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Archives: May 8, 2005

Filibuster Fray Lifts Profile of Minister (Wingnut Scarborough)

Tom DeLay's Empire of Favors

Daughter's Denunciation of Historian Roils Mormon Church

Bush just can't get the hang of diplomacy (Cossa / Pacific Forum CSIS)

Exiting Iraq... Buckley

Woodsy Owl - 2000 election mentioned, role of govt in society

Woodsy Owl National Survey Final Report (remember Woodsy owl?)

The guns of 9/11

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Sunday

Bush /Blair memo stories coming out!

i live in Edina

Want to see something wild? Directv ch 550

N. Carolina Church Story One of the Most Popular On Yahoo News Page

Didn't Samantha Bee report on this months ago....and the WP is picking up

A plea for Andy S. supporters, I just Paypal'd a bit more but PLEASE

Kick their ass take their gas

Whoa! GREAT Lottery commercial for the Maryland Lottery!

LMAO!! SNL is doing a parady of what passes as "news" today

Does someone have

Would it be unethical to lie about religion when running for office?

Reid Calls * a 'Loser'

An "Outsourced Barbie" for sale on eBay

My Afghan cab driver tonight

I just saw the Enron film and it was good.

This is (Kind of) a hard question to ask but Curiosity is getting the...

Are clergy allowed to endorse candidates when not at the pulpit?

Ex-wife tells of bizarre life with Abu Ghraib abuser

OK, here are some disturbing photos

Man, we could sure use Pierre in the House right now eh?

Lawyers fear former chief of Yukos could be assassinated in prison

WP: Al-Jazeera Puts Focus on (Mideast democratic) Reform

Airports balk at hiring private screeners

10,000 Britons bankrupt in first quarter

WP: Dems Could Profit From Blair's Labor: Shows Value of Hewing to Center

Filibuster Fray Lifts Profile of Minister

School Reduces Suspension Over Iraq Call (To 3 Days)

A little help for "Do-it-yourselfers".... *wink


Fuck it--who smoked pot?

Pressure Pushing down on me Pressing down on you

Anyone just see "System of a Down" perform "B.Y.O.B" on SNL?


Ok! How about a Pot Roast? With carrots and potatoes?

You know, fuck my friends

SNL: Tony Blair elected to 3rd term as George Bush's bitch

System of a Down on SNL

fuck it - who's Pol Pot?

Oops, i forgot to eat before I started drinking

Anybody ever seen this Dr. Gene Scott character?

Apparently Condi-licious left the dominatrix boots home for this trip.

The people 2 doors down from me got evicted

I thin kthe NFL is the only sport a Canadian hasn't been tops at now

Techniques for MSN messenger?

best ever love song?

Who would be up for an AIM chat?

What song do you like even though all these people say it's sexist?

Is Rev the only one who can post "my feet hurt" and get a dozen posts

My feet hurt.

Great, a remake of "The Longest Yard"!

Dammit. My groove is still missing.

Daughter's Denunciation of Historian Roils Mormon Church

Psssst, we're having a chat tonight

For politicasista, with love



my battle plan

Osama's last minute appearance before the election

Monday will be 3 days, will the WH comment on the letter?

So, would Bush have invaded the Soviet Union in 1945?

"Repubs believe the darndest things..."

Sovereignty, democracy and militarism

FP - "Apocalypse Soon" by Robt McNamara (danger of nuclear war)

US, Iraqi forces hold nine journalists on suspicion of aiding insurgents

Intelligent-less Design? WTF?

Linda McQuaig says Canada would rock if it showed leadership

Calling Democrats' Bluff (DAVID BROOKS, NYT)

Kansas Evolves Back

Biden says that Rice ignored Democrats' Bolton data requests

Abu Ghraib scandal points to conspiracy at the highest levels


Anguish of woman who held secret evidence of Hitler's identity

Time: Chalabi's Reversal of Fortune

Army insider blows the whistle on torture at Guantánamo!

John Bolton, A Force of Darkness

Ed Naha: 'Reality check'

Happy Mothers' Day, activists!

Krugman:" The Final Insult "

Living on the Edge

Home from Iraq-Journalist urges Americans to search for truth, freedom'

Editorial: Richardson right to oppose Bush's forest plan

Evangelicals share mainstream values, not extremism

Larry Elder __ " Smokers Banned--Democrats Next?"

Why 750,000 Americans were forced to declare bankruptcy...

Put the Iraq War on Trial

March for Uninsured Americans? Can we make it happen? Link

No to US intervention!

Get informed, then act on the National Identity Card Legislation

Broadcast Ownership for the 21st Century reintroduced in the House

Osaka is quickly becoming the robot capital of the world

Editorial: Richardson right to oppose Bush's forest plan

New Zealanders pay world's first greenhouse tax

Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows ("The Day After Tomorrow")

Wu Shu-jen to get top-notch security for California visit

Arab world must do more to fight polio, experts say

Japan reiterates demand for apology over China protests, Beijing refuses

World saw worst anti-Semitic violence in 15 years in 2004

PA postpones releasing election results

Sharon Opposes Further Prisoner Releases

Yitzhar settler held under detention order; IDF wants dozens arrested


"Child" Casualties.. OR 'Young men'?

Hamas Flags Fly Next to Kfar Saba

Israeli sniper blames British doctors for death of activist

Israel seeks PR help for image makeover

Jerusalem Post: Galloway win causes alarm (anti-Semitism charges)

Sibel Edmonds, drugs, Azerbaijan and 9/11

David Ray Griffin--worth reading?


Stop Arnold's special election to eliminate paper requirement for DREs

FL Voting machine in turns up in CA Front Yard!

U.S. to receive "foreign aid" from Russia

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! N/T

Has anyone done a study of (R)ejected (K)erry (R)esponders (rKr)

Intimidated Kerry Responders?

Election reforum group turned into voting person fraud group

Where's the Best Elected Officials Blaster?

Does anyone know of any state-wide analysis of Ohio uncounted votes?

Need help in ongoing debate with LA Times editor

Gatekeepers: Why even (phony) "left" media silent on stolen election.

Could 14.4% of Gore voters have voted for Bush?

Nirvana! Automated Voting Fraud!

Los Angeles Times (May 8): Revenue Up, Governor to Reverse Cuts

Will Arnold be re-elected in spite of current fumbles?

Bolton & Maynard Democratic Town Committees present Abby Lappen, Mon 5/9

Delegate and non-delegate help needed to form a progressive platform

Minnesotans: Ready to join a march on Washintgton for the uninsured?

LOL! Look at the caption on the homepage of Gov Tim's website

What was the DFL income tax proposal?

Education and Religion... The tie that binds.

Can you see the pics in my sig line?

Does anyone know

God in Government Documentary Viewing

Central Ohio Meet-Up was soooo festive!

Sexy Cheerleaders LTTE (AAS) - Good reading

So, Castro or Hardberger? (SA Mayor Runoff)

Well, I'm back. Did ya'll miss me?

Kerry in Austin pic from a few weeks ago

Smoke ban passes with 52 percent

March for the uninsured. DC, September. Who's in?

The chimp and the Baptist Church Questions

Peak Oil:James Kunstler on Art Bell Sunday/Monday May 9

Was Ratzinger really in charge of defrocking pedeophile priests?

Drug Makers Reap Benefits of Tax Break - NYTimes

No 10 in shambles. Utter cock-up...

is anyone monitoring to see when Jebbies blast em law

Viagra for the mob? This can't turn out well...

'Mark of the Beast' seems to show up a lot in gov docs...

So....bush gets secret service, bullet proof limo, and our troops get??

My damn rant on the left, some on the right, and so on.

Doctor Who takes a swipe at FOX NEWS, Media Manipulation and ...


Off shoring...........literally! This story about outsourcing is nuts!

The true lesson of George Bush


Is the Runaway Bride hyperthyroid?

Drawing Blood--What Happened To Peter Sinclair?

Bolton vote coming up THURSDAY! ..... "Bush/Blair" memo critical !!

OKAY, It is OFFICIAL! HAPPY MOM's Day to all the great Moms' here

Okay, folks, that East Waynesville thread nearly killed my dial-up.

For those in the GD Forum who wonder where I've been...

I have not heard anything about the 'mistaken idendity" this morning on

Have the conservatives changed you?

Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman committed one of the great wrongs

all in all, how does 9-11 stack up against Pearl Harbor?

America is very sick, perhaps terminally ill.

Looks like Prince Abdullah has a new boyfriend

Erik Saar "Inside the Wire" Guantanamo Bay C-SPAN2

My little granddaughter said something very meaningful this morning.

Newsweek: A White House Adrift

Fox= "we are still the one network with real journalism" . Is this a new

bush's comments on the baltics are aimed at domestic constituents

To those "Christians" who feel so much hatred towards gays/Muslims/others

Truth drug and beatings fail to get al-Qa'eda No 3 to talk..I wonder why?

sooo, Abu Al-Libbi is NOT an Al Qaeda Kingpin afterall...mmm hmmmm

I Don't Think Iraqis Can Take Much More US "Freedom"! *graphic*

A Democratic Mother's Day card

Minnesota Catholic Bishop Says Gay Protesters Will Be Denied Communion!

Act of Remembrance (In honour of VE Day)

Halliburton ad in NY Times

These soldiers didn't run...

David Ray Griffin--worth reading?

I'm confused. Is Al Libby the #3 guy or what?

QUOTATION OF THE DAY (learning curve and the $$ wasted)

Does anybody know of any good Iraq war photo galleries?

If and when we emerge from these dark days for our country, we must

Ring Them Bells: Deadly Hypocrisy is Business as Usual

Swifties (Corsi) beam message into Iran and announces PA-to-DC May march.

I wish everyone would stop talking about Hillary!

KKK-whore-poor-ate media at it again

British memo, Dr. David Kelly, Hutton Inquiry

US offers grants to opponents of Iran's clerics

OKAY, IT IS Mother's DAY! Shall we be happy or sad. I'm going with

PBS is to be "cleansed. " The next one will be The History Channel. This

Swing votes on the "nuclear option"

Was anyone here unfortunate enough to watch Cable T.V. "news" this week?

Trying to Make FDR look bad Makes Bush Look Worse

German ambassador criticizes continued VE day celebrations

Rapier sharp, up front and taking on the big guys (Eliot Spitzer)

Crowd Control; Civil Disturbances Operations manual -NYT

Who needs Founding Fathers?

Mother's day greetings to the newest mother on the political scene.

Which province is the Declaration of Independence referring to?

If Bush Had Been Our Selected Dictator In 1940 -

Did FDR expect UN to fix problems with Yalta? Bush blaming FDR for Yalta..

If nuclear power plants were built to just generate electrical....

Do you ever feel like you're living in Dejavu?

Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room

Pombo and Peterson's poison pill

Vatican ousts Jesuit as magazine editor

Again DU proves liberals ARE smarter than "oops I was wrong again" bush!

Archbishop Harry Flynn needs a slap-down (wrong colored sashes)

NY Times Picks Up Sirotablog Scoop on Medicare (food stamps)

I liken FDR's New Deal to Henry Ford's visison of paying his workers

A modest, moral proposal for fiscal responsibility.

Great expose re: Fred Phelps

what's the difference between a Southern Baptist & a Northern Baptist?

Cisco coming out with RFID server that will track employees

Seymour Hersh on with Bob McChesney at 2pm EDT Sunday -- streaming

If we are "Of the Other Faith" what exactly does that mean?

CNN Hot Tub Tom -- Delay is now a born-againer.

Gov. Jeb Bush strikes moral tone at Ga. Republican convention

Elaine Chao is buzzflash's Hypocrite of the Week

SF CHRONICLE SUNDAY ARTICLE: "San Francisco. The Ephemeral City"

If the original intent of the Declaration of Independence was followed,

American style Democracy , based on unfettered capitalism, is now

Yet another game of words

Is the "Los Angeles Dog Trainer" a REAL Newspaper?

U.S. beefs up military units in the Pacific

Guantanamo translator on c-span2 right now


I just checked a bunch of Sunday papers. No mention of the British memo.

would i get punched out for this?

Drudge-Novak Dean Smear - Debunked

W's plan: Nuke New York, Declare Martial Law, and Exterminate Democrats.

Has Anybody Ever Interned For a Republican Senator or Congressman?

My protest next Sunday

Stephanopoulos is underplaying the number of dead soldiers . . .

Wow, we really must be making "darned good progress" in Iraq!

Good Thing that the repugs are so anti Gay.

The meek have indeed inherited the earth, as the Bible says.

Seymor Hersch on McChesney now

Remember that Star Trek ep about Col. Mudd's women?

Just saw the most insane thing I've ever seen on television

Did Mary Matalin kick Carville's ass on MEET THE PRESS?

A Single Mother's Response to “Where’s Your Man?”

Congratulations Paul Bremer!

Computer help needed "Can Recent Arrest Lead to Bin Laden?" -- WTF?

yet ANOTHER al qaeda mastermind captured...CNN breaking news

WP,pg1: Mouse Click Brings Home Thrill of the Hunt (killing online)

Seven U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq (so far this weekend)

LOL, ever seen this movie?

DU, Has the Underground Staged a Protest?

If the GOP can win with homophobia, why can't the left label them "FREAKS"

Church Pastor...Support Bush or LEAVE

Academic Freedom Under Attack

* in the driver's seat -- "Don't worry Vlad, it's not the economy"

The case for geothermal energy.....

Einstein once defined insanity as rpeating the same thing over and over

CSpan2 re-running interview with David Hackworth NOW n/t

CNN poll, please vote

Tell Everyone How the NEW DEAL Made a Difference in Your Life

Does it ever occur to you that the same people we ridicule as "ragheads"

Do Republicans own the American Flag?

Without top predators, ecosystems suffer

I am usually not big on Social Programs, but National Health Insurance

Went to breakfast for Mother's Day

Starbucks tunes out the Boss (Bans Bruce Springsteen album)

Ashcroft sanctioned for violating gag order in Detroit terror trial

Two divergent views of Democracy.

New Medicare Guide Justifies Cutting Food Stamps

My Definition Paper On Censorship

so just how bad does the Chicago AAR outlet suck?

MSNBC: If you want to be in the tech business, commit to 24-hour work day

Its an ABOMINATION that Johns Hopkins needs 50 grand UP FRONT

To all the Mothers

Today's History Lesson- The Flushing Remonstrance

Who and what is "Radio Sedaye Iran"?

Got my upside down "W" sticker - "M - The Moron" yesterday.

The Emperor's New Body Armor

A Mother's Day Declaration

Three & half years later...

I've lost my AAR

Looking for Robertson/L. King video link.

Servicewoman funded to pole dance (UK)

Seven U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq,On Mother's Day.

Anybody else see Bush denigrating FDR for domestic reasons?

Congregants rally for Rev. Chandler: "A wonderful good old country boy!"

British DUers (or other experts): How many Labor MP's oppose the Iraq War?

Best Mother's Day News EVER!

Politics and the World of Sports

"Whether you like Jack Daniels mixed, straight, or on the rocks...

This just in: Friends of Shrub comment on the Laura fiasco

Jesus Christ is hoping to move to West Virginia

Anyone seen MSM mention of permanent military bases in Iraq?

Question for Vietnam era people:

one gets the impression that they don't give a DAMN where osama is

Al Gore to Receive Award for Internet.

Bush says "FDR committed one of the greatest wrongs of history".

"Rethinking" our commitment to Iraq.

Action Item: Academic Bill of Rights

Anyone listening to Bush's "No Child Left Behind" on CNN.

If Iraq just needs peacekeepers at this point...

Radical Questions. And ideas.

How did Starr turn Whitewater into Monica-gate, exactly?

Only 74 hours left before court martial begins...(conscientious objector)

In the "pattern" of the "Frank Must Die" idea, I again still wondered if

'compromises' that can expose and defeat the RW

If Bush or * DOES attack Iran, I wonder if anyone thinks he will do it on

Intelligent-less Design? WTF?

"Pray for Tom DeLay." For the strong of stomach ONLY.

How powerful is the "truth" ?

[The Nashua Advocate] 2008 Final 4: Gore, Obama, Conyers, Dean [VOTE NOW]

WTF......... I think I might like this Pope!

I heard on KGO some nights back that Louis Farakhan

Biden rips Rice over Bolton documents

US Troops Launch attacks against villages along Euphrates

To my DU friends about church, and "Star Wars"... :-)

Bill would protect illegal immigrant drivers' cars from impound

Labour's Rebels Study Rule Book--UK

Warm Springs on HBO; 10pmCT. FDR's early life. nt

So this is how liberty dies—to thunderous applause (Revenge of the Sith)

Warning: Avian Flu pandemic looming (US far behind in preparation)

Indicted Chinese Firm to Arm Iraqi Army

What if God held a Rapture and nobody came?


Brother, Can You Spare a Dime

Jesus Christ in legal battle for W.Va. driver's license

If the bush government felt that concentration camps were required

And Now For Something Completely Different

Simpsons doing "Left Behind" Spoof! nt

We are in the hands of lunatics.

Bush Unveils New Social Security Plan

Apocalypse Soon

72 mpg in an '87 Suburban diesel

My nephew may be re-deployed. Is this fair???

If Shrub Is Not Held Accountable WHILE IN OFFICE He Will Be RAYGUNi

GM credit rating reduced to junk bonds...they propose cutting insurance

Does Anybody Know What the Price of 1 Gallon of Regular Unleaded Was On...

Laura's 'Comedy' Routine at WH Correspondent's Dinner

A Reminder- Dick Cheney's Exact Words March 16, 2003

US is on the brink of Theocracy

A Moral Dilemma

in the wealthiest nation in the history of nations, no one should

Report: Boy Asked for Inhaler Before Death


1602 Mothers don't have Sons today

PHOTOS: Thousands protest Bush in The Netherlands

(Graphics heavy): Posters of our time

May 8th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$168,363,864,964

It's Mother's day, and I miss my mom real bad (died 12/31/04)

Religious RightWing Nuts - Saving America!!

Isn't using religion for gay's not to marry against the Constitution?

Should France apologize?

Who are the three greatest /worst presidents?

CSPAN Monday, May 9: Aids policy, Cornyn judicial press conf, women voters

Jerry Meek (NC Dem Party Chair) Responds to Waynesville Church fiasco

Hybrid car advice

NC pastor now saying it was all a "misunderstanding"

what the hell makes people want to rule the whole damn world?

Question of the day;

I am NOT starting a flame war with the faithful here

I will "insure" any donation to Andy's fund up to $20 til midnight PST

Dank u wel, Nederlands! This is what democracy looks like! (PIC HEAVY)

Petition for conscientious objector Pablo Paredes- court martial 5/11/05

Wow, Ann Coulter has truly lost touch with reality...

Protest signs in yard draw the attention of Secret Service:

((URGENT) On-Line Petition for UK Memo Investigation - Keep kicked

Mister "John Smith" checking in...

Do Republicans LOVE Stalin?

Get informed, then act on the National Identity Card Legislation

Why I Think Repuke Strategists are Smarter than Us

Rant, my mailman,

in my book, the guy who wrote 'big lie' on the famous stain is admirable

Debating with a Moran...

Those of us who are appalled by the tortures at Abu Ghraib, should read

isn't dying in a war based on lies dying in vain?

FOR ANDY --- ALL WE NEED IS $2,417.37 to reach $50,000.00 goal!

John Conyers & Louise Slaughter in On-Line Chat , Tuesday, May 10, 3-4 ET.

The CAFTA Dog and Pony show heads to TN and CA. Take Action Here

Bush's Blunder on Social Security

Willful IGNORANCE of History.....A RANT!

FRONTLINE - Nearly 500,000 mentally ill being held in US jails & prisons.

The Ultimate George W. Bush Photo Montage

No to US intervention!

'McMansions' spark backlash in wealthy towns

Articles of impeachment for shrub -- check this out!!!

The uninsured should march on Washington. There are 45 million.

Mother's Day Wines ..... Pouilly Fuisse and Zinfandel Port

what the heck should I cook for dinner??

Survival foods, or Stocking up before the Revolution Comes

I feel so dirty....

Hi Canada! Would you mind educating me about your health insurance?

Canadians, we need your help.

Stephen Harper is such a doofus

Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows ("The Day After Tomorrow")

The missed opportunity

Guardian Utd (Monday): PM-in-waiting plans to revitalise Labour

What do you guys think about George Galloway?

(Observer) I won't quit, vows Blair as cabinet rift opens

Iraq's nine-day death toll crosses 300

Idaho nuclear lab can't account for missing computers

Cabinet defies Blair in power struggle

US 'al-Qaeda memo': Full text

Can the sheepdog become the shepherd? (Ratzinger)

Iraq Blasts Kill 22, Including 2 Americans (NEW)

Chlamydia strikes penguin colony

Reuters: Pakistan Police Arrest Soldier With Explosives

France and US learn to love each other again (The Observer)

Two Saudi fighters die (In Iraq)

C. America migrants traveling in Mexico

NYT - Lobbyist (Abramoff) Paid by Pakistan Led U.S. Delegation There

Family of Beheaded American Seeks Solace

US Catholic editor resigns after clash with Pope

Pope to defend faith against fashion

Drug Makers Reap Benefits of Tax Break

LAT: Revenue Up, Governor Schwarzenegger to Reverse Cuts

Ebookers drops Cuba

Practice what you preach: Putin to US

Oops. Captured Al-Qaeda kingpin is case of ‘mistaken identity’

Abdullah Meets With Arab Leaders, Pushes for Peace

Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) facing ‘most dramatic cut’ in years

Pillars of Indian culture honored (Seattle Times)

U.S. sacrificed nations for "stability," Bush says

Police nab activists seeking Bush's nuke suitcase

Starbucks tunes out the Boss (Bans Bruce Springsteen album)

Explosion at Kabul Internet Cafe Kills 3

Most detainee abuse reports don't qualify as torture (Gonzales)

Drug makers get tax break

Rapier sharp, up front and taking on the big guys (Eliot Spitzer)

Iraq resolving Chalabi issue with Jordan

Food bank larder runs sees big drop in grocery donations

Gunmen kill senior Iraq transport ministry official

Students hear criticism of war

WP,pg1: Mouse Click Brings Home Thrill of the Hunt (killing online)

Bush condemns Allies' division of Europe at Yalta

Dismay at US Koran 'desecration'

GOP races to DeLay's defense

Dozens believed to be dead after three Yangon bombings

US bomb victims sue Saudi royal family for 'negligence'

Health-care costs targeted as cure for corporate ills

NYT: Under New Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Food Stamps May Be Reduced

Upsurge in Iraq bloodshed as US seizes "key" militants

Cabinet defies Blair in power struggle--Independent, UK

Newly approved Iraq (Human Rights) minister rejects post

BBC (Sunday): Iraq PM suffers cabinet setback

LAT: Two Visions of the Countryside Clash (landowners v. off-roaders)

CNN -Thousands protest Bush in Netherlands - & Pics from Action group site

Pastor Won't Speak on Ousting Bush Critics

Did handlers botch Ressam's cooperation? (Seattle Times)

Bomb kills 22 as Iraq hands out cabinet jobs

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Separate Attacks in Central Iraq, Military Says

Reuters: Iraq's Oil Minister Vows Higher Output, Less Graft

Secret Papers Reveal New Nuclear Building Plan

Labour MPs call on Blair to quit (BBC News)

Nepal opposition parties unite in bid to restore democracy

NYT/AP: Pope Calls on Media to Report Objectively

Former Ecuador President Granted Asylum in Panama (Bucaram)

Without top predators, ecosystems suffer

Couple Faked Death With Stolen Corpse

LAT: N. Irish Nobelist (Trimble) Quits as Head of Party

Jerusalem Post: Galloway win causes alarm (anti-Semitism charges)

Spy photos spot signs of N Korea nuclear test site

Seven US Servicemembers killed in Iraq

Senior public servant shot dead (Iraq)

Ashcroft sanctioned for violating gag order in Detroit terror trial

$5.7 million federal cut to end adult education for thousands

White House not on hit-list

Renegade GOP senators may be key on nominees

New Species of Mammal Found in Borneo

Chavez Says Oil Companies That Don't Pay Taxes Must Leave the Country

South America, Arab Leaders Seek Global Voice at First-Ever Summit

Ashcroft tells Northwest University grads to give life real meaning

Bush and Putin in Democracy Row

WP/AP: Bush Thanks Putin for Help in Mideast (meeting at dacha)

Probe twist:cash & Bern (Deadbeat Bernie Kerik)

WP: Former Clinton Counsel Lloyd Cutler Dies at 87

Boost US borders: Schwarzenegger

Exiting Iraq... Buckley

Hundreds protest Bush plan

WP: It's on the House: Everybody Paying for Everything w/ Home Equity

Two arrested at Holocaust commemoration marred by protests (Boston)

Home from Iraq-Journalist urges Americans to search for truth, freedom'

Spain Grants Amnesty for 700,000 Migrants

Iran prepares to resume sensitive nuclear work

Selling time gets longer as housing market cools (San Diego)

IAEA: N. Korea could have 5-6 nuclear weapons

Lacking drugs, HIV patients turn to herbs - Myanmar

Africa an Al Qaeda Breeding Ground, CSIS Warns --Canada

Captured Al-Qaeda kingpin is case of ‘mistaken identity’ (DUPE, SORRY)

BBC accused of cutting religious coverage (The Guardian)

Bamberg sergeant major demoted for wrongful appropriation, adultery

AP: UN Worker Among Killed In Afghan Cafe Suicide Bombing

At 50-1, California horse pulls off huge Derby upset

AP: Seven U.S. Servicemembers Killed in Iraq

WP: Clash Over Judicial Filibusters Nears Boiling Point

WP: Increasingly Embattled, DeLay Scales Back Usual Power Plays

NYT: States Propose Sweeping Changes to Trim Medicaid by Billions

Bills Seek State Tax Refunds for a Select Few - LA Times

WP,pg1: NASA Chief Speeds Plan For (shuttle replacement) Spacecraft

Top Dem scolds Rice on Bolton probe...

Military Confronts Reckless Air Crashes

Before Schiavo, DCF sought to let abused girl die

‘Football’ duty keeps military aides on edge

Venezuela president calls Bush Mr. Danger, says he has reason to worry

Blair Demands Nuclear Power to Protect High 'Living Standards'

WP: Ability to Track Costs in Iraq May Be Difficult, Report Says

Newsweek: A Deadly Guessing Game (Iraq Success or Failure)

WP: Democrats Could Profit From Blair's Labor

Military: Blues, But Not Green (Only 189 go from Navy/AF to Army)

Expelled worshippers consider legal action

Tunnel 'not for N Korea nuclear test'

Pentagon report shows rise in reported sex assaults involving servicemembe

Huge majority turn deaf ear to military pitches

Military Deaths in Iraq - 1,599 members of the U.S. military have died

Germany's Far Right Decries 'Cult Of Guilt'

Dismay at US Koran 'desecration'

Crew blamed for grounding US sub (BBC News)

Seven U.S. Servicemembers Killed in Iraq

Yellowstone Rated High for Eruption Threat

North Korea 'may have six bombs'

Amidst doubts, CIA hangs on to control of Iraqi intelligence service

Stalin Re-Emerges in Public Eye

German neo-Nazi march stopped on WW2 anniversary (By leftists)

Sen. Clinton's Financing in the Spotlight

Spy claims torture in prison

NYT: NY Times Panel Proposes Steps to Build Credibility

U.S. Doubts Iraq Rebels Can Keep It Up

Nixon plotted war against India in 1971

Huge Radioactive Leak Closes Thorp Nuclear Plant (UK)

Blair allies warn rebels: don't wreck third term

Ohio highway sniper trial ends in hung jury (Reuters)

NYT/AP: Venezuela to Investigate Oil Companies

Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows ("The Day After Tomorrow")

CNN: U.S. deaths in Iraq surpass 1,600

Pastor Says Ouster a Misunderstanding ( The vote was a Misunderstanding LO

Armor issued despite warnings

Life On U.S. Death Row Makes Inmates Want To Die

Parents can keep military recruiters from contacting kids

Veterans Say War-Related Illnesses Are Overlooked

In conjunction with my fist fight post - ever ran from a fight?

Road House Alert!!!! TNT 3:30am EST

My butt hurts

Prom dinner at hooters.

Will there be anything new I'll learn in CBS's mini-series "Elvis"

If I was not married already, I would marry PJ Harvey

Prime hooters for dinner.

Ew ew ew, there's Amy Grant in this Computer's Music file

The official talk to progmom in Dutch thead

Is khash Deus ex machina?

Where's Dookus?

Best Moby album?

Which word is funnier?

Chlamydia Outbreak Kills a Dozen Penguins

Hey Moms - what do you think's gonna happen tommorrow?

I don't know what color your eyes are baby

Remember your first Frist fist fight?

Is progmom the only one who can post "Is Rev the only one

Is sundog the only one who can post is Fuzzyslippers the only one who can

Remember when MTV actually showed music videos?

I had an interesting night. I had to break into my own car

my kitty herman died today

Behold! And contemplate my fuzziness!

man...Life is weird

Hey, Abelman?


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

I'm not gay, but even I wanna jump Gregory Peck when I see this pic


Any one out there a fan of the Man from UNCLE tv show ?

I am very drunk

I am so SICK and TIRED

Groups/musicians with the word "Head" in their name?

sundog's feet hurt

I feel like jammin

Whow, Jennifer Lopez in a movie where she gets married.... what a stretch!

Is the Runaway Bride hyperthyroid?

Is FuzzySlippers the only one who can post "Is progmom the only one who

One step over the line, Sweet jesus....

Thievery Corporation is playing in San Fran. tonite

Remember when music videos were really weird?

Cool. Audioslave does Cuba

Been away for a while, what happened to 'dupe' and 'teh 10000 uberthread?'

Happy Mother's Day to all you DU Mom's...Mom's to be...Grandmoms...

A bit o' levity

Where should you have been born? (Time and place)

Matcom has Kleeb given you a Mother's Day present yet?

KG's computer question of the week.

Another overnight show request thread...

Am I the only DUer who has never been hepped up on goofballs?

More Guilty Pleasures From The 60s: The Dave Clark Five!

Captain Cokespoon's Excellent European Adventure, Netherlands Edition

Am I the only Duer who has never been hacked up on hairballs?

What would Brian Boitano do if he was here right now?

"Jesus Christ" Denied Drivers License In West Virginia

Happy Hallmark Day To All The Mom's Of DU!!

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe movie trailer

Sure would be cool to have one of those Audioslave Che Guevara t-shirts

Fashion Police: Worst Hair?

I saw Jon Stewart in Indianapolis last night, ask me anything

Half-word posts -- Free Association

Any links to last night's SNL Weekend Update?

Remember your first fist fight?

A thought or few....

Caption: Oil For Fraud brothers joined at the hip

And the freepers say this guy brought "dignity" back to the White House.

Everybody point and laugh at redsoxliberal

The ultimate in incongruous bumper stickers

Am I the only DUer who's only smoked pot . . .

Anyone else impressed by System of a Down on SNL?

Chicken ticketed for crossing the road near Ridgecrest (ca)

Geez, I hope this was a mistake (check out this crazy pic)

Happy Smothers' Day.


Our Lady of the Underpass Image Restored.

Remember your first foot fight?

I'm going to Borders - anyone want anything?

"Back off gold dust woman, take your silver spoon

80s people - HELP! What night and time was Automan on?

Hardcastle vs. McCormick

Just talked to my mom on this fine Mother's Day afternoon

I don't know just where I'm going

StarCastle vs. McAsteroids

Just fixed breakfast

Today I'm going to eat cheesecake that cost $50.00

What's the strangest ad line you've ever seen?

NSMA Patron Saint of

The Rodeo Song!

Rant about my father-in-law

Happy Mother's Day all you Mothers!

Am I the only DUer who has never ground Drano into his/her eyes?

The Partridge Family!!

Am I the only DUer who has never ever shot-up heroin?


My band's recording! Free sample! Click here!! It's all a JOKE!!!

This thread is dedicated to smartass remarks

I wish I was like Muddy Waters.... then women would scream

Happy Mothers Day...

One letter posts -- Free Association

Anyone see PJ O'Rourke on History Channel this morning?

Hi-jack this Jack.

Mother's Day, birthday, death day

My birds are in the living room singing the *QUAKER SONG*

I think Glen Campbell is a damn good guitar player!

Did'ja know... that Pee Wee is soooo cool?

Happy Mullahs Day!

Am I the only DUer who has never ever sniffed glue?

There was a hole in the middle of the ground...

Springfield plagued by grease bandits - life imitating the Simpsons

WTF? Sandlot Two?

Favorite fictional Saturday Morning T.V. Rock band.

There was a hole in the middle of the ground

I've killed a lot of threads... but, DAMN! The baby picture thread?!?!

Happy Mothers Day AmandaRuth!

Did/Does anyone like Vangelis?

OK. I bought a blueberry bush and I need to pollinate it.

I just got the COOLEST Pre-Birthday Present!

Oh DEAR GOD, Air Supply ("All Out Of Love") is BACK with a LIVE CD...

Dupe. Mods please delete

Ruh roh.... I can't remember which plants are what in my Garden

I know it was for like one second, but I can't believe this guy was "cool"

Let's run away to my tropical hideaway!!!

Resizing an animated GIF?

Italians come out on top in penis study

A Mother's Day thought.

Sunday Morning Fine Art Thread---Michelangelo's Maddona & Child

Maynard G. Krebs..........and the beat goes on. 50"s Retro.

Here it is! My 400th post.

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms out there!

Today's "Pearls before Swine" -- a real Mother's Day gift

redsox group

I hate it when DU looses an integral member.


isint anyone else outraged that

Why do you all do it? WHY?

I think Roy Clark is a damn good guitar player.

Why don't you all do it? WHY?

HEY!!! DS1!!!


official BIO thread

Congratulations Jennifer Garner

Headlines We'd Like to Read, 9 May 2005

Who else saw System of a Down on SNL last night?

Official potato salad vs. macaroni salad poll.

My friend knew a family called the Schwangfelders

As Bush speaks in the Latvian Natnl. Theatre, Rigans pay their respect

how come there's no pink floyd group?

Take this Stress Test. If you see something weird, you need medication

Which word is funnier? Part Deux

Some People Should Not Be Allowed To Review Movies On

Mozilla Firefox - Two Vulnerabilities

WOW I'm 47 posts from 3000.... how did I get here

Mother's Day Poem to a REAL MOTHER!

Whoever posted the KittenWars link


I love noise pollution. I love hearing two stroke engines all afternoon,

Give * a brain game at:

Is 75 degrees water temp, too cold to swim in?

Ladies, ladies, ladies, young Jon Stewart is in the hiz-ous !!

Let's Welcome a New Member! Joe Kerr! Tell us about yourself!

I'm being especially unhelpful today, ask me anything

I've done NOTHING today.

The I-95 Song

No wonder there's nothing but reruns of "Chapelle's Show"!

Favorite Oldschool Comedian. Pre 1980. Mine is ......


WOW! I went to the 259th BEST high school in the USA! GO BEARS!

In honor of classic TV day, a comic strip inspired by Dobie Gillis

Bush or Chimp Pic I created

I just made 1000 posts. Should i start a thread and make a big deal out

I LOVE MY MOMMY!!! *sniff* (PIC)

Did NSMA EVER find her keys? If you miss AtA, check in here!

In the past 30 minutes, I've started three threads and deleted them.

Your'e a Great Group of People. Time to go. Best wishes!!!

You want to piss off a bunch of line dancers?

Viagra for the mob? This can't turn out well...

And for my 1000th post...

Anyone else here watch "Revenge Of The Brick?"

Guggenheim's corner. This is my 500th post. Adorations are posted

I hate to post on an interesting topic that locks as I post

When they come to convert us, you must learn to line dance properly

In honor of the new Star Wars movie, I just bought me a new walker

DATELINE NBC: MENSA says Jessica Simpson "dumb blonde" is an act...

confess! who pissed off mom today?

Post a stereotype that applies to you.

Fox Schools presents the 2015 SATs

I love to make money

It's time again for "tell something no one on DU knows about you."

Homer plays a fundie in the next episode of "The Simpsons"

I forgot the secret DU handshake.

Do you turn off you 'puter if you're about to get hit

OMG, Carnivale' Unofficially Cancelled....

Ok so there's these three surgeons playing golf, and

Simpsons: Homer predicts the Rapture (on now)

How tough do you have to be to be named Pizarro and come from Peru

Pregnant Gray Fox on the porch (DIALUP WARNING!)

Who wants to get Left Hooked?


Jethro Tull.

Riding on the range...I've got my hat - on.


I'm going to Ebay my 10,000th post on DU!

Pick your favorite Newton

Frodo has failed

Welcome Aboard margaritamama!

Simpson's poke at Shrub?

What can you tell me about barometric pressure?

Hey, wanna buy a home with a really big moat? (N.Y./N.J.)


Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Yup, it's official - imported marinara rocks on Ragu

Tainted Love

I love seeing reinactments of Elvis's early years

Photo: Either Putin can't FIND Bush, or he just doesn't want eye contact

is delilah around?


Is the term landlord offensive?

Why do our mothers delight in embarassing us publicly?

Call me crazy but I like going to work ( job ) .

so, we're looking at moving out to the hinterlands.

Dueling Smilies... Have To Post Them

American Dad: "No apologies, George W taught me that"

It's a bit early to be talking about the Emmys, but...

Someone's car alarm is going off, and they aren't home. What can us poor

Ask me anything

My 700th post

Zoysia grass in northern climates..


What is the name of the store where you can use a PC for a min.?

Kid Rock and Hugh Hefner have an important message to share with all of us

In observance of Mothers Day: Yo mamma jokes

Well off to bed and the house is clean, meaning would pass a heath

Was anyone else a colic baby?

"You better put me in time out"

Are there are sandy beaches anywhere in the U.S. that don't have fleas?

10 more days in Pennsylvania!!!

Ugh, too much scary shit in GD.....

When I was a kid...

What's your favorite late night snack?

If I open this can of sardines...

Crap. I can't disguise my handwriting

Feedback welcome on my web cartoon...

In Honor of Mother's Day...

MMMMMMM Cheese cake....

Okay, MrsGrumpy,

William Powell or Dick Powell?

My previously unposted kitty picture: my squeaky girl

Awww...I just heard the cutest thing evah

I did not speak to my mother today.

Last thought before I go to bed...

Storm a coming!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Baby !!! - Just Got Tickets To See Al Franken Wednesday !!!

OK am I paranoid or is the following an example of "christo fascism"?

Damn it, I think I found out my time machine won't work today

Dos Equis

A new minute robot in a chicken.

How large ought a proper Rapture be?

VIEDO: "Why I hate the religious right"

A Mothers Day thought for all moms who've lost children...

I could use some advice from academic-minded DU'ers.

"Why did I put my faith in science and technology?!"

I love this pic so much I had to post it again

What were the skies like when you were young?

A new Robot Chicken in a minute

At 50-1, California horse pulls off huge Derby upset

It's official--Silver Jewelry Club is an awesome site for jewelry!

Advice - never put bacon fat on your dog's food.

Will someone please explain to me the attraction of watching poker on TV?

My sweet dear loungers, a rant

What did you do for your Mom today or what did your family do for you?

Gallbladder surgery sucks.

This is 2000!!!!!

Martini and toast - dinner of champions

Okay. I can take a hint.


Favorite Bass Player?

I am seriously going to be awake for the next 47 hours.

I'll be on the radio tonight!

My little 'mini-lab' has killed 5 possums in our yard this week.

Both of my brothers stood up my mom today.

One of my favorite pics of myself!

Only six days left in Japan/Air Force, and I'm completely stoked.

Who wants to get "LEFT BELOW"?

Wow - tomorrow's the first Monday in 3 years that I don't HAVE to get up!

"Dukes of Hazzard" Trailer

For Andy

Does anyone here remember Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney?

Why do my posts always FAIL?

What's your favorite foreign word?

As long as we are looking back t o the 60's, anyone watch Dark Shadows ?

Serious question: How much money is TOO much?

Why does Janeane Garofalo

New foster kittens (pics)

I'm leaving nursing. Tonight was the final straw.

Is Netflix's site down?

am i the only college student not stressing about finals?

does anybody else here want a day?

High Stakes Game of Paper-Scissors-Rock

I DARE you to ignore this thread! Go ahead. Ignore it.

Post a random photo from your photobucket (or other) account....

Will Pitt broke his promise to the Lounge. How do we punish him?

I DARE you to open this thread! Go ahead. Open it.

If you haven't yet seen the new 'Phantom of the Opera'... anybody in there?

What do you miss most about ATA?

A Mothers Day tribute to Mothers that are no longer with us.

Two dumb computer user questions:

"Family Guy" Thread

What's your sign? Is it true about you?

There.... is.... a ... nother.......

The best pissed off love song.

Heading to Las Vegas, ask me anything!

Where are you on the Lounge hierarchy? (note: kidding!)

It's not only Mother's Day, it's my anniversary.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"... a model for America.

The spark of love

Post your grocery list here.

*NEW* foster kitten pics-need opinions (dialup warning)

I can't believe I'm doing this... (a special post a picture thread)

We Just Watched "Hotel Rwanda" WOW!

I just got back from a gargantuan wedding weekend. Ask me anything.

Got any photos of you with someone you love?

Monkees Fans?

What would you like normal to be?

Oral Roberts' wife Evelyn Dies (more info and photo)

Anne Rice gets biblical in her next book

THE RAPTURE Fact or Fiction?

Deliver Us from Wal-Mart?

Sincere question, for the faithful

Lennon's "Serve Yourself" on Mother's Day

Christian Board Game, Patent App, roll 666 and go to hell

March for Uninsured Americans? Can we make this happen? Link

Stage Set Earlier for Life on Earth

CWD infected deer served at banquet

CSPAN Monday 5/9 - 3 hours dedicated to HIV/AIDS policy.

Gay Marriage Divides Canada's Anglicans

Gay Foes Seek Lawyer Fees For Fighting Same-Sex Marriage

What if there were a Federal Civil Union Law?

It looks like the Red Sox put on their hitting shoes today.

Reflections of an Orioles fan

Wade Miller makes his first Boston start tonight

red sox fans check in... anyone up for a sox fan group?

*NEW* foster kitten pics-need your opinions (dialup warning)

New foster kittens (pics)

May 8th New Moon ACG maps

Everyone see this???

Happy Mother's Day

So, what the hell is going on in Massachusetts?

what's going on with Kerry's arse in this pic ?

So I'm sitting at home when I see these three youths run by my window

Building a Template for Contests - Help me ( and successors) do it right

I am so bummed

Hey, Clark2008, guess what?...

Terrible, terrible nightmare last night whose contents I must impart!!

Meet Snap.


Alterman raises a question for fellow liberals

John Conyers interview on Stephanie Miller show

Reno, NV protestors don't want to be fodder in Bush's wars!

RawStory tease: Congressman Ney Questioned On Gambling Winnings

Reid blasts Hatch, tries to reassure Utah Dems

Walmart's personal response to me regarding emergency contraception

It's Official

Shouldn't tax exempt status be forfeit along with wall between church and

A hymn for a Sunday

Engaging Kids in Society ...Happy Mothers Day

Now PBS talking of how the gov. always wants more power -no matter

What is Dean doing now for the DNC?

Anti-Bush Protest pics from the Netherlands-8000 attended-Where's the MSM!

Does "little Emperor" really think anyone cares what he thinks, anymore?

I am set up to give $15/month to the DNC, thru credit card auto-billing

Anyone seen a Russian response to Bush's Yalta Conference comments?

Ex-aide's trial could tarnish Sen. Clinton

US Politial Prisoner still imprisoned 30 years later

We are now capturing the top aides of top aides???

Five filibusters conservatives wish you would forget

Former CIA guy is on MTP painting a pretty bleak picture

The scores are a little closer-but it is still Globetrotters vs. Generals.

Just watch this

This is your leader ?

Is the IRS going to take away that Baptist church's tax exempt status?

Let's not forget the injuries. Here's 1 thing we should frame differently

Challenge to the democrats here

They REALLY did catch AL-LIBBI, but kept it a SECRET??

The "Global Gag" Bush declines AIDS funds to countries that provide

What about Hillary and Clark?

Do you find this funny?

Meet The Press Now....

Sunday Talk Show help

Which DEMS are defending FDR??

Why FDR leaving the USSR alone actually helped the U.S.

Bolton has asked for resumes for people he will work with at the UN-so

Take a look at the next President and Vice President of the United States

Quesiton about death's in WWII

The Plot Against FDR:A Model For Bush's `Chile Model' Today

Maybe it's me, but Hillary Clinton isn't planning on running for President

I don't think Hillary will run for Pres.

Dukakis for 2008! Why not? Think about it.

John Edwards is a superior choice over Clark for '08

Sex Crazed Republicans

Stop Worshipping Kucinich

Name some Pres. Candidates for 2008 that are governors

Why * is so anxious to condemn FDR and the Yalta Agreement

Party-Line Bolton Approval Expected

Do something

Senate Voting Record Chart. Boxer and Harkin tied for first.

DNC: Abramoff "bragged about placing his employees into Bush Admin. jobs"

Netherlands: Bush "the cause of world agony, feeding fear and anger"

Al-Libbi "was never more than a regional facilitator" - US is mistaken

Abe Lincoln feared crisis "where corporations enthroned, wealth concentrate...

CNN now- Fraud of No Child Left Behind policy of Dr. Paige

Can we start a "GOD hate the Phelps" protesting group...

Are Iraqis dying mostly for the American dollar ?

Why do people vote down stories about American casualties?

Swifties beam their message into Iran & announce a Philly-to-DC march.

Now we know....bloggers are unethical.

Wondering if the concept of the Rapture is a MIHOP situation

Juan Cole: 'Iraq is a failed state'

Wackiest quote ever?

Let's Beat The Media (Warning: Positive Thread Title- may be ignored)

The dilemma for Democrats...

Hagel on Judges: GOP Has Dirty Hands

Revolution NOW!!! Paper ballots NOW!! Hand counts NOW!!!

How accessable is your US Representative?

Do Republicans have as many primary candidates as Democrats?

Society of Professional Journalists - Code of Ethics

The Only Thing Worse Than Liquid Pig Manure....

Schroen on MTP backs Kerry on Tora Bora/ Video

Who is paying these consultants to demonize Iran????

Bush's College Prof remembers him hating FDR, New Deal, SEC, FTC

Bush MBA?? Where the Hell is our Profit?? All Companies,etc, make a profit

*'s 'taxcut/SS reform' plan is Greenscam II: Trade guru Prof Ravi Batra's new book

What has Douglas Feith Done Wrong? Everything.

Bush is an idiot. Cherry Picking the truth with comments on FDR.

New here, but...

How long before the next Kent State?

John Edwards on Mary Beth Cahill

Report from this DUer who attended Waynesville, NC Baptist church today:

Kucinich's letter to editor of Cleveland Plain Deceiver fishwrapper 5/8/05

What Group Is Most Likely To Be Scapegoated By The Right In 2006?

Fox is selling another war - Target Iran

Guys, help me out here...

"Top 10 Gutsy Politicos/Moves of the Week Award"--if you like

Why it is plain wrong to post against other DUers choices for candidates.

John Conyers & Louise Slaughter in on-line chat -- Tuesday, May 10, 3-4 ET

Will this trip abroad help Bush's poll numbers ?

Clark was not considered a "real" Democrat by many....

On-Line Petition for UK Memo Investigation - Keep kicked

Do you want the DNC primaries to use instant runoff voting ballots