.

Ted Kennedy on Howard Dean's leadership

I dreamed that Rush Limbaugh was at my dad's house and telling my 5 yo

Fly your flags, like Bush asked...but At Half Staff

The Gambler's Dilemma

Who supported nation building? Did Congress vote on that?

A little tidbit for the fundies/freepers

The Bush Speech Drinking Game

I wonder when WE will Declare Independence from Tyranny?

Richard Pombo tries to gut the endangered species act

DSM confirmation by Tony Blair

They compare Iraq to WWII, we compare it to Vietnam

ABC's The Note: Reid smackdown of Santorum re: Vet money

And come on people, they aren't "Smiley Faces" they are the

Barbara Boxer: WE DID IT! Update on pesticide testing, Bolton & Iraq

We did it! (Letter from Barbara Boxer)

Bernie Sanders' air flight station privatization amendment

* Bush Legitimizes Bin Laden's Vision

Republicans calling for Bush's impeachment

In honor of July 4th, I'm gonna become a freeway blogger!

According to Repubs, everyone should support the war in Iraq...

Anybody really think they're going to release the additional torture

"The Inside story of the National Security Council" on LIVE on TOTN

Video Of Gen. Wesley Clark On The O'Reilly Factor

Coast Guard Reserves -- are they being used in Iraq?

The Barbara Boxer Supporters' Group

HR2361, the appropriations for the interior, environment, etc.

Rosendale, NY : Amy Goodman at Benefit for Media & Children July 1 7PM

Will the info in M. Cooper's Time notes be made public?


Red Brick - Take Two

War's good business invest your son

The Blogosphere Has Astonished Tony Blair!

Wesley Clark sets Bill O'Reilly Straight about prisoner abuse

Brick by Red Brick -Redux

Looks like cowed media is bowing to Dubya's whining about Iraq coverage

Matthews "Bush perpertrating the myth"

Mr President, I'll fly my flag at half staff on July 4

hhWhewHoo HELLO?!? Can I get a CAPTION over here?

Brick by Red Brick

Is the Iraq War Killing the Future Republican leaders? or Ours?

What is the latest on the Abu Graib photos?

Does Anyone Else Worry about Rep. Conyers' Safety

I got an email from a Republican who told me the reasons for

SC republican party holds Dean Scream Contest

Why outsourcing is a big deal for California

Do you agree that Conyers should not be with Delay on Eminent Domain?

It just sunk in that Cheney said Fox News was the most accurate.....

John Conyers: Truly Outrageous Immigrant Gang Bill

So will there be a coming race war between illegal Mexican immigrants

Question: Will the average soldier EVER realize he's/she's been scamed?

Any Vegas odds on who the Plame source is?

Who has that composite graph of all *'s poll numbers?

Did I say that? I never said that!!!

If you ran for office, how dirty would you get? Could you be mean.....

After "Clinton Fatigue" in '00,...

1299 days left of fearless leader's term.

Fair & Balanced: Maybe Iran's Leader-Elect should question Bush's past

Dianne Fein(Swine)stein remains in voters' good graces, Field Poll shows

"Iran is a threat to the area." Get ready. I've heard this 3 times today

'To abandon Viet Nam would be wrong' — LBJ-1965-Speech

"Do people really still believe this?"

Support Plummets for Schwarzenegger Re-election

DNC: "don't yield the future of the Middle East to bin Laden: CATCH him."

42% of Voters Support Impeachment, If (?) Bush Lied / & Losing Red Staters

Defense Department Town Hall Meeting (Transcript) check out the spin!

Bush will be remembered as one of our greatest presidents......

do you think shrub will piss the world off enough...

What ever happened to Nashua Advocate?

watch countdown! the i word is being brought up. eom

The Democrats on Iran: the silence is deafening ...

I still don't agree with Delay on Eminent Domain

This is my choice for President in '08........

"All the Shah's Men", by Stephen Kinzer, is a great political background

"The Plame Case Ain't What You Think"

Is this the tipping point? American hostage taker becomes Iranian Pres.?

Bushies Quash Study That Disagrees with CAFTA Talking Points

ADL's New 'Hate Bill' The Death Knell For Talk Radio

I Need Quotes from Dems about Republicans real Moral Values....

Who said this ??

Blair Confirms Authenticity of Downing Street Memo

The Lincoln Memorial supports abortion, homosexuality and liberal causes.

Question about O'REILLY clip with GEN. CLARK

FREEPTARD tries in vain to link 911 and the Iraq folly

How to Scare Stupid Liberals: The Awful Specter of Halliburton Blogs!

Flag protest songs for this Fourth of July

So.. They hammered to get into Iraq... Did the torture come afterward or

Dubya better start shopping around for a lawyer.


Chinese to buy US bike firm Huffy

Conyersblog now accepting registrations

Where can I buy an American flag that has a peace symbol instead of

Does Thune have some explaining to do?

Let's start a service: We pick up War supporters FREE & have them sign up

It would be nice to know the percentage of DUers who are current or ex

It's Time to Build a Mass Movement -- Must Read

Senate roll call vote on CAFTA

2008: John McCain vs. Hillary Clinton= Who Would You Vote For?

CAFTA results are up

Video Of Gen. Wesley Clark On The O'Reilly Factor

Do you support this exit strategy from Iraq?

FOX News -- Republicans Gone Wild!

* nominates Karen Huge as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy

Is Jesse Ventura going to run for president?

Help, please!

is this the news station the US set up in the ME?....or is this their's?

CAFTA: They voted to implement it , not to ratiffy it

Contribute to Conrad, Casey and Byrd before the fundraising deadline

Poll: msnbc: do you think time magazine is doing the right thing

DU's LaLaRawRaw's Huff Essay: "Look airplane up in the sky"

42 percent of Americans support possible impeachment of Bush

is this accurate??? Dean seems to be supporting war on Iran

Check out the WP's FAQ page! (DSM related)

GOP lawmaker: Saddam linked to 9/11

Just received this from a friend....

2008 vs. 2006: Which election year merits our attention right now?

Are the Chinese smarter than we are?

Has Cheney Re-Surfaced? Has he appeared in Public this week?

Ok. Wanted to put this up at Democrats.Org but I can't seem to post

George Lakoff: Rove Rides Again -- With the Help of the Democrats

Republicans Welcome Howard Dean to Louisiana

CAFTA Vote Tonight - John Kerry: CAFTA is a Giant Step Backward

Subject: Girls

Prime Minister Tony Blair Confirms Authenticity of Downing Street Memo

So what FLAG will you be flying for The Prez ?

I Just Got back from the John Edwards Minimum wage Rally in Columbus

Omg...omg! Watch Tony Blair get Grilled!

Senate GOP say their switch "should be seen as a slap to the White House"

Another explanation for the 9 stripes in the Ft. Bragg backdrop *pic*

Aaron Brown just slammed Bob Novak on CNN.

Ok Freeps PSA once again

Headsup: DNC Ohio Election Report data were obtained from BLACKWELL!!!

America sez: It's Chimpeachment Time!

I find this troubling

Very interesting comment from Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald, Plame case.

Email your Senators.Urge them to sign Kerry's letter to Intel Committee!


6/28/05:Chimp's approval/disapproval ratings (state-by-state)

Watch your backs DU - we're in season!

2008: John McCain vs. Hillary Clinton = Who would win?