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Archives: June 3, 2005

Randy Rhodes WebSite has some really funny Smilies.. can we get them here.

"Crying for a Nice Safe Cage"

Is Deep Throat coming forward the spark

Stem Cell question from a friend.

hey ass-monkey: where's the 15 billion?

Must you be a soulless, evil scoundrel to succeed in the corporate world?

Please explain this mindset to me.

facts were being fixed around the policy

BC's BJ Back in the News?

No More Watergates

John Kennedy Jr.

Help, anybody know about an email attack today?

Memo to Mainstream Media (Seattle Weekly)

When you can't get any grassroots support……steal someone else's.

On the chicken salad post I made

Calif. bill to legalize gay marriage dies

Conn. to require paper record of votes

Commander Cokespoon "leans in for a whisper" while pimping SS plan in KY

ChavezSpeakstheTruth and cassandra uprising are coming to visit me...

Oy, what a day! Productive!

Sorry, can't talk to you right now...I'm rediscovering Lego.

anyone lived in a pretty how town

Today is my last day...............

Post random smilies here!

When are they gonna finally make a movie about a female legend?

If you were a kids' baseball coach

I have a weekend off in July, what should I do??

A Small Plane that Sounded SUPER LOW Just Flew Over Twice!

Post with a request and I'll give you my consent.

Is there so much as one Beatles song that never got airplay?

Fifteen years.

Damn dog is going to live!

FedEx sux !

FACT: aftercare of a new tattoo hurts more than actually getting it

If you haven't voted in the "How old are you" poll yet... for shame

Finally! I saw Revenge of the Sith!

So today's my seventh anniversary. And I married a CLOWN.

For the guys: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Another reason why I hate the Republicans

Bush in Kentucky: "It's like a tax that goes -- that money, and it's up"

So many posts at DU are about television programs--what are we doing?

RIP Crossfire and WoofWoof .....6-3-05

Downing St Memo: only 1 piece of puzzle. Don't put all eggs in 1 bas

The truth about Japanese nukes and US deterrence '8 long, horrible hours' safeguarding a bridge

Kerry brings the fight to the Berkshires

For Afghans, a life under the American jackboot

The Real Lesson of Watergate

Dar Al-Hayat editorial - What Hope for Arab Democracy?

The Downing Street Memo / Rykoff Memo in full

Sensenbrenner's Snitch or Jail bill

Kerry brings the fight to the Berkshires

KPFA -Mayhem-Flying chairs

Access Denied

Bush Administration Promotes Global Conflicts by Rewarding Allies

The New Slavery

Editorial: George Bush Is An Idiot

Shamnesty International - on Tech Central, this boggles my mind

Dahr Jamail : The failed siege of Fallujah

'Secrecy at all costs, no talk about me ...'

As Casualties Mount, Bush Ignores Reality

Sen. Kerry op-ed: Putting kids first

Granted, Metafilter isn't exactly non-biased

Plea for "poetic" as opposed to blueprinting utopianism

Bush, The Spoiled Man-Child

American Credibility Flushed Down the Toilet

The Relentless Lies of George W. Bush

"President and his administration are war criminals"

Joe Conason (Salon): Nixon's revenge

The New Republic : Gulag v GITMO David Bosco v Chicago Democrat

French fried Friedman

Iraq's other resistance: Oil workers in Basra fight privatisation

Democracy Now!: The Rebellion Grows in Bolivia

Protesters Call OAS Security Measures 'Draconian'

If I wanted to ask * / Cheney about the MSminutes, where could I find them

UK Guardian - Lord and Lady Black sever links with Hollinger

Edwards is really going all out to circumvent MSM with podcasts and video-

Suzanne Fields, (WaTimes) syndicated columnist, her historical "trifecta"

Is there any case whatsoever for a flat tax?

Destruction Of Siberian Boreal Forests Even Faster Than In Amazon Basin

Worst New England Red Tide In Decades Intensifies - Boston Globe

Acid Rain Grows In China - 218 Cities At "Severe" Levels In 2004

Computer & Real-World Data Confirm Human Warming Of World Oceans

Arctic Warming Dries Up Over 1,000 Large Lakes Across Siberia

Toxic Rivers, Cancer Villages - China's Environmental Conditions Stunning

Area Of Chinese Red Tides Nearly Doubles In 2004 - Japan Today

Water Will Rank Alongside Oil In Parched Central Asian Nations - AFP

Australia - Melanoma Rates Up 12% For Men, 15% For Women In 10 Years

15 Yrs, $370 Mil Of Illegal Logging Revealed As Brazilian Police Arrest 89

It's Just A Little Lead Poisoning - Now Get Back To Work!

Arizona moves toward requiring more solar energy from utilities

"Changing planet revealed" - World Environment Day June 5th

Die Die SUVs Please Die

Impact of National Guard Call Ups on Emergency Response

Isabel Hilton (Guardian Utd, June 4): Reaching beyond the myth of Mao

BBC (June 3): Carla Del Ponte seeks Bosnia fugitives

PA police officers destroy parliament

Gaza villagers fear slaughter if forced to remain

palestenians cant decide: tells israel to decide for it.

We killed police for revenge, Israeli soldiers confess

Religion, suicide terrorism link disputed in book

Why they lied about the black box

Where is our 9/11 "deep throat"?

Larry Flynt runs 9/11 truth expose

What about the phone calls??

Self Delete

Democrate seek election holiday

WPR USCountVotes Exit poll discrepancy discussion

Dems Rest Case in WA Governor Vote Trial

Feedback needs to hear. Help send the msg!

Sanctions Against 4 Attys Fighting Election Fraud in Ohio Dismissed!

I met Sen. Barbara Boxer today and said "voting reform"!

Bush to give back $4,000 in Noe cash (to charity?)

Sequoia lawsuit update: LandShark's lawyer pauses for success

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 6/3/05

Have you SEEN this Kos diary?

Has this been covered? Overseas Vote Foundation Survey

I know. I know. Follow the $$.

10% VVPR passes Ct, HOOray True Vote Ct. tuffest law

Action: Californians say NO to Vote Pirates--Showdown with ES&S, Diebold

Whose testimony should be sought for Houston Election Assessment Hearing?

This is just plain pathetic!

California Daily Ledger-June 2, 2005

Who will replace Chris Cox in the U.S. House?

Karl Rove to speak at the Reagan Library on June 11th

Need recommendation of reasonable Auto Body shop in San Diego -

Who represents Silicone Valley in Congress?

#1 thing to remember about Nussle

Questions on Nussle - his divorce and voting record

Celebrate Two Years of DFA in Boston with DFA Chair Jim Dean today 6:30 PM

Download free booklet "Primer on Massachusetts Democratic Party Politics"

Robert Reich and Jesse Gordon, June 7th in North Cambridge, MA

Volunteer for Boston Pride June 11th

MassMutual CEO canned - was a big Repub, too.

Please sign this Marriage Equality Petition

Adviser says governor faked stance on abortion

Romney’s stem-cell veto overturned

Catch Bonifaz on WRKO in Boston, June 4, 11:10 a.m. ET.

Klobuchar vs. Wetterling

Author and Peace Activist Williamson in Minneapolis June 9

Minneapolis Star-Tribune publishes Downing Street Memo

Wal-Mart fights benefits disclosure in Minnesota

Has anyone been swimming yet?

What a wierd month

need help with something simple that is driving me nuts

We NEED a Senate candidate now!!!

Benefit concert Saturday @ Club Dada. 20bands. 10bucks.

Let's collect Texas-based CAMPAIGN 2006 Links and Blogs!

Heads up-DeLay on PBS (in Houston) 8:30pmCT tonight!

Texas New Home Warranties. A Trick On The Public.

Tarrant County SUNDAY rally against Perry!

Dallas lawmakers get an earful (Keffer, Reyna)

What's up with this hilarious Reptilican on Reptilican violence?

Anybody Going To Lobby Day June 16th?

Wis GOP to cut 45 million from UW budget!

Pocan loses court fight on Accenture contract - voters & taxpayers screwed

Anybody seen the doc "Loose Change"?

Our President's Accomplishments can be Put on a Cartoon...

PBS: Do We Give?

What's the matter with Kansas...female state sen against women's suffrage

Concerned about Randi Rhodes surgery

No serial numbers on some guns used by Iraq insurgents

John Edwards on I missed it earlier

Was ready to go to bed, thought I'd check C-Span and damn

Our comment to the FEC about Free Speech online

Multi-Level Marketing.

If Cox had written our SEC laws, WorldCom and Enron wouldn't have troubles

Have you seen the new EU flag?

Media report that shows exactly how it is today

Discovery Channels "Greatest American". Who would you vote for?

Show 'em your motto!

George Bush IS the enemy.

Daily Show on Deep Throat

The Global Hegemony project of the P-Nazis(PNAC).

I find it hard to understand the hatred directed toward Chavez by the

"parental resistance could put the all-volunteer force in jeopardy"

Bush has achieved the impossible.He has made the Iraqi people

Don't let partisanship dissuade us...

CSpan now taking marching orders from the RNC

Time to Clean House

BREAKING: RNC to Announce Renaming of Party :The Dissemblicans !

Enticing Bolton update from Steve Clemons yesterday

Food for thought

I think its time we started applying labels to the republicans.

dubya has been a godsend for Comics & Cartoonists

Pat Puke Cannon: "I didn't like the Kennedy's, but Joe was O.K."

Is there any need to have two parties?

Random Vent... Freepers, Morons, and the Right.….

Police selling drugs... The good, the bad and the ugly.

Buchanan: "FBI...was working with the Washington Post to bring down POUS"

BushCo Kills African AIDS Victims to Pander to Evangelicals

We've Lost that Lovin' Feeling.........thanks to the Rightwing Brothers

Wouldn't it be in the best interest of a corrupt gov't to terrorize

Retailers' Sales Rise, Led by Teen, Luxury (Neiman Marcus: up 11%)

What surprise distraction will team * come up with this weekend?

Has it really been two weeks since Ajai Raj's hearing?

nixon & reagan were both assholes, yet the gop is STILL deifying them

Photo's: Kerry's 6/2 visit to North Adams, MA

Newsmax has come up for a new name for DSM, "Bush Impeachment Memo"

"The Battle of Algiers" and the fall of Baghdad

Secret No More...

Has Parenti weighed in on the BFEE lately?

Visualize June 20 TIME cover: "FACTS were FIXED"


What would be the point of a contemporary "Deep Throat?"

Reducing the national debt by going through security checks...

Today's Protest Song

CIA Overseeing Three-Day War Game to Mimic Response to Crippling Internet

The ties that bind China, Russia and Iran ( * should read this)

GOP spin, re: D S Minutes, FIXED means corroborated

Canadian TV alert: "Stupidity" documentary

Health care scarce for military families

"The Budget is a MORAL document"

U.N. Weapons Inspectors: Weapons Materials Missing from 109 Sites in Iraq

Growing Problem for Military Recruiters: Parents


Rummy shoots his mouth off

Why don't we call the people in the PNAC the P-Nazis.That would


Protestors Demand Impeachment (Green Bay, WI)

Weekend "Air Show" at local Air Force base.....

Democracy Awareness idea

With the recent "Downing Street" revelation

London-New York Virgin Airlines flight sends hijack alert code

No takes a pundit to tell the truth?

Okay enough of MSNBC for me right now

Randi Rhodes right before signing off says that 911 was an inside

Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos--

Compromise - by Ted Rall

Hypocricies and truth

"Faith at War" NYT Book Review

Did I hear Springer correctly? I thought he said Al Sharpton was going to

JUST GREAT: U.N.: Weapons equipment missing in Iraq

My Letter to My Republican Representative

someone on the phone just told me that the limbaugh doctor shopping story


Gimme THREE Words...

And some of you all think Kansas is backwards

The rumbling on the right has begun with Downing St, be prepared!

I'm an Eeyore, but I keep pluggin' away.

C-Span's Fascists' Friday continues - Buchanan states FBI staged coup.

Perhaps this is called for thruout the country

It's Friday ... Time for "Brunch with Bernie Sanders" -- streaming

Barbara Boxer: What's Next?

What do you think has contributed the most to citizen "apathy?"

ABC News report of highjacking of Virgin Airliner London-NY 9:20PDT

Bomb Iran! The Facts Don't Matter

Which MSM Outlet Speaks the Truth?

The Irony of Drudge having a Vaseline jar on his page is just to funny!

Do you think shrub is aware of the shit storm heading his way?

A Wal Mart Story you will love

Word of the Day for Friday June 3, 2005: agglomeration (Uh oh)

If you want to create the vision of a fascist America...

*groan* Check out this e-mail I received from my FIL

For what it's worth, I think it's great the RW is freaking about DSM.

To Pat BUCH &Other Nazis: "Loyalty" Ain't a Stand-Alone Virtue

Don't you think it's about time

must watch & listen to this "Instantly Orphaned" ..BRING TISSUES........

gwb has nothing to worry about

I am not a crook =====> I am a war criminal!

Just wondering

Anybody Here Discuss This ??? - 'The Pimping of the President'

Bush appoints Atheist to

CIA Expert to Bush/Cheney: "Get a Grip on Reality" of Iraq ("Civil War")

Well, you knew it was coming...

An oldie but goodie..."I am not a Dick!"

Army Recruiter: "Parents are the biggest hurdle we face,"

Just a little point about Amnesty International and "extremism"...

The Ten Commandments on public property - ?

Bernie Sanders on C-SPAN 2 Speaking NOW!!!!!!

Do progressives have a website like

How has Limbaugh and Hannity handled the Downing Street Memo (minutes)?

Bush, The Spoiled Man-Child

It cracks me up the way Al Franken's "Dittohead" segment is dying

Sean Hannity Stalker Arrested. Again.

Friday 'Toon Dump - Deep Throat

I'm having trouble keeping my promise to respect the religious left.

Jackson treated at hospital; jury gets case...

CSPAN to Interview AfterDowningStreet and PDA Advisor

"Darfur Drawn" - The Conflict in Darfur seen through Children's Eyes

"Oil Storm" on FX Sunday at 8 Eastern. Has anyone seen this?

Conservative Media Twists Kerry Statement on Downing Street Memo

Iraq slipping from U.S. control

"Deep Throat's Lessons for Whistle-Blowers"

I'll say it: Yes, it would be better if Saddam Hussein was still in power

To Dream, The Impeachable Dream...these lyrics are prophetic

Understatement of the week: "Bush not at all realistic about the war"

Listening to Bill Clinton on Talk of the Nation, Science Friday.....

Religion: Who gives a shit, really?

Send a spine postcard to your congress member!

Galloway only galls lurking rightards.

It's the last day for Woodruff & Crossfire- the replacement is Blitzer!

Who's killed more Iraqis, Saddam or the Bushes?

If I Want to Ask a Rethug About the DSMinutes, Where Will I Find Them?

Warning to parents of pre- and teen-aged kids

Is * a Repug or the Anti-Christ?

Christian Science Pharmacist Refuses to Fill Any Prescriptions.

What will the inevitable Iraq War Memorial look like?

America Didn't Seem to Mind Poison Gas

George Lakoff live on CSPAN 9:30AM

Anyone here lean Libertarian? If so, some questions for you...

Freeper at work told me Bill wants Hillary elected so

ACLU action alert - fight to stop Patriot Act expansion begins now

A real AP News Heading: "Britney Says Sex When Pregnant Is 'Crazy Good'"

interesting blog entry in today's HP by Gary Hart

Because the tendency of gullibility is so common in humans; those who

How's this for "good news from Iraq?"

Dittohead is a moron

I think DOWNING ST. will be used very effectively in 2006 elections

Pentagon recruiting from juvenile war-gamers.

Guard, Reserve Monthly Death Toll at High

Workshop offered on counter recruitment

Circumventing the MSM with podcasts and videoblogs:

Dear RW'ers

Thank God for the Media's Discretion on the Downing Street Memo

Andy Warren quits Repuke party, switches to Democratic

Walmart Movie - Watch Greenwald's trailer and support this movie!

bush ponders the import of the downing street memo soon to be released

Ed Schultz is once again walleing in self pity and know-it-allness.

Separated at Birth >>>

Rev. Jesse Jackson On C-Span 2 Now

Those who want to continue discussing War/Chaos survival issues...

Why does news carried on the internet carry such a low status with so

Randi Rhodes Show Question:

a review part one -- new toon (6/3)

NPR ripping * a new one - "disassemble"

The Spelling Bee. Do we care?

What's going on at Conyers site at 6pm?

"this mailing was prepared,published,and mailed

Exciting new product for our times:

Bill Maher v. Sean Hannity

"Secret no more: Downing Street memo " -StarTrib

If 95% of the people who ask for a VIP tour pass to the White House are

Yes, Evolution Still Has Unanswered Questions; That's How Science Is

Serbs finally have war crimes shoved in their faces

I told 5 people today about the Minutes (DSM)

"I respect someone who tells me what I like to hear". RWer on Randi.


CNN will be showing "A Flyboy's Story" this Saturday for the first time

Sh*t to hit the fan soon......

Is it me, or is the LA Times extremely pro-Chimpy?


Rare white buffalo dies

The bombing in Iraq before the war (introduced by DSM) -

Pakistani Muslim clerics declare suicide bombings un-Islamic

A PLEA: Can we halt the surge of GD religious posts...

Dean up next w/Wolfie

Memo to mainstream media (sorry not minutes)

Post memorable Crossfire moments here

Meyer book may reveal Iraq secrets

Rationed Healthcare?

Karl Rove to speak at the Reagan Library on June 11th

Administration's Offenses Impeachable (Bangor Daily News)

the word "Impeach" entering the national dialog

Breaking News : Kerry To Push For Bush Impeachment (GOP is rumbling)

2 good W. songs

This is a crime

Facts EVERY war supporter should have known, BEFORE the US attacked Iraq

Self Deleting

A challenge to all you DU'ers!!! (a DSM thread) My 73 signers.

We Need a Plame Indictment.

Folks, It's MINUTES, not Memo

I wonder if Rove will question the font size on the Downing Minutes.

Seen on the streets

Republican steals an Ad from Howard Dean


question for all the atheist here who have children...

Palast on French-Fried Friedman

Overall, the world is a better place today than it was 100 years ago

What will you do if, after you die, you learn God is a right-wing bigot?

The problem with America is that ANYONE can be President

Do you favor a National Health Care Program for Everyone?

Needed: Tom Ridge information, statements about terror alerts...

Bizarre Freeper Trend: Sucicide Chicken Gets Most Replies

"Iraq Puts Civilian Toll at 12,000" - - where is their candlelight vigil?

Need some help DU'ing a different type of poll

Chappelle shows up at comedy clubs

Need article from Tom Friedman on "how outsourcing is good for America"

Nothing NEW re: attacks on Iraq prior to 2003. Here are 2002 Headlines

IA grandmother and middle school principal now labeled a terrorist

It's coming...the invasion of the naysayers.

Anyone else finding it's taking a lo-o-o-ong time to navigate DU?

OMG! Randi's got the most stupid freeper ever on line ! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7...

Snitching is here : Homeland Security Raids Seattle Bar

Will Michael Jackson be found innocent or guilty?

TX schools water down classes ("GPA pressure" too much for kids)

Kerry's Warnings Proven Right on Iraqi Weapons, Again

Ed Schultz is based in my city. Should we get an Air America affiliate??

FAA Managers Destroyed 9/11 Tape

The Spelling Bee has been proven an asset. Now, how 'bout a Dyslexia Bee?

Wow - Taxpayers paying $100 a gallon for gas for Iraq/Afghan Wars

CBS lead off story with John Roberts... Michael Jackson.

Americans think the whole Koran thingy has blown over? NOT!

How stupid do we look when Hannity and O'Reilly

White House DOWNPLAYS missing arms report

self delete

Is public opinion of bush even lower than polls indicate?

Thank you for lending your support for this issue by signing the...

The K Street Project

Watergate in historical perspective

Countdown just mentioned the new report of prisoner/Quran abuse.

What they say and what they do are worlds apart.

The pros (ain't none) and cons of the draft

Opinion: "SHAMnesty " ("Torture is a standard feature of war" she says)

Tweety's takin swipes at Faux

Can the DU folks drop some love and respect for a fallen American?

Is this for real,Kerry To Push For Bush Impeachment.

Propaganda vs. the People -- Are the People losing?

Largo soldier dies in Iraq

O'Reilly has a sore throat!!!!!!!

J. Conyers speech to AI on Torture, the Patriot Act, & War Against Terror

Iraqi Oil Workers Are Ready To Fight Privatisation

What do you call being put out of a Job by advancing Technology?

Someone here asked me what kind of Democrat I am...

O'Reilly: Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy to Bring Bush Down

Pat Buchanan has "disassembled" all over tv the past few days

"Christian" leader: Gays & non-parents have driven families from San Fran

The Villain/Hero Debate

Okay, can we all FINALLY accept that a draft is imminent?

i tuned in at 7 o'clock hoping to watch THE JOHN STEWARD (?) DAILY SHOW...

"The only thing that will save Bush is another 9-11."

Just dumped some lefty friends-tried to give them DSM info

Downing Street Memo Hits My Local Media Al Franken's Mark Luther for REAL?

goodbye 'crossfire', don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

David Brooks takes the "Unfrozen Caveman" tack on Cox

A handy "Buy Blue" guide to print out

Everything I needed to know about the Bushbots I learned from a T-shirt

60 Minutes on Sunday: Military Lawyers Denounce Gitmo Show Trials

Anyone else seen this...

Call them "The BUSH REGIME"

May 19, 2005; Iraqis Endure Worse Conditions Than Under Saddam

Percentage of vets currently in Congress

MY BODY is MY OWN...Neither Oprah or MTV or Any Cable should Abuse?

who has that map of iran sandwiched between

Does anyone else think that the * whitehouse...

Idiot alert..."Dr." Mike Adams

What's Good For The Goose Is Only Good For The Goose (ACLU vs Bushshites)

We caught the bloody shirt, and are now waving it wildly.

Sorry if this has been mentioned... In the first 5 months of 2005 more

Randi just anounced Conyers has OVER 100,000 signatures!!!!!

Got to shake hands with HOward Dean last night!

NOW on PBS, Tom Delay and Deep Throat. n/t

I just watched Dean's interview with Wolf from earlier today

Today's (somewhat) brief shut-down.

check out the psyop

Weekend activism from the DNC on the Downing Street Issue here!

"US backs off on linking Syria and Iraq insurgents"

For my 100th post, I'd like to say a few words . . .

Wal-Mart has a new sales strategy

It's my 1000 post

I love the passive voice for avoiding all responsibility

My letter to NBC Re: Downing Street Memo

Army lowering their standards.

To everyone in the media trying to pain Felt as a villain: Screw you!

This European site is OUTSTANDING. I'm going to use its content for LTTE's

O'Reilly Dips Below Two Million Viewers

NJ Republican candidate for governor rips off Howard Dean images

This is a conspiracy, no doubt. Look at the stories on yahoo, Friday

Crossfire finished

to all the PUNKS in the MEDIA too cowardly to speak TRUTH 2 POWER...

Need some info on Republican actions during '95 Bosnia peace mission....

Darfur Daily News: June 03, 2005

Yahoo News: "...not all felons vote Democrat"

Anti-American Freeper filth endangering our troops (desecrating Koran)

The capital in credibility and humanitarianism that the U.S. had built

HAARP - Here's a video that I think you should all see

Whoa...once this stuff takes off...

George Goddamned Dumbya Bush

One-Man Wrecking Crew - What will Rumsfield leave if he goes?

HEY, MEDIA! Gay men are missing in Florida!

Whose Side Are You On? The Immigration Debate

Bush Notified at Texas Ranch of Virgin Atlantic Jet's Diversion

Limbaugh: Making Election Day a holiday won't help Dems because "[m]ost of

Are there many/any in here who even know what Watergate was about?

Some of Western Pennsylvania's best jobs moving to Germany

What's your take on mercenaries?

Fahrenheit 9/11 Coming to Showtime July 10

NYTimes: "Growing Problem for Military Recruiters: Parents" - Bravo!

Today's conversation with a bank's service manager

Senate Accountability Project...running TV ads here in Okla!

On SPRINGER (AAR) - Gene change alters sex orientation in fruit flies

Can I get a "HELL, YEAH!" for my dad & all who signed! Already 100,000!

Is the government preparing for a big attack??????

What is your religion?

Quotes from the American Taliban

Bush is a Nazi scumbag

AM 1260 in DC listeners-- We have to get Imus off!!

John Bolton was one of the signatures of the 98 PNAC letter to Clinton

Why do people with very little money for their own needs, send

Sean Hannity and Hal Turner?

Something I thought was hilarious in a sad kinda way

Hillbilly heroin addict says Dems don't work

Read this, and then read it again, and then read it again

the president can't even fucking talk

so, how many net jobs has * "created" since 2001 ?

Voting idea, humbly reposted from another thread

New York DUers check in...

Ohhh, this is rich!

One example of the many reasons why I hate George Galloway

WP: Bush, Deep Throat and the Press ("revealing chat")

Adviser says governor Romney faked stance on abortion

164 hits for IMPEACH BUSH on Google News!

CSPAN Schedule Saturday June 4

What "document dump" will happen within one hour of the Jackson verdict?

What about "DU Radio on AAR"?

A conversation with soldiers...(You should read this)

I just signed away my workers compensation at work today

Button down your computers. New mega attack on the way.

I'm really thinking of getting rid of the SaTV.

Where is the Lef'ts "Arkansas Project?"

Don't forget these bush/bLiar lies go with the Downing Street Minutes;

I missed this news, Oscar Brown Jr Singer, songwriter, and

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 2 June 2005.

Christianity is being pushed in the military dining facilities in Iraq.

Raise your hand if you are sick to death of BOTH Bushes and Clintons.

The break - the new 'deep throat' if you will - will be from the military

Mr. Bush, are you concerned about a Deepthroat in your Admininstration?

The Downing Street Memo And Impeachment Get A Fair Hearing on RADIO

Got a letter from Walter Cronkite

Iraqi Union Leaders Will Meet With Congressional Members & Union Leaders

Come on .... admit it .... you 'Filter" ... don't you?

Recruitment Numbers Down = America Votes No On The War

Why is Demopedia down?

Paul Revere A Despicable Tattletale, Says GOP

Time to use the "I" word - IMPEACH

"Parents, are the biggest hurdle we (Army recruiter's) face."

Conyers reaches, extends signature goal; ****creates tip line****

If Roe v. Wade was overturned....

EPA: Hartz to Re-label and Cancel Flea and Tick Drops for Cats and Kittens

Why does Galloway gall so many people on this board? Because he

The Wal-Mart Movie - Coming to a Parking Lot Near You!

this soldier on says they only get FOX NEWS

Question for DUer's sending care packages to Iraq

the religiously insane don't want to see nipples thru clothing

OUTRAGE: Texas governor to sign anti-gay legislation AT CHURCH!!


I watched the Enron movie today

No matter who our nominee is, this is what s/he should say

Hi everyone...just a quick update...

List some good anti-Wal*Mart tomes

Jon Bon Jovi performs at WAL-MART annual meeting

Fantastic Op-Ed from the Bangor Daily News "IMPEACH!"

Sign Sibel Edmund's Petition (10,000+ signatures so far)

Can we get all Impeachment Links in one thread? Link them here please!

The Right-Wing Spin has Begun -- Kerry is NOT Calling for Impeachment.

It's official: George W. Bush is a STUPID MOTHERFUCKER!

Evangelist/Watergate figure: Deep Throat has to live out his days in shame

Something easy to print and distribute (supermarkets, parking lots, etc.)

BOOK TV Schedule June 4-6

I am beginning to like Kim Il Bush.He called Cheney a "bloodthirsty

Catholic Bishop encourages gays and lesbians to come back to church


Our Music -- a thousand Anti-War, Pro-Justice mp3's free

They know who Luis Posada Cerrilles is in Manila

Good Riddance Judy Woodcroft!

If DU is attacked by a hacker, our alternative means of communication is?

A Brief Comment On Building Prosperity

Are non-white or ugly white women safer than pretty white women?

Nixon administration official "I'm surprised FELT didn't end up dead..."

Can't Atheists get along with Christians?

Consumer Search web page

Tonight's dinner in pictures

Stop being so smug, McKenna tells Canadians

CSIS Out of Control

Anyone see those Kelly Ellard drawings?

Taxpayers foot £4,000 phone bill

I hear that the Downing Street Memo is getting all sorts of play in

China poses greatest spy threat: `Australian'

Zhao Ziyang text pleads for democracy - CN

Australians rescue beached whales

Brazil approves breaking AIDS patent

Former friend: Alonsos betrayed me (Miami Republicans)

Suicide bombings, shootings kill more than 820 since new Iraqi government

DeLay campaign to gather signatures for primary ballot

North Korea rules out talks after Cheney attack

Bush Still Chief GOP Fundraiser Despite Flagging Polls

Suspect package at Parliament (Australian)

Kerry brings the fight to the Berkshires

Secret No More...

Dean: GOP has 'dark, difficult and dishonest' vision

Payroll growth slows to 78,000 in May

Marine's death, hospital's flaws

BBC: Bush opposes UK Africa debt plan

CIA Overseeing Three-Day War Game to Mimic Response to Crippling Internet

N. Korea¡¯s Hacking Capability Could Disrupt US Military: Expert

Kerry Touts Bush Impeachment Memo (First FAUX now Newsmax)

Euro dives on Italian call to quit EMU

BBC (Friday): Suicide bombing kills 10 in Iraq

Russia warns against weapons in space

Payrolls Grow by Just 78,000 in May

NYT: Three Decades Later, 'Woodstein' Takes a Victory Lap

Paying A High Price In Iraq (Civilian victims left broken and burdened)

UN counter-narcotics chief sees signs of hope in (Afghan)poppy eradication

Pakistan off human smuggling list

Payrolls Grow by Just 78,000 in May

Iraq protester clocks up four hellish years in the life of Brian

WP,pg1:Trust Decries Development In 3-State Historic Area(endangered list)

Edwards says freedom not a term owned by one political party

MSNBC - NBC: London-New York Virgin Airlines flight sends hijack alert cod

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1670)

WP/AP: Curbs, Not Ban, Imposed on Black Coral Harvest

Province loses Devils Lake court battle

Green speaks about Iraq, protesting (Mark Green, R-Green Bay)

Canadian firm beats drug giant in legal battle

Payroll growth slows to 78,000 in May

Adviser says governor faked stance on abortion

LAT/AP: Potential Arms Material Missing in Iraq, U.N. Says

ABC News report of highjacking of Virgin Airliner London-NY 9:20PDT

Governors' ex-aide linked to campaign probe (the smoking gun)

Adviser Says Governor (Mitt Romney) Faked Stance On Abortion

Accused Cambodian rebel raised money for Republicans

Three GIs to Face Trial in Iraqi's Death

Whiff of U.S./China trade war may jar world economy

TennCare task force established

World Bank's Wolfowitz seeks to defuse Iraq doubts

Children's Tylenol Recalled Over Labels


Two Plead Guilty to Voting Twice in 2004

San Diego Border Patrol Agent Shot

Three guilty in 'witch' trial

LAT: Cracking the Nest-Egg Problem (SS more for insurance or savings?)

Judge strikes down Lauderdale law, gives protesters some leeway (OAS :)

Latin America Leaders Balk at U.S. Plan

US city shames sex solicitors

Bush briefed on plane diversion (he is in the loop!)

Co-Founder of on C-SPAN 7:45 - 8:30 a.m. EST Sat.

AP: Michael Jackson Molestation Trial Goes To Jury

Ezboard Inc. Victim Of Vicious Internet Attack

Guard, Reserve monthly death toll at high

Religion, suicide terrorism link disputed in book

NYT: Gains Made to Contain AIDS, but Its Global Spread Goes On, U.N. Says

Protest draws attention to [Downing Street] memo

AP: Turkish Premier Urges US To Rein In Iraq-Based Kurdish Rebels

Falling mortgage rates buoy homebuyers, befuddle experts

National exercise prepares for bird flu (Australia - test run!)

Three GIs to Face Trial in Iraqi's Death

AZ Teenager (14) Shot By Police Following Bulldozer Chase

WP: FBI Tapped Talks About Possible Secrets (AIPAC case)

Who'd Replace Rumsfeld Not So Clear Cut

100,000 Signatures on DSM Petition Achieved!!!!

Marine's death, hospital's flaws (VA Hospital not trained Blast Injuries)

Judge: Release Abu Ghraib Videos, Photos

Free Internet Site:A Portal to AOL's Future? (AOL's "reversal of fortune")

North Korea Praises Bush for Use of 'Mr.'

U.S.: 14 Nations Not Stopping Trafficking ( slave trade )

No new Zarqawi leads, but U.S. senses group discord

LAT: He's Not Walking Like a Lame Duck

Minimum Wage A Raise For Some (Businesses who pay less)

Bush Returning Funds From Coin Dealer (Washington Post)

Sheriff Amends Taser Gun Rules (GA)

Germans turning against the euro

Thompson Offers to Meet with Unions (BBC)

Local garbage workers continue new contract negotiations with ..

Writer's Guild Rebuts Delay's Comments (Law&Order Tee)

CDC clarifies link between overweight, obesity and deaths

The Downing Street Memo And Impeachment Get A Fair Hearing on RADIO

White House pulls plug on fundraiser's 'briefing'

Homeland Security Probe: $18M Misspent

Kerry pays visit to county

North Korea Praises Bush for Use of 'Mr.'

Are there many/any in here who even know what Watergate was about?

Crossfire finished

Peru: Third Attempt on Life of Key Torture Witness

Dean Defending Comments About Republicans

Peru: Third Attempt on Life of Key Torture Witness

WP: Bush, Deep Throat and the Press ("revealing chat")

FoxNews: Guard's urine splashed through air vent

Marine wants discharge since being cleared in Iraq slaying case

On YAHOO! News: GOP in hot water over lost coins in Ohio

The Pimping of the President ($25,000 bought meeting with Bush)

SoftMoneyHardLaw: the INternet: New Campaign Finance law


McConnell visits Iraq, sees trends "in the right direction"

What Bush Owes Blair ("IT'S PAYBACK TIME")

Bush refuses to give way on Blair's plan for aid

Lawsuit Claims Police Used Taser To Seriously Injure Man

Brown backing for million march (g-8 / Live8)

Venezuela to stage mass war games

Thune Willing to Sacrifice Bolton for Air Base

Congress turns its focus to business agenda

Sunni group calls for end to Iraq attacks-"Operation Lightning" fails

WP: Crackdown Muddies U.S.-Uzbek Relations (US Base in Uzbekistan)

Hospitals consider banning bedside Bibles

Ecuador to conduct 'sovereign' policies not to become an IMF colony - mini

Nations with human trafficking problems grows

Phone campaign strikes nerve with Wal-Mart

Ex-CIA contractor charged with assault

Soft and flat? Danger! (Economists and Investors see Danger Ahead)

'Deep Throat' Probably Won't Be Prosecuted

Bush's Road Tour Rolls On in Push to Sell Social Security Changes

WP/AP: CDC Chief Backs Away From Report On Obesity

DoD assumes responsibility for releasing recruiting stats

Charlotte Church: Bush is a right weirdo ("had no idea where Wales was")

Smithsonian Refuses Donation for Intelligent Design Presentation

Investors take fright at Bush's choice for SEC chief

The failed siege of Fallujah (cholera, no reconstruction, no funds)

Report: Syria test-fires three Scud missiles, Israelis say

NYT: Despite Years of U.S. Pressure, Taliban Fight On in Jagged Hills

Atrocity video may prepare ground for Serb arrests

Pentagon Confirms Quran Incident at Gitmo

White House Downplays Missing Arms Report

Bush returning campaign contributions from Noe($4,000,not $104,000+)

Rumsfeld points to military build-up in China

Coca-Cola bottlers and warehouse workers reject contract (CA)

Telegraph:(LA) Satanist paedophile ring 'ritually raped up to 25 children'

ATCs may get life term for strike (India)

Not Enough Troops To Hold Ground

Reports of terrorists meeting in Syria were flawed, U.S. officials say

Coin dealer contributions went to Schwarzenegger

NYT: One Clinton, at Least, Finds 2008 Run Worth Discussing

Venezuelan VP Rangel:The CIA is plotting to kill Chávez

AP: Intelligence Sees Terrorists in Iran (here we go again)

Guardian Utd (Saturday): US lowers standards in army numbers crisis

NYT: Researchers Say Intelligence and Diseases May Be Linked in Ashkenazi

Nevada's quarter design revealed

Dogged by protesters, Schwarzenegger opts for less public venues

Blair may walk away from U.S. as G8 ally

Qinghai: H5N1 epidemic causes mass bird dieoff (PICTURES; 8000+ dead)

Bill to equip ammo with serial numbers passes (CA) state Senate

Hummus on Falafel: death by chickpeas

If you are insane or mean or greedy and a Democrat, I'm STILL

8 threads to go to 2000. Ask me anything

Squink Alert!!!

If ya gotta go, ya might as well go out with a bang (so to speak)

Damn, that late-night bratwurst is doing a number on my stomach.

This is a thread for polite people only. Manners must be used

Does anyone plan on watching that "Into the West" series on TNT

anyone know what happened with the kitten that got stepped on ?

Would you guys mind keeping it down in here? I'm trying to

Oh for cool

Spelling bee - Wouldn't it be funny if....

I am stealing wifi signals my neighbor right now -- woo hoo.

Potential job/Potential nightmare


So, I just found out I'm Irish


Favorite Utah city/town/village?

After years of people telling me, I finally get it!

Post a word and I will spell it for you!


a toon review (part one)... new 6/3

I just found out someone I know is homophobic

I'm sad.

Good night, DU.

I just got a fourth cat

I'm thinking of changing my Signature Line. Help me find a new one.

A little bit different photos tonight. Nightmares.


Man, Upset With His Pot Dealer, Damages Cemetary Graves

Man Secretly Taped His Family Using The Bathroom

What's your SS#, D.O.B. and mother's maiden name? I'll start....

Final weekend of the GA Renaissance Festival

Where were you born?

We're gonna need a new celebrity distraction scandal...

I'm Grumpy.

Saw the most fucked thing today, right out of Clockwork Orange...

The Onion: "Pentagon Announces Plans To Close Camp Snoopy"


Who's in a pissier mood today?

How is the weather in Baltimore area?

Wow, i didnt know you could buy big game hunting trips on ebay!

Hi. How are you doing?

Holy shit man! Anyone else hear the Ronnie Earl & Duke Robillard CD?

If your ass is a Chinese restaurant, I'll have the poo poo platter!

And now, an original song/poem/whatever

My dad's having cataract surgery this morning

Restaurant Serves Food In Toilet Bowls

Favorite North Dakota city/town/village?

Which group is more crazy??

Is that Tom Delays toupee on his chest?

DU is the only messageboard I've run across where.....

Who is your second-favorite Catwoman?

French Monkey Spies???

Laura for Emperor 2008

"Leather Tuscadero" is 54 today!!!!!! (Suzi Quatro)

here we go again (peeyewwwww!)

anyone have a source for democratic baby clothes?

10 French Fighter Jets Forced To Land In N.J. - Credit card maxed out

One of my earbuds broke off. Should I...

I gotta say that the Fruit Fly is the coolest looking bug around.

GAWD Do Victoria's Secret Ads ROCK!!

Happy Birthday Paulette Goddard!!

We've turned a corner

Website owners, what host do you use?

Is Bandwidth the new Tom Cruise?

On an average day how often do you post?

REAL AP Headline: Britney Says Sex When Pregnant Is 'Crazy Good'

Now That Deep Throat Is Solved, USA Today Trying To Figure Out Carly Simon

Domain name suffix - which do you like the best?

I didn't realize that Zell Miller has written his autobiography!!!

I thought BANDWIDTH was the new TOM CRUISE.

DU men, I need your help

What do you think FELLOW DEMOCRAT TOM CRUISE eats for breakfast?

What do you think FELLOW DEMOCRAT TOM CRUISE eats on a CRUISE?


Do you think FELLOW DEMOCRAT TOM CRUISE is a good actor?

Nightswimming deserves a quiet night...

GIMP users... I have a question..

I thinkI'm being ignored. Or else I'm invisible.

If I were Tom Cruise's publicist, I would hook him up.... First off,

Don't you just hate it

Pygmy parentage?

My 6000th post:

How is Andy doing

I just started a little Bush Bashing party in GD... Join in

I'm thinking of working for Siemans

Store Wars

Man Sues Over Exploding Porta-Potty


Bible-belt town bans blasphemy

Millionaires' row goes to ground with shifting sand


Why is everyone but me going for Chinese today?!?

GIT YER Latest Baby Jesus Sighting! - Inside Womb via Ultrasound

Someone please explain this.

Now THAT'S what I call a friggin' SPLIFF. Dis yah Irie Mon!

Martin Time!

The weekend's here! What're ya doin'?

Very Rare Guerrilla!

WHOOOSH! Fast cool looking stuff thread!

We were watching T.V.

Very Rare Gorilla

Police swoop on students with toy guns

Teen (14) Driving Earthmover, Shot By Police

"So wop on the beat": Post your misunderstood TV theme lyrics here.

What's your favorite defense mechanism?

How to tell if your pet fruit fly is gay

Some of My favorite Catster cats (pictures of all kinds of cats)

Random thoughts thread.

And the earworm for the day is........('ll stick)

Man fined for bad driving while taping fatal, bare motorcycle stunt

Carrot Juice is Murder

DU Professors what does this mean?

I'm sleepy.

Pardon me? Excuse me, but I have a comment to make...

Quiz thingy: What kind of American English do you speak?

Pfheeww, I didn't fuck up (Except for how I spelled "phfeew")

What is this?

A fortune cookie I agree with...

Mostly likely to riot after the M.Jackson verdict

Farah Fawcett & The Whopper

Because 13,601 Genes are enough: Gay Fruit Fly for President in 2008

For those who didn't get into M.I.T. (or any school you wanted to)

I think we got a live one.

Lunch: Chinese or Mexican?

the lounge is boring today

Amuse Me, I DARE YOU!

Souma yergon, sou nou yergon, we are shaking the tree

Retirement Plan

My week has been a stinky turd on a long stick.

Should I empty out my inbox?

Could someone please say something nice?

Who else has "Billie Jean" stuck in their head?

Those autofill threads are way too addictive and fun

Does anyone else feel a sense of foreboding today?

Tinfoil Hat song/animation

Tinfoil Hat song/animation

Standing ovation: Panda earns applause, fame in Japan


Mattel does not want you to see Barbie's Nipples (or lack thereof)

Has anyone heard of the new numbers crossword

Lucknow lovers caught nude in public!

It's Autofill time!! Bored at work? Looking to procrastinate? Come play!

Dear Santa

Teen shot after taking earth mover half way across Tucson

Anyone here have an iPod mini?

Hah. Now my job involves talking about * all day.

My car's fucked up: the update

YAAAAAY! Porn gets its own domain!!!!

Woman Arrested For Hiding Crack Cocaine In Her Baby's Diaper

Don't cross the road, if you can't get out of the kitchen.

Name A Thong With The Name Of A PLATE In The Turtle.

I'm gonna be on Franken!!!!

When should I go visit the flower conservatory?

Jack White Gets Over Renee, Marries Model

Have you ever accidentally said "I love you" to someone?

Martian Time!

What is this man doing?

Colplay Fans: I hear X&Y is incredible

Well she's a woman of the world and God she knows it


I'm having a bad day. First, I missed the turn off to the Rainbow Trail,

Have *YOU* done your part today?

*False alarm* It wasn't "The Gimp"

Gotta Say It...Katherine Lanpher...

The "pregnant prom dress"

Who else likes to skip out of work on Fridays?

How do you edit system.ini?

Ever have someone you hardly know say "I love you" over the phone?

Town in W. Yorks. How do you pronouce Pontefract?

re: yesterday's "left lane" thread, in case you're curious about the road

So I'll be selling pizza at Bonnaroo once again.

Favorite Internet Discussion Board Software?

Which color combos sound the best 2 U?

Ok, for those who didn't do well on the PSYCHOTIC TEST...

The woes of the MLM.

Posting from you socialize more with DU'ers than your coworkers?

When you go to sleep tonight visualize-Jacko being "processed" for jail

Pittsburgh Gathering June 18th


How to get great tickets for a ballgame

Fridays SFU "caption this" thread

Your Friday Stupid Fucking Useless Question: Pretty in Pink

"New York to east California/There’s a new wave coming I warn ya"



Homer Simpson, Your greatest American

LOLOL -- The nutcase is back on Randi

A Birth

Do I have to start actually start LIKING Shaq?!

It's Friday, ya bastids!

Ooops, I just muttered the words, "Oh shut up" under my breath

"all I wanna say is they don't really care about us

Shaq to pay George Mikan funeral expenses

I think we all need to take crack in the lounge...

I have some of last summer's king salmon smoking

Anybody recognize this imagery?

"Lamonica faces two counts of aggravated rape and one of

Insomniacs roll call

All I can say is DISGUSTING

Hey, I heard there was some CRACK down in the lounge!

A NEW Robert Gordon CD. HEY! YOU! There's a NEW Robert Gordon CD!

Express your appreciation for "ME" here

#@!%$#^&*%$ Peckerwood!

Video: If my mom calls (don't tell her i stole this car)

HEY! I am going to watch Revenge of the Sith Again!!!!! And this time....

Blech! I think I have Oral Thrush from

Express your appreciation for ME here

ARE YOU PSYCHOTIC? Take the test and find out!

OUCH! I just opened a MJ thread. My punishment is go to work now.

Ok, that was an insane workday!

I'm going out for some Chinese Buffet dining, what do you want me to bring

DU, I've been dealing with a tough situation for the past couple of weeks

What book to get for learning to administer an estate in Illinois?

Express your appreciation for your hand here

What do you want?

Freakish Fredney and the Flubtabulous Cheese Fudge Factory

Shaquille O'Neal is a damn nice guy.... Will pay for George Mikans funeral

why does everyone believe that I'm not gay?

Well, that was a scary 18 or so hours.

What does " que pasa, bonita muchacha?"

Someone talk to me, I'm lonely.

Sweeeet Emoootioooonnnnn.

AP: Michael Jackson Molestation Trial Goes To Jury

Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner But he knew it wouldn't last.

They had a light-up Jesus on their mantle

I love you, man.

Finally, an American driver is in with the Really Big Boys

A God Joke (actually, my Favorite God Joke)

Has anybody heard of

Hold me, squeeze me, love me, tease me, Till I can't, till I can't...

High Tension.

Are you happy?


If being Anti-American means that I want my country to do the right thing

George W. Bush or John Gotti. Who has, or had, the most TEFLON

#@!%$#^&*%$ Woodpecker!

Anyone else having problems posting?

Yikes!!! DU kicked me off for a couple minutes

Show us a picture of your hand ....

i feel like a prisoner in my own home.

Saw this in GD

Yes, my flag is here!!

Praise (insert diety here)!!! I've been resurrected!!

Matcom!!!!! At it again, eh????

Nipples... The New Al Qaeda

California Peggy and WilliamPitt - Get a room!

I am officially a "Card Carrying Member of the ACLU"!

then there are days where it doesn't pay to answer the phone

Michael! Britney! Tom!

i think i'm gonna stop caring

Brooke Shield zings Tom Cruise again

Tech question - help a Liberal Website!

post here or you'LL be tasered

CatDog - It must be love.... Gotta check out this picture

Good less popular songs by one hit wonder (maybe two hit) bands?

A group of men exchange magical underwear. Can I make it a movie?

So what did you do during DU's 20 minute blackout?

What the hell happened to Kelly Osborne?!

"Pressure" by Billy Joel

The Spelling Bee has been proven an asset. Now, how 'bout a Dyslexia Bee?

Songs in Alphabetical order. After one has been named starting

What are you listenning to now?

Denver weather can be intense..

It took me a couple days to get this fanatical....but look at my new sig!

It' s my Birthday. ask me anything!

And now I can't wear my new propeller beanie.

Good or Bad Cop Stories? Post them here.

What/Where was your 1st job?

Psst, hey, come on man, wake up.

Did those 78K new jobs include the "selling all your stuff on eBay" jobs?

Time for a where are you thread

I'm never buying Hush Puppies again

I'm sleepy. Now convening the inaugural meeting of the DU Lounge Nappers.

Why does everyone pick on President Bush so much?

Well, I'm done dog sitting. And I am a little sad.

burning man @ 20 ~

I finally figured out photobucket! Wanna see?

Five Jobs I'd love to have

NOW investigates charges on DeLay tonight - 6/3/5...

Why are ALL post rehab albums total crap?

wet mango

Affixed our DU bumper sticker today!

Airlines to Begin Tallying Pet Casualties

I have a computer/internet question about the history file.

Name something you are guilty of.

New recruting slogan: Jail or Join.

Time To Celebrate - Good News On The Job Front!!

an excellent friend of mine cleaned my kitchen today....

You know you're Russian when...


I would have to throw this guy at least a $5.

Need advice and recommendation for Auto body work in San Diego -

Theatre viewership is down... yet DVD sales are up. This is odd.

grad school application process problem...need advice

Taser Story from LBN: Limit use on "already restrained" suspects

You know what sucks? My parents' 50th wedding anniversary is coming up

Crap! Tribe down by one

way to go, Shaq!

Requiem Pour Un Con

Did you know there's rings around Uranus?

What Is Better? A Back-Scratch Or A Back-Rub?

Saw my first condom ad on "Reno 911" this evening.

What is better? Kitten pics or sex?

Jam Band festivals. Anyone going to any this summer?

"The Lounge Curse."

The Blob


Ok, I just have to talk about this particular thing.

Baseball/Softball are consuming me.. Help!

It was the third of June....

Marlo Thomas..."Free to Be You and Me." Did any grow up with this?

Click here to never trust your brain again...

DU cooking cult: anyone out there own a Blue Star range?

Spekulatius time

Ghost Smileys---emoticonicom

List some things George Lucas did *right* in the prequels (Spoilers)

QUESTION! Does Anyone Know Who Sings The Song On The

DU GEEKS: What is harder A+ or Net+?

Where should I put my DU bumper sticker that arrived today ?

If you can't hang with the late Serge Gainsbourg...

Offshore outsourcing....literally.

Does anyone here chat?

instead of intelligent candidates, maybe we should try running a hick

Just dropped a brand new bottle of cologne

Post useful websites on any subject you like.

Recommendations for our trip to California?

Inappropriate childrens' commercials...

Fast food restaurant. "I'm sorry about your wait"

If you can Whack-a-doodle...

My satellite TV service provider is comprised of complete tools.

Rule #8: If this is your first night in the have to fight.

I hate it when this happens

Attention all Arizona lounge lizards...

Jay Farrar: THE coolest mo-fo singing/songwriting >

Old school types. Want to join me on a DU IRC channel?

Fela Kuti on the air now (progmom's station)

Are musicans sell-outs when their music is sold for commercials?

Have you heard "Mosh"?

Watch this video! Swift Boat Spoof! Funny as hell!

Britney and Kevin, lookin' mighty usual.

I just watched the best movie I've seen so far this year.

... And the Lord God said, "Let there be Liquor!" - The Bar is open


So how are you fine Lounge Lizards this Friday night?

I refuse to believe these two "humans" ever did the nasty.

It's Friday!!!! What are your weekend plans?

Do Californians have an accent?

Who do you call about a dead armadillo? n/t

From Soup To Nuts

Do you know how much work it is to be a wife?

The Clydesdales and snow.

Seattle members: Come see DUer-made films at SalmonDance!

Change you DU moniker for a sec. What would yours be?

Are Cops too Quick to Use Tasers?

Damn it happened to me again! (rant)

Please say something hateful

What books are you reading at the moment

Please join me in wishing halobeam a happy birthday!!!

Skinner is:

My first poll ever!

How does "The Ring" (2002) rate as a horror film?

It's picture a post-- yourself, time.

I get to sleep now.

How is the kitty that got stepped on?

Will Michael Jackson be found innocent or guilty?

Driving through West Texas we saw 1,000s of Wind Turbines!

White Castle Burgers

Alright, I am going out to meet some folks. Who can watch the lounge?

You know what I love about dogs?

Janeane Garafalo just read my post on the air.... with passion!

(Ring-Ring!) Hello? Okay, Hang On... TELEPHO-O-NE! IT'S FOR YOU-U-U!

Friday evening fuzzball pic thread

Whackjobs on DU: Which Group of Whackjobs is the Worst?

A good reason to go to Holland

Worst President Final Four Semi-Final #2

Help me find a smilie for Randi's new word - Whackadoodle

i think we need a CRACKDOWN in the lounge...

Finally final count for Boston area DU BBQ June 11th

I was a nymphomaniac in a Navy town...

Famous Nazi General Dies at 97

Red Sox down 4-1 now leading 7-4 in 8th!

win 98 still won't load, any ideas?


Worst President Final Four Semi-Final #1

Quiz: What is your pirate name?

NYC Metro Area DU'ers: Damn! I hate losing radio stations...

Better to burn out or to fade away?

Quicksilver Messenger Service

Depressing fucking day. I had to take McCall Jr to the ER last night...

The 1st Xultar kitty thread...

Talking to a friend who's a psychiatrist today, she said that

Scary Taser Video

Ladies, I have solved the problem of chipped nail polish

How can you not "get" Bjork?

Stupid insurance

Please wish my daughter good luck at the NAQT tournament


DU'ers, where were you on New Year's Eve of '99?

Yankees LOSE.....AGAIN!


Everybody ready for the NY meetup on june 11th?

My dog is now at home

has anyone here heard of fallout boy?

Greetings from Jellystone! No e-mail, tv, newspapers or phone

Express your appreciation for a DUer here

Shrub. Boy King. Chimperor.

Our new barn kitten born 5-13.

Name A Song With The Name Of A PLACE In The Title.

Do you feel obligated to explain your "edit", when you F**k up on a post?

Post 5000 hereby dedicated to

New England DUers - Whadda Ya Say To A JUNE 25th DU BBQ - MY HOUSE???

God's will.

Panel Suggests Methodology Flawed of Recent CDC Obesity Study

T-rex fossils indicate strong dinosaur link to birds

Volunteer for Boston Pride June 11th

Transsexual Veteran sues Library of Congress

What are Richard DeVos' views on gays?

Texas Gov. To Sign Anti-Gay Marriage Measure At Christian School

Please sign this Equality Petition

Pride Parades

Fruit Fly May Hold Secret To Gay Sexuality


So, should we start a Yankees group?

The Cubs have won seven in a row!

RED SOX WIN 7-4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Yankees were swept by the worst team in baseball

My Giants got a break tonight


Would Yankees fans consider a salary cap now?

My cat is way too aggressive

Sheesh - I got another Jesus e-mail

All that down-is-up shit is really making my head spin

Anyone who doesn't frequent GD might want to today...

Ok shameless plug

What flavor of atheist are you?

Really now, which country posed a bigger threat to our troops and our

Links to 3 new posts - Kerry's trip to N. Adams, MA.

Berkshire Eagle op-ed

Conservative Media Twists Kerry Statement on Downing Street Memos

Speaking with Massachusetts: A Primer

Salon: Kerry's vindication

Friday (before Monday) Bolton

RW Extremists gear up Lie Machine against Kerry for Monday

Anyone hear Ed Schultz interview

Cool moth....

So I discovered a cool little park in the middle of Miami (7 low-res pics)

Countdown Newsletter 6/3/05

Countdown beat Zahn last Tuesday!

6/3/05 KOEB is witless

Another DU link to Countdown !

New Blog Posted: 6/2/05 - Deep Throat: case not closed

More good news for the Armed Forces/Pilot Training Time Slashed

get your Bushco lies here ! (audio clip)

John Conyers

Open Letter To The American Media

The Enron Movie; GWB Is Running U.S. Like Ken Lay Ran Enron

DSMemo in the News this week

Well, I guess my hopes of * being thrown in jail

WMD' we go again...

I got an email reply from John Conyers!

Atoning for Rowland's Sins, Rell (R) shocks CT with REAL election reform!

Download free booklet on reforming the Democratic Party (especially Mass.)

thank you, DU.

Official Wire: George Bush Is An Idiot

Pat Buchanan is revising history on C-SPAN 1

The Nation's Nichols to Dean, HRC, at TakeBackAmerica, "Iraq is the Issue"

Dealing with Corrupt Elections

moved to GD

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

Reuters: "Rumsfeld warns China on lack of democracy"

The best sum up of the whole Newsweek b.s. right here

BRADBLOG: Conyers' DSM Letter to Bush: '86,000 signatures' .

Robinson: "Denial, Now and 30 Years Ago"

Hal Holbrook was on fire ! "It's called morality!"

The Democratic Party has become too cautious to be effective...

Ben Bradlee's wife has an article in the Washinton Post today

Help Conyers & Email the Michigan Dem Caucus

BREAKING: lots of Arubans disappear every year and no body cares

GM to recall over 291,000 Saturns ......... (seems the Prius is safer)

The "war on terrorism" frame let * get away with not getting Bin Laden

Parlimentarian question

George Lykoff live on CSPAN

TBAC (Take Back America Conference) MEGATHREAD

Democrats seek election holiday (Dean & Edwards making news)

Republicans are trying to compare Bush lies to Roosevelt Lend Lease!


Good Wellstone quotes, please? nt

NYPost's Kessler ID'd Felt as 'Deep Throat' in 2002

Ironic National Press Club app. by cheney 6/13

Judge tells Army to release Abu Ghraib pictures (over 100 images / videos)

An impeachment hearing would spell disaster for us in '06

The Spin has Begun -- Kerry is NOT Calling for Impeachment.

Americablog: Bush Wrapped Up In Ohio's Coin-gate Scandal

Will the Michael Jackson verdict distract from Downing Street Memo news?

Dean fundraising request

Top Israeli news anchor attacks occupation

* administration trying to fight too many fronts?

DSM Reminder

what has that cuban-american toxic trio in the house of representatives,

I figure when things begin to get hot on the impeachment front...

*Tonight on Countdown*...join us :)

The Jackson verdict will obliterate any bad news Bush wants to unload

Bernie Sanders speaking now at Take Back America Conference,1:23PM EST.

Chris Cox – Wrong For The SEC

It’s a Pentagon World and Welcome to It

George Lakoff on C-Span NOW (9:25am edt) n/t

Progressive Politics on C-Span2

Looking for the Enron Tapes

Engaging talk (neocons facing increasing opposition from realists)

Clinton's Impeachment: Blowback, So Soon?

DSM Sig Banner for ALL DUers-- Use This! (code inside)

Ken Mehlman On For The Whole Hour On MTP Sunday?

Who would make the best third-party candidate

Here's why the media hesitate to cover BushCo

The Repubs criticize all potential Democratic nominees...

Swift Vet brownnosers moving goalpost once again...

Walmart Movie - Watch Greenwald's trailer and support this movie!

DNC busts (R) NJ Governor Candidate Schundler.. lol..

The DLC is coming to get you rarrrrr!

The Rycroft (Downing Street) Memo

Sanctions Against 4 Attys Fighting Election Fraud in Ohio Dismissed!

Co-Founder of on C-SPAN

Today =Deadline for Comments to FEC re Political Activity on the Net

In honor of the 900 Mo. old "Embryo": Henry Hyde --- Lets take House Seat

I cannot sign up to Blair's African mission, says Bush

Didn't somebody say Dean was being too ambitious

Get ready for "No Embryo Left Behind"

Just reminding you folks to keep those "Handbills" going.

Kerry to bring Downing Street Memo to Senate

More Downing Street Minutes ~link to actual document

A minor scandal? Or a major scandal-in-waiting?

WTF? Fox: "New positive jobs numbers may encourage Wall Street"

person of the week on abc - Katharine Graham was the lady dan rather kept

Woodward, Bernstein, and Rather.....

Okay...many of you don't see how Janet's "Boob Baring " & Reality Sleeze

Bush's suit back on this last Inside Politics.

Have you read the Downing Street Minutes (be honest)

Adopt an Iraqi Town or City

Pelosi: 'Today's Anemic Jobs Numbers Confirm that Bush Has Failed...."

Wolfie Boy Blitzer interviews Howard Dean (live) in just a bit...

Watch Now

My uber-neocon boss actually thought that what deep throat did was right.

Could Newsweek have been "Punk'd"?

Vee een Coll-ee-fonea get ... Ahhnuhd (cartoon)


Re: Signatures on Conyer' Petition and the "Tips" section that he has pro

"the president was briefed at his ranch in Crawford"

From The Nation's William Greider, "Lies, Guts & Deep Throat"

Quote of the week.....Who said it?

Meeting Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA-3) tonight. Any messages to relay?

Kerry will "raise the issue" on Monday. (DSM)

Today's RW BS: Felt, Woodward responsible for the Killing Fields

House Ethics Committee Chair Hastings' foot dragging blocks DeLay hearing

Dem bashing, an important Wake-Up Call or Both???

George W. Bush

Cheney to Address National Press Club

just a conversatiion with a friend (IMPORTANT)

Downing Street Memo now up on DNC blog

McLaughlin sez Rumsfeld on his way out.

It's time to stop being terrified of being honest

Bush: "Now, we dealt with one of our problems, and that is our economy"

The engineering of consent

Limbaugh: Most Dem's don't work!

Romney "faking" pro-choice stand

"All the President's Men" orders UP 1,153% on Netflix+Amazon and B&N books

If the entire internet went down, who would benefit?

"Gulag" vs. "Hyperbole" JLNewsHour link re: "systematic policy of torture"

an Open Letter to the Clueless Democratic Party

Warning from former chief Army recruiter, Col. Slotwinski, to parents...

C-Span to cover Downing Street Memo SATURDAY 6/04

Nothing has changed... from 1973

Morford on "Bush, the spoiled man-child"- brilliant

McCord's FBI, CIA links...Watergate 'double-agent' ?

WA State dems and Governor Gregoire need YOUR help!

An impeachment hearing would be great for us in '06

BREAKING: Pretty Blonde/Blue Eyed White Woman Missing in Aruba!

Video Of Howard Dean's Appearance On 'Wolf Blitzer Reports'

Former President Clinton on NPR Talk of the Nation- TAKING CALLS!

Several other examples of Republicans PhotoShoping abilities.

Bloggers (and non-bloggers) Wanted!

I'm sick of hearing that we shouldn't/can't try to impeach Bush

DSM Alert: Tony Blair to Visit White House Monday

OK, educate me on this need to try to impeach Bush

Bll Clinton at Wendy's

The John Conyers Appreciation Thread and a Task

Have you donated to Amnesty International since they became "ridiculous"?

2006 Senate Races.

What I think would make an ideal candidate

Yahoo: The Other Bomb Drops (Downing Street Memo)

South Dakota, Maryland, Arkansas, and... COLORADO!

John Conyers: Over 110,000 and Counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MEME: "Fair" Market Economy vs "Free" Market Economy

Putting the Downing St. Minutes in perspective - PNAC 101

FINALLY! CNN actually covering the Darfur Issue!