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Archives: June 13, 2005

"War: Realities and Myths." Must read! Terrific essay by Chris Hedges.

Myanmar's brutality little understood

Frmr. Bush chief economist -"controlled demolition destroyed WTC & #7

Be sure to stop these bills from passing...

Put your money where his mouth is.

Will Fox News Report What Dean Said About Fox News

Bob Herbert: "They won't go."

Another arbitrary argue about Howard Dean's comments thread

Freepers In A Panic Over Fred Phelps Picketing Soldiers Funerals

The British Media WANTS TO GIVE US A VOICE. Focus on anything else??

Someone's calling for a demo at the White House June 16th

Frmr. Bush chief economist -"controlled demolition destroyed WTC & #7

''If B*** had a black friend....

What do you think of the Guantanamo Bay detention center?

Take Back America 2005 conference highlights

What do you think of DSM being called 'memogate'

How is Drudge doing?

S.Korea's Roh says North can expect flexibility

US had no plan for post-war Iraq, UK memo confirms

Afghans seek cures at shrine for Al Qaeda

The debate's over: Globe is warming

Fluoridated water can cause bone cancer in boys

Someone said pictures would be posted "We Just Love Being in Love, Gushes Tom Cruise's Girlfriend"

"Homes and Gardens" and Hitler??????

The Lounge is a ____ Propoganda Outlet

Dang! Why can't I be more like progmom?

Bobby Ewing fed up with all the lies on TVLand now....

What should I get my husband for our 11th anniversary?

help progmom pick out an outfit for her trip to new york

How close should you let the clock run down before really bidding in Ebay?

I've noticed this thing about mens' asses

A Quick and Easy "Summer Bath" for your dog.

Turn off tv/stereo - what do you like to hear?

Flaming Drudge talks like Paul Lynde, though less funny, and more bitchy.

ARO newsletter - 6/12/05

A quick and easy summer bath for your dog...

??? What is this thread?

If you missed it, here is a great Obama Commencement speech.

My,we're a quiet bunch of EDV's lately!

Another arbitrary argue about Howard Dean's comments thread

Check out this poster of Bush from Venezuela! Must see....

Conservative nut-case Vincent Fiore mentions DU in his latest rant:

present worth of War? Help

Cheney Versus Journalism (The Nation) Funder on the Right

LAT: Army, Insurer in Iraq at Odds (another AIG ripoff?)

Frist's finances questioned

One Day in Iraq: Story of Hawija

"Iraq" - commencement oration by John Deutch (former DCI)

The Illiterate Surgeon (NYT-Kristoff)

Democarcy Now!: Iraqi Oil Workers Fight Privatization and Occupation

Patriot Second Act

Common Dreams: Waking to Reality

Clark says we need to commit to Economic Development in Afghanistan.

Why the 'Downing Street memo' hasn't rocked Bush's world

U.S. Supports Undemocratic Regimes Worldwide (Lone Star Iconoclast)

Countdown to Meltdown-America's Coming Econ Crisis(AtlanMon)

In Congo, 1,000 die per day: Why isn't it a media story? (CSM)

More on Dean from the SF Chronicle

Neo-Con Unfurls the Big Picture

"Cha Ching" From ¢¢¢ to $$$:

Syria To Send Suspects To U.S. For "Interrogation"

Supreme Court overturns racist death penalty conviction

The administration's hot air over global warming

Haitian kids suffer in servitude

The American People Have Been Had

Could memo sink Bush?

AlterNet: The New Blacklist

Shame is for sissies

The DSM and the Revenge of the Bloggers (Juan Cole...must read!)

My newspaper column re: Downing St Memo. Thoughts?

Doak: Rich getting richer, thanks to American socialism (good read!)


We must confront new religious tyranny

Proof is in the Memo: Soldiers Died for a Lie

Greenpeace protest ship moors in Brisbane

Contribute to Sibel Edmonds' legal fund here!

Students concerned over closed Coke meetings (MI)

350 DU Patriots Urgently Needed!

You do not support Liberal Media!

NEW at White Rose! - The The King Daevid MacKenzie daily newscast!

The real reason the verdict came in

NYT: Upheaval on Los Angeles Times Editorial Pages

Longshoremen: $2OO OOO/yr?

Beckett exposes G8 rift on global warming (sec. of state for env.)

Space Measurements Of Carbon

Senate Moving Toward Adding Climate Provisions to Energy Bill

Research Firm Reveals Top UK GHG Emitters, Issues Investor Warning - FT

Coral Cover Down To 7% On Some Florida Keys Reefs

Peasant Pollution Rebellion A Clear Warning For China - WP

Russian Science Team Finds 0.4C Increase In Arctic Current In Single Day

Trawlers annihilating seabed, says scientist

Canadian farmer saves family farm by going organic

Is there anyone in the Seattle area who knows where I can go to

Hybrids Here To Stay - Interview With Toyota's Takehisa Yaegashi

Q: beans and amino acid balancing

Global Warming: Orbiting Sunshade, not Kyoto:Kyoto slow if ever

Russia enacts credit history law

'Israeli Apartheid'

Israeli envoy to be next vice president of UN General Assembly

Pulling for the pullout

Outrage at Palestinian executions

Israeli envoy to be next vice president of UN General Assembly

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Likely A Controlled Demolition .

Los Angeles 911 group

Quote from "Rigorous intuition"

History of events leading up to 9/11

$45 Million to Demolish a 42-story Building at Ground Zero!

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Inside Job

9/11 Victims Fund...something struck me today

Whatever hit Pentagon seems to have had high radioactivity??? What does

June 8 NIST Presentation - Findings on WTC Fire and Collapse

Flight 93 - Where's the plane?

Leon Co. attacked for allowing BBV hack into Diebold system

Senator Katherine Harris? ACT still just doesn't get it that FL is rigged.

Edwards speaks at Rainbow PUSH: Voting rights amend. discussed (Video)

DUers in East Texas? Here come da voting machines.....

My wife and I were at the Sunday morning Rainbow PUSH Town Hall Meeting

Easy way for folks to tell Reps. to Support H.R. 550

This Cheered Me Up! I have a Vision of **** Truth emerging


READ THIS! It's excellent and it's important! And it's positive.

Sherole Eaton Fund - Please Help!

Books Not Bars

Steve Westly launches campaign June 18

Attn: San Diego DUers: Let's take to the streets!

California Daily Ledger-June 10, 2005

Gee, Ahnuld couldn't have picked a better day to make his announcement

Any Los Angeles area Downing Street memo rally?

San Francisco Chronicle: Governor assailed over special election

Schwarzenegger will return donation

San Francisco Chronicle: Governor calls for special election

Machado considers a run for Congress against Pombo

If big quake hits off coast, tsunami could be gigantic

Most liberal rural areas in northern CA?

Army will invade Cambridge Tuesday

Aww Gee... Michelle Bachman needed someone to stick up for her

whats the matter with AAR streaming???!!!

Ed Schultz to broadcast live in St. Paul June 17

Call About the MN Renters Credit

Getting DSL. Which provider? How much do I pay?

My SO Janet has an ongoing problem with Ohio Dept of Taxation

Ohio Legislative Update: Nursing has their pulse.

Clevelanders! What do we know about THIS mayoral candidate (Triozzi)?

Ohio soon to become police state...

All DFW DU'ers, are you interested in a freeway blog event?

Wooohooo! Wisconsin in the news!

Was that a DUer who just called Randi?

Milwaukee paper goes after Dean

GOP hate quotes?

American Dad: "The United States Patriot Act says I can"

We need to stop talking about the "mainstream media"

The END of The Guy James Show. Finished. Kaput. Over. PLEASE READ.

America Online practicing censorship on liberal posts?

Gore/ Dean 2008 ?

False Messiah Syndrome

Should newpapers publish the truth?

Attn New England DU'ers: Army and National Guard invade Cambridge

Divide and Conquer?

We owe it to our family, friends and country to watch this DSM video.

great cartoon--What if Watergate happened today??

None dare call it...

Marilyn Nelson on Emmett Till

1,776 Dead By The Fourth Of July?

Now *HERE* is a Republican I could have a beer with, a real patriot IMHO

From the archives... GWB's once-official ghost-writer opens up

Will Utah hear of the Memos?. . . If they read a paper they might!


State likely to overlook Diebold flaws

Meet another Coulter . . . just trying to survive on Social Security

Any word on how Andy is doing?


Confusion from the GITMO

Pensioners Biting Back

Dean tells party that Democrats 'are here to fight'

Reeducation Camps do not exist

"When It Comes to Africa, Bush has More on His Mind Than Aid "

Duke-run hospitals put patients in jeopardy(hydraulic fluid in surgeries)


Civil Rights violators of the past are finally getting their day in court.

illegal billboards . . .

a year after, folks seem to have pretty much accepted torture as o.k.

Roll Call Tim Curry - on C-Span, ,"...Democrats are grandstanding"

Its about debt - all about debt (or should be)

Today Show pouncing on the US prepared part of the DSM

George & Laura Support the Troops (by attending a concert in evening wear)

but when thou makest a feast, call the poor, & maimed, & lame, & blind

Today Show mentions memo "Was the US prepared?"

Country of Origin Labeling for meat - God forbid we know what we're eating

Gallup:Public Confidence in News Media Falls to New Low

My LTTE was published

Iraqi Labor Unions Grow And Claim Their Voice

Dean about to be interviewed on NPR show - 9:00 Eastern

Bush is going to keep pushing his Social Security Privitization...

why all these damn polls, bushco will do exactly as it pleases, why bother

What's up with Tony Blair?

"The Man, The Legend, The Bowtie"

absolute power corrupts absolutely

anyone know if there it a cspan clip of the hearing on Patriot Act where

Over the last year, has Bush support declined in your community?

General Electric Converts to Global Warming. When Will LIMBOsevic?

Updated video clip list

Name that Politician...

GOPUSA (Gannon's old crew): 'Downing Street' Memo Has Left Wingers Droolin

Where can I find a "last resort" quote by Bush or others in admin?

Is the Real Estate Market about to go flat?

How has the ReThugs defended "Senseless-brenner"

Drudge Report - Rage at Author claims Bill raped Hilary, conceived Chelsea


could somebody check this out?

Take Media Action

self deleted

Police: Gun Deaths vs Taser Deaths.

My LTTE printed on Friday when I was out of town...

Donate $ to help refugees of the Iraq war!!!

TIME Exclusive: Inside the Wire at Gitmo

Using Sam's Club For Political Purposes

Immigration Law as Anti-Terror Tool


Found Out from IRS about Church Running Ads Attacking "Libruls"

We don't need 'moral values'

Water torture at Gitmo?

All the pension funds going broke ??

New Poll numbers on Iraq

Condoleezza Rice plays it again for Charity

**Excellent LTTE by a former captain in the U.S. Marine Corps.**

Nuclear Calendar -- Friends Committee On National Legislation

If 20th Century Fox is owned by Fox News which is owned by Murdock

Did the editors make me look less intelligent?

Wikitorial is coming to the LA Times (editorial you edit yourself)

No Military Solution in Iraq, Say U.S. Commanders

MSNBC : Should there be an end date for U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq?

Simple solution about Dean and his comments


bush news conference cnn right now

Times Online: Is 'memogate' an embarrassment to the US media? (part2)

Twenty-one fucking Hundred!How Many Dead Iraqi CHILDREN will it take??

The 'Lack of Postwar Plan' angle...

HEY MSM!! Please Ask the VP if it's Appropriate that he

stephanie miller says send sensenbrenner diapers and baby food

Letter to my Senator

Dubya's Cocaine Conviction link?

British Briefing Papers Revealed (nice summary).

Skeletor "Over the Top" Cheney even less photogenic than Bush?

Climate change is costing us, says BT boss

59% Say U.S. Should Begin Withdrawing Troops From Iraq!

US Regulator Suppresses vital data on prescription drugs on sale in

Letter to yet another FauxNews fool


"John Bolton, Toast of the Month" art selling on Ebay

Raise your right hand and repeat after me:

Community Internet Under Attack (pros and cons)

bush NEVER goes on the Sun. Talk Shows cause he's a DUMBASS COWARD

If We The People Don't stop bushco, then we have failed in our Duty

I tried goggling re; the Dem Party of WI--resolution for impeachment but

Texas Governor Mobilizes Evangelicals

More Evidence Intel Was Fixed

we should stop asking for the troops to come home

New York Times Tries To Kill Downing Street Story

More Signs of Passionate Idiocy

Former Bush Team Member Says WTC Collapse Inside Job

A wonderful future news photograph

GOP disregards vote discrepancy at their own convention

Homeless man's lawsuit over religious monument goes to Supreme Court

Microsoft conspires against free speech in China.

almost 8 months with no terror alert! I feel so safe!

USA Today's propaganda re: the economy

Is the Mike German on Democracy Now our Agent Mike?

The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act....

The Daily Show - nominated for awards, this week's schedule

All part of a methodical madness?

Liberals were right... AGAIN.

Ghost Writer for Bush: "Bush wanted to take Iraq since 1999"

Illegality of Iraq war (which UK clearly understood) detailed in new memo

Which are Republicans better at - making money or wasting it?

I have some questions regarding Democracy and Freedom.

We need a new name for the British informant

Venezuelan President Chavez Says George Bush Behind Bolivia Crisis

CNN predicts "permanently higher prices" in housing market, "no slowdown"

I think there may be a fundamental misunderstanding of the "faith" issue

Ben Nelson--poster child for DINOs

Listening to Franken right now...

Let's face it. The charge of rape against a former US President rings true

Limbaugh defends methods in Guantanamo today

Moore: "we live in a time with fictitious election results....."

The "problem" with Dean

Dr. Dean Speaks, for Better or Worse (Letters To The Editor)

Tsarevich Ted Olson, protector of civil liberties

Spitting on the graves of the dead American soldiers -Bill Gates/Microsoft

Are we witnessing the snowball effect on shrub's poll numbers?

Chairman Dean's latest over-the-top pronouncement: "Water is Wet"

Homeowner Criminal Background Checks

Personal Accumulation Accounts

Bush doesn't need Congress to get Bolten into the UN

Where is Conyers' petition link

Hilarious performance by Republican Hunter re Guantanamo prisoners

well,, we've apologized for the lynchings

Patriot Act Push Angers Some on Right

Latest Gallop Poll:Nearly 6 in 10 Americans Support Troop Reductions in Ir

Thomas Friedman of the NYT. Shouldn't he register as a foreign agent ?

In light of the facts, shouldn't we be calling it the Iraq INVASION....

CAFTA in Peril... US Chamber head threatens lawmakers...

POLL: Dean's comments on GOP & blacks, help or hurt Dems?

A nation of gossips.

I wish the Downing Street Minutes were leaked last summer...

Cheney doesn't have a mother.

NY Times tries to discredit DSM

DSM, parts 2-7 - Six new British Documents Reveal Much More!

Guy James Radio Show

Simple solution to the War in Iraq.

what are your thoughts

Miller: Fox: "Comedy Central for Liberals....right-wing freak show"

My Dad Becomes A Big Dean Fan After Last Weeks' Nonsense.

What I Learned from the Liberal Media this month

Delicous Retort to Michael Kinsley and his LATimes article on the DSM

I love the opening line in Kerry's new letter.

Leave Iraq

I caught a rebroadcast of MTP at 3 this am during an attack of insomnia

Is China being groomed for the role of the next all purpose devil?

Bush and the RW'ers are making a new Bible

Bush Poll Not Accurate, GOP Says

RW Alert: Why it's time to deport Liberals

Why Iraq's buying up Sony PlayStation 2s

Tucker Carlson

Kansas City Star explains DLC reluctance re DSM!!

Even though we know bush lied, we must NEVER say they died in vain.

I hear news that some of The War President's mercenaries have shot

Kurtz writes Stephanie Miller column: "Static on the Left"

Can men be a part of the feminist movement or not?

Does Converting to Scientology Prove You're Stupid?

The Rush to War (updated)

Pill splitting. The Latest Thing, according to the AARP...

Is Walter Jones (R-North Carolina) two faced, or an enlightened lawmaker?

Have any DUers heard of the 'Initiatives of Change - International'

Something scary that I heard today...

Now they are trying to sneak Katherine Harris into a Senate seat!

Vote on MSNBC poll question

Susan Faludi: Feminist theorist or Journalist?

Jacko Tabloid Cable "News" (sic) Overkill!!

Christina Aguilera 'used to keep terror suspects awake'

Ok Randi, we get it... Your flight sucked..

Get ready for a White House news dump

I think,maybe, that church tax exemption is kinda ...wrong?


Verdict reached in Jackson trial....breaking

With Jackson trial behind us? BIG LEAKS COMING?

afterdowningstreet: six "new" Downing Street papers authenticated

DU This Poll!

Another 4.8 M loss for OH, BWC borrowed investment $$ to pay bills

Isnt the war more important? Banner at Mjs Trail

Jackson coverage today eclipses Conyers DSM hearing Thursday??

CNN: Mother of mauling victim feared family dog

Is Ed Shultz a plant/spy/sabateur?

Who else is tired of Court Circuses?

Bible mentions helping the poor "3,000 times.

Daily Show Broadcasts Early for Jacko Trial

Title IX was meant to bring gender equity in sports- did it for you?

Interesting quote.....

Some Held at Guantánamo Are Minors, Lawyers Say

A few reasons to support stem cell research (1000+)

MSM – R.I.P.

MJ- Not guilty, Not guilty, Not guilty, Not guilty, Not guilty, Not guilty

Nancy Grace is blaming the mother and is

Does 'not guilty' help with DSM publicity?

Michael Jackson NOT GUILTY

I am sorry I missed it live on television

"When is it time to start referring to Bush as an unpopular president?"

C-SPAN NOW! Leahy talking about the GITMO policies and abuses!


MJ didn't look so good going in the courtroom.

Rasmussen: Lib Dem vs. Winger Pub in 2008 would be toss-up

Will we have to listen to the RW puditry blame black jurors for verdict?

Okay Everyone Now Turn Off Your TV

Imus kicked Tucker Carlson off his show this morning

NEWSFLASH! The Micheal Jackson Verdict it 10 minutes Late! ;^)

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Bennett of Utah is talking about....

Hey Scamdy, Freepers, and all you other Neanderthals!

BREAKING: Nancy Grace's Head Explodes

how should i word a letter to the media

DU is not nor ever has been about this kind of BS Media. NO MORE

Meanwhile a plane crashed & burned in Fort Lauderdale....

Please Make A Single M. Jackson Thread

Everyone Be Alert

If you are ever accused of committing a crime, you would want

Jackson not guilty, can we get back to the news?

Jackson Acquitted

Path of War Timeline

Is it not a crime to show children PORN in CA?

in the meantime, what news is WH dumping

WP: The Second Memo

So, the sense I get is...

CNN.Com has a graphic ready with little colored dots to indicate

Did anyone see this?

The Ignore All Michael Jackson Threads Thread

The not guilty verdict will make the story go away faster

WP Poll over time shows Bush strong disapproval is near constant (~36%)

Heard about Thomas Miller-El?

Fucking Nazi Anti-troop Freepers voting down yahoo story on 1700 dead

How will RW use this verdict to further erode judiciary and constitution?

Digby's on Fire! Hullabalo takes on Press The Meat

Now they can file a Civil suit against him and keep America enthralled


So what do you think will be the next trial of the century?

The "not guilty" verdict was a big loss for Bush.


Try resetting preferences to exclude Lounge from Latest.

More posts about MJ here than at freeperville

Tonight on Countdown 6/13.....

So...when is the new MJ album due...?

Iraqi Labor Leaders Begin U.S. Speaking Tour

China's Industrial Pollution?

New Cheney Meme: Lame Dick

who's really guilty?(MJ)

No more denial,cowardice,corruption for "Friends"

All I see is MJ, MJ, MJ. Where is all the DSM, DSM, DSM?

So THIS, apparently, is the "freedom" they hate us for.

Boy wouldn't this be a great time for a WH "Data Dump"?


Woo hoo! America's celebrity culture triumphs again!

Gore Vidal on The Speakeasy

Will CNN NOW get back to the REAL News, now that the MJ trial is done?

Do you care about the MJ verdict?

CBS News: Why minorities think TASER is being aimed at them

Caption this * pic....

Crushed by medical bills

Need Help with a LTTE

a question regarding the trial of saddaam hussein-

My only few words on the Jackson verdict: Major indictment of the media


So the MSM is infallible on celebrities but never right about politics?

U.S. military academies attract fewer applicants

Will any major media outlet stop playing softball with the Bush gang?

I'm having an MJ Party! Free Jesus Juice! Boys Only!

Unlike 45 million Americans, Michael Jackson has health insurance.

Video taped murder on CBS News

can michael cure his addiction to pre-pubescent boys?

One Talking Head made a good point -- No "victims" in 10+ years

The US is kidnapping women in Mosul.

People have *always* been interested in court cases! Not a new phenom!


Spork Mr.bush and his evil minions.


Anybody see Doonesbury today? It's worth a click.

Sensible people everywhere greet the Jackson verdict with indifference

9/11 widow

Torture Videos

Juror press conference. They like each other ALOT!

Chris Rock: "OJ wasn't about race, it was about fame." Same applies to MJ.

A$$wipe calling for special election.

Jacko verdict reached. Good, enough time for Thursday coverage

DU is redundant tonight

Those who worry what Free Republic thinks of us are knuckleheads!

now what will they do?

I heard that there's a war in Iraq.

DUers ______________________ are making us look bad and uniting FR

Was the MJ verdict right? Vote here.

It's good that the media will not have months to still talk on MJ

Although not victims of MJ molestation, 1 in 6 U.S. kids live in poverty

Okay, so I went to Washington D.C. warning; gossip alert.

I don't give a flying fuck about the Michael Jackson decision.

Drudge covering ONLY MJ verdict.

DU'ers look bad...... after a

Kathleen Parker's column about Dean

Which one of these license plates should I keep?


Anybody care that Kerry is speaking now on Senate floor? CSPAN2

MJ jury variety of ages, ethnicity (except black), class

Bobby Eberle says 'Downing Street' Memo Has Left Wingers Drooling

Ha Ha..the choppers are following a Black Bronco.

OMG, the idiots believe it

Pssst. Over here. Poll: Six in 10 Want Troops to Leave Iraq

What information do you think Rove, Bush, Cheney, et al

DUers with opinions are making us look bad and uniting Freepsters

DUers with Che Avatar are making us look bad and uniting FR

Freedom Fries Jones Calls for Withdrawal Timetable

Environmentalists are "excitamentalists" according to a

(Tom Tomorrow) This Modern World: Watergate time warp

What catch phrase will historians use for Dubya's maladministration?

How has your life changed since the MJ verdict?

How about Saddam Hussein - guilty or not guilty?

Any other AAR listeners having Robert Redford's voice dissapear?

AP: 9/11 commissioner criticizes Negroponte

MSNBC reporting magnitude 7.9 earthquake rocks Northern Chile

Who hurt more people?

Hey! Focus on the Family needs a VB Programmer - Hmmm

Did Nancy Grace's head explode?

self delete

Who wants to bet the Jackson verdict will turn into liberal bashing?

More British Documents Leaked


Does the DNC think that America will have a secular majority soon?

Look what Hophead Limbaugh inspired in Florida

the Young Turks - cool leftish radio show

Obligatory "Jesus" banner in the crowd at the Jackson trial.

Man shot on California Freeway

I know why Blair and Bush are paying so much attention to Africa.

"Who's Line" making fun of Bush

DSM Rally Update


"I will never allow myself to be put in this vulnerable position again" MJ

RW running away from "America's Golden Moment?"

Senate apologized for inaction on lynching, will Padilla get a regret?


Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

It's all about the rage and the lack of faith in our systems.

Feingold to introduce bill for Iraqi withdrawal timetable.

W.’s Cousin Stands Up for the Media

Parents,teachers,culture are the real Child Abusers

We can't let MSM "Gannonize" the Downing Street Minutes

Who just saw KO make fun of O'reilly?


just because michael jackson turns your stomach, doesn't make you racist

Justiice Was Done Today - Death Penalty Reversed, NOT MJ

"I've never even smoked a marijuana cigarette.''....said....?

The Media struck out big on Michael Jackson

Arundhati Roy Fights America Again in New Book

Take a look at this bunch of Evil Liberals

A true outrage from my home county

Bernie Sanders a Socialist?

I think the Neocons will lose.

Hey Wisconsin DUers... Any Local Fallout On Sensenbrenner ???

Imus rants on Tucker Carlson: "That bow-tie wearing pussy!"

Jackson; "Now I will dedicate my life to finding the REAL molester!"

The Situation with Rachel Maddow thread

GOP USA on Downing Street Memo - says left is salivating

A Sampling of George Allen's pro-slave holder/lyncher past...

Rich white Party about to become richer

Fewer firms being started, study finds

This Just In....

can i have a lot of young boys sleep with me now, cause i LOVE kids!

Hunter and the Chicken dinner

I'm sooo ashamed of myself

Democrat Senators "Apologize" for African-American Lynchings, Today

US behind Bolivia crisis - Chavez

Please don't let the dream of independent Democratic Radio Die!!!

AHHHHH!!!!! *running around in circles, brains leaking from ears*

Tucker Carlson/First Show

The Bush admin flunks Econ 101 on Social Security

How long will the Cable "news" Networks try to Milk the M.J. Verdict?

I wasn't going to do an MJ thread - but those 'fans' of his deserve one

"Former Lobbyist Leaves White House Post" (in shame)

Anyone see the end of Olbermann?

will there be even ONE sensational trial for ANY of the bushco criminals?

so if they started up the draft, what do you think the public would do?

You know my biggest satisfaction with the MJ verdict?

NIH encouraging stem-cell banks for teeth

Congress is apologizing for not doing anything about Racial Lynchings.

Forget MJ For A Moment... Which Verdict Is Better For Getting On With It !



Homeland security and red cross: preparedness month (September...)

"Baghdad Cafe: A great place to get bombed"


Microsoft Censors Chinese Blogs

If you're poor and get in trouble with the law, it's better to be white,

Elvis catalogue remains Safe

Frist & McCain press conference Tues am re: BOLTON

Sears Catalog remains safe

shopping blue

Dean strategists involved in helping create left-wing CNN?


Daily Show

Belgian government compares B* to chimp in powerpoint presentation


Memos, verified by NBC News

how many troops have died since the elctions in iraq?

If Bush's approval is at 43% what's Cheney's?

The Times of London first reported on the Downing Street Minutes

Hang in there, I think they'll be going down soon...

FWIW: they cheered on daily show when jon mentioned dean

Tom Sneddon acted so relieved... I believe he is part of a huge coverup...

MJ railroaded by the media?

New Tucker Carlson show... Good or bad?


Larry Diamond on the Daily Show,

Beatles Catalogue remains Safe

A game and a very short thread on Dick Cheney

Heads up! Call 1411 and ask for Cynthia McKinney's office. It is not

Condi Rice DSM Comments On Hardball - Lightweight Q&A

Who's hurt more people?

CNN: Rep. Hunter refutes Gitmo torture with chicken dish - (VIDEO)

FEC Comissioner Bradley speaks (again)


Army enlistment and re-enlistment numbers

THIS is why we should back our Dean (check out this quote of his - woof!)

SO what the hell you doing to help the cause?

The jurors did a great job. What a waste of government time and expense.

HAHAHAHAH! check the very first image

Why were contracts being let for Gitmo in the year 2000??

Did anyone see the bowtie factor on MSNBC?

Now if we REALLY knew how to frame...

So if YOU were accused of a crime, you would want

Which Senators refused to co-sponsor S.Res. 39?

Everbody Knows...

Dean Haters FUCK OFF!!!

Michael Jackson Verdict Poll

My newspaper column re: Downing St Memo. Thoughts?

Anyone turned on your A/C yet this year? How much more will it cost?

From The Other Side...Being A Juror

Thunderclap Newman.

LAT op/ed: "Africa's Suffering is Bush's Shame" (Does NOT mention Darfur!)

Bush Poll Not Accurate, GOP Says ("They couldn't hate us that much!")

Dean Assures Democrats Will Be Ready For Legal Challenges In 06 Elections

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Shin Dig

Duncan Hunter serving lunch on CSPAN right now (10:45 EST)

I won't sleep tonight until I have an answer to this question

The Michael Jackson verdict is bringing the racists out in force

Sheesh -- we criticize the media's MJ focus

Focus on events at hand...Michael off and now out of news! Celebrate!

Great Non Sequitur cartoon from the other day

Rep. Hunter is holding up a CHICKEN DINNER on CNN...

More babies, young kids going hungry in US

Bush's 'Culture of Life' - More Babies, Young Kids Going Hungry in US

Janeane Garofalo had to change lots of stuff cause of freeper types

What we have learned today:

What the HELL is this doing in a Google News search?

What is your opinion of Johnny Appleseed?

Internet under attack in Congress HR 2726....ACT NOW!

Why are christian conservatives so afraid of or offended by sex?

A note from a mother of a fallen soldier about a DSM action

A jury has to be convinced to acquit or convict someone accused in court

"scores of african americans were brutaLized & suffered great injustices"

So. Is My KERRY Bell Bad Luck. (MJ tie-in)

Reno NV question(s)

I want Clinton & His Powerful Penis Back. Bush's Is Weak & Unmanly.

Wal-Mart is the perfect example of how good economic work

ya think maybe the king of pop might get a clue now?

The Dean petition- how long before signatures are verified?

important message

Three quotes to ponder.

"But she's a honor student" rant - Missing girl in Aruba

ACTION ALERTS! Please DU these

Here is some of what the US contributes to Global Warming:

Dean: Fox News Is Republican Propaganda Outlet

Corporate America is bowing to anti-gay Christian groups’ boycott demands

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday June 14

A shout out to RawStory...You guys...R O C K ! ! !

Howard Dean gives Republican voters the strong, principled alternative

Rich people never go to jail.

DUers rejoicing in the MJ decision are making us look bad and uniting FR

Intresting Point of View

Have you ever been the victim of a sex-related crime?

DRUDGE: Bush twins conceived with turkey baster! Breaking!

Did the secret vote on the Patriot Act take place after Sensenbrenner

What if...Bush's Impeachment goes through

Wow. A Christian American Flag.

Four Reasons To Support CAFTA

Ok,-- I can't stand not watching Tucker Carlson's show

I'm Pleased And Relieved By The Jackson Not Guility Verdict

So, we may not have to show passports at the Canadian border?

Over a dozen US Senators refuse to sign on to anti-lynching resolution

Military draft back on US agenda

Who DID NOT vote for the Anti-Lynching Bill?

I love riding on trains

Palast OIL docs should be included in memo file

DUers rejoicing in the Iraq pullout are making us look bad and uniting FR

How's The Christian Science Monitor get away reporting Real News?

Kunstler not a happy camper after his book tour (Peak Oil)

Pedophiles everywhere are cheering the MJ verdict.

My Michael Jackson post

"Support the Troops" magnets are now shaped as fish with "God Bless

Who knows what happened to Schiavo autopsy results? nt

WTF? Anti-Lynching Legislation?

The 'I don't give a fuck about Michael Jackson' thread

400 teenaged boys evicted from Utah/Arizona polygamist sect

ABC reports that a dozen senators refuse to sign anti lynching legislation

MSM=CIA direct takeover of major news since 1940's-THAT'S WHY!!

I'm sorry....Those are the DUMBEST jurors in the United States

Michael Jackson is not in prison but he will never be free.

The proof is staring boldly at all of us

Larry Franklin (leak classified info to AIPAC) indictment unsealed today

Are We Really Even Looking For Bin Laden Anymore?

LA: The Christian right and its allies in the culture wars are mobilizing

just received this letter to Bush -- guess which states are welfare queens


HEADS UP: Info on DSM Hearing/Rally coming soon

Diet drug cuts blood sugar, trims waistline in type 2 diabetics, study

Congressman Conyers Blog: Downing Street Minutes -- Just posted.

Bush administration makes case for attacking sun (Parody)

WP (Froomkin): DSM-II comes at bad time for Bush

This May 1 EXPOSÉ ABOUT THE U.K. ATT'Y GENERAL complements the DSM:

Question about Sweden

I saw Revenge of the Sith last night... Cheney is like Darth Sidious

I bought some bar soap today. It was made in China.

Michael Jackson is innocent

CBC to introduce amendments on the war EVERY DAY (Rep. Waters)

Some EXTREMELY salient quotes from newly released docs supporting DSM

Im waiting for celebrities to just start opening fire on people

Michal Jackson found not guilty

Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon: Enemies to Feminism

Remember when?

Dr. Death (aka Donald RUMSFELD) named in ASPARTAME LAWSUIT

Christian Wire Service: Gays are more CRIMINAL!

Know Your BFEE: Poppy’s CIA Made Saddam Into the Butcher of Baghdad.

Are you watching "The Next Food Network Star?"....

Summer chopped salad

What is your favourite Historica Minute

A big HELLO from a Canadian DUer to all of you and...

CAP, Rebates and the EU

Newsnight needs to get a grip

Guantanamo log details interrogation tactics used against 9/11 suspect

U.S. Toll in Iraq Pushes Past 1700

NYT - Sunni-Shiite Quarrel Edges Closer to Political Stalemate

Duke-run hospitals put patients in jeopardy(hydraulic fluid in surgeries)

Could memo sink Bush?

Cheney says US prison in Cuba will stay open

Kurdish rights activist kidnapped in Iraq (women's rights activist)

Four U.S. troops injured in Afghan attack

Senior US diplomat survives Iraq car bombing - police

One Day in Iraq: Story of Hawija

Kyrgyz protest hit by violence

Explosion Injures Four GIs in Afghanistan

Drudge Report - Rage at Author claims Bill raped Hilary, conceived Chelsea

Noe rebuked for conflict in UT deal (Toledo Blade)

Explosion Injures Four GIs in Afghanistan

Blast hits US military convoy in Afghanistan - Latest update

"Freedom fries" lawmaker's U-turn (BBC News)

Republicans Backing Away From Bush On Iraq

Cheney: No Plans to Shut Guantanamo Prison

Report: Surgical tools washed in hydraulic fluid(Duke Health NC)

Senate plans lynching apology

Court rejects terrorism suspect Padilla's appeal ("Enemy combatant" case)

Tyson to be missionary

US cuts others more slack on democracy than Iran

Saddam questioned about Shiite slayings

New Saddam Footage released

CNN: Mother of mauling victim feared family dog

Saddam Hussein lawyer wants trial in neutral state (Sweden)

4 Bombings, Other Attacks Kill 10 in Iraq ...minutes ago

Ex-CIA officer seeks vindication

Fitch's anti-tax message drowned out as GOP rallies to Kilgore

Army, Insurer in Iraq at Odds -LAT

Supreme Court Rejects Enemy Combatant Appeal

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval 47%

U.S. swings behind UN's ElBaradei, aims at Iran

Saudi Arabia urged to agree to nuclear inspections

MSNBC: 825 U.S. military killed in Iraq in past year

TX Death row conviction overturned over race(jury stacked w/ white jurors)

Senate to Atone for Lynching Ban Delays

Bush's Yale buddy is the official greeter

Iraq casualties continue to rise; Bush, Iraqi president stress constitutio

Philippine Officer Denies Involvement in Presidential Wiretapping Scandal

Suicide car bombers kill 10 in Iraq

Hindu Mob Attacks U.S. Missionaries in Bombay

Bush, Show Biz Stars Salute Troops in D.C.

WP: Supreme Court Upholds Media Ownership Limits

Death Row Conviction/Overturned of African American Suspect

Five Iraqi Policemen killed, five other injured in explosions in Samara

Death Row Conviction Overturned Over Race (US Supreme Court and Texas)

State Board of Education [Alaska] adopts revised standard

Tear gas stops 5 000 strikers (Sri Lanka / tsunami relief)

Iraq Briton can fight detention (held 8 months without charges in Basra)

Wisconsin Dems Call for Impeachment of Bush/Cheney/Rummy

Restoring confidence of voters (Seattle PI)

Nearly 100 journalists arrested in Nepal

Radio vets purchase Ed Schultz; Liberal talk gains business cred

Sect leader charged with child sex abuse

Gunmen attack checkpoint, killing four police (Baghdad / Baquba road)

CNN: Jackson verdict to be announced at 4:30 PM EST.

Man dies after being tased

Cargo plane crashes on Fort Lauderdale street

Bush Poll Not Accurate, GOP Says

NYT: Upheaval on Los Angeles Times Editorial Pages

Number of Americans with HIV soars past 1m

Dean: Fox News Is Republican Propaganda Outlet

House Panel Cuts CPB Funding By 25%, Eyes Zero-Fund Future

Report: Terror Database Missing Some Info

Russian Ambassador Meets Anti-U.S. Cleric (Muqtada al-Sadr)

Questions On GOP Rep. Cunningham's Real Estate Sale To Defence Contractor

Clashes in Mosul between US troops and insurgents

Michal Jackson found not guilty

Russian envoy meets al-Sadr in Iraq

US journalist who refused to go to Iraq to sue in Britain

Date palm buds after 2,000 years

Venezuela threatens US with court over Cuban exile

Larry Franklin (leak classified info to AIPAC) indictment unsealed today

More Than a Million in U.S. Live With HIV

Police accused of breaching civil liberties of G8 campaigners (UK)

Man shot on California Freeway

Budapest May Erect Bust of Reagan in Park

White House rejects call for Iraq withdrawal

Powerful earthquake shakes northern chile

(Wis) State Dems: Impeach Bush (Cheney, Rumsfeld too )

Iraq dilemma stymies Democrats

Crude closes above $55; OPEC ahead


Trial to Begin in 1964 Civil-Rights Deaths

LAT: UFW Plans Wine Boycott in Effort to Pressure Gallo

US Death Tolls in Iraq tops 1700- AZ Republic headlines today!

Liberal Basra pushed to the right (Islamic rule for Iraq)

Mexico's poor get cash benefits tied to education, health care

Powder scare shuts part of Australia parliament

Corporate America is bowing to anti-gay Christian groups’ boycott demands

EU Threatens Possible Sanctions Against Uzbekistan (RFERL)

Pentagon Analyst Indicted in Info Leak (Gave classified info to AIPAC)

Sweden reconsiders Uzbekistan base

Schwarzenegger calls 'Year of Reform' special election

Journalist, political activist and author Marty Jezer died Saturday

Some Held at Guantánamo Are Minors, Lawyers Say

Supreme Court throws out conviction of inmate on Texas' death row

W. House to project smaller budget deficit-Cheney

Cheney Responds to Guantanamo Critics (image not damanged)

WP: Battle-Hard G.I.'s Learn To Release Their Pain

Iranian women defy police whips to demonstrate against dictatorship

El Baradei wiedergewählt (El Baradei in for four more years IAEA) (german

Mesa: “No Venezuela meddling in Bolivian affairs”

WP: Hard Cash Is Main Course for GOP Fundraiser

Homeowner Fights Eviction From Nat'l Park (83 yr old widow)

Wes Clark: Bush Ruining Military/Strong Support for Dean

Vatican View Victorious in Italian Fertility Vote("more Texas than Mass.")

Iran hit by wave of bombings, blames US-backed "terrorists"

Study finds speeding tolerated

WTVJ: DC-3 plane crashes in Ft. Lauderdale

5,000 British troops bound for Afghanistan

Iran Links Spate of Bombing to Protests

Hot new planet, possibly Earth-like, discovered orbiting nearby star

Justices won't reinstate liberal media ownership rules

Downing Street Memo: The Prequel (Slate)

Reason for New Mad Cow Tests Still Unknown

Senior US diplomat survives Iraq car bombing - police

Off-duty behavior can affect job

Villagers demanding water turn unruly, 5 die in police firing (India)

Farmers Beat Back Police In Battle Over Pollution

Magnitude 7.8 - Tarapaca, Chile 22:44:31 UTC

Pentagon gives no excuses for suspect treatment; senators aghast

Former Head of NRC (RNC) to Be (Insurance) Lobby Group CEO

For Texas Tribe, Prosperity Undone by Politics (W,Abramoff,Reed;SAD story)

Allawi seeking to establish secular front (for Iraq general elections)

Senate Apologizes for Lynching-Ban Delays

No Congressional Representation for Illegal Aliens (proposed Ammendment)

Senator Lamar Alexander fighting windmills

US scientists identify, grow brain stem cells

CDC: More than a million in U.S. live with HIV

U.S. military academies attract fewer applicants

Many Americans Call O'Reilly a Journalist

Christian Coalition: Gays Should Wear Warning Labels

Cuban militant with violent past faces immigration hearing ... (Posada)

Lost to the Only Life They Knew (re: Polygamy, Sexism, American Taliban)

Six new British documents reveal details on case for war (Raw Story)

Bolton nomination may get Senate vote soon

Clear Channel seeks new radio ratings system

Rich-poor gap gaining attention

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

Michael Jackson Jury Reaches Verdict

144 arrested at Tennessee cockfight (One of Nation's Largest)

Creating a Christian flag for God and country

Rice says does not know if N.Korea's Kim is sane

Senate body to challenge impartiality of Red Cross

Five Unions to Create a Coalition on Growth

(Topeka) Board member Morris: Evolution a 'fairy tale'

Witnesses called in BCCI case

Army struggles as third of TA soldiers resign (Scotland)

WP: U.S. Opposed Calls at NATO for Probe of Uzbek Killings

Vouchers Breathe New Life Into D.C. Catholic Schools

Sometimes it gets so disappointing and ya think what's the point & then

An R. Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome or J-Lo's Giant Ass?

You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)

There's a thumb-sized spider in my room...

Just saw "Life Aquatic" - Loved it

I have recently discovered that Guy Fawkes has just discovered

I have recently discovered that usregimechange is not an atheist

Ashlee Simpson has been nominated for 3 2005 "Teen Choice Awards."

I had an erotic dream about Tucker Carlson last night,

Merciful God

Live in MN or WI? Whip out the binoculars, it's aurora time.

Would you take a global test?

I am SO past Enlightenment.

The British Government has learned that usregimechange is not an atheist.

Guy Fawkes' guide to solving all of your problems:

Ever wake up in the morning...

Best birthday present I've ever recieved.

I.can.not.fall.asleep. Insomnia. SUCKS !

"I followed you to Texas, I followed you to Utah..."

Am I going to die on my plane ride next week?

I have always loved this story...

Pink Floyd reunites for Band 8 concert

Poll Finds 40% of French Men Wish They Could Be Pregnant

Broadband speed test site. Check it out.

Tell me about cheap cigars.

Well you know what they say about not being the lead dog

Where's a good place to buy poster making supplies?

What You Gonna Do When She Says Goodbye?

If you think Grovelbot can nag you...

breaking a week of silence: my "hold old are you?" poll hits 1,200 votes!

I hit 3 singles and a triple yesterday in softball.

Taking a ride on the sheep urine express:-

South African Rain Queen Dead At 27

Here's wishing Mother Beast Man best of luck in Vegas this week!

K-Mart has gone over to the Dark Side...

Canned mud for 4X4 city slickers

Deval Patrick shook my hand

For Matcom: "Royal cows predict abundant harvest in Cambodia"

Need A Good Stem Cell Bumper Sticker

Man Held Live Turtles In Car Trunk - Planned On Cooking Them - Jailed

Who made that fake "training video" about Y2K in Times Square?

I'm still fuming, last night I was called a fascist!

Date palm buds after 2,000 years

Woman Dies After Her Vehicle Runs Over Alligator, Hits A Tree

I'm bored as hell with an hour and half of work still left

I Love You Guys

I don't wish resume writing upon my worst enemy.

What would you like to put on permanent "ignore"?

Tom Cruise loves you guys!

Just got back from D.C. It sure is EXPENSIVE up there!

Cool! I was just on Stephanie Miller's show!

Variety: Tom Cruise inks Mike Hunt

87°F -- Feels Like -- 94°F

Please help me -- I don't know if Tom Cruise is gay!!

Steve Jobs to grads: "Don't waste your time living someone else's life"

Texas DUers, how long before this Galveston house get washed to sea?

Did anyone watch "American Dad" last night?

Metallica "Some Kind of Monster" documentary...

Funny Anti-Ratzinger Avatar

The characteristic I hate most in people - hypocrites

Reminder: Jeff Matson (nostamj)'s memorial service coming up

Awesomest C.O.B.R.A. member

Wow was that Tyson thing sad

A blogger salutes Tom Cruise's recent "tedious pimping for Scientology"

Tyson to be missionary

Mrs. Beastman needs glasses- WOOHOO!

A Simple Song of Freedom.

The buck stops where?

Swazi king waits two weeks for wife No. 12

Interesting  Observations

Was it a bad dream? Or was there HUGE amnts of Bush propoganda yesterday??

Yoo Hoo Ft. Worth -- need tourism advice

Sick of blue states being fucked?

Will we get 'Tropical Storm Howard' this year?

When pigs fly: Pink Floyd reuniting for Live 8 concert

Anyone watch "Intervention" on A&E?

Grateful Dead's Phil Lesh live interview in about 5 minutes,

New variant of the Nigerian Email (now it's ENRON!!!)

Hi Everybuddy!

When do the MIDDLE AGES Begin?

What colour is your couch?

Since DU is opening a strip club, WHAT DO WE NAME IT?

I'm getting married this afternoon.

Most money you ever made at a strip club


My kid broke her hood release cable.

Cafe Press has a Unitarian Jihad shop!

My first weekend after the GA Renaissance festival

You're a wonder, Wonder Woman

Ultimate Limo - Hummer H2 LIMO! 30 Feet Long, Seats 18 In Luxury

I fucking HATE sbc dsl!

You can't handle the truth...about Tom Cruise's sexuality

My dog ate 2 Valiums this morning.

Tom Cruise walks into a gay bar with a duck on his head...

Katie Holmes Converting to Scientology (Lounge LBN)


"But I was going to Tashi Station to pick up some power converters!"

I don't know what kind of "vibe" you got off me, I'm not a scientologist

Is Tom Cruise gay?

But, more importantly: Is Katie Holmes converting to homosexuality?

What's with the threads saying Cruise isn't a bumbling idiot weenie-head?

The high carb lunch and the afternoon lag

Is Tom Cruise attracted to cats?

A song y'all will like a lot

Found: Europe's oldest civilisation

Is Tom Cruise's Tom Really Cruised?

Scientology - take the poll

What are all these bullshit threads about Tom Cruise being gay?

Is Tom Cruise really Howard Dean?

Will Matcom lose his ASS when he turns 40?

Tom Cruise ate my baby

Important News Flash: Amelia Earhardt is still missing

Does Tom cruise the schoolyard

Which is more important? Liberal Media? Or Junk food?

Tom Cruise sold more albums that the Beatles in 1996.

I woke up today with this sentence in my head:

What's your favorite Bush nickname?



Now...How much money would motivate you to sever your left pinkie finger?

How much money would motivate you to take your clothes off for a stranger?

Today's embarrassing typo brought to you by .... Yahoo IM

Happy 43rd Birthday to the Peabody Award winning-- ALLY SHEEDY!!!


Tom Cruise must leave, or we shall taunt him a second time!

Damn, everytime I leave NYC, I want to go back again

All these Tom Cruise threads are distracting us from the important issues!


What color is your coach?

Home Depot can kiss my A$$!!!

so ive never actuially paid attention...whats scientology about? anyway?

Have that tired, run down feeling? Bet it's not for the same reason I do.

I'm looking for a quick link to the Lounge on the DU Menu Bar


Is Cannikin gay?

Where were you when you heard that "Destiny's Child" was breaking up?

So, has Al Franken dropped the "Dittohead" segment?

Favorite Vegetable

Should I put my name down for a term of moderating

I think I have nose herpes

Conspiracies/gov't involvement in 9/11?

So, I'm on vacation this week, and I'm sitting alone in my house.

Wewease Tom Cwuise!

What is your favorite DICK CHENEY nickname?

who is creepier---Tom Cruise or Michael jackson

Paris Hilton

Cruise sues, named #39 on "50 Most Loathsome People in America" list

MJ verdict in

Fox Breaking, no detail: "Verdict Reached in Michael Jackson Trial"

DAM Pistachios, addictive little nut

Poor Pistons! Down 2-0

Best Living Banjo Player?

what is Nancy grace saying about MJ?

Breaking: Michael Jackson might be guilty.

But, it's summer! I don't want to do any work!

OW! Damn screen door hit me in the ass on the way out!! That hurt!

MJ verdict to be announced at 1:30 PM PST

It's amazing how many M Jackson threads there are on a board

I need some HTML code help.

MJ verdict might be coming in.

Tobacco lobbyists now spinning obesity / nutrition

I'm opening up a strip club- apply here.

Place your final bets on MJ: Guilty or no

Fanny Farmer

Al Franken's MJ-Lisa Marie Presley SNL "Yum, Yum, Gimme Some" sketch

Stop everything... MJ announcement coming

Did you forget Poland today?

Choose your favorite Tom Cruise thread.

Admit your questionable music taste here.

Give me a freaking break.

Post your DS1- style moderator comments here:

Jackson's doing stuff, what will Bush try and sneak by the Americans now?

Will Michael be Moonwalking in prison or Neverland tonite?

Hey Catwoman...Forget OJ, we got MJ .

I spent Saturday night conversing with a hummer driver

Katie Holmes Converting to Scientology

BREAKING: Michael Jackson supplants Tom Cruise who supplanted Britney

Arrrrggghh, it's under my own roof!

For non-MJ cable news coverage go to...

Jackson verdicts?! ... meanwhile at Chez Bush...

What gives you the right to make fun of Tom Cruise?

For Non-MJ basic cable TV Jacko free news go to...

I'm watching an all day "Conquerers" marathon on the History Channel

if you were forced to give up your accent...

Place your final bets on Tom Cruise: Gay or no

Jackson update #3

Everybody in my office is watching the MJ-athon on the lounge TV

Post a photo of M.J. A people free thread

Jackson weird on all counts

The only part about the Jackson trial that matters, is the "beyond a

has anyone heard of . . .

Jackson update #2

Michael Jackson is aquitted on all counts!

Michael Jackson found guilty of killing Robert Blake's wife...

Jackson had 563 career home runs.

So...what's on TV tonight?

Do diet carbonated drinks (diet soda) cause tooth decay?

So - when do I have to run away to avoid the Jackson verdict.?

much to OJ's Surprise, the bloody glove fits Micheal Jackson.

tell me why you need 3 suv's to carry one man to court?

Obligatory Jackson thread - A question about the people outside the court

Jackson guilty of Genocide

Jackson update #4

Jackson update

A rare look into Jackson's thought process:

Breaking News: Jackson heavily pixelated after trial.

Part of this is political but both parts involve Hollywood a bit so I

Jacko on his backo..

Michael Jackson: The Smooth Criminal?

Do you think Michael Jackson will get off?

Michael Jackson found guilty of starring in "The Wiz"

The Verdict is IN! Michael Jackson is...

I totally convinced most republicians are completely ignorant of

Would you?

This has to be the worst name ever....

Michael Jackson Guilty of Wasting America's Time!

With the MJ Trial almost over, what's the next trivial

If Katie Holmes converts to Scientology, will she be circumcised?

Seriously, do you really think there will be a riot because of MJ verdict?

If MJ is guilty, will sequin embroiderers and glove makers riot?

Michael Jackson attacked by Shark

If Michael Jackson if found guilty, will Tom Cruise surrender?

Bertha? Bertha? I'm coming to join you.

quick! get your rioting outfit on

MJ's family being groped in court

Terence Trent D'Arby is more important than Michael Jackson.

Wolf Blitzer covers the Michael Jackson verdict live

Have the Michael Jackson threads jumped the shark?

Breaking: Michael Jackson Arriving at Courthouse (photo!!!)

'its a jury without any african americans'

behold... Jackson...

Oh, no...we're at Level One!

What should I cook for supper?

Trust Jesus Repent Read Bible

My Jackson hero!!!

oh my... LEVEL 1

I love Jackson

Will the Mimes riot?

Jackson is the capital of Mississippi

Why are my Jackson posts sinking like lead coated cinder blocks?

Why the MJ trial is NOT trivial.

Do you think he'll flip out and yell if it's guilty?

My kingdom for a thread about Michael Jackson!

I think he'll walk.

so... anyone wanna watch nancy grace with me tonight?

Anyone else picture an internet technie

You know, some people say I'm an intoxicating agent

Do you like my new banner/ sig? It's from the trial

Will Michael Jackson try to find the "real" molester?

What does Tom Sneddon do now?

LIVE Helicopter Coverage of the Michael Jackson Verdict!

Is Michael Jackson the next Terri Schiavo?

Memo: To the next parent who claims Jacko fingered your kid

Who here has the latest news about Michael Jackson?

M. J. Don't care! Don't care! Don't care! Don't care! Don't care!

More Jackson

Extreme gore! (Warning: very gorey)

Possible new occupations for former "Umbrella operator"?

Arrrggghh! It's under my own roof

Uh, why does Drudge Report say "ARREST THIS MAN!"?

Do you like V-8?

Michael Jackson guilty on all counts


(cont) Guy Fawkes' guide to solving all of your problems:

Do you say supper or dinner?

Bush "re-elected", Jackson not guilty, people driving with no lights

So far I've heard

CNN: Michael Jackson's feeding tube has been removed

Get Got Married in a Fever

So, um, what... should I plan on 3 days before the MJ threads end & I can

You know O'Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh will be frothing at the mouth

ok, now that its over... can we go back to our lives?

Michael Jackson acquitted! Let the spin begin!

Can we please move on to something more important:

Now we can focus on the real danger facing society.

Any news on the Jackson verdict?

Guilty or not, there are a bunch of freaks gathered there to hear the...

The MJ verdict will totally piss off Nancy Grace.

level 2

FUCK THIS "Level 1", "Level 2", etc.... BULLSHIT!

My Favorite Michael Jackson Songs Are "Man In The Mirror" And...

We're on level 2 because of Michael Jackson.

Katie Holmes reads Jackson verdict while Paris Hilton eats burger (pics)

Michael Jackson found GUILTY!

There isn't a SINGLE IRAQ HEADLINE on MSNBC's front page.

Irony isn't dead. LBN proves it.

It seems like most of you wanted to see Northrop Frye

Michael's having a celebration at Chuck E. Cheese.....

Terri Schiavo, Paris Hilton, Terri Schiavo, Paris Hilton

Oh Fine! Santa Maria's economy will tumble

It seems like most of you wanted to see Jackson Browne

Is this flaunting?

i just LOVE 'armchair jurors' who decide guilt or innocence on "Internets"

This post will not mention "you know who"

Jackson crack corn, and I DON'T CARE!!!!!!

Stop talking about Michael Jackson.

Driving home from work I heard this giant explosion

The Ignore All Michael Jackson Threads Thread

Judge me. How bad a person am I?

Activist juries are to blame for this!!!

I have a tummy ache and my son wants me to take him swimming.

Weekly World News: "Dick Cheney's Cellulite Nightmare"

Dang, Lounge is off Latest page

ok, who is Nancy Grace?

not Looking good

How many jurors were bought by MJ?

Matcom found guilty of posting dumb ass news stories

OMG! where's my avatar?

My kid just called it "Pox News."

Quick! Wacko Jacko is getting away!!!

BEST. NEWS. EVER: Paris Hilton Plans to Give Up Public Life

Mike Tyson says his next opponent will be Michael Jackson.

Is DU at Level 1 because of the freak show????

An excellent portrait of: Pure. Republican. Evil. Enter at your own risk.

The next big distraction?

Confess: are you a total geek?

Lounge topics are showing up on the Latest page!!

Happy 62nd Birthday to Malcolm McDowell...

Question: What is the differenct between Michael Jackson & Cardinal Law?

My New Car Stereo

I'm holding your avatars and sig lines hostage

Damn! I did this long, detailed rant yesterday and nobody cared

OMG I am NEVER buying ice cream from that guy again!

Oh NO!! Paris Hilton to give up public life!!

You know what's nutty?

Camping Is FUN!!

I love the thesaurus!

I just spent the afternoon in bed watching DVDs

Y'all, ya'll, you guys, youze guys, or "you people"?

I start my new canvassing job tomorrow, ask me anything

You went to school to learn, girl...

MJ coverage crowding out real news!

Peanut Butter & Jelly, Balogna & Cheese, or Fripp & Eno?

God I love the media in this city

Best Jacko reaction pic!

Good Biden/Lieberman animation here



America: Where celebrities and the rich can get away with anything.


If Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton did the nasty together,

have you ever been inside the paris hiLton?

Red Rover, Red Rover! We Call Chichiri Over!

I'm not in love

9000 posts. You gots a problem with dat?

Paris Hilton

An honest question:

Whether MJ was guilty or not.....

I got not one, but TWO *(&( (*&(0 (*(*#&$)(w Photo Tickets


So if Michael Jackson was the average schmuck in your neighborhood...

We're at defcon 1 due to MJ?

DUers have gone bad and are igniting FR

Pass the Potato

Did Michael Jackson touch any of you?

If OJ is a fruit drink, what's a MJ?

what about this?

i heard i'm making you guys Look bad

Senators are apologizing for lynching on CSPAN2

Donny Osmond on a Sprint commercial!

A band I want to give props to...

That big bald guy who has to carry Jacko's umbrella is one lucky fella.

Use the word mayhem in a sentence.

tom cruise, michaeL jackson, and paris hiLton waLk into a bar....

Hey! Ho! Let's Go!

Jackson was a national hero.

A large plane down in Ft Lauderdale

Today's Customer from Hell is an Ethics Question

I love "Hide Thread"!!!

Which Star Trek TNG (Picard-era) movie is your favorite?

Some DUers in GD have the vigilante posse mentality

Is there a way to hide more than one thread

Jesus Christ -- now they are pulling out Jermaine

Watch out, Minneapolis area. Severe storms all around.

A Beer in the Lounge for anyone who can guess what this is.

That time of year again..heading to my Repub dad's in Penn. this weekend..

what wiLL be jacko's next career choice?

Tom Cruise makes movies so he can run really fast

quick phone question: do i have to have a long distance carrier

How come when other guys tease girls its "cute" and "flirtatious"

I plan on going home and taking a bubble bath with lots of candles around.

Stormy midwest

Lazy Jew's dinner generates amusing juxtaposition

Have you ever had a post make the "Greatest" page?

Stuff DUers do that you depend on...

My TV isn't on

Waaahhh. An all MJ Countdown. Say it ain't so, Keith, say it ain't so!


how many in "scores" (4 score, and 7 yada yada)

My friend is on a safari to Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Tunesia). What should

There is very clearly a fly on the preacher's face, and it bugs me.

Who's Watching "Six Feet Under" tonight?

Does liking The Corrs make you a bad person?

The Gratuitous Spaceballs-Quoting Thread

sweet Jesus, 3 tornados in my area and I saw wall clouds

i miss BouncyBall

I just saw a commercial from the britt-brat Kevin show...

Am I wrong to feel this way?

Oh god I'm so sick.

Forget going after Jacko I WANNA SEE THE PARENTS ON TRIAL!!

I am really homesick tonight.

i Like my new che avatar best

Power Point question, for anyone who can help!

Something is wrong here,

What's up with this dude's eyebrows?

What are you listenning to?

Michael Moore got a stylist!

Anybody familiar with a good yoga site?

I'm not gay, but I love Shirley Bassey

If I Ever Lose This Heaven

Do networks air ANY shows that are NOT 'reality' shows any more?

Tom Cruise speaks out on Jackson verdict!

Red Sox celebrate Jackson verdict, beat Cincinnati 10-3.

You get to go to Cannes - Whatcha gonna do?

Need a program to convert CD tracks to WAV files.

Where should I move to? Some things I require/would enjoy,

Revolution Calling

Devastatin' Dave, the Turntable Slave

dang. my cat molly is sleeping on the treadmill.

14,000 posts!

The 'I don't give a fuck about the New England Patriots' thread



Nancy Grace is the best thing about the Jackson aquittal

A Michael Jackson thread for the rest of DU

...this monster, this coward, that we have empowered...

I Have no Crack -So How Can I Make Gorlic Smah

Hell's Kitchen tonight (spoiler alert) - woo hoo!

Paul McCartney concert in Red Square on A&E now

Another heads-up. Watch Nancy Grace completely lose it on CNN...

CRASH (The Movie)

Got to go to work

My friend Delf has a girlfriend that is pushing him into marriage.

Oil soars $2 a barrel, but hey who gives a shit?

I have no crock - So how can I make Garlic Mash?

Help With Gift For Girl

Separation of Church and State

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

Has "The Family Guy" Surpassed "The Simpsons"?

In the past ten years, I've not been as excited as I am about the concert.

What is MJ doing tonight?

As far as I'm concerned, Working Assets is a crap organization!!

Now you KNOW Jon Stewert is gonna run with MJ

Randi is going OFF about the MJ case.

And now for some unpretentious Hollywood people

Woman on FOX News: Jackson is the Teflon Molestor

Name the Actor and Movie...

Post here if you don't care about Michael Jackson.

Rules reminder about certain words

"A Time To Love," Stevie Wonder's first new album in a friggin' DECADE.

Experimental Poll. Vote at your own risk.

Kitchen Myths

So it's supposed to hit 95 degrees tomorrow

But how could the jury have overlooked this?

You can download 6 songs for $0.99

"Click click bloody click pancakes!"

What if Michael Jackson turned out all cool?


It seems like most of you wanted to see Jackson fry

"Out-- hurry-- there...key-- out..." were his dying words

Can I still be a college Democrat?

So when will the MSM quit bloviating about Michael Jackson???

Mick Jagger & Paul McCartney record song for Live8

I have a question for all of you Theater/Drama buffs...

Most Pretentious Hollywood Asshole?

Anybody ever seen "Harold and Maude"?

any seinfeld fans? who was your fovorite "guest"?


Name the Actress and Movie...

What browser do you use?

CAn we play a game or something?

I'm tired of all of the Dollywood bashing in The Lounge!

I'm tired of all the Bollywood bashing in the Lounge!

All right, Fess up. Who here is packing Heat?

My 6 year old dreamed last night that he fell,

I made a coworker mad awhile ago, I made light of Faux news.

Never mind the verdict

Anyone ever had an experience with an ectopic pregnancy?

It Sincerely Fucked With My Head To See W Appear Intelligent

I'm tired of all of the Hollywood bashing in The Lounge!

Here's your chance to publicly thank a DUer who has made a great impact...


Is anyone NOT going to see War of the Worlds because Cruise stars in it?

Michael Stipe(r.e.m.) at the Isle of Wight concert: He's blue! I like it

Study Says Diet Soda Doesn't Keep People Skinny - BREAKING

A reminder about certain facial expressions when posting

"How do you rape a wife?"

Your attention: Will JohnKleeb please pick up the white courtesy phone?

Christian Coalition recommends labels on gays. What should it be?

Best quote from 'Trainspotting'

When someone reaches a milestone

I'm off to see the Go-Go's at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga

Let's play a Historical game of "What if."


Is Nancy Grace crying or drunk!

Get your heaping hot portions of Crow here

I have recently discovered that I am not an atheist

Who is the DUer most guilty of serial monogamy?

Do you really give a rat's fat, hairy ass about the Jackson verdict?

How many on-line crushes/flirts do you have?


Who hasn't gotten directions to FUNDAY? -- please RSVP me

What's your ringtone?

Favorite flavor of Water Ice? (or wooder ice, as we call it)

Do you say "you guys" or "y'all"?

Bloodthirsty Vegetarians

Is "Closer" by NIN the sexiest song ever...

This thread contains some seriously H-O-T DU men! Open at your own risk!

Is MJ weird enough to like to sleep with boys non-sexually?

Look at my Manly Meat

Hey DC DUers: Wanna get together Thursday afternoon/evening?

OK, DU Patrick O'Brian Fans....

And the award for most creative DU name goes to...

Best Site For Archived Classic Comic Books?

Tom Cruz

I'm HUNGRY. I suppose the diet is working.

I saw the "8th Wonder of the World" yesterday.

Ok Mr. Scorpio - today's request is for "Beat It" by you-know-who.

Favorite Fred

Guess who got a scanner? Me! Pictures!!! ROCKS!!

Change of subject...What's the weather like where you are?

Have you Ever Done an Outrageous Act of Kindness?

Post a photo of yourself! M. J.-free thread

Anyone watch "The Closer" on TNT? Terrific!

Anyone ever eaten...

And God said: Let there be Bonnaroo

Photos: SF Bay Area DU gathering with Boston's meegbear

What would you have done differently? How would you react?-Relationship

What meds do you take?

6FU. New episode on now, HBO. (possible spoilers)

The official 10th million post a picture of yourself thread*

What was your favorite moment over the weekend?

(LBN) Huge Victory for the Animals !

Televangelist I heard on Sunday

Little Sisters of Jesus Marking 50 Years in Iraq

Ohio Legislative Update: Nursing has their pulse.

Date palm buds after 2,000 years

OK, why would a Baptist church have a "Dinosaur Festival"?

Question on the wandering magnetic poles

Mad Cow One-liner

Queen's List Honors Cardinal Who Refused Gays Communion

Diversity activist switches genders

Transgender father wins custody battle in Florida

Spanish bishops call for strong turnout against gay marriage bill

'Don't Ask' Ignored As Military Enlistment Continues To Plummet

Same-sex marriage ban becomes law (Navajos)

Christian Coalition: Gays Should Wear Warning Labels

Cleveland Browns Fans

Edgar Renteria

Saints Fans - Best in the NFL!

Said tonight on MLB

What a great weekend for Baseball

Whats wrong with you Canadians?

11 Million Watched The NBA Finals In The U.S. --- 110 Million World Wide

Ghostzapper retired

All Right you Fuckers !!!

Aren't yellow cats normally male?

My dog Cody -- RIP

Why does my cat do this?

Yard Cat will be Indoor Cat!....

Pluto and Michael Jackson

New Planet Discovered Orbiting Nearby Star

I'm doing a slow burn here

The Weirdest Book I Ever Got

History Channel today...

CS Lewis

Bush foreign policy ruining the military

Kerry's most recent email

PNAC Spews hate on Kerry and DSM

Supreme Court Ruling: Big Media Consolidation

Kerry: A Time to Heal A Nation's Wounds Over Lynching


pic from today

Kerry offers Energy Bill Amendments this week

Kerry about to speak on Lynching Bill

Hearings this week.

Something's up with the Bolton nomination

Raw Story: Six new British documents reveal details on case for war

I'm so excited - I got my star, and I can join you Kerry-iacs!

So, why are you a Democrat anyway.

One more flower for the photography group:

Help me pick my flower picture!

OK! I have a brand new Apple, and a picture posting question.....

Flower pics for Photography group (2 large ones)

A few photos I dug up on my server (spiders and more)

I bet my lizard is bigger than your lizard

Some Photos I Took on Vacation in Florida

Photo for cat lovers

3 more flower pictures - need help

O'Reilly bullies Ariana and challenges viewers....

The Tipping Point?: Countdown Newsletter - 6/13/05

KOEB 6/13

I think it's time for another DUDQ meeting.

Any chance that Dean and Harold Ford planned for all of this to happen?

Check out the Downing Street Memo in this comic.

BushCo lies about Iraq "getting better"--but the body count doesn't lie...

patti smith speaks of Iraq and our soldiers, alive and dead ...1,700 &

Cheney to present awards for 'distinguished reporting on the presidency'

The Downing Street Memo Reconsidered - (Yahoo)

Anybody here have anything to do with the AFL-CIO?

A warning to Dr. Dean: never mess with the god stuff

Shall we purge the party of centrists???

Was the Treaty of Versailles a success or a failure?

Clevelanders! What do we know about THIS mayoral candidate (Triozzi)?

(Fox) Newshounds 6/5-6/11 digest...

I've done the un-thinkable. I looked up the Green Party on the internet.

Here's the conyers distraction starting up now

Internet under attack in Congress...HR 2726...ACT NOW!

Not only is the war "illegal", it is unnecessary...

dupe...self delete

ALL CENTRAL PA DUers: Protest Bush at Penn State, Tuesday June 14

"Big Time" Cheney in "Over the Top" (

The Bushies are morally bankrupt. Twit Carlson spoke the

Will justice be fulfilled by the impeachment or resignation of G W Bush

"Don't be the dumb guy in the office"

Will America bail out Castro's most committed would-be assassin?

MSNBC Poll: Should there be an end date for U.S. troops withdrawal ...

The DSM won't be taken seriously, until the actual document is produced

Charles Rangle ties the DSM to the PNAC on Hannity's show!

Okay, I've read Jane Harman's (D-CA) official biography

Howard Dean speaks for us...what do you want him to say?

DSMs our new Pentagon Papers?

Dean needs to use more "Twain" in his speeches

Tucker Carlson is an Idiot

limbaugh is right about me

All things DSM. A great way to get immersed or introduce your friends

When US Indulges in Blackmail (Nigeria fights back)

Downing Street Memo - No Smoking Gun according Wash. Post

Cheney: "Maybe (Dean's) mother loved him" ?!

Poll: Six in 10 Want Troops to Leave Iraq

LMAO! (CNN) Bush praises African Leaders...meanwhile...

Bush to Africa: "Freedom is on the march," so get in step

Dean raising more money then McAullife!!!

Terrific, brilliant letter to the editor in the Anchorage Daily News

Support the Freedom to Read Amendment

MSNBC: Dems plan 2006 & 2008, encouraged by Bush's dropping poll #s

The American Conservative as a new valid source for DU

Common Cause, Uncommon Coalition

TAKE ACTION NOW..... needed

Philly Inquirer: Some Jewish voters are moving to Santorum

A National Psychology Of Torture

John Conyers - DSM2 - An illegal war.

DU this MSNBC poll: Should there be an end date for U.S. troop withdrawal

I don't think I'm being Paranoid when I say: I think there is going...


Is the support for Social Security privatization at 27%? If yes, does it

The latest Bush polls are wrong!

Downing Street March - any joiners?

Dean promises to take the fight to the enemy.

Horror/Action/Sick Comedy Movie Plot: "Guantanamo Bay, Idaho"

A Note of Caution re the Downing Street Memos: Remember Rathergate

GOP searches for turncoats

History of events leading up to 9/11

What Key Point is the Blogosphere Missing on the Downing Street Disclosure

Jerry Springer is a moron! How could someone in his position not know who

Dean may be 'just a two-year, transitional party leader'

I guess I need to eat some humble pie

M. Moore Web: "Reality Gap Narrowing: Some Republicans Off the Kool-Aid"

What if Bush, facing impeachment, resigns?

The reason there are so many dual income families

Christians can now be compared to Nazis, without argument

Who is glad now that we can forget about Michael and concentrate on DSM?

Senate Session on Judicial nominations now-WTF

Bush Poll Not Accurate, GOP Says

The legacy of Emmet Till

* talking in 1999 about a war in Iraq ......

Over at

Public broadcasting: We own the airwaves why do we have to

*** Singular's Weekly Political Acumen Report -- June 13th ***

Must watch Condi on Hardball tomorrow

Everyone, Please ck out this great idea

With all the DSM/Impeach talk, let's not forget Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski

WOW! Dorgan taking on the media now in the Senate...

Help! Can someone sort of spell out the timelines..

Poll: More people consider O'Reilly a journalist than Bob Woodward

Arnie's special election: GOP trying to pull a coup in California

Who will eventually have a worse reputation than Joe McCarthy?

Officials: Real intelligence reform could take 10 years

Point me to DSM/London Times/Conyers composite thread with links?

A call to action!

A short synopsis

Is Condi Rice Gay?

ANOTHER DSM PIECE: 5 top Bush admin lawyers LIED to UK's Goldsmith

idea re: Christian Coalition call for gays to wear labels

My idiot Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite's response to my DSM email:

Steve Bradenton: Biden Our Time

NEW grandtheftelectionohio: Sensenbrenner in the Service of King George

Boltons back!!

Iraq will never be an entire country again.

"Tony Blair Arrives in Russia to Meet Vladimir Putin"

What is the status of CAFTA?

What do you suppose is the reasoning behind this?

LA Times: Signs that Guantanamo may be closed because of BAD PR!!!

CSPAN-2 Mon eve 11:30 NY time: OBAMA speaking about lynching

Success in Iraq!

Howard Dean interview on NPR N&N w/E.Gordon 11:00am Replay

Creative way to add two Senate Seats for Dems.

Will Bush nominate Scalia or Thomas for Chief Justice?

Cheney(re: DSM): "The record is out there for anyone to look at."

What do we become when we support torture - from a fireman's wife

When is Mr. Oxycontin Limbaugh going on trial?

Clark and Dean

Did Cheney threaten potential GOP presidential candidates today?

(Raw Story Breaking) Six new British docs reveal details on case for war

Rush Limbaugh just depicted DUers (and Moveon)

Daily Howler: Dean an "Undisciplined Nightmare"

After Decades of Inaction, A Time to Heal A Nation's Wounds Over Lynching

CNN: Rep. Hunter refutes Gitmo torture with chicken dish - (VIDEO)

Over a dozen US Senators refuse to sign on to anti-lynching resolution

Is bush trying to form a mercenary army?

WES CLARK: "I'm proud of Howard Dean. I'm proud of our party."

Do you think that the republicans are chomping at the bit, hoping

Did anyone hear Biden on Meet the Press talking about a draft?

NY Times LIES! Prewar British Memo Says War Decision Wasn't Made

How much of the "Dems don't want Dean" schtick is being

While watching Imus this morning

DNC Web Site speaks out re: "Cheney's Big Mouth"

Turn Arnold's Special Election into a Recall Election

If you can choose a single person that brought down communism.....

Democratic Underground needs volunteers to serve as moderators!

What TV News directors tell reporters when they cover a Howard Dean event

Tonight's Daily Show Videos - Chairman Dean; Intl. Pamphlet

Ouch, my brain...

Audio: FEMA was in New York day before 9-11

If they were left to their own devices...?

Rawstory's Path of War Timeline - excellent work!

Has the military always been "republican"?

Create pent-up demand for Downing Street Memo/Minutes using GOOGLE ALERTS

Let's capture the heartland!

ABC: "Freedom Fries" Rep. now blames neocons for Iraq - (VIDEO)

Dean Says Dem Report On Election Fraud Coming Out &We'll Be Ready For 06

Ed Schultz Dissed Dean and Now He's Threatening Me

Possible indication that BushCo planned for war before Election2000

Democrats, don't put muzzle on Dean - USA Today

Do You think Congress will repeal the 22 Amendment?

GOP Seek to turn California Into Red State (Paperless Diebold machines?)

Might the Larry Franklin case unravel the neocon cabal?

DSM (parts 2-7) Six New Secret British Documents Leaked!