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Archives: May 9, 2005

US War Crimes and the Legal Case for Military Resistance

Prisoner abuse: It was all grunts' fault (Rubin of Phil Inq)

On Social Security, a Search for Rivals

"Intelligence" leads Marines into a trap?

Ending the Senate Impasse

"Move Left" article on Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty

Can we have a 12am update on Andy?

Conyers is having a webchat!!

Ray Taliafero often says that the US plans for 17 permanent bases in Iraq

Iraq approves cabinet nominees, but one balks

How do I contact a real person at Blogspot?

What was the last Protest/March that had a major effect?

Arianna Huffington's new blog will be launched today

Putin interview with 60 minutes tonight

I saw this gem on another forum.

What will be the next really big news event?

The Millstone (for your Republican friends and family members)

Question concerning the young Iraqi girl in the flowered dress, who was

Ezra Levant is our home grown neocon.

NYT/AP: Report: U. Texas, A&M Bought (NCAA-banned) Supplements

Florida Attorney General to Enter Race for Governor, Sources Say

When It Comes to Replacing Oil Imports, Nuclear Is No Easy Option,...(NYT)

LAT: Bush Fields Tough Questions From Dutch Youths (reporters ushered out)

Rice to Withhold Bolton NSA Transcripts

WP: Aid ($1M) to Christian School In Alaska Spurs Lawsuit

I'm downloading something called SmartFTP and I don't know

I'm having my first experience with Anastasia tomorrow.

Both of my brothers stood on my mom today.

Interesting Rumsfeld comparison picture

An email from my daughter

I wonder why it is...

I'm having my first experience with Anesthesia tommorrow.

what do you think of goat heads?

What would you think of a Goofy thread?

This evening I made the most totally awesome

I'm having my first experience with Synesthesia tommorrow.

There is an old Vulcan Proverb.

What's the word on Andy?

Academics please advise (GRE Scores)

Dang, this Stranglers Best-of is truly great

Sunday night TV sucks!

pssst . . . wanna buy a car? . . . maybe you've seen them before . . .

I went to a face-reader...Ask me anything.

I have the theme song to Big O stuck in my head

Sign of the Apocalypse???

How often do you follow your gut?

I guilted my right-wing mother into donating to Andy.

A British tar is a soaring soul, As free as a mountain bird,

Bored as hell- give me entertaining links

When the fuck is the Office on?

Bush to Putin: "Hey, fuck you, Godless Commie Soviet Cold War Adversary"

Almost May 9 and we haven't turned on the air conditioning!

Are all stock brokers/real estate agents/car salespeople scum?

What the hell is wrong with my skin?

Stangers from another planet, welcome to our hole

Who Is The Most Attractive Democratic Politician ?

Random Egg Violence--Two Nights in a Row!

FYI: Spiritual Progressives Conference May 9-20

Christian Morality and Public Law--Three Secular Myths

Christian Morality and Public Law--Five Theses

Have you been feeling dejavu lately?

More proof the Jerome Corsi is insane.

Defense of Kerry posted on LUTD

And you thought the Boston papers were bad!

Do Democrats need to offer their own "Contract for America"?

Great interview of eli pariser on

What's the most liberal state in the country?

"Fixed the facts" is getting seriously ignored...must initiate mass LTE

Iran: a close shave connected traveler

Times Panel Proposes Steps to Build Credibility

' Press Freedom on the Defensive'

ABC: The 'Runaway' Story That Wasn't (criticism of corp media?)

judge battle really about undoing New Deal protections

Military Maneuvers: The Conquest of the State

WP'S Broder:Senate Democrats Should Make a Deal

The Intensifying Global Struggle for Energy

Forget Media Attention If You're Poor, Black, Ugly or Old

Jonathan Steele (Guardian Utd): The job is done -- Blair must leave Iraq

The Course is Set for Impeachment - Grace Reid, Daily Kos

On balance, Senate shouldn't go 'nuclear' (OCRegister) Ca.

HAYDEN’S HEROES - (Incompetence and Politicization at the NSA)

Herbert: "This clownish, disastrous war"

Worldwide Humanitarian Crises Severely Under-Funded

Bush May Destroy Social Security, Not Fix It:

Criminals Belong in Prison by William Rivers Pitt

Last Chance to stop Real ID [Natl ID }

Residents Worry About Rocket Fuel in the Inland Empire's Drinking Supply

Dutch students ask tough questions to bush

Stranger Than Fiction

WP: Stereotypes, Not Policy Changes, Drive Criticism of Hillary Clinton

Bush clear-cuts a forest plan

Pushing PBS to the right (Most Americans don't see a lib slant)

Iraqi Families Looking for Their Sons in the American Secret Prisons

Saudi Oil Infrastructure Rigged For Catastrophic Self-Destruction

Economists warn of coming Chinese meltdown

The Huffington Post

DC Area DUers: Mutts Strut 2005 (benefit for animal shelter)

Connecticut execution protesters go on five-day march

OK, now it is really time to bring the troops home!!!

Ron Brownstein LIES- says Bush correct the current SS benefits must be cut launches

Long but worth the read: The Nation on NPR

Media reform conference is sold out! Streaming audio & visual avail

Is Buffet being targeted by the Bush administration?

Inhofe Slams Duke Energy CEO For Favoring Carbon Tax

Iran to resume uranium work 'within days'

Report: British Flora Faces Extinction

SUV Sales Fizzling, Despite Massive Rebates, Promotions

Hundreds Of Barrels, Some Filled With Toxins, Float Down Potomac

Name GM/Ford Junk Bonds After Father Of Hybrid Tech, NGO Suggests

Huge Radioactive Leak Closes Thorp Nuclear Plant - Guardian

Can Americans Reconnect With Nature?

Oil industry a failure; no new US refineries since 1976: NY Times.

Israeli hospitals used old and mentally infirm as human guinea pigs

IDF seeks arrest of dozens of far-rightists; Yitzhar settler held

Israel shells south Lebanon territory 'by mistake'

Shootouts challenge Abbas authority

The lives of Gaza's Arabs will not be improved by expelling its Jews

Syrian intelligence moves to Palestinian camps in the Bekaa Valley

Israeli PM confirms pullout delay

What I did on Holocaust Day

Hamas gains on Fatah in Palestinian town elections

Alleged photo of aircraft engine NOT from a 767

FOIA, Blackmail, failures of Congress. SIBEL EDMUNDS, WHERE R YOU?

General Mahmoud Ahmad, the Pakistani ISI Chief, and 9/11

Does anyone know how many of the 9/11 hijackers bought one-way tickets???

Just How Many People Were on UA93?

UA 93: Is this crater too small?

How much of the red state/blue state drama was media managed?

My mom is not a US citizen but has voted for years

[The Nashua Advocate] 2008 Final 4: Gore, Obama, Conyers, Dean [VOTE NOW]

Some "Exit polls 101" type info sought.

Physical risks to voting machines - clearinghouse of

Offer them a vote on their judges, for an independent investigation...

Confusion reigns with voting machines

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Monday

Article on e-voting Machines USA Today -- "Push to replace voting machines

Gag me. The guy taking Diebold money is a Dem.

Hagel running for PREZ! why not when you own the machines?

Carol Moseley Braun gets it -- understands electronic voting issue

Conyers:You Are Invited to Participate in My First Ever Web Chat Tues 3 PM

FEC Cases over time ????

$50,000 !!! $50,000 !!! $50,000 !!! $50,000 !!! $50,000 !!!

Support Voters Unite!

California Daily Ledger

Justice for Bhopal - Protest May 11th at DOW Chem. in CA & TX

High school gay bashing a hoax

LA Times (May 9): Bills Seek State Tax Breaks for a Select Few

California to use ChoicePoint to purge fellons on voter database

I went to Walgreen's tonight in Alameda

More medical device manufacturing jobs leaving Baystate

Is the Massachusetts forum going "lite"?

Goodbye John Kerry Bumper Sticker!

Cape Cod or Nantucket?

Help Michele Bachmann ID librul teachers

'Extremely Critical' Bugs Found In Firefox

some pictures from Columbus...(dialup warning)

Thank You ~ goodboy

Would anyone be up for a picnic meetup?

Will Dems run a candidate in the 14th Congressional Dist. next year?

Finally finished my blog post on Lakoff's visit to Dallas.

Justice for Bhopal - Protest May 11th at Dow Chem. in CA & TX

Just got back from meeting Nick Lampson who's running against DeLay

Dallas County Democratic Party has a new chair!

shouldnt we pass a bill to stop Mary Denny from wedding again?

Al Edwards on Daily show NOW - re: cheerleader eroticism

Local activists pick Mother's Day to protest for peace

Nice to have your own Meteorologist

The Brew vs. Conservative Hate Radio

March for America's Lives

Sensenbrenner is NO.1 again!

Tarheel Preacher

Faux changes wording

Clearwater Bar Association creates an award named for Judge George Greer

What if we made it about one person?

DU is a great site

A reminder about the Iraq War Resolution.

Net of Corruption Binds Bushes, Pope, bin Laden and Saddam

Andy: The ladies are waiting, scrunched inside those cakes ...

I wonder if this occurred to anyone that it was

Judge: No damage award for demonstrators

Andy still needs $450 to pay for tomorrow's surgery:



Arianna Huffington is going to be on Morning Sedition new blog

Microsoft's About-face. Legitimate or do they think we're stupid?

My GOODNESS, no Code Orange since Edwards announced as VP pick?

Poppy's CIA must be at the bottom of it-

Bush is being an Obstructionist when it comes to the TRUTH

Did anyone catch meachum on Imus?

Hee hee hee...I just woke Andy up to tell him the news.

"you can't give up a minority rights tool the filibuster" Hagel (R)

Alabama has the best public high school in the nation!

Bartlett flip-flopping away

Ah, I remember those wonderful Reagan years.

maybe Jesus Forgives mass murdering dictators, but I don't

The head of Planned Parenthood is about to come on CSPAN

$50,000 !!! $50,000 !!! $50,000 !!! $50,000 !!! $50,000 !!!

I'm not sure this "Derby" bit is working on Springer.

I am starting to think that Grover Norquist's whole pysche was

REMEMBER what your Mom told you about Bullies

Sleepless.... Globalization, ‘offshoring’ lead to interminable workday

On Friday, O'Reilly said Hillary is "pro-abortion".

S+P, Dow Jones, and NASDAQ all down since W's inauguration if my

Pakistanis Dismayed US Flushed Koran Down Toilet at GITMO

Re Microsoft and Gays: Hutcherson a "spiritual bulldozer"

The [NY] Times Seeks Better Reader Confidence

Session show Gov. Bush Era Waning--Tallahassee Democrat

Nuclear Calendar -- Friends Committee On National Legislation

Memo: Bush Made Intel Fit Iraq Policy

It all depends on whose ox is being gored, isn't it?

Is there anyone else who can't read ANYTHING on the WAPO site...

Bush is a Crybaby

How may of you have 4 forms of ID? (not including your drivers license)

Real ID. Another UNFUNDED Man-Date from the Republicans

Pasolini death inquiry 'reopened'

Alarming rise of religious extremism in Western Europe?

"Misunderstandings" demand apologies; not lawyers. (E. Waynesville pastor

Does anyone know how/why David Horowitz went to the Dark Side?

Gannon/Guckert Question

I voted for Bush on morals, but side with the Dems on the budget

Kathleen Turner on The Daily Show tonite

Andy's situation shows how predatory the medical system is.

The politically correct Crusades

A simpler way to rid us of Blair

"Bush/Blair" memo article in today's Newsday.

Andy's and DU's story needs to be told, does anyone have an in to the nati

Time to e-bomb Reid, Biden, and all Senators!

CAUTION!!! Toon heavy

you can't blame bush for all this shit cause he's not really in charge

Wow...did you guys see that SUV on CNN get bombarded with bullets?

Gannongate/HST /Boho Grove in popular UK forum!

anybody see the program on the school that why students shoot

How can James Carville

Who is still living next to the nile?


[Pittsburgh, PA] Tomorrow, Gathering of the 2RA - 5/10/2005

Dems need to educate public on abortion stance...

Has anyone been watching the Forum on Women Voters on C-span2?

Yo, yo, yo -- watch Bush rap!

If you don't have employer-sponsored health insurance

American Express / IBM outsourcing story!

Let's all say a prayer for Tom Delay.

High School Graduation Standards Test From the (not too distant) Future

Lugar, Hagel indicating Bolton will pass committee

A take on the Conservative Idiots for week of 5/9/2005 - esp. #10

The BTK killer has not been ex-communicated from his church

Will Andy S. be coming back to Seattle to recover?

This time I am going to use COBRA to extend my health insurance

Support the troops AND the vets

Saudi Oil infrastructure "rigged for self-destruction"

Twenty minutes into Howie Kurtz's forum and not one word about Blair memo

White House Defies Biden and Lugar on Bolton Intercepts . . . watching change happen in real time . . .

I just finished Larry Beinhart's "The Librarian"

The question Howie Kurtz couldn't answer

Franken calling out "Sex Crazed Republican" Jim West.

Abortion Having Effect On Social Security (Insane LTTE)

Utah oil find?

10,000 troops issued - known to be bad - armor

Great Quote!

Caption time

New Clues About a Depression Gene

Anecdotal evidence of the housing peak

How many time has shrub done this?

NJ Democrats vow to get postpartum depression bill passed

HOMELAND SECURITY: Guide duplicates information (1.1 Mil for free info)

Andy's surgery: 'From a Patients Perspective'

Quick computer question

When does the Bolton confirmation hearing begin again?

I bet that the Daily show will cover the Bush/Blair memo.

CNN plays audio of NC Church's anti-Kerry election sermon - (VIDEO)

The Court Martial Of Sgt. Kevin Benderman

Will we learn our lesson with Iraq, about never starting wars over hubris?

The RR Plan for Ohio

Kenneth Tomlinson: (R) CPB Chair Confusing Liberalism with Journalism

20 years from now: In general, will Bush be venerated or reviled?

Hey...why isnt "The Rachel Maddow Show" listed in the radio show links!!?

Did Andy get PayPal to accept his payment?

Must plead ignorance

The Scopes Monkey Trial: Take Two (Moonie in the bushes)

Roll Call: Deal on Judges Called ‘Close’

To FOX or not to FOX?

Ousted worshippers stand their ground on Mother's Day

Home from Iraq - Journalist urges Americans to search for truth, freedom'

Here's a link to the MoveOn flash ad contest.

YO MEDIA ACTIVISTS: Send this to all media contacts

The capitalism in Red Square

Kennedy and Schumer are on CSpan now

umbrellas are hard, hard work

I run an ebay business and use Paypal... about Andy

Someone told me to take off my Anti-Bush T-shirt.

Name-calling - Little annoyances

Caption THIS: Bush & Chinese Prez. Hu Jintao


Reality Check Needed Re: The Blair Memo and US Media

Conyers online conversation

Paul Krugman is REQUIRED READING every column!

Moms really are smarter

Hilarious.....great post by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall...c/o

Huge radioactive leak closes Thorp nuclear plant

Drinking in Middle School Tied to Risky Sex

Runaway Bride has a criminal record

Huffington Post: Have you seen it?

Screwing Granny Smith Out Of Her Food Stamps

The Dems Have No Plan For Social Security? Oh really? Why is that?

Did you see 60 Minutes last night? Could Bush give Putin's interview?

FOIA, Blackmail, failures of Congress. SIBEL EDMUNDS, WHERE R YOU?

Terri Schiavo's Parents Complaining AGAIN

Schiavo findings won't be rushed

Please contact this state senator

Does anyone else see what is happening ?

'Girl tortured over witchcraft claims'

Do you have a medical problem you can't pay for care for? (poll)

Randi talking about how bu$h wanted Osama's head sent to him

Du VietNam vets, what song brings it back for you?

What do Hispanic-Americans think about the immigration issue?

Casino planned near Gettysburg Military Park.

Hardball covering Military Recruiting Scams and Problems Mon 5-9-05

Conyers will be on the Ed Shultz Show today (5/9)

Specter is on C-Span2

American story of people with NO health insurance

Another thing that showed the founding fathers were brilliant

International court hears anti-war claims

TV Alert....Howard Zinn's life....Sundance tonite, 8:00 Central, 9:00 E

Was Bolton involved in the Blair/Bush memo?

Does a hospital (Johns Hopkins comes to mind) demand 20% upfront

*GAG* I Just Saw That Hideous, Vile Wretch ANNE COULTER On the STREET!!!

A kinder, gentler nuke

Must Flee TV: GOP on PBS

Americans United for Separation of Church and State comes through ....

Download my Educational Kits to fight the RW

Do computers save paper or waste even more?

Alterman Challenge: Rattle off 4 or 5 basic principles of liberalism

Two US Marines died in Afghan fight

Georgie has breakfast with the Dutch leader at the Château Saint Gerlach. Follow up: Audioslave Rock Cuba

Bush was set on ousting Saddam in 2002

You Might Be a Christo-Fascist If...

Can't We Just Filibuster The "Nuclear Option"??

Remember this? Why can't we have reporters like this?

"Chickenhawk nonsense" from nonsensical chickenhawk Jonah Goldberg

Right Wing talking point, Jefferson's "Judicial Oligarchy"


Hey, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. You've killed 1600 Americans and ...

If Bush hates the UN so much, why doesn't he push for the US to get out?

Fundies are wrong if they think Bush is packing the courts with Christian

A maverick on the move in Mexico - celebrity posts and news stories from Arianna's site

Putin says he reads newspapers ALL DAY, bush never does

Happy 87th birthday, Mike Wallace! One of the few still telling the truth.

Wingers turn on Google

More weird Bolton behavior

AIDS: Man-made plague deliberately spread or naturally occurring virus?

story from Moore's webpage

I Got a Reply From the North Carolina ACLU About That Church

BOLIVIA: Approves Hikes on Oil and Gas Companies

Bush is so brave

Couldn't we use public cable access TV

I need help with this Spokane gay sex scandal

Marines Recall Combat Vests After Tests

Well....What WOULD Jesus Invest in if he was an Average American, today?

OMG! Bush Shakin' His A$$ in Tiblisi !!! Anybody see THAT?!!

Conyers going to England for testimony?

***Waynesville Baptist on ABC Nightly, & WLOS story tonight

PLEASE keep bush at HOME!

Isn't the nuclear option vote today??

Big Media screws up again

Army recruitment: Why aren't Robertson and Dobson backing our Crusade?

Schwarzenegger's sexist comments get a bit of national traction

Some Columbus Pictures w/Andy...(dialup warning)

LTTE in The Day: Include Abortion In Talk About Death Penalty

Bankcard Services told me to go out and use my VISA credit card because

East Waynesville Baptist Church web information

Contract Quagmire in Iraq (riots, work stoppages)

I hereby propose CARBON MONOXIDE for executing people.

the g.o.p. re-tooled reagan's legacy to godhood, but it won't work with w

Destination Freedom

Media Alert: Hardball on MSNBC--now. Deceptive Recruiting Practices

Where are the sane Christians?

State Department Only Responding To Requests Approved By Republicans

Roy Disney SUING Company!

Ever notice there is no 'enemy' in Iraq? just 'insurgents'.

Caption time: * with Lyudmila Putin

Conservative group wants to probe Hillary

Stroke Victims Are Often Taken To Wrong Hospital

Well, damn...CNBC canned Topic A w/Tina Brown

Right Wing Settles on Talking Point for Blair Memo

The Dragon in My Garage

The world is much safer now. I want you all to know that.

Bumper Sticker Sighting : Saskatoon, Canada...

I saw a van today... wish I had a camera with me.... plastered

Africa new breeding ground for Muslim terrorists, says confidential report

Paul Krugman and John Tierney on Social Security

Saw a bumper sticker yesterday, 2 lines

Specter on C-Span

Are Credit Card Users Going to go to Hell?

Good luck, Andy!!!

Al Franken show has put up a page for Andy

Why are our leaders apoligizing for telling the truth?


So I guess attacks are only news when THEY want it to be news!

Just a and works of Howard Zinn on TV 8:00 pm central,

How many DU'ers work for MSM?

Randi is eviserating a fundie/neocon.

I'm thinking of buying "The Roswell Report"

I wonder how many DU'ers work for MSM? Anybody care to admit it?

Will Andy Have Visiting Hours at Johns Hopkins?

IMHO, The only thing Wayne Williams was guilty of

Cuban terrorism suspect seeks U.S. asylum

Call for National Day of Action for GI Resisters on May 10,2005

Faux 24... The TV show... Arab terrorist using an ALIENware computer...

Freepers are topping TSC site again

Silly Freepers -- tricks are for kids

I always wondered why Faux news didnt report this more

www. eastwaynesvillebaptistchurch. com

Wow, I got to Morocco and all hell breaks loose

Rainbow flag unfurled at elementary school event

scary thought...

Lie about a kidnapping = everyone wants to know

Anyone else noticing the coordinated attack on FDR's legacy?

Terrorist Suspect Seeks Asylum in the U.S.

Bilderberg strikes again

Best one paragraph summary of why SS reform sucks

Another scary thought...

Why the average American doesn't give a shite

PHOTOS: Another dignified appearance by our President

Why do some liberal blogs become popular while others don't? nt

NeoCONs are parasites. They want fellow human beings to destroy eachother

The Way Out of Iraq

Can you, I mean CAN you

Bush Tries to Coax North Korea Into Negotiations With Offer of Direct Talks

Nightline 5/9: Kansas, public schools and evolution (They're back again!)

So is somebody gonna adopt that Dog?

Johnny Cash Anthology on my PBS station now


should priests, preachers, rabbis, be allowed to tell you how to vote?

So did Andy have surgery today?

I have a few questions regarding Osama's head.

Abortion Surveillance --- United States, 2000

Moving photo from Iraq

CNN.COM poll question can a dog care for a baby?

A Plea: Reconsider the boycott of Waynesville

Are prescription contraceptives free?

If the "pro peace" or "anti war" faction even had time to arrange a "No

Why Do DU'ers Persist In Saying "Mainstream Media"?

Put the 'smoking memo' in context with the rape of Iraq

May 9th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$168,597,816,000

So, the f***ing Navy called again.

The REAL Reason We Invaded Iraq (Evolution Debate)


OK, now it is really time to bring the troops home!!!

LOL - Scarboy- Spokane Mayor story - Did the Newspaper go too far?!!


Remember those 100 insurgents killed today? Didn't happen that way

Did Andy have surgery today?

On a more serious note, I wonder what anyone thought of Australian style

Abu Ghraib's Pfc. England, civilian (pro bono) lawyer split

75 hours of community service for $1740.00 theft? (Isn't that a FIYAB)?

Congress May Impose Soc Sec/Medicare taxes on Cafeteria Plans

Baptist news article snippets on NC church issue

Cornerstone environmental law, NEPA, under fire in energy bill.

Your UFO Experience here:

Okay, I hadn't heard this until Randi just now, but what the HELL

Air America Host Laura Flanders Says Bring The Troops Home Now!

Interracial marriage poll

Democrats open fire, citing numerous GOP senators who have blocked nominee

OK - can we start fucking using the word LIE from now on!!!??

Atlanta courthouse shooting suspect Nichols converts to Islam

I am without a doubt...

Andy is apparantly having a hassle. . .can we calmly

Here's a freeper poll

OK, I have a question for any gay men here on DU.

TO ALL THE NAYSAYERS: if you really, truly believe all is hopeless...

Craigslist founder shows interest in journalism - looking for talent

On DU, Andy and a very admirable effort.

Remind me again as to why kids on school buses don't wear seatbelts?

Pardon my "name the possible Iran war" post for I was just in a mood for

Tin foil hatteers

Aircraft Carrier USS Christian Soldier to be comissioned in October

Grover Norquist: Reagan is "greatest president in the 20th century"

Joni Mitchell: Bush should have THIS song on his iPod

New Hampshire may charge poorest for Medicaid

Why does England have a better democracy than us?

Royal Jordanian Airlines cancels Baghdad service: too risky

I "GET" it! I'm weird because I care about the rest of us.

Do Christians believe Jews are God's chosen people?

Interfaith marriage poll

Please read this, if you haven't already...

What's up with KOS and KERRY?

1 Freakers Take on the Church that Kicked Out Dems. Scary

What makes right wingers so sick? MiniAmandaRuth wants to know

hehehehe... some rightwing nutcase just called DU..

My new fave bumpersticker

A "new" theory on the Social Security scam (for comments)

Christian Debt Removers...

Bush propaganda on Iranian TV.

Winner of moveon's "Bush in 30 Years contest"

The stupidity of the Right Wing astounds me yet again!

How many religions have you personally checked into?

So what did Bush do to Putin that made him cry today?

Wow. What a rationalization of the East Waynesville Church ..

Faux : Cleaner air is bad news

The White House is TERRIFIED of a gray haired old lady!!!!


FOX News Bill O'Reilley loses 1.2 MILLION viewers since October

Weird beyond comprehension.

Weekly Standard praises Galactic Empire, denounces Rebellion--seriously.

Paper Trails, Paper Trails, Paper Trails! KICK FOR PAPER TRAILS!!!

My child heard the joke about bush and horses, what do I do?

CNN: "The sheriff confirming possibly, that the deputy might have been..."

Anti Abortionist bestiality. Is this for real?

God in the Government? This is insane!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Rendezvous

The man who trained Jeff Gannon 'fesses up

Camp Delta : New details of abuse & sexual torture: Several interviews

Evolution Trial witness in Kansas outed as a MOONIE in cross-examination

Detroit Reporter for FOX NEWS2 says * Lied to the World about Iraq War

I will see you all on the other side of this thing

March for the uninsured

Which category applies to YOU?

Digging into DHB and their defective armor

I just heard that in British Columbia fathers get sole custody of kids


"Judge's Ruling Against Sex-Ed Program Grabs National Eye"

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday May 10

"The Iraq War Is Unjustified"-- By BamaLefty

"Super Rich" Hide $11.5 Trillion in Tax Free Havens

Hey DU! Please Sign this Online Petition In Support Of Election Reform!

Help me keep my sanity! I'm begging you.

I'm sick of the fucking triangulating on the samesex marriage rights issue

Time to remind everyone about the New Freedom Commission

It's ok to kill "Insurgents" and "Militants"

anti-abortion activist admits sex with mule

David Frum is such an ***. He claims, in defense of Bush's anti FDR

John Kerry Bashes Gay Marriage

I am NOT a Bush Hater!

Interview with the Coulter Heckler

I wondered when everyone will think a war with Iran would start and what

A question for blue voters living in red states.

March for American Lives - thread two

United States Senate Sim

"U.S. military will detain/kill any journalist covering the Iraqi side..."

Kucinich: Wake Up, America

Know your BFEE: Sneering Dick Cheney, Superturd-Superrich-Supercrook

Another question :)

scallops, veggies, and greens....

The hot milk worked! And jury duty completed!

So I have been experimenting with this silly little dish

I'm a contestant in a cooking contest!!!

Canada vs Ukraine tommorow morning.

Adrian Carr kicking ass again on CKNW

Blair's future ?

Blair's defiant reshuffle message

Unseated Labour MP to join Tories

Roy Hattersley - Real Labour is not afraid of mutiny

US launches Iraqi offensive near Syrian border

U.S. Offensive in Western Iraq Kills 75

Political Drama Abounds in Trial Involving Mrs. Clinton's Hollywood Fund-R

Two U.S. Marines Killed in Afghan Clash (Rise in Rebel Attacks)

Conflict hits Indonesia hard

Afghans appeal to Taliban as 13 killed in clash

Two US troops die in Afghan clash

Guardian UK - Karadzic sightings put pressure on Serbs

NYT - Immigrants in Tennessee Issued Certificates to Drive

General Ranked on Rumsfeld Campaign - LA Times

Ebookers (UK) drops Cuba (extraterritorial US Helms-Burton law at work)

Memo: Bush Made Intel Fit Iraq Policy

US. Corporate media refuses to carry recent Bush/Blair secret memo

Hagel calls for filibuster solution

Hagel Hopes for Compromise on Filibusters

Hollywood loses key anti-piracy battle

NYT,pg1: Issue in China: Many in Jails Without Trial

NYT: Iraq Rebels Said to Have Pool of Bomb-Rigged Cars

ABC: The 'Runaway' Story That Wasn't (criticism of corp media?)

U.S. Marine Killed in Central Iraq

'Girl tortured over witchcraft claims'

NYT,pg1: No New Refineries in 29 Years? There Might Well Be a Reason

Pasolini death inquiry 'reopened'

Australian Muslim leader leaves for Iraq as hostage deadline looms

Washington State Woman Awarded $45,000 for Cat Killed by Neighbor's Dog

U.S. funds Syrian opposition for ‘regime change’

Pope vows to defend Catholic church's 'pro-life' doctrine

IAEA: N. Korea could have 5-6 nuclear weapons

Gains seen after new arrest of al-Zarqawi aide

More firms outsourcing 'personnel'

Senior rabbi's family questioned over assault on daughter's boyfriend

Iraqi president: militants funded from abroad

LAT: Drilling Near Nuclear Blast Cavity Called Risky Business (Colo.)

Stray Dog in Kenya Saves Abandoned Baby

LAT: GOP, Like Companies, Wants Workers to Carry the Safety Net

Bush Gets Tough Queries From Youths in Holland (press kicked out

'Bin Laden's nightmare' seeks Islamic reformation

White supremacists (from Arkansas), crowd clash in Boston

Row of Loosely Guarded Targets Lies Just Outside New York City

Bolton OK Expected on Party-Line Vote

Reid Calls Bush 'A Loser,' Then Apologizes

Saudi Oil Infrastructure Rigged For Catastrophic Self-Destruction

Cops' arrests get 10 felony cases tossed out

Blair reshapes government amid calls to quit

Bereaved Accuse Ministers of War Crimes

Saudi Arabia beheads heroin smuggler

The Course is Set for Impeachment - Grace Reid, Daily Kos

Moderate alcohol consumption enhances the formation of new nerve cells

Huge radioactive leak closes Thorp nuclear plant - UK

Former ministers flee as Iraq begins corruption inquiry

U.S. fears ceding intelligence agency to Iran-friendly Iraq

NYT/AP: N.H. May Charge Poorest (no income) for Medicaid

Pentagon OKs $226 mln in missile sales to Pakistan

Mexico City's Leftist Mayor Says Will Resign in July to Run for President



4Q Will Be 'Rough' If Oil Demand Rises -Qatari Minister

Congress give Christian School $1 million (37 students)

Reid Offers Olive Branch on Bush Nominee

US refocuses strategy in Iraq

Talabani says time not ripe to seek US pullout from Iraq

US priority in Iraq is now fighting jihadists, not Saddam loyalists

Two-month prison ordeal ends for woman who took painkiller

Cartoon row threatens Musharraf

N.C. Anti-Cohabitation Law Under Attack

New American ambassador to Berlin named

US Marines recall body armor amid safety questions (Won't stop a 9mm)

U.S. poll puts McCain No. 2 in GOP primary

Bie: Soldiers to Attend Seminar On Marburg Fever

Group Urges Probe of Clinton Fundraising (Judicial Watch)

Pastor tries to calm waters over political oustings

U.S. Plans Antitrust Suit Over Real-Estate Listings

Critical Flaw Found in Firefox

Cuban terrorism suspect seeks U.S. asylum

Court Favors U.N. on Oil-For-Food Papers

NY fire chief criticizes terror response plan

Algerians Remember Massacres Of 1945

Author, activist found dead in city was ‘rising star’ in literary world

San Fran Hotel Workers Arrested While Demanding Contract

NYT- Fire Chief Who Assailed Mayor's Policy Is to Testify Before Council

UARC protesters end six-day sit-in (HI)

Afghanistan Offers Amnesty to Wanted Taliban Rebels (includes Mullah Omar)

Ohio Mulls Tougher Ecoterrorism Penalties

South Bay civil rights group asks San Jose to ban tasers

War Reporting an Issue in Suit Against ABC

The man who sold Jerusalem

U.S. to pay for illegal aliens' emergency care

Teacher With Criminal Past Accused Of Abuse

New insurance benefit likely for GIs hurt in Iraq, Afghanistan

U.S.: 100 insurgents killed near Iraq-Syria border

Bodies of 2 girls founds in Illinois woods

NYT: Bush Free Trade Pact (Cafta) Faces Trouble in Congress

Bid to put limit on pepper spray: 8 Humboldt County activists ask judge ..

Marines Recall Combat Vests After Tests

Frist, Reid intervene in Intel row (Rockefeller bucking Roberts)-The Hill


Clients paid for Abramoff's attention to detail (tee times, Gingrich book)

Politics Prompt Church Tax Questions

NYT: St. Dept. #2 Said to Put Restrictions on Bolton(Armitage muzzled him)

Iran Confirms Uranium-To-Gas Conversion

IRS Should Investigate NC church that Expelled Dems, says AU

Terri Schiavo Family Wants Info on Ashes

Canada government faces crucial test on Tuesday

Tories say they could topple government Tuesday (Canada)

Those frugal Republicans: $1.5M for a bus stop in Alaska

OPEC Not Planning to Hike Output at June Meet: Chief Founder Eyes Journalism - looking for "talented amateurs"

Venezuelan and Netherlands Antilles Officials Meet to Discuss Oil, Tourism

CBC stands by Wal-Mart (tension w/labor over lobbyists) -The Hill

US 'playing with fire' on yuan drive

Sleepless In Silicon Valley

A Lake Tahoe tsunami? (Matter of When, Not If)

Cuban Terrorism Suspect Seeks U.S. Asylum (posada)

Swiss look back on a tarnished wartime record

Conservatives push ecoterror laws

Cheney Fundraising for Colo. Congresswoman

Case of Cuban Exile Could Test the U.S. Definition of Terrorist

Aceh restoration 'close to zero' (BBC)

Indonesia: Children Trapped In The Vicious Cycle of Child Labor

NYT: Two Authors Ask About (writer of) 'Ask Not' (speech)


U.S. reassures North Korea on sovereignty (Direct talks OK now too)

Reid offers olive branch on Bush nominee

Ousted worshippers stand their ground on Mother's Day (DUer mentioned!)

U.S. to Pay Hospitals for Illegals' Care

NYT: Cocaine Users Face Greater Risk of Aneurysm

Gay Men Respond Differently to Pheromones

Mayor to take leave of absence/ Mayor West

Blix Says Washington's Own Nuclear Moves Lose It Support on Iran, NKorea

Bush Gets Seat of Honor for VE Observance

GM sues Chinese automaker for copying ( China is LOL )

Catholic Diocese in Canada to Sell All Its Churches to Pay Sexual Abuse Cl

Marines surprised by insurgent's preparation for attack

WP: Powell Aide Cites Armitage Battles With Bolton

Detroit Ponders Fast-Food Tax - U.S. & World - Iran Confirms It Took Key Nuclear Step

NYT: Hollywood Worries as Decline Continues

WP: Women Returning to Democratic Party, Poll Finds

Intruder Attack on Cisco Computer Net Broad (military, NASA, research)

Departing From Norm, President Gets Wiggly -WP

US tourism ‘losing billions because of image’

Kerry adopting the rhetoric of a D.C. outsider

Gene Tied to Depression, Anxiety (May Increase Depression Susceptibility)

LAT: Mexico Runs on Sidewalk Economy

Marines Mount Offensive Against Iraq Insurgents

Political activist (Smoketown Six spokesman) found dead (Lancaster, PA)

Putin warns against pullout from Iraq

Rise in Gangs Creates Bitter Debate

A shortage of hallowed ground for `Greatest Generation'

Girl singled out for mono sues teachers (A disease that "whores" get)

L.A. gridlock still worst in nation

Abandoned houses afflict Anderson (Indiana)

Cuba, Venezuela offer medial assistance to other countries - FBI translator plans appeal to Supreme Court (Sibel Edmonds)

Two killed in Mo. school bus accident

Crusade movie strikes chord in Arab world ("Kingdom of Heaven")

Speaking of Love songs.

Now see what you've made me do!!!

Sometimes people baffle me


I saw the cooler tonight.

I am in PAIN

So, are "Chocolate Lovers" Reese's just regular Reese's PB cups?

If you don't see me tomorrow its because I'm seeing U2 in Chicago.

the best restroom in America is in Fort Smith, Arkansas

I watching U2 for free on direct Tv and I am

Looking at My Own Private Idaho foor the first time

Should I get the new Bravery, or wait for the new System of a Down?

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck

I think I'm coming unglued

Oh...oh! Wanna see my surgery incision? :)

computer software geeks, I have a Q:

Anyone been reading Funky Winkerbean? Great PTSS/War storyline


You Are So Beautiful - A Song In Pictures

Damn, we're good.

If you don't see me tomorrow, it's because I have drowned.

Who is awake?

Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails is a bad ass song.

Guys, do you use 'Axe' body spray?

900 line up to watch a bull do his business (MatcomNews Texas bureau)

eBay Buyer Refuses To Pay For $15,400 Runaway Bride Toast

Scientists Working Hard On The Problem Of Premature Ejaculation

Early morning Pacific time flamewar!

Who else had a lousy sheep?

yvr girl may be missing her groove, but I'm missing my avatar!

Time for yet another "Post a picture of your GROOVE" thread

Damn you Bob Seger GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

good morning everybody

To the elected: try to remember the name of the non-profit in the speech

Pizza delivers prison siege deal

Tumour is 'devil's child'

Driver fined for 'having a face like a moron'

There's always ONE!

Chicken Ticketed for Crossing the Road

Best Scavanger Hunt list ever

Vaginal Cream Should NOT Be Used To Treat Wrinkles Doctors Warn

yet another stupid f-ing horoscope

I think I just saw a fristian mobile

Fox Schools - The 2015 SATs

Woo Hoo!

Man keeps Florida Skunk Ape legend alive

Dog Owner Ordered To Pay $45,480 To Owner Of Cat That Died

LOTR Fans: Extended DVD set - which extras should I watch?

Squee has met his match in the Kitten Wars!!

Least essential repeating Simpson's character in show's history

Dead rattler may have legs

Who else had a lousy sleep?

Caption this photo

Doctors: Vaginal Cream May Be Harmful For Face (not sex thread)

Washington State Woman Awarded $45,000 for Cat Killed by Neighbor's Dog

Ever make lasagna for a group?

Monday, Monday...

Hey ET - look who I got on Kitten Wars

Isn't pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis really just

Coleman is the #2 winningest kitten! Woo-hoo!

The plight of Jen Wilbanks immortalized in art...

Decatur is a bit smelly

What should I bake?

Post no picture.

Mods? somebody? what's "periodic spaces" used in posting

How do YOU pronounce Sade?

Man Stomped Baby Geese To Death - Said He Felt Threatened

do you use protection?

Yemeni Student "Hazed" - Told To "Dance Like Osama Bin Laden"

fast-food guilty pleasures...

Democratic Underground, home of the Comma Usage Massacre

Do you use projection?

Anybody here seen the new movie "CRASH" ?

Got any photos of you with someone you tickled?

Isn't "antidisestablishmentarianism" really just "establishmentarianism?"

A word of advice to my fellow homeowners

Raphael, the ninja turtle, takes on the muppets:

You're driving your car and there is a precipice in front of you..

how can i Listen to .mov fiLes

No UK Memo headlines today, enjoy "Chicken ticketed for crossing the road"

Witnesses: Dog cared for abandoned baby

Matcom, why are you ignoring me?

Critique my thread

David Icke may be nuts but he has an interesting and entertaining site.

Critique my threads

Ever Read Ralph Elison's The Invisible Man?

a funny

Will we see major-league hockey this fall?

Perhaps you missed it, Andy just posted that PPal's Fucking him over

Heh heh. Can't believe this is in GD:

The boyz n tha hood are always hard.

Albuquerque Cabbie Repeatedly Ran Over Bunny

Teacher: "Mono Is A Disease Whores Get" - Student Suing

Putin channels Dana Carvey's "George Michael, look at my ASS" SNL sketch

You're driving your car and there is Tom Delay in front of you..

If only I had a pilot's License, and a shit ton of money....

Star Wars trivia question of the day- 05/09/05

Apple users - an iphoto question

Headlines We'd Like to Read, May 9, 2005

You're not fooling anybody. Give it up.

Has anyone heard of The American Society of IRS Problem Solvers?

Callin' all DU truckers.

Blast from the Past - Generals Hershey Bar & Wastemoreland

Prediction: What other TV program is gonna get plugged in the Lounge?

So, you guys were right

Depressed? It may be in your Genes!

Who Else Wants To Join Me On The "Group 'W' Bench"?

Did anyone watch Discovery show about wolves?

Larry Talbot or The Wolfman?

Post reasons you are happy today

I just found my paperback copy of The Federalist Papers under the toliet

Anyone see 'The Aviator'

Prediction: will the sun rise tomorrow morning?

AP reports Bush to resign

Birth of a candybar

"You bet your aspercreme!"

From the "Now I've Seen Everything" department:

Hot TAMALES who wants tamales???

Stray Dog in Kenya Saves Abandoned Baby

Predictions. Who will be voted off American Idol tonight?

Ironic item heard on the radio . . .

Hell's Belles is playing in town on my birthday - a Saturday Night Show!

Quick computer question

Do you lock your door when you are at home?

Progmom is a fraidy cat. She won't post naked.

Help! I have bats in my belfry!

Prediction. Who's gonna win the Apprentice this Thursday?

Repent sinners! The Mobile Chapel is coming to your town!

Q: Do you know what you do with a wok?

NO Savings Account unless you're 18 or over?

I got turned down for a job at Echostar via mail.

Going to start exercising again, what's the best way to get back into it?

Don't you hate it when...

General Discussion-Politics or eating road kill?

Is calling someone a fraidy cat

¿Calexico - Si o no?

Report: Pressure Behind 'Chappelle' Delay

Is life treating you ok?

"I want the hot pie"

Here's the approved list of MrScorpio's pet names

Sesame Street gone wrong.

Birthday Calculator

Do you lock your bathroom door when you're at home?

Greatest Heavyweight Champ?


Ass Gaskets Are Worthless!!

America used to be more creative with its pies.

As a kid, we had Cherry Pie every Washington's Birthday

What's up with all of the PIE posts?

Is today "Pie Day" and nobody told me about it?

Woman Finds Mouse Head In Chinese Takeout

Cotton Swabs or Q-tips

need some audio advice

You get your bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie!

So I hear all this banging

Andy Stephenson Needs $218.37 to reach Goal for surgery

did anyone see bush shaking it up somewhere in some meeting in europe?

Time to CAPTION Bush and his little pal, the Poot-Meister....

I'm just a Bill

The ex-Soviet Republic of Georgia just EFFING LOVES BUSH (proof inside)

Tons of G-mail invites...

Everybody ought to have a maid....

Take this thread, and make it about yourself.

Would you say this is true fascism, or just big brother run amok?

Ever had true Southern style banana pudding?

Aww factor photo-Puttin on the

Go ahead, I friggin' dare ya! Post a pic of your ugly mug. Let's see'em.

Going to take my political theory final now - wish me luck!

Visiting Andy while he recovers?

"Bush drives Putin's 1956 Volga after their meeting"

"Hotels are not as mod as they seem."

I'm so mad at my dog and cat, I could scream.

I know an amazing secret. I'll post it one word every 10 replies here.

Doncha love it when you call your parents...

Anyone else watch cartoons with their kids?

What IS it with this spazbo and umbrellas?

Have the "56 Deceits of Fahrenheit 9/11" been debunked?

Do I really need to have 5 cats?

Bush: Dark Side or Light?

If you believe in humanity, you will love this video

Question(s) about posting photos

Old WW2 joke

Ohhhh, this is wrong on so many levels.

Post reasons you are depressed today

What would *you* do?

Words of Wisdom, 2005

What would David Lee Roth Do if he were here right now?

Would you rather be pensive or have a widow's peak?

You're either ON the bus or OFF the bus!

Onanism has a new euphemism, thanks to Our Great President!

Sammy Hagar says "It's Over with Van Halen".

I just spent $95 in DBA books. Given the state of IT in the US...

former Luddite needs help.

Most irrelevant: Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Van Halen?

You didn't know my neighbor, but I will miss her

So what's for dinner DU?

Bush listening to ear piece while press conference

*******PATSY STONE*******

Paul McCartney says, "It's over with The Beatles."

How should I wind up my temporary, fundy flatmate

3 more weeks of job to go, 3 more weeks of job...

If money isn't everything, how come

T-shirt idea....

Would you rather be completely forgotten by everyone...

Sam Seder sitting in for Jerry Springer on AAR this week!

Another picture that screams out, "Freeper!"

Ever Post a Message on DU and Find a "Deleted Message" Response To It...

My back yard is FULL of birds.. (Paging Mr Hitchcock)

Would you rather ride the bus, or pack your lunch?

CBS News had the Waynesville church story on

Would you rather have a kick in groin or finger nail bent backwards?

Let's play Photo-association

How many people will get this.... Duncan Hunter.....

Poll question: Should raspberry be the official American pie?

Demolition derby deluxe -- with SUVs!

We did it. Andy got his money. We did it. We did it. We did it.

KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park - oh yeah, baby!

I'm tired as hell and I've crabs.

I haven't been posting here in DU 'cuz I didn't like what

Should apple be the official American pie?

If I could return...

is there a site for uploading things to your cell phone?

Bush is GOD!

I'm tired as hell and I'm crabby.


9PM EDT Sundance Channel: Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral

What's more evil? Choice 1 is 'all cats'...

The "BEAST" gets demoted from 666 to 616

Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train on Tonight at 9 PM EST

More evidence shows homosexuality is not a choice

A Sheriff Deputy was shot last night a few miles from my home.

Ok, so I saw "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room" yesterday

Bad news from the IRS

Are you with me Doctor Wu?

"Michael Jackson Puppet Theater" on eBay

Please, HELP with John Hawkes, "The Cannibal." Please!

Topless protesters picket Eddie Bauer

One solution for the rising costs of health-care

I think Quasimodo's drunk again


I just don't feel very motivated to post a thread

Do You Go to the Movies Much?

Atlanta gays, I partied at Russell and Randy's Saturday night!

My cats are behaving quite psychotically

Every time I get stoned, Zomby Woof yells at me!!!!

Yipes. 'acupuncture' and 'voodoo doll' threads, both on page 1...

Have you ever made a Voodoo Doll?

Ever Feel Like a big pin cushion?

Is James E West ready to go to prison and then burn in hell

Moving help (not help moving)

Any advice on how to prevent matting on cat's hair? One of my cats

Gas prices went back to pre-smooching days. WTF happened?

Renee Zellweger marries Kenny Chesney???

Another thing I'll miss about Pittsburgh

Brazil will not be on the Censervo Itinerary anytime soon...

High School Grads: What's the best gift?

"24" is almost over.

WOOOHOOO! Astros Win! Eleven game losing streak broken!

I saw the most wonderful thing on my porch today!

Potential poll idea.

My dog had acupuncture yesterday...

Well, this is an Effed-up BREMER

I bet this guy is having a bad day

Well, this is an Effed-up HUMMER

There's a dead bluejay by my deck

Well, this is an Effed-up BIMMER

Words of wisdom for the night...

Well, this is an Effed-up KRAMER

A Birthday Wish

What's the last movie you *really* wanted to see?

Didja ever wonder if your pet's size and your's were reversed...

Is Bob Dylan 'The Man'?

My dog is green.

Does anyone wanna see my new house?

Johnny Cash Anthology on my PBS station now

Here's some evening satire, written by yours truly, give it a read please

Gael García Bernal Makes a Very Pretty Lady!

Post here..I will give you a secret fruit.

Day 5 off Lexapro. I no longer want to stick pins in my eyes.

Bad, bad Lindsay....

Zilch. Mr. Dobbelina, Mr. Bob Dobbelina...

Attention Dark_Leftist!

The Bravery is such a derivative band, absent of anything distinctive.

If ketchup is a vegetable, are potato chips vegetables too?

I honor of my 3000 post I'd just like to say.......

Well, this is an Effed-up BEEMER

Please recommend a Val Kilmer movie!

Woohooo! Fight Club just came in from Netflix.

In honor of his 56th Birthday, favorite Billy Joel Album.

Poll: Duck v.

Nanny 911 - 23 boys

..Did '24' just start taking ad placements or something?

Everyone! Stop posting! "24" is on!!

The cheerleading law story as covered by TDS

Well this is an Effin' BUMMER...

Brazilian Town Declares Orgasm Day

Supplement question for my fellow bodybuilders...

Hardware people! Can you recommend a mouse for me?

Predictions: Who's gonna die on "24" tonight?

What if Bob Dylan and George W. Bush met?

In case you haven't seen this....

Everybody! Stop posting! "Antiques Roadshow" is on!

Tiptoe through the tulips (lots of pretty pictures)

Perturbation can be dangerous

DU chat

I want to go to New York City tomorrow...(suggestions needed)

I'm eating dinner at 10 o'clock at night - ask me anything!

Would you rather be funny or tall?

Scarborough changes blog name to from "Congressman" to "Regular" Joe

There'll be a catfight tonight

ALL Cats are EVIL, not just Calicos

OK, now it is really time to bring the troops home!(Not my pretty cousin!)

Calling Out CatWoman

What if John Lennon and Millard Fillmore met?

So, my daughter told me yesterday

Hey guitar nuts: is Muscian's Friend trying to make me cry?

Fight! Fight! Fight! Dancer vs. Gymnast

Anyone else having trouble with eBay?

"When The President Talks To God" - Bright Eyes

Pistons kicked some booty tonite

Your efforts will be well rewarded. Be patient.

Gannon/Guckert's no hooker! He was posing for ART.

DU, you make me proud

Oh MY! I think I'm Jimmy Carter's love child!

I sweat under breasts

*UPDATE* on Child's Accident

Michael Mann is bringing Miami Vice back

Time for Medium!

I can't believe this guy! **RANT**

A riddle

Would you piss on Bush if...


Portrait of an Ass-Kicker

I'm watching "Salvador" on IFC, who else is watching?

Pulled over on my bike re-visited

i'm having a DU sLeepovah tonight

Paper cut or lemon juice in the eye?

OK, I've Toned Down The Website Color Scheme. What Do You Think???

So......any money experts around here?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the new logo of the "pro-life" movement

Wabbit season or duck season?

Favorite Pie?

What Size Shirt Do You Wear?

Would you rather be wise, or well liked.

Almost time for strawberry pie

OK, so I'm a pill-- please, don't rely on medical or vet advice from DU!

Help! I have squirrels in my attic!!

How far can you open your mouth?

Did you ever notice...

Watch out for that Chipotle with your Taco Bell, Burger King

Am I way off base here?

Teen Took Biology Course Instead Of Gym - CANNOT Graduate

Stray Dog Retrieves Abandoned Baby, Takes Her To Litter Of Puppies

J-Lo's music would be great...if she didn't sing

Worst Pain you've ever felt?

Cat vs Dog

You're driving your car and come to a four way stop.

Hey SNIFFA! Feet!!

Favorite Caruso quirk on "CSI: Miami"?

Whatcha wearin, DU?

Did Rupert Murdoch recently bash the media for not being 'decent'?

Favorite Homestar Runner character

I WON!!!


Watching the first episode of Deadwood

"Models are not as hot as they seem."

OK Hair color opinions - Ladies? Gentlemen? What do you think?

Regarding Dog Beating/Threats....YES I AM A BITCH

Can I reach 10,000 posts in 10 days (at 8,750) before I leave DU...

So who's going to Disneyland for its 50th Anniversary?

Are lower back tattoos on women trashy?

A cute picture I took yesterday...

I have to tell you something....

DiHydrogen Monoxide!

What's Your Phobia?

Lets play Identify the Person in the Photo

Name the best portayal of a real person by an actor in a film

When's the last time you swam?

Yup, nothing but dumb animals, they are

Scary implication for US IMHO

Have you been Abused by Churches? (Press release)

will someone help me ID a scripture?

Public School Students Recite Bible Verses, Pray, and Worship

Pope vows to defend Catholic church's 'pro-life' doctrine

Vatican ofcl: rediscovery of Eucharist needed to counter satanic sacrilege

Depression linked to brain-circuitry gene

Speed of light...

Belgium Considers Gay Adoption Rights

Archbishop Flynn will not allow communion to become ‘battleground’

Evangelical Group Disrupts Charlotte Gay Pride

Spanish bishops: Catholics cannot vote for homosexual “marriage”

Swedish Supreme Court To Hear Anti-Gay Speech Case Involving Pastor

A Choice or Not?

Why PINK!!!

NYT: Gay Men Are Found to Have Different Scent of Attraction

Looks like Kevin Brown ain't going to the glue factory!

It's a vast right-wing conspiracy against Manny Ramirez!

Bettor luckily finds ticket, wins $864,253

I would love to see the O's take AL East n/t

Is the Story About Jason Giambi True?

MLB reportedly fears Bonds at risk of conviction

This fourth inning is making me all hot and bothered!

Pistons up 13 with 2 minutes to go in the 3rd

Cardinals Fans Check In

Do you ever watch Animal Cops on Animal Planet?

My husband just bought a hairless rat. Does anyone have

Are two better than one?

More kitty pix

Kittens in da HOUSE!

Mother cats squashing their babies?!?!

Is the she-ite about ready to hit the fan??

Astrologers: Yellowstone Eruption Threat High

The new PBS

The "purged" dems in North Carolina

CJR: Stations of the Cross

Support the troops AND the vets

Calling all LLL!

5/9 Boston Globe Kerry article

I was quite please with my Democrat self this weekend

Floor speech stuff

I can't take it anymore

Does anyone think..?

Satire, WEL youve read some of this already but heres the real deal

I don't need this crap today

The Other Mass Dem Convention Story

Kudos everyone

Hearings this week: Updates

The Huffington Post

Most Active DU Group

Hang in there everyone

Kerry to receive honorary degree from Boston University

tulips I shot last week

Theme (NOT a contest) : Serendipity

Here's an interesting article about Faux News and their "well-wishing"...

KOEB Monday 5/9/05 (Belated Slope Day Celebration)

"All this week, Keith counts down 5 Things You Didn't Know About..."

Put more Olbermann Style in Countdown! Let Keith dress like he feels!

A most unusual Ebay Auction related to KO

KOEB meeting - Monday, 5-9-05

And guess what ELSE is up on eBay!!!!!!...THE PUPPETS!!!!

Bonjour (actually, bonsoir) de Paris!

What ending the filibuster is really for

Iraq war v. possible Iran attack

CNN plays audio of NC Church's anti-Kerry election sermon - (VIDEO)

Real "patriots" would never send our children to fight for a lie and still

Talking to my father-in-law...

ABC Good Morning covering Waynesville Baptist

this is interesting, anyone hear this guy?

NC Democratic Party Chair’s Statement on Reports of Waynesville

First of all, they are not "conservatives"....

Robert Reich's "Reason"

Splitting the GOP Coalition Forever - Project Splinter

Need help finding birth control refusal editorials

Increasingly Embattled, Delay Scales Back Power Plays

Christian Conservative Zealots in this country are freaking idiots

Isn't this "Nuclear Option" week?

Britons ignorant about Germany and still see us as Nazis, says ambassador

MSNBC> casting your vote on are insurgents winning in Iraq

Don't let Rice get away with hiding damaging info on Bolton

A nuclear compromise?

Today-from the 2005 Republican Freedom Calendar (Estrada)

Will the Democrats vote for Real Id?

''Washington Loses Control of the O.A.S.''

The Thrill Of It All: "Bryan Ferry's Son Lunges at Tony Blair"

Have you all seen this article on this fed. funded evangellical school?

ID verification for driver’s license applicants goes into effect Monday

Bush’s Call to Reduce Oil Imports by Building More Nukes Makes No Sense

Rep. Butch Otter (R)- Mr. Tight Jeans 1992

Police refuse aid to woman attacked by Rep. Don Sherwood (R-Pa.)

Great Col Hackworth column from 2004 (Clinton's Military)

WHY did Bush mouth to Kerry after the debate "I need to talk to you"?

Fox: DeLay violated rules, "but some think the problem is the rules"

Book claims Saudi Oil Infrastructure Rigged for Catastrophic Self-Destruct

States Working to Block REAL ID Law

Judd Gregg (R-Didn't Get Memo) would *filibuster* over pollutant MTBE!

Spin, Spin, Spin... Goddamn CNN

Is there a "deal" in the works over the filibuster and judges ?

spokane mayor LTE from "anti gay republican" barf alert

If we invade Iran then the draft will come back

Why is Bolton getting approved?

Good-bye Hunter S.

I've got my tin-foil suit on and I need to throw out this theory...

Bush wants to spend 2.3 Billion for a Railroad for Star Wars....

MSNBC "LIVE" Poll - Who Do You Think Is Gaining Ground In Iraq?

Gov. Jeb Bush strikes moral tone at Ga. Republican convention be a Republican these days

Specter is on C-SPAN2

Anyone talking about the Osama head story?

NYT - "making reporters more accessible" - may start a blog:

"More liberal" = "more free"?

Peace movement struggling

Which news service is the best?

Military vaccines trigger special treatment for 1,200

Conyers & Slaughter - What is YOUR QUESTION to them?

Anyone see *'s shameful behavior at last meeting with the Dutch leader?

Ed Schultz rant about Scarborough?

Oh no! Mr Bush (Nero) has shrunk in size. That is what happens when

Chavez coup, Venezuelan Oil, cause of Iraq war, and how to save ANWR

An Inflation Debate Brews Over Intangibles at the Mall

The possible darker side of our helping Andy

MA-Gov: Romney to opt out of reelection race?

Why is there no "Democratic Attack Machine"?

TV Alert...Life of Howard Zinn...Sundance, 8:00 pm Central

Media Matters: Hannity says liberals oppose costal oil drilling

Nader Calls for Impeachment of Bush Over the War in Iraq

The Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act

Is the Delay thing over?

Don't know how many of these are out there but I'm signing all of `em.

Conyers Live Web Chat Tues May 10 @ 3pm

Hillary being attacked by judicial watch again

Ohhh - "Dole Report" - inside info. from Mrs. Viagra

"I Will Not Kill" campaign

New Wikipedia Article: "Impeach Bush campaign"

on National ID

Cspan2 - Reid offering up or down vote on Griffith

We need to call the issue surrounding the UK memo what it is:

Rice w/withhold Bolton NSA transcripts - EMAIL JOE BIDEN HERE

To win over U.S., Democrats must become party of future - Mercury News

Well, Don't You Love It! -- Corporate media...

Frist Filibuster: Hour 325 and still going

How long a wait is reasonable for a response from the Administration

Analytical Questions 103.04

I just dread it when Reinquist resigns the court

The power of good is stronger than the power of evil

I think Dean should now come out and say Bush LIED to get us into the war.

DNC: Dean Statement on Bush Judicial Nominees

Heard on Chris Matthews tonight that Shrub now blames FDR...

An open letter from Sheldon Drobny

Notable Third Party Candidates only - who would you vote for President?

Holy SHIT! Was Arlan Spector pi**ed off on the Senate floor today!!!

Kennedy's speech about the Supplemental and Real Id.



I am FURIOUS ANGRY with the Limousine Liberals

Karl Rove has failed the Republican Party.

Spokane Mayor-Gay? - Bash at our own risk - its the same old story

Potsdam(or everything * wanted to know about soviet domination....


Baptist Press says Jesus told us not to take each other to court:

Let's not spend one ounce of energy on the right !

And the Winner of the Moveon contest is

Proposed Billboard: BUSH LIED TO START THE WAR: New Proof

Kerry's becoming a DC outsider. Pushing theme on the road. I like it.

Any Really Good "Writers" here, who could do a Radio Commentary?

Is Kerry talking out of his *ss here?

Any thoughts about the resurgence of primary infighting here on DU?

Civil Rights Leaders on the Nuclear Option: Don't Believe the Hype!

What the heck is Zogby trying to say here...

Here it is. The smoking gun. The memo that has "IMPEACH HIM" written on it

I don't think Dems can take back the Senate in 2006

Raw Story must read-list of Senators and how they have fillibustered

Arianna Huffington launches her blog

I don't believe Kerry still takes the Swift Boat LIARS serious

Marist Poll: Hillary leads Kerry, Edwards, Biden, Clark, Feingold for '08

New Bumper Sticker?............"Have you heard about the memo?"

Kos has really been coming down hard on Kerry

What's wrong with Bush judicial nominee Priscilla Owen?

Folks, the Downing Street memo story is being squelched hard...

Here are some GREAT May 7, 2005 * Protest Pictures! (Amsterdam)