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Archives: June 11, 2005

Who is Soong trying to kid? - TW

Turn missile buildup against China - Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India or Russi

Lu outlines her vision for Democratic Pacific Union

Germany: Court Upholds Acquittal of Terror Suspect Mzoudi

Wasn't the second & last Carter/Baker Election Commission supposed to

Instead of worrying about the white upper classness of Repukes,

DSM: "This record is extremely sensitive. No further copies should be made

475,356!!!!!! We've passed the 475,000 mark! Almost There!



"God must like poor people - cuz he made a whole bunch of us"- marge

My MOMMY Sez >>>>>

Does bush want bin laden captured?

Corporate media ABC makes Sensenbrenner look like an ass !

email I'm sending to Senator Obama. Comments please.

Al Franken on Dave Letterman tonight

11 US troops have died in Iraq in the past 24 hours

Question on Franken's next show


Meme for Dean: Sensenbrenner used Nazi tactics

Bush Must Be Shitting Himself

475,000! - 475,000! - 475,000! Woo-hooooo!

Non Sequitur on Bush vs Science

Al Franken on Letterman right now!!!!

So the GOP is offended by being called mostly white christians? Why?

Hey y'all. Check out Randi Rhodes' special webpage!

Britain treated terror suspects `inhumanely'

Sean Penn in new role at Friday Prayers in Tehran(Warning: Smear Piece)

N Korea says it has enough bombs to defend against US

LA Times: Memo on 9/11 Plotters Blocked

NYT: Hodgkin's Returns to Girl Whose Parents Fought State

WP,pg1: NASA Chief to Oust 20: Shake-Up Linked to Mars Initiative

Britain Accused of Creating Terror Fears (Along With US)

Is there a way to change your screen name?

But not me baby, I'm too precious so ?????

On Jerry Springer, the one thing that perplexes me is how...

Which band is the lesser of the sum of its parts?

Cottage Cheese and Ketchup was Nixon's favorite food?

"Primer" the movie--anybody seen it?

Songs from good musicians that you don't like

Parents : How often do you tell your kids : don't leave w/strangers ?

What's the most romantic thing anyone ever did for you?

SERIOUSLY - the MOST AMAZING Ossuary you will ever see.

Happy Birthday Dookus!

I saw a license plate on a Hummer today that is a fine example

I was amazed tonight. At a dinner with some fervent and active Dems

At the risk of being flamed... sensenbrenner

"State Sponsored Civil War ," Dahr Jamail

I had a conversation re: recruiting and the world in general at lunch...

Nobody has the 2008 nomination "sewn up" yet

Mark Fiore's latest | Pain Man

Poking Sticks at a Beehive

One Nation, With Niches for All (the 'choosing/choice' society)

Rumsfeld Seeks to 'Peddle' American Weaponry By Criticizing China

Canada’s Supreme Court sanctions drive to dismantle public health care

Patriotism doesn't have to wait till July 4 (Flag Day)

Lies & dbl stds characterise US response to anger over Qur’an desecration

Bush Youth Brigades

Poking Sticks at Beehives - State Sponsored Civil War

PRO/AH/EDR> BSE, bovine - USA: susp. (02): tests

Kerried Away by EJ Dionne, Jr.

Russia Ready for Pre-Emptive Strikes to Avert Terrorist Threat

Gun-toting CIA high-fliers draw fire

How $200,000 gave Bush friend ticket to London (Times of London)

When France sneezes ...

Norm Ornstein (Huff. Post): Bully for You (on Sensenbrenner)

Christian companies draw rising share of consumers

Dean Was Right (Will Pitt)

What if CNN hadn't happened? -- Mitch Albom

Michael Smith | Ministers were told of need for Gulf war ‘excuse’

Frank Rich: Don't Follow the Money

Downing Street Minutes: Brits & Yanks Want Answers

Answer to gay issue lies in Bible

WP: U.S. Campaign Produces Few Convictions on Terrorism Charges

"Bush's ass is very close to being put into a sling..." (DSM)

Petition to Congress: Peak Oil Awareness

"I don't care about the memo" - Robert Novak, CNN, 6-11-5

The BushCo and Republican spin doctors would like everyone

Nurses, hospital to resume talks (IA)

Qwest warns managers they may have different work in case of strike

L.A. Hotels Reach Tentative Labor Pact

Plan to sell gold reserves worries some

Billionaires Battle for Business in Vegas

Sellafield rapped by EA over radioactive waste

Court blocks national forest logging

In the defense of tin-foil hats.

Is DU9/11 monitored by intellingence organizations?

Fuselage Debris on the Pentagon Lawn

What is that worn patch of Pent lawn in 9/7/11satellite photo

Interesting new thing I stumbled across today

Daily Show election 2004 coverage as a 3-DVD set

H.R. 1316, the "Make Congress More Corrupt" Bill, would affect elections

The Coverup that Cost the Election: Ohio GOP knew of huge loss in October

Bev Harris makes claims again that

HAVA question- is there a waiver process

I'm doing a copy and paste from Conyer's blog. Did anybody hear this?

New concerns about electronic voting machines being hacked

OVC Plans Proposal For Sacramento VSPP Hearing

Robert Koehler's June 10 column on vote suppression

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 6/12/05

What are the odds?


DNC announces National Lawyers Council for election reform


DU'ers listen online: Fitrakis claims Kerry knew about fraud !?!?

POLL BAD, VOTE COUNT GOOD: The RW (M)ost (O)utrageous (E)xcrement

Are you all familiar with the rBr (Reluctant Bush Responder) hypothesis?

Has the Consent of the Governed been withdrawn, YET?

Wayne Madsen: Cha Ching (Lemme too close to Coingate)

Democrats RollOver in the State Leg:Play Dead

Janitors' contract talks fall apart; strike continues (San Diego)

Pictures from the Rove protest today

Photos of LA Demonstration against Ahhnuld

Does anyone have Cristine Crafts' E-mail address handy?

(Photo) PuraVidaDreamin's mom Protesting on 28

Antiwar Activist Bids a Son Farewell (Sen Lourey in DC)

Looks like the Repubs have a new state chairman.

Burning to SVCD?

MSFT Outlook help. This stupid program just compacted most of my

CD-ROM drive not responding . ( this is for dweller :) )

My computer fixed it's self over night, how'd it do that?


RFK Jr in Houston Monday 6/13

Protest at the KKK exhibit in Tomball

DUers getting together at Democracy Fes?

ROLL CALL: DemocracyFest in Austin

Tx Supreme Court orders TAB to reveal donor data

Here are lots of Photos of Friday's DU Meetup in Oshkosh

Bryan Kennedy's 1st Post on DU

Big congratulations to DUer jef4wi...

any WI DU at PrideFest today?

man am I pissed!

Convention Reports - Delegates Check In

Rediscovery: "Christ's Entry into Washington in 2008" by Joel Pelletier

Skimming through the posts this late hour one song just can't running

RW Spin from Washington Times on Sensenbrenner

Panel on Anonymous Sources on CSpan2 NOW....

Building Iraq's Army: Mission Improbable. Washington Post 6/10/05

Is there a "Sensenbrenner resignation" petition floating yet?

War against Violence

Question because I am not sure of the answer

Terror allegations disappear from court filing

A question on coverage of the new Gallup poll, please answer if you can

I have never heard names called out for not being present

We now have 1,695 dead in Iraq & Afghani toll is also rising

How we can be heard on Roker/TV Morning Shows

Me wonders if Sensenbrenner's fascist outburst today...

just saw commercial for GM employee discount for EVERYONE

Car bomb on busy Baghdad street


Has the corporate media reported Sensenbrenner's tantrum at all?

Why Hugo Chávez is an illegitimate President (More anti-Chavez Propaganda)

The Rebels in Iraq have infiltrated the Iraqi "Wolf Brigade"!

Great quote to repeat from Rhandi update - 478,760 signatures for the Chimp.

Boy's swift action saves sister (things to teach your kids.... EARLY....

Howard Dean - live on C-Span 10:00 am - Saturday 6/11/05

The Caning of a Senator

Please do not eat any beef.Even better don't feed the children any.

Pick a God, ANY God!

Support Our Troops Petition

Jimmy Carter's call to close Gitmo gives aid & comfort to the enemy?

Suite Madame Blue

Internet Access Under Attack in Congress

If a young blonde woman went missing in Iraq, the war might get some

My email to Sensenbrenner "Shameful Display"

Meth Mouth - Nasty Nasty Nasty

Exactly how do the prisoners at Gitmo fit into 9/11 ??

did Oxyrush cohabitate with his first wife?

Over 6% of initially deployed soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq

A very touching, articulate series written by a 23 year old writer for

Sensenbrenner's home town paper puts his snit

FTC ends Chevron-Unocal merger opposition following accord on patents

Each time any American with decency wants to do some good,it seems

breataking display of the tyranny of the majority...

Intel planning to buy out Apple? . . . Cringely thinks so . . .

Almost Four Years Later, What are the "Lessons" of 9-11 bush refers to?

Indirect U.S. Talks With Iraq Rebels Reported


In case someone hasn't signed Conyers

Lineup for today's live streaming of "This is Hell!" -- 10am EDT

96 % of our 500,000 goal (481,510)!

Simple Question...

TX soldier killed ONE day before he was to come home

Are prisoners in Iraq labeled as POWs or Enemy Combatants?

Let's get a million signatures. Who do you know that hasn't heard?

Teen Missing in Aruba

Do those who earn more than the social security cap

Make gay people straight? How about making straight people gay?

Pit bulls go underground (banned in Denver, automatic euthanasia)

Alan Greenspan testifying now on CSPAN

Zogby Impresses Me

Did you ever think that maybe the war isn't about oil, but weapons?

Sensenbrenner is a prime example of why we need Dean.

The Hate language of Howard Dean

Thanks DU - I got two LTTEs published on national health care

DU is the only site I click on that gives me a pop-up.

one thousand, seven hundred dead soldiers later...

Was Conyers Point of Order after the gavel?

Lessons From House Comm on Patriot Act Not Reported

Wear gags to protest Repubs shutting mics off on the Dems at hearings!!

question re: Justice's Statue

I feel compelled. I think this DUer deserves special recognition

Sensenbrenner hearing on Patriot act starting right now on c-span (re-peat

485,000 mark passed on Conyer's Letter petition!

The Violence Against Women Act is why Fathers Abandon Their Families

Howard Dean...Cspan...Now.

Lesson #1: Find out what the Patriot Act flap is all about...

A thought

"We couldn't revive him, now how are you going to pay for this?"

I'm sure this is NOT going to be a shocker to anyone...Fucking Republicans

Rt 28 blogger, looking for sign ideas

Remember the 2 gay guys who took in all those poor handicapped and

Wounded Souls

Is it possible that not a single "wounded" GI has died from the wounds?

Huge disconnect between military and Republicans

Speculation On "Deep Throat" Motivations Is A Distraction

Why isn't Dean in prison for speaking out against republicans?

Christianity being pushed in dining facilities in Iraq (military)

Any video of Franken on Letterman from last night?

Outrage: Whistleblower blown off

Security Contractor accuses Marines of abuse in Iraq

to conservative wanting "substantive debate"

Equipment test under fire

I had to post this link here! Mad Cow Disease and Mad Deer Disease

New AP poll

"Friends of John Kerry" just called looking for a $110 donation

Sunday's Doonesbury is chock full of Bushisms

Where are the articles on how Sensenbrenner lost it and went delusional?

Senators Mentioned As Possible Justices

Help! What's the website that lets you

Regarding marriage: When Repugs put it this way how can you disagree?.....

Did I miss something?

Looking for short, printable recruitment forms

Do Republicans have some Romantic notion about war because most

Do you frequent a neutral message board?

Has BushCO Jumped the Shark?

If you knew you only had 1 month left

US kills 40 insurgents/US wants to pull insurgents into political process

Did Sensenbrenner's actions amount to "obstruction of justice"?

Bush Beware: Iraqi unions tour US with WMD

Anybody know how to find donors for various institutes?

When will there be a poll asking the impeachment question?

Let's Do the Time Warp Again-Tom Tomorrow

Let's Apply the Senselessbrainer Tactic to the WHOLE U.S. Government

Army won't get the needed recruits because self preservation trumps money.

The revenge of Baghdad Bob

4 Years Later

self-propelling X-band Radar floats on Gulf - hopes to avoid Hurricanes

Dismantle the Bush Administration

Have yall seen this spin on this story?


The New York Times Nails CLINTON-HATRED

Recruiters hope for economy to worsen. Bad economy helps Army recruiting..

Oops. The GOP really is all white, study proves it

Is Karl Rove a war criminal too?

what ever happened to that radio takeover story in Ohio?

The blog SpeakSpeak News

Considering all the things this administration

Democrats have to end their addiction to the KERRY Alibi - EJ Dionne

Is Cheney still the Administration Front man on terrorism?

Was it illegal for James Sensenbrenner to gavel the hearig to

Serious question about the number of Iraqi civilian casualties

NYTimes: Democrats List More Names in Inquiry on Bolton's Access

Are they preparing us for the draft?

Second half of Dean's speech on cspan.

How, When, and Where Did Bush Lie?


Does RNC actually stand for

Does your state have a democratic attorney general?

Bill Moyers and Phil Donohue deserve TV shows like NOW

DSM and the fake Niger document

Last Shot

Attack on Repugs is virtually ignored...

It's Guy James Time!!!!!!!

Is Dean the right fighter?

VIDEO: Franken catching O'Reilly in his lies

Caption this Cheney pic....

Help! I just noticed I'm rapidly approaching the ...

can they shut down Conyer's hearing like Senslessbrenner did

Am I nutz for wondering what country my kids will live in?


MUST READ: If Watergate Happened Now

The sound of one hand slapping (FBI 9/11 report)

Of GREAT interest to BBV opposition engineers!

Former soldier prompts investigations with Iraq stories, pictures

Congressional Petition History? Anybody know?

Some of the jabs our side managed to get in at yesterday's hearing

Stop & think: The # of dead in Iraq would fill four 747's to capacity

A good article by Paul Krugman

How we can explain to fundies how their position on abortion is wrong

FYI ......Sensenbrenner's Financial Statement

PuraVidaDreamins mom protesting on 28

Bush and 50 Cent, check it out ----->>>>>>>

Democrats' virtue versus Republicans' "virtue": how to argue ?

gas company blues.....

NASA Housecleaning?

Is video of Franken on Letterman last night available online?

Elliot Spitzer

TX: Marine home from Iraq jailed for intoxication manslaughter (2 dead)

Is "helping the police" helping us all anymore?

I vow to never answer or read another Religious post on this board.

"You and your liberal friends..."

Is the video of the DNC meeting today posted anywhere?

GOP Sen. Suggests Closing Guantanamo Camp

Marburg.... WTF???? Are we too important?

Zappa. Once again way ahead of his time. (predicts fascist theocracy!)

QUESTION: Has the Army revoked the Silver Star given to Pat Tillman

Updates on Plame investigation? Kenny Boy trial?

NYTimes: "Interrogating Ourselves"


Here's something you don't see everyday-Naked cyclists in oil protest ride

Eight leaked memo's of Iraq!

When do you think we'll get to 500,000?

The DOD is turning all of our soldiers into mercs

O.K. can someone explain calmly why they think this memo....

Fewer than 10,000 to go to get to 500,000 !

New Googlebomb to implement.

Dustin Birch 22 dead in Iraq ..... come DU drop some love

I hope b*sh is not impeached....

WP-pgA1- Bush pads terror conviction #'s to push Patriot Act

did anyone get the link to the Recumbent bicycle article and pictures..

75 Years Later

Did anyone else just hear Tweetys commencement address on CSPAN?

Let's face it, Torturing prisoners of war is just plain FUN!

Dear Evangelical Christians looking for oil in Israel

You gotta hear Ray McGovern on BradBlog!

So I have an annoying Bush supporter's email addy ...

$100 Million for propaganda to make the Iraqis and Afghans like us?

Now I understand Sensenbrenner's actions

Training an Iraq army and police force?

CBS' John Roberts is an idiot - last night proved it to me

A different Da Nang (Come, frolic on vast expanses of sandy beaches)

Dean tells Dems: PEOPLE WANT US TO FIGHT!!!"

All That Matters Right Now Is....

War: Realities and Myth -- a must read

Deceptive television ads in campaigns illegal in WI

E&P: More Life on 'Downing Street' with Leak of New Document in London

Has the WP decided to become a newspaper again?

Sign The MoveOn Pac If You Haven't!

After DSM "Impeachment" is starting to sound do-able.

I hate to post a site that may have been posted before

Repukes are going batshit crazy over Dean. ROFL

MoveOn petition reaches 99%

Less than 5,000 signatures to go on Conyers petition

Impeach Bush Now!

The irony of this would be funny if it wasn't so damn sad

Hey,Mr. 700 Club,how do you explain 400 billion year old moon rocks?

Taser Gun Abuse In Portland Or.

Dean Speaks for Me Petition at Daily Kos

Wal-Mart, Meet Prada (Wal-Mart planning to go "upscale")!

War is a Racket

Why the GOP welcomes women and persons of color.

NAZI TACTIC: Republican aide at hearing yesterday threatens court reporter

Remember Ellen Degeneres's Character in "Finding Nemo?" Too many are her.

Why is it that everyone who is a cop on "cops" looks like steroids

What is an insurgent ?

This Yahoo article on the DSM needs a DU touch

Weird IM conversation, any comments?

"Sunday morning shows" ACTIVISM ALERT re: Biden & Feinstein

Calling Gulf Coasters

What do you think will happen if we have the draft...

Black Republicans

Interesting quote from Rush Limbaugh

Big Guns: When Cops Use Steroids

Editor of Bush climate report resigns

Mario Cuomo: "So step aside, Mr. Bush! You've had your parade!"

Collier cops cleared in Taser death

The good news about Tucker Carlson's new show on MSNBC...

Democratic leaders back Dean, don't want 'wimp'

Radium/clock/nuclear bomb/terrorism question....

Our media is stupid! I have proof...

New UK Cabinet Paper leak, from Sunday Times today

Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far

Rich: "a second-term imperial presidency that outstrips Nixon's in hubris"

Fahrenheit 911: Which scene angered you the most?

Paul Wellstone ... just the latest?

My response to a right winger former friend

GREG PALAST with Bob McChesney for an hour -- Sunday 2pm EDT -- stream

gay teen comes out to parents . . . being sent to "straight camp" . . .

Anyone just see Dan Rather

"Real" Liberal Radio-"The Guy James Show" at 7pm--Please keep kicked

3 Impeachable Words

A Curious Thing About Sunday Times/Telegraph And The DSM...

Some campaign contribution info on "Tex" Sensenbrenner

Malloy Blasts the Centrocrats Re: Howard Dean -- MP3

We're turning the corner

CNN Capital Gang now discussing the memo

The Brits appear to be a bit pissed about Our Dear Leader's visit.

First GD post!!!

Police stun-gun 12-year-old(people surround school bus against police)

Congressman Conyers blog 11 June 2005: Truly Provocative

Letter I received (regarding my daughter)

CSPAN Schedule Sunday June 12

Things Are Even Worse in Ohio than Anyone Could Imagine

WOW. Has everyone seen this corroborating evidence to go with DSM?

WashPost's report on Downing St Memo just hit the AP wire!

people are starting to get pissed off

From now on, all Republicans and Taser Advocates shall be known as...

Did Saddam Hussein Have Anything To Do With 9/11?

A week of TOONS (Links)

Does anyone know

WP: Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Iraq Plan (DSM on A1)

Am I a bastard for waiting to go house shopping until the bubble bursts?

Appeals Court Ruling Bans 3rd Party Candidates From Presidential Debates

Pictures from the Rove protest today


For the first time in 4-1/2 years, I'm starting to believe in impeachment

"Redistribution of wealth is evil"

Anybody listening to BradBlog?

CARTOONS -- Bush In Freep Fall (Approval Down To 43%)

Headsup: STOP H.R. 1316, the "Make Congress More Corrupt" Bill

Conservatives, Harper both lose support: poll

Vancouver DUers..A few questions..We're thinking of moving up there and...

Trooping the Colour

Democrats, veterans press for extended mental-health care for servicemembe

Democrats, veterans press for extended mental-health care for servicemembe

Controversial general headed to Fort Benning (Wojdakowski--Abu Ghraib)

Democrats fear Secret Service coverup in probe for an ouster at a rally.

BREAKING: One of three young suspects detained in Aruba confesses to kill

Security contractor says Marines abused him and other contractors in Iraq

(Sen)Martinez joins call for examination of Gitmo(Fri news dump- sup Biden

Bomber hits elite Iraqi police HQ

Texas Mad Cow Confirmed

Wounded soldier's benefits, discharge held up by red tape

Democrats, veterans press for extended mental-health care for servicemembe

White Christian Nation?

Weldon's Candor Complicates Committee Post

Lessons From House Comm on Patriot Act Not Reported

NYT: New Asian Flu Outbreaks in China Raise Fears of a Mutant Virus

Aruba police official: Suspect confesses to killing missing teen

Business group must reveal data (Texas)

Rich nations agree to scrap African debt

Thousands Demand Ouster of Arroyo

U.S. to probe death of 2 officers in Iraq (possible fragging incident)

G8 reaches deal for world's poor

Ethiopian opposition leader under house arrest

Protesters, CU continue talks (Redbud Parking Lot / Cornell)

Janitors' contract talks fall apart; strike continues (San Diego)

Pit bulls go underground (banned in Denver, automatic euthanasia)

Date set for solar spacecraft launch

Major insurer pushes pill-splitting savings

Military looking for a few good medics (surgeons, RNs, and radiologists)

Two Marines Killed Near Saqlawiyah (#1696 & 1697 IRAQ)

Most of U.S. agency's anti-malaria budget spent on consultants

Olympia, Tumwater optimistic on their own supplies of water

Democrats, veterans press for extended mental-health care for servicemembe

US Soldier Killed in Baghdad Bombing (#1698 IRAQ)

Klansman Accused of Building Pipe Bombs

US Congress moves to squeeze UN (Hyde to starve UN of funds)

Jackson's Jury Faces Daunting Instructions During Deliberations

Former Lobbyist Leaves White House Post (yup...THAT lobbyist!)

Pakistan Rape Victim's Movement Restricted

Senator suggests shutting down Guantanamo Bay prison

How $200,000 gave Bush friend ticket to London (Times of London)

Bomber Hits Elite Iraqi police HQ (Wolf Brigade Infiltration)

Mississippians Wary of Civil-Rights Trial

CNN Capital Gang now discussing the memo

Insurgents in Iraq Go on Killing Spree

Arab lawyers join forces to defend Saddam Hussein

Kuwait seeks death penalty for Australian 'militant'

Rape victim anger at police guard (interesting pic of female guards)

Multiple attacks kill many Iraqis

Afghan Bus, U.S. Military Vehicle Collide

Conservatives, Harper both lose support: poll (Canada)

Convicted Sexual Predator Obtains Juror's Names

Man Pardoned by Bush Says it was Unexpected

Operation Lightning decreases attacks in Baghdad: minister

Former soldier prompts investigations with Iraq stories, pictures

Ex-Oil Lobbyist Quits White House Job

General sees stronger ties between Iraqi-US troops

In Iran, presidential hopefuls talk of restoring relations with U.S.

WP: Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Iraq Plan (includes DSM on A1)

WP/Pincus: Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Iraq Plan (Pg 1!!!)

WP: U.S. Campaign Produces Few Convictions on Terrorism Charges

WP: GOP Warms Up to Emissions Cuts

WP: Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Iraq Plan (includes DSM on A1)

Italian Fertility Votes to Test Benedict (Bishops urge voter boycott)

Political Crisis Ends In Bolivia

Plan to sell gold reserves worries some

Judge allows vacation before (child sexual assault) guard jailed

Campuses warn of cuts in research, MIT, others cite shift, slowdown in US

Officials: Fla. Men forced to work at farm.

WP: CAFTA in Peril on Capitol Hill

US regulator suppresses vital data on prescription drugs on sale

Teachers plan $50 million fight against Schwarzenegger agenda

Mississippians Wary of Civil-Rights Trial

NYT: Antiterror Head (Negroponte) Will Help Choose an F.B.I. Official

Actor Chan apologises to Taiwan

Gay-bash victim in coma (Brooklyn)

Home from Iraq, officers consider leaving the service

Bush makes Texan civil liberties czar

Schwarzenegger to return $10,000 after all (Noe Coin Scandal)

American Troops Open Fire On Iraqi Police, Officials Say

Cheney to special ops: 'A long war ahead of us'

Hospital in embattled Iraqi city loses patients to fear (Tal Afar)

Antiwar Activist Bids a Son Farewell

More in Congress want Iraq exit strategy, Unease grows as war backing fall

U.S. Air Strikes Kill About 40 Insurgents

Dean Tells Dems: 'People Want Us to Fight'

AJC: FEC Questions Frist's Finances.

WP: Deep Throat's Daughter, The Kindred Free Spirit

WP: Dean Urges Appeal to Moral Values

Israel: A Vision of Oil in the Holy Land (Vision by Evangelical)

Cyclists bare all in oil protest (London)

Sunday Times: Ministers were told of need for Gulf war "excuse"

WP: Army Aims to Catch Up on Recruits in Summer (Need 10,000 a month)

My apartment totally kicks ass....

My apartment totally stinks like my ass....

Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone in this world and I have NO ONE SIR!

Hello DU it's me Oprah

Dammit! Something is screwed up! I keep getting these bugs. Anybody

Completely random thought about the difference

Has anyone else got a bug report from DU when they try to view

Wow.. Such a good rendition of a classic tale

Why does DU break down on the weekends?

Does anyone get a bug whrn they post?

Just got back from Stevie Nicks and Don Henley concert

Aruba Police: Suspect Says He Killed Girl

You know why so much "art" sucks these days?

You know why people strive to "read" these days?

Where are the music threads?????

I am the most pretentious person ever. You cannot top me. Try,...

The chair is against the wall! John has a long moustache!

Has Domino pizza suddenly improved?

Wanna buy some coke?

Every cop is a criminal, and all the sinners, saints. n/t

Just got tickets to see the Stones!

Another conservawacko has found DU...

Okay this picture just made me laugh hysterically

Kiddism on motion sickness

my first weekend single in awhile... i need some company.

Now I've got ear worm, but I like it!

we're gonna sing Finnagan's wake (Dubliners fans especially)

Is anyone not having the website bug now?

what is a bug?

One Furry graduate wore her tiger costume to walk across the stage

I just got back from the bar

I'm watching Fahrenheit 541 on TCM

I Heart Cook County(stroger) Hospital

Hey everyone I am pregnant.....

Emmanual Kant was a real pissant

But the picture has a moustache!

Who is the best duck ever?

Hi Lounge.

Have you ever moved off somewhere on impulse?

Did anyone else just experience a DU outage?

Lily The Pink

Who is the best fuck ever!?

May I impose for a moment to get your opinion?

So I told her to get her coked-up ass out.


Anyone going fishing today?

The Saturday morning Arlene thread

Is the F.B.I. bugging DU???

September '77

Anyone else getting bugs when you post?

Darkness at the break of noon

I remember when we used to sit

IFC: The Tasty Bust.

I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

(PHOTO) From

My mom's cat was attacked

I went home with a waitress...

Is this normal? I'm starting to dream about DU...

you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick

South Korea's President Roh Moo-Hyun sits with the Short Bus Prez

the E entertainment channel is the portal into hell

Good morning, everyone! What's for breakfast? I'm hungry.

Land of the Dead-who's excited?

"Sacrificed Sons" - Dream Theater (GREAT song)

E! Online reports on "that unflattering bump under Katie's gown."

Do You Ever Logout of DU?


How do I not scratch...

Come Togerther Right Now over John Lennon

Enough of free association threads

When Matcom & DS1 get married, where should they register?

So I finally got an avatar and a sig. line

progmom on the radio...

Jara sang pick up the white courtesy phone

this film has been modified from its original version to include addtional


Smelts. Nothing but Smelts. No Jacko. No Tom. Nothing on Aruba. SMELTS.

One Night in Bangkok

One Week to FUNDAY (Saginaw, Michigan)

I have been stricken with the worst earworm ever.

Furry Dog Poop

lol! Poet Rod McKuen is a liberal!!

Jackman to Produce, Star in 'Wolverine'

"Father John Tolkien, son of JRR Tolkien, was a paedophile priest."

...ok, maybe the Lounge knows the answer

Send money guns and lawyers....

don't ya hate when you post in the wrong spot in a thread

In honor of this thread (link inside) - share your worst traffic stop tale

anyone want a yahoo 360 invite?

buddyhollysghost: I KNOW What You Did Last Summer!!

Anyone else ever seen "Sweet and Lowdown" with Sean Penn

Sensenbrenner's opponent registered at DU today....

I know sex threads are forbidden, but can you post poop threads??

In new york city? want to meet up?

When gay men see gay male porn

I'm feeling very ubiquitous today...

MSNBC: Nigerian e-mail scammers now cheating on-line auctions

Tea Time!

My cutie!

Video of Triumph/insult comic dog at M. Jackson trial anywhere?

a phone company for evildoers?

i'm feeling quite a bit less verbose today

What causes cats to twitch in their sleep?

Man Charged For Allegedly Trying To Feed Cat To Gator

Help me settle a bet here

Unique sayings you have

Haikus for Howard Dean

Mmm, spicy home fried chicken nuggets with Mango-Habanero Sauce...

Randy Jackson fires Raymone "of course Mesereau approved it" Bain

Saturday vocabulary fun: "myrtling" and "doulies"

"Clever got me this far... then Tricky got me in...

where the heck is bouncy ball????

Photoshop enthusiasts!!! Post your FAVORITE pixel.

Jackson's Jury Faces Daunting Instructions During Deliberations

Okay, how weird is this?

does anyone else never seem to finish a sentence when on DU?

Ghost story (joke thread)

if you've made homemade mixed CDs

Lynne Cheney Lesbian Western Romance Novels or Pre-Frontal Lobotomy

What is the name of the guy who played Alf's "dad"?

I never thought I would say this...

What song do you think almost everyone here will like and why?

Physco Dave and weird crap

I just fixed my old Zenith DVD player. Ask me anything...

I'm so boooooooooooooooooooooooored!

Where can I learn how to type?

From Salon...

How burn CDR or DVD+ or-R?

I stole this from GD -- Bush as 50 Cent


Ringing of Revolution

sundog's **spectacular spectacular * thread of dysfunction**

Al Franken on Letterman - video

Okay, post your deviated facade here

Saturday afternoon roll call.


Shot through the heart!

Magic URL rhythm shamen

Are there any Canadian ghettos in the US?

Help! I just noticed I'm rapidly approaching the ...

Hey let's form a Viking Heavy Metal band!

Decide, or else... Viking Death or Naughty Vikings

Under My Thumb

NYC meetup

What time is it?

Request from my kid: Will DUers tell him how good the STar Wars game is?

"You're against the war? So, that means you're against the troops?"

Three great videos

Lily the cat update

Of these scenarios, which do you want to have happen to you FIRST?

I won a free song from Mountain Dew!

It's too darn hot!

Bush and 50 Cent, check it out ----->>>>>>>

What's your favorite sports arena food (to go with the beer)?

I'm "Hotter" than Paris Hilton

God's punishment

Greetings from Pentium 4Land!

Little more on the passing of one of us, Ed Bishop of UFO

The Current Job Market in Tucson, Arizona

Do you feel life is fulfilling?

What picture thread did you want me start tonight?

Sarah Brightman: Creepy or not?

Does anyone elses cat play bathtub hockey?

Will anti-flea medicine work on Squirrels?

What tourist sites are in/around the Cinncinati area?

Are you an American Idiot?

I'm dumber than you, and I can't prove it. nt

Bush awoke before dawn. He put his boots on. Took a face from...

Who in DU is the Genius Of Love

One more Post and I am out of the 700 club.

Is anyone else going to see Def Leppard on tour this summer?

Hey Girl, Get The Frick Out of The Way!! LMAO!

"Wheel of Fortune" might be the worst show on television.

Coolest World Cup Arena

I just met a lady named Dinah-Moe Humm

"Three hams will surely kill him."

I sure as shit DON'T FUCKING ROLL!Shomer Shabbos

I stumbled upon a particularly noisome right-wing site

The Great Commode in the Sky

Has anyone used supplement drinks?

Cats and Computers

Listen to Bonnaroo live for free

I'm off the wagon, as of NOW! yum beer...

Setting up an online store - anyone have any tips?

progmom on the air - any jazz requests?

Right Now There Are 5 Guys In A Basement, Playing LAN Video Games

Yaaay! I finally got my garden planted!! With a cold even!


Attention photoshop experts....

Picture begging to be caption

I have a kind of stupid question regarding college in general:

Damn it! I have the hiccups

Favorite "One Hit Wonders" Song and Singer...

Supertroopers is on NOW. 10pm EDT Comedy Central.

CNN and NBC to merge to keep track of WWWA

PROG ALERT: Super Troopers on Comedy Central 10PM EST

Movie Alert: " The Big Sleep " is on TCM at 10:00 p.m.

I'm kicking up threads with no replies from Page 20....

Bananarama 2005

An ice-cold frosty bottle of IBC Diet Root Beer.


I want to share with the Lounge, a couple of pictures.. (scenery)

Speaking Of Dumb. I Can't Get My Avatar To Work.

Anyone like Aqua Teen?

How many of you are not in an urban area right now?

I'm grinding my teeth.

Nice kitty.

Tonight's photo thread. Something for everyone who voted in

Naked bike riding anyone? (pic)

Aw the Screwdiver... My moment of private happiness

Bob Evans Restaurants -- Patooey! They are DEAD to Me!

Football fans - Who will win the AFC East this year??

Football fans - Who will win the AFC North this year??

Dylan interview on "60 Minutes" re-airing tomorrow night n/t

Your favorite fictional narcotics officer?

The greatest first sixty seconds of a song ever

Football fans - Who will win the AFC South this year??

Football fans - Who will win the NFC East this year??

Football fans - Who will win the NFC South this year??

Blues Trivia pt. 2

If Stormtroopers are Clones, why are the voices different in the original

Football fans - Who will win the AFC West this year??

Anyone else in the Memphis area see that beautiful sky?

Football fans - Who will win the NFC West this year??

Hey, dammit, I FINALLY passed 4000 posts

Should water balloon fight keep seniors off graduation stage Sunday?

Tom Cruise is after you.. He'll make you EAT Scientology

WTF??? Britney Spears has a reality show?????

As if five Viking threads aren't enough ..... This one is cool.

I just watched of Lemony Snicket. I thought it was boring. Actually

Football Fans- Who Will Win the AFC North This Year?

Football fans - Who will win the NFC North this year??

My mom and sis are in New Orleans!

If only you could see what I've seen through your eyes.

Any Nazareth fans out there?


I liked "Ghost" with Swayze,Moore and Goldberg.


Lyrics to an excellent old Aerosmith song

I only ate 700 calories today, ask me anything!

Say something nice about General Motors!

WTF? Where is the "the fun's over" thread?

"Every day, I get up and pray to Jah..."

Cats use fax as toilet, spark house fire

My songs that start with "I' kick plenty ass

I'm only fifteen posts away from 3000. Ask me anything.

Cubs beat the slumping Red Sox once again!

Who else is watching boxing on HBO?

"Son, do not call me DUDE again....

Ok here are some pics a coworker and I took at work tonight.

Not to sound like a total dumbass, but can someone please tell me what

I'm listening to Jeff Beck for the first time

Yngwie Malmsteen

I'm making "Garlic Mash" for work tomorrow.

A friend I made at a DU cookout today

What is the UGLIEST CAR?!

Am I the only one who sees the word fuck in this logo?

I have a stomach virus today

What kind of drunk are you?

MSNBC: Against all odds, a hoop dream comes true

I'm 6 post away from 4000, ask me anything

Marlin Perkins, Marlin Manson, Marlin Monroe, or Marlin Brando

I'm listening to Barry White right now

Girl in Contempt is drunk....should i fly to canada to give her company

Does living alone make you weird?

Moral problem....

Bizarre Sex Habits of The Extreme Right-Wing

Post the lyrics of the song you're listening to right now

What the last movie you watched? Did you like it?

It's 4:30 PM, and my husband is still asleep

"I'm a serious kitty!"

"Snuck" IS a word.

Cruise says Holmes 'digs' Scientology

List creative uses for dryer lint here:

Was I out of line in this situation (parents)

One of life's little mysteries

Anybody have any suggestions for a natural diuretic?

Meyers-Briggs type? ENFJ here.

Impeach Bush- I heard on AAR that the WI Dem convention

What type of threads draw you in to post the most (poll)

I've been drinking

NJ: The Nation's Turkish Bath.

Do you feel that Miller Lite is less filling?

Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes

Stories from the road

Need a T-shirt idea-Quick!

Afleet Alex won!

Let's DU this icky site's freeper poll: Greatest 20th Century Prez

I like buttons! Do you?

7 removed, 2 added

It's your turn. Rag on your least favorite university and give a reason..

Where's YOUR DU sticker?

So, when they make a movie out of all this, who's gonna play who?

Canadians watching the new Doctor Who series... (VERY minor spoilers)

Toyota Prius or Ford Escape? I hope to buy a hybrid by the end of the ..

OK ...My newly framed painting from Longgrain, home at last!

Who drinks sugar water?

Vancouver DUers..A few questions..We're thinking of moving up there and...

Big Pussy!

I've reached a parental milestone: My ex caught my son looking at porn

Help! What do YOU do when you get a bad toothache on a Saturday?

Let me in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scientology: Cult of greed in divine garb

Top this matcom. :-D

What high school(s) did you go to?

I'm wacthing Home Improvement on DVD! Ask me anything!

Crap. I just passed 5000 posts and I missed it.

MST3K quote fest! Add your favorites here!

wrong forum, i know, i know...but

Open letter to Jesus

What does the resurrection mean for your life?

Has anyone seen the movie "What the bleep do we know"?

Let me share with you another reason to love Private Insurance Companies

Canadians outsourcing the North Magnetic Pole......

Radium/clock/nuclear bomb/terrorism question....

Hoyay and Femslash

LEONARD PITTS JR.: Stop calling it gay marriage

Gay teen in reeducation camp blogging

We must get a handle on WHY people are anti-GLBT

Despite New Faces, Patriots Still Team to Beat

We signed Forssell!

I quit

Afleet Alex

My dog is lying on the kitchen floor

Fascinating interview with Arch Crawford on Financial Astrology 6/8/05

How to have an effect and have fun at it too

California special election announcement

Recreational christianity

Why am I having to argue this point

If I'm Critical of Religion, Does That Make Me A Bigot?

How MA Rethugs see recruiting candidates (& Kerry '08)

Refutation of claims we should move to the far left

Sandnsea, did you see the DNC meeting today?


Barack Obama

While Bush guts SBA, rate of US entrepreneurship falls.



Sensenbrenner About To EXPLODE

I don't want John Conyers to solve all of the problems.

An excellent post that I can't take credit for:

Judicial nominee practiced law without license - URGE no vote on Griffith

Cartoonist Tom Toles responds to Iraq debacle and Army recruiting crisis

Will Bush create a "commission" to investigate DSM?

Democratic "tough guys" -- How it's done

Third Party eruption bubbling under the surface ?

'I can handle..."

Poll: Bush Job Approval Dips to New Low

I think Conyers would be a good president

Howard Dean is a genius with a brilliant strategy

Marginal GOP seats in the House

bumper sticker idea

Remember This? (bu$h in 10 Years video)

New David Corn analysis of the DSM.

A Tribute to the Dems of the House Judicary Committee

'Fox populi' at the SEC' Toledo Blade Editorial

While Bush guts SBA, rate of US entrepreneurship falls.

(CA) Governor ready for election gamble

Question about Sensenbummer vid: Who are his friends?

Can anyone help me understand Repub's blind allegiance to Bush?

DSM, what do we do next?

Revolution NOW!!! Paper ballots NOW!! Hand counts NOW!!!

Nigeria House of Reps. bans contracts with Halliburton

Re Downing Street Memo: Time for a full frontal assault

MSNBC: "Cheney to special ops: 'A long war ahead of us'"

Here is a list of current GOP senators.

NOW story on Chris Hedges Christian Fascism story

Republican newspaper has a sense of humor.

In light of Bush's falling approval ratings, why does he still have so

Dean on C-Span (NOW live ... 10:15 edt) n/t

Fun speculation aid for Dubya's cocaine bust.

Microsoft bans "democracy", "freedom","demonstration" in China

Lucianne Goldberg's husband died yesterday

republican-lite or just plain old republican?

Question dealing with 9/11

Forget The FBI, What Was Bush Doing Before 9-11?

Bush's Patriot Act Too Inefficient

While I am not one to mix religion and politics, it does make me

Dean Speaks for Me petition (from the forum)

Could Sensenbrenner's actions be considered treasonous?

The anarchy of unintended consequences

C=Span 1 replay of DNC Agenda Meeting - Dean - Now

Biden is keynote speaker at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner tonight in FL

What Political Documentary should I watch next? Advice please...

What are the odds?

House panel again tells agencies: Increase telework or lose funds

Are you all familiar with the rBr (Reluctant Bush Responder) hypothesis?

If we are the "maniacal fringe" what are the Schiavo nut cases,

Minuteman founder has nasty mouth - makes threats

Bush's Obsession with Syria, at it again....

DU Approval Ratings: Ben Nelson

NYTimes' Frank Rich: Don't Follow The Money...Follow the Bait and Switch

Dean's Democrats Remain Pathetic

Do the wonderful people at,

Blade article removed: BWC scandal put Presidential Election in Question

Dean isn't the Problem (It's the Dems running for President) Vennochi...

When Republicans get caught, they find God: Example #84154443254

"an incident in the No Fly Zones."

HuffPost, Justin Raimondo: Our Freedom Tower and Theirs

How do I defend the virtue of the Democratic Party ?

Breaking News on the Latest page, DSM2?

I want to educate myself. Could you please recommend...

Check out the Website for Sensenbrenner's Opponent--Endorsed by DFA

um... is this the new and better D.S.M.???

Yeah, I think Biden messed up. Maybe he's too old.

Sensenbrenner is such a creepy man

Sensenbrenner pacifier crusade

MyDD, Obama: "A More Perfect Union"

TPMCafe, Ed Kilgore(DLC) and his take on The Dean Flap

I finally heard Mike Malloy

WE Have To Thank Rupert Murdoch

THE BUSH GOSPEL for all your Sunday Services!

The leak that changed minds on the Iraq war

ACLU Statement on religious freedom - very succinct

What blogs does the WH read?

How Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner Lost His Way

A request from a soldier

Video......Jon Stewert "Cheney Lies"..TRUTH and Funny as hell.....

Robert Kennedy, Jr.: 'Endless Negligence of Press' Top Threat to Democracy

Conason..."The Last Laugh" ...Us Press.(Get the Salon Day Pass...FREE!)

Photos of LA Demonstration against Ahhnuld

Democratic leaders back Dean, don't want 'wimp'

Donna Brazile spreading inside conversations to the media

"Howard Dean will fuck your shit up"

Top reasons to vote Republican in 2006

Howard Dean Speaks For Me (Petition)

If HR 1316 passes, the US will be FatCat Empire from sea to sea. Period.

Wesley Clark Opinion Poll

"... even calls into quetion the results of the election." Rep. Brown OH

You know what pisses me off? Comparing the amount of $ Dean has raised

Va. Gov. Mark Warner hires Gore advisor...possible presidential run

Cooney Resigns After NY Times Expose

SF Editorial on "Bush and 'the memo'" calls for "intensive investigation

Why do working people vote against their own interests?

Looks like someone has dug up Bushie's cocaine arrest record.

New British memo: U.S. gave 'little thought' to Iraq war aftermath

Howard Dean Speaks For Me - petition.

"We Love Howard Dean" a Truthout perspective.

Meet The Press This Week - Nice "Balanced" Guest List Again

Go here & vote to keep Bush off Discovery Channel as Greatest American

Email your Reps to STOP H.R. 1316, the "Make Congress More Corrupt" Bill