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Archives: June 22, 2005

Durbin's message/U.S. must end prisoner abuse

"Manley Quest" (written week before he died in Seattle courthouse)

Multitasking: You Can't Pay Full Attention to Sights, Sounds (Cell Phones)

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Yes, they did lie to us

Mercosur backs Bolivian political process

Beijing readies release of new jet fighter trainer

Analyst worries over China's use of Israeli drone

Alliance cautions against playing Beijing's game

psst. ... who has a contact for the creator/webmaster of

Arnold coming to Fresno 6/24

Upgrading my Computer for Video Editing

Can a MIHOPer please explain why they believe that?

On soliciting children to kill and die

FLASH: New DSM Video from Democracy for American

Nadine on DU Malloy is reading your letter

Rehnquist resigned: Any chance of confirming this?

Why does the Democratic Party leadership lie about Republicans?

"Conquest is easy; control is not."

Dean on Cspan 2 now.

Anyone see Mel Martinez (R-Fl) NIMBY dance on Cspan about offshore

If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you'll love the Downing Street Memo.

Who is the US Ambassador to Iraq?

Nightline starts at 12:30am EDT: Tom DeLay's pal, Jack Abramoff

How do we keep DSM alive long enough for "protocols" to work?

work dilemma - a question of principle - what should i do?

I think William Rivers Pitt would be a good Senator,

Anyone Watching Nightline: Abrahamoff Story

What is required for the Democratic Party to once again win big at the

Durbin makes what I regard as a common sense type observation.

My Neocons are gone!

Scott Ritter is on Mike Webb show claiming that US about to attack Iran!

Dick Durbin apologized today.

Gaddafi opponents plan to oust him

Microsoft remains unrepentant, says antitrust judge

New bird flu outbreak in China

Complaint Filed Over Vioxx Case Judge's Campaign Donations

'Horrified' US Ambassador Warns of Iraq Civil War

LAT - As Popularity Ebbs, Governor Reaches Out (Ahnold)

U-2 Spy Plane Crashes

Dear Lounge

I am sick and tired of covering for my single co-workers who call in sick

I think people who bash other countries,but leave out where they live

Letterman on Lohan

I heard Lewis black was on TDS tonite. Any videos?

Athena, I had no idea how much I'd need her


And now, some beat poetry...

And now, some beet poetry

That's It! I'm Marrying Rosario Dawson!!!

If they serve you and you serve them back then it's on!!

Unintelligible crap

Dolly Parton is a fucking gay Scientologist!

It's official!!! Elizabeth Montgomery is the cats' ass and more!

I feel the need. The need for speed.

I have decided to leave and join "them"

No freaking wonder...

I'm smoking my pipe right now. It has a fine blend of tobacco.

Flamebait threads

Tempted by the fruit of another...Tempted but the truth is discovered...

Which Linux distro should I install?

Any tips on touching up a porcelain coated caste iron sink?

Goodnight DU!

Shake George W. Bush's hand or lick a dog's anus?

Lohan On Letterman...

Your Car: How does your actual mpg compare to the sales sticker?

I have been to GD...hold me.

Adherents to Scientology: A List of Famous Scientologists

what is your favorite movie line?

How can you compete with fantasy land?

Tigers' win puts them over .500; now 10.5 games from ALCentral lead


Congressman Conyers Posts Videos of the Hearings and Special Delivery

Bolton's replacement at State....even worse?????? background info to know.

I think I would be a great Senator....

Jon Stewart reports on Bush, Iraq and the DSM forum - (VIDEO)

It seems that the Gov. of Ohio has hired a criminal defense attorney.

Ohio Governor Says He Failed to Report Golf Outings

Why would this get me banned and kicked off a conservative website?

Why attack PBS?

Palast | The OTHER ' Memos' from Downing Street and Pennsylvania Avenue

The Rich, Religious, Gun-Toting Racist Party... I Mean, the GOP.

NYT: Abu Ghraib, Rewarded

Aljazeera.Net: Scores killed in Afghanistan fighting

Friedman: Run, Dick, Run (Pollyanna Friedman reappears)

Jack Kilby: A Appreciation (Inventor or microchip obit)

Illustrated Daily Scribble: Puppet Frist

Gene Lyons

Scientific Knowledge as a Public Good

No One to Demonize - Harold Meyerson WAPO

Censors taking aim at rights

A War Waged by Liars and Morons

Basu: GOP believes in forgiveness, until it helps Dems

SF Chron Editorial Cartoon Re: Pit Bulls

Sirota - Democratic Idiots & the Parroting of Right-Wing Lies

Downing Street Memos: Proof Of Deception, Not Intention

The Butcher's Bill (questions about DoD reporting of deaths)

Milbanks on the 'the Denver 3' The Tenacious Trio--I think mocking

Goodwin: Rethink Iraq or bring 'em home

Karl Rove Q & A

No One to Demonize--WaPo: Harold Meyerson

BBC Article - "Detractors divided over Hillary Book"

Outcry grows over public TV, radio

PBS Cuts (affect in IN)

The lies of Ken Tomlinson (Media Matters)

Tortured logic

Pat Mitchell: PBS helps educate America

David Corn (The Nation): Rove-ing from the Truth

Blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel

Herbert: Cruel and Unusual (Have you no decency Jeb Bush?)

Flag Amendment Unfurls Fury

Fixed Is Fixed -- Ray McGovern

Fourth of July a time for political pandering

You boys are on your own (Chickenhawks won't enlist)

WSJ op-ed: How Long Do We Really Want to Live?

Soldiers of Christ II: Feeling the hate with the National Religious Broadc

Of Gulags And Two-by-Fours

Americans Inching Closer to a Reckoning (Miami Herald)

Psychic Epidemic: We are Species Gone Mad(BaltSun/Comment)

Matthew Rothschild: 'The Bush dam breaks'

Darfur: How many more have to die? (Hentoff)

Sibel Edmonds: An Appeal to the Internet Community-W. David Jenkins III

OK. It's time we show Mr. Limbaugh that his rhetoric is sickening

So, here's my flag-burning idea

Meetings to focus on Bush impeachment (Madison WI)

Vanity Fair July 05 issue

A brief interchange I had with the lesser of two evils at WTAM's morning

Gwen Ifill

Is Jon Stewart reruns still on Comedy Central. I'll never make it to 11 p

Biogas Bonanza for Third World Development

New USGS Oil & Gas Assessment Of Central North Slope, Alaska

Parking Lot Sealant Identified as Major Contaminant

Energy Flashes

Brazil politics: Land and environment issues present challenges

Energy will be the Most Important Issue in 2006

Data-theft fallout felt across Asia

Canada mulls new takeover rules

Property boom poses risk for national economies

Israel signals renewed assassinations of militants

Israel: Failure to Probe Civilian Casualties Fuels Impunity

‘1,000 Americans coming’

Gunmen Disrupt Lecture by Palestinian PM

Poll: 25% of Jews against full rights for Arabs

IDF will no longer exercise restraint toward Islamic Jihad

Confronting Israeli Myth-Making

Matthew Price (BBC/Wednesday): Dashed hopes at Jerusalem summit

Silverstein Responds To "Pull It"!

Has anyone read "102 Minutes"? (by Jim Dwyer & Kevin Flynn)

Lies under oath

The NIST report will be as cooked as the Commission Report

A Question About LIHOP


A C-130 here, a C-130 there, a C-130 everywhere!

Secret Service people died in WTC7?

Mexico claims arrest of suspected 9/11 group member

The 52 minutes before "Flight 93" turned around

Worst Tech of 03 Paperless Voting: Fortune Magazine

"explosive" and/or "will knock your socks off" report due today?

What if we all bought a "Time Share" in PA and registered to vote there?

'Methinks the lady doth protesth too much' --> "Pure Political Fiction"?!

Forsyth County, N. C. votes to keep options open on Voting machines

DNC Report Online Now!

Blackwell/LoParo say Democrats' report a "bald-faced fabrication"

Please explain: Only provide ID first time voting

Verified Voting Testimony to Senate Rules Committee - 6/21/05

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 5/22/05

In 1/2 hour we find out if Dr. Dean and the DNC have a spine

COmmon Cause list of VOting machine lobby firms and how much money

Voting machine paper backups necessary, Ensign tells panel

Cliff Arnebeck Will Respond To DNC Investigation of2004 Election in Ohio


John Gideon: Corporate Control of the Election Process

WPE and Aggregate Precinct Data Tell Us Where the Election was Stolen...

CA City Poised to Declare State of Emergency in Violent Neighborhoods

Tyler Olson - State House District 38

Where can I get a '49' sign in Iowa City?

Ron Crews has left MA to become Army chaplain in Kentucky

Did I just see that Delahunt, Lynch and McGovern voted for Flag Amendment?

House Republicans hold round the clock vigil outside Dean Johnson's office

Suggestions for the Warehouse District?

Tell Mark Dayton to vote against the flag amendment

She has arrived

How do I edit or get rid of this stupid waste of text?

Converting from FAT32 to NTFS on XP Home

Dayton Daily News

It's time to begin the Bob Taft political death watch!

Well, got my first "response" to my new DU bumper sticker

Keep Austin Blue Wednesday, June 22

Burn This Flag

Lobbyist told tribe to reroute checks sent to DeLay groups

My letter to Perry's Press Secretary: Yo MoFo!

AirAmerica in Dallas, AM 910, WooHoo!

Legislative Democrats Introduce Governor Doyle’s Election Reform Package

The Day Is saved!Repugs give taxbreak to everyman!

Feingold Ties Clinton, Beats Kerry/Edwards In Straw Poll

There ought to be a law...

I've been wondering where Katrina vanden Heuvel has been

A young mother who started group for teen moms died. A beautiful website.

Family having a baby...why do **I** have to buy crap for the kid?

Check out the Christian Alliance for Progress Flash Video

Please tell me DUers are signing up at CAP

I need something I can do to get a book deal or something

careers that the right hates

The prez does agree with the VP that the resistance is in its last throes.

Bernie has an asshat on right now!

When are we going to start calling 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the Green Zone?

For those of you interested in placing an ad in the Iconocloast/Crawford,

LINK to Durbins COMPLETE...

Bernie's ON - talking PNAC - Guest - David Phillips

Snarky review of Lakoff visit in Seattle PI

Frontline was awesome Tuesday night.


My rant to the DNC

Maybe its not Bush's fault.

Beyond Disgusting - Teen Allegedly Rapes Dog and Two Girls

Good Morning America: Cheney vs. Dean...War of Words

This was widely reported on network news last evening....

Did prez bush sign into law something about mental hospitals and that

Why I think Bush doesn't want a draft

CDC Update - Merck & Eli Lilly tell IMUS to "shove it" .... no interview

GREAT READ - Molly Ivins: We can't ignore the Downing Street Memos

Keyloggers on Dell computers???

folks are getting a bit angry out here georgey...

Rush Limbaugh asserts DSM are a fake....

DDR: 'Dangerously Disconnected from Reality' the latest trendy disease

'Indians are bastards anyway'

Report: Geldof Bans Bush Bashing During Live 8

Flag Burning Ammendment Idea

Social Security...they don't get it and got to fuck with it anyway

Studying the Bible: liking Jesus, hating what has been done to his image

Local Insurgents: ‘Islamic Thinkers’ Menace Gay N.Y.

WHY won't the threatened people go PUBLIC with threats & Expose the BFEE?

update at Bagdad Burning!

Why Durbin was right to say what he did - My experience


County To List Sex Offenders, Predators In Newspapers

It's our Duty to Remove the Bastards but we Can't, is that the Situation?

Marijuana-Flavored Candy Blasted

Florida group slow - Please DU this Gay Pride poll

Alright...fess up...who did it?

What is the income level of this wealthiest 1%?

Blaming it on the Victim: It's my wife's fault I tried to have her killed

LA Times 'wikitorial' gives editors red faces

If we had a real media in America...but how to make this a HEADLINE???

I think it's past time that the rank-and-file and DLC have a little talk

I'ts time to get SERIOUS with these fuckers, don't you think?

Detroit Free Press gives 2 pages to DSM!

DSM is getting out there: 3 LTEs to same paper, same day (6/22)

Gosh, Right-Wingers drive me nuts...

Wolves in Jack the Ripper's clothing.

On Blind Faith...

Anyone hear my comments with Springer just now

Bush’s Missing Word

TPM makes an interesting point

War in Iraq... How about the war in Afghanistan ?


Independent contractors? Who are they? Who pays them?

Shakespeare knew Bush-Cheney and Rumsfeld.I mean, personally.

To The Flaming Hypocrites On DU Who Badmouth Durbin

Isn't It Time we take a page from the Repugs: Never Apologize

This "pResident" lunch must have been a bitch session

Mr.Bush, if you withdraw the troops and stop wasting 300 billions each

For Venezuela's poor, music opens doors

Howard Stern: Pull Out Now

Here is some comfort " Reid on Bush: He's still a liar "

Gitmo Detainees Question

So which reporters have gone to Gitmo per Bush's invitation?

Bill Moyers hour long interview on Democracy

They are buying employee discounts;not the cars. LOL!

I know why a shill like Millbank ridicules John Conyers and Cindy Sheehan.

Okay Springer is pissing me off

American Journalism goes flatline

For those who are Aquarians...

Sign petition for Congress to investigate DSM - this is NOT Conyers letter

Killen didn't get a trial by a jury of his peers...

Fox News personnel were exposed to Diazinon....a neurotoxin

chicken george, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to appear before a RANDOM crowd

What Famous Historical Figure Made The Following Remarks?

Durbin's Remarks =Frist's Failure

"I think about Iraq every day. Every single day...."

What an f-in LIAR!

Danny Glover: Doing Something About Wal-Mart

Family: Bush's America killed loved one

DNC Election Fraud report is out now!

Every Day I Read ...

One of the jobs of a Political Party is to communicate ideas to the people

Give me right now Sy H's most recent expose. Thank you!

hehe...caller on rush says Hillary going to switch parties

Rita Cosby---Fox mouthpiece

say, did bush ever apologize for not warning us about 9/11?

Fallujah parallels in Ramadi

I'm settled on Janeane Garofalo

petition to sign regarding horse cruelty

Take action on PBS funding! (House proposing 45% funding cuts)

What is Bush's plan for the Medicare "shortfall"...?

Saw Al Franken on Sundance Channel!!!

DeLay compares Iraq to Houston Texas

Wonder where "healthcare system" would be if Repukes allowed Hillary

WHY is the "Missing Boy Scout" still news?

John Conyers is THE MAN.

Should the Washington Redskins change their name?

The Baby Jesus vs. Gandhi

How much is George W, Bush worth?

The DSM is NOT a case of "been there, done that."

Bush needs to be asked "Does Guantanamo make the US look bad?"

OTHER VOICES: The Downing Street memos

Publishers Weekly: Penguin defends anti-Hilary book

Lies and this War

NYT: Bush Wants a New Effort for Bolton in the Senate(contradicts Frist)

where are the GOP's apologies?

If you HAD to choose between: A fair media - that means ALL media -

They are technically our Korans, so we can abuse them if we want...

Can I brag? Just for a minute, honest. Won't let it go to my head.

Reminder: President George W. Bush Is A...

what Durbin might have said is, 'Fuck you bush & your fucking war'!

The Other Iraq Insurgents: "No One Can Speak On Our Behalf"

It's called "phishing"


My congratulations to Karl Rove and the entire RW

Tavis Smiley show: "Declining by Degress"

Another damn LIBRUL that just WANTS us to lose in Iraq!

September 24: Impeachment March on Washington

Somerby calls Durbin critic Leibovich of the Post a "good German"

I read yesterday where Lieberman introduced McCain as the next President

Response from Lieberman regarding Downing Street Memo

Bill Moyers on The Daily Show tonight

Federal Industrial Hemp Bill to be introduced in Congress June 23

Did anyone see POV's "The Education of Shelby Knox" last night?

How much DEMOCRATIC pressure did Durbin endure

bush's perfect body armor (shield, if you prefer)

Poverty not funny.

Abu Graihb pics = Straw that broke the camel's back?

Four Dead in Ohio

"Lies My Teacher Told Me" by Loewen.

First known casualty of Iran invasion...

Investigation on local news about credit card theft

The budget - your turn

Iraqi Leader: "We Can Take Care Of Ourselves, We Don't Need A Baby Sitter

Anyone seen the new format of "The Onion"?

Muslim Woman Sues Over Right To Wear Scarf

Why Is Is Wrong To Criticize Soldiers That Commit Atrocities?

Limbaugh is critical of Repubs for accepting Durbin's apology...

They printed my LTTE in the paper today.

On CNN yesterday some guy said the Humvees in Iraq breaking down faster

Mother, daughter protest textbook in southeast Pennsylvania (Creationism)

The controversy over Durbin's comments/apology is entirely phony.

du vets- what can i say to my army colonel nephew

DSM nothing new - outside the US

Conyersblog now blocking all Comments!

Was Andrea Mitchell making fun of Durbin on Imus this morning?

I don't know if there's any truth to the rumor that

White House Responds to Downing Street Memo

Yes, Virginia, There Really Are Downing Street Memos

Norman Mailer - short, sweet and to the point - Bush is stupid

DSM nothing new - outside the US

Rep. Gene Taylor

Illinois DUers: vote for the guy from Rage Against The Machine next time.

WordPress Theme for a solider in Iraq

AF chaplain who blew whistle on religious intolerance at Academy resigns

Has the GOP put forth any policies that have actually helped average Ameri

Oh Goodie.. Fecal matter in your ice..

Tom Hayden: A Strategy for Ending the Iraq War

Bush Administration Psychological Warfare Against the U.S.?

Opponents light into pot-flavored pops

Who is this Rep Gene Taylor -D- of Mississippi

TBRNews and Fakers, Forgers, and Counterfeiters

He who laughs last.....( Steve Earle)

Bill Moyers will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight

a fractal called "lynch mob"

Bush's Broadcast Barbarians

Any responses from WAPO?

College Repuke Convention

sometines Christians (in this case Catholics) are strange . . .

I heard Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly all say the same thing,

A conversation with convicted ecoterrorist Jeff Luers

Haier Group (China) bids US$1.3bn for Maytag

Contact information for Bill Moyers?

If you'd like a good vomit, read w's address to the S Baptist Convention

disappointin' dick durbin

Statement of Randall Terry announcing run for Florida Senate

Robert Parry hits Dana Milbank right between the eyes

Yesterday the Senate approved the position on global warming and

WARNING!!! The Catapulting the PROPAGANDA is now in effect!

Enough with the Feminazi references, wingshits!

Romney eyes penalties for those lacking insurance (Mass.)

He who laughs last...(Steve Earle)

Sister, not automaker, is found responsible

New U.S. Rule: The word 'Nazi' must never be used in a sentence.

want Wal-Mart to pay? Come on DU help hold them accountable.


Fitting punishment for Limbaugh, if found guilty on drug charges.

A Bulletin : The Left Has Always Been in the Minority !

Greed or Sharing

U.S. Job Loss: Reason for Celebration?

African lions protect abducted girl, fend off attackers

Rove addresses Downing Street on MTP

Which would inflame the Right more, Burning the Flag or Burning the

Announcing the formation of the OUT OF IRAQ CAUCUS (house transcript)

I'd say we have a bona fide opposition party now.

Could this put DeLay back on the hot seat where he belongs?

Clinton Photo taken out of context “huge misrepresentation of the event.”

Samuelson: Less we know, better economy does

Breaking: Last throes kills 19 Iraqis 3 GIs

If Limbaugh gets convicted of this felony would that be reason enough

DeLay can say Iraq = Houston, but Durbin can't say Gitmo = Gulag??

Lt Col. Kwiatowski/Ray McGovern radio interview today (Wed 3 -5 EST)

Anyone watch "Private Warriors" on PBS..


What's with the "kool aid" references by RWers about liberals?

Susan Estrich: A Liberal's Defense of Fox News (barf alert)

Anyone else watching CSPAN

I emailed the DNC about being wimpy

AEI: The War is Over, and We Won

Is Karl Rove a racist?

The lifestyle we all take for granted is paid for in blood...

Let's ignore Jean-Paul Sartre. A. He's dead. B. He's too demanding.

Did Anyone See How Many Democrats Voted For The Flag Act?

Study - World faces a 50% chance of DISASTER over the next 5 yrs...

I think ANYONE who wants to join the armed forces should be able to - rega

Iraq Car Bombs Kill 23; Ex-Judge Slain; 3 more US soldiers killed

Can you get behind Operation Yellow Elephant?

Danny Glover calls for a back-to-school supplies boycott of Walmart.


Was there homelessness before Reagan?

If they made a video game that had US Senators getting shot.


When is FAUX having a "Join The Army Special" -- Hannity Host

Galileo is forced by Rome to recant his Theories of the Universe

A Word from a Speaker of Truth, Senator Dick Durbin

Yet more thoughts on Dick Durbin - Support and Disdain

Definition of the physical desecration of the flag of the United States

Iran-India-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Decision In Two Weeks - Tehran Times


"Century 21 Cuningham"!

The President wants a law passed that allow Federal Contractors to

Was crashed U2 really spying on Iran? - (GRAPHIC)

Lt. Col. Kwiatowski/Ray McGovern on now - 3-5pm EST Wed.

So is Sensenbrenner on any meds?

Huffington: Democrats are 'disgracefully silent' on Iraq/Rawstory

Chimpy went to Calvert Cliffs nuke plant.

The point about burning the flag, to me, has nothing to do...

Why do I have to face President Moonbat every time I open this website?

Warning: Flag desecration depicted

Everyone see Village People shrub at the nucular plant today?

flag burning is a thought crime . . .

The US war with Iran has already begun

Rahm Emanuel to read names of fallen, Repubs say 'cheap stunt'

tailgating joke - not off topic

4 MORE YEARS OF HELL- are we there yet?

Penalties for those lacking health insurance

BE CAUTIOUS burning a flag near government buildings (Explanation inside)

14 Year Old Girl Gets Divorce

How Many Flag Burnings Occur In The U. S. Every Year?

Pizza Shop Robber Leaves Job Application

Lefties outstripping their right-wing counterparts by 4 million page views

What scandal will bring down this administration?

... And so it goes, learn a lesson will ya? Looks like the CIA did.

"the Senate is officially in play for the first time this cycle"

Don't Forget: Cindy Sheehan on Hardball tonight

David Corn (TomPaine): Proof Of Deception, Not Intention

'These Colors Don't Run' - Anyone else hate that as much as I do?

How Would Karl Rove Spin Condi Rice Aborting Dubya's Baby in France?

the president is retreating on S.S. Private Accounts, sure gave in quick

Are our troops fighting for us and our country...?

Federal same sex marriage amendment - different constitutional agenda?

So if I go to the store and buy a flag with my own money...

The Comparison That Ends the Conversation

FAIR Update: Post Explains Milbanks "Wing Nuts" Label

Life improving in Iraq?

Is the glass half empty or half full?

A columnist with BALLS.......... speaks about MSM

Queen of Fox News has interesting professional past: Scientology

Sure, Arnold's polls numbers are down

"We are fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here...".?

How does they know how many 'insurgents' were killed?

Do You Think That Conservatives Consume The News More So Than Liberals?

Who is now a regular viewer/listener of NPR and TV?

A Comment On A Congresswomen's comparing to flag burning and 9/11

DU this poll - "Should Durban have apologized"?

O Reily/Air America Radio

Lobbyist May Have Cost Tribe Millions (DeLay $ ---> Christian group)

It may not be intolerance, but it sure is harrassment

So, I am standing in my Kitchen listening to CSPAN on the TV and

[idea] Offer Delay a bunch of money to go to Iraq to give a speech...

Klingons have feelings too (Kid suspended from school for STrk Fed pledge)

Bush doesn't hate America

Hannity says hands off re Hillary book

Downing Street Forum DVD?

Vote fraud - an alternate view of how to steal an election

Together, HERE is the ticket to stopping flag desecration amendment!!!

Rumsfeld tries to equate Durbin with Jane Fonda

Nancy Grace & Leslie Blitzer Sitting In A Tree

i will burn a flag, and i don't care what anybody thinks about it

I am creeped out by that grimacing photo of Brennan..anyone else?


PREDICT: What will Bush's primary goal for 2006 be?

Democrats Demand that Bush Fire CPB's Tomlinson

How Much Of Our Energy Is Lost

"Pootie Poot" has slaughtered more than Saddam, so why the MSM silence?

A rant on the distractions

I love this man. Howard Dean's Speech Yesterday At Illinois Fundraiser

Every empire in history has fallen, but none had a nuclear arsenal.

In 2000, 1,159 African American children Missing. No media coverage.

We should be the ones defining "flag desecration"...

I, for one, don't buy George W. Bush's "born again Christian" bull.

Are Bushists aptly called "Nazis?"

Just got a call from the RNC.

I've never really felt the urge to Burn an American Flag

I love Dean! He is saying what need to be said about election reform

Mozilla just kicked me out and I had to go back to NE, Why?

"British Genes invasion proof"

Some of today's government bid requests.

Christians - I want your opinion: If Bush prayed about taking the USA to

Extending Democracy to Ex-Offenders

Schultz making the case that the Durbin apology

Randi said she'd have a video link to the Dem hearing that

Hawkins family......PLEASE GO HOME!

I had a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol yesterday.

george bush's grandfather financed hitler---get over it

While pensions fall short, CEOs fly high

The Boy Scout seems somewhat uncomfortable in the limelight

Randi has Galloway on! Right now!

A NooQlur plant in every town.. "Yucca Mountain's a bigg'un

wtf? Chalabi is now a Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq?!?

The DRIPS are BIG and We Are On The March!

Andrea Mitchell calls Americans 'braindead' for believing the president

Has anybody noticed Laura's disappearance???

How does one breath,, when a clock has been cleaned? Stand back, get

My response to Rep. Devin Nunes' response on Rahall-Whitfield

Some Republicans Seek Prison Abuse Panel

Nucular power

Iraq had no WMD...why should we think Iran has nuclear weapons

Until the Dems get regular uncensored access to a news network, we are....

White House website SCRUBBED Powell's testimony!

GOP now 2 for 2 in proposing Amendments that take freedoms away.


wrong forum

since our gov only works for money I have an idea

Bead for life

When the flag burning issue is debated...

wow, i finally broke through my revulsion to torture at last !!!

"Secret" Air Base for Iraq War started prior 9-11

Operation Yellow Elephant (pressing College Repubs to enlist!)

DC and Las Vegas DUers! Help Operation Yellow Elephant!

"Turn the Other Cheek-ism" ISN'T Working for Us.

Don't ask for my help again...

OK, I thought I’d give…more...chance…

The Decline of George W Bush

Bill Moyers on Democracy Now! today was awesome:

I think I got a vulgar comment from a conservative radio talk show host

Any body hear that Chinese trying to buy UNOCAL?

any watching Jr talk on enery policy-msnbce, fox, cnn et al

What is this crap about any Nazi comparison being off the table forever?

Democrats play croquet, Republicans play Calvin Ball

Audio of Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA) "Majority Report" q

i have this idea.....

What are the honorable uses of the flag?

Could Bolton be blackmailing Bush?

Franken fell for Hannity's BS today

At least someone is focused! Thank you Randi!!!!

Hardball Tonight

DUers! Especially, in the Chgo area, show your love for Dick Durbin 7/22

Damn When Are They Going To Let Go Of The Durbin Thing

Bush calls for end to partisan fight on Social Security

Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) to enter war dead into Congressional Rec.

Would someone PULEEEEZE lock Bob Shrum in a closet somewhere?

Abramoff called American Indian client "f'ing moron, monkey, troglodyte"

Drilling in West Pits Republican Policy Against Republican Base

Bush meeting in secret about Iraq

National Guard...daughter said she's thinking of joining

Another Administration Subtle Lie

Scottie squirming around in a lie.

What are your thoughts on China's Unocal bid?

Sam Seder has the perfect answer for Durbin. Too bad he didn't think of it

Spain's govt 'twisted' bombings for gains - report

Catch Hardball tonite - mother of dead soldier lays it out -

I have a question- if a Senator/Rep can not fulfill their term in office..

Wife dies in 'honour killing'

Hate-monger Franklin Graham (on Anderson Cooper)

Sitnews posted my LTTE regarding column by Jay Ambrose.

A GREAT call from Majority report!

What if we took the economics out of generating electricity?

Downing Street Is For Liars

Bush*: "lowest unemployment rate of ALL TIME"

Don't ya wonder how many repugs in the dark of night, in the

Watching The Dean Interview on PBS

Is anyone else really ticked off about this "religious stuff" going

The truth about the photo in the Hillary smear book

A Blog from Iraq... a soldier tells the truth

John Conyers Jnr has video links to DSM hearing

CIA and Iraq

US handed out nearly $20 billion of Iraq funds before transferring power

*PHOTO: O.K. this photo of * Does look EVIL, This one is...

What have you done to help the Downing Street Memo Today?

The CIA has a Liberal Bias

1728 reasons why the DSM is Important

Blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel

Caption this * and party pic...

Will the exploitation NEVER end!!??

In 20 words or less, why are the wingnuts so afraid of the Clintons?

Col. Sam Gardiner on Bush admin's psyops on U.S. public

Voting NOW on Kerry-Jeffords climate change amendment on Cspan2.

Scott Ritter cleaned Tucker's clock last night

I got to hear Bernie Sanders speak today


Taking My Ball and Moving Away Syndrome

Did anyone read the Newsweek, 6/27 sidebar on the DSM?

What's the deal with the Denver airport??

When you Criticize bush, you Kill a Soldier. See how it works?

Does Rehnquist want to have bush appoint his replacement?

Flag burning question...

A New DU Project: Let's go to Young Republican Meetings and...

Home school students want to use public school facilities and activities

dick durbin's apology being shown alongside jimmy swaggart's

Why Stem Cells are important and can I sue Chimpy if he vetoes.

Want to hear about DSM, but have one question about Flag burning

Rehnquist is expected to resign Monday

Get under their skin with Communism!

Cindy Sheehan coming up next on Hardball.

Media propganda on Iran and Nukes have begun.

is Randi (streaming audio) a repeat?

Bill Moyers on Democracy Now...

It's important that the Democrats put extra effort into Quantanamo .....

invade a nation, murder 100,000 people, & bitch when you get called a nazi

FYI - Here is the first Ad re The Supreme Court by the Republican group

Halliburton gets Balkans contract despite probe- plus must see articles!

My 71-year-old mother...

Does anyone know how many native Americans

I'm real sick of this "Durbin" distraction

blurring the flag desecration lines

Bush Laughs About Iraq, from the Daily Show

CIA: Iraq now a bigger terrorist threat than Afghanistan/binLaden

How can we be bringing freedom and fighting the war on terror...

ABC Flip/Flops - NOW they will "air" Robert Kennedy Jr. interview (Autism)

So Sensenbrenner's PaWPaw Invented the KoTex? n/t

cnn: 'he once was lost', promoting lost/found boy scout to SAINTHOOD

I'm going to throw up. WARNING: RNC video about Democrats

If the Republicans had a Flag would you Burn it?

To the 70% of "Americans" who believe it's ok for us to do what Saddam did

Is it time to get out of Iraq? Poll: 80% Yes 20% No

Evil thought

GWB is merely the "ad" for greedy, corrupt, exploitative robber barons.

One step forward, two steps back

How much longer before

Predictions for Rehnquist replacement.

Any one believe the U2 was shot down by Iran?

never, ever, EVER, back down or apologize to these pigs.

Only in New York...

women "should be all dressed in white like all of the other domestic...

I callzem likes I seezem. This Dean appearance on PBS is the BEST

What are you doing for July 4th?

Reminder: Bill Moyers is the guest on The Daily Show tonight

ask the men who fought the nazis, did THEY torture prisoners of war?

Thanks Howard Dean, for showing the world that Gwen Ifil . .

Is THIS a Desecration of Ronald Reagan, or a Tribute to him?

Walmart puts children at risk. Why buy your back-to-school supplies there?

PROOF! (haha) that the Bush Admin. is the Anti-christ.

Cindy Sheehan on Hardball coming on again now. She's

Turn it loose, guys...

When facts don't fit the opinion

Is anyone investigating war contractors role in torture?

"Wish The President a Happy Birthday"

"The questions that you want answered!"

Eight days, folks

Today's(22Jun) Media Targets from Downing Street

When we are focused upon our faith in humanity, we will win.

Does anyone have a picture of the war dead memorial in the Utah front

73 year old man kicks leopard's ass

The key to this nightmare we're in...

Bankrupt Winn-Dixie to Cut 22,000 Jobs

One Committee's Three Hours of Inquiry, in Surreal Time (Abramoff Hearing)

Yesterday's "Daily Show" w/ DSM Hearing Footage rerunning now

Okay, I wanna know: WHAT HAPPENED TO DURBIN?

sure we can kick iraq's ass, but what about a big country?

Drudge's Photo Fakery: An example. (This is good)

Panicked Iraqis Abandon Condolence Tents

Left-wing radio is starting to kick some elephant...

Al Gore is still president.

Idiot Son of an Asshole (NOFX song)

Media dilemma: 80yr murderer or 11yr old missing boy

WOW !!! - Letter to Dana Milbank about the Downing Street Memo

Holy shit, he's STILL saying "nu-cu-ler".

Does this illustrate "flag desecration"?

I hope Howard Dean run for President in 2008!

25 foot tall popscicle floods New York's Central Park

Updated Lynching Hall of Shame

Kevin Klose, NPR head, CIA creep, on Dianne Rehm tomorrow

WOWZA! Now THAT'S an email Durbin MUST READ!

WSJ: As Economy Shifts, A New Generation Fights to Keep Up

CIA says Iraq is now a terrorist training ground, CIA says

Let it go. We're better than that.

Mom of found boy cites power of prayer as real, but aruba girl still gone

I saw this Vision on CBS Up To The Minute this morning....

Married military couples in Iraq may soon live apart

when the presidents term is up how long will it take

Crackdown on Slumlord Legacy Left by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Would you renounce your citizenship if flag burning was banned?

Army's 2005 Goals Won't be Met


Ray McGovern: Fixed Is Fixed

H.J.RES.10 (flag burning amendment) - how did YOUR Representative vote?

Anti-Bush (Code Pink) Protester on Trial for RNC Convention Action

Question for people who know a lot about Islam and the Middle East...???

Join Barbara Boxer in Stopping John Bolton


Nightline 6/22: God and the Air Force Academy

No longer a registered Freeper, darn it!

Mark Morford Today: WOW!!! Just....Just...Well, Just WOW!!!

Homophobe watch

List despicable uses of the flag here.

Nancy Grace

Must Listen to this.....!!

6,000 Army deserters. Something you won't find in the US press

Iraq Is Now a Terrorist Training Ground, CIA Says (Reuters)

$600,000 bail in slaying of cross-dressing hairstylist

Strong reminder that you don't need "megachurches" to worship

How "ultraconservative and self-mythologizing millionaires" Have Driven Us

We are now in the three-a-day mode.

"Ask the men and women who stood on top of the Trade Center"

Bill Moyers is the guest on The Daily Show tonight n/t

frum is an Idiot as seen on Hardball...

DU this poll on Dean vs Cheney

Finally some news to get excited about(Launch of IWTnews Website)

Conyers on flag burning: "Once we decide to limit freedom of speech,

I just realized how mean Cheney's comment about Dean was

Gandhi and King, "Civil Disobedience"

Need help - Smart Economists, Please!

I was lying there in my suite at the Bangalore Sheraton, thinking

"Republicans" will ALL be scarred by this BushCO/neoCON tyranny.

You might be a neocon/freeper if....

Homeschooling is an option that many parents choose...

Bush to Southern Baptists: "Compassion is defending marriage."

Quick gauge: How many of you contacted Dems to say, "Stop apologizing!"

Get It Straight People! They Are Not Nazis! They Are Fascists!

Thievery Corporation on CBC Newsworld saying MIHOP

TOONS Abuse of Power Edition


Is there ANYTHING that can topple the B**h administration?

Body armor being recalled

Runaway Bride

CSPAN Schedule Thursday June 23

Oops! Republican Curt Weldon Banished from The O'Reilly Factor

so, did universal mental screening pass? Where can I see the legislation?

Would you like to BOMB Iran?

Senate Energy Bill: Nuclear Industry to Receive More Than $10 Billion....

Enough with the Nazi references! (Keith Olbermann)

Luxury store to Oprah: "Sorry, we thought you were just an ordinary serf"

We're BEAT in Iraq, Turn Tail and Run

Quit saying Bush lied.

Shame on you if you fool me once

Powel Claims prewar intell is factual and "solid" March 2003 (DSM related)

Missing Boy Told To Avoid Strangers

What did you think of bush prior to his stealing the election in 2000?

Judgment Day looms for US Supreme Court on Ten Commandments cases

The Durbin "apology" is very instructive for understanding media

OK, so what's a good liberal to teach their kids about sex and morality?

Dont forget bug spray/ West Nile death 2005

But "FemiNazi" and "Hitlery" Klintoon are AOK???

Before the apology, there were many threads asking DU's support for Durbin

A liberal case for homeschooling and private schools

Hubby: It was my wife's fault I tried to have her killed

I agree. Bush is not Hitler. The Neoconsters are not Nazis.

Forget about Hitler/Nazis, Buscho is the friggin' Inquisition!!

Y'all see the frontpage of MSNBC...

Time Out! How about a thread to think about instead of spewing?

It is ABSOLUTELY appropriate to make Nazi comparisons

burn THIS flag chumps!

OK Who posted this at FR?

ABC "news" just hatcheted Kennedy's autism vaccine story

Andy update: Andy asked me to let you know, he went into

has this photo of the asshole been captioned yet?

O'Reilly: FBI should arrest the "clowns" at Air America Radio for being tr

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Shin Dig

With the Flag burning amendment, Can't it be ruled Unconstitutional

I'm Furious, But Terribly Confused.... I Would Like To Know How It Is That

Okay, lets make this clear: Perpetual motion machines do not exist...

Strong language makes for a strong party.

The Thing We Don't Talk About

No more Sesame Street? Frontline? NOVA? No more?

Hello, DU are you there? DNC election 2004 report and no one is talking!?

Isn't overpopulation either directly, or indrectly, the cause of every...

All The Press's Men by Jeff Gannon and Armstrong Williams

I need heads and hands, please! Vets for Peace National Convention.

Literature handed out at Conyers hearing NOT anti-semitic

We aren't in Kansas anymore: SEX and FASCISM in an UNCONSCIOUS AMERICA

Jesus Finally Slaps The Shit Out Of Bush For Using His Name!

SEXY! Congress needs to investigate DSM - NEW PETITION-DU THIS! 1,000,000

What The Hell Do Scientologists Believe? I Have No Idea!

Key Republicans on the CAFTA vote: Contact them! CAFTA must be defeated!

guava paste, quince paste --- what are they good for?

Stevenson demands re-election in Vancouver Burrard!

Campaign to give army deserters refuge persists

Should we send the bill to Bush?

Foreign Affairs Gets An "F"

Mercer grabs Tory MP's cyber domain, reroutes traffic ROFL!

Charles Secrett: 'We are killing the planet. That is not an exaggeration'

"British genes invasion proof"

Labour liars and the dreadful state of british injustice

DEMBLOGGERS: Has Rehnquist Resigned?

Arms trade 'undermines efforts to relieve debt'

Gunmen Kill Iraqi Judge; Hostage Released

Senate allows U.S. to sue OPEC for oil price-fixing

AP: Abramoff's Web of Influence in Capitol

Basrah International Airport opens to commercial flights (in Iraq)

Lobbyists showing Congress the world

Pentagon refuses requests to test for toxic chemical, GAO say(Perchlorate)

Statement By RNC Press Secretary On Senator Biden’s Attack On The Progress


Attorney general pushing for harsher sentences

Senate Dems huddle privately on Iraq; No agreement is seen


Hubby: It was my wife's fault I tried to have her killed

Afghan Violence Shatters Pakistan Alliance

Going to pull a bait and switch with social security... house bill now

Private Soc Sec Accounts Not in House Bill (Neither is Solvency)

Schwarzenegger Humbled (admits he's to blame)

Multitasking: You Can't Pay Full Attention to Sights, Sounds (Cell Phones)

Administration Considers Promotions for Generals in Torture Scandal

Iraq urges Sunni "nationalist" rebels to talk

Iraq: Stats on Foreign Militants Show Saudis Dominate

Pastor won't apologise (Aus)

Durbin yields to onslaught, apologizes in full

DeLay uses Houston to make point about Iraq news coverage

Troops swim against sea of Iraqi munitions

Pakistan Seeks U.S. Info on Taliban Chief

State Democratic Party faces IRS lien

Iranian FM: Developments augur well for Iraq

Court Backs Soldier's Anti-Iraq War Stance (Germany)

Clinton, McCain '800-pound gorillas' of 2008 presidential race

Fallujah parallels in Ramadi

Bush: Nation needs more nuclear power plants

AMA acts on Terry Schiavo-inspired policy (Sanity prevails)

Vietnamese leader's visit elicits powerful emotions

Bush Won't Allow Independent Probe of Gitmo Gulag

Taft didn’t tell of golf outings

Vietnam Vet Protests Vietnam Premier (Calls McCain a traitor)

$600,000 bail in slaying of cross-dressing hairstylist

Iraqi Rebels Refine Bomb Skills, Pushing Toll of G.I.'s Higher

Recess post unlikely for Bolton

Air Force Academy Chaplain Resigns

Gov. LNG veto power sought

Pentagon Shields Halliburton From U.N. Probe

Social Security Plan Gains Support Among Republicans (Dems unmoved)

Lawsuit Filed Against The Pentagon

Saddam's days of poetry & dance

Poll: 25% of Jews against full rights for Arabs

US troops 'out next year'

Campaign to give army deserters refuge persists (Canada)

NYT: A.M.A. to Study Effect of Marketing Drugs to Consumers

NYT: Bush Wants a New Effort for Bolton in the Senate(contradicts Frist)

Conyersblog now blocking all Comments!

U.S. Envoy: Iraq Militants Seek Civil War

(Freed Australian)Wood witnessed eight executions

DeLay took casino money


IRAQ: Water main attack affects two million in Baghdad

Votes are being bought, Iran's reformist government says

U.S. airlines must reveal where aircraft were built

Attack on US patrol leaves 3 Iraqis dead in Mosul

Bush tempers economic rosiness in outreach effort

Wolfowitz's World Bank view

Annan hails Iraq 'turning point'

DeLay uses Houston to make point about Iraq news coverage

NYT: Green Tinge (alternative energy) Is Attracting Seed Money to Ventures

Boy Recants Statement That Lionel Tate Robbed Pizza Delivery Man

"US not against good Iran-Iraq ties": Rice

CIA says Iraq is now a terrorist training ground

Afghan, U.S. troops in fierce clash with Taliban (Reuters)

Lobbying emerges as huge growth industry Number in D.C. doubled in 5 yea

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 22 June

Senate Panel: Former Lobbyist, Partner Pocketed $6.5M From Tribe

Southern Baptists End Disney Boycott

Haliburton lands another military contract (in the Balkans)

Three GIs Killed in Combat Near Baghdad

New Hillary Clinton book aims to stop any 2008 run

ACLU sues provider over health care of Mississippi inmates

WP: Europe Has Encouraging Words (but little aid) for Iraq

Halliburton Awarded New Military Contract (potentially over $1 billion)

BRADBLOG: DNC Releases Long-Awaited 2004 Ohio Election Report!

Judge's statements spark controversy

Humvee vulnerabilities raise doubts on future

At a Polarizing Time, Democrats Betting on Unity (LAT)

HR10, Flag Burning Amendment, Passes in House

Brain sees violent video games as real life -study

Election reveals fundamentalists' renewed strength in Iran

Bullet-Resistant Vests May Be Unsafe

GOP senator abandons bill to cut emissions

Study: World at Risk for Major Attack

Environmentalists, workers protest public records rule change (NJ)

McCain calls for fraud probe of GOP lobbyist

Former state prosecutor arrested in Mexico 'dirty war' case

MSNBC Hardball: KARL ROVE Interview TONIGHT 7:00 PM EST

Deputy Australia PM Anderson to resign - media

Mexico claims arrest of suspected 9/11 group member

Four Car Bombings in Iraq Leave 23 Dead

China's Haier launches bold bid for US appliance maker Maytag

Lobbyist May Have Cost Tribe Millions

Ohio Governor Says He Failed to Report Golf Outings on Disclosure Forms

First images of comet before crash

Fighting a Hard, Half-Forgotten War

IRS freezes state Democrats' assets (Florida state party)

40 Rebels, Policeman Killed in Afghanistan (5 US soldiers wounded)

Italy convicts former SS officers

U.S. spy plane crashes after Afghan mission (in the UAE)

China denies use of bird flu drug on chickens

Gun-toting robot still in training (US army)

Bush spurned secret 2002 N. Korea overture-report

Better rules needed for Taser use, grand jury says (CA)

Democrats see Social Security ‘bait and switch’

British bank details for sale at Indian call centres: report

Ex-Attorneys General: Cut Convict's Term

Senate RollCall Gas Terminals (Boxer lost.... :(

WP: New Plan For Social Security Endorsed -House GOP ..Scale Back Account

Woman Fired From Job For Taking Time Off To Spend With Husband On Leave

Fighting a hard, half-forgotten war (Afghanistan)

Academy Fails to Accommodate Religions

Car Bombs Kill 19 in Western Baghdad

Italy Convicts 10 Ex-Nazis for Massacre

U.S.: China Successfully Launches Missile (from submarine)

Iraq war breeds more terrorists

CIA says Iraq is now terrorist training camp

BBC: Iraq rebuilding fails to deliver

New Colombia Law Grants Concessions to Paramilitaries

British troops out of Iraq as 'quickly as possible'

Top War Crimes Prosecutors to Meet in Sierra Leone

Iraq makes at-risk sites list

Senate Backs Regulators on Energy Plan

Nevada asks court to halt Yucca rail line plan

G-4 to present UN reform plan in July

The wages of fundamentalism

Bomb barrage kills 18 in Baghdad

Senators Hear of Wink-Wink Lobbyist Move

(Reid) Senate Democrat offers pledge on Bolton vote

NYT: Public Broadcasters' Tightrope Over Funds(on-air spots re. fund cuts)

Hicks's ordeal a disgrace: lawyer

W.House rejects call to fire public-broadcast head

Southern Baptists end Disney boycott

Off-Color Quip Leaves Perry With Red Face

Campaign (in Canada) to give army deserters refuge persists

Social Security Bill Eases Up on Accounts

Feds raid three SF pot clubs

20%: Gitmo Prisoners Treated Unfairly

NYTs: Senators Hear of Wink-Wink Lobbyist Move (Abramoff/Scanlon/Reed)

US pledges North Korean food aid

FEC rule equals more GOP cash

G8 countries defying arms embargoes, says report

Democratic chairman blasts Bush

Judge: Amtrak Can Charge Disabled Extra

Security Council votes to expand Haiti forces

Survey: 'High risk' of WMD attack within decade

North Korea: No nuclear weapons if U.S. treats nation as friend

Senate Defeats Move to Cap Climate Gases

Randall Terry to challenge state GOP Senate leader over Schiavo

Gender gap tilts back toward the Democrats

Texas man gets 14 years in jail for Islamic center attack

Bush Calls For Resumption Of Nuclear Plant Building

Pike may be VX disposal route (NJ Turnpike/nerve gas)

Spain's govt (Aznar) 'twisted' bombings for gains - report

Brain sees violent video games as real life -study

Bush criticizes CAFTA foes as votes remain short

WP: Evangelicals Building a Base in Iraq

House Approves Flag-Burning Amendment

Iraq May Be Prime Place for Training of Militants, C.I.A. Report Concludes

Some 1st Armored Division units could deploy to Iraq sooner than expected

(Levin)Senator Asks Ultimatum Be Given Iraq on Charter

Flag-burning amendment advances in House

Senator May Block Successor to Defense Policy Chief Feith

Literally tons of money sent to Baghdad

Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld to Be Heard in Federal Court in D.C. (ACLU)

WP: Senate Panel: Lobbyist Abramoff, Partner Pocketed $6.5M From Tribe

Rove: Dems Didn't Get 9/11 Consequences

Iraq Leader Avoids Shaking Women's Hands

More memos: Brits backed Sunni-led Iraq (wanted "military strongman,")

California peace activist denies she kicked anyone (at RNC)

Romney eyes penalties for those lacking insurance

China's CNOOC to launch 19 billion dollar bid for Unocal

Utah boy hid, fearing 'someone would steal him' (Rescued 11 Year Old)

NYT,pg1: Taught at Home, but Seeking to Join Activities at Public Schools

W.House pressures Democrats on Social Security

Pentagon building teen database for military recruiting

WP: The Tenacious Trio (3 who got kicked out of * Town Hall)

Who's laughing now?

Tom Cruise kills Oprah - Video

Condors .........

Someone let GD know that it is a full moon

Favorite bumper sticker this week

All this Moon talk damn it! I can't hold back!

Frist goes Dylan: John Bolton, my friend, is "hanging in the wind."

Wild Bird Rescued in front of my house

Stalker posters are neither stalkers nor posters...

I had a few Bloody Mary's...

Eat **** and bark at the moon!

Hey matcom: Moon me!

Summer Moon Illusion

A question for Lebowski fans/ Marxist-Leninists

Red skies at night! (Redskies at night.) OH OH!

Goodnight. Gotta go

I think all the GD-bashers need to be slapped silly

Hey! Who else is going to be an aunt/uncle/parent soon?

anyone here ever used creatine dietary supplement?

I've been posting Gold all night and they're barely getting looked at?

It's 75 degrees right now at 11:20pm

Anybody else get turned on by the "Durbin In A Skirt Post"?

Why, why, why

how safe is kayaking

worst t-shirt I ever saw

Abner!! . . . ABNER!!!!

Just For Fun --------------- Only in the USA

Vandals Spray Black Paint Over Faces In Confederate Monument

Bush Vist

I need something I can do to get a book deal or something

"Frankly My Dear, I don't give a Damn" is top movie quote

Okay, I am selling my Scion XA, and I wanted to sell it to a very

I've hidden all threads with the words "Cruise" and/or "Scientology"

Snapple's 20-Ton Popsicle Melts In New York

I Was Right! Liberals Need to Make More Babies!

"The Find Jesus" Contest on BucketHead's program.

Kidman: Cruise "jackass half the time, Scientology zealot the other half"

Tom Cruz first appearance since incident.

General Mills to tout health benefits of Cocoa Puffs, Trix, others

Turns Out There Aren't A Lot Of Women Who Want Title Of "Pork Queen"

New storm returns cross lost to Hurricane Ivan in Panhandle

What are we gonna tell our friends when they say "ooh-la-la"?

I think we should confirm Bolton. He's singing on Regis right now...

Vampire Bats Kill 11 People In Brazil

New York Observer: "Ass Cleavage" Rampant In New York

Machete man in rampage at MI5 HQ

Man Falls Asleep During 18th DWI Arrest

Workers escape freak wombat accident unharmed

I am a sad Steelers fan today.

Zookeepers find muskrats delectable

Queen wins £1m rebate

So yesterday it was Food Network personalities

I just got a call from the U.S. Army!

Lightning Strikes Near Old Faithful Geyser, 11 Injured

Tom takes Katie to meet Penelope Cruz's parents!

Non-Tom Cruise topic: Tom Delay.

" Adios MO'FO"

Pot Candy: Tastes Like The Real Thing

Who's alerted on a 'Naked' thread?

Who is your favourite Yes Prime Minister character?

I wanna reach out and touch the sky

I don't like raw chicken

I *love* chicken tartare


I don't like the San Diego Chicken

Researchers: Polynesians got to California

"Monsters" Emerge in Kanas Lake

Man Wakes Up With a Bullet in His Tongue

Attention: Pres.Dumbya is lecturing you on "newcewler" power on CNN!

Can you imagine what he would have done if it were Lifetime

Lions save girl from kidnappers

i have an addiction

I'm eating a boneless chicken!

I do not like frog legs.

'Menstruating' boy stuns doctors

Where Dylan and I part company

I have an addiction to the smell of fried gorgonzola...

The more you see the less you know The less you find out as you go

So just what does Mofo stand for

A.W.E.S.O.M. - O

I *love* chicken sashimi!

Time was once just a clock to me

Should a black politician run for president? Jet 1971 John Conyers

Go You Chicken Fat, Go

Shrub reads DU!!!!!

OMG! They really do use the term "gay agenda"

I don't like fried eggs

Why is Black Adder so excellent yet Mr Bean so dumb?

PO Box or P.O. Box?

So, when is "The Sims: Club Gitmo" going to come out?

Oooh, it's so typical. Love leads to isolation...

*This* is how it's done!

Happy Birthday Pac-Man!!

Batman Begins 2-- let's cast Young Joker...

I sent an email to Senator Durbin

English teachers and editors: Is this paragraph punctuated correctly?

I love twee.

Top 100 movie lines list - check out number 92!

Man accused of serial restaurant scamming

Reality-show Producers Facing Severe Shortage of Real People

It's good to see Finnfan around

Okay, I give up! Just what is the name of this decade?

Alabama Ends Canine Driving Licenses After 47 Years

Question About Wedding Registries

I'm writing a Batch file, can someone help me?

Pink pinstripes?

DUer trivia- how well do you know your fellow DUers?

MY 1,000 POST. Should I quit? Ask me anything!

Check out this maniac!

Which Pac-Man Fever song was your favorite?

I'm trying out a new sig line w/ photo

Where the hell was the quote "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya....

Let's hear your best Rachael Ray pick up lines

NBA finals

Just got back from our National Employee Health and Fitness Day program

Prostitute solicits police chief

$600,000 bail in slaying of cross-dressing hairstylist

There's no cabbage in BASEBALL!!!

"Now you keep it down back there lady or I'm gonna have to, you know...

Man, Monkey, or Druid?

ZW's Badass Jazz Album Today: Mingus - New Tijuana Moods

What ever happened to Super Dave Osborne?

Man Robs Pizza Parlor, Fills Out Job Application First, Leaves It

Prankster Turning Traffic Lights Around - Programming Them To Blink Red

To be frank, Iraqi fireworks pretty much suck

Cobra bites at hand that feeds it

I am getting such an education on the African American community!

That just proves you hate America

Lets all mail some lint out of our dryers to Rush n/t

Can't get you out of my head.

Mom Barley, Mom Barley, I don't like scissors.

Question About Wedding Bands

Any DUers with knee problems?

Folks: A memorial thread for WannaJumpMyScooter's daughter's SIM family

Have you ever seen the annual invasion of the Mayflies?

My new favorite shoes (sorry Sniffa)

Mother, Daughter Burned When Head Lice Solution Catches Fire

Today's Steve Bell cartoon

Greatest indie rock label from the 80's-early 90s.

Favorite Lewis Black quotes.

How much would George W. Bush's head be worth,

This is just SO WRONG . . . I'm on hold with HP tech support,

Now is the time on DU when we pay tribute to Sarah Lee

Now is the time on DU when we pay tribute to Bruce Lee

Now is the time on DU when we pay tribute to Sandra Lee

Opponents lick into pot-flavored pops

Chinese Factory Worker Can't Believe The Shit He Makes For Americans


KoolZip and Hedges were in the dream I had last night

With so many threads about chicken...

less than 100 away from 1,000

We may have our disagreements, but there's one thing we agree on.

It's Here!! It's Here!!! It Finally Arrived!!

Why is a can of Yoo-hoo only 11 ounces when everything else is 12?

HELP! How do you get rid of a Gorgonzola cheese smell?

Brawny "Innocent Escapes"

Agador, where are my Pirin tablets?

Inflation and the Tooth Fairy

"You have ra-ceived a bimp...

Have you seen this chicken?

I like chicken

Did M&Ms change since the last time I had them???

again: derek jeter is the tom cruise of basebaLL

Now is the time on DU when we pay tribute to Geddy Lee.

Now is the time on DU when we pay tribute to Peggy Lee.

Tragic and Horrible news.... my daughter

Now is the time on DU when we dance.

Shitty start to the summer..

With all this chicken controversy...

oddLy hoe's more four

I'm wanting a salty, crunchy snack... what should I choose

I want to start a pic thread too dammit

You see this guy....

Your majorly peeved pet?

Ah, the wisdom of corporate America.

ADP, Alpharetta, Georgia

Never Gonna Give You Up

Why are all threads containing the word "chicken" being locked?

Never Ever Give Up

Now is the time on DU when we pay tribute to Neil Peart.

very serious citation question


Which is your favorite cheese?

Best...Moderator Comment...Ever!

don't know where to post

OK folks here's a little story just for you:

Are y'all having problems with posts duping or is it just a few of us?

Did they ever figure out who killed Jam Master Jay?

Big Brother is Christian parable, says British TV chief

Just a note on the flag burning turmoil . . . .

Do my eyes deceive me, or do I see a moratorium on chicken threads?

Helicopter Crash In Sweden

If you were taken by a UFO and anal probed by Aliens.....who did you vote.


I declare that pre-season flamefest, football trashtalking season now open

what are your favorite (non x-rated) passionate movies

Sore After Arm Wrestling

question: what is the term for someone who loves all things Japanese?

Do you guys all hate me? Is that it?


carnivore diet vs. omnivore diet vs. vegetarian diet.....

Cleveland Indians Fans - COCO CRISP??

Gender-neutral pronouns

Go Speed Racer, Go!!!!

Which freakin' way should the toilet paper go on the roll?

Ebaums GI Joe Clips ! "Pork Chop Sandwiches!!!!!!!!" NoooO!!!

Yes... I Did It... I Killed Yvette.

I'm munching on a bunch of garlic croutons. Don't stand downwind....

Your minor pet peeves?

The Rapture Has Come!

What does this song mean?

*yawn* *rubs eyes*

What? Me worry?

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale


Baby Oriole!Heavy for dialup

Cluck Cluck!!

Nursery rhymes and the psychotic people who wrote them

What??? Reds win 2 in a row over front-running Cards

Bran Flakes... Food for the soul...

Ok, that's it. Who's been popping pencils in the lounge again?

Need some facts on laws.

Can someone help me to make an avatar out of this pic

Today's earworm, courtesy of C+C Music Factory!

AFI top 100 Film quotes...what was missing?

I found another good message board.

For President, you must choose between these four:

Evidently, there are still some rabid Klansmen in Mississippi.

Beat this MC Hammer

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Nurse With Wound List:

What's all this about stopping Bolton?

It's days like this when I really miss

You make bath time so much fun.............

Michael Jackson Sued by Woman Over Dog Attack

I've been out on the front porch blowing bubbles

I can see how people become addicted to gambling

What's Randi on about?

Paris Hilton's pet Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, bites "Today" show producer

LOL... Tom Cruise as Sith Lord

What the heck is an Unskinny Bop?

For well over 10 months, my grocer undercharged the price of ground turkey

%^&$#@! I just lost a major client.

Now is the time on DU when we dance.

Ok. I am going home now.

Photo Caption: As Pat Metheny and David Bowie said, "This Is Not America"

I caught the last 5 minutes of last night's NBA game

I need serious advice here.

Does anyone else think 1999 was the best year ever?

We just had the BEST dinner.

Theo, the winningest kitten of all time.

Piss off the right!

How does wrinkle cream work? Should I be using it?

Hump Day Gratuitous Kitty Thread

McCain or Lieberman?

For those who like going to concerts where older bands are playing...


What characteristic sets you apart from everyone else?

"So are you guys testing missles up here or something?"


Look at these adorable strays that showed up at my house.

Flaming Vs. Disagreement

Opus 05-22-05 Politically Correct Seating... "Bolton?......."

It's for dinner tonite... Chi-

Can someone find me information on Kevin Trudeau?

Today was chock full 'o' Short Bus President photos. God, what a doof.

Just how far off is the scale in the doctor's office?

If some guy is walking around the doctor's office while reading Decartes

Where is this person?

I burned a pan of cornbread.

St00pid Rainbow question...

DU this poll, please - is it time to get out of Iraq

Poll on your parental status

Radar Online: How’d Cruise do it? $cientology Truth or Dare!


OK! Now it's my turn to say: FAREWELL TO DU!


i was FORCED to cook PORK tonight!

Tell me something you've heard about Hillary from your anonymous source

"To Be and To Have"

The song about my current situation.

What would you do for an Arbor Mist?

I hadded to hide a thread dewe to bad grammer. Am I, an bastard?

GUESS the rock video.

I took my son to see "Howl's Moving Castle" yesterday

How many of you DU ladies own a DU thong?

Cheddar cheese and sour cream is the best potato chip flavor

Which parent companies/subsidiaries were surprising when you heard of them

Man, it seems like a few months ago we went over 30K DUers

Kung Fu Hustle: Who else saw and enjoyed this?

Ok, I gotta get rid of that C&C Music Factory, so....

amelie? OH PLEASE!

Will someone who knows what started the fowl flame war please PM me?, check out the tunes!

Things Bill Frist will need to do to protect his Presidential aspirations

This is one of those whiny, complaining, attention whore threads.

Wow, check it out - skinner is spamming the lounge!

I am officially a high school scrod now!

And why are the guys in tuxes for a 3 pm wedding, anyway?!

I've got you under my skin. (Skinner's thread made me think of this)


My apologies to all on DU who I neglected to thank...

Everybody Dance Now ... AF cadet captures roommate dancing.

Genetically Modified "Marathon Mouse" Strain Escapes into Wild

Can someone please properly define the expression "vested interests"?

Post your favorite question!!

Curiosity killed the cat.

If you lay off my Heaven 17...

Family having a baby...why do **I** have to buy crap for the kid?

My pup is having digestive system problems

Dancing with the Stars is the # 1 show in America...

What's your favorite home remedy for bug bites?

Just got some new toys in the mail!

BOUQET RESIDENCE! The lady of house speaking?!

Homeless Shelter ("The Glory Hole") Stops Serving Bear Meat

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

This is my 4000th post.

Did anybody here go to college at any of these places?

CHECK YOUR BANKS FOLKS - My VISA Debit Card Was Compromised

I am officially a high school grad now

Wear overalls with nothing else on.

I managed to screw up by NOT having a workplace romance.

We're going to rock down to Electric Avenue...

111° and no freaking air

Crappiest post-Oscar career decisions??

Bat Dad has no fear! Bat Dad feels no pain!

Now That The House Has Banned Flag Burning, HOW DO I DISPOSE OF IT?

It is so hot...

I'll be livin' it up in Vegas this time tomorrow

I think I missed something.

What the *@&$ is this ad? Child porn? Legitimate?

Who knew forwarding cell phone calls to land lines was MORE expensive?!

New "30 Days" starting on FX channel

How thick should smooth sheikhs be?

Holy shit - I thought I was about to be fired.

I read somewhere that Bob Geldof has BANNED any * bashing

What person in politics/pop culture who's mentioned every day on DU...

Red Sox Sweep Indians in 3-Game Series

Ah, sunset...


Linsay Lohan or whatever... who the f*** is she and who gives a rats ass?

"You want me on that wall. You need me on that wall."

Time for some sexy night time chillin'

Giant Popsicle Melts, Floods NYC Park

Gee, 5 e-mails from paypal today telling me of account problems.

Good Vibes for Catshrink Thread!

Flamewar inside here.

Now that they are out of it...should the MN Twins be dealing!!

This ain't the Mudd Club. Or CBGB.

Why anyone would want a car that sounds like a bee swarm with the poots

Tonight's movie: "Friday Night Lights"

Tomorrow w/humidity it will be 100 degrees...

And In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Man Oh Man, A Ripe Friggin' Honeydew Just Makes You Glad to be Alive


My cartoon du jour

Strength And Honor

Can you walk away from a thread where you blow your top?


The Lounge in Hell

Anyone else hate Frank McCourt and Paul Depodesta?

Today's musical theme... The Remix

Time to lay some some sexy on somebody

Your S.O.'s laugh....explain in three words.

Joe from "Rhoda" is on Law an Order

Post your own favorite "Good christ, I'm an asshole!" moment

Your spouse is ugly and your kids are idiots (nt)

anyone in the boston area just hear that?

What is everybody listening to or watching?

The lightening bugs are all over the woods.

Bewitched episode where Aunt Clara gets Endora's powers is on

She never mentions the word addiction in certain company.

Do you consider it stealing to eat something in a grocery store?

"Have a drink."

Sleaziest person on Earth?

Best Director that never won an Oscar

Is there any laws on SNOOPING/NOSY neighbors????

Worst movies to win the Oscar for Best Picture

Looking for a Place to Live...

A new Herbie movie???

Very Vanilla Silk Soymilk- the drink of the gods

For President, you have to vote for Tom Cruise or GW Bush.

What was for lunch today, Lounge?

Here ... have a piece of my birthday cake!

i think congress needs to outLaw griLLed cheese sandwiches


Do any of you notice that today, for some reason, we seem to have

What's Your Favorite Show On Adult Swim?

What's your least favorite DU emoticon?

Does this make me sound racist?


I Prefer Beef Anyway

Best actor/actress that never won an Oscar.

Bathroom Engrish: Why You Need Bidet

How smooth should thick shakes be?

Post things that makes you sound like a newb, here.

I miss progmom

how thick should smoothies be

Nichols & May


Attention Lounge: You don't FUCK with the Skinner!

Forget the AFI, what are YOUR top movie quotes?

What are your favorite moves?

I keep seeing this cat @ DU -- the cat has to be drunk as a skunk by now

What's the best Super Hero Comic Book Movie???

"Gimmie some sugar, Baby." Happy 47th Birthday Bruce Campbell!

I don't like fried chicken.

So.. yesterday was chicken and cooking shows

Announcing... The winners of the 2nd T-shirt Slogan Contest!!!

Since You DIDN'T Ask, Your Wedding SUCKED

Please, no more threads about chicken.

Crappiest actor/actress to win an Oscar?

73 yr.old reaches into Leopard's mouth rips tongue out-kills it

Favorite cartoon TV show theme music?

Canadian female sex killer to leave prison

Yippie! It's Hump Day! Got any plans for the weekend?

"Eleanor, we've GOT to do something about this depression."

Most worthless members of pop music groups (open discussion, not a poll)

I sure don't understand women :-(

We've got a problem here in Sheboygan that's for the birds!

What are the best places for meeting people of the opposite sex?

Most annoying sports cliche

Nothing like the sound of the cat blowing chow off the cat tree!

Congratulate JohnKleeb, as he joins the ranks of high school graduates!

Is Kerry Kleeb's father?

My favourite thing in the world...

Which piece of music tugs at your heart strings the most?

A heaping bowlful of catharsis


A "mighty" king imprisoned in a mountain . . . . from the 'Gita

Bible belt vs. Jesus belt

NIH's Efforts To Spur New Drug Research

Acne 'may protect heart health'

Most children with conjunctivitis (pinkeye) don't need antibiotics

They've started. The for profit health care and pharma

Antidepressant use for kids plummets

Physicists clarify exotic force, but no 'Theory of Everything' yet

NIH's Efforts To Spur New Drug Research, Wall Street Journal Examines

investigate the missing solar sail, other rocket accidents

This weekend Mercury, Venus and Saturn are going to crowd together

Common virus kills cancer, study finds

Poll: Illinois Voters Unlikely To Support Gay Marriage Amendment

Gay Books Given To Oklahoma City Libraries By Community

Spanish Senate Takes Up Gay Marriage Bill

Falwell Calls For Kraft Boycott Over Gay Games

Another great one from DANIEL RUTH: Hillsborough's Mother Omar Strikes Aga

Minister Denounces President Bush's "Compassionate Homophobia."

Nike Urges Oregon To Pass Civil Unions Bill

Who should GLBT people support for the Dem Party nomination?

Gay HIV-positive actor denied U.S. visa

Bush calls for gay-marriage amendment

Cheerleading Not Considered Sport in Memphis City Schools (yet)

Ecclestone/Part 2 Danica Patrick

Never underestimate the champs

Scott Rolen - leading vote getter for NL 3rd Basemen???

anyone watching the sox/indians game

Now that they are out of it...should the MN Twins be dealing?!!

Bucks fire Porter; Portland Interested?

The Yankees lost,The Cards lost, The O's Lost , The Twins Lost

F1 says that Michelin should remburse fans

HORSE RACING NEWS & RESULTS weekend of June 24

My dog caught a squirrel today

Pics of my Newly Constructed Cat Walk

Adopting a kitten, help me understand the strictness

The US capture of Guantanamo in the Spanish American War Chart

This astrologer says another phony 9-11 coming leading to dictatorship

Okay, so I got bored.

Fantastic Voyage


God and Country

A little shamless blog-whoring

Note on clinical practice.

Nihilism and Atheism

Rassman on Kerry releasing his reports -

Vote on Kerry Climate Change Amendment today

Has anyone read or reread Orwell's "1984" lately?

Dear John: An Open Letter To John Kerry

response from "Common Dreams" on reprinting Boston Herald

I thought I heard a snippet of conversation

Well guys Ive graduated

Kerry Statement on the Release of the DNC Voting Rights Institute Ohio

Unknown Caller

Anyone have a Nikon D2H?

Just a test image w/the new lens

flowers in the rain - photo excursion

Newsletter June 22: Alison Tonight!

New Blog: 6/22/05 12:05 p.m.

ASTB 6/22/05 (waaah...)

September 24: Impeachment March on Washington

Preemptive War Preempted Congress, and International Law

How big does Iraq's army need to be before we can leave?

If you were taken by a UFO and anal probed by Aliens.....who did you vote.

Palast for Conyers: The OTHER ' Memos' from Downing Street and Penn. Ave.

John Bolton is so tough........

GOP: The Potty-Mouth Party

Tylenol PM presents the 2008 Democratic Presidential Ticket

DEMBLOGGERS: Has Rehnquist Resigned?

Conyers - DSM -- transcript?

I found the dumbest freeper; he/she/it posted it in a point about Iraq

Is there a verifiable link to the Number of Signatures Conyers got from

Why aren't there any "exclusive" "one on one" interviews with IRAQIS?

A perplexing Browser bookmark problem.

American's dying in Germany

CNN Front Page: "Survey: 'High risk' of WMD attack within decade"

Verified Voting founder Testifies to Senate Rules Committee

Quick question: help w/ letter to editor

Hypocrite Frist explains Durbin's "apology"...


Have Fox, NBC, or CBS had a poll like the one MSNBS had? The one that ask

WP: (Kurtz) Second-Term Blues

General Calls Iraq a Stalemate, CBS doesn't let Cheney off hook

Right-Wing "Grassroots Organization" Web ads on Court Nominees.

Time to Scare America!

Are the Democrats out of ideas?

I missed Hardball last night. Please update here re: KKKarl.

2004 DNC Election Fraud report is out!!!!

Waxman/Pelosi held Big Press Conference yesterday...NO MSM Coverage!

St. Pete Times printed my LTTE today!!!

Statement By RNC Press Secretary On Senator Biden’s Attack On The Progress

Bob Dole for UN Ambassador?

Would you pay to see this?

Clinton, McCain '800-pound gorillas' of 2008 presidential race

College Republicans refuse milirary recruitment ad in convention program

Now, C-Span3, Indian Affairs Committee, Abramof associates taking the 5th!

Promoting Tolerance and Understanding from The Southern Poverty Law Center

Reliable websites with overseas polling data?

Senselessbrenner compares Flag Burning to Dred Scott

Guts, Balls, Cojones, Part 2

Opus 05-22-05 Politically Correct Seating...

The Hill: GOP attacks were coordinated rollout

Halliburton push is ON - 5 Great articles to share with Congress -

Acing Bolton wouda been smart politics for Frist (was there a deal there?)

"Recess post unlikely for Bolton"

my letter to editor (college paper)

Address given by Dr. Meyers at Oklahoma University Peace Rally

Dick Durbin and Soundbite Warfare

Bolton Nomination: What do you think Bush will do

Molly Ivins Must Read: "We Can't Ignore the Downing Street Memos"

Report - Bush Administration's Public Statements on Iraq

So, did the Pentagon release the additional torture pictures?

Good Dean speech

Florida Democratic Party Faces IRS Lien; $900,000 Shortage

This just in: George W. Bush going to Vietnam next year!

Here we Go - Senate Gives Feds Authority to Override States on LNG sites

Prosecuting Fraud

Howard Dean should talk about this nationally

Fun Afternoon on C-Span: Flag Burning Battle. Dems Go on Attack!!

If this administration is always blaming "The Liberal Media"

Was Sensenbrenner ever punished for shutting down the Patriot Act hearing?

US spy plane crashes in SW Asia

Proof that all has not been lost, and that there is still some hope...

John Bolton: "I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy"

I think the term 'Democrat' has been tarnished

What if we all bought a "Time Share" in PA and registered to vote there?

Now 7 leaked British documents raise Iraq war questions (Good Summary)

An Aljazeeran cameraman in Guantanamo since 2001

McClellan: Dems "simply put up a stop sign and say no to solving" SS

I thought numnuts was narrowing his focus

Katherine Harris associated with Cunningham scandal

Susan Estrich is a Traitor - defends Fox News

Boycott "Diebold" ATM machines

Why I've decided to "like" the new anti-flag burning amendment.

Godly Gov Calls Reporter "Mofo"

Young Republican Enlistment Flyer

How about an "All U.S. Flags Made In America" amendment?

Contact your Congressperson about the flag burning amendment

Republicans are such dandy liars...

Bush bangs the drum...again...for a National Sales Tax

Chain-mail to send to your friends:

BRAD BLOG: DNC's 2004 Election Report, Donna Brazile's Full statement....

Kindly do everyone a favor

Damn - Even ED SCHULTZ Is Ripping Durbin!

Let's put their contributions on the line

what if the dems refuse to recess? Can bush still appoint bolton?

just got a call from the RNC ...

What's your 2006 Senate picks?

Durbin in a skirt

Senate passes Chuck Hagel's "meaningless" voluntary pollution caps!

Nancy Pelosi's thoughts on Bush's "simple & fair" National Sales Tax scam

DVDs of Conyers Hearing and Rally Available

House pushes Navy to buy more ships in 2006

Maryland DU'ers: Protest Bush in Silver Spring THURSDAY

Gas prices, Bush's approval ratings, and Al Gore

Randall Terry to Challenge State GOP Senate Leader Over Schiavo

WOW - Connected: Coast to Coast on MSNBC - re Durbin

Photographer blasts book author who smeared Hillary

Iranian Government Websites Discovered On Texas Internet Company

The sad results of googling Plame

Tom DeLay says Iraq is like Houston

Know the Real Enemy! It's not Bush.....

Now that his ratings are in the toilet, here come the wedge issues.

"Shallow Throat": Wounded, Cornered Animals Are Dangerous (long)

Who would win in a fight George W. Bush or John Bolton?

Gary Ackerman is doing very well on

Kerry Cautious in his Decision to Cautiously Probe 'Downing Street Memo'

Saudis eating Rice for breakfast

MSNBC Hardball: KARL ROVE Interview TONIGHT 7:00 PM EST

Ohio Governor Hires Criminal Defense Attorney

Why don't the people give an ultimatum to Bush to find Osama ?

Heads up: DEAN coming up on NEWS HOUR

so where is the "BIG NEWS" from the dems about voting fraud?

Mr. President, Go Get Osama, and Do It Now!

The World Can't Wait: Driving Out the Bush Regime

Heard from my rep! - it's a pro war form letter. Here's my response to her

I'm listening to a "best of" Randi Rhodes and...

Did the DSM come from Murdoch papers?

Ok, so we get all these great balls rolling and it seems they end up

DSM -- Retyped and original destroyed?

Just found this funny cartton-- Rummy Cheney et al

I think torture is really OK when ...

What would anyone suggest "doing" about Mugabe and Zimbabwe?

"Jenna? Barbara? Your war is waiting"


If "Durbin" story has legs so should "Gannon" Let's get back to it!

NOT AGAIN: Social Security for Young People - Bush is at it Again!

The Denials & Deceptions of George Bush

Finally, our poor little flag will be protected.....

Democrats Betting on Unity

Here's an issue besides DSM that ALL Democrats should not shy away from:

Joe Biden is a....

White House is searching for replacement for Rehnquist ?

Does the new flag amendment include anything about defacement? Or...

Looted Social Security Trust Fund Amounts -

Anybody else noticing that it is getting harder to figure out how

A paradox:

Sensenbrenner responded to my letter

Ousted activists plan tour (The Denver Three )

ACLU Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld on Abuse to Be Heard in D.C. Federal Court

I just got a great idea!!

Clinton's Penis was _never_ "Old News". Remind them as appropriate.

what does randall terry want? saving souls? saving lives?HOLDING POLITICAL

NewsMax Supports The Troops (a photo-toon)

bush 2003 vs bush 2005

BIL is here.. has just put on the O'Reilly factor

HOWARD DEAN is on PBS Newshour: The new Ohio voter suppression

DU Challenge. Let's compile examples of Republican Hate Speech

They're so transparent! The flag-burning amendment is the next "Schiavo".

Dean to be on Daily Show Thursday!

Flags should be made out of non-flammable material

Where does the DNC report say"Paper ballots NOW!, Hand counts NOW!?

The Media Battle is Brought to You -- Are you going to fight?

Mass Anti-war and Impeachment Rally in DC - SEPT 24th...

Postcards From Bluster: Lehrer NH transcript--PBS Slimed By The Wrong Wing

Grassroots Efforts: Let's Draft Noelle Bush 2008

Does anyone have an account on US Politics Today?

Flag Amendment? Veterans Input Please...

Howard Dean on PBS's NewsHour-Video

Everything that republicans have campaigned against.....

Christianity vs. Democracy

VA college training young conservatives (New Yorker)

Okay! I thought the Downing Street Whatever would be the last

Pat Buchanan: Iraq is 'the Republicans' War'

The Politics of Spin or why we just continue to shoot ourselves in the foo

"Gitmo abuse is absurd" (in my local paper)

Idea: welshTerrier2's "HAD ENOUGH?" campaign w/ Randi Rhodes

After the 2006 midterms...

Why doesn't Bobby Kennedy run for president?

Republicans Burning Up Over Burning The Flag

Will Future Generations use Bush Instead of Hitler to show mad policies?

Who knows what lurks in the deep, hidden recesses of the Democrats' hearts

PROOF: Extreme RW HATE Groups want to Impeach Bush Too!

Bush spurned secret 2002 N. Korea overture-report

Mrs. Cindy Sheehan on Hardball laid it all out - her son died in Iraq

The Kerry Campaign, Ohio and Ken Blackwell

So I was thinking about Dean's election report...

Link to Doonesbury's straw pool on Dean's job performance on

Yes, Virginia, There Really Are Downing Street Memos

What's wrong with this picture??? Hannity Rejects New Hillary Book

According to ROVE, dems just don't get 9/11

How about Republican Fatigue

PAX-TV to air special about Bush's religious faith

Announcing formation of the OUT OF IRAQ CAUCUS (long transcript)

MUST SEE Work of Art: Statue of Limitations by T. Royal

Why do our candidates pick bad staffers, while Repukes pick good ones?

My money is on Bolton's "gracious withdrawal" from consideration...

Is Common Dreams a good source for progressive news?

Awesome Bill Moyer's interview on The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart

Did you know Reagan launched is '80 campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi?

RNC wants me to wish Numb Nuts a Happy Birthday...

The "Durbin Distraction"

So how much support for Bush is there, really, in the military ?

let's build a "Had Enough?" campaign

How many of you could see the war coming before it was started?

MUST WATCH Video - Rep. Gene Taylor On The House Floor

Democracy at Risk: Ohio Election 2004 - Dean's Statement and Full Report

So what IF Hillary is a lesbian?

Fact Check please ...

George W. Bush was an alcoholic and used cocaine!

Letter to DNC re recent survey to Democratic activists

Clinton, McCain are '800-pound gorillas' of 2008 presidential race

BRAD BLOG: Phony GOP 'Voting Rights' Group Continues Defrauding America!

How the GOP undermines the left...

Not enough votes in Senate for flag amendment; Biden, Hillary to oppose

Clark, Dean, Reid statements on DSM

Scott McClellan Gets my Vote for BIGGEST REPUBLICAN WHORE