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Archives: June 23, 2005

Corn: Proof Of Deception, Not Intention (depends on meaning of FIXED)

High Tech women minorities numbers plunge

Flooding kills 44 and forces 330,000 to evacuate in China

MAC criticizes report by Voice of America radio

Vietnam Vet interrupts PM's speech

Allies need to face the awful truth

Israel mulls overland links between Gaza, West Bank

Howard Dean may appear on the Daily Show tomorrow?

Exxon tells dimbot what to do: from the Guardian

GOP Threatens Punishment Over Patriot Act Vote from Sirotablog

Time to laugh.

HAHAHAHA What the Fuck??? Bush "tried to volunteer" for Vietnam???

Must post positive messages only...constructive messages...must post rosey

Zappa warns of

GOP doesn't want a flag burning amendment. It wants flag burning!

More REPUBLICAN flag desecration...

Woman on Mike Malloy still has her Nazi ID from Germany.

Where are the student revolutionaries today?

"I Hate Republicans" - Oldie, But A Goodie Here:

Two Democratic Senators up for re-election voted against the War in Iraq

Kerry Proven Right, Yet Again, This Time on Ohio

Petrodollars to ruin Russian economy despite high oil prices

Halliburton wins contract in Europe

Annan calls for international sharing of burden in Iraq

Study: More Companies Terminate Pensions

DNC: Ohio vote rife with obstacles (GOP response)

Chemical Expert Testifies in Jordan Trial

Do yourselves all a favor and read the Onion today

I just did a Google Image Search for "Monkey Bush"...feast your eyes.

I listened to my son's bands CD and I'm pissed off

Is there anything sweeter than red wine and ...

Bush Shoot-Out game (with Condi)

Coconut Shrimp

Wow, I need to stay here in the lounge.

What's the best Free (or cheap) e-Commerce software you've used?

I Love Mythbusters!

I have this friend...see, and he has this weird obsession about women

Question for those of you who have Dish or Direct TV


VOTE! It is your right and your responsibility as an American!

favorite summertime drink?

Hubble spies lord of the stellar rings (Eye of Sauron)

Kerry Proven Right, Yet Again, This Time on Ohio

One last flower, a Moon Flower.

BushCo has Been Good For the Economy

Durbin just another spineless wimp

Rush Limbaugh calls women "Femi-Nazis"...

Salon: "Key Republicans do not see the same Iraq Bush sees"

Major Lesson: Did anyone see Rumsfeld's remarks on Durbin today?

What could be more symbolic than the flag burning crap in the House?

I will walk on broken glass barefoot for Dick Durbin

What the Republican's don't get about 9/11

Illinois;first to approve mandatory MH screening/teen screen

Not Enough Press Coverage of Dean and Durbin, writes Brent Bozell

Obfuscating Intolerance - NY Times Editorial, June 23 2005 - AF Academy

Federal Psywar Against Americans

Tucson, AZ Daily Star: Memos chip away at administration war motives

Dana Milbank: One Committee's Three Hours of Inquiry, in Surreal Time

Winston Salem Journal Main Editorial: Downing Street Lowdown

Bush refusal to bend is break for Dems

FBI's Mississippi Myopia

Plan Colombia Up for a Vote: Take the Opportunity to Say No to a Forgotten

Fredricksberg VA Freelance Star: If It's Old News, That's News To Me

Pentagon Creating Student Database - now this is disgusting!

Now that researches have proven with brain chemicals that produce

Flipping the Big Bird: Just try explaining Republicans to a 4 year old.

Our Newest Proconsul

Orange County Register: Burning whose flag?

Farhad Manjoo (Salon): Bungling the vote

Sidney Blumenthal (Salon): A turning point at home

The 'Commission for Detainees' Accuses the Multinational Force of Stalling

An Open Letter to US Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq (Stan Goff)

LA Times - Michael Smith - The Real News in the DSM

Veiled praise

M. Smith The Real News in the Downing Street Memos (bomed pre-war_

Bangor (ME) Daily News: What to Make of a Memo

White House Watch: Bush's jammed PR machine

Common Dreams: Americans Inching Closer to a Reckoning

Bush Administration Psychological Warfare Against the U.S.?

Mounting a Proper Defense Against Klein's "Truth About Hillary"

Top five Gitmo falsehoods (Media Matters)

Resolved: Buliding an amusement park on the Supreme Court's Personal Homes

Freedom’ causes more death

Modest proposal to solve Social Security problem (Ehrenreich)

Anatomy of a Coverup

Bush Could End Prisoner Abuse (Helen Thomas)

The U.S. image abroad: Even China's is better

AP: Top general in Iraq says Cheney wrong on insurgents

Q&A About Guantanamo Bay and the Detainees (NPR)

U.S. only leasing Guantanamo from Fidel Castro

Suicide in Iowa follows combat death in Iraq

Fisk: "We shelter behind the myth that progress is being made"

Hillary Clinton Attacked by Man From Mars

WP: Pharmaceuticals in Waterways Raise Concern

Racism drives torture at American prisons

Eric Zorn: Durbin should have stood up for his opinion

WP: Another Year of Living Misery in Baghdad

Krugman: "The War President"

Unveiling Iraq's teenage prostitutes

Tapes key in protesters' fight against tactics of N.Y. police

Was Moyers on Stewart last night?

Leaked image of FOX "News" trainees in action!

Any one hear "Democracy Now" today: Re-Radio Free Brattleboro

the Aruba saga IS important now

What will you do when Analog TV goes dark on 1/1/06?

Energy Headlines for June 23, 2005 --

Now being served in Japan - - - Whale Burgers!

PUHCA repeal: Exponential Enrons Ahead

Questions re: cellulosic ethanol.

Canada proposes 300 year above ground storage for spent nuke fuel.

U.S.: Watch out for settlers

Sharon 'dangerous' for Israel

Jerusalem municipality bars annual gay pride parade

Terror: The female touch

Withdrawal is a prelude to annexation (Avi Shlaim)

Palestinian gunmen kill Palestinian policeman

The Real Questions that separate 9/11 skeptics

"Into the Buzzsaw"--TWA flight 800 and 9/11 parallels

The September 11 forum gives me the creeps

9/11 was an inside job. Keep it simple and repeat, right Karl?


Do you talk to the people you know about MIHOP/LIHOP?

Why would Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld hang around his office

DU techs: HELP!!! Can't get the DNC report on Ohio to download.

Hey Doc ..... I hope I don't go to your office for a broken leg .....

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday 6/23/05

Daytons DC office returned my call about VV hearing

All the news articles say there was no fraud.

Should we threaten the Dems. If they don't fight to fix voting machines?

Essex County Task Force on E-VOting visits the Avante factory

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 6/24/05

Blackwell uses Franklin Co. Dem Chairman's words to back no racial problem

Florida Democratic Party Broke?

RoveSpeak - Election agitation on Scarborough

Anyone wanna buy an optical scan voting machine?

Hocking County Ohio - Legalities of Election Board Member???

How do we light a fire under Dean's ass about electronic fraud?

"How to win the war against vote fraud" CannonFire Blog--GREAT

Action Alert July 5 Hocking County, Ohio

This American Center for Voting Rights is really getting under my skin

Naysayer Hobson's Choice: Final NEP or rBr? Take your pick.

Duncan Hunter's office just hung up on me!

Anti-Bush / Anti- War Rally in Los Angeles this Saturday

Protest Arnold Friday 6/24 in Beverly Hills

Petition to investigate Randy "Duke" Cunningham...

I'm Sooo proud of Grassley -- social security reform

What I noticed today regarding my Rt 28 highway blogging

Danvers man wins $4 million on scratch ticket bought at his own store

Vote for the title "Wal-Mart: The Movie."

Camp Wellstone

DSM on KFAN of all places - The Common Man

Minnesota's favorite homophobe outs family member

Opera 8.01 is the best browser, evidence below

Anyone know of any online computer stores other than Newegg?

So all of a sudden everything is bold print....

Very Technical Networking Question that I can't seem to get answered

Norton Antivirus 2003 vs 2005

Advice for adding new hard drive and OS?

Book/website for learning about computer "innards" ?

Want to help contribute to a blog and website content?

National Journal reports on Ohio Senate race

What the F*** is Goodhair up to now???

Wanna confront Perry at his next school finance meeting in your city?

Perry kicks off race with radio ad blitz

My education funding rant

Who is sending letters to Lamar Smith re: Public Broadcasting?

Anyone want to leave a message at Rove's WH number??

An ltte regarding Rove

Re: Tom Delay and Casinos

They can't stand a burning flag...

Anyone know who founded Christian Alliance for Progress?

Why can Rethugs say they "misspoke" and all is forgotten?

oops dupe n/t


why o'reilly is REALLY calling for the arrest of air america hosts

Will you all please tell Sara and David I said bye and I love you both,

Religion and the Military: Good mix?

God Damnit! Now I'm Pissed! (good diary from dailykos)

Regarding student "opt outs" for military information

Pentagon creating student database

Movement Takes Bush to Task

Blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel

Sam Smith On Dana Milbank


Mark Fiore : Rewriting Reality

Moby in France discussing America's anti-French sentiment

Wow, my opinion got published in a RED state

When's the last time a flag was burned in the US, anyway?

Flag Burning: "Ask the WTC victims!"

Int'l Movie Database has some interesting info on Shrub...

A nation so obsessed with trivialities and keeping up appearances

Memos chip away at administration war motives

Why the Memo Matters

The "Marketing" Administration (re: DSM)

new toon 6/23 -- will work for bird seed

Has anyone heard of this 'doomsday' bill?

We are all SAFER! yeah right.....

Unusually frank assessment of Bushist incompetence from MSNBC reporter

Two Excellent Knight Ridder Editorials on the DSM

Message for National Gay and Lesbian Pride Month - DOT

Another generation of damaged war vets is coming our way.

Why do so many (M) Republicans have such small hands and skinny fingers??

Have there been any Air America/XM radio discounts lately?

Baptists abandon Disney boycott

Why The Flag Desecration Amendment Doesn't Matter

Sidney Blumenthal: Blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel

Woman Fired From Job For Taking Time Off To Spend With Husband On Leave

Do you get the impression that like Rodney Dangerfield

Are people beginning to see the * as the pompous...

a foreigners opinion on restoring the USA (ranty)

Then BREMMER needs to apologize for losing $90 BILLION with IRAQ CPA

Montana governor: We need our Guard & choppers for wildfires! Pentagon: NO

CHENEY needs to apologize for "bad judgement" to congress

Only One Person Needs to APOLOGIZE --- And that is Bush !!!!!!!!!

Then RUMSFELD needs to apolgize for losing a couple $$$TRILLION (9-10-01)


Baptists call off 8-year boycott of Disney - we made our point

LOL - Imus just told Chaney to sober up..

Then RICE needs to apologize for "misleading America" with "mushroom cloud

Then POWELL needs to apolgize for "false information" to the UN

David Brooks in Fantasyland.

Survey: Most U.S. Doctors Believe in God

LA Times: Michael Smith Explains the 'Real News' in the DS Memos

C-SPAN 1 - talking heads trashing PBS

One by one Bush's deceptions are building up a case against him.

DU This Poll - Durbin

Happy Birthday ... .... Clarence Thomas!!!

Flag Amendment - Time to get all of those flag desecrators

Why Are Some American Christians So Bloodthirsty?

Is this Islamic Fascist part of the CIA backed MEK in Iran?

Betrayal...59,000,000 americans failed to do their duty on NOV 2

Chinese energy giant attempts takeover of Unocal!!

Question of the day

The legacy of lynching

Does anyone else get errors when you type into those spambot blocking....

Does Schwarrzenegger Get Arrested

The "official" demand an apology from rethuglican thread

A dose of George Carlin

The GOP is correcting the mistakes of the Founding Fathers

Suggested sketch for Dana Milbank

Texas Governor Rick Perry says "Adios MoFo" to reporter. (Video)

David Brooks today

Gramaldi & Schmidt: Abramoff, Reed, DeLay, Norquist tribal shenanegans

did we hear about the French journalist expelled from "democratic" Iraq?

Draft O'Reilly

The September 11 forum gives me the creeps

Very cheeky letter to Kansas School Board on ID.

"3 S.F. pot clubs raided in probe of organized crime...

MSNBC :Do you think there are enough troops in Iraq to fight the insurgenc

Song I wrote for the Asshat who co-sponsored the Flag Burning Amendment

US evangelicals, angering Iraqi Christians, exploit war to plunder flocks

"Vietnam was a better situation than Iraq."

It is flag Desecration, not just flag Burning.

Helpful advice to lefties on how to be taken seriously from fascist Hewitt

For the first time in my life, I absolutely agree with Karl Rove!

Woman Fired After 21 Years For Not Wearing Makeup

How does * get such control over the corporate media ?

Graphic -and I mean *GRAPHIC*- photo from Iraq (WARNING!!)

MoveOn has made their goal of over 1,000,000 signatures!

Think about calling your representatives about NPR and PBS

NOVAKula: Durbin Apologized Because Richard DALEY Pulled His Strings

Dembloggers: "It Looks Like Rehnquist Has Resigned"

Woman stopped at Logan with $46,950 sues DEA

KKKarl Rove's gift to Liberals

Fight them there instead of here.... illogical.

Is Rove calling Democrats "Traitors"?

Moronic Yellow College Ninja Republicans.

FYI - President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health link and info

Putting aside differences of opinion about the war in Iraq....

33,000,000 increase in US Population in the 1990s

Increased dismissals have the stench of Fascism all over them

Rove is trying to show the repukes have control.

William to work in City....another BCCI looming?

Could use some help from Kos posters and Bloggers with this:

Democrats Call on Rove to Apologize for Sept. 11 Comments

Jackson's face 'appears on toast' ----and jars of air! from BBC

Levin is doing the smack down on C-Span3 - "Last throes"....

Heads up: Klansman Killen to be sentenced in 12 minutes.

Would you support

Great Letter to the Arizona Republic

Shrub and Stein: SS Comedy Show

anyone listening to CSPAN 3

Freepers Longing for the Return of "Cowboy George" (priceless)

U.N. experts say they have reliable accounts of torture at Guantanamo

challenging bush rhetoric: was iraq plans a part of or in competition

Bizarre employment reality in morons* world...

My continuing Tin foil hat theory...

If the right hates the corporate media as much as we do, who is watching?

DSM losing its legs.

Do you suppose Trent Lott has an albino with a banjo on his porch?

Republicans are STILL helping Terrorists

Bright side of the Supreme Court ruling

Republicans Need To Read Their Bible Again, They are getting it wrong

Supreme Court...Govt. can take your property against your will

just what IS the plan in Iraq, I mean, really?

Do you agree with SCOTUS' decision to allow corporations to take property?

Republican Candidate Calls Bush Administration “Nazis”

if we just wait long enough, all the assholes will simply go away

A pack of lies. (worth reading again, if you haven't)

Whoa!!...Pentagon Creating Student Database?!?

Found this site on Buzzflash

Killen: Sentenced 20 years for each count to be served consecutively n/t

**Warning Vent Ahead** Damn these people make mo so pissed off.

I won't contact my representative or senators

Diabetes and HFCS...Democracy Now

The U.S. has had a terrorist attack since 9/11 - Credit thefts

Why does my Dr. treat me like Courtney Love when I need a refill?

Will Pataki go Fundie on NY?

Well My Republican rightwing anti gay, Baptist Christian

Graham: "those who want us to leave Iraq, same that attacked on 9/11"

This Place Just ROCKS...

Rummy: 'we are NOT losing this war'

Anti Republican Biblical T shirt Idea

Bush, Kerry tie if election held today.

Holy Shit! Kennedy just asked Rummy why he hasn't resigned!

After 9/11 Bush Called For... SHOPPING.... BLIND REVENGE... BLOODLUST!

Pentagon Creating Student Database

Rummy keeps invoking 9/11 while talking about Iraq

Here is one way we can maybe fight the supreme court ruling...

Paul O'Neil wrote a damn book on Bush IRAQ attack plans...8.5 mos b4 911

Baptists call off 8-year Disney boycott

Is anyone else outraged by the GE coal commercials?

Cruel and Unusual

Does anyone remember the posts that listed Republican diatribes

You have to love the Pundit - (profanity warning)

It's official now... Some piggies are more equal than the others.

Shed a tear with me.

Did I hear Linsey Graham correctly?

Anybody know where I can see a video of bush's news moment

Today's SC ruling will REALLY HELP our case against Bush appointments.

Yahoo headline: "Democrats FEAR GOP Push on Flag-Burning"

High court OKs personal property seizures

[tech] DUforum SQL Vulnerabilities

Hang on...aren't we SUPPOSED to BURN THE FLAG???

Matching shitstorm for shitstorm! RNC must be smeared with ROVE Comments

Don't taxpayers fund Armed Forces Radio as well as PBS?

Flag burning amendment. Are we paying these people?

I just saw a commercial on CNN about Supreme Court Justice

Remember after the election we all said...

Actually Karl, liberals saw 9/11 and knew our leadership was incompetent

Rummy and Myers - C-Span 3, 2 pm EDT- the pain continues

cheney's "last throes" remark thrown back in his ugly face by Abizaid!

Andy Dick show on CNN today

how bout' a bill Banning the Desecration of Jesus Christ?

If you are buying a house and can get out of the deal without losing $$,

Never forget: 3,000 Americans killed in the US by al Qaeda on Bush's watch

Warner Says We Don't Need No Stinking Polls

Democrats Demand Retraction From Rove

Weird. I agree with wingers. IFC is inappropriate for new WTC memorial

To Bob Fertik,

would bush's porn star be arrested under the flag desrecration law?

Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes

I Spit on the Way the Democrats Handled 9/11 During the Election.

fuck america's opinion, this war will go on and on

RNC Illegally Uses CSPAN Footage in New Ad Attacking Democrats

WTF? I went to the American Diabetes Association and found this:

My Man Byrd Has The Floor

This Isn't the United States I Used to Know

Recipe for the destruction of Democracy

War is a growth industry.

Promise me you'll never give up!

The Dems should demand an apology for the rethugs...

U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan may be headed to Iraq (Unocal Connection)

Never Forget: Bush NEVER apologized for using WRONG information

On Rumsfeld and "we are winning"

Dems Introduce Legislations to Ban Desecration of the Purple Heart Medal

Former Unocal Official Zalmay Khalizad vows to crush Iraqi resistance

You KNOW that Bush's numbers are dropping

SCOTUS decision vs. citizens rights

Do you think its time to impeach some Supreme Court justices?

Eric blumrich flash....."Lies" 9/11 DSM, more.

Contact the City Council taking those people's homes away

Why do Bible Belters ignore torture at Guantanamo?

Oil hits #60.00 per barrel. Kiss the Saudis for me, will ya GW?

I'm at work and tried to go to the website


OK, it's time for everyone to incorporate

How much longer before people take to the streets?

My poor tired pussycat

“This is not a case of science vs religion, but science vs science."

They just reinstated 100 million dollars for PBS

Even Bush's GOP Allies Are Breaking Ranks

Common virus 'kills cancer'

Is it just possible that PRES. CLINTON defeated Saddam's WMD program?

Good news!

Ha Ha -- look what idiot Delay is saying about lovely Iraq:

Voters' Eternal Hell


The Wall Street Journal vs. The Scientific Consensus

Republican candidate calls Bush Admin 'Nazis,', quits party

Zimbabwe & the New London Supreme Court decision -- parallels?

The SCOTUS land ruling.. what would happen in my case?

Tom DeLay: Is this Houston or Baghdad?

Why is CNN calling the DSM

Eminent Domain and Just Compensation

Freepers Are Urging Assassination of Supreme Court Justices!

Ed Markey - "Keep your hands off of Big Bird"

You no longer own anything in this country

I've been busy all day -Did Bush APOLOGIZE for IRAQ War Errors and Deaths?

Karl Rove on Maple Street (Keith Olbermann)

I saw the documentary, "Bush's Brain" on TV yesterday.

What's this world coming to? Now any city can kick us out of our homes

Durbin: Anatomy of a Political Firestorm>>Chicago Trib article

Former GOP co-chairman chosen to head PBS

I saw a spokesman for CPB on the news today

Scary moment for America

Any chance the new T-shirt designs..

Newspapers find a way to deny their circulation is in decline.

Warning to Boomers (and kids of boomers)..Reverse mortgages

Why is this Aruba thing "Breaking News"?!!

Risky Business

"Unit Record System" would be Big Brother in action

blogger attempts to put enlistment ad in young gop event program


Trivia (I found this while doing a search for the "daily thread" in ER&D)

Conservatives haven't a leg to stand on concerning private property rights

CHINA announces $18.5 billion bid for Unocal OIL

Holy crap! China in bidding war with Chevron over Unocal ($18.5B)

How many terrorists were in Iraq before 9/11 ?

What did Ronald Reagan have in common with "Mississippi Burning?"

Next BIG battle: the Energy Bill...just say NO!

Senator Kennedy is speaking on the floor CSPAN2

I hope this piece of shit lives a long, long time

President John Kerry on C-Span2 right now!

"The President wanted to go to war in the worst way,and he did"

Minor Children? BENow working with Pentagon to Collect info in Database

OK Everyone, it's Time to Form a Religion

Director Greenwald: Help Name His New Wal-Mart Movie

Why are some many links to the Bush Dinner Porn Guest story dead?

Randi is smacking O'Reilly around...

Where were all the property rights advocates the last 20 years?

Resource needed, the tax cuts...

Invoking the 5th amendment privilege...good or bad?

Hey! A Possible WIN From The Scotus Property Rights Decision

Weren't the Dems supposed to release a 2004 election report today?

Robert Greenwald: Help Name My New Wal-Mart Movie

privatization and "publification"

Wal*Mart documentary from Frontline


U.N. Uncovers Torture at Guantanamo Bay

How the "leader of the Free World" comports himself at a public meeting

Learn, Democrats, Learn, GD It!

Executive in Ohio refused to change his name from Hitler

My LTTE published today

Most maddening thing about Rove's 9/11 insult

Against capital punishment? What if Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld et al

I wonder if Donald Trump will get Vera Coking's home now.

Shelters Upset PETA Killed Animals Instead Of Adopting Out

Kerry's up on C-SPAN 2 n/t

Phil Hendrie just replied to my email with some freeper nonsense

Kerry asked on Senate floor to speak. He was denied.

I am sooo relieved - Rummy says Iraq is "not a QUAGMIRE"

While the Dems are in bash-KKKarl mode re: defending the nation

My response to yet another Conservative Idiot (RANT WARNING)

CIA report: new breed of professional terrorists are being made in Iraq

Is it a specific flag that Im not suppossed to deface?

See this Brave Soldier Dying For What?!

CBC slamming * proposed dept of education funding

Major screwup on CNN

Rove won't be fired or apologize

What if, during the midterms, it becomes wildly obvious...

Townhall launches new 'Soapbox' Blog

The resignation of Scott McClellan (Keith Olbermann)

McClellan's creative interpretation of Rove's cheap trick

Anyone remember a threada bout kids & videogames&violence

Apologize THIS republican Assholes...!!!

Porn star's dream: Sex with Bush twins


End of the day

***THIS*** is how Republicans circle the wagons, friends

My LTTE to Star-Telegram was published

Scully/Muldar paranoia. What if Bush/Cheney/Rove are aliens?

If the neoconArtist are so strong and so much more qualified to protect us

WH defends Rove; Dems turn on Durbin and Dean.

Quick Question on Jeffords...

cheney being interviewed on cnn by wolf. b.

Activism quotes from all over the political spectrum

I confess...I gave Bush the benefit of the doubt in the lead-up to Iraq.

Intentional mischaracterization of Dem response to 9/11 is a cue.

A couple of protest I thought of

kkk rove has given us ammo!!!!

I have an idea that the "tone" on Washington may change VERY quickly

"Duke" Cunningham: "Line up and SHOOT liberal leadership"

Fixing the Facts

Who will be the 1st Republican to criticize Rove?

Here is a link to the exact text of the Supreme Court case

MoveOn wants to know if they should focus on getting our troops home !!!!

What has the UN done that makes it a target for the thugs in this

David Brooks reads our minds about Iraq

Stock Market really likes Bush's Economy --- NOT -- Stocks Down 166 pts


Got a question on civil suits

Has Wolf asked Dick about the Downing Street memo?

Mr. Burns is on CNN!

Delaware Lifeguard Joined Abramoff Tribal Affairs Scheme as a "Think Tank"

When will the Dem's start referring to Bush as the wildly unpopular Prez?

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Statement on the Democrat Attacks of Karl Rove

I have reached a milestone!

More B.S From Rummy

Want to know who participated in those secret energy meetings?

It all depends on what your definition of "quaqmire" is.

Why the Mainstream Media Is Catching On

Are we being set up with another distraction?

Public Broadcasting Names New President

Big bird is safe! Illiterate republicans, there is still hope!

Yes They Did Lie to Us

they want to restrict new home/condo owners right to sue

45% credit card offer

What I Learned from My Credit Report...

Republican Technique: Blame everyone, Ignore everything

Since Shrub Won't Tell The Truth We Have To Do It For Him

Sorry Donnie. We are in a quagmire and there is no end in

Why don't WE use wedge issues?

The only way to exit Iraq is with UN aid, how do we go about getting that

Dear Mr. Rove: Liberals can multitask, unlike conservatives

LOL!! Christian group says media is biased....because of gay pride float!

Anyone had positive/negative experiences with a homeowner's association?

What qualifies a 72 year old has been warmonger to send young

damn! just think of what we'd do to a country that REALLY attacked us!

du this pole

self-delete. just now found a dupe; here's the link:

Is there a video of KKKarl Rove making the statement.....

Are there email lists for House and Senate Democrats?

Ever noticed how much Santorum looks like Billy the Kid?

OIL hits record $60 a barrel mark

DU'ers Trashing DNC Election Report- You're Doing The 70% Of Blacks

Cheney says Bushcos don't operate by polls. If not, why is his face

Oxymoron? Kerry And The Confederate Flag?

Oil hits $60..TV "money-honey" is downright GIDDY..

NPR - should I call in my pledge or just leave the money on the pillow?

My Ribbon: W 04 Voters - Support the War - Enlist!

Two examples of being divorced from reality:

Rove must believe NYC voters don't "get" 9-11

Is America too Religious?

Hey Karl - 3 words - MY PET GOAT

will XM ever have the full AAR lineup?

Proposition 13 could go "buh-byee" with new SCOTUS ruling

Please help us DU this fundie...

du this poll on scotus decision

Can anyone help find archived story on congressional emails?

Any Demopedia experts around.... Chickenhawk database

Why I don't think we will see the new photos of the abused prisoners...

This war is shaping up to be another Vietnam,if it has not already .

developers for Walmart bought out our city council

Job applicants allegedly swipe wallet at interview

An experience in criminal court

Repub Rep: Dem leaders "conducting guerrilla warfare on American troops"

I pity the Right-Wing with a bucket load of Laughter...

Conyers: My Hometown Paper Weighs In on DSM

On AAR this morning: Admiral to deploy sailors to Iraq to train Iraqiis

(900th post) They are SCARED!!!

New ad: Just shown on FOX !

1 in 4 Children Utter a Brand Name As Their First Word

Anyone here on/was Navy scholarship for Med school?

Just wrote...

More Good News For '06

Karl Rove's White House telephone number (202) 456-2369

Reno 911: Homeland Security visit. Too funny..

Little things you can do....Activism for Everyone

George Bush and Karl Rove: 'Most Americans Are Traitors'

Here's video of Rove making his jackass comments

Rove is going to be on Scarboy tonight.

LOL! Rummy to Sen. Byrd today: "Are You Talkin to Me"??

What a Coincidence!!!

You know what the Conyers Hearing reminds me of?

Coming up on Hardball: Discussion about rover's comments

Rove will be on Scab-borough tonight

complain about Rove

The 'insurgents' in Iraq are:

Rumsfeld:U.S not losing the war

Distill it down. They are Incompetent Corrupt Liars

I think Rove is using his personality to deflect......

Why don't their heads implode?

Today's Eminent Domain Ruling--a Native American perspective.

iraq officially gets the bill

Iraqi Army - What its purpose truly is

Republican candidate calls Bush Admin 'Nazis,' quits party

Video - Would it be crazy if corporations took us to war - Location?

The draft-dodging coward Rove sure is a brave republican

Give this person a hand

Chimp's job approval down to 42% in ARG Poll

Took a Zogby Poll today that mainly asked if Maria Shriver should host a

Did you hear what Gov. Rick Perry said to a reporter the other day?

tie rove in a chair, duct tape his eyelids open,......

How much do Generals get paid

rant on apologies and no apologies

Love and Action Camp Under Investgation

RNC stands up for Rove; why didn't the DNC stand up for Durbin?

Harassment Campaigns in New London?

Seven days.

Cheney on Wolf defending the "last throes" comment....transcript

Will we ever see cuckoobananas look like this?

Ok so are the dems JUMPING at this??? or ignoring it like everything else

Oh no, Holy Joe is quoting the bible on CSPAN3

The Environmental Working Group: Guide to Pesticides in Produce

An idea with Rove I have

ultimate freepmobiles (warning pics)

dupe -- please delete

Rove ain't getting canned

Who told Rummy to get off his high horse today?

DU this poll Re: Flag Burning

The conservatives don't get it

If I'm a mayor and want to get rid of the "undesirables" in my city

HBOZE is Showing Steal This Movie. It's about Abbie Hoffman

Will anyone ever trust TV media again?

I get the sense that there IS a Boiling or Breaking Point now.

If China Buys Unocal ...

Video,"Get over it"... oldie but still a goodie.

Dick Durbin's Original Statement, Slightly Edited for Dramatic Effect

Global Warming/Oil War

We should hit the media and congress with ONE VOICE - Fire Rove!

Southern Baptists End Disney Boycott... LMAO!!!

If you stop and think about it, *, Inc. is just employing more of the same

The SCOTUS ruling was 5-4: What the dissenters had to say

Ecuador Refuses to Sign U.S. Immunity Pact

Subject: Dana Milbank Redux! He always loved KKKarl Rove..

SCOTUS---Property owners have NO rights. What country is this???

We are winning the terror war because we have not been attacked since 9/11

Kerry calls for Rove's firing

Guess why The American Prospect features RevMoon expose'. (good news)

Peggy Noonan SLAMS Klein's book.

Repubs: "It's Durbin's fault! It's Air America's fault! It's liberals!"

Hey Repubs, if you want to shut up the anti-war people, get Bin Laden!

Rove: Liberals = Traitors. DeLay: Iraq = Houston. O'Reilly: Arrest Air Am.

John Kerry's Floor Speech on Karl Rove's 9/11 Remarks

Ask your REPUB Congressperson if Rove speaks for them

How do you ask someone to be the last man to die for a lie?

London Times: Iraq: The carve-up begins (Oil)

That does it! I'm sending $ to the Sept 11th families' peace group

Senator Kennedy asked Rummy to resign today.

Rove also said that liberals want our troops to die!

Anybody else notice how, when Dean attacked Republicans,

Senator Reid on Rove: "time to stop using 9-11 as a political wedge."

9:45 PM EST - Senate armed services committee hearing on CSPAN

This needs to be spread far and wide

Downing Street Memo and IMPEACH!

It's Karl Roverer

Repukes can only do business if they have an enemy

the Aruba saga IS important now

Is Rove a distraction from the Downing Street Memo?

Mehlman's Remarks @ National Association Of Latino Elected Officials Conf.

Today's interesting (to me) gov't. bid requests.

Schumer, Kerry stormed Snow on economy and China (where's US media?)

Janeane G. needs to chill a bit on AAR tonight

"Wow, let's spit on the dead some more." (- Steve Gilliard)

At present, democracy in America is:

Long & well-written floor statement on Rove, but NO time for DSM?

Bush Administration Psychological Warfare Against the US?

Jesus, I've traveled back to the 60's

"A Soldiers Diary" from Kos...Truth or Fiction with this?

So, I'm thinking about calling Malloy....

O'Reilly basically says Rumsfeld didn't lose the war - Randi Rhodes did!

Cheney: Iraq will be 'enormous success story'

vote your favorate story headline on cnn

U.N. Officials Seek Guantanamo Bay Visit

Santorum: Natl. Weather Service to give data only to COMPANIES

Iraq Occupation: This war can't be won

Bush's empire may crumble from within


man oh man

"Our troops deserve better"

The war is not going well;the economy is tanking;the people are

Dean on Jon Stewart at 11pm EST. I can't wait!

SO.....Do YOU think that Ronald Raygun is the Greatest American?

A thirty year legacy.... what will the next one be with DU dispersed

It's hard work elevating China's reputation past the USA's

Lucky bastards, these oil cats in the administration

I can't watch...Scarborough with Rove

We've got them, and they are scared shitless


No WONDER Us Dem/Lib Dudes Are Popular---- We're HUGE

The Next Prez: John McCain

The War Is Lie: Another Anti-War Gif Animation For Your USE!

Summer begins. Its time for a national strike NOW!

Challenge Rove to a Duel.

If we get screwed in '06 like we did in '04 and '00 should we think

Bush in power for only one month - orders attack on Iraq

"Ask 9/11 victims about flag burning" Cunningham being investigated

Cancel your cable/satellite subscription on July 4th! Send a co-ordinated

Rove and the right-wing meltdown - Bush has lost Iraq & GOP is panicking

Oy Jayzus...someone just emailed me Karl Rove's phone number

Help - Kennedy quote on liberalism?

The putrid, filthy scumbags that make up the Repuke party are losing it

Ever get tired of smashing your head into a wall? Don't!

Ramstein sergeant pleads guilty to sex charges

Gas Prices in your area?

Dems have got to keep telling the truth

New ad: Just shown on FOX !

Kill Sesame Street and the rest of it. PBS/CPB has finished it's Glory!

TOONS for Thursday

instead of demanding apologies, let's bring back dueling at 10 paces

Headlines--World Media Watch for June 24, 2005 (Iran, Muslim group, etc.)

I am liking where the Dems are at right now!

I'll settle for a discsussion of the DSMinutes if he doesn't say impeach

Is Scientology any weirder than any other religion? Dover textbook case showing signs of a pending ID crackup

What happened to Laura's gang-bang tour?

Awesome! Jon Stewart on the Flag Burning Amendment just now...

Fuck Rove, he's a distraction. Does anyone think he made these comments

Stripes letter by SSGT, who calls situation in Iraq "mild chaos at best"

Can't wait for Sept.- July 4th Impeachment AND Independence Day

Thanks to Malloy -

I got to meet Gov. Dean today!

The cruelest manipulation of the Public began in Nov 1998.

HOWARD'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leno had good advice to those writing the Iraqi Constitution

Are we at a critical turning point in America?

Please sign this online petition to fire Karl Rove!

Why can't I pull up DU Store, just get blank page?

Torture by Taser When police abuse their newest “nonlethal” toy people die

Governor Dean with Jon Stewart tonight.

Some Historical perspective on the war

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

Will he say it???? I hope so! Oh hell- I'll say it- Impeachment NOW!

twice I have heard Rummy say on cspan --to tell the truth

Gene Burns, a KGO host in SF is talking about comments made

Grilled Rumsfeld Anyone?

Besides a faulty video card

Why has America forgotten about the Anthrax terrorists?

Such a healthy economy... don't you think....

is mary carey in trouble for flag desecration

Where do I find remarks by my Representative during Clinton's impeachment?

John Stewart's headline for flag-burning amendment

bush, Cheney, Rove; PANIC MODE! Distract from the coming torture photos

Were Rove's comments an intentional WH plan??

Mary Carey on Daily Show

Breaking! US House (Under pressure) Won't Cut PBS Funds!

Are Karl Rove and Co. After My Friend?

My wife didn't get it

CONGRATULATIONS, KARL ROVE! Stand up & take a bow!

Anyone else have a bad feeling about "bad feeling" threads?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Shout Out

A bush-sypathizing relative told me today to "be careful what I write"

Drugstore discrimination: Anti-birth control pharmacists

CNN is doing a poll about the supremes decision

Bush's future for America is in Iraq today

New Videos and Torture Photo's --- Distraction To Be ====> Rehnquist Quits

Conservative Christians and the U.S. military

Howard Dean is slamming R's on the Daily Show !!!

Coming up "The Daily Show" with Howard Dean! Hope he say's the impeachment

Why do you think Rove was brought out today?

anyone else have a bad feeling?

Never, ever stop saying it- IMEACHMENT NOW! No matter what BS distraction

Ten commandment decision coming soon from supreme court

Does anyone know the status of mandatory kid screenings for mental health?

You guys are so positive and optimistic. How do you stay sane?

Full Scale PR Offensive Underway on Iraq

speaking of Hope

Big Dog v. Gipper: What was more damaging to the progressive agenda?

Who feels good?

Rove Plays Politics With 9/11 Attacks, Again


Bush and his partner more concerned about going to war with 1/2 of country

Rove was right!

Update: Dems Say Rove Should Apologize or Resign

Talking Points for Rove Rebuttle, from House Leadership

We've Seen Enough To Impeach Bush - (Capitol Times, WI)

Close-ups with Dolphins boost park's cash flow

Today's(23Jun) Media Targets from Downing Street

GOP picks at DEM sliver til it festers with pus; it's time we did the same

has bush finally squeezed all the juice out of 9-11?

Why is "Countdown" Keith-less so often??

Dow Down 166 points as Oil reaches psychologically important $60 a barrel

Why do I get uncomfortable when I see two Gay men making out?

Sign the "Fire Karl Rove" petition

Until 2003 Hardwick and Lawerence were sex offenders

Sources for pre 9/11 US Plan for Iraq War and Oil in this Palast article:

Didn't know I (was) UnAmerican.

New from Michael Smith: The Real News in the Downing Street Memos

Dear Mastercard:

Bush down to 17% approval rate with Independent voters?


Blowing away The Mother of All Smirkscreens

Karl Rove and the Downing Street Memo

Heartbreaking email to Sen Roberts from a soldier who is being refused...

cspan3: Byrd gives Rummy a dressing-down

Bush secretly and illegaly bombed Iraq (like Nixon did Cambodia)

CSPAN Schedule Friday June 24

Will our kids ever be fighting the Iraqi Army we are training now?

Video: Bill Moyers on Daily Show

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Statement on the Democrat Attacks of Karl Rove

Geez, I hope this isn't an omen.

hey rove, you can shove 9/11 up your ass buddy

White House defends Rove's comments

You'd think noone ever heard of eminent domain before.

Porno pizza....bwahahaha TDS and Colbert are killin' me. n/t

Peter Daou DESTROYS Rove

Moon Issues Final Challenge to NY & America;

appr. how many men, women & children have been killed in Iraq?

The SC Eminent Domain Case gives the lie to natural property rights

Liberal SCOTUS Justices Screwed The Home Owners

Malloy Show Needs a Favor

Rush Limbaugh: "We are losing this war

Dems Need To Shut Down The Senate re Rove's Comments!!!

Understanding 9/11: In the Face of Disaster, A Great Leader Sits Frozen

Any comments on HARDBALL tonight?

Dean wasn't good enough on Stewart's show.

88 Lines About 44 Republicans

100 More Photos And Several Videos Of Abu Ghraib Torture Coming SOON!

Quote from freeperville about the Corporate land seizure ruling

9/11 families to Karl Rove: Stop trying to reap political gain from 9/11!

What if the country finally caught on to what's really happening?

Hillary hits Gov. on Rove's 9/11 remarks

RFK Jr. on Mercury, Autism, and vaccines

Enough Of The Damn Learned Helplessness Already! Stop Conceding Defeat!!!

Proof Bush Fixed The Facts (- Ray McGovern)

DSM: M$MWs "Old News' we knew all the time but didn't tell vs Blogoshpere

NASCAR Formula One Boss--sexist comments to a woman of skill:

Photos:US soldiers planted weapons on dead Iraqi teens #graphic#

Secretary of State Stewart?

Darth Cheney is actually starting to look WORRIED!!!

CNN Exec Admits News Media Distorted Afghanistan War

On NOW (PBS - Friday 9pm ET) - LAND GRAB! About SC decision

Open Letter to Democratic Underground: Please Give a Read

Well, they've gone and done it now...

The Brain Bug left his caves


DU this poll on Rove - it's FREEPED!

Who here is a member of a union?

I set Rush and Bill O'Reilly to some appropriate music [mp3 link]

Vote it UP, mail it OUT, tell the WORLD: Money carried away in DUFFLE BAGS

Burn the Confederate Flag (The real flag of the GOP)

Sexed Up?! DSM! Take Action! EASY! Let your Reps & MSM know!

smirk's porn star dinner guest wants sex with the twins - really

The "American Assassination" of Paul Wellstone - new book

"Fend for yourself!" Florida sexual predators banned from storm shelters.

Was the Dalai Lama wrong to join with PETA to stop KFC?

"War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal."

I want to thank you guys for keeping this vet sane...

KARLTOONS (i.e., Karl Rove Toons)

Favorite Ice Cream Recipes?

Help, need cheesecake recipe!

Fired up a seafood feast last night

Sierra Legal Defence releases report on Shitty BC mining practices

Aristide: on the record about Canada and Haiti

Liberals Call Snap Vote On Budget, Tories Livid

CIA on Iraq: New breed of professional and sophisticated terrorist being

Taser VP Admits He and CEO Conducted Secret Experiments on Animals

Gibson stalker gets maximum sentence

Spanish senators reject gay bill (still expected to become law)

Sailor, Marine arrested in Okinawa clothing store incident

CIA says Iraq is now a terrorist training ground

Tales of deception and betrayal:Think-tank head said DeLay didn't know Ind

Pair ripped off Indians, senators todl

House GOP Proposes Social Security Plan (private accounts still in)

Venezuelan lawmakers: US relations depend largely on Posada case

Pentagon Creating Student Database

House panel votes to ease Cuba trade rule

Federal Psywar Against Americans

UN pledges a 'new Iraq' as the carnage continues

U.N. Expert Says U.S. Stalling on Request to Visit Guantanamo

Terror Suspect Freed in Mexico (US forgot to take him off wanted list)

China oil producer bids $18.5 billion for Unocal

Embattled Bush to welcome Iraqi PM

Finally some news to get excited about(Launch of IWTnews Website)

Two Iraqis killed, 10 injured in car bomb explosion in Kirkuk

Rumsfeld Faces Questions on Troops in Iraq

Duplicate Post

UK terror suspect in Mexico is simply a tourist

LAT: Trial Testimony About Klan Leaves Town Divided (Philadelphia, Miss.)

Memo: British wanted Sunnis to lead (DSM)

Pentagon creating database of students

'New militant threat' from Iraq

Bush refusal to bend is break for Dems

Judge pulls the plug on Bush and helps threatened salmon back to sea

LAT:Iranian Blogger Returns From Exile for Vote(choice of "bad and worse")

Senior Taliban may be surrounded say Afghans

Insurgent Death Toll in Afghanistan Rises

Saudi Terror Suspect Said Killed in Iraq (OH bushie are we in the wrong...

Activist (Randall Terry) Begins Senate Campaign to Oust King

Bush loses support among women, poll says

MassMutual hired Guiliani's law firm

Death of Soldiers Brother Ruled Suicide

Rumsfeld Rejects Timetable For Iraq Withdrawal ("a way to go")

WP: Symbolic Lynching Resolution Forced Concrete Political Choice

AP: Merck Tried to Alter Vioxx in 2000

Supreme Ct: Govts can seize homes, bus for econ dev

Bush urged to release documents on Bolton

Death of soldier's brother ruled suicide (no end to pain bush is causing)

Senator May Block Successor to Defense Policy Chief Feith--(another

Tales of deception and betrayal (Delay and Nat'l Cent. for Pub.Policy Res)

Chinese Oil Giant in Takeover Bid for U.S. Corporation

UN investigators say U.S. stalling prison visits (Guantanamo, etc.)

CS Monitor: Falluja parallels in Ramadi

CNN Breaking: Edgar Ray Killen sentenced to maximum 60 years in prison for

Egypt mufti backs resistance in Iraq within limits

Top General Disputes Cheney Claim That Iraq Insurgency in Last Throes

House Ethics Chairman May Quit, Officials Report

Top Commander Says Insurgency Still Strong (last throes?)

Bush Administration Urges China to Put Economic Squeeze on North Korea

General disputes claim that Iraq insurgency fading

Pentagon Creating Student Database

Pentagon Creating Student Database

Hagel: US 'Losing' Iraq War

Mass. Governor Weighing Presidental Run

Pentagon Creating Student Database

Supreme Court Rules Cities May Sieze Homes

Mufti backs resistance 'within limits' (Egyptian authority on Islamic law)

Shocking: Government Power to Take Property Backed by Top Court

Hospitals cut costs for uninsured

Republican Social Security Plan May Collide With Budget Deficit (Bloombrg)

Romanian Monk, Four Nuns Charged With Murder in Exorcism Death of Nun

Allawi seeking national dialogue

Greenspan warns against US tarrifs on China

Secret Data From Japan Nuke Plants on Web

Greenspan, Snow warn against China sanctions

Perry's plan helps rich at others' expense

Parents and Kids Stars Unite (Support PBS and NPR)

Bombs jolt Baghdad after dawn, at least 3 dead

WP:Cardholders Kept in Dark After Breach(some banks don't tell customers)

Ohio governor struggles with scandal

LAT, Brownstein: Bush Faces Hurdles to Rallying Support on Iraq

How a Lobbyist and a Former Tom DeLay Aide Ripped Off Clients and

Republican candidate [N.C. Sup. Crt] calls Bush Admin 'Nazis,' quits party

Armed Men Set Afghan Girls' School on Fire

Killen sentenced to 20 years for each of 3 counts-served consecutively!

Senate Democrat Offers Pledge on Bolton Vote

Massive Crack Opens In Earth In Texas

Study blames government for homelessness

Iraq: Sunni scholar killed in insurgent attacks

Pentagon creating student database

Lawmakers to Question Rumsfeld on Future of U.S. Troops in Iraq

Latest Social Security Proposal Creates GROW Accounts (sttill Private)

Insurgents develop deadly new bombs

Contract Spawned Gitmo prisons awarded to Hallibur by CEO Cheney

Shelters Upset PETA Killed Animals Instead Of Adopting Out

Fake spy guilty of kidnapping con

Torture at Guantanamo Bay: UN investigators

Bush points finger at Democrats on Social Security

Some 1st Armored Division units could deploy to Iraq sooner than expected

Judge arrested in Aruba case

Ted Nugent Ordered to Pay Child Suppport ("Father of the Year")

Texas Governor Commutes 28 Death Sentences

Senator Asks Ultimatum Be Given Iraq on Charter

Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes

Top Commander Says Insurgency Still Strong( Abizaid contradicts Cheney)

Radio Candy Stunt Not So Sweet

Yahoo! Shuts Chat Rooms After Sex Allegations

WP: Why the Mainstream Media Is Catching On (DSM)

The frightening evolution of al-Qaida

Deal Could Preserve New York's 9/11 Aid

E-mails: Reed knew tribal money funded anti-gambling campaigns

U.S. Not Losing War, Rumsfeld Insists

States Reporting Inflated Graduation Rates

Tenn. investigates ex-gay camp

Looted Art Said Used to Fund Terrorists

Republican will be new CPB president (death of PBS)

Bush to consult Democrats if High Court post opens

Study: States Report Bogus Graduation Rates

World hates America but Indians love

Looted Art Said Used to Fund Terrorists

N.Y. Oil Jumps to $60 on Concern Fuel Demand Will Strain Output

Indian call centre 'fraud' probe

Iraqi Labor Chief Calls for Troops to Exit

US not losing in Iraq, Rumsfeld insists

Grand jury clears 3 Halliburton protesters (TX)

Democrats demand Rove apology

Radio Contest Winner Sues Over Candy Bar (not Clear Channel but sounds ..

Ross misses hearing, warrant issued

Feds Target California Marijuana Dispensaries

U.S., Iraq Troops Kill at Least 5 Rebels

My response to Karl Rove -Wes Clark

Poll: U.S. Image So Tattered Overseas That China Is More Popular

Anti-US sentiment entrenched: poll

Iran seen tightening control of Internet

Cheney defends Iraq insurgency last throes remark

U.N. Uncovers Torture at Guantanamo Bay

U.S. Senate moves toward final vote on energy bill

Report slams Bush space vision (BBC News)

Movement takes Bush to task

Pro-Bush group airs TV, radio ad about high court appointee

World powers urge Israel to ease checkpoints

UN: Concerns Voiced Over Torture In Uzbekistan

UN extends peace force mission in Haiti to February, 2006

Spain says it'll pull troops from Haiti

JAMA reports misuse of medical records to torture

Brownback holds hearing on Roe v. Wade decision

Torture by Taser When police abuse their newest “nonlethal” toy people die

Poll: U.S. Image So Tattered Overseas That China Is More Popular !!!

Families of 9/11 hit back at Rove's comments

White House Offers Sugar Trade Concession

MP vows to lead G8 protest march (Galloway)

The saddest of days in Schleswig (phelps shows up at soldier's funeral)

BBC: Italian bid to castrate rapists

Mehlman's Remarks @ National Association Of Latino Elected Officials Conf.

As criticism of war builds, Kennedy calls for Rumsfeld to resign

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Statement on the Democrat Attacks of Karl Rove

US pilot killed in U-2 crash in United Arab Emirates: officials

University of Hawaii won't renew embattled chancellor's contract

FDA Approves BiDil(R) for Treatment of Heart Failure in Black Patients

Nationals newest weapon in war on terror could be in Sugar Land(TX)

Pentagon collecting data on students

Congressman Acknowledges 'poor Judgment' in Relationship With Contractor

Perry Caught Using Vulgar Language On Tape

Prognosis uncertain on federal deal for hospitals

'Religious Left' launched in U.S. (BBC News)

Brain's Marijuana-like Chemicals Postpone Pain

Mother of mauling victim arrested ( San Francisco )

LBN posters: If you search before posting, you save time and trouble...

White House, Democrats Quarrel Over Bolton

Bolton won't be weakened by recess appointment: former UN envoy

Military accused of lying about Agent Orange (Canada)

Blix Claims Iran Years Away from Nuclear Bomb--Daily Star

More than 400 protest Bush Social Security plan (MD)

Bush Expresses Empathy With Workers (says sounds like Bill Clinton)

NIH Gives U of Kansas...$7.9M Grant to Develop...Male Contraceptive Pill

Grand jury clears 3 Halliburton protesters

Cheney: Bush May Forgo Private Accounts

Court in Germany exonerates officer who opposed Iraq war

U.S. 'stalling UN Guantanamo visit' (BBC News)

Pentagon IDs Pilot in Spy Plane Crash censored? Responds to Justice Depts. new "NO-Photos" rule

NYT: In Ohio Vote, Woes, Yes, Fraud, No

E-mail found of ex-aide of Conyers, a fugitive convicted of stealing $162K

Lobbyist (Abramoff), rabbi (talk radio host) plot to trick private club

NYT: House Ethics Chairman (Hastings) May Quit, Officials Report

Aruba Police Arrest Father of Dutch Teen (in Holloway disappearence)

Cheney defends Iraq insurgency last throes remark

Offhand Daley comment spurred Durbin turnaround

Clinton hits governor on White House aide's Sept. 11 comments

U.S. doctors linked to POW `torture' Guantanamo medical records misused

Syria calls on Washington to prove it aids insurgents

W.House rejects apology for Rove's Sept. 11 remarks

Rumsfeld Under Fire on the Hill (Washington Post)

Thousands of Peshmerga drafted into army (32,000 Kurds drafted)

Cheney, Rumsfeld fire back at Iraq doubters

China 'is more popular' than U.S. (around the World) (BBC News)

NYT: Iraqis Tallying Range of Graft in Rebuilding

Venezuelans Choose Chávez Over Opposition

Japanese robots to guard shops and offices

MoveOn's Response to Rove's Attempt to Distract from Failed Iraq Policy

Iraq's Prime Minister Says U.S. Forces Must Remain

International experts in Vietnam to study virus

Blix: Iran Years Away From Nuke Weapons

'We had to kill him for snitching,' sailor says in video shown at court-ma

Iraq Sees Increase in Car Bombings(4/28-6/23 580 killed/1734 wounded)

Critics Blast Anthrax Vaccine Test (On children)

Amnesty on the defensive over Guantanamo Bay

'Blair has Murdered Labour Party' Says Galloway

.. Health Professionals Join Together To Call for US to Stop .. Torture

Police arrest 17 in medical marijuana case's

Iraq: The carve-up begins(UK and US oil co's to meet w/ Iraqi Oil reps)

Zogby Poll: Bush Job Approval Plummets To 44%

Florida Crime Down for 13th Straight Year (AP)

Cheney: Iraq will be 'enormous success story' (like afgan he says)

POLL: 49% Say Bush Responsible for Provoking Iraq War, 44% Say Hussein

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 23 June

Marine gets 15 years for Okinawa rape, says 50-cent beer was partly to bla

Banner-Bearing Protester at Convention Is Acquitted

Interrogators Cite Doctors' Aid at Guantánamo

Three new radio stations (Air America) poised to enter the Missoula market

Lawmakers read names of soldiers who died in Iraq on US House floor

Naked Censorship? (from

Democrats Call on Rove to Apologize for Sept. 11 Comments

Dean Calls on * to Repudiate Rove's "Desperate and Divisive" Attempts....

Republican Candidate Calls Bush Administration “Nazis”

WP: Pharmaceuticals in Waterways Raise Concern:Effect on Wildlife, Humans

Re-arming DC: Senators want to pack heat in capital

US pushes for punitive action against Syria

Blair tells EU to change or fail

Senator Edward Kennedy asks Rumsfeld about resigning (offered twice)

55 percent of doctors influenced by religion

NYT: Cutting Here (US, Europe), but Hiring Over There (India)

(GOOD NEWS!) House Won't Cut Public Broadcasting Funds (Wash Post)

Diesel "could breach £1 a litre" (approx $7.60 per Gallon) (BBC News)

'Healed' by God - Conservative Christians Hold Conference To 'Cure' Gays

Ecuador Refuses to Sign U.S. Immunity Pact (Internat'l Criminal Court)

Supreme Ct: Govts can seize homes, bus for econ dev (Thread #2)

Billy Corgan plans to revive SMASHING PUMPKINS?

New printer: must print! Must print!

A shot in the dark! Did anyone attend el camino high school

Simpsons Season a "Homer's Head"-shaped box...August 16, 2005

Bless the Beasts and the Children

the new face of america toon

Man, Sibel Edmonds is a hottie.

I need to talk to Bertha Venation.....what is her new name again?

hey anybody know anarchy1999

More news from the FUTURE!

L. Ron Hubbard shares his memories of a 1963 trip to...Heaven. not tell anyone

Do you lose it if your food is touching?

Republican asshats (a rant)

Good night all.

I have posted in GD...hold me.

Attn young folks: Somebody takes a gun to your head, and tells you...

I'm about to get tombstoned

How about EGGS!

Please, no more posts about gnus.

I just turned 30.

Ok, I found a solution to clarifying my posts, think whiny not yelley.

does anyone else use movie sound-bytes for answering machine msg.?

whats wrong with me... I'm actuially...

dupe sorry

When I tell you that I love you

Ok this is what my night was like

bird seed - new toon 6/23

Moving is exhausting

Educational Fraud..........

Sometimes office chair wheels are TOO good.

Nude Sculptures Near Senior Center Anger Old Folks

So I have this misdemeanor on my record, can you give me advice about it

Well, on a train I met a dame She rather handsome we kinda looked the same

Oh No! Tom Cruise Kills Oprah!

From Bartcop's Site ... Frist and Cats....

News UPDATE: Kitten Born With 2 Faces, Dead

What do you think of herbal medicine?

Greatest British hardcore band:

My anonymous sources says Skinner used Diebold to calculate the votes....

Once I thought I was wrong

I opened arwalden's thread, and I didn't post in it.

Weird Al's Greatest Hits...

Don't Really Know Who She Is But: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELMA BLAIR!!

Give someone the Gas Face here!

I think Congress needs to outlaw Captivate Network.

pLease, no more chicken hawks

Favorite unintentional pairing of Black Panther and pop culture:

"As seen at the NewsMax store" (really hilarious toon)


Woman with $46,950 in her bra sues after it's taken by DEA

How do you search a certain poster?

I was once so naive I thought

Well, I just got my 2nd job in as many weeks.

George is finally going to Viet Nam!

Ok kids, I'm off to Vegas

Highly recommended anti-spyware software: Spybot Search & Destroy

Best band named after a Russ Meyer film.

I think Congress needs to outlaw burning steaks

The US Government has a new web site......

Recommendations for booty-shakin' Bollywood tunes?

Massive Crack Opens In Earth In Texas

Giant Popsicle Melts, Floods New York Park

Who betrayed Maximus Decimus Meridias?

What the DSM does not show (graphic warning)

Grandfather kills leopard with his hands

I need help finding a Daily Show thread

Holy fuck! The Office is the best TV series ever.

Poll: How do you learn?

That's not riiiiiiiight!!!

Wake me up in time for my next nap(really cute cat thread)

Pictures from Paradise...(warning image heavy)

Wisconsin is enforcing a total ban on

I have something really important to say.

How do you want your eggs?

People need to apologize

What if YOU are the only liberal here?

More on Allergy Free Cats

Too funny!!!

Remember this DUers: No matter where you go...there you are...

Two New York Yankees Find Love

Time for a "Feel Like I'm Fixin to Die Rag" moment.

Cruise says Xenu is "not true, has no resonance and relation whatsoever"

Make up a name for a piece of IKEA furniture

What should I eat for lunch?

Yet another similarity between Batman Begins and * admin...

I have a question, hopefully someone could help me out

Please, no more threads about pickin'.

So...did you see the Guardian cartoon of Bush f*cking a dead camel?

I won an iPod last night but I am having a problem

Goin' to the ballpark - buy food there or bring my own hoagie?

Tom and Katie prepare for "the second of the eight dynamics of existence"

Anybody watch "Beauty and the Geek?"

Well, they've gone and done it now...

We need a cat/kitten thread!

and now for something completely different......

Hitler Rd. residents get strange looks (Circleville Ohio)

My bologna has a first name....

Meet the Feebles

Man Holding Metal Cross At Funeral Struck By Lightning - Dies

What to do about a bird's nest in my window pane?

Best matcom ever?

Best MST3K host segments

Why did the...

Happy Birthday ZombyNephew!!!

Today's Tunage Rockin' My Box - THE ROOTS

Ed Klein will be on Al Franken tomorrow...

Job interview in less than 2 hours

Worst Ticketmaster stories?

"Get Er Done!" - What The Fuck Does That Mean?


I had this really freaky dream last last RE: 2nd American Civil War

I just rcv'd an email with a blank "From" ,"To" & "Subject" !

Computer HELP!!! I can't get onto DU's message board and

I am on an open sea...

My baby boy was born on Father's Day!!!

i am so worked up over the USSC decision today that

Who else had the crap scared outta them by

Someone Has Been Mailing Town Residents $1,000 Cash Gifts

Let's start our own religion: "DUology" What are the tenets we believe in

Who said blondes are dumb?

Make your own bumperstickers online

This is why I really like living in a small town

Is Randi Rhodes show a repeat today?

DU Lawyers I need some advice, I have this misdemeanor on my record...

Is anyone a "certified" personal trainer?

My poor tired pussycat

my hips are so broad and wide

Wind-up hopping lederhosen

Car horn in sync with this on DU:

Which of these long running TV Series over stayed their welcome

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARCANE1***********

Very obscure "Seinfeld" question:

Im secretly in love with ....

Veiled praise

It'a MIRACLE...a MIRACLE I tell you

Do people under 30 know who Sandy Duncan is without googling?

Sympathy request

Are you often offended by certain DUer's posts?

Thank you once again to all of you kind and compassionate Loungers

I think I'm in love

Watta Hoot! Check out this link..

When I read things like this, it makes me wish I was 25 again.

Home Run Derby

Earworm alert (Subject line changed to divert lynch mob)

Major sleep deprivation

How Often Do You Buy Lottery Tickets?

Iraq is not a Quagmire. THIS is a Quagmire.

DU Group proposal: Seekers of medical advice from unqualified DUers

LastliberalinTx and NSMA I need some legal advice

GAWDAMMIT!! When's Randi going to get to what Karl Rove said yesterday?

DU Group proposal: Seekers of Legal advice from unqualified DUers

Whale Burgers On Sale In Japan

I met a kid at work who looks just like Kleeb.

Its 91 degrees... hot enough for ya?

Help! I have a gift card to iTunes and don't know what else to download.

Who wants to play auto-fill non sequitirs?

DU Men: Gimme A Head With ... A Demographic Poll.

Thank you all for sending me chain letters over the past year.

costa rica

Comity or Comedy?

My dog thinks he can control the air conditioning by pawing at the vent

Thank you all for sending me "Dear John" letters over the past year.

Damned sattelite dish is out.

What TV Show Would Make A Kick Ass Movie?

We should use wedgie issues on Rove

Deputies Discover Marijuana Farm With Over 23,000 Plants

Kleeeeebie...oooooh, KLEEEEBIE!!

when should I fall off the wagon?

Wow - England has the same problem the US does: Chavs

My Website is Up!

Did anyone here actually PASS the President's Physical Fitness test?

I just got back from Phoenix and I will answer anything....but

Cut my own head off, investigated for my own murder..advice needed

Do you have the item?

Is the new Foo Fighters song really good or am I just loosing it?

Have you ever

Want to help contribute to a blog and website?

I'm Against Home-Schooling, Basically Because......

I've just listened to David Bowie's "Queen Bitch" about 15 times in a row.

Use "DS1's explosive diesel-powered sushi-wrapper" in a sentence

Nyah Nyah!

Rant: I've been listening to my Mom's caregiver bitch for an hour now.....

Use the word "Butterscotch" In A Sentence

The GREATEST Thing About DU?

Use "camel toes" in a sent... oh never mind!

FLASH!! I'm hot!

Something 'bout the way you taste, makes me want to clear my throat...

Favorite South Park Kid?

He wore a hat...


Anyone hear anything about results of the energy bill vote today?

Oh, I can't stand it! Cute KITTY picture alert!

So they installed a speed bump on my block ...

Fucking AAAGH!!!

I am having a HOT POCKET!

Use 'Use "last throes" in a sentence' in a sentence

What is your favorite "Dark Tower" book?

He had a hat...


This is NOT a thread about chicken.

Why does drinking in the sun hit you quicker?

We have adorable baby skunks living on our property!

I am having a HOT FLASH!

iPods save lives

My sisters found a kitten two weeks ago. (pics inside)

Mary Carey posing with Keith Olbermann

What is it with inscrutible spam these days?

A kid rant

Just finished "The Long Walk" by Steven King/Bachman. Disturbing!

Use "last throes" in a sentence

88 Lines About 44 Republicans

5000 posts?! That's kooky talk!

A few choice photos of today's Maalox moment between Ted Kennedy & Rummy


UPS just delivered my package. Mementos from Ma's house cleaning.

Fellow Nattering Nabobs of Negativism, check in.

Rove's pathetic response to the DSM, attack the dems, question

Trying to escape the 700 club. Ask me anything!


I just rented Outfoxed..what should I do/expect?

you are now about to witness the strength of street knowLedge

Students Can Now Take Gym Classes Online

Chicago Brownout?

I have a question

JimmyJazz and I will have JohnKleeb on 9/24 - what should we do with him

You've been given a copy of Ed Klein's new fiction on Hillary Clinton...

I have a raging icepick-behind-the-eyes headache

Job Interview Tomorrow.

They just cut the lilac bush out of my grandma's yard....

The dirtiest joke ever told — and the movie that tells it

So I'm going to get all of my hair chopped off today...

earthquake today in costa rica

What ARE you, McFly?

F8 Start up in safe mode. Defragment all brain cells. Virus check for...

A good Rovian CAPTION for ya....

Aside from the machine-clapping sound, it holds up pretty well.

Good Places To Eat On Coney Island, HELP!

Ok, I needed a break from all the political forums today.

The scitzo guy we've dubbed Benny is back.

Man, I can't stop drinking the Very Vanilla Soy milk

Will one of you guys please keep Kleeb company?

Franklin Graham said "One day Jesus Christ will return. O'Reilly said

Caption this photo:

Please, no more threads about squirrel

I'm eating a bagle with cream cheese. Yum.

New career for MATCOM: Wedding Planner!

I am going to apply for a Statistician job in Massachusetts.

I will scream it from the rooftops

Ted Hitler is on ABC Family Channel right now

GM’s OnStar ad campaign really pisses me off.

Q: Who the hell drops 3 of 4 at home to the Devil Rays?

im eating a beagle with cream cheese. yum.

The plural of you is NOT yooze!!! (or trapped in unemployment hell)

I just got my cholesterol results. Am I going to die?

Goering and Rove quotes.

Bankruptcy advice. Got any?

All right, I'm in Spock

All right, I'm in Shock

Has anyone ever put cocoa and extra sugar on their Cheerios?

Progmom just discovered that Floogeldy just discovered cocoa.

Question For 'Morning Sedition' Fans: Is That Will Forte Doing The...

Now this is a pretty cool video.

DaVinci, Shakespeare, and Eleanor Roosevelt were gay?


We've all had cinnamon toast. Has anyone ever made cocoa toast?

Crap...I got a speeding ticket.

Oprah, we need to talk.

Woo Hoo!

Remember Bobby's World?!?

What day or month, year, will DU reach 100,000? WOW!

dean on the daily show tonight

GATORS WIN!!! GATORS WIN!!!!!! 6-3!woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I'm going on vacation , don't send search parties

A new liberal is born!

People without copycatting talent just discovered copycats

I can not think of anything to say about this one just watch it.

name an expression you have run into that's unique to rednecks/Bushlovers

Jeff sessions or jeff slimeball?

Chimpy in Charge

Job cancelled tomorrow, wife in bed, GD a headache... I need a hug.

Where is our JimmyJazz?

Jon Stewart kicking ass already

All knotted up - 3 games and 57 points each

Favorite Black Panther band

Swede just discovered that Progmom just discovered that

I lost my cell phone today

"Me and BB King have a lot in common."

Woman sues after learning prize is 100 Grand candy bar, not $100,000

Mary Carey is really quite a hideous human being.

Ever just lie to a guy/girl just to get rid of him/her?

My kid was offered a job at Abercrombie & Fitch today

My current favorite music.


what did you think of the film Secretary?

Use 'camel toes' in a sentence...

Not good...

Constant rumblings for the last hour or so

Anybody know what this means?

Just got back from the emergency vet

If the Neocons were a band, Shrub would be:

Peter Green

Sirius had a CT scan. Surgery scheduled for Monday AM.

Coca-Cola Zero:

Risky Business

It will be soon

Best finals game ever!!!!!!!!!!

You humans are such flawed creatures...

Don Rickles isn't dead?

there's this tree, you see.

Kid A rant

The worst scene in a movie that just tears me up...

Madrone's in Kalamazoo and I'm stuck with you people

Howard Dean on Daily Show NOW!!!!

Avast! Tall Ships invade Victoria!

Use "last toes" in a sentence

I'm listening to Ray Charles sing "Georgia on My Mind"

Non sequitur time - Post some

Good, now use "DS1's explosive diesel-powered sushi-wrapper" in a novella

So, which sitcom will Hollywood fuck up next?

Bushman cause I got high

I saw a pro-life demonstration today.

If Free Rep. had a Tee-shirt logo contest what would be the winning logos?

Who's watching Wimbledon?

The two-headed kitten has died.

I didn't enter my flower pics in the contest, but here are some anyway.

Best sitcom ever?

Is there something wrong with me?

Seems like everybody is asleep

Floogeldy just discovered cocoa.

Mommy bragging time :)

Favorite Trickster god or hero?

You've got exactly 4 hours to spend with anyone you want! WHO?

Slap some sense into this boy. I am enjoying this way to much.

Rabrrrrrr and matcom- I humbly give you..."Ginger".

OK DUers, if you had 14 days to travel from Amsterdam to Rome . . .

Ad company explain Yorkie candy bar tagline: "It's Not for Girls"

Favorite Dean Koontz Books

Where is the devil's workshop?

Create your all star band---what musicians working together would you

Columnist Has Seen "More Breasts Than David Hasselhoff"

Picture of Baby Bunny with her new puppy!

Everyone's Gone To The Moon

I'm finally out of the 700 Club with this post!!

If You Open This Thread...

Guess I am a pointy-headed librul intee-leckshuwal

Best winner of the T-shirt contest?

Has anyone ever put cocoa and extra sugar on their Dolly Parton?

DUers COMING TO THE BBQ SATURDAY: Could Reach 100 Degrees

matcom's BBQ is going to be a sweatfest: forecast is for 96 and humid

Someone please make sense of this ..

Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow

"Dad, she's dead..please help me".. What would YOU do as the parent?

Is the little lost Boy Scout mentally deficient?

Haven't seen any discussions on last nights "30 Days."

I would just like to take a minute to say

I am having problems with the iPod again

I cannot get enough of the Viking Kittens singing the Immigrant Song

My dog is back in the hospital -- again :(

DUers, a must see music video!

Hey ... wanna hear some music?

Can anyone use the word "titmouse" in sentence?


Who do the "Gumby's" of Monty Python represent in society?


Everything I need to know, I learned in public school

Radio Candy Stunt Not So Sweet

My epiphany for the night: love is never a waste.

Moskau! Moskau!

The top reason why (includes DU Store) doesn't get sales...

Oprah, If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed.

Official Detroit Pistons Consolation Thread

The official game 7 NBA Finals thread

Favorite banned album cover?

Note to retailers: DO NOT PISS OFF OPRAH

June Photo Contest -> FLOWERS, Stage 1: Intro and links

And by the way, Senator Pelosi...

June Photo Contest -> FLOWERS - Stage 1, Group 2

June Photo Contest -> FLOWERS - Stage 1, Group 3

Stephen King Book: Best/Favorite...

June Photo Contest -> FLOWERS - Stage 1, Group 1

My 9-year-old son said he had "the best day of his life today:"

Puppy stomping - unbelievable

Due to the many posts accusing newbies of being possible freepers . . .

Katie Holmes' Missing Days

Goin' Fishin'

Close-ups with Dolphins boost park's cash flow

'Earthy evangelist' changes US climate

Adam and Eve

Oh you'll love this.

Radical Cleric Dobson holds conference to "cure gays"

Is the worship of Mothra as valid as any other religion?

Hydraulic Fluid as Cleanser for Surgical Tools

Have you heard about MacDonalds' new fruit & nut salad?

Solar sail probe's fate unknown

Single-Cell Recognition: A Halle Berry Brain Cell

Question for Geologists

Message for National Gay and Lesbian Pride Month - DOT

S.F. sex conference tackles reigning 'moral panic': marriage

Business takes up gay pride banner

Committee says to cut school clubs

Minnesota's biggest homophobe outs family member

Missouri High School Settles Gay T-Shirt Suit

Gay HIV-positive actor denied U.S. visa

Calif. Lesbian Wins Visitation Rights


Anti-Gay, Anti-Recycling Rabbi implicated in Indian Casino Scandal

Business Impact

Words hurt for gays in schools

Massachusetts Gay Marriage Foe Quits State

Banned in Jerusalem: NO annual gay pride parade this year

Sec of Ed Margaret Spellings and Buster

Anti-gay remark linked to killing

Knicks - Suns Talking Trade of Kurt Thomas For Quentin Richardson

Is anyone still questioning the NE Patriots' move of not signing Ty Law?

Is There Something About The Yankees We Should Know About? Shocking!

Game 7 of Blue State vs. Red State tonight....

Game 7 CONSPIRACY THEORY Thread: I say the refs worked for Diebold

Anybody frustrated at the cost of vet bills?

My dog is back in the hospital -- again :(

Anybody sense us leaving Iraq by 2006?

Mercury, Venus and Saturn planets to appear in rare grouping

The metaphysics of healing

Risky Business

Wouldn't a real god slap George W. Bush upside his head?

BWAAAAAAAAAAA ! Hit this poll ! ! !

"Intelligent" design, the flying spaghetti monster and pirates.

Shouldn't we atheists have our own version of a "clergy"?

Imagine it: An atheist President.

How red is Baytown Texas?

Well, I tried

is this a pic of anyone in this group ?

Anybody here have a livejournal account?

Who is watching the Foreign committee hearings on AIDS

Is there anything happening with JK and DSM? I am beginning to think DSM

John Kerry's Floor Speech on Karl 9/11 Remarks

Well, if the vote were today, it'd be a tie

Floor speech coming up after a vote at 4:15 or so. (EST)

What was the purpose of KKKarl Rove's comments?

Mystery solved - sort of

Finance Comm: Kerry Vs. Sec Snow

Can somebody explain why Kerry voted NO on CAFE standards?

I thought we had discussed asking people not to comment on the photos..

June photo contest

June Photo Contest - LINK

My grandparents wedding pic. Hand painted over B&W from 1930.

Whats the theme for July?

NYC protester last year at the RNC

Cho is on Majority Report.

New Blog: 6/23/05, 2:35 pm

Ok, I *finally* watched the second Mary Carey interview


ASTB 6/23/05 (waaah again...)

Hey Rev, never thought I"d say it, but I'm exhausted from thumping.

Gov. Dean to Appear on The Daily Show

Senator Boxer: Cutting HIV Transmission

Durbin Wrap Up from "Balloon Juice"

Exactly why are people offended by the idea of a US flag made in China?

More "dog chasing tail" or does this group have promise?

This day in history

Abramoff lobbyist take the fifth

Millitary increasing their PR campaign

Brush fires? Didn't Bush say he would end them?

Pledge for Democrats

BeNow, Inc, of Wakefield, MA, helping Pentagon take your children

A Question...How many DU'ers are working for the 2006 Mid-Term...

McCain? Chairman of Indian Affairs?

Public Service Announcement for Free republic members

BigBrother Bush at So. Baptist convention: why does this NOT endanger

Lynn Woolsey: "We have to make this issue central in the next election!"

Blowing away the mother of all smirkscreens


Gene Lyons on the Downing Street Memo and "Gutless Liberal Media at Work"

Assuming the flag-desecration idiocy passes.

Delay says Iraq = Houston

Military Divorces up 40% since 2000

Katherine Harris just got her first free campaign ad from CNN

Flag desecration: why now?

Rove is right--We don't get 911--we didn't get in on the planning.

The family of master liars - a.k.a the Bushco family

A call for compassion for killen

Jerry Springer's interesting point regarding pushing for impeachment

Alert! Demand apology from Inhofe!

How do you start a "Whisper" campaign against a candidate?

When will the Pukes Rewrite the bible???

Kennedy reading Rummy a list of his sins on C-SPAN3

"Last throes!!!"

Bush Administration Psychological Warfare Against the US

burn the flag!

Kerry Statement on the Release of the DNC Voting Rights Institute Ohio Rep

LAT's Morrison: Blindly Fighting for the Right to Lose

Salon asks "Is the Senate in play in 2006?"

Are war deaths being underreported?

Will christians keep killen alive?

Saddam wouldn't allow burning of Iraq's flag. China doesn't either.

National Journal handicaps Senate 2006 race - Dems could win it back!

BWAHAHAHA!! Hillary hits Rumsfeld!!!

the howling GOP

No more Mr. Nice Guy...

Un Finds Torture at Gitmo

smirk calls for gay-marriage amendment

Purple finger - the Iraqi election - a fallacy

John Warner (R-Va) "praises Bush for steady and unflinching resolve"

" Anti-Bush Protester on Trial for RNC Convention Action"

Countdown/Keith Olbermann/Newsletter 6/23

Gov. Perry calls reporter MoFo

AP's Ron Fournier: "Democrats Fear GOP Push on Flag Burning"

How much longer until our country is Third World and in the ditch?

See? Proof that PBS is a tool of the radical, liberal anti-religious left!

We are now COMPLETELY screwed

U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan may be headed to Iraq

OH OH she said .Natzis...bad bad girl

CSPAN-2 Reps carping about the judicial appointment process

another alert: i still want cheney, our vp, to give me a definition

ARG Poll- Bush: 42% approve, 53% disapprove

Since the press is intent on focusing on Dean's comments

Helen Thomas: Bush Could End Prisoner Abuse

What letter did the Dems send to Bush today?

Josh Marshall likes the Dem strategy on calling out Rove

the bloodthirsty capitalism of Republican rich boys and girls

So when can we expect to see Sen. Roberts' Phase II of the ...

Rummy starting off with same happy horsehockey again CSPAN3

"Halliburton Awarded New Military Contract" only a billion and more..

The Onion 2056: Democratic Middle Eastern Union votes to invade U.S.

Howard may Gallop On, but Greenberg is full of Horse Shit.

Please Help me Understand

MSNBC Question: Do you believe President Bush misled the nation


New GOP smear-Dems Allegedly 'Conducting Guerrilla Warfare on Troops'

Lemme Get This Straight, re: Rummy

Republican Commercial

Went to a peace rally and "impeach Bush" demonstration today

Sen. Warner's (R) response to my email re: filibusters

Al Franken is doing Rove NOW! n/t

Reid calls on Rove to Retract Remarks

Pentagon Creating Data Base on Students


Impeachment is not enough

KARL ROVE should APOLOGIZE for his nasty remarks!

This is a "Real"" Democratic Senator, not one of the pansies we have now

Spend and Don't pay for it Conservatives

John Kerry: Time for a Policy Wake-Up Call on China

White House Rewards Halliburton for Cost Overruns...

Falwell says church must work to defeat Hillary Clinton in '08

Get on the PEACE TRAIN! Southern activists to Washington!

Fun with Google

C-Span Alert: Kerry to speak on Senate floor on ROVE!!!!!

Biden's Iraq Speech:

Ted Kennedy to Rummy: "Isn’t it time for you to resign?"

Liquid Natural Gas terminals COMING SOON to a coastline near you...

Karl, you've served your purpose. Time to go.

Dem's are FIRED UP today

Karl Rove will not allow Karl Rove to appologize

Dick Cheney Is French (Algiers Style)...two very good essays...

Kerry up now CSPAN 2 taking on Rove

Dems can easily defuse the neocons' argument on Bolton...

J & E Edwards in Arizona, New Mexico Ohio & Michigan - Raise the Min Wage

This Letter To The Editor Aches For A Response...

So, wait - eminent domain for businesses to expand is bad, right?

There is a huge difference between "offering my resignation" and

What would an apology from Rove even mean?

Republicans don't care

the link to the Supreme Court decision is here

The House is totally scripted today

Taking Action on Health Care

Josh Marshall: Some people got some 'splainin' to do.

The heat is on; Cheney making an appearance on Wolfie

Which event or period would you pin the turn of political winds

Video of Dean Hammering Bush on the DSM

Biden, Obama, Lieberman...Silent on Rove's Smear

McClellan - Q: Will Bush demand a Rove apology? A: Of course not, Jessica.

Of All Nights For Dean To Be On National TV ...

How much is Iraq worth to America?

Young Republicans Reject Recruitment Ad.

Email in response to my stepfather's question

It's about time

The "Bush Youth" .....

The American Consciousness and the coming DT's (detox is not pretty)

Cheney agrees w/ Biden; contradicts bush, rummy, and rice

So Karl Rove said every Dem soldier was soft on terrorism ...

Now they're trying to say that Rove meant the likes of Moveon and MM

Bush giving hearburn to republican lawmakers~

Wonder if the new bankruptcy law ties in with "Eminent Domain"?

Karl Roves' White House phone Number

Why can't we have a coup d'etat?

So, the one-upmanship strategy seems to be working

It's Friday..and nothing about Rehnquist yet.

Demand the truth from Fox News

BEWARE: Rove's Checkmate Spells Disaster for America

Who are Amy & David Ridenour and what's the tie to Abramoff?

Marsha Blackburn R- Tennessee (pardon while I puke)

A thought on our 'divided' country and hence 'close poll numbers".

DHS management directives spark union outrage

"I wish the followers would lead"

Are rethug House floor speeches writted by the central committee?

What about Bush's own Land Grab (Ballpark at Arlington)?

The ultimate wedge issue that will assure a Dem sweep...

Did you all call your senators today-demand they condemn Rove remarks?

Conservatives did not "prepare for war." They told us to go to

Reminder: Howard Dean on The Daily Show tonight. Please keep kicked!

Anyone out there good at turning a phrase?

Cheney said he hadn't heard Rove's remarks then repeats McClellan 's

Durbin had NOTHING to Apologize for ! Here's WHY!

John Conyers: My Hometown Paper Weighs In on DSM (Detroit Free Press)

9/11 was an inside job. Keep it simple and repeat, right Karl?

why not just put congress in permanent recess?? pres can make interim

Do Congressional Democrats have a game plan regarding DSM?

ProWar, ProWar, But Won't Send His Kids to Iraq -

Words from an old spiritual :

Military Contractors Pay Carried away the $$$$$$$$$$$$'s in Duffle Bags!

Ask not who is the great wimp.....

Today, in Silver Spring, Bush blames Democrats for troubles facing SS plan

So, Senator Durbin, are you glad you apologized?

Why have we not caught Osama Bin Laden?

Brownback Hearings on Roe & Doe Will Help Set Bar for New SC Nominees

These Republicans Are Going To Kill Me

My response to Karl Rove -Wes Clark

Think it's time for a Dem leader to step up and start

Dear Hillary

Should we call him Karl Roverer?

New rules for Eminent Domain....has this been discussed already?

George W FraWD! a little rich frat boy douchebag with shit for brains

Friend upset with the todays Supreme court ruling on property rights

Just like Vietnam! 6,000 US Servicemembers Desert Iraq! Amazin!

Cheneys on Wolf Blitzer, Rumsfeld's in Congress, and Rove's on Scarborough

It's time for a revolution, folks! Rove attacks Democratic soldiers!

American People to Bush & Cheney: YOU'RE FIRED!

Did ROve serve in Vietnam?

Zogby: Bush at 44% 'postive', 56% 'negative'

Was there a vote on the Energy Bill today?

I don't really mind DUers accusing me of being anti-DEM- but may I ask...

Chimp has unlimited power and we're screwed

For anyone who missed it today, repeat of Rummy's grilling on

Does the new Republican meme mean another attack is nigh?

Leslie Blitzer interviews Evil Dick: more on "The End Of The Insurgency"

Dean won't take "B.S." from Republicans!

Keep it together.

This country needs some pi$$ed off CIA agents to set record straight

Bring Out the Big Dog: Are You Listening Dems?

Isn't it pretty transparent what Rove is doing?

Dear Karl (sorry if this is too long but anger rules)

Fuck Karl "Marx" Rove - He needs to resign

RNC's Ken Mehlman: "What Karl Rove said is true."

Impeachment NOW! Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! n/t

Here's video of Rove making his jackass comments

Video Of Sen. Kerry's Response To Karl Rove

Sign the petition demanding Karl Rove's resignation

The US war with Iran has already begun

Has Bush Made Another War Impossible?

David Sirota on Rove's Comments

DNC Voting Rights Institute; Recommendations for Future Actions

Unholy Alliance Between DU and Freeperland?

Time To Repair the Durbin Damage: WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK!

Changed the name of the 1,728 is more than a number...

Oh No he Didn't! W. Clark Six Loose Lips Quotes that make him unelectable

bush and the Nuremberg trials

Soc.Sec: only two people for every senior crapola

Klein's Clinton book: "Poorly Researched, Poorly Written, Poorly Sourced"

The Fantastic Four: Abramoff, Scanlon, Reed and DeLay

Pelosi: Bringing Our Troops Home - Not a Republican Priority

Senator Byrd in the Foreign Affairs Committee hearing just called

Okay, here's the one reason why you shouldn't compare Bush to Hitler


If you can stomach it- Rove on Scarborough (MSNBC)


"An extraordinary story of betrayal" Abramoff, Reed, Norquist & DeLay

Any 'Variety Show' like Smothers Bros. were anti-war stuff could air ?

We have lost the 2006 election Thanks to the Liberal members of the SC

I think this flag burning ammendment is just another disguised attempt to

Kerry's Floor Speech on Karl Rove - Transcript

Wes Clark responds to Karl Rove

Does the term "feminazi" apply to anyone in the feminism movement

When is your state Democratic primary next year?

Karl Rove!

Great New Cartoon from David Horsey (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

okay SOUTHERNERS, have you heard about the PEACE TRAIN??

Kitt Bond(R) MO just called us communists!

Why do you think Karl Rove is making the rounds ??

Eminent Domain: Hell Freezing over, I agree with Scalia and Thomas

Will any of this aid in waking up middle-class Repubs/Conservatives?

ATTENTION PLEASE: If you never read anything else read these bullet points

Karl Rove slandered my nephew - a USAF Lt. Serving in Iraq & a Democrat

Election Officials FOR the "highest bidder" -- speak out!

Mark Warner: Democratic Prez Candidate Must Buck Party Orthodoxy

What's highly ironic about the eminent domain decision

With *'s Poll numbers in the Toilet, Is it TOO Early for 2006 Campaigning?

Rove insulted US - this is war!

McCaffery just said that we are losing a BATTALION a month

Sources for pre 9/11 US Plan for Iraq War and Oil in this Palast article:

I think the time is right for a Constitutional amendment.

Video: Rep. Gene Taylor (D-MS) offering motions to recommit

Why I *DON'T* disagree with the Supreme Court