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Archives: June 21, 2005

Counterterrorism in Retrospect By MARTHA CRENSHAW

Non-apologists / Some senators kept an uneasy silence on lynching

Todd Gitlin - Press Watch: MIA: News of Prison Toll

'Liberal' media drove past Downing Street

How Cheney Fooled Himself

Has anyone seen evidence that the alleged hijackers were on the planes?

Was the east coast deliberately left defenseless on 9/11?

story about Tobacco money and links to b*s* administration.

Wonder what Karl thinks?...Death penalty for poll cheaters sought

The truth about Hillary? How about the truth about Edward Klein?

Lou Dobbs & Bill Moyers--Did you see this fantastic inteview?

U.S. doctors weigh in on morning-after pill denials

Taft Signs Ohio's Breastfeeding Bill

Hey, Republicans: We Are Anti-Fundamentalist, Not Anti-Christian

DailyKos claiming breaking DSM news (references Guardian story)

Is it time for a new Constitutional Convention?

Thom Hartmann on DSM

Bush, Bolton and transparency

Video: Michael Smith verifies the Downing Street Memo

Keith Olbermann on Leno NEXT

The number of war deaths is a fraud, just another Bush lie

After we hit rock bottom, Americans might never trust the GOP again.

Daily Show: The US failure of Intelligence and Tourism - (VIDEO)

June 20 2005, Sibel Edmonds

US leading indicators suggest US economy cooling

Offer: Proofing Services for Your Progressive P.R. Efforts

Let's talk about the meaning of "fixed" again

PLEASE stop spreading the "uncounted death" rumor.

Know your BFEE: Corrupt Craftsmen Hoover and Dulles

It's yours for the cost of shipping: a George Foreman Grill

General Electric Receives Federal Subpoena

Credit card firm shouldn't have had stolen data

Conyers: Less than 4 in 10 Americans Support the War (plus other goodies)

Senate Democrats Block Bolton Confirmation

Lay it on the line!

Lay on, MacDuff

What's so weird about Aum Shinrikyo compared to other religions?

What's so weird about Scientology compared to other religions?

Silence Earthling. My name is Darth Vader.

Problems with Cox emails in California?

Someone wakes up after being in coma since 1985

August 10, 2004. John McCain closes his eyes and hugs George W. Bush.


CALI says bring it on.

My 82 year old mom had her purse stolen; she's okay, but I have a ???

Turbonegro is your God now.

Lay off Nicole Kidman - Its her birthday!

I am the Night Rider

Only two days left to buy the Brooklyn Bridge

I have one Birthday Wish

Dear Circle Jerks, can I borrow your time-machine?

Chimp paintings fetch 26,000 dollars at auction

Only TWO shopping days left until the birthday of massive tool Carson Daly

I just got home from work


My brain exploded...

What's so weird about Episcopalianism compared to other religions?

Nicole Kidman gives Tom Cruise an "assist" at the 2000 Oscars. YECCH!

midnight snack check.... me Cape Cod Potato Chips... you?

Has anyone seen this before? Wolfy quote...

I just found something that made me LOL!

My cat Gandalf will NOT SHUT UP!

I am officially annoyed


Lay off People's Temple.

Bigger Brains Make for Smarter people

Why we want Game 7

I've been away from the internet--

"Old saying" Bush recited to reporters, 11/4/04, returns to bite his ASS.

Dana Milbank seeks suggestions

Bolton blocked again, but Bush might pull a fast-one ...

Frist "accused Democrats of being unwilling to compromise" on Bolton?

Will The DSM help unravel a more sinister plot?

Max Cleland in 2008

DSM on Hardball was total crap

Parliament more democratic than Congress.

First lawsuit against mandatory Mental Health Screening!

Daily Show: The US failure of Intelligence and Tourism - (VIDEO)

DSM on "Softball": if Woolsey and Kay are so reliable...

Schiavo Autopsy Confirms Political Pathology

The Torture of Innocents and the Method to the Madness

Race and the jury system

Are the Parties Over? Gary Hart

Fanning the flames of impeachment

Christians hold the true power

NYP: HILLARY RISING - With Republicans help. From the Toe Sucker

Arab author tackles the last taboo - a Muslim woman writes a bestselling e

Osama: 'Got him! (sort of)'

Waking up to the politics of fear

Notorious Pair:One is being hunted. The other is held in a secret location

There's Progress in Iraq

L.A. TIMES: Even Bush's GOP Allies Are Breaking Ranks

Rush Limbaugh Plumbs New Depth Of Perversion;

Toles on Today's Cartoon (WP): Reaction to All He'd 'Seen and Not Seen'

Dionne: How Cheney Fooled Himself

huffingtonpost: A Timely Conversation with Donald Rumsfeld

Iraqi Hospitals Ailing Under Occupation

Blood, Oil, and Uzbeks.

Statement:Use of Schiavo's Grave Marker a Reprehensible and Repugnant Act

Dick Morris on Hillary: Personal attacks will only embolden her

Star Tribune hits another editorial homer: Durbin's message

Dust off the Nuremberg Files

The Glass Wall Of Media Coverage

Puritanism 2005: Still raging for paradise after all these years

Bono & Geldof: Bards of the powerful?

Remember When Bush's Lies Weren't "Old News"?

Deception's damning documents

U.S. Approved Interrogation Techniques At Guantanamo Bay

Excellent Miami Herald op-ed on Jeb Bush & the Schiavo case.

Bush Attacks Civil Society, Seeks to Squelch American Dissent

Defend public broadcasting

Public Broadcasting Monitor Had Worked at Center Founded by Conservatives

Funding for public TV, radio worth preserving

Foolish cut in Congress

Blaming the Messenger ('Publicans attack Red Cross)

Pelosi: 'Public Broadcasting Enriches American Lives'

For now ‘Frontline’ doesn’t flinch

Why public broadcasting is important

The End is Near - by Kurt Vonnegut

Bush and Hawks Try Pre-Emptive Strike Vs. Iran Vote

Guantánamo: When America breaks the law (Anthony Lewis)

(Nedra Pickler Strikes Again!) Bush encourages Social Security bill

Protect PBS, NPR / Public deserves their excellence

"GOP wrong to kill the messenger"

June 2005: Phase II of the Anti-War Movement (Medea Benjamin)

Molly Ivins: Dismissing Downing Street

Jon Carroll tells us what to think

Columbia Journalism Review: "List of Media Owners"

How to Drudge (Photoshop) a photo

Question from someone with little economics/money knowledge

Say No to Drilling

Energy Headlines for June 21, 2005 --

Water takeover plan is off (Malaysia)

Direct Link Between Ground-Level Ozone And Higher Death Rates - NYT

Blazing Heat, Torrential Rains, Flooding - A Global Warming UK Summer

Ryanair Chief Dismisses Environmentally Concerned Airlines As "Lemmings"

2005 On Track To Be Scotland's Hottest Since 1914 - Scotsman

Conservationists target HK officials over Disney dish

Visa offered to Qasim after seven years in detention

Iraqis gather in the area outside the Baya police station attacked - Iraq

Business interests ignore those of society - TW

Price of US' missile defense system is `too steep' for Japan

Okinawa struggles with its legacy from World War II

‘Jerusalem fence has political aim’

BBC (Tuesday): Jerusalem summit gets under way

Report: PA allowed to open Gaza airport

Palestinian hardliners slam Abbas for meeting Sharon in Jerusalem

In Gaza, Palestinian 'Party of Love' provokes death threats

Sharon Offers Abbas Deal on West Bank

Three Lessons from a Woman Terrorist

Female bomber: Attack aimed at youth

Missile Theories - Exactly what sort of missile are we talking here?

A Must See Flash!

Help this newbie out: Could you answer my MIHOP questions?

Question about steel buildings

Intercepting telephones

Has there EVER been a realistic explanation for the WTC7 collapse?

Abramoff, Jeb, DeLay, murder & 9/11

Can a MIHOPer please explain why they believe that?

If the Twin Towers were NOT brought down by demolition...

Pentagon evacuated due to bomb thread AFTER it was attacked?

Simple Question: How often does the story of the Air defense change?

The final 270 degree circle path of flight 77

Mr. Smith isn't going to Washington OR Tallahassee any time soon.

Verified Voting Senate hearing, unpublicized, untelevised, NOW!

Florida 2000 Lawsuit poster

I love NY! Wait til you see what they've come up with now!

has anyone else asked their SOS about the recent BBV report on opscans?

Verified Voting hearing in Senate NOW


Guilty Verdict Today in Voting Rights Activists' Deaths

Want to Prove the Feasibility of Presidential Election Fraud?

Action Alert!! Vendors Court Election Officials--this is outrageous.


RETURN OF THE CLINCHER: Kerry wins 120 of 120 scenarios

Special election turns off voters

Governor accepts some blame for voters' dissatisfaction

Bay Area DUers, check out my friend's show!

Anyone for a San Joaquin Valley DU get together?

Ah-nold's Approval Rating Plummets to 31%

The Buzz: Governor admits he's knee-deep in religion

So what's he going to do AFTER being Governator?

WHY did Pelosi vote for continuing to fund this illegal war??

Did any DUer attend the Cambridge city council meeting on 6.20?

any more clarkies here??

What should I do during the probable government shut-down?

Senator Dayton's (form) reply to my DSM email

Old harddrive files into new computer

More Fraud in Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation scandel

Toledo Blade Sunday 6/19: great article on Noe BWC theft scandal

Erath County 2nd TX County to Benefit from VV Paper Audit Trail

el paso.....election office

"Adios, MoFo"

Presenters at Houston Election Assessment Hearing announced

Holy F***, just when you thought a concealed carry bill couldn't be worse

Walker in default at State Elections Board

How gullible ARE Americans, anyway?

I just defined liberalism as "equality, privacy, diplomacy"

Is "Facism lite" acceptable? Changing the paradigm...

Cardinal Sin is dead!

My letter to Penguin re drive-by bio of Hillary (

Do YOU Know Who This Man Is ??? - And Feel Free To Caption !!!

Dick Morris: Personal attacks on Hillary will only embolden her

You need to laugh? Listen to this

Al Franken will have Bill Clinton on today (Tuesday, June 21)

Honest question about evolution.. Bacteria vs. Penicillin

Some politics may be linked to genes-interesting study

Captive Saddam misses Ronald Reagan (not Clinton)

Downing Street Memo from

Please explain something to me....anyone!

If * "recess appoints" Bolton, can Congress remove Bolton ?

New Gallup poll: Bush at 47%


Bolton was spying on POWELL?

OK i know that there was a thread about this yesturday...right?

On hardball, M.Smith said there was a more damning...

You can't tell me that Saddam had nothing to do with nine eleven

Jeb Bush: vile, despicable, vindictive.

Heads Up -Broadcast Flag vote w/begin to erode your right to copy from TV!

self deleted

You will "fail" to stop something and will get wrong intelligence on that

Anybody hear that "Dem" on C-SPAN just now trying

Silly Freepers (Re: Bolton)

British MP to tour USA. ?-George Galloway.

It's not going to be Pretty when America Turns on bush & his buddies

After Pres. Gore failed to stop 9/11 & Lied us into War, he was IMPEACHED

Are we being Assimilated? Is Resistance Futile?

What do you do when you have an unpopular war?

Another day in Baghdad

New Leaked Memo from the White House

Nashville Christians PROTEST against Baptists!

George Allen can eat me...

233 straight days without a terror alert---I feel MUCH safer

We must use John Conyers and Cindy Sheehan together as much as

Russert on IMUS --- discussing the DSM and the CDC Cover-up (DANCING)

the human cost of operation spear,Red Cross calls for access to Karabila

Volunteer for the Army, get $40K & job interview – if you survive.

Illegal Wars. A Bush Family Specialty.

I was going to say go vote

290 million divided by 1 = America

Email from Evan Bayh about DSM

Confronting a Bushbot this AM

Anyone see Lou Dobb's crocodile tears???

One of the great attractions of patriotism-- it fulfils our worst wishes.

So now Saddam Hussein is a 'celebrity' like Michael Jackson

Durbin remarks transcript...?

Impeachment and Paper ballots and hand counts NOW!!! n/t

Russert called Kennedy/Kirby "Advocacy Journalism" - BUT Chalibi

Some thoughts on Durbin

Who is best suited to represent Florida?

If the US MSM had done their jobs in 2002, we wouldn't need any DSM.

Has the Daily Show done anything on the DSM?


Tax the Churches

IRAQ: Denial and Deception

Need US government data on number of killings in US prisons


The White House spin cycle (David Shuster)

It is time to stop ALL the corruption from pols and media. Burn the bastar

Who knows anything about Political Nutshell's website?

The SH they have in prison is a "fake"..... remember the 60 Minutes show?

Raw Story: GAO to investigate WH contracts with media...developing

Gas prices this morning?

Call To Action!!!!! BROADCAST FLAG amendment to spending bill!!!!

Just what was the chaplain trying to say?

Where is "Toilet Mouth Cheney" at ...? He can help us with DSM

FBI trawls libraries for terrorist readers

Please delete.

Killen's minister not familiar with the Klan or it's teachings

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

time to get serious . . . time to involve the ICC . . .

McClellan: UBL "If we knew exactly where he was, we would go get him"

It has begun: Hillarypalooza

Dynamics Within The Ruling Class/Challenges For Revolutionaries

For today I promise

Amy Goodman this morning

Any Lawyers (or anybody else) have an answer for me about DSM?

PDA Featured at Rainbow Convention

The newest Homeland Security scare scam.

"U.S. Occupation Set Corruption Free" Says Iraqi Union Leader

Intresting Televison this evening

Sams Club (Walmart) fires part paralyzed employee of 19yrs for not smiling

4 pieces of mail my 18yr old son just received DOB 6/20

Iraqi Labor Leaders Address U.S. Communications Workers Union Staff

Baffled in Basra

Will the SwiftBots Turn on Chickenhawk Shrub for Hosting Vietnam?

Falwell Intent on Beating Clinton in 08 and Iran Still Stoning Women...

NJ assembly passes paper trail voting machines!!! Yeah!

My mother used to work with this (Nazi) at Ford

OTC laws

Michael Savage says put Saddam Hussein back in power

Who here reads AlterNet?

I still can't find out what country the nine killed in a mortar

Bush: any time there's a death, I grieve, obviously

Is the U.S. Hiding Secrets about Saddam?

My email from Congressman John Conyers

It is Hard Work Consoling and Loving Families of Iraq War Dead.

Political correctness

Frist tells Durbin to apologize on Senate floor ...........(how rich)

ESTRICH: "Faux is the best place I've worked." What Would We Do w/o Her.

If Durbin isn't allowed to compare the US treatment of prisoners..

Missing Minorities

CNN is at it again:

Gov. Bush Signs Bill Allowing Kids To Carry EpiPens To School

Comic book depiction of Holocaust upsets Jews

Avoid Dell Laptops like the plague. Really.

U.S. Said Delaying Saddam Interrogations

Gene Stone raises the question again

For now ‘Frontline’ doesn’t flinch

How's the job search going for the Bush twins?

Bush's Lonely Campaign Against Venezuela's President Chavez

The Boston Globe Bashes Bush over DSM

Wouldn't Frist be a non-starter as a candidate for prez because he's

POLL: reaction to Joe Biden running for president?

Last night did I hear right? Did Tucker Carlson make a comparison

Is Rush Limbaugh on Methadone Maintenance?

"Straight Edgers"-Clean living gang that attacks drinkers & smokers

World Tribunal on Iraq June 23th thru 27th

Verdict in Civil Rights Murders - Guilty of manslaughter

FYI -- Bill Clinton full interview on AAR (Al Franken Show) at 1 eastern

DU this Poll - re: BOLTON!

George W. Bush Will Go to Viet Nam Next Year

Rice/Egypt,Saudi Arabia

Edgar Ray Killen should be EXECUTED

Gallup Says 59% Now Oppose Iraq War

Who voted against the Iraq War Resolution? Refresh an old lady's memory.

"Hardball" critique - Monday, June 20

Covenant Transport of Chattanooga -"It's a child It's not a choice"

Rawstory: Halliburton Gitmo role questioned

Sen. Clinton Bashes Bush on Environment ("intent upon...abusing power")

Arhnuld's approval in low 30's; Chimy's approval in low 40's

ABC News: Schwarzenegger: I'm Still Enjoying the Battle

40 Years Plus

CNN Poll - Nail This One To The Wall

Bill Moyers on Democracy Now! tomorrow.

OK, who were the "Democratic Underground refugees" that "bum-rushed" Howie


left/right libertarian/authoritarian POLL

Please DU this DU poll

Out of President's Sight, Arlington's Rows of Grief Expand

Are convicted CEOs having to pay back what they stole?

A Hilarious Comment A Rightie Just Told Me Just A Few Moments Ago

Scary news for Bushists: Americans aren't afraid anymore

Deception's damning documents -Downing Memos Still Exist!

Olberman will have another Mary Carey piece tonight on Countdown

How was last nights Hardball?

Rush Joins Debate on Downing Street

Heard On Limbaugh Today !!! - Re: DSM "A Group Of Renegade Mongrels" !!!

Anyone know, does Democrats .com really have 300,000 members?

E-mails Link White House to CPB's Tomlinson

US House: Rep. Hostettler (R-IN) says that Dems hate Christians - (VIDEO)

My wife asked me a question?

Breaking... "Bush to travel to Vietnam"

Field Poll: Arnold at 37% approval in California

Can we please tell our Senators to stop trying to ban video games?

WilliamPitt's report on the PDA/CodePINK DSM Rally

Scary Females (Warning: May cause spew)

I have a question about the Conyers petition

The pain of being a Democrat in Fort Worth, Texas

Bush is "volunteering" to go to Vietnam. Better late than never.

Will it take 41 years to convict Mr.bush of his murders and crimes?

Mississippi Jury Finds Ex-Klansman Guilty

CORRECTION: Cindy Sheehan will be on Hardball Wednesday night

What is in those documents?

Flip Flopper Frist changes course on Bolton vote

Tuesday Blues.

Self-Delete... Sorry

Ras Poll: Dems To The Right Of Independents On Immigration

self deleted / dupe (n/t)

Gold Star mother Cindy Sheehan will be on Hardball tonight

MSM beginning to address DSM but did it report on the rally and Conyers

One thing folks are forgetting on the Killen conviction-not only is it 41

Remember the World's Dumbest Right-Wing Blogger? He's Back!

Will Chimp have the sheer balls to recess-appoint Bolton?

Dems seeking ouster of PBS chairman

OOH! TPM Has the Goods On Katherine HARRIS!


Rush Limbaugh, hero of the working class, ridicules his audience on air

What political party has been pro-Saddam, pro-terrorist, and pro-Islamist?

Bush renews call for gay marriage amendment (msnbc)...

Go ahead, Rethugs, make my day

Framing: Cold sweat + DSM = Outrage

Another Recording from a friend in Iraq...

Flip Flop Frist.....

RWers in "lockstep indignation" over Durbin, forget to get mad about

No longer made in America.

Bill Frist has no balls.

Another observation of Fox "News"

The economy is ROARING and the Penny Slots are BOOMING!


Piling On Dick Durbin

Vitamins at risk...does anyone know if this email is true?

Do we need to end the myth that we are being DEFENDED in Iraq?

Hey, did ya hear Tom Cruise got water squirted in his face?

Check Out LBN !!! - Bolton Is BACK ON For Friday !!!

Charlie Chaplin said it all in the movie 'The Great Dictator'

Someone Else's Child

Does anyone know of a site

Bush Encourages Social Security Bill Without Private Investment Accounts

Saddam names his favorite US president - GQ article on National Guard unit

How do I post a small piece of audio from a full file?

I have a difficult time watching some movies

"Greenpeace gives Golden Chainsaw to Brazil Tycoon"

Michael Schiavo is one classy person.... his wife's grave....

Missing 11 year old found alive.

How do I upload a flier to the web that I made on a card program?

IMHO,,, Bush's invasion of Iran scheduled for June is on hold over Bolton.

The tide IS turning--support for * is falling

Do I understand this correctly?

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

Most fighters in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia

WTF - i just heard like 4 helicopters, including one military, fly over

Bill Clinton Right Now on Radio Listen Live

Dean will be on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (sorry if it's been post)

The economy is ROARING and the Penny Slots are BOOMING!

I got my thank you email from John Conyers! did you get yours?

Can't we do this?

Caption this former CIA Director R. James Woolsey pic...

Anyone know # of relatives of national politicians in active military?

They are losing ground as horror can only continue in secrecy.The truth is

Bush nominates Bolton - best short summary

Frist just said No New Vote on Bolton

Please DU this DSM Poll on CS Monitor Now!!

I don't care if Cheney likes my mother or not....Dean is great!

Confessions from a former war supporter

War with Iran, has it started?

How many more? (even the troops know we need to get out of Iraq)

Should I post something every time The Carlyle Group is mentioned on CNBC?

White flour contains diabetes-causing alloxan

The Iraq War on Access Hollywood.

Got a call from NARAL saying Renquist will retire 6/30 -suspicious

Reminder Bill Moyers on The Daily Show Wed, HOWARD DEAN on Thursday!!!

Watchout Florida... Heavy Weather Ahead....

New DVD on Gulf War Syndrome, out July 4th

Shouldn't he have done this 35 years ago?

Why not just call them Pseudochristians?

Frist-flop: Decides to keep pushing pointless Bolton votes

My opinion on Bush and the gay marriage ordeal

Gifts to "regular guy" Bush run in the millions.... read all about it

I'm going to LOVE pointing out how Saddam's favortite U.S. president


Republicans really in trouble

They Died So Republicans Could Take the Senate -by thom hartmann

Montel Williams - today's show Mercury and Autism

PBS - 6/21/05 - 'Private Warriors' - (set the TIVO)

"Iraq: Their Sand. Our Oil. Every Yong Republican's Duty"

Geez - Yahoo can be so stupid.

Boone Pickens: Gas to hit $3 a gallon within a year

Durbin - now that everyone and his brother is piling on

DFA "The Downing Street Memo - the smoking gun? Of an Immoral War"

So did they ever find the missing Aruba girl or what?

"I haven't read the memo" - hey, at least they are consistent!

Terri Schiavo: Still causing trouble from beyond the grave...

What exactly is a politics of radical feminism and lesbianism?

tell me if i'm reading too much into this...

Feeling some love for Rep Alcee Hastings - FL right now!


PBS used Conservative Group to Moniter Bill Moyers

Timeline to Iraq war - Great reference material!

An interesting look back in time

Missing Boy Scout

If Bush* Cabal say there is proof Bin Laden is in Iran will America attack

Great piece on Edward Klein author of Hillary smear at Salon

Fox News has been poisoning their employees, apparently.

Did Paul Martin not STAND NEXT TO BONO and say....

Iraq Vets Against the War.

Bush Will Not Say A Word About Recess Apointment

Mr. Six and Edgar Ray Killen - - separated at birth or same person??

WaPo Omsbudsman responds to DSM emails...

The 3 Stooges-- A Must See!

Washington Examiner a Bush Puppet on DSM

Working for change on Downing Street Memo

Media says Dems Blocked Bolton/What about White House Stonewalling?

has anyone ever apologized to the TORTURED?...oops, sorry, I apologize...

Honoring the war dead now a crime

Congress has already passed leg. to drug YOUR kids, here is the downlow

Freepers show racist leanings


Could be an interesting summer in Canada

Anti terror absurdity in America:Hemorrhaging Money for Homeland Security

Has there EVER been a realistic explanation for the WTC7 collapse?

Could someone explain exactly what this bill would mean?

Republican lawmaker retracts controversial comment

The Web and the Downing Street Memo

Weldon slapping down O'Reilly

Christian Wire: Michael Schiavo 'convicted himself' of wife's murder

Get the focus back on Guantanamo. Get it off Durbin.

Blitzer just said we should all sit back and thank the Lord. Re: Boy Scout

A plea to the democratic leadership

And while we're at it...

Remember when Bush's Lies werent old news

CNN Report....the Downfall of Schwarzeneger 37% approval rating.

Iraq Bush's Watergate

George Galloway

Poll: Complete the following sentence

Slideshow of the delivery of the DSM

Letter to Dana Milbank about the Downing Street Memo and Corporate Media C

More Stores Limit Access to Cold Medicines - legislation introduced

Gitmo appalling (Another SCATHING column!)

Democrats ! Stop apologizing when you are right.

Either the biology has changed or Tomlinson has made his first attack.

Gallup: "Fear of a terrorist attack lowest since 9/11, lost confidence"

Tell me something to calm my 'another MIHOP is coming' fears

In a totalitarian state, telling the truth must be considered a

...allow a delegation of Muslims, Christians, Hebrews and Jews...

DU'ers Bitching To Durbin- What Did YOU Do To Support Him? Send Money

Thanks Dick!

Me And My Pals Set A Right Wing Nut Straight

Olbermann: More leaked memos make trouble for Bush - (VIDEO)

DFA Flash Movie on DSM

Randi Rhodes & White House Media Payola

Rove on DSM (Hardball) "these are the views of ONE guy" (excuse me)

How long before Scientologists are all studying how

I apologize

Michael Smith, DSM, Bob Fesmire live on internet radio, now!

Will these folks enlist to fight in their president's war ? (Pic heavy)

Democracy for America: new DSM video

Tribe Told to Reroute DeLay Checks

FYI, non-Californians cannot e-mail Nancy Pelosi

Are These Contractors Nazi Rightwingers?

CNN: "Graveyards are littered with under-estimators of Bush" - (VIDEO)

Help me understand...when something good happens people say

Darfur Daily News: June 21, 2005

Paul Martin is a god damn liar and I'm not voting for him

How do you spend $40 billion dollars on "intelligence"?

Newspaper Campaign in Alaska Targets Singer Steve Earle, video at Saint Petersberg Times... waycool

My take on Durbin

Steelworkers Union Pledges Support For Iraqi Trade Unions

The circular firing squad that is the Democratic party

Senate/House Democrats Will Support Social Security Cuts ....

Three Ways Bush Makes Castro Happy

AMAZING video of Rep. Conyers delivering the petition signatures

This is all distraction from the real issue...

GOP recalled a recessed Congress for Schaivo, costing taxpayers MILLIONS

At what point should I go back to being an Independent?

Just saw CNN pushing Scientology ... what is next, interview with a Theta

"Secret" Air Base for Iraq War started prior 9-11

Anyone listening to the A-hole phone call on AAR's Majority Report?

What is worse? Guantanamo, Durbin's comparison or Durbin's apology?

KKKarl Rove on Harball

Let's do it for Mister Rogers.....

More guts to apologize or be stubborn like Bush and never admit a mistake?

Analogy to corporate media

We Now Have a Liberal Equivalent of Drudge

Since June 13th when a DUer suggested a Google Alert link....

Gregory just called it a growing insurgency...

To those criticizing Dick Durbin

Why isn't AAR streaming?

Dana Milbank on Olberman

Washington's slanders against Venezeula are DEAD wrong

Probably the dumbest part of the medical marijuana "debate" is

Durbin was right, folks

Secret admirers: The Bushes and the Washington Post

British sources contradict Woolsey's claim that "fixed" does not mean "coo

Some 9/11 Kin Want Freedom Museum Canceled

TV ALERT*** Last Frontline of the season "PRIVATE WARRIORS"

If our Government isn't ASHAMED of activities at places like Abu Ghraib

Halliburton bribes are huge and Gitmo was contracted during Cheney

I think I found why Dana Milbank has been so Nutty lately, check out...

It is time to cancel our subscriptions!

Apologizing takes guts

Who was that moron on The News Hour re: CPB?

Can you sue over banks losing info?

DC Media Girl vs. Susan Estrich

My My My... US Envoy says "civil war"....and blames it on Iraq....not Bush

Sacre bleu! Waiters fired for being French?

Want to promote democracy ? Adopt a Chinese Blog

Scott Ritter on MSNBC's The Situation with Tucker right NOW.

lol, Boy Scout representative didn't play along with Savage


We should be agreeing with conservatives...

Blast from the past..."Iraq by the numbers"...what, you didn't know?

*TODAY* Senate to vote on energy clause that will injure Dolphins & Whales

Liberty Dollar


Humorous poll, thanks to

Durbin on the floor on C-span 2

VX nerve gas- What the White House said vs. the evidence.

Does Durbin's apology rule him out as an '08 contender?

A quick "Quote o' the day"...

Ugh..I saw a shirt today.. all black with a big J on it.. sayng...

How dare my Rethug boss continue to dismiss and ridicule liberals

Comments to the DNC (long)

A litmus test for Democrats.

Kennedy: There is work to be done

Who is the Lie-Master?

NBA officials are repubs!

Don't worry... the Chimp is driving

Tomlinson on CSPAN2 right now

Sen. Durbin Apologizes for Gitmo Remarks - (made yahoo front page)

I'm a bit late to thank Durbin

Frontline: Private Warriors (PBS)

Why isn't Uzbekistan a Democratic talking point?

Personally, I don't support the Torture of P.O.W.'s, seems too nazi-like

When (yes, when) BushCo goes down....

Rep. Charlie Rangel talking about PNAC on House floor now

Re: Halliburton & lost 8 billion. Don't know what this means.

Please People, PLEASE read this thread & article. It is chilling and true!

the bushco economic miracle rolls on! Winn-Dixie to close 35 percent of

Anybody see the debate about PBS on Newshour tonight?

debra orrin is a lying evil witch...

Nightline 6/21: Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay's good buddy

Sorry we missed you!

Imagine if 100,000 private contractors were in America, GM was


What Scandal will bring Hannity down?

I am depressed because...

Rita COSBY Starts Scooping Her Ex-es (Whorealdo and Faux)

Last night our church held a special get together to honor my daughter who

You will spend the rest of your life in two rooms.

Excellent Article Supporting Pro-Choice Christians

NO, the world DID NOT believe Saddam had "WMD".

Winn-Dixie cuts 22,000 jobs, shutter stores.

Iraq Employment Opportunities

Theocracy vs Democracy

Ralph Nader calls for impeachment: Downing Street Memo is trouble for Bush

Joe Biden Live on Charlie Rose

So, what are some things we could drop federal funding for that

Name the instant voodoo doll.

I have a fantasy of meeting Sean Hannity

Tucker interviews Scott Ritter; Has US/Iran war started? - (VIDEO)

Scott Ritter warns of coming war in Iran, again.

Summer of Protest?

United we stand on behalf of one another, divided we fall to,...

A post from a Freeper so RW that he was banned

Ok South bashers, where is the apology...

Useful DSM-related websites for your bookmark collection

Tuesday's (21Jun) Media Targets from Downing Street

Condi pressed on her hypocrisy, in interview after interview

How do you get an anonymous ip for posting on conservative websites

Rush Releases Gitmo T-shirt Line or, why durbin was right...

July 4th march in support of PBS/ Indy media...

Door May Close on Housing Program

Anyone watch PBS "Frontline" Tonight?"Private Contractors/Iraq + Walmart!

Frontline- Contractors in Iraq

Bushong Apolistic Church--ever heard of it?

42,800 people died on US highways in 2004. 3,000 died on 9/11.

College Republicans: Teaching a new generation to hate.

You know what REALLY gets me...

Are you tired of covering for the people who have problems?

Where is the list of Senators Voting Against The Anti-Lynching Legislation

What has happened to all the yellow "I support the troops" magnets?

need info on European tax rates

Downing Street Memo: Have you signed the Democracy for America petition?


So now the Carlyle Group owns Leows AND the AMC theaters?

wow !!! could this be a cure for cancer ???

Alex Jones goes on one-hour tirade against Limbaugh

John Danforth is brilliant on Hardball tonight.

I'm thinkin' about Iraq. I think about it every day.

Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in please

15 similarities between the Vietnam War and Iraq:

Houston based company small pox testing

I have an idea about the minimum wage

Green 'zone' or Green 'republic'? (Iraq)

The MOTHER of all Republican wedge issues!

I know it's wrong, but I do enjoy my petty torments...

Are you listening to the nut on Air America?

Tacky monument to racist Confederacy defaced by outraged Americans.

I'm sick of covering for my co-workers who have kids. Am I an a-hole?

Attn Pls: Bill Clinton's Penis Did NOT Knock Down The World Trade Center!

Daley says Durbin should apologize for Guantanamo remarks

Star Trek pledge of allegiance gets kid suspended

One more time for the Morons who were left behind...

Michael Moore has a link to this:

Does anyone else live in a place so great that's it like taking a Valium

Aussie hostage warned; don't come back coz you called us "ARSEHOLES".

Should there be legislation to force pharmacists to fill all prescriptions

Medication madness (Dallas Morning News)

(Bleep)-ing fundy Indiana congresscritter!

The Absolute Meaning Of "Fixed"

Dr. Rice: "The WHOLE WORLD thought Saddam had WMD's"

Anyone see anything wrong with this overall assesment?

Bolton's Adagio in DU minor ......

How To Celebrate Dubya's Birthday

OK Folks! This NEEDS A Caption Thread! DU Theologians And Scholars...

The longest day wanes ..

if the global economy was about to melt down

Why Oh Why did so many Elected Democrats support Iraq Invasion?.

Scott Ritter On Fucker Carlson MSNBC Right NOW!

Phelps coming to my area to protest Military funeral

Howard Dean was right. Not a black face in the crowd

A WAR WAGED BY LIARS AND MORONS. A must read from Paul Craig Roberts.

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday June 22

DU Christians I beg of you to unite in a common front against

delete please

Randi is flying high-- saying chimpo has lost the GOP

Durbin apoligizes to the republicans

So is getting shot by a squirt gun filled with water considered assault?

Media 2000-May2005: Bush is a straightshooter, always says what he means.

Is the GOP claiming it is impossible for an American to behave like a Nazi

Does anyone think Durbin was threatened ? Malloy thinks so

Short List of Things I Demand Republicans Apologize for:

We need to ask the Huffington Post to pick up Knight-Ridder-Tribune

Are you watching Frontline? War Contractors: KBR, Halliburton et al

Administration Considers Promotions for Generals in Torture Scandal

No Time For Despair - What a GREAT article!

American cars are really made in Ontario...know why?

Why are there mercenaries (private contractors) in Iraq?

WE CAN'T CAVE: CNN reports GOP forcing Durbin to apologize is part of

Oh this is juicy!! Wish I could write like this. Slapdown of Dana Milbank

Demand the truth from Fox News

Married men earn more if wives do the chores-study

Combat veteran supports Senator Durbin's original statment

Does anybody have a good theory on why Bolton is so damn important???

Flip-Flop Burgers For Lunch... What Do You Suppose The rePukes Are Up Too?

AP: Tribe Told to Reroute DeLay Checks

Where In America Can One Live Without A Car?

So Cal get together !

Senator Boxer on the Anti-Lynching Resolution

Can someone post Durbin's EXACT quote

"Operation Yellow Elephant?" I LOVE IT!!!!

Direct Link to the GA taser video

Fascists don't want "trials" because the truth may be revealed.

O'Lielly is getting reamed by a repug on the floor of the House.

Schwarzenegger approval rating tumbles on special election campaign

I was laid off from my job this morning!

Bewitched vs. fundie/evangelicals. "MSM" Poll!

Why would PBS spice "Mystery?"

Please email against more nuclear power plants in the US

FRONTLINE - Private Warriors - Tuesday, Jun. 21 - must see TV

The GALL of the Republican Party...

"I'm going to get everything passed that I want to get passed" - GWB

EXPOSED: Conservative media mogul's secret ties to Kim Jong Il.

Question about Conyers site

Elizabeth Edwards: Announcing The One America Bookcast

The latest from

Julian Robertson predicts "Utter global collapse"

Alright You Fucking Pharmacists Who WON'T Dispense Birth Control....

Milbank slurs because a FREEPER TROLL fooled him


WaPo Cartoonist takes aim at corp media coverage of DSM

I walked out of church Sunday and I am not planning on going back

Let’s Get Ready to RUMBLE!!! DEAN to Focus on Election Fraud: OH & FL

What the hell is wrong with Christopher Hitchens?

Jon Stewart mentiond DSM and is covering the Conyers hearing

Sun-friendly foods?

Cdns worry about cross-border flow of personal data

I'd like to know how much athletic grant money Richard Legendre

Federal NDP making huge gains in BC

A Congestion Charge for Trains? (article)

What's your favourite sauce?

Juries face axe in fraud trials

Khamenei: U.S. policies will be defeated

Baghdad Faces Water Shortage

FBI officials' knowledge of terrorism under fire (NYT/ IHT)

Federal Agency Collected Extensive Personal Data About Airline Passengers!

`U.S. spending on Iraq may soon surpass Korean War budget`

Congress has already passed leg. to drug YOUR kids, here is the downlow

Massive Detroit fire destroys old Model T, Studebaker plant

MSNBC: Taking the DSM to the next level!

Firm Says House Lawyers Approved Payments for Trips

Black Market in Stolen Credit Card Data Thrives on Internet

Guardsman faces murder charges in deaths of two officers at FOB Danger

Marines win Iraq desert battle, war far from over

Afghanistan urges Pakistan to do more to combat militants

U.S. said delaying Saddam interrogations

Voice of America gets flak over outsourcing decision

Stable Afghanistan needs to be secured - Australia

Government rules teen must go back to China

New US ambassador vows to crush Iraq's insurgency

Conservatives Promote Anti-Hillary Book

Bush Faces Decision on Bolton Nomination

Bomb kills anti-Syrian politician in Beirut

Nuclear plant breached, report says

Bush: It Is Tough In Iraq

Sen. Clinton Bashes Bush on Environment ("intent upon...abusing power")

Bush to visit Vietnam next year.

Marines win Iraq desert battle, war far from over

Senator Al Franken not as farfetched an idea as it seems


al-Qaida Announces Iraqi Suicide Squad

Two sailors face trials in killing of dental tech on Okinawa

Saudis dismiss Rice's criticism (BBC)

Israeli Train Collides With Truck; 60 Hurt

Support for governor plunging, poll finds (Arnie 31% approval )

U.S. Said Delaying Saddam Interrogations

Bomb kills anti-Syria politician (CNN Breaking)

Some Politics May Be Etched in the Genes (are your Genes Democratic?)

please delete

Pakistan: Minister Denies Bin Laden and Mullah Omar Are in the Country

Bush, Musharaff talk about war on terror

Poll: Nelson would defeat Harris for U.S. Senate in Florida

Dick Morris on Hillary: Personal attacks will only embolden her

Anti-Syrian side won -- or did it?

U.S. poll shows new slip in Iraq support

U.S. hiding secrets about Saddam, Iraqi official charges

Rafsanjani rallies students ahead of Iran poll

U.S. unlikely to reduce Iraq troops soon -general

Liberals to extend Parliament for same-sex vote (Canada)

Police: Lions Saved Kidnapped Girl

C-Span! Waxman/Pelosi Just called for Independent Investigation/Gitmo!

Some Politics May Be Etched in the Genes

Sergeant Accused of Killing Fellow Soldier While Serving in Iraq

Experts(Boone Pickens) say gas prices could reach $3 a gallon

Ex-KKK Member convicted in 1964 killings

Iraq asks world to keep promises on aid

GOP Congressman Calls Democrats Anti-Christian

L.A. TIMES: Even Bush's GOP Allies Are Breaking Ranks

New Hillary Clinton book aims to stop any 2008 run

Iraqi-Only Suicide Bomber Unit Set Up - Claim

Schiavo's Remains Buried Amid Acrimony

'Church won the 2004 elections'

Frist Says No New Vote Planned for Bolton

dupe - sorry :(

ACLU Says Bush Is Restricting Science

Falwell says religious right has sights set on beating Clinton in '08

Afghan and U.S. forces kill 32 Taliban, retake town

Baptist pastors are urged to reject 'judicial tyranny'

Frist Reverses Himself, Pushes Bolton Vote

Statement:Use of Schiavo's Grave Marker a Reprehensible and Repugnant Act

Iraqi ( Justice Minister ): U.S. Delaying Saddam Interrogations

UK arrest over Iraq attacks

Toles on Today's Cartoon (WP): Reaction to All He'd 'Seen and Not Seen'

Democracy Cell Project was at the "Save Childrens' Programming" Rally

Whaling body rejects Japanese bid to push for commercial whaling

ACLU Says Bush Is Restricting Science

WP: Bush Defends Strategy In Iraq, Pledges to 'Complete the Mission'

Senate Backs Offshore Energy Inventory

Klansman convicted of activists' manslaughter (!)

$550M more held in other hedge funds (Ohio)

DoD Identifies Army Casualties (#1725)

Missing scout Brennan Hawkins, missing for four days has been found alive.

U.S. general: Many insurgents in Iraq paid

U.S. 'concealing' Saddam's Secrets

Goldsmith Repeats Assurance on Iraq War Legal Advice

Police officer dies of apparent heart attack during protests (philly)

Missing boy found alive in Utah

Maytag Stock Up on Second Possible Offer (Chinese)

House Debate Over Evolution at Pa. Schools

Bush Touts Second-Term Economic Agenda

Bush Plans To Visit Vietnam

WHouse rebuffs independent probe of Guantanamo

Wolfowitz to focus on women in poverty, development in Africa (DSM too)

Winn-Dixie to cut 22,000 jobs (Reuters)

Iraq makes list of world's endangered cultural sites

Rice Predicts No Breakthrough on Iraq Debt

IRAQ: Aid agencies call for access to Karabila

Rice to Syria: 'Knock it off' in Lebanon

Boston Globe: Marines Shown to be lacking Basic Equipment


UK failed to tackle Nigeria bribes claim (Halliburton)

UCLA Economists Expect Housing Downturn to Pack Wallop

Envoy: Iraqi Militants Aim for Civil War

Bush Backs Soc. Sec. Bill Without Accounts

(UK) Iraq Violence Higher Than Anticipated - Straw

Winn-Dixie cutting 22,000 jobs

Soul Asylum Bassist Dies

US Envoy: Iraqi Militants Aim for Civil War (see's Iraq's fault)

U.S. troops to stay in Iraq despite 'progress'

Lawmakers chide Pentagon over U.N. treatment (shielding Halliburton)

Bush promotes funding for religious groups

Daley says Durbin should apologize for Guantanamo remarks

ConAgra Foods faces possible class-action suit (manipulated facts=lying)

2 Special Operations Soldiers Killed In Iraq

Despite Regime Change, Kuwait Debts Keep Mounting

Contract that spawned Gitmo awarded to Halliburton during Cheney tenure

Philippine law-makers start probe on Arroyo tapes

Coast Guard Works to Head Off Funding Cuts

Marine Corps takes heat from Congress for delays in underarmoring Humvees

Group to Launch Supreme Court Ad Campaign

Eleanor Mondale begins battle with brain cancer

Italy: Defence Lawyer Says Saddam Can Never Be Tried

Dirty, deadly secret - Legionnaires' outbreak hidden by hosp for year

Rice claims US credit for enabling Middle East reforms

BHP Billiton's Sees Peru Tintaya Mine Output at 100% Next Week

WP: Democrats Press Bush Harder on Iraq War

U.S. was big spender in days before Iraq handover ($20 billion)

Former Argentine junta leader dies at 81

NYT: Some Republicans Seek Prison Abuse Panel

WP: The Road to Riches Is Called K Street

Vandals paint faces black on Portsmouth (Va.) Confederate statues

Ford Motor to Cut 5% of Its White-Collar Jobs (1,700 jobs)

Southern Baptists Mix Gospel With Rodeo

Dems' bill seeks health data from Wal-Mart, others

White House interviews candidates for Rehnquist post, official says

U.S. said delaying Saddam interrogations

Breaking Killen Verdict Guilty On 3 Counts of Manslaughter

Florida Dem Party in trouble

NYT: Drilling in West Pits Republican Policy Against Republican Base

Oil 'Peak' Not Coming Soon -- AP newswire

Neil Bush to Visit Georgia (tomorrow)--Interfax/Russia & more

Gas Prices Drive More Consumers to Steal

Trial begins for California woman who protested inside RNC at Garden

Winn-Dixie to shut, sell 326 stores, cut 28% of jobs (22,000 JOBS!)

Amnesty International Applauds Waxman Bill to Establish Independent ..

Dole defends state against potential offshore oil drilling

WP: Rice Focuses On Women In Mideast

Former dictator Pinochet suffers stroke

Waiters sacked 'for being French'

House Panel Curbs Credit Card Rate Hikes (based on credit reports)

False Alarms Plague Port Anti-Nuke System

Sunnyvale traffic signal prankster on the loose

Pakistan holds rape victim's passport - official

Bush calls for gay-marriage amendment

Launch Set for Solar Sail Spacecraft

Microchip Pioneer Jack Kilby Dies at 81

Pakistan holds rape victim's passport - official

Attorney Gen. Urges Sentencing Guidelines

Wolfowitz won't discuss critical British memos

Biden Accuses Bush of Misleading on Iraq

Democrats playing politics with Bolton - White House

Bush encourages Social Security bill without private investment accounts

Schwarzenegger's Approval Rating Falls to New Low, Poll Finds

Study: Married men earn more if wives do the chores

So long to gas guzzler guilt

Senate approves weaker, voluntary climate plan

Canadian female sex killer to leave prison

Contractor who bought Cunningham's house made employees give political con

Frist to call another vote on Bolton--cnn just now--he had a news

Republicans take aim at their small-screen enemies

Democrats Call for Firing of Broadcast Chairman

NWA execs unload (7 million) shares (Keep your eye on the rats)

U.S. lawmakers chide Pentagon over U.N. treatment

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Awards Logistics Support Contract to ..(KB&R)

Zim(babwe) begins destroying vegetable gardens

Activists go topless at embassy to protest treatment of bulls in Spain

China's Haier bids $1.28 bln for Maytag

Florida Democratic Party faces IRS lien; $900,000 shortage

FBI Targeting Animal Rights Extremists

CNN Breaking - Missing Boy Scout Found Alive

NYT: Social Security Opened Its Files for 9/11 Inquiry

GAO agrees to investigate White House contracts with media

Priceless mystery shrouds Iraq's missing artifacts

Lobbyists Are Gushing Over This Energy Bill

UN says rape is systematic weapon of war in Darfur

Bush rejects detainee abuse commission

White House defends comments that insurgency in "last throes"

NYT: Iraq May Be Prime Place for Training of Militants, C.I.A. Report ...

Dean Answers Cheney's Barb About Mother

Dems Raise $22.6M So Far, Lag Behind GOP

Vietnam vets in Iraq see 'entirely different war'

New (Left Wing) Christian Group Being Formed; Dem's Raise $22.6 Million

NYT: Iraqi Rebels Refine Bomb Skills, Pushing Toll of G.I.'s Higher

Sen. Durbin Apologizes for Gitmo Remarks (AP)

Police Officer Dies After Brawl With Biotech Protesters

House panel votes to ease Cuba trade rule

Up to 20,000 US troops may depart Iraq next March: general

Mass. Gov. Considering Presidential Bid (Romney)

Lions rescued kidnapped girl, say police (a truly amazing story)

New US ambassador vows to crush Iraq's insurgency

McClellan At WH Briefing Asked About Recruitment and If Any Bushes are in

Bill would force mentally ill to take their meds

Rice Links Syria to Lebanon Assassination

AP: Tribe Told to Reroute DeLay Checks

Honoring war dead now a crime

Don't want to give organs? You might have to say so

Man Wakes Up And Finds Bullet Lodged In His Tongue

DBDB's Extreme Rant

'Menstruating' boy stuns doctors

Oprah Snubbed At Paris Boutique

Bikini-Wearing, Hot Dog Lady Can Stay In Business

Woman Finds Keychain With Porn Scenes In Her McDonald's Burger

Men are from X, Women are from Y

Parking Meters Installed AFTER Drivers Park - Tickets Issued

I think it's about time someone stood up for chimps

Any one here ever hear of Ana Fermin?

Radar Online reports on "Katie Holmes' Magical Best Friend"

"Bomb" found at Jehovah's Witnesses Conference really a case of Bibles

Yawn. Night all.

Raspberry Zinger tea is not quite as good as sex.

Apropos an earlier locked thread re: prisoners


Am I on the Short Bus to hell if

And what's all this CRAP I'm hearing about TOLERANCE?

Grizzly Bear

More dog photos. Heres my Zeek!

He was a hard-headed man He was brutally handsome

Collected Some Nerve

Has anyone else ever "frozen" in front of a microbrewery?

Happy Solstice

Ever heard of Harville Hendrix?

Why is Dolly Parton a Republican Babe of the Week?

I think I am going to lead lounge lizards in a coup to take over GD!

I think it' time we move on with this planet to a higher level

What a coup

I drank lots and lots of wine tonight.

Okay, Help, is this a false (past drug use) memory?

I have to sleep, so please nominate these 3 posts for the morning folks

Has anyone else else ever "frozen" in front of a microphone?

Has anyone else else ever "frozen" in front of a xylophone?

It's ice cream time!

What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July?

How many anti-spyware applications do you run on your computer?

Teen Crashes ATV Into Horse

Best online reference source ever:

My thread has been hijacked!

O Futurama

TV Alert tonight: 8:00pm EST on TCM: Soylent Green

WAR Declared In DU Lounge!

alas, i cannot sleep.

Jon Stewart totally soft-pedaled with Ringo Starr tonight.


Holmes Dropped from 'Batman' Sequel

I make my living off the evening news, Just give me something

ABB coming to a town near you?

On the Frontier, Homeland Security Defending Policy . . .

Puff the Magic Dragon...

Wanna sound like Darth Vader?

ha ha...

No no no no! Don't phunk with my heart!

The everything you ever wanted to know about Tom Cruise thread

The JustWait people can kiss my fucking ass!

Beautiful day for a funeral

pop ups : their getting clever...

The Boys Are Back in Town!

Klein has some good interviews in his book that make me question Hillary

No wonder Morrissey is so depressed...

Any Rusted Root fans out there?

O Fortuna

Dead Chimp's Art Sells Big

Last day of school. Stay at home dad stocks up on aspirin. Film at 11.

We have 60 new DUers

Stop the runaway bride!!

What the hell is it with Golf?

Amorous bull trashes Russian shop

South African rain queen laid to rest after 11th hour tension over fire

Police chief's car stolen (DC police chief Charles Ramsey)

It's Fashion Week In RIO!! It's Fashion Week In RIO!!

Escaped Monkey Must Not Like Life On Outside; Returns To Zoo

Damnit, those Lesbians are now trying to take over the free world!!

Escaped Monkey Must Not Like Life On Outside; Returns To Zoo

Haunted campervan for sale:

I'm really glad that our house doesn't have a water meter...

Two fully dedicated grow house (Marijuana)busted outside Richmond Va

The James Gang playing Thurs. and Friday.

The longest day of the year!

My DU bumper sticker was ripped off my car......

My Fabulous Gay Wedding

"You wanna know what I think?"

If You Were Insane, What Odd Things Would You Do With Your Money

"Full House" or brain removal through the nose?

Who wants to get back in the bed?

In honor of Summer Solstice-STONEHENGE where the demons dwell

All our times have come. Here but now they're gone.

Jackson's face 'appears on toast'

Rob Halford of Judas Priest on NPR's "Fresh Air" today!

I had a revelation after I shaved off my goatee last night.

UK's ITV News: "Cruise to sue water squirters," wants to "take action"

Why does Osama bin Laden shop at WalMart?

Charges Against GOPisEvil Upgraded After Crepe He Allegedly Dogged Fries

Wordplay (a little disturbing)

Have you ever taken a nap at work,

Democrats08 Website.

stick with the 'I before E except after C' rule or drop it, O.K. Freinds?

Tunage theme on your rockbox - Mine: Portishead

Bank Robber's Note To Teller: "Hi, I am Thomas Mason....."

Looking For A Job in Information Technology?

Stick with the 'I before YOU' rule or drop it, O.K. Fiend?

I had a nightmare about the new Pope. He danced and flashed me


We all live in a yellow submarine

Heather Locklear Admits There Is No Perfect Man or Perfect Woman

I miss watching Judy Woodruff on CNN.

Wingnuts In Alaska Are Protesting Steve Earle

You've just won an Academy Award - post your acceptance speech here

Post here and I will respond by asking you for a link.

Thread most deserving of the "With all due respect... DUH?!?" Award

Good Morning D.U. - how's your Tuesday panning out?

Tiny Tim earworm request

oops nevermind

Well, I've been saying for a long time now (post your pics here too)

I have three job interviews this week.

Short people got no reason to live

People who post Randy Fucking Newman earworms got no reason to live.

Asking for advice on internet providers...

Did anyone else see Wang Chung sing It's Gettin Hot In Here?

Which Reunited Band would you most prefer to see dead?

My neighbors have been "moving" for three days now

What's for lunch?

Is it theoretically possible that it can be too late to have a surgery?

$18,000 paid for soap made from Berlusconi's liposuctioned fat

My easy Pizza recipe

Martha Ray vs. compound denture fractures?

I just saw Roman Polanski's "The Pianist" for the 1st time...

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?

welcome back chavez

Favorite SPAM flavor

Who do you want?

How many Syllables in California?

What? Tears for Fears reuinted?!?!?!?!?!?

Okay...Which one you assholes gave my boss some chewing gum?

Dumbest question ever here, but...


Speaking of cooking, check out one of my birthday presents.


Tell me about the last time you experienced envy.


Tell me about the last time you experienced gravy

"I dunno why people all say I look like a dick."

The REAL hairy potter is HERE


I finally saw The Aviator and The Life Aquatic.

Disclaimer stickers for science textbooks

Iron Chef

When do you know it's time for bed at Michael Jackson's house?


Google Maps/Satellite has gone international!

No Bar this Friday... I'll be at work

So, how do you figure.....?

Anthony Bourdain Is A Scientologist

My easy Red Beans & Rice recipe

Cooking shows? Remember Biba?

Ruby Park Cartoon featuring KKKarl Rove

Boyz Are Gonna Rock

Matcom is a meterologist


Tell me about your sausage

Did you ever make fun of the mentally disabled when you were young?

Titles of 2 Spam Emails in a row

looking for an old post -photos /song lyrics

Since we're all in such a culinary mood....

I nearly got run off the road today by an extremist!

Dupe! Whoops!

Pierogi appreciation thread.

Oh my gawd ... It works! LINUX WORKS!

This here is the *real* chef!

Steeler Fans: Myron Cope to retire.

Hey Underpants!!!!!!!

My friend's job kicks my job's ass - Office full of puppies

Radio Stations Refuse To Run Shoney's 'Passing Gas' Ads

Edgar Ray Killen found guilty of manslaughter!

If you have variable rate student loans-read this!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I was Googling For A Sandra Lee Pic for Underpants and found THIS

I just found this. Who was it here that had this in their sig?...LOL

Something smells funny.

HEY! Where's the love for my man? THE REAL CHEF!

Yeah, you want some more, don't you?

Which of the following is most deserving of disdain?

"Yo Mama" jokes are misogynist

"I dunno why people all say I look like a duck."

My favorite cooking show ever...

This cook married a girl I went to high school with...

You can't beat chef Graham Kerr getting drunk and starting fires.

What, no one digs Emeril?

Seriously, this is the best TV chef, bar none.

Need Teenager Advice

Hello, children!

But there is NO QUESTION who keeps the tidiest kitchen on TV

"Hi, I'm Rula Lenska"

The Elvis of Cable TV chefs and cooking shows

The Freeper Anthem

Táim Sínte ar do Thuama

Herff daniffta nerrrffta MEATBALL herrffda heffda hiffdee Bork!Bork!Bork!

Some love for the only chef that matters

Please Give Me Some Advice...

I'm not seein' enough love for Nigella in today's TV Chefathon

And representing Seattle in the Chefapalooza...

Mario Batali

Missing Boy Scout found alive!

Please Give Me Some Really Really Bad Advice...

Lay off George W. Bush

A chef for the ladies to enjoy

Hey MATCOM - Rob Halford Interview on NPR right now

Ok, Rachel Ray, blah blah balh....WHO IS that Italian chick?

Sorry,b ut the chef I admire most is Gareth Blackstock!

"Proud American"

I'm listening to Donny Osmond at this moment. Whachoo listenin' to?

Would it be incredibly self-serving to do a happy dance here?

On a lighter note, I had dim sum for lunch

One of my iMixes made the "Featured" list.


Ignorant dweebs. Here's the REAL Food Network hero!!!

Coingate cartoon here

Lay off the beans

Cooking shows just don't do it for me.

Lay off the Family

How fitting that one of Killen's attorneys is a "Moran"

Pedantic or prophetic, which?

Speaking of cooking, I ate dinner with this guy once:

Lay Off The Media

Queen Latifah & Loretta Lynn

What The Hell Is Wrong W/People That Don't Return Freaking Phone Messages

Hemispherical bigots! It's the SHORTEST day of the year FFS!

And lastly- Mr. Food!

WOO HOO! My blog is back online!

25 days til the new Harry Potter!

My landlord put up a sign in our laundry room that says:

What's that smell?

CRAP! Some "college junk" service wants an exorbitant rate to

So a funny thing happened on my day off today!

DU PMS is due in about 7 for it.

Today the building management had an ice cream social in the lobby

Bad Bad T-Shirts...

A strange, and slightly disturbing urinal.

What do you want?

Steve Earle's July 30th Alaska show being protested: "un-American music"

But who remembers THIS chef?

Anyone else heading for the bar???

Computer help needed. My system just shuts down spontaneously.

Mexican buffet in the cafeteria. Ate about a pound of refried beans.

Don't forget Chef Dom...

Just couldn't take C band satellite TV service any longer

Question for the guys about Rachael Ray:

Rachael Ray vs. an infected compound fracture

Best chef on TV:

I have bad news for you, America

Anyone else studying for the bar???

Ronald McDonald,now there's a chef.

Question for the guys about Rachael Ray: Would you sneak a peek?

How the British can save Star Trek

Osama Bin Laden Versus Bill Clinton's Penis!

Anyone seen this TV channel? (obscure TV question)

You arrrrrrrrrrre so beautiful to meeeeeeeeeee....

***BREAKING**** Massive explosion in Wisconsin!

Flay Bobby?

Video of the infamous squirting incedent.

Who Got Game?

Need some bible lessons?!?! Go Here to learn with Legos!

Holy crap!!! What is that smell????

So he's not a chef. I like him anyway!

Bobby Flay. Yea or Nay?

Play Bobby?

Bobby Filet?

Did anyone debunk or otherwise reply to the Popular Mechanics article

Women Threaten Beach Volleyball Boycott

Need to plan my evening. Should I post WITH yvr girl Sitting On My Lap or

Why do I love the Cop mororbike so much in San Andreas?

Holy Crap... Anyone ever watched IN PLANE SIGHT???

Today's Lounge 'Bucket of Gasoline" award goes to:

Today is the day in the Lounge when we rant.

Did this chef molest children or was that just a rumor?

Need some Necronomicon lessons? Go shrieking insane here with Legos!

It's been headed this way since the world began, when a vicious creature

WTF is up with SPAM like THIS?

I'm burnin' me the ISO of Fedora Core 4 DVD right now, ax me anything!

Tell me, was I wrong? (reply to spam)

We've had some fun, and yes we've had our ups and downs

Morgan 'Supersize Me' Spurlock debuts new series tomorrow

Who's Sig-Line Image Is It?

If Not Given A Choice: Sleep With Rush Limbaugh Or Genital Mutilation?


I just got a permanent job offer after 4 years and 3 months without one.

Billy Corgan Wants to Reunite Smashing Pumpkins!

What the Lounge needs now is a FRIED CHICKEN FLAMEWAR!!!!

Oh, darling. Please believe me.

Love Actually...

Domino's won't deliver here!


Need to plan my evening: Should I post here or ignore everyone...

Any fans of the MTV show "The State" ?

Why would these people be ashamed to hire someone?

My earworm medley of the day:

Is it just me or does anyone else think that these women who do

OK, Guys. Would you sneak a peek?

Dummy Placed In Pothole On Local Road


Show yer love for "Produce Pete" Steve Carrell

Dont shoot!

Is it better to love and lose than never to love at all?

Mr. Six and Edgar Ray Killen - - separated at birth or same person??

Wow, Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield really falls apart at exactly

One of the cleaning crew guys is whistling in the hallway...

rodney dangerfield movie to be made...who should play rodney?

ack -- wrong forum. please delete.

"I told you I could get it to turn left."

Should I rent "Darkness" on PPV?

Majority Report mysteries.

How do I clear my cookies and cache on windows XP ?

Have you seen The Blue Man Group live concert DVD?

What really happened to the Titanic.

AP: Corgan Wants to Reunite Smashing Pumpkins

List your dubious awards and achievements

Happy Summer Solstice!

I Have It On GOOD Authority That DS1 Is Getting Drunk!

Hi, Y'all! I'm still in Philadelphia, MS. Klansman was convicted!

Are there really people who are this stupid? (link to video)

Soul Asylum Bassist Dies

Get down, get down

The one thing that's dumber than Bush


ZombyCoffee: The Summer Solstice Blend!

Anybody heard the Sex Machineguns?

To paraphrase someone close to me......

where wings take dream

"Papi" Ortiz has TWO homers so far tonight!


Interesting - Bush says he will go to Viet Nam in 2006 -

Your pet tastes odd?

Run the red light, I dare you.

Thing about "Little House on the Prairie" that's always bugged me

And while we're at it, lay off those brownies I baked for Ladies' Aid

as requested by VelmaD: "Mars Needs Women"..the musical!

Some fucker from Taiwan tried to invade my machine

Anyone ever see the Ben Stiller/Jack Black movie "Envy"

anyone watching that AFI special on CBS?

Nevermind - Deleted

This is the day of the expanding man....

Most nonsensical pseudo-ethnic restaurant chain name?

Pssst...I have the key to the Mod Lounge

Where the heck is Bok_Tukalo??

Katie Holmes Won't Be Invited Back for Batman Sequel

DUer's what's in your DVD collection


Who is the best instrumental rock guitarist?

I just realized that oxycodone = oxycontin

So, I'm back from four days of NYC

JanMichael is sick; but went with me to a "Summer Solstice Goddess

AWWW Sleep, comes in the strangest places.

DUers: What's in your iPods?

ARGH!!!! The plural of a word ending in a vowel just adds 's'!!!

"It's the Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka!"

Pictures of Savannah...(new kitty in the house)

Remind me why love is good...

It's choose you own speed day.

Stirring up caca with the Freepers

i NEED the last starfighter on DVD

Investing in private accounts for retirement...

Pictures of Havana

LOUNGE: Bow down before your new goddess:

Help! My cockatiel freaked out when

It's 89 degrees outside, I live in a trailer, and my AC is out

Hello y'alls freaks - how's it goin'?

NBA officials are repubs!

do you see anything out of place in this listing of ads? (link)


Uses for my Cherry Balsamico rich balsamic dressing

40 days until California

jan michael vincent

I need some SPAM opinion. I've never tried it, is it really worth it?

R.I.N.O...D.I.N.O...and George W. Bush, C.I.N.O. (Christian In Name Only)

Good movie use of music and scenes?

The joy of joy.

Anyone notice how hostile geeks have gotten (re: sf/fantasy films)

Anyone smoking Crack? I'm addicted . . .

40 Days Until California

Come si dice...


Just seen a tractor trailer flip on its side

I don't know if the new Doctor Who will convince me. (Spoiler pic)

"That's what it's all about"

Selected internet search results for the query "my pants"

Should I accept an invite to do a cross-country drive to Vegas

Where's a great place to meet nice, available guys?


I'm watching "Apocalypse Now-Redux" ask me anything

Oh that hit the spot.

Wanna do a naked protest?

Anyone watching House? I'm addicted...

Movie Trivia: Name The Movie And Actor

last night i had my first ever IV

Pistons - Spurs Game Thread. "Whats it gonna be boy?"

There's a bottle of something that looks like semen in the work refrig

I got a fifth of brandy for father's day. what should i do with it?

Completely naked while wearing only shoes and socks.

Whoa. Not sure I approve of the concept of this site. (link)

End an argument between my wife and me...

This is really bugging me:

Pistons win, force Game Seven; ih8thegop changes avatar

Does this sound weird to you?


I just drove by a truck burning in the street.

I think all the JVS-bashers need to be slapped silly.

Wanna do a naked post?

Spanish Swear words that I have to know...

Letterman just noted that Saddam loves Doritos, said

Dead: Elizabeth Montgomery vs. Elizabeth I: your choice?


The sign said: No shoe, No shirt, No Service.

Some damned Volvo driver just passed my burning truck and didn't stop!

DNA Study Finds Chihuahuas Aren't Dogs

What music you listening to now?

I think all the Tom Cruise 'acting' bashers need to watch Born on the 4th

Funny customer service experiences/stories/feedback


I'm tired, want to be uppity

The Food Network is the Sign of the Apocalypse

Which Reunited Band would you most prefer to see live?


so, they found the cute, white cub scout

THX 1138+Star Wars=Matrix

I think all the Lounge-bashers need to be slapped silly

how many times have you

Yet Another Comics Nerd Thread: your top 10 Marvel heroes & villains?

Favorite fictional music group/artist

Why are the mods sometimes mysterious?

Pudding or Jello

Bewitched - Liz Montgomery v. Nicole Kidman: Your choice?

franks & beans

If You Were Insanely Wealthy, What Odd Things Would You Do With Your Money

Would you mind very much if I asked you to entertain me?

Star Wars fans....remember jealousy is the shadow

What country would you live in if not USA and why?

Think cool thoughts for Not Giving Up

For who else did Father's Day suck?

Giada De Laurentiis is. a. frickin. babe!!

IMHO, Katie Holmes BETTER marry Tom Cruise because

Your first hospital trip

What the Lounge needs now is LOVE, SWEET LOVE!!!!

It was funny til the elephant blew back.

Are you tickly under 'there'?

Does You Last Name End In A Consonant Or A Vowel?

Titanic 2 "Jack's back, and he is not happy"

Come One, Come All, Let's Have a Ball: The Annual Testicle Festival

Sometimes I think the Lounge needs these

I have to admit it...the Twins are done!!!

Okay, who is Rachel Ray and why is she the subject of DU's Two Minute Hate

What former/cancelled TV Show needs a TV Movie?

I'm just wild about Harry . . . (gray tabby lovers!) (dial up warning!)

Can you caption this and keep it clean?

E-mail from Elizabeth Edwards

Where Do You Buy Most Of Your Groceries

"i'm a registered independent . . . "

What is the best Black Adder episode?

Do You Want To Have...

Best editorial cartoon for the week

You have to live in the United States. Which area do you choose?

Which Guantanamo Combo Meal Would You Choose?

The Run Away Bride is Sanpaku. The eyes prove it.

Would you be more likely to buy DU T-shirt if it had the DU logo?

I think I am going to lead newbies in a coup to take over the lounge!

Shouldn't we all post naked

Stop! Can't you see this barnyard noise guessing game is tearing us apart?

Insanity thread---post your non sequitirs and ramblings

Your Pet's Odd Tastes?

Need help/inspiration with short story (wedding disasters wanted)

My cat has been glued to kitty TV all night: he's watching swarming bats

I never much cared for Rachel Raye.

Jesus Finally Gives Bush The Beat Down He So Richly Deserves!

Who the heck are all you people?

Tell me about a drama in your life.

So, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum....


"Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool" The philosphical musings of Mr. T

My GOD people!

Need to plan my evening. Should I post NAKED or DRUNK?

Most painful MST3K episode?

Not a flame war, just a tally count I am looking for:

Photo time again.


I'm going to the Taco Shop. What do want me to pick up for you?

Hot enough for you?

SE Pennsylvania DUers: Come see my band this weekend!

SHAC Mistrial!

Pope book says Church can never accept abortion

Bobby Welch re-elected to SBC's presidency-"A prophet has been among us,"

Stonehenge druids 'mark wrong solstice'

More people are thinking about how they want to die

USGS Creates Framework For National Volcano Early Warning System

Brain Areas Shut Off During Female Orgasm

Living with the US Taliban: courage or stupidity?

Gay Marriage Ruling Expected In 8th Canadian Region

Canadian Gov't Postpones Summer Break To Pass Gay Marriage Law

Calif. Gay Marriage Bill Gets New Life

Good news - a new progressive Christian organization to OPPOSE the

Tampa Gay Pride Ban Energizes Community

PBS Special Highlights Straight TX Teen Fighting For Gay Rights & Sex Ed

Dean Attack's Romney Gay Flip-Flop

Bipartisan Bill Would Ensure Gay Bi-National Couples Equal Treatment

Michael Campbell wins US Open Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi

Upset at Wimbledon (spoiler)

Sorry 5-0 nothing Baltimore

Orioles win


Did you see the Yankees?


Age Limits in Professional Sports. Your thoughts?

Anyone That Still Thinks That "Sheed Isn't A Leader

You-hoo, paging MandyKY, how's the orange kitties?

New foster dog doing well

Just wanted to say HI!

Native American Prophecies

Fundie Propaganda on LifeSlime!

Our Troops lack armor and weaponry. Hmmm heard this before

Has everybody noticed that threads in here can now get Nominations for

Marine Units Found to Lack Equipment, Kerry Calls for Accountability

Questions about New Hampshire primary

I dont think Durbin should have apologized

What's up w/ the Kerry threads?

Does anybody know where Kerry was yesterday and today?

Ever Play With One of These?

Wooohoooo! Just ordered my new lens

Canon Powershot G6

I have my 1st kitty !!!

Fox News: We report, We pesticide.

Sent a story about the Testicle Festival in Mt. Sterling, IL..


Slate on Bowtie Boy's new show.

KOEB 6/21

Is it now politically correct to use the I word in the MSM?

Searching for WMD and cognative abilities...both come up empty

A Statement of Conscience Against War and Repression

The World Can't Wait: Driving Out the Bush Regime

some ideas (caution: language.)

if condi ran for pres...

Bush's latest ridiculous statement

E-mail your protest to Dana Milbanks

DSM in Stars and Stripes

Repugs are after DeWine!

Name a Good Democratic Senator

Great Tom Toles DSM cartoon in today's WashPost!


A message to American GIs : Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh

Bush was going to focus on selling the Iraq War...

My plan for troop withdrawal from Iraq. Tell me what you think

Republican Congresspeople need to get off their asses....

Lickovich hits the nail on the head today

Presidential Historial: Bush in serious trouble

Even CNN can't say "Progress In Iraq War" with a straight face

* on new Council of Economic Advisor appointment - CNBC Live

Chatty Saddam forgives Bush, guards claim

A frame we can use: I'm Pro-Child

Obama leads Senate with 72% approval

Senate hearing on VErified voting NOW

CNN: "Graveyards are littered with under-estimators of Bush" - (VIDEO)

McClellan admits bin Laden is in Pakistan without knowing it

What would Bush approval ratings look like IF bin Laden is captured?

Caller on Jerry Springer is right on...

Olbermann: More leaked memos make trouble for Bush - (VIDEO)

Video - Keith Olbermann Appears On Jay Leno

Republicans are striking out in fear of next election...

The attack upon Senator Durbin is an assault upon free speech...

Heads Up -Broadcast Flag vote w/begin to erode your right to copy from TV!


Deleted -- Duplicate Topic

Are US Senators by necessity just too cautious to be good pres. nominees?

NYT: Some Politics May Be Etched in the Genes

Downing Street M and the Democratic Leadership: It's All In The Timing

Anthony Lewis writing in today's NYTimes: "Guantanamo's Long Shadow"

McClellan: Dems "clearly aren't interested in more information" on Bolton

Bush knows what Bolton is hiding ...

A bit of good news from Maryland

Iraqi Lawmakers Call for Foreign Troops to Withdraw

just saw a commercial for the al franken show

Fox: Tonight, O'Reilly will tell you if Hillary is "fit for an '08 run"

Just how big a crook is Duke Cunningham ?

US House: Rep. Hostettler (R-IN) says that Dems hate Christians - (VIDEO)

Anyone have video clips of MSNBC DSM coverage from last night

McClellan SOLVES DSM issue. They were "UK-related." THANKS, Scott!

C-Span! Waxman/Pelosi Just called for Independent Investigation/Gitmo!

Doomsday Poll

DU this CNN poll: Should * appoint Bolton during recess?

Rep. John Conyers, Jr. just sent out this email...

Is Dick Cheney fucking with us?

Cheney, MTP, 3/16/03: I really do believe we will be greeted as liberators

DU Action Alert: Anne Wolfe needs your help.

"I'm going to get everything passed that I want to get passed" - GWB

Slate Slams the DSM

DSM video clip-- send to your friends!!

Is Fox going left wing?

Gov. Schwarzenegger sliding and sliding..

KKKarl on Hardball tonight

Is it really a filibuster?

How many in the US Congress are unaware of Downing St. Minutes?

CAFTA sucks! (And San Diego alert.)

Edgar Ray Killen found guilty!

Who were the Dem weasles who voted for Bolton?

The Impeachment Process

Make up your mind already Frist

Rightwinger speaks out on refusal to sign anti-lynching legislation

If Bush Recess Appoints Bolton

Philadelphia, MS -- that city ring a bell? Freepers, take note...

New Hillary Clinton book aims to stop any 2008 run

Frist Flip-Flops on Bolton Vote

Felony to Conspire to Defraud the United States of America

Halliburton bribes:'most significant file of corruption' says US official

Bush, tellin' them Southern Baptists what they want to hear, pardner.

Tom, Denny and Roy demand that Nancy Pelosi apologize

Repbulicans cite WorldNetDaily to say DSM is fake

"Frist has acknowledged there's nothing more he can do on Bolton"

How scary is this: Coburn giving sex the Capitol basement

Frist reverses course on Bolton already! Dubya demands up or down vote!

In the wake of his Bolton reversal, Freepers call Frist "spineless"

* rolls up newspaper and slaps his puppy (sen. kitten killer) into line

Buchanan said this on Imus ...

"Some 9/11 Kin Want Freedom Museum Canceled"

E Mail from DCC re: Stem Cell Research

If the UN were destroyed, tell me what would happen

Is "terrorism" the perfect replacement for Russia/Cold War?

Inscription on Schiavo grave same as on Nancy Cruzan's

Freeps on Frist. Good stuff.

Lobbyists Are Gushing Over This Energy Bill

"Few Americans Regard Lawmakers as Statesmen " Poll results

Huge vomit alert! Bush attacks gay marriage AGAIN.

Sad story with badly written headline "Police Kill Man With Dud Grenade"

Recess appointment requires a recess, no?

Bolton, and the 'nuclear' option

The important issues still remain....

Florida Democratic Party Faces IRS Lien; $900,000 Shortage

China : calls US concerns about Israel.."Groundless"

Wesley Kanne Clark (Biography + Awards)

Salon: "A macho face-off over which Repub was willing to look the weakest"

Press WHACKS McClellan: "any member of the Bush clan in the military?"

Best, most effective Senate majority leader?

My first political ramblings....well at least the first posted ones...

MSNBC Poll: "Does Bolton deserve up-or-down vote?" (73% NO...bwahaha!)

Washington scandal of the summer according to Ted Koeppel:

Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits the government in keeping a secret database

Bush tells Baptists he opposes "the creation of life only to destroy it."

Weakest, most ineffectual Senate Majority leader?

A SCATHING column on Gitmo (a MUST-read, imo)

Durbin apologizing on CSPAN2

What Durban should have said...

Does anybody know if their were polls re: Iraq invasion before invasion?

Louisiana Passes Law Rendering DU Testing Mandatory!

Senator Chuck Hagel destroyed the morale of the military!

Fox Breaking: Sen. Durbin Apologizes for Comments on Gitmo Guards

The DU "Summer of Love" Kick-Off Thread

Downing Street Memo Flash Animation

So, WHAT if the truth is offensive. Fascism is MORE offensive!!!!

Did anybody watch "The Agronomist" , a great political documentary.....

Sensenbrenner rewrites Democratic amendments

"Setting himself (Joe Biden) apart" from the News Journal profile

On Hardball: Rove's only defense on GITMO is to deny

DNC Releases Study of 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio

F*ck Richard Daily! The FBI has documented the abuse at Guantanamo.

Should Durbin apologize for apologizing?

Suggestion: Contribute $ when they do well; go blackout when they cave.

Iraqi minister accuses US of delaying Saddam's trial "hide secrets"

Thrift board sends more call center work to contractors

The true face of the American Empire .....

Senator Dayton supports inquiry into DSM & other pre-war intel

Democracy for America (Dean's group) DSM video & petition


Some politics may be genetically determined-very interesting and important

What do you think Bush's nickname for Frist is?

David Sirota is a machine........

Take Lou Dobbs Poll Now : Should there be a law forcing pharmacists

Impeach Bolton & Bush in ONE SWEEP [let Bush recess appoint him]

Through Sunday, 1,095 Iraqi soldiers and police have been killed this year

I thought elephants don't like nuts?

C-Span! Waxman/Pelosi Just called for Independent Investigation/Gitmo,

Anyone watching Rove on Hardball??

Marine Units Found to Lack Equipment, Kerry Calls for Accountability

The right Joe-mentum: Lieberman predicts our next president

MSNBC: Taking the DSM to the next level!

She's Baaaaack! Mary Carey, Doing It Again!

David Shuster on Hardblogger Rips Bush!

INTERESTING analysis on Iraq, intelligence, and insurgency - pre Nov. 4

I don't know that any of us have ever

Why do you vote Democratic?

September 24: Impeachment March on Washington

Old news, kinda? Does Jack McGeorge ring a bell with anyone?

Republicans who need to be expelled from Congress

AP: Roll-Call Vote on Bolton

Biden Accuses Bush of Misleading on Iraq; Gore in for '08?

NPR calling Conyer's Dem. Con. Meeting a Mock Hearing?

Brainstorming thread: What can WE do to win back Congress in 2006?

I will NOT bash Durbin. Too many already have. Too damn many.

It's all an illusion

Debate grows over Guantanamo, Iraq

California special election is on. Local DJ had a great idea.

Corrected: Various sites reporting that RENQUIST RESIGNS

Who Agrees: Those Who Still Believe in Iraq War Should Be 1st

Dean to GOP: In Your Face

Tucker interviews Scott Ritter; Has US/Iran war started? - (VIDEO)

I was stunned......

FRONTLINE: Private Warriors Starting now! On PBS

Did any Republican ever apologized for offensive comments

Sen. Roberts: Bolton Recess Appointment Would ‘Weaken the United States’

Durbin Caves--Repukies say it's only the beginning

for progressive Dems, are you a Dem first or a progressive first ??

Has anyone considered leafleting their neighborhood re the DSM?

Conyers, Other Black Democrats Fired Up Over Downing Street Memo

Durbin's speech

Rank the 2008 Dem Contenders

When I come here, I wonder who is the Circular Firing Squad shooting now

Where much of the missing $9 billion in Iraq went....

Get your 2008 brackets out-I've got Clinton/Feingold vs. Allen/Romney

Kudos to Dems, Get House Panel to Vote to Curb Credit Card Rate Hikes-

Scott Ritter: The US war with Iran has already begun (anyone confirm?)

Durbin needs to find his pair...

HuffPost: Dear John

Flag Desecration Amendment

A question re: impeachment

Gallup is showing its worst disapproval rating for the dumbass (51%)

Turn...On...Malloy...NOW. Talking about Rove & Cheney threatening Frist.

Michelle Malkin Cheers the Death of a Liberal

Bush's Bluff CALLED

TeenScreen sets up shop In Illinois (6/30 if Gov. approves)

I Need Help With My Freeper Sister

We, the rank-and-file Democrats, are to blame for our leader's blunders

What statement most closely matches your opinion of democracy...

Memogate Toons & Links (please add to the collection)

The Take Back America Strategy

A Senate investigation of DSM - how does a senator make it happen?

Limbaugh is lying his big ass off today...

I do not blame Senator Durbin...

Honoring War dead violates city ordinance

Mr. Jon Stuart: thank you for tonights show. "baby steps" re: impeachment

On Durbin

Kerry Cautious on Probing 'Downing Street Memo'


September 24: Impeachment March on Washington


I just heard a rumor: Chief Justice William Rehnquist has resigned.

Are we headed toward Civil War?

New Group Christian Alliance emerges as alternative to Christian Coalition