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Archives: June 25, 2005

E. J. Dionne Jr.: Keeping Faith With Religious Freedom

San Diego Union Tribune: Amendment curbs constitutional rights

Unnecessary ban: The U.S. flag stands for .. freedom to dissent

Flag bill opposed over free speech (Durbin and Obama)

Don't use a flag-burning amendment as a test of patriotism in America

Flag Burning Amendment Should Be A Non-Issue

Story of Inventing Insurgents Creates Allergic Reaction in the Press

An Odd Era

Flag-burning amendment erodes your rights

House would rather burn the U.S. Constitution

Noriega's attack on Aristide causes .. Haitians to demand his resignation

UK: Empty promises can't protect people from torture

Flag amendment itself a desecration

KMT chairman says he was unaware of Zanadau kickbacks

China the source of 70% of world's knock-off goods, MAC official says

Millions of children dying for a dollar a day: 'Lancet' study

Boracay dispute pits government against resort owners, residents

Even faster bullet train introduced in Japan

Red Herring - Hamas and Israel's Interests

The Reform that Wasn't: GOP "Reform" threatens 527 GOTV groups

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 6/25/05

Romney has pledged to support anti gay marriage constitutional amendment

WSJ: Some Heirs Find A Costly Surprise: Bill From Medicaid

Re: the discussion on the flags dipping to *

How long till most people view all religion the same way as scientology ?

Al Franken is on Conan tonight!

John Kerry and Senators Press for Answers from Senate Intelligence on DSM

US acknowledges torture at Guantanamo; in Iraq, Afghanistan - UN

Al Franken on Conan O'Brien

Sometimes I just don't get it.

GOOD GRIEF! Stop with the apologizing!

Taylor Caldwell.....Who was she? What did she write? Was it Important?

The real way to win a War

Good point about Blair/Minutes

Tony Perkins to College Repukes-Troops give lives as You Give Time

open letter to John Negroponte, Intelligence Czar

Reason why the KELO case is dangerous and we all should be worried

So what if we wake up some morning and they're gone?

Abu Ghraib pictures

Hillary supporters ROCK!!

The miracle Rove has wrought - the great service he's done the Dems

September 7th 2004: The Day We Took The 1,000th American Fatality

Was Karl Rove bragging ??

Well, I just get this from my Sen Chambliss. Looks like at least some

Graphic artists! I need a flyer with pic of Rove and text of his comments

Rove meant REPUBLICANS are SOFT; said "liberals" by mistake. QUOTES:

Open Letter To Hillary Clinton And Chuck Schumer Re: The Kerry Letter.

IRS probing possible data security breaches

UN Envoy Calls for Release of Former Haitian Prime Minister

Thirteen With the C.I.A. Sought by Italy in a Kidnapping

US caused more deaths in Iraq than Saddam, says anti-war tribunal

Simulated oil meltdown shows U.S. economy's vulnerability(CIA Game)

Widow Vows Suit Over Taser Case (Williams lynching / GA)

Scientology is just a front for the Tom Cruise movement!

How many ways are there to rock?

Should I have lunch with a Frist "Staffie" this week

Tom Cruise hypnotizes me and makes me crave Scientology!

Should I give Frist a "stiffie" at lunch this week?

That is it.

Tom Cruise is a wanker...

It's twilight time...


Does anyone ever talk out of their ass?

Why Bush?

Anyone else like the latest "New Order" CD?

Brian Wilson is on Charlie Rose now

Well, it's late in the lounge,


Friday night movie: Steel Frontier - post apocalyptic B movie

What's something they won't cook on the Ironchef?

Scientology is not logical.

Open Letter to John Negroponte, Intelligence Czar

What this place needs is fewer non-Yvr Girl threads

Matcom doesn't love me anymore!

I finally got my own DU account!

Annoying stupid commercials that rappel

Depp thoughts are mighty handy


Rove's got brown teeth like one of the mountain guys in "Deliverance"

SCTV The Godfather episode on TVland NOW!!

Johnny Depp or that stupid git that has too many other posts?

While the world burns, Junior and Condi-licious enjoy a baseball game

List amusing last day of school stories here.

Johnny Depp is NOT a Scientologist...

I just rubbed my eyes and saw Jesus.

I found my favorite New Yorker cartoon ever online!

Who knew Courtney Love even HAD a dog?

Ok guys. I need ninjas.

Anyone have a brick wall I can borrow?

In search of sources for quotes - (high concept dead-end thread)

anyone here own a mitsubishi outlander? or a Hyndai Tuscon?

Post your top three pet names!

Is astrology unadulterated bullshit, or contemptuous bunk?

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

Ten sports questions

How come Tom Cruise, and not Johnny Depp,gets to take over the Lounge?

This one's for you, John Kerry group...

P.J. O'Rourke Is A Complete Douchebag

Current US megalomania is rooted in the Puritan colonists' certainties

Justice Department Statues now bare all!!

Is The Foo Fighters new Album "In Your Honor" Dedicated to John Kerry?

Stations of the Cross: The Rise of Evangelical Radio.

NYT: Thrree Things Abut Iraq

Bush's empire may crumble from within

U.S. Attacks UN To Undermine International Law

Years soften Randall Terry, now in bid for state Senate

Ray McGovern: Fixing to Fix "Fixed"

US acknowledges torture at Guantanamo; in Iraq, Afghanistan - UN

Jaw jaw on just war

Enough is enough....................

The Republicans' Rabbi-in-Arms

War and Peace in the Middle East

Norman: A burning desire to be a patriot

BBC News: Why did Iran elect Ahmadinejad?

Women Targeted (6 dead yest.) Juan Cole.

America's neo-conservative world supremacists will fail (The Guardian)

The Smoking Gun White House! (The Crimes and the Evidence)

Penguin declares Klein biased, sticks author with onus for accuracy

Number of lobbyists in Washington has more than doubled since 2000

More Americans Blame Bush than Saddam!

White House aide Karl Rove witch-hunts Iraq war opponents

'America's neo-conservative world supremacists will fail '

One man's drive to remold PBS: Commentary (excellent write-up!)

No national news, just a "national distraction network"

CIA agents sought by Italian authorities over rendition

Helen Thomas: Word from Bush could end prison abuse

(CA) Press Enterprise: Property panic

Overheated rhetoric overshadows bipartisan compromises (examples)

Kelo v. New London correctly decided

US hawks rooting for hardline Iranian candidate

The Sins of Judith Miller

NYT, Rich: The Armstrong Williams News Hour

Digby understands how to deal with Rove

NYT, Kristof: A Glide Path to Ruin

God I HATE it when this happens....I agree with George Will.

Battered Bush watches as support ebbs away

The first, not the last throes Pepe Escobar

Wolcott: A-Roving We Will Go (Rove is Desparate as * Ratings Fall)

Paul Krugman: The war president (NYT/ IHT)

The Republican Nemesis

YoungRepublicans support Iraq war, but not all are willing to join...

Billmon and Digby say Rove is not a genius, and he's getting desperate

Just saw a great ad on MSNBC for The NATION magazine!

When Mental Illness Makes News, Facts Often Missing in Action

The Race to Alaska Before It Melts

U.S. Court Backs Bush's Changes on Clean Air Act

NYT: The Race to Alaska Before It Melts

Haaretz - 'A state in emergency'

‘We’ll shake Tel Aviv’

Jewish Anger as Church Votes on Israel

Israelis quit Palestinian schools

Church urges action over Israel

Check out this video!!!!!!!!

Nilla Sagadevan speaks on the Power Hour

Report: Ohio Voters Plagued by Systemic Problems on Election Day 2004- DNC

House resolution to repeal 22nd amendment: limit of 2 terms for president


A Brief History of Computerized Election Fraud in America (Truthout)

"Don't believe elections rely on technology that can be manipulated"

Rove's Plan for the '06 Elections

Electronic Fraud haiku

When is the fiscal year end for Bev Harris'

Mark Crispin Miller: Secret ballot compromised in Georgia!

Howard Dean: Electronic Voting - Not Ready For Prime Time

The Right to VOTE- Jesse Jackson Jr.

Kerry, Dean or Gore, Lets get it right this time

We need to learn more about Rasmussen Polling.

BBV meeting with Carter/Baker commission? Anybody hear this?


The DNC 2004 Election Report: An indictment of incompetence - Bob Fitrakis

South Bay Assemblyman Mike Gordon dies at 47

Bush has a 34% approve, 57% disapprove California rating

What's with going after Feinstein?

Felon voting rights issue may spur lawsuit from GOP

NICE surprise! My 18 yr old joined me roadside

How difficult is it to live in Boston without a car?

MA State Rep Bradford Hill shifts on same-sex unions . . .

Phelps threatens soldier's funeral

Join the Maine Dems for Muskie Lobster Festival

The malware finally got so bad, I had to relearn how to hack my registry

Stadium eminent domain imminent for homeowners

Former rep puts in his two cents against Cuellar

Hey Progressive Film Buffs in Austin

Press release from Barbara Radnofsky

The Hammer looks like he got hammered

Sensenbrenner Having a Town Hall Meeting in Pewaukee Sunday

Robert Byrd speech tonight!

US has caused more deaths in Iraq than Saddam

Hey... Anybody hear a play of tapes on Charles Goyette on AAR?

Tweaking eminent domain - some obvious shortcomings

george said he is not going to be pushed out of iraq. will he say he is

The (Corporate) Ownership Society (and San Diego alert)

Vietnam Part II

Posted on a country music webboard- heck I hate Repugs

An excellent song and video about the times we are living in.

Insightful interview with Seymour Hersh

Roanake (Va.) Times: "Dick Cheney should confront reality"

Divide et empera

David Grohl of the Foo Fighters: “In Your Honor” a Tribute to John Kerry

"Grilled Rumsfeld, anyone?"

No Timetable in Iraq means 'Fuck You', I do what I want.

India college says mini skirt ban helps stop rape


Rewriting Reality

I was cynical before cynical was cool

I worry about george, he's not used to bad news & actually working

Comparing George to Hitler is unfair.Compare him to Sharon and you would

Mulling around ideas....

How they must laugh at our inability to stop them

What's the point of asking for something (Rove resignation) that you are

Mad Cow ...... a warning from England

A Broadband Beat-Down Due To Bush/Lack Thereof Policies:

Has Karl Rove ever been scheduled to appear on any show with

House Approves Cuts to Labor Programs

I see the war on Iraq as a necessary outcome of our preeminent

'when yer country's at war ya' gotta support the president'--fuck that

If shrubco falls severely out of favor with America (as it seems

where can i find articles listing the problems

What If: Bubble Bursts, Hate Radio Crumbles, Sanity Returns

bush's "free market": US broadband technology way behind

For all you Vegitarians who think you are safe from mad cow

300 US troops dead since Iraqi "election," 70 this month

Cheney update (god, they lie about EVERYthing!)

Bringing this country to war, ANY WAR, was the goal.

Wow. Has anyone seen this pop-up?

Ahh cool calculating Hillary.. what have you wrought on DU????

Translator? Or Karen Hughes? I say Mama Hughes....

Bush is coming to Fort Bragg, close to my home...

Better News?

dolans unscripted (cnn) really rubbing it in that it was the "liberals"

Bush has a stained blue dress!!

How is Afghanistan doing?

Statues uncovered in Ashcroft's wake

right now, if you scroll down through the breaking news page

Will Pitt: why we need war/ My husband: another reason

Media and Other Critics Gain Attention at Expense of Americans Guarding Fr

If we could associate the DSM with a busty woman, would there be more

This toast has legs

LOL...a lady on C-Span just called the chimp...

National exit polls and "funny math" - some impossible scenerios?

Why isn't this type of action being done with regard to Bin Laden??

Bull Moose thanks Rove

Where's Laura the Lump? Hanging out at Chippendales?

They Don't Apologize and Will Never Apologize

I think the naked statues in the Justice Department should be removed.

Iraqi students say arrested for wearing jeans

Just heard a mom of a marine say "they don't fight fair"

Powerful Web Site

Stripes letter: "Lack of cultural training" (DSM mentioned!)

Spray alternative to pot on the market in Canada

So why did Tin Man Cheney Check Into the Hospital?

LOL --- Hilarious photo montage of Chimp from Reuters

"Foreign Fighters" in Iraq....

Russian legislators to consider amendment -allow 3rd term for Putin

gosh, remember how 9/11 pulled us all together as a nation? (sigh)

Hooray! Spirit's breast is bare again

More criticism for the drug war

Thomas Friedman's latest idiotic column on globalization

Stop dissing Rove dammit!

Impeachment NOW! Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! n/t

I love Karl Rove

David Grohl of the Foo Fighters: “In Your Honor” a Tribute to John Kerry

Sirius Music Host spouting political beliefs

Website for the military to post their anger at Rove....

has Italy seen thru the veil of American imperialism ???

CNN was looking for a more gruesome ending in the three missing boys case

"Pass the Failure Fries" (cartoon)

smirk's rabbi - Daniel Lapin

enough is enough

Here's What I Just Sent to Dean Re- the DNC Election Report, Etc.

What's the motive behind Rove's ugly smears?

Saturday "..gasp.." toon - in the last throes..."gasp.." 6/25

Gore headlines liberal confab for law students, attorneys

Rotten Coleman!

The Spin Is In-The Iraq War Is Going Well


9/11 Relative's Karl Rove Smackdown! (Kristen Breitweiser's blog)

Surely Sending More Troops will Lead to a Glorious Victory!

John Galtung just said

I see both sides of this argument

need site with quote about environment and second coming

"This is HELL Radio" 9:AM Central Chicago or Over-the Net

Tell me what happens when I post and I have to View ALL?

China to shut down all unregistered internet sites. (Link)

Wish me luck

Noticing alot of 9/11, UBL references lately...

Tom Cruise cure for psychiatric problems- vitamins and exercise...

Notice how the Rpubs have become the "blame America first" crowd?

What "reality" is shrubco gonna create now, that their most recent

a legal question on 501 (c)(3) non-profits

We've found intelligent life on another planet. What does Bush do?

U.S. Lawmakers Tour Guantanamo Bay Prison

Afghan operation kills 178 Taliban, leaders escape

I love it when this happens...

When will Rove realize they are in political trouble?

Are female troops being targeted? Heavy casualties yesterday

Leftward Christian Soldiers

They are investigating the investigation of the 3 dead boys

One little moment. The news anchor of our local morning news show

Will you see War of the Worlds

Remember Will Pitt's idea...

A Broadband Beatdown (yet another setback because of bu$h)

Bush, the "War President," to speak at Ft Bragg. Wardrobe set.

Which of the following is desicration of the flag

Tom Cruise: The Next Charles Manson???

The Newsweek "Get Real Edition" of Conventional Wisdom

DOJ starts 'mandatory data retention' for ISPs to keep user data/activity

The Right Wing used to pull a scam about the circulation figures

All Christian mortgage companies???? New Spam... And a funny disclaimer

LOL...Is Dick Cheney the New "Bagdad Bob?"

Iran's supreme leader says US 'humiliated' by election

A Memorandum for the President - A Historical Reminder

Vegetable eaters:What will you do now that dozens of deadly pathogens are

Tucker's "Situation" Show a Ratings Disaster Already !

Yes, I am amazed, & I'm also Fed Up with their bullshit.

Soldiers Safety

No More Cover-Up Of Nudes At Justice Dept

Is this disgusting or what? Here it is folks, the Bush plan for Iraq...

Will the networks take a stand on Tuesday??

I have just become a member of the Gallup panel.

Cool!!! Just saw the ad for Al Franken on the Sci-Fi Channel.

the real story on the funding for PBS and NPR

FOX pays more air time to missing blonde in Aruba than to female soldiers

Any Full Metal Alchemy fans out there?

Republican Obsession with US Flag: Idolatry.

Do Iraqis want the US to leave Iraq?

more than 5 tattoos? the marines don't want you

Has Bush no comforting words for the Lost Boys?

New Army advertisement - WTHF?!?

Michael Lind

BSE, BOVINE - USA (06): CONFIRMED - Mad Cow Disease

New Blog: DU vets and soldiers they'd like to hear from you.

did anyone see

Help, Fellow Du'ers! Started A Blog & Could Use Some Advise

Karl Rove saw the savagery of 9/11 and saw a job well done

What are Republican voters so afraid of?

What's the mission?

The 8th Amendment Dies..... [link]

An email to marketing firm for teen recruit info...

The American Legion Burns the Flag

US troops to train Vietnamese military

Great Pictures of DSM Protest at

Flag Burning Amendment

Undercover at the College Republicans National Convention . . .

Notice something about a headline on Yahoo! look at the difference..

O'Reilly May Not be #1 in Cable News Anymore !!!


Texas Company Upgrades Prostheses (tested on US soldier amputees)

Today on Ring of Fire.

What will Bush banner read on Tuesday night?

Wow, DU memership almost to 72K

Tom Cruise POLL

undercover blog from the College Republican Convo

$8,000 curtains hid justice

US unable to prove that it can collect income taxes in court case!

Bush's Middle East Strategy is, ta da, the same as Sharon's strategy.

Does anyone here have access to DeepDishTV? If so, can you

"By law they are not allowed to make fun of their commander and chief"

I want to e-mail Ron Reagan's show and give him and the powers that be a

The battle for the First Amendment has been joined.

Meanwhile, while we're busy arguing over Tom Cruise...

1737 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

You know what.For the past six months, my household has been without

William Kristol's Comments

Italy Orders Arrest of 'CIA Operatives' for Kidnapping

When will our long, national, nightmare be over?

Rasmussen Poll - Bush approval 50% ????

Presidential Qualities -- My Wish List

Alleged Brothel Manager Gets $1 Billion Bond

Oh, the irony~. Stripes letter written by female soldier on day of

....." publishing false news"......"jail sentence of up to three years.."

14-Year-Old Girl Dies in Fla. Shark Attack (deja-vu all over again?)

Media Matters now has entire transcript of Franken/Conason

If You Have Republican Friends? Explain Recess Appointment To Them

There is no "win" in Iraq.

She doesn't look like a proper Christian woman to me...

So You Wanna Book a Rock 'n' Roll Star? (Bush's tax cuts at work)

What are the Bush twins up to these days?

The Memo is worth reading

I am worried about the snow flake children (quick joke)

Robert Mugabe and the Supreme Court

FYI - Rumsfeld, Bono on MTP tomorrow.

Is there a source site for truths that have been obfuscated?

Didn't Frist say he was going to bring Bolton to a vote on Friday? After

"Scorned Granny Guns Down Beau, 85": "I did it & I'd do it again!!"

"Conservative said "we will defeat our enemies"". Rove said.

Senate Dems Joint the DSM Issue

3 New Jersey boy's death ruled a 'horrible accident'

Searchers Look for Missing Scout in Wyo.

snips of a bush speech from may, so you don't have to watch him tuesday

Fighting terrorists over there.

Did anybody know they were missing? They weren't cute white girls.

9 Iraqis, 8 Iraqi police, 2 more US Marines DEAD in Samarra. PLAY BALL!

11th Circuit's Pryor Calls Abortion 'Evil'

New Bush judge calls abortion EVIL

NOVAKula to SHIELDS: "You've been sitting there misrepresenting me 17 yrs"

Just like in Vietnam.. The "First Throes" of US rejection of the Iraq War

Danika Patrick***Indy Cars***Race tonight????

What is the threshold of poll deficit that Repubs would be afraid to

Ok... What Planet Was I On ??? - Why Is Capitol Gang Going Away ???

Like a TV show with bad ratings, the Bush War on Iraq is getting

New bumper sticker......

CNN "Battle Lines are blurred in Iraq,"

Maj. Gen.:"99.9 per cent" of those captured fighting the U.S. were Iraqis!

BBC report on Iran with Reagan-era official just freaked me out!

Anybody see that "Greatest American" show today with Matt Lauer?

Is there something comparable to for conservatives?

Havent seen this photo before: Guantanamo Bay

The mad land grab has begun...

Do we expect too much from our reps in Senate and House?

they Drank the Karl Aid

Newsview: Bush Losing Support for Iraq War

Have you ever tried using a cell phone from a plane in flight?

Blair's son to work as intern for Repub politicians

Online Porn Dodges Major Bullet

US Injury Toll in Iraq has reached 13 thousand

If you know that a Congressional delegation will visit, won't you prepare

Are you between 17 and 38 and want to have some fun?

The DNC 2004 Election Report: An indictment of incompetence - Bob Fitrakis

housing costs,,,,,highest in IA are in Ames...3 bedr ranch ( 1 small) with

It's not that power corrupts--

Ashcroft gone, boobs are back

CondiLiar the Vampire! She never looked so good !

Scott Ritter on Guy James Show....


Weasel words on Iraq

Cash row closes Baghdad airport

Lindsey Graham questions Iraq War

Let's face it. Better looking people get more press than others

Time to revisit Bartcop's The Myth of the "liberal" media

Evangelical Law Firm at Front of Culture War

Army National Guard enlists job agency

The Hospital of the Seven Teeth

"Wake Me Up When September Ends"

What do you say to a graduate going of to Iraq ?

My sister sez network newz is ripping *bush a new one again

Commercial Affidavit of Truth - Lawyers please verify! legally binding?

BushRove should try going after Osama as hard they do liberal's patriotism

The blog which responds to Brent Bozell.

Anyone have the Video clip of * saying Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11?

Impeach The SOB

Sexism alive and well in Wisconsin

Surely bush's Amazing Oratorical Powers on Tues. will UNITE us all

New Chuck Hagel info

It's the year 2056......

If Karl Rove made his remark to your face...

Four Lights: Apologies All Around!

FYI - Guests on the Sunday Talk Shows (Rummy makes the rounds)

Help please, fuel/gas economy at different speeds- Settle a bet!

Blast from the past: the post-9/11 polls. Interesting snapshot

What are the best blogs to follow?

CNN reporting right now on -- Christian sex toys!!!

Witnesses at anti-war tribunal slam US actions in Iraq

Is Billy Graham just another Evangelical?

Just saw Batman Begins, very kick ass film. I was surprised to learn that

Awesome Frank Rich op-ed: The Armstrong Williams NewsHour

Anybody listening to BradBlog?

any news from the tour of teresienstadt, er, i mean guantanamo?

Bush, You are being summoned....

Actually, I would've never thought to search car trunk for those boys

Lawmakers touring Gitmo?

Good Dad or Bad Dad?

The Real News in the Downing Street Memos

"President Bush looked like he didn't have a care in the world" CBS

Beyond Impeachment: The Bush Administration as War Criminals

My two cents about winning in 2006. We have to seriously reach

What's more important to discuss, Tom Cruise or CAFTA?

Where are all the DSM stories?

DSM's still do not answer why Bush wanted war

Why shouldn't China purchase Unocal?

is it safe yet to say that bush's 9/11 honeymoon is over?

haha, Dems tried to run a recruitment ad in the Young Rethugs program

Hawaii Phenom Michelle Wie Co leads the WO 05 with 2 others.

Texas lotto officials admit they FIXED an inflated jackpot amount

Leaders whose children joined the war effort

Focus: Secret memos fuel US doubt on Iraq (analysis of DSM)

"Kelo v. New London:" friend-of-the-court briefs?

You must read these details about the Italian CIA dudes ($$$$$)

Women in the Military

Who is a real war "hero"?

Bush is getting crucified like Jesus was crucified

Why don't more people know about Walmart?

The scientists who say global warming is not true--Are they credible?

Repuke christian ruined our camping trip

"The Guy James Show" tonight with Scott Ritter---7pm-Please keep kicked

This weekend POUND the TV Networks with DSM E-mails

Focus: Secret memos fuel US doubt on Iraq (Times of London)

Video game mentions PNAC!!

Please help (follow up on Tom Cruise)

BBV meeting with Carter/Baker commission?

Four women killed in combat - four possible mothers of the next Einstein

Bush’s not so secret deal with 9/11 attackers

Wingnuts Finally beginning to see the folly of their choices...

Radio News America's Weekend Show - Antiwar/Protest Music

In 1999, Smirko said: "If I Have a Chance to Invade..."

Leveling with the American People - will he or won't he?

Michael Smith (aka DSM leak reporter) to have more tomorrow...

The Nays have it (help please!)

Raising Republicans (Hillary Clinton & Co.)

Scott Ritter on Guy James show: Dien Bien Phu possibility

There is no Mad Cow Disease in the U.S....

He should know

New Network gov't or corporate money!

I just had to watch Fox News today

Quantanamo "dressed up" for visiting lawmakers?

The word "Insurgents" really gets to me. It is way to deny Iraqis any

John Conyers: Senate Dems Join the DSM Issue

Byrd vs Rumsfeld

Here are some choices I think would be great candidates in 2008

Got 5,000 Euros? Need A New Car?

Question, if Obama didn't hold this up would someone else have?

What was your awakening?

Women in the Military

"Frankly, I want to be a politician. I'd like to survive to see that"

Everybody Out? - NYTimes

Rep. "Duke" Cunningham in a whole heap o' trouble!

Agriculture Department Hid Mad Cow Results for MONTHS

Note for Bill O'Reilly

A post about my personal Ideology

Will the M$MWs acknowledge the neoCONs use of RUSH talking points ie ROVE

Tom Delay, drunk, caught on video

India demanding 195,000 H-1Bs?


ChoicePoint overhaul falls behind (and link to cost them money)

Wonderful outreach tools for getting through to Republicans.

Top Gun Tina BROWN on FlatFoot Ed SLIME's "Bio Porn" of Sen.CLINTON

Is spending time on DU like people in a mental hospital ....

Anybody see the G8 movie?

On my way to see Marc Maron live at Bananas comedy club!

The Pubs have themselves boxed in with the SAVE FACE SYNDROME

Is anyone keeping track of Iraq's oil wells?

Military families fight back against Rove. Start website.

Secrets of the Kingdom: The Inside Story of the Saudi-U.S. Connection

Freepers Freak Over Clintons Appearance With Billy Graham

POLL: Would you accept this as a litmus test for presidential candidate?

Tucker Carlson is an ass

The Supreme Court's Jackboot Liberals

Dick Cheney's Acid House

Great Pictures of DSM Protest at

Does anyone have a link showing the racial makeup

MSNBC--ambush underscores hardships of keeping women away from combat

Just a reminder: Organize NOW for September anti-war demonstrations

New Poll: Americans Believe Bush More to Blame for Iraq War than Saddam

Pink Floyd lyrics to modern imagery

The first, not the last throes - By Pepe Escobar

Enough is enough....................

If you could make a Bush voter read one book, article, or watch one movie,

Toons for the weekend

As a former Republican, I feel I have the right to say this........

Hey, Tom Cruise! Two Words...Andrea friggin' idiot.

Are you up on Mahmood Ahmadinejad

Tom Cruise to Matt Lauer: "You should be more responsible."

"Hillary is so partisan. I heard it on Fox news."

HEAVY U.S. troop losses yesterday - where were Bush & DR. Rice? PLAY BALL!

Meat eaters: What will you do now that Mad Cow disease is in the US?

some seem to think the Afghanistan war is more just than the Iraq war

There should be no college deferments in the coming draft.

"Staying The Course": The Projected Cost In American Lives Over 4 Years

So Cheney is admitted to the cardiac unit...

Scahill: "That gun is probably too hot for either party to touch."

Get ready Freeway Bloggers! National Paint day coming

POLL: Has Karl Rove lost his touch?

Can YOU Pass the "Kooky Karl" Kwiz?

US Admits Torture ! Why isn't this a bigger story?

Impressive, Please check,1737+89+99 in Flash format by location and time

What is Scientology?

Hey DU! Quit massaging the misogyny RE: missing persons in media

So what do we think, should I use Nutella to ice cupcakes?

Its that time of the year....

A question for the yeast bakers among us ........

So has anyone else emailed their support to the Co-op Bank ....

Blair's son to work as intern for Repub politicians

Shocking New Developments In Supreme Court vs. Homeowners Case

BBC: Iraq's power struggle as supplies falter

enough is enough

Shana Alexander, 79, Dies; Passionate Debater on TV

Court upholds changes to pollution rules for factories

The Republicans' Rabbi-in-Arms

self delete

Years soften Randall Terry, now in bid for state Senate

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1736)

U.N.: Washington acknowledges torture of prisoners

BBC to Time-Delay Live Sensitive News

Gunmen ambush Iraq police patrol

Records: TAB officials wished to sway races

Military Warns Personnel on Payday Loans(loan sharks targeting military)

NYT: NASA Confident on Managing Shuttle Ice Problem

NYT: The Race to Alaska Before It Melts

WP/Reuters: In Vietnam, (international) Experts Study Bird Flu Risk

Venezuela dimisses jitters over nuclear program

Suicide car bombs kills 6 in attack on police officers home

House approves cuts to Labor Programs

WaPo: House Ethics Report Missing.

Brazil may break Aids drug patent

BBC News: Why did Iran elect Ahmadinejad?

Church urges action over Israel

No More Cover - Up of Nudes at Justice Dept

Bush says he has Iraq plan, critics see quagmire

America turns on Bush over Iraq

Officials: Missing N.J. Boys Suffocated

DRAFT!!! 16 to 25? Pentagon Has Your Number, and More

Bush nominee to be assistant secretary of commerce outed

WP: Outsourcing in India In Crisis Over Scam (private financial data sold)

Socialists tipped to take Bulgaria

Officials: Missing N.J. Boys Suffocated

America turns on Bush over Iraq

Quints' Mom Accused of Leaving Them Alone

Firm of EPA nominee linked to Grace

Ex-MP's doubts over Kelly hearing

Iraqi students say arrested for wearing jeans

Deadliest Day Yet For U.S. Women Serving In Iraq

Getting driver's license could take days(weeks, months; 'anti-terror' law)

Taiwan bans American beef imports

U.S. lawmakers tour Guantanamo Bay prison

UN warns about Afghan instability

Appeals Court Overturns Sale of PBS Station…Televangelists Highest Bidders

Newsview: Bush Losing Support for Iraq War

£220bn stolen by Nigeria's corrupt rulers

Company deals with shock after ‘fragging’ allegations

Brazil may break Aids drug patent

Process for Reserve, Guard to enter regular Army has been streamlined

Technology Advances Often Must Be Nurtured(Verichip serves theGreaterGood)

Bush says he has Iraq plan, critics see Quagmire (Reuters)

Searchers Look for Missing Scout in Wyo.

Iran's supreme leader says US 'humiliated' by election

US hawks rooting for hardline Iranian candidate

Insurgents in new battles, Bush defends Iraq plan

NYT - In Italy, Anger at U.S. Tactics Colors Spy Case

More deaths in fierce Afghan fighting

Congressmen: Guantanamo Conditions Improve

14-Year-Old Girl Dies in Fla. Shark Attack (deja-vu all over again?)

Radical Islamists Cheer Hardliner's Win

Ethics claims target Doc Hastings (ethics chairman)

Musharraf: Bin Laden Whereabouts Unknown

Travelers stranded by Baghdad airport shutdown(security contractor strikes

(Lindsey) Graham reaffirms questions he hears about Iraq war

Saudi radio, television, to be privatized

NYT: Endangered Species Act Faces Broad New Challenges

Canada Says It Will Keep Border Open to U.S. Beef; Taiwan Imposes Ban,

Brzezinski rips Bush Iraq War policy

Judge to cull irrelevant Limbaugh doctor records

NYT: Pataki Warns Cultural Groups for Museum at Ground Zero

LAT: Abramoff's E-Mail Trail of Billing, Status, Charity

Female death toll mounts in battlefield Iraq

Socialists ahead in Bulgaria vote ( BBC)

LAT: Election Result Confounds Administration's Iranian Policy

Killen Trial Forces Miss. to Relive Past

NYT: For Months, Agriculture Department Delayed Announcing Result of Mad

Angry Cruise defends Scientology bar on drugs

Iran is 'out of step' with region: US State Department

5 Killed, 7 Wounded in Iraq Mortar Attack

Oil prices, China's yuan top agenda of Asia-Europe finance meeting

Orlando-Bound Plane From Belfast Target Of Bomb Threat

Putin offers Iran's president-elect to continue nuclear cooperation

Concerns Arise Over Bush's Pick for EPA Job (Asbestos lawyer!)

Suicide Bombing Kills 9 in Samarra, Iraq

Witnesses at anti-war tribunal slam US actions in Iraq

Young Republicans 'get party started' at D.C. convention

Olympic bomber stole grain to survive while on run, posting says

Former Executive (Verizon) Chosen to Lead N.A.A.C.P.

World Bank Chief Sees Africa as Continent of Hope

Afghan operation kills 178 Taliban, leaders escape

Russia says ready to hit terrorist bases abroad

Congressmen Demand Help For Veterans

LAT: Plugged-In Hybrid Tantalizes Car Buffs (new system plugs in Prius)

Longhorn will include support for RSS data feeds

WP,pg1: Fixes Only Temporary For Infected Internet

NYT: Next Wave From China: Exporting Cars to the West

Congress concerned over Unocal deal

Army National Guard enlists job agency

Tony Blair's Son to Work with US Republicans

UK Animal rights extremists in arson spree

Fidel Castro: Cuba Will Continue Fighting Terrorism

Pakistan Police Fired in Lip-Sewing Probe

Abramoff Lobbyists,Clients Undeterred by Scandal(still in lobby business)

Bird flu 'as grave a threat as terrorism'

Troops Will Carry General's 'Common Sense' Rules on Wallet-Size Cards

G8 fears as shortage of cells revealed

WP,pg1: Rove Taking a More Public Role

Bush Trying to Win Over Americans on Iraq (Radio Address)

Bush plans primetime TV address...

Housing bubble trouble - Mass. home sales plunge 11.1 percent

Bush aide vows continued campaign on pension system changes

BBC: Tsunami aid 'went to the richest'

Clinton Honors Graham at Last Revival (BG:Bill should preach,Hill run US!)

Young men starting to feel a draft

Colombia army suffers deadly blows

US asks Japan to extend Iraq mission as marines die in Fallujah

NYT: Safer Vehicles for Soldiers: A Tale of Delays and Glitches

NYT: For Months, Ag Dept Delayed Announcing Result of Mad Cow Test (!)

High Court to End Term With Big Decisions

Two-term limit under fire

Times UK: How the leaked documents ... emerged from Britain's Deep Throat

Students quit over anti-US slurs

Philadelphia Mandates Black History for Graduation

Euan Blair accepts US Internship

I have this deep, gut-level feeling we hit "peak oil" today.

Ever experiment with "same sex" as a kid?

Nerd Alert -- Mozilla's Deer Park Alpha ! -- the next gen of Firefox.

I had a good Friday.

Exorcist II The Heretic is on AMC

For the hell of it

I'm Jackie Chan. Ask me anything.

I need a hug

"How's the war going?"

Fuck all the threads. let's go across the street and get drunk.

i know i have raised a really great daughter when

Remember the Star Trek scene with the tribbles on the counter? (pic)

my mom bought me the clinton book tonight.

I just made chocolate-covered strawberries...ask me anything!

I need a bug.

Just realized something - next time a fundie says one day the lefties

Geographic trivia; what's yours?

Hey! Sen. Clinton of NY shot somebody in a duel!

Tom DeLay is drinking.

Goddamn "Stormfront" is in town this weekend

My Great-Aunt is the world's oldest living Californian.

Oh, my goodness . . .

Well, the hell with it

Do the DU

Post Counter Is Wrong!

Once again, I must sugar my own Charo.

Once again, I must sugar my own Charro.

Once again, I must char my own sugar...oh...

Hiding Threads on a Sat Morning is like Cuttin' the Lawn BUZzzzzz

Hahaha! Bush plans primetime TV address

I'm Cherokee Jack. Ask me anything.

Cat lovers...advice appreciated

Good God. I'm not banned..? ... P-H-E-W

A true classic...Ferris Bueller's Day Off is on HBOZN

Who is the less qualified mental health professional?

as some of you may be aware. . .

Who else is awake?

Just finished watching Star Trek: First Contact

Not that anyone cares...But does anyone know this 60's song?

I just discovered "Sutten Impact"

Now THESE are a couple of big TATA'S!

Best Album to come out in the last YEAR?

I knocked up three freepers today!

I always like a man that can hold his weiner up high

I fucked-up three freepers today!

In my opinion, all cats should be shit.

it's times like these you learn to live again

What plasticware do you use now that RUBBERMAID is out of

Parrot People: My Eclectus Female has a fungal infection.

Question about Prohibition.

Yippie! 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800!

OMG! Who killed all the yvr girl threads?

It seems Dick Cheney has been strapped to the heart attack machine

WARNING: Extreme gallows humor

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

The Justice Twins are Free!

Loved this bumper sticker

Once again, I must sugar my own Churro.

Hey Chicago! Is the power back on yet?

God! I Love E-Bay

Alberto Gonzalez: Tit Man in the Attorney General's Office

Future Onion!

Baseball: interleague play usually sucks, but here's when I like it:

If you like Spray-On Mud, you'll love this:

Star Wars: Revenge Of The Kittens

23 days after the extended warranty expires...

There is, apparently, a mouse in my armpit.

I'm off to get my nails done, and do lunch....

Who do I feel like this is the final summer?

Smoking Gun & L. Ron Hubbard's FBI files: "Scientology's Nut Job Founder "

There is, apparently, a mouse on my desk.

Silly problem in PS2 videogame Urbz: Sims in the City

If you have ENCORE, the MST3K Guys are hosting "Alien Invasion" Day

Is all the Tom Cruise talk a big old trick?

Saturday "..gasp.." toon - in the last throes..."gasp.." 6/25

Happy Saturday!

God uses chain letter emails, but if you break the chain

Ask the White House (Teeball Edition)

One good thing about the Tom Cruis and Oprah flaps

Someone give me some advice for an injured stray cat.

Am I the only one in the lounge? Did everyone go get coffee?

Cute Cat pictures

repetitive motion injury, or, I never thought it could happen to me....

Fish flies...blech!

The KKK took my baby away

There is, apparently, a mouse in my apartment.

Batman Begins was a great movie.

Degree Biology, but I took more classes in other subjects

I like DU because

Is Rabrrrr the next Miss Cleo?

I hate menstruation. It sucks! (mini-rant)

help - need electric car info.

Katie Holmes Hostage Crisis Enters Fifth Week

So my internet connection has been intermittent for days ...

can you survive in Manhattan on $60,000 a year ?

progmom on the air - post your straight-ahead jazz requests right here

Okay, what the heck is H 57 Hoodia?


succesfully getting through your partners 'body function not mentioned'

White House unveils new Iraq withdrawl strategy:

Will you see War of the Worlds

"Professing his love like a crackhead to the richest woman in the world"

Hottest Day In Boston Since 1943, And What Are DUers DOING?

6 Months Until Xmas!

Who's ass is fatter: Sesame Street's Snuffleupagus, or Karl Rove

I have no money. I want to do a poll. What do I do?

So I stripped for food, and now the pantry door won't close

Rachael Ray Is On NOW!! Rachael Ray Is On NOW!!

I bought catnip-laced bubbles for Kiko

When I was gifted with a star ..

So I stripped for the crew and now I can't keep my front door closed...

So I stripped and screwed and I cant close my front door...

Introducing my new friend... Milton Edward Peederson!

Anybody know how to find crime reports for a certain area?

Your the chef,what do you throw on the barbecue grill? What side dishes?

What, Tyler?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Enough about me, let's talk about you...

Six in a row for the Sox....

Big DU Virtual 4th of July Parade! What’s your entry?

I'm effin' bored

I'm proud to be an American!

Hey ladies! Don't ya hate it when...

Dragnet : The LSD Story TV Land 10.30am EDT

My first Mormon missionary visit since I've lived in this house


Okay - what did I miss?

This game can be very addictive.

So I wonder how many Boston DUers are passed out by now.

Is this just funny to me, or what?

Lynne Cheney or the car-washing girl from Cool Hand Luke?

One of the feral kittens has now been spayed . . . the other kicked my ass

Six-legged puppy pictures! {So cute}

I bought one of these today...

Stand Up If You Eat Grapes!!!!

Bought my lottery ticket today

It's's's the.......Krugmanomicon


Boyd Coddington is an asshole

They all float down here

RANT(kind of) Got my hair cut today....freaked out some

Seattlites: If I go to the Nickerson St Saloon today

Tell me what happens when I post and I have to View ALL?

I need advice from people wiser than I am.

Are you a Steven King fan?

Damnit! I just downloaded the wrong ringtone!


I don't care what anyone else says on JJ's Flame thread.

This is guaranteed to incite a flamefest:


See why they say you need to shave everyday.

I really Love

'Cause there's no need for the Peace Sign, 'Post Republican "Peace Time"

Anybody watching the special about Maze prison of NI on A&E?

Look at this Bee-hoymuth!

What is wrong with this magazine cover?

How many here believe there is virtue in showing a little class?

Boogerhead the injured cat is thirsty!

Minnesota Meetup pics!

Another; DRUNK (aw sheesh) SCANDINAVIAN DUDE!! - Ask me anything. :-)


Baby squirrels..

They say nothing is new in Hollywood, this proves it.

Just watched Magnificent Seven

Recent quotes from our Fearless Leader, courtesy of

Goddamn Neo Nazis are in town


Has anyone been to St. Petersburg (Russia)? Need advice.

America's new and improved weapons systems........

All around the country from coast to coast.....

If the Bush administration had a big-ass garage sale, what kinds of items

A saturday morning kitty cat picture thread

My Pet Goat is good book

50 days

Gotta admit...Bush DOES look like a guy who's leading a successful war...

Baby Praying Mantis!

Hold me, roll me, slow ridin' woman you're so fine

Bikes Against bush

I'm baking peanut butter cookies

Olay Regenerist lotion

Stalin and the Children

Do you have a piece of clothing you can't throw away?

A song

Susan B. Anthony. Not exactly a hooker ...

Lone_Wolf_Moderate. Not exactly a looker...

No flames except the charcoal grill: Pork Chops DemoTex.

Opera and/or ballet.

Susan Anton: Not exactly TJ Hooker

Parents: keep your kids reading this summer

Pope Benedictus XVI, not exactly a snooker.

Casino trip: the house doesn't *always* win...

New Audi Q7 SUV-- I heard they're also looking at giving Bentley a version

IT'S THE BAR, baby!!!

Having just seen the ad for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

College Baseball is WAY MORE FUN than MLB!

Florida just loaded the bases to put the tying run at the plate in the 8th

I saw a commercial today for women's razors that vibrate.Why would a ra-

Anyone else watch the Germany/Brazil Football game today?

Anyone know how many DUers are passed out on Matcom's lawn?

My kid downloaded the "long high pitched fart" ringtone.

Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?


A Cat Question.

Too stupid to be president

Is there an ebay cache?

Tom Cruise looks like an aging Picasso bunny rabbit in this picture

Abraham Lincoln. Not exactly a looker.......

Can someone post a gif or jpeg of the "Yippie!" logo?

So I'm watching Pocahontas on ABC...

Which Actor would you choose to proselytize to you


Stephen King on CSPAN giving U of Maine Grad Speech

Susan B. Anthony. Not exactly a looker...

asexual thread

sex thread

Are you full of it?

What are your kids doing this summer?

Liberalism is a mental disorder?

Jenna, Babs Bush, The Texas Air National have one slightly

Cheesy Brawny Man clips---hysterical....

Use the taser! THE TASER!

Make your own Bush Speech

SNL repeat - Will Ferrell/QOTSA episode!

The English to American language dictionary.

George Bush...Not exactly a thinker

Food TV: "Barefoot Contessa" Show Can/Should Teach Us ALL Something

If not you .........

Freepers totally lose it. Again.

thread sex

I didn't charge my mouse last night so now I have to use the

Low rider jeans- somebody should be honest with these girls!

Techies, I need advice on moving photos from cam phone to PC.

I am "awesome!"

This isn't as good as the original Jeopardy spoofs but it's still funny

Anyone else studying tonight?

I just got out my little red book the minute that you said goodbye

Kick a thread from the last page of the Lounge!

Cary Grant, Master of the language of facial expression

No wonder I couldn't find any John Kerry for President stickers.....

Everyone insult me!

Ever had orange juice made from blood oranges?

See pigs, cows, horse racing, Dick Durbin at Aug 17 Illinois DU meetup

My neighbors are idiots.


Which political affilation do you think the author of My Pet Goat Is

Why do some people want to become local news TV anchors?

Hey, Progmom!

Oh the things roommates do to each other.

I just need to bitch ! I spent the last 4+ hours comunitacing with HP

That's no ordinary rabbit!!!!

Why do old people have THAT smell?

Samuel L. Motherf*cking Jackson

"The Redneck Riviera".

What meal takes you back to your childhood?

Stories from the road

Anti fat hatred I witnessed at work on Friday

So my roomie thought it'd be funny if she wrote my number on a visa slip

So I stripped a screw and I cant close my front door...

Another everyone check in poll: how liberal are you? (0-100 scale)

Let's hear it for LeftPeopleFinishFirst, high school graduate!

Replace one movie character with another

Tell your high school-grad-early job-college tales!

Is it OK to be GLAD when houseguests leave? (I'm feeling guilty!)

Right or left handed?


If this does not make you laugh...

caption this commencement bush pic.....

Angry Cruise defends Scientology bar on drugs


If you have a GED or only a High school diploma what are you doing now?

The Abe Lincoln Experience as a band name

Ugh, this was a bumper sticker I could have gone without seeing.

Eminem saves traditional Detroit fireworks show

Whilst driving today through BushCountry

The mathematical average of all my outdoor thermometers....

What is love?

what's on the menu?

I tried to give blood today

The view from here this morning . . .

What is your favorite TV show?

Its Saturday night - Time again for the Viking Kittens .

I ain't right.

What food will DUers start flame wars over next?

ESP? Clairaudience? Feedback please.

Greatest American on Discovery Channel outrage

I value the opinions of others so little that I won't even share my...

8 in a row for the Sox and 10.5 games ahead!

When you first saw ET were you offended by Elliot calling his brother...

Just saw Batman Begins, very kick ass film. I was surprised to learn that

Birds of a Feather (aka my morning stroll)

DU Geeks: Check out this addictive number puzzle (Sudoku)

Why do really young people (i.e infants and toddlers) have THAT smell?

Any Full Metal Alchemy fans out there?

Filth, filth, filth, filth, filth, filth, filth, filth

Why do men have nipples? I got into an argument with my chauvinistic

My neighbor just put up a redneck shed 10 feet from my property.

Suggest a book that will scare the crap out of me

Create your own nation game.

Add the word "MoFo" to your favorite movie quote....

peaches, cherries, blueberries, nectarines, strawberries!!!!

Crazy Frog remix.

DU BBQ Aftermath

DAMMIT every time I turn my back she gets drunk.

Ever dream about DUers?

Freak'n nightmares...

Do you stereotype Hummer drivers?

Favorite Ass-Kickings in Film! What are yours?

Reverse-Engineering Roswell UFO Technology

My last day with my dog, Magic

My Daddy died yesterday......

Post pics of really cool women...

Photography Contest FINALS Please vote!

Cool (or semi-cool) photos taken with really crappy cameras -- got any?

Fear Factor

PRO/AH/EDR> BSE, bovine - USA (06): confirmed MAD COW DISEASE

A good DU discussion about dangerous breeds.....

Native American Spirituality in Prisons

An interesting interfaith conference this week

So I've Actually Decided to *Read* a Bible

So, I just found out I'm a Buddhist.

Flu - Canada, Brit better prep'd than US

Internet Medical Information In Need of Good Filter

Record-Setting New Chip Has Potential for Bioterrorism Detection

Autism's Cause, It's Parents vs. Research (NYT)

One Stonehenge mystery solved

MA State Rep Shifts Position on Same-Sex Marriage/Unions

Any one going to Pride in NYC tommorrow?

Now hows this for sucking

How did the Gotti/Mayweather fight

Now that the MN Twins officially suck...

Gatti vs Mayweather....

My last day with my dog, Magic

I need some help with a kitty problem that I am having

Can someone help this person? Re: Cat....

I need a boost, guys. Tell me something good.

Astrologers whats the prognosis for Bush's Tues Speech?

Check it out fast!

Why should recruiters need to go to schools to get recruits? Here's what

Another one for the John Kerry group

Kleeb, about those O's

Saturday catnip

check this out: Larisa mentioned


Baby Praying Mantis!

My morning stroll . . .

JUNE PHOTO CONTEST - please read

It was cooler in NYC today than it was in Missouri.

Weekend natter thread, anyone?

LA Times has a great editorial today

So, tell us George, how's the war coming along?

Where can I watch a clip of this video?

If $ spent on media coverage of Rove's BS were spent to protect troops...

UNOCAL and China

dumb question: if Dick dies, who becomes President?

Bush is a major scoundrel-yet dems treat him like he's a poor president.

Pentagon Creating Student Database

Conservative leader in Iran--Not OK; Conservative leader in USA--OK?

Help me with examples of Republicans playing the terrorist card

The "Poopie" finger.

How did Clinton become President twice

Does anyone know anything about New London Connecticut and the politicians

U.S. officials meet with terrorists

Repubs are trying to intimidate Democrats into silence..

White House consults religious group on Supreme Court vacancy

John D. Conyers Jr.: Story offered ridicule instead of fact

Seen This Yet? "I Have A Plan To Destroy America" R.Lamm

"This is HELL Radio" 9:AM Central Chicago or Over-the Net

WTVF-TV: FBI Investigates Materials at [Nashville's] Harding Mall

Centerist to Conservative Democrats

Let's "prepare indictments and offer therapy" for Karl Rove

U.S. women dead and injured today in Iraq

Finally: DNC to Unveil a New Website Design in the Coming Weeks

Bush for Life: GOP introduces new bill to Congress (repeal 22nd amendment)

White House aide Karl Rove witch-hunts Iraq war opponents

When Cheney dies, who will the WH nominate to replace

NYT: Thirteen With the C.I.A. Sought by Italy in a Kidnapping

I believe they are prepping the way for Condi to replace Cheney as VP

New Flash: There is no war on terrorism

Texas lottery officials admit they lied about $8 million jackpot

Forgive me, but perhaps Cheney/hospital is a stunt?

Quit your bitching. They get free meals AND they live in the tropics.


good news! (unless it has already been reported here)

Military leader from Iraq on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me right now on NPR

Bush Radio: "The terrorists' objective is to break the will of America"

Why are "seasoned Democratic hands" helping the GOP w/ NYC mayor's race?

Franken PUNKS Hillary Basher Ed Klein

My new diary is up....

See below for gwb's Iraq "strategy". It's f***ing

Will the Bushenfurher wear a commander in thief jacket Tuesday?

Poll finds most don't want draft, yet don't want their kids to join

Historians Vs. George W. Bush

Tonight's BRAD SHOW via RAW RADIO! (7p-11p ET)

A Look Into Santorum's Brain

What do you think *'s REAL approval numbers are?

Does anybody know if there have been more signers on the DSM petition?

The Rove speech: a different tangent

Has an atheist ever been barred from running for office?

No Antiwar Protestors to Demonize... Dean/Durbin will have to do...

VIDEO of Bill Moyers on CNN's 'NewsNight'

India demanding 195,000 H-1Bs?

Uh Oh, I think Rove comments disrespected the Troops and Vets!

WTF is wrong with our military? Why Abu Ghraib? Why Guantanamo?

DOJ starts 'mandatory data retention' for ISPs to keep user data/activity

Framing: "Rove & Bush are Pimping 9-11"

Rove's speech/video

Mother of fallen soldier on "The Problem With Karl Rove's Phone"


Please kill me! I am a republican. Let's have fun!

Where are the mass anti-war protests?

Note to Cheney: To Capture Bin Laden, Close Doesn't Count

did Prescott Bush head an org for Mental Hygiene (connected to eugenics)??

If Cheney steps down, who would be the least evil VP we'd end up with?

Gerald Posner on CSpan 2 NOW talking about his book on the Saudi-US

Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American" -- Bootcamp Brainwashing

Condi charges election fraud in Iran

The key to the flag (burning) issue is this:

Remember when Rumsfeld said he would resign if no longer effective?

Kansas Peace Train ?

Perhaps Im chauvinistic

New Iraq War record! Four women killed in same attack in Falluja

I read a lot about the "Rule of Law", can somebody explain it to me?


D.U. this poll!

Newsweek finally telling it like it is

What's the latest on Tom Delay?

Have Biden and Lieberman called for Rove's resignation?

Please delete

As well as being the worst president ever, Bush will go down in history as

Is the video game over?

Kerry's DSM Letter - What's the next Step?

CNN's Capital Gang cancelled!

My hat is off to all Dems who have shown a fighting spirit.

He supports the war but is scared of the draft...

Cheney Clarifies "Last Throes" Comment. Or Does He?

MSNBC Poll: Should the U.S. Keep the Guantanamo Detention Center ...

On female conscripts...

Wait us out PLEASE

Gallup Poll: 85% polled Against Return of Draft.

7 months later, BUSH and KERRY would tie

Buzzword poll for bush* speech on Tuesday night 6/28

Here's What I Just Sent Dean Re- the DNC Election Report

U.S. Tells the UN to Shove It (hot ! )

VIDEO Katrina Vanden Heuvel Kicked Ass On 'Hardball'

Wake up Truth....

One of the many charges at GW's impeachment hearing.........

Articles of impeachment drafted by Francis A. Boyle and Ramsey Clark

RAWSTORY gets mention in The U.K Sunday Times!

On female soldiers....

What if the Dems swept the 2006 elections and the pubs refused to leave?

Rove's Strategy is Working - DSM Disappearing From MSM

Conservatives AND Liberals should take notice of the 'hostage dollar'

Fox: "Iraq: Bush Myths vs. Reality" Yes, you heard me. FOX.

Here's a link to a new web site for cspan Democrats.

smirk asks Christian Legal Society to help pick new supreme justice

Bush nominates fox to guard the hen-house

Do the people have a right to know their VP is hospitalized ?

Cheney's Colorado "visit" to "evaluate an old football injury to his knee"

Washington Times Claims Press Jumped All Over Rove's Remark, Durbin Ignore

"hottest" US Senator?

the great myth of terrorism in post-occupation Iraq

OK, I just have to ask this:

The Conservative Supreme Court just handed us a 2008 political win

attn: SOUTHERNERS planning on riding the PEACE TRAIN to DC in Sept

Photos from last Saturday's antiwar rally in New Orleans

What's so wrong with a "Living" Constitution........

Eminent domain: A big-box bonanza?

Why have only 9 Senators signed Kerry's DSM letter?

Attention Fweeper Trolls! Hillary Isn't Running For President In 2008

Email your Senators! Request they sign Kerry's letter urging Intel Comm

*BREAKING* Corporate Media Ignores Kerry's DSM Letter

Up or Down Vote: George W. Bush

Was Tom DeLay shitfaced drunk during his speech?

I will * NOT * support Hillary Clinton for President.