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Archives: June 27, 2005

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): The tipping Point

Pin the label on the Donkey

Larry Elliott (Guardian Utd): Black stuff has world order over a barrel

Iraq Is Now Worse Than It Was Under Saddam

Herbert: The Army's Hard Sell

My freedom and yours

The Right to Offend (WP)

Regime change at PBS (Oregonian)

Bush's Credibility on Iraq Undercut by Violence, Slow Progress

Wolcott: Kristol Ball 06.24.05

Israeli troops tell of tactics to abuse Palestinians

Bob Herbert Recommends

Question about Iraq/2002 midterms

For those that missed it, Franken/Conason Demolish Ed Klein Next!

Dear General Schoomaker---another Queeg letter

Is it fair to say the terrorists are winning?

My new sig line is a tribute to reagans poll victory.

Anyone have a link to a One page US military enlistment form?

Ack was surfing around the web tonight

Washington Post Protest - DSM

A Prayer for Progressives

Yikes, Crude passes $60 in Asian trading

Wait a minute - Raygun won the Greatest American poll??

Was this the weekend of the "Social Security Protest" (dismantlers) in DC?

Still unconvinced we are heading down the road to fascism:?

PHOTO: Stage set for Tuesday's big Speech To The Nation revealed!

US Demands Japan Extend the Period of Its Troops in Iraq

Thousands of strikers hit streets (S. Africa / Cosatu)

Anarchists Cause Few Problems In Palo Alto

Scores of Muslim Men Jailed Without Charge

VIPs in Iraq get safer vehicles than soldiers

Cities nationwide celebrate 35th anniversary of gay pride

Man Arrested After Handcuffing Himself to Chair During Mass at LA Cathedral

Crude Oil Rises to New Record of $60.46 on Supply Concerns

Bird Flu Outbreak in Japan

Memphians will join TennCare sit-in at Bredesen's office

UK government under fire over aid to Uzbekistan

Minister and archbishop to join G8 summit protest (UK)

NYT: In Effort to Pare Medicaid Rolls, Long-Term Care Is the Focus

Stop what you're doing! Robot Chicken is on!

In what way are you most like a repug?

Hi! What's New?

New g'night sleepy time kitty pics (dialup warning)

To a president

OT-VII Scientologist speaks to Salon "on the condition of anonymity"

What does GFY mean?

How! Just how!

I drank 2 Modelo especial's today and was bouncing off shit

I saw the preview for the Ducks of Hazzard movie

Moondog Mayne.

Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson? Brad Pitt and Juliette Lewis?

New friends (kitty pic)

I saw the preview for the Dukes of Hazard movie

Has anyone else been watching the "Into the West" miniseries on TNT?

I saw the gay pride parade in OKC today!

I adore Ileana Douglas. I don't know what it is about her.

I was just on the greatest first date EVER.

Greatest bill passed by Congress in the 20th century?

CBC: Two Must Watch Videos

idealism, ABB, Democrats and DU

Bush's Tuesday Speech will be "substantive"

Milwaukee's Shepherd-Express on CPB funding

More for war / There is no end in sight to spending on Iraq

Nice try, Herr Rove

WP: Regaining Respect

Now we know for certain; Bush and Blair did lie to the world

Embassies For Sale: Want To Become Bush's Next Ambassador?

Come Back To the Five & Dime, Howie Dean

Pitt: Jeb Bush's shameful vendetta

Ceremony opposed Iraq war, but honored fallen Americans

Twice fooled–shame on us: The case for impeachment

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!): Tehran Mayor Wins Upset Victory in Iran

Column: College Chickenhawks

The march of the madder'n hells

human as guiea pigs for pestisides and nuclear energy

Twelve more years ...By Pepe Escobar

They Don't Apologize

A Guide to the President's First Post-Downing Street Speech on Iraq

Illegality of Preventive Attack and Unilateral Use of Force by Phil Shiner

The ayatollah's new reign

Antiterror tactics chill U.S. campuses

Drowning in Filth

Pirates of the Corporation (MoJo)

Consistent China policy eludes US

Guantanamo detainees remain in legal limbo

Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone

Iraq: A bloody mess

Understanding Judy Miller: Judy the Mattress

Church not speaking up for women

Incinerating Iraqis: The napalm cover up

Socialized Medicine is a good idea...

End-time for USA upon oil collapse - Lundberg - this is serious

Supporting the war takes more than hanging up yellow ribbons (? Young GOP)

ACTION ALERT for Californians-Local democracy under threat in California

KGO pulls permission for Bernie Ward Archives

Remember the good ole days of $1.30/gallon of gas?

Energy Headlines for June 26 --


Climate change predictions.

Today is brought to you by the letter "F"

Australia's worsening drought demands complete lifestyle change

Exponential Enrons Ahead

The US to resume production of Pu-238. Everyone on earth will die.

Question about hybrids and fuel efficiency ratings.

Hong Kong Disney consulted with feng shui experts

BBC (Monday): Israeli guilty of shooting Briton

Guy Says Blast In Basement of WTC Before Planes Hit.........

Did UBL have anything to do with facilitating the events of 9/11?

If we had election reform.....

I am looking for a particular 2004 election map. . .

New Kerry Letter Re: Voting Rights

What is a paper receipt from a voting machine and what happens to it?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 6/28/05

NC Voter Verified Bill Gutted by Democrats


Feds offer state help in measuring toxic contaminants in people

Rep. Susan Davis, San Diego 53rd Dist. not hip to DSM: PHONE!

ACTION ALERT for Californians-Local democracy under threat in California

FBI rounding up activists in San Diego, SF

Reward Offered In Fatal Shooting Of Monterey Bay Otters

How bad is it in Palmdale?

Sturgis Falls Parade, Saturday June 24, 2005

A quick breeze through the DM Register

Why does the Boston Globe mention what the sunbathing guy is reading?

Santorum blames Boston for Priest Sex Scandal

Oh -oh. Tornado sirens.

Twin Cities Pride Weekend: Senate Candidate Sightings

Combat Rove's PR Blitz - Protest the war on Thursday!

She always told me, 'rewind rewind rewind'

Surprise! Bill Frist in Minnesota to help Mark Kennedy.

Help please. I installed Spybot..

Help with networking setup (wireless maybe?)

Book/website for learning how to burn media to DVD?

can anyone give me some javascript form advice?

Obscure Linux "cdrecord" question...

MS Outlook XP Pro

Looking for good spam filter.

San Antonio R.I.P. Ram, Taco Land owner killed in robbery

Nick Lampson wants my money

I'm not trying to start a fight

It's time for a Sensenbrenner Googlebomb.

Cap Times: State budget veto high risk for Doyle

Have you called or visited Kohl and Feingold today??

You can fool some of the people all the time

George W FraWD! a little rich frat boy douchebag with shit for brains

To those Discovery Channel voters for Reagan: See his true greatness

Young Repubs - Why not Enlisting? - Nev Columnist Wants to Ask

It's time to consider withdrawing the troops (Japanese editorial)

Kudos to "Strong Medicine" tonight for touching on issues

George W Bush** & Ronald W Reagan: the W stands for the WORST president

Middle East buffs: Questions about the Middle East and Kuwait...

Sorry, but for health reasons I need to regurgitate some freeper nonsense

Response from Robert Steinbeck

Downing Street Memo

Shorter Rumsfeld

Hagel should quote Dick Cheney in response to Dick Cheney's slander

U.S.S. America . . . sunk 05/14/05

How much does 21,736 bombings cost?

What is CAFTA?

Crude Oil Rises to New High of $60.47

send more troops? spend more money? stay the course? wrong

Don't ya just love it when rethugs can't defend an issue or pol

when you've lost a war & you just CAN'T admit it, it's called Vietnam

Sideshow distractions to the Iraq war in their final throes? (comic image)

Californian congressman David Dreier

wow, bush is really starting to stink up the place


A wonderful site for audio/video stuff.

the good Rev. Benny Hinn hits a snag in Nigeria

Billy Graham

Testimonials at the World Tribunal on Iraq prove illegal, immoral war

Ronald Reagan voted as "The Greatest American?"

WHEN did men of the cloth become media whores?

Congrats to the winners of Moore's Freedom of Speech Schol. at SCUSM

The Babe Theory

rumsfeld says it'll take at least 12 YEARS to defeat the 'insurgency'

Research question for SDI followers on x-ray laser....

The Gitmo Cookbook (Repig Propaganda duJour)

I keep hearing that the new 'torture' photos are going to be released.

Unitarian Jihad - Oldie, but Goodie!

Disney pulls shark's fin from Hong Kong park menu

The lady on C-Span, ileana ros-lehtinen said...

"Top 11 Signs that You Might Be a Lame Duck"

Do you remember what was on the news four years ago?

Are you a Dem or a Green in Disguise, or?

look at this picture of Bush and tell me he is NOT crazy

This day in history-Korean War and Smithsonian begin-Mormon leader ends

Are we ready for the terror alerts again?

Any ladies want to write some nasty letters

At least Bill Clinton Apologized for his Lie

14 yr. old girl killed by shark. 'she died happy'

Fourth Of July Fireworks Expected When NASA Blows Up Comet

Anyone know how the Freepers March for Private SS Accounts went?

Rove Republicans Prepare for War (from Michael Bérubé)

Stephanie Miller just played a hammered "Hammer"

so on Rummy's Timetable, we should be at 25,000 dead G.I.'s by 2016

Why is Bush negotiating with terrorists and calling for an end to torture?

annoying Schiavo plot on "Dead Zone"?

BTK Killer Waives Right to Trial, Pleads Guilty to 10 Murders

Do you think the Bush admin cringes every time Rummy does an interview?

Is this a best of Springer? He's REALLY talking about China and our Debt!

U.S. to resume plutonium 238 production-report

sposed to be a Bush/Schroeder news conference this morning,right?

U.S. Apache helicopter down in Iraq, two killed

Funny comment on the SC ruling about Eminent Domain

Euan Blair, David Dreier and Gay Stereotypes: Some DUers Need to Grow Up

New Wild West: The price of Bush's drive for energy

Rove trashes the Dems for trying to understand the enemy.Then gwb says

the GM employee discount -- who are these employees?

Iraq is NOT about "democracy" and "freedom". It never was.

Judith "Judis" Miller might go to jail now!

Anyone want some perspective on "a dozen years of war?"

I must say, the two differing rulings on the Ten Commandments were...

Is your budget able to absorb higher gas prices? CNN quick vote

Saudi held for attempting to kill Bush

Yet another MSM B*ll S*it question of the day

BTK Killer Admitting his murders in detail on CNN

Graham-Clinton Lovefest Irks Evangelical Big

What does the SC's refusal to hear the CIA leak case mean? n/t

Republicans Suggest Backlash Against Baseball If Soros Group Wins Bid To B

Scientology bashing GOOD? But Christianity bashing BAD?

Did ever suggest their be NO military response to 9/11?

Mike Luckovich nails the Recruiters and Repukes Not Serving

AlterNet's New Look...

I've started a Sensenbrenner googlebomb.

As Torture Survivors Watch . . .

Iraqi Americans sour on war

Today's a pretty good day to be an atheist

George W. Bush Voted "The Worst American"

US pilots killed in Iraq helicopter crash

Rove is a coward and should be treated like one.

The Young Labeled 'Entitlement Generation'

Is there a List of Bush Family "Chickenhawks"?

Tibetan nun's tale of torture reveals Chinese brutality

If they are so adamant to put 10 of something on the wall...

Report details secret detentions of US-based Muslim men

Li'l Georgie thought he had himself his very own Grenada.

Web Site Makes Gov't. Reports Available

CREW files FEC complaint against Frist

everyone keep just_the_facts in your thoughts,

Have any NAMED UK officials confirmed the DSM?

Stifling Baghdad despairs as water cut adds to misery

"Property battle heads to states" ..'was your land.."

Lies, Damn Lies and the Fools Who Believe Them...Doug Thompson

Today's obvious poll: Renquist

Tom Cruise and his scientology are getting out of hand.

magnetic material

Again the Bush administration has been caught altering scientific reports

DU Trivia Time-How Many Names Has The Iraq War Had?

Ha ha! Reader zings Kurtz and Post on Downing Street Minutes.

Breakdown of SC decisions on religious monuments (corrected)

They are hiding the obviously female names of the marines

The big difference in protecting sources and the first amendment

If he sticks to his script and comes off like he will prolong our agony

16 yrs. after Valdez oil spill, no money for Alaskans- $5 billion due

Bush Nominee For EPA Enforcement Chief Has History Siding with Polluters

Ten Commandments allowed on the grounds of State House

just in: Supreme Court- Ten Commandments NOT ALLOWED in courthouses

I've been away, how did DU respond to China's bid to buy US Oil Co.?

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Reporters' Appeal Over Subpoenas

US Spurned Kim's 2002 Proposal

I just watched the "Bush's Brain" documentary about

So...when do Miller and Cooper go to jail? n/t

So how big will this SECRET AIR WAR be?

the key to success in Iraq is for Iraqis to be able to defend their

self delete

Conyersblog: The Blog Relaunches Soon... (Next Steps on DSM Soon...)

Anyone here know anything about the Rosicrucians?

what bothers me most

Denver Post - Blames Liberals for 5th Amendment Ruling

Well, at least now I know why they thought it would be a cakewalk

What kind of reaction would there be if the US caught Bin Laden?

Those durn Religion Bashers are Dangerous!!

Torture pictures are due to be released when? Tuesday? Is that

Not everything that isn't DSM related is a diversion n/t

One of The Women Killed on Thurs. Was a Naval Reservist?

Freeper's can't figure out the SCOTUS rulling on the 10 Commandments

Is the Liberal Media covering up our Illegal Secret Air War against Iraq?

"Paranoid and delusional" soldier arrested(after Amber Alert for his kids)

I post this from time to time...On becoming a rethuglican.

It's a trunk! It's a TRUNK, I said. STOP LAUGHING!

Website-Joint Advertising/Market Research & Studies-Pentagon

Bush Calls Freedom from Torture "Inalienable Human Right"

Can Africa become a bi-partisan issue?

Killen Trial

Slippery Slope?????

10 commandments issue is a diversion

China on global hunt to quench its thirst for oil

C-SPAN2 - they are propagating the story of

George W FraWD! a little rich frat boy douchebag with shit for brains

Is There Any Known Connection to the Anthrax Vaccine and Liver Failure?

A recent e-mail from my Senator...

Can we get Elmer Fudd elected to prove hacking of votes ocurred and would

Rep. Graves (R-Drunk)

One Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Two American soldiers now killed in Iraq

Kozlowski urges jail time - for himself

Looking for a 2004 Election Map.

Bush Tyranny In Iraq Surpasses That Of Saddam.

Question about Nuclear power plants.

Who let Bob Boudelang e-mail Newshounds on their computer?

Iran next stop on the GWB World Invasion Tour???

Rumsfeld war briefing coming up: these things are always so much fun

Bush Threatens To Veto Sea Monkey Research Legislation

The Stock markets are still a'fallin'

The voice from Iraq is getting louder.

The Leaderless West - a land of opportunity

Downtown Chicago: 2.45 Regular Unleaded - What's it like by you?

Americans Don't Believe bushCo On Iraq (sound familiar, Rummy?)

DNC Action Alert: Tell President Bush: Get Osama Bin Laden Now!

War on Terror, War on Drugs. Whats next? War on Sharks?

DNC Action Alert: Tell President Bush: Get Osama Bin Laden Now!

Proverbs 1:10-19. I rest my case.

Americans Don't Believe bushCo On Iraq (sound familiar, Rummy?)

DNC Action Alert: Tell President Bush: Get Osama Bin Laden Now!

Army Staff Sgt. Christopher N. Piper

Proverbs 1:10-19 on waging war on innocents for profit

Dobson beats 12 pound dog

During Vietnam, Rumsfeld Criticized Administration For “Credibility Gap

I just got a new kitten-unfortunately he came with a name I can't

Rumsfeld is the poster boy for ASSHOLE

"Flame Retarded" ...Daily Show video....

More on the creationist crack-up over the Dover textbook suit

Now up on the archive: Sunday Monitor

Video of Jon Stewart and the GOP porn star.....funny as hell

Another person attacked by Shark in Cape San Blas,Florida

I just got a new kitten-unfortunately he came with a name I can't

These bastards are sick

Proverbs 1:10-19 on waging war on innocents for profit

On t.v. they are interviewing about the shark attack

Rummy pulling the old trick again....connecting Iraq to 9/11

Video of Stephen Colbert and the GOP porn star.....funny as hell!

Wanted Posters

Final SCOTUS rulings before summer break

Franken really need to go to guest hosts...

Jeez - DU is being a total 'tard today!

Did you guys hear Thom Hartmann reading directly from front page of DU??

What is the latest casulty figure as of today?

Every single person who thinks the 10 Commandments should be displayed...

No missing blonde people today - Hooray!

Did Rumsfeld give insurgents same deal on chem weapons he gave Saddam?

Labeling DU for this or that is just so lame.

does the man make the times or

I missed the Talking Heads this weekend: What's up with Rove's comments?

Amazing prediction: Iraq "insurgents" will step it up tomorrow

Zombie Woof

Air America - Morning Sedition ratings?

From Alterman's blog: More on the ALA and the Patriot Act

Great toon

What would you LIKE to hear from Chimpy tomorrow night?

Jay Leno last Friday Night

SC against P2P

"Oh no, we're not a white Christian party."

"Journalists" going to jail for not revealing sources to the gov't.

Tsunami aid 'went to the richest'

Regular Unleaded Gasoline will cost ________/Gal. by end of summer

Monday 6 Pm KCET "Is it time to REorganize labor"

Religious changes in the U.S.

Trad. Values Coalition: SC Continues its Attack on Religious Freedom

Guess the quote. Chilling look into a cult mentality..

Oil at $60.80 a barrel.

Bush speech tomorrow night, i think he's gonna ask for more $$$

All it takes is one Congress Critter......

China will never use U.S.-style gunboat diplomacy for her energy needs?

Okay, copy sent to editor...

Bill Would Pay for Health Coverage for Some National Guardsmen

Schadenfreude: Enjoy the wailing and gnashing of Freeper teeth!

Out of Iraq Caucus goes to the Floor

Quick question...

A Different Take On The Casualties Map (from the Top 10 Idiots today)

Is it a coincidence that "SCalia" and "SCumbag" both start with SC

Randi's caller, psycho

Need to research government reports? Site to bookmark

Christianity imbues (Hawai'i R Lt. Gov.) Aiona's public life

Can someone please help me locate my G spot?

Re: My G Spot: I found it... never mind

Why does the media freak out about shark attacks?

Former MI5 Agent Says 9/11 An Inside Job

MSNBC Live Poll on SCOTUS 10 Commandments ruling:

Come on in..the water's fine!

Homicide Bombers

i thought only that rotten Clinton cared about polls, what about bush?

You know when * said, "You are either for us or against us"

prayers for a DU member

Christian Fundementalism has ruined Christianity almost beyond repair.

Liberal passes O'Reilly and Hannity in ratings in Fox house if ill Repukes

if our own leaders won't obey the commandments, who needs em'?

Re pukes always have to lie, cheat and steal huh? Example: Tammy Bruce.

Keep it STRAIGHT - Miller and Cooper are protecting Bush's WHITE HOUSE

Analysts Say Washington May Still Attack Iran

Surely there are other ways to desecrate a flag without burning it.

Hasn't the US already lost the war on terrorism?

Bush has hastened the day of our economic and military collapse.

Conyers for Pres? No. Why not Judiciary Chair?


"Two girls from Maine....nutjob in Arizona"

Can anyone pose this question to Bush?

Parents Can Pass Divorce To Children, Researcher Says

From servicemember to sex offender: Military battling child porn scourge

Anxiety, insomnia, seizure meds not covered by new Medicare laws

DNC Action Alert: Tell President Bush: Get Osama Bin Laden Now!

TvNewsLies on WingTV

1742 Reasons why the DSM is Important

These things have become clear in the past few years:

I saw Pat Robertson this morning saying 'we must kill the insurgents'.

SCOTUS file sharing decision here

I'll Say it Again: Dems Need To Shut Down The Senate re Rove's Comments.

Christian Coalition LIVID with Sandra Day-O and the "tyrannical" Supremes

I know we talk here all the time about food etc

Draft Republicans!

The Firm: Scientology and the CIA

I've always been careful about using the word "evil." However

My Gawds!! What has happened to AMERICAN WOMEN'S BODIES?????

Former Guantanamo prisoners freed by Pakistan allege Koran abuse

Any excel geniuses out there that can help me with this?

Photo Leaked of Karl Rove's Arrest...

Experts say US complacent on nuclear terror threat

We're a single SCOTUS vote away from a Theocracy

Leiter: 95 Theses against the religious right

Scalia: "Unlike FRANCE, the US was not founded as a secular state!"

*Co, "Give Us your Flesh!"

'Super Safe Sunday' on hold after deadly shooting.....

Mark Kleiman's "Reality-based" Weblog goes off the deep end

Ozone action days, cooling centers... McCreary Ruling Raises the Bar for Creationism/ID

We fed the beast, talked nicely to it, asked others to play with it

Iraq Is Now Worse Than It Was Under Saddam

ACTION ALERT for Californians-Local democracy under threat in California

SUV Drivers Not Patriotic, Survey Finds

Space Ring Could Shade Earth and Stop Global Warming

Vote For My Threadless Submission!

Sign Senator Kennedy's petition: RUMSFELD MUST RESIGN!

Chimp Models The Latest French Fashion!

Who will pass out forms for me at Nevada?

TBTM Radio #47: 'Symbolman Goes To Washington'

The Constitution recognizes no higher authority than "We The People"

Bush's NASA Stunt! Blow up Comet for 4th of July Fireworks / USPower Show

Religion bashing GOOD? Race bashing BAD?

When Was The Last Time Peter Jennings Was On T.V.?

Public Transportation

Skinny Puppy DVD Has Documentary About Iraq - Information Warfare

Anthrax Spores and Giuliani Lore

BWAHAHAHA! Shrub is "notoriously shy" of something?

OMG! The NBC Nightly News is going to do a Tom Cruise story.

$3.09 for Unleaded? why, I just won't pay it, no sir, not gonna do it.

Was Janet's breast flash worse than airing BTK's descriptions of his

Beware of the magic Bush dust.

What are your thoughts on Peter Singer?

Why does this woman not know how to wave?...and at her age?

Hotel Halliburton

Social Network's Healing Power is Borne Out in Poorer Nations

Uh-oh, here's the Justices that the RW'ers will go after.

So how about that list of greatest Americans, eh!

Complaint Filed Against South Carolina Officer for Proselytizing On Duty

Conyers to relaunch Blog - I think I'm finally speechless

suggestions needed.

I saw a Kerry/Edwards bumpersticker today

Community Speaks

Shake Shake Shake,, in So Cal....Quake-aroo

How soon will "developers" begin petitioning local govts. to take homes ?

Col. Kurtz: How to win in Iraq

"The President recognizes one of his most important responsibilities

I heard this on Springer again today I hope it's not a recycle

New Kerry Letter Re: Voting Rights

Where's Dick? Where are Laura and Jenna?

"Nice try, Herr Rove" SUPERB!!! Doug Basham SLAMS Rove!

If it's true that 49% of this country has committed treason, then why

Greta Van Jackson Trial is now highest rated 'news' show on cable

Kelo v New London "taking" was originally the idea of Republicans

Nancy Grace is theater people

I have a question regarding Rummy and Defibrillator Dick

Yeah, Afghanistan is doing great, Dick. Video.

RNEP...How much more insane does George W. Bush need...

Can the Corporate Mentality be...

Arnie's Secret Police*** National Guard sets up state intelligence unit

The Sunshine Boys

U.S. Military to Expand Prisons in Iraq

I'm watching Dean again on TDS, and I think he did really great.

The Ten Commandments for Politicians

Neat Florida hurricane facts I saw today.


Durbin: Can someone supply a direct link to the exact quote...

Father rapes daughter, gets time served and probation

Venezuela dimisses jitters over nuclear program

Question about corporations:

On religious attacks..

Reminder: Abu Ghraib photos release is Thur 6/30

It might benefit us to start calling our female politicians by their title

Bush's First Post-Downing Street Speech on Iraq

BTK Killer on Countdown

Are you Ready to email the media?

Damage control: US commander refutes Rumsfeld on meeting terrorist leaders

Tweety interviewing Rev. Graham

Let's name Americans that Ronald Reagan was, apparently, greater than.

Moved recently to a red state -- Bush/Cheney bumperstickers burn me up.

6/28/05: Bomb Torture Kill President Coldly Describes Crimes on T.V.

What are the REAL U.S. troop casualties?

Michael Smith interviewed on To The Point tonight

pro-Bush Rabbi says Hitler was right about the media

Prediction Thread: Tomorrow night's "speech" by Chimpy McCokespoon!

US outsources Iran invasion to Iranian military....

Full Coverage: The Downing Street Memo

If something really is seriously wrong with dick,

Stonewall riots: June 27th, 1969

Re: Shark Attacks. In the summer of 2001, the most reported topic

" U.S. Has Plans to Again Make Own Plutonium"

I have a question about American politics

A New Alternative to the Theory of Evolution: Spiteful Design!

PBS Frontline *Private Warriors*

Alberto Gonzales on Charlie Rose tonight (Monday)

How many times are we going to hear BTK confession details?

Oil Settles a Touch Below $61 on High Demand, Iran Jitters

Question on new SCOTUS ruiling

Reading Soldiers Names Killed in Iraq and Afghanistan CSPAN House floor

Should Dems give up on the Flag Burning Amendment? Will it hurt us

If Cheney Dies, Will They Put Bush In Charge?

Is "philanthropist" the Wal Mart heir's REAL legacy?

I just got home...NO SCOTUS retirements?

So we're fighting a war allegedly to free people . . .

Rumsfeld laments the administration's loss of credibility on the war

Cheney visited hospital, but not for heart (Vail Daily News)

Does anyone know what the SCOTUS ruled on file sharing ?

About the electric cut-off and the man's death.

Why do many DUers hate Nancy Grace?

Is this the title of cuckoobananas speech?Texas Chainsaw Massacre.n/t

Tom Hayden on MoveOn

Well, What Were The SCOTUS Decisions Today

I LOVE Fox's Web Site

Place yer bush-bets here!

German police baffeled by Bush poo-flags

How in God's name is it a "liberal" Supreme Court. 7/9 repub. appts.

Santorum friend to animals!?

Rove comments: softening the resistance to Iran invasion?

This is just disgusting..................

Where's Paul Bremer?

What is the best book for a beginner installing Mandrake 10.1.

AP: Animal Groups Praise Sen. Rick Santorum

"Recommend that people throughout the world launch actions against US & UK

"Democrats, get ahead of the curve" II

Not to beat a dead horse but suppose it had been Elian Gonzalez'...

World Tribunal on Iraq Preliminary Declaration

Sniper, 22, killed British peace activist to "teach him a lesson"

Why are Americans the most violent "advanced" nation?

Now 'friends', Poppy hosts Bill Clinton at Kennebunkport estate

I really Hate Neil Cavuto

HBO is running "Citizen Cohn" again

Why doesn't the world just slow the fuck down?

Did San Walton deserve his Silver Star?

So... still not a peep about Cheney?? How many days now?

Ed Klein writes Parade's Personality Parade. That explains it.

dems run Jesus in 08...Rove's TV ads destroy the candidate

Did anyone catch Joe Conanson on Al Franken's show dissing Joe Klein?

Judge Hems Terror Evidence in Calif. Case

Please don't judge me by the actions of the State of Ohio

What time is the karl rove production tomorrow?

Plane crash kills son of Wal-Mart founder

Tired of Support the Troops magnets?

Anyone catch Bunny Greenhouse testimony on cspan2?

DU this poll about the Ten Commandments...

Michael Simmons: Oil Fields of Saudi Arabia are nearing exhaustion.

Paul Bremer now on a commission investigating Iraq govt corruption!?!

Was Andrea the ##### Mitchell just on my TV!?!

Ask Meghan O'Sullivan a question

Is Bolton somehow hooked into Plame affair?

I got a survey from Howard Dean and the Democratic NTL committe

A Wingnut Explains His FEAR of Hillary

Bill Clinton and bush I take a boat ride

Hospital Victims Project--something to get pissed about--sign petition

A Little Something To Brighten Your Evening! (NEW CNN/GALLUP #'S)

Got a phone call after my Letter to the editor was printed in the paper..

A war of disabilities

Are they releasing the court ordered torture pics June 30??

XM's satellite radio network could get drafted for military use

FBI targets activists in San Diego, other cities

On c-span: Curt Weldon R-Penn with a chart on Al Qaeda

The house had a memorial for fallen soliders

Hearing on Iraq Reconstruction Projects

Toward a better Ten Commandments

Bush has hastened the day of our economic and military collapse.

Freepers display their ignorace (this time, on 10 Commandments ruling)

Have any DUers had a near death experience? The kind where

Don't Call Me Crazy On The 4th Of July

Nancy Grace is leaving a wet spot on her chair.

If stem cells are 'living', can we deduct them on our taxes?

C-Span quoted Democrat senator today saying Gitmo is a fab place???

Did Hitler express as much hatred as the GOP does

Will there be a Democratic rebuttal to Man-or-Monkey tomorrow night?

"Fix Our Future: The Storm For Reform"

Pentagon Lies About US Military Deaths in Iraq

So remind me again, why is Judith Miller going to the slammer,

World Tribunal on Iraq Meeting the week, no coverage from Media *LINK*

PHOTOS My Child was injured at a restaurant, what should I do?

Hi freeway bloggers... here's simple instructions on link

Ok... I'm calling bullshit.... Disapproval ratings reach a high point ?

Question (research): Who exactly is "C" in the Downing Street Minutes?

Media TARGETS FOR MONDAY, JUNE 27--from Downing Street Memo.Com

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shout Out

What Would GOD/JESUS Say To This???

Same Sex Marriage across Canada

I could care less if Bill Clinton's hanging around Bush Sr.

Just remember folks; BTK was a Registered Republican and a Church Elder

Just back from dinner at repub/fundie inlaws...

Haha, PASTIS: Osama lives with CLUELESS "Family Circus"

Taught class on Ft. Bragg tonight...

Can't we fight the Sharks over There so we don't have to over here?

Idea: turn empty, abandoned Walmarts into . . .

Afghanistan On The Brink - British Defense Officals Leak

The Oregonian responded to my letter to the editor!

What movies best reflect the US's foreign policy?

Why don't the Republicans get their Savior to buy the Nationals?

Well, well, well. I see Dick Cheney's daughter is in "Near East Affairs."

Caption this pic of shrub

I am PROUD to be a part of this crazy group of patriots

You know, technically I've broken every single one of the 10 Commandments

Jobs disappearing all over.

I'm a liberal. I believe in science. I believe in God and Jesus too.

If you could force bush to obey JUST ONE of the 10 cmmts. which one?

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday June 28

Song title?: "They passed a law in '64 to give those who ain't got a...

Dembloggers: Sensenbrenner Yells At Constituents (With Audio!)

Wingnut LTTE Caribbean Net News says that * should invade Aruba.

WHOA! Law firm TV Ad in Houston addresses WHISTLE BLOWERS!

"Christian Medical Association" bucks AMA, invokes Nazi comparison

Sibling Rivalry --PIX-->>>

Could you live on $12,380.80 a year working double full time?

Santorum blames Boston for Priest Sex Scandal

HELLO DU, Wash. Post A1 on all the Downing Street Minutes/Memos.

Downing Street Minutes to Hit House Floor - ACTION ALERT

STOP THE RIP OFF! Looking for New Models for the Energy Sector

Australian state set to ban glue traps for mice

SCOTUS - has thomas ever differed from scalia?

Neocons Legislating Christianity = Christian Reich

Waiting for the next neocon 9/11-- Iran did it! Isn't it obvious??

Cable TV: a la carte=higher prices?

Incest and sexual abuse within the Amish community

Great Photo: Documentary Captures 'March of the Penguins' (NPR)

Are there Christians in Islamic Terrorist Groups?

If it came down to Hillary and Barbara Boxer who would you endorse?

Miss America shuttled to CMT

How many of us here take antidepressants?

Fake Terror Threat?

Pics from Saturday's Fox News Lies Denver protest (large files)

The new right-wing Sesame Street set to debut

Damn, is Randi like super-surly today or what?

My rebuttal to the Christopher Hitchens hit piece on DSM

TOONS for Monday

Elderly Man With Emphysema Dies When Company Cuts Power, Stops Oxygen

Bush will get clobbered on "Eminent Domain"

Stick the TRUTH Label on um: "Bush/ Blair WAR"

Pentagon auditor: HALLIBURTON abuse "worst contract abuse ever seen"

Any news of our missing VP today? Rumors, even? The silence is deafening!

No More Excuses! End The Abuses!: Post 2 New Protest Poster/Flyer!

Taking one for the team - I'm now a freeper.

Justice Brennan quote on flag-burning. Something to chew on.

If you must, at least buy your overinflated oil at CITGO

Now that the Supremes smacked down the 10...

Air America Radio ad for DU?

Is a potential Chinese acquisition of UNOCAL a national security threat? uses Chuck Hagel's speech in an ad

Anyone want to buy my cancer cure?

William the Conquer, Alexander The Great,....Bush The Wimp???

Cheney's Dead?

DeLay's staff a no show for his constituents.

"That car is killing us. The boat is, too."

Rep. Joe Barton Harrassing Scientists Who Warn of Global Warming

World Tribunal on Iraq: "We the people of conscience decided to stand up."

I have seen so many attacks on religion & attacks on attacks

'Cancer myths' believed in U.S., poll shows (includes a cure being hidden)

FIGS! What do I do with them?

question for Hubs2Sparkly--and anyone else who wants to comment on copper!

Soldiers head into danger

Sacha Trudeau helping accused terrorist Almrei

Paul Martin for Dummies

Toronto Pride Parade Draws 125,000

Conservative MP from Langley is predicting a drop in traditional marriage.

Deal with Bloc taints marriage bill's legitimacy: Harper

The Old "I'm a Candian" Trick

"Ann Widdecombe to the rescue"?

As doctors, we see the cancer that eats away at the NHS

Some in G.O.P. Call on Bush to Focus on Governing

Former commander confirms Chile's role in Falklands conflict

WP: Is Frist Up to Task Of Being President? (uhh, NO!)

Diana had fling with John Kennedy Jr: book

US to resume plutonium 238 production-report

Bush's Credibility on Iraq Undercut by Violence, Slow Progress

Death of Afghan elder raises tension

Investigators raid French finance ministry

Evicted 'Denver Three' Gain Support in Quest

Supreme Court Promises Eventful Day

LAT obituary: Fred Dutton, 82; Key Aide to Kennedys and Gov. Pat Brown

Danish police ready for possible attack during Bush visit

From servicemember to sex offender: Military battling child porn scourge

WP: NASA Chief Sees Space As Inside Job: Aims to Develop In-House Talent

General Admits to Secret War

CNN: SCOTUS rules AGAINST 10 Commandments on gopv't property.

CNN Breaking News: [SCOTUS] rules 10 Commandments displays are not allowed

No need for ties with Washington, says Iran's hardline new President

SCOTUS says Cable Companies Don't Need to Share Lines

Pension funding turns to general revenue

Supreme Court Rules Against Courthouse Ten Commandments Displays

Final Press Release from World Tribunal on Iraq

U.S. to resume plutonium 238 production-report

No more cover-up of nudes at U.S. Justice Dept

Supreme Court Won't Hear CIA Leak Case (Miller, Cooper appeal rejected)

Pastor Hinn in Nigerian money row

Commandments displays barred at courthouses

US bans Commandments in courtroom

Embassy helped on Euan job: Times

Supreme rules 5-4 - no Ten commandments in Courthouse - broken link

Kuwait: Cheney's Daughter Praises Female Vote

UN nuclear inspectors back, Iran reassures worried world

Damascus not backing militants: Allawi

Iraq bombings kill 25 as Rumsfeld confirms US rebel contacts

Policy for public housing raises concerns (Bush plan limits poorest)

Blair's son to intern with U.S. Republicans

EU Iran policy 'needs no change'

Blair admits G8 climate deal 'very difficult'

Bush Nominee For EPA Enforcement Chief Has History Siding with Polluters

Ten Commandments Display Allowed by U.S. High Court (Update3)

UH OH !!! U.S. reportedly to bring back plutonium 238

Momentum in Iraq Favors Democracy, Casey Says

IRAQ WRAPUP 1-Iraqis put on brave face after Rumsfeld remarks

ACLU: Scores of Muslim Men Jailed Without Charge

LAT: Sense of Urgency at U.N. Over Nuclear Trade

Mombasa bombing suspects cleared (blamed on Al-Qaida)

Center for Torture Victims speaks out against alleged torture by U.S.

'Tribunal' urges direct action to protest Iraq war - war crimes

Rich Rewards For the Region's Corporate Elite

Two Helicopter Pilots Killed in Crash North of Baghdad

Geologists to look again for oil in Appalachian foothills

Final SCOTUS rulings before summer break

Baghdad Deputy Chief of Police Assassinated; As 33 Killed in Mosul

Bush open to permanent German UN Security Council seat

Dosanjh reportedly set to ban bulk drug sales (Canada -affects states)

After Combat, Sailor Redraws Battle Lines

Stem cell debate hits close to home in House, Senate

Iraqi Leader: 2 Years Enough for Security

Baghdad Car Bombing Kills 4, Injures 16

As insurgency holds, US prepares long Iraq campaign

LAT: Social Security Plan Hits Shoals: Bush style collides with politics

Bush firm on Iranian nuclear program

Pentagon officials downplay seriousness of talks with insurgent sympathize

Former Guantanamo prisoners freed by Pakistan allege abuse of Koran

High Court Adjourns with no retirements

US Senate to vote on energy bill, House talks loom

Korea Stops Funding for Neocon Think Tank


U.S., Britain led massive secret bombing campaign before Iraq war declared

Iraqi American support for war plummets

U-S military official says negotiations will end fighting in Iraq

The unofficial war: U.S., Britain led massive ...

Israeli [soldier] guilty of shooting Briton

Experts To Shark-Phobes: Attack On Girl Not A Trend

Fire at Florida Nuclear Power Plant Causes Minor Leak; No Damage to Reacto

No Retirement Announcements at High Court

Hayes: Guantanamo conditions significantly better than have to be

A Statistical Look at Iraq Over the Past Year

(CNN) BTK waives jury trial, pleads guilty to all ten counts of murder

Nunn: Terrorists winning the race to acquire nuclear weapon

Home Office 'Freezing Zimbabwe Removals in Summit Ploy' (Scotsman)

Military to Expand Prisons Across Iraq

Saudi held for attempting to kill Bush

UK to continue Zimbabwe returns (of asylum-seekers) (BBC)

Twelve more years ...By Pepe Escobar

Crime-busting cameras: a US-city experiment

NYT- Some in G.O.P. Call on Bush to Focus on Governing


Pentagon Lies About US Military Deaths in Iraq

Agency funding raises 'red flag'

Deputy Shoots At Child Driver During Chase (Lakeland, Florida)

WalMart heir dies in plane crash

Police chief scotches G8 security men reports

Rains Cause Flooding and Slides, 39 Killed in El Salvador and Honduras

U.S. contradictory on foreign elections - critics

Washington Woman Killed By Suicide Bomber In Iraq (18-year-old son)

U.S. moves to supply Egypt air defense units

An eye for an eye, rules Iran court

Marcia Lieberman dies at 90

The House moved Monday to mark 50th anniversary of desegregation: coin

Watchdog Group Files Complaint Vs. Frist

Child burnings increase in Afghanistan

Drivers get hit at gas pumps as oil prices climb

Farmers Protesting in Paraguay

Syria Delegation to Travel to Iraq

Shark Attacks 2nd Teen Off Fla. Panhandle

New UN-sponsored project seeks to rescue Amazon from deforestation

Congress applauds file-sharing ruling

Allawi Discusses Syria Border Militants (not backed by Syrian Gov't)

D.C. Battling Boom in Illegal Work on Homes

States Asked to Cover Drugs Excluded from Medicare

Islamic Law Controls the Streets of Basra

Spokane Mayor West Appeals Ruling Allowing Recall Petition to Go Forward

Son of Wal-Mart founder killed in plane crash


Lear Corp. targets jobs, plants (7,700 job cuts)

Israel apologizes for Mossad attempts to gain New Zealand passports

Strikes intensify against Iraqi troops

2(FL) counties risk lawsuits for spurning touch-screen voting machines

Miller/Cooper Case Returns To Federal Judge (Valerie Plame case)

A New Law Dividing Iraq into 28 Electoral Districts

Pentagon reaffirms rules for doctors handling terror suspects

Arroyo says her voice on tape, denies rigging poll

Schwarzenegger's Solar Plan Generating Opposition (utility surcharge)

U.S. military raises Fallujah death toll

Democrats Press for More Veterans Funds (Kerry and Byrd)

Court Strikes a Blow Against Freedom Online

Rehnquist confounds speculation over resignation

NYT: Panel Says NASA Still Falls Short on (shuttle) Safety Issues

High court hands big victory to cable (busy SC day)

Korea Stops Funding for Neocon Think Tank

U.S. grapples with intense Chinese spying

Booby-trapped dog explodes in Iraq

Republicans want sugar fix in CAFTA fight

900 Iraqis dead in 6 weeks – humanitarian work continues as crisis deepens

APA Statement on Psychiatric Practices at Guantanamo Bay

Blair: It's sensible to meet Iraq insurgents

Brain pacemaker lifts depression (small initial studies)


Top Pentagon officials to update Iraq progress

U.S. Apache helicopter down in Iraq - military

WCVB: Protesters To Disrupt Soldier's Funeral

BBC: Iraq reports corruption epidemic

WP: Poll: Iraq Optimism Premature:Most Dispute WH re. Weakened Insurgency

Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison Announces Bid for Third Term After Weighin

Watchdog group files FEC charge against Frist for '00 filing problems

Military Town Prepares for President's Visit

NYT - Breaking - SCOTUS Says File Sharing Services can be sued

GlaxoSmithKline Returns Anti-Depressant to Market

AP: Supreme Court Won't Hear CIA Leak Case

Low Rates Could Be Around for Long Term (NYT)

Time Mag: The Gimme-Five Game (Abramoff, DeLay, Reed, Norquist)

LAT: Meth's Grip in Midwest Strangles Authorities

Poll: Disapproval of Bush at High Point (CNN/Gallup)

Virgin Atlantic link to boost U.K. tourism to Cuba

Gold Star Mothers to Admit Non - Citizens

UN: Absolute Ban On Sending People To Be Tortured

Taft faces a widening scandal, Multiple investigations affect more GOP off

Iraq's Aziz says Saddam issued orders to quash Shiite uprising

NYT/AP: U.S. Box Office Hits Longest Modern Slump

WP: From Memos, Insights Into Ally's Doubts On Iraq War (DSM p. A1)

ABC News headline: WalMart Heir dies in Small Plane Crash

Court Splits on 10 Commandments Displays (ALLOWED at state capitols)

U.S., Canada, Mexico Pledge Security, expand trade

Supremes rule 5-4 against 10 Commandments in public buildings. Refused

(Supreme Court rules) Cops Can't Be Sued for Restraining Orders

Army Recruits Quickly Abused in Training

Christian Groups Plan More Monuments - Washington Post

Congressional Secrets On Web Site

Senators Seek Rules for Gitmo Detainees

Venezuela Seeks to Prove It Has World's Largest Oil Reserves

halliburton iraq deals described as contract abuse

Sunni men in Baghdad targeted by attackers in police uniforms

Statement By The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia (Prince Bandar)

But you were born under a bad sign, with a blue moon in your eyes.

Our little cuzzins are pissed at me for being a liberal vet

I'm going to bed ...

I am 24 years old and I watch the Disney Channel all day and night ...

Holy Cow!

whenever i watch history channel...

Are there any fans of Dungeon Siege here?

Question about Adult Swim's "Venture Brothers"

i just got home......

Back after a very relaxing weekend

I'm confused.

Serious question/possible situation about drunk driving.

testing 1 2 3...

Deputy Shoots At 12 Year Old Driver As Attempting To Run Him Over

Why is bologna called baloney?

Just watched "Secondhand Lions".

If Darth Vader held a press conference...

Carefully consider (the following):

If thirty is the "new twenty" is sixty the new fifty?

City Accidentally Mows Native Prairie That Took 5 Years To Grow

Hi Everybody!

Gay TV Channel Coming To Cable (NOT Pay-Per-View)

Today is my birthday

DUer's in Europe - i offer 2-days festival pass for free.

The war got you down?

mountain dew or crab juice?

MatcomNews Update: Reporter DS1 gets exclusive pic of Dancing Principal!

Has anyone else seen Crash?

Front runner, so far, for haircut of the week

"That's Life! That's what alll the people say...."

Row over Indonesia transvestite show

You know what sucks? Nosy people

just found out from a friend that a guy i graduated with committed suicide

City may end speed limits in high crime areas (Rio)

It sucks

MATCOMNEWS is a typical US News Outlet

Does anyone else wanna puke when they see women wearing

Man In Wheelchair Hit By Train As He Was Coming From Church

Don't people know how to dress for weddings anymore?

Locksmith uses x-ray ater man swallows keys

Irishman fails in bee record bid

Boy Started Smoking At 20 Months Old (Pictured In 1933 Newspaper At 5)

Denny's Cashier Slams Robbery Suspect's Thumb In Drawer

"Pulp Fiction" on Spike TV: Worst. Edit. Ever.

Best remote third-party medical advice?

Is anyone else having trouble logging in to

Flies take over Russian village

Scientists create robot lobster

Did I give my cousin ok love advice?

Just watched "Secondhand Loins".

Yay, I get to go to a different zoo this weekend for more pictures :)

anybody else waiting for the onslaught of "shark attack"

How about the poor girl who got killed by a shark in Destin?

Info on Free Republic wanted...

YOUR tax money!- Bush vs. the science of Sea Monkeys

11,111 posts....

Check out this freeper IMDB reviewer - what a freak!

It's official. I am freaking insane.

BREAKING NEWS Supreme Court rules file-sharing services can be sued.

Take a BREAK! How many steps is it to the nearest RESTROOM?

I wanna get my freak on

I like the new trend of moving taser threads to the Guns forum

Man Playing Prank Swallows Friend's Truck Key By Mistake

Best Trey Parker/Matt Stone song NOT from South Park?

Why are brussel sprouts so picked on?

Where can I register a domain name?

Was Pooh's Heffalump Movie an anti-Bush message?

Romance is NOT dead

Is optimism rational & motivational, or is it illusory & debilitating?

Go see George A. Romero's Land of the Dead

Why do white men have "Play that funky music white boy" as their ringtone?

can you fight city haLL?

I Want A Bionic Dolphin DAMMIT! (Pic)

Best YTMND site ever


Voices of Tigger and Piglet die Friday and Saturday

Matcom Blames Cruise for Santorum

Benny Hinn brings miracles & healing to Nigeria: "things did not go well"

I worked hard on that DAMMIT!

Santorum blames Matcom for priest sex scandals.

Benny Hinn blames Matcom for stealing JimmyJazz's gas.

Doctors 'find dead foetus in boy'


Planning for the future is the same as not planning for the future.

I guess it was too soon for another autofill non-sequitur thread.

Seriously?? Vanna?? Getting a star?? WTF??

Why does the Boston Globe mention what the sunbathing guy is reading?

Battle of the auto-fill non sequitur threads. POST HERE, DAMMIT!

Best show on TV: MTV's Pimp My Ride

Hard hitting news that matters


Need a reason not to go to work? Try this.

*Paging Dr. Sniffa!*

Benny Hill blames Matcom for stealing JimmyJazz's gags.

Bring back the "N" in "DAMNIT", DAMNIT!

Who's your favorite Hater?


Who's your favorite P.I.M.P.?

Sometimes Freepers don't even know they're Freepers

not enough dead donkey jokes out there ...

Cry HAVOC and let loose the dogs of WAR RECRUITING!

My co-worker just brought me the most amazing sandwich

I am not making a birthday cake.

The end of the world as we know it: Cruise "Oprah" show on eBay for $20


I think my interview went well...

I think American Dad is severely underrated

"The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is naïve...

What's the deal with paraphenilia?


FUGGIT! Wait! That's not right is it?

what is the definition of "non-sequitur" ?

Bathroom Readers- what's your tome of choice?

Venezuela dimisses jitters over nuclear PROGMOM

PM me if you have yet to receive your Password of the day.

My GW Bush Toilet Paper has arrived - Ask me anything?

Creepy Music

Ow ow ow!!! I have a paper cut and I just got salt in it!

Kurt Wenner - this guy's art is amazing!!!

Man...Dolly Parton's REALLY let herself go to hell. Guess that's Show Biz.

Ow ow ow!!! I have a massive gaping head wound and I just got salt in it!


This just in from Iggy Pop

Petticoat Junction is on!

G*d created Adam and Eve,

Welcome back gmoney

Get yer ZombyCoffee here, DAMMIT!

HOLY SHITZ!!! No Idea?!?!?!?!?!?!? Be warned.


Talk to me people

In reference to the lousy Box Office Figs - Here's the top 20 BO Champs

I lost a bet to yvr girl. I thought 20 people would reply to her if....

Gesundheit, yvr girl

Is anyone else having problems with the forum running slow?

86 away from the 5K club. Foist upon me your inquiries!

Okay, I need your collective wisdom, DUers

Anyone know about metastasis of lung cancer to the brain? Prognosis?

Am I fickle?

Lynne "3 times" sin

I'm nothing

I just got a new kitten-unfortunately he came with a name I can't

Phil Spickler, Mimi Rogers' dad, former Scientologist, on L. Ron Hubbard


YEAH!!!!! JimmyJazz is back

Landmark Forum - Werner Erhardt - EST, etc.

I KNOW you are all fantasizing about ME

Is it too soon for another auto-fill non sequitur thread?

god damn it i'm angry today

Rachel Ray: heating up some meat on food network

PM's - What do you do if someone continues to hassle you?

You're going to need a bigger boat!

You were on the Indianapolis? What happened?

PMS- What do you do if it continues to hassle you?

ever fantasize about DUers?

MSNBC on Elton John's party: "Do not speak to Elton unless spoken to"

the phiLadeLphia phanatic is a bLatant rip off of the cap-city goofbaLL

Have you ever been to an Oxygen Bar?

Look at my cute dogs...

Will you watch the new Iraq War TV Drama "Over There" starting in July?

Time to give the dogs some Benadryl


Can you spell the 2004 National Spelling Bee final word that won the game?

Okay, you guys are in for it!

Look at my cute dogs...

The battle of the Toms: Cruise vs. Kinkade - the battle for your soul!

A S**TLOAD of history

Mullets Are Not Your Friend

Dinger Quiz:

I will no longer be a nameless, faceless cog in the corporate machine!!!

DAYUM! call me shallow call me anything but this is one fine looking lady

I just killed my air conditioner.

Re: My G Spot: I found it... never mind

Does anyone out there miss me??

What if "it" gets loose?

"Frank! I have a sick headache."

*growl grumble grouse grrrr*

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Bush is handling his presidency?

Is "The 4400" about Scientology?

No wonder we can't find Osama

Outlet Malls

Ah, Military Pop-Up Ads Now - WITH A TWIST!

I really need a cigarette

You TOO can be as smart as Tom Cruise

EVOO - extra virgin olive oil -- My Rachel Ray melt down...

Thank God for People Magazine.

Misunderestimator: I chickened out, but I did get you an autographed CD.

We all know Tom is a master of psychiatry and biochemistry, but...

Forget Tom Cruise gay rumors...what about George Takei?

Dylan was great last night

Dog issues AGAIN for me :(

Thank people for God Magazine

you see, we're a nation at war

Let's play: Overmedicated or Undermedicated

I need to find the ISP I am connected to - how can I? tracert don't work

BTK killer: I made a decision to put 'em down

$3.00 gas by August..

DU is slow today because I JUST HIT 1000 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!

We saw "Bewitched" yesterday afternoon.

Poll closed

Can someone please help me locate my G spot?

"Why are you such a stupid asshole?

Flying to Canada from the US; what documentation do I need ?

I think I found God

I want to become high maintenance, how do I go about it?

A Joke For You, Clean but Sacriligious!

is there anything in life worse than a snitch?

The Inspector opens his fly and begins looking for

Ear hair

in honor of Rancho Uly,

Should I go

Its That Time Of Month

Anyone heard of Saturday Night Palsy?

It's ninety fucking five degrees in the shade

40 years ago tomorrow (or today, if you're in this part of the world)...

TOMORROW on DVD: "The Daily Show: Indecision 2004"...3 DVD set

Tipping is not a city in China POLL

"...Oh gosh," Candy said, swallowing nervously, "...I don't think

Am I the only idiot on DU who didn't know that Skinner is-or-was married?

Can someone please explain to me how keyloggers get on my hard drive

Diana had fling with John Kennedy Jr: book

What contest would you choose against Death, with your soul as the stake?

Photo Contest: only a few minutes left to vote

The Yankees are losing, and it's YOUR fault!

I'll have 10 gallons of unleaded and the mu shu pork

Government paying marketing firm to get names for recruitment.

Cow tipping begins at dusk.

I don't want to jinx it, but it looks like I may finally have a job.

No such thing as a t. cruise, according to Chemical Imbalance

Well, I'm proud to be an American, cuz at least I know I'm free

Dammit... something bit the hell outta me.

10 more random questions:

Well it's official: I'm the neighborhood slut.

Better titles for the Next Food Network Stars' new show?

Star Wars Empire of Dreams is on A&E

Community sing-a-long thread!

June 29th, 1905 wanna get drunk again tonight?

Dead people who might have gotten together as a couple:

Mullet Airlines gave you roundtrip Tix. Which DU pal do you visit?

Any Yahoo! Euchre players in here?

Tornado warning in Osceola WI

In The Rough - Funny Video

Tom Cruise Is MY New DOCTOR!! and I am THRILLED to have

Ow ow ow ow ow ow!!!!

The video clip of Cruise on the Today Show... etc.

Post a photo of your Mullet! Yes its that time again

No such thing as a chemical imbalance, according to T. Cruise

Wolf Blitzer 'tease' For Rising Gas Prices, Shows A Gas Pump With $56.99

What's everyone doing for the 4th of July weekend?

Cleveland Indians Fans: "Coco Crisp" Is Up To Bat

I'm looking for someone to hold my umbrella over me.


Thunder storm is rolling in outside my house right now

Do you have a good speaking voice?


With two of the voices behind the cartoon Winnie-the-Pooh

Le Building, A very funny little film.

Keep the fires going while I am away.

Advisory: always use sunscreen.

Next time you stay in a hotel, look behind the paintings.

Wookie vs. Klingon. Who wins in a fight?

Watching "Nine Lives" starring Paris Hilton on satellite.

Air Force One: Bush is President instead of Harrison Ford

Ronald Reagan -- He didn't die after being shot!!!!

I'm so very sad. My Weimy either killed or attacked and scared off...

Get yer ZombyLove

Anything I can do about this?

Star Wars Episode III cracks all-time Top 10

Shrub's approval rating in Freepland: 68%

Stalker's Paradise (scary)

Ok, who just saw the King Kong trailer?

Cable wins Supreme Court battle

Showtime 8:00 pm - "SAME SEX AMERICA"

Billionaire John Walton dies and I'm his heir!

"Notorious" on TCM at 10 PM EST

My summer vacation in Alaska

If you get served crappy food in a restaurant, do you just take it?

I think I'm getting old...

****BREAKING****Xultar is puppysitting this week.

My sister is in labour!

Maryland/DC/Virginia baseball fans. Which team do you support?

Dan Shaughnessy has cursed the BoSox

y'think maybe there's a parallel universe next to ours where bush is cool?

Yesss,he shot me out of a cannon.

Why... I'm... leaving... DU...

Principal's Sexy Dance With Male Students Won't Get Her Fired

Government May Restrict Use Of Genetically Modified Farmers

Jumping the shark - my take on this week's Time cover.

What the hell? I am TIRED

You just KNOW Jerrod is so fucking sick of those Subway sandwiches.

Post on this thread, or I'll drown this puppy!

Dammit! I just made eye contact with Plato

Which would you date? Bruce Willis or Tom Cruise

Hello Alabama Du'ers! I'm in Montgomery, staying in a Hampton's


One for the Ladies

Radio Stations Having Hard Time Finding Howard Stern Replacements

OK, I'm pissed.

Yo, Mayberry Machiavelli. I won't post there. Go ahead, drown the puppy.

Anyone else watching the end of the world on the National Geographic

Have you ever REALLY looked at your hands? I mean REALLY looked?

The Cowardly Lion (pic)

Day 60....with still no washing machine. June 26th my ass.

Yeah, I know we already did pics today, BUT....

The definition of scampish

Replace A Word In Any Movie Title With The Word... LESBIAN

Is my new display pic a little too hyper?

I think I might like to try blogging...any suggestions to get me started?

Good Running Songs???

Post more random personal info about yourself thread.

You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy. You can't keep your eyes open....

Daily Show: Micheal Jackson is to blame for Bush's failures

This "Mind of Mencia" show is going to suck.

I'm getting old, dammit!

Cigarette-free for 16 days

Some help with Blog template editing

I'm watching Casino, ya fuckin' gabone... ask me anything.

Computer Alphabet. Starting with the letter A, name computer

"NO MORE EXCUSES! END THE ABUSES! " Lend Some Lounge Support!

Anyone else watching the end of the world on the National Geographic

Ever French-kissed a cat?

Oy Veh... I think I'm getting the rare and dredded...

I had a hot fudge sundae for dinner.

Don't Be A Larbage! Pick Up Your Garbage!

Who the Hell is Jimmyjazz ??

Holy crap...I finally started writing today.

Excellent news from Sirius's surgery this morning.


Alright time for a romance thread!

Who was looking for a protest song the other day?

Cow Tipping BEGINS at 15

Philly Live8 - great lineup but what the fuck - Toby Keith??

If you want to do romance right, you come see me

My name is Miss Ameri-bush.

so is there any myspacers here?

Who will tour longer--the Stones or U2?

My sons are in labour!

Check me out!! New Haircut and Glasses! (shameless vanity thread!)

We have a new cat (kitten)

Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world

Question with the "West Wing"

After 8 solid weeks, I just turned the telly on.

shit hat

Goran or Goran?

John Walton died and all I got was this lousy mountain.

Tipping begins at one dollar per person... At the buffet.

Two weeks of mod-dom.

My brain cells need exercise. Ask me anything!

American Psychiatric Association Responds to Tom Cruise's Today Show rant

Maybe I should post the Kama Sutra at the courthouse

Would you feel sorry for this guy?

I think I'm in love with mary carey, wow my kind of repug. wish

To people who replied to my questions that they have never met a DUer

I Saw A Book About Various World Religions at the Supermarket

How did you learn about the facts of life?

caption or photoshop this kitty!

This got buried in GD...On becoming a rethuglican.

Replace A Straight women In Any Movie Title With a... LESBIAN

10 Random Answers - You Guess the Questions


Who here remembers the joke that ends with the punch line...

If ya don't pay your exorcist...

Guys, marketers wanna know, are you metrosexual or retrosexual?

Admit it, are you blazin' the crop right now?

My Gawds!! What has happened to AMERICAN MENS BODIES?????

I hate to admit this. I am a helpless female when it comes to grilling.

so I finished taking the GREs today

WINNER of the June DU Photo Contest: Algomas!

Well it's official: I'm the neighborhood nut

watch the KING KONG movie trailer HERE:

Hypothetical: If you found out that someone you only know online...

bad server/customer stories

The song "Stay" always reminds me of my friend Robb

People are missing

first time ever tonight, kurt angLe to take on the nature boy, ric fLair

Am I pickles?

30-somethings. Do you go to a bar after work?

What a bunch of low down dirty motherfuckers

U.S. Box Office Hits Longest Modern Slump

EXCLUSIVE!! Photo Of DS1 At MATCOM'S BBQ Last Saturday!!

If you'd join me in the parlor, I believe I know now who the murderer is.


Fowl lip balm flying off shelves (Chicken Poop)

Best travel sites?

thanks for all the help moving the piano!

Let's talk public transporation etiquette...

Raise your hand if Sniffa is fantasizing about you

Lorien's cute kitten factory; our newest JUMBO FUZZY models! (pics)

Put on Savage Nation! Quick!

Tipping BEGINS at 15%

I Just Got Back From The Beach... SHARKS!!!

Post a photo of yourself! Yes its that time again

"BTK" serial killer pleads guilty in Wichita Kansas.

Texas BBQ: African American Style and Caucasian Style?

"Dubya", coming to NBC this fall

Zombie dogs brought back to life!!

More A-B-C fun: for each letter, tell the 1st city that pops in your mind

Liberal Redneck/Hick Rant

I had a weird-ass dream this morning

My dad (GreenLantern) and I are headed to mom's funeral shortly

Tigger AND Piglet died at the same time?

I think you Californians are CRAZY

Kitty people, need advice...

Liberal Yuppie Rant

Do you own a helmet? If so, what's it for?

My evil Reagan Goat tattoo.

I'm bored...ASK ME ANYTHING...

New technology makes Bush appearance for Tuesday's speech unnecessary

Please excuse me while I rant about my life

DSL users only: please try this speed test ...

Do you hate it when people say "yeah but he got paid a lot of money

Seriously, does my avatar and/or sig line offend anybody?

Even Shallower Alert! Post a picture of someone you think is attractive,

New picture thread! Post pictures in this thread!!

OMG! "Historic moment" on The Price is Right (SPOILER)

We need more Liberals on my board

I reported last year that I spotted Kudzu in Denver Colorado

I'm going to be laid up for awhile and joining Netflix to keep me occupied

"W" 04 = worthless."..fingerpainted in the dust on the back of

10 Random questions - what are your answers?

Lounge, may I have your attention please? I have an announcement.

Weird request - anyone made "jello" shooters with Agar Agar?

Disney Agrees to Ban Shark Fin Soup

Christian theology?: Those who are victimized are Jesus.

Is the Fundie God a terrorist?

This would make a good horror movie..except it is for real..people want to

Feingold, Collins, 3 Reps propose HIPPA change for "dangerous"

Xpost to GD

Obesity Sends Health Costs Soaring

Guns Germs and Steel comes to PBS in July

Gay Group Denies Bloomberg Endorsement For NYC Mayor

2600 Year Old Lesbian Love Poem Found

Sinclair Broadcasting at it again....

Court Orders Jerusalem Mayor Not To Interfere With Gay Pride

New Book Shows Diversity Of Gay Families

Kerry group called, wanting support and money. Guess which I gave?

"Activity in the Yankee Bullpen"

Yankees are unfortunely winning

Roenick to hockey fans: Think we're greedy? Don't come to games

John Rocker released by minor league team

Lorien’s cute kitten factory; our newest models

Astrology chart of Dennis Rader, Serial Killer & 1st Murders

Anybody else feeling dejavu??

astrology versus the rest of the post here

Anybody seen the movie, Travellers & Magicians ?

Anybody practice Reiki?

My ex-Lutheran cousin married his Catholic bride this weekend!

It's on !!! (maybe)

If you had any doubts that Christianity is evil, read this.

If anybody's here I need somebody to talk to badly.

Interesting Hearings this week

So Kerry poo-pooed the Latino media?

See who really supports the troops

GOP's other plans in MA (Sen in 2008)

Santorum Blames Boston for Catholic Priest Scandal

Another one for the Kerry Group! Now they are stating that Ed Gillespie

I will be in Massachusetts July 26-Aug 4th. Any takers?

I met europegirl4jfk in San Francisco!

My Dick Cheney Tin Foil Hat Theory

Kerry files for Veterans Budget Increase & A MA letter from JK

I have a serious question to ask everyone.

Calling all you folks who are creative at naming...

Few out door pics from mtn trip Friday

Here's to Algomas...winner and new champion!

Some advice on taking pictures at an ice skating event

OK, so who turned on the Mets-Yankees game on ESPN last night


Advertising gone mad

KOEB Puppet Theatre, Episode II

KOEB 6/27

Completely unsubstantiated item of interest.

Is it just me or is the DCCC filled with idiots?

Political Process and Participation

Bush and Condi's lasting "legacy" - terrific Rowson cartoon

Iran's new president is just like Bush

Similarites Between GWB And The New Iranian President (Video)

Riddle me this Batman

Rumsfeld Kind Of, Sort Of Contradicts Cheney on Meet the Press

US govt to world: do what I say, not what I do,.

The Army will miss its recruiting goal yet again

Draft Barbara Boxer in 08!

Have we already lost the war in Iraq ?

Thatcher in the dark on sinking of Belgrano

Reagan took a handbagging for less than total support

court strikes down religious displays

Happy Birthday... .... H. ROSS PEROT!!

Republicans already blaming liberals for inevitable Iraq loss.

I'm seeing a trend

Bush has a different withdrawl syndrome

ACLU Wins ... No 10 Commandments Displays on Gov't property

Democrats call for inquiry into 'Downing Street Memo' - Video report

Justices reject Ten Commandments at courthouses

Do taxpayers contribute more to PBS or C-SPAN...

Bush using the Military as Backdrop to hide failures as a president

Wanna Bet The Western Wildfire States Get Gov't Aid?

Romney downplays possible national run

Ex-GOP president of Arizona Senate in governor's race

smirk lied again - will not tear down Abu Ghraib - will make it larger

Video -- '60 Minutes' Reports On The Dangerous City Of Ramadi

Pataki to keep his secret a little longer

DEMbloggers Video: Outstanding John Edwards Speech From New Hampshire

??? ~ NEWS QUIZ ~ ???

Judges question use of Quran in taking oath

John Bolton Leads

Al-Qaeda group denies US talks - (still going to do jihad)

smirk plans secret nuke use

Does praise from rock stars let politicians off the hook?

FDR quote on telling the truth about war?

Iraqi Militants Blast Oil Pipeline South of Baghdad

New memo found proving plans were in place to overthrow Saddam *ILA Memo*

Republican chances for gains in Senate dropping off

New Bush drive for support on Iraq

Rep. Deborah Pryce says Dems represent interest of foreign

16 to 25? Pentagon Has Your Number, and More...

"US talking with insurgents" is a propaganda set-up...

Commandments Barred at Courthouse, but Not On Government Land. Huh?

The Wi-Fi Network needs it's own Al Gore

C-SPAN 3 Defense Contractor's Fraud hearing NOW.. Dorgan et al


General Casey just summed up BushCo's PR message on Iraq...

Bayh on the road, but all options open

David Broder on SS proposal by Sen 'DeepThroat' Bennett

Are the Republicans more united then the Democrats?

I wonder if the left puts out red-herrings

SCOTUS rulings released this morning

Cheney's passion kept him out of Viet Nam.........

12 years in Iraq: 10,452 dead, 77,130 wounded, $1.2 trillion price tag?

questions about the september 24 march....

Kerry campaign spent more on Bob Shrum than on Latino media outreach

What I only dream the troops tomorrow night would do

Italian judge order's arrest of 13 CIA agents

Fox: "Current Press Ethics Unlikely to Enable Second Watergate"

Ammunition against the charge that it's unpatriotic to criticize Bush*.

Bob Novak must have spilled the beans on his source for the Plame outing

Raygun The "Greatest American"? WTF??

Washington Post new poll data out

Ed Koch Calls for on Bush for Withdrawal and "honorable exit"

MSNBC: Bush's horrific, counterproductive, and possibly illegal war

Full AUDIO From Senate Democratic Hearing On Halliburton

DSL users only: please try this speed test ...

Here are the RW's talking points on the DSM (from Sen. Coleman)

Do Bush & Co. think this is still the Cold War?

The Fantastical World Of Studley McMuffin.....

Norquist: "2 girls from Maine and the nut-job from Arizona"

Realized the problem with the "* is a puppet" analogy

Does this map look familiar to anyone?

If you fear that you will pop an artery if you watch our feckless

Dems target pre-Iraq war intelligence

Do you think that Cheney's doctors ever tell him that he would

Reading Soldiers Names Killed in Iraq and Afghanistan CSPAN

OK Serious question here.....

Democracy Bond: Anyone Have one or Plan on Getting One?

Did Bush take the blame for Iran falling into hard-liner hands?

We must go along to get along with the Republicans (whimper!)

2 huge pdf's of emails between Abramoff, Reed, Scanlon..and other stuff

Question: Can military officers be impeached?

I do hope that the Dems are ready to come out with a good response to

Dean's hair. He got a lot of kidding about his AWFUL haircuts when he was

Democracy bonds! Help the DNC! Get em while they're hot!

McClellan: "Bush recognizes responsibility to keep America informed"

"Scott, if so much progress has been made in Iraq, why's support dropping"

Finally, tomorrow night, we'll get at the truth about Iraq!!!

It it possible puppet monkey's speech tomorrow is about Iran?

Hey...Keith Olbermann is sort of okay..but Andrea Mitchell? Greenspan's

An uninformed vote?

All of our laws should pass the "Fidel Castro Test"

Bush's speech will fail because Bush is angry at us.

4Th of July Protesting for the 1st time-help w/Oregon laws?

This constitutional ammendment will increase flag burning if ratified

Should Democrats let the Flag Amendment pass and fight other battles?

Somebody tell me about Dick Cheney....

Bush' Political Capital...

I wonder what one of Bush's autographed flags would go for on eBay.

Help me think...working on a frame to shut repugs up!

I heard on Keith Olbermann

The NEW "V for Victory" sign.....!!

Santorum is off his rocker

2008 Swing State Scenario: Allen versus Clinton. Vote!

The most dangerous Republican alive

PLS POST details re- photos etc. of Abu G. abuses to be released Thur.

Nelson (NE) and Wyden bought the Guantanamo Dog & Pony Show

Some pukes think scrubbo is like Churchill

Can someone enlighten me!!!!

Test to Vote

I don't know which candidate to support for 2008...but right now, I think.

I don't like the new Democratic Party website

Escalating hateful rhetoric from Republicans: getting out of control?

Rumsfeld: 12 Years to Defeat Insurgency

Bush??? A Leader??? He led us into massive DEBTS, Massive War

Grr. I hate this argument

If it came down to Hillary and Barbara Boxer who would you endorse?

Christians and Homosexuality

We're Screwed. Supreme Court Rules....

PBS: Frontline - Private Warriors....Repeat

Islamic Army in Iraq Denies Alleged Negotiations with American Officials

Supremes - now that no one's mentioned retiring.....

Bush ratings dropping. What is Rove up to?

humane society donates to santorum

The DNC Unveils Its New Website

Ft. Bragg VIGIL

Donald Trump: Liberal or Conservative?

DNC has brand new web site... This is Howard Deans Web Site!!!


Tactfully dealing with *the war* being mentioned

Texas, I am so sorry "Sen. Hutchison to Seek Third Term"

Speaking of flag desecration

Would False Claims Acts filings by whistleblowers ripen into impeachment ?

Democrat ads that would support banning Flag Amendment

"The Clear Path to Victory " Tuesday night theme

Supreme Court declines hearing appeal from 2 journalists.

Color me confused ... can someone clear this up for me?

Wow, some Americans really are stupid!

THIS IS WAR! I need some GOP quotes slamming democrats

Take it to Karl - US Soldiers letter

Wal-Mart heir dies in plane crash

McClellan is linking 9/11 to Iraq..."terrorism was brought to our shores"

Ted Kennedy on the DSM: Ask Your Senator to Speak Out Now

John Conyers: "I am pushing forward on a number of fronts."

Sign Senator Kennedy's petition: RUMSFELD MUST RESIGN

Wolf Blitzer is a kool aid drinking idiot!

Dean and the Daily show??

My Response to Ed Gordon. His6/21 Roundtable spoke of "Mock" DSM Hearings

Kos: Plame case update

Great article on bigotry, politics and the right to vote

I'm in favor of conscription.

Democracy Bonds

Telling WINGNUTS to FU*K Off!!! So. California Latinos STRIKE BACK

Dems: Vote for the Flag Amendment or get your ass kicked

New Kerry Letter: Voting Rights

George W. Bush needs to take responsibility

Wiccan Rede Monument Project