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Archives: May 4, 2005

Torture Whitewash - WooHoo WaPo

Now is the time to strike.

Greg Palast threatened with law suits from oil companies. Needs donations.

Webby Awards: Vint Cerf to present Al Gore w/lifetime acheivement award

TWO policemen SHOT in my town today-Guns, guns, we need more

I was away from the internet an entire week!!!!!!

A True Story, Military Recruiters Lie----............Share your story here

We won the culture wars. Would Jackie Kennedy tell a horse schlong joke?

Teresa said "SHOVE IT" and the 'Christian' right had the vapors

"Bush is a sexless horse masturbator" subtext was funny because........

How long before Bush's 'I don't care about the polls' act

Reporter, editor say 'Jeff Gannon' plagiarized article

Will throwing grandma out in the street ease the housing crunch?

Trouble with a capital "T" and that rhymes with "Free" and that stands for

Anyone know how the US minimum wage was first calculated?

Skank internment camp advocate is offended by Laura Bush's jokes

Ageism - bigotry against young people?

Anti-DeLay billboards erected here

Veteran GOP operative launches anti-Clinton Web site

Deal reached on war spending bill

GlaxoSmithKline announced new vaccine against whooping cough

Marine raid breaks gender barrier (Women Marines on Raiding Party)

LAT: Third Man Took Part in Oklahoma Bombing, Nichols Says

Former GOP lawmaker urges scaleback of Patriot Act

Edward von Kloberg III, Lobbyist for Many Dictators, Dies at 63

Costa Rica Balks At Free-Trade Pact (CAFTA)

Pro Baseball Pitcher Honors his Two Moms

FrictionlessO, your name reminds me of Krusty the Klown

Tonight's Magnum PI: Marcia Wallace (Mrs. Krabappel) guest-stars.

I had a hard day. Feel sorry for me.

Trevor Hoffmann just notched save #399!

I think I'm in love.

Sundog, Sundog, why aren't you in bed?

"In Texas, they call this walking."

Idea for a bumper sticker...

I just turned 29 20 minutes ago. Will someone buy me a shot?

No way was I gonna let these freepers intrude on my Facebook group...

This *must* be a freeper.

May 3rd was NOT fun for me.

So it's one AM and I've been working since 1 PM...

Get a FREE Spanking Paddle Today!

Not Cool, People

Break channel, any ratchet jaws got their ears on?

Weekly World News: Doctors remove unicycle from 590 pound circus clown

so I think I should PROVE I am gay to the lounge

Best Dave Chapelle skit ever

That was so funny, I literally shit my pants

America's Funniest Home Videos Show should be renamed...

Congratulations progmom on 10,000 posts!

The quotable Miss Bette Davis

Christ on a crutch, the Mariners suck so far this season

At least we can't say they're ignoring him.

Reporter to McClellan: Laura Bush for Prez in 2008 with George as V.P.?

Any talk of Filibuster, SS, Bolton or DeLay around your water cooler?

The Colors of Memory:Black and Blue World

New Poll: 57% Say Iraq War 'Not Worth It'

Gene Lyons

Bloggers and the law

Boston Globe (Kuttner): "Not rich? Not poor? Watch out."

Falwell weighs in, begs for money

Will latebloomers China & India leapfrog over many 20th C. developments?

Molly Ivins: Bush's new math

please disregard...

What Mommy Really Wants this Mother's Day

Debt and Phony Religion Hallmarks of Bush Administration Run Wild

CAFTA: Big Win for Progressives; Where is the Dem Whip?

The Bush Crimes Will Go On-Chris Floyd

Stirring the Ethnic Pot (Middle East)

What's on Jesus' iPod? Part 2

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Pragmatism isn't easy

KUCINICH: An Open Letter to Howard Dean

Blumenthal: The incredible shrinking president

Out to Shock the World Over Saudi Reserves

The Greediest Generation

Michael Ware on the Highly Coordinated Abu Ghraib Prison Attack of April 2

Palast - Blair Can't Win

CA Rep. Dan Lungren admits Iraq war is about oil

Dems could have sunk DeLay long ago

GU: Vote Draino (Terry Jones)

Rolling Stone: The Crusaders. Evangelicals are plotting to remake America

In criticizing Japan's history textbooks, Americans should think twice

great open letter by Ajai Raj (the arrested Ann Coulter heckler)

The Bankruptcy Bill, Part 2..(the GOP isn't done squeezing you)

Impeachment Time: "Facts Were Fixed."by Greg Palast

Stand Up Next to a Mountain

Great Iraq War Protest on my campus

Opportunity to infiltrate Anti-gay Article 8 Alliance (Massachusetts)

81% of people contacting Education Secretary Margaret Spellings anti-gay

Americans United: Oklahoma City "Let Freedom Ring" during "Day of Prayer"

ELf protesters hanging on

Can't make this shit up: Orgy for World Peace (during Masturbation Month)

Sit-in at University of Minnesota: We need YOUR help

Bev Smith makes full use of her range as radio host (Black Woman)

CNN Guerrillas in the Midst. (CNN may be spamming bloggers)

81% of people contacting Education Secretary Margaret Spellings anti-gay

Ads in the Post Masquerading as News

Viacom Execs Get $100 Mil

What is wrong with Salon? On the front page, the Runaway Bride?

When I cancel my local rag -what should I subscribe to?

Neocons slam Fairness Doctrine as "antiquated"

Wall Street Beat: Earnings dampen tech market

Bush administration 'job creation' ?

"Trashing the Greens"

Three Snails Thought Extinct Discovered

Ford and G.M. Suffer as Buyers Shun S.U.V.'s , NY Times Business May 4

THE CLIMATE OF MAN—II - the New Yorker

Wonderful column by Joel Connelly today in the Seattle P-I

Animal activists condemn panda offer

Delta Towns Hope Woodpecker Brings Riches

Gaurdian Utd (May 5): New Zealand first to levy carbon tax

Taiwanese-American heritage festival set for New York

Philippine journalists vow to defend democracy, truth

Bush: On the Offensive In Iraq

Ranks of unmarried women swell

Su blasts Lien's `Journey of Failure'

Israel extends freeze on handover of W.Bank cities

Shlomo Sand, "Boycott Ariel College", Haaretz, May 4 2005

WSJ oped: The Haifa and Bar Ilan Boycott

FBI charges Pentagon analyst in AIPAC affair

Revolving Door Justice: PA Bows to Hamas; Releases Terrorists

Israeli soldier to do service for killing

Israeli army bulldozers decimate Palestinian olive groves

Do you think a writing campaign to CSPAN

Y2K hyped to weaken resolve of grassy knoll types?

Bush as an amoral grifter.

Reading The New Pearl Harbor now

Perfect Soldiers: The Hijackers: Who They Were, Why They Did It.

Have we heard anything about the court case in OH lately

Voting Machines in Other Countries?

Governor Signs Bill Requiring Paper Records- WA State

WOW did you see this? - musical guest on Leno, 5/2 ??

Hot Democratic Legislator : follow the bill (idea for a documentary)

Auction for Andy Stephenson on Non-Political Forums now open....

Argument I heard today against likelihood of tabulator problems


Activists: things you can do this week, this month to help Ohio restore



Voters Unite needs help. They're doing crucial work. Must keep them going

Febble's case explodes with a simple scenario....

Rove says win due to GOPs "largely INVISIBLE grass-roots effort" in Ohio

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Wednesday and Thursday

Already duped in NY State thread

Mitofsky and Plissner are just DUMB (trying to be charitable here)

How I long for real news about the last stolen election

Help Ron Baiman (US Counts Vote) challenge Mitofsky

Videographers- how about a documentary that follows e-vote legislation?

How would you select an Ohio precinct to recount?

Rocking the voting machines Blast college media!

Los Angeles Times (May 4): Governor Shelves Plan to Reorganize Cal/EPA

LA Times editorial - (Arnold) Cop-Out on Parole Reform

A lot of defectors are from CA. Contact them by tomorrow

Saugus flap over aids book

Opportunity to infiltrate The Anti-gay fundies at Article 8 Alliance

Fundie assholes "celebrating" May 10th in Boston (other upcoming events)

need help finding DU post

WTF: Foreign policy plank omitted from this year's MA platform ???!!!

Info for the "We Like Mike" party (Mike Erlandson)

Was out of town last week: why do the Twins need a new stadium?

Mother's Day "Pies for Peace" Rally May 6

Gooooo Twins!! And take the Vikings with you.

Sit-In to Save General College at the U: Day 1

We traded Harry Truman for Hary Houdini: Great LTTE

Minnesotans are soooo chatty

So what gives with the min. wage increase? (Waiting for the other shoe..)

Kerry rallies St. Paul crowd on health care for children (Strib)

Good Morning, Minneapolis!

What is wrong with gambling?

Coupla questions re: ActiveX components and Wild Tangent

Congressional election Aug. 2 | Primary June 14

Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming

Pics of the rally at DeLays billboard

Mike Malloy to Al Edwards re: Cheerleader Bill

Common Cause Texas Fax Action on Paper Ballot bills

Texas leadership adopts extremely limited warranties for new homes

Nick Lampson running against Delay - - Lampson's campaign website is up

I got an invitation from Russ today.

"Still glad you voted republican?"

Want to slice someone up? Maybe the government can help you.

Textbooks w/ evolution "just a theory" stickers?

Words of wisdom from Al Swearengen

The Rude Pundit: Pat Robertson, Madman

File your FCC complaint against Laura Bush...

HELP! How do I post a pic?

This Board is Getting Creepily Freepy...

Suicide Bomber Kills 45 wounds 200

WARNING-GRAPHIC>>>U.S. Army soldier comforting a child fatally wounded

Alberto Gonzales al Qaeda still a threat

conservative Christian analysis of/attack on Dominionsm


Theory of Evolution disproved! Largest known virus discovered!

A Valid Question: What if all this shit had happened under Clinton?

Anybody want to compile a list of Rush Limbaugh's Lies?

the silence of the g.o.p. on Osama indicates what?

Living without health care

Cable News spent yesterday prepping us for a NUKE attack!

True Cause Of The Death Of Pat Tillman Covered-Up So He Could Be Used!

What should be the media reaction to staged news?

all soldiers who signed up to avenge 9-11 were lied to and betrayed

"because I am a gay man, and I am very scared to be here right now."

The Monroe Doctrine, R.I. P.


No Child Left Behind-The football version

The Stephen Colbert Show

What's On Jesus' iPod? Pt. II

'Most beautiful' mummy unveiled

It's our paychecks that need to be pumped up

Corporate water ownership. Water will be the next oil dilemma.

Republicans lie when they say they believe in Bush*'s policies

Pardon my ignorance - but (Daily Show)

Webby Awards: Gore, BBC, Guardian

MSNBC: High Ranking Al Qaida Opperations Chief Captured?

Plamesters - Clemons has an interesting note about Bolton/Fleitz this AM

Evolution hearings show scope of cultural divisions

Rumsfeld and his WMD's.

U.S. military report: Wars straining U.S. power

From "Gook" to "Raghead"

Iron Mountain loses worker data tapes from Time Warner

What Happened In The Congress Yesterday?

Excellent Toon by Bill Day

Pope: Shun false promise of power

Pope Benedict XVI's Election Spurs Market in Baubles and Bling

Here it comes, I can feel it....Gonzales: Al Qaeda a homeland threat

Another Repuke lie: there has not been another US terror attack

KHARRAZI & ELBARADEI on Charlie Rose Show tonight.

Russia to Stop free delivery of US crews to Space Station in 2006

Have you signed the Iraq Withdrawal petition yet?

The end of this story is either too funny, too pathetic or both

Cannibalism copycat who kept a man in his fridge

So how many people think Lynndie England packed dog leashes, hoods, & ...

full text of Laura Bush (I think) including the horse..

Gap Between rich and poor russians grows

So is the contest canceled or what?

INVESTIGATE & SUE:To all Attorneys: INTELLIGENCE in exchange for Funding

Springer is inspirational today

What are those Minutemen REALLY doing up at the Canadian border?

Terry Nichols Implicates a 3rd person

Springer discussing Brittish Iraq memo: war "illegal" , "planned",

bush announces arrest of top al qaeda operative!...(yawn)...yeah, right

Oh they're running skeered! HillCAP? LOL!

Council bugs lampposts to tackle noise pests

Martin Short on The Daily Show tonight

The Daily Show is expanding (sort of).

Does the Earth re-fuel itself?

Dr. Helen Caldicott on with Thom Hartmann now (12:12pm EDT)

I say the new "Al-Qaida Suspect Arrested in Pakistan" is a Rove news move

Men face charges for snow dick (Good Picture)

My answers to a Fundamentalist's e-mailed questions

Wanted: A Handle for the (Tom DeLay) Scandal! (WaPo)

Newsweek: No Place Left to Hide

Al Franken is a Big Fat Phony

bush shows his love for terrorists

maybe dobson should explain this......

Now it Pat Tillman...anyone notice...

What the Pre-War Intelligence Reports Won't Tell You About Iraq's Nukes

Let's do something ourselves about the Iraq war this weekend

Okay so I'm ignorant...

Nothing can stop bush

Beware the Behaviorists....

Jeez, couldn't they find a Scarier Photo of Abu Farraj Al-Libbi?

"India May Not Join U.S. Against China"--The Hindu, India

What does extreme hard-ball in the House mean?

What's with the META tags in this anti-Clinton website?

Is Lao Tsu's "The Art of War" the only game in town?

Sean Hannity has a stalker, who would have guessed?

Mass. Dem Party to ENDORSE same-sex marriage in PLATFORM!

Fratricide: Army Withheld Details on former NFL player Pat Tillman's Death

Have you ever wondered how much of Rush's income goes

How much energy is 10 to the 28 joules?

Perfect Soldiers: The Hijackers: Who They Were, Why They Did It.

Best evolution link I have seen in a while

Thirty-five Years ago today

Hannity Stalker Apprehended

The American-controlled Iraqi government doesn't want the truth to get out

Doesn't Compromise With The Republicans Mean Giving In To Their Demands?

The only thing that the House of Representatives can find to work on today

Will anything come of this brittish "memo?"

Dutch court refuses to throw Bush in jail >>>

Is the New York Times website down?

America may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save all Life

Feith Lackey Charged With Passing Secret Data to Israel via AIPAC

Do you have Bush fatigue?

"Bush Family Fortunes" - on Free Speech T.V. 2:20 P.M. ET

I know where Al-Zarqawi isnt

Anthrax (The Rock Band) Fights U.S. Government Drug Abuse

Judge Rejects Lynndie's Guilty Plea... story breaking on MSM...

If Delay is the Federal Government as he claimed smoking that cigar

Operation 501

If neocons prevail, how will revisionist history read in 2050?

Lawyers: What recourse do we have to bring Bush to justice for Iraq war?

drip . . .drip . . .drip . . .

In Light of the UK Memo On The War Plans With * & Blair - Is Anything ...

How many "top lieutenants" and "number 3" men does Al Qaeda have?

Daily Shoe joke about the horse joke, oh my god.

i'll be glad when all the oil runs out

Jeb's handlers think he's "arrogant" and not mature enough for Pres.

2nd term approval ratings - well, if this isn't interesting-

Is there a list of "Blue" companies and corporations?

ZARQAWI = Americans are biggest morons to walk the earth

Respecting "real" conservatives.....and us?

it's not a hole - it's a tunnel.... (new toon 5/4/05)

Does anyone have a link to a letter written by * on his letterhead?

Will the real #3 man please stand up....

I wish they'd stop pretending that they are reporting news

Lynndie mistrial

Arrest made at Coulter speech

Abortion restrictions pass House, expected to pass Senate

Does anyone have a link to Bright Eyes' Tonight Show performance?

Kids building snow fort on school grounds face jail time

The Natural result of Compassion is Liberalism

suggestions for something to email a repub bro-inlaw

does anyone remember seeing...

WOW did you see this? - musical guest on Leno, 5/2 ??

Arrest made at Coulter speech

Turn CNN Off? that shit should be SHUT DOWN

IBM to slash up to 13,000 workers

does anyone have a link to a letter written on * letterhead?

So, who has the authority to call up the Militia?

What does Bright Eyes say at the end of the song?

PHOTO: Bush to visit Putin next week

What does it mean when someone responds to your post


My Rap Song That Mentions PNAC

Drudge Stiffs Cedric. Sullivan Chokes on Pickles's Horse Handjob Joke

Dutch court refuses to throw Bush in jail

On 3/19/03, How Many Troops Did We Send To Iraq?

Suicide car bomber kills 9 Iraqi troops

Army Knew Details of Pat Tillman's Death within days...

Wow, I know I'm late to the Bright Eyes party but wow, here are the lyrics

Sinatra a bagman for Mafia, book says

I find it amusing that the #3 man in al queda was caught....

Press Takes a Pass on 'Jeff Gannon' Story

Radicals: What was the impetus for your straying from the consensus?

British Election Caption Opportunity

Anyone follow the PGA out there??

Does this part of the Iraqi War Resolution still apply and if so


Drop the Hammer

Who is Bright Eyes?

PHOTOS: Dr. Rice "dazzling" them again overseas

Cheerleaders are too sexy!

comments on a LTTE before I send it? (Wilbanks/Bush/Iraq)


Did you know we could help protect forests by growing hemp?

US Soldiers Have to Pay for their own food at Walter Reid?

Lugar Trying to Shut Down Some of Biden's Investigation of John Bolton


How Not to Cover the Uninsured

Breaking: Hulk Hogan, Mr. T and He-Man Attack The Whitehouse And Bushco.


Boston Globe: "Not rich? Not poor? Watch out!" (REAL scoop on Soc. Sec.)

PHOTO: There are few things as sad as this picture

Did anybody hear today that someone bought a large portion of GM?

Does ANYONE care about what happened 35 years ago TODAY?????

Us Cant Account for $100 million in Iraq

Jane Pauley's show today on teen pregnancy...

Se. Byrd: "Bush seeks to rob Americans"

Renaming The Estate Tax Repeal

"We" haven't built a refinery in the US, in 25 years"

Easier to get in U.S. from Saudi; More difficult to get out of FL

The Church of NBC

Who paid for your Congressman's trips

OpTruth guy on Ed Schultz--I didn't hear but the very end, can someone

maybe we should ask Missouri to leave the Union

Al Qaeda mastermind Abu Faraj Farj al Liby picture - real, fake, dead or..

35 years ago today the Republicon war machine killed 4 students in Ohio.

kerry and edwards love each other

The uncensored U.S. report on the killing of the Italian agent

Sexual assault by students raises issues (Shades of Ohio incident)

Remembering 35 Years Ago Today.

A Prediction: European companies will start outsourcing... to the US!

Labor Department warns unions

Great article

An odd development in the dropping of Sirius by Air America

Is there a KOEB post anywhere outside the group?

Question about judicial nominee Janice Brown

I can't believe the people said "Yes"

A forum suggestion

Is "American Idiot" the "London Calling" of my gen.

Rightwingers are such total RUBES; wish I had some bridges to sell!

Just saw the promo for (puke) Scarborough Country:

THE BATTLE FOR AMERICA: "Its Time To Punch The Clock" (Video) WATCH!

"President" Talabani kissing Saddam's cheeks...when will US State Media

Bush Desperate to Downplay Energy Rip-Off

What's the deal with the National ID Act...listening to AAR RR said it

Gun Nuts. Walther, Glock or SW?

How come no one's mentioning the TENS of THOUSANDS of Kurds killed

...just clickin' past NBC..

Peak Oil is Already Here

Reason why we are F'ed

"Life" is ALL we have,...our only common denominator.

Texas Billboard

Is Chimp Pimp the newest thing in Republican macho-fashion?

Editorial on Wal-Mart coming to Tehachapi - interesting info on cost

Another "capture" of a top-level official

My Essay: The War In Iraq Is Unjustified


Breaking: US Marine wont be court martial for shooting

Is the "Poverty Line" a line in the sand?

Ain't Gonna Be No Revolution

"Sometimes in April" on PBS tonight (HBO film about Rwanda)

Local CBS TV affiliate WIVB TV-4 Buffalo N.Y. Recruiters?

Ew! Colter on Fox now w/Hannity. 8:15CT.

Who the hell is "Terry Schindler"??

Did anyone catch Countdown

Checkpoint Systems, Inc. -- Global RFID Company

Here is the way it is going to happen!

On Canadian networks there are hours of coverage of VE day.

Would you still watch 24 after seeing this?

a freeper email and my response

"Flaming nostrils of Justice" Nancy Grace "played fast & loose" w/ethics

Get Ready to Barf for Shrub's Pander-fest, Cinco de Mayo Starting Tonight

You may not agree

Not one but two anti-Dem rants on national sports radio today.

If ABC does not care about its new show: eyes

Rush and Daryn to get engaged. . .

Lynndie E. to sketch artist: "Don't forget the horns and the goatee,"

May 4th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$167,481,172,223

This site needs to be in everyone's favorites

In case everyone forgot to remember

I went to the movies for the first time in months and found myself

Marburg virus kills 280, but has fallen off of the front pages everywhere

Tell your US Senator we need a strong man like John Bolton in the UN!


I have a great idea for a forum. How about Democrats to hate for the week

Thanks for the horse story, Laura. Did George have inside info on Saddam?

Open Letter To Dennis Kucinich ~ From An Anonymous Dean Supporter.

Arianna Lured Away Matt PUDGE's Right-hand Man

Just purchased front row tickets to Def Leppard on 6/14 in Tampa Florida.

Looking forward to PTSD...

Now, for a word about the record monster Bush/Hastert/Frist deficits

PA Gov Running for Prez?

Democrat Plans Run Against DeLay

"Did you spot the difference?" JS comparing British and US town hall mtgs

Repuke fundies can't find Iraq on a world globe.

Remember those "patriotic" bumper stickers that popped up after 9/11?

In 2008, when a Democrat is elected President

Tragic news release from the White House...

Bush supporters are either liars, idiots or both. Here's an example.

Kent State Peace PROTESTERS killed 35 years ago today

Who said these phrases?

7 out of 10 could not name the VP!

What makes you think you can formulate an opinion about anything?

Day 1 CNN Free

WSJ oped: Our Ph.D. Deficit

Are we ever going to take back our country......

Politicization is far too mild a word: the smoking memo (Ray McGovern)

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Group Hug

The USA has always had a "Real I.D.".. It's called a passport

Freepers and computers...

Texas nears ban on "overtly sexually / suggestive" cheerleading routines

We don't even own our breweries anymore?

Terminally Ill 6-Month-Old On Life Support Dies

This AM ...people cared about Kent State...tonight , does anyone?

maybe I misjudged Jay Leno

Can someone explain exactly how Andy fell through the cracks?

Well, hell, do we need to go to Seattle now? Focus on the Family..shudder

"A Lawyer & National Security Cover-ups"

Zarqawi Letter, #3 Al Qaeda guy caught, Phony, Poll Driven Bullshit

MSNBC Headline: "Government Tested AIDS Drugs On Foster Kids"!!!

Lining up for free food.. (Miramar Marine families)

The constitution

How Disney made millions off F911

asshole freeper rant

Sit-in at University of Minnesota: We need YOUR help

New Army Field Manual for "Civil Disturbance Operations"

Free speech is not a defense against firing

Strict US visa policy scares away students, investors

Letter to * from Widow of Korean War Veteran who just passed away

A thank you to DU (and a story)

Army guilty of propagandizing Pat Tillman's death.

What's your favorite post-9/11 book?

Martin Short and John Stewart , they both rock!

Anyone going to watch Kingdom of Heaven this weekend?

Wife of, Oral Roberts has croaked

Creationists struggle with their dead horse.

Newfound Dinosaur a Transitional Creature

I was honored to speak at Kent State last year for the anniversary

What do you guys know about "REAL ID"?

An open letter from Ajai Raj

ANOTHER? The US Military Clears Itself Of More Charges Than The LAPD!!

Nobel for Bush and Blair?

Al Franken Is A Big Fat Phony: Lying On Air America To Support Iraq War

Country Is DEAD - Went To Lunch With Coworkers - NOBODY Knew KENT STATE!!!

Could the Colombia scandal be Bush's Iran Contra?

After The USSR Fell, The U.S. Hate Machine Turned Inward.

Media Blast This: Secret UK Memo Proving Bush Would Have His War No Matter

An Essay I Wrote: "The Iraq War Is Unjustified"

How have you made GW's life a LIVING HELL today?

Today, I spoke with a Major in the US Army, just back from 1 yr in Iraq

I just designed something for the "Support the Troops" crowd:

Now this just takes the cake.

Would Iraq by back page news if we had a draft?

Kerkorian propping up GOP/Bush by doubling his GM shares?

AFL/CIO to layoff workers!

Geraldo not sure Faux is right for him

Auction for Andy Stephenson on Non-Political Forums now open....

Holy Kaka, this on ABC even and I missed it?

Arrest Made at Coulter Speech (You won't believe why!)

Nader: Democrats Are Full of It

Tell Your Town the Costs of War:LED Displays Across America!-Here's How

Evelyn Roberts Has Died

'Sex-Up' Tactics At Gitmo

ATTENTION PREGNANT PEOPLE: study finds episiotomy NOT beneficial

John Gibson's take on that picture of the marine and child

Is The War And Occupation Of Iraq Worth.....

GET ON THIS NOW: Tell your Reps to Join Conyers re: Bush/Blair report

Neither Dean nor Kucinich are the peace candidates AT ALL! (vote for me)


"Hold the media accountable?" Ain't gonna happen.

Are you moving away from religion?

Young...I mean REALLY young republicans

War Images

Does anyone else get ready to post something and say: "Why Bother..."

Pope Benedict XVI's Election Spurs Market in Baubles and Bling

Day of the Dunce TOONs 5/4

Gaeton Fonzi: Washington's arrogance matches Posada’s

Ross Score: A french pin, a cathedral bundt, and a mandoline.

Lasagna Party ....

Ed Broadbent won't seek re-election

Vancouver '10 Olympics logo offends some

No one really mentioned Canada freed Holland 60 years ago today

Media conspiracy claims James is debate winner

some polling information about northern ireland

Mirror's US election cover

U.K. DUers how do you see tomorrow turning out?

North Korea could hold nuclear test in June, senior Russian lawmaker says

Does the Earth re-fuel itself?


Italian PM accused of editing report on agent's death

Mexico's first lady fights back with suit

Lawmakers Block Women From Voting in Kuwait

US Troops, Afghan Police Clash With Militants; 6 Americans Wounded, 20 Mil

Hollinger board members agree to $50 mln settlement (Kissinger involved)

Report: Japan Plans to Withdraw Troops From Iraq in December

Brazil spurns US terms for Aids help

Boss quits Ground Zero development as delays row erupts

Pope: Shun false promise of power

Pope Benedict XVI's Election Spurs Market in Baubles and Bling

Terry Nichols Accuses 3rd Man in Oklahoma City Bombing in Letter From Pris

Lampson expected to announce plans to run against DeLay

Cannibalism copycat who kept a man in his fridge

Bishop told to forget Caribbean trip after airing liberal gay views

MSNBC: High Ranking Al Qaida Operations Chief Captured.

Suicide bomber exacts heavy toll in Iraq

Nation (Venezuela) may seek militant's (Posada) extradition from the U.S.

Bush Plans to visit Ex-Soviet Republics

Gonzales: Al Qaeda a homeland threat

Council bugs lampposts to tackle noise pests

Italy minister calls U.S. version of Iraq killing "a lie"

China cool on Chen's invitation to Hu

Soldier Unhappy England Pleaded Guilty

Pentagon analyst turns himself in to FBI

Suicide bomber kills at least 60 in northern Iraq(and 2 troops in seperate

GOPer: New terror hijack 'no catastrophe'

Thomas Weighs Consumption Tax to Rescue Bush on Social Security

Blair's boom is going bust

Roadside bombs kill 2 U.S. troops in Iraq

Religion Probe Set for Air Force Academy

Camp Coiner soldier who pummeled comrades gets 10-year sentence

BBC (Wednesday): Judge questions England's guilt

Huge explosion at Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iraq

FBI Mistakes Allow Ga. Suspect to Go Free

Wreckage of U.S. jets found in Iraq

TX: Baby at center of life support fight dies

Colombia arrests two US soldiers

US Eases Saudi Visa Restrictions

Sinatra a bagman for Mafia, book says

L. England's Guilty Plea Rejected

(Massachusetts) Democrats expected to back gay marriage(in party platform)

59.5% Nationwide Call For Tom DeLay's Resignation

Florida prosecutors indict ex-FBI agent in 1982 Miami murder

CBS/AP: Democrat To Challenge DeLay

Senior Al-Qaida Suspect Al-Libbi Arrested in Pakistan

New Study Debunks U.S. 'Media Monopoly' Fears

EU, Russia Set to Work--Turkish Daily News

Arvada student's undercover Army recruiting story leads to investigation

New drivers' licenses become a high-tech ID (Fla. - 17 layers of security)

Centrist Democrats oppose CAFTA

New Silver Dollar Honors Justice Marshall ($40 per)


Another Campus Dealing With Alleged Hate Crime (Tufts University)

Bomber Kills Scores at Iraq Police Center (60 dead, 150 wounded)

With His Star Rising, Mexican Populist Faces New Tests

U.S. Treasury Says It May Reintroduce 30-Year Bond

Harsh rhetoric raising tension over N. Korea (amazing *Co quotes)

Two on Ethics Panel Won't Probe DeLay (recuse themselves)

White separatist candidate soundly trounced in school board election

Poll: Pataki still down; not much oomph for Weld

Pakistan seizes alleged Al-Qaeda number three (Pak. gets the credit

Bush Defends Curbing Future Benefits for Some

Roberts: Not candidate for mayor's job (San Diego)

U.S. Army balks at sending laser weapon to Iraq

News Corp. profit slips, sees Liberty Media deal

Deli Sending U.S. Troops 2 Tons of Salami

Declining EU Soil Quality Poses Threat to Farming

N.Y. Governor Wants Freedom Tower Redesign

U.S. military in Pat Tillman death cover-up

HPD use of Tasers in 14 cases of 'verbal aggression' debated (TX)

Intelligence Whistleblower Canned

Same-sex bill passes second reading (Canada)

Mistrial declared in Lynndie England Case BREAKING

Massive protest against selling of sugar cooperatives (India)

Soldier: England Pics Had Legitimate Use

Attacks on U.S. soldiers in Iraq spike higher

IBM to Cut 13,000 Jobs in Restructuring

Analyst Charged With Passing Iran Info: Franklin Turned Self InTo FBI


Base closings to strike towns hard

Federal inspectors find Bay Bridge welds safe

Grand jury didn't want to view Taser videotape (Williams case)

RIGHTS: For Cameroon's Pygmies, No Forest Is Impenetrable Enough

Lawrence Di Rita on Reports that Secretary Rumsfeld met with Hussein

Kerry's expenses: That's the tickets

Border 'Vigilantes' Pledge to Return

WP: Bush Has Delicate Task Ahead in Moscow

Small oil company touts discovery

Russian Prosecutor suggests monitoring children adopted by foreigners

South Korea says at 'critical moment' on North Korea crisis

IBM to cut 10K-13K employees in restructuring effort

Three companies no longer contributing to DeLay legal fund

Peruvian President condemned by Congress on electoral fraud

New Zealand First to Levy Carbon Tax

Fla. to Allow Judges to Cut Off Alimony

Montel (Williams) urges Congress on medical marijuana

Body to Be Exhumed in 1955 Racial Killing (Emmett Till)

Oil Prices Rise Above $50 a Barrel in Spite of Growing Supply of Crude Oil

Girl in state care ends pregnancy

Bush: Americans Ready to Invest S.S. Funds

U.S. Says Zarqawi May Be Ill

Pakistan 'catches (an) al-Qaeda chief'

Pedal Power Thrives in Germany (Human-Powered Taxis)

Endless Messaging Rots Brain Worse Than Pot, Study Finds (SF Chronicle)

Cronkite, at U.N. Conference, Says U.S. Media Fail Audience on Nuclear

Bush Calls Berlusconi Over Agent Shooting

Oil projects may get less scrutiny - USA TODAY

Rice congratulates Iraq's Chalabi on political comeback

Audit finds flaws in US handling of Iraq deals

Bush Celebrates Cinco De Mayo a Day Early

Guardian Utd (Thursday): Polls say Labour will win historic third term

BBC (Wednesday): Case against Mexico mayor dropped

Government tested AIDS drugs on foster kids

1st strike on Iran 'gaining traction' (take with grain of salt)

TX: Prayer event exclusionary, some say (only Christian pastors allowed)

UN says former Haitian PM jailed illegally

Polio confirmed in Java

U.S. housing boom could turn into bust

Texas House Bans 'Suggestive' Cheerleading

US Defense Analyst Charged with Passing Secrets to AIPAC employees

Judge rejects Englands Guilty plea CNN right now

Two on ethics panel won't probe DeLay (Smith-TX and Cole-OK)

Frist begins to squeeze the trigger -The Hill

Al Gore wins a Webby

Marine cleared in mosque shootings probe

Pataki Says Freedom Tower Needs Redesign

Philippine media attacks continue

Turkey massing troops along Kurdish areas of Iraq border

Two U.S. Soldiers Detained in Colombia

Remains of Second Pilot Found in Iraq

11th Circuit: Nancy Grace 'Played Fast and Loose' With Ethics

Ex-CIA agent asked to bring Osama's head on dry ice!

Pope Benedict XVI's Election Spurs Market in Baubles and Bling

Is candlelight cheaper than electric lights?

Anybody going to see House of Wax?

And it's time I revealed my true identity as well

NOW it's time I revealed MY true identity...

We Shall Be Free

These TNT announcers are punks.

Today, driving home on the freeway, I saw a dog ...

so I think I should PROVE I am goy to the lounge

Presenting my new published book:

I just stumbled upon a chat between some young men

Been checking my poll in GDP, wooeee

You know, I understand the paranoia to a certain extent

What is the most frightening thing about this Runaway Bride story?

I need a camera and my book funded, ask me anything

HELP! How do I post a pic?

OMG! *'s Pet Name for Gannon/Guckert Was "Horse!"

A freeper left this note on my car...

What is it with men and calling?

Catch 22

Self delete - dupe

Is the fun really over?

Shhh! My wife's asleep! Ask me anything.

Plug for the Mental Health Support group

They make the coolest gadgets these days.

Potential Darwin award candidate here in Sheboygan.

It's time I revealed my real identity.

Gmail + Firefox + RSS = WTF

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT: "Evil Keith Olbermann" Picture-Drawing Contest!

Lifesavers Candy

Does your spelling get more atrocious the older you get?

wednesday toon.....hey dubya - keep digging

Michigan Cops Confiscate Man's Secondhand Pants

What happened to my flatulence thread?

What kind of candy would you be and why??

Its a beautiful lithium kind of morning. Come share it with me.

Man Says McDonald's Worker Tossed Hot French Fry Oil At Him

Time again for "Death Challenges you to a Duel" What game do you pick

Elementary School Puts Kids In Padded "Time Out" Room

"Car Talk" Host In Interview: "George Bush is a [unprintable vulgarity]"

Straight up, now tell me, do you think Paula slept with the contestant?

Where is the best site for finding good hotels, cheap?

Belgium Students Break Pillow Fight Record

Time for another "Favorite Buffy Line" thread.

How to fix Scratched (unplayable) Cd's

We need another: Non sequitur autofill responses #2

Man Shot Himself 5 Times BEFORE Driving To Bridge Where He Jumped

For my 8000th post....

Kids in the Hall!!!!

I start a new job today

Is it allowed to mention

What is it with the assholes who frequent public libraries? Library rant.

Lawmakers Approve Bill To Ban Sexually Suggestive Cheerleading (Yes, U.S.A

Man says he found severed finger in his custard

ask a churl....

I decided to stop being a Bud Lite

Bigfoot video makes big $$$$$$$s in US

I AM elite, dammit!

Happy Birthday..PIA ZADORA!! (49 today)

If you love the DU Elite say so here!

Man Shot In 1998 Finally Has Bullet Removed From His Head

What animal/human body part will be in YOUR lunch today?

BBC4 has the new Hitchhiker's Guide - Quandary Phase Part 1 posted...

Woman Applies For Police Dispatcher Job, Has Lengthy Record - Arrested

A new Calvin peeing sticker

Man finds 948,323,701 angels dancing on the head of a pin

If MSM could combine "Runaway Bride" with the Bush "horse" controversy...

Say cheese!

BREAKING: Man finds other man in woman.

BREAKING: man finds woman in jell-o

BREAKING: Woman finds man's leg in her yogurt

What does it mean when your co-workers call you

Anyone want a Wallop invite?

Am I the Only One Looking Forward to "Revenge of the Shit"?

I am feeling a little weird, weirder than usual.

I say, cow-poke mustard wrangler...

Be honest. Do you consider yourself a conversational member of DU?

Aragorn vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Gandalf vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Maybe ABC should pay more attention to other unfair & deceptive elections

Bear Attacks Woman, Covers Her In Branches, Lays Down With Her

Now this is a home theater!

Hey Janet. I've got something to say. I really love the.......skillful way

The Locomotive I Grew Up With

Is there a recommended book or movie list here on DU?

when was the Last documented case of 'consumption'?

I can post! I can post! I can post! I can post! I can post! I can post!

I just won Shawn Colvin's "Fat City" on ebay for a penny--ask me anything!

Am I the only one looking forward to "Revenge of the Sith"?

Endless messaging rots brain worse than pot, study finds

So what's all this about a Reptile Disfunction?

I still love this album

Sauron vs. Darth Vader

Do you like the Decemberists?


Why don't I have PMS?

What's the flavor, god?

Why dont I have PMS?

What's the frequency Kenneth?

Why I do not have PMS.

What's the sexiest song ever?

Why don't I not have PMS?

I love Bouncy Ball.

all these posts about PMs are giving me PMS


The Time Traveler Convention

Why do I have PM's?

I decided to stop being a luddite

I can fly! I can fly! I can fly! I can fly! I can fly! I can fly!

Add "up the ying-yang" to a film title.

"Citizen Kane" tonight at 8pm on TCM.

Say the exact opposite of what you said in your most recent post.

Oliver Stone: Misogynist?

Migrain..won't ...stop...pounding

Initiation-do you feel like you're always the initiator?

I can lie! I can lie! I can lie! I can lie! I can lie! I can lie!

Quiz: Would You Make A Good Parent?

Texas House bans"suggestive" school crossing guard motions.

Anyone watch American Idol?

Another who gets eaten first in the life raft poll

After all that has happened here..I need to confess

Tell me your embarrassing public speaking experiences.

I have to go pee in a bottle today.

Do any of you have this problem with VCRs????(Not a copycat thread)

I must admit the truth, I'm not who I pretend to be

OK, OK -- Jackie Chan or Sonny Chiba?

(South African) SA police seek one-eared robber

just taught my last class of the semester....

Tommorow night I see the director's cut of STEAMBOY!!!!

Can you suggest a good coffee that's...

Darth Vader's blog

Attn Massachusetts Dems - volunteers still needed for convention

I am going to gorge myself on fatty foods today at lunch

Based on my first two threads, do you think I watch American Idol?

He's that hairy handed gent who ran amuck in Kent!

Today is my first day as a Senior (citizen)

I'm posting from the Lexus Lounge. Ask me anything

So what are you getting ME for mother's day?

Headlines We'd Like To Read, May 4, 2005

Captain & Tenille vs. Cradle of Filth?

All Ladies know what PMS stands for...

What's with all the American idol posts?

Rosetta Stone: Misogynist?

Why do I have PMS?

A name for our new kitten

Can anyone recommend a good ASP book?

I don't give a rat's ass what you watch.


Only asthmaticeog is in posession of the truth.

I'll watch and listen to any damned thing I want!

How long were you on DU before you got your groove?

Men face charges for snow dick (Good Picture)

Doctors remove maggots from woman's nose

I expect full nondisclosure in public

Why don't I have any PMs?

Lounge peasants check in here!

The 2nd Annual "Date My [Skanky]Sister Project"

I have a job interview today. Wish me luck.

As a male turning 30 this year, tell me something I should know but don't.

Flintstone- misogynist?

Analyst Charged With Passing Secret Data

Cutest Baldwin?

Sharon Stone: Misogynist?

Five more Posts until 15,000. Ask me anything.


White Women Rescue Bush Administration

It's been over a year since I had a TV

Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya,...

Ann Coulter Questioner Arrested (I want to buy this kid a beer)

What type of people watch Star Wars?

I am the Lounge Lizard Queen!

Its likethe Numa Numa guy but thinner and with a girl and props

Judging Amy

Everything YOU Like SUCKS! Only MY Tastes Are Correct! Now GET OFF MY

1500th Post Fun. Movie Star/Celebrity Crushes!

Why don't I have any PMS?

Evian - Natural Spring Water

Haff you stheen my retainer?

Is Jenna taking a dump here or about to have sex?

You'll see the distant flames

Happy Birthday to Pia Zadora...49 today...

I can't believe it's only 11:00 (EST)!!!

Does anybody else get ticked off when female university students...

I'm sticking it to the Lexus dealership. Dispatches from the Lexus Lounge

Need recommendations for children's books

I think someone STOLE my groove

Who here gets roid rage when people are on their cells?

There may not be a DU elite, but there sure are elitists on DU.

Does anyone know the origin of the saying, "HUGE Tiny Elvis?"

You have no expectation of privacy in public...

All right. Who is the DU Deee-Lite?

The Dirtbag's Book Recommendation of the Day

Finally-Do you feel elitist for not watching American Idol?

pimpin' coffin: discuss and speak among yourselves.

Recommend a crappy band.

John Paul trading card sells for $8,100

How do you know if you're a DU elitist?

Man Pays Library $2,190 For Book Overdue Since 1981

What's for lunch today?

How does one clean a stank Aspen cervical collar? :)

I just hit 5000...

E! Online: "Will Ferrell Back for Some "SNL" Funny" on May 14th

How many Christians does it take???

Bob Marley to the DU proletariat:

Insert "as the prophecies foretold" in a Movie title

OMG, Gene Rayburn Brought out Earl!

STRYPER to release first album since 1990! Hallelujah!

Please explain-What happens if you don't "recognize"?

have the schools in your area totally elimated recess?

Did you have a fart when you were a kid?

I think someone STOLE my goose.

FreeBSD vs. Linux

Do you remember the first DU'er you replied to in the Lounge?

What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?

forget you aLL, i am the eLite

Why don't I have any PMs?

deleted message

Did you have a go kart when you were a kid ?

Shock the monkey to life

It's official Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you. (nt)

Charcoal or Gas grill?

The kitten and the puppy will play together... yeah, sure...

This thread for DU band nerds who ONLY played percussion

Just wrote this Iraq War rap song. Might do more on it. Suggestions?

DU Classic country fans, HELP!

I've got a headache I just can't kick

"I keep a close watch on this heart of mine. I keep my eyes wide open

Whoo Hoo......Got my Patent.

Mothers Day Thoughts ? Join Me! :)

I have to recommend a wonderful book called "French Women Don't Get Fat:

Who are the DU bourgeois?

This thread for DU band nerds only.

I just hit 1000 posts! Ask me anything . . .

anyone remember the time someone said I was drunk and I wasnt?

Did you have a fort when you were a kid?

My first ever post on DU, June 10 2004. What's yours?

Take the Quiz: What Website are you?

Feeling down?

Does a post suck if it doesn't get any responses?

Something WEIRD just happened...why?

One night Moonbeam Starlight drank too much and posted this thread!

Remember that time i posted while i was drunk?

DU Rabble Report in...............

Laura Bush walks into a bar....

Has anyone seen yvr girl's groove? I think she misplaced it.


Such rancor over this "Murkan Eye-DULL" stuff...

OK, I want to be the cop who gets to drive this bad boy..

is DARPA evil?

Do you remember when I posted drunk (as Progmom)

Has anybody had problems with CompUSA?

OMG! MY HORSE had a STROKE!!!!!!!!!

Wow....some people really cling to grudges.

Post something you've said that no one has ever said before.

American Idol: Scott has to go!! he sucks!!!

Did he get my e-mail?

I want an electric scooter

For What It's Worth

Whatever happened to? the DU version

The Poisoning of America - I hope you find this as informative as I did

Link to Bright Eye's performance on Leno

Wilhelma Zoo, Stuttgart, Germany (pic heavy)

So, who appreciated Sam Rockwell's Dead On impersonation

Present participles in movie titles: boon or bane?

I am leaving now to go have lunch with MrsGrumpy

Has anybody watched the movie "Box of Moonlight"?

I have 100 free copies of The Nation for my college. Ask me anything.

Is it time to DNA fingerprint everyone

Another headline I'd love to see...

Why are there sites dedicated to tearing down women based on looks?

*sigh* If only this game were real, I could liberate Amerika

Børk! Børk! Børk!

Ok, a cartoon character 'Hot or Not' featuring the Wonkette banner...

This begs a caption...

If you collected $.97 worth of pop bottles, how would you spend it?

My system crashed. It keeps shutting down, boot window comes up

Laura Bush told a joke on TV about W masturbating a horse

61's time

Well guess what?

If Leftofthedial and I shack up will I be known as Debiofthedial

What is the ideology of 24?

My job interview.

Funniest cartoon strip I've seen in a very long time.

food quizz link --- i invite you to take this quiz! here's the link.

Deleted by poster.

And now for your pleasure... German Motorcycle cops...

Anyone ever have a cyst lanced?

Most painful part of a trip to the Dentist's office

By the way... Oh Debi Look here.

Pasty Stone: Misogynist?

I made it to 1000 posts

I've never been a snob.............

When I die I want to come back as Studebaker Hawk!

While away from DU I had a great idea about the highest level of elitism

When I die, I want to come back as a Gila Monster

1st apartment-cinderblock "entertainment system", beanbag chair....

New from McDonalds, it's the McBaby!

Chinese Fooooooooood!

My god can kick the living #$%^ out of your god!

When I die, I want to come back as a die . . . . . .

My burglar alarm went off & the city is going to charge me $125

I need song suggestions for a protest song play list...

When I die I want to come back as a Cuban Cigar and Irish Whiskey

When I die I want to come back as Abe Vigoda....

Weekly World News: Bush Pushing To Be Next Pope

Ask me anything about "Pop Star"--the Czech version of Amer. Idol!

Hi everyone

I'm an elitist home schooler.

Has anyone ever toilet trained their cat?

Tomorrow is 05/05/05! A cinco de mayo to remember....


28 Ways to make a girl smile

We need to bring back Ostrakas

When I die I want to come back as a Sherman tank

MPEG4 Fix Released for Windows Media Player 9 & 10

Remember that time I posted when I was nekkid?

I was just searching through some of my first Lounge posts.

Sometimes I love FARK

1 way to make a boy smile

Penn Jillette on Bob Saget (warning: graphic language. Seriously)

Just got tickets to see Greenday

Why do shoes squeak? And what can I do to stop it?

When I die I want to come back as a DU elite...

When I die, I wanna be dead

The Decemberists

I'm going to tell you why the sea is deep, and I'm pretty sure about this.

Has anyone run away before as an adult or wanted to?

In the end...

I love Mrs. Matcom's husband

I love Limewire

The Neanderthalmobile (pix included)

Caption this photo (too easy, I know...)

When I die I want to come back as a pagoda....

Cowboy Troy: Hick hop?

Recommend a Blue, online gift vendor please!!

Apple Mega Patch Plugs 20 Mac OS X Holes

Why didn't anyone tell me it's the 4th of July?

Got this from a friend today...please read to the last line.

My SO is about to get fired


Farm Tractor Square Dancing?

"Without a Trace" airs tonight at 9/8 Central

Mr. Pin Cushion - OUCH!!!

Auction for Andy Stephenson on Non-Political Forums now open....

How does the weather affect your mood?

Have you ever played a Didgeridoo?

Do you think there will ever be another Star Trek Series?

Damn. GOPisEvil and I forgot to get married in Boston

Remember that time i posted while i wasn't high?

I decided to stop being a Hutterite.

Nancy Grace could learn an awful lot from Dayle Hinman


What's for dinner (for real)?

Mac users..avoid QuickTime 7 like The Plague!

man, now I'm really pissed


Star Trek: Enterprise cast talking about their show.

MrsGrumpy isn't grumpy at all! She's WONDERFUL!! Ask me anything.

Will the Colbert Report be any good?


For the Ladies.

Moving soon?

Carpet is neither a car nor a pet!

American Idol - FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My "Our illegal POTUS is a war criminal traitor" celebratory 20000 post!

How bout dem Os, hon?

I lost my temper today.

Who Do You Think Will Get Voted Off American Idol Tonight?

I just finished my finals! Ask me anything.

Dessert Personality Test!! Cute And Yummy!! ;-)

Need to start packing...feeling overwhelmed...where should I start?

Is it just me, or is that a jealous look?

DU Approval Ratings: God

Everyone who is done with finals needs to shut the hell up!

I'm bummed. My GD post got 0 responses.

Where/what is your favorite secondary place to urinate?

This guy is ALL wrong... Paula Abdul was MY secret Lover!

Chappelle Show shut down

checked my inbox and saw a note from Nostamj concerning mari333 and

Have you HEARD the "Bush Remix" MP3 of Imagine/Walk On The Wild Side?

Ladies and Gentlemen,,,, start your epithets

So, can we say now who was kicked out of American idol?

Vanity post: Everyone look at my sig line! Am I cool or WHAT?!

anyone wanting to go to u2 on chicago 5/9 and need face value GA tix?

Marionettes: Creepy or Not?

What is your drag name?

THE ULTIMATE BATTLE- The Bangles Vs Bananarama

Catfish Po-Boy (Dressed), Fried Okra and Iced Tea

When the President Talks to God

I'm seeing Gang of Four tomorrow night

Blah...what should I do?



bush to change US eagle emblem

Have you had this surgery?

I'm sad

When I die I want to come back as a giant 900K oz. can of Spray On Socks!


Anybody hear the new NIN?

I'm sad

I like bouncing, boing boing boing,

Steve Carell looks really thin

Coldplay, Beatles share chart feat

Two new bumpers stickers for sale...

What's the good word?

Don't ya hate it when...

Update on the dog/ death threat

"Britneys most shocking moments!"

People Vs. Larry Flynt

Well it's off to bed for another near sleepless night here of worrying

*__Welcome New DUers__*

You know I need? EVERYTHING

Anybody watching "Sometimes in April" on PBS?

How I Get "Jazz Hands"?

What Year Did You Join DU ?


Do you realize that most of the population has no idea what love is?

Let me get this straight. ..ABC is spending an hour on this shit?!

Any SCTV fans out there?

Am I the only one to think that "Revelations" sucks?

Post Your Best Imitation of a Rabrrrrrr-style Anti-Bush Rant HERE!

Forget those Duke boys

&(@*^%$ Cubs!!!!

What's your favorite Nine Inch Nails Album?

God, I love Lewis Black....

Time traveller convention at MIT coming up.

I am unbelievably bored. Please entertain me.

I'm Having Surgery Tomorrow

Jennifer Saunders is on Kumars

DU Women: Are you Miss, Mrs., or Ms.?

Shattered Glass on HBO. Sarsgaard and Azaria are two HUNKY HOTTIES!

If you won 50M, how'd you spend it? Would you still work?

Get Some Instant Mashed Potatoes

Check out the pictures of my new birdie!

The number of the beast is 616?

it's OFFICIAL - we are certifiably INSANE

Name a rock song that breaks into another language

Propaganda films?

Describe your face with one word:

Is the Pope Catholic?

OK, seriously, can we just have a thread dedicated to fun?

When I die - I want to come back as an ivory-billed woodpecker

Bong Recreation Area??? Gotta Love Google. Search Term "Government"!

Tell me, how is Hitchhikers Guide?

Have you ever made a sudden, rash decision that changed your life?

Which is your favorite Batmobile?

Hmmm, OK, so there are about 20 people who kinda love WilliamPitt

I'm officially jealous of the British.

How to piss off a republican...

Is Paul Harvey a right winger?

Out of curiosity-who doesn't watch american idol?

Remember that time i posted while i was high?

Have you ever used an alter ego/sock puppet on the internet?

I am DU trash.

Oh yeah - I said it - New York City is the illest city in the country.

When I first discovered the lounge......

Eh, who needs it?

Recommend a wickedly funny book.

Paging Miss Honeychurch ~

Question for Milwaukee DU'ers and former Milwaukee DU'ers.

DU Proletariats-huddle here

I am the most elite member of DU.

CONGRATULATIONS ConsAreLiars - 1st Place of the April Photography Contest

Where's progmom, I got something to say!

I HAVE To Do This Again. Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis (IF You Haven't Yet)


I am what I am and that's all that I am. Who are you?

In the beginning...

Memories, like the corners of my mind .....

I picked up a hookah!

Favorite "Pre-Punk" bands...Name Yours!

Hey - what ever happened to Wat_Tyler?

I'm getting a "Desk Apprentice;" ask me anything!

Boy finds snake in breakfast cereal

Mac users..avoid QuickTime 7 like The Plague!

I had sax and masticated in public the other night. Ask me anything.

"Chappelle's Show" is a no go, bitch!

How much will you spend on a pair of good fitting jeans? (women mainly)

There are no 'Elite DUers'

My country western star name is: Tiffany Greenwood (What's yours?)

derby378 vs. Jar Jar Binks

It's time again for, "What does your screen name mean to you?"

"LOST" RETURNS TONIGHT new episode in

do you ever post naked?

I'm seeing a lot on VE anniversary celebrations in Canadian media

Fans Flying High to Support NBC’s "American Dreams"

I think I have two senile dogs

Geraldo, Gerardo, or Gil Gerard?

This show was utterly heartbreaking

I am NOT who you think I am. Concession Time.

DUers with iTunes

How many long-time posters here aren't to 10,000 posts yet?

I borrowed Windows XP to replace my

Need your help finding a song...

Hey European DUers! What is Skoda Auto?

I am NOT who you think I am. Confession Time.

Who here gets road rage when people are on their cells?

A patient of mine FAINTED when I drew his blood this morning.

"The Super Best Friends" are on South Park

What is the funniest movie ever?

If you could pick a 'Desperate Housewife', male or

PA people HAVE to see my production of "Bat Boy"! (Focus on the Family)

International Fund for Animal Welfare wins People's Voice Webby.

Hi! I need some good non-dairy cooking & baking tips

To look forward, Catholics should look back to former Bishop Lucker

Happy Beltaine !!

Are we alone?

Three Snails Thought Extinct Discovered

Twelve new moons for Saturn

Newfound Dinosaur a Transitional Creature

Time traveller convention at MIT coming up.

New Madrid?

I was almost done wrapping my mom's good China...

Opportunity to infiltrate Anti-gay Article 8 Alliance (Massachusetts)

From the evil anti-gay Article 8 Alliance in Massachusetts

81% of people contacting Education Secretary Margaret Spellings anti-gay

Churches To Hold Prayer Day To End Homophobia

Your thoughts on DOMA, please...

New Report Details James Dobson's most Harmful Anti-Gay Ministries

By a 55%-40% Margin NJ Voters Favor Same-Sex Marriage Rights

Neat article about Star Wars and person who wanted to be like Han Solo

Any chance we can copywrite the term Gay Agenda? I'd like to

The Yankees, as seen from New Jersey-----"Blame Boss"

Ouch. Not a good start for the 're-vamped' Yankees

Tom Glavin - Furute Hall-of-Famer...

George Steinbrenner is a DEMOCRAT.....

the Marquette.....Gold?

Jerks of pro sports

Car Sickness Woes... anyone know a cure?

we are OFFICIALLY nuts

Kittens in the Lounge!!!

Creating the Future, new article at Starlight News

The Art of Prosperity - May, 2005

Chakrapani: Mars in a particularly bad transit/problems for US

May 15 Aspects to Harmonic Concordance chart (from Nov. 8/9, 2003 )

Military decoractions website?

Army used Pat Tillman's death for propaganda

War Images

Great Video you HAVE to see

Lautenberg and Kerry target administration ‘fake news’

Kerry rallies St. Paul crowd on health care for children (Strib)

Report on Kerry in Twin Cities

See what I mean, Squeaky clean

Rove Telegraphing that they STOLE it in Ohio - "Invisible grass-roots"

Report on Kerry from The Hill

does talk of 2008 seem more focused on Democrats ?

Allow me to call your attention to this DU poll about Kerry

I like WEL's idea of reaching out to people

People swear we have any power

My daughter's Kerry pictures from the L.A. event last Saturday

Kerry parking ticket "scandal"

Too much division on DU

Do you think the Dems and the media may have set Kerry up?


My Complete Class President Story-President Baker

John Day NM Painted Hills - What color are they really?

Any business-minded people here?

I’m going to add a “prize” for the May contest

Al Qaeda Capture: Newsletter 5/4/05

KOEB Meeting - Wed. 5-4-05

Democracy for Pittsburgh targets Santorum home exemption.

Thinking about that sad photo of the soldier and the dying child


Another staged rethug forum to generate "news"

Happy Birthday.........Geroge Will (64 today)

Lampson (Dem running against Tom Delay) campaign website online

J Lo for Pres?

Pakistan: we're "on the right track" to catch bin Laden. USA! USA! USA!

Saw A Commercial Here (Wi) This Morning On Bolton

Anyone watch Frontline tonight?

Decision process to post in LBN vs POLITICS vs GD?

Al-Libbi is captured !!

Anybody Hear About Hannity Being Scared About A Stalker?

Kaine endorsed by mine workers' political action committee

HOWARD DEAN: Bush: It's Not Just His Doctrine That's Wrong

Do you and your High School teens know this??

Will there be a backlash against the radical religious groups?

Okay, what happens when a nuked judge pisses them off?

Army Recruiters Say They Feel Pressure to Bend Rules

Rude Pundit Spanks pat robertson

Does the US military purposefully kill civilians?

DeLay billboards in Houston

Gas Prices

Poll: Forrester, Schundler tied and Corzine would beat either

SC flag flyin at half staff today

It is time for a "---------" since the majority are not being represented

Check out Dobson's answer to anti-gay agenda

Liberals and Secular Humanists and "Activist" Judges and

Will the "Swiftboaters" go after this guy? Only if he runs for President.

DU this poll! Is the situation in Iraq getting better or worse?

Dems Push Healthcare, MSM Pushes Everything But

Who broke the Armstrong Williams case?

MI Republican Party illegally races 'First Lady' car:subtle mind-control

"Radical Right controls the leadership of the Republican Party"

Feds probing alleged mad cow cover-up

Ways & Means Committee to Begin on "Consumption Tax"

Would It Be Better If There Were No Political Parties?

The letter from Kucinich as posted last night. I don't make things up.

This was breaking news about an hour ago, sorry if it's a dupe

Army misses April recruiting goal by 42% (where is Toby Keith)

2 new BBC articles on the UK Iraq memo:

SO - Anyone seen a SINGLE US NEWS STORY on the UK memo yet?

Interesting number crunching of Senatorial Representation

Fla. Drivers' Licenses to Feature 17 Layers of Security

WaPo: Wanted: A Handle for the (Delay) Scandal

Federal Income Tax Revenues support the troops, not magnetic stickers

Urge Congress to Oppose Overreaching and Punitive Crime Laws

Today is the 35th anniversary of the Kent State Massacre

Was Laura's Little "Routine" Payback For CONdi?

Blair insists UK has "no intention" of attacking Iran

How Not To Cover The Uninsured

The Chairman's Colorful Cabinet

Michelle Malkin on what would happen if Teresa made horse jerk-off jokes

The problem with the Pottery Barn argument

Two-Thirds of Americans are Boycotters

What in the Hell Ever Happened to the Texas Criminals: Wendy & Phil Gramm?

My ongoing battle with Macy's

War supplemental boosts funding for homeland security agencies

AEI event on 5/4/5 "How NOT to Cover the Uninsured"!!!!!!

The Carpetbagger on Edwards and Clark

I feel so angry , but better, just screamed at Duncan Hunters staffer

Kucinich misspoke about war votes...should he apologize?

Looking forward: 2006. Don't say Bush, say Republicans.

Fwd: These defecting Democrats must be contacted before Thurs vote

Send this list to even your Republican Congressmen

Tillman coverup on Hardball

Talking about the filibuster is a mistake

Radical Multiculturalists, The Christian Right, and Pluralism - Same Diff.

*, the History Channel, Joseph Goebbels, and Iraq. Just thoughts.


People who espouse that the election was stolen...

Geez, I wish the Brits would throw Blair out on his ass.

Filibuster and the Rassmussen Poll (WTF)

Aren't polls just Freeper bait?

Edwards - best Dem against 2008 Republicans

Need Advice: many teacher firing at my School because of Governor

Auction for Andy Stephenson on Non-Political Forums now open....

Are polls just freeper bate?

When we take back our country, let's rehire all the fired cia, fbi,

Another one bites the dust-Intelligence Whistleblower Canned (joins Sibel)

Rice escalates rhetoric with N. Korea

Watchdog Group Calls on Hastert to Appoint Outside Counsel on DeLay

Lynndie the patsy gets a 2nd chance

Why is MSNBC showing

Anyone catch the Howad Stern/Aaahnold impersonator/Scarborough

Illegal Immigration

How to deal with DINOS? How to decide?

Democratic Group Set to Counter GOP Ad Campaign Over Bush Judicial Nominee

Paging Dr. Dean: Rx for Dem Iraq Policy (let's try common sense)

If Bin Laden Was Caught Tomorrow - What Would Happen to *'s.......

Corporate media needs to investigate Bolton & DeLay Forget Paula

Conyers Letter to Bush re: WAR MEMO - List of Signers to-date

Why is George Bush afraid of horses?

Email and Ask Doctor Frist: "Help from doctors in congress"

Scenario: In 1997, Hillary told the same joke as Laura Bush did in 2005.

Email alert from Dr. Falwell! Email alert from Dr. Falwell!

I think most of the Democrats in Congress are doing everything...

My Complete Class Presidency Story-President Baker

"Thanks for your answers." - that was my favorite part...

are people of faith being silenced by secularists? Fox is having a dis-

Has anybody seen this regarding the Boy Scouts?

Chairman Dean in Australia

Mister we could use a guy like Bill Clinton again....

When will Jeb Bush get the blame for these child murders?

Dean to be in OK, MA, MD in May, Iowa in June.

Five Republican senators who should know better on the nuclear option

Dean: The Chairman's Colorful Cabinet (Diversity)

Since the media

What's another $100M? "U.S. Can't Account for $100M Spent in Iraq"

Bradblog says news coming soon.

US News & World Report: "Thumbs Up for '08 For the Kerry Clan"

urgent counter-recruiting info/to repost elsewhere

Should I run for city council? I was encouraged to run.

Feingold blasts "sloppy management" of reconstruction effort

Obama- DLC/neocon agent?

Who is going to gain seats in the U.K.'s parliament tomorrow?

American Prospect cartoon re: Pickles stand-up

Open Letter to Tom Hayden, Dennis Kucinich, PDAmerica, et. al.

The Daily Show Stepped over "the Line" w/ Monday's show, it appears...

Remarks: General Clark Speaks at The United States Holocaust Museum

Open Letter to Howard Dean from Tom Hayden

What do you REALLY think happened in the 2004 presidential election?

Which DEMs are publicly speaking out about the new Iraq Lies memo???

Cheney's New Meme? "the other faith" when describing Democrats!

Illinois governor makes waves, positioning himself for '08 bid


I predict that Jerry Springer will be the Democratic Rush Limbaugh. He is

The two best Democrats we could run in '08 are Wesley Clark and Al Gore,

WaPo: Air Force Academy religious bias probe – FUNDIE INFILTRATION?