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Archives: May 5, 2005

Bin Laden may be captured soon, reportedly.

Court confirms poll result as thousands flee the country - Togo

President pays a surprise visit to Fiji - TW


For want of a nail...

Get OUT! I just saw a Dallas Strong Mayor TV ad!

So Bush is going to Russia next week

Anybody see MTV's Holocaust show this evening?

I had dinner with unknown freepers tonight...

Why is it big news that Loews will post actual times?

205 hours now of the Frist Filibuster at Princeton.

2nd F-18 pilot's body found, other ID'd. One was the ExO of a squadron

The score, as of the moment, as I see it

"U.S. Can't Account for $100 MILLION Spent in Iraq"

Audioslave to Rock Cuba (May 6)

WOWZAH talk about yer IGNORANT MORAN!!! (Posts to me on msg board)

Do you care if we get Bin Laden? I think it's bigger than

Audioslave to Rock Cuba (May 6)

Police `assault' Chinese farmers

CNN: Evidence Destroyed After Tillman's Death

Bin Laden may be captured soon, reportedly.

U.S. (* Admin) Warns A.F.L.-C.I.O. on Protests About Social Security

Cuba, Venezuela agree to build joint naval shipyard

Tax Receipts Exceed Treasury Predictions

Prominent Gay Microsoft Employee Quits as More Evidence Emerges ...

The Smoking Gun: Another Counter-Coulter Bust

Kent State remembers students killed protesting Vietnam War

School vouchers slow to spread

Once Again, Americans Doing Their Bit for Blair

Hi-De-Ho, Blood, Sweat and Tears.A

Orlando Bloom appears to be an ok bloke.

Guy Just Walkedf In Dressed As A Banana.


I haven't had a job interview in over two years

OK All you commie liberals!

Anybody here ever try "Goose Island Honker's Ale"

scariest costumes!

Mommy's alright. Daddy's alright. They just seem a little weird.

Uh-Oh! Letterman is next to be hit by the FCC

The Pianist

Who saw the original Star Wars when it first came out?

Do you prefer to hurl a load of invective or gush a tsunami of profanity?

Favorite Beck Song?

Absolute top pick number one all time favorite song EVER.

Pat O'Brien is much freakier than i thought


Fun little game.

A Child of Our Time

I'm watching "Down from the Mountain" again.

Tell us about your favorite local food.


Someone owes Dennis an apology for falsification of his letter

CSPAN Schedule Thursday May 5

When fetus/baby becomes more important than Mom's choice

Anyone want to become an expert at ?

ONLY HUMAN: Looking for Sparks of Justice

Navy wants payment for aborting anencephalic fetus (says it was "viable")

Mother's Day a call to peace

Now that's what I call democracy - Simon Schama on UK/US elections

"When Columnists Cry 'Jihad'" -- and my response

Lying to the Mothers - Another Great DAILY HOWLER

"Lessons we've learned - or should have - in Vietnam"

Finding Outrage

How to End the War (follow the bulldozers)

Taking the Bob Out of Bob Jones U.

Durenberger and Mondale issue urgent plea to preserve Senate rules

Pentagon Analyst Arrested

The unholy trinity of electronic snooping: Bolton, Negroponte and Hayden

Practice What You Preach

Global Eye - Ring Them Bells - By Chris Floyd

Ashcraft praises Pat Act...

Real ID [Natl ID} set to pass next wk..

DeLay Tries, Without Much Success, to Duck the Media Pack

Conason: Afraid to Tell the Truth (Smoking British Memo)

Hitchens in the WSJ: . . . And Why I'm Most Certainly Not!

Friedman: Tuning in to Jon Stewart, and Britney Schmidt

Why GM's Plan Won't Work and the Tough Road Ahead - Bus.Wk.

Krugman: A Serious Drug Problem

"War on Drugs" Failure or planned this way!

By Electing GWB, We Have Crossed The Rubicon?

PETITION to stop Canadian Seal Hunt

Authentic journalism

A thought on a small victory over the MSM - When's the last time

Media Matters sends odd emails.

Wikipedia article about CNN doesn't mention conservative bias claims

File an FCC Complaint about Laura Bush!

MOGAMBO GURU: 'Something's Going On"

Scientists Discover New Species Of Lungless Salamander In Korea - Reuters

Fruit Crops Wither In Northwest Drought - McPaper

SA Estimates 400% Increase In Malaria Risk With Global Warming - Reuters


Team Goes for Electric Car Speed Record

Brazil will be self-suffient in oil by 2005-2006

USGS report - stream flows occuring earlier

USDA Forest Service acts to conserve roadless areas in Natl forests

The Age of Autism: Mercury in the air

New Rule Opens National Forest to Roads (including wilderness)

TOPOL-M Mobile Complex to enter on combat duty in 2006

Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Policies and The Threat They Pose

Development: Sudan Dam Draws Fresh Fears of Social Unrest

Pentagon Analyst spy sells data to AIPAC.. but AIPAC is still lobbying?

BBC - Israel inquiry over (Palestinian) teen deaths

Israeli officer suspended after Palestinians killed

Gaza pullout postpones J'lem gay parade

Initial results give Fatah edge over Hamas in polls

Soldier convicted of wounding Palestinian

Fatah, Hamas trade allegations of fraud as Palestinians vote

Rabin's son sees Sharon assassination danger

ACRI: Separation fence clear violation of int'l law

Hamas Running Strong in Palestinian Vote

Israeli troops kill 2 teens near Ramallah

Alex Jones Warned of Globalist Plan to Use Bin Laden to Attack America

WTC 911 attack planned in 1976?

Shareholder Proposal: Insurer to Investigate 9/11

Did a laser light guide Flight 175 into the South Tower?

I need a working link to the Griffin speech!

Hi All, for my 1000st post! LATimes on difference in UK and US elections:

Does this sound familiar? Bush 1 primary and Bush 2, Nov 2004

British Elections--here's what I want to know. . .

I wonder whether there will be a reluctant Howard Voter hypothesis?

Request from Ellen @ Voters unite

1988-2000 Exit Poll Deviation trend was moving to ZERO - until 2004

How can you tell a rBr from a rKr?

Right now, all headlines say Blair won, citing exit polls. Go figure. nt

A study on "Reluctant Respondents" (not Non-respondents) -

Collection of Election Fraud Videos, Docs, & Links - Bit Torrent File! What didn't happen in Ohio


"What Didn't Happen in Ohio" This article DEMANDS a response!

BRAD BLOG: Koehler's Latest Column Spiked! TAKE ACTION!

Remote Hack of Diebold Systems Analysis

From Elizabeth Liddle ("Febble"): a statement

George Skelton: Governor Resisting Leap From Celebrity to Political Figure

San Diego DUers - Did you watch Fox6 News last night at 10pm?

Error Found In Governor's (arnie) Redistricting Event

Save California free elections! Urgent--say no to Choice Point

does anyone want a list of bills introduced to the Cali State Legislature

Tell me if this isn't an egregious breach of separation of Church

Lobbying and Ethics Reform Act of 2005

MA Democrat Party Platform to include pro-same-sex marriage . . .

What advice would you give to someone moving to the Boston area?

Augsburg College

State's wealthiest are target of tax proposal (action needed)

Gov to speak at Natl Day of Prayer Rally today

Pics of Meetup in Bloomington

Need help with Windows Media Player!

StopIE - Rid the web of Internet Explorer

Schedule for State of Ohio Health Committee Meetings

Hardin County Democratic Party NEW FIRST EVER WEBSITE

2 on Ethics Panel Won't Investigate DeLay

I just heard this on KXAS--I can't find a link yet

Texas teachers need some help

Harsdorf's "Reagan Highway" bill goes to governor

I thought liberal talk couldn't work?

EEEECK repug state convention at Blue harbor in Sheboygan

Anybody read Ed Garvey?

Anyone listening to "Coast to Coast"?

Gary Sinise on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Women in Vietnam during the war

The on air talent at Fox News are only in it for the money, right?

Will anyone remember Charles Oatman?

Anyone have those blatant BS quotes Frist made...

Hey Swamp Rat! Did ya hear hubby on the greatest leftwing talk radio???

Some GREAT flashes to see

Saudis want to limit nuclear inspections

Donating Question


Germany-based soldier charged with five counts of indecent acts

Remembering Donald Duncan

Italy PM disputes U.S. Iraq report

Is the PNAC veneer beginning to crumble?

Holy F-ck. Wolfowitz to speak on Rwanda.

how long are the late, late Tonight Shows delayed?

Who cares what you think -- thursday's toon

U.S. Can't Account for $100M Spent in Iraq

"Devils & Dust" is number 1

Question about job's

I keep getting e-mails from vile Newsmax re: filibuster-

Hey--where's AAR?

Challenge to young Americans: Let's not wait for a draft. WAKE UP!

media demand for apologies and restitution, and jail time -Ga Bride

Christian Heritage

Finger suspect's spouse arrested

It's not Democrats stopping them, it's the Constitution.


CSPAN Thursday morning — Debating evolution

What's wrong with corporate media in a nutshell

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Dinosaur 'missing link' unearthed in Utah

Why is Hastert presiding over the House this morning?

The anti-judicial movement...

Remember the 380 tons of high-explosives in Iraq stolen on *'s watch?

Thought from a friend on the Lyndie England mistrial

How Ol' Blue Eyes 'carried the mob's greenbacks'

18,000 deaths blamed on lack of insurance >

Spies, prostitutes and intrigue in the corridors of Canal Plus

"Bush wanted to remove Saddam...but the intelligence was being fixed."

Is the ACLU getting involved in the Ajai Raj denial-of-rights issue?

Did anyone watch "Sometimes in April"

Woman gets 12 years, rebuke in son's death


UGLY whore Ann Coulter on Fox right now!!!

British consulate "bomb" in NYC - A JOKE IMHO

Rat on your pro-Arab professors here! (Campus Watch)

Hmmm...using COMMON SENSE re today's HUGE CAPTURE of al Qaeda's

They are talking about reintroducing the 30 year bond

2 explosions in front of the British consulate in NYC--no casualties


Just heard on the Atlanta sports talk station this morning that...

Louise Slaughter just laid the smack down (on CSPAN live right now)

Check out this video. Bush** and Blair

So I'm listening to MedVed...

Tom Ridge on The Daily Show tonight

OMG, while we're helping ANDY, right NOW is "Cover the Uninsured Week"

Daley's lips sealed on truck scandal

What is the goal in getting religion in public schools?

Does anyone NOT believe we are under a Rove attack right now???

I would like to collect a list

Osama Simone

Morning Edition on Separation of Church and State

Alleged Terrorist "Mastermind" Abu Faraj al-Libbi Caught In Burqa Scam!

By presidential proclamation, today is the National Day of Prayer

How *do* the Republicans feel about matrimonial sodomy, anyway?

One year, one month, and one day from now,

Other Than Hannity and OxyRush...Is Conservative Talk Even That Popular?

DHS Raid Liberal Blogger's Home!

Ever wish you were a Nielson Family?

MSNBC : "Paula Abdul kissed me on the back of my neck..." !

The next step: Convincing Americans we should pull out of Iraq now

H Res 1268 - $82BB supplemental war appropriation & real ID

Drudge Got Punked (hehehe)

What's the deal with the "little" bomb in NYC ??

SEVERE INCONSISTANCIES in the "capture of al Qaeda's #3 man"

FREEPER Insanity

Adding to his legacy, chimp gets confused - celebrates Cuatro de Mayo

researchers tested drugs on foster kids

national Prayer: Dear God(s), please save me from your followers...

I'm boycotting Dominoes, too.

DUPE - sorry

Kerry article in Miami Herald

GM Bonds are Now Junk

This USA Today poll on Al Gore is being freeped! The poll is

Randi Rhodes... Tuesday Told a Listener He Should Get Sirius...

Do you agree with my quote?

"I Am Nothing More Than A Pawn" An American Soldier In Rome

Anyone have any idea what the Bradblog bombshell will be?

my wife had to submit to a urine & hair drug test

Are US Mainstream Media Journalists Afraid Of Being Murdered

Republican congressman: Iraq war is a war for oil

So does this bombing in Manhatten

The Blairs bare all....

"I Am Nothing More Than A Pawn" An American Soldier In Rome

It's official, folks. This is my 1000th post and DU has kept me sane

So, that is what "slam dunk" meant?

US economy will tank

The Media

Very nice new legislation and communication tools on CSPAN's websites.

Returning sailor from 2 tours in Iraq - "We're too tired"

Our local election was Tuesday & the repubs are still calling

US Rep Pearce (R-NM) plagiarized column, press sec takes the fall

Affordable housing question

DId 57% of iraq's weapons come from russia, 1% from US?

Hit this MSNBC poll on National Prayer Day--being freeped!

just sent this LTTE (Runaway Bride/ Bush /Iraq)

Can't find a job? Have a job but want to help out? KBR is hiring!

Prince Albert II (Monaco) Alleged to Have Son

Journalist: Rawstory or Washington Post?

Doonesbury is blogging from Iraq this week, very good

Excellent essay and arguments against young earth creationists

12.5 trillion dollars worth of oil in Iraq?

Col. Hackworth died?

Big Honkin' Horns Hit the Highway

Sperm damaged by pollution, study finds

NEED INFO on calling cards to our troops.

WSJ: Maybe the Rich Really Are Like Us -- in Debt

Standard & Poor's Cuts Ford and G.M. Debt Rating to Junk Status

Blair memo vindicates left on Iraq war. How does this make you feel?

President Bush's Cabinet (have a look at the criminals)

LOL! Classic LTE

Infant doused with pepper spray, police say

Face It: "Most" Americans Dislike * And Want Him Gone

Who is Arthur Finkelstein?

Stripes letter on the Nick and Jessica Show

"Precious Doe" finally identified! caution..graphic descriptions

Newt Gingrich/Tom DeLay.

Repeat of David Griffin's speech

Kicked in the head, she lay unconscious for two days

Some kids actually rebuild your faith

Today is 5/5/5. How will FReepers react over the next year? [poll]

Watching the UK party leaders speak on Cpsan2

"The Turnaround of the Dem Party: A Conversation with Dr. Frank Luntz"

Authorities Capture Bin Laden, Apparently

"He was only allowed to meet with people that agreed with him"

Inspired by Malloy! "I can't say it, but I can think it!"

No political TV ads allowed in Great Britian!

A bad day for George Pataki

Bush Holds "National Day of Prayer" event in East Room of the WH >>>

Col. David Hackworth, veterans advocate, has died

Is anyone feeling as hopeless as me these days (re: Bushco)

Lawmakers won't change decision on abortion-related program

what are the obscene lyrics to "Louie Louie"?

US launched first American in space 44 years ago today

Kerry receives surprisingly decent coverage from Washington Times

South Florida Olbermann fans - KO will be on the "Steve & Craig Show"


Apple patches a batch of Mac OS X flaws

Bush Guts Protection for Roadless Forests (damn these evil Orcs!)

Band Banned From Performing 'Louie Louie'


UK Polls starting to close - Streaming Radio

Band Banned From Performing 'Louie Louie'

Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy's open letter to Sen. Frist:

Who's side is * on anyway?

Me pass on good e-mail. 05-05-05

Big NYC Anti-Nuke Rally, great pics!

Cojones (in honor of Cinco de Mayo)

WHY can't liberals be more like rightwingers???

Run don't walk and call your senators on the national ID #202 224 3121

Here are the media's contact numbers call and demand coverage 4 ID bill

Bright Eyes: When the President Talks to God

National Day of Prayer - How are you celebrating it today?

Lil Arnie's at Democracy for CA site...hilarious.

Iraq War Vet: "U.S. Troops The Problem, Not The Solution In Iraq"

Dallas Observer: Undiplomatic: A whistleblower in the Bolton nomination

Well, Sen Reid is totally against national ID's thank god for small favors

Holy Cow, take a look at this repub bill!

Sign Petition to Demand Voting Machine Paper Trail

BBC Election Night Simulcast on C-Span 2

Democrats should embrace guns,god and gays on their terms

Powerful new video from True Majority

A nice interaction : Someone liked my bumper stickers!

The rules at Falwell's Liberty "University" in Virginia

For those of you who still watch news on TV

Lifting the Censor's Veil on the Shame of Iraq (G.I. photos)

Every battle needs a battle cry

We'll miss you, Hack. RIP.

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are now species of slime-mold beetles -- but str

God-Man vs The Filibusterer

Ford/GM go to junk, Ldotters blame "commie unions"

My relative was a right-hand woman for Jack Abramoff

You know, you just gotta love the drug companies

Fundamentalists want what was NEVER theirs

Did I miss the verdict?

Air America Radio Back In Chicago!!

Can Somebody PLEASE Explain The British Elections To Me?

I just took an online Harris Poll and used the opportunity to editorialize

Need realiable sources for Blair memo

Air America Radio in Chicago!!

Help! "Prayer not in schools" was the cause of Columbine?

Is Mr. Scorpio opening up his tequila lounge for Cinco de mayo?

Mainsleaze media will report news favorable to Republicans

Great Obit for Col. David. H. Hackworth

Google trying to patent news ranking by quality

If the GOP was present in World of Warcraft

"Can we say we are safe with Manhattan--again--under fire"?????

Hola! Hoy es Cinco y cinco y cinco

Enough pebbles will raise the sea: AAR on the air in Columbia, SC

Opt out of pre-approved credit offers

Amidst the burgeoning miasma.....a respite?

BBC Election Coverage on CSPAN2 - "Official" Thread

Oh Damn. Tom Ridge is Jon's guest on TDS tonight.

Bumpersticker I saw today...this is just unbelievable

If Dems win the House, do they go for impeachment or....

FAIR Alert: CPB Exerting Political Pressure on Public Television

I'm enjoying Bob Kincaid's radio show

Interesting song: "Kiss the Sun (A Song for Pat Tillman)"

2/3 of the American people blame * for high gas prices

Coulter on H and C

National Day of Prayer - a damned useless gesture if there ever was one

Cat protection vs. people protection

Is the "Runaway Bride" a future Andrea Yates (killed her 5 kids)

Raise One for Col. Hackworth & Those on "the Wall" Tonight...........

Decades After Scopes And The Asses Still Want Mythology Taught As Fact!!!

Great cast and crew at DemocracyFest in Austin in June.

Are the Dems Boring People to Death? Do We Need a House Cleaning?

How to combat the "libs are on welfare," "libs don't have jobs" bullshit?

Karpinski succesfully scapegoated - demoted while others skate

Did Henry Wallace have a crystal ball?

I am now officially uncomfortable with religion. (rant)

Cincinnati Police Suspends Officers Accused of Handcuffing 5-Year-Old

Federal chaplains, churches & the First Amendment

PETITION to Stop the Canadian Seal Hunt

Bush changes rules to allow roads, logging, in WILDERNESS areas

Neocon Spy Scandal Gone Down Memory Hole

"Piss off a liberal - Outsource work to India"

Congratulations, you voted for an asshole.

Dark Art-Interrogation should be a powerful tool in the war on terror, but

A very revealing 90 second video about the nuclear crisis

Paying for prayers? Death and tragedy around faith based charity.

Another conundrum for the end timers.

Anybody seen Democracy's now "Christian Right" segment??

Bush's 2000 Recount Committe Still Owes Lobbyist Firm $320k

Ted Kennedy: : Update on the Judicial Fight

Tsunami relief speedy but chaotic

Vanity Fair "Wrong Man, Wrong Place" (Long JimmyJeff article) w/ WARNING!

The Story that will not go Away

"Real ID" Tacked Onto Military Funding Measure

Drug might lessen HIV brain impact

Gas Price Spike Act of 2005

Can't Howard Dean Speak For Himself?

I wish to plug a website going live on May 9, 2005

What should the future Iraq War Memorial look like?


The Bell anti war video by Stephan Smith.

Knight Ridder: British memo indicates Bush made intelligence fit Iraq pol


Well, at least we can say we're not the only stupid country in the world.

Power of Nightmares BBC Documentary on Terrorism - View All 3 Parts

Review Shows No Benefit for Routine Episiotomy

Pray and Be Rich

Nuclear weapons, a mind boggling issue?

CSPAN-listed blogs

Use of Condoms Is a False Solution to HIV/Aids - Nuncio Antonini

Blair should win but huge swing against him

Dana Priest on significance of Blair Memo: "Am I missing something?"

So what is up with Andy now?

What's your opinion of the UK election results?

Ridge and TDS, Jon is asking the questions

Idiot Son Shrub Celebrates CINCO de Mayo on the FOURTH of Mayo

US News & World Report wants to know if you support Bolton's nomination.

Joe Trippi working for Tony Blair

BREAKING on Bradblog. Tom Delay scandal expands to Whitehouse.

Bizarro Fundie theory espoused on Crossfire today...

What makes the holocaust unique?

The new stealth "tax" on the poor - the coming glut of used SUV's

MANDATORY MALLOY: 05/05/05 Truthseeker Hoe Down

LABOUR WINS - Blairism dead in the water.


When in the course of human events a chimp takes power then -------

GOP family values : mayor accused of molesting boys in 1970s

"Jiminy Glick" hosting Larry King

Right on target....NY "bombing", MAJOR aL QuEda person captured...

Get Your Iraq War Flyers & Leaflets Here! Become The Media

Is the runaway bride a Fundie?

American Fundamentalists


Today is 555. Are we only 111 days away from the time of Antichrist?

Book 'End Times Delusions' busts current evangelicals bubbles

whatever happened to the windfall profits tax on oil?

Some Days The Apathy Shown Certain Topics Shakes My Faith In DUers!

Who else couldn't give a rats ass about the "Runaway Bride?"

Headlines from the year 2029

Janeane Garofalo and Bob Barr on Friday's NOW

CSPAN Schedule Friday May 6

Remembering the Porrajmos

Anti-Slavery Activists Jailed In Niger. "Officially" Outlawed in 2003!

Next Steps for Anti-War Movement

Are you "officially" scared yet?

I predict the Fundie Fascists will ban porn, and that will be the wake-up.

Talking Heads on BBC>>>>Blair likely to leave as PM in near term

20,000 more Americans can kiss tech jobs goodbye

May 5th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$167,698,005,873


I was just horribley insulted by a prolifer

So this is the government that Republicans want ??

I lost my job today...

A Facts/Timeline For The Indictment Of George W. Bush.

Bush demotes Army general in Abu Ghraib scandal

Why I'm proud to be a new DU'er

One way to support the troops...

Meehan, Emanuel Announce Comprehensive Lobbying Reform Legislation

FDA set to ban gay men as sperm donors

The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown - Review and Spoilers

Movie recommendations for current political scene.

Suicide Bombers not using cars anymore

What I Have Learned About Power And Politics As An Anthropologist...

Criminals Belong in Prison

"Real Catholics Don't Support Pro Abortion Candidates" That's

MSNBC taking poll on "intelligent Design" ---Come on all VOTE!!!

Idea for BE THE MEDIA. Did you know that you may have free access to air

I don't wanna "Have a Blessed Day" o.k. Lady?

1990 PBS Documentary On Construction Of Trade Center Tower; See It?

Challenge: Create title for the FReeper note listing for ebay auction!

Disrupting the war effort without breaking the law

Our policy is to make Iraq a colony. We won't let go. Rolling Stone story


Responses to "Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher"

Lack of diversity on DU (Not meant as a flame-war)

Ya GOTTA read this: PNAC doc on defending Iraq War

Jesus Coming Soon

Do you consider DU to be a moderate, left of center, or far-left site?

Know your BFEE: Bush Lied America into War

There are two news items today that spell a bad omen for GM and Ford.

I Am Not One Of Andy S’s Close Friends

Jefferson Elementary: Moral Dilemma in Deciding Whether to Change Name

East Waynesville Baptist Church in NC expells all Dem members

FDA To Bar Gays As Sperm Donors

I need nutritional help for jury duty!

I really hope Lorne Mayercourt is defeated in an embarrassing fashion

Hey, I just got a double up!

So, which of you Election Anoraks will be up till dawn and on line?

Steve Bell cartoon; "Vote Labour Today....."

Brown vs. Milburn

BBC/ITV forecast Labour majority of 66 (exit poll)

U.K. DUers, vote and check-in

The official United Kingdom General Election thread

2 on Ethics Panel Withdraw From Any DeLay Inquiry

Judge Throws Out England's Guilty Plea

U.S. Officials Suspected of Embezzlement in Iraq

News Corp's quarterly profits dip (BBC)

Mexico looks to close gap on Brazilians sneaking into United States

Senate changes elections measure during debate (Florida)

State official tied to firm that owes taxes ($1MM; Republican in MA)

BBC: Bulgaria to pull Iraq troops out

Nuclear storage issue focuses on use of welded containers

'I want to talk to my wife': coma victim breaks decade of silence

Texas legislators want to curb suggestive cheerleading

BBC: Burqa trap set for terror suspect

Finger suspect's spouse arrested

U.S. tested AIDS drugs on 200 Ill. foster children

Soldier accused in stabbing still in jail as jurisdiction questions remain

Omagh relatives welcome charges

2 Republicans Step Aside From Ethics Panel

Berlusconi disputes U.S. report on agent (but not really.)

Russian ex-nuclear minister held over fraud

WP: Bush Ally in House Alters Social Security Debate Strategy

Mo. Police ID Girl Decapitated in 2001

Pinochet judge announces retirement

Army Reaches Out to Kids of Reservists

Restrictions Imposed (by Congress) On Aid to Palestinians -WP

(Pentagon neocon) Charged with passing top-secret info

AIDS Drugs Tested on US Foster Children (secretly for 2 decadeGuinea pigs)

Insurgents attack oil pipeline in northern Iraq

Infant doused with pepper spray in feud in Idaho Wal-Mart

Insurgents Attacks in Baghdad Kill 20 (Thurs.)

Lobbyist may have funded Sen. (Gordon) Smith's '03 Ireland trip

MSNBC taking poll on "intelligent Design" ---Come on all VOTE!!!

NYT: A New Photoshop Makes Retouching Reality (Somewhat) Easier

Chavez says US troops in Colombia worry Venezuela

House spending panel slaps DHS for missed deadlines

US 'forced' Shell and BASF to reject bid from Iran

Berlusconi Disputes U.S. Report on Agent (pretends to)

SunCruz deal began to sink-Buyers never paid owner (Abramoff, the mob)

Student's slaying inflames ethnic tensions at Baghdad University

2 Shot, Killed at Houston Office Building

Mental health funds sought: Post-traumatic stress, other disorders afflict

Kazakhstan shuts down opposition paper

Iraq nabs Baathist insurgent leader

IRAQ: Shortage of drugs for epileptic children

WP/AP: Productivity Climbs, Jobless Claims Up

Proposal to supplement reservists' pay is dropped from budget (House)

Army plans to test another increase in recruit bonuses

Researchers Examine Ethics of Journalists

NYT: House GOP to Consider Tougher Lobbying Rules (both parties face risk)

Evolution critics take the stage today at hearing

Big staff turnover plagues U.S. rebuilding in Iraq

Unexpected Expense: Employees Must Pay Tax on Domestic Partner Benefits

Psst, Buddy. Wanna Buy 47,000 Yankee Caps? Really Cheap?

Insurgent Attacks Kill 22 in Baghdad (seperate attacks on security forces)

Council's Republicans seek ouster of elections director (Seattle PI)

After 3-Year Probe, Spokane Paper Alleges Sex Abuse by Mayor

House backs major shift to electronic IDs - 'Real ID Act' passed.

Records: Lobbyist Paid for Ireland Trip

BBC News reporting blasts at U.K. Consulate in New York

US wants (extradiction of) Russia minister over Iran('s nuclear info)

ABC running ad from Focus on the Family, after rejecting progressive churc

US says Syria ignoring calls to stop Iraq infiltration

Vietnam vet, journalist David Hackworth dies

"Never again will we be unprepared" (Holocaust Remembrance Day)

Former congressman seeks run against DeLay

E&J: Syndicate Opts for Substitute Column About 2004 Election Problems

Bush Florida 2000 recount committee still owes lobbyist's former firm$320K

U.S. cannot account for spending of nearly $100 million in Iraq


Air America Radio in Chicago!!

Iraqi commando battalion pulled out of Samarra (for looting, arson)

'Pleasure marriages' regain popularity in Iraq

bbc exit poll gives Lab majority of 66

US, Iraqi forces hold nine journalists on suspicion of aiding insurgents

Bush Marks National Day of Prayer

WP: DeLay Tries, Without Much Success, To Duck The Media Pack

Nazi swastikas mar Israel's Holocaust memorial day

Senator won't let God 'slip away' from policy (Brownback)

Bush OKs Demotion of Abu Ghraib General

US, Iraqi forces hold nine journalists on suspicion of aiding insurgents

Lifting the Censor's Veil on the Shame of Iraq (G.I. photos)

Tories expect to gain 50 more MPs


Brazil will be self-suffient in oil by 2005-2006

LAT: Volunteers to Patrol Border Near San Diego ("Border Watch")

WP,pg1: China Bristles at Textile Trade Backlash

Girl Found Decapitated In 2001 No Longer Called 'Precious Doe'

Ex-wife recalls her life with Abu Ghraib abuser ("my Hannibal Lecter")

Gay-marriage plan has local Dems fuming

Hundreds Wiped off Vote Register--BBC

China and Russia speak up for Iran at nuclear meeting

Protesters of U of M College Closure Arrested (Minnesota)

Bush demotes US Army general (Karpinski) in Abu Ghraib scandal

Infant doused with pepper spray, police say

Court Rules Against Arrest of U.S. President

West (Rethug) tied to sex abuse in '70s

Spokane's mayor accused of molesting two boys

U.S. General: Car Bombs May Be Remote

FDA To Bar Gays As Sperm Donors

'Pleasure marriages' regain popularity in Iraq

(GM/Ford fallout) Mittal Steel USA Idling Blast Furnaces

S&P cuts GM's debt ratings to junk status

WP: House Panel Receives Detailed Spending Plan for '06

Russia Objects to Bush Visit to Neighbors; Rice Replies

LAT: Research Hints at Possible Diagnostic Tests at Birth for Autism

Wellington man held in desertion case (Iraq refuses to go to Iraq)

Residents Advised to Stay at Home (Russia-Victory Day)

WP: Powell Aide to Discuss Bolton

White House Scrutinizes British Voting

Russia's former nuclear energy head indicted in Pittsburgh

Even used, some Prius hybrid cars selling for above sticker price

House easily approves $82 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan

Britain's 'Iron Lady' comes to Bolton's defense

Saudi Leader to Prod Syria to Help Regional Stability (urged Bush...)

Girl killed trying to flee neighborhood under fire

Breaking News: British Exit Poll predicts Labour Win by 66 seats

Bush OKs Demotion of Abu Ghraib Gen. Janis Karpinski

I'lll marry her if I can go free, says rapist who gouged out victim's eye

GOP Retracts Report Dems Call Slanderous

Labour wins election, passes 324 seats mark for overall majority

Can IBM's Euro Problem Spread?

Biden hints at delaying Bolton vote

Marines on Somali coast to hunt militants-officials

Colorado Man Has Permanent Nerve Damage from Taser

IEA: Fuel Consumption Continues Rise

U.S. luxury retailers shine; discounters struggle

EXCLUSIVE:This afternoon: Bush ties to Abramoff, firm probed... Developing

New Rule Opens National Forest to Roads (including wilderness)

Army to Issue Combat Badge For Soldiers Not in Infantry (incl. women)

Jury Awards $6 Million to Missouri Woman Who Accused Pastor of Raping Her

Raw Story: " Bush Florida 2000 recount committee still owes lobbyist's...

Court squashes bid to jail Bush

Experts urge Japan to rethink plutonium plant

Bush Letter to Baltics Upsets Russians on Eve of His Trip to Moscow


How safe are U.S. military vehicles in Iraq? (Some lawmakers outraged)

NYT: Ford and G.M. Suffer as Buyers Shun S.U.V.'s

Infantryman's wife saw the photo and knew

S&P Cuts GM, Ford Credit Ratings to 'Junk'

FDA set to ban gay men as sperm donors

'Propaganda' bill nixed in House

Ark. Woman Claims Nichols Has More to Say

B.C. man detained by Syria

Summary Box: Most dislike Soc. Sec. plan

Hundreds in W. London could not vote due to clerical error

Yahoo: Blair makes history, but loses aura of invincibility

Bush administration targets obscenity

Putin criticizes Allies for Dresden bombing

U.S. Officials Suspected of Embezzlement in Iraq

U.S. Moving 'Remarkable' Amount of Military Assets Toward Korea

Natashay Ward: Paying for prayers? (Charged of Starving Her 3 Children)

Pentagon rushing 10,000 jammers to Iraq (to counter roadside bombs)

David Hackworth, Vietnam vet and military analyst, dies at 74 (damn!)

Third Iraq tour proves unlucky for Marine

Yahoo: Band Banned From Performing 'Louie Louie'

US Officials Soften Stance Towards Venezuela, Chavez Welcomes Move

U.S. Officials Suspected of Embezzlement in Iraq

New Yorkers Want Full Term From Clinton

DeLay Calls for Greater Humility -WP

Local pair questioned in murder of 'Precious Doe'

U.S. rock band concert a first in Cuba

Congress set to impose ID card rules - States would need to verify papers

Bicycle Chosen as Best Invention

West (R-mayor) tied to sex abuse in '70s, using office to lure young men

So this guy walks into a bar dressed as a woman....

Man, Abu Faraj Farj al-Libbi looks terrible....

So this woman came in here dressed as a man...

Bertoluccis's The Dreamers is on HBO

Images of War



Rula Lenska!

I hate myself for my freedoms.

Wicked arse, man. Wicked arse!

Only crooks deceive themselves into thinking they are a tiny minority.

holy crap!! Is any one watch South Park??

Ladies & Gents.. Meet the new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Toilet Paper - Fold Or Wad?

Looking for a link to ugly Britney pictures

A guy walks into a bar eating butter yellow snaps

Never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake.

A guy walks into a bar dressed in buttless leather chaps.

How come freeps/assholes can't understand communism is an ECONOMIC system

BREAKING NEWS: Rabrrrrrr accepted illegal campaign contributions

Toon for Thursday - who cares what you think

I paid my ultra-Liberal membership dues, yesterday.

"Ronald Reagan plays a rich, double-crossing bad guy."

Did you ever eat your pets?

Faboo moment now gone. For a whole minute there, it was

attention cat lovers!

WTF is going on with this statute?

"Runaway-Groom" Returns To Home 1 Month Later (WHERE WAS CNN???)

It's election day - and I'm wearing blue

Okay, I had my thyroidectomy

Officer stops class on drugs; arrests teen

Oh Sniffa!

Psst! Bunny!

Tomorrow's my post-op.

In honor of 05/05/05. . .

Your Morning Overdose of Cuteness...Animal Pictures...(pic heavy)

Is TV talking horse "Mister Ed" the smoking gun in the Bush wank scandal?

Did anyone see Letterman?

Cool flight simulator!

Casino Buys Britney Spears' Home Pregnancy Test (Urine) For $5,001.00

Arrrgh, I slipped fell, and BROKE MY KEYBOARD.

Sinkhole de Mayo--a day to celebrate gaping craters

Papa Ratzi's car smashes records

Have YOU Wished Tina Yothers A Happy Birthday Today?

Absent husband returns home ... as a eunuch

Was a little too soft, could'a used a few friends....

That SALT 'n' PEPPA song "Push it Good"

Showdog Moms & Dads is my new favorite TV show

What Was The Price Of Gasoline When You First Started Driving?

Working class people check in

We all need some love and warmth in this cold world.

CNN posts a photo of the 15 lb. cheeseburger from Pennsylvania

I got "selected" by the Nielsen company to keep a TV Diary.

Who here gets road rage when people are on their tails?

Do You CARE If Paula Abdul Did It?

"Chappelle's Show" Shut Down

This job so has to work out, you have no idea.

Longest time you ever spent at DU in one sitting

Someone talk me out of this, please.

I HATE it when the paparazzi catch me in my BIKINI

a cheerleader just came into my room during my planning...

Your pet's favorite toy

Slomanize your Username


Where would your pussy kill to be touched?

Back page news.

Name a Generic/CostCutter/House Brand Grocery That You Just Cannot Buy?

Get a free candy bar!!!

NYT: A New Photoshop Makes Retouching Reality (Somewhat) Easier

America is addicted to God

During brawl, man hurls barbecue & flower pot, yanks out parrot's feathers

stupid horoscope

I'm worried.

What are the rules about Talk Radio at your job?

Anybody have SBC satellite? (Dish Network)

CNN: Michael Jackson could lose his rights to the Beatles' catalog

Check out my Cartoon Du Jour...

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all of my Mexican friends......

A few 4-year-old quotes from Bush on how he was going to end Terra.

The only thing left that's worth a flame war debate

Cool Fight Stimulator

WTF is going on with this statue?

How do you like your margaritas?

Michael Jackson refers to money as "French Fries"

Will you people in the West take your coyotes back!

Who else thinks that the old Dr. Pepper campaign was contradictory?

I want to do serious bodily injury to the "" guy.

Pat O'Brien Soundboard - "So F*ing Hot!"

Happy Cinco de Mayo, ya bastids

Did Paula Abdul do it?

Goddamn Texas Repugs dissin' my Man, Willie

I just canceled my Union 76 / Conoco Card. Ask me anything!!

Will you marry me?

Police Arrest Burglar - At Their Own Police Station

Voters In Texas To Choose Between Dead Mayor And Ex-Mayor

Which of these celebrities would make the best President?

I didn't know the 5th of May was Cinco de Mayo

So I've been wondering my my mail keeps getting later and later...

Back to the doctor

This is the first May 5 th I get to say Happy Birthday to my Dad...

Anyone else familiar with the music of Scott Walker?

Should we have a pitcher thread?

Wonder Woman?

Today Is My 1 Year Anniversary with My Employer!

Cinco de Mayo-a day to celebrate liberty and freedom

Post your favorite "live band" pix:

Was Dubya traumatized by an early experience with the Wooly Willy toy?

Yikes...what the HELL happened to Katie Holmes?

Happy 05-05-05, Everyone!

"Do Ya" by The Move is the Greatest Song of All Time: yea or nay?

Who likes happy hardcore techno?

Do you feel more elite than :woohoo: smiley?

Who the fuck is this stupid fucktard sitting next to Ron Reagan

Texas house passes bill to ban "sexy" cheerleading

What is your favorite way to serve potatoes?

Has McDonalds Figured Out Infants as a New Niche Market ?

Jesus! Soap on a Rope???

I picked up a hooker..

I hooked up a pickah!

Question: Don't you feel like we need a serious version of the Lounge?

Shortest. Hiatus. Ever.

Please make the banging stop!!!!!

The NY Yankees Are At A Ten Year Low (6 games under .500)

Scenario: the afterlife is demonstrated scientifically. Read on...

Awright, just when is Fed-ex supposed to get here?

Ask me any question, I have the perfect "Yes" answer!

Starbucks Refuses To Sell Springsteen CD Because Of "Sexy Lyrics"

You punch in at 8:30 every morning...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Who's better? Mikey or Leo???

Forget your pet - what's YOUR favorite toy?

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all my non-Mexican friends ...

ever make a post and regret it two seconds after hitting submit?

I picked up a Hooker!

I know it's been said before, but I'm saying it again!

Who's the hottest Canadian?

I can answer any question.

Ms Uly may be getting ready to lose her job.

GRRRRR - Air America, fix your stream, please!

Things I'll miss (and won't miss) about Pittsburgh

Yeah, he is the prez.- Bush jokes at holding Cinco de Mayo party on 4th

At this moment, I'm listening to Vanilla Ice. Envy me.

Well then

Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe.

I want to adopt Gus

Don't Call Me Surely!

Who do you think is the Hottest Canadian Dude?

Pot flavored candy. Mmmmmmm...

Sex party gets free reign in Vancouver

Pet flavored candy. MMmmmmm...........

Headlines We'd Like to Read, May 5, 2005

Who wants pizza?

What's for dinner (lunch) today?

Best kind of chocolate?

"Those aren't hunger pangs

Bush Administration Targets Obscenity


"Have a blessed day" - Yes or No?

Today's Date Is 05-05-05

Did you know DEVO is touring?

To what computer games are you addicted?

To Hades with the "runaway bride!"

So I'm on the train this morning reading "Twin's Hardcore Shower Stories"

OK, let's do a DU Word Exquisite Corpse and see what comes up.

Take a look at your iTunes or Winmix and find a song you hate

Hat ass

LOL!! So I'm sitting on the train this morning, reading Henry Miller's....

I can't wait for tonite! My favorite radio show!

What ever happened to GrovelBot?

Couture' dahhhhhlink!

What is your most favorite dessert?

Right now, I'd really like ______________________

WORST Duers of ALL TIME. Absolute WORST. (Poll)

So I'm on the train this morning coloring my "Rugrats" coloring book...

Does anybody think I'm the "Karl Rove" of DU? Am I elite?

Monty is helping me pack

Will you vote in this poll?

The Self-Depricating Humor Thread

I had a REALLY good comeback, you people, honest I did....

Know what today is?

Things that make you go hmmm....

BWAH! Do a Google Image search under 'matcom'

Question about dealing with job offers

Oh my God!

I think Daddy cat has that special Morris look


Guess who?

No, Randi, no - bad girl!!

I keep reading about Bright Eyes ( Conor Oberst)

I've been hearing stories...about matcom

It's Election Day UK & I just made my 1,000th DU Post. Ask me anything!

Here's something I NEVER want to see again!!!!!

"She don't know She's Beautiful"

Which is worse? 'Louie Louie' or 'Silent Night'?

Do super markets in your area have "Starbucks Only" parking?

Gavin DeGraw ...

If this bug persists, you can report it by clicking here.

Hello? Is it just me, or is photobucket not working right now?

If you like Pina Coladas,

Canada's B-team beating US A-team 3-1 in the third

it's blinkorama!

You are at a confessional. You want to shock Pope Ratzi. What do you say?

Mary-Kate shows she can compete with Brittney when it comes to 'class'

What happened to Dookus?

It was the Moops!

Proof that cats are SMART.

Doesn't it just feel wierd that there's no ATA anymore?

For those looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift


Minnesota Meetup pics!


What happened to Dooku?

Damn the luck I have to play in the MORNING time slot in the golf tourney

OK, define "asshat".

Is there an official procedure for disposing of an aging DU sticker?


Poll for aging male Boomers - favorite 'anthem'

What is everyone doing for Mother's Day

You know, Laura bush's stand up was funny---and Freudian

Now this is more like it.

Chargers. (Not a sports thread.)

OK, I watched the press conf. -- and, again, the "Bride" didn't show --

Cinco de mayo

Me pass on good e-mail. 05-05-05

Parents treat attractive children better

Cool! My Bioethics professor has won an award!

Anyone celebrating Cinqo de Mayo? (spelling ?)

Inspired by the "google image matcom" thread, I found the FREAKIEST thing.

Green fields/Grass and earth/Broken bottles

My English not so good today.

How do you respond to "Have a blessed day"?

Apparently fundie kiddos preach on the internet.

Tired of stealth prosthletizing by the fundies? "Blessed Day" et al?

Texas House To HS Cheerleaders: Don't Shake It

You can wish ME a blessed day all you want.

Shopping at the Salvation Army store.

A Joke For Today

Recommend a DSL Provider

I've got a boogy in my nose.

David Letterman - Armadillo Sex

My tooth hurts.

Beware the Beast mean is a chauvinist pig

should the puking smiley be replaced?

4 years ago Today, I met Mrs._Beastman

Weird question for my fellow nature freaks......

I always miss the good ones.

Next to Emeril, this has to be a good runner up for 2nd asshat award?

Ya Get That Thing I Sent Ya?

"Sweet Jesus, I hate Bill O'Reilly,"

Name a Man-Good/Woman-Bad movie

It's bad for your health but it looks so cool!

Where is Hedges?

Job Interview

Memory lane kitty pics...

I'm listening to Elvis Costellos "il Sogno" for orchestra

Converse Are Now $45? WHAT THE HELL!

I think this is a general topic

Your Final Warning: (Ebay, watch out!!)

Who plays at

"The Flesh Failures/Let The Sunshine In"

WORST Duets of ALL TIME. Absolute WORST.

Can't a man post a decent, well-thought out opinion about something in GD

In Case You Haven't Noticed Since January, THE FUN IS OVER!

Is Mr. Scorpio opening up his tequila lounge for Cinco de mayo?

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Found...on eBay

Anyone work in a Doctor's Office? Or know someone who does?

"Easy To Be Hard"

New low at SUV name generator central: Isuzu Ascender Limited

Beast's real mark devalued to '616'

Band Banned From Performing 'Louie Louie'

I just saw some clips from the old Gong Show, and I never realized at

Post Links To Your Underrated Threads Here! I'll Kick Them!

MrsGrumpy! What kind of perfume do you wear?

What's your hobby?

Can you please put the cell phone down and concentrate on the road?


Dupe, please delete

Name a Man-Bad/Woman-Bad movie

I'm Starting Fahrenheit 451!

Oooh look at all the purdy lights

Did anyone see the movie Birth and if so...

PC help! No sound! Why no sound?????? Pleeeeeeease????

How many f*#%ing holidays are they going to stuff into May 5th

Anyone heard the singer Savina Yannatou?

Mother's Day Etiquette -- what is expected?


60's artists revise their biggest hits for aging baby boomers

We're going camping in New Brunswick & PEI this August!

Any new Comedians on DU?

The last of Star Trek....

Look what the cat dragged in.....I am kind of torn about this.


exactly how much does the gorilla weigh?

Dude- they got Gregg.

Post here and insult me

Hmph. OSHA tells me my flaming gas vapor room is "unsafe for workers"

Woo hoo!! I finally have me some lanai furniture!

How do you feel about beanies?

Name a song you know where you don't know what the HELL they're singing.

Survivor -- spoil me please!

Apparently, it's God's will I'm having a rough time

"Saved" or "The Triplets of Bellevue"--which one should I watch tonight?

"Kroger Introduces 'Disney's Old Yeller' Chunk Dog Food"

Sort of a Cat Thread--a pix of "Poezenboot" Amsterdam's boat for strays

Who controls the British crown?

Where is Revolutionary_Acts04?

Should I get the chili from Wendy's ?

Don't take a bottle of Windex to a scissors fight. Graphic.

Get ready for the cat fight (Apprentice). Meowwwwwwww....

HEY YOU! Don't watch that! Watch theese!

I got Rush's "Hemispheres" earlier today. Ask me anything.

Face facts; I'm a slick guppy.

Cutest puppy EVER

Does anyone care at all

Face facts: I'm a lovesick puppy.

Hey, who's this stud who's going to play Elvis?

Why hasn't blahblahblah posted?

No fingers in my Wendy's chili, should I be disappointed?

No one likes my copycats tonight.

Eat DUers shit and get it canned

Who's The First Person That Comes To Mind When I Say... "DIVA"

Post here a condiment meat

Please do not reply to this pointless post.

Face facts; I'm a sick puppy

What catalogs do you receive in the mail?

Tsunami spam. Yucko.

Great show on BBC America, Shameless

I need a 3rd animal for when it's raining MORE than cats and dogs

Everyone, I have something really, really important to tell all of you.

Any Apprentice Fans? What happened to Craig? I missed the start.

I hate my in-laws!!! They are such crazies and republicans t' boot!!!

What is the worst major motion picture ever made?

Paging Dr Freud... Dr. Freud, your two o'clock appointment is here.

"Hey there... how's it goin'?"

Just found a tick on the kid and flushed it. D'oh! Freakout!

Most regrettable album in your music collection?

Would you spend five bucks for a sock puppet?

A greeting card you might need in late 2006.

Sometimes, when watching "Animal Precinct" I get very upset

Insult me. Do your worst. I can take it.

"You bet your sweet Aspercreme?"

Goodnight, DU. Turn the lights off when you leave.

So I'm watching disc 1 of "Spongebob" Season 1..

Just remember this

Whenever Kismayu is mentioned on the news do you think "Kiss my

honestly, can I say this? Would you rather have sex with a Dem or a Rebup?

I've been prescribed Ambien - what's the word about this drug?

You must remember this

For those of you rueing the demise of ATA,

Ok this is the most boring Daily Show interview ever.

Did Tonto's (Jay Silverheels) horse

What time is it?

A tribute to celebrate my first yearly sighting of a lightning bug

The DEFINITIVE era of The Grateful Dead

What does "DeLay" mean in Spanish?

Hey, Cubs fans....

SHHHHHH!!!!! IT'S ON!!!!

My kitty is dying

Funny shit does happen on the Yahoo message board

Flirt with me...if you dare. Part III

Dammit I'm

Have I pissed off enough people in GDP today?

Use the word rutabaga in a sentence. Try it, it's fun!

So I'm not flirting, ignoring or voting....should I just go to bed?

Why me? How come if I so much as eat a chocolate bar


Train your cat to use the toilet !

I want to eat cookies.

Handypersons, please help "Mrs Oliver Wendell Douglas" yet again (cars)

anyone have a link to the Daily Show/Laura Bush clip?

I just got my first ever unsolicited PM ever!

Absolutely ignore me. If you dare!


I've Got An Evil Monkey In My Closet

May I offer you an appetizer?? What's your favorite?

Today was the last day of classes

Who's heard of Poi Dog Pondering?

If you haven't wandered into GD tonight, THIS IS HUGH!!!1!!!

A vision of my future...(second try)

Do you like taking DU polls, even meaningless ones?

Can anybody point me to some pics of good Freeper signs?

Just a thought here about privacy.

Have you ever waited on tables?

American Idol thread....

Name your favorite Daily Show personality (Jon Stewart not included)!

Post here and complement me.


Yahoo News: NY doctors charged with giving Viagra to the mob

My favorite ice cream is vanilla

I walk a lonely road...

Who is the evilest person you've ever met?

Any new Canadians on DU?

Thanks Everyone For the Good Wishes

What are some of your favorite Jazz albums?

Revenge of the Sith Gets an Excellent Review in Variety

Sit down, kids. Ashlee Simpson made Teen People's "25 Hottest" List.

I Lost My Keys Today... Guess Where I Found Them?

A Few Years Ago (Approximately) I Met Mr. DS1

Greatest Blues Musician ever?

Best dance routine in a movie?

Jackson might lose Beatles songs. It's about time

What are you doing/buying for Mother's Day?

Today's Love Quote of the Day

Autofill non-sequitor time part duex

Set me free, why dont ya babe. Get outta my life, why dont you babe

I Love Frank Zappa And Here Is One More Reason Why...

Who's The First Persian That Comes To Mind When I Say... "DIDO"

I don't wanna "Put the lime in the coke" and I'm not a nut

Welcome me to DU !!

How many magazines do you subscribe to?

Which mexican BEER do you think would go down better on CINCO DE MAYO!!!!!

Half Man - Half Dog siffing around the hydrants of unemployment

Would this smiley be against the rules?

Look what the cat dragged in.... I'm am also rather torn about this

In honor of 05/05/05: can everyone donate $5.05 to me?

Who wants to see kitten photos? C'mon you know you want to

Man With "Cat-Like" Tattoos And Cat Fangs Can't Find Work

Two Month Old Baby Doused With Pepper Spray In Feud At Wal-Mart

The Story of Daddy the Cat

Hey dummy...Blow out the flame first!!!!!

In honor of 05/05/05: can we get 505 posts on this thread TODAY?

Sloganize your Username

well. Saw "Episode III" today

Bill Hicks couldn't have been alive today even if he didn't get cancer.

Who wants HEyHEY to bring back the 'nice' bears?

Old movies with stereotypical black roles

If you lived in the "Fahrenheit 451" world, what book would you be?

DU Military Picture Thread, for those who served and for family members

Sister Rosa Refried: The greatest DU poster ever

Does anyone here speak Cheneyese?

So who are the motorcycle-riding DUers?

Should we have a picture thread?

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Can you buy progressive checks, does anyone know??

Anyone else getting a bunch of "Repent before it's too late" emails?

Ex-DUers and shit that got them canned

Got anything that needs that little bit extra turned up to 11 tonight?

Ok fessup who else here went streaking in the seventies?

Post the name of your high school mascot.

Post here and compliment me

Who's THE most famous person you've ever met??

Would you spend 5K to save your puppy's life?

Can you say "McCain" and smile?

Why do you come to the Lounge?

Help end animal fighting

This kinda crap

Whole Foods Market gives Canadian seafood the finger.

Cult Comparison Chart

Air Force Academy task force will look into Christian intolerance charges

Volkswagen to build new Popemobile for Benedict XVI (Hmmmmm)

Holy See's Address on Nuclear Disarmament

Physician Tells of Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano

Dobson, Colson, Frist headline rally against judicial filibusters

Poll says Catholic doctors support birth control, homosexuality,

Chaplain in Iraq ready ‘to die if I have to’ as witness for faith

Priest decries award honoring Schiavo judge

Wife of evangelist Oral Roberts dies

I am a christian. A 'fundie' even in my own ways. And I am a liberal.

In Fallujah, ‘The God Squad’ helps build troops’ morale

I am doing a paper on Buddhism in america for one of my classes.

ATTENTION PREGNANT PEOPLE: study finds episiotomy NOT beneficial

Shared Medical Appointments: 5 1/2 min./patient, same old cost

Human babies 'grown in lab'

Gay Civil Servants Rebuffed In NH State Union Contracts

Vermont Lawmaker Urges Oregon To Support Civil Unions

Gay Affirming Anglican Bishop Told To Stay Away From Trinidad

Gay Marriage Town Turfs Conservative Politician

NGLTF to train over 100 top leaders from California and across nation

Tell Microsoft to reinstate its support for House Bill 1515

Navajo president vetoes gay marriage ban

Canadian bishop investigated for 'gay marriage' comments

MA Dems expected to add pro-same-sex marriage to party platform . . .

Should Gay Men Be Prohibited From Donating Blood?

Who to draft for NBA playoffs

Formula One: BAR and Button get two-race ban

Is Harold Baines hall of fame worthly?

Bronson Arroyo is establishing himself as the go-to starter....

Sometimes the bad guys do lose.

No Kellen Winslow II posts?

This is apparently the worst Yankee start in 30 years!

Court declines to charge fans in run-in with Yankee

F$*K You David Stern

I swear--this is better than sex! I keep checking the TB-Yankees score...

why are the biggest jerks in sports basketball players....discuss

Cards/White sox World Series 2005..Discuss

Who's your Derby horse?

Is Purina Puppy Chow REALLY good for 4 month old?

Does anyone here have a Greyhound?

Having to give up the dog we adopted

Latest kitten photos.

Akiane ~ child artist

Astrologers: Native Americans Poised to take Down Delay & Bush

The Power Of 8

On the day of the UK election, let's look at non-religious prime ministers

Holy crap! A George F. Will column that DOESN'T make me puke!

What do you think of Pantheism?

New Kerry e-mail and some DU love

Home, sweet home

Kerry in Miami Herald

Retired Army Col. David Hackworth has died

Still has THAT car: RollCall story 5/4/05

Surprisingly fair Kerry article from Washington Times

Anti-Kerry/Former Kerry Supporter E-mails Me

Kerry in Baton Rouge

Kerry stumps in Baton Rouge for health care legislation

Anyone concerned about Kerry's age in 08?

Has everybody seen this - Unbelievable!!! Dem's expelled from Church

Since Kerry is a Member of the Foreign Relations Commitee Can he

Will Pitt enters fray on our side! Thought there would be interest!

Date set for next Bolton hearing

I'm back ... what'd I miss?

Photo rights reserved and given - The Creative Commons License

Here's My Updated Seasons Photos (big Photos)

water, boats, windows, old crumbling buildings around the waterfront

Official May Theme Poll

Evil Keith Picture Drawing Contest extended to Friday

May 5 newsletter: "Blair On Board?"

South Florida KOEB'ers - KO will be on the "Steve and Craig Show"


Since I am working tonight

There's an Election Reform project that needs a few hands. Help!?!

KOEB Thursday 5/5/05

If every (D)Democrat changed their affiliation to (R) Republican...

Primary factor on ethical reasoning i.e. abortion

WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY: Secrecy, Propaganda Seen Sweeping U.S.

The monkey and video games....

Hearings on the military...

DU this if you haven't yet! Pat Robertson = Unconscionable

Word of the day: claque

DU this! Save PBS from partisan operatives

Sean Hannity and Lon Solomon to Speak at Liberty University on May 14th

'Nuclear option' vote set for next Tuesday?

John Conyers' Blog

Blair's woes could weaken U.S. ties

US defence budget will equal rest of world combined "within 12 months"

HABEAS CORPUS TO BE SUSPENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know that today is National Prayer Day & Bush is on right now?

Bush's Bankruptcy Bill and the Return of Debtor's Prisons

Bush puts damper on Moscow parade

15 states where Sens undecided about filibuster and need your help

Awww... fundies at TVC "Victimized" by fake press release about Laura Bush

TOM TOMORROW CARTOON: "Republicans Believe the Darnedest Things!"

Email from John Kerry about the Nuclear Option

Is there video of the Ann Coulter Austin TX event?

Conservatives and the Tillman cover up

I just donated $9.37 to a progressive satire blog. Want to know why?

Tell Speaker Hastert to Appoint a Special Counsel to Investigate Tom DeLay

New term - "Clark barkers" pejorative or no?

Bipartisan Opposition to Nuclear Option

Who, or what is the Dove Foundation?

TIME interview with Jack Abramoff

Jim Leach (R) Iowa is a "true" conservative ?

Malloy had a zinger last night

Yeah!!!!! - Air America Back On In Chicago - 850AM. n/t

How many more will die in Iraq before people say it's time to withdraw?

hey mods... what happened to my dream post about a insurgency?

100Million LOST>>> From War...Do you know where your tax dollars are???

Emmanual / Meehan Ethics Reform bill

Linking Bush with Delay and others is a sound strategy

Does anyone here think that President Bush knows...

A Lesson For Democrats : When you lay down with dogs....

Homosexuals and the Constitution

RW spin-Rush is equating the Buffalo fireman to Terry Schiavo

Fundamentalists, are you happy now?

* in a nutshell

Here is my letter to "This Week"

H Res 1268 - $82BB supplemental war appropriation (inc. real ID)

Developing story

LA Times editorial says HR 1528 would tear apart families, harm children

Call your Congressman now to oppose PATRIOT III

These groups say "no" to PATRIOT III (the Real ID Act)

My new name for bush and cheney...

Nichols: Third Man Helped With Bombing

Media refuses to air ads arbitrarily (daily KOS) IT IS TIME PEOPLE

God, I despise Republican prigs

The horror reality of the anti choice people

What would be different if Democrats were in control ?

BRAD BLOG: Tribune Syndicate Spikes Robert Koehler's Latest Column!

Wes Clark running in 2008?

How does this clown, Bill Thomas, continue to win in California ??

Exit polls (not confirmed yet) show a landslide loss for Tony Blair.


To all those who say we need "fresh" faces for 2008 beware

How good are the British exit polls?

Have they caught the number four, five, and six leaders of al Qaeda?

Pentagon Spy arrested

File an FCC Complaint about Laura Bush!

Many DU Deaniacs now defend Bush's policies in Iraq.

Whoa--Are Republicans Starting to "Distance" Themselves???

The Truth Will Slap You In Your Holy Arse!

British political landscape

Gov. Dean Statement Commemorating Cinco de Mayo /Declaración del Gob. Dean

Blair may be done in the leadership position

I disagree with Kucinich Isolationist Ideals.

Oh GOD!! My Rep. will know longer be Bobby Scott it will be..(gasp)...

Novak: Romney won't seek re-election, to run for president

Happy Cinco De Mayo!- Wes Clark , Keynote at JJ dinner in NM tonight!

Alan Milburn announces that he will not serve in future Cabinet

Report: FBI falls short in hiring, retaining intelligence analysts

All the U.S. Media says BLAIR won the election, but...

DU this polling survey from the NYTimes on Bush's SS plan

finally, someone on msnbc saying that the press should back off-Ga-Bride

I bet Republicans


How to End the War (deny them the spoils)

So let me get this straight, a law firm writes off a client's bill to the


Blair had to stand there and listen to the father of man killed in Iraq.

The Devil They Think They Know (how to talk to an apolitical-if you must)

Am I wrong, or do DU posters spend more time attacking Democrats

Bob Graham on Hardball: Al Libby 'not even on our lists...'

The U.S. has to lie to go to war, because who is stupid enough to attack u

Anybody wanna get on the Eliot bandwagon? huh..huh..huh

Why media ownership matters

Those who voted to authorize death camps and terrorism

Anyone else feel grossly disappointed when this happens....

GOP bill protects journalists from revealing sources

Which war is Iraq?

Those who voted against death camps in US. Our protectors in the House.

here's how I see Iraq - what's your take ???

McClellan gets his undies in a bunch over aggressive Bolton questions

Molly Ivins Article on W's Soc. Sec. Plan

The new John Kerry ad in USA Today is fabulous - help run it!

Anyone watching CSPAN2 / BBC British elections?

What is wrong with our pansy-ass congress!?!?!?!

Clinton and John Ashcroft tore down the wall separating Church & State

Are all Democrats who don't support immediate withdrawal from Iraq

Early BBC Exit polls

Results in Britian

Palast: Impeachment time: The facts were fixed

Call for Dobson to Release Campaign Visit Records

New Yorkers Want Senator Clinton to Pledge Full Term. Should She?

CSPAN Schedule Friday May 6

Howard Dean = Indie Band That Made It Big (LONG)

DNC: Gov. Dean Statement on National Day of Prayer

For us Dems to Unite we Must be Able to Discuss our Differences and

Denied treatment because they are too old

Let's list all of Bush's positive accomplishments thus far

Bush Administration Opens National Forests to Roads

My letter from The Nation editor, clarifying editing.

I didn't spend 24 years in uniform supporting and defending the bible

Don't breathe.......The House of Cards of Bush might fall.....

Put Democracy in The Pledge of Allegiance!

Okay, the MSM won't cover the newest

So why did Blair do it?

Ted Kennedy: They Made Their Case -- Now Make Yours

Kucinich: Developing Peacemaking Skills