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Morons And Madness

Herbert: Someone Else's Child (Calls out Chickenhawks)

"Get moving:" Wes Clark talks about cleaning up the mess in Iraq

American Mental Health

GOP tactic: Ignore issues, pound Hillary

EXIT POLLS: Want to debunk rBr?

1722 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Why does the environmental movement appear to be wimping out?

"...slouching towards Bethlehem"...



Debating RW and the like

self-delete nt

Poll: Who has listened to the Bob Fitrakis interview about Blackwell


What is a Photoshop or Photoshopping?

Each year's month = more troops dead than previous years' months.

Another short good List of Media to email about the DSM

Freeper online now with Peter Werbe ... Peter's working him

Micahel Powell Washington Post: DSM is Important BUT

"Commander in Chief"-getting us ready for female president?

This is always fun to post: bush video from ten years ago compared to now

DOWNING STREET DELUSIONS (Questions of authenticity nixed)

Speaking of Clinton, I bought his "My Life" on CD and he's the reader

Another Great mass media list for the DSM

Does Bush see himself like Richard the Lionheart?

PBS is fighting back against proposed funding cuts - YOUR help is needed

Video of Bush Laughing About WMDs... And Casualty Pics To Go With It

Herbert in NYTimes: Someone Else's Child

The OLD method of dealing with terrorists vs. the NEW method

Are Downing Street memos authentic or elaborate hoax? (Rathergate attempt)

The US war with Iran has already begun

Iranian boomerang: Bush criticism of vote flies back at Washington

Citadel selects Air Force Academy superintendent as new president

Crude Oil Surges to Record $59.18

Your Favourite Newspapers?

Robert Horry

Do not talk to me

Holy Shit!! Robert Hory just drained a three pointer w/5.9 seconds left!!

Holy shit!! I just downed a three-pinter in 5.9 seconds!

How much do you spend on meth a month?

Today is Tucker MacDookus's First Birthday!

What is a Photoshop or Photoshopping?

Matt Maiellaro should stick with what he's good at.

The Army says: "Set your sights and get a FREE Army Boonie Hat and Video."

The unofficial I miss JimmyJazz thread!

I'm wearing a new avatar and signature.

How much $ do you spend on XXX materials a month?

80 degrees indoors - guess I'll crank the A/C

Finally submitted my medical school applications!

In honor of Joe Biden's announced Presidential bid, I propose "A.B.B."

I had no idea how MUCH Andrew Lloyd Weber SUCKED....

Who do you have to blow to get replies around here?

This is a serious post. The subject: Kabbalah

Got any wedding planning advice?

Pedigree puppy commercial.

Why would you leave Robert Horry open when the game is on the line?



Monday Bolton

What are the top three stories in the news today?

Guess what company Sensenbrenner is heir to?

I really admire the work that Edwards is doing

What is the deal with Clark?

Mario Cuomo: Not on Faith Alone (Stem Cells)

Blair vs. Bush (about Kyoto)

Facing facts in Iraq (CFR president says Iraq troops training for Iran war How Enron awards do, or don't, trickle down

How much proof needed before the truth comes out?

The Beginning of the End?

Someone Else's Child

Great article on why DSM matters and is not 'old news'

Global warming in Africa: The hottest issue of all

Red State Editorial!Holding Rumsfeld, Bush accountable for torture scandal

Parrying Parry: Why Hope Still Lives on Downing Street

Death Row Redux (Supremes rebuke Texas)

Former hospital site may host clinic - San Jose CA and Bill Frist, MD

Progress Report (6/20): "What Is The WH Hiding About Bolton?"

British military brass, 12-2001: "the young cowboy will be unstoppable."

Proof positive that W is a Putz (Iranian edition)

NYT-Arnold and the "Rise of the Political Machines"

An Air American Girl (Rachel Maddow)

Debunking the myth of 'economic damage' (we just keep screwing indians)

Ex British Foreign SecretaryCook: "deeper falsity in the war on Iraq"

FBI & 9/11 (Sibel Edmonds) -

FBI inspector general’s report: more evidence of [9/11] complicity

Iraq war started too early

Sorry, posted wrong article. n/t

Wolcott unloads on Chris Wallace & Faux

Suicides in the Ranks—Something is Seriously Wrong in the Military

An open letter to the Penguin Group from David Brock

US Wat With Iran Has Already Begun (S Ritter)

Librarians as Spooks:The Scheme to Hijack the ALA in War on Cuba

GOP tactic - Ignore issues, pound Hillary {DSM grounds for impeachment)

Attack on science-Smithsonian Institution shows film on Intelligent Design

Carne Ross, UK delegate to UN for Iraq: War Stories (Sanctions, WMD, Lies)

Need help responding with LTTE re Kerry military records

Mark Danner on why DSM is not 'old news'

Terrorists, Torpedos, & Republican 'Muscle'....

Boost for Argentine torture victims

Democracy's Difficult Days (Zogby)

The Loneliness of a Lonestar Liberal

Deep Throat: Friend or foe? Who is Mark Felt? (Black World Today)

Simon Tisdall (Guardian Utd): Democracy's advance in Egypt brings dilemma

U.S. spending on Iraq may soon surpass Korean War budget

Doctors discover "mensturating" male teenager

U.S. Moral Authority in ”Free Fall”, Senators Warn

Alter: Sliming the Innocent (Jebbie's attack on Michael Schiavo)

Sliming the Innocent (Jeb Bush as Al Sharpton of the Right)

The Other Bomb Drops

Robert Fisk: "Long live Ridley Scott."

British bombing raids were illegal, says Foreign Office

Jeffrey Sachs interview: How to Save One Billion People

"War & Weakness" - NYT article by Richard Clarke

They Died So Republicans Could Take the Senate

Dick Durbin: Question is one of treatment, not location

Families of Dead Soldiers Demand Truth from Bush

The 11-Year-Old Wife

Operation Yellow Elephant

G8 protest camp organisers outline plans

Recall the Congress! Dismantle the PNAC! Impeach Bush and Cheney!

Fox - Bush Does Flip Flop on Gitmo Prisoners

Have you noticed that the same people who were screaming about

Probe: ConocoPhillips may not have reported oil spill

Shell Chairman - "We Have No Time To Lose" On Climate

Villagers fled from flash floods

Pretty cool - World's first biogas train ready to roll in Sweden

The Age of Autism: One in 15,000 Amish (Mercury Poisoning?)

Oil At $60, Then $70 Inevitable, Say Analysts - Bloomberg

Coal - enough for 6OO yrs?

Guardian Utd (June 20): Blair reaches out to the new Europe

REAL ID: A new US law could send immigrant torture victims back...

Likud MKs seek to apply Israeli law to West Bank settlements

IDF nabs female would-be suicide bomber at Erez crossing

Survey: Israeli Arabs accept Jewish, not Zionist, nature of state

Nadler: Questions About War in Iraq Cannot 'Fairly Involve Israel'

Lots of misinformation or disinformation: which & who's telling the truth?

Important new essay and info from Sibel Edmonds! ("FBI and 9/11")

Why was plane owned by Warren Buffet monitoring UA 93 on 9/11

Who where the 100 CEO's

Big FBI 9/11 coverup in Saudi Arabia

Has the Media had a direct role in 9/11 cover-up? know any cases?

GD Thread: "See This! Graphic PROOF of ELECTION FRAUD!!" Nice!

Those good voting machines?

DU Action Request from VotersUnite.Org

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 6/21/05

John Kerry Story from Alfred Stanley

Presenters for Houston Election Assessment Hearing announced

Dirty Ohio ..... smoking gun???? ..... and the media will cover this when?

LUCAS COUNTY BOE allegations delayed until right before the election.

I gotta belief

Deny Certification to Diebold and E S & S in California

The Final National Exit Poll is a FRAUD. Here's proof.


Progressive Democrats of San Diego meet THIS THURSDAY, JUNE 23

Stewart - The Rise of the Political Machines

Stern Grove Festival (SF) June 19th - Aug 21st


CONTACT FEINSTEIN on Patriot Act--she's voting FOR renewal

Cambridge City Council Meeting, Monday, June 20 (re: INVASION)

my letter published in the Star Tribune re Gitmo.

Anyone buy from Hertz Car Sales in St. Paul?

Right wingnut MN Blog "Loves Gitmo"

Good luck to any MN'ers that are stuck in this storm!!!

Stupid Channel 5 "news"

Minnesota defense companies slip in ranks but remain competitive

Questions/concerns about upcoming MN govt shutdown?

Cleaning remembered passwords in Firefox/Explorer

Aww, crap

PCTools Registry Mechanic

Help, please with printing photos

SP2 - Should I?

FBI agents search offices of Hill, Fantroy (Dallas City Council Members)

Texas Monthly's Best and Worst Legislators of 2005 - now online

Gordon Quan will not challenge DeLay. Endorses Lampson instead.

Juan Garcia: No on Senate ... BUT...

PBS Frontline, "Private Warriors"

DFW DU'ers outing to Polyphonic Spree on July 1st, anyone?

Way to go UWSP!

I wonder why Gard's website is down?

Military Commanders/New Jobs ?

So, my mother's a racist.

Defense cut? US Military gutted? Blame the CUT & GUT REPUBLICANS

NRA Logic

Yahoo photo: Uncle Sam Wants Your Kids

"Doonesbury" at war. (Book review)

Car Bombs Kill 18 In Iraq

John Conyers Jr's Blog

As a member of the American "elite"

Is Bartcop offline?

CNN Whore Headline: Ex-hostage apologizes to Bush for gunpoint criticism

Suicide Bomber Kills 20 at Iraq Police HQ

What is the Next big event for DSM?

Karl Rove's M.O. about Downing Street Minutes

Downing Street Memo on Hardball tonight..... eom.

Brit diplomat says they knew WMD claims were 'totally implausible'

Good Morning, USA!

Libraries Confirm the Patriot Act is Being Used Against Their Patrons

just heard-Chris matthews will cover DSM tonight -msnbc

even though war support is waning, bushco COULD make it popular again

Our man's report from Nagasaki

Army's 230th Birthday Party on Cambridge Common Bashed!

the bush cult's only agenda is WAR.

Do you ever get that feeling that Bush is trying to PROMOTE Terrorism?

the house debates 'Flag Desecration' AGAIN this week...stop the presses!

The bogus strike on the Mexican newspaper, Noticias got me thinking...

Christopher Padilla on WJ C-SPAN: There was no giant sucking sound

Take a look at what's going on in this FUCKED UP WAR!

Censored Nagasaki bomb stories get out 60 years on

The Nation: The Beginning of the End for *?

Wesley Clark Surprises Hannity--sounds like Wes did well.

DU ACTION ALERT! Do you want Dems to win in 2006? READ THIS

aagh! My grandpa blames the Iraq war on The Jews. help me!

Poll on Election Fraud. Please look at link before answering.

Ray-Gun = Greatest American?

Did Conyer's have another forum on Sunday?

'HE SACRIFICED FOR THIS': Modest millionaire

HARDBALL: Does the "Downing Street Memo" prove America was misled...?

More evidence of a turning tide?

I want to thank John Conyers for giving me hope and making me feel proud

Do you realize these insane excentrics can push the red button?

The "Don't mention Hitler!" crowd make me empathize with * re: Social Sec

Today's(20Jun) Media Targets from Downing Street

Huffington Post rips EZ Pass Tim on MTP again....

Our Respect for Sovereign Nations Prevents us from getting Osama?

Terrorism insurance: No protection from "homegrown militants"/terrorists

Bill Clinton slams Guantánamo Bay prison

Condi says, "Successful democracy is homegrown..."

CNN: Texas Governor candidate is "Kinky" - (VIDEO)

HELP: Can someone repost those pics of Conyers at the White House gate?

The Campaign of Justice

As Don Imus said today "Chris Matthews is a gutless coward"

though we're winning the war on terror, al qaeda still threatens u.s.

Sorry if a dupe, Bush criticism of Iran flies right back

"American Dad"---Karl Rove IS the Devil Incarnate! (spoiler)

what is fox news' fascination with natalee holloway?

Recall JEB !

I'll say it again and again! The National Guard does not belong in Iraq!

Fox News Sunday slip up. Funny but maddening.

Shelby Knox,

The Onion, The Blade AND Social Insecurity....

Dobson paints SUCH a bleak picture of my Future....

Sugar cane to the rescue! From the ingenuity of TRUE pro-lifers:

To new members, and curious Republicans!

Why doesn't Rush have "an army elistment day- help the Iraq cause".. ????

Why do we need gas stations on every other corner?

Robert Kennedy Jr. on Imus@7:30am Eastern

MSNBC QOTD: Should the U.S. go after Osama bin Laden no matter what?

Mainstream Cartoon: Shrub/Pol Pot/HITLER on a Pile of Skulls ("Torture")

for John Conyers . . . just take the next hearing to whatever room . . .

If there were a draft would the Bush girls have to register?

What is the official Democratic position on guns?

The Kiddie Hawk List

Bernie Sanders guest blogging at TPM Cafe

Halliburton to expand Gitmo - Anyone seen a peep on the news or in papers?

Biden in 08'? Color me Not Excited

I now fear that a war on Iran is not too far off.

He was wearing a policeman's uniform...

John Bolton, Downing Street, Mohamed ElBaradei, and Valerie Plame

Senator Durbin Taking the Heat-Don't let him take it! Call Now

Conyers letter to The Washington Post - was it printed?

Crucified nun dies in 'exorcism'

Bolton - Recess Appointment - what'cha wanna bet that Chimpy

Starting a new blog

Pope Blesses Ferraris?

Brownstein on Health Care Costs

Sundance Channel is advertising on MSNBC-had a great

Great letters to Ron Reagan re: DSM

Gunner Palace

Letter to the San Diego Union Tribune: Abstinence course hardly education

RAWSTORY -Backstory: Confirming the Downing Street documents

Make it easier to be a "Good Democrat"

The US has brought charges against 4 of 520 prisoners held in Guantanamo !

Yes... a lie by Clinton elicted a liberal shrug of the shoulders but a lie

Psssst ... Hey ... Syria ..... watch yer ass, there.

The Iraqi people are now worse off than under Saddam Hussein.

An interesting thing that I found while searching the Web

Iraqi Oil Workers See U.S. Troops As Occupiers, Not Liberators

Contractor feared U.S. forces more than insurgents

What if a memo came out saying Clinton was 'fixing the facts' about Kosovo

Backfire: Territory loss and strategic blunder in Iraq

Word Portrait of a Wingnut Soldier in Iraq.

Saturday Night Live

Racial discrimination becomes traumatic

Bill Moyers coming up on Al Franken's program

Does the truth even matter ?

I watched the beginning of the Discovery Channel Top 5 last night

Television Commercials

Top Ten Conservative Idiots -- N.B.

ex-hostage Wood returns to Australia, says he may return to Iraq

Adm. Verk Clark talking to AEI on C-SPAN 2 now

Arent you glad we are back to SERIOUS reporting?

Join Your Local Draft Board----

Rep. Jerry Nadler coming up next on Al Franken

Nadler is talking about the Sensenbrenner charade on Franken

Question Time: What is a "Neo-Lib"?

Opportunity to make a political statement about Amway

Fabulous quote from Democracy Fest re: Tom DeLay

Bush: The reason we need Bolton at the UN is because UN needs reform

Bush* chastises incumbant for not being tough enough on oil producers

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy vs limbaugh

Democrats on the hill lack coordination.

Message To J.Conyers:Take ALI to the Next Hearing!

There are days that I wished that I lived in NH


Sean Hannity Makes GOP VA Governor Candidate buy $10K Worth of his book

Nadler to talk about DSM on Franken coming up next

I am so tired of RW conspiracy theorists.

Did ya'll know...? (Sensenbrenner - heads up to DU ladies especially)

Time For A Freeway Blogger Break

I have friends who watch Fox "news"

Ohio scandal surpressed by Repubs? Surpirse

What party does McCain think he’s a member of?

Police Target Anti-War Demonstrators, telling them they can't honk horns

With Bolton out of process, issues advance

Who won the war between Iraq and Iran and could that be a reason the US

MSN poll (DU it now) DID Bush LIE so we could to to war with Iraq?

Welcome to the Neighborhood (new reality TV show from ABC)

A suggestion for live TV show blogs that we do... Cspan, Fav shows, press

your PETA contributions at work (graphic photo)

I don't want somebody else's kid killed in this war.


Have You Guys Ever Heard of Doctors For Democrats ?

Kucinich coming up NOW on CSPAN 1

Has there been a reaction yet about the 560,000 petitions delivered

A letter in support of Rep. Jones from an Active Duty Soldier

Local Radio Wingnut Keeps Harping on CLENUS

Steny Hoyer's PAC supports Republicans? I'm so confused.

Christian Alliance for Progress

CSPAN 2 discussing public television in Senate

Bush: "I think about Iraq every day. Every single day"

Looks like the Bush administration is going to "catch" Bin Laden.

US 'impatience' in Bin Laden hunt

Fucking useless CNN. New poll question, test-marketed for morons.

Hunger....In the US?

Wonder what the odds are of major election upsets in 2006?

Chimp’s paintings outsell Renoir, Warhol

9-11 Mystery--where's the raw data on stock trades

How the GOPmedia keeps Dems divided....EASILY (today's example)

Insurgents infiltrate Iraqi security

Regarding Today's Top Ten--the Lynching Apology

WaPo: A Bane amid The Housing Boom

Bush's WMD 'Joke': Is the Media Still Laughing?

Part Time Klan Member/Peaceful Organization ?

Bush's approval plummeting !!!

Need Help: My Parents are planning on Filing Bankruptcy; What is It?

Inform your soldiers

Ugh -- stupid emails

How DARE bush imply America is just a weak little 3rd world nation!!!

I love that so many things are collapsing on Bush at once.

War with Iran

I support the draft--hear me out!

Make the Pie Higher

LMAO "fixed" means "focused"????

Regarding the THEFT of 40 MILLION credit card accounts....

Why Is The House Holding Hearings on Human Rights In Vietnam?

Dick Morris says anti Hillary book can backfire on GOP

E-mail I just sent to talk radio host in Omaha.

Any top Dems at Conyer's Meeting?

Fake documents got workers into nuke plant

Will Randi let her Representative speak?

I apologize/Wachovia

A Recent Solicitation From AIPAC, Check List Included

Republican Use of Nazi Comparisons--Raw Story Defending Durbin

"KKK a PEACEFUL ORGANIZATION, has done 'a lot of good'."

Judge picks which parent to bury Marine son (oldest parent gets to decide)

CNN Blog-girls NOW talk about DSM!!

This week with The Daily Show - Howard Dean scheduled for June 23!

My Mom is a flaming liberal registered Republican...

"We will settle for nothing less than victory."

MSNBC: Hardball Special Report on DSM tonight at 7 PM ET - (GRAPHIC)

Who else has had friends move away because of the economy?


Iraq Coalition casualty count listed by age stays below 20 til page 7!

'We went to war because we were attacked'...sorry bush, that's a lie

Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus - Statements against the War

Would the little monkey be able to appoint bolton by recess appt

Low Poll Numbers means it is time to Resurrect Osama

"but, but, freedom is on the march"

bush must be questioned about 9/11 & the war lies UNDER OATH

David Obey:Good ... Ron Hostettler:Evil Fucking Asshole

Is the new media frenzy about nabbing Osama Bush's Ace in the Hole?

It's not about D vs. R to me

Another thing I don't understand: I admire the Republicans' high standard

Online poster arrested for suspected undercover work

1723 Reasons why the DSM is IMportant

anyyone watching Dave Obey Dem on Hourse Floor c-span whow!!!

Can I trust the "liberal blogosphere" to give me all the facts ?

"piece of work"

Polosi just put forth an amendent--critieria for success in Irag. c-span

"liberal" dems on TV are incompetent

Un-FUCKING-believable! The righties are politicizing the WTC memorial!

Any opinions on IWT ? (Independent World Television)

Quick! Who has photoshop?

"i think about I-raq every single day" - pound the podium.

George W. Bush is the Biggest Fucking Moron in the Galaxy

America's Work Stories: Reporting on Corporate America

Ed Schultz -- Willing to believe what Bush said today about

How Can I convince someone Bush LIHOP?

Rep. Conaway: "I am a Christian & we are instructed to go and tell."

The DSM, Iraq withdrawal, update on Russ - Goju's wife

The Number One Question I'd Like To See A Reporter Ask The Chimp...

MSNBC: 911 Widow angry at Porter Goss and Bin Laden Policy - (VIDEO)

Man accused of battery after paper wouldn't print letter

Make Your Own Punchline: "What did the Chimp say to the Nuns?"

CNN pretending they been covering DSM "wall to wall"

CNN wants to start reporting actual news now

I wonder what the G.I.'s think when they discover that bush LIED?

I'm not as smart as Republicans, so maybe someone can explain this

4th of July coming up-if your city/town is having a fair, use it

Man, House Dems are really in a groove

Who Called It That The Media Would Pick Up On Byrd's KKK past?

Could the anti-Byrd attacks be any more hypocritical??

Something new and depressing in my neighborhood

On DAILY KOS: "Boycott Advertisers in the Washington Post"

Isikoff on Franken next to talk about Downing St....

Can someone do a screen capture of this?

Cheney vs the Generals on the ground.

It's not that we knew they wanted war. WE KNOW THEY FIXED FACTS!

To the DU'er whose post re: Rape of Iraqi women was deleted (censored)

Is it just me, or have others heard the 9-11 call resound since

the really cheap lies seem to work the best with bush zombies

RW'er trying to debunk !!!! : Down with the Downing Street Memo

DSM to be covered on Hardball,

What if America tithed to the world?

Is it just me, or have others heard the 9-11 call resound since

Vote to End Debate On Bolton Scheduled for 6:00 PM Eastern

DUers, can you lend a hand ( not money, just a little help)

Operation Yellow Elephant: Because ranting is safer than enlisting

Bolton Cloture vote failed!

I heard Chris Matthews is on vacation...

We don't have money for education, prescription drugs for the elderly,

Chuck Hagel's letter to me Re: Judicial Nominees

Here comes the next round of "Iraq-alQaeda connection" claims (+ facts)

Mel Martinez

Got onto my local talk radio station to defend Durbin

100 People Who Are Screwing Up America : (and Al Franken Is #37)

Did Dick Durbin speak about his Gitmo statement on the Senate floor today?

"the RICH got RICHER & the POOR got RICHER" - Randi Rhodes

They started the war without telling us....

Mark Fuhrman soon to be release book on Terri Schiavo's Death

OMG!!!! The UK reporter who broke the DSM is going to be on HARDBALL!!!!

Death in Iraq under stated?

Great Bumper Sticker seen

A thought...

will Bush slip Bolton in over the July recess?

Liberated Iraqis are enjoying the latest cell-phone technology

Let's talk housing bubble!

My head is exploding.

Hardball.with David Gregory has Michael Smith! Trying for "Rathergate!

Help me out with something regarding PNAC.

They buried Terri Schiavo's remains in Florida?

I wrote a letter

Anybody listening to the Majority Report?


David Kay & James Woolsey say fixed doesn't mean fixed.DSM

Gag Alert: Lee Greenwood to perform at San Diego County Fair 7/4/05

Rush said DSM may not even be real

For the record: JFK never said he was a jelly donut.

When did you stop trusting the Mainstream Media?

Olbermann has Interview with Jackson Family! Coming Up! Tune In!

BushCo: Power, Hatred, and a Nuclear Arsenal.

Jesus General wants you! Sign up for Operation Yellow Elephant


DU This Poll

Anyone else thought that the Killen shit might be a diversion?

We really have to stop the White House from invading Iran.

Why does the Republican reaction to the Schiavo autopsy surprise anyone?

Are you interested in the habits or opinions of human rights violators?

I want to know which DU'er called the recess nomination of Bolton

Kerry will really let the Swift Boat Vets have it any day now

Iraqi Labor Leader Decries Conditions In Iraq Under Occupation

A light goes off! All this "identity theft" stuff

I know some of you will complain about this - but this is just too much!

Are we imposing tyranny in Iraq??

Re: "the insurgency's last throes" - who is this reporter 'Terry'?

CIA chief has 'excellent idea' where bin Laden is

Proposition: God's Omniscience Constitutes An Invasion Of My Privacy!

If you're in the Washington, D.C. area tomorrow -- join MediaMatters

Olbermann now has DSM

What has been the most passionate flamefest that you have partaken in?

U.S Soldiers Charged With Guarding Saddam/Speaks

Response from Norm Coleman on DSM issue:

Pakistan-The Country Where Terrorist Go To Get Away From It All


DSM -Tempest in a Teapot - David Kay

Why are Republicans so good at being Hypocrites?

'Am I Next?'

Saddam misses conservative icon Ronald Reagan.

Dean has qualities Democrats need

A big round of thanks to Dem Bloggers!

I Love to See The Press Go After Scotty

Terrorists, Torpedos, & Republican 'Muscle'...

'Ground Zero Memorial' - Lets put the Iraq War Memorial There

A Day Without a Mexican


Dirty Laundry Lyrics So Telling.

Bush "thinks about" Iraq "every single day."

Fair & Balanced DSM discussion on Hardball...

Ready to be flamed for saying something bad about Olbermann

Thoroughly frightening LTTE in my local rag.

Olbermann had outstanding coverage of the DSM tonight..

Not only do the DSM show the lies to take us...

What's the deal with these 'Saddam Guards' ???

Why does the woman filling in for Keith Olbermann have to pretend she

Anyone know if Frist is getting his Bolton vote today?

"I wanna order of 'Lie Fries...!'"

Poll: Do You Feel Safer Now than you did before 9-11

The cover story in this week's NYT magazine...

DSM - I fear we may have been fucked like we've never been fucked before

Anyone want to bet these 2 guys peddling their Saddam stories

Bush has broken everything he has ever dealt with

Koslowski: GUILTY! Rigas: GUILTY! Is the tide turning at last?

Had enough of crybaby conservatives? Tell 'em!

Dembloggers - Dzika: a question and a thank you

need a little help here please

Conyers live on C-span.

Question regarding morals and family values.

IWT-- A Global Progressive CNN---See the Video/Learn More

Damn! KGW News just interviewed a paralyzed soldier back from Iraq

'Menstruating' boy stuns doctors

Is this "Jeff Gannon" a.k.a. "Bull Dog"???

Do ya notice anything unusual about this picture?

McLaughlin Group Transcript--a few interesting bits in this show

AWOL for "real news"...the coward...the sell out ...."Tweety"

For Father's Day, my 16 year old daughter got me the Green

Lawyer in Schiavo case disputes autopsy results

Will freepers stop eating Doritos?

Ed Schultz is a worthless DLC clown.

Scott McClellan's clever Downing Street argument

US war resistors don't count on Canada to be your safe haven.

No news today I guess

ALL occupiers use the "we can't leave, we have to fix our mess" excuse.

$1 per gallon gas tax

After Watching CSPAN I gotta say this:

It's happening. Oil breaking the $60/barrel threshold, At record high.

Who else is sick of NPR's daily pro-war moments?

Opt out or Opt in? NYS School Board Poll

Quotable quotes......

Bill Moyers on with Lou Dobbs today (CNN 6&11pm EDT)

OK...someone is impersonating me on the Huffington Post blog.

US respect for sovereign nations makes it difficult to capture OBL?WTF?

The Loneliness of a Lonestar Liberal

NO the Un has NEVER sanctioned "no-fly zones" in Iraq.

Did ya'll watch Corddry's bit on TDS?

My e-mail to Dana Milbank

GoDaddy.Com CEO a Bush Wingnut Syncophant.

I just wanna say thanks

How nervous is Bush right now?

Sure, make fun of the Japanese guy :P (daily show)

Does DSM lead to Impeachment?

WMD claims were 'totally implausible' - Guardian

DSM--old News or old Allegations and Now news?

Email from Sen. Norm Coleman regarding DSM

More screwing of the military families and vets

Who is paying for the Iraqi Govt. and it's employees?

Americablog/Time to stop using

"Dems have declared war on the Christians"..words in The House

What does DSM mean?

Has Bush replied to the Iraqi law makers??

Olberman on Leno tonight

It's Patridiotic Bush Art REMIX Time!

Bush - A Clam At High Tide

Who Blew the Leads? (Time Magazine on Big FBI Coverup)

When is the exploitation of others for your benefit a "good" thing to do?

To those who have expressed concern for my situation:

A new word for your lexicon: "Warnography"

"Embryo adoptions" a mix of science, religion, emotion

Are Republicans Socialists?

Free FIRE THE LIARS stickers w/ SASE

Limbaugh says DSM are fake. Shrub and Blair say DSM are old news.

I'm having a problem with bell south. Phone has had a very loud buzz

Howard Dean and Bill Moyers on the Daily Show this week!!!

who still thinks Osama attacked us, and why?

James Woosley is an ass.

DR. Rice: The Iraq war came to US on September 11

Prove it! Backing up what you say with links.

Conyers vs. WaPo

The Big Die-Off

If you were the DSM leaker...

6/20 Sibel Edmonds comes out swinging & Dr Rice said "how could we know"?

Another Heartening Encounter.

My lifelong Republican Grandma is now a Democrat!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Hoe Down

We don't even need elections.. What we really need is

DU This Bolton Poll!

Four Lights: Academic Dry Heaves

In my mailbox I found

US military death count much higher than numbers reported?

Recess appt. of Bolton over July 4th recess?

Christian Coalition forms JUDICIAL TASK FORCE for fair up-or-down votes

See, this is what I don't get...

Southern Baptists aim to baptize 1 MILLION new members

A Moscow Take on what BushCo Might Be Planning For Iran

Today's(20Jun) Media Targets from Downing Street

TIMELINE of war deception DMS - HELP me complete this!!!


Michael Smith DID NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT destroy any originals!!!

My Letter to Washington Post/Dana Smear Tactics

Drug testing in the workplace. What do we think about it?

Bush Family Evil Empire: Repost

Bush: "I understand we have kids in harm's way"

Drudge needs this photo on his website...


Today, Bush said "we have the mastermind of 9-11 in custody....

BIDEN "bankruptcy bill supporter" - wants YOUR support for President

Remember When Bush's Lies Weren't "Old News"?

hoo boy! you can't touch smirk's furniture (not a joke)

Scott Ritter to Al-Jazeera: Iran war has begun

There are fucking sneaky cowards on both right and left

Alright, I'm giving in- The Greatest American?

Photos of weapons planted on dead Iraqi teens?


Would you trade troops coming home, for * calling the war a success?

Mother faces music over girl's downloading

Have there been a lot of new posters since Conyers thanked DU?

Dean: More Fighting Words In Boston!

DSM---what's this crap about "fixed" meaning something different

Lying Presidents MUST be Impeached, the rule of law don't ya know

Lapsed liberal Jeff Jarvis says Iraq war is "a scandal of bad PR."

OMG...... Bush may "BYPASS" the Senate to get Bolton in the UN

Billy Jack Is Ready to Fight the Good Fight Again

Web designers/online activists THANKYOUPATRIOT.COM needs your help!!

Drudge photshop's picture to try to embarrass the Clinton's

The Illinois Family Institute And Homosexuality-- Hilarious Hypocrisy!

DSM=Probable Cause?

So....the "Saddam Spin" like's Dorito's but he used to like Cheeto's.

Forty-Eight Hours To Stop The Broadcast Flag

"He was thinking about invading Iraq in 1999."

Pelosi: Something Has Changed

Frontline - PBS - Must See TV - Tues 6/21

T or F: You can't believe in both evolution and God.

"Lesiban's Death was a Hate Crime"

New TakeBackTheMedia Flash: 'Let Them Eat War'

The Freepers really live in a parallel universe (re: Iran)

Paranoia In The Media Age! (A New Gif Animation)

Okay, tin foil hat conspiracies need to go

Closure Vote On Bolton Failed

OSHA Investigates Fox News

Is the Annexation of Canada part of Bush's Military Agenda?

This Iraqi Resistance To Occupation Progressives Can Support!

Caption this * pic....

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday June 21

I am conflicted about the war in Iraq.

My First (Hopefully Of Many) Downing Street Memo Graphics!

What if we changed a few names???

So, my sister-in-law gives my son a Walmart gift card!

What is your political affiliation?

Corporate Whores Online

GOP Rep. Hostettler MUST Be Censured "Dems... Demonizing Christians"!

New Eric Blumrich - DSM, 9/11, PNAC Flash! MUST SEE

Weeell, I did MY civic DUTIES today!

It's a total set up...

SpeakSpeak News - the blog for Freedom of Speech.

House Approves 45 Billion More For War Against Iraq: 398 - 19

March 10 2004: Kwiatkowski; "The new Pentagon papers"

I suspect Ed Schutz undercover GOP/NSA - I don't like him. He waves the

Is Everybody Listening to Majority Report?

The secret world of Jack Abramoff (By Daniel Hopsicker)

Why wait till 2006? Do it now!

Conyers blog: We Must be Getting Through

Yet Another Bolton Blocking Has The Freepers Pissed And As Usual Immoral!

"Missing" ribbon magnets - have you been seeing this?

Do you think there is a concious Conspiracy in Washington?

Gosh, I sure hope Old Rev. Edgar Killen Dies Miserable & Alone in Prison

Should Single Men Be Allowed to Adopt Children?

Please vote “A poll about GUNS: What is your view?” DU link below

WOW! Check this out at The Center For American Progress. Backs up DSM!

World's dumbest rightwing blogger revealed!

What Is The MPAA Broadcast Flag Vote?

For these right wing media whores selling the war from their comfy chairs

Why aren't Dem. Leaders "helping Robert Kennedy Jr" - CDC Cover -up !

My 'illegal immigrant' rant

My first Gay Pride parade (Portland yesterday)

Active U.S. Hate Groups in 2004 (Southern Poverty Law Center)

Why patents are the refuge of the sleazy:

I have a lot to say about Ed Schultz.

Voice from Iraq (audio recording)

Why are DU'ers now referring to the Corporate Media as the MSM?

Boxer on Hardball now Re: Bolton. nt

"Aging" Peppers?

George Foreman Grill

Wow... CFAX call-in show about offering sanctuary for US deserters/dodgers

Retire to Canada: they allow if no pension but large savings?

Freeper doesn't know who "The Chimperor" is.

Gee, Fixing Welfare Seemed Like a Snap

Rumsfeld considering shake-up in leadership

Juror attends Jackson family casino bash

Al-Arabiya says US refuses to allow evacuation of its wounded reporter

U.S. should 'close or clean up' Guantanamo-Clinton

Congressmen want probe of Unocal bid -WSJ

Whaling states near power on panel

Fifty House Democrats form 'Out of Iraq caucus'

Eurotunnel disowns rescue plan 'backed by Soros'

Are Downing Street memos authentic or elaborate hoax? (Rathergate attempt)

MasterCard: 40 MILLION Credit Card Accounts EXPOSED

Death toll increases in Irbil's explosion

Iraq Insurgents Claim to Have Killed 7

Minister evades Iraq firebomb questions


Allegations arose before '04 election (Democrats say Noe case concealed to

Car bomb blast hits Baghdad's airport checkpoint: police

Afghan Fighting Escalates

Sunni Arab Role May Snag Iraq Constitution

Bush, EU leaders talk about Iraq at summit

Biden wants to seek Democratic nomination for president

Nancy Reagan Likely To Work Behind Scenes For Stem Cell Bill

Pakistan, U.S. to hold joint naval exercise

Nadler: Questions About War in Iraq Cannot 'Fairly Involve Israel'

FBI & 9/11 (Sibel Edmonds) -

BBC : Eighteen Afghan 'rebels' killed

Coke to Examine Overseas Labor Practices (boycotts works)

With Bolton out of process, issues advance

US seeks political boost from Iraq conference

MSNBC: Bush "under fire" defends policy in Iraq.

FBI Says Counterterror Experts Not Crucial

CRISIS PROFILE: Afghanistan still the ‘sick man’ of Asia

WH does not rule out Bolton recess appointment (Sidesteps the Senate)

Bush to Senate send Bolton to U.N. now

WP: Expert Says He Was Told to Soften Tobacco Testimony

Time: Bush's war worries

CIA loses out on bill after Pentagon ally protests

Afghan Officials Stop Assassination Plot

Biden says he intends to seek Democratic nomination for president

Sibel Edmonds has new article on her site!

In Colombia, allegations link paramilitaries, politicians

Crucified 'exorcism' nun buried


Cunningham discloses subpoenas as group files FOIA request (Randy "Duke")

Spain's Socialists Claim Win Over Fraga in Galicia

Posts Considered for Commanders (Sanchez) After Abuse Case (NYT)

U.S. spending on Iraq may soon surpass Korean War budget

Housing markets show signs of bust: Fannie Mae Exec

Bush Defends Tactics in Iraq

Iraq: Saudi Imam Killed In Clash With US Soldiers

Japanese PM livid as opposition says he was drunk in parliament

Japan faces 58 bil. yen tab for interceptor (US wants $, missle 'defense')

U.S. spending on Iraq may soon surpass Korean War budget (adjusted!)

Adelphia Founder Sentenced to 15 Years

Conservatives Tout Anti-Hillary Book

Insurgents infiltrate Iraqi security

(Cp. Public Broadcasting) CPB Chairman's Emails Cite White House Role(NPR)

US enlists other nations in efforts to steer Iraqi government (CS Monitor)

Kerry cautious on probing `Downing Street Memo'

please delete...

US strategy in Iraq: Is it working?

Supreme Court Sides With Government in Second Land Rights Case

Rice criticizes Cairo on violence, justice

PBS Stories Labeled 'Anti-DeLay,' 'Anti Bush'

Federal Courthouse Locked Down (Seattle)

Venezuela says can work with FBI, DEA but not CIA

special DSM report starting on MSNBC (19:25)

Former UGA cheerleader killed in Iraq

Under fire, Bush acknowledges tough going in Iraq

Mexico issues warrants for officials

Captive Saddam misses Ronald Reagan, magazine says

Report: Saddam friendly with U.S. troops ("The Bush father, son, no good")

Democrats block Bolton Nomination Again

Doctors discover "mensturating" male teenager

Anti-Arroyo forces say to hold large protest

Terrorists, Torpedos, & Republican 'Muscle'....

WP: Supreme Court Throws Out Death Sentence (2nd time in a week)

Syria Under Fire to Better Guard Border

Testimony by key Canadian diplomat from Damascus put off at Arar inquiry

Iraqi official accuses US of 'indiscriminate killing' in western Iraq

Adelphia founder Rigas gets 15 years in prison

Venezuela exporting fuel oil to China

Crucified 'exorcism' nun buried

(Marijuana extract) Cannabis drug on sale in Canada (BBC News)

Sen. Durbin's Regret for Remarks Not Enough for GOP

State (Conn.) receives first shipment of Homeland Security Trucks

Pentagon joining WH effort to boost public support for presence in Iraq

Torture of insurgent detainees reported: Iraqi police forces accused ..

CIA 'knows Bin Laden whereabouts' (bbc)

Uzbek Crackdown is Denounced (IHT/NYT)

Republican: Democrats Demonize Christians

Suicide Bomber Kills 20 at Iraq Police HQ

Bush refusing to budge on private accounts …hopes to salvage policy on SS

Ruling allows Spitzer's probe of banks

Conservatives Promote Anti-Hillary Book

American Indians Offer to Settle Suit (against Interior Dept.)

Allies Resist America Taking Away Their Terrorism Suspects

WH Transcript: Press Drills McClellan about Bolton, Bush/Reality

Lobbying Intensifies as Senate Gets Close to a Vote on Climate Change

Mother faces music over girl's downloading

(Boston) Archbishop Wants End To Church Closings Tension

U.N. to probe Zimbabwe's evictions of squatter towns

Torrid Baghdad fumes as water lines cut

Goss Claims He Has Idea Where Bin Laden Is

WP: Health Care Costs, Spending Up

Supreme Court To Decide This Week On Hearing Plame Case

Blair told: act now on climate

Venezuela Alleges Chavez Assassination Plot Being Hatched in Colombia

Official: Syria-Iraq border security basic

Iraq (Interium Gov.) Oil Sales Concern Security Council

Bush Pushes Anew for Bolton Confirmation

Governments weigh e-mail warning service for gay men with STDs

Man Dies After Road Rage Punch Sends Him Into Traffic

UNITED STATES: Six out 10 voters want Iraq withdrawal

Iraqi Lawmakers Call for Foreign Troops to Withdraw

Cardinal Sin dies at 76

WP: Social Security Group Targets House Panel

Few Americans Regard Lawmakers as Statesmen (opinion Dynamics / Fox)

AP: Feds Collect Data on Air Travelers

Blair Seeks to Avoid Witness Call-Up in War Protest Case

AMA takes on pharmacists' moral refusals to fill prescriptions

Rape trial begins for Camp Hansen Marine

Dean takes aim at Governor Romney (GOP Chair on Dean: "Evil Rhetoric")

Marines claim latest Iraq success, for how long?

CNN: Illegal immigrants accessed nuclear weapons facility

Bush defends policies on Iraq, Guantanamo

Bush Qaeda mastermind must stay in secret custody

Iraqi Lawmakers Call For Foreign Troops to Withdraw

Bolton cloture vote fails

Sept. 11 Victim Families Protest `Freedom Center'

Terri Schiavo's Remains Buried In Clearwater (attny: "another unkind act")

Gay Teen Has Further 6 Weeks in LIA (fundamentalist) Reparative Therapy

RNC (acceptance speech) protestor goes on trial ("Bush Lies, People Die")

Marines See Signs Iraq Rebels Are Battling Foreign Fighters

Gov.'s Donor Under Fire From State(Arnold/"criminal elder-neglect"owner)

WMD claims were 'totally implausible' (UK Foreign Office diplomat)

Iran still stoning women, says Nobel Laureate

Police shoot, kill man at Seattle Federal Courthouse

Jury split in Mississippi KKK killing trial

Republican: Democrats Demonize Christians

Programming Jobs Losing Luster in U.S.

Accused Cuban Exile to Face Texas Charges (airline bomber)

Senators Cannot Meet Iraq War dead - Joe Biden

'IT IS OUT OF CONTROL': Ranchers call for action

U.S. House agrees to spend more for Iraq war (bridge fund)

What is the worst Major League ballpark??

Please don't post movie spoilers without a warning.

There are bugs crawling all over me!!!

Anyone know anything about QIC tape drives?

CaliforniaPeggy DEMANDS I change my name to...

Just watched "Collateral"...

One great reason I love Dodger Stadium

Conyers VS John Oates

For the next Freeper rally!

How many of your threads have been locked?


Romantic settings.


I started a thread in GDP this morning


Is anyone else bothered that so many DUers have Conyers avatars?

Free Willy

Who is still awake?

My Cat Talks in the Subjunctive

Romanian nun dies after crucifixion

I'm baaaaaaaackkk

Self Delete Misposted

Video - Tom Cruise Gets Squirted With Fake Mic

Just how fascist are you?...You know, on the F-scale

American Dad last night....

here's one for ya, matcom

Move over, Tom Cruise. Billy Jack is back!!!

Another couple guys to be shot.... Animal cruelty.....

Goooood Monday Morning DU!

Man Returns Library Book - Due In 1927

Home NOT alone--Gotta pee--Door open or closed?

Man Dies After Road Rage Punch Sends Him Into Traffic

who wants to have a sick/goLf day?

Is the dog with two dicks the new Tom Cruise?

Prankster squirts Cruise with water; Stop the presses!

Car Lands On Man Sleeping In Bed

I'm not really sure what this is supposed to achieve

Who the fuck REALLY cares?

Happy Birthday... ... WEST VIRGINIA!!!!

Alleged 'Vampire' Faces Sex Charges In Indiana

Americans lose their holiday inhibitions

One for the commando kiddies: Chuck E. Cheese fight turns bloody

Anyone here have a Mac Mini? (convince me why I should get one)

No way


Paris's Wedding Is Twice As Nice

Pamela's Rude Intruder

Non-Tom Cruise topic here:

$50.00 MOUSE PAD? (Yes, for "Competition Mousing")

Totally gross!

Restaurant Will Stop Putting Gold In Food

Me And Bob Boudelang Demand Apologies To Grate Leeder ...

Bad joke thread!

one of the Loungers is wearing a bathing suit instead of underwear today

Vaporizer Lets Marijuana Users Inhale Without The Smoke

I'm not freezing at my desk


I am so sore this morning I can hardly move.

I just saw a colt struck 45 times driving down the street

Good Freeware Anti-virus program

You people won't believe what I just found!

Meet Your Conservative Love Match at HanniDate

Kansas Atty General CLAIM: Abortion Doc Stored Fetuses In Fridge, Ate Them

Crucified nun dies in 'exorcism'

AP- Schindler's lawyer to appeal Jackson Verdict

i just saw a colt 45 truck driving down the street...

Hubby kills wife, eats her flesh, dies

Puppy In Malaysia Has 6 Legs, 2 Penises

Killer bees in Arkansas

Was it voodoo?

Jewellery find puzzles Russians

While Sleeping In Bed, Man Is Run Over By Car

RabrrrrrrOnTheRoad(tm) reporting in again!

Berlusconi's fat becomes soap

And now. ...the Oregon cat born with two faces....

Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck.

all the lounge's threads are belong to emad

Who's the bigger tease...Jessica Simpson or Porter Goss?

Photo of Bush launching what AFP calls his "public relations offensive"

Airborne Car Plows Into House, Lands on Sleeping Man

Jesus Christ on a Sour Cream and Onion Patoto Chip

Kabbalah Centre claims their bottled water cures Cancer, AIDS, and SARS

Anyone remember when Fox and Friends had a puppet?

New model 'permits time travel'

Dinner, where is thy sting?

well, I've never been to heaven.

As promised, everyone who voted for Bush gets a new Mercedes S-class

Recast the Star Wars movies with Bush Regime and even democrats!!

How about a Wine, Beer and Liquor Group on DU?

US Open- Jason Gore wins $20,275

Abstract chimp art up for auction

tell uly what to do today!

What state are you in?

FOUND Magazine. Pretty Funny Stuff...

Opinions wanted- child with possible eating disorder

I'm very grateful for the Father's Day Gift..........

Would you spend $5000 on an outdoor table and chairs?

Anti-Divorce Columnist Getting Divorce

Does anyone have any idea why WalMart just called me?

Donkey Ride!!

Today's underappreciated album: Paul McCartney - Flowers In The Dirt

Post your favorite angry political lyrics

An Amazing Slight To Women

Emehrgency! Emehrgency! Everyone to get from street!

Escaped Monkey Returns To Zoo - Waits Outside Door

Tiger Cubs Adopted, Nursed By Dog

A cat post from yesterday

Bush's "War on Terra" is self perpetuating

I haven't been pissed off in over a month! Post your P-O'd PHOTO!

I'm going to make myself a nice breakfast.!

Dual sex crab

New drugs for women!

New drugs for women!

Spielberg and Deus Ex Machina.

Cloning nightmare

Why am I procrastinating my work?

I took time out to write to my old friend...

Stevie Wonder Pays Funeral Expenses For Five Philadelphia Girls

May the farkelberries be with you!

So tell me, how the heck was your weekend?

I need some advice

i'm leaving work an hour early today. lock up your daughters!

Scarlett Johansson escapes Cruise’s clutches

Yay, I actually ....

What Tunes Are You Diggin' On Now?

The Staple Singers

Just received from my firm's IT dept.

Well, my solstice weekend party went well, except

Big summer moon this week. Have a look if you can.

Teenager found glued to lamppost

Need Good Vibes

All these great James Brown songs, and what do I have stuck in my head?

This just seems bizarre

My cat sitter did not sit on Sat

my cat shitter did not shit on Sat....

Freeper doesn't know who "The Chimperor" is.

Joe Biden for President!

My cat sitter did not sit on a Cat

How many of you read tabloids?

How much do you spend on methamphetamines a month?

What is it that makes some people always need to have the last word?

Oasis has a new album out!

Best quote from Democracy Fest re: Tom DeLay

Robert Horry, aka Big Shot Bobby, Bob, or awesome. pic...

Attention CatWoman: "Being Bobby Brown" a new show from Bravo!

Too much negativitiy in the Lounge for a Monday morning...

No faking female orgasm in scientific research

Talk about your 'dream car'

Should Moxy Fruvous get back together for Live8 in Toronto?


LOOK OUT! Tasmanian devil on the loose!

Frickin' dope smoking liberal hippie blue staters

Hank Jones to be featured on NPR's "Fresh Air" today

The next Dawson's Creek star to fall under Tom's spell when Katie wakes up

Students found guilty in food fight trial

Siam's gonna be the witness to the ultimate test of cerebral fitness.

Pick the next Lounge OBSESSION

Potato Farmers Loathe 'Couch Potato' Term

Need a good, lightweight mp3 player program

I'm eavesdropping on a coworker - he is discussing the Downing Street Memo!

On the way to lunch with AlabamaYankee

New Pet Peeve: Vicious vs. Viscous

Have any of you ever been hypnotized?

Any airshow fanatics here?

Bazaar street names with a pattern....

GIANT drooling MAO BABY!!!!

It's gonna be a GREAT week on The Daily Show!


CNN Breaking: Pointer Sisters still burnin' doin' the Neutron Dance

Happy Thanksgiving, DU!!!

Which is more annoying- talking about the last election or the next one?

I had blood donated to me today, I need a pan

What do you do when you see a locked thread?

I was nominated to join the American Legion

Will The Runaway Bride pose for Playboy?

I feel an overwhelming sense of foreboding

Strange names for bodies of water

Are Guatemalan insanity peppers overrated.

Must...NOT...caption this Barbara Bush photo. MUST...not...must...RESIST

Batman stops to ask directions-"Okay after the 4th left what do I do?"

I'm old. Officially.

i gotta do it

The 10 second thread


What MUSIC concerts/shows/festivals will you be going to this summer?

95 Year Old Man Runs 100 Meter Dash in 22 Seconds

HypnoToad! Your namesake...

so... i got a Golden Retriever pup over the weekend...

What is the name of the hairstyle that purposely looks unkempt?

HYSTERICAL!!! Andy Dick as Harlan McRaney... GOTTA SEE THIS!

I know of a sock puppet here on DU Lounge ...

I'm posting tons of kitty photos

It's Official: Nick Lowe's "Cruel To Be Kind" is Better Than Sex

cleaning my desk at work . . . why am I surprised to find . . .

How about those people?

I lost my keys at an air show last weekend

Well, today, I'm lounging nekkid!

Spanking replaced with tough love.

A few Monday Toons. Semi-Sick stuff.

Why would an employer write back to you saying you're not qualified?

Why can't I pick (insert DU'ers name)'s nose?

Your Kris Kristofferson Fast Fact!

HELP! I need a name for my bocce team

Paris Hilton's fiance's family's $7.5 billion fortune? From arms & oil.

Cruise/Holmes: an act of conspicuous heterosexuality

My boss has taken the afternoon off, ask my anything.

18 years old...diagnosed with ovarian cancer

it would be much appreciated if someone could photoshop this:

I'm thinking of a seven letter word that can be misspelled and still

The dog chewed through my speaker wires...

Should I admit that I bought the cookies?

"Sibling Rivalry," the Unauthorized FOOKING DVD Biography of OASIS. FOOK!

DFU, the Freeper rhapsodist, strikes again

A. Dick squirts Tom Cruise in the face - Batman takes rest of day off

The president is such a boob...

Mrs Matcom has turned me into a weekend HGTV/TLC JUNKIE! For ONE REASON!

Book recommendations

Post Your Worst Pirate Pick-Up Lines Here

A keyboard only a computer geek could love

I'm 2 posts from 10,000, but I have nothing to talk about.

Just a fun day at the farm

I cannot wear my ugly glasses anymore

What is the name of the hairstyle that purposely looks kempt?

Question on interview thank you note follow-up?

Anyone use JuicePlus?

The DeLay Factor

DiCaprio's Face Slashed by Madwoman


Do all vocal instructors live in squalor?

The view from my Apartment....

Bono goes to the dark side...and records with Pat Boone!

You have insulted me! We will face off at dawn!


What do you guys make of American Baby?

Mark Bellhorn. Why does Francona play him everyday?

OK, nobody's going to give a shit about this,

Keith shreddin' it about DSM on Countdown

90 and HOT HOT HOT for Saturday's BBQ

is it possible to automatically remove a text constant from files in batch

Puppy with six legs, two penises...

Make a Speech for W - hilarious

Abortionist accused of eating fetuses. Wait'll the pro-lifers get a hold o

Socks are Woolsey's favorite favorite clothes Sir

I'm not flying to Florida after all.

BREAKING CNN (Inside Politics): Saddam Does NOT Like "Fruit Loops"

Guess what, kids!

To all others who have taught at the college level

I answered the darn... I'm cooperating here!

Mother-in-law butt in...

Juror attends Jackson family casino bash

Why is "MST3K - The Movie" so damned expensive?

Hey, I lost my password... did I miss anything?

The joys of working in pediatrics.

Devils Rays leading the Yankees 5 - 0

The Customers of the Day (this time there's two)

"The Scholar" on ABC reveals sad state of our nation

So we need to be concerned about "fair play" when going after Bin Laden

Motley Crue Turned Down By 'Live 8'

Gay pride is next weekend. Do I take pictures?

on the hunt for a young, fun, progressive, hippy ;)

Pssst.....Hey Canadians...

Texas Cheerleaders Disciplined for Feces Pizza

Finish this sentence: If the ignorant would be blessed,

When the DSM/impeachment is over, how do we say thanks to the Brits?

Questions Every Riding Mower Buyer Should Ask...

I bought GTA:SA today...

Democracy Now show on the Kent State killings.

Something that was up for auction at ebay

Just got back from the beach with my dog (after I took care of stuff)

Had a wonderful Gay Pride/Father's Day Yesterday

Saw "Batman Begins" at the IMAX yesterday.

Get in on this before it's too late!

My spider bite looks even worse today; what do you think?

"Fixed" is the new "Is"

"If you decide you're going to have children, you'd better

How do you celebrate the Summer Solstice ~

PayPal is suspending my account


My WiFi is all over the place. My normally "excellent" signal

Salindude asked me to ask you to Ask Me Anything!

Web site building Help Please! I am hoping for some good links on how to

Bless me DU, for I have sinned.

Without Star Wars the following may never have been made

Where the hell is KitchenWitch

Some English grammar assistance please.

Okay, seriously.... the new Foetus CD ("Love") is amazing.

Connecticut DUers: Anyone else gotten the phone call

Call me out in this thread

When Tom DeLay goes to prison, what job should he be given?

OK! I am the real Plaid Adder!

Please explain how those Duke boys ...

Quick! Name three things dumber than Scientology:

But it's... it's not my cross!

BikeWriter is grateful that Tom Cruise

boy did I blow it

Scan spots women faking orgasms

Who thinks Bob Hope was as great an American as most politicians?

What makes you SMIRK?

Now hear this! Song 'parodies' are the stupidest form of satire...

If one were to move to Southern California from the midwest

Anyone know of a truly free fax program I can use with Word?

Farmers stew over 'couch potato'

He was born a pauper to a pawn on a Christmas Day

So....uh....How do I UNHIDE a thread?

Is it Dammit? or Damnit?

Is rape ever funny?

My dog is snoring so loud right now.

Share something you are grateful for today.

Keith Olberman coming up on Leno.

Lay Off Frito Lay


Am I dumb or just a bit old?

Could you answer all questions on any "Want to be a Millionaire"

Lay Off Kenneth Lay

Pizza should not have chicken or pineapples on it.

Cat-WooooMannnnnn----- I'm Gonna Watch Casablanca Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!


XM Radio

Clogged central vac line HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Six or Seven?

Too weird.

DU chat on AIM

Wal-mart puts bullseye on Target

10 things guys should really have (make your own)

Is Episcopalianism a religion?

My new puppy! (pic)

How often do you lie?

What sane person would ever, ever eat burgers without grilled onions?

Yay, I MAY evade bankruptcy!

Condolences to Neil Young on the death of his father.

Recast the Star Wars movies with major appliance and stock film footage!

Post a picture you took of someone famous.

Game 7 of the World Series. What pitcher, past or present, would you

Looking for Advice: How do I get readers for my blog?

What actors/actresses do you just love to listen to their voice?

Contemporary Cats Don't Cover Their Turds

What Plato said about tyrants

Shakira: La Tortura music video

I don't think we've had a Political Compass thread in a while

The movie Independence Day. Except Bill Pullman is not the Prez...BUSH is.

How YOU doin'? Post your worst pick up lines here!

Sept 25th: DU gathering for Protesting, Drinking, Smoking & PortaPotties

New bumper (window) sticker

LynzM made me do this: Adding "dude" to your DU name

Isn't Cruise's "War of the Lost Profits (whoops, Worlds)" due NEXT week?

The recent Lounge fascination with Tom Cruise is...

I donated blood today, and now I need a nap.

O come, Angel Band...come and around me stand

While we're at it- Lay off other peoples taste in music.


Online poster arrested for suspected undercover work

Andie MacDowell Ap/De -preciation Thread!

DemocracyFest 2005 (Austin, TX) - In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up

May the farm be with you!

What makes you SMILE?

Post silly pictures of your pets!

What is the most exotic dead/dying language you know?

Cat with drinking problem

Hey ladies of the lounge- what do you make of this list of 10 things dudes

My #1 pet peeve: people who interrupt.

Travel Question for those who have traveled to Paris

What are these extra keys for?

A late night Joke (That I heard today and it's pretty damn funny)

I never ask, but I need advice

The Shout Out to GreenLantern thread

I think this is good but I don't know

Don't you love it when your call to user support is taken in India

4 Free Songs on The Near Myths new website! What's your favorite?

So I forgot another bad thing happened this weekend...

college job hunt - "you need experience"

Now that we're sporting Conyers avatars...

ZW's Jazz Piano Poll

Blue Collar Beers: Your Faves

Hey! My first post on the 'Greatest' page!!

Lay off Scientology.

Talk Me Out Of Quitting My Job

AFI Tribute to George Lucas on USA network

Leo McGarry: Why did you tell me that?

Two things about "Big Lebowski" that all sentient beings knew long ago

Where the hell is RevActs??

PC vs Mac - which should I buy and why?

Sesame oil in a marinade?

Two 3 pointers in Kentucky/New Madrid area

I survived my hysterectomy last Friday

Strangest town names

vroom vroom vroom my sweet ass

Most Overrated Vacation Spot/Resort/City

Sweet dreams, Shekra ( kitten pic)

Tom Cruise getting squirted in the face: Karma for avoiding legitimate

Have you ever become enemies with people by loaning them money?

Need Divorce advice - very long drama here ;)

Best Center/Big Man in NBA History.

ATTENTION!! Need Head Count For BBQ THIS Saturday!

My dog is home from the hospital!

Welcome To My Nightmare-(warning:picture heavy)

Ronald Reagan...Picked in the final five for Greatest American

May the farm be with you!

What's so weird about Scientology compared to other religions?

Is pro-life pro-war and is that not pro-death which is anti-life?

Monk Indicted in Nun's Death - Crucifixion exorcism

VIOXX lawsuit info - can anyone help me out

U.S. doctors weigh in on morning-after pill denials

Flushot Shortage 'O5 again possible! CBS

Gov's Office Occupied! -TennCare Enrollees Fighting Back - Breaking!

A REAL DaVinci Code???

Gay father will get his day in court

Lawmakers Urge Bush To Enforce Ban On Gay Discrimination

Gay Arizona Group May Launch Amendment Drive To Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Being gay is in the genes, say researchers

Anglican Leaders Hear Reasons For US Gay Bishop's Election

McDonald's Sued For HIV Discrimination

Gay or Straight? Hard to Tell

Lakers and Horry

All right, It's prediction time for Gatti/Mayweather.

Is It Football Season Yet?

Brian Burke named Mighty Schmucks GM

Boston in Cleveland to take on the red hot Indians

There Are Two Teams In the National League East....

No way pistons beat spurs two games at SA

My dog is home from the hospital!

I love having kittens around

Sweet dreams, Shekra (foster kitten pic)

We adopted a dog today...

Catnip question

I'm lonely....Please find me new born furrbabies

Update on Foster Kitten dying - it was distemper

Bush info

Happy Solstice everyone!!!

vedic predictions

What I Learned From Auschwitz

Heh...something obvious

Does being an atheist

May I request a poll for GD....

Am I being too negative?

Has everyone voted in this poll? Our man too low.

Mike Hersh gets it right on Kerry's IWR vote

Tired of the negativity. Part II

DSMs: JK has to get this right or else . . .

Three cheers for Wes Clark

Ginny, where is that list you've been keeping?

Pundits don't know everything.

Some Kerry lovin' in 2004 election results and discussion.

Kerry Action Expected Soon on DSM

OK, I had to come here to vent! Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!!!!

nikon coolpix 8800

Kodak to Stop Making Black-and-White Paper

Any hikers here? Need a pack camera recommendation.

June Flower Exhibition thread (for Gallery)

Icy Conversation

Thunderstorm rolling in at dusk

Carbon River Gorge (dial-up warning)

KEITH IS ON!!!!!!!! From LA, I guess!!!!!!

EDVS to the tranq guns ..... an anti KO poster on DU .....

Keith news and non-news, 6/20/05 (to keep the deprived from starvation)

Everybody's gradually trickling back in I see!

Hola I'm back, is KO on tonight 6/21/05

KOEB Leno Show Thread!

KOEB 6/20/05 (from LA!!!!!!)...actually a case of Keithus Interruptus...

ohhhh alllright.....I'll start a Kucinich thread.......

Preparing for the next 9/11

Whats abouts if dem Dems started insisting for apologies?

Biden to Seek Presidential Nomination

13 Dumbasses and their excuse for not co-sponsering anti-lynching legis.

Can a preacher be a lobbyist? Can a lobbyist be a preacher? The answer

UN & Bolton nomination--What do you think the likelihood of

Vietamese Americans protest PM visit in Seattle

Bush says US is in Iraq because of attacks on US

So, who's ready to jump on the Biden bandwagon?

Getting Out of Iraq - Does That Let Bush Off the Hook?

NOW we know where bin Laden is?

Condisleezy lets the truth slip!

I captured a domain name that ridicules a Democratic candidate. Now what?

My, the repuglies fear Howard Dean!

Confusion re: Steny Hoyer and AmeriPAC

The man who will defeat Sensenbrenner says thanks!

Leak of Secret Plan to Protect G8 Leaders Sparks Security Alert

Starting a new blog...

Call your senators today, early if you can

Video now free on CNN....

Question - How many soldiers have been killed due to

Okay. I watched/read nothing this weekend. Have to ask, how many times

Pope blesses 45 Ferrari Race Cars headlines...

Gasoline prices taking a big hike AGAIN!

September '03-Bush says NO link between Saddam and 9/11

Clinton slams Guantánamo Bay prison

America, a nation in economic crisis

I want them all FIRED!

Rice: Everyone Else Failed

CNN: Texas Governor candidate is "Kinky" - (VIDEO)

"Everybody knew he lied . . ."

"How to handle Gitmo guests?" - GUESTS??????? WTF????

Vilsack to give felons who've completed sentences right to vote on July 4

Brilliant Moyers on Al Franken AAR 6-20

Bush faces a stalled agenda, as 2006 races rev up (C.S. Monitor)

"Conyers vs. The Post"

Why we call him Joe Biden (D-MBNA) and the son being groomed to take over:

Iraq?? Just in case I need to kick a republican's ass

Screw 2008, we need to focus on 2006

Why George Went To War

Bush the Imperialist... Goi ng to bypass senate on Bolton

Was John Edwards the right choice for VP in 2004?

Rush talking "lying" about DSM right now

Forwarded to me by a Repub--help with a rebuttal?

Condi on possible Bolton recess appointment, Fox News Sunday: "We'll see"

Is the Media pushing for "recess vote on Bolton?

Major Party Beliefs (according to GOP)

MyDD: The MSM is irrelevant

Maybe high oil prices are our friend.

Conservatives don't fake orgasms, they fake patriotism

great top story

I think it is time the Republican Party apologized to America...

DID George Bush just invite journalists go to Guantanamo?

Come on , you wimpy ass media bastards...

Bush, 'Out in the Cold' on Global Warming

Exclusive Interview With Representative Louise Slaughter

Brownstein of LATimes gives Kerry Kudos!

Hightower on biblical quotes.

Iraqi official accuses US of 'indiscriminate killing'

Multi Pronged Attack

And the war against Iran is just about set to start

British bombing raids were illegal,

Freepers going ballistic "Memo is fake" .....3 weeks later

Sibel Edmonds has new article on her site!

Who thinks it's time for Osama to be captured?

Good idea for protest discussed on Randi

Joe Biden runs

Mickey Herskowitz interview,

More Rhetoric Arguments: Hostettler (R-IN)

Ex-wife recounts threats, abuse at hands of key figure in Abu Ghraib Case


A reminder to the Democrats: The purpose of an opposition is to oppose

Debating Bolton (C-Span) Monday 5:00 ET, Vote at 6:00PM ET

Bush's next 'terrorist' attack will be here soon

The latest cowardly excuse for not serving in the Military

Maine Senate candidate calls for investigation leading to impeachment

Looks like cloture on Bolton is going to fail.

"Liberal" media, my ass!

What reform?

McClellan on Dem request for Bolton docs: "again they move the goal post"

Gov't. Collected Airline Passenger Data (it's forbidden by Congress)

Condi says we'll be in Iraq for a generation

"Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden"

Interesting Bumper Sticker

Chris Matthews : The Truth About the Downing Street Memo

Freepers top 10

Are the Downing Street Memos authentic??

If there are so many in today's Ketchican's paper...

Illegal immigrants in nuclear weapons facility, Oops, BOOM

Let's put the Biden/MBNA partnership inter perspective here

Bush: "I think about Iraq every day"

Voinovich votes against cloture


special DSM report starting on MSNBC (19:25)

07/06/04: "John Edwards and I will be fighting for the America we love"

Orlando Sentinel letter displays ignorance - here's my response (coments?)

Out of Iraq Caucus grows to 60-plus members

Senate Democrats decry Voice of America `outsourcing'

Why would a BRITISH reporter & BRITISH newspaper get BRITISH usage wrong?


"Insurgents" are 55% Saudi - will we invade them now?


Governor Signs Three Elections Bills (Jeb)

Michael Smith, DSM reporter, coming up on HARDBALL, 7:25PM, EST.

Where are Bush's radio addresses broadcast?

Orlando Sentinel's Friday Forum is about Terri Schiavo - comments?

How did the senate vote on Bolton?

My tinfoil hat theory about ending the Iraq war.

Wasn't there supposed to be some type of draft this month?

Isn't It Customary to Publish LTEE From A Congressman?

Video of Bill Moyers on 'Lou Dobbs Tonight' + Video of Sen. Boxer

Delay and Blunt are demaning an apology from Nancy Pelosi

Has anyone else in Connecticut gotten the phone call

What Dems voted for Bolton?

First Sen. Max Cleland, now Rep. John Conyers

Citizens Against Government Waste

MSNBC: 911 Widow angry at Porter Goss and Bin Laden Policy - (VIDEO)

MSNBC Poll: "Should Bush make a Bolton Recess Appt?" (75% NO)

That caller was strange on Malloy

Scott Ritter: The US War with Iran has Already Begun

What Amendments Does the Constitution Really Need?

DU this poll

What prominent black leader did Condi Rice warn not to fly on 9/11?

WHOA!!! Major Breaking News on MSNBC Homepage!!

I have a question

Olberman is already telling more about the EIGHT documents...

mike malloy just said chuck hagel will probably

Okay, here I go again. Help me to un-Anybody But Biden myself

What a crapy time to shut off my Directv!

My Weekend Night Strikes Made Me Feel Better

Fiance in the military

O.K. with regard to Biden, what is MBNA?

Who would you prefer for the '08 nominee? Evan Bayh or Joe Biden?

What's the biggest reason for Bushco Buyers' Remorse?

DSM now on

Anybody listen to Ed Schultz today regarding Hillary?

Jeb Bush: The Al Sharpton of the Right...

WAR WITH IRAN: neocons pushing a new justification


July 4, 2005 Independence Day/Impeachment NOW! day!

For all those thinking we are about to attack Iran....

Enlighten me--why would someone NOT support anti-lynching legislation???

Who is the best speaker in our party?

OHIO SCANDAL - Democrats say GOP's concealed to assist Bush!!!!

Governor Warner "Southern Star" interview at

How do you feel about Kerry now?

Sen. Nelson kicking Katherine Harris' ass

O.K. now Rob Corddry of The Daily Show HAS Stepped over the line

WOW WOW WOW Michael Smith was awesome on Hardball ...

GOP congressman says Democrats "demonize" Christians

Survey USA Poll: Democratic Senators growing support, GOP bleeding

Guts, Balls, Cojones...

AMERICAblog: I'm Sorry

MSNBC Bolton Poll... Go & Vote Now!

Mike Malloy giving Kerry hell now!

Important new essay and info from Sibel Edmonds! ("FBI and 9/11")

Please post a link to your county party website.

Long Wes Clark interview at

Pres 2008: presidential straw poll

Bolton Vote: 54-38 a subtle cloture threat????

"Free" market capitalism = bad public policy

So with all this DSM "coverage" where is Kerry

Kerry Action Expected Soon (Very Soon) on DSM!

What 1,723 Look like, and why the number means little.

E-mail Dem Senators a copy of Scott Ritter's new article

Thom Hartmann - "It was a war for political power."