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Archives: May 6, 2005

Christians assume persecution complex

Polly Toynbee (Guardian Utd): Tony Blair alone bears the blame

Redbud Protesters Act Again (Cornell)

Protesters rally against COE's discriminatory acts (U Oregon)

Former U.S. soldiers praise Canada's stance on war, ask for help

In honor of Pat Robertson I say fundamentalist more dangerous

DeLay tries to be humble, Dean says no foxes watching henhouses.

Dark Alley + This Guy? No thanks..

Will anyone hold Rush responsible for his influence on buying SUVs?

HELP! Need info on filibustered judges...

Father of British soilder killed in Iraq giving excellent speech

Dems Excommunicated! LINK to the E. Waynesville Baptist Church Video.

Is the Southern Baptist Convention a cult?

Democratic dating

Riot in Richmond, CA

Not trying to be insensitive to someone's faith

Protest over bullets supplied to U.S. army overshadows SNC-Lavalin ...

Police arrest at least two dozen in Uzbekistan protest

D.A.'s office to probe Santorum tax break

AP: Poll: Most Want No Social Security Cuts (70 Pct)

Sudanese prosecutor demand death for editor of suspended newspaper

Respect Party's George Galloway Wins Seat in U.K. Election

Talk of Quayle run for office heats up

U.S. Cites Signs of Korean Steps to Nuclear Test

International court hears anti-war claims

Time to vote!

Get this, my roomates are at a Trooper concert!

Today I went to the Jackie Kennedy exhibit...

Bela Lugosi's Dead

Just gotta say...

The shittiest band you've ever seen?

Family Guy Episode 1 Newest Season pics

gay single sites are so funny...

Any lawyers in the Lounge?

I'm going to see U2 in concert on Monday!

Who here likes Bruce Springsteen?

Favorite Vegetable?

There was yet another bomb scare near my office today

Guess who is with Tony Blair in this picture.

"Fortress Investment Group LLC" now owns Jackson's Beatles catalog...


Question about TiVo. Can I skip the commercials?

BARF! Academy of Country Music Awards...

You know, when you're drunk - it's just fun to talk in accents

How Smart Are You? Take This 11-Question Quiz --

One word posts -- Free Association

You Too can Be a Cardinals Fan

O.K. Royals / Rockies World Series 2005...Discuss

Drummers in Golden Gate Park

I found a video of the Daily Show with the infamous horse comments!

DFA Pittsburgh gets DA to investigate Santorum's home tax break.

A quote from the Federalist Papers #4

If we impeach bush what does that mean?

Disrupting the war effort without breaking the law

Religious right would kill to stop safe sex (HPV Vaccine)

What the American Civil War can inform us about Iraq

Alaska's Burning Heart

WashTimes: A dubious budget blueprint

People and Political Class Are One:Neither Wants To Face The Future

Meanwhile, in California..

NYT: The Bedfellow Disclosure Bill (K Street lobbying)

Stuff happens and we're not responsible (Tillman and Military Crimes)

Where Are The Good Christians? Great Mark Morford

H-1B: Patriotic or treasonous?

I Hope This Guy is Right

Knight-RidderBritish Memo indicates Bush made intelligence fit Iraq policy

Iraq instability threatens Turkey - By Scott Taylor

Col. David Hackworth dies from cancer [Agent Orange?]

Podhoretz: Dead man Walkin'

War Really Sucks.

History shows this drive to the east could bring disaster

How long can Bush spin big lies into truth on Iraq war? :ANDREW GREELEY

Robin Cook (Guardian Utd): Blair must step down sooner rather than later

Naomi Klein - How to End the War

Limited progress on nonproliferation (Schorr / ChrSciMon)

Iraqi Women Under US Occupation

Molly Ivins: So stupid, it's painful

Founders rightly feared majoritarian tyranny (Boaz:Cato)

Hatching A New Filibuster Precedent (John Dean)

Karpinski Busted Back for Abu Ghraib, Right? Wrong

Democratic Suicide CBSNEWS.COM

Jeremy Seabrook (Guardian): We dodged the real issue

The Enemy is Nature

Robert McNamara - Apocalypse Soon

Help Free Ilguilas Weila, Anti-slavery Activist!

Does anyone here do GOTV in an Election Day Registration state?

Protesters Don't Want Minutemen In San Diego

Another Bush Wife Reference to Desperate Housewives (Today Show)

"spreading capitalism will bring down the price of oil"

Union announces possible strike against CSU

Beverly Hilton Signs Labor Contract

Teachers Vote to Extend Work Action (Berkeley)

Tip to Ford & GM: your problems aren't with healthcare costs...

What would happen if the U.S. were to cancel its debt?

Guinn for, Reid against new roadless rule

Oil Spills Plague Mexico's Aging Pipeline System - Reuters

Growing Croc Numbers Close Oz Park Swimming Holes To Tourists - Reuters

World Bank Launches Internal Investigation Into Cambodian Logging Fiasco

Massive Sewage Spill Near Elizabeth City, NC

Borneo Tribes Offer Insight Into Urban Life - It Sucks - AFP

"Mining Gone Wild" -- animated cartoon

Sydney Water Crisis Intensifies - Reuters

U.N. Nuclear Chief Foresees Curbs on Fuel

Poachers kill (all) protected tigers: official

Terrorist act thwarted in Grozny

Are yo doing your part for Homeland Security?

Putin - what is he? News just said he said "the fall of S U a catastrophe"

Foreign Lending Institutions to have greater say in russias banking sector

Venezuela Arms Buys Irk U.S. Officials

Does Israel want peace?

Fatah beats out a strong Hamas in municipal elections

Soothing rhetoric - scary reality

Hamas Emerging As Strong Political Force

BBC - Fatah 'ahead' in Palestinian poll

Corries add plaintiffs in case against Caterpillar, Inc.

FBI Tells 911 Rescue Worker to ’Shut Up’ Over Finding Airplane "Black Boxe

Reminder - cspan2 book tv tomorrow re-airing Griffin's U.Wis Talk

The Franklin Affair and the Terror Enigma

What hit the Pentagon-- is this really a 757 landing gear?

You won't believe this one. Kerry/Dem voters have been....


Nevada committees take up election reform

" Hundreds Wiped Off Voter Rolls in GB"

Which is closest to the TRUE result?

Voting Machines in CT discussed on 99.9 & 99.1 Sunday 5/8/05

Resigned EAC Commissioner Soaries on Hardball Tonight - 7 PM ET

(IO) ...Hopes to keep voting precinct (The Deprecinctification of America)

Brit Broadcasters hail success of joint exit poll

AZ is getting ready for next year's elections ...

Great report from Nashville!

Week in paradise auction for Andy ends at midnight tonight...

Karl Schwarz to run for president in 2008 !?!?!?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Friday

Putin Blasts U.S. On 'Democracy' (Questions 2000 Election)

10 Steps to Better Elections-Our electoral system in tatters (Sierra Club)

E&P: TMS won't syndicate Koehler's "Stolen Election" column

13, 000(?) National Non-responders; 70,000 (?) State Non-Responders

THE BRAD SHOW: This Weeks Lineup!

Cook County (Chicago) inches away from Diebold optiscan

Action Alert From VelvetRevolution and VoteTrustUSA

Peace Patriot --- Because this Post deserves its own thread


DOCUMENTED: "Went to vote for Kerry and Bush popped up immediately"

Hardball: Interview with former EAC Commissioner Soaries - (VIDEO)

$45m (Diebold?) contract flying under radar in Cook County, Ohio


Dump Diebold! Action alert

Judge rules Teacher's Fund ( STRS) is owed $ 500 million-

California Daily Ledger

Los Angeles Times (May 6):Governor Hasn't Been a Border Activist

California religious leaders, please respond to this letter to Arnold

Alan Bersin, new California Education Secretary

Mainstreet Moms: Maria--time for a pillow talk with Ahnuld!

California to ban hunting over Internet

Chevron Doubles Down On LNG Bet (Arnold)

If you support the separation of church and state

From Hotline's Wake Up Call....Vilsack's Presidential Numbers

Does anyone here remember the Leclair minister,

Anyone else involved in a prop 2.5 override campaign this year?

Task Force:Senator Kerry's Remarks on Marriage Equality Wrong &Mistake

Greeting from the encampent at the U of M

Some good things happened in the health care area this week

Cracking down? Gay sash-wearers denied Communion (Pioneer Press)

Worshipful rally for a moral state budget - May 7, 11 am

How can I access a USB device (scanner) on a home network?

Help! What can I do about

I'm going crazy with this shit. Help!

Laptop video problem.

Texans - can you recommend auto insurance companies there?

The Scandalman

Just took Texas Zogby poll

Breaking: Rep. Joe Moreno killed in car crash last night.

Save America Without DeLay Fun Family Festival Sat., 5/14

8 repig state senators received more in expense checks than minimum wagers

Call Walgreen's and cancel your prescrip

Tornado Warning - east of Oshkosh

Pharmacist Refusal Rally from Planned Parenthood...

More school strangling legislation from that moran, Lasee

Ron Kind's (D-WI) form email reply to me re his bankruptcy vote

(Brown County) Mental health center funding at risk.

When did it become the media's job to fight your battles for you?

BARF! Academy of Country Music Awards...

A short politcal history in pictures - total silliness

Iraq is the new Afghanistan

MA Democrat boycotts state convention because they are too liberal....

Dealing with the ID cards

Suicide car bomber rams bus, kills 7 Iraqi police

I've got a new nickname for Chimpy...

I don't know about you but...

There is no justice....

The UN is already in Iraq--they just don't have any say about anything

"Mr Blair, this defeat is for Iraq"

Netherlands faces mass shortage of top expats

Does the US have large

Now for an even newer world order


Ford, GM No Better Than Junk (credit rating cut)

Call me useless, but I can't find that recent article! PLEASE help this

Who the heck was that obnoxious Jiminy Glick person

April Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment Rate Predictions

when Rush marries Daryn, the absorption of the media will be complete

What does Bright Eyes say at the end of the "Tonight Show" peformance?

when bush goes down, it will be GLORIOUS

"How many people have to die before the public realizes

Greedy CEO's

Summary results of the UK election 2005

Hey, everybody. Are you all enjoying Freeper Friday on C-SPAN?

Who here suspects,like me, the Energy Task Force was a cover

Error Found In Governor's Redistricting Event


What do our Overlords have in store for us over the next few months?

The Bush administration's policies in a nutshell:

Man arrested for "defacing" Virgin Mary roadside stain

Oh, Shit: CIA set to move unit to Denver (Denver Post,, 5/6/05)

The Jews had to wear a star of David

LA Times, Chait: Saving PBS From the GOP (end govt. funding)

3rd term for Tony Blair, how will this effect our precious war?

Outed Spokane Mayor is one INCREDIBLE hypocrite-unbelievable!!

Arrested Coulter Heckler Speaks Out - Good Read!

Pope's path to sainthood

Lynching victim to be exhumed 50 years on

I think the world would be a much more peaceful and prosperous place

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Debate Over Evolution Becomes War of Words

Evolution critic Jonathan Wells

Blessed are the Meek Christians

It Happened on Bush's Watch: "North Korea May Test Nuclear Device"

Springer (AAR) discussing PNAC

AZ - Prop. 200 bouncing new voter sign-ups

More info on the 13 yo that was in the abortion mess (DCF FU again)

The End of Analog TV - midnight Dec. 31, 2006


" "Texas Lawmaker Withdraws Bill for Willie Nelson"

David Hackworth is dead?

FDA Proposes In-Lid Labeling for Eggs

Rawstory: 88 Members of Congress Sign Conyers Letter on Iraq Inquiry

How to End the War

New pentagon effort to build cheaper weapons systems

Bush, Eric Rudolph, and the Culture of Life

Last 24 hours...

Rolling Stone; It's beginning to look a lot like Vietnam

Give Bush a Brain game..

I just got my Immaculate Contraption yesterday.

Church must have enemies or risk downsizing

Is It Time to Call Out the Head of the Southern Baptists??

"Brunch with Bernie Sanders" -- on now with Thom Hartmann

Anyone familiar with how Baptist churches work? Internal mechanics, etc.

Need link to the British docs proving Bush-Blair lied re: WMDs

Judge blocks Maryland sex-ed program

Emily, Jacob Still Most Popular Baby Names; Jacob, Joshua Tops for Twins

A Question for Illinois DU Members

Good job UK voters!

Every Republican I talk to will admit their leaders are corrupt

NPR Story -Religious Schools Train Lawyers for Culture Wars

War Story: 'There were no cats left in my town...'

U.S. troops accused of arming Colombian death squads (Classic LA FP)

Wife no longer works for SWN (fundie internet media)

Do these "excommunications" fit the profile of the witch hunts?

FBI Tells 911 Rescue Worker to ’Shut Up’ Over Finding Airplane "Black Boxe

Getting through to Microsoft

Southern Baptist Annual Meeting in Frist's Home Town - LET'S PROTEST

The Lone Star Iconoclast (Crawford, TX paper) lives up to its name...again

Whoa, where do all Gays come from? Not Gay couples, dats fer sure....

Let's take the leading Scientists in the world and hold them

RadioPower, anyone listening to the Waynesville report? what happened?

Boeing new 787 orders

Response from Walmart regarding activist pharmacists

Is there a stream of Air America that linux can get?

Anyone know documentarties on the religious right?

Conyers & PDA calls for review into secret Iraq war plans.

Married Republican congressman chokes "massage" girl


I think that scientists do not have to defend the Thoery of Evolution

The Central Texas Air Show is on right now...and if ya'll hurry on over

CNN will cover the Baptist church thing next hour on cnn

Bush backs Minority Rights in a democracy

Biker escort for traveling Vietnam War memorial

Ruthless U.S. tactics are propelling Iraq toward civil war

The War on Illegal Immigration is like the "War on Drugs"

Coast to Coast Free! this weekend

It's the Brainwashing, Stupid >

Personally, if my pastor was too conservative, I'd have left beforehand

I need some help

What Do Jimmy Carter, Springsteen, Obama, Kucinich Have In Common?

Cheaper Group Tests Flag Infectious HIV Carriers

"The Memo" being discussed

Keith O. comes through - again. Doing segment on ousted

Is Jerry Falwell the biggest asshole in the universe? Or,is he outclassed

Where is the church that kicked out Dems...

Who's the CEO from "The Apprentice" who said "she's from Iowa"?

Scholars call new Crusade movie ‘rubbish’

Tonights line up on Real Time with Bill Maher

Can You Answer This Question ?

well, it's official now. Bush is a lying pos.

Are there any other United Methodists here?

Did your local paper carry the Bush fixed Iraq intel story?

1797 Treaty of Tripoli..US a Christian Nation?????

THE BRAD SHOW: This Week's Lineup!

The US Is Now Really Just One Gigantic Ponzi Scheme

Listen children to a story that was written long ago

Just checked the "big-3" web sites

Got it, never mind

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Intelligence Whistleblower Fired After Speaking At Event w/ Sibel Edmonds

What is GM's biggest problem?

Waynesville Excommunications: WHY IT's LAME NOT TO ACT

Screw you, Keith Olbermann - credits KOS instead of DU

California's Shepherds: Hard Life

Are there *really* jobs that Americans "don't want to do?"

Coming up on CNN 2pm, Dems thrown out of church for voting Kerry

Ed Schultz is doing the Waynesville story...

David Barton - Know Thy Enemy

Coast to Coast Free! Great interviews this weekend

Yet another handcuffed kid, this one in Cincinnati

Chertoff FloatsTotal Information Awareness, homeland-style.

Here is the response from my "representative" in the house.

Which parties controlled Congress in 1995 and 1999?

Got a letter from Friends of Kerry. Anyone else get one?


Nowhere in the Bible is there anything about the rapture.

Statement of a Bush Supporter: Vet Benefits

Why the administration needs More Dead Iraqis

At Chrysler group, the sun is shining; COO says company isn't a one-hit wo

Friday: Bombers Kill 67 Iraqis

Imagine Having An Election Without Having To Deal With Abortion, Gays,

Anyone know this RW book?

Asheville Citizen Times to have a story on-line (Waynesville church story)

Price for a 1 bedroom CONDO in San Jose, CA? $329,000.

The economy is revving abound

TX repuke (Nixon) tries to get bill passed barring booze @ strip clubs.

How long after Chimp signs the "Real ID" measure till it's ...


A New Style in the DNC...complimentary to McAuliffe and Dean both.

New Tactic Proposal for Dealing with Out of Control Churches

Caption Chimp in Riga

What is terrorism? "Terrorism is just violence you don’t like"

Proposed Oil Drill - Teddy Roosevelt's Nose on Mt. Rushmore!

TX: Have a baby, get a TiVo at Parkland (county hospital)

my report on the latest WLOS story (Waynesville Church)

David Hackworth has died.

so, Jennifer Willbanks was about to marry a "born-again virgin boy"

"Terrorism". Take a quiz?

How many of you would be willing to contribute for a TV AD re: the memo?

Explain to me again..."miserable failure" is Googled

Tweety is covering ELECTION FRAUD at 7 est on MSNBC

Anyone have any info on plans from Michael Moore?

University of Texas Student arrested for insulting Ann Coulter at event


informant plant a computer disk containing the image of a $100 bill?

Republican "family values" problem - all help appreciated.

Bill O'Reilly is Losing Viewers at an Alarming Rate !

Local high school students stage counter-recruiter protest!

Lawyer question in regard to religous discrimination.

The rightwingers are picking up on the story about the NC Church:

Posted in DU Mac groups

LINK: "Church members say they were kicked out for being Democrats"

Is our government modern-day National Socialist?

Dear Internet: Help Free Our Churches

Look out people! MSM is whoring it up again!

Accused Sept. 11 plotter claims he was set up

The Franklin Affair and the Terror Enigma

The excommunication of Democrats in North Carolina!! (link)

What is the difference between "back-owned" and "English-speaking?"

How I *KNOW* bush LIED...

Why is everyone so shocked about the NC purge?

California to ban hunting over Internet

LOL. O'Reilly can't figure out why people on both sides are mad at Laura

This month's issue of Mental_Floss - a keeper

Any time travelers out there?

Surprising editorial in a major newspaper

Strategy/logic in scientists NOT defending evolution in KA debates?

EU takes swipe at Russia in barbed Victory message - WaPo

Why did Murdoch turn his back on Tony Blair ?

Hang Up Or Get Off The Plane

It's been a while: Daily Show Appreciation Thread

Zero Google News Search Results for "East Waynesville Baptist Church"

This Image Cheers Me Up Somehow >>>

Church and state-founding fathers

Hispanic Man Dies in Wood Chipper, Racist Freepers Laugh

National Health care-would it help business like GM and other big business

If human embryos were cloned and made available

Olbermann's going with Waynesville Baptist Church excommunication story

Who can give me some advice on how to blast the media?

Look also at Porter Baptist, Ky, 'Men's Night Out' = Military Recruitment

Immigration from the Americas: What is to be done?

I think I figured out why religion dominates the media now.

What is Phreaking?

Lawyers in the name of Jesus

Do we absolutely need a President?

Deare Mistur Limbog

Did I just hear Garofolo give DU props?..................

"Handiphobia" Leading Cause of Euthanasia

Harry Reid told the world what half of America knows ("Loser")

I thought everyone could use a laugh

I like this Bright Eyes kid.

Am I A Hypocrite?

Targeting the poster child for war profiteering -- help needed!

When people ask " Where is the outrage"?, I think the reason is that

Anyone e-mail Dean about NC Mosque?

We can't ignore that our nation is based on Christianity — not science."

Scary thought on national ID

2002 Census of Agriculture reveals facts on Asian-American farmers


I've placed a KBCO cd in nonpolitical forums for sale re Andy S

Legal beagles: How far can a repug boss go?

Audioslave concert tonite - Havana, Cuba. Castro to attend w/50,000 Cubans

Drove behind this "lovely" (note saracasm) bumper sticker today...

Blast from the past: Selko's Rant

This was in my inbox tonight

Week in paradise auction for Andy ends at midnight tonight...

self delete/dupe

Making "Pulpit Politics" legal and tax exempt...WTF?!

It would not matter if Bush was directly implicated in causing 9/11 .

A victory for Tivo and DVRs - Court yanks down FCC's Broadcast Flag!

MANDATORY MALLOY: Friday Truthseeker Round Up

Would Rove allow this?

Keith Olbermann is about to report on the church in East Waynesville, NC!

North Carolina Church thing could be a tipping point.

Virgin Mary: Round 2- She's baaaaaaack.

They are burying this on yahoo news, please help vote it up

How long do you think it will take before Americans are 'rendered'

May 6th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$167,918,867,492

For Our Own Good: Take an Oath to Respect Religious Privacy!!!

Shiavo Spectacle to Presidential Milking of a MALE Horse.

1000's of channels of Garbage on the Boob Tube.

John Mason, born-again virgin.

A republican take on the released Memo.

The revolution starts when ? ....

The East Waynesville Baptist Church's Ten Commandments


So,what's wrong with Estonia and Lithuania?

A MASSIVE rally in Waynesville should be planned ASAP!

India Bans Monsanto GM Cotton Seeds

(alleged) Virgin Mary 'image' defaced (man writes "Big Lie")

TaskForce Calls Sen. Kerry's Remarks on Marriage Equality "wrong, mistake"

sometimes I hate Lou Dobbs, sometimes I love Lou Dobbs


Been Thinking About This Church In NC. Not To Excuse The Church

A huge thank you!

Remember when the popular image of "Jesus" belonged to the Left?

Send British Leaked Memo To Everyone You Know - I Did

The NC church incident makes my town's local news

What Is This About "Liberals Hate The Founding Fathers?"

So "special interests" screwed us over once again...

Sekhmet: What Ancient Egyptian Myths Teach Us About America TODAY!

Question: If You Are Going To Believe In A Supernatural, Why Only One?

IT is all making sense now

What's next after the Laura Bush Comedy Show that was such a hit

The Theory of Relativity should be removed from Physics Textbooks

The coolest link: 10 X 10


Send a LTTE to the Waynesville NC Newspaper

CNN: "Political Views Empty Pews" at NC Church - (VIDEO CLIP)


The disease that has brought down GM is the same one that is going to

A New Memo-gate? Knight Ridder Covers Leaked British Document That Dispute

Exit polls do work.... just not in the USA

Chan Chandler - Waynesville Baptist Church - Bio???

Mother's call gets son in hot water

Why would any self-respecting God want to be worshipped?

Yahoo story on excommunicated dems , please Recommend it

White House request to remove tress costs Springfield, IL $17,000.00. . .

Open Letter to DU Community

Why are we the only "civilized" country that still has the death penalty

Olbermann: "Democrats in Exile" at NC Church - (VIDEO)

Progressive religion here: (link)

Latin America In Revolt For 1st Time Since Cuban Revolution Says Tariq Ali

Bill Maher, coming up, 10pmCT. (HBO) nt

Gee, look at that... Brit Broadcasters hail success of joint exit poll

A way to change the debate on pharmcists and the Pill (Rant)

HOT DAMN! Look at all these signatures! (Conyers and the Bush/Blair memo)

Garafalo on NOW.....NOW

Reminder - cspan2 book tv tomorrow re-airing Griffin's U.Wis Talk

Using the Book of Revelation to sow Hate and Division...

I just finished watching BBC Newsnight on C-Span: it's actual news!

Democratic Church Purge Part II: Action (East Waynesville Baptist Church)

East Waynesville Baptist Church ... manna from above

When will all those Shunned by the JWs come forth for their 7 step

GA teacher fired for failing student

Am I correct? This is racism, right?

Personalities aside - We DU'ers can unite around THIS!!! (we NEED to)

The lessons of Toyota's rise and GM's demise.

"Gays/women/choice/faith cost us the election!!!"

FOUND: Absolutely the most STUPID TOY EVER! A Cluster Bomb Model!

Will ya just LOOKIT the DARN GOOD PROGRESS in Iraq since them thar

THIS KEEPS GETTING BETTER - Bolton, Negroponte and Hayden

DU MEDIA ACTIVISTS: I'm gonna need your help in a bit

Check Out These Great Shots From The May Day Peace Rally In NYC!!!

So we sent troops to Somalia this week

Church (NOT religion), small towns, and politics. Consider the following,

Terror suspect gets/refuses * dinner invitation

Two Years

It is time to declare war against the RW

Travel to Nigeria (Lagos and Warri)?

I just heard Rush "pigboy" just got married.

Right-wing website says leaked British document a fake !

Bush to F**K the troops again

Always question your healthcare

Need help finding a soldier to give a hat to

Crystal meth is some evil bad shit.

The guys from the Taliban who blew up the Buddha statues are heroes.

The Hard Right rears it's ugly head

Dead bugs used to make yogurt.

Spies among us.

Left wing Catholics ... how do we take our church back?

Being Gay is a lifestyle choice??? I'll tell you a lifestyle choice

Did you ever hear of al Qaeda before 09/11/01?

Bush just said that the United States defeated Nazism.

My 1,000th post is dedicated to... Andy!

HEADS UP: Press release on Blair/Bush secret memo

Thinking out loud -- help me work this out?

"Concerned women" hail AG Gonzales' Task force on Pornography

Book TV Schedule This Weekend May 7 – 9 CSPAN2

Mayor of Spokane is in big trouble, sex with boy scouts

Abu Ghraib - One Year Later and No Accountability

Tara Jacoby of the Manhattan Institute made good points on immigration

Man Gets 26 Years To Life For Cheating On Driver's License Test!

For Andy - we ain’t done yet - Pass the word & remember ...


I bought the domain name for that Baptist Church in Ashville...

Wall St. Journal calls Wes Clark "goofball general" for comments on Iraq

Scalia Slams 'Living Constitution'

Why has this SMOKING GUN Memo story not been picked up by majors!!!!

Potatoes made in heaven - brought to you by Cook's Illustrated

How to Roast a Pig

Baked tortillas

Okay, I bought the Kitchenaid Stand mixer. Did I make a mistake?

Hey, check out our new nickel!

Great Canadian Political Insults

New postal vote safeguards urged


George Galloway's acceptance speech

Gilchrist out as fire union boss

How big is Blair's majority actually?

Northern Ireland: UUP could be wiped out

Labour loosers

BBC Newsnight hints - Tony Blair to stand down in 18 months?

Robin Cook (Guardian Utd): Blair must step down sooner rather than later

Michael Howard standing down

What does the Blair victory mean?

Guardian Utd (Friday): The New Cabinet

What are your reflections on the General Election result?

Blunkett returns in new Cabinet

Do you guys support Proportional Representation in the UK?

HA HA HA! Kilroy-Silk gets his orange ass kicked!

Did you get a surprise?

Iraq and Afghanistan weaken the USA's defensive capacity

Russia's former nuclear power minister arrested in Switzerland for money-l

Voinovich yet to meet Bolton,air concerns (Wash.Times,for what it's worth)

BBC: US renews sanctions on Damascus

Russia Rebukes Bush on Remark

Protesters at ceremony honoring Schiavo judge

14 executed Iraqis found in Baghdad

Taliban making its way back in Afghanistan

Blast walls go up against car bombs Iraq insurgents hit back with bomb be

N.Korea nukes, Japan's past haunt Asia-Europe talks

In Pacific Islands, Mixed Feelings About a Lobbyist's Work

Army Pilot Pleads Guilty, Says He Was Showing off Before Fatal Helicopter

Lobbyist had close contact with Bush team

Pop-culture blitz worries U.S. moms

Guardian Utd (Friday): Howard to stand down as Tory leader

Mortar attack targets US-Iraqi military checkpoint in Fallujah

Blair's Labour party losing -46 MP

North Korea May Test Nuclear Device

Bush opens U.S. forests

NYT: States and Employers Duel Over Health Care

Bush's proposal on class sizes defeated

(alleged) Virgin Mary 'image' defaced (man writes "Big Lie")

Untouched national forests lose Clinton-era protections

$100m fraud inquiry in Iraq

NYT,pg1: Facing ($3.3B) Surplus, NYC Mayor Plans to Spread It Around

Adams retains West Belfast seat

Freedom Tower redesign

Howard will stand down as leader: BBC

Tropical islanders getting hooked on washed-up cocaine

Kremlin fury at US demand over Baltic wartime pact

Howard will stand down as leader

U.S. troops accused of arming Colombian death squads

Church heads expel patriarch over sale of land to settlers

UN sexual allegations double

DPP criticised over Omagh charges

Five Sadr supporters wounded in Iraq demo (police open fire)

12 bodies found in Baghdad

Forest roadless rule reversed

Base closure panel airs concern

Mayor James E. West, Spokane, accused of molesting boys

NYT,pg1: Iraq's Violence Sweeps Away All the Norms

Security tight in Dutch towns ahead of President Bush’s visit

For Bush, a Europe tour with tricky terrain - (Great protest poster photo)

Mortar attack targets US-Iraqi military checkpoint in Fallujah

Measure would prevent talk of ethics complaints (Alaska)

Militants Order Australia to Withdraw (from Iraq)

GM, Ford Credit Ratings Downgraded to 'Junk' Status


Coming up on CNN 2pm, Dems thrown out of church for voting Kerry

Broadcasters hail success of joint (EXIT) poll

Court Blocks TV Anti-Piracy Tech Rules

Loudoun Caregiver Charged With Neglecting Children

'Black Thursday' for Corporate Bonds After S&P Cuts GM, Ford to Junk

BBC (Friday): UUP leader Trimble loses Upper Bann seat

Suicide Car Bombs Explode in Iraq; 25 Die

Toyota, Nissan, Asia Automakers Grab Record US Share In April

SeattlePI -- CEO: Microsoft to support gay-rights bill

PM faces third term at the mercy of the Labour left

Senator Chaffee supports Social Security Plan

12 bodies found buried at Baghdad dump (+ car bomb kills 14 Fri)

Spokane Mayor Denies Abusing Kids

Ceremony for Schiavo Case Judge Protested

WP: Some Kansas Board Members Skipped Readings

Rolling Stone: The Quagmire - It's beginning to look a lot like Vietnam

Australian's captors set 72-hour ultimatum for Iraq pullout: TV

MSNBC - Iraq death toll tops 270 in 9 days -


Peace Activist Returns From Iraq (Iraqis fear American soldiers)

NYT: Ulster Vote Seen as a Victory for Hard-Liners on Both Sides

Voters' Slap Likely to Limit Tony Blair (prevent him from supporting *Co)

Britons ready to 'move on' from Iraq: Blair

Two Former Aides to DeLay Paved Way for Lobby Deal

Bolivian Lower House Approves Bill on Higher Oil and Gas Taxes

CIA Plans to Shift Work to Denver, Domestic Division Would Be Moved

Israeli linked to AIPAC probe to leave post

CBS News: Putin Blasts U.S. on 'Democracy'

Bush trip a tough diplomatic test (we all know how good he does on tests)

Judge Rules Against 13 in Elian Raid Suit

A Daily Look at Military Deaths in Iraq

Health care laundry workers ready to strike (Angelica)

Religious right would kill to stop safe sex

Appeals court decertifies nationwide class in tobacco litigation

Negroponte Moving to Set Up Intelligence

IACHR expresses concern over the situation of Yvon Neptune

In a Reverse, Microsoft Says It Supports Gay Rights Bill

WP: House Panel Receives Detailed Spending Plan for '06 (Environment Axed)

Three out of four Iraqis say Islam should be source of law

Pentagon moves to sell Pakistan anti-ship missiles

Poachers kill protected tigers: official (All of them)

WP,pg1: Montgomery County, Md., Blindsided Over Sex-Ed

City feels misled about security needs for presidential visit(Springfield)

Microsoft reverses decision on support for HB1515...

Canadian soldiers likely bound for Sudan

Rell's ethics chief faces ethics complaint

WP: Critics Fault Medicare Handbook ("sows confusion" for seniors)

58 Die in Car Bombing at Iraqi Market

Virginia Governor Orders Review of 150 DNA Cases by Crime Lab

Suspected Maoists kill top Hindu leader in Nepal (Reuters)

Senator Says He Could End MTBE Shielding

Bolton Warnings From Both Parties -CBS

WP: To the Dismay of Local Sunnis, Shiites Arrive to Police Ramadi

NYT: Security Costs Could Shut Some A-Bomb Labs, Experts Warn

Brazilian Workers Resume Rally for Land Reform

CNN: Shock Win For Labour Iraq Rebel

Troops Raid Hospital and Seal Off City in Hunt For Terror Chief

Iraqi general killed in 'triangle of death' (drive-by)

Three Teens Receive Life Sentence for Killing Boy Lured to His Death

Judge Rules Against 13 People in Lawsuit Over Elian Gonzalez Raid

WP,pg1: Boom Times For Federal Contractors

Evolution Isn't a Natural Selection Here Kansas)

Catholic school ends speaking invitation to Kansas(pro-choice)governor

APRIL 2005: Nonfarm payroll employment increased by 274,000 Founder Eyes Journalism (quotes Hunter Thompson)

In Dispute Over Nuclear Disarmament, Egypt Keeps Treaty Conference Stalled

US 'probes Zarqawi hospital visit'

State Dept. Defends Prison Abuse Response

Colorado Official to Leave for Iraq Duty (50 yr old State Treasurer)

Iraq Qaeda vows to avenge Iraqi shot by Marine-Web

NYT/Reuters: Jobs growth surprisingly robust in April

NYT: Earth Has Become Brighter, but No One Sure Why (accelerates warming?)

Hillary Clinton Leads Among Democratic Presidential Hopefuls

Lesson in Politics: Reid calls president 'loser'

Senior Al Qaeda Leader's Notebook Seized

Pharmacist Refuses To Fill Prescriptions For Moral Reasons

Appeals Court, Without Opinion, Affirms Dismissal of Sibel Edmonds’ Case

North Carolina church EXCOMMUNICATES all Democrats!!!

Information sought on Focus on Family political spending

McCain wants Kerry to stop looking ahead

Reid Says He Doesn't Intend to Filibuster

Kerry criticizes Mass. Democrats for gay marriage support

U.N.'s ElBaradei warns of nuclear apocalypse

Terror Suspect Gets Bush Fundraiser Invite

St. Cloud freezer factory plans more layoffs

United: Striking workers may be fired

Court Reinstates Calif. Dog Mauling Ruling

Editor of Catholic magazine sacked by the Vatican


US Defense Budget Will Equal Rest of Worlds Combined "Within 12 Months"

Dems Booted From N.C. Church Over Politics

Karpinski Busted Back For Abu Ghraib, Right? Wrong.

88 Members of Congress Call on Bush For Answers On Secret Iraq Plan

Student Suspended for Call to Mom in Iraq

Court won't reinstate suit against FBI (Sibel Edmonds)

H.R. 235 would allow pastors to endorse candidates& retain 501c3 status:

Inmate dies in Jefferson Parish prison (taser)

Terror Suspect Gets Bush Fundraiser Invite

Blair ‘was forced’ to support Bush’s war

Knight Ridder: Memo: Bush made intel fit Iraq policy

New product to keep you awake.

Timothy Leary's Dead

RIP Andreas Lemmens - Videotroopers NL

Another Nutball Poll - Blankets

Weblogs (comic)

Hey who here left a small town right after High School?


Daily Show with Tom Ridge

The Colbert Report.

I found it! - Muddy Waters, Mannish boy - the less popular version

dammit. I passed 400 and didn't notice.

I fell like I'm 155 and help?

What dictator are you?

My teeth hurt.

I've been watching/commenting on the election for the last 10 hours

Athena. I had no idea how much I need her.

Quite possibly the funniest single comic strip I've ever read.

Surfin the net with Jesus???

I hate Red Hot dateline commercials.

You with the sad eyes....

Do indecisive people ever grow out of it?

Okay, west coast, it's nearly midnight.

"I've never done one of anything."

Anyone else's pets going NUTS tonight?

Fine, here's who I really am!

I just got home from the post-op and so far, so good.

Be careful....2nd time I received this in a month

Unintentionally Funny Asian Studies Logo from Brazil

I'm sorry...but most people look silly in hats

Friday toon (5/6) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!

Tomorrow is my first anniversary of being together with my bf

Burglar Found Asleep In Stolen Car - Arrested

Carjack suspect arrested after reporting "his" car stolen

MatcomNews Update: Man Who Found Finger In Custard Refuses To Return It

I just read the most disgusting blog!

What are good Canadian music artists or bands?

woohoo!!! Asian Festival this weekend!!!!!!

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3+3+3: Orlando Hospital Delivers Three Sets Of Triplets In One Day

I'm listening to Metallica's Black album

OK how many DUers can do this

4 Year Old Takes Grandma's Car For Joyride

you're the best... around

Nielsen Ratings for a specific show?

Grizzly Bear Cubs Prompt Lockdown At Elementary School

Cat With Man-Like Genitalia Having Trouble Using Litter Box

What is going on here?

"Whore College" Offers Hands-On Training

anybody here who can translate a little Spanish? . . .

Alien Vs. Predator: Is it worth seeing?

Tropical islanders getting hooked on washed-up cocaine

You can't wave a magic wand. but if you could - what would your wand do?

I want a small trolley in my home, so I can visit the Land of Make Believe

Why Is YOUR Mother The *BEST* Mother?

How do you torment people with an earworm with no lyrics???

ooooooo, pantyhose!!

3-6-9, The Goose Drank Wine

Been gone a few days, what is happening?

Friday morning joke.

Great Bumper Sticker

Is money an acceptable gift for an SO?

Do you know anyone who is transfurred?

Principal punished for showing dead llama photos to kids

Hey, Canadian nickels have BEAVERS on them!

DS1 has stolen matcom from me

Have you ever snubbed someone really hard?

Roadrage - Man Pulls Sword On Other Driver - Slices His Tires

Departure Vs. Landfall (Joseph Conrad)

A True Story!!

I keep reading in articles about "card-carrying liberals"...

Gay DUers: any funny tales about dates as "straight?" (NOT a sex thread)

AAAAAAHHHH Sunbathing.

How much cash should I give for a first communion?

What are you going to do this weekend?

Should we have a pitcher thread?

Star Trek's Ron Moore. A bio. Tells me something.

Am I the only one that thinks all bumper stickers are tacky?

The Beautiful Minds of George and Laura Bush

For Every REAL Navy Seal, At Least 300 CLAIM To Be One

matcom and I are opening a used bookstore! We're SO EXCITED!

ET Awful has my groove and isn't sending her back

If you have Discovery Times channel, a great documentary is coming on

What happened to the Powerpuff Girls?

Looney Tunes fans: HELP!

I have pneumonia

"A Pirate Looks at Fifty" Jimmy Buffett

Has anyone else been contacted about the Kids First Act?

How much does it cost to sleep with the president?

OxyContin abuser & country singer Mindy McCready busted on DWI

Give me release...

Worst. Banner Ad. EVAR!


I couldn't finish my lunch

I missed the 15 millionth post, and then promptly forgot all about it.

The UFO is here!

Jennifer Wilbanks Toast on eBay! Current bid $600

paging curse10

I love it when The Daily Show exposes the ridiculous state of the media.

The Litter Robot -- a new automatic litter box (cat slaves, see this)

Many people have called me a mother something or other before...

ChavezSpeakstheTruth, your package has arrived!

Is * the worst president ever?

yet another stupid f-ing horoscope

Bush praying cartoon

Who's On First for the Next Generation

Penguins engaging in unsafe sex

Student Gets Call From Mom Serving In Iraq - Refuses To Hang Up - Suspende

I drive the #2 lesbian car, my previous was #6....COOL!

3rd row center for Sarah McLachlan tonight!

Between sizes... suggestions?

What are you having for lunch?

Bryan Ferry's son is anti-Blair (PICS)

My Grandma says that no one....

Ex-DUers who were tombstoned, and the DUers who love them

Just saw a woman driving with her baby in her arms...

Settle a disagreement

virgin mary stains

"When you breathe, I want to be the AIR for you!"

Anyone see something like this coming?

have you ever passed up a chance for a concert only to regret it later?

I just pulled my PC out of the shop. Been there 3 days and the assholes

Can any friends of Andy's help give this an extra push...

Hey.. Why not send the soldiers...........

? about Pornography-not a sex thread mods

perfect summation of the massachusetts freeper

stupid generic rip-off names

My post Drought is Over!!!! Who is the most underrated Guitar player ...

What's the official U.S. death toll in Iraq?

Its Gone. Over. Done. Kaput. Bahsta. Ciao. Buh-Bye.

Man Defaced Virgin Mary Image (Underpass Stain) - ARRESTED WTF?

All this talk about Virgin Mary stains...

Whew... Done With Finals!!!!

Hey Yente! Are you still not who you say you are?

Houstonians! I'm meeting XNASA for drinks after work. Want to join us?

I just realized something...I sound like a greedy Witch!

Test your hand eye coordination.


I'm trying to find a photo that was going around about ..........

Another great comic strip from "Alien Loves Predator"

"I see OJ. I see OJ man and he looks a-scared."

Left work early.

I'm going to see Slaid Cleaves tonight

AP: 'Whore College' Offers Hands-On Training (NOT Bush Admin internships)

NY Post has Jennifer Wilbanks story. Why did she run?

Bye! I'm gone to see my Mama! Have a good weekend!

Okay, who left their calculator

Add two words (and two words only) to commence this story!

Bush** arrives in Riga: "When can we go to the beach?"

Millie says "hi"

I just wanted to update everyone re my post yesterday.

(High) School's out!

Friday afternoon comedy in GD. Enjoy it while it lasts!

"Regular" gas pricies in your area

Capri pants on Fenris?

Battle of the Bands: Los Lobos vs. Santana

Favorite French recording artists?

Bush pic on CNN's home page

Hey matcom, do you still have the runs?

Fenris? 14,000 posts? The horror!

You know what Stuart? I like you.

Détestez-vous des repubublicans?

Exceedingly polite callers on Randi Rhodes's show...

{Movie Title} - As God Intended

Has anyone ever won a prize in a contest?

What in Hell's name???

Holy crap, I just tried to light my beer.

annie`s coulters sister????

Love and Peace or Else

Didja hear that?

How did Lynchburg get its name?

"We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee"

Mother's, Happy Day!

"If I had ............ , I sure as hell wouldn't ............... "

My Site Just Got Mentioned in Today's Blog Box - Ask Me Anything


"I love you, Boo, and I love you, too."

Name some of your collectible, rare, hard to find records, CDs or...

I finally rented Hotel Rwanda

I understand the "she's not my mother" sentiment. I really do.

Does the Internet make you dumber?

i haven't laughed at the lounge so hard in a LONG time

So the elections in the UK are over, how would you have voted?

Can you pin down Gordon Campbell?

Runnin' through this business of life

Hey Will Pitt any relation to Brad?

Report: U.S. Foreign Policy Hurting American Students

I feel like completely giving up.

Does drinking make you a macho man?

OH NO! My Blackberry account got HACKED!

Do nachos make you a dinky man?

have YOU got the chops to be a CHAMPION...?

Almost dinner time!

MORAL MAJORITY!! (In honor of that NC dickhead church)

Capri pants on a man?

I love you all. I really do and I hope you know that. :^)

the worst record album covers, with covers this bad imagine what the songs

'Whore College' Offers Hands-On Training

was flannery o'connor a racist?

Not quite ready for a real cat?? Necoro to the rescue..

Next time someone tells you to "haul ass", you better call Estonia


Yea! 900 posts!! And thanks to everyone who was so kind to me yesterday!!

Newspapers 'round the world site...

I just want to see how fast this post stinks.

"Back to back sequels" for Sin City movie

Do you rinse your

Good morning everyone

Pete Townshend's "Lifehouse".

Blast from the past... are you a Flagpole Sitta ?

OK Misunderestimator..go take a nap

Semester OVER! What should I do with my SUMMER VACATION? (evil laugh)

Court Blocks TV Anti-Piracy Tech Rules

mom's sweater doesn't smell like her any more.

Editing to remove name of DUer.. but anyway. I too hope that

Unintentionally Sexual Comic Book Covers

Can you help? Need advice on moving companies

Aren't there any better solutions to changing fingerprints ?

A thread in GD is reporting that Rush Limbaugh just got married

Proof that our civilization is in decline.

Listening to The Beatles Revolver. Ask me anything.

Hey Progmom, do you still have the blahs?

President's graves....

Official DU welcome for BushinBerkley, Scruffbunny, & Bertnernie

I'm listening to the Beatles White ALBUM

If you have DISH satellite network ... and enjoy Free Speech TV..

Bill Maher fest Friday Night. He's on Dinner for Five as well as Real Time


Ferretopolis is complete! Bow down before its glory!

Charlton Heston is My President.

Help, I spilled a glass of wine on my Dish Network

Best Baseball Movie?

The Daisy Puppy is apparently evil. Sorry to say.

Time for Countdown!!!

A Mother's Day Greeting to ALL (this came with beautiful pictures)

Ask me anything. Just saw a preview of "Monster-in-Law"

This will be a tough Mothers Day. Ma died March 28.

Please answer this question for me....

If there's something strange in your neighborhood

What are your DISLIKES

Strong Bad emails - you WILL laugh

Click and Clack (car talk, "The Tapert Brothers") review of the H2. HAHA!

Clark Leaves Race to Have Love Child

I'm looking for a new church family.

I just want to see how fast this post sinks.

Star Trek: Dude, Where's my Starship?


It's a lovely sunny day in Seattle(Renton)....


Bellamy bids for Kentucky honours

Is it possible to place a Kentucky Derby bet on line?

How old were you when you went to....

If there's anything more important than my ego around here...

Hey yvr girl . . . did your groove make it home alright?

Dog Whisperer - Cesar Milan on Nat'l Geographic...

Yay! I've got 100 posts!!

What to grill for mother's day dinner?

"Flue Voicer" is a real job title. Guess what a "Flue Voicer" does.

What does the phrase, "take time to smell the roses" mean to you?

What's for supper?

Why is my paging file in 4,096 fragments?!?


Bacardi Raz tastes mmm mmm good

Who's watching "Drumline" on TNT now ?


I Am Going To Stab The Next Telemarketer In The Balls Who DARES To Call Me

dam my daughters cat just climbed the front

I'm bored, ask me anything.


Instant Karma?

I am so incredibly bored or tired but i really don;'t know which

Imagine a world in which ONLY kids 15 and younger have guns.

the Lounge is so different at this time

"Sweet-Face" & "Pirate"... The two kitties I could not tame

I hit 3,000 posts, all irrelevant. Post here for an irrelevant response.

Everything at AREA 51 is totally under control

Senator Kerry? Senator Kerry? EXCUSE ME, Senator Kerry?

Bacardi Select tastes mmm mmm good

Kiss my griyuts!

For those wondering about the DOG beating/Death threat incident

I just experienced TRUE hell

One of my daughter's friends hung herself last night.

So, would you be willing to pay 5K to save your KITTY's life?

What is this I hear about Andy needing the whole $50k upfront? By Monday?

Wanna Drink? C'Mon in to My Bar!

An actual Item from The Pfister Hotel's bar menu...

skunk alert

the grateful dead

My grandfather has passed away

Amazing picture of invisible kitty in fog! Must see and comment!

Week in paradise auction for Andy ends at midnight tonight...

For the ladies in the Lounge who just want marriage...

Old School David Cross on Comedy Central right now.

What is "The nuclear option" ?

Underaged Bichon

10 posts to 3k...Anyone wanna help?

What is it with all of these kitty postings lately?

Do you have a pet/ pets?

"the connection was refused when attempting to contact..

7 Mary 3 and 4, I'm pulling The Lounge over. I believe them to all be PUI

What it means when you dream about a deceased loved one...

She's Leaving Home

What's your favorite song by your favorite artist?

I miss Oasis

Think yo down wit da hood? Take the N.W.A. test.

the doctor just said

Did you know that you can stay in the Borden house?

paula abdul slept with me!

New products for the Patriotic!!!!!!!!11

It's Archae's Friday night kitty thread!

So much for the fun day. Momcom is in ICU

"pcu" on foxmo dish 133

Yivvers, you get over here this instant!

Then and Now (Yeah, yeah, it's another dang kitty thread.)


ho hum

I've got issues

For those living alone

What happened to High School?


Me in a swimsuit

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

If I was to post a thread, "Rev_Acts Topless" what would happen?


You asked for it, topless Kleeb

How often do you pad just to post your pad count?

DL Topless

Longgrain topless

I got a really nice surprize at work


&%*#&^$*#(&%#&%(*#&)(# Chicago Cubs

I'm bored ... here's some links ...

You know, once you let it get nice and cold...

I, Richard Bruce Cheney, Topless...


Looks like the Yankees are about to lose again

So my Mom calls...

Adlai Stevenson and William Jennings Bryan never felt like this.

CF1982 topless.

Never mind.

Hello fellow Iowans or Iowanians...which is it?


If you saw somebody scratching your new car with a nail, what'd you do?

How pathetic is my DU addiction?

ART....twigs and water Andy Goldsworthy

Interested in Canadian government? Here's what often goes on

Does anyone know how to not be so pissed off all the time?

Does anyone like hot alcohol beverages?

F@ck You Very Much...An Eric Idle tune

Rock band with the best musicians and my pick is:

antigone382 scores another 4.0....!!!!!

is anyone here familiar with Public Allies?

I miss Dupe

Are you a paradoxical freak?

When in doubt: ALERT!

Mr. Belvedere is dead

3000 posts & a birthday.

Are you Felix or Oscar?

Yeah, I'm drunk. But I'm not THAT drunk.

You know you're getting older when...

ok, fella's you gotta see this one. holla back at me on this one.

More Ex-DUers: Return To The Valley Of The Trolls

This is hilarious!

On a website from Holland.

Anyone else picked up a DU nickname based on your screen name?

Rev_Acts topless?

Cat Pictures!!!!!!

State Mottos

Anyone into stained glass? If so, here's a couple pix for you!

The Official "Name Game" Thread

Cat Thread! On 1-10 scale (10 is highest) how finicky is/are your cat(s)?

Who should really be blamed for the state of Star Trek? And Why?

Who are you in this 21st Century Pub called the Lounge?

Where is JimmyJazz?

I'd post a "RandomKoolzip topless" thread, but I haven't taken my shirt

Sipping on Tequila and juice - ask me anything

Conclusive proof that dogs are better than cats

this is just too funny

Please sign Col. Hackworth's Guest Book -- RIP

Time for kitty pix!

Who's THE most famous person you've never met??

Here's my first set of Boston pics!!!! You know you wanna look!!!!

I just saw the movie "Saw". That was a damn good movie

Q: Where can I find historical footage of Fallujah?

Time to post desktops again

Instructions for killing Hotmail ads in Firefox ("adsadclient31.dll")

Post here and condiment me

How many enemies do you have?

What are you doing this weekend?

progmom topless

To the guys (and some of the women), my treat

RetroLounge Topless


Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

I am so fucking weary of being in so much fucking pain all the time.

Your favorite band the almost nobody has ever heard of

Should we have another coloring contest?

Screw politics. Help me find pics of Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke.

I just sucked face with your 10th grade english teacher.

DU Moms - What do we *really* want for Mother's Day?

John Mayer makes me fart.

Best DU cat ever

My wife says she wants nothing for Mother's Day..............

Are YOU ready for Star Wars ?

You're snowbound at a hotel in the mtns in CO and your son is son is ill.

Most fun thing to see on the "You selected:" screen (voting in a DU poll)

What type of dream do you have the most?

Breakfast! How do you like your eggs?

This is my only thread ever with "tetchy" and "belligerent" in the title

***A Child and His Mother Need Your Good Vibes***

In honor of Mother's Day ... (Picture)

Need help finding a soldier to give a hat to

How often do you post just to pad your post count?

My ancestry is undeniably "peasant". What's your's?

DC Area DUers: Mutts Strut 2005

Gorillas in the Mist

Black church ‘dissing’ gays, workshop says

Controversial New Book by Arthur Blech Blames Bible for Anti-Semitism

Lotta stuff about evolution, creationism and intelligent design

New pope key to Vatican’s response to sex-abuse scandal, says Judge Burke

OK bible people

Doing time at the service

Technology Helps Many Women See Alternative to Abortion

Pro-homosexuality curriculum in Md. schools blocked by fed. judge

Beast's real mark devalued to '616'

US bishops urge Congress to evaluate free-trade agreement with moral crite

Protesters hold mock funeral for Medicaid (MO)

New Immigration Law Could Harm Gay Asylum Seekers

Information sought on Focus on Family political spending

Catholics give the finger to Church's demands for Public Relations funds

Federal Court Supports Ex-Gays & Halts Sex Ed Course

Kerry Criticizes Mass. Democrats for Gay Marriage Support

Not much left to say for Last-lace Yanks

"Steinbrenner To Run Giambi In Kentucky Derby" ?!? Has anybody else...

Wizards move on!

When will TORRE quit/be fired?

Damn! Skankees about to climb out of the cellar!

TREVOR TIME!!! Hoffman picks up his 400th save!

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Lorien -- any Klingon Opera singer updates?

Greyhound rescue needs help BADLY

DC area Runner types: Mutts Strut 2005

Electing a Dope

WP: In Kansas, A Sharp Debate on Evolution

To whom?

Shit happens and were not responsible

Baton Rouge "KidsFirst" forum news coverage (AP)

Positive News from the Web site

Oh, this is so nice, makes up for my bad day

Kerry Gets Credit

More Kerry love for Baton Rouge

Carol Moseley Braun gets it

JK and Hillary together at YouthBuild in Boston

I just found this forum, will visit when the GD bashing gets to me

nm didnt work

My daughter's oral presentation about Vietnam was a big success!

You know, you guys rock!

News 5/6/05 Small news piece in little paper called NY Times

Oh Boy, Today's News 5/6/05, Gay Marriage again

More News 5/6/05 John McCain Spews against Kerry

More Bolton dirt

LOL - In case you missed this Kerry Lounge thread from Bush_Eats_Beef

Unscientific Newspaper Poll

Carmel by the Sea

My photography, “Hey it’s is a living” (Large Images)

Rainbow over my house today.

7-year-old spurred to action by Keith's report re evil cartoons

Sportswriters still pining for KO

Abrams - What Kind of Mothers Let Their Sons go to Neverland?

KOEB: 5-6-05 w/newsletter "Prayer Day Ouster"

Hate to be the bearer of bad news

OK, by popular demand, Evil Keith Picture Drawing Contest is postponed!

Anyone else interested in working on this E-MAIL HARVESTING PROJECT?

New Andy Stephenson thread started by merh; please support.

Computer update

KOEB meeting, Friday 5-6-05

Crispini's crime against me. How will I go on?

Tom Ridge on The Daily Show Tonight: Worst Interviewee Ever! But...

Article in the Oxford American magazine on Wesley Clark.

So Much For The Smoking Gun

"Memo hints Bush made Intel fit policy" - front page of Charlotte Observer

Purple finger spin


BREAKING! Health Warning on CNN!

Stalin's political makeover divides Russia

True Majority's new video about U.S. nuclear weapons

Wall Street Journal Publishes New Evidence of DeLay Ethics Violations

Gag ! Wolfie the Womanizer !

Bush hints that his deficits are a huge problem....

Tell your Senators what you think about John Bolton

FCC reply on the horse jerking complaint

House Roll Call on $82B Iraq Spending Bill

Rethugs recruiting generals for Congress (Vermont & Florida)

Bush's Lies

Isn't it about time that someone posts "Bush's credibility" on eBay

Neither the press nor the Democrats know how to report or challenge Bush..

SO -Anyone seen a SINGLE US NEWS STORY on the UK memo yet?

Check out the protest pics from anti-Bush supporters in Europe!!!

"Records: Lobbyist Paid for Ireland Trip"

Conyers talking about Secret War Planning letter on Stephanie Miller NOW.

What new "runaway" press story will distract the masses?

How do you respond to the excommunication of democrats???

Salon: "Ethnic divisions threaten to derail new Iraqi government"

"GOP Retracts Report Dems Call Slanderous"

Study Finds Bunker Buster Bombs Won't Work

Help me out. What does this Steve Bell 'Toon signify?

FL house passes Legislation eliminating Alcohol Without Liquid machines

Rep Ron Kind's (D-WI) form email to me re his bankruptcy vote

Bush doesn't follow the polls....he's going on another foreign trip..

Commercial in Wisconsin regarding Bolton

Michael Moore features Abramoff story: 200 contacts w/Bush administration

The "Environmental President"...Bush removes logging barrier

(Bush) "'leave no tree behind' policy

Sneak Attack (real ID act)

Received a reply from Americans United for Separation of Church

A Little Good News... Just Received This E-Mail.

Anti-gay mayor outed in sting

My reluctent 'Gay Marriage' post

Great Thom Hartmann show today

Catching Up with Carol Moseley Braun

BOLTON – BIDEN WANTS ANSWERS (& documents from Rice)

A friendly reminder of what we're dealing with...

Du this poll CNN on Italy's Reaction to report

US defence budget will equal R.O.World combined "within 12 months"

The Smackdown of Condoleezza’s Agenda Came On The Week

UK memo. How issue evolves will be very telling

Stephanie Miller says the "I" word!

John Gibson (Fox News): Just as Bad as O'Reilly & Hannity!

Paying back the National Debt - A Modest Proposal.

Deficit graph--but leaves out the 180 billion stolen from SS.

CNN reporting at some length on Blair/Bush memo-

DU LAWYERS: Church in N.C.

The Bush attack on the press 3 three components--Secrecy, Lies & Fake news

Pataki Closer To Announcing He Won't Run Again

STRICKLAND To Run For Ohio Governor

Lawmakers introduce homeland security bills

CNN: "Political Views Empty Pews" at NC Church - (VIDEO CLIP)

Lawmaker: Higher purchase card spending limit "inevitable"

Jim Spiri to run against Rep. Heather Wilson (R) in NM

Poll: Clinton, Giuliani top '08 party picks, but polarizing

Dennis Kucinich was against the invasion of Afghanistan.

Calling Air America--The Nation

Putin criticizes how Bush was elected

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