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Archives: May 31, 2005

FEC may impose new rules on bloggers

Lawyers Inexplicably Attracted to Gitmo

This is a long damn list on Nightline-1000? What happens

Is anyone watching Nightline on WABC?

Stripes: Tillman Sr. has harsh words for military

My online conversation with a young (budding) GOPer

"America the Beautiful" still means something to me.

Clinton OK on Easing Indonesia Arms Ban

AP: Lawmakers Belatedly Disclose Trips

Venezuela warns US over judge’s cancelled visa

Non-Mexican immigrants swamp Texas border city

(privately owned) Bridge demolition questioned (in transportation bill)

RawStory: Talking points part deux: Hit Hillary, Pelosi over DeLay tee

Bolton Secrets Spilled? - Newsweek

I finally saw "Bruce Almighty"

In your FACE, America!

Most offensive karaoke song contest

Theeeey'rrreee gonna put me in the movies!

Good night, gang. See ya in the morning. *wave*

I'm feeling blue...

Just watched a Jay Leno re-run...

Who broke DU?

Back from NYC

I'm getting no love in GD

I hit 7104 posts as of today, and I'd like to apologize for 37 of them...

Peter Pan whipped peanut butter.

DU chat

Watching the History Channel on the Bible Code

Lindsay Lohan, eat something. A bagel, a Chinese chicken salad, SOMETHING.

What are the odds that Fundamentalists will not go to college

So I painted for eight hours today.

Why is the Lounge so lame?...

Why Can't I include in image on a post?

Is it possible to have a serious conversation in the Lounge?

Oh no. They're multiplying.

Now I remember!! I HAVE BEEN to Emma's pizza... Only once though.

took my kid to see Revenge of the Sith today

I spent my evening in...

Hubby quit smoking two months ago, and now

Really cool house for sale in Saskatchewan..only $100K

Vote on best entries to "Worst Opening Line for a Novel" contest

Orioles beat Sox

Did anybody see this thread?

Texas Size Lies and Ideologues

Therapeutic Cloning Rebranding: Getting TNR Project Initiative support

Wal-Mart is now Ohio largest employer. Both Insurgents and U.S. Forces Inflict Misery On Iraqis Bush Refuses to Extradite 'Friendly' Criminal to Venezuela

Scheer: A Cover-Up as Shameful as Tillman's Death

BuzzFlash: Texas Size Lies and Ideologues

San Diego Union Tribune: McCain could make GOP race interesting

Krugman vs. Okrent, Round 1 (Krugman wins in a TKO)

Did Someone Say Withdrawal?

All you need to know you can learn from Bush

Press freedom deteriorating world-wide: World Assoc. of Newspapers

Fox News Admits Bias (Shocking news!)

Boston Globe: America's mess, not Bush's

Mainstream Media vs. Upstream Media

It's Time to Get Serious About Impeaching Bush

Push on to clarify rights for detainees. senator Specter wants hearing

Molly Ivins: Catapulting the propaganda

Indy Start column: Pagans incensed by court ruling on Wicca

Anyone familiar with the work of Jen Sorensen?

Fox News bureau chief Admits Bias!

Why Amnesty demands higher standard from U.S.

Boston Globe: The 'I' word

Charter flight front for CIA air service

De Villepin the Wiretapper: Chirac Names New Prime Minister Following Defe

BuzzFlash: Time To Mess With Texas

'Dominionism is an evil child'

The Flight From America

Give 'em a Chance, Steers WILL Eat Grass

Racial tensions rise in New Orleans; economic segregation endures

Stripping Rumsfeld and Bush of Impunity (ACLU-FOIA 1st News!)

Media Black Out Downing Street Minutes

One last kick at liberal dogs—just to hear them bark

Getting the Downing Street Memo into your local newspaper

Guess what's once again available on the White House website?

Leno Motorcycle Tours for Tsunami Relief

TV News: How 2 blame RW for schl shootngs,famly masacres,fires,drug cultur

Is it possible to overestimate Rhandi Rhodes' overestimation.....

DU as TV Channel? As streamer below GoreTV?

The Free-Traders' Blind Spot

Unintended Comedy In ExxonMobil's Dismissal Of Solar, Wind - Reuters

cryo-treated automobile (?)

Base Closings Leave Behind Large Swaths of Pollution

great science link

Greenpeace protests coal-fired power plants (Manila)

"Elite, white American environmentalism"

Eighty Percent of Swedes want to keep nuclear power.

Lien candidacy likely as father dumps Mayor Ma - TW

BBC (May 31): Yukos ex-chief jailed for 9 years

Germans wary of 'locust capitalism'

Students protest Mook E's 'fluk E'

Laura Bush's happy face shtick falls flat in the Middle East

Re-vote in Gaza localities postponed

Israel, South Africa revive defense ties after 15-year hiatus

Haaretz - Jerusalem to raze Silwan homes

Katsav: Muslim extremists likely to use neo-Nazis in terror

Peak Oil - perfect to justify

"Reopen 9/11 Investigation" tour w/live webcast

9/11 Timeline Completely Overhauled

The WTC Towers Were Built To Demolish, C4 Coated Rebar In Concrete Core

Evidence of Explosives in the World Trade Center Metal

Bev Harris Says DU Stole the 2004 Election!

I hope you don't mind if I duplicate a request in this forum.

"Christian" manipulation of elections, here and in the Ukraine:

jarnocanblogspot: Support Verified Voting Petition

Is HAVA Being Abused?

Another Stolen Election Southern California Book Tour with Bob Fitrakis!

Non-linear optimization (Excel "Solver") proves rBr is Null and Void

Elder Bush would like son Jeb to run for president

Help Needed info on urban use of opscans-- & Documanted Adavntage failures

Guest Viewpoint: Help Stop Irregularities in Voting

Using HAVA to our advantage -- what we're attempting in the Orange State

States w/evote machines: Paper Ballots not Vapor Ballots - Vote Absentee!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 6/1/05

It's a sad day in Utah - we've gone electronic :(

Conyers' Blog: Let's Not Forget Ohio

Get Randi Rhodes on Jon Stewart - she'd talk about the stolen election!

Voting Systems Usage

California Daily Ledger-May 26, 2005

California Daily Ledger-May 27, 2005

Campaign for California's Future.

Petaluma soldier, on leave, doesn't like Fox news

Hey California: Bunch of good stuff this weekend

So seriously, is there a chance you guys can unload Gov. Asshat

Yepsen: For Iowa Dems, prize is presidency, not caucuses

Can we recall Grassley?????

Poll question: Governor Poll (late May)

Any Western MA DUers?

corruption in Twins stadium vote

Pawlenty and Sviggum sowing seeds of dysfunction

Tomorrow we're delivering our "Fire Tom DeLay" petitions to Coleman

Are you having CPU cooling problems?

Need a Linux guide, zero to hero, without breaking the bank!

Republican U.S. Rep Bob Ney steers bridge contract to campaign contributor

Sirotablog-"A Leader named Sherrod Brown"

Tell Houston Media Source you want Democracy Now!

The Monica/Pauline campaign just took an ugly turn....(for Dallas DU'ers)

Memorial event pics from Democratic Veterans Brigade

Road Block

DU Meet-Up This Sat .

Thank God the Legislature is Done!

Details on the demise of HB2833

Are you guys aware

Only 10 more days 'til State Convention

anyone having problems accessing DU this weekend

The Question No Reporter Ever Asks Dick Cheney

Sorry-- dup

Whose truth?

Galloway really knocked 'em dead when he was in Washington

Atherton, CA - Action Alert: High School/Darfur Event tomorrow

Attack of the clones

Mr. Cranky: All The Way With Mary Kay

"Our" homegrown terrorists.

Preacher Say Its Ok To Flush The Koran

Texas conservatives can't overlook candidate's past cross-dressing ways

Spokane's outed Mayor, Jim West to be on the Today Show shortly.

My links fell to the bottom of page in do you get them 2 top


Remember Ronald Reagan's wet dream? It's BAAAAK!

Charles Pickering on C-Span

Nightline Last Night

June 1st.....LEAVE MY CHILD ALONE...Protect our kids from the Pentagon

Chirac Apponts Villepin as Prime Minister >

so you wanted to be president eh w? well hang onto your pants dude

Has Tony Blair commented on the Downing Street Memo?

Is it possible to knock sense into "Cold War Era" Immigrants who vote GOP

gotta tell ya

David Hackworth's funeral is today--info from his site if attending

Abbey joins Da Vinci row

In the "He's Baaack" category.....Jeff Gannon to appear on PAX TV today

Future Freepers can claim...Bush lies in Arlington National Cemetery

B.S. Alert: Bush press conference at 10:45 EDT

Extreme right wing Republicans are the Shame America First crowd.

Congress is away for another week...

I know why they are winning.

'Into the dominion'---(Houston, we have a problem)

Sky-high difference in airline mergers

MBNA Profits Plunge

What do DU'ers think about this Downing Street Memo Article

Are there still problems with the server?

The "last throes" of the insurgency? What is Cheney up to?

MSNBC QOTD: Do you think U.S. troops will be out of Iraq by the time Pres.

We should replace the "Memo" with "Minutes" - minutes of the meeting

OK, Cheney doesn't like "Gulag." What should we call Guantanamo?

He reminds me of the crazy ax wielding murderers on slasher movies

"My position..."

America has lost its mind.

Greeting Cards for GW:


Will there be a Dem response to that Gawd-awful

Korea is Clinton's Fault

Amnesty Allegations Absurd?

Does anyone have a link to Amnesty Intl report?

Bob Ball, SS commissioner for 3 presidents, disagrees w/W:

First Officer bends a 767 on landing. For Real

*'s rhetoric-spewing 'address' talked of a new energy program...

bushturd vocabulary lesson

UGH... I can not stand the way he talks..

Another Bush lie! ... "who hated America and were trained to lie."

Bush's Lie-Clock

QUICK I need some links

Need help finding media addresses.

Bush's Twist


Bush lies coming to Kentucky Thursday

Got a good site to give a summery of deep throats role?

I Rode an Elephant Recently

18% payroll tax----------

NOT a body strapped suicide bomber as being reported

That "Adopt a Highway" sign might be a sham

"Here, you're innocent until proven guilty," Bush said this morning.

energy bill hides drilling in Miss. wilderness area

RAF Bombing Raids Tried To Goad Saddam Into War

I'm Sparticus (Deep Throat)

Analysts Behind Deeply Flawed Iraq Intelligence Were Rewarded

Court Overturns Arthur Andersen Conviction

Where is today's "Deep Throat"?

Impeach the Mainstream MEDIA! No memo question....SHAME!

WoW, check this out.....Freezing gas prices (literally)

The Chamber of Commerce declares Nuclear Option on Attorneys General

Life Update on Freeper Type Ex-Friend

For the 2006 Mid-term elections, our Democratic Contract with America.

Tax free Hurricane supplies for Florida June 1st to the 12th.

A good excuse to donate to Amnesty International

US military in a twilight zone

Bush hates sanity

What was the justification for Office of Special Plans & is it still in op

Union spokesman for United just told our Ch 11 that they are willing to

Your own personal BIGGEST WORRY vis-a-vis current politics.

My letter to 60 Minutes re Downing Street Memo

Truth, justice, and the American way

Bozell: Conference on Media Reform was a Left-wing Hootenany

Canada Bank Honcho Warns US: Stop Racking Up Debts! You'll sink us all!

A worldwide cult dedicated to random acts of kindness to strangers...

Florida is getting 2 National cemeteries & 4 more for the rest

Devils oppose assemblyman's bid to replace symbol

CSPAN Schedule for Tuesday May 31

Faux news drops mask, admits it's horribly biased! For reall!

* on 5/11: "I was very comfortable with the decision they made.”

* is keeping a pledge he made during the election!!!!!!!!!!!!

Republican's Orwellian Use of Language Pi$$es Me Off

Illinois Democratic Leaders Place Caps On Medical Malpractice Awards

An update from Rep. Conyers

Every time Bush speaks, I fear for the world

Can anyone here contact Conyers and ask how many signatures we have?

Patriot Act: Who needs judges?

Press Corpse is a bunch of whimps

Freepers are having a book burning! Let's have one too!

Do those who "Support the Troops" support Operation Truth?

Why a press conference this morning? Quack!

Clinton bombed and starved Iraq throughout the 90s...

Administration Was For Amnesty International Before It Was Against It

On June 4, 2005

The "W'o8" Bumper Stickers? Think Laura Welch Bush (her maiden name).

Anyone hear Randi Rhodes go off on the military and their treatment of Col

Remember all the times Bush ranted about Saddam's mass graves

Interesting BBC Radio Documentary on the self-centered Youth of China

Ritter Echo...

Galloway interview live stream

"What about this mans pledge not to be revealed until after he's dead"?

Repukes less likely to cheat on spouse and fake orgasms.......LOL

Opinion: "The Bush-haters. Are they winning?" (Brace yourself!)

The Insurgency Could Last 10 Years (Yes 10 Years)

THOUSANDS dead in 9/11; now THOUSANDS dead in Iraq. Just old news, huh?

Unceremonious end to Army career (More examples of * supporting troops)

TPMCAFE: John Edwards Blogging!

Any history buffs??? HELP NEEDED

Why don't we nominate another Bush for president ?

consumer confidence rebounds.Who the hell

mr. bush, YOU are Fucking Absurd

I wish!

NASCAR driver won't race Danica Patrick cause she weighs less!

Bush: "...the best way to solve any difficult issue is through diplomacy."

What yo and the DUers don't get about Rangel and the Draft.

Things aren't looking for *: Press conference this morning

Dis a symbol?

Anyone else having a hard time reading Memorial Day threads?

Someone has to ask Bush or McClellan how Bolton is going to reform the UN

Bush today: "When there's accusations made about certain actions ..."

Washington Post confirming felt as deep throat

Who loves it when Bush speaks for "the people?"

QUESTION: Did you (OFF-MIKE) your wife?

What if we had an IMPEACHMENT RALLY at all state capitals July 4th?

bush said no federal funding for taking life. i agree with the asshole

$1000 Reward for Getting Bush to Answer Downing Street Minutes

The emperor has no clothes.

'I feel comfortable in my role' - PIX >>>

WTF is up with the audio quality of the Air America stream?

Media Black Out Downing Street Minutes

"It doesn't matter what the polls say, wait until the votes are counted"

Bush Administration and Myers should spend a week in Guantanmo

Bob Woodward confirms Felt as Deep Throat

"Dissassembled means 'not tell the truth'. " Oh.My.God. Dissemble much?

That's definitely a quagmire...

5/2005 US Loses 2.71 Soldiers a day Same as 5/2004. What Insurgency?

So what are the odds that the Monthly PC idea gets scrapped?

I am VERY suspicious of Mark Felt (Deep Throat)

Who's the next DEEP THROAT?

Re the latest "Hate Mailbag" :

A vital philosophical quote relating to the justice system....

A vital philosophical quote relating to the justice system....

Freeper Psychology 101

Darfur Daily News: May 30, 2005

Power corrupts: the rest of the quote.

So you wonder why the cost of getting by is going up -

Freakin' hilarious post at dKos! Advice to Batshit Loopy Prez

TiVo Alert! Jeff Gannon to Take Lie Detector Test on TV Tonight

A Dittohead Told LIMBO the Soviet Union Was "a fascist country"

Lex Relander

Have Bush's accusers gone about it wrong? Should they have Deep Throated?

Conyers says it will take days to count signatures! Please sign if you

Collective Neurosis

Shut Guantánamo Down Tell President Bush to just shut it down.

Anybody know anything about riding lawnmower engines?

State-led murder and rape of villagers in Darfur - African Union reports

Deep Throat has come out

#$%@!!! Freepers whining about "Deep Throat."

I am not able to post from home...

FRONTLINE - A Jew Among the Germans

You think shrub is a closeted gay? Caption This!!!

Case Closed.

LOL I just found the hate mail

Impeachment Fever and Media Politics (NO IMPACT EH? )

Fox Breaking News: Jennifer Wilbanks to pay 13K to city.

Rush vs. Reality

Bush: "America... a reluctant warrior" staggering hypocrisy!!

Tweety, BUCHANAN, CROWLEY - Bouncing off the Walls

I love that Felt blew Bobby Woodward's future book deal.

notice how almost NOTHING is what it seems anymore?

Hey DU! I'm At A Bar Arguing Economics. Stock Markets Better Under Dems

I just wanna make sure I have this right - Vanity fair?

smack dab back into the collective consciousness

Surprise! Interest on student loans to jump by a record amount


Need some help with vile conservative rhetoric for a LTTE

Anyone else see this? I'm not gay but I think I'll buy me a Ford(again) Flushes Bible Down Toilet online

"DisAssemble...that means not tell the truth"..

The Daily Show is back on tonight with new shows. Yahoo.

Court Overturns Arthur Andersen Conviction

Bradlee: "We only made one mistake..." -Would the WP have survived today?


Why did Felt come forward?

Let's be brutally honest. Right wingers HATE America!!!!

Frist makes ass of himself at Speedway

Coincidence? "dissemble" Word of the Day 5/30/05

How can Monica Crowley be a "Former Nixon Aide?"

More than 59,000 view Conyers' letter on Downing Street memo over weekend

Randi's testimony, for those who missed it.

Any American historians out there, can you

The "Reporters" Need Help! Let's Give Them Some Questions

Deep Throat was an American Hero.

Buchanan wants Deep throat arrested

An update from Conyers

Some more coverage of the Downing St. memo!

Who'll be the next X-President to go to "that big White House in the sky"?

Could there be another Abraham Lincoln Brigade today?

The Greatest Crisis in the World - An interesting view by Deepak

The first word in this song is 'dis-corp-o-rate"

Live Aid axes Spice Girls for being "too trivial"

I'm on the verge of losing a friend because of *

BFEE: George Bush didn't go AWOL but was involved in Operation Condor

While * whines about cutting foreign oil programs, check this out:

The Importance of Speaking Truth to Power

Just like Newt's only better: A Democratic Contract with America

Breaking from PAX Lie Detector: JimmyJeff has been cleared of all wrong..

A Boy Scout is TRUSTWORTHY . . . (Scouts LIED about black membership)

Arthur Anderson Overturned - Kenny Boy probably next if he even

I thought you guys were making up the "disassemble" thing

Current covers of the newsweeklies: PATHETIC

Is It Just Me... Or Are Our Numbers Rising???

Which is a stronger brand name "Democratic party" or "Clinton"?

Poppy wants Jeb to continue Bush pattern of destroying America.

Pat Buchanan is on the Nightly News crying like a little girl about Felt

Support for Same-Sex Marriage Up in Massachusetts

The Felt “Deep Throat” revelation: Call to action or cover up?

this Mark Felt guy - was he on anybodys list of possible 'deep throat'

Baltimore Sun obliterates Bush on day before Memorial Day

I heard an interesting view on 'conspiracy theories'. What's your opinion

bush press conference this morning! oboy oboy!

WSJ: Seeking Insurance, Individuals Face Many Obstacles

C&L: Bush Press Conference Video

Get a load of this crapola from Limbaugh!

If you need a good laugh today, don't miss the "Hate Mailbag"

What do you say to people who think Real ID is no big deal?


The Memo Is Bush's "Blue Dress"

Mr Anchor assure me, That Baghdad is burning, Your voice it is so soothing

Who bothers to listen to NPR anymore?

DC Area DU'ers: Iraq Teach-in alongside the Take Back America Conference

Freeper's Secret Revealed: They Think Nixon Was A Hero

If the Iraqis wanted their freedom so bad, why didn't they rise up

Is Bush against contraception? His press secretary evades an answer

Day 4 of New York Times coverup of ISP/Fascist privacy grab attempt

A Novel Way To Get Additional Traction On Downing Street Minutes

Hannity saying that Amnesty is a 'radical left-wing group"

Bush: "Disassemble" means "to not tell the truth."

Daddy bushy wants jebby in the white house...

Please-help us get DeLay fired-sign petition to be delivered

Message to Skinner: USE THE FORCE

A pic begging for a CAPTION

That`s one twisted "Culture of Life", George.

Gannon/Guckert to take lie detector on TV at 8pm Tonight!

Minnesota is getting more presumptuous regarding people recruiting.

"What You Can Do"

Seriously: What is this Memo (or minutes) that...

More press conference quotes clearing matters right up. Right.

rethug hate mail: Every news groups make mistakes.

This Memorial Day Just Creeped Me Out!

These things didn't need to happen

Talking Point against Jeb Bush in 2008: The Blue Tarp facts

Wow..the newest 4 LBN headlines are about different strikes looming

test... trying to post image

Regarding impeachment of shrub...we all know it most likely

Want to know what bush REALLY believes in?

Air America Radio ads I HATE in New York area

Dan Froomkin (WaPo)-Submit Your ?s for Wed. Live Online Discussion

Conservative no more.


A sad but in a way sort of uplifting little story for you all

Did Air America just have a 'growth spurt'???

GOD? Should I pray for wealth before or after I pray for president bush?

Wow! Bush proposes a radical use for Social Security!

Conyers Needs DU's HELP...Sign letter to *....He's a Fighter...OH, etc.

Bush has GOT to Go -- CHIMPEACH!

Liddy on Tweety in just a minute

Gannon on PAX - They Ask 2 Questions

Oh please oh please oh please oh please...

NIN cancel MTV appearence over Bush poster.

Daily Show not a rerun.

My purely suppositional theory on why Felt (Deep Throat) outed himself

just looked at sludge report, no mention of the minutes....

May 2004 and may 2005

Something I've noticed about Bush's SS "plans"

Now what the HELL is THIS look all about? (pic)

Lawmaker Wants Lower Soldier Drinking Age/What say you, DU?

If we keep stirring the Bush regime hornet's nest... (secret fear)

Jelly Donut.

Where can I download (for keepsies) the CSPAN media bias conference

PAX t.v. "Lie Detector" Wingnut Double Whammies KERRY & Annoints GUCKERT

Bush Hints He Will Withhold Further Data About Bolton

Jackie Kennedy, May 19, 1994....that long already?? Her memories of ....

OMG! I missed this! Nat'l CATHOLIC Reporter asks WHY ARE WE IN IRAQ?

Bush press conference coincides with overturning of AA conviction

Top 3 reasons we will not have a Deep Throat in this administration:

Does anyone have any "inside" corporate media contacts ?

Now, just tell us who "You're So Vain" was written about

Hillary and Laura set to take battle of dynasties back to White House why now? is Felt pissed at woodward being a bush

"The net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it"

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Roll Call

No mention of the Downing Street Minutes or Galloway on The Daily Show

Freeper Check-In

Amnesty international report "absurd"="I am not a crook"

Woodward confirms it was Felt who was Deep Throat

Bob Woodward confirms Felt is Deep Throat

WSJ: Having Insurance Doesn't Guarantee Coverage

Bush's War In Iraq Fits The Very Definition(S) of a QUAGMIRE...

Here's What Frerepublic Douchebags Are Saying About "Deepthroat"...

(Weekly Standard) 61% of Jihadists are SAUDI.

Its so sad...I cant believe a Republican talking point is that Clinton..

Bush's Butler >

States say $5.15 an hour too little

Has any American President ever been hated as much as Shrub?

Wounded gay soldier DISCHARGED from Army: Country doesn't want you

DYNASTY: Poppy wants Jeb to be President

You guys keep ignoring an important new poster

Southern Baptist resolution: "Get the kids out!" of "toxic" public schools

"Pro-family" group BOYCOTTS Ford: "Homosexual agenda"

Just how ignorant is our press?

How would industrial hemp fare in...

Please sign the Conyer's letter!

Who says stopping the Iraq war can't be fun?

Answer the &$%#* Question!

yoicks! . . . they printed my LTTE! . . .

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday June 1

Is there anyone left who DOESN'T think * is a complete moron?

Fox News Admits Bias!

Why I'm Joining the GOP - Leaving the left for fun and profit

Rare bird spotted yesterday at Arlington National Cemetary

Wow...Matthews is nastier than usual tonight!

It's voting time again!

Walmart boycott dilemma

Ladies and Gentleman....Faux News goes "fair and balanced" on Downing St.!

The wisdom and native intelligence of George W Bush (aka idiot son)

Tell your story: What did SSI benefits do for YOU?

The Sun...Is it getting hotter?

does anyone else think that it's odd. . .

got milk?

What Books Do You Think Are Among The MOST Helpful Books...

Breaking: Deep Throat named.


Air America. Where are the lies?

It's The Downing Street MINUTES... And Not Memo. Repeat, NOT MEMO!

It's so cool that things don't have to make sense anymore!

It's Time To Get Serious About Impeaching George Bush

Faux News talking about prosecution of Felt, denying further pension


Supreme Court Over-turns Arthur Andersen Conviction!


Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries (Hey IndianaGreen!)

Darfur Daily News: May 31, 2005

Become an on the ground media activist! It has been made easy:


Judge Gives Offenders Option of Church

FreeRepublic Has An On-Line Book-Burning

This is a test of the left-wing blogosphere!

DU Hate mailbag

Depleted Uranium Bill Introduced into Congress

W. Mark Felt , shown in Assoc of Former Intell Officers list

History...Time line...could you help me out

Disturbing Dream

it's more powerful than the US military !!

Urgent : Let's Do "Each One Reach + One More" For Conyers

Didn't Bush refer to himself as ARTICULATE?

Col. Hackworth is buried today at Arlington

WOW. Just wow. I couldn't have said this better myself:

Here is a chilling report from one who has seen it before:

W. Mark Felt should be honored as an American hero

Conyers MINUTES letter- for naysayers and those afraid to sign

Deep Throat tinfoil hat theory

Just read Hate mailbag. And WE have a "Homosexual Obsession"?

Fascism will return not wearing Swastikas but bearing Crosses and Bibles

Memos vs Minutes

More than 59,000 view Conyers' letter on Downing Street memo over weekend

Media Black Out Downing Street Minutes

On July 1, 2006, Dick Cheney will resign the Vice Presidency.

Iraq Coalition Casualties Site - Where the Death Numbers Come From

Listening to press conf I had forgotten how unfuckingbelievably stupid Bush is

One man's letter to his * supporting friends

What republican celebrity do you find attractive?

AL salon charges black women $15 more than white women for hair care

HEADS UP: Just got off the phone with UK memo reporter.

Democratic Underground the best think tank online

A good thought........(this is vitaly importaint !)

Every once in a while I get a bug to make my own mayonnaise--

Hit Or Miss?

I Tasted Heaven

Did anyone else watch "Hell's Kitchen?"

Pasta Salad Serendipity

Economics trumped human rights, Manley says

We must be doing something right then:

E-I-E-I-E-I-O, up the football league we go!

WP: Heeding the Past As She Looks To the Future (Book Excerpt on A1)

Chen calls on US to sign trade accord - John Rockefeller

Vietnam vet finds nurse by chance who held his dying son in Iraq

Woman Drops Bid to Become Gold Star Mother

Italian helicopter crashes in Iraq, 4 dead

Six KFC workers burned to death in Karachi violence

France braced for new prime minister, policy shif

Iran tests new solid fuel rocket

French PM resigns after EU vote

President Bush Pays Tribute to War Dead (dig the photo/headline)

Four U.S Air Force Airmen killed in Iraq (#1663)

NATO forces take over west Afghan duty from U.S.

Iraq insurgency in 'last throes,' Cheney says

EU, Washington Resume Battle Over Boeing

Elite Australian troops 'killed innocent Afghans'

US aircraft repair project waiting for Vietnam's approval

Push on to clarify rights for detainees, Specter...hearing to establish ri

Italian helicopter crashes in Iraq, 4 dead

Spending Plans Fall Victim to Politics (Schwarzenegger)

Ill Lawmakers OK Deal to Fight Malpractice

Bush's Political Capital Spent, Voices in Both Parties Suggest

Court Overturns Andersen Conviction

Bush Calls Human Rights Report "Absurd"

Six burnt alive as protesters torch US fast food outlet in Pakistan

'Deep Throat' Reportedly Comes Forward

AP: IAEA May Scale Back Saudi Monitoring

Waiting for Harris has GOP antsy

Ohio teen kills five and himself

Auto Suppliers Have Low Level of Trust in Big Three

LAT: Forest Service May Sell Some Staff Facilities (raping fed land)

W. Mark Felt: "I am Deep Throat"

Who's the next DEEP THROAT?

Bush's Political Capital Spent, Voices in Both Parties Suggest (W.P.)

NYT: Rice to Discuss Antiproliferation Program

Spokane, Wash., Mayor Denies Allegations

Iraq's president sees Saddam trial within 2 months

Top court to decide Kansas death penalty law

Bush 'comfortable' with handling of plane scare (5/11)

Bush to hold press conference shortly (10:45 a.m. ET)

Enron auditor's verdict reversed

'Watergate source' breaks cover (Deepthroat)

De Villepin appointed French PM

Costs, delays harm US air traffic upgrade - report

Blair to Meet Bush for talks (next week in D.C.)


Al-Qaeda terror threat 'growing' (because of Iraq war)


Laura Bush/Hillary Clinton presidential matchup?

Bush Shrugs Off Setbacks, Vows Agenda Push

Abducted Iraq governor found dead


Ex oil tycoon sentenced to 9 years in Russia

Police Hold 9-Year-Old Girl in Killing of Friend, 11

Give 'em a Chance, Steers WILL Eat Grass

Iraq asks U.N. to renew security mandate

Sudan Accused of Threatening Aid Workers

59,000 view Conyers' letter on Downing Street memo

Princess Caroline (Monaco) husband "drinking himself to death"

AIG overstated net income by $3.9 bln

Keystone Pub Owner Daily Posts Iraq Casualty Count (Eastern PA)

Saudi King Fahd May Leave Hospital In Days - Minister

More than 59,000 view Conyers' letter on Downing Street memo over weekend

Washington State Elections Director Claims (innocent)Vote Mistakes

U.S. death toll in Iraq surges amid rebel violence

Brazil Farmers Block Roads to Demand Aid

Iran Makes Ballistic Missile Breakthrough.....Daily Star

Bush wants full inquiry into Uzbek violence

Economics trumped human rights in U.S. security deal, says Manley

France to propose civilian nuclear cooperation deal to Libya

Geldof urges a million to march in Edinburgh protest (G-8 / Live 8)

Tasers being used in schools - Charlotte Observer

High court sides with inmates on religion

Hundreds of activists warn they will be watching new World Bank head Wolfo

Stripping Rumsfeld and Bush of Impunity (ACLU-FOIA 1st News!)

Over 300,000 workers prepare to strike in South Africa

Strike threat to BBC if no deal is agreed over job cuts

Health care union plans strike at three facilities (1000+ CT)

Coke Strike Update

Recruiting of Salvadoran mercenaries for Iraq denounced

NYT: Fed Debates Pricking the U.S. Housing 'Bubble'

Press freedom deteriorating world-wide, says WAN report

United Averts Strikes With Mechanics, Machinists

NYT: Unions Struggle as Communications Industry Shifts

NYT: In Vigilant Hillaryland, Advisers Stay Devoted

NYT/AP: Marburg Virus Outbreak Said Under Control

China edits CNN interview with New Zealand PM

Wolfowitz faces "hardest job in the world" at World Bank

Hillary and Laura set to take battle of dynasties back to White House

Yukos chief, associate, jailed for nine years

Bush meets prominent opponent of Venezuela's Chavez

MSNBC Breaking: Supreme Court overturns Enron-related conviction of Arthur

Tainted-blood scandal: Canadian Red Cross pleaded guilty

Khodorkovsky jailed for nine years

WP: Border Patrol Cited for Inaction on Kickbacks

AG Madrid asks U.S. Senate to remove MTBE provision in energy bill

Iraq insurgency in 'last throes,' Cheney says (War over by 2009)

Rice Says U.S., Allies, Blocked Nuclear Material Headed to Iran

Wounded Gay Soldier Discharged From Army ( OK draft a College Repug to

U.S. Lawmakers Visit Venezuela

Lawmaker Wants Lower Soldier Drinking Age

Judge: Ind. May See Minors' Medical Files(Planned Parenthood)

Bolivian Lawmakers Convene Under Guard

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1665)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Racing to beat Medicaid cuts

LAT: A Late Decision, a Lasting Anguish (KS - Late Term Abortion Doc)

Protesters torch KFC outlet in Pakistan, 6 dead

Right Wing Losing Pull With Electorate

Bush calls for quick vote on UN envoy

China's Sinopec Wants Two-Fifths of Northern Lights Oilsands

Canada Red Cross used HIV blood

Bush denies losing clout, vows to press on

Europeans look for new direction from EU

Elder Bush would like son Jeb to run for president

8 US Troops Wounded In Attack Near Baghdad Airport -CNN

Funding for moon, Mars projects promised

Federal ID Act May Be Flawed

(Supreme)Court upholds inmates' religious rights law

Probe: Boy Scouts Lied About Black Members

Mass. Lawmakers Override Stem Cell Veto

Judge Gives Offenders Option of Church

Effort to legalize abortion gains strength in Colombia

a four-digit number has replaced the usual beer specials

U.S. firms said to be named in withheld Bolton documents

Nicaragua under state of emergency

WP,pg1: Bill Clinton Takes Spot On Global Stage

Gitmo Detainees Say They Were Sold

Bush blasts Amnesty report on Guantanamo (it's absurd)

LAT, Brownstein: Math Doesn't Add Up for a Democrat-Run Senate

Judge considering when to open Rush Limbaugh's medical records

(Jeb) signs bill regulating abortion clinics ("with pride and conviction")

Deep Throat revealed = W. Mark Felt. ABC News

Christian activist group goes after Ford Motor Co.

Downing Street Memo Mostly Ignored in U.S. (FOX News Reports!!!)

Second MSF aid worker arrested in Sudan

Rob D crossed with Crash Test Dummies.....

We had an ozone alert here yesterday.

Anyone experienced Steph infection?

Good Night DU

Where are you from? Do you love the Laundromat?

I need a Zomby hug. Or some Zomby coffee.

Anyone experienced Staph infection?

Where are you from? Do you love the lounge?


For all you WW2 Buffs out there. There is an interesting documentary on..


Like, don't like the quiet board?

Dulce et Decorum Est

Padres win on their last at bat! 2-1 over Milwaukee!

So I pandered for eight hours today.

Se ya later.

6 posts from making the BIG 1000!!! Ask me anything!

Once bread becomes toast, it can never go back to being bread again.

What is the most outrageous thing I can post here?

Is my humor too subtle?

Know what I miss?

Banana man

The Aurora is out...

The Archbishop of Manila is named "Cardinal Sin"?

I just finished the night audit,ask me almost anything

An Irish Airman

I've been on hold with this tech support

Flying Surfboard Kills Motorist

Customer Service

Have you emailed or PMed Skinner since AtA was shut down?

Former Prostitutes Not Allowed To Teach School In Oregon

Welcome back to another craptacular week of work.

Where can I find a "Democratic chicken shirt" and how much does it cost?

The cause of the server problems has been identified.

Who Else Feels Just A LITTLE Sorry For Poor Seth

There she is ... .... Miss Universe (Russian born Canadian)

Anyone Else Still Having DU connection Issues? Mine Are Really Odd?

Post here and I will shake you down.

i think asexual people are the luckiest in the world...

Don't post here or I will shake you

Post here and I will shake my money maker.

How did you grow up?

Jelly Donuts all around!

post here and i wiLL cover you in shake n' bake.

this is post 1500 for me

McDonald's New Drink: Albania Security Clan

I need a new sig line and I can't think of anything right now.

Paging dolo amber!

Post here and I will shake your love.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Happy Birthday Dear Stoli, Happy Birthday To You.

Bachelor's degree to do PC support - asinine or not?

It's your world and I'm just a squirrel.

Memorial Day Barbecue

Man Sets His Home On Fire To Get His Guests To Leave

Redneck Boating Message Boards

She likes the boys in the band. She says that I'm her all-time favorite.

Fortunate Son* is on the idiot box...who's watchin'?!


Paris Hilton Getting Married - To Paris

What kind of ISP doesn't provide service on the weekends?

Guess the DUer Picture Puzzle Thread vol. 83!

Poland trip


My new epithet for *

Photojournalist position!!

George W. Sith - possible spoiler alert

Why did you grow up?

'SNL' Star Mocks Cruise and Holmes Romance

WOW! Was that a great weekend or what!

Every time I smoke a good cigar it makes me feel cigary for days

Cheating wife? Promiscuous daughter? GPS panties are the solution!

Just for a minute let's all do the bump. bump. bump.


Funny stuff on Lipton Cup-a-Soup

Judge: "Go To Church Or Go To Jail"

Articulate or Art Chocolate? You decide

Ron "Hedgehog" Jeremy and Lemmy in the movie "Charlie's Death Wish"


No! No! No! I am Deep Throat!

In honor of Memorial Day: My pappy

Hey Cassandra Uprising- I figured it out!

I think the lounge is unfairly targeting Seth.


Josie and the Pussycats OR Courtney Love and Hole

Lucas announces Star Wars Episode III (a)-Revenge of the Seth

Just saw "Star Wars Episode III".

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

BREAKING: Deepthroat revealed... .. ...... it's NOT Seth

White House reporters refuse to ask Bush about Seth

when someone comes to the lounge in soul-search mode, I:

What do you think of stuff that's not cool?

Ok, what's with the Seth Jokes?

I am a Neverending storreeeeee!! lal la la la la al al ala la

scientoLogy = the dark side of the force

Seth Attacks Cruise for Criticizing Her Drug Use

Man Refuses To Pick Up His $617,000 Waiting For Him

"Seth" ?????

Seth, I hear you callin’But I can’t come home right nowSeth what can I do?

Personally - I think you're all Oversethed!!

Who Else Feels Just A LITTLE Sorry For Poor Sith

Looking for something.

Your Tuesday morning ... ... AWWWWW!

I found a new favorite movie: Gypsy '83 !!

Ok, despite all the anti-Tom Cruise talk in the lounge - will you see...

Here comes the BOOM!

Favorite musicals?

Request for technical help (DVD Covers and Artwork)

I think the lounge is unfairly targeting Meth.

Crap....Hubby threw out his back.

Ok, somebody's lying. Is "Deep Throat" really

Are you guys talking about Seth Green in here?

Tell me your favorite flavor of daiquiri, and describe it.

Ok - a very weird thing happened to me yesterday

My kid has a Darth Vader voice-changing mask...when I tell him to do ...

Ry Cooder's new CD, Chavez Ravine (coming in two weeks)

How well do you know the states?

Burned out and retreating to the lounge...

The Bureau of Rush's Butt

Shields Attacks Cruise for Criticizing Her Drug Use

Employment Background checks... What are they LEGALLY allowed to

Girl rescues 5-year-old from fire

Revisiting Mark E. Smith on the Death of John Peel

just when i think all hope is gone-----

Find your highschool photos for free! *** NICE! ***

My nose is sun burned!

Please help the ignorant

No no no - it's raining, the lawn was one day away from death!

Wanna see Cassandra Uprising in her glory days?

does this quote from * make sense? is it just me?

Who wants to do some laundry for me?? Don't all get up at once!

Does your movie theatre sell alcoholic beverages?

he he he

Has anyone seen "National Treasure"?

So I've been gone for a couple days. Anything happen?

You gotta see this to believe. Trust me.

Attention chemists and chemistry students! I need your wisdom!

Revenge of the Sith question (Yes, there will be spoilers)


Seth has used up his Lounge capital.

James Randi and the Smithsonian

Best Slap Across da Face in a Film.

More coworker weirdness

How come

Scientology. What is it exactly?

"I love things that are great."

I went and "Got a life" for a week...

Maddox weighs in on Star Wars

Scarlet Johansson...

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Is DU back to 100% now?

This guy's probably a great doctor, but.....

How do you sleep?

WOOOHOOO! My Brakes dont' need to be done!

My dream this weekend:

Lionel Tate faces armed robbery charge

Happy 75th to Clint Eastwood!

My son wants me to take him to see Star Wars this afternoon, but...

Who watched the Miss Universe pageant last night?


'Hell's Kitchen' literally gave me nightmares

Heading back to Cali

Do any of you enjoy BSC vignettes?

Thank God!!!! Clean bill of health today!

Post a picture of your jewelry and precious metals space and safe combo

Can I get some Lounge love sent over to GD? Pretty Please?

Just updated my Live Journal.

God awful commercial just on AAR!!!

Name a word that DU's dictionary knows sod all about it.

Dammit! I want The Price Is Right!

INNER PEACE......get it here......

Cool site for kitty lovers: Rate My Kitten

300th post, Lets make it a good one.

At least they're honest about it.... (pic)

Just curious. What's the average litter size of kittens?

Tom Cruise has gone wacko! Video excerpts!

Ok, you had to expect this: Replace any word in a movie title with "Seth"

why does everyone believe Tom Cruise is gay?

REMAKES III -- Summer of the Clones!!!

Even the most heartless BASTARD melts in the presence of BABY DUCKS.

If you've never digged on any Lovage, then I pity you, fool

Does it look like I photoshopped this?

Can anyone access photodump, or is

was Mark felt ever considered a major candidate for Deep Throat

An vital philosophical statement.....

My dog took a dump. Just like that...

We have thunder. The storms are coming.

Your typical freeper in action (pic)

I have a feeling I'm going to really like my new neighbors

I'm Debbie, I'm doing Dallas. Ask me anything.

My Cooking Class yearbook photo proofs are in!!!


I bought a new umbrella today.

Well, I guess it's time to get a new car.

Anyone here have a 2005 Mazda 3?


Please line up and spank Xultar---I've been wandering into GD and GD-P

the ever popular: What Are You Listening To?

Katie Holmes on Tom Cruise: 'I'm so happy'

Legendary AC-DC frontman Bon Scott, or a wolverine that's been provoked

My dog jumped in a lake. Just like that.

Ballad of the 101st Keyboarders.

Caption time: Whatever happens, he can always say he was the Pres

Please good thoughts quickly!

I'm being followed by a...

Thank you, Blue_In_AK! You fixed DU!

If You Say This Isn't Cute You Are Either Sick Or Lying!

I got a job!

Yahoo / Launch: "Christina Aguilera's Too-Close Encounter With Fan"

Cool, my station added Springsteen's "Working on the Highway"

C'mere you! Yeah. You. You know EXACTLY who I mean.

What is this I hear about California Peggy being in trouble?

1959: "High School sweethearts: Dick, and Lynne, the Homecoming Queen"

I'm suddenly REALLY digging this auto racing thing

Did you miss me?

Bush Crime Family joke

This photo of Miss Univ. 2005 Natalie Glebova is WRONG on so many levels

So Close!

Are ALL gay men well kept with their clothing and appearance?

Are you familiar with the art of John John Jesse? (not kid friendly)

Princess Caroline (Monaco) husband "drinking himself to death"

Anyone here using the Linksys wireless music network thinggy?

I want to thank all of you today for your support ...and love...

I want to thank all of you today for your support ...and love...

HwLP! Plwazw I nwwd yr hwlp!

1987 20 ft. Rinker with Alpha I motor topping out at 54mph

Well you made a long journey from Milan to Minsk.

Oe of those "Awwww..." videos.

Anyone drive a Scion? Is 108 HP enough for city/highway mixed driving?

a moral dilemma

Our concrete arrives tomorrow..On the 2nd our new A/C..

I spent the last few hours listening to Phil Ochs

I'm confused - Deep Throat is not

Mark Felt "Deep Throat" is a patriot...we need more like him.

Tell me something you don't have a friggin clue about...

Family Home Infested With 20,000 Bees

Attack of the Clones

I'm on my second lemonade margarita, listening to Boingo. Ask me anything!

Was Christian Slater arrested for a sex crime?

I miss the server problems

What does a heartattack feel like?

One of the best Simpsons ever. . . .

I hate loose change.

Kinda sad....found out a co-worker was stabbed to


Red Sox Spanish broadcast annoucer killed in crash.

What movie are you really looking forward to seeing

What is your favorite type of berries?

Headsup: The Movie TRAFFIC........on now NBC

Tori Amos did a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit?

Stardate: I'm in love with Sandy Wood

What songs do you associate with specific historical events?

Mark Felt doesn't look a thing like Linda Lovelace

My Songbird Just Pecked The Eyes Out Of Your Cat

Would you get in a 2seater prop-driven aircraft with Bush at the controls

Deep Throat REVEALED! Were YOU right?

Wow, Songbirds are fucking overrated!


Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

the post has been found...return to your homes...repeat, the post

Bush said disassemble means to not tell the truth?

Anyone drink Squincher?

Am I thinking too deeply about shit?

Has anyone ever had a thread disappear? Can't find my post of pics

My car's fucked up

Anybody know if there's a DU search feature?

Can anyone promise me

Your favourite wine.

I took some allergy medicine, now I have a splitting headache

Your passion proves you're a terrestrial angel.

Puppy fishing

Do you like to grill?

"How do I know you’re on the level?"

Were you sent here by the devil?

Caption time....

Need some help here...anyone in HR

Would you go on a space shuttle if GWB were also on it?

Are you looking at my bum?


Ack! Hubby has a slipped disc.

OMG The BUSH PEOPLE are on with LArry King

Lets see...NL West...Standings... Hmmm...Who has a 3-game lead?

I Can't Focus On This Project I Have To Do!

I have nothing better to do than pull ticks off my dog and watch reruns.

I'm off to work!

How come we have romance novels, but no insurance novels?

Trash movie review! Exorcist: The Beginning

What good movie should I rent ?

You spin me right round, baby right round like a record, baby right round

Kiss me hard and long (new Opus comic)

Gardening is hard work


Hey, did you hear. Daily Show isn't a rerun.

Wasn't Skynet suppose to become self-aware by now?

My neighbor has a Bush Hates Freedom sign on his front lawn

Programming reminder: New Daily Show tonight

Mac OS X 10.4.2 update to patch dozens of Tiger glitches

Gimme yer favorite salad recipes!

So, how many miles to the gallon does a Hummer limo get?

Need help with finding a weather report

malaria blows

I will personally destroy C-Span

Gerald Posner is hitting it out of the park on the Daily Show

*mobile meditation* I really needed that today!

The real story the MSM is ignoring!

Would you vote for someone because they'd be fun to party with?

Holy cow, this is the funniest thing I have seen in years...

Please be advised that JimmyJazz is in great need of repair

What's the best way to open a locked bedroom door?

Paris Hilton gettin' hitched.

Post a picture of what is on your computer screen RIGHT NOW

How much time a day do yous spend on the DU?

I am a jelly donut.

Woo-Woo!! I have a new signature line.....Woo-Woo-Woo!!!

Post 3 things about yourself other DUers would NOT be surprised learn.

Well I get to take my new car in to get the hail dents out of it.

Anyone read the new Hate Mailbag??

It's still light out

Tito Santana

I was out cutting my lawn, when I thought about this

Hey. Hey you! Yeah, YOU. Sit on this and spin.

DU chat

OK, 15 more posts til I reach 3000 and it only took me since 2002

Can it be?! Royals beat Yankees 5-3!

I'm going on a trip - what should I not take to the airport?

Tell us about the best ? of your life

A giant bucket of maggot-infested orange compote vs. Oasis

Did anyone know that Paris Hilton is engaged?? WOW!

New neighbors:could they be?

Be advised that CaliforniaPeggy is in a great deal of trouble

Has anyone ever heard of a free internet phone service.

Saw a trailer for "War of the Worlds". Unsuprisingly looks like total shit

Mom indicted for hiring stripper for son

My cat basically ignores me - until I sit down

What is your favorite drink?

I think bisexual people are the luckiest people in the world.

Eins, Dieu, Tres, Four... Time to start a CUTE WAR!!!!

I'm thinking of getting some chickens

Which male actors generate heat?


Und who ist der flabby man now?

Notice anything unusual about this Volvo?


This guy can whip Shaq any day.....

Wish me luck - about to record my first podcast

Post your favorite muse

Anybody know anything about riding lawnmower engines?

Ahem...testing...ATTENTION: yvr girl thinks she is leaving.

Absolutely magnificent (horse pic)

EXIT Stage Left (Goodbye)

Kool-aid man is an American hero!

I have given up pot. For a while, anyway.

Anybody in Greensboro NC want to take care of my Dog for some $$$?


Take the Simpsons Personality Test!!!

Does anyone else here *not* disparage Steven Spielberg's oeuvre?

Speaking of baby ducks...

I hate it in movies when they ________.

Miz t. faw down an' go BOOM!

Congratulations to ZombyWoof on 30,000 posts!!!!!

50 is larger than 48: Today's encounter with a Bushbot

When we get our own island, what skills will you bring to our community

So what twas your first kiss?

proposed DU soccer group:

mutter... must've posted these CUTE CATS at a lousy time... mutter

What is your favorite profane slang phrase?

What are your top funny movies?

I just had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and I feel great!

best song ever

Post three things about yourself other DUers would be surprised to learn.

Anybody else going through Kleeb withdrawl syndrome?

Songs with best "drop dead" lines in them?

Any good advice for being a kick ass supervisor?

My computer is sick! Why am I having hard core porn pop-ups?

Cramps are a BITCH!!

Anyone here remember "In The News", CBS Saturday mornings?

Worst miscast movies

I'm Deep Throat. Ask me anything.

Condom Island ???

Mr. Scorpio - Please play some Smokey Robinson for me?

Is it possible for us to get more ridiculous in the lounge?

My books from Dover publishing arrived and I'm as happy as a...

Post here and I will respond in song titles

BUMP THIS plz -- FUNDAY (June 18) reminder for one and all

PETA's 2005 Sexiest Vegetarian...time to vote.

PETA Spy Reveals Self

Too Much Preaching, Too Little Teaching!

Dr (Tom) Cruise’s health advice starts feud with Brooke Shields

No Privacy in Your Cubicle? You Need An Electronic Silencer

Maine Anti-Gay Amendment Faces Tough Opposition

Minneapolis Church Hires Transsexual Pastor

Anti-Gay US Groups Try To Seize Control Of Canadian Political Party

Microsoft dumps Ralph Reed--use his campaign for GA Lt Gov as excuse

Anglican Gay Priests Told They Can Register Partners But Can't Have Sex

Equality Maryland Rips Gov. Ehrlich in the Baltimore Sun

Anti-Gay Group Launches Ford Boycott

Two million celebrate Pride in Brazil

Showing of Gay Tolerance Video in Hawaii High School Restricted

Calif. Assembly To Vote Today On Gay Marriage Bill

Protest Against School's Gay Diversity Posters Backfires

What should I do about homophobic teachers...?

Some Drivers Whining Danica Patrick weight gives her advantage

Tennessee Vols fan application

Devils oppose assemblyman's bid to replace symbol

The O's may be for real this year John Kleeb

Ha ! The Yankees just lost to the worst team in baseball

Boston 4-1 Over Baltimore

can we start a DU Soccer/Football group?

Seattle - Giant White Cat - very friendly needs home

I'd appreciate thoughts on flying dogs. I mean air travel. ;)

Fostering piggies

Need advice on placing kittens...

A GREAT weekend for our animal rescue group

Thank you and an update:

Any Correlations Between Nixon/Watergate Chart & Shrubs's ?

Just Like Bodies, Psyches Can Drown in Disasters

Northern Va chapel to check out

Off-topic: Back online, sort of

Here is the Downing Street Memo petition

Thinking about groups like the Patrick Henry Think Tank

Kerry's speech at the HeadStart conference.

Kerry's public position on the Conyers's petition

I think this is what I've meant by 'there has been a change'

"America the Beautiful"

Countdown Newsletter 5/31/05: I'm Deep Throat

Self-deleted - use Patsy's

Well, the "HOT BLOG" sign is flashing today at Krispy Keith's, but...

Hey there, ladies - remember that letter writing campaign

KOEB Tuesday 5/31/05

MSNBC Press Release about Tucker's Show....

They're on the ropes - Let's take 'em down!

How much more would the Haque need?

I'm Bringing "Warrior King," To Read (Conspicuously) At Lunch Today

Outspoken British lawmaker George Galloway plans U.S. tour

Preparing to capitalize on the unthinkable?

MSNBC "Live" Poll: Do you think U.S. troops will be out of Iraq ...

anyone else getting blocked out of DU?

Divestiture vs Vestiture

Another softball question about how will history view Iraq

Thom Hartman is running his interview with George Galloway 12PM EST!!!

Ivins on Bush's hypocrisy regarding the "culture of life" and war in Iraq

An Open Letter to George Bush

My New favorite picture of the Bush Monkey

Iraqi president expects Saddam trial in 2 months

CNN.CON: Do You Believe Mark Felt Is Deep Throat?

Do You Think The Timing Of bu$h's Press Conference Today Was Suspicious?

FYI: John Edwards is guest blogging this week on TPM Cafe

shaking head and sighing - had to explain that Al Gore did not claim

Why won't Woodward confirm Felt is Deep Throat?

What's happening in Congress this week?

In answer to the Repubs who say Amnesty didn't go after Saddam

Bumper sticker I saw today: "Join the MOB"

Deep Throat Outing + Bush Press Conf = More bad news for Bush on the way

White House transcript from Junior's mumble-fest this morning

Nice dodge on Stem Cells vs Invitro Mr President ...

Meet Me Halfway?

Bush: Gitmo Criticism 'Absurd,' allegations of "people who hate America"

One MSM Newspaper finally takes on Downing Street Memo.

Too Many "News" Stories. . . Why?

Bush and SS diverting attention from the problems with Medicare and Medica

Tweety voted for * "at least once"

Evil Dick predicts end of Iraq fighting before Junior leaves office, 2009

How will the religiously insane deal with all this "deep throat" talk?

When I retired from the Navy in 2002

A Letter I'd Love to Send, BUT....

Hillary and Biden fight over Obama — who'll win?

Why Did Feith Resign?

I love the 'Hate Mailbag', I hate it not.....


Softball Question of the Day:

Now that pathological * has been weakened and rendered a failure...

Why do you suppose deep throat came forward now?

Is Bush Already a Lame Duck President?

my hate mail to the TVC

With the AA ENRON conviction being overturned, where does the Bush

Nixon looks like a saint compared to George W. Bush!......This is so

The real story behind the Deep Throat 'revelation' is Woodward

Letter received from The White House today on Torture

Is Mark Felt Deep Throat? flushes Bible down toilet online

Nice Chronology of Nixon, the plumbers and Watergate

The making of a hero. Hero Felt.

Mass Layoffs Summary

BRAD BLOG: Letter Queries Rumsfeld on Attacks Prior to Iraq War!

Is Newsweek the Republican reich's new whipping boy?

Theory: Why the MSM Won't Aggressively Pursue the Downing Street Memo

Judge: Iraq war illegal? Case of Pablo Paredes

Is Bush an Impeachable President?

Conplan 8022- Use of US nuclear weapons in pre-emptive attacks is in place

Why doesn't the press use "sic" when quoting Bush?

Ban the Gop: traitors and criminals, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Iraq, Florida

Stem Cell Fact Check: Clinton - not * - first to fund stem cell research.

Senators need confirmation by the Senate to be seated????

" ...Advanced Knowledge of the Oklahoma City Bombing"

Have you signed this petition yet?

We ALSO learned today that Bush favors diplomacy over military action...

Pelosi can't be trusted when it come to Israel

Phase II of Intelligence Investigation Could Push Impeachment

* chastises Frist for preventing Bolton "up or down vote"

Letter writing campaign

Daddy bushy wants lill jebby in White he can continue be rich

Poll: If Bill Clinton had Lied to this Country about going to War.

MTV finds photo of Bush too offensive to allow on Music Awards

Why the hell haven't we gotten to 100,000 yet? KEEP KICKED!

There goes my theory that it was Hal Holbrook

Watch out! I've been trained to disassemble!

Talking Point against Jeb Bush in 2008: The Blue Tarp facts

Bush White House and GOP Show Signs Of Cluelessness and Disarray

Corrupt Nixon, Agnew, John Mitchell & the rest of them.

Judging Leaders by their Results 203.02....Bush don't have a clue

Bush lied about the definition of "dissassemble"...

Bowtie the next to crash and burn on MSNBC.

More common sense about Iraq from Pat Buchanan

I just have one q. about Bush's press conference...

Democratic and Christian sites.

I'm Coming Around to Hilary in '08

Bush: I don't worry about anything. I feel -- feel comfortable in my role


Is There A Transcript Of The Giggling Murder's "Press Conference" Today?

Bush's Rosy View of Economy Doesn't Mesh With Public Perception

Has Zogby drank the Kool-Aid?

IN DANGER: Senate seats from New Jersey

DU this poll! (Washington State Governor Election)

Rethug quotes of the week on the theme of POWER

Social Security IS a problem.

When did you know you were a dem?

Anybody know?

Words cannot express our deep thanks for your letters to my dad "Bill"

Let's move some of out best representatives up to the Senate.


Anti-war song recommendations

Chaos in the Republican party when Hillary does not run in 08!!

Tweety just said Chimp's press conference showed his mind is "SHARP."

disassemble -- that means not tell the truth

Class of 2006 Senators - where can we pick up a few extra seats

Now that we know that * lied to this country about going to war in Iraq...

Missouri Medicaid Cuts will Kill People, HELP!

Can you live on $292 a month? GOP cuts ask disabled elderly

If "Watergate" Happened Today

The Coalition of the Willing, Tony Blair, and the Downing Street Minutes

War vs Stem Cell Research: Question about Bush and press conf.

JC: 59,000 Web Page Hits For Downing St., Deep Throat Revealed, other Dev.

Mark Felt pardoned in 1981 by Reagan....guess what for ?

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