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Archives: June 15, 2005

Number of Google hits on DSM increasing dramatically...

Molavi comments on Penn in Iran

Slow shift 'OK' for platoon on Baghdad patrol

Common Dreams: America's Corporate Benedict Arnolds

Qatar Airways' jet order gives Airbus a boost

Intel sets up US$200mn fund for China ventures

Afghanistan help coming too slowly, for too few: report

First it was rBr, now its eDp (Exuberant Democratic Pollster)

Revolutionary Music Program at Freire Charter School

Space Video

Media Silent on DSM 6 prior to US Nov. Election?

Breaking: All abortionists eat fetuses!

Freepers ridicule Senate apology for lynching

My magnet got a thumbs up today from an unlikely (I guess) source

Rumsfeldt and Pace on Iraq (CSPAN)

Rush: Cease fire in Iraq?

Do you miss the inspiration of the 60's war protest songs? Check this out!

Check out this funny toon about Jeff Gannon

We shouldn't wish death or harm on Fred Phelps for picketing her funeral

If the US became a real "fascist state"

Sensenbrenner wants to repeal 22nd Ammendment, two term limit on President

LOCAL Downing Street Rallies -- Will YOU do your part on Thursday?

Well,no summer election.

Data leaks stunt e-commerce, survey suggests

Microsoft Helps China Censor Bloggers

India, Iran, Pakistan condemn US moves on pipeline

Swaggart Gay Remarks Violated Code, Council Finds

Big Study Links Red Meat Diet to Cancer

Please tell me the Pistons won

Hold the line. Love isn't always on time.

Revolutionary Music Program at Freire Charter School

George Romero's Land of the Dead looks interesting.

Is it "brussel sprouts" or "Brussels sprouts"?

Apartment Flatbread

Exterminate the catnip!

There's something happening here What it is ain't exactly clear

Off-duty behavior can affect job

My computer monitor is on its last legs (help)

I caught my cat drinking my Diet Coke.

New Foo Fighters album. How is it?

Chat anyone?

Boss strips naked to interview woman

Hi everyone, I'm still alive!

My boyfriend's gone and I opened the merlot...

For all you cat lovers out there......

Check this website out.

Time to caption the Giggling Homicidal Maniac, as Malloy would say...

As if things aren't bad enough, the effing BACKSTREET BOYS have reunited.

I think I'm going to sleep very well tonight. I took some


Any other Amateur Telescope Makers here?

FL Seminoles QB Hospitalized, found on street calling himself God

USGA: Wie ties for top score, is first female to qualify for Public Links QB hospitalized after telling police he was God


Edwards won Iowa according to the Washington Post.

approval ratings for all Senators

Mr. Bush owes all Democrats an apology...

Cheney: $350 billion deficit means economy is "in good shape"

The power of protesting. An inspirational story from China

Front page on CNN Porn star attending GOP fundraiser!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Make-Over to Disguise Ugly U.S. Policy

Minn. Star: 'JFK knew how a myth could be worse than a lie'

Enabling Evil

Some Like It Hot : As The World Burns

Bush's 'Happy Thoughts' Death Trap

Canada Keeping an Eye on U.S. BSE Case

Israeli Plot Against Iran Unveiled in Franklin Case (OSP-AIPAC spy)

WaPo Editorial: Iraq, Then and Now

Bush administration begins to privatize the skies

LAT: Memos Detail Early Plans for Invading Iraq

G.M. Board Wants Cut in Benefits - NY Times - June 15


LA Daily News: Winner take all

Consumer Prices Dip for First Time in 10 Months - NY Times June 15

The insidious wiles of foreign influence

WTC collapse probably controlled demolition

Gene Lyons asks What's next?

FBI Wiretap Finds Widespread Support for Patriot Act

WP: Blame the Democrats (Bush - waaahhhh!)

Democracy Now! - The Downing Street Memo Comes To Washington

DALE McFEATTERS: The Schiavo autopsy

Damning evidence can't be ignored (Op-Ed from

DSM coverage on Slate

Fineman: Iraq frustration revisited

The Downing Street Memo Comes To Washington: DEMOCRACY NOW INTERVIEW

Religious Right, Left Meet in Middle.

Conason: Klein's New Low in Hillary Bashing

S. Blumenthal: A Broken Body (The House)

Morford - Another Hard, Hot Pink Shave

Washington Post: Backlash on the Left

Head in the sand

(Star Tribune) Editorial: Fig leaf for war/Paper indicates U.N. was misled

Oil discovery adds new twist to Darfur tragedy

Fred Phelps Protesting Military Funerals Around the Country.

Sirota - Let's Make a Deal with Senator Joe Biden

US Military Report: The High Death Rates exposed by Brian Harring

Bolton Block (Financial Times, via TWN)

Mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused autism

Second "Save The Guy James Show" thread started.

Andrea Mitchell, Washington Socialite, Corporate Stooge. (repost)

An interesting conversation:

Lake Powell rises up to 2 feet daily

Energy Sec. Praises NREL, But Calls For More Drilling, More Drilling . . .

Ukraine Offers New Tourist Draw - Chernobyl - NYT

Rising Sea Levels, Rivers Erode Biggest Bangladesh Island - 500K Homeless

Indian Police Kill Five During Water Protests - Reuters

Energy Headlines for June 15, 2005 --

Johnson - EPA Should Be "Catalyst" For Energy Development (Not A Joke)

Demand for Natural Gas Brings Big Import Plans, and Objections

World Energy Consumption Up 4.3% In 2004 - Biggest Single Year Rise Ever

McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act

Environmental Defense - Haze Growing Worse At Western National Parks

I just watched End of Surburbia today

Tsang wins in HK without an election

Chinese authorities grilled dissidents in Australian camps

AI criticizes arms sales to Nepalese

New National Security Whistleblower's Coalition Web site

Woman tasered by police found guilty by jury of her peers.

Poll: Hold talks with PA even if Hamas in Parliament

Nablus terror ring smashed

Palestinians say Israel prepared to hand over Jenin

Gunmen rally at Palestinian PM's home, demand jobs

U.S. freezes military ties, shipments to Israel

9/11: Ten Smokin' Questions

Gitmo contract story - was prison planned already in 2000? (skeptical)

* Co. started detention camp projects @ Gitmo before 9-11

WSWS: more evidence of government complicity in 9-11

WOW!!!!!! MIHOP!!!!!

WTC collapse probably controlled demolition

OMG - I can't believe it - the bible-thumpers are really on a roll

What was the voter turnout for Sensenbrenner's 5th District?

Democratic Exuberant Responder: Why this theory can be cancelled out.

2 groups say 4 out of 9,078,728 Ohio votes cast in '02 and '04 fraudulent

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 6/14/05

This appeared on John Conyer's blog today:

Sign petition on Coingate!

YO! Does anyone have a list of the >100 MEMBERS OF CONGRESS who will

Press Release: VCC Calls For Rejection of CA Special Election Results

What do you know about LHS?

The latest Salon puff-piece links to the June 14 update of exit poll links

Chamber Maid for the Chamber of Commerce

Commuter costs get painful

California Daily Ledger-June 14, 2005

Ahhnuld in Bakersfield today!!

Graduation crowd boos Schwarzenegger (HAHAHA!!!!!)

Calif. teachers urged to pass students (to help NCLB stats)

Bay Area Nor Cal DUers Downing Street protests Heads Up

PHOTO: my simple anti-arnold poster

Arnold thread on yahoo on SMC debacle

is John Chiang still running for state treasurer

PHOTO: Arnold protest makes yahoo start page headlines

Photos of Bakersfield Protest Against Ahnuld

Ca. Rep. Mike Thompson has not signed the Conyers memo,

Reccomendations / thoughts on the special election?

IA - 1st District - Brian Kennedy (republican candidate) on Tom DeLay

Saw Ed Fallon and Mike Blouin last night

HRC MeetUp and Pat Jehlen volunteer opportunities

OK, who wants to do a God Hates Shrimp protest?

Bud Philbrook

Wellstone dvd out now.

Twin Cities Not So Hot for TV Ratings

Going to the Iraqi Union Leader Discussion (Thurs) ? Can I get a Ride??

Iraqi Union Leaders Speak Out on June 16th in St. Paul

HP on button broken, plastic thingy fatigued and won't work-help!

How many MB in GB? I want to buy a thumb drive. I know GB are bigger

Voters Decide Candidates For Congressional Election

Partisan attacks in 18th district? Stop whining, Ney

Ok, who will you guys have running for US Senate?

Concerns Over Treatment of Protesters at Halliburton Shareholder Mtg

Downing Street Minutes protests... anyone else having trouble this morning?

Quorum Report: Reliable Sources Indicate Strayhorn to Announce for Gov.


Chris Bell hit his fundraising goal!

To my dear Wisconsin cousins re: Sensenbrenner and Impeach Bush

University Dean Quits Over Same-sex Benefits

Your name was on Democracy Now this morning!

It's way past time to stand up for the word "liberal"

US aims to blend roadmap with Oslo Accords

Something I found interesting

Porn Star Mary Carey attended GOP fundraiser tonight

TX:Willie Nelson helps fund stem-cell research post (raised $250K)

minimum salary requirement for meeting other Christians: $25,000 . . .

It's Official, My Non Judicial Punishment Date is Set

Something that would make DU even better & help me help us all

I think this reporter has Al Franken confused with Mike Malloy

What easter egg is Rove going to throw to the Press to make DSM go away?

about making that pie "higher" -- new toon (6/15)

Why do whites overwhelmingly support the GOP?

Why don't people just start picketing Fred Phelps?

Mother of Dead soldier writes to Bush

What's in a name?

Oh look. They cloned Condi.

Just received this from AAR


Now that MJ is out of the news, it is time to tackle this next major issue

Ever notice the locales of stories the news networks focus on?

Ownership policy

Which of these statements is true: Iraq has such a strong military that

Mike Malloy -- "Ed Schultz is a sell out."

Frank Rich (NYT) will be on Imus at 7:30am EDT

The Daily Show and the Michael Jackson Verdict ( U know Jon would

On C-SPAN...the worm has certainly turned...

The price of acting white (for minority HS students)

2 cspan callers say 'Kill Em' All' in Iraq

1,708...i'm sad to say

The Lessons of History: 14 Permanent US Military Bases in Iraq

The reason Diebold's ATMs work and their voting machines don't

Sometimes I am so dense. NPR interview was a DUH moment for me

Geez, the military is getting desparate for fresh bodies

Here is some spin you will see from the RW Press.


Bernie Sanders should be President !

Rep. Bernie Sanders, CSPAN Journal

Rumsfeld admits post-war Iraq is no safer

Here's the the deal DC - "if you don't investigate DSM = voted out 2006

OK. I'm thinking THIS tasering was probably justified.

Adult film star Mary Carey at the White House.

Any good media sites for kids? Call me an overprotective mom, but...

Good in depth reporting on Gitmo in today's Newsday (Pg 1 + 4 more pgs)

How Much $ Did You Raise With Your False Piety, You Sweaty, Fascist Moron?

At Least She's Not Your Lt. Governor

WHY are fundy Christians RECRUITING homosexuals?

IRS extends deadline to use FSAs

Dominici and Bingaman(?) deny the 4 guys from enron clause...

I just want to compliment the DU Overlords.

"It's Been 2 Years Since the End of Major Fighting in Iraq" says cnn lady

Mission Accomplished

I'm beginning to think that there is no difference between R's and D's

Iran Blames US-Backed Groups for Pre-election Bombings

New Tourism Spot

Schiavo autopsy report to be released today

CSPAN2 moves to Digital cable (extra charge) by Time Warner Cable Houston

Porn Star Attends GOP Fundraiser: Bush Helps Republicans Raise $23 Million

In Congo, 1,000 die per day: Why isn't it a media story?

Florida Freep scolds C-SPAN's Swain for not asking Sanders about Marxism

cnn--Schiavo autopsy to be released within the hour. Nothing else for now

This Thursday-CODEPINK DSM Rally in D.C.

We're halfway there...

Christian Wire: AG Ashcroft Keynotes Inspirational Lawyer Retreat

DSM Hearings to be held in the Capital Building!

President for life????? Bush?????

Do you follow links in threads?

Is your Senator a millionaire?

Do we know yet? Is C-SPAN going to cover the DSM hearing tomorrow?

I get too upset

Let's Brand Um NOW! GOP = Greedy Old Party

I like "Situation"

Her brain was PROFOUNDLY atrophied. (Terri Schiavo)

Oath of Office and to Constitution

The world now has a capacity to produce 16 Million more cars than

Michael Jackson--in sort of a wierd, perverted, strange way..........

Things The Democrats Could Do, If They Grew Spines

Matthew Miller, NYT: What has become of persuasion?

In case you were worried, Bin Laden is doing 'fine'...

Buy your ammo locally made to avoid federal charges :)

No Piercing at the Parade Please

Talk about being told to go find your self - Deep Throat...

Most Costs of Iraq War Remain Immeasurable

Feedback from C-SPAN Action Alert on DSM Coverage...

Remote Control Improvised Explosive Devices Cost 17 Bucks A Piece In Iraq!

Exxon Announces Merger With White House (Cooney--revolving door

Current List of Senate Co-Sponsors of Anti-Lynching Res.

Lucky Lady

I just got off the phone with Symbolman.

Democracy Now on Link TV; Ch. 375 DirectTV-DSM

Cooney the Cheat who resigned gets job with Exxon - but of course

Which GOP "screw up" will get more media -- Schaivo or DSM Hearing?

No WONDER Dr. Frist left medicine to go into politics!

Good in depth reporting on Gitmo in today's Newsday (Pg 1 + 4 more pgs)

VOTE ALERT: Sanders Privacy Bill Draws Veto Threat

The GOP Lynch Mob (warning: scenes of violence)


Abductions in Iraq

Caption this Bush PHOTO:

How are they going to distract from Conyers tomorrow?

MSNBC is covering DSM now

How can someone without a law license be appointed to the courts?

Was the group that stopped the Vote Counting in FL a Lynch Mob?

*'s COALITION OF THE .......

DSM coverage on MSNBC now n/t

A fast food business to support - surprise bonus$ for long term employees!

one day you look down and notice it's really shit in your plate.

House Republicans Versus George Bush

Not to sound...

This may be a first. SPLC says 'christian' Right = Hate Groups

Top Iraqi Defector Says Iraq Destroyed Its Wmds, (blast from the past)

Since the DSM meeting will be attended, what about a bunch of people

Former Military People: Would You Do It Again? Even Now?

c-span 3 -- How about if Sessions and his fascist friends, who

nuclear energy stop petition

DU'ers and RW Trolls, look at this!

O'Reilly is attacking Franken on his show today...

the DSM and the "conventional wisdom" brush-off..

So I'm at the doctors yesterday...

Please help calm my fears, Downing Street memos aren't another memogate

Are Republicans Putting Party Before Country?

Nobody's Perfect: Bob Somerby, right about so much, is wrong about Dean

We were right, THEY were WRONG!!!

"Southern Slavery, As It Was"

people are marching in the streets not because they fear the Soviet Union

Why doesn't the Pope 'speak out ' on Iraq.... Vatican told Georgie "no"

Freepers Not Loving The Schaivo Autopsy News! I Love When They Are Sad!

Homegrown Fuel Supply Helps Brazil Breathe Easy.


Racism in the USA? This should put it in perspective

How long will it take for repubs to throw Walter Jones under the bus?

McCain Says Rove Blew Up ‘Old Man of the Mountain -old news?

Nuremberg Tribunals: Aggressive War is Illegal,

CNN: Miles O'Brien/Bob Barr beating up on Barbara Comstock re: Patriot Act

Iraqi Union Leaders Spoke At AFL-CIO Headquarters; Will Meet With Sweeney

Ed Klein claims Bill raped Hillary to conceive Chelsea - WTF?

Trade Unionists Petition AFL-CIO To Take A Stand Against Iraq Occupation

Iraq: By the numbers

Decriminilizing pot: I'm more open to it now

Will Any Reporter Ask Tom DeLay, Bush, Frist, or Any Republican


Congressman says Gitmo inmates better there than at home.

Horrible Repuke Bumper Sticker Cheney Bush 08

Reuter's pic of chimp's "salute"

Even Direct TV Doesn't Carry C-Span 3

Wow, a few smart people at (re: Schiavo)


Imperial Senate about to pass law against "Flag Desecration"

IRAN-TV reports on closing Gitmo debate and the Chicken Dinners - (VIDEO)

hahahaha...guess the SS will come and get me.

About half the nation owes Michael Schiavo an apology

Al Franken's dittohead friend Mark Luther

Is the senate in session tomorrow? It isn't on CSPAN's schedule yet.

this "moral value" administration sure likes their porn stars don't they

I don't need no stinking memos! I already KNOW they lied!

One nice thing about Jackson being found not guilty

The war on terror is really the war on fear

On the Al Franken Show: DSM and the M$M CANARD - we ALL knew

Received a phishing credit card scam call today--ended up talking to FTC

woohooo, it's here the moment we've all been waiting for!


Tom Friedman continues to do more damage.

WSJ: Protecting Jets From Missiles

As Bolton Prepares To Exit, Right-Wing Hawk's Point Man Takes His Place


TX: Court reduces sum that jury gave woman (Church exorcism victim)

IRS settlement with "nonprofit group" (CBN) won't be disclosed

Terri and Michael Schiavo have been Vindicated

Doesn't C-Span usually replay a broadcast?

Question of the day - are allegations of abuse at Gitmo overstated?

Here is a possible conspiracy that wasn't given enough coverage

falls or jumps from 2nd floor,hit by cars,tries take cops gun,tased,dies

"Why are We in Iraq? It Begs for an Answer." 15 Answers....

Terry Schiavo Autopsy on CNN now

New National Security Whistleblower's Coalition Web site

The Eerie Musical Prophecies Of The Past

Anyone going to the College Republicans Convention?

War is a late term abortion

How long should I wait before Hannity apologizes to Michael Schiavo?

Crucifixion fetishists

Fixes in for critical IE, Windows flaws

Lindsey Graham, Bill Frist and lies.

So, the College Republican Biennial Convention is being held . . .

Presidential Pics on CSPAN homepage

"From Iraq, A Soldier/Father's Perspective On the War"

Russ Feingold "Please become a citizen co-sponsor of my Iraq Resolution"

The Fourth Turning-great book/check out site...

Pansy Idiot Son throws a tantrum

why don't we have a 'be nice' thread/forum and a 'hit em hard' thread/for

CNN To Run A Story On A Family Of Soldiers Tonight- Beware

Which anti-gay republican should be publicly and vocally OUTed?

Anybody hear of a Tsunami warning for N. Calif, OR, and WA?

Anyone having the same trouble on the Daily Show webpage as me?

shorter Friedman

Question about autopsies for any medical / LEO people here

New Report: Private Accounts Would Cut Benefits

The missing Pennsylvania Ave. Minutes.

I don't know if you read "Fighting Back" on the DU home page

Matt PUDGE Doing What He Does Best: Sliming the MJ Victim

Christopher Shays is a nutjob

Can the "press be sued" for conspiracy to hide the truth..??

Why does Mancow hate liberals so much?

Anyone notice the CNN Schiavo Headline Change?

Christian Wire Service: Terri Schiavo was still murdered

Yesterday, my boss, who is a Republican and I got into a

CNN Inside Politics interviews John Conyers about DSM Forum - (VIDEO)

My plan for regime change was faster, cheaper and death free.

Separation of church and state protects the church as well as the state.

I, for one, don't think that Limbaugh is gay. reporting: DSM hearings to be held in Capitol Bldg

How many would like to hear Randi in the 1-3pm time slot?

Bob Novak: "Thank God we don't have SCIENTISTS running this country"

Love That Dick Cheney (a hidden message)

The word of the day is O-B-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-O-N-I-S-T

We Should Impeach Him Just for the Stupid Chimp Faces >>>

The kind of evolution a Christian conservative can get behind

Heard on Randi We Should Complain Against Frist With The TN.

Okay Ken Allard is on MSNBC now..does anyone else think he looks like

House Republicans Versus George Bush

Letter from DNC

The Jackson Not Guilty Verdict: A Gratifying Blow Against The Lynch Mob

Addicted to Porn Helpline? Stupid Effing CBS 48 Hrs Mystery

Microsoft Works With Gov't To Censor Chinese Blogs (words like "freedom")

Yet another circa40's-style Bush Pic

Corporations and Politics

Yahoo Showing Bush doing his His Hitler Salute-I Love It!

Schiavo Was Blind (Frist was dumb!)

We're making enemies faster than we can kill them

I don't care what the autopsy says. Look at this photo and >

Can someone explain this to me? Is it extortion...

AfterDowningStreet: One page DSM talking points document

1968 was NOT the last year for a lynching to take place in US.

Hannity on the Schiavo autopsy

Are they talking about putting DOUBLE the amount of troops in Iraq?

My local library is interest in posting something like this

OMG,I agree with a Novak statement.

Schiavo's attorney speaks:

Airlines Add Cancellation Insurance To Their Lines

Graduation crowd boos Schwarzenegger

VIDEO..... HAARP: Holes in Heaven? HAARP and Advances in Tesla Technology

How much more information is needed before the truth is sought & reported?

PBS Lethal Injection Decision tomorrow, ACT TODAY!

Did Hitler (gov) "own the media" or was it corp. benefiting from his work?

If you have access to a shower and some Lysol...

Pro-lynching, anti-privacy, pro-life-for-some and not others

How can you see a view of all posts by a user?

Red State Blues Fundraiser - Atlanta GA

What the fuck is up with CNN's current front story???

I'm all nervous about DSM-gate. Please talk me down?

Pelosi puts an Iraq Ammendment forward!

is hannity good for anything other than reading lists?

anothe rhardhitting CNN front page story

Graduation crowd boos Schwarzenegger

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Bad Week for *,,, DSM getting HOT,,, MJ walks... Schiavo's autopsy shows

20-year -old land deal vs DSM. Which is old news and

Forget the D.S. Memo ... Jennifer says Brad cheated! Film at 11!

Does anyone have a copy of the Schiavo report from the quack

Howard Kurtz blasts the media

Senators missed a good Jab today

As long as we are CONSUMERS rather than CITIZENS

Irans Nukes / listen now

Do all radio hosts think they are the center of the Universe?

Question about Donating to DU

Senator Pat Roberts on the floor of the Senate says

Congress & Senate are just "on the job training"

Conyers hearing on Downing St. Memo: on C-PSAN! Thurs 2:30 EST

ON CBS: RW assault on Felt reads as effort to keep Americans in the dark

Will Dimson be in Washington when Conyers takes the Letter?

According to Dana Bush and CNN ...

Advice for management working with unions

Bush for Life? New Bill To Allow Indefinte Presidential Terms

rw chamber of commerce takes state chair of WV Dem party-GOP INFILTRATION

McCain & Jebbie in 2008?

Love that yellow bar on the message your reading.....

I feel sorry for Dan Abrams

vid clip: Karen Kwiatkowski & others reveal conditions behind DSM

Intel may invest in India testing plant

cnn: bill schneider: DSM report, "this story is heating up"

Where Will Bush & Cheney Go Tomorrow To Hide?

Conyers on Inside Politics on CNN

tucker carlson debuts at dead last in the ratings

Hannity says no high ranking public official critisizes dems the way HD

I'm jealous....

Former Editorial Writers Charge 'Indy Star' with 'Religious Discrimination

Nightly News

So totally predictable: "Taliban Chief: Bin Laden Alive and Well"

AAAGH! my head-in-the-sand conservative mom drives me NUTS!

rethugs take over Gold Star Family website... spew hatred.

Just imagine "The world is safer with Bush and Cheney behind bars."

It's been a bad day for BushCo....

Embedded by Tim Robbins on Sundance

Randi on a tear now, and not just Schiavo!

URGENT ACTION: Support US Involvement in UN Reform by TOMORROW


Ivory Coast: 10,000 displaced by massacre require assistance

Check Out The Freeper "Culture Of Life" Crowd's Suggestions For Gitmo

never mind.

ARG... How they resist the facts!

the horror of the war is very effectively hidden away from us

What Will The RW Talking Heads Say About the Schiavo Autopsy?

Rep. Conyers on CSPAN Washington Journal tomorrow!

Schwarzenegger booed throughout entire commencement speech!

What's this rumor about Daryn Kagan and Limbaugh ?

Does anyone feel a terror alert coming tomorrow?

I'm glad John Kerry REALLY won the election.

OPEC blows - $50 a barrel is the new "target" price

Exxon hires ex-WH-official who doctored Global Warming docs

Bush's Problems Has GOP Worried

Is the Daryn Kagan story a sham? looks like it was designed to provide

Why do school-board fundies think God couldn't have created evolution?

I just have one thing to say...

New TV News Channel in 2007

Andrew Sullivan post email that smacks down Hannity (from a Conservative)

Didn't Rep Jones write to all the families who have lost loved ones in

A messege from Senator John McCain (global warming)..

Ho....Hum.....Ho....Hum.... when it get's to this point it's time to:

A sobering thought...2005 is already half over, as of today.

Don't miss 'The Situation with Tucker Carlson', premiering tonight!!!

Rumsfeld gets his 'leaner army'

Poll: Who will win in the battle over evolution

Congrats DU'ers! House Dem Leader puts our release on DSM!

Oh no. did Bu$h fall off his bike again?

Harry Reid Speaks Boldly on Bolton this Morning:

What is Happening with the DSM Tommorow?

Franken for Senate?

'Beating a political stake in your black heart will be the fulfillment of

Sean Hannity had two very hostile Republican callers today on Schiavo

Bush's Tax Increases.

The DSM is old news in the sense that Wolfowitz as much as

If Bush decides to accept Tom Friedman's recommendation for

Primitive mumbo-jumbo believers start fracas at Kansas education board

I have never heard Randi as upset as she is today

"The Man, The Legend, The Bowtie" Part 3

Tom Friedman creates an exit strategy (for himself) from Iraq

Downing Street Memo AND runaway bride in today's Non Sequitur

You know who I miss the most in our troubled times?

Unca Ray 'Splains It All To You

KO's interviewing Mary Carey, should be good

Did the Mormon Church support the Iraq War?

Anyone from Tenn. file complaint with state medical overseers re Frist's

I wonder if there is the equivalent of a Downing Street Memo on 9/11.

Majority report talking about Coingate!!

Lou Dobbs on CNN - keeps teasing a story on DSM and preview of the forum

We need Bloom County now more than ever

Saying no to the UK police state

Thursday on Coast to Coast--David Ray Griffin & Alex Jones on 911

Majority Report, Now!! Is this guy for real????

Wow. Mayann. Whooo yeah. Paradigm Shift writ small.


ABC NEWS: Pentagon Concerned About Legality of Interrogations

Tell me, does this sound partisan to you?

Lessons on humanity (for those who split us as "left" or "right").

selection 2000, phony reasons for war, 9/11, all parts of the same event

Enemy Non-Combatant

The longest curse in the world I send to Bush and his administration

As Long As Its On My Mind - Write Direct TV for C-Span 3

The world is flat, the sun revolves around the earth,

Random acts of kindness NEVER lead to conflict.

What happens to someone who posts their 666th Post?

Photo caption time!

Please critique my DSM T-Shirt design

Help! Need Linux Boot diskette...

Woman tasered by police found guilty by jury of her peers.

Now I respect Amy Goodman, but...

My LTTE to NYT on Friedman's slander on liberals.

author of ''The Plot Against Social Security'' on AAR now


Freedom on the march, my ass.

Who thinks we'll have a terror alert and/or some big terror news tomorrow?

Fatal shooting of teacher illustrates why Iraqis fear U.S. convoys

So is today "Howard Dean Speaks for Me Day" or what?

If Rush Limbaugh is, in fact, gay and Daryn Karan is transgendered

So, how do we feel about gun control now?

Iraq - a colossal world class historic failure of epic size, courtesy

Help me torpedo Jon Alvarez of PABAAH

Start the Conyers hearing with Jackson's quote from the Nuremberg trials:

Hard Reality # 1: BushCo does not care how many die in war

Cheney acts like he has all the answers & complete confidence

Who's worse - Cheney or Rumsfeld?

30 Days on FX

Morgan Reynolds live stream

CNN new poll-Should the FBI be able to look at the library records

WH opposes sharing larger $ of offshore drilling royalties with Red States

WOW!! What happened to the right winger on Tucker's show

"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did. It never will."

Over 1,000 Iraqi police/guardsmen killed in 2005.

I Officially Nominate 'Regular Joe' Scarborough for Arrogant Asshole of ..

Fatal shooting of teacher illustrates why Iraqis fear U.S. convoys

South Park doing a parody of the Shiavo case with Kenney

With all the base closings...why not close Gitmo?

Because the War on Iraq would not have been possible without 9/11,

I'm hitting myself on the head with a hammer. Give me an exit strategy!

So I'm driving down the street and I see some guys picking up

We Are Blameless! We Have Given Them Two Kinds of Fruit!

Anyone watching "30 Days" on FX??

Why do they hate Hillary?

opinion of Malloy's rant about Schiavo case????...


OMG where is the thread about Mary Cary on Olberman Haaahaaa

Is Hillary really THAT obsessed with power as "some people say...?"


Did anyone read the article about "Jeff Gannon" in Vanity Fair?

I think the Right wing Christian extremist have been had!

Is Joe Biden OK or what?

I'm Beginning To Think That A Draft Is The Best Possible Scenario!

What are the chances * will come out of this unscathed?

Alrighty! I'll tell the grocery store story a different way. Here goes:

CSPAN says they are covering the DSM hearings.

Bill O'reilly has finally reached his ultimate level of lunacy

DSM - Conyers hearing: venues, events & witnesses finalized!

Anyone watching tonight's Nightline?

Best message board post ever (tasteless alert)

Will you picket Fred Phelps' funeral?

Randi Rhodes on a fantastic rant over Schiavo

Conyers is on Democracy NOW!

Dead boy had been bitten earlier in the day (SF)

If the media finally gets a soul and reports on the DSM Tomorrow

Bush is in total disarray.In order to keep his cult in line he had to show

Sign the petition: save NPR and PBS!

I will be speaking at the DSM rally on Thursday

Does Cheney have a functioning conscience ? Serious question here

I heard there are supposed to be gatherings throughout the country

Confused, almost anti-war rumblings in Freepland

I would love it if Mr. Conyers opened the hearing ...

The National Security Whistleblowers Coalition

Lawmakers attend picnic at White House tonight

At 12:30 am, EST a non-violent revolution is scheduled to begin . . .

What a great day June 16th will be....

McClellan's press briefing quotes today, poor grilled Scotty

Survey Finds Editorial Coverage of 'Downing Street Memo' Mixed


Explain to me the republican "defense" of the DSM as "pre-UN"

We began taking out assets at least six months before war was declared

"Mr. President, if you lied about the war, how can we believe you at all"?

LMAO! George Joad! --PIX->>>

**Pacifica Radio Special Broadcast of John Conyers' Hearing

Is Jeff Sessions a whiney baby or what?

OMG, they really ARE reptiles!

CSPAN Schedule Thursday June 16--- John Conyers DSM 9:00am

Tell Me *HOW* I Can Have the "Most Influence" in Politics, Please.

CSPAN site says DSM will be on CSPAN3

Ed Schultz Vs. A Rock: Who's Dumber?

I guess invasion of Iran already planned....ho hum

Good ol' Keith........he's moving up in the polls!!

Rove will NOT let DSM be the only story tommorrow....count on it !

Who will Implement a Draft first? Conservatives or Liberals

Didn't * say at one point his dream was to start a war?

"Concerned Women": Schiavo, a 'disabled person', was denied water

Ted Rall bashes Scientist

I got a call tonight from John Kerry's "Kids First" asking for a donation.

Does anyone else feel that without Conyers and Black/Progressive Caucus

Sign petition on Coingate!

So who all is coming to Dem Fest in Austin this weekend?

DU help is needed...

Reps Jones, Kucinich, Paul, Abercrombie - Press Conf. 16 June 2005 - Iraq

Poverty in Mexico had profound impact on me during trip

Schiavo's Parents Don't Believe Autopsy Results

Congressman Conyers Blog: 15 June 2005: "A Busy Day Today, and an ...

NPR - is it worth saving??

Conyers: “Every major network (other than Fox) bringing cameras tomorrow!

TOONS: "I Got yer Respect Right Here!" edition!

Real Estate question......

Wow! Kerry just keeps slugging away on the DSM, eh?

alarming "Nova" last night, RE: over population


Call Nadler, thank him re: Sensenbrenner resolution

As an Atheist, I now know god exists.

Just off the phone with Rep. Jackson Lee - The tide is turning!

Olbermann: Mary does DC; "Republicans party like Porn Stars" - (VIDEO)

Save NPR & PBS!!!!!!! MoveOn has 300,000 signatures, seeks 100,000 more.

Nail It to the White House Door (final w/ link AND VIDEO)

"This Is How Bush Brings The Troops Home" Please help our soldiers!

A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN speaks against the Iraq war

Democrats Fear Republicans, Republicans Mock Democrats: by Ralph Nader

BREAKING NEWS, Osama bin Laden

Say hello to our new moderators!

"I" am John Conyers

On guilty, not guilty, and presumptions of innocence ....

That asshat is still "President," the Schiavos are still as crazy as

A Clean Break - Invading Iraq and Syria planned since 1996

Official "Save The Guy James Show" Thread, part Two

Have you signed MoveOn's PBS petition yet?

Wanted: A Massive Movement to Drive the Bush Regime from Power

The Second I Saw the Second Jet Hit the Second Tower...I knew

No matter HOW this turns out, I want to say something to everyone here

Maybe I'm just tired. Tired of all the division.

Sausage and peppers - a summer treat from the grill

Bachelor chow!

Chocolate spread

help me please! i need to cook some beef ribs tonight!

HFX Comical Harold: "Same-sex soldiers tie knot"

Inept Harper making `Mr. Dithers' look good

Toronto DUers...

Brian Mulroney spotted hanging around U.S. post offices


A fun little "what Canadians think about " quiz from the globe and mail

Saddam Interrogation Screened - in Silence.


ITV: Britain helping to organise a G8 protest is pre-emptively questioned

Say goodbye to another little bit of your freedom

Liberals survive confidence votes (Canada)

Dead British Soldier's Father Testifying to US Congress

Rumsfeld confirms Iraqi insurgency contacts

WP: Edwards Builds New Platform

War wounds persist as Japan emperor to visit Saipan

Investigators to Review Hint of Annan Role in Iraq Oil Sales

Koizumi to step down in Sept. next year

Two Bulgarian Rangers Killed in Iraq Accident

Anti-Tax Challengers Fall Short (in Virginia primaries)

Edwards Builds New Platform. U.S. Poverty Called Great Moral Issue.

WP: Kurdish Officials Sanction Abductions in Kirkuk

Sensenbrenner wants to repeal 22nd Ammendment, two term limit on President

Mbeki fires deputy in corruption scandal

Ethics panel in partisan deadlock

LAT: "GOP Committee Targets Int'l Red Cross"

Fears over UK forces' readiness

Record shows Hutchison put $2 million in energy

Marine killed by IED (#1707)

Thieves Steal Priceless Carpets From Ancient Afghan Mosque

Bin Laden, Mullah Omar alive and healthy

Religious Right, Left Meet in Middle.

Senators Consider Boosting Retirement Age

LAT: GOP Committee Targets International Red Cross

Grads boo Schwarzenegger

JAL plane loses nose wheel tires in Haneda landing

Australian held hostage in Iraq rescued

Turning the taps on a toxic dispute

Newsview: Bush's Problems Has GOP Worried

Schiavo autopsy report to be released today

Fighting in Afghanistan leaves 14 dead

'Dirty war' officers face justice

Newsview: Bush's Problems Has GOP Worried (Quack, Quack, Quack)

Federal funding increased for abstinence programs

Former Bush Aide Who Edited Reports Is Hired by Exxon (NYT)

Shiavo results in.

Bin Laden alive and well, Taliban ally says

'Son-of-Concorde' plans unveiled ( France and Japan

Commuter costs get painful

Current List of Senate Co-Sponsors of Anti-Lynching Res.

U.S. puts off requiring new passport data

Vote on flag desecration may be 'cliffhanger' (CONST. AMENDMENT)

Schiavo autopsy report backs husband - U.S. News -

Newsview: Bush's Problems Has GOP Worried

Outdated (Regs) Across Europe Hinder ... Access to Opioid (Meds) for Pain

After fracas, Conyers heads back to Capitol with Downing Street

Republican Commissioner Resigns From FEC

Australian Rescued by Iraqi, U.S. Forces


Sen. Roberts dismisses Democrats' Bolton compromise proposal

Police: 20,000 Zimbabwe shacks razed

Poland to Cut Iraq Deployment by Up to 300

WP: Blame the Democrats (Bush - waaahhhh!)

Franken could join iTunes podcast lineup

White House Official Who Doctored Global Warming Reports Hired By ExxonMob

Washington Post: Backlash on the Left

Griffith Gets Senate Nod For Appeals Court Seat (WP)

Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 23 Iraqi Soldiers at Army Base

Australian hostage in Iraq has been freed

Dozens of graves vandalized at Jewish cemetery in Hungary

Unions form coalition to expand labor, pressure Sweeney

The Micheal Jackson verdict

House Minority leader presses for Iraq withdrawal timetable

Conyers letter now has 540,000 signatures and counting!!!

Bush Takes Off The Gloves (Slams Do-Nothing Dems)

Embattled Republican leader [DeLay] faces legal bills

Former White House official takes Exxon job

Canadian Politicians Ratchet Up River Row With US

Democrat appointed to AZ Supreme Ct. 3-2 majority!

DeLay Fund Gets $400G for Legal Expenses (owes $315,000 in legal fees)

"House Dem's Forum to Examine Downing Street Memo" (Knight Ridder)

House Votes to Limit Patriot Act Rules

Terri Schiavo's husband believes autopsy results support him

Chiron Warns It Will Produce Fewer Flu Vaccines, Slashes Earnings Estimate

Opec raises price target to $50 a barrel

Senate leader predicts stem cell vote within month

I think the Right wing Christian extremist have been had!

Graham Says NYC Revival Probably His Last

Schiavo's Parents Don't Believe Autopsy Results

US House votes to curb Patriot Act, defies Bush

W.House launches second day of attacks on Democrats

Republican Releases Some Info on Bolton

More Americans want troops pulled out of Iraq, poll finds

Rep. Jones co-sponsors (nonbinding) resolution on Iraq withdrawal

WP: Exit Strategy on Social Security Is Sought (Repubs want escape route)

Many Are Missing, Few Make the News

Defectors say China running 1,000 spies in Canada

Rush Limbaugh wants to review medical records before investigators

One Mexican in every 11 emigrates to U.S.

Senators Say White House Missing Deadlines

White House: autopsy doesn't change Bush's views on Schiavo case

WP: Evangelical Republicans Trust States on Social Issues

Supermarket Accuses Wal-Mart of Stealing Price Information

Studies Rebut Earlier Report on Pledges of Virginity

Porn-start attends GOP Fundraiser (Mary Carey, photos please rate)

Steroids now often used for slimming, not just sports

Bill would ban prosecutions for medical marijuana

WP: Thousands of Non-Defense Contractors Owe Taxes (3 Billion +)

Schwarzenegger college speech draws boos in California.

LA TIMES: Feature Article On DSM - Memos Detail Early Plans for Invasion

Governors Recommend Changes to Medicaid(CUTBACKS)

Bush's plan would hurt small businesses, Democrats say (Kerry & Dorgan)

Guantanamo inmates can be held 'in perpetuity'- US

U.S. Probing Passenger Screening Program (broke privacy laws?)

Federal lawsuit filed against "The Star" (Fundies sue rightwing paper)

Bush Sends Regrets on U.N. Celebration

White House Nixes Withholding U.N. Dues

Republicans Fret Over Bush's Political Standing An AP News Analysis

Replacement named for judge who died of apparent suicide

NEWSWEEK: From Downing Street to Capitol Hill - Now confirmed Up High

Black Pastors Criticize Bush on Aid to Africa

Lobbyists' Role for Public TV Is Investigated

Tsunami Warning Systems Failed (WA State)

House Democrat's forum to examine Downing Street memo (Knight-Ridder)

Lawyers Fought U.S. Move to Curb Tobacco Penalty (Memo: cuts "ordered")

Some Say Missing Minority Cases Ignored

Exit Strategy on Social Security Is Sought (GOP talking with Rove)

REUTERS: Jones will co-sponsor legislation calling for the truth re: DSM

Marine Harrier Jet Crashes in Arizona

Conyers Hearing on DSM moved back to Capitol Hill

Schiavo autopsy report backs husband

Court Lets Law Graduate Sue George Mason Univ. Over F

Massive power outage affects 70, 000 homes across 7 counties (Texas)

Indian forced to 'marry' her father-in-law rapist

Democrats say White House cozy with oil industry

WP: Bush Is Expected to Address Specifics on Iraq

Relatives of 3 soldiers killed in Afghanistan plane crash suing contractor

Mexican court to allow genocide charges against former president

(another) Memo: Pentagon Concerned About Legality of Interr. Techniques

Waco man shocked with Taser dies

US Federal Court: Corporations, Foreign or Domestic, Can be Held Liable

House votes to limit Patriot Act rules on library records

Fidel Castro Blasts Consumer Societies

'Exit Strategy' Is More Than a Whisper in Washington, With Lawmakers

Newsmax: Sen. Durbin: Gitmo GI's Behaved Like 'Nazis'

Venezuela Formally Submits Extradition Request to U.S.

Senate Proposes Broader Energy Tax Package

British arms supplies fuelling abuses in Nepal, says Amnesty

Spain arrests 19 for links with Zarqawi

Scrutinized Investment Made Senator $822,000

Specter Calls Gitmo System a 'Crazy Quilt'

Baltimore Agency Accused Of Housing Children In Offices

Senator: Gitmo An 'Embarrassment'

Predators raise billions for European spree

Chemical Plant Regulation Being Questioned

Reichert (R-Wash.) goes to bat for police, ticks off own party

Specter to hold hearings on Gitmo prisoners' rights

Car bomb kills 10 and wounds nearly 30 in Baghdad

Idaho's Real-Life Brothers-in-Arms

Tax cuts aid senators . Frist earned $1 to $5 million

Jury of Blacks and Whites Seated in Mississippi to Hear Murder Trial of

Pelosi on pot: Leave it to states

BBC (Wednesday): Opec agrees higher output levels

CBC: Counterterrorism Tools Take Aim at Deceptive Emails.

Cuba Trade: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Teen Indian (Native American) suicide urgent issue, Congress told

Tyrant's Best Friend

Wine linked to Ohio coin scandal stolen; Colorado burglars also take guns,

Man who burned cross loses W.Va. election (gets 41 votes)

AP: More than 50 people killed in Iraq today.

Guantanamo prisoners gone back to "battlefield"

Fresh battle cries over Bush nominee (Bolton)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 15 June

(State Dept )U.S. Examining Reports of Abuses in Iraq (Kurdish areas)

Divided Senate panel backs FDA nominee

Iran 'misled UN on nuclear work'

Oil industry hopes to avoid paying for MTBE problem

Canada Suggests Armed Agents at Border

Poll: Public Image of Supreme Court Falls

Homegrown Fuel Supply Helps Brazil Breathe Easy

House: Medical Marijuana a Federal Case

Poll: Most want U.S. to make Internet safer

Just saw Batman Begins

I'm looking for a place to buy a Macintosh processor..can anyone help.

Which one of The Magnificent Seven was the biggest badass?

How much SHOULD cell phones cost?

Who is awake?

Who's up and what are you doing?

Family trouble - perhaps a DUer might be able to advise

please pray now to the gods of traffic . . .

stone-age cybering this morning ... can you see my smoke signals

I had the weirdest dream last night.

they're trying to buiLd a prison

Pot Growing Equipment Donated To High School Horticulture Class

Poll: Most Americans Don't Trust Weather Forcasts

Man Hiding From Police In Attic Dies When Temperature Soars

Has anybody else lost their sig line?

Bald Eagle, Carrying Fish, Crashes Into Alaska House

Sheriff's Officer Leaves Gun In Courthouse Bathroom

A small note about the internet.


Good Morning, DU!

ooo, ooo I found some Land of the Lost tapes!!!!!!!

I think it's time for another DU gathering at a DC Protest

grumble grumble grumble

Question re: local news

day 5

I am in a quandary.

OMG...Unless I'm wrong, there is only one active thread left in DU

New daily show tonight?

Surfing! Dudes!

i am sooo tired

Maybe somewhere down the road a-ways....

Jimmy Fallon meets Batman (clip from the MTV movie awards).

It's so damned hard to get the right version of "Walking after midnight"

Unlike when in Montreal - Washignton can now afford to KEEP this team

as long as were posting links to websites.

Ma and Pa Bush, this is Mary Carey; Carey,, these are my folks...

Goodnight ,sweet Lounge. And may flights of angels sing thee to thy

It's crappy song night, guys and girls!

Imagine this scenario...

Is there a stomach virus going around GD?


Stingless Beekeeping in Danger

One more Dream Theater thread?

Mary Carey nurgles the flag, but flag burning is bad?

Who is the most ridiculous band ever?

How do you decide if something belongs in GD or GDP?

Two Pump Chump

How dangerous do you think downtown Detroit is?

Death is not an option...

wives for sale

OK, what do you guys make of THIS?

did you get any pie or did you just get "forked"? new toon (6/15)

Has anyone seen ma dog?

NBC, CNN announce merger (humor)

Which Forum is More Scary for Sensitive Lounge Lingerers, LBN, GD, or GDP?

Man, I hit 5000 and didn't even know it!

Is there a stomach virus going around?

I heard The Beatles are going to unite with The Eagles!


Dear West Coast, -Re: Tsunami -

EBay withdraws tickets for Live 8 concert at Geldof's request

"Internet's Most Infectious Website" -

Why am I now relucant to talk to my parents?

Problems in the bedroom....

Arrrrgh. My house sale is falling apart.... grrr, grrrr, grrrr.

I'm going to swim at the pool in the beautiful sun while you're at work.

waatwaatwaatwaatwaat Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde LOOK OUT!!!

Time for another "Sinus and right nostril" appreciation thread

Stupid boner-slacks......

Happy Birthday.. Courtney Cox, Helen Hunt, and Dina Meyer

88 Degrees Yesterday - Today?

I'm having a senior moment, simple Simpsons question

Liberal Is Not A Swear Word

11 New "Batman Begins" Clips + 3 New "Making Of" Clips

Bald spots. What the hell is it with bald spots?

Bath or Shower?

You all have such loose morals!!!

My daughter is organizing her clothes

'Naked Rambler' Takes His Girlfriend On Nude Walk


Who's up for grilling outside for dinner?

Just where the hell's my bliss, anyway?

Grills: Gas or charcoal?

A website for sniffa...

Post here- you have nothing better to do.

I wish I lived in New York.

Emergency landing on street averts disaster

It is 1/2 of Air Supply's Birthday Today

Graham Nash does Norway! :D

Did You NOT Know It Was Helen Hunt's Birthday Today?

Magna Carta signed by King John, June 15, 1215

For all the women I have ever loved and the one I love now.

Do you hate the Conservative Media as much as I do?

Do you give a damn about celebrity relationships?

I'm getting locked up for 3 days

Going to Chalmette to get some Creole Tomatoes

Matcom, I've come to a very important decision about us. *Please Read*

I saved a moth last night

Random picture discussion thread for 06/15/05.

Roger Waters to Reunite With Pink Floyd


Chicago White Sox: Best Team In Baseball And Nobody Seems To Care

Biggest piece of crap ever!!!

The Fred Garvin Training Academy?

Alternative uses for common meds.

Any J2EE Developers in here?

US teen on 'vomit assault' charge


our new A/C works TOO well.. I am FReeeeeezing

Are you a bug killer or a bug saver?

13 years ago today

Joke: The war will end soon

DU writers. Assistance please?

Is DU slow, or is it my 'fuzer? nt

Which is more important?

ZombyCoffee: The DU Upgrade Blend!

So did yesterdays changes mean that replies don't show up on

Good news and not so good news

Wow, these Portland, OR Internets are sure fucked up today.

Hands up, whoever was so moved by that "Frito Pie" thread

Teen Shoots TWO Holes-In-One During SAME Round Of Golf

help. I've just had my first long term experience in gd and, well

Which revelation of recent suprised you more?


Jennifer Aniston spills the beans on Brad and Angelina?

Alien Abduction Thwarted!

Tossed Salad.

good morning, DU!

It's only Wednesday and we have all these polls?

I'm going to breed a bulldog with a shitzhu.

Should every lounge post today be a poll?

Is this "nitpicker week" on DU?

Should we have more polls?

Fish-Toting Eagle Crashes Into Alaska Home

Favourite Fruit?

Cleveland Steamer

Chilly dog...

Here's one Freeper that isn't brain dead!!

The less said about this one, the better:

I defy you to watch this entire clip!

Okay, then. Who is hungry?

DU asses. Writing please?

The pool water is 88 degrees

Russell Crowe cancels planned White House sleepover

I'm just not a morning person, y'know?

Favorite Fruit

Ian Hunter's live version of "Standin' In My Light" with Mick Ronson...

Dirty Sanchez

--Conspiracy theories--

The pool water is 88 degrees.

I really should mow the lawn since it's not so hot now

Tea bag

A Democratic cocktail

Show us your posts within the last 48 hours.

I demand ransom money!

Evil truly has resurfaced: Teddy Ruxpin is back

Terri Schaivo Was Better Off Than Most Bush Loving Freepers!

Share your weird dreams here

You need this mug- we all need this mug

Chili Dog.

This is the greatest thread ever made, fnord.

Golden Stream Spicy Cha Cha Mix


When it gets hot outside my stockbroker seems to get tight and sticky

Best gin?

Bernie Kerik will be on Hannity & Colmes tonight discussing his "comeback"

haha, the Texans are pissed *points and laughs*

Which "courtesy titles" do you hate?

i'm going to anger every deLawaran with this thread

It's a boat.. No wait.. It's a plane? A car?

“Habemus Papam” ~~ “We have a Pope!”

Come on, someone take a swing at Iowa, already!

What are you listening to?

Why Alaska rules and all other states drool

OK, I am going to take the heat off of Texas

I am going to anger every being from the Andromeda Galaxy with this thread

I'm going to anger every Transylvanian with this thread.

I'm going to anger every knuckdragging redneck bush voter with this thread

I have 120 magnets on my refrigerator

Headline: "Everything That Can Go Wrong Listed."

Let's just all agree to pick on Delaware

Ohio sucks. Discuss.

Time to piss off California!

Is there anyone from Montana on this board?

Canada- oh, this should be easy!

Virginia is for Poopie Heads!

What will they find 60 years from now when they autopsy Matcom?

DAMMIT! Everyone forgot Poland again!

And don't get me started on Guam...


Is it a knockoff if you knock off the knockoff? (Bewtiched and Jeannie)

Would you want your spouse to buy you a car as a gift?

Hard or Soft?

Uh, Florida say's Fuck you to the rest of the Country!

You do not have any entries in your inbox.

What? No thread bashing Florida?

I get almost insane with rage over American Samoa!

Hard or Soft?


am i a liberal NON-elitist?

When it gets hot outside my backdoor seems to get tight and sticky

DELTA DAWN what's that flower you have on

You're the first, you're the last, my everything!!!

what the HELL is up with Eastasians?

what the HELL is up with Ephesians?

Hold Me Please! I heard a version of "Don't Fear the Reaper"...

what the HELL is up with Eurasians?

Did anyone see the "Don't you forget about me" remake by Yellowcard?'s gotten ridiculous...let's have a make up thread

Would a North Carolina thread even be know... fair?

Boy Steals School Bus, Takes It Home

Just got off the phone with the F.B.I.

Had a phishing phone scam call this AM--ended up talking to FTC

Don't get me started on Delaware

Disturbing products thread

Texas and California

159 years ago THANK GOD! We drew a line in the er snow from THEM

What's your new Zodiac sign and how do you feel about it?

When, oh, when, are we going to have Next Thread / Previous Thread back?

what the hell was going on with AAR online?

Tom Cruise hates Texas, Delaware, Illinois and California.

The ultimate surfing hotdog - dude's got nerves of steel

Do you like Vietnamese food? Check out this blog.

Bush stickers on cars at Bob Dylan/Willie Nelson show???

>12 pieces of Jacko toast and 2 Pop Tarts on E-Bay

Holy Batman! Coke Zero tastes almost exactly like Coke!

Toby the rabbit will die in 15 days!!!!

Illinois is obviously the worst state

I sent off 47 resumes with cover letters.

Hey, what's up with you people picking on Texas?

Randi thread

the best concept for a cover band ever!

Check out this picture of my big dog:

Oh my god...somebody PLEASE help me get this thing outta my head!

What's with all these threads bashing Taxes?

Am I a Liberal Elitist?

Seriously one of the funniest threads I've ever seen on DU.

You Finding Ling-Ling's Head?

I'm going to dis the word "dis".

High school class has 44 valedictorians with 4.0 GPA

US Imports 2 to 3 Million LB's of Human Hair Each Year


When at a Japanese restaurant do you eat with your chopsticks?

Okay, I'm unreasonably but extremely angry at my spouse

What's the deal with the furniture salesmen driving around neighborhoods?

sometimes having feelings really really sucks

Let's give some lovin' to Delaware

My doctor is the best

If I were to take a bong hit, and then post about it

Ohmagawd, I love reeses!

I'm playing poker tonight and I need a few good jokes...

(self delete)

I saw something a little strange yesterday

Sam, Sam I am.


I'm going to watch some cricket tomorrow

Let's talk about something interesting!

Should I try to become a

Do we have any DUers belonging to this group?

Anyone else getting bizarre, out-of-state calls?

They finally found out what's wrong with my ear!!!

Bet on Politics, win money, prove them wrong

I hear that Karl Rove can fire a high-powered laser from his ass.

Funniest. Video. Ever.

U.K. reality show star dumps Playmate over insect bites on her posterior


All hail Eris!

they finally found out what's wrong with my butt

Hey Ray. Hey sugar, tell 'em who we are

Eeeeewwww...they discovered a dead body in the bottom of the local lake...

OK you slackers.... who let Underpants out of the Lounge

I hear Beastman can fire a high-powered -- ahh, fuck it, nevermind...

How's the changing of the mods going?

I go away for a little while and you people act up

Whats a "mail consolidation service"?

Forget the D.S. Memo ... Jennifer says Brad cheated! Film at 11!

Was Christmas originally a pagan holiday?

Micheal Jackson's guilty and Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes helped out too!

Gawd, I hate when spellcheck tells me to capitalize

Hi Lounge!!!!


Oh, chickens, forgive me! I ate one of you last night!


Don't they require motorcycle helmets in New York?

I am going to anger every Texan on DU with this thread

Lucy Pug has to be put to sleep.

What are ye eating for supper?

I am going to anger every Liechtensteinian on DU with this thread

Lookie what I got!

Will the real LORD OF HELLFIRE please check in

Enough is Enough! I've been 2 short of 1000 posts for months now.

Teaching my kid to dislike Republicans

Is anyone going to see Randi live in Phx Friday night?

Adbusters magazine, what do you guys think of it?

Good times in on Usenet with Freepers!

Anyone else getting bizarre responses to their posts?

There is a spider lost in the mess on my desk.

Useful hint found on the internet:Don't fill your bong with gasoline.

94 degrees in the shade in South Mississippi

One of my own.

Sign of the times

"They even have sex to burn calories" on Dr. Phil....


I like Christian Rock. It's very positive.

will they ever release 'Reds' on dvd?

Who is interested in JimmyJazz's

What would Carnac the Magnificent say to Bush?

home improvements! before & after: (pic heavy!)

ok... go find a lonely 0 response thread and give it some love

Do you ever get computer headaches?

Is anyone else in nerd nirvana right now? (re: summer movies)

Cartoon character airbags? I don't get it. >

Since chapter 7 is out of the question,

my 14 year old son is wearing a Tuxedo

Help Me Remember the Name of a Movie

Ok, my kids are in the "gifted and talented" aka GT, am I insulted?

All hail Discordia!

A truely unique ebay auction

Have you ever lead on other guys while in a relationship?

Looks like GreenLantern's stomach is messed up again. Will be

When at an Indian restaurant do you eat with your hands?

Video of a Meth addict stealing a car

What's for supper?

I was talking to a young woman in San Diego today

I was at last night's Angels - Nationals game. Ask me anything!

Today I became a Padawan DU-mod for the lounge.

Dateline: August 21, 2010

PETITION TO SAVE NPR AND PBS...sign it and share it..

What's your birthday? You may have more than one.

One of your new Lounge Mods reporting in....

help me decide what to do tonight

I miss this place

Snickers Ice Cream

Anyone else having problems when they hit the "Previous Thread"

Hey! Oldtimer Air Force folks!!! I was just shown a plane...

Let's Play A Game: The Goddamned Republicans Are To Blame Game

Your favorite Moody Blues song

Tom Cruise wants to be known as the Fifth Element Of Hip Hop

Famous Swedish Television Chef Passes Away.

Yes! A very Cute Lady has offered me a Partnership in her Business.

Every time I say it, it makes me happy!

Archae, I like your blog entry about the arcade closing...

So, I got a PM that I thought... hum.... to....

JOE Cocker, JARVIS Cocker, or a fuckin' cocker SPANIEL. Your choice.



I've been exercising more, yet my legs grow worse?

I am going to anger every Vulcan on DU with this thread.

I may have found my calling...(but I need a little help)

Would you believe hubby and I watched the movie twister last night for

Hal Holbrook is a yankee

Question about Jessica Simpson's Chastity Pledge

OUCH! Brain Freeze!!!

One of my favorite lists...

American Masters: Julia Child...

OK, before I get carried away, how many of the new mods know prison slang?

Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody wang chung tonight.

Florida: If The Gators Don't Get You Then The Fire Ants Will


What would the Lounge be like without some of the.... rules...

A question about Urinal etiquette

Philly needs to go to sleep.

Of these colognes, which do you prefer?

Which one of the Chicago Seven was the baddest big-ass?

The difference between Texas and New Jersey is...

Why aren't Coy and Vance Duke in the new Dukes of Hazzard movie?

Pick yer favorite schneider

Yar har, baby!

Keri Russell co-stars with Cruise in M.I. III. Lohan wanted the part.

It's the end of an era, here in leftodialia

What were those wreaths that the early 20th century plutocrats wore?

Anybody want some CDem Loving?

I miss The Prophetess.

i'm going to anger every Iowan with this thread

Great Apes, it's still going over there in GD! I had no idea!

A question about port-a-pot ettiquette

I just had a Coke float.

I'm going to go take a leak and I don't care which state you're in!

I finally sent a letter to the property managers-Apartment living sucks

Ed Helms' NutCam is the funniest thing I have seen in years

It's the Wednesday night cute kitty attack!

GD! Whew! I'm rude, intolerant, a real asshole. sniff

Do your favorite movie and album go together?

I'm going to anger every South Dakotan with this thread


Ok. It's hug time again.

Need computer help

What's everyone drinking tonight?

A personal dilemma....kinda...

The Urinals Can Be a SCARY Place.

I buy weed from my neocon, wingnut, Limbaugh-loving republican boss


I saw a car today with licence plates from North Carolina!

Be the last person to post on this thread!

FX's : Life on minimum wage. Anyone watching this?

I am going to be making some major changes today

Have you ever wanted to scream...

A question about Ladies room etiquette.

615 grams, huh? Wow, that's almost low enough to qualify as Republican!

How do you resolve the Grandfather Paradox?

Help Me Remember The Title Of A Children's Book...

It's the "Make your own Orwellianism" thread!

I feel like being friendly tonight

Is there a Braum's Ice Cream store in your state?

I just want to tell you that I love you.

Surprise, Fwee Wepubwik in Denial over Schiavo Autopsy Results!

i'm going to anger every Minnesotan with this thread

Morgan Spurlock - "30 Days" on FX now

This magazine is published "every 23th"

What's your favorite SNL sketch (or sketch series) theme song?

Too Funny: Harlan McRaney, Bush Speechwriter

daily show tonight is fucking brilliant (topic spoiler)

So who all is coming to Dem Fest in Austin this weekend...

Shhhhhh! Don't tell the new mods, but this is a six thread.

I hear that cat Beastman is a baaad mother...

I'm no longer a mod. Now I'll flirt and be a man behaving badly

Will someone please tell me how "Forbidden Planet" ends?

Did you find political overtones in "Meet the Fockers"?

peter griffin pLays a mean, 'rock Lobster'

The Color Test

Do wear contacts, glasses, both, or none?

Vanity Plate time!

Post a picture of a body part (Just to be different)

Meet the hordes! (WARNING: Cat pic intensive)

Should I try to become a

Reminder - Pittsburgh DU Meet-Up This Weekend June 18th!

Don't nobody dis Maine or

Say hello to our new moderators!

Do you tip house cleaners? In advance???

Finish this sentence: A REAL man...

Anybody seen Batman Begins yet? I'm dying to see it.

Any One Want To Adopt

I am going to anger every Pennsylvanian on DU with this thread

You can dis Minnesota


Hammer. Hammer. I am. Hammer. Hammer. I am. Hammer. Hammer. I am. Hammer.

Photos of my 2 month old Filly

What frivolous lawsuit would you like to file?

Ok does anyone find the whole "gifted and talented" aka GT insulting

Who's the MOST famous person you've ever met ?

Hey Seattlites! Yo, read this pretty please. It's about Andy.

Things you LOVE about Texas! Post 'em here.

Nebraska, You'll Have To Drive Through Us Sometime

I hate Penn and Teller with the fire of 1000 flaming sons.

Big meat study links red meat diet to cancer

Vegetarian Batman

The Wisdom We Need to Fight AIDS

Televangelist breached guidelines: ruling

Graham Says NYC Revival Probably His Last

Buddhism and Marxism

Fish oil supplements may harm patients with abnormal heart rhythms (defib)

The Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics

Statue of gay hero draws monumental flak

Work Begins On $20M Chicago Gay Center

University Dean Quits Over Same-sex Benefits

Who are your personal gay and/or lesbian hero(s)?

SF Calls For Penalties Against Gay Club

John Madden 2006

Yankees reveal new stadium plans

Red Sox Sweep Reds

Orioles Sweep Astros at home

HORSE RACING NEWS weekend of June 17

Dog acting strangely

One trend? One fact.

jesus emails

What was your "last meal"?

What's up today: Comms & Press Conferences

CAFTA re-cap from Finance Committee

Financial Times humor: Bolton block

Kerry Takes Aim at Bush Energy Scheme

Please help at DKOS - Requesting to call Senators

Can somebody from MA tell me why Kerry voted for the ethanol

Boston Globe Obit Notice: Interesting Family JK Has

This let me perplex and made me laugh - Does somebody understand what

Cantwell speaking on Energy Amendment

Dorgan, Kerry Host Roundtable to Present Findings

Tired of the negativity over Kerry and the DSM

Kerry at MEdicard (SFC) hearing

John Kerry on GOP Proposal to Raise Retirement Age

Diary of a JK Fan voting in the Virginia Primary

John Kleeb - what's his story? A newbie wants to know!

JUNE PHOTO CONTEST---post your photo comments HERE

JUNE PHOTO CONTEST---Submit entries here!

My june contest wannabes (dial up alert)

Like a lot of others (Warning-heavy on pics)

Here's another article on Keith's ESPN return.

KOEB 6/15/05

Action alert mentioned on Air America

Web Puts 'Dowing Street Memo' in Spotlight (mentions Conyer's hearing)

Anyone in the mood to see a little activism today against the mighty Rick?

Andrea Mitchell, Washington Socialite, Corporate Stooge.

For us to think of as we go to bed 1,706 of ours dead in Iraq

Edwards Builds New Platform. U.S. Poverty Called Great Moral Issue.

Disgusting e-mail I received today

WOW!!!!!! MIHOP!!!!!

Mods delete please--I got an error message and ended up doubleposting.

Bush invites Jacko to the White House

This is how I believe we can get the MSM to report on DSM

Blast From Past: Woodward book says Bush secretly ordered Iraq war plan

Again please, how did they get away with lying about the New York

Indymedia ROCKS!

Make Ohio Great Again!

Main Line Gusher for Bush

One hour of debate on a $400 billion defense budget ?

A Different Take on Dean and Those Democrats Who Question His Comments

(Maine) Democratic State Committee Supports Dean Unanimously

AOL Poll - Would you vote for Bill Clinton Today?

Ron Paul, R-Texas, was memorizing yesterday

Senate's hopefuls have deep pockets

Report: U.S. Resists NATO Probe

My first Diebold experience.....

Religious Right = Extremist Hate Groups, so says SPLC

Shengyou Attack China, videotaped hundreds of armed men attacking a ..

C-Span Sounded BETTER This AM!

Fastest growing "religion" in US? SURPRISE!

DSM Rally in NYC???

Of masculine & feminine themes, abusive spouse syndrome, and Ds&Rs

$1B a week in Iraq. House energy bill provides $500K for energy efficiency

MSM going on again about Kofi Annan and Oil For Food....

Lett. to San Diego Times:Right-wing isn't conservative, it's authoritarian

Conyers on DemocracyNow, RE: DSM! nt

Virginians grow a brain....

Prof. to Present Research at HIV Conference (Rounded Sex-Ed not confusing)

DEAN: GOP Serves Special Interests Along with Beef Tenderloin ...

Action Alert: DSM Activist "Wingnuts" says WaPo's Dana Milbank

Call the Congress to order-Call the White House

The term limit debate is a moot point and possibly a diversion.

Photo says it all!!

The Bush Family Ties to the True Rulers of America

Graduation crowd boos Schwarzenegger

Need help naming a blog

Set up recruiting booths in Christian Conservative Churches

An email from James Zogby

Nothing in politics is as powerful as the blunt, honest truth..

"Let's Make a Deal with Sen. Joe Biden" - from Sirotablog

"Global War On Terrorism" now to be called "War Against Violent Extremism"

Who didnt sign on to the Lynching Apology Bill?

Senators Consider Boosting Retirement Age

Something Rotten in Ohio, By Gore Vidal, The Nation- June 14, 2005.

"Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance" (Barack Obama)

CALL your representatives NOW.. I just called Moran's office..

Great interveiw with Rep. Conyers on Democracy Now! today.

TX gov hires company: "Identify and target Christian values voters"

With No Provisions for Worker’s Rights, CAFTA Moves a Step Ahead

Where can I get 2004 Dem Primary debates on DVD ?

Can anybody give me a link to Dean's money-raising virtue?

They're waiting.

Pretty good political cartoon in the Salt Lake Tribune.

Condi Rice "described as enthusiastic about regime change" early 2002

DSM hearing 6/16 schedule, speakers and venues finalized

DoD Surplus Auction Website

Porn stars, politicians not that different (Better families through porn)

A suggestion for my fellow Americans who happen to be gay

Should I e-mail John Conyers this info?

Schumer-Clinton letter to the WSJ:Let's Do the Right Thing for New York

Newsflash - Religious Right=Hate Group. Read all about it

LAME CNN Poll: What do you think of hecklers who booed Arnold?

For President in 2008: Mary Carey or John Kerry

"We should have done this 10-15 years ago", says the oil man

Will the General in charge of Army Recruiting Be fired

Bush & Santorum in my backyard yesterday..

Prediction: They find Aruba-girl around 4:30-5:00 pm Thursday

Repub calls for Reed to drop out (Ga. Lt.Gov race)

Former White House official takes Exxon job

Schiavo - the AFA spin

TeenScreen: The lawsuits begin

Unca Ray 'Splains It ALL to You

Democrats, don't put muzzle on Dean

Does anyone thing impeachment is actually possible? Re: all the memos.

Downing St. Memo : Part #2 ???

I'm thinking the US must destroy Kofi Annon's rep. because he

Here's a link to the additional 6 British memos (after DSM).

Frist now accused of trying to veto a vote on the anti-lynching resolution

The real cost of war -- 68% of U.S. Govt. Expenses

My Republican friends are defending the Southern Senators...

Hey, everyone did ya heah that the runaway bride lives on Downin' Street?

Looking at 2006, Congressional Dems should

CNN covering the Cunninghan house sale

protesters can't be in smirk's "line of sight" SS says

Websites to lookup campaign donations?

the problem with "progressive talk" is it's not "progressive"

What the heck is wrong with cafe standards? Lamar Alexander

Eight Years of Peace and Prosperity

Scottie "Cheesy Grin" McClellan says that * continues to "elevate the

Democrats: The party of KNOW.

Where is the report on the 04 campaign.

A New Website Idea

Is what Sessenbrenner did a violation of House rules?

Why are there no Pennsylvania Ave. Minutes contradicting DSM?

Wine, coins, a break in, and Ohio politics ....... repost.... a must read!

Political Trivia - lawmaker behind the "cheeseburger bill" legislation

House agrees to the Sanders amendment!!

Newest Bush-Fristian Initiative

Dallas Morning News gives 'Memos' front-page slot!

Email I just sent CSPAN re: DSM Coverage..

BRAD BLOG: C-SPAN To Carry 'Downing Street' Hearings Live!

Kettle calls kettle black:Hastert frustrated over ethics impasse he caused

I just flashed on the hidden "why" of SS "reform".

CNN Inside Politics interviews John Conyers about DSM Forum

Is there an environmental scorecard?

Clintons' final closure on Whitewater

So how many signatures does Conyer's have? Keep seeing

check out TPM

Do you want a candidate who supports a national health care program?

Received reply from C-Span who will re-air DSM hearing, Fri, C-Span2, 8PM.

Bill Clinton beats the odds... AGAIN!

The Daily Show rips the media over the Michael Jackson Verdict-Video

Film clips from the "Hijacking catastrophe" video:

Osama "alive and well" from Taliban commander

What Senators/Congressmen up for reelection in 2006, stand to be most damage

Where can I find a list of those who didn't vote for the lynching bill?

Votes on the medical marajuana bill?

N. Korea "One way or Another"' will give up those nukes

Give money to DNC or DFA? Which helps Dean? Has Dean SAID which one he

15 Senators didn't cosponor the Lynching Apology Res, who?

Support CHRIS BELL! He's Almost To His Goal.

Q: Can I Donate to the Democrats in a way showing support for Dean?

ROLL CALL: What MSM News sources have Covered the New Memos?

DSM/Conyers/CSpan coverage....schedule

Hannity needs emails showing hate speech against dems from politicians

Corporations, Age Discrimination and the American Way

What action shall we take after the Conyers hearing?

The Downing Street Memo Comes To Washington: Democracy Now

Anyone see Mary Carey on Countdown with Keith O.?

IRAN-TV reports on closing Gitmo debate and the Chicken Dinners -(VIDEO)

Conyers and McGovern were on Democracy Now today

If the war had gone better for US, they would have gotten away with it

Well, they got to Roberts (r) of Kansas on Bolton's nomination.

Questions about tomorrow's hearing

On Blair: Is the UK pulling out of Iraq?

The FBI put Mark Felt in charge of finding Deep Throat

The BAT is back!

What was the number of the bill involving parents reporting on kids?

The lead story on Thursday's news will be?

Okay, maybe they have us all skunked, and we don't know it

Conyers is Getting THUMBS UP from Republicans!

Folks, this is Bryan Kennedy


Conyers on Democracy 11:17 Central.

Clark will be on Hannity and Colmes Thursday.


Kerry Takes Aim at Bush Energy Scheme - Cooney Takes Exxon Job

Conyers letter now has 540,000 signatures and counting!!!

Conyers hearings on CSpan3, .org and radio

will they still be taking sigs on Conyers' letter after tomorrow?

Just made a Harold Ford Bumpersticker

John Kerry on GOP Proposal to Raise Retirement Age

McClellan: "Democratic leadership standing in the way of moving forward"

Bill Schneider just said "This is becoming a hot issue"

Diane Feinstein's reply email re: the DSM

Why are the Democrats and Howard Dean in particular not attacking

NYC, 5th Ave, Nineties, bumpersticker: Give 'em Hill!

Sensenbrenner wants to repeal 22nd Amendment!!! Who wins?

Repub Walter Jones (Mr. "Freedom Fries") will co-sponsor DSM legislation

So who all is coming to Dem Fest in Austin this weekend?

* called for Doubling to $4000.00 Tax Credit for Hybrids! WTF?!?

Faux's John Gibson on DSM: "OLD NEWS!"

I had wanted to listen to Randi Rhodes today.........

Do You Ever Have "Dark" Thoughts About Some Dem Politicians??

Olbermann: Mary does DC; "Republicans party like Porn Stars" - (VIDEO)

"Rethinking General Wesley Clark - The Left made a big mistake in 2004"

For freeps and other RWers: a couple of points about the DSM

CNN Inside Politics interviews John Conyers about DSM Forum -(VIDEO)

Good God: Schiavo's family now calls autopsy a lie

Paul Loeb: More Damning Than Downing Street

Who is having a Conyers/DSM rally tomorrow?

H.R.2843 - remote control locomotives and hazardous materials

Oh MY GOD! NutCAM on The Daily Show!

Democrat intros bill that would allow Bush 2 more terms

Kerry grassroots documentary trailer available for review

Wall Street Journal slanders Dick Durbin

DSM: Being covered with reluctance. A Reason for Hope (Long)

Quayling Kerry?

Bush's Legacy--"Fixed Intelligence"

A MONTH later my LTTE re: Newsweek gets printed (mentions DSM, too)

The BAT is back!

Gen. Wesley Clark Joins FNC as Foreign Affairs Analyst

Wanted: A Massive Movement to Drive the Bush Regime from Power

Kucinich Solicits Your Input on Reasoning for Iraq Withdrawal

Salon: Exit polls in 2004 were wrong; Bush won

Are you safer now that Sadam Hussein is no longer in power?

Bush's Problems Has GOP Worried