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Archives: June 18, 2005

McSloy: 'Send lawyers, guns and money' -- Sovereignty's hit the fan

Global Eye - Inside Joke - By Chris Floyd

Conason: A press coverup (DSM)

Hunting Bubba

Rise in Japan teen sex ignites education debate

Paper Ballots, Hand Counted: Thinking outside the box.


Congress Members Join the Democratic Underground!?!


Friday Meetup at Liffey's ***Just keeps getting better****(PICS)

Does anyone know where to find the votes for the House of Representatives?

Fraud Alert/Credit Card,Debit Cards


Were Any DU'ers Treated By FRIST Back in the day?

G.O.P Worries/New York

If you had to pick a VP to run with Conyers, would would it be?

Impeachment as an after result of criminal liability?

Caption this * pic....

Are you a wing nut?

DU This Poll: Do Insurance Companies Charge Too Much?

On Amazon re: DSM - Shame the Media Into Doing It's Job - DU Mentioned!

This isn't the Seventies! Will it take more than the DSM to topple Bush?

Fill in the blank: *, w/o handlers, a wire or a teleprompter, would be __

GFP Media Blog - Video, Audio, Images, etc... ------- > LINK

Write Washington Post about Milbank at:

Don't let them take the Hitler away from us!

Exclusive: Bush Wanted To Invade Iraq If Elected in 2000

Dana Milbank is a bonesman!!

Facing up to Dana Milbank

WP: At Schiavo's Hospice, a Return to Routine

ISP's Attempt to Stop Public Broadband

CNOOC poised to outbid Chevron for US oil major - Unocal

NYT: Gov. Bush Seeks Another Inquiry in Schiavo Case (more info)

Santorum defends Schiavo visit

LAT: Administration Excised Scientists' Warnings in Grazing Report

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

European DUers Clique Qui

I brought this boat from Key West Florida into the New York Harbor

I had a good evening

What do you think about "Man On Fire?"

I am Katie Holmes

Someone burned me a Ronnie Montrose CD.

My nephew is getting married tomorrow

Here I sit crying...

Most predictable chord pattern in a pop song?

Why do you think I'm so good looking it's BREATHTAKING?

Would Home Owners Insurance Cover A Car Break In In Mexico?

ThI5 I$ $o Co0l. 1 C4N n0W $p34K lIKE t33n@9eR$.


Do you have morals and values?

I am Tom Cruise. Ask me anything.

Other things Jeb Bush should do after he opens his new Schiavo probe

You've won a $50K, 4 week vacation in any one country of the world

New Romance novel covers.

FUNNY Photos and Logos from Crappers Quarterly! Here's a few

Another liberal old enough to vote...

what is with this rumour that Selig wants the DH in the National League?

Did everyone send Michael Kinsley a little memo/email?

Bloggers' 'victory' over Iraq war memos

John Conyers is a DUer!

Dean Condemns 'Anti-Semitic Literature'

Bumper Stickers > DSM/Bush & Blair

"Wiggle room" for Shrub in DSM?

Remember the radioactive waste interstate shipments?

Another example of Faux News' "fair and balanced" reporting style...

Washington Post is calling us "Wing nuts"


Editorial: Dark days/Pressure is building for withdrawal from Iraq

Congress Assaults the Courts, Again, NY Times Editorial, June 18

White, Pretty, Rich: Media Biased On Missing Persons

Politics and Terri Schiavo, NY Times Editorial, June 18

Our Little Women Problem

Behind the Downing Street Memos----Lurks the specter of treason. He-

Mothers of Slain Soldiers, Others, Demand Bush's Impeachment

The Press Can Not Ignore Public Pressure

Big Fires Need Lots Of Water

An Insider's Troubling Account of the U.S. Role in Iraq

Whoops - Dupe Please Delete

Jim Hougan on Deep Throat-"Seven days in May"

Chuck Hagel a Liberal? Read this - NY TIMES

Public defense system crisis denies justice to poor in US courts

A new battleground on campuses

Rocky Mtn News: House Slaves - Saudi dignitaries abuse servants

EXCITE.COM News Headlines DSM..from AP Wire..Condi changes subject...

The Demise of FOIA and The Special Prosecutor (freepress. net)

The world watches as US avoids the shameful glare (GA Geyer)

No checkered flag for Oneidas (US checkerboarding American Indians again?)

Argentina: A Breath of Fresh Air

Post-Dispatch: Durbin stays on attack over prisoners

While the G8 waters down its plans to combat climate change, the Antarctic


How America is fighting Iraq war on two fronts

Robert Fisk: We are all complicit in these vile acts of torture -

DesertSun|President must answer to Downing Street Memo

CIA McGovern on JL Newshour after DSM Basement testimony

Congress Assaults the Courts, Again

1,720 - Time To Go Down The Hill Again

DSM - Take it to the Courts!

JEB's NY Times LTTE - "Schiavo's Life and Death"

The Beginning of the End?

Rich: Two Top Guns Shoot Blanks

Desert Sun: "Bush Must Answer To Downing Street Memo"

McSloy: 'Send lawyers, guns and money' -- Sovereignty's hit the fan

Henry Porter (London Observer): Fiddling as the planet burns

The comic genius of the Rude Pundit

Mocking the Downing Street Memo

WP: A Senator's Shame (Byrd's biography)

Bush's WMD 'Joke': Is the Media Still Laughing?

Anything Planned for the Charlotte area?

Protesters face coal association president with slurry dinner

Focus on Family drops 2 stations because they were insubordinate

Media Matters for America - Yesterday's CNN, Fox, NBC lies noted/refuted

GFP Media Blog - Video, Audio, Images, etc...

USA Today finally ends Downing St. Memo blackout

The Thinking Behind a Close Look at a C.I.A. Operation (NYT)

British DSM's "FIXED" means "manipulated"/"cooked" -Why does US media lie?

Europe fails to cut greenhouse gas emissions

CAFE Standards?

Big Screen TV's Suck. (Electricity.) 675 kW-hrs/yr. Kill your television

The Quiet Occupation

Israel to urge PA to house refugees in settlements

U.S. preparing $3 billion in aid for post-pullout development of Gaza

PA Officials Quietly prepare for Collapse

Al-Qaida's No. 2 calls on Palestinian militants to end cease-fire with Isr

Dean Condemns 'Anti-Semitic Literature'

Who are the government employees/experts who've spoken out?

Reynold 'demolition' story could be a 'red herring'

Action Alert: Save CA Election Integrity!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 6/18/05

HELP in GD forum - Did * steal 04? YES - I have to leave now - can u help?

Voting Panel still taking public comments!

Need help--Looking for Sequoia employees, names of Corp. officers

The Free Press: Did * Steal America's 2004 Election? (Read this!)

Diebold has been STOPPED in California!!! Congratulations


Fitrakis: Blackwell had direct access to central tabulator!

Why the Democrats Will Keep Losing (Mother Jones)

Cunningham's son's pot bust

Area pizza joint tied to mercenary in Afghanistan (Hayward)

Rep. (Linda) Sanchez: I can relate to my constituents

State Controller (Westly) Joins Calif. Gov. Race

Menlo Park protest against Ahnuld--June 22

Urgent! Save California Election Integrity!

Any interest in an Iowa Meetup?

Database help.....

Bush policy proves itself in his home town

Jake Pickle died this morning.

Perry vetos public education budget and calls special session.

Here's a Democracy Fest update for ya...

Got this E-mail today

Gard has (another) temper tanrtrum

WI Senator's email addresses

Lake Geneva area

Question?? How exactly,


What's next?

Mike Webb: topic is Downing Street Memo tonight --- stream link

Remember Bobby Eberle, GOPUSA? He just got some DSM tips from Rove...

Some Very Useful tools for writing WaPo's Ombudsman and others

I Know What Thursday Was...

planes falling from sky and 4 earthquakes

Am I the only Democrat who is willing to kick a little ass?

Injustice at the Justice Dept.

My memory sucks.

This is a GREAT POLL in the lounge about Jeb Bush! Very Funny

I'm calling you out!

Well well today I had an interesting encounter

W Va. Supreme Court Gives Custody of 5-Year-Old Boy to Dead Mom's Partner"


Rep. Jones (R) to call for DSM Investigation

Ex-Tyco CEO Kozlowski found guilty

How to shut down Bush supporters

AAR Ratings?

Lake "O"

San Jose Police Say Sexual Predator May Have 36,000 Victims

CSPAN Schedule Sunday, June 19

If the DSM are today's Pentagon Papers, who is the new Deep Throat?

By his simple act of walking over the petition to the WH gates,

Ok. We signed the petition. Now we have to contact our

I am coming up on C-Span...Cincinnati!

Houston Colt 45's

Did anyone catch Christine Whitman on C-Span Radio???

Joseph Wilson on This is Hell 10:00 EST

Four stars and five stars.... War is a Force That Gives Us

School nurse accused of forcing student to submit to exam (preg. test)

FAIR Media Advisory: Justifying the Silence on Downing Street Minutes

On AAR now....John Conyers doing another forum hearing tomorrow!!

anybody got a link to download Robert Redfords appearance on Franken?

Mr.Bush unveiled a new program to restore fiscal health to Social Security gets slammed!

Did Blair concoct the yellow cake stuff for *? DSM musings

I couldn't believe the evening network news shows last night....

Welcome to Karl Rove Cheerleading Camp

lynching photos on cspan...echoes of abu ghraib...


1,720 now. one thousand, seven hundred and twenty gone for lies

Dueling interns CSPAN now - Heritage Foundation vs PAW

Cheney Said Questioned On CIA Leak

would bush tell the truth using his own approved interrogation techniques?

"But the best way to honor the fallen is to complete the mission"

One of the assigned functions of our propaganda organs ( Press) is

Let's repeat: The NeoCon Media is COVERING UP the TRUTH!

Art sleuth uncovers clue to secret Raphael marriage

Some Truths To Ponder.

Does this battle scene hold key to Leonardo's lost masterpiece?

O'Reilly, O'Franken, and the War on Terra.

Rosemary's Baby.

Is B* setting the stage for another attack in the US?

For the Freepers who still don't get it..... make a monster, kill a

So, Montanans, is Morrison the guy to beat Conrad Burns for US Senate?

Watching this young, Neocon intern on Wash. Journal breaks my heart

Why was the OSP created and why is it still not in operation?

'Religious bullying' at US academy

The world's terrorists have now made Iraq a central front on the war...

Operation Yellow Elephant

Bush's Exit Strategy

Head In Sand Syndrome - HISS is what the world Hears (design & flyer)

KS anti-evolutionist calls liberals 'vindictive'


PBS, Anyone have contact information?

Cheerleaders who save their loudest shout for God

Seminole Tribe Still Supports Florida State Use Of Nickname

One of the great scientists of the Information Age, Shannon, came

Many are missing; few make the news

Is there an expiration date on LIES?

"gov't is run by a bunch of gun-toting hillbillies"

Ireland may abandon tax exemption scheme for creative writers

My take on Wesley Clark and Fox

36 Iraqi forces killed today.

pat buchanan on abu ghraib: "that's not who we are"

Call rises to 'dump Diebold' (CA)

Video of Cindy Sheehan calling for a political stake to be driven into ...

So there's a bias? (Aruba story)Check this out!

Book Recommendation: Fiction

DU this yahoo story

California DU'ers I need info and help!

Stripes letters: Bring back higher standards; Too much time apart

Why is Bill Clinton flaunting his relationship with "Poppy"

Russia, China join against US 'star wars'

Here's a snapshot of our "success" in Iraq 2 yrs ago, and today

Fundraiser for Raw Story - Two Week Help-Us-Out-A-Thon

Weapons In Space: Dawn of a New Era

I'm off to build houses with Jimmy Carter!!!

A day without a Mexican

the lastest "God is on our side" photo making the fundie email rounds.....

sen. dr. frists' statement on his misdiagnosis (shaivo)

Looks like the coalition of globalists and xenophobes, AKA the GOP,

I'm disillusioned, dispirited and exhausted with this political crap.

So--we have NOT heard a peep from the WH about Petitions have we?

A Noose, Not a Bracelet (Naomi Klein on Africa)

I googled Downing Street news

Front Page YAHOO! "Memos Show British Concern Over Iraq Plans"

Scott McClellan Said "It's Old News" I Say "It's NEW PROOF!"

Dell Logging Your Keyboard....Came across this on Yahoo

A question for the Right: Where is yours?

OK, Folks, time to resurrect that classic political cartoon and update it!

Solution to The Military's Recruitment Problem: Allow Men to Join!

Pay Attention Parents

Greenspan's Fraud by Ravi Batra

For the last time, G. W. *bush did NOT go AWOL.

British Sources confirm the definition of "Fixed" once and for all.

Amy Goodman - Democracy Now - Downing Street Memo Coverage !!!

Too many laws? Opinions vary.

Yankee Pride - The Land That Rejects Rightwing Bigots

Have You Wrote to Dana Milbank Yet ?

As Bodies Mount, WP Mocks, & WH Deflects, Another Counter Keeps Ticking:

Which pundits used the "Everyone knows * lied" defense?

Okay, I don't normally watch this kind of stuff, but.....(700 Club) yuck!

& We Think SHRUB Is Bad. Wait'll We Get Jeb Crow Shrub

Here's a way I thought Clinton could be president again

If DSM is "Old News," Why So Many NEWS Articles Showing Up?

Officers told not to Taser 'extremely thin'

GET OUT of Iraq; it's the ONLY answer.

Inquire Within

Next Time The Republicans Say We Never Linked Sadam To 9-11

I have seen it all! Repub. Gov. Sonny Perdue has to pay fine to his wife!

Local paper editorial on DSM ,chastizes Mary Bono (R, CA45)

pervert who buried Jessica Lunsford alive may walk free

Sad story about a soldier that was killed in Iraq.

Beheadings: my friend just asked me an interesting question

Cnn just did a good segment on the DSM's on Headline news.

Letter to Governor Jeb Bush

Fake minority on Fox News?

"They would have been very happy to be allowed to defecate on themselves"

Cindy Sheehan, the mother on the Conyer's hearings on The Guy James Show

Wow, my poll about shaming war supporters is GONE.

War as a means of ensuring your political viability.

War as a means of ensuring your political viability.

John Kerry is an Insurance company whore

Credit card applications: aaahhh, relief: just returned five of them

Undercounting Americans killed in Iraq?

we are sending Prisoners to Uzbekistan to be boiled alive.. Link>

Dean Condemns 'Anti-Semitic Literature'

anyone else hearing dick gephardt plastered all over msm saying

Don't you hate when a thread is locked

Conyers blog: Two Apologies

george bush, hang onto your ass, we're comin' to git ya'

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi-He Has Been At Gitmo All Along----

Conyers for pres in 2008?

Excited Delirium... A frightening pair of words.

Four Lights: Beating a Brain-dead Horse

French fries protester regrets war jibe.

America's political "center" as defined by our corporate media

STUPID Pedophile......stupid stupid stupid..........

I need more time! I read the DSM, the latest Halliburton scam, PNAC lie,

Four Lights: Bible Bangers and Past Prejudices

Which of these is the TRUE "Centrist"?

Idiots in Spain against gay marriage

A question on "job numbers". gwb doesn't say "unemployment is at

Greg Mitchell Gives it to Dana Milbank (Great Article)

IRAQ: Tell Congress to Bring the Troops Home

"But, but, but.... 911! But, but, but.... saddam! Look out!...

Best.GD.Thread.Ever. - "George And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamtie"

Have you ever seen the wal-mart employee "chant"?

some cartoons!

A poll did * mislead us into a war? 94% say yes! We are gonna win.

President must answer to Downing Street Memo

Toyota now wants to raise prices to help GM catch up in market share.

torture, nationalism, and 'religiosity' in Nazi concentration camps

Pigboy T-Shirt: "What happens in Gitmo, stays in Gitmo"


Relatives of some troops killed in Iraq seek hearings on Downing Street

please post Olbermann's email addy

This is interesting..American newspapers didn't cover DSM

so we're not supposed to be impressed

Bernie Sanders amendment debate on BookTV/C-SPAN2

Gotta Wonder... What Richard Clarke And Paul O'Neill Are Thinking Now ???

Bush should be known as the 9/11 President....

Voter ID bill could unfairly target some

I had a meeting in which there was a US Army Major Yesterday and he said..


Slam Milbank/Post! My LTTE/Ombudsman/Milbank

Watch Triumph of the Nerds on DVD (History of the PC) its a GREAT program

New Report Documents Total Sex Ratios at Birth From 1940 to 2002

I was watching Hillary speak on C-Span right now,

I am extremely concerned that Klansman Killen may get away with murder

At least there are no ice jams this year. (Pictures)

Has everybody seen the IWT News Video?

Short and Cook confirmed the DSM

AP about DSM

These Are The Best Pictures Of The DSM Rally! A MUST SEE!

Faux News Just Said Durbin Is giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

Dana Milbank compared to reporters who laughed at Bush wmd jokes

What is the actual status of Air America radio?

Oil sets new record at $58.60

Gen. J. C. Christian has 'em the size of Brunswicks.

Downing Street Memo Will Not Be The New Watergate

Bushies spin "significant adverse impact" into "beneficial"

Tribune Columnist Causes Controversy Over Presidential Election Fraud Stor

Scales of death and coverage by the media.

When Bush's Impeachment Hearings Start

Cheney PROVES Iraq/Al Qaeda Link! lol

Steve Jobs's Commencement Address to Stanford in Full

Is it just me or does * just repeat the same thing over and over and over

“Our focus is not on the past. It’s on the future.” --Scottie McClellan

A Wonderful Look (a Listen, actually) Back - Barbara Jordan

How much pain would cause you to tear the hair from your head? Gingrich calls for censure of Durbin

Just heard something about another British memo on ABC radio news


word for the day: mendacity

DSM on CNN!!!!???

HAHA -- Watch Juan Williams spank OReilly about Durbin(video)

Happy Fathers Day 2005

I am convinced that our only real power is to VOTE them out.

Didn't Know I Was UnAmerican (VIDEO #2) WATCH!!

Anybody else think that Batman had more political undertone than Star Wars

That's it as of right now I'm for Clark '08

Safety Net

bush:"The MISSION isn't easy, and it will not be ACCOMPLISHED overnight,"

Excerpt from new Monty Python script!

from the BBC: Congressmen probe Iraq war memo--"scant U.S. coverage"


HBO's "Last Letter Home": Did anyone watch it?

In 4096 characters or less, tell me why one should be against the war now

Darfur Daily News: June 18, 2005

The war is not a failure for those that wanted it.

unless they are stopped soon, we are in for one fucking bumpy ride

Bush Sends Birthday Wishes to Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi

Picture from the rally!

Vanessa Redgrave on CNN Now

We should send THIS to every member of the Press in the US!!

Rich, NYTimes: "Two Top Guns Shoot Blanks"

Hot time on the "Guy James Show" tonite!! Real Liberal Radio at its best

Is their a place we can put up an on line poll on the awayness of DSM?

zOne of my earliest "political "memories was of a neighbor marching

Teeter-Totter Tips

A defeat in the Iraq war has to be seen as a defeat for the neocons.

Will Your Representative Support A DSM Inquiry?

If you think the armed services are getting desperate for new recruits,

CBS News Is Getting It Right About DSM.... Finally

Help a foreigner to understand Freepers

PROPS to your favorite Progressive!

DSM and the Internet

Is it time?

lying about a war that thousands have died in is like a crime isn't it?

Ah, sookie, sookie now -- British bombing raids in Iraq were illegal

Last 10 Days - 40 Dead - Bless them all

so I guess the freepers are o.k. with being hoaxed into a war

So when are the rest of the Abu Garib pictures and audio being released?

Hillary, have you heard of the DSM???

The face of Ray Killen as he looked to his victims...NOT an old man

1720 reasons why the DSM is Important

FBI looking into the sale of Cunningham Home.

Nazis, and Fascists, and Hitler! Oh my! (long)

demonstrators in Azerbaijan carry posters of Bush

Tyson showed class in his loss to "Irish" Kevin McBride

Will someone much smarter than me make some comparisons

Needed; an investigation into missing Iraq funds and war profiteering

The Peel-Off Strategy: "Do You Support Manipulating Intelligence?"

The AP's DSM articles are disappearing AGAIN!!!!

Killer potato chips

The Terri Schiavo FRAUD - RW'ers attempted to destroy the Judiciary

One bit of twisted logic I wish the media would put to bed

Let's Play Find the Damning AP Story, Shall We?

Freeper laments I wasn't raped in the 'old' Iraq

America the Pissed. God shed his rage on thee

How Important Is The Internet, Really?

Every 30 seconds, a child under the age of five dies of malaria

Fred Reed: The crumbling has begun

Check out this lounge post. A satire piece about Michael Schiavo and Jeb

Truth Tsunami ALERT! For IMMEDIATE Release!

Jeb Bu$h is accusing Terri's husband of Murder now.. she was Bulimic.

LA TIMES: Soldiers sues over Guantanamo beating: MP vs the Pentagon

White House releases new photos of Gitmo to bolster world opinion (photos)

CIA Getting Sloppy?

The ultimate logic by the radical right wing......The Tom DeLay wing!!!

Key excerpts from DSM

I think Bush is cracking. The pressure is caving him in

(Jeb) Bush Signs Fla. Wine-To-Go Bill Into Law

I have a great suggestion for our freeper lurkers & moles.

Cleric says hostage from CA rescued in Iraq was about to be freed


Sheila Jackson Lee for POTUS in 2008?

Good reason to consider impeaching Bush

Hacking Google (using google to get a LOT more information)

First they went after the poor red people

Representation By Lottery?

Here's a link to email your Congresspeople about DSM & sign the petition!

Another top Scientist found dead ( blunt force trauma to the head.)

Bush and his gang are planning to usurp all power forever.They want

Moscow: "Downing Street memo" sufficient evidence to impeach Bush

Why was Rice and not Powell doing all the talking to the UK on Iraq?

What do you think happened when Bush received those signatures?

Confessions of a Right-Wing Liberal

Bush should resign

Sunday Talk Shows discussing DSM?

Painted pearl unlocks secret of Raphael's love

A pullout from Iraq is not the answer.

Britain: Parliamentary probe exposes lies on Iraqi weapons

Chomsky: Bush's handlers have already won the Social Security debate

Call IMUS on Monday - request Robert Kennedy Jr. (expose Frist and Govt )!

Who would you most like to see in Gitmo...

Google News Front Page:601 Related DSM stories

One of the things you keep hearing about Vietnam

Just heard 'The Capital Gang' on CNN has been


Just how desperate is the GOP? TELL me this is satire!

In light of the Downing Street Memo

DSM hearings, Marcy Kaptur's request, and war games

Is there a left-wing attack machine? B/c we sure as hell need one

AP has 3 stories on Downing Street Minutes..Rate them up.

bush is SO DESPERATE, he reverts back to "Iraq = 911"

Will someone make some comparisons, please. . .

Wal-Mart store tells workers to be ready to work any shift or be fired.

Can we import George Galloway and make him the Democratic

Researchers Find Possible Earth-Like Planet

Well... Looky Here... What's This I See On The Front Page Of MSNBC !!!

Think Progress: Bush going after Porn Industry

Pictures:At Lafayette Park: Washington, D.C.

PNAC and Peak Oil


Enabling Evil

Tomorrow all twelve children will be going back home and our home

I have an idea about hold MSM responsible. Please tell me what you think.

Front page Sunday Oregonian: US rationale for War "unconvincing"

If Clinton was still President...

Which one r u?

I'm BACK from DC and here's a Trailer to the Conyers DVD - Symbolman

US News: Chuck Hagel is just a little pissed off. Ok, more than a little.

DSM! Contact Reps in a few keystrokes & a click! Please pass forward!

Email from Rep. Slaughter (re: Iraq Audit)


Wolfowitz says Zimbabwe evictions 'a tragedy'

wow-they had an election in iran!!!!

Amazing AP story on DSM today. We're entering the realm of

Bush is finally

Caption this photo

WOW !!! - 'Impeach Bush -- US Out Now!' By Jack Random

Iraqi Union Leader Asks For Help To Force U.S. To Withdraw From Iraq

Conyers should be booked on ALL the Sunday talk shows

Joun Conyers thanked DU on his blog, and posted it here as well..

I used to think DU was an Inconsequential Chat Room

I can't believe what my neo-con Uncle just sent me.

Christian, White Women. The Backbone Of The Country!

Hillary Clinton and Rupert Murdoch getting a little too close

THANKYOUPATRIOT.COM is coming back, for Conyers and DSM!!! Please Read!

Mark Twain, John Conyers, & DU having the intended effect

Did George W. Bush Steal America's 2004 Election? - By Bob Fitrakis...

Please take a minute to send a word of encouragement to Senator Durbin.

The Friedman Solution: Reinstate the Draft

LOL!! So Bad It's GOOD..."Creativity" On Free Republic!

Man subdued by Taser......

Just Say No

Something that has always bugged me about the 9/11 hijackers and Saddam...

Norman Rockwell's Depiction of the Mississippi murders

Cops Raid Wrong Duplex With Noise Device Over 4ozs. of Marijuana

Las Vegas Mayor Insults The People Who Help The Homeless

How can we constructively interact with Dems who still support the war?

People need to give Bill Clinton a break

Feel free to freak out now

Brain Storm - What are some ways to get the message out about the DSM?

"Into the Buzzsaw" question.

DU and the DSM the Ripple Effect Continues . . .

Fitrakis: Blackwell had direct access to central tabulator!

sloppy Joe pizza tonight

My latest pizza craze

Am I the only French Canadian here?

McSloy: 'Send lawyers, guns and money' -- Sovereignty's hit the fan

House Passes Bill to Slash Funds to United Nationz

Residents accuse Haitian police of killing two people in raid

US Peace Corps leaving Haiti due to security concerns

Iran to Have 1st Presidential Runoff Ever

W Va. Supreme Court Gives Custody of 5-Year-Old Boy to Dead Mom's Partner"

New drug on front line in fight against MRSA

US father (convicted) murdered nine children BBC News

Second helicopter crashes in NYC in 4 days

Pakistani tribesmen vow to oust US from region

NYT- Bush, Touting Drug Plan, Encounters Protests Over Social Security

U.S. criticizes Pakistan on Taliban leaders

Cunningham, defense contractor have more ties(in addition to yacht & home)

Pentagon to build new prison at Guantanamo (Halliburton/KBR!)

GOP Senator Wants White House Climate Deal

40M Credit Card Accounts Could Be Affected (this is a problem)

Taliban attack Afghan district, capture 18

Land Study on Grazing Denounced ("they rewrote everything...It's a crime")

NYT- C.I.A. Role in Visit of Sudan Intelligence Chief Causes Dispute ....

Agilent will cut 50 more jobs over next year

Farmers 'terrified out of their homes' to sue BP for £15m

WP: GOP Senators to Propose New Tack On Social Security

At least 200 million Chinese to be obese in 10 years

Paper trail mounts More documents call march to war into question

G8 to pool data on terrorism

Nine coalition troops killed in Iraq

Georgia Gov. Fined by Ethics Commission

U.S. War Plans Much-Discussed in Memos (AP)

Cops Raid Wrong Duplex With Noise Device Over 4ozs. of Marijuana

Gulf Guantanamo returnees may face torture-activists

Iraqi journalist wounded in apparent kidnap attempt

WP: Little Opposition From Party of 'Obstruction'

Prosecutors rest in Killen trial

Up to 40m credit cards 'hacked' (BBC).....(PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!)

Pummeled MP sues Pentagon ... impersonating unruly Guantanamo detainee

Excerpts From the Downing Street Memos (AP excerpts)

Japan rejects U.S. plan for U.N. reform

AP: Memos show British Concerns over Iraq Plans

Deleted - Dupe

Lesbian gets custody: Court says woman is the ‘psychological parent’

Anti-US protestors demand closure of Incirlik Airbase in Turkey

Taliban says to try 31 held at Afghan district HQ

Study: States With Tougher Child Support Laws Have Fewer Unwed Births

U.S. Marines Battle Insurgents on Two Fronts in Western Iraq

Iraqi doctors strike over police harassment

USA Today main headline: Memos reveal British concern...

Gov. Bush seeks new Schiavo inquiry

AP: Memos Show British Concern Over Iraq Plans (on Yahoo)

Opposition Stages Big Rally in Azerbaijan (pro-Bush!)

Eta 'ends attacks' on politicians

Latino rally planned to counter Minuteman

Mad cow disease: Gaps remain in U.S. defense against killer

Iran to Have 1st Presidential Runoff Ever

2002 Memos Undercut British WMD Claims

MDL's fees to Ohio fund are double what was reported previously

Opposition leaders despair democracy has passed over Syria

Dems: Private Accounts Would Hurt Farmers

Nine coalition troops killed in Iraq:- Gingrich calls for censure of Durbin

Russia, China join against US 'star wars'

Uzbekistan denies restrictions on U.S. air base retaliation for criticism

Memos Show British Concern Over Iraq Plans

Financial Times (London/Saturday): Oil prices exceed $58

Romanian priest unrepentant after crucifixion of nun

Report: Google to start new payment system

Parents uniting to keep military recruiters from high schoolers

G8 Retreat on Climate Change (another British leak)

Red Cross hits back at U.S. Republican critic

Musharraf barred travel by rape victim

Local National Guard member denied re-enlistment bonus money

Insurgents trawl Europe for recruits

State Controller (Westly) Joins Calif. Gov. Race

S. Korean Soldier Goes on a Shooting Spree, Kills 8 Soldiers, Wounds 2

WP: A Senator's Shame (Byrd's biography)

Memos Suggest Blair's Government Exaggerated Intelligence About Saddam's A

Jeb Bush a "Desperate Housewife" says Michael Schiavo

Coming Soon: Googling The Truth

House to Vote on Cuba Travel before Recess

Lawmakers Trying Again to Divide Ninth Circuit -NYT

War taking toll on health of Iraqi kids

Possible Court Nominees Pose a Quandary for Bush

Memos Show British Fretting Over Iraq War

USA urges India to buy American weapons

Iranian reformer says presidential election was rigged

State GOP ordered to provide documents

WP: Unease Over Iraq Becoming an Issue for 2006

WP: Possible Court Nominees Pose a Quandary for Bush

WP: Schools and Military Face Off

Bush: Pulling Out of Iraq Not an Option

Marines, Iraqi Troops Launch 2nd Offensive (Operation Dagger)

Al-Zawahri video calls for armed jihad

Officers told not to Taser 'extremely thin' (FL)

Troubled waters for shellfish farmers in America

Klan trial:Slain man's mom recalls murder; jury to consider lesser charge

Canada diplomat knew of Syria abuses

Marines Rescue Iraqis Tortured by Insurgents

Anger over EU summit failure

Where they'll bury us if bird flu hits Bay (NZ)

Two US Soldiers Killed in Baghdad Shootout (#1719 & 1720)

Leak of secret plan to protect G8 leaders sparks security alert

Memos Show Blair's Government Worried About an Unstable Postwar Iraq

London Observer (Sunday): New Bush move to spoil climate accord

(Zell) Miller backs Reed's bid for lieutenant governor

Amnesty attacks move to expand Guantánamo prison

Truck drivers find Iraq comfortable, rewarding

Chaos reigns in Sadr City despite changes

One-time supporters of Iraq war now question mission's wisdom

463 Pelicans Die from Oil Spill Effects (Louisiana)

AP Excerpts From the Downing Street Memos

Out of President's Sight, Arlington's Rows of Grief Expand

WP: Bird Flu Drug Rendered Useless

Africanized Bees Spotted in SW Arkansas

Grand Jury Investigating Lawmaker's House Sale

Spain's clergy rally support to oppose gay marriage law

Priest who crucified nun unrepentant

Bush says US is in Iraq because of attacks on US

British bombing raids were illegal, says Foreign Office

Bush wounded by anger over war

Hit by friendly fire (Hagel - WH "completely disconnected from reality")

College grads enter an encouraging job market

Catholics, Protestants Riot During Belfast March; Dozens Injured

If John Conyers and Barbara Boxer had a child...

Paging Enigmatic,

"It's like Katey was an alien spaceship that crash landed in the backyard"

Let's have new bumper sticker slogans!

Listening to all kinds of the Rolling Stones. Ask me about life insurance.

Yuck. The movie about the cheerleader muder is on right now.

DSM? We don't need no stinking DSM.

Hilarious kitty and fishbowl pic


Need DUer's help

I've made an electronica iMix if anyone wants to vote for it.


is DU insanley slow right now?

When you need a friend through thick & thin Don't look to those above you

I feel like complaining

Why do you think that bibles are kept in hotel rooms?

Striped coffin for die-hard football fans

I just had breakfast and now I am going to bed.

Lucinda Williams is a Goddess


Artificial dirt for your SUV

Don Wright Cartoon..... cute.

I need a certain O'Reilly pic

Wow, John Heder only got $1000 for Napoleon Dynamite

Most amazing doll(?)/action figure(?) I've ever seen

Who's watching the hen house?

Liberal Democrat and Becoming Catholic?

Saw the most disgusting freeper-mobile yesterday

Ugh. Need tea...

US outsources Iran invasion to Iranian military

Jeb Bush Re-Examines Super Bowl XXXIX

Pics of my new baby... (Obligatory new pet photos)

And you though H2's were ugly before...

Ok, so, one day Cheney has had enough of George's pesty questions, and

Boy finds stolen Rodin's statue

Harley gives easy ride to the oligarchs

Which is more likely?

When the shrub is evicted, do we need to build a new White House?

so whats everyone doin tonight?


How do you pronounce "Aix-en-Provence"?

What are you guys/gals listening to tonight????

Six Feet Under question.....

Holy shit, it's gettin' busy in the coffeehouse

I'm a sellout.... I just sold out of

Is there a Dr. in the house? I just woke up with the roof of my mouth numb

Should William Rivers Pitt Run From The Police Someday?

Amusing incident involving my new Zhou En-Lai T-shirt

What's on Tom and Katie's to do list today?

A restaurant question for you

Out of the blue question from MM Jr.

I planted some eggs today..... does anyone know

write your own Dysfunctional family circus captions

Political cartoon

Does anybody know what happened to my signature line?

When you put certain bumperstickers on your car

I've never been woken up like this before

Any Kaiser Northern California employees here?

Hey, progmom, how 'bout some Toby Keith on your show today?

This is the weirdest bug ever.

Unexpected visitors!

The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider

Going to Philadelphia in a couple weeks


Leonardo DiCaprio Assaulted in L.A.

I am Katie Holmes, ask me anything

Ever hear your alarm, turn it off, and forget to wake up??

Huzzah! Another convert!

My dog needs Beano!

Looking for the Wahhhmbulance pic?

love is like a pimple


tonight in small town usa

just so everyone is clear:

Are Tiger and Vijay elevating the other players' game?

progmom on the air - post your straight-ahead jazz request here

If my house cat were big enough to kill me he would...

Ultrasonic toothbrush, just found a new use for one.

Question of the night. BUSH OR CHIMP?

can you recommend a good program that will use my own html template and

If you loathe Willy Wonka, don't click on this link!

How to make your household hate you

Is it raining? Is it snowing?

I need some Major advice...

Who has better spelling?

Help please. How do I do a line break in my sig line?

Kid Charlemagne

I saw proof my favorite band is anti neo-con

I'm trying to do some yellow journalism to get Canada to liberate us

Damn, I'm good

So really: The George W Bush Presidential Library...

Post Your Favorite *Healthy* Southern Recipes

Blatant commercialism? "Eaten missionary's family get apology"

my 200th post, don't ask me s#!t.

I love using the shrug smiley. "Shruggy," I call him

DU Gathering in Pittsburgh is Today...

Where is your happy place?

How did Dover know the original context of this silly exercise?

Post a picture of you using your middle finger

I am not a well brought-up Minnesotan

How many Re-thugs does it take to screw in a light bulb?

I still have not received my state income tax refund

Hey dads! What's on your agenda!?

Please allow me to brag on my ballerina (oh yeah, democrat) sister_hat: >

Why you shouldn't post your picture on the internet.

No no no no, Dont Phunk With My Heart

Do you know Jack Schitt?

can you recommend a good progmom that will use my own musical tastes and

Vintage Base Ball

Hottest Happy Days character?

Ultimate pong!!

That lie is over a year old, so you can't talk about it!

Are you ready?

I'm coloring my hair, right now. What are you doing?

a photo of my great-great grandmother - a stunning woman

Deleted message

what would make this evening better?

I am a coward. I didn't go to my college class reunion

I'm Sen. Katherine Harris. Ask me anything.

From Smoking Gun, Tom Cruise's non-disclosure agreement.

Less than 3,500 posts until 16 MILLION!


I got my MoJo workin'.

crazy days/months/years....having a really bad image problem with

My dog is being hospitalized for pancreatitis

Favorite Rolling Stone?

Say something important

and once

Boy it's HOT in here!

Ever refused treatment because of drug testing policies?

I got an overpayment notification from NFM Corp. Consumer Advocacy

No, this is the weirdest bug ever.

Is it just my imagination today or are we being visited today

Paul McCartney and wife bought a manse in Pasadena, CA

Favorite and least favorite musical instruments?

Does it?

Star Wars fanatics

Noctilucent clouds, a new heavenly phenomenon- should we ask WHY it's new?

Well if everyone wants me to leave I'll leave then.

Little Britain upcoming on BBC America

Need help wrapping spring rolls....

And you think you have problems.

Here we go again...

So who is addicted to DU?

I've got another idea for a rant

How much do you spend on alcohol a month?

What field do you work in?

someone with a cool name died this week

Discuss: Anderson Cooper's mom is Gloria Vanderbilt

Yo, Dads, check in! DU's Official Father's Day thread!

I guess that I'm getting ignored today

Finally saw Star Wars episode III today.

Darth Dubyous

"I Love Ann Coulter"


If you could play any character in Revenge Of The Sith..

Rupert Murdoch's lastest bid for world domination

so... whats a good way/site to download free music

Tonight: My Favorite Pizza and a Movie-

Update on my friend

The tAo TE Ching for today by Iching

what is your favorite Ray Charles recording?

What concert do you wish you were at?

From now on Bush will be known as Darth Dubyous.

This is it -- the official FUNDAY (at Saginaw, Michigan) thread !!!!

WAAAHHOOO!!! Excuse me while I do my happy dance!

Child porn?

I have noticed something:

Just moved into our new place...

Pride Night at the ballpark.

Anybody remember that fat guy in the weird suit, from, 'Dune'

Just saw Batman Begins

North Korea FAQ

Anyone need some "Happy Pill"??

Estranged from your siblings? How/when did it happen? >

The Anti-Bush video game

It's happened again.........second time in the last 8 months.

Okay so someone tell me how do you NOT look like an idiot in a band photo.

My dog has lymphoma :-(

Does anyone else think that Faith No More was underrated?

My letter to Senator Shelby and Senator Sessions of Alabama

My parent's dog is dying..

Fucking Comcast!

I feel I have an obligation to post this

A guitarist that I am really getting into as of late.

Stewie VS Dewey

Seriously: I am SO bored this summer... what do I do???

I met Cindy Sheehan today! Ask me anything.

Another "I'm bored as hell" thread

Saw "Mr and Mrs Smith" - two thumbs up

Who has seen "Anchorman"?

Just saw "Garden State". What did you guys think?


I bought a Zell Miller Jukebox.

I think this is the most amazing thread I have ever seen on Free Republic

Did any of your read the New Yorker article about McCain?

its saturday night... and im bored...

Blade Runner. (the Leon-scene)


Here's a man who's outstanding in his field

Reincarnation...If You Could Come Back

The Republican was a better neighbor.

When you feel empty, what do you do to give your life new meaning?

I have no duct tape and now I can't shower. Ask me why.

Did anyone ever have MEAN friends?

National Guard and Proud/ Veterans for Kerry Edwards

Look at these photos of the Klan trial and share your thoughts.

Best War Movies

I remember when a 20 foot cord on your phone

Care package for sick co-worker

Time to take a Funk Break

Gas Prices..Please don't flame me!!!

Any fun dining tips/delicious treat tips for Colorado Springs?


McCartney Is 63 Today !!! - Now, I Officially Feel Old !!!

I don't give a hoot about Wesley Clark

Marijuana question

Miniature Earth

What's Wrong With Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s Voice? It Always SoundsStrained...

A hair conditioning/long hair question

Tom Cruise

The AP stories about DSM are being freeped! Please DU them

Ive got another Confession to make...

"Our lips met like a head on collision between a ferrari & a diesel truck"

I need a Bambulance.

DU Poll: Do you believe in Angels? (please kick)

Is it true that Cub Your Enthusiasm is

I Just Saw 2 PERFECT rw Moron Bumper Stickers!

Need cheering up? Want to split your sides laughing?

Is this the life, or what?

Geraldo Rivera says of Howard Dean "I'd smack him."



Jeb Bush a "Desperate Housewife" says Michael Schiavo

Post your to do list for today.


You cannot beat the night I'm having

What are the last 5 music artists you listened to?

Anybody else think that Batman had more political undertone than Star Wars

A new photo of my canine nephew Tucker.

Anyone have any experience with a Mini Cooper?

Well, I'm sitting at home pouting, because I couldn't go to the


Have to ask a republican for Dad took a turn for the worse....

Who Is Your Least Favorite Fictional President?

I just bought a Zen Nomad Jukebox mp3 player--Tell Me Anything!

DU movie suggestions: Scare the crap out of me!

I think I may have just cursed someone's nuptials


Funny religious license plate seen today:

I'm having fun tonight! Who else is having fun?

Best "active" Major League baseball player? Bonds=non-active

Moses Separates From His Wife

Spiritual Leaders Forum in Dallas TX last week in June

President Bush scheduled to address SBC (Southern Baptist Convention)

What does earthquake mean to Christian and religions?

Lou Gehrig's Disease - autoimmune?

The Black Death possibly not bubonic plague

Brazilian doctors uncover 'Michelangelo code'

New model 'permits time travel'

1st Partnership of Gay Paper & Network TV Affiliate-And It's In Bible Belt

I went to my first baseball game in a couple years

Any other cities have Pride Night at the ballpark?

Orioles win and the Red Sox lose

My dog is being hospitalized for pancreatitis

How do you know when a Dalek has gone insane?

Tulsa Zoo To Feature Display On Biblical Creation

Non Kerry related but I miss Dick Gephardt

Sorry about typo!Fabulous weekend. Met Rani Rhodes twice and

So Kerry cuddles up to the banks

What are the L.L.L.ittle things you love about John Kerry?

rejects from contest

Water & Ants & Grass

Playing in the dirt

Am I the only one who thinks GOPFighter ... (not meant to flame)

QUESTION: Can Any Country Begin Criminal Inquiry Upon Bush/Blair..

Senator Boxer: Honoring the Little Rock Nine

This needs to stop

The MSM is still blaming the Clintons for polarizing the country.

Osama and Anthrax

Fundiecops must be bored: Police: Activist had pot worth $750,000

British "Fixed"

International Criminal Court Could Indict Blair, Bush and Rumsfeld!

Need some links - Repub Reject...

Back When I Was A Freeper...

what happened to gannon/guckert/gosch? was there a blood test? he

"Friends of John Kerry"

Mark.. ...Fuhrman.. ....Schiavo...BOOK...helping parents and Jeb........

How do you spell O.I.L.?

All the Hard News - Pat Oliphant cartoon

Al Franken and everyone at AAR are sellouts!

I am so angry about Rumsfeld and Abu and the children. WHAT THE F@CK

Wesley Clark is a sellout!

Whose approach do you prefer: Malcolm X or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Seymour Hersh: There are tapes of children being raped at Abu

DSM! Easy way to contact your Reps! Please send and forward!

Rush: Democrats' fault "If we get hit again"

Halliburton awarded $30M Gitmo contract

Political cartoon

Bush Radio: "You need a reformed tax code" (National Sales Tax)

My husband got a survey from Frist in the mail; anyone else get one?

THANK YOU, John Conyers!

The Schiavo Witch Trials

Why is Dean remaining silent on DSM anyone have a clue??

Can anyone help me out? Why is Dean remaining silent on DSM?

Hey America!....Don't worry....We still love you!

John Conyers - 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

Jeb Bush has lost his marbles

Suicide Attack?

list of pro-lynching Senators

Isn't what Limbaugh does illegal? or traiterous? Shouldn't he be outlawed?

Audit in Iraq by creating a Truman Commission (cong.Louise Slaugter)

Why shouldn't I run for political office?

Sharon building walls out into the sea

E.J. Dionne slams Frist &Delay: "WHERE'S THE APOLOGY"????

But they don't control the British press ...

Is Wesley Clark helping or hurting Fox and Rupert Murdoch?

Faux News discussing DSM and other condeming memos

Schopenhauer quote about the 3 stages of truth:

Headsup! Come to the first ever RAW STORY FUNDRAISER thread

How will history judge bush's Iraqi war?

Presstitutes Out In Force On Conyers Forum

After Admitting it 'Dropped Ball,' AP Produces Tough Piece on Memos

When did the Washington Post become such a "rag"?

Live-Blogging from Gitmo-A letter sent to Power Line

What do we need to say to our house reps about DSM to ask for inquiry?

a memo from my Congresswoman, Tammy Baldwin, Dem, WI

I don't think at this point * would utter the word DRAFT. It would

The thing I like about Wes Clark is that he has never stopped...

Donating to Conyers at his website - Question

Time to push the anthrax investigation back onto MSM radar

What happens when the number of troops killed in Iraq ...

European Stars and Stripes has DSM (Saturday, June 18, 2005 ) Buzzflash

Impeachment Speech (Audio)

We must eliminate the "balanced" media meme ...

Another AP DSM story to rank up!!

Does Defending The Bush Administration's Policies Regarding ...

MILITARY Publication - Stars and Stripes prints DSM article


DLC can't make up its mind! Their many many choices for 08 and beyond!!!

Saddam shot to death in escape attempt ! Breaking news !

Rush and "What happens in Gitmo, stays in Gitmo!"

Conyers is asking for help....

GAO: Contractors owe $3 billion in taxes

Lincoln, Baucus team up with farmers and rural groups

Senate panel passes $30.8 billion homeland security bill

The story of George and Ira

Hey DU! This is it! Now is the time to "Strike while the Iron is HOT!

Jeb Bush Battles The NY Times' Over Schiavo Case

Salon's Joe Conason Must Read: "A Press Coverup"

Robert Redford: There's been about 15 "Watergate type" issues w/Bush..

The Repubs are so good with 2 word slogans--here is one!!

And the hits just keep on coming re: DSM

Howard Dean did not even mention McGovern. Media spinning.

Ohio: The Heads are rolling now. Not.

More than 1,200 who had anthrax vaccine now sick

With all the DSM info coming to light, why DID Tony Blair

DSM top story!

What is a 'slug' and how does this work with this DSM doc I got?

WaPo: Dana Milbank on his own bias

"Marines Re-mount Offensive"

WaPo on Robert Byrd: A Senator's Shame

check our this true movie about the violent and crazy Fundy's

Nastiest Republicans list

I long for the days when a cigar was a scandal

Alberto Gonzales considered too lefty for Supreme Court

If It Weren't For The Internet - Bush's Poll Numbers Would Be Decent

Un-Freep this article - "grudge between Bush and Saddam"

From the 'real' Right: DSM "Bush was lying outright"

Contract Awarded to Halliburton Subsidiary to Expand GITMO

New frame: Bush terrorized the American people with threats of annihilati

Jeb had private meeting with medical examiner re Schiavo

Emails from Dept of interior (HMMMMM from 1999 but interesting)

DSM: the more coverage it gets, the more Bush has to defend the war

Why no Peace rallies?

Mort Kondracke Is No Democrat

Jeb's Heroic Stand on Shiavo: Fantastic and grand!

Alright, is Robert Byrd REALLY vulnerable?

After the events of this week, do you feel more hopeful about the future?

DLC is pushing their choice for 08

"Halliburton given $30m to expand Guantanamo Bay"

I think the Murdoch/Clark question is the wrong way around

If Wes Clark is to run in 2008, what will he have to do between now and ..

What will bring bush** down? All these 'memos' and the draft, that's

Can Jeb Bush do this?

Where’s the Coverage of the Weekly Democratic Radio Address

God Bless RFK Jr: Read This Article Concerning Your Children!

Sen. Roberts doubts there would have been a vote for war? Lets Email him!

Clinton yachting

And the Spin Begins

My letter to my Senators

Downing Street Minutes and More. The Smell of Cover-Up.

AP reports on DSM with a vengeance

Question about Teflon and Presidents

BREAKING NEWS: Bush uses words other than "Freedom" & "Liberty"

AP Floods Wires with Downing Memo Stories...on a SATURDAY

How long will Tony Blair last?

Being Republican means never having to say you're sorry.

Wisconsin Democratic Party calls for IMPEACHMENT!!!

I am very, very disappointed by the DNC website.

Is Wesley Clark helping or hurting the Democratic party?


Michael Moore rubs Bush's nose in today's Mission Accomplished retraction.

Ethanol - Good or bad?

Neil Abercrombie for Senate

DSM Basement CIA Witness shreds Bushagandist on Lehrer NH: link

Howard Dean Slams Conyers' DSM Participant

It's the Corruption, stupid....

We have to take the House or the Senate (or both) in 06

Karen Kwiatowski on DSM - as posted at From the Wilderness

Does anyone know if BBC news covered anything on the DSM hearing?

Does anyone have Copy of *Anti-Israel Literature* passed at DSM Hearings

Is the MSM trying to set up Dems by saying "everyone knew Bush lied?"

Gen. Wesley Clark on Hannity & Colmes (video)

America Should Do The Right Thing.

Do victim's rights advocates drive anyone else bonkers?

Can someone, please, explain this to me.

Bilderberg 2005 - Bush's Plan for Iran: "Bomb Iran in June 2005"

I'm BACK from DC and here's a Trailer to the Conyers DVD - Symbolman