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Archives: June 10, 2005

The Disassembler in Chief and the War of Error

Reflections from the Iraq war (Fumento embedded - war is "ours to lose")


14 Characteristics of Fascism author

New AIT facility finally gets the necessary funding - TW

Myanmar army `targets civilians'

EFF to Provide Live Reports on Lobbying Blitz for E-voting Reform Bill

Ex-George H.W. Bush aide tied to Ohio workers scandal

Sherole Eaton Attends Hocking Democrat Meeting

ecard to make you feel better

Why does the Daily Show seem so pre 9/11 lately? All fluff and RWers

Here's a guy who really doesn't get it

Just imagine if ALL Dems started talking like Dean.

"The Power of Nightmares"

People don't understand Jon Stewart.

We've passed the 400,000 mark! n/t

My daughter received the President's Education Award tonight...

Interesting photos from Iraq

Dean and Kerry have failed us in exposing PNAC and DSM, so now we need...

Deputy Director of the PNAC goes after Kerry and tries to dismiss DSM

Have You Seen What They Did To The Los Alamos Whistleblower ???


School to pay 300k to gay students, They said they were harassed at school

"It's only ten words."

Democrats modify request for secret information that Bush's nominee saw

Dean Says Dems Forging Ahead on Issues

US intelligence `missed' PLA advances

Briefly: U.S. image in Mideast called a big obstacle (IHT/AP)

Downing St. Memo is Evidence for Bush Impeachment. (Green Party)

Public Broadcasting Targeted By House

Bush says US will defend Taiwan if China starts a war

Army, needing 2nd lieutenants, speeds process for NCOs to become officers


Special place to keep your adopted snowflake

I'm 51 hard years old, I've been listening to hard-core rap...

Musk lifesavers - is this a joke?

yeah we do, we like baseball, and not just because...

As of right now,

Watching that "Hit Me One More Time" show and...

Where the hell are the FLYING CARS?


I AM SO Fucking Ugly!

Anyone see Triumph covering Michael Jackson's sit in on Conan?

Favorite Radiohead song??

If you could bring back any deceased politician, who would it be?


Okay, re the Flintstones:


30 years ago today

Robots put through their paces at Aichi World Expo

I'd like to apologize for losing my temper and being pissy

Did anyone see the soldier standing on the toilet at Gitmo on Countdown?

Probe into charges the White House altered government documents

Howard Dean pissing off Repubs and DINOs? Here's my response.

Good Republican web blog

Dean can keep attacking the Republican Party. He can't attack them enough

Boycott Texas -- Gays not Welcome

Can you imagine if Dean had won the primary?

StarTribune: Bush & Blair/Iraq denials raise questions

'Good and honest' Iraqis fighting US forces - Gulf News Online - 6/9/05


In shying away from 2002 Downing St memo, a timid press shirks its duty

Clinton vs. Terror, Republicans vs. Clinton

NYTimes: An Important Election Safeguard

'In a land of sausage brains, always suspect the wurst' -Mark Drolette

Throwing America a Life Preserver by Michael Scheuer

Posada Carriles: Why He Matters

Faith-Based Fascism by Leilla Matsui

Bush urges making the Patriot Act permanent in Ohio

Why Israel?

Will the Real Party of Inclusion Please Stand up?

Juan Cole: The Downing Street Memo and "Fixing Around"

Iraq and Moral Corruption -- from The Huffington Post

Blair and Bush on Africa: pretense of aid masks predatory aims

An Important Election Safeguard [NewYork Times editorial for paper trails!

Something Rotten in Ohio - Gore Vidal, The Nation

From Watergate to Downing Street -- Lying for War (MMN)

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Becoming civil about gay marriage

'Gulag' or Not, Camp X-Ray Must Go (MMN)

How CSIS botched Arar file

Web Honors Go to Al Gore and Others (Webby Awards)

Return of the body counts

Morton Kondracke: Resurrecting the health care debate

Project Censored

Get Married/Get Fired

Global Eye - Blood Group - By Chris Floyd

Global Warmin' Is Fer Idjuts (Another gem from Mark Morford)

Bush Disturbed by Reports Syrian Agents Still in Lebanon

US War Crimes, an International Vow of Silence

SF Chronicle Deliberately Misquotes Dean

A Tenant Who Paid Tragically (eviction drove her to the edge)

The Increasingly Unpopular President (WaPo)

Diebold admits their machines can be easily hacked

'Urine Trouble,' some states warn truckers ('trucker bombs' litter roads)

June 18 Southern Maine Pride Day Portland ME

Ralph Nader explains why the DSM is grounds for impeachment

I wonder why we call it "the news" on TV?

the last year for which the government will release such data

Global warming discussion according to Bell (Guardian)

Royal Society Head: Britain's Environment Policy "Gutless, Rapacious"

BP, Ford, HSBC, BA, et. al. Call For Climate Action Now - Reuters

UK Businesses Wasting $5 Billion Annually Ignoring Energy Efficiency - FT

Judge's Order May Boost Snake, Columbia Dam Spills To Aid Salmon

Beware The Jubjub Bird! Reports Of Bird Attacks On The Rise - CSM

Worried Washington Watches China's Booming Oil Demand - Reuters

N. Atlantic Cod Will Likely Never Recover - New Species Have Lock On Area

Energy headlines for June 10, 2005 --

DOE official: Yucca plans advancing

No GOP Co-sponsors For Boxer's Ocean Protection Bill

U.S. Geological Suvey chief Groat resigns

In love with a mower (human powered reel mower)

Global Warmin' Is Fer Idjuts...

Arlene Past W. Cuba, Reforming, Heading North - Max. Sust. 60, 1000 MB

saw James Kunstler last night speak on his new book

Feds, States Meet On Declining Gulf Of Mexico Health - Behind Closed Doors

U.S. Vets Seek Probe of Israeli War Crimes

Why Israel?

Gandhi Redux - Justifying force

Study: Western intelligence failed to anticipate Holocaust

World War II mythology serves the new fascists (MMN)

Haaretz - Court okays pullout law by 10 votes to 1

One New Yorker on 9/11 WTC explosions

Theologian 911 Truth Advocate David Ray Griffin's Hustler Interveiw online

Theologian 911 Truth Advocate David Ray Griffin's Hustler Interveiw online

Coast to Coast am has a 9-11 "roundtable" next Thursday

Moving report from Ground Zero worker at Let's Roll

MSNBC: German TV show puts Bush behind 9/11 attacks - (VIDEO)

What the $#@!%& Hit the Pentagon????

Silverstein's "Pull it"

"Report: CIA official blocked Sept. 11 memo"

Explain the WTC collapse in view of the firefighter's tape, please

UA 93: How much of the wreckage was recovered?

EFF - Release the Hounds: How does one become a voting lobbyist?

Link to 2004 Exit Polls being adjusted to match machine-count

BREAKING: Sensenbrener Stuns Room by Shutting Down Hearings (Bradblog)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday 6/10/05

I am going to reward Dean's speech with a donation to DNC,

A Young Defender of Democracy Faces Chávez's Wrath

FYI: Trying to get up a Conyers Forum.

Star ledger in NJ reports on Essexcounty vote on E-voting

Bush stops in Ohio, sidesteps coin case

Cases thrown out of court because manufacturer won't disclose source code.

From Hitler to Bush; reply from editor of Uruguay paper to US ambassador

request for information - undervotes and straight party

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 6/11/05

Any word on the GAO investigation ?

Roll Call: Who Is Going to Sacramento Next Thursday?

QUANTS: To match WPE = - 6.77%, Optimizer needs wtd alpha >= 1.15


EAH: Election Assessment Hearing CALL FOR SUBMISSIOS


URGENT Call for DU Action on Calif Battle with Diebold/ES&S June 16!

EAH: Election Assessment Hearing PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT

Sequoia lawsuit: Sequoia overplays hand; motion to remand

reconciling EIRS and

Saturday June 18th -'s Susan Lerner

Laguna Beach slide is still moving

Bodies Found in Car in Sonoma County

Looking for Org in Venice/santa Monica area

Anyone living on SSI in CA?

Anyone near Santa Maria?

Any LA DUers listen to Phil Hendrie lately? Has he finally toned down the

IA-1st District....Mike announces

Well, isn't this special...

Join Howard Dean in Boston on June 20

(PHOTO) So anyway today I was protesting on 28 and a cop.. (PART II)

Why do MA Repugs think the only 2 elected offices in this state

Corporate Whores Online - new blog.

Death of an independent bookstore

Who plans to join us then

My Three Blogs

I just want to say

Printer for Home Office

No mouse? Here are your Windoze keyboard shortcuts!

Need immediate help please. I screwed up computer.

Thumb Drives- where is the best store/website to buy one? n/t

Need USB 2.0 Drivers for XP Pro

Ohio Democrats cry foul;Taft surprised by investment losses - Plain Dealer

CNET sucks: Ohio Republican politico courts tech vote

List Of Ohio Casualties In Iraq, Afghanistan

Email From Texas 22 - District 22 Political Forum (DeLay's district)

Keel won't run for reelection

Any Teachers Here Going To Lobby Day On June 16th - Thursday?

Hope you guys had fun with the weather in Oshkosh.

It's time to help out Bryan Kennedy's Campaign

Our Rep Sennesbrenner just gaveled the Patriot Act/Civil Rights

At our Convention, there will be Greens attacking us I guess

Shawano Co. Town of 800, Cast 100 Overvotes To bu$h in 2004 Selection

Does Bryan Kennedy have a chance of defeating Sensenbrenner?

Movies This Weekend

Anyone watch "Buster" cartoon with the lesbians?

Troop Safety

We should call Reid and thank him for his perfect response about Dean

Should this be in LBN?

how did our great and honorable attorney general and his family cross the

OH GOD, ANOTHER great article: Bush and Blair Lie to the World again -


Please Tell Me I Didn't Just See...

Contact Sen. Obama--try to be polite--It is usually more effective

Anti-Bush Theme party

fighting ribbons with ribbons . . .

This $hit really stinks....

Repug Family Values Alert!

Congressional debate on Janice Brown INTERRUPTED by Chinese VIPs??!

Good Morning DU ! And Happy B-Day to ME !

Poll: Bush Job Approval Dips to New Low

But bush keeps insisting the Taleban "are no more"...

It's obvious from the responses I've gotten today that lots of DUers don't

Controversial Contraception

Sorry folks.When Bush said he is bringing Freedom, he meant

The Charmed Life of a Mass Murderer - Luis Posada Carriles

We don't stand a chance until we answer Fox News

Houston Chronicle calls for Downing Street Minutes explanation from Bush

Mr.Bush unveiled a new defense budget today.

Why is Bush unable to see the pain that people across the Midwest will

My daughter's tennis coach:bad news.

What happened to Morning Sedition?

Is It Too Soon To Start Saying I TOLD YOU SO To Everyone That Thought An

Do any of the popularity poll numbers mean anything so long as

Mr.Falwell and Mr.Robertson endorsed masturbation today.They said

a column written for my website

Protest Song of the Day -- "Trickle Down"

I'm willing to start a pool: how many minutes, hours, days,will it

Obama grills nominee on '87 racial remarks...

Notice how Corp Media "not interested" in telling people about Energy Bill

Ohio Democrats cry foul, and go on the offensive - Plain Dealer

How to start a website


Former CIA director calls for Iraq withdrawal

Joe McCarthy and the Soviet Communists took the wrong track.

The President in a Candid Moment

Most US casualties in Iraq are from small towns

Today Show psy-ops.

Smart States.....

Protests yesterday in Ohio, Whitehouse says no Bush interview with Blade!

Why Nada in latest breaking re Pension Funds stolen by corp. thugs?

"No documents, no Bolton"

Acquittal of 9/11 suspect upheld - more proof of Al-Qaeda myth.

Go Ohio Dems! (pics)

Kerry Appeals for Federal Aid Made on Behalf of Shellfishing Industry

Bush administration defends 'doctoring' climate reports

Great, Fake NewsMax Story

Is something brewing? A new wave of protest songs?

A older article but for real Christians it hits the nail on the head.

I was just on C-Span.........

Animals may get bridges to cross I-90 in WA

The ties that bind China, Russia and Iran (new geostrategic alliances)

Bulldozer tactics by Malibu's super-rich

Suicidal dude electro-whammied off of railroad tracks

Fake Headline: "U.S. Unconcerned Over Clinton's Failure to prevent 9-11"

tell me why even waste time voting in 2006


Rachel Maddow says she'll be on Tucker Carlson's show

Marines now abusing Marines

This article hurt my brain.

Rep Slaughter asks for help in calling for GOP Ethics Chief to Step Aside

Perjury by CIA Counterterrorism Center Director - the Blocked Memo

Bush stops in Ohio, sidesteps coin case

How about it? Do we still live in a democracy or do we live in

Hey DU! Does C-SPAN know about the Conyers DSM hearing on June 16?

Skinner's McDonald's Unveils A Skinnier Ronald

If you are not a feminist, you are not a progressive.

MSNBC POLL: Do You Think GITMO Should Be Shut Down?

More halos & crosses

Whee, I'm A Democrat! I just don't vote like one. TS, I'm in the club now!

I HEART GREG CARTER, whoever you are!

TV station makes light of DV, sexual assault!

Jackson suicide rumor spreads virus

NPR talking about the DSM


Note to all

Language Change Alert: "Guest Worker" Now "Temporary Worker" Program

Police Officer Runs Over Hit-And-Run Victim

I have a Question: Where in Iraq are they building the new embassy???

Greenspan infuriates again!!

Another Quote from my good friend, Ed. will have video soon of the Conyers meeting this am

What's great about Harry Reid's apology to Junior

Some FREEPER-DITTOHEAD has threatened to KILL ME over stem cell research!

Dean's comment, need help.

Something's coming. Smirkhole at 35%. Dean the Distraction.

Is Sensenbrenner an idiot?

Actually, it was neither. It was a matter of taking a stand.

The inverse of triangulation.

Cynthia McKinney's speech in the House yesterday

Exxon writes America's energy policy, BushCo chops up emissions reports.

In looking at the chronology of the Iraq War and the disclosure of the

Potential Answer to Big Question: Where is the official Iraq death list?

Ban on Rebel flag items is overruled

Walmart ad compared expansion limits to Nazism

Bush: "The Korean Penishooola without a nucular weapon...."

Anyone notice how close we are to 500,000 (Conyers & DSM)...

We haven't heard squat from our legislative leaders--House or Senate

Has Sensenbrenner's meltdown made it to AAR?

I'm joining the "why bother voting in 2006" craze.

Why is the focus on Guantanamo?

Group: Site That Sells Kids' Swimsuits Is Really Child Porn

Did anyone notice...DU hit 71,000 members yesterday

FOX News' quick slide into disarray and dishonor...

Video of Conyers Meeting this morning!!!!!

All words are labels. That's just the nature of language.

What denomination of US cash should GW's face be placed...

John Kerry said that Cheney's daughter is......

Anyone seen this article?????? (uh-oh.)

Ok... My Count Is That We Have 3 Memos So Far... Is This Correct ???

Military looking for a few good medics

There's enough pie to go around

Flashback: Pat Robertson says Bush told him there would be no casualties

PREVIEW: New Documentary Exposé on McDonald's - "McLibel"

12-year-old with cancer taken from her parents (big bro alert)

"We will and we already have,"

Two serious 18-wheeler crashes today...time to control the trucks?

NYT Bibliography on Class Issues

Public high school baccalaurete includes worship, held at church (Fresno)

Theologian 911 Truth Advocate David Ray Griffin's Hustler Interveiw online

You Are Not Safe

When it comes to Dem leaders, I have been pleasantly surprised by _______

Iraq, Tony Blair, and the truth

Is it me or is this and odd place for a toilet?

Say no to medical marijuana and yes to drugs and alcohol

Christian Wire Service: Dobson commends Sen. Nelson on DOMA, judges

Darfur Daily News: June 09, 2005

Army misses recruiting goals for 4th mo.

anyone ever seen a train at night that has two very very bright lights on

Pelosi and Reid need to have a statement after that little hissy fit

Memogate Hearings Scheduled for June 16

Which date rolls off the tongue like 911?

It looks like Faux is starting to take some heat. Let's turn it UP!

How in the world is Conyers

"just shut up and let him spread freedom"

Inspector General Cites Five Missed Opportunities To Thwart 9/11 Attacks

interestingly enough for the last two days...

Must Read book

Self-Delete... Sorry

Guy calling himself from the future (Comedy skit on AAR)

Latest Count = 90% ... 454,088


Remember this?

MSNBC Jury Deliberations clock - 25:45:50 , 51, 52 seconds....

Jeff Gannon calls Rep. Conyers and Rep. Slaughter HOUSE MORONS

CNN Breaking: 5 US Marines killed in W. Iraq - Anbar province

Dems must do more than follow public opinion. They need to lead it.

Alright, the ACLU is pissing me off

Please express your shock in unison


Last nite I watched 1st five mins. of O'Liely, and my mind was blown.

Another five marines are slaughtered in Idiot Son's debacle

Did you guys see how stoopid Matt Lauer looked on TDS

CBS has a contact email and a phone # for reporting

Joe Conason is on AAR now.

Distressed American MiniPics Presents Westworld Featuring Chimp And Cheney

O.K. So National Health care in Canada has problems. So does

Full C-span coverage of House Judiciary Committee


457,002 Signatures!!

A letter from our dear BARBARA BOXER

Any DUers listen to Phil Hendrie lately? Has he finally toned down the

Anybody remember the address for the other DU server?

A response (well, not really) from Biden's office

Owen, Rogers Brown and Pryor have been confirmed. Do you TRUST

"New" framing for closing Gitmo

Letter a Veteran Friend of Mine is Sending to Our Local Paper

Anyone know how much it costs to adopt a highway?

Iraq and Moral Corruption -- from The Huffington Post

Al Franken's bad German...

In my email today--A Continent of Clowns--"racism alert"

Them's appalled by comparisons to a Gulag

Psychological warfare effort to be outsourced

CMAQ - Mark Felt Hinted at Exotic Antigravity Project?

This is sick, Jon Alvarez's latest publicity stunt (PABAAH dude from TDS)

US President George W. Bush said he was 'disturbed'... >>>

M$MWs, listen up... it ain't DEAN that's nuts, it's your boy, cuckooBanana

Times Online: Is 'memogate' an embarrassment to the US media? (feedback)

Mo. man hit with stun gun 15 times....

Randi is going to play Sensenbrenner's blow-up after the

Sesame Street/Elmo

Caution - Windows email virus riding in Jackson "suicide attempt" spam

What Progressive Democrats of America is doing in California

I LOVE Fridays! Every Friday just when the WH thinks it is going

Downing Street Download-use this handout

bush 43% approval: AAR to blame?

Have you ever worked for MacDonalds?

Excellent article in Editorials....not to be missed.

Please check this thread out

Is this controversial?: The GOP social policy is aimed at white Christians

Internet under attack in Congress. Act now!

The Year: 38932 AD... Jesus Returns.

Bush's agenda for Social Security

"Don't tell Barbara Walters about the voices": Wingnut preacher memo!

They expect me to believe that George Bush doesn't drink? >>>

Dems who dare to criticize Condo Rice for her incompetence are RACISTS!

Wal-Mart runs ad comparing Wal-Mart opponents to Nazi bookburners


Conyers/DSM: Memogate Hearings Scheduled for June 16

Full video of Patriot Act hearing from 6/10/05 now on C-Span site.

I go out for FIVE HOURS and 5 more US troops die in Iraq???

Right Wing Corporations

Emotional Memorial Day Tribute

Did you know the US govt spent almost HALF a TRILLION on arms in '04?

I guess we can expect a terror warning on June 16th

I USED TO like Bill Clinton


WAPO/AP Polls: There are ((( NO ))) areas of public approval for Bush!!!!

Toyota to raise prices to help GM etc

Please DU this poll on closing Gitmo!!! Under Freeper Attack!

Conservative columnist hints at the need for a draft

Bush Proclaims June "Great Outdoors Month"

Oops. The GOP really is all white, study proves it

So, do we get the May recruitment numbers today?

Anti-rape device created

Tribute paid to German who spied for Allies

Here's Debbie Wasserman's video of the Judiciary meeting! A link

Tell C-span you want to see the DSM hearings LIVE!

Fox actually covering the Sensenbrenner issue now.

What happened in congress this morning?

Friday ~~Maher on Hardball~~Franken on Letterman

National Youth Leadership Forum - is this a military recruiting tool?

Gallup: Public Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Falls to All-Time Low

I came across this flyer regarding Ralph Reed, can you find any

Dubby woves his wittle patriot act

The Children's Crusade (middle school military training JROTC)

If Conyers and other Dem leaders asked us to march with them...

Here’s my unabashed push for the non-fiction Book Club

The Repukes are crowing about all the "new millionaires" and

Anyone else get this email from

Have you seen this guy?

MSNBC: German TV show puts Bush behind 9/11 attacks - (VIDEO)

What's your favorite dumbass liberal-bashing phrase from the right?

Washington DC will hear from the American public..

Dean isn't the Problem (It's the Dems running for President) Vennochi...

Sean Hannity spews his hatred of liberals in Utah. Where the fuck are the

a piece of filth talks up reagan and blasts Kerry


Time for a new Meme: "Unpopular President"

‘Minutemen’ gear up for mainstream movement

Has Any Democratic Leader In Washington Issued A Formal

My note to Senselessbrenner...

subcommittee votes to end Corp. Pub. Broadcasting funding in 2 years

Take some time to read this. A comment from MyDD.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman is on Randi Rhodes...NOW!

Why we're completely FUCKED in Iraq

Senslessbrenner has Philatelic society

Who is running against Sensenbrenner? So I can send them a nice

WHERE will Conyers hold his hearing????? Sensenbrenner said the Dems

I say we send Senselessbrenner pacifiers.

Lexus vanity plate leaving Country Club: "TAXPAYOR"!

Did Any Network Air Sensenbrenner

I wonder how the Army brass likes Bush now.

Rose colored glasses, failure in Iraq possible, veterans

Patriot Act committee re-airing NOW ON CSPAN (Sensenbrenner)

Judiciary hearing on c-span NOW!

Krugman: Boomers' middle class childhood a disappearing memory

Dear DINO's,

99% of all Republican legislators across the country and in Congress

Here is James Sensenbrenner's Contact Info

New meme: GOP'ness

A question for the BBV knowledgable

U.S. general says Iraq insurgents are "good, honest" people....

First ten days of June 25 US Troops Killed

What did Harold Ford say about Dean on Shultz today?

Do you think this will give them pause?

I saw the most REPUGNANT bumper sticker today


Today's events were definitley planned

A republicans responce to all that crap that happened this morning

Judiciary Hearing coming up Cspan NOW-Sensenbrenner

ANIMATION: Dean's Dem "leadership" critics

30,000 away from the HALF MILLION mark on signatures

A Typical CNN Poll Question

Chicagoans....David Cross tonight, at Sonotheque

Is Fredda Keyser Soze?

Amend Constitution's 'commerce clause'

Support Dean Here

So the proper way to adjourn a meeting on the Patriot Act

charlie Rangel really giving it to Hannity right now.

What are they talking about on Majority Report re recruiters?

The difference between "us" and "them"

Interesting you notice that Tweety disrespects Keith Olbermann?

The internet. Don't think for a millisecond...

Republican "family values" in NJ

In evangelical world, a liberal view steps up

ACLU Patriot Act Cartoons and E-CARDS for educating others here:

so did the Republicans overthrow the gov. when they illegally adjourned a

Rachel Maddow joining MSNBC next week!

Why are Americans still dying in Afghanistan?

These three excerpts of the DSM

Louis Brandies Quote help?

Germany's state-run TV station (ARD) alleges the Bush family's...

Gore negotiating a big-budget, feature-length doc on climate change!

We must stop referring to the Police Action in Iraq as a War

Bill Moyers..... on Hardball now!

Can we use the word 'Nazi" or "Criminal" in a congressional hearing?


Has there been anything about the Patriot act hearing on the "News"?

Did Sensenbrenner lose his mind?

Democrats Eye Unfolding Ohio Coin Scandal - Newsweek

What will *bush do when impeached?

Our military is so good soldiers can piss around corners

What do you make of this.....

HARDBALL has Bill Moyers - repeating right now

'Chipmunks' records patron dead (remember: Alvin, Simon and Theodore)

Study: Western intelligence failed to anticipate Holocaust


New Roads soldier killed in Iraq (will be added to ICCC tomorrow)

Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, 24/7, DEAN

Need some ideas for signs for Rove protest tomorrow.

"California Connected" ...PBS slaps down California AGAIN

Logic Lesson: If you are a Republican, you are probably white & Christian.

Would you want to be reincarnated Straight, Gay, or Lesbian.

Rangel brings up PNAC on Hannity/Colmes

I wished they didn't give the names of those fragged officers.

Does the Sensenbrenner video remind you of Budd Dwyer?

Today's Rant: The Most Dangerous Book Ever Written

Are you employed right now?


Freep the World

Has anyone found out if Sensenbrenner's been put on suicide watch?

captio this - cute pic

Keep kicking the Repukes when they're down. It's WORKING.

Blood pressure warning - "A Fix on Downing Street" - Weekly Standard


Thank you AAR! Why do you think the Democrats have shown some...

Truthseekers - get yer Friday night MALLOY thread here

Which parts of the government(state and fed) do you trust ?

Brits and Yanks Unite to Demand Answers to Downing Street Minutes


Patriot Act Hearings on CSPAN NOW !!!!! Sensenasshole !!!!!!

CNN "Just In" - Criminal Investigation in deaths of 2 U.S. soldiers Tikrit

Look at this fat fuck.

I think I am going to join

(Video) CSPAN: Rep. Sensenbrenner Gets Angry, Abruptly Ends Hearing


This level of hate renders me speechless....

Latest Advisory... Arlene Intensifying Could Be Hurricane Tomorrow

PLEASEWATCH this brief video if your country still means something to you.

American Health Care 2005: Insurer offers tips to split pills in half

NYT: Media fed talk of Syrian plots to assassinate Lebanese leaders

a cartoon even stupider than Mallard Fillmore

Remember: Spread the Word About Anti-War Demo in September

For the Sake of the Fallen, Let's All Pretend that the War is Just

c-span2 Amnesty Inter. chair (Chips) testify to Jud. committee. Conyers on

Why did Ann Bancroft die of uterine cancer?

Pelosi: Republicans Once Again Abuse Power

Can we put Rove in jail?

Bush Biographer: He Planned Iraq Invasion as CANDIDATE

"women are simply not endowed by nature with the same..."

The Greatest American online vote.

George Noory on his Coast to Coast AM radio talk show tonight....

Top 25 Greatest Americans....

We've achieved 89 % of our 500,000 goal (448,995)! (n/t)

Corporate Personhood - Legally Corporations Are "Persons"

Green Party: Impeach Bush Now!

Sensenbrenner attacks Howard Dean (calls him "delusional")

Why Jimmy Carter is a Class Act....

Only white, blond girls?

Ohio evangelist:"Homosexuals are anything but happy and anything but fine"

CSPAN Schedule Saturday June 11

A Question From a Non-White, Non Religious DUer.........

TOON Extravaganza to end my week

It begins! Mark Warner forms Federal

Outrageous! "Kerry a nut, just like Al Gore!" - CBS New

Bush is a raving idiot-something is wrong with him

(PHOTO) So anyway today I was protesting on 28 and a cop.. (PART II)

What should Dean's next impolite statement be?

Franken to talk about the theft of $8.8 billion on Letterman tonight

thoughts about Sesame Street

Why is FOX News so angry?

Why don't the approval numbers ever fall below 43%?

Anti-Abortion is the Lazy Man's Christianity.........

Parents of high school age kids: Have recruiters been bothering your kids?

PHOTO: Waaaah! I said this session is OVER OVER OVER!!

Time for another bumper sticker thread!

FASCIST thinking is NOT only a threat from the Right

Why Doesn't the Press Ask Ken Mehlman A Simple Question

What are some other problems the Pope could solve?

Wash. Post writer on "Guy James Show" about his "Memo Story" Keep kicked!

Given The State Of The Media, Where Would We Be Without The Internet ???

Let's Play Six Degrees of Joseph Wilson >

EPIC 2014: Googlezom

HR2726 to stop cities & towns from offering low cost internet service.

Danish parallel to Dowing St. Minutes

In July 2002, Bush Illegally Shifted $700 Million to Begin War on Iraq

Sensenbrenner should be forced to resign!!!

NPR is not our friend

WaPo: Bush's Approval Rating 43 %.

Check out our Super-Secret New SPY Center! >>>

Sensenbrenner's stunt today was certainly planned. So what was the intent

Navy tries to deny widow an urn for dead soldier...

******Internet under attack in Congress******

BREAKING: One of three young suspects detained in Aruba confesses to kill

***Bush approval dips to NEW LOW in latest poll***

Demise of the Middle class predicted by National Intelligence 2020 Report

Has the Republican Party become The WHITE POWER PARTY?

Intellectual Natural many great thoughts die? keeps telling us that Kerry had no devoted supporters

Rice, Powell - "Saddam Could Stay In Power" Wash Times 10/21/2002

It's the STUPIDITY, Stupid!

DU has lost its mind over the Dean controversy and its just getting silly

On feminism and collective ignorance

My letter to a Bush supporter...

BOOK TV Schedule June 11-13

On Minister Malcolm, Dr. Dean, & White Folks

Dean Was Right

Neverland is across the road from an elementary school??

Is Shrub afraid of Howard Dean?

Need help please--I screwed up

474,033 Signatures. Is Yours One Of Them?

Sixteen fucking Ninety Two! How Many US Dead Will it Take??

Question: Muslims and the Christian Bible.

Know your BFEE: Hitler’s Bankers Shaped Vietnam War

Let's talk about Social Security.

Global reporter living in Washington D.C. ,$585 per month health insurance

No more Krispe Creme eh?

Protocol offers no guarantee: Canucks still at risk internationally

‘Why aren’t journalists more angry about this?’

Tory nuclear waste sites revealed

U.S. Vets Seek Probe of Israeli War Crimes

Strained US Army relaxes new officer requirements

As Bush's Approval Sinks, FOX Tries To Buoy Condi Rice With Hot Air

14 Thousand soldiers deployed in 2 cities in Bolivia

Dean Touches Off Media Storm

Rumsfeld Makes Rare Message Modifications

In Blow to Canada's Health System, Quebec Law Is Voided

Didn`t we just know it: seeking oil in Darfur

GOP Leaders Weigh Raising Soc. Sec. Age

Contract workers accuse Marines of abuse

At least 17 bodies found in Iraqi desert town near Syrian border

Task Force Liberty Soldier dies of non-battle injury (#1686)

Bush Names Counterterrorism Center Head

WP, pg1: US Won't Ask Firms to Help Smokers Quit (penalties cut again!)

Mehlman takes shots at Dean (greeting Jewish group "My Fellow Christians")

(WSJ) House Panel's Spending Bill Ends 49 Government Programs

Bush Names Counterterrorism Center Head

U.S. says Syria 'must stop meddling' in Lebanon

Pelosi and Reid need to have a statement after that little hissy fit

Skinner's McDonald's Unveils A Skinnier Ronald

AP: Saudis Pressured on Nuclear Openness

WP: Panel Faults Tactics in Rush to Install Antimissile System

Cops Debunk Whistleblower Beating

Religious hate law would protect witches and cults: The Independent

Jackson suicide rumor spreads virus

Canadian Supreme Court rejects ban on private health insurance

Bodies found strewn near Iraqi town (Qaim)

Porn star with political aspirations will attend Republican fund-raiser

Grandfather Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Sixteen people killed execution-style found in Iraq

Iraq Sunnis reject compromise on constitution

GOP, Dems Declare Victory in Confirmations

In Ohio, Bush urges making the Patriot Act permanent

18-Wheeler Carrying Explosives Rolls, Shuts Down I-35

Disputed Iraq Raids Blamed on Bad Intelligence

Big Business Urges Urgent G8 Global Warming Action

US Trade Deficit rises to record $57B

Jackso Prosecutors Celebrate Early

Taft at a loss on losses. Governor not sure why

Patriot Act:, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee shuts down DEMS

Bush stops in Ohio, sidesteps coin case (Coingate)

Afghan Fighting Leaves U.S. Soldier Dead

Citigroup pays $2bn in Enron case

Texas Governor Suggests Gay & Lesbian War Veterans Should Leave State

Republican donor (car dealer) named as new US ambassador

Pope Promotes Abstinence to Fight AIDS ( no sex = no aids = no fight)

Foreign-run convoy ambushed in Iraq

Military looking for a few good medics ($120,000 bonus)

Schwarzenegger Mulls Special Election


Bush, S. Korean Leader Differ on N. Korea

Religious Leaders Urge Congress to Declare U.S. (is not occupying Iraq)

US Treasury Dept freezes Syrians' assets over support to Saddam regime

Alleged Sex Abuser Offers To Sell Interview (Des Moines Register)

Democrats pile on GOP with statewide attacks

Mexico Voids Conviction of Ex-President's Brother

DCF Takes Custody Of Girl Born To Woman Visiting U.S.(Florida)

NYT: 3 Senators (Clinton, Murray, Coburn) Plan to Bar Vote on F.D.A. Head

18-wheeler hits bus carrying kids; 5 seriously hurt (South FL)

General Clark's lacks confidence in Admin's Iraq Strategy

State (Virginia )office to look into deaths of 513 hogs

CMAQ - Mark Felt Hinted at Exotic Antigravity Project?

Exec Says Contractors Didn't Fire on Troops

Congress Moving Defense Money to Domestic

Ex-S&P Analyst Pleads Guilty to Charges

Insurgency seen forcing change in Iraq strategy -Globe


Memogate Hearings Scheduled for June 16

WP: Dean's Appearance Has Media in a Sweat (Faux News freak out)

Biden calls on Bush to `level with the American people'

Bush, S. Korean Leader Differ on N. Korea

US War Crimes, an International Vow of Silence

Bush Campaigns for Patriot Act Renewal

Baghdad plans cuts in crude exports

Tribes Accused of Iraq Oil Protection Racket

WP: New Tack Against Illegal Immigrants: Trespassing Charges

In Baghdad, corpse on a street no longer shocks

US Army's recruitment numbers down for fourth month (Friday news dump)

Clinton addresses insurance convention

Greenspan, regulators raise volume of housing alarm

Bodies Found in Car in Sonoma County

GAO: Military Training Ranges Need Upgrades ("jeopardizes safety")

dup - delete

Oh nooo! Mr. Bill's upset with the oil industry

Syria's U.N. Ambassador Denies Bush Claim

Fort Lewis soldier sentenced to 20 years in prison

Venezuela hands evidence against Cuban exile to US

GOP chairman Mehlman takes shots at Dem counterpart Dean

LAT: Private Companies Want Piece of Prescription Drug Action

Supreme Court Justices Make Side Money

Laguna Beach slide is still moving

Halliburton seeks to resolve Kazakh probe

Congress Looks to Cut Funding for Public Broadcasting (NPR)

Bridge march rips Brooklyn development

Shootings may lead to security guard curb (umm, right)

'Frustrated' insurgents resort to drive-by shootings: US military

General College Eliminated in Restructuring Plan (MN)

Mugabe opponents admit strike failure

AU welcomes Ethiopia's non-violence pact after deadly violence

Philippine police clash with anti-Arroyo protesters; 12 injured, ..

Haitians in U.S. said they should get former dictator's bounty

GOP Chairman Walks Out of Meeting (patriot act meeting)

Hotel Fire in Southern China Kills 30

LA Times: Dean's Zeal Is Looking Like Zealotry, Some Fear

Charest won't rule out notwithstanding clause (Canada)

Former Nebraska Senator Jim Exon Dies

National guardsman from Scituate killed in Afghanistan (MA)

Va. Gov. Takes Steps Towards Presidential Run

Roadside Bomb Kills Five Marines in Iraq

Guard, Reserve Monthly Death Toll at High

Maxine Waters says Noriega is undermining Democracy in Haiti

Army bonuses may rise to $40K

Pharmacist sues over 'morning after pill'

LAT: Memo on 9/11 Plotters Blocked

Gallup: Public Confidence in Newspapers, TV News Falls to All-Time Low

Democrats fear cover-up in probe of ouster at rally(saga of fake SS agent)

NYT: Army Recruiting More High School Dropouts to Meet Goals

GOP senator says U.S. should consider closing Guantanamo prison

NYT: Democrats List More Names in Inquiry on Bolton's Access

Teens to be pulled over for good driving

US opens criminal probe of two army deaths in Iraq (Fragged?)

Psychological Warfare Effort to be Outsourced

Contractor Says Marines Abused Him in Iraq

WP: Cultural (Native American bolo) Tie Gets in the Way Of Graduation

WP: Michigan H.S. Students Defend Gay Rights (amazing story!)

Poll: Bush Job Approval Dips to New Low

U.S. National Academies fights evolution controversy

Minutemen’ gear up for mainstream movement

KR: More Americans dying from roadside bombs in Iraq

Climate Report Editor Resigns (no scientific training,from Petroleum Inst)

GOP Chairman Walks Out of Meeting (Patriot Act)

Indictment: Saudi Couple in Colorado Kept Woman as Household Slave

NYT: Grisly Effect of One Drug: 'Meth Mouth' (in rural South and Midwest)

USDA: Animal Tests Positive for Mad Cow

I want to be as free as the spirits of those who left

True or False: Some people just do not get it!

So who's the bigger freak?...

Ladies (and gentlemen) Lyle Lovett? Hot or Not?

Father's Day gift gadgets.

Just got back from local, stock prduction of "Into the Woods"

My first attempt at an animated emoticon: "Rally the DU troops"

I'm graduating from college in the morning; how should I feel?

so whats up this evening?


Why do I even try to post anywhere but the Lounge???

Millions are now involved in the effort to FREE KATIE!

Not a word from your lips ................

JUNK from CHILDHOOD...add some

Going to Taco Bell, anyone want anything?

I like to hunt, but these guys are sick! (Warning, graphic)

A gay leader would be good for the [Tory] party, says Duncan

Talk about "multi-tasking".. Giving birth at 85 mph

Good Morning DU ! And Happy B-Day to ME !

I am not liberal enough to post here

EEEK, it is summer and I have Fish Belly White (tm) Legs

I'm going to take a shower now (6:00am et)

Can anyone obtain an obit from Wednesday's LA Times for me?

Time for some quiet reflection

The rude thread

Man Rides Lawnmower To Store At 3 a.m. - Charged With DUI

How about a rude picture thread?

Ethics Test - Are YOU Moral????

Boy, 11, Crashes After Mom Lets Him Drive

Need hotel help with Washington D.C. and NYC hotels

If neocons were magazines, which ones would they be?

wonderful .....

How did this happen?

job interview on under 2 hours of sleep!

Cousins Both Shoot Holes In One - Same Hole, Consecutive Shots

Ex Forest Ranger Accidentally Lights Classroom On Fire - School Evacuated

(not Ex-)Cats use fax as toilet, spark Japan house fire

How to start a website

Good Morning, DU.

I'm bored and drunk, tell me anything

Baby swimming contests???

Rings of bone grown for couples

Did marine worm eat bridge?

Do you ever laugh really hard at a thread and try to show it to someone

Today in Massachusetts history

Sour Cream & Onion Potato Chips Found In Place Of Woman's Ashes At Grave

I am deeply and horribly addicted to

2 thumbs up to ATTATURK for "Bush to the tune of Gilligan's Island"

Hmmm...alleged terrorists cuffed in CA/Bush urges Patriot Act renewal

I think the concert gods have it in for me

2 thumbs up to jswordy for his "2 thumbs up to ATTATURK for "Bush to the

Day's off to a good start: bananas for breakfast, just the right greenness

So whose pets have pets of their own?

i need hisses this weekend - Lots of them


Acting is hard work

Country Joe is playing live on the radio (local)

You put the Duh in Duhmocracy.......

The Things We Do For Love

Cat picture

A member of a former-classmates mailing list keeps sending...

Back When My Hair Was Short

I'll give George W. Bush credit for one good thing:

S.F. Zoo Founder of the animal sex tour quits after clash over birds' care

NY'ers mourning end of WCBS oldies station...

Today In History: June 10

You Put De Lime In De Coconut!

Trailer for new musical film of "RENT"

It's about 9 billion degrees outside

Why is it that I just want to play all day? Good grief - most times

When Gay Men See Straight Porn

PLEASE shoot me now ("bachelor" party tomorrow)

who's got piercings?

don't you hate when you can't remember how you got a bruise?

I don't think we've had a picture thread in the last 3 minutes

The NEXT Trial of the Century

MORBID THOUGHT IN MY HEAD THIS MORNING: Michael Jackson will die soon

When non-clowns see german clown porn

I just saw a 4 day old baby of new parents

Anyone ever see "The Motorcycle Diaries"?

build your own bush

A Few New Gif Animations In Case You Missed Them In GD!

Happy Birthday Les Paul!!! Turns 90 Today!

SarahBelle is having a rough day

Hey everyone, post a picture of StopTheMorans!

If you visit NYC, you MUST go see Spamalot!!!!

Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.

"The Day The Earth Stood Still" is the greatest Sci-Fi movie ever made.

Let us now discuss:BABY SHOWERS

Any word on the overturned truck in San Antonio?

Nationals vs Angels in Anaheim next week. And I am in Maryland.

Who thinks punctuation marks are write?

Johnny Jump Up....

Who thinks Richard Marx was right?


Funniest kid book ever.

Do you know everything?

''Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and

WHERE'S THE BEEF! Post your beef pics.

Retro Junk (for those of you who miss the commercials of the 80's.

I'm so glad I have tipples!

Home networking question for those in the know:

Stupid me

Fisherman reels in 20lb pipe bomb

I swear, this is the WORST earworm ever. EVER! (if you know it)

Let's talk about porn & strippers.

Has anyone ever been a beard?

Does anyone know where my verdammt stapler is???

i need kisses this weekend - Lots of them

When chickens see sheep porn,

Jackso Prosecutors Celebrate Early

Spider bites Man in Supermarket

New York Post: "Ben Affleck's Loads Of Fun"

I am happy I have pickles!!!!!

Who thinks Richard Marx was right?

Does Katie Holmes know that Tom Cruise may like U2?

Is ALL life sacred?

Does Katie Holmes know that Tom Cruise may be gay?

Dragon Mating Ritual

Who thinks Groucho Marx was right?

And you may find yourself in a beautiful horse, with a beautiful wife

Believe me, I've really TRIED, but I still can't believe this!

Who thinks Richard Marx was right?

New nickels

It's official! We're getting ANOTHER cat!

LOL! n/t

I need advice on buying a guitar

If you ask me, 20 years between Quarterflash albums is 20 years too long.

We walked the loneliest mile

Who here thinks Harpo Marx was right?

Has anyone seen the show where washed up artists compete for a 2nd chance?

which Marx do you think is right??

well...that was kind of ironic!

So I am now a blogger on Dailykos, I'm so EXCITED !

You know why I hate Queen and Bowie?

Best Excuses if you get caught sleeping at your desk....

Cubs - Red Sox meet again!

George Bush is an idiot!

I'm hungry

Who thinks Claude Marx was right?

Who here thinks Marky Mark was right?

Hybrid Fruit (now with 25% more Fruit)

Today at Wrigley it's the Red Sox vs. the beloved Cubbies.

Who thinks Richard Marx was right ?

That was ironical.

Fresh Strawberry smoothies

Willie Nelson and Jessica Simpson; Texas Liberal meets Fundie moron

What do you think the Jackson verdict will be?

In honor of kid books, what's your Captain Underpants name?

You got to fight... for your right...

I was born in Chicago in 1941

you gotta party for your right to fight

Is there a cartoonist in the house that wants to earn some cash?

Anyone here belong to move on's forum

anyone going to heLLs kitchen

Big Threads Suck

Just an FYI

Holy Shit! Look at this

My kids took home some awards last night (NJROTC awards dinner)

Who here thinks Marks a Lot was right?

On the way to work today, H lamented that Elmo had replaced Grover

I don't know...

Alright, post your favorite deicide here!

Are Skid Row right or wrong? (Poll)

If George P Bush is elected President, will his nickname be Pee?

I'll tell you a story...

Things keep reappearing today.

Brangelina ???

anyone going to heLL

Are Skid Marks right or wrong?

Puff Daddy.

"Four more years of Vader" Funny film that slams Bush

David Copperfield vs. Doug Henning


What feature films were made using digital video?

Did Anyone See Hells Kitchen ?

I hit 3000

EW! Stinky elevator!


Favorite Sonic Youth song:

"Jackson supporter Evelyn Popp, from Munich"...and her little Jacko doll

Look at this kid play the guitar!

Ernesto "Che" Guevara: Icon, Hero, Psychopath or Dude?

If you had Superman's X-Ray vision, would you look through EVERYTHING?

Some assclown shithole fuckhead keyed my car

Nice Judds!

It's Friday!! Ya BASTAADS!!!

Ponderous man, really ponderous...

Is Tom Cruise in the Candy Shop????? LOL

tonite i'm going to see Jimmy Lafave live in concert - and you're not!

Tom Cruise: More Proof That Yanks Are The Strongest People in the World!

It's hot in Boston

Clint Holmes looks a lot like a girl I used to date.

Prison vs. Work

Ever Seen a BlowFish? LMAO!

Anybody Want To Buy Some Sperm Ale?

Vodka or Rum

Liberated Christians? Interesting...

Renowned SF Zoo Penguin Keeper Quits Because Of Dispute

Favorite Fantastic Four superpower?

Tom Cruise. A more convincing actor with or without a beard?

So what's in store for you this

Post a picture of the kind of a boy/girl mom would want you to bring home

Is anyone following the NBA championship?

I need a nap

Is SuperNova a big fan of that PBS show or am I not getting her meme?

Strange weather today

Who thinks Groucho Marx was right ?

OH, do I have some good news!!!!!! Power to the People...........

...who ever heard of a "nice piece of elephant" Hilarious t-shirt

Time is going by so slooooooooow

BWAHAHAAA! Hannity took FreeRepublic off of his "Daily Links" list!

I think the Michael Jackson jury is hung...

Does Taverner have a special tavern?

your favorite kind of lash

Who thinks that Richard Marx is right?

Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling!

[View all]

Who thinks Harpo Marx was right?

Oh Joy! I get to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith at 6pm!!!

Who thinks Chico Marx was right?

What screen resolution is your monitor set to?

Can't stand fake accidents!

OH LOL! BE SCARED so you WILL re-up the Patriot Act!

Why did progmom all but disappear?

my boss is such an asshat...

I think Michael Jackson is hung...

My cat had PUPPIES!!!

Can't stand fake accents!

If you wanna swoon over my sig line, do it in this thread.

Favorite disappearing act:

A "troop" of soldiers is how many? A grammar question . . .

What is this and what does it mean?

Who's your favorite KITH?

Michael Jackson poll (I know, I know...)

Friday PM start; martini on the rocks w/ 4 olives (one for each 1 oz)

It was a copycat!!!

I'm looking outside at the rain....

Fuck in any language

What's for dinner? It's too hot to cook!!!!-Now with thai beef recipe!!!!

Katie Holmes looks a lot like a guy I used to date.

The Chicago Cubs Suck...Go Red Sox

Anyone else love the Foo Fighters???

Johnny Cash Home For Sale - Wish I Had The Money

Who knows Westwego? Sick joke to follow.

Cubs WIN! Cubs WIN! Holy Cow!

Why did my cat all but disappear?

Were getting close to capacity in the lounge. Sign in at the desk please.

Tommy can you hear me?

What do you call someone who marries their sister?

Coverup! The new GOP national Motto.

Girls RULE, Boys DROOL

Jackso Prosecutors Celebrate Early

What do you think of DU's Demopedia

I think tonight might be a night for some mighty-fine wine.

I'm leaving the toilet seat up. Tell me what is wrong.

Leaving the toilet seat up

A letter to the bank from a 96 year old woman, re: automatic deposits

Nice pair of Whoppers

DU should have a list of recommended contractors, etc.

Petra Nemcova, soon to be known as the future Ms. Petra_Eats_Beef.

So 'po-faced' is British for smug or narrow-minded...

Let's blast some Quadrophenia types.

It's Friday! That means we're only 5 days from Wednesday!

What are the most kill-proof fish for a pond?

Katie Holmes: The wonderful thing is when we met, it was just like, "hi"

Is JELL-O a performance enhancing substance (swimming)??

Dogs and Cats.....

Kilroy ..... is that you ?

Manamana Do-Do-Do-Do-Do. Manamana Do-Do-Do-Do. Done to me, now to you.nt

You picked a fine time to come here, Arlene.

We've all had it too good for too long!

What's your favorite dumbass liberal-bashing phrase from the right?

Roger Waters or David Gilmour?

Regionalisms: "Shut yer fuckin' pie-hole"

Ladies, what is acceptable to you for an age difference in a relationship?

What is Oscar, the DU mystery pet thinking right now?

How can I make this my avatar?

Anybody ever get high from sleep deprivation?

If you are baking right now... how hot is it, and where are you?

Barking Dog Helps Save Boy From Pond


I'm right here - just in case anyone was wondering.

Can you do vocal impersonations? If so, whose?


WOOOHOOO KARAOKE TIME!!I What is the best song that YOU sing in KARAOKE?

A solid wall of fuck

Any special vacation plans this summer?

A nickel run over by a railroad train leaves an impression on the track.

How do I get a DU bumpersticker off? (blasphemer)

Rye Or Whole Wheat?

I got the Pun of the day award, bring me your finest meats and vegies!!

What does one wear to a DU meetup?

I'm watching King of the Hill. The Dale's Dad is gay episode

The Patriot Act hearing is going to be on CSPAN @ 8:20 Eastern tonite

Audio/Video Tech Heads....Question(s) for you......

Anyone ever have terrible flash images?

MSNBC just called Tucker Carlson "a man" and "a legend." He's NEITHER.

Kippers are?

Someone give me a drink!

This is a bit disturbing...

This might be old....but a friend on another site posted it

Bet you don't know what a Phallustolic society is?

Who is the best Who ever?

Let's blast some stereotypes

I didn't make it to work today

Why such heated Stryper discussions lately?

Does any one remember a drink called Pomac?

Huh huh. Huh huh huh. He said, "peninchula," huh-huh.

Kid's gonna grow up to be a freeper (pic)

So I'm tracking my wife's bus online.....

Comedy Gold: "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" on BET right now

Iraq-US labor peace & solidarity logo. What do you think?

I have have three cute guys on my bed right now. *PIC!*

"MacGyver" Boss Dies

Describe where you are at right now as you post

"Oh, the days of the Kerry dancers..."

Does anyone remember a drink called Potomac?

Chicago Loungers: David Cross at SONOTHEQUE tonight!!!

*sigh* I need a hug

I'm listening to the Spice Girls - got a problem with it

Police Arrest Cow That Killed Urinating Man

Would you ask an old boss...

I joined a union today.

LOL! On the news just now

Had to walk home from work

Army divorce rate increases dramatically.

I have a Ghost in The Shell question

this morning, I think I was suicidal.

Having asperger's sucks.

You're forced to party with the following; which would you choose?

Post here and up yer post count.


My 600th post is coming! Ask me anything!

My mother is SOOOO embarrassing

Have you ever given your old boss a referral?

My son thinks this toilet is cool.

Cripes. 5+ DUI's!

Back from the wilds

I think I just saw a hooker in my neighborhood...

Stripers are.....

Cubs Spanked The Red Sox!

Who uses Stumble Upon?

47 Years ago today - I was almost killed.

Dave Letterman and Bush

I'm a klutz

Barring Bare Barbara from my Bar will save my baristas from embarrassment

Looks like Jimmy Buffet was "Wasted away in Margaritaville"

You know, as a father... all you can hope to be is "Mac" from Rocky


Richard Cheese

Don't tell JimmyJazz, but now I'm listening to DJ Jazzy & the Fresh Prince

Did I just book a hotel in the ghetto?

I hate the fuckin' meteorologists in my state.

Cigarette Smokers That I Hate

Hi. I just ate

Disco Inferno! This is my 600th post!

after work i went to have my brakes checked.

Curb Your Enthusiasm episode "Crazy-Eyez Killah" on HBO now

Kama Sutra is on!

Well, it looks like the Waldorf Cat Haven has a new pet cat.

Going to NYC in three weeks...anyone need anything from the Keys?

What is the deal with Philadelphia?

What the hell causes static?

'Blade Runner' on IFC

Divide your age by three...

SCTV is coming on TV Land at midnight tonight

Dog lovers whose dogs love a ride-in-car: Great bumper-sticker idea!

I hate it when no--one gets my jokes.... but an interesting story was told

My beloved Pirates are about to have a better record than the Yankees.

Remember the movie, "Being There" with Peter Sellers?

This new seatbelt law for bicycles that's slated for '06 really upsets me

Post good torrent search engines

Question about condos and cost of replacing windows

Happy Birthday ZombyWoof!!

I know this poll will start a flamewar but we have to debate it....

I need a Cross bike.

"Into the West"

My 300th post! Let me ask you anything!

Ummmm...WTF....a phone company for homophobes??

OK! Here's a question for you! Where was this pic taken?

My kid is preparing dinner tonight.

Are minivans as bad as SUVs?

Need some help!

What do you call the person who marries your brother?

Cubs 7 - Red Sox 1 (game in progress)

Is it true that men can breast feed?

Is there any way I can burn Zell Miller's book without actually buying it?

Can you even IMAGINE a US paper putting this in their paper?

Serious question about U.K./North American differences...

Queen touring again with Paul Rodger singing lead - I'm troubled by this

Screen capture??

Lies (WARNING: pic heavy, images of REALITY deemed VIOLENT)

The great monosyllabic band name thread.

Bush to the tune of GIlligan's Island

Library Cats' World Map

Post here and I will respond in a joke.

So who am I hanging out with in NYC tomorrow

Capri Pants: The Downfall Of Modern Society

Post an unflattering pic of yourself....

Who thinks Karl Marx was right?

sisk sisk sisk scrape scrape sisk sisk matcom and I are starting a new

Al Franken on Letterman

I dodged two fucking Tornados today.

SF Bay Area DUers - Please check in here if we'll see you tomorrow

Takin' A Ride

"The day My Butt Went Psycho"

Somebody please cheer me up

I am EVIL!! Just called the Army Recruiting office in town and told

Pick a God, ANY God!

I Miss the Big Dawg.....

When straight men see gay male porn

If you're a woman who digs porn...

The new Howard Dean anthem and the fighting democrat anthem

Funny Audio Clips

DU needs a "Dear Abby". Who should we nominate?

Someone keeps telling me that I am ugly!


Bet you don't know what Philatelic society is?

I Love The Word "Fuck"

itunes political mix. what say you? i need help

And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife

Post a picture of you as a kid

Yellowcard at Breakfast Club reunion on MTV - suck or not

If you're bored and love Loverboy, this is the thread for you

Did I tell you guys I have given up on DU during my work hours?

Monkey bikers???

Why did prog rock all but disappear?

Has anyone bought the new extended version of " Stripes" ?

Favorite Journey song

Is there a freeper for whom YOU are the most important freep-hunter?

Who here thinks Marx train sets were alright?

I Bought A Cheap-O Classical Guitar!

Alright, post your favorite decade here!

Fundy Honda.

Associate freely...

Bertha! I have pictures of my cat, Gunder!

Ok, this Ribbon Magnet craze is about as dumbass as the pet rock

I just realized Beware the Beast Man is trying to be cool like me...

I'm listening to The Killers

I'm gettin' down!! Wow! I got the motion! Wo! Yeah!

Post here and I will copy you.

Who is the best Muppet ever?

*vanilla* or *vanilla with sprinkles*

Suggested alternatives to "Don't Mess With Texas:"

What are Feelings and Why do they Get Hurt?

Any suggestions for a Christian, non-denomination magazine

Rare white buffalo born at ranch

Pope Promotes Abstinence to Fight AIDS

UK Religious hate law would protect witches and cults

Sumatra Poised for Another Tsunami, Study Says

NASA space probe to slam into comet July 4

Fungus 'may help malaria fight'

Giant balls of mucus fertilize the ocean

Activists debate political strategies at Pride forum

SF'ers - Help me out here.

Democrats' gay legacy

Part of me died today

Lance Armstrong's new bike

Taking one for the team

Brewers Deal Spivey To Nationals For Ohka

Phillies-Brewers playing one heckuva game tonight.

Giambi booed hardcore at Busch Stadium

I really like my girlfriend

Bonds fumes over comments by former White Sox star

NL EAST - Best Division in Baseball?

How Many Pro Athletes Have You Met?

Cubs 14 - Boston 3 -- Bottom of the 7th at Wrigley first time since 1918

Grossly over-paid mediocre team Vs Slightly over-paid Great team

It's Greg Maddux day in Chicago.

the INTRODUCTION in progress

anyone use Nature's Miracle Litter Treatment?

My Border Collie, Cody, is starting to show his age...

Dog and Cat Diaries.....

Turmeric fights breast cancer in mice - study

Eggs Benedict

Wow! Feel the Xian love!

LOL, a name from the past...

Kerry Appeals for Federal Aid Made on Behalf of Shellfishing Industry

Finally more Kerry pics from the L.A. rally

Follow Up Post on Dean at LUTD

Well isn't THIS special...

I love Sen. Lautenberg

today's Globe editorial on Kerry's records

Let old habit die, Dems: Dissing Kerry just cheap grace

C-SPAN 2005 Congressional Directory

DSM: Worcester Telegram and Gazette

BTW, some idiot on DKos issued a challenge

Global Warming Propaganda & The Kerry, Waxman call to investigate

I think they really like him: Foo Fighters CD review

August 2004 - The Way It Was.. For Real

So, what's been going on this year

Do ya'll mind if I join in the fun?

Flower pix break.... "Water Reflections" time......

I need more Zooom dammit :)

Do weeds count as flowers? I live in the desert and all we have is weeds

patriotic flowers

Experimenting with flowers on a rainy day

Dog finds stick (alert - lots of pix for dialup)

Nikon AF bodies, Sunpak Ringlight for sale.

KO may have to cover the draft!

I was going to post this in General Discussion

KOEB 6-10-05

Has Keith covered the Energy Bill yet?

I'm back

I've seen MANY posts on DU lately

What do you think of the Progressive Democrats of America PAC??

What is this "American Community Survey" business?

Bush, Blair Dismiss 'Fixed' Iraq Report > Don't let it happen

Greenspan Suck Up Session-Joint Econ Committee from Thursday

Why do so many here

Dems to get recount refund (WA state)

Is there any way I can read Zell Miller's book without actually buying it?

Blade says "it's about enriching one's political friends and impoverishing

As Bush's Approval Sinks, FOX Tries To Buoy Condi Rice With Hot Air

Letterman's Top 10 "Top Ten Ways Bush Can Regain His Popularity"

I agree

Obama cites race remark, may block nominee...

Repuke party demographics (white christians?)

Albarn hits out at 'Anglo Saxon' Live 8

DU this story: Bush's approval hits new low (Ipsos poll)

Posting Guidelines From Free Republic. Funny Stuff!


Chip Pitts kicking ass on C-Span2

Car sales boss is Bush's UK envoy

Cynthia McKinney's speech in the House yesterday

So Biden's shooting his mouth off again today? Go to this site and read

Latest from the Freeway Blogger re: Downing St. Memo...

If there is ANY DOUBT that CNN are idiots, check the poll question....

UK treatment of terror suspects 'inhuman'

"Conyers is holding hearings next Thursday on Downing Street Memo."

CNN poll...impossible to answer...Why?...

The Right-wing wants to indoctrinate your toddlers

It's time for Democrats to stop blaming Kerry

Duncan Hunter (R-CA) C-SPAN WJ says they work in a bipartisan

"I appreciate their hard work." - * spewing on CNN

The difference I see between Democrats and Republicans

Bush will not need a Social Security check....

Thanks Dr. Dean

WashPo: "Dean's Appearance Has Media in a Sweat"

Heated hearings LIVE now on C-Span2, 10AM EST! Rethugs VERY defensive.

Congressional Civil Disobedience..

SHOCKER! Neal Cavuto realy grills Bush in interview (transcript)


Olbermann/Stewart need Sensenbrenner video

Whatever happened to the Valerie Plame case?

6/10/05 C-Span - Media Anti-Terrorism Coverage hearing now available

Jon Stewart explains lack of interest in saving Africa - (VIDEO)

I'm influenced by the "culture of lesbianism"!

Can I get the lowdown on Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe?

Why isn't Bush's comment about Condi and Africa "racist?"

Over 400,000 now.... n/t

You CAN spell "Forty three percent" without "DSM"

Separated at Birth? the LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER edition

More leaked memos

How many W's are there?

Wedgies and Downing Street Minutes: "Some People Say"

former Mexican Amb. to UN dies in auto accident....

Guess it's time to officially anoint Bush as "unpopular president"

FBI's missed opportunities before 9/11 and promotions were made?!!

Freeper desperation-- Conyers is just sucking up to Muslims

Letter from MassDems on the Dean flap

German TV crime drama shows 9-11 as conspiracy by Bush family to get oil

Watergate took 12-15 months before it got legs - DSM-don't discount it

Obama says Dean 'using religion to divide'

Since the Obama/Dean story came from a Right Wing website

RNC chair starts speech with " my fellow Christians"... (while media use

CPS and cable censorship

OMG, Ron Reagan Jr. mentioned my blog on MSNBC last night!

CNET sucks: Ohio Republican politico courts tech vote

DU this MSNBC Poll - Shut Down Gitmo

Bush Campaigns to Expand Patriot Act-- Let us Act Now!!

Before we play the "what if" game forever

NOT the first time O'Really caught INTENTIONALLY doctoring info

These are MY leaders, and they speak for ME!!!!

Bush and 'the memo'...


No More Sopranos, No More Chris Rock Op-Ed by Representative Bernie Sander

what is wrong with these people?

Cartoonist Mike Luckovich keeps Downing Street Memo alive!

somehow i missed it/rove & abramoff worked together for 30 years ....

CNN, National Review both claim there are "two" Hillary Clintons

Tom Noe, Coingate, on CNN now. nt

Does the US Constitution allow overthrow of the government?

C-Span has the House Patriot Act hearing video available now.

Searching for chart that shows US casualties vs. "insurgency is desperate"

KKK to behave themselves

Frame: Why they are failing.

460,508 - wow - a week like this and you never know!!

Gov. Richardson, wrong! Dean is a party spokesman, as head of the DNC.

Memogate Hearings Scheduled for June 16

House hearing on Patriot Act on cspan tonight


Global Warming Propaganda: The White House Manipulation Through the Oil In

I think we are in some deep kimchee re: North Korea

Did we get those Bolton documents or not?

What the heck is BushCo going to do when Conyers delivers the signatures?

" one of the grand coup d'etats of all time"

How does the Washington Post define center???

Update please: How many signatures does Conyers have

What's wrong with pointing out that the Democratic Party is a melting pot?

Another reason for Dean vs. corporate whores: Dean is getting it done

ACLU Smacks Down Bush's Unconvincing Patriot Act

I can't believe we destroyed the taxi and sent the occupants back to Cuba

Anyone have a link to the updated list of HR signing Conyer's letter?


DU this Yahoo article about Patriot Act Hearing

Some info on Sheila Jackson Lee, the Congresswoman Randi just spoke with

I don't have a TV...whats the Sensenbrenner hooplah?

We have ourselves to blame for Priscilla Owen, Janice Brown, etc.

Here is James Sensenbrenner's Contact Info

Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern said ....

Isn't it time for Kerry, Edwards and Gore to go to a safe location,

Maryland Republican makes hateful comments

Texas high court tells TAB to give up donor information (TRMPAC)

What if, instead of DSM, it's Coingate that brings Bush down?

Maybe dumping Dean would be a good thing.

PA hearing on cspan1.worse than I thought

****Happy Birthday to John Edwards*****

Maybe We Should "Run" With Dean's Mouth!!!

NPR: Straight Talk About Howard Dean & the Future of the Democrats

The government will stop paying Social Security

How does Bush appeal to people?

ACLU Patriot Act Cartoons and E-CARDS for educating others here:

Nice letter to the San Diego Union Tribune

Bill Maher coming up on Hardball..

The Dean story is done, now it's time for Sensenbrenner & the Patriot Act.

New RW smear of Hillary: She's influenced by 'culture of lesbianism'

British Embassy won't comment on "leaked document"

Here's the Repugs Bullshit Line on DSM - "Fixing" Intelligence

Howard Dean LIVE on C-Span tomorrow at 10 AM ET.

Must we repeat every right wing smear that we read?

The Guardian: GOP Chairman Sensenbrenner Walks Out of House Meeting

DailyKos: Awaken the MSM: Downing Street Memo Alert (6/10)

Repost: Who are the Top 10 Gutsiest Dem Leaders?

Proposal: "Democrat of the Day" for AAR (and for DU)

Don't miss Dean on C-Span 10 am Saturday

Letter to Sensenbrenner

PNAC Pawn Tries to Spin DSM

Write to the papers NOW about baby Sensenbrenner

Are the Repubs trying to close down PBS or just take over? n/t

Did anyone see Matt Lauer on Daily Show saying Bush was "Great American"

could this be more bullets for the smoking gun?

Shame on you George and Jeb for your hurricane photo ops

I would think that the Dems in Congress have enough evidence,

Senselessbrenner hearing on C-SPAN now!!

I think I may have a solution for the Military to up their recruitment . .

Lou Dobbs 6/9/05

Houston Chronicle editorial on the DSM today.

why should people vote for a party that won't stand up for themselves

Outsourcing: had enough yet?

C-Span 2 Patriot Act & Civil Liberties meeting heating up.

When will *'s approval rating drop below 40%

Dean's appearance has media in a sweat

Thank you, Mr. Sensenbrenner.

VIDEO Of Rep. Sensenbrenner Getting Angry And Leaving Hearing

I've seen it mentioned that Sensenbrenner broke the law...

This video scares me. Short but oh so scary.

trend-spotting with EIRS and VerifiedVoting (edited repost)

GAWD I felt great this time last year!

Who are the Top 10 Courageous Democrats?

Analysis of Senate 2006 Races?

If we can't get election reform, VOTE ABSENTEE!

Patriot Act:, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee shuts down DEMS

Dems should invoke Rule 11

Warner taking steps toward a Presidential Run

Fox News reporter goes "batshitcrazy" in Harry Reid's office

If Bush is Impeached: The Presidential Line of Succession

Bush Impeachment Effort Reaches Georgia

Dean's Democrats Remain Pathetic

DHS scolded on financial accountability

California Dems: Look what will be on the ballot this year

Novak: Hillary has the 2008 nomination sewn up

We should walk to the White House with Conyers

Action Alert, package to sensenbrenner

Senssenbrenner's Replacement - Bryan Kennedy

Al Franken catches Bill O'Reilly doing a little funny editing- INCREDIBLE!



Porn star with political aspirations will attend Republican fund-raiser

It's high time to give Ted Kennedy the credit he deserves...

Unofficial petition to all Democratic leaders:

DSM/Conyers: Memogate Hearings Scheduled for June 16

4 Great Conservative/Republican Contradictions