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Archives: May 28, 2005

WCBS/2 firing of reporter is a -- shame

Mao, Liu Xiang on kids' top-10-hero list

2008 Form 2 Lines AFTER voting

Both Sides of the Street: the Brothers Bulger, Tuesday, June 21, Boston

Mass Gay Marriage Stats - One Year Later

Attention Washington DC, Arlington Heights IL & Brooklyn NY Duers

Orson Scott Card's lessons to be learned from the Newsweek incident

Bush Barons Beyond the Reach of Law (Chris Floyd)

Woman escapes sex attack with Bible, prayer.

The BIG PICTURE. This should be required reading for ALL DUers.

Saw a good bumper sticker today...

ACTION DUers * * * * Darfur: Local Events

Know your BFEE: Merchants of Death

WH Wants Search Limits Overturned

Green Acres' Star Eddie Albert Dies at 99

Money Wasted on Unneeded Bases, Bush Says

Work on nominees could return Lott to ranks of GOP leadership

NYT: McCain Urging Accord on Bolton and Secret Documents

China Resists U.S. Pressure On Textiles, Currency

Did brainshrub get the splinter out?

Grocery store "self-checkout" blues...

Grocery store "self-checkout" blues

I always heard that you could go blind from it.

LOL I'm watching "Erik the Viking"

Carrie or Bo?

I cleaned my room and wrote a big stack of "thank you" letters today.

I took an antihistamine and now I can't quench my thirst!

i smuggled nine pounds of marijuana into Bali and all I got was

Ok. Twenty posts to 5000. Please ask away!

Looked in the DU store, where are the bumper stickers?

Now this is COOL

that carls jr burger looks yummy!!! nt

Ow ow ow...

I TOTALLY suck at flame wars! I swear to some unknown deity

I finally watched the movie CLERKS tonight

keep kicked

Article on homosexuals costs staffer his job (Jesuit national newsletter)

Interesting thread at MyDD on Dem Primary schedule

Medea Benjamin & CODE PINK "abu ghraib's" condi rice!

Dennis Kucinich and Neil Abercrombie recognized as American Heroes

The punk record by which all others are measured.

2nd most emailed story on yahoo (Feminists step up ..Sweden)

Ray McGovern on Monomaniac Ambassador

Freedom's just another word for dodging tough questions - Debra Pickett

America's broken nuclear promises endanger us all (Cook / Guardian)

Frist should quit Senate while he’s behind

Letter from Pat Tillman's father

Chicago Sun-Times: How * dodges the tough questions

"Nobody in the US Said a Word Until the Riots"

Exclusive May 26 2005 Interview with British MP George Galloway

USAToday: While other world leaders stumble, Bush gains clout

Barbados' shameless path regarding Haiti

Are we inching toward Germany circa 1933?

Martin Woollacott (Guardian Utd): We are not instruments of US power

U.S. Sen. Kohl: Statement on the Nomination of John Bolton ..

Conyer's Memo - The Basis for a Congressional Resolution of Inquiry

An Iraqi View: Abu Ghraib, Abu Gulag and Abu American Lies

U.S. Sen. Feingold: Statement on the Nomination of John Bolton ...

Lindbergh 'had seven secret children by three women'

Taliban minister girds himself for Afghan election

Galloway opens door to expose U.S. crimes

An Iraqi View: Abu Ghraib, Abu Gulag, and Abu American Lies

Europe: Is the dream falling apart?

"With Us or Against Us." It Really is a Crusade (Leupp / Counterpunch)

The Senate in Blinders (Repug loyality to the Pres)

Guardian (UK)--America’s Broken Nuclear Promises Endanger NPT

GM retirees' benefits being eyed

One Hundred Names You Won't Hear This Memorial Day

Cuba's Development (Amazing medical progress)

Bush gains international clout as others stumble

CODEPINK Tackles Condoleezza Rice

Honor Our Fallen Soldiers: Investigate Bush's Lies

UC Technical Workers Strike, Decry Bad-Faith Bargaining (26 May)

Homestead Strike experts: want location of mill, island of Pinkertons

Housing Bubble, Pseudo-Recovery, & Cheap Labor Lobby

1930's Experts: True? -"enough food + money then"

Chemical May Inhibit Male Sex Development

Composting privy systems

Raw sewage killing coral reefs around Virgin Islands

Sellafield leak a damning indictment, says Minister (UK)

First ever Seattle heat warning issued

President to attend OAS talks

The single most important report yet, providing the big picture

Our man in the territories

Sharon a courageous leader who must try more for peace

'Would I have sent my son to his death?'

Church urged to reconsider investments with Israel

AIPAC involvement in 9/11?

MIHOP and lonely

new compilation - video of tower collapses - How Strong is the Evidence?

Isn't it obvious that 9/11 Commission testimony documented official compli

Here is a video from CNN that shows a piece of a plane at

Who left America unprotected?

Has anyone found this yet?

25 facts about US elections?

Look who started the Prosecutor's probe investigating Noe.... (Ohio Coins)

French fries protester regrets war jibe

Opportunity for FREE PSA production--can we use this?

Is ES&S Gaming the Disabled Voting Technology Market?

Info on Kenneth Blackwell and more

Florida County May Ditch Touch-Screen Voting

Was I wrong? I was clearing out my e-mail and found this one

Noe lobbied in 1989 to exempt sales tax for coin sales -- in 1996

autorank has had it with the DNC

"Did George W. Bush Steal America's 2004 Election? Essential Documents"

Miami-Dade's elections chief urges new system

Repub. allies?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 5/28/05

MUST READ: Census/Exit Poll Gender Vote Probability Analysis

State warning more than 20,000 Medi-Cal recipients about identity theft

Yikes! Rohrabacher is more right-wing than I thought!!

Huge Anti-War Event in LA Tonight! Last minute notice!

Has anyone seen any recent 2006 governor race polls?

Rice got "Abu Ghraib'd" at Davies Hall

I probably missed this somewhere....why isn't the present gov running

Could a Mondale or a Humphrey run against Rep. Jim Ramstad?

Group that helped Kennedy defeat Wetterling

Firefox - Pop up blocker doesn't work anymore...

Can we recall Bob Taft?

Bob Perry's VP gets luke warm confirmation to builders commission

Last minute thing: any Dallas/Ft. Worth DUers around?

You know, Texas has one little thing that just blows my mind.

If Jabba the Hutch runs for Governor, can we pick up her senate seat?

Drug sniffing dog steps on Quran during traffic stop

Just on Air America

Mike Malloy just plugged the Conyer's letter!!

New Blog. Check it out

dems: America/Americans suck (and always have), vote for us.

TX and Fla lead nation in home foreclosures

What article was it that said the u.s. was 28th on the list

Please explain to me the debate over STEM CELL research?

Well, Tomlinson strikes.

Her grim dues paid, group says no to mom

Vaccines and Anger

does this mean bush* won't be a virgin?

And all's well in Taserville...

French fries protester regrets war jibe

GOP = Grab Other people's Possessions ...

PTSD musings from a non-veteran.

Wage Peace - Sign the Petition - Watch the Movie!

The dollar cost of the Iraq war

Juan Cole has finally lost it

Darfur Calendar of Local Events

catapult the toons... new one (sat-5/27)

Our government officially endorses and utilizes torture.

Question: When did Blogs posts become Late Breaking News?

A Glimpse into The Future.

CSPAN call in question this AM: "Should Frist Resign?"

moved to GD Politics

Cop erases man's photos of him stuck in mud,cops abduct lot attendant

Zarqawi Recovering Nicely from Wounds, back to work again

George Bush's new ownership society plan for America...

New community church trend - Move into school auditorium - - ->

New Fox meme: Raise retirement age to "save" Social Security

TX: 6,492 drivers licenses mailed to the wrong people

Use file encryption? Legal precedent means YOU are now in trouble.

Bush's "Nothing For Something"™ Social Security proposal

I'm guessing that a billboard is not necessary for the DSM

I'm confused about the advertisements on AAR

Out on a Limb - School District Pays $250k to keep Gay Student Club Banned

Geffen forced to surrender beach paradise to the great unwashed

NYT: Is Your House Overvalued? ("rent ratio")

Survey: War: Iraq and Vietnam

"Mad Money" on CNBC

Wonder why we have not seen the ubiquitous torture apologist

What if 9-11 Had Never Happened? Where would bush be now?

Status of the Plame investigation?

How many millions of fools were BOUGHT by Bush for peanuts?

McCain to the Rescue?? Again?

Impeachment potential - Please sign Conyer letter!

Warren Beatty vs The Governator?

Japan still waiting on possible WW2 soldiers

Fluff stories crowd out news the nation needs

If it wasn't for the internet, people outside of America would hate us

A quote from George Washington for Memorial Day.

If our next president is a Democrat, will the media trash him/her?

C-Span - Media Anti-Terrorism Coverage on right now.

It's about time for a POSITIVE Story! SF Geography Bee Champ

So after all this time, Do we have a paper trail yet?

Analysts Linked to Intel Failures Rewarded

'a new generation of Americans is making its own sacrifice'-bush, today

prudes treated rude when they marry air

Painting Censored of Shrub Sodomized by Saudi Royal over Oil Barrel

DU is flyin', while the internets are dyin'

Is ES&S Gaming the Disabled Voting Technology Market?

Health Leaders Seek Consensus Over Uninsured

George W. Bush Loyalty Quiz

Amnesty International from Wednesday

What the hell is a "snowflake baby"?

Our post-9/11 hangover

"Group shuns Filipino mother of slain soldier"

Why Are Nukes OK For The United States/Israel But Not Iran?

FBI linguist won’t deny intelligence intercepts tied 911 drug money to U.S

Failures and Blame In Pat Tillman's Death - Pat Tillman Sr.

SUVs are no longer "Sport Utility Vehicles"

Revelation 9:11

Cuba attempts to inflict health care and literacy on Latin America

Bush extends US legal immunity in Iraq

CommonDreams: Galloway interview from May 26, transcript online

Is it safe to assume that this manual is unreliable?

Bush*: "You have to keep repeating things to catapult the propaganda"

Denocratic Party Going The Way Of The Whig Party?

Would the world be a better place if W discovered sex with young


MTV Room Raiders Repuke girl's sheets found to be filthy and crusty

Still no communication with my friend in Uzbekistan

U.S. Set to Test Missile Defenses Aboard Airlines

Holy Water-Gate

Advertisers look to 'Blogosphere'

King Fahd: Dead Already, or Not Dead Yet?

Does Bill Clinton have a death wish?

Brain in a jar.

Memorial Day - DU Veterans Thank You And Check In Thread! Please Kick!

fantastic doc on howard zinn on sundance right now...

60-Year-Old Cancer Victim Busted: 303 lbs Medical Marijuana

Oliver Stone Busted

The corruption of language and totalitarianism.

How Many "Homers" Will Be Needed To Run All of Bush's Nuke Landfils?

American War 'most accursed, wicked, barbarous, cruel, unnatural, utnjust'

Honor Our Fallen Soldiers: Investigate Bush's Lies

GW Stamp

President Clinton: please take care of yourself

Memorial Day: Remember A GREAT American - Eddie Albert (Green Acres)

If we had some ham, we'd have some ham and eggs, if we had some eggs....

Bush's teacher on Ring of Fire now

"If one child dies, of course they are sad, but they have others"

I'm 35 and being recruited by the Army Reserve?!?

Just an idea...

Non leathal weapons??

"This war is all about peace."

Improving USA no longer second-rate (football-soccer)

I'm an old school pacifist, should I just stay home and cookout?

Even my fundy, Repub father had to agree

America, the land of the free & home of the brave, & don't ever forget it

Strippping Rumsfeld & Bush of Impunity,


If Disgust With Bush Peaks Now, Or Anytime Soon


Floridians demand media coverage of Downing Street Memo

Be loud and be proud

No Guy James thread?

Analysts behind faulty Iraq intel rewarded

U.S. provides slick brochure on arms-control deals

U.S. selling more weapons to Dictators!

A humble request about posting in huge threads...I wanted to read the one

Fatigue fashion statement

San Diego woman killed in Rock Attack. Whats wrong with these people?

Man arrested for wearing Grinch mask

Self Delete

Poll: How many DUer's are flying our flag this Memorial Day weekend?

Yahoo News: Experts: Petroleum May Be Nearing a Peak

News - Repubs Accept Adverts in Speeches and get Paid for Them

No Bullsh*t: What is your opinion on Bush's 'No Child Left Behind'?

Maybe in the future they'll have a "Disregard bush Day"

My Reflections After Viewing the House and Senate Live

Best Bumper Sticker seen today...

Where are all the peace marches this week-end?

The next generation of Republicans. (LTTE York Daily Register)

Fascinating talk on what is usually rightwing radio.

Iraq: 'I know I helped destroy the country,' ex-Marine says


Complex Feelings RE Recruiting Commercial at a "Revenge o/t Sith" Showing

Forget the Anti-DU websites, move on dammit !

Free Press Routinely Censors Photos of the Fallen

Bush's teacher on Ring of Fire now

Is the Big Dog exhausted or not? Why all the confusion?

You want GENUINE Liberal radio? The Guy James Show right here at 7pm est.

so what will the Iraq War Memorial Look Like?

Please write to the Wash Post ombudsman and complain

please delete

Bumper sticker: "America: Love it or Leave it"

Conyers Conference on Media Reform on C-span starting now

M. Moore links to Downing St. & covers Conyer's letter to the pResident.

Charles Rangel can suck my d- -k....

"Ready to Kill" Carl Sandburg

Theocratic Indoctrination

45 Iraqis, GI killed in Last Two Days, For Future Memorial Days

Do you have to donate to DU in order to get the DU bumper sticker?

What American Want and Don't Want - This Says It All!!

Here's shrubby's Mandate...

WALL STREET JOURNAL Repukes Republican Congress!!!!!

president's poll numbers at all time low. cause for alarm or celebration?

Iraq War: I read Steven Bochco is doing a nighttime soap

David Brooks on class struggle. Am I in Bizarro World?

Stripping Rumsfeld and Bush of Impunity

Something intriguing coming up on c-span2 at 11pm et -

I call Bullshit on people who think getting rid of Sadaam Hussein was

Bumper Sticker: "Honk if you Love Jesus"

Has anyone researched who makes "support the troops"magnets?

Is Authoritarianism the most popular American ideology?

who's organizing for the elections in 06

Stand and Be Heard

The CNP: Pretty scary stuff!

Replay of Conyers Media Panel

Jesus Is Against The War In Iraq

How about an anti-war memorial in DC?

John Conyers' "Freedom of the Press" forum - C-SPAN Sat 8 and 11:45pm EDT

Doubt it all you want...the Revolution IS coming

Nine Inch Nails Stand Up To MTV

Anyone else get this spam from Christian Cash?

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy- Free Republic

The thing that made you angriest about the Bush Cheney campaign

What would have happened had Kerry not conceded so quickly

Political Compass

America is over.

I just have to ask...

I Get So Pissed When They See Ads For Companies With Awful Environmental

Conyer's blog is being Freeped.

EFF Obtains Draft PATRIOT Bill (link to draft on the page too)

How many pages (in GD) do you go through, normally

My Salute To America's Fallen (With a Little Emphasis From Bartcop)

Stand and Be Heard: A PDA Call to Action

Bumper sticker, my contribution/idea

On CSPAN2 now - America's Values Crisis - I found it facinating...

NYT: "American Idol" as political battle

Liberal blogs and News clip services might be under attack in *'s war....

Just had an interesting (and weird?) encounter with an SUV/yellow ribbons

Wow! Freepers! YOu can make up to $430 a month!

About FreeRepublic and DU

What happened to the Glenn Beck and Michael Moore story

Anyone know who is scheduled to appear on Sunday Talk Shows?

Why Do YOU Think Bush Is Such A Colossal FAILURE? Then Why Anyone

CSPAN Schedule Sunday May 29

do moderates/centrists want a durable alliance with progressives?

6 Iraqi Union Leaders Begin Public U.S. Speaking Tour June 15th!

How many of you shop at Walmart?

Damn!!! Is this a case of the White House feeding the media??

Drum Roll-The May Distressed American Chickenhawk Butt Weasel Of The Month

If all this had been predicted 40 years ago, I'd have never believed it

Conyers' hearings on CSPAN on now. Just heard Randi speak.

Do I need an aluminum foil beanie?

Just saw Fahrenheit 9/11 for the first time today:

Three strikes and I'm out - Microsoft XP

Alec Baldwin and Morrissey Team Up to Pack a PETA Punch

A French NO vote on the EU constitution would be good or bad news?

Let's make this a truly memorial Memorial Day and get 100, 000 signatures

This Mem. Day, I'll Remember the 3,000 who were Sacrificed for bushco

Why Iraq?

How is Andy?

Cereal prices going thru the roof again? Consumer Rape Alert

It's a good thing we don't have socialist health care rationing.

EDUCATION QUESTION: If public schools in the US are in such bad shape...

Bush gains international clout as other leaders stumble

O'Reilly gets his falafel handed to him on GITMO detainees

CONPLAN 8022 - nuclear first strike policy

Would failing a drug test get you out of being drafted?

Blue Investments... or what sectors / companies are getting your money?

Just watched ABC World News; there was NOT

Bumper sticker software recommendations please.

A Time for Organized Activity

The U.S. removes the nuclear brakes

BOOK TV Schedule May 28 – 31

If JFK were alive today, this is what he'd say to our leaders

A Call to All Our Elected Dems - PLEASE read this

Nine Inch Nails canceled their MTV Movie Awards gig....

I love Mike Malloy, but sometimes I wonder if he isn't too strident.

A friendly reminder from the Police for this weekend.

Huffington's Blog / Conyers

We're going to have to face it...they're stupid.

Should the NRA have a say in who Democrats candidates are?

Rolling Thunder rolls into The Nation's Capital

Needed: Int. Versions of Conyers' Letter to * re Downing Street Minutes!

In honor of Memorial Day - A poem by another DUer.

America, the land of stupid motherfuckers.

Anyone Just Hear Downing Street On C-Span?

Pledge Your Commitment to Denounce Torture With Amnesty Inter.

Silly question about salt

International versions of Rep. Conyers letter to *

Just Heard A Great Song

Ottawa readies for legal fight with U.S. over Devils Lake project: Dion

Justin Trudeau weds in Montreal

International versions of Rep. Conyers letter to *

New Labour has nurtured this selfish individualism

Bush Barons Beyond the Reach of Law (Chris Floyd)

US told to face up to climate change

Muslims demand Bush apology

IMF staff urges bolder U.S. action on deficits (warns on *Co's SS plan)

Impotence drugs may be linked to blindness

Eddie Albert, Character Actor, Dies at 99

Harmony Over Filibuster Truce Short-Lived

Car bombs, shooting kill 11, wound 70 in Iraq

Miami-Dade's elections chief urges new system

AG urged to pursue damages from PAC (Delay's group)

Burning crosses signal return of Ku Klux Klan

Iran Lawmakers Want Nuclear Development

WP: Key Panel in Iraq Considers Expanding

WP: No Nonproliferation Plan Offered

President to speak at OAS conference in South Florida

300 Pinoy workers in Iraq go on strike

UN(60th anniv.)Party Planners Wonder, Will Bush,Friends Attend? (none yet)

NYT/Reuters: Thousands Greet U.N.'s Annan In Troubled Darfur

NYT: Is Your House Overvalued? ("rent ratio")

Bill would bolster response to sex assaults in military

Head Start's Director Quits Amid Review

Agents probe student prank . Yearbook caption a threat to Bush?

LAT: Cities Join to Fight Housing Project

Field of 15 candidates will vie for mayor job (San Diego/Donna Frye)

Immunity in suit sought for pope

'Barclays financed the slave trade' (Johannesburg protest)

LAT: Head of Big Service-Workers Union Weighs Separation From AFL-CIO

Injured Marine fights for wounded soldiers' pay

Amnesty International report on Guantanamo is criticized

Condom - wearing man nabbed by jogging female cop

Mine safety enforcer is fired (blow to labor)

Guyana Watching Efforts to Extradite Cuban Militant

Bush To Welcome Vietnam's Prime Minister To White House

Parents exercise military opt out

Hutchison's next move could shake up Texas politics

Arab Leader Shot Dead in Iraq City of Kirkuk

GM lets everyone in on its discount (same deal as GM employees)

Analysts Linked to Intelligence Failures on Iraq Rewarded

Iraqi Shias 'tortured and shot'

French vote could let the bulls out (Capitalist free-for-all)

Filmmaker Oliver Stone arrested on drug, alcohol charges

High Court Says Gay-Marriage Mayor Should Face Trial

Clark urges expanding reservist health care (Dem radio address)

Exhausted Clinton Cancels Visit To Tsunami Victims

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq (1, 655)

NYT: Violence Surges Across Iraq With 30 New Deaths Reported

Tennessee State Senator Facing Bribery Charges...resigns

U.S. warns Americans in Uzbekistan

Blair set for urgent talks if France says 'non'

Stripping Rumsfeld and Bush of Impunity

Labor Department to start compensating sick weapons workers

Advocates for Haitians Push for Justification of Detention Policy

Nuclear non proliferation conference ends in failure

Path Cleared for Rehnquist's Retirement

Many of coins in (Noe's Ohio coin) fund ‘ordinary’

Man in W VA arrested for wearing a Grinch mask. Police State is here.

Iran very anxious to get nuclear bomb, says Pakistani leader

Hollywood Producer Buried in Native Bombay (Ismail Merchant)

45 Iraqis, GI Killed in 2 Days of Attacks

NYT: U.S. Set to Test Missile Defenses Aboard Airlines

Experts: Petroleum May Be Nearing a Peak ap story

U.S. to streamline airport entry.

Wall Street Journal rebukes Republican Congress

White House denies senators papers on Bolton nomination

Owners of Gas-Guzzling Cars to be Hit by 5-Fold Tax Increase--UK

Tenn. State Senator Resigns After Arrest (Harold Ford's Uncle)

Type of blindness reported in some taking Viagra

Online Dating Service (eHarmony) Branches Out from Evangelical Roots

Mixed emotions among soldiers in Iraq

Breaking news: John Ford resigns

Indigenous groups demand world interest

Saudis Look to Change of Direction from King Fahd's Successor--UK

(UK) ID cards to cost £300 per person

Experts: Petroleum May Be Nearing a Peak (AP)

Coca-Cola using up water, foes in India contend

Observer: The extraordinary pleas of Saddam's right-hand man (Tariq Aziz)

U.S. Forest Service Suspends Whistleblower

Goals Reached, Donor on Right Closes Up Shop

Alabama: (Diebold) Company selected to implement statewide voting system

Some Fear Catastrophe From Amazon Highway

Venezuela will proceed with .. extradition request despite the US denial

Owners of Gas Guzzling Cars to be Hit by Five-Fold Tax Increase

Angry Australians threaten to boycott Indonesia over Corby case

NYT: Health Leaders Seek Consensus Over Uninsured(Secret Meetings)

Iraqi militants say they killed Japanese hostage (Reuters)

"Martha Stewart is Totally Against the War in Iraq," Says Activist Nun Imp

Anger Rises Anew over Number of Detentions -LAT

Revealed: Huge Sellafield Leak Went Undetected for 9 Months

Shut bases could get nuclear waste

Freed 35 Years After Stealing TV

WP: Hastert Directs Millions to Birthplace

90% of Children 'Set to be Couch Potatoes'

Texas bans all Medicaid claims for impotence drugs

English Priest Stops Amazon Logging Giants in Their Tracks

Cuba Presents Anti-Cholera Vaccine

WP: Many Buyers Opt for Risky Mortgages(Interest Only Worry Economists)

WP: Review May Shift Terror Policies

WP: Senate Setbacks Test Frist's Influence (Bush is to blame)

Ten UK soldiers face international war crimes trial

Drug deal suspect dies after Taser hit

Wealthy American accused of using investor's money to make donations

Injured Zarqawi has fled Iraq - newspaper

Bush Honors War Dead in Radio Address

NYT: Smithsonian to Screen a Movie That Makes a Case Against Evolution

Chirac will blame Blair if France votes Non

Rangel Pushing for Draft Again

Hot California market daunts first-time buyers

'Emergent' Christians seek spirituality without nasty theological squabbli

Was John right?

I bought a refrigerator magnet for my sister today.

Seriously, is there anyone who hates icepicks in the eyes more than me?


Should I put this on Cafepress?

What celebrity is more annoying?

How to offend me:

So, I spewed popcorn ALL over my friend

Ok...I'm really really going to sleep this time

DU chat

Have I offended you recently?

Gang of Four photos


Lactose Intolerance

Form your own Nu-Metal band

U.S. Rules Against Advertising in Space

Forget-me-not Panties

Fall TV Schedule

Why is it that every time we talk about anything to do with misogyny...

43 and out

oops.. a duplicate.. please delete

Saturday toon 5-27

Fahd or Khan?

King Fahd: Dead Already, or Not Dead Yet?

Another night, another fight.....

I think Pitchfork Media is worthless

Men might be missing WWII soldiers

Any one else an army brat?

Send lawyers, guns and money

A general noticed one of his soldiers behaving oddly.

I have brought the rain! All hail me!

My bank just ruined my life...

What JFK might tell our leaders

CCR : The midnight special. What the hell does it mean ?

Ladies and Gentlemen....

pic of Hillary and Maurice

Environmentalists: post ideas to harness


Does the floating head in my sig get on your nerves?

Saw a flashback from the 70's tonight...

Mystery mess dogs SA parliament

Cop erases man's photos of him stuck in mud,cops abduct lot attendant

sun shining. blue sky. i'm scared.

Did Michael Jackson fund this center?

Did anyone else get fresh milk delivered to their...

Court clerks says to Priscilla Owens, "I think I knew your sister,

Abba or Aha?

Ladyhawk's rotating it:

I can't sleep.

Oh god. I think I have the stomach flu.

Which do you like more...Star Trek or Star Wars

Anyone watching ESPN?

I Nominate Jesco White The "Dancin' Outlaw" for the UN rep.!

HARK! Is that thunder I hear??????? Is the rain finally going to

How do YOU define ALL YOU CAN EAT Shrimp?

Can New york afford to have the Olympics?

Welcome to Alberta!

NJ, PA, DE DUers: Still one more chance to see me play at the shore today!

GUESS who this is.

Mint is here

The Big Lebowski is coming on Comedy Central tonite - Uncut

Anyone hear the "Prophet Yahweh" last night on Coast to Coast?

Well, I wore all three shirts last night!

Outch! I was circumcised yesterday... Ask me anything!!!

What's your favorite letter?

Lindsay Lohan's Father Gets Up to 4 Years

What's the URL for the kickass Sat. afternoon jazz show?

Some people are just plain jerks


Everything I need to know about life I learned from Taco Bell

Everything I need to know about life I learned from Taco

My All Time Favorite Sports Nickname

YAY! I just sold my 3 year old DVD player...

Sisterhood of the traveling pants?

Everything I Need to Know I Learned Scooping Poop In My Yard:

Walking Drunk game?

Listening to 4-Way Street, CSN&Y and these lyrics..........

I'm making my Saturday morning trip to Costco. All your shopping lists

What is your favorite punctuation mark?

I've decided I'm going to insult everyone in the galaxy, alphbetically

Have you ever read "The Celestine Prophecy"

I had my 10-year-old grandson overnight.

What do I need to catch up on Cspan?

Let's send to the Moon...

Whooooopeeeeeee tomorrow there's Formula One AND the Indy 500!


If you loved me...

Get a free CD of modern percussion music -

How many songs on your iPod

drop this thread

A friendly reminders from your English Majors this weekend.

There's one good thing about the economy crashing & the rich takin' picks.

This poll will definitively determine...

"I only date men who have a penis."

No WONDER Pickles keeps her ears covered. They're SPOCK ears!

I only date squares"

I only date men who have hearts

I don't date men.

What's for lunch?

Queen Latifah and The Dana Owens Album

*SMUG* Just finished "GatorGard" coating my Jeep's interior.


Divorce sucks. Flame my use of the word "sucks"

*SMUG* Just finished "Gatorade" coating my stomach's interior.

Which conspiracy theory do you find most interesting?

Music help - who is Juan luis Guerra?

Breaking News! Fledgling Magpie smells like cake

taking Daddy to the vet for his asthma

I only date men who ask me

It's gonna be a good summer: Stevie Nicks is on tour!!

New season of Reno 911 starts June 14th!

Will somebody please tell me why the archives function doesn't work?

Just saw a special on this dude - WHOA, thats freaky

Do you think the NHL is officially dead??

I just watched Soul Train for the first time in 15 years

Don't DWP in GD.

I've Got it Bad, Got it bad, got it bad.

I'm considering getting an Ipod. Is it worth it? Do you have to pay...

I'm going camping. You're welcome to join me. It's a Rainbow Gathering.

Another friendly reminder from The Police for this weekend

When a thread title says only that you 'MUST READ' it

what is your favorite ice cream?

I seem to only date men who are suffering from

HOLY SHIT, finally watched Jon Stewart on Crossfire

Dates? Heh?

I may be vile and pernicious, but you can't look away,


Am I an evil person?

Which Bolton is more evil?

England vs USA official soccer match thread

I just got back from a wedding - ask me anything!

Sixteen years ago

I only date women 18-80 (blind,cripple or crazy).

only took 3 hours to install a new ceiling fan

Gulf Coast States DUers. It's about time we had a meet-up down here.

Fleas are evil ! ! !

I got trouble woah woahoooo

Help! I'm looking for a pen pal for my son

" * don't wanna WORK he just wants to hit on the BONG all daaay!"

I just got tipped by a stripper

My dating experience tonight

I've just watched the Sponge Bob Movie - ask me anything

I love living in West Hollywood!

Anyone tired of grocery stores lying?

"The Birdcage" Is On

I just found a whole bunch of morel mushrooms

"I only stalk women who make $50,000 or more a year."

My Songs about WHAT

Where was this picture taken?

Gozer, The Gozerian is returning...

Que ? How to change font size in sig line ?


Attention; The Director Gen

You may enjoy being a rabble rouser....

And Now, premiering at DU, I'd like to introduce: FuzzyBabies (pics)

Oliver Stone Busted

What should I do tonight?


Hot Hot Heat

Who's hotter? Prince Abdul or Paula Abdul?

We interrupt this program

Want to create a live urinal

I just found three Trojans on my computer

I just killed my first mosquito of the year.

Well i came across some idiot:

"I only date women who make 50 kids or more a year"

Love and marriage,

Hot hot hot.

Have we all died and gone (long rant)

Want to create a live journal

OWWWW! Fell asleep in the sun...!

Which U.S. Senator tops your shit list?

Which neo-con is most despicable?

Is anyone having problems with Google Page Rank?

OK, I created my blog

My brother only dates girls who cost 50 pounds or less

I just found 3 Trojan viruses on my computer .

Alright, post your favorite comedy show(s) here!

Self deluted.

" I only date men who make $50K or more a year "

Anybody else ever see the movie 'Mystery Train'?

A trusim or not:

Watched "KINSEY" now there was one,

"The Patriot" on NBC now

Self Denuded

Ba-da ba

Cable News/Talkshow Bobbleheads You Love To Hate

Have you ever had birth control products around so long they expired?

I'm Rick Santorum's box turtle. Ask me anything.

I only date women who like The Stooges.

Dinner tonight

self deluded

I wish we could call out people from different sites

Melissa Theuriau, French Newsreader


I just found three Trojan wrappers on my computer

Plese check out my blog

Is there no Gay/Lesbian rights forum? Or have I just missed finding it?

Hollywood Producer Buried in Native Bombay (Ismail Merchant)

So what has Dubya done that's so wrong???


Best cover song on a LP by The Beatles

Memorial Day - A tribute

My mother only mates squirrels who make 50 sounds or less

Primanti Bros.

"Hit it with a rock, and we'll eat it." Let's play guess the movie quote!

Man in W VA arrested for wearing a Grinch mask. Police State is here.

Has anyone else heard this political song on the radio?

Ladies of the DU : Were you in a Debutante Ball or Pageant ?

Bumper sticker: "Bring back Nixon"

should I eat these strawberries?

I still have the flu and am drinking straight Tonic Water--ask me whatever

I just got a fundie email about the Paris Hilton Carls Jr. commercial

Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy

Who are your working class heroes?

Not only a job - but a good one!


Jet Li's Newest: "Unleashed." Has anyone seen it? Want to go tonight.

Which U.S. Congressman heads up your shit list?


My brother only dates girls who weigh 50 lbs. or less. n/t

I hate my neighbor.

Dating is for wimps...

Rare, Medium or Well Done...

Pass the Potato

It's time to play, "Guess what it is".

Maybe I've just been gone a while

I scream

wanna see my kittyo?

The only pic of me with dreadlocks in existance!!!

Yummmmm!, Hood strawberries are in!

I loathe the beer commercial about the bug zapper and how the guy

I ran over a snake with my van.

DU Strippers and Sex Workers check in!

Movies are fuckin' bullshit!

You kids think you got it tough today huh? Well let me tell you

The Literal King of Bloggers

The Literal King of Boogers

Some asshole in a van ran over my snake!

Some snake with an asshole...

I just downed a box of Ritz Crackers.

Some asshole snake just punctured my van's tires

Cool Bush "We Weren't Soldiers" graphic from ""

Ok..calm me down, kids and cops and disrespect..

Some snake in a van ran over my asshole!

I just adopted a kitten!

Some Van With An Asshole Ran Over My Snake

Van asshole tires snake:

A snake named Vanna ran up my asshole!

Some Snake In A Van Ran Over My Asshole!

some asshole snake made my van tired

what the in the hell is this?

The only pics of me with Dreadnoughts in existance!!!

English teachers, if you have nothing better to do:

I hate YOUR kids

Post here and I won't say a goddamn thing to you.

Girl Who Had Second Head Removed Goes Home

Retirees, "early" and otherwise - how confident do you feel about your

"Oliver Stone Arrested on Drug Suspicion"

" "Depp Arranges Shooting of Thompson's Ashes"

Just a play on words...

There's a call for you on line 2.

Expand peoples vocabulary thread.

I think I got a fake/spam email from PayPal

Laura, Bush, or Sandy

What "Creamers" do you use for your coffee or tea?

Proof there is a God

I don't need a Kleenex!!!

Cat allergy solution

Parents: Anyone have thoughts on weekly allowances?

Why did humans invent money?

Name one thing your city doesn't have that you wish it had.

Something kind of freaky happened today.

Non-political things that piss me off

Some guy wearing Vans Snaked my Asshole.

Frankenstein...OR FRONKENSTEEN?

Pink Floyd- Animals.... My dogs hate it!

Laura Bush or Sandy

Your best Halloween costume ever was...

Did anyone else get fresh milk delivered to their door?

Jedi or Sith?

It's 10:40 in Jackson, Mi. Time for MrScorpio to answer your questions

I'm drinking a Mickey's wide mouth. Ask me anything.

Real cowboys take their hats off when they come into someones home.

Ten years married as of today,

Which dead underrated guitarist do you miss the most?

Filmmaker Oliver Stone arrested on drug, alcohol charges

What I learned from watching porn

The Crazy Ebay Mom

The Meaning of Life

Did you follow the American Idol program?

Famous "Big Ben" Stops Running For 90 Minutes To Protest Bush!

For my 9000th post, a picture of my HUGE Weiner!


"DeLay Upset Over 'Law & Order' Line"

25-pound tumor wrested from Berkeley man's liver

Diet Coke using Splenda is finally available!

Condom - wearing man nabbed by jogging female cop

Let it all hang out! Show me your desktop!

Ipod Junkies - Post last 100 played List

Would you rip the wings off a butterfly for $1,000,000?

Spy scandal in Britain

When will NewYawker99 make 100,000 posts?

A very clever way to pass thought-provoking bumper stickers around

For scientists only

Who are your political inspirations?

Best road trip song?

Steve Winwood I Love God!

I am 33, and just bought a Star Wars figure

your rights ... or not

"Band of Gypsys" is the most underrated Hendrix album

President Kennedy would have been 88 tomorrow.

Ok Lounge. Need some songs to buy for my Ipod. Turn me on to something!

Just the Punch-lines, Ma'am.

God I love Steve Winwood!

I have a stalker

I only date women that have the matcom seal of appoaval

Best "God" in a comedy film?

Divorce and Misogyny(Trying to start a flame war)

GPV's proof there was a god... (and his name was Ares)

Oh boy! Penn & Teller just proved that Oswald was the lone gunman.

Of these 20th century masters, who is the best writer?

Koolzip and I compiled this list of potential dog names.

200th post is coming! Ask me anything!

Musicians: What do you think of B flat?

"Could you give us an example Duane?"

Misogynism in Freeperville? No surprises...

Favorite SNL sketch? (or sketch series)?

Guys: would you still take Viagara

It's the NewYawker99 Countdown-to-100,000-posts thread

Artists' Open Studios Invitation (SF East Bay)

I Literally Cried As I Made This Graphic! So, Please Don't Ignore It!!!

Packing Week From Hell: Escrow closes June 16, and I'm selling just about

post here and i will not answer you

This Is What 1624 War Dead Looks Like Reduced To The Scale Of Emoticons...

Name something your city DOES have that you wish it DIDN'T.

Flea's litter of kittens... (warning, pic heavy and cuter than hell)

Luscious DU ladies: Check in!


I dedicate this post, my 5000th, to my grandfather and dad!

Gorgeous DU guys: Check in!

Need help with a Hebrew phrase

Eel City!!


Would any viewers of The L Word from Season 2 like to comment?

Anyone Else Have No Gay or Lesbian Friends?

What does everyone else think about the term "ghey"?

The Field for the Metropolitan

METS. ROCK! Dontrelle IN FLA!!!

Red Sox are blowing up the Yankees in the Bronx

My Tigers 4, Kleeb's Orioles 3


Was anyone at the USA vs England football match?

My dog eats EVERYTHING!

Serious Kitties

Yard Cat Part II

well on my way to being neighborhood crazy cat lady.

The June planets

Whoa! Tay Tay and I have the same Birthday! Today!

Happy Birthday, TayTay!

Kerry Memorial Day Remarks

Why are we here?

Why is my photo for sale on another DUer's site?

Well, I was TRYING to take some contest photos today...

A couple of flower photos I took today

Anyone have any lightning tips?

July Photo Contest

KO has apparently been to the NY show about Jean Shepherd called

TX: Drops potential law that would ban gays/lesbians as foster parents

VOA just can't stop blaming Newsweek for EVERYTHING

Just got a convert (sorta!)


Iraq War Memo - Action Alerts!

question: what is the purpose of the Conyers petition?

Ken Blackwell has called on the Public Integrity section

Ken Blackwell needs to hear from D.U. Thread #2 - Urgent

Bolton Vs ISP information.

Is anyone familiar with Live365 radio ?

Memorial Day Must: Reclaim the Flag! (free pdf)

"Taft: Coin deal "bad decision"....

DU this filibuster poll

Crooks & Liars | Stem Cell Living Will

Is the Radical Right really imploding a bit,

Photos of the "hooded Abu Ghraib" protester from Rice's SF speech

Ldotters, blinded in rage, lash out at Frist & McCain (LOL!)

Bush's approval rating drops to 46%!

POLICY PROPOSALS for ECO-INDUSTRIALIZATION, the next industrial revolution


This guy has it so wrong (in my local paper)

Hope it's not a dupe: Tax money for embryo adoption!

CBS Radio News just played clips of Bush and Clark--introduced

Democratic Party "Critical Issues Survey"

Is George Bush a Liar?

Finally Saw "The Incredibles:" Bush = Syndrome?

The Dem's want detainee abuse committee, well how about

War Groupies!

CSpan Radio....the Pres/Clark response IS ON NOW!!!!link here

Randall Terry exploring run for state senate

Wes Clark Radio Address transcript

"It's Newsweek's Fault1" (Animation)

Is there any way we can keep tabs on the number of sigs Conyers has?

WPI Report-- US sells arms to world's most repressive regimes

Media Minutes Broadcast Week of 5/27/05

OK, where is the link to the Clark response at the DNC site??

Compared to George W Bush, Bill Clinton was a saint....

George Bush says, "Screw you all ! "

Lindsey Graham should pull a "reverse" Strom Thurmond ?

The Downing Street Memo: All Smoke, No Gun

The New Republic

Underwear Goes Inside the Pants...a great video and it here

If Bush's numbers drop to say 80% against him and 20% for him, what would

Paul Wellstone honoring veterans.

I think we should counter the "ownership society" with "teamwork society."

What is the nuclear option in the Senate?

If you read only one thing today........READ THIS.

Robert Smiegel Takes on the Propaganda Machine! Divertor!

CSPAN1... 45 minutes to Conyers speech

EXCELLENT "Condi: LIAR" protest sign photo from S.F. (and a poll to DU)

Why doesn't the media demand Bush turn over the Bolton documents?

Menwith Hill-largest monitoring station

Thom Hartmann 5/26 interview with Galloway...mp3 link & transcript

John Conyers' 'Freedom of the Press' forum--CSPAN1 Sat 8 and 1145pm EDT

Liberal Label Something To Wear With Pride

Is Tom DeLay Whining?

Fox News is now showing a special "Iran's Nuclear Threat"


Judge Orders Torture Pictures Released

ATTENTION: Reminder... Freedom of Press (AAR) is on C-SPAN

Junior's radio address: Memorial Day as an infomercial for Iraq War

Congressman Conyers & Media Reform On C-Span Now: 11:47 PM EST

Historically, how bad ARE things, in Perspective, in America?

General Clark will swear-in new recruits on Veteran's Day in Michigan..

Clark's Cornell Speech (today) up NOW!!!! at....

And the caller asked, 'If they control the oil, why do you think ....?

Is anyone else ready to leave the Democrats?

Will Bolton be confirmed?

13 Numbers that tell how bad BushCo has been for America !

Why Won't The WH Give Up The Papers?

First Step To Impeach Bush

Gold Star Mothers deny Bronze Star KIA's immigrant Mom Membership!

Andrew Sullivan Threatened?

Getting Conyers's petition request on DU Front Page

check this out......Social Security Calculator ..go do it.....

Any Green Party people here?

Bush to Bring Some of the Troops Home from Iraq in 2006?

Prediction: 2008 Primary Will Come Down To Bayh vs. Hillary

Oh, You Fancy Fascists (love letter to the NYT)

Lunch with Gen Clark...

Amnesty Int. Calls for Investigation and Prosecution of Bush Admin

Please sign the Conyer's letter!

Ken Blackwell, Bill Frist, Condi Rice, Gingrich, and Ahnuld! Hmm...

If you're mad about the Downing Street memo getting no attention...

Don't get the meaning of PNAC

Bush wanted Osama's head delivered in a box.