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Archives: May 26, 2005

HILARIOUS economic analysis--"Our trade deficit," W. Williams (Townhall)

Herbert: With the Gloves Off (US Torture and Rendition)

Guess who's going to audit WA State's Election Office?

Votes counted three times (Dade County) audit shows

2004 Election Cencus Turnout Data from Washington Post

The Miracle of Coogan's Bluff (1951) vs the Miracle of Bush's Bluff (2004)

Rep Meehan in Bedford, 6/5

Randi is right ... they have canceled the news

Anybody see Tim Robbins on Hardball? Chris Matthews just showed

anybody here taking or know someone taking 'Stratera'.. any info??

Sam Seder made a good point about Bolton.

OMG....Drudge actually posted Jacksons accusers picture

RW chain letter crap. I think I've seen some posts in the past about this

that wad McCain is Conan O'Brien's 1st guest tonight,O'brien says Mc

WSJ: Millionaire Ranks Hit New High

Helen Thomas: Newsweek didn't create White House image

Should Muslims start "flushing" Fristian Bibles??

Can anyone post a link to a comprehensive feminist site

this patricia owens woman judge must be a shameless woman ...

Will FundiesTarget Fertility Clinics(# of Eggs)-Read this DeLay Quote

Helen Thomas speaks at Cabrini College commencement

Huffington: "It's Time For Democrats To Attack Bush On Iraq".

Which TV news do you watch more?

Helen Thomas: Senator Offers Rare Profile In Capitol Hill Courage

Law and Order takes a stabb at Tom Delay...

400 more (British) troops headed to Iraq to train forces (8500 total)

Iran to Keep Nuclear Freeze - Europeans Win Tentative Vow From Negotiator

Panama hit by violence in pension reform protests

Panel: Police Errors Led to Student's Death at Red Sox Celebration

Odd Spot on Titan Baffles Scientists

Double triumph in stem cell quest (it would bypass many ethical issues.)

Syrian Envoy Says Many Arrested Near Iraq

Alaska scientist warns of impact of permafrost thaw

Votes counted three times (Dade County) audit shows

I didn't say post a picture of your cat,I said post a picture of your

A History of the World in Six Glasses - sounds like an interesting book

Bolivia has a navy?

Fire Truck ALARM... All girls chior in my back yard ... Freeee performance

I really like hugging tree daters....

Any Max Headroom freaks?

I finally figured out Bo Bice's name

Hey Seattle DUers...I;m ready to be introduced to your hot friends!

AARGHHHH! I hate dial-up!!!

I finally figured out Bo Bice's game

I really like dating treehuggers

Odd Spot on Titan Baffles Scientists

The Dawn of Realization

How about "The Moderate Party"

Ha! MSNBC Teaser: Next - Scarborough goes head-to-head with . . .

U.S. Closes Embassy, Offices in Indonesia

Jeb Bush for President? Maybe if you are thinking

What the hell is Robert Byrd thinking????

Fox News Distorted 2002 FBI Report from website.

Is there a secret plan to nominate Orrin Hatch to Supreme Court?

The US's gift to al-Qaeda

The Penninsula: Some hope in wreckage of failed nuclear treaty talks

Aljazeera.Net: Report slams Israeli, US rights abuses

CS Monitor: Social security woes are felt worldwide

DEBKfile: Widening Cracks in Walls of Secrecy around US Terrorist . .

Alternet: Your Handy Home Censorship Kit

Eric Zorn, Chi.Tribune: Atheist's son deserves job on own merits

Can they make a deal to tell truth on Iraq?

Sometimes You are Just Screwed (Juan Cole)

Dark Victory (Filibuster op-ed piece)

10,000 Protest the Gropenator.

E.J. Dionne Argues That Democrats Need to be the Party of "Yes"

Same ‘Nightline,' different reaction

Molly Ivins on Texas and Rep Senfronia Thompson

Microsoft, Saflink team on secure traveler program

Any excuse to throw some politics in there...

Minimum Wage Fight on Again - Common Dreams article

Historic Debate and Vote on the Lynn Woolsey Amendment

GM Corn Alters Blood & Kidneys in Rats. Uh oh!

Joe Bageant: Free People Do Bad Things

Nun Arrested at Bush Propaganda Rally.

WP: Life vs. Life (Stem cells) U.S. to Send Stealth Bombers to Korea

'This book will shake the world'

Global Eye - Tattoo Nation - Chris Floyd

Army's recruitment crisis deepens (Novakula, "death spiral")

Counterpunch: Uncovering a DOJ Coverup

Bush,Others Should Face Torture Probes, Says Amnesty; Urges Arrest

Bush Officials Urge New Citizens to Contribute

Tear Gas in the Andes

Braveheart Goes to Washington

"It's the God, guns and gays wedge issue,"

Orange County Weekly: Facts and Feces

David Sarasohn: A flawed sense of history, to say nothing of the present

Just Shut It Down

What the Left Got Wrong About Iraq (Pacifica radio correspondent)

Bush finds spending 'political capital' no easy task

"Why the old New Left had to die - Why I'm A Liberal" -- Steve Gilliard

I Used To Be a Neocon by Drew O'Neill

Pro Life Democrat

The Ostrich Approach [bush says "you got to... catapult the propaganda"]

Novak: Army's recruitment crisis deepens (in a death spiral)

Giving in to blackmail (this is exactly how i feel about the

Two Slaps for George Lakoff

Worsening the Patriot Act

Rep. Woolsey "quit Iraq timetable" amendment fails 300-128

Unnecessary Deference

Who wants to picket the courthouse of Hon. Cale J. Bradford?

I left a comment on the DNC blog about the Woolsey amendment

What is the best way to advertise this impeachment lawsuit thing


Can any one explain the flattening of rates.

U.S. Firm Asks for Smart Cars, Pronto

Rights Groups "Deeply Worried" About Murders Of Mexico's Green Activists

Environmentalists bypass Washington to pressure corporations

Three Environmental Initiatives Crushed At ExxonMobil Shareholder Meeting

In Storms' Wake, Record Pollution Levels For California Beaches

Climate Conference - Sea Walls, Dykes Of Little Use Against Sea Changes

I have a question about the Prius' hybrid system.

Experts Reject Bush Rationale for Corn-Based Ethanol

DaimlerChrysler's New Efficiency Tech Will Add 1 MPG To Dodge Ram

Lawmaker challenges companies to develop anti-terror technology

$6.5 Billion So No One Will Know

Hiding With Your Money

Sources: Bush won't pressure PA on armed groups until elections

El Salvador group opens park in honor of late Palestinian leader Arafat

Gaza settlers say they'll move to Israel as group

BBC (Thursday): Bush pledges aid to Palestinians

British group cancels boycott of two Israeli universities

Does anyone else remember a...

The 9/11 Commission Report is INVALID

lee hamilton getting grilled on CSPAN right now!!!

Grand jury in Albany? Why do I doubt this?



Charles Kennedy to Blair: Come Clean Over Vote Reform

Coingate: Artwork, autographs also purchased by Noe with Ohio state Money

Coin investigation reaches deep into governor's office

TRMPAC( Delay"s PAC) Broke Law!!!

Ohio Sues manager (Noe?) of rare coin fund, who steps down

Big update to listing of organizations

'Serious problems' found in AZ election results

"I love the scent of truth in the morning - smells like victory"

Update on Andy

I would never advocate that members of this forum do this to Blackwell

VIDEO: America's Illegitimate Election 2004

Anyone hear Mark Crispin Miller on Air America a few mins ago? nt

Here's a site that makes local action easy to take!

Beware the ides of June!

Bev Harris accuses "Kerry Team" of FL election fraud

Lampley - Revisiting the Biggest Story of Our Lives


For a Battleground State, NV sucked along with a few others ...

EVERYONE: Please take the time to read this. VERY IMPORTANT

i heard Arnold is coming to my neighborhood tomorrow...

Chicken Arnold

Caption this Amazing Photo!


California Surplus

The Great Republican Overreach has hit a wall (AhNo article)

We need to put up someone to run against DIANE FEINSTEIN

$2 million a year salaries for 2 Waterloo Iowa doctors under fire

Grassley is truly Bush's bitch.

Nussle announcement - anyone keeping tabs on his campaign?

I had better weather in OR!

I HATE this Weather!

Meet Sen. Jarrett Barrios at Progressive Democrats of Somerville Meeting

Need your good thoughts and prayers

Anyone wanna go see the Enron movie at the Uptown this weekend?

Another Dem and IP candidate to challenge Pawlenty in 2006

I think I spotted a DUer in MPLS

need basic Windows help, please . . .

Dell laptop keyboard question

Thunderbird won't connect.....

d-link router not working with

Help! The German virus got me!

Seen the photo on the front page of the Dallas Morning News today?

Write your local papers re:DeLay's PAC guilt

Why hasn't this jackass resigned yet?!?!

Builder's Commission's Seminar a Disaster in Houston.

Judge rules against Texans for a Republican Majority

Student accepts reprint effort

DPW Convention Delegate Signup Deadline is May 27!

Feingold listening sessions in Portage & Marathon Counties/June 4

And the winner of American Idol is.........

just found out that tweety is coming to my alma matter in the fall

McCain's war movie coming out soon.

A Nuclear Option Analogy

Why the doubts? The season of "harvest" is upon us...time to

Drudge makes himself useful - for once.

WARREN BEATTY for Gov....then Pres.!!

so kerry asked for it by bringing up vietnam

Judy wOOdruff is no Helen Thomas, and, boy! doesn't she wish she were?

Gonzo's Secreat Raids....

Once, we were leaders...

The Reasons to Oppose Bolton

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter: Counter-terrorism/missile defense expert . . .

Juan Cole: "Sometimes You are Just Screwed"! Ain't it the Truth...

Where IS the Daily Show????

Newsweek Reports on NSA Intercepts Link to Possible Bolton Vote Delay

The Indian Govt needs to be confronted about outrageous AIDS

Yesterday, on NPR, I heard that Syrian women, went

PAGE ONE OF WAPO - GOP Tilting Balance Of Power to the Right

Al Qaeda / Terrorist webpage URL'S

OK, who knows about MP3 players?

Forget Outsourcing.The next wave will be wholesale relocation of

One good thing about Abu Ghraib is that we will no longer be able to brag

Web Site Announces Al-Zarqawi Replacement

Interesting quote by Galloway about " democratic underground"

Can anyone give me an example of good conservative legislation?

A Prayer to Dorothy Day for the People of Iraq

Anyone have poll numbers for stem cell research?

we need to have DIE IN's all over the country every week, same number of


Remarks by Pres. Bush in a Conversation on Strengthening SS[propaganda!]

Just what every Iraqi needs....a bible

Russ Feingold - emerging hero of the left?

Voinovich rerun of last night on now on cspan2 now!!!!!!!!!!

Comment to Jim Lampley on the 2004 elections

People having to beg for $ to get Medical Care for their kids is shameful

Chalabi Watch -- Now also in charge of approving all contracts

Swift Boat Steve Gardner and Jeff Gannon take POLYGRAPH

Boxer on Senate florr now--cspan

Hello To Bolton? "Goodbye To Intelligence" (Ray McGovern)


DU scientists and their supporters - PubChem needs you!

Christian Reformed Professor Backs Gay Marriage

Anyone know a Liberal Gas Station Owner?

It's been nearly a week now

5 Ships and 2,800 Sailors Are Ordered To Deploy To Help

Give Rumsfeld the Pinochet Treatment, Says U.S. Amnesty Chief

How widespread are the Viva Bush bumberstickers?

Andrew Sullivan: "Do you take life to save lives....."

LA Times Threatens O'Reilly With Secret Service

Ethics Poll

Marines are landing -- on silver dollars

Bill Moyers commencement speech at CUNY today

Tracking Iraq Fatalities - the Trend is obvious

why did Senator Boxer remove the hold on Bolton?

Just heard John Ford and 3 other legislators were arrested

Republicannibals -- too many syllables, or what?

is anybody taking 'Strattera', or know someone who is..? need info

Stupid poll at CNN:

Wal-Mart letter to Oregon legislature (Hah hah)

Hartmann's Galloway interview repeated right now

When will Labor Day be renamed CEO day ...

Springer has some goofball on right now about requiring people

Proposal is assault on 4th Amendment-The Raping Of Our Rights

The border between Iraq and Iran...

Question on the religious rw Gay rational...

Look at this Feingold gear!

Could America experience another "Kent State"?

Is Zarqawi *really* hurt?

Which damages the sanctity of marriage most?

"How to Prepare to Run for Political Office"

Patriot Act renewal discussed on G4 TV - The Video Game channel

Republican filibuster?

MSNBC : "What do you believe about the growing claims that al-Zarqawi..."

Moscow Times probes business dealings of North Carolina congress

Interesting comparison between the USA and Roman Empire...

One week trip to $160.00..?? Huh???

James P. Pinkerton calls bullshit on Bush's revisionist history

How to demolish the Republican party?

Contaminated smile

What Is It With These Tom Delay Commercials?

I'm so pissed at the Court system right now, I could just scream.

Google Hires Dan Senor - Neo-Con Dan Senor

Fact that Asian banks have large holdings of US securities "not troubling"

Where the Democrats are going wrong

Anybody know where I can find video of Voinovich speaking yesterday?


The Kerik appointment should be brought up again by Dems


Can/Will Democrats Filibuster To Stop Bolton Nomination?

Something I said to a "Dobson Republican" on another blog.

One thing I don't get about stem cell research...

Lee Hamilton peppered with conspiracy questions about 911 on C-span.

The 'net and bloggers.. and more

Arnold is on my street RIGHT NOW!

Fran Dzik Joins Diebold Election Machine Firm

Sometimes It Feels Like We Have Left The Party-Or Is It That The

Judge finds against DeLay's TRMPAC

Iraqi WMDs: Incompetence or Lies - The ONLY explanations. IT’S SO OBVIOUS!

is anyone having trouble streaming AAR? n/t

Want to find recent article about the conference of economists warning

winning more hearts and minds

Just in by email: Remarks by Senator Harry Reid at Nat'l Press Club

Law & Order Rocks, Day 2!! (DeLay to File Complaint) contact info here

PBS: Soldiers Deserting to Canada Rather than Return to Iraq >

Photoshop - Is this picture of arnold real?

Bill O'Reilly in Black and White

A chicken in every pot, a Bible for every Iraqi!!!

Has anyone heard anything from Cruz Bustamante? Where is he?

Does anyone else have problems with their "flexible benefits" program(s)?

Rebuttal for "isolated pockets of insurgents" in Iraq

CPB crusaders for Fox-style "balance" apprenticed with radio reactionary

Database of Healthcare Coverage Options

Taibbi: Newsweek usually aims to please WH when quoting anonymice

Rate the Neo-Clowns in terms of shamelessness:

Massive Security Crackdown Begins Around Iraqi Capital!

FBI set ups fake company to get reps

Canada, land of the free.

What is it with the Bentsens and the Bushes? Why so much cosiness?

Memorial Day is for the soldiers, not the war

Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry to challenge King

How Memorial Day was hijacked.

Anyone know where I can get some good liberal Christian bumper stickers?

Shhhh…Don’t wake the Sleeping Majority….

Rumsfeld planning orbiting Death Stars

"The Kerry boy and his lost sheep"

My latest LTTE....

How did they know? Perhaps, unlike our leader, they paid attention to

Should Pharmacists/Pharmacist students choose another career...

Today's TOONs collection will be my last for a while

Who is the editorial cartoonist for your local newspaper(s)?

If the war is so just why doesn't *Bush call on Americans to enlist?

Calling all DUers, lets bother Reid about the voting machines.

There is a Randi thread in The Lounge. FYI.

Voinovich C-SPAN - 3:10 Central

Gov't rolls out "first set of recommendations" re: e-voting.

Jay Rosen's "Three Questions for Kevin Drum"--and for DUers

A simple straightforward BRAC question

Bad Deal On Judges: The Nation Magazine Article

Southern Baptists, conservatives "seething" at McCain re: filibuster

New Leads In The Johnny Gosch Case

Democrats Gave In To Blackmail: Madison Capital Times Editorial

ANIMATION: Where the GOP get their best ideas

Pelosi Nominates Wasserman Schultz for House Judiciary Committee

Zarqawi is dead or at least, seriously injured, or

It's time for a million man Downing Street Memo march

Pardon me while I vent about modern Christians ...

Newsweek's Koran Story Rubber Stamped by DoD

First House Vote on Exiting Iraq

Some high and mighty poohbah at CNN said that the American people

New Millionare Rate Up, and so is the Poverty Rate

New greeting cards cater to cheaters (adultery.)

John McCain profile in the New Yorker

"Amer. Idol" gets 278 million more votes than the '04 election!

new 'Nightline' tribute to U.S. war dead, Sinclair sings a different tune

Medford baby is born with 12 fingers, 14 toes


Take Action on the Downing Street Inquiry!

The Zarqawi News

How common is it for the FBI to run sting operations against lawmakers?

Number of poor Ohioans has soared, survey finds

(New Creation) Museum Claims Earth is 6,000 Years Old

Republicans purposefully turning the government into right-wing oligarchy

A simple straightforward BRAC question

Pentagon Preparing To Try To Cover Its Ass At 4:45 Press Conference

The New 23rd Psalm

Lets make this whole map green, call your congress people today.

Lets look up Dick Wolf (Creator of Law & Order) and see if he is a demo

Judge: Parents can't teach pagan beliefs - Christian Judge Says...

Delay ordered to give back $200,000 in illegal donations

scholarship opportunity for high school activists

Cleveland Cabbies Ticketed at Prayer Time

Judge dismisses suit seeking paper trail for touch-screen machines

I asked my Dad if things were worse during the McCarthy Era

How do you feel about corporate advertising in public schools?

A photographic tribute to Will Pitt's latest tome...

twofer thursday toons (5/26)

Whew I feel so much better now

Carl's Jr. selling "Smut Burgers", says "Morality in Media"

Why aren't the Democrats Taking w to Task for being a Goddamned Liar?

Global Warming - A Socialist Plot?

this toon can't wait till tomorrow

Give up the moderate stance.

Abortion-Limit Stands at U.S. Military Hospitals Overseas

Poll: Majority may vote for Clinton

Not enough votes for cloture on what's his name.

I can't help but LMAO at Frist

Excellent interview with lots of info about medicare on NPR today.

Are they voting on Bolton yet?

It appears the Repubs do not have the votes to invoke cloture...

To Sen. George V.

"It Quacks Like a Filibuster"

LTTE: Laura Bush is "classy", would never tell anyone to "shove it"

Monica-media whore-Crowley just said she has reviewed Bolton's credentials

Reply to an invitation from a neocon...

"I believe the United States of America has a war addiction" Please read

I just read that the house voted down a bill to end the Iraq War

Stem Cell Supporters thank you so much.

The Chimp at his Chimpiest >>>

Out Of Curiosity, What Kind Of Internet(s) Connection Do You Have?

Fox Freudian slip: te he

Publicity whore Randall Terry has been "asked" to run for office

PHOTO: What do you MEAN they didn't confirm Bolton today?

Dems blocked a Bolton vote tonight - woo hoo

"Three detainees escape from Abu Ghraib"

Pentagon: Inquiry substantiates Koran "mishandling"

BBC World on helicopter Crash and bombings in Iraq.

Sen. Corzine mentions Bush / Blair meeting in 02' that fixed Iraq Intel

The false piety of Republicans and their hatred for minorities are

Madeleine Albright, others: Send NATO to Darfur

OK, so what really happened tonight?

KO talking about the cross burnings

2 dead in Helicopter Crashed

Catapult the Propaganda

Chris Matthews IGNORED 2 separate mentions of fixed intel memo this week.

Is Ken Lay in prison yet?

Elliot Spitzer & Keith Olbermann receive Employee of the Year Award

CNN Online Polls

Repub fundie brother-in-law now claims that dinosaurs never existed.

Comforting Words From Potus. (And this man is President?)

Texas republican attempts to reach out to new voters.....but will it help?

Firefox Users Fight Phishing heads up folks

Hurricane Outlook - 70% Chance of above average hurricane season

"They also serve who only stand and wait"

Galloway on the Hartmann Show right now!!

Kraft Foods Continues Support for Gay Games (Their Letter)

For those interested, A&E is showing interesting documentary

I got this response twice from separate people

So, need a laugh?

Bwahaha -- Cons on Yahoo boards losing it BIG TIME

Is Joshua Bolton, Director of the Executive Office of the President,

C-Span lists Free Republic on their Blog links page but not DU

Saving the Republican Party

Funny * pix >>>

Just watched the pilot episode of the West Wing on Bravo

Why did Frist vote against cloture on the Wilfred Brimley nomination?

Some Memorial Day Music

My wish for the 41: they went home, had a drink,and realized

Experts Reject Bush Rationale for Corn-Based Ethanol


I could use a favor

Bush cronies and family paid oil for food kickbacks to Saddam.

Reid's 'Sledgehammer' issues: Driving the filibuster wedge all the way in,

Rumsfeld planning orbiting death stars

An honest question that's probably going to come out badly...

I found a new nickname for John Bolton

NEW grandtheftelectionohio: MR. SMITH GOES TO HELL

What if the 14 moderates formed a voting block?

A Pale Blue Dot - A must read

Which one seems more likely to you?

Randi's wrong--Frist voted against cloture for Bolton

Extremists use Sen Specter's cancer in propaganda ploy

Frist voted Nay to ending the debate.

Flip Flops for Frist - I think the Majority Leader needs some new shoes!

DU Media Activists we need your help (stand by)

Who Will You Remember this Memorial Day?

Pretty amazing - French Helicopter lands on top of Mt Everest

Tom Delay's PAC found guilty of violating Texas \\\Per NPR

Is this anyway to treat a popular president with an overwhelming mandate?

Iraq:The Words of Mass Deception

Grade Harry Reid's Performance

Do you have any good "Q" words in scrabble when your "u-less"?

Ladies and Gents, Your 2005 Base Closure List


Bottom line on Bolton.

Bolton delay is NOT a filibuster. White House stonewalling documents.

Just How Greedy Is Halliburton? Ask Their Employees who don't

Marvin Bush + 4 billion BASF/Basell deal due to pressure on Iran

LOL from CBS News: Viagra can cause blindness

"Only a Sith deals in absolutes" Gear

Who was actually surprised by the cloture vote today ?

FOX "News" Asman asks Lott "...if WE ...had the votes..."

Counter Protest in DC Saturday

Would Frist "go nuclear" for Bolton?

The median price of a house in our town is $825,000, and firstyear teacher

US Foreign Aid Greatly Exaggerated, Says New Study

MSNBC Poll-Will Bolton be confirmed

Idea: Worker's Scorecard

Bolton was promissed

MANDATORY MALLOY: Thursday Truthseeker Roll Call

Chicken Arnold

I think my Freeper friend is embarrassed by Bush now

Frist made the final NAY vote!

PrePaid Legal?

My Grandpa was in the Trenches in World War One

My e-exchange w/fundi relative about Newsweek

The RW'ers hate me, and they also hate you too

Worsening the Patriot Act - a frightening article, a must read

****Do YOU know Senfronia Thompson?****

Was Jesus Christ the Son of God, with extraordinary powers

Pentagon Again Lies And Minimizes! No More Military Investigations Of The

Do NOT let Bush's legacy be Reaganized.

"I Used To Be a Neocon"

McCain supports apology to Native Americans!

The New Pottery Barn rule U.S. should follow in Iraq:

By the way, Osama bin Laden is still at large.

Can other countries declare Bush a war criminal and take him to court?

Darfur: Daily News May 26, 2005

For Andy

Youngstown by Bruce Springsteen

Check out Carrabbas response on Glenn Beck

We really heart Kraft for doing the right thing

DU's Memorial Day plans

Mad Cow Disease may be Killing Thousands of Americans

George W. Bush and Franklin D. Roosevelt: Dueling Quotes

Who thinks the USA will last FOREVER???

I am tired of sitting here reading these boards -- I want to help!

Are we witnessing the collapse of the Republican Party?

CSPAN caller: "I'm sick of white republicans"

Survey - Should deserters be given refugee status in other countries?

C-SPAN Roll Call report...Clinton/Clark ticket

Bolton at the UN is like... (fill in the blank)

Canada, land of the free.

There is a fundie church that I drive past on my way home.

Ashcroft hitches his wagon to the "Homeland Security" gravy train

TOONS for 5/26/05 (May the Farce be with you)

McCain (& Kerry, Bush, 2000, 2004, 2008.. this week's New Yorker)

Flat tax proposal.

Republicans helped make the case for presidential election fraud.

When is the DNC really going to kick some ass?

Tom Friedman op-ed on Gitmo: "Shut it down. Just shut it down."

Best repub quote ever...

Do you know what your Vietnam Lottery Number was? Or if you had been 18...

They BURNED his unifom (Tillman).

HR 1815 - Rep. Woolsey "quit Iraq timetable" amendment fails 300-128

CNN reporting that White House is stunned

CSPAN Schedule Friday May 27

Just talked to Andy

ACLU strikes again!! Judge orders govt to release Abu Ghraib photos

VIDEO: America's Illegitimate Election 2004

Why are ALTRUISM, COMPASSION and EMPATHY So Frightening to Freepers?

The enormous success of the hybrid cars from Japan shows once again

Noam Chomsky on "Rate My"

Please DU a petition - Support Employee Pension Preservation Act of 2005

Whenever I look at a lake & see a Republican swimming in it I think

Bush's War Comes Home: Plotting Revenge

My Fellow DU Veteran's - How About A March On Washington? Veteran's Day??

No terrorist attacks in the U.S. signifies what?

Anyone watching Lee Hamilton on CSPAN Wash. Journal?

So, I Have Been Working On This New Anti-War Gif Animation...

Dubya's Excellent Week

Why are you here?

Santorum took money from stem cell researchers

1,651 G.I.'s WON'T be enjoying Memorial Day, but I'm sure dubya will

My grandfather (WW2 vet) is getting his diploma at age 78 today

parents across nation who kids go to public school, please report

My blog is under assault by the graveyard rats

Fred Phelps comes to my town. He spurs crossburnings against CHURCHES.

If you must use a credit card get a Democratic Party Card – Stop MBNA

Thursday Evening Update From Andy


HAD IT! with DNC. Doing nothing about future election fraud!!!

Galloway: “We feel that the real criminals are them.”

Freepers Ask Their Vet Members to Check in. GET 16 RESPONSES!

Does anyone have any good potato salad recipes?

A great souvlaki recipe for the summer grilling season!

Duke's Mayo

Question on homemade wontons...anyone have answers?

London Kniggits looking awesome right now.

Benefit cuts do not create new jobs

Amnesty International Report 2005

RE: Liverpool win. 20 years since Heysel disaster. Any thoughts on

9 Killed, 17 Wounded In Baghdad Attacks (Car Bomb)

Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal

Australian Muslim Leader Offers to be Iraq Hostage Swap

CIA Overseeing 3-Day War Game on Internet (AP)

Sudan Women Feed Babies Leaves to Avoid Starvation

Violent day dawns in Baghdad

Soldier says squad leader told him to lie about death

BBC: WTO agrees entry talks with Iran

UK terror threat level is lowered

Iraq asks UN to let US forces remain amid insurgency

The Ostrich Approach [bush says "you got to... catapult the propaganda"]

I-75 Suspected Bomb Was Fake Penis

Soldier Testifies Iraqi Was Cooperating (AP)

Remarks by Pres. Bush in a Conversation on Strengthening SS[propaganda!]

Web Statement: Deputy Appointed to Fill in for Wounded Al-Zarqawi

AAA members can look for cheap gasoline on the Web

Reuters: Shiite Assassinated; Professor Killed

Numbers speak for themselves, GOP says (WA Gov trial, day three)

US closes Embassy in Indonesia Citing Security Threat

Insurgents regrouped and refocused, analysts say

[UK] Attorney general rejects idea he was 'leant on' over Iraq advice

Knockoff Dealers Could Have Designs on Terror(Hezbollah sells fake goods!)

Thousands protest governor's plans (arnie)

First-quarter economic growth revised up

KKK alive and well in North Carolina

WP: Bush Rejects Stem Cell Compromise (Dreier talks with Nancy Reagan)

American soldier dies in traffic accident (#1650)

Amnesty International: US "thumbs its nose" at human rights

NYT: Sponsor of Stem Cell Bill Says Senate Could Override a Veto

Record Catfish Dies Enroute to New Home

WP: Techies Ramp Up For Internet's Next Incarnation

Groups see opportunity in Bush aiding Calif. redistricting plan

Duncan Hunter (R:TX): Tricare provision removed from defense budget plan

Murder charges dropped against US Marine

Judge Rules Against DeLay Group Official

WP: U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Closings, Cuts Decried

West Palm Beach woman charged over daughter's abortion

Rumsfeld Laments Global Reach of War News

Iraqi Government Says Al-Zarqawi Wounded

No human infection of avian flu in Qinghai: official (Chinese gov't lies)

RawStory: Former Rep. on Tom DeLay: "'THE WEB IS GETTING BIGGER"

Senator Calls for Delay in Vote on Bolton

Mexico City Mayor Pledges to Cut Presidential Salary in Half if Elected

Dems, Jackson to Pay $200,000 in Fines

New Iraq Security Cordon to Ring Baghdad

U.S. military says child killed in Iraq gun fight

Tom DeLay's state political action committee was just found guilty of viol

5 Leading Institutions Start Journalism Ed. Effort(journalism "in crisis")

WTO agrees entry talks with Iran, U.S. drops veto

Rights Group Alleges Uzbek Cover-Up

Karzai Warns of Threat of More Violence Ahead of Afghan Legislative Electi

Iraqi Security Crackdown (Baghdad)-BBC MUST LISTEN TO -4 minutes

Congress Extends Highway Program Again

Garden Grove Minuteman Protest Turns Violent

Jewish groups unite to back gay-rights bill (WA State)

Tom Delay's state political action committee was found guilty...

Rep. who filed successful complaint v. DeLay: 'web is getting bigger'

Two more officials assassinated in Baghdad

Soros joins 'locusts' with bank bid

Judge Rules Against DeLay PAC (NPR)

Coalition of groups seek formal inquiry into whether Bush acted illegally

China says united with Uzbekistan against terrorism

Pelosi & Reid Decline to Select Non-Voting Members for Admin's Medicaid

ACLU files petition on behalf of Wiccan witch

Texas judge finds DeLay's PAC GUILTY of breaking the law

Violence Erupts at O.C. Protest

Galloway Celebrates 'A Blessing in Disguise'

Marines Drop Murder Charges Against Lieutenant Accused of Killing 2 Iraqis

Army's recruitment crisis deepens (Novakula, "death spiral")

Federal Agents Arrest Four Legislators (Tennessee)

U.S. Firm Asks for Smart Cars, Pronto!

Pryor (Dem) just voted for cloture on Bolton

Democrats win crucial Bolton vote

Gaza settlers say they'll move to Israel as group

40,000 Iraqis to Form Shield in Baghdad

Senate Panel OKs Asbestos Trust Fund Bill

Report: (Conrad) Black caught taking papers (illegally from Hollinger)

Black to return documents caught on tape being removed from headquarters

Outspoken U.K. Lawmaker to Tour U.S.

Centrifuges Sent to IAEA, Says FO--Pakistan Daily Times (Iran)

Explosives attached to a dog (Kirkuk, Iraq)

Pentagon Substantiates Cases of Koran Mistreatment

Pivotal Vote on Bolton Debate Is Set for Today (6PM)

Court finds Thai anti-corruption commission corrupt

Judge rules Bush hydro plan violates Endangered Species Act

Democrats Force Delay Of Final Bolton Vote

Bush to nominate Schulte to nuclear watchdog IAEA

Bush,Others Should Face Torture Probes, Says Amnesty; Urges Arrest

Criminal investigation opened against Dan Doyle's wife

World must race against time to save Darfur -Annan

Feds shut Web site in piracy crackdown

US wants to be able to access Britons' ID cards

Pentagon admits five acts of 'mishandling' the Koran (The Independent)

Bush pledges $50 million in aid for Palestinians

Judge Rules DeLay PAC Broke Texas Law

Orange County Sheriff Made Donors His Deputies

Canada's left mulls new price for backing Martin


Orange County Sheriff Made Donors His Deputies (86 friends& relatives)

Paperless voting costs soar (TS costs more money to steal votes than OpS)

French In Disarray As They Admit EU Treaty Vote Is Lost

Toronto, Chicago mayors back Manitoba on water diversion project

On YAHOO! - Massive review of voting laws under way

Canada leads the way as donors pledge $ for Darfur peacekeeping

Coalition vows to defeat attempt to ban gay rights (in CA)

Dems Won't Take Part in Medicaid Panel

US Soldiers Opened Fire at a Bus in Baghdad (3 Iraqis Killed)

NYC to Pay Aids Group in Settlement (criticized Giuliani, lost contracts)

Shays Blasts Bush On Threats To Veto Stem Cell Bill

NYT: Govt Shirked Duty to Wild Fish, Judge Rules (limited,skewed analysis)

CBS Poll: Bush Out Of Touch (48%Disapproval, 46% Approval)

Oregon Records Show Gordon Smith Approved Trip Paid By GOP lobby


Thousands Of UC Workers Stage One-Day Strike

Domestic terror law to be used against animal welfare activists (NJ)

Rumsfeld likens Zarqawi to Hitler


Pelosi to President Bush: 'No Dice' on Social Security Privatization

Man Shot Instead of Tasered, Sues Rochester

Largest Progressive Gathering Since Election Aims To 'Take Back America'

Oregon students reject military recruiters over gay ban

NYT: Little Progress in Bid to Extend Patriot Act

Iraq to launch huge Baghdad raids

WP: Aide in Schiavo Case Lands a Lobbying Gig

Huss Walks Away A Free Man (Rapist who murdered, disfigured his victim)

Land Rovers 'used in Uzbek killings' (Guardian)

Cleveland cabbies ticketed at prayer time

Senate Committee Advances Energy Bill

NYT: Fed. Study Tying Longer Life to Extra Pounds Draws Fire

Mich. Inmates Sue Over Being Held Naked

NYT: For Senators, Pact Does Not Mean Peace(deal covers judges,not Bolton)

Transformer Explodes Outside World Bank

Senator presents graphic safe-sex slide show

US forces in Iraq to grow slightly in coming months: officials

Son Of Well-Known Atheist Says Name Got Him Un-Hired

U.S. soldier acquitted in Iraqi's death (Former Wall Streeter)

Prisoner Recants Quran-Desecration Claims

Coingate: Artwork, autographs also purchased by Noe with Ohio state Money

Non-citizen mother of slain U.S. soldier rejected by Gold Star organizatio

Enron pair fail to divert workers' pensions

Two arrested in Dutch filmmaker's slaying (Theo Van Gogh)

Democrats win crucial Bolton vote

Outspoken U.K. Lawmaker Galloway to Tour U.S.

'Nightline,' in Phila. interviews, lends support to Cosby (Bill)

Air Force Enforces 'Religious Respect'

Wider Use Urged for New Meningitis Vaccine (adolescents,college freshmen)

Military Deserters Flee To Canada (6000 deserters - 150 are in Canada)

Judge rules against Texans for a Republican Majority

Spitzer hits AIG with civil complaint


U.S. Army helicopter has been shot down

Judge: Public Has Right to See Abuse Photos Abu Ghraib prison

Group Slams Product Placement in Schwarzenegger Ad

Bush,Others Should Face Torture Probes, Says Amnesty; Urges Arrest

Poll: Majority may vote for Clinton

Durham investigates burning of 3 crosses in one night(God H's F's+KKK?)

34 attorneys general support 'shield' for reporters (Plame Case)

Inquiry finds 5 cases of Quran 'mishandling' at Guantanamo

Kurd chief who taught mercy to Saddam's men (Jailed militia leader

Secret Service looks into yearbook prank ("most likely to assassinate...")

Tribes of the left gather to celebrate a vote against EU constitution

Delay Slams NBC Over Criminal Intent

NYT: Surrogate Mothers' New Niche: Bearing Babies for Gay Couples

Bible reading requirement at Boca schools sparks debate (Fl Duh......

Judge: Parents can't teach pagan beliefs

Defense Dept. Personnel Impersonated State Dept. Officials...(ACLU)

Ohio Officials Now Believe More Than $10 Million in Rare Coins Is Missing

Breaking News - Call for Formal Criminal Iraq Inquiry - Rawstory

Damn, I missed "Alias" tonight


Anyone ever been to Hitler, North Carolina?

"Avalanche Dogs." I like that phrase.

Sour Skittles raped my mouth!

If there's one thing in my life that's missing

It says here these etch a sketch "etches" are real...

How to have a heart attack online...

Have you seen her? So fine and pretty Fooled me with her style and ease

When did such a band of uninteresting scalliwags and yuppies take over

I get $5000 if nobody replies to this post.

Any Michael O'Donoghue fans?

I'm watching "the brain center at Whipple's" twilight Zone

Time to rap about a contraversy. Gonna take a stand gonna show no mercy.

I thought airborne was suppose to get rid of colds.


Thousands And Tens Of Thousands Of Years Pass

night spies

Okay, anyone grow up in a vacation city?

You know what REALLY pisses me off?

So you know that crappy weather we've been having?

Amber Frey on TV right now. Folks, it had to happen. :-(

Okay, anyone grow up in Vatican City?

Die Pussy Die

More Waves.


My theory is that people who grew up near oceans

Need someone who's good at Photoshop...

My theory is that people who grew up near Joan Rivers...

Are our hours ours?

People who grow up near creeks ...

People who grow up near creeps

I have no accent because I cannot speak. I only write and type

What are you listenning to?

It's about time for a Cold Shower!

Heavy thinking-A cautionary tale (humor)


You have the last post in this thread and I don't! Nanny nanny boo boo!

My cat feels crummy the day after her trip to the vet

My bag is sinkin' low and I do believe it's time.

Star wars fan disease


Do I have an accent?

So I'm strongly considering converting to Bushism


Mexican champagne is not good

What's up, Early Bird Crew?

Mmmm.. picture of my first pie ever made.

Dentist Who Sqirted Semen In Patients' Mouths Given Probation


Inner peace

It's 1:25 am. Why am I still working?

I'm off on my vacation.


Penis Closes Road

Former Officer Gets 20 Days In Jail For Toy Banana Flashing

Conman Landlord Busted..(Republicans in Norway?)

My brother has been reprieved!

I think I saw Skinner yesterday!

"Holy Grail" For Botanists Found In Park

It's amazing how good doing something nice for someone else

Official McDonald's Nutrition & Calorie List

Boss who is the more arbitrary and capricious with his subordinates?


Baby Opossum Found In Mobile Home Toilet

To bed to bed said sleepy head! Sweet Dreams DUrs.

My theory is that people who grew up Billy Ocean

Is asking about my home computer setup an illegal interview question?

Any one use coupons and rebates??

I need help with my bumper sticker

Members of Procrastination club check in he.....oh hell whatever

Further evolution of Pacific Northwest office etiquette.

Are you a creature of habit? Do you do the same thing every morning?

It's about time for some Cold Duck!

Thieves Break In, Steal Rare Historic Sex Toys From Brothel

Drivers: How often do you fill up your tank?

Garrison Keillor has the right idea - be unabashedly liberal

Pizza rage lands US woman in jail

Awesome! I just got a job offer...

I think I am going to like my new job....

Crowd Pleaser catering food - would you eat this?

What font do you use for internet browsing?

store wars...

Employee buyouts

If you wear Puma shoes BEES WILL ATTACK YOUR FEET!

Kozo vs Vending Machine (new movie)

Restaurant chases no-show Clinton


For those who have dogs, would you get this?

Key West Police Arrest Drunk Driver Who Though He Was In NYC

I Saw The Most Moronic Sign Outside a Store...

Butterfinger still targets us "oldies"..(cute ad)

Sperm supply fear over tax demand

Kelly Rippa looks like a skeleton!

So let's go ahead and have a New England DU gathering

You know you're on the computer too much...

What do the now free Iraqi's do w/ their time? Sports of course!

nosey buggers

Small rant: I have a friend who is very religious--traditional Christian/

Profiling Democrats and Republicans....

Man Arrested For Wearing Grinch Mask In Public

"They let her through. I wonder what's wrong with her." (CAPTION)


Target or WalMart

Take the Enneagram test.

penis terror

Well I For One Blame The Embryos

Chicken gets a ticket

Okay, so I have depression and anxiety. what else is new?

Guess what was in my husband's salad from Jack in the Box?

What's the plan then?

Geldof confirms what is essentially "Live Aid II," refuses to call it that

Young and the Restless

"All right, Popeye's here! get your hands on your heads, get off the bar..

Penalty Leads to Rockslide of Protest

Great Grandmother (57) "Feels Great" After Giving Birth - To TWINS

SUCCESS In Afghanistan!!

Need DU'ers advice on celebrating victory over fascism

"Sith" Fans Maimed in Lightsaber Mishap

Woman Interviews 25 "George Bush's" For Book - "They Aren't Well-Informed"

Thinking as a potential partner, would you date yourself?

Terror video...must see this

What 28 year old movie is on CBS in PrimeTime tonight?

You've got the cool water...

What does a girl have to do.....

What if I told you women that if...

Will the real "cancer man" please stand up

Marine who was Trinity grad dies in Iraq

please somebody help this techno idiot upload personal avatar?

Freak out friends with "privacy issues"

On a day like today

Would you go to this hotel,

Whoo Hoo! My doc gave me some Valium for my flight in a week!

Read this and tell me if he's serious or joking. I think he's joking,

OK, here's a question for the IT people: Can you tell if someone has

It was like totally awesome.

Those with short attention spans check in her... Oooh! Shiny things!

self delete

Will star wars episodes 7-9 ever make into the public?

Who else here loves market fleas?

Anyone use Bondage?

Skydivers trust Homer Simpson over George W. Bush

Debuting June 21 on NBC (network TV)

Artistes, Archeologists, Dirt Diggers- IS THIS REAL?

What if i told women that if

How does one turn on the autofill?

I love the way the media uses a controversial commercial

DELAY'S PAC FOUND LIABLE (guilty, in other words)--BREAKING

Did anyone hear Malloy last night?

Parents can't teach pagan beliefs...

I grew up near mountains and the ocean.

Anyone have a mandate?

Record Catfish Dies Enroute to New Home

I have a correction to make

Pics of our new little one...(good size pics)

UK company launches in-car toilet

Who else here loves flea markets?

Right on!

Who's more Presidential, George W. Bush or Barney the White House Dog

THIS JUST IN - Matcom likes

'Star Wars' Fans Maimed in Lightsaber Mishap

If you're going on a honeymoon the first week of Nov., WHERE would you go?

i admit it: i'm on the fence about Lotion

what is the most stupid, insane, bizarre thing you ever did while drunk?

From The Onion: "Bush caught in one of his own terror traps"

Law & Order Rocks, Day 2!! (DeLay to file complaint) Contact info here

It is time again for post a random subject from your auto-fill!

The judge in the MJ tria spared the vision and mental health of the jury..

All our times have come. Here but now they're gone. Like Romeo

"Lost" = Oak Island? *SPOILER*

HEY 24 fans.

"you'll get cut"

Anyone else as tired of sequels and remakes as I am?

World's smallest apartment (?) for rent in London

Magical Mystery Tour mystery...

Could he look any douchebaggier?

Anybody use Vonage?

At what point does a drinking session become a bender?

Bring me a shrubbery! I saw Spamalot last night, ask me anything.

Name A Movie That *SHOULD* Have Had A Sequel...But Didn't.

DU Top 100 Movie list: Need more replies

will eatin 1 a day kill me


All: are you a FEMINIST?

Damn!!! This could have been interesting

I just cleared out my voice mail at home - Guess how long it's been

This is my 1,000th post. Please give me advice.

I just got rear-ended.

"Owa... Tana... Siam... Owa... Tana... Siam... Owa... Tana... Siam..."

Looking for a Bush print by Alex Ross

Post a picture of what you will look like in ten years

So I'm strongly considering converting to anarchism


I assure you, there are no Qurans in the toilets of Guantanamo Bay

They're remaking a tv show again!

Anybody use Bandage?

Post an image of your town's most ostentatious proscenium.

What would you do

Looking for a cross stitch of Axl Rose?

Anyone heard/have an opinion of 'Songs for Silverman'?

What part of your job do you like the least?

i admit it: i'm on the fence about boLton

So I'm strongly considering becoming an anachronism.

I have officially crashed.

Even though I don't like her at all and I don't eat meat I want Paris...

I never have any games in my Xbox

Whats a good side dish for bacon sammiches?

A skiddlede beebop, we rock, scooby doo...

Who's the black private dick who's a sex machine with all the chicks?

Elperromagico's Spanish Fun Fact!

Question about San Francisco

Anarchy is.....

nice kitty

If you twist and turn away If you tear yourself in two again

5 good words to use when asked for "5 words to describe yourself"

I never have any messages in my inbox

Proust is so cloying

If I was able to be in D.C.

Dust is so annoying!

is the lounge still "trashy"??

Are you a veritable font of knowledge?

Crust is so annoying.

Do you get on DU first thing, or do you surf a little?

Sin, Confess, Repeat


Word up.

I hide threads with the word "gauche" or some variant of it in the subject

Are any of those "free money , free car" offers legit?

please help me name my newly hatched pets...

Are any of those "quick loans till next payday" loans legit?

i read aLL threads with the word 'douche' in them

Kick ass editorial cartoon in my local paper today

Crust Never Dies

rust is so annoying

RandomKoolzip should rejoin SouthoftheBorderPaul's band, the 8th grade?

what is a better lubricant

Proust is so annoying....

Dammit!! The Daily Show and Bartcop are off this week and my back hurts!


Homemade chicken pot pie!

twofer thursday toons (5/26)


Hey groovy cats I'm making the scene man!

In loving memory of my 400th post


So I'm now the black private dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks?

Douche is french...

Settle the bet between Brainshrub & MrScorpio. (Winner gets a pizza.)

SouthoftheBorderPaul is in the 700 Club and needs some help

LOL . . . .The best "Mmmmmmm TUNA" pic I've taken yet

And now, for my 400th post....

CRAP! Here come the rain again.....

Ma Na Ma Na

Any DUers playing at

Are you a competitive eater? Can you eat 6 pounds of baked beans in 1

Zygmunt Wilf becomes new majority owner of Minnesota Vikings

Zippos of the World...

Randi thread!

Impeach the DOUCHE! like that sniffa?

I have an idea to sap money from FReepers and CUckoos.

She ran calling Wiiiiiiiiiiiildfire...

What are you listening to now?

Get your testicle recipes here!

The face ... ...of a WINNER!

Men, have you suffered from PMS?

Find your Senior Picture free here!

Cream Reunion, 2005

Ladies: Death IS NOT an option

Don't lie to me!

Am I the only one driven crazy by the phrase "we're pregnant"

I've got the Grateful Dead in my head. I don't want them there

LOL, I'm watching the "King of the Hill" where Hank finds out he's from NY

What do you think of Beck?

Thank you, Brainshrub... Thank you all

Last night's Alias ending -- -- WTF???

Most embarrassing moment ever....

Pastor apologizes for sign

I graduate from HS in two hours!!!!!


I have had several welcomes to DU

Today is my birthday!

Do you know me?

How private are you?


I must have really bombed the interview from a couple weeks ago


Quest for

Danica Patrick


Would you change your party affiliation to better your career?

I hide threads with the word "douche" or some variant of it in the subject

Greatest love song EVER: "When You Give Your Love To Me" by Kevin Gilbert

Favorite pie

I have the last post in this thread and you don't! Nanny nanny boo boo!

Okay, without lying who here has asked out a waiter/waitress on the job?

Post a picture of what I will look like in ten years

Has anyone ever been to

The smell of wet dog fur and chlorine--

Memorial Weekend - any fun plans?

OMG.. I learned something from Michael Jackson trial

i hide threads with the word "enema" or some variant of it in the subject

i only ask for some Memorial Day exposure

I know it's a fool's errand, and I know * "supports" the idea...

Just found this picture of the ugliest car I ever had

It's the cruelest joke to wait

chocolate covered pineapples are delicious

I got a question for any car buffs out there:

Favorite "Star Wars" character theme

The original "snowflake baby"

Have you heard the news, he said with a grin

Driver Who Decapitated Friend Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

A Blind man picks up a piece of matzah

I Just got ANOTHER recruiting pamphlet from the Army,

Does either of your U.S. Senators wear a wig or toupee?

brick pagoda

The *use a song title to caption a picture* thread

Saturday we're going to go find an apartment!!

Ann Coulter before the facelift

The Real "Old Time Religion"

So what would YOU do if your parents were about to move in with you?

I think I might buy this place in Venezuela with help any body interested?

Star Wars Questions that baffle me....

How come The Daily Show is doing reruns?

Prize toy Yoda

So a Ukranian immigrant walks into the DMV to get his license...

I won the Powerball

A serious cat question

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts!

What's for dinner, you America-hating French-loving Commies?

abe vigoda

Thank you all! DU saved my life!

Does your USB flash drive ever blank itself for no reason?

South Park on Wal-Mart on now!!

The Name On Everybody's Lips Is Gonna Be

50 games of Parcheesi

Which of these three shirts should I wear for my gig tomorrow night?

"LOST" is really annoying.

My brother is visiting for the week end and that guy can snore!

This has to be just about the coolest-looking car ever made.

How many of you have "black sky with stars?"

Important: are there any frozen pizza brands that don't suck???

G 'n' R's "Civil War" holds up pretty well after 15 years

NOW I get the Gwen Staphani "Bananas" song!

tell me the truth

Please help with a small survey that I NEED responses for...

Roger Miller singing "Me And Bobby McGee"

I just burned my hand. ask me anything.


In the name of all that's Holy, I beg of you, DON'T open this thread...!!!

just installed my first piece of PC hardware - does that make me a geek?

Should we have bombed Auschwitz?

Sell your soul... Get cash money.

If Alton Brown Were Coming Over To Your House For Dinner!

Borderline High Cholesterol: Suggestions OTHER than medications

I want you to give me the massage!

The beatings continue at the Troupe of Performing Trolls.

Any former "world travelers" who no longer have desire to travel?

Anypne hear about CC's fake pirate radio station in Ohio?

Anyone bought a DVD (widescreen version) lately?

Anyone actually watching something GOOD on TV tonight??

how does your lounge experience differ at different times of the day?

I'm thinking about enlisting...

For the first time this school year, I am pissed at my son's teachers.

Moon calendar

New Avatar Image


Ladles & Germs, the Dingbat's Wakeboard Instructor:

bumpersticker: an oldie, but a goodie

Dammit, my watch band just broke.

I have a 1 inch splinter stuck in my foot.

I just googled "Commander Cuckoo Bananas"

WOOOHOOO My accountant fucked up!

German police baffeled by Bush poo-flags

DU chat

Jay Leno - Point, What's Your Point? (Video)

Post here and I'll call you the name of a pasta dish.

Anybody have experience with Xanax

Read any good books lately?

What if I told a man that if

Please take a long, hard look at Viagra.


How much of a Star Wars nerd are you?

Here is my man...just back from Iraq.....

How do you make sure you're on someone's ignore list?

I'm at work and I'm freaking bored

How do you make sure someone on your ignore list

R2-D2: The REAL Hero of Star Wars

Has anyone else lost friends from expressing their views?

What was/is your dream job?

Gentlemen start your engines - I need you to reply


I am really down today.

Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN)


Please PM me some dirty jokes. I want to be ready in case I have to...

Love me love me! Say that you love me. Fool me fool me

My theory is that people who grew up near mountains

Lust is so annoying.

What do you do with the mad that you feel, when you feel so mad you...

Do us Canadians on DU seem different?

Live Aid Organizer Confirms Another 'Big' Concert Is Coming

Southern California DUer's check in here...get together time!!

(((Spoiler)))Post inconstancies with the Star Wars prequels here:

You should always wear a tie in court - right?

when did you see your first ghost?

I took this pic of Cassandra Uprising.

"The Democrat Party is for all that women's lib garbage"

Oh by God. By dog is sick.

Manties: Panties made just for men. Discuss.

What Song Would You Have Liked To Have Been Played At Your Birth?

What was the worst excuse you were ever given to break a date?

Let's build the ultimate DU Library - what books should be in it

Karl Rove is my bitch.

Which is worse (bad ethnic food poll)

Longgrain! I want LONGGRAIN!

Got a letter from my doctor's office claiming I didn't show up for an appt

Recurring Dreams

Do you have a TV crush you can't shake?

What should I name my new pet?

Whats your favorite left-leaning band/song

The Current List for the DU #100 Movies - you can still add if you like

BEHOLD!!!! The guitar gods!

what is your favorite ray stevens song?

People who drive jeeps ...

"I'm pushing the button as we speak."

MY NEW CAR some teaser pics, I will get some more in the daylight.

where should we go for vacation this year - september-ish?

"Chinese" food

is there a Dem equivalent of "GOP"?

Post your senior picture

Hey A-Schwarzenegger, how's Oscar?

Cheesy pet pic thread.

What Song Would You Like Played at Your Funeral?

Veterans and armed forces... roll call!

Post the name of your favorite band here:

Post here and I will say something nice to you.

It's interesting how the 75% religious dump it for stem cell research

South Fla. Area Schools Assigns Bible For Summer Reading

All of Europe will fall into anguish if we forget God, says Catholic leade

Calling all ex-fundies!

LTTE I came across: Muslims will never abuse the Bible or Torah

Pastor apologizes, will remove sign disrespecting Koran

Jesus performed miracles?

Wildflower Feared Extinct Found in Calif. (AP)

Saturnian moon poses new mystery for scientists•

Gardeners who use pesticides 'have higher Parkinson's risk'

Lyme and Pregnancy

H2O or H1.5O? Water Mystery Solved

Scientists explain the 'man in the moon'

UK company launches in-car toilet

No human infection of avian flu in Qinghai: official (Chinese gov't lies)

Solar Sail Update: Cosmos 1 Ships for June Launch

Unlocking Minnesota's 'DaVinci Code': Kensington Rune Stone

FundieWatch for May 26, 2005: The Day in Hate

A Hypocritical Church's Sex Lessons

California Gay Marriage Bill Heads To Historic Assembly Vote

Connection Sought Between Anti-Gay Phelps Demo & KKK

Meet Sen. Jarrett Barrios at Progressive Democrats of Somerville Meeting

Gay Hate Crimes Bill Filed In Congress

Exxon Shareholders vote 2 include orientation in non-discrimination policy

Court Orders Birth Certificate Must Show Both Mom's Names

Homophobia 'Hard-Wired' Into Brain Study Claims

Favourite Grand Slam Tennis Tournament

Economists Flag Jets Stadium Deal For Unnecessary Roughness on Taxpayers

NBA Trivia Question - No Googling

Zygmunt Wilf becomes new majority owner of Minnesota Vikings

Adieu, Andy! Roddick Falls, US Mens Singles Out At French Open

Schilling likely out till after the All-Star break....

Ok go ahead and attack me but I dont see the point in bringing

Ron Jeremy , coach of Miami Heat

USA vs England

Hey soccer fans - wanna watch Liverpool win? The whole game?

Will the White Sox blow there record after the All Star break?

What and When do dogs NEED there shots

What is your dream pet?

Mmmmmmmm TUNA

Is anyone here going to the Take Back America conference?


Looking for articles/books on psychology of religion

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

Freepers vs DU Vets

Kerry: SBA & Women in Fed Contracting 5/26/05

Speakers today on Bolton (Kerry fifth No speaker)

DeLay's PAC found guilty

BuzzFlash's Kerry Headline

Thursday, Afternoon Bolton Speeches

Pleading idiocy, I beg for help.

a few stray comments from Cspan clips today

Party’s over for Whoopi

a few pics from yesterday of Kerry and other Senators meeting with Abbas

WooHoo!!!!!! Cloture on Bolton FAILED!!!!!!!!!

Big Mermaid Is Watching You...

May flowers from California Desert

A few glimpses of Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Countdown Newsletter - 5/26/05

A little KOEB help please .....


KOEB, Thursday, May 26

Why does KO show pictures of Ann Coulter wearing an eye patch?

Help my crazy Republican sister-in- law is in from TN

Important news on votes counted three times on Fla machines 2004

OMG--what is going on? Are the frozen ones

What the hell is a damn SNOWFLAKE baby?

Ship Container Security Poor Post 9/11… We’ve Heard This Somewhere Before

1 of DU's Favorite GOP Moderates, John Warner:Nuclear Option Not Off Table

We're stuck with Bush for at least three years

The thing that worries me about the recent Republican manuvering.

bumper sticker idea: "buy used"

Dueling Styles and Political Legacies Shape a Republican Primary

How much will this move piss Shrub and the rest of BushCo off...

"Cheney and Bush had plans for getting out of Vietnam but

PAGE ONE OF WAPO - GOP Tilting Balance Of Power to the Right

DU ers...anyone going to volunteer to help Blackwell's election?

Cheney 08

New Security Cordon to "Protect" Baghdad

Did I really hear that Bush met with former frozen embryos?

Senator Ben Nelson's "exceptional" reason for a filibuster...

Fox: GOP "confident of muscling Bolton's nomination through the Senate"

Those crazy republicans are at it again

How great would it be to override a * veto when it will be his 1st veto?

Do the Republicans really believe in the Charters of Freedom?


Which 7 republicans and which 7 democrats...

A Senate that takes its marching orders from the White House...

Bolton must be FILIBUSTERED!!!! I received this from The Pen:

Rubin urges Democratic Caucus to Hold Firm in Opposing Bush

What is in the Bolton "memo" that Biden is requesting ?

Who's on the fence about Bolton?

Columbia Journalism Review: Stations Of The Cross

George Galloway on Thom Hartmann's morning show:

Does This Sound Familiar?

Ray McGovern says Bolton would '" shatter Intell analysts morale"

Whoopi and the Democrats

Do you think there is a conspiracy to keep baby boomers from retiring?

Houston Rep as quoted by Molly Ivins (Anti-Gay Amendment in Texas Lege)

Social Security May be the Next Compromise

What's with all the Republican references to HITLER??

Fox News Freudian slip: Fair and Balance my ass

Very Good documentary tonight on the A&E channel

What are the odds we'll see a filibuster on Bolton?

Sooner or later, one realizes that politicians aren't passionate

Rachel Maddow Yesterday

Arrowhead's Water Boy (arnold the shill)

BREAKING NEWS United States to give Palestinians $50 million in direct aid

For those who cry "We need to create a vision!!!"

Did Anyone See Lee Hamilton On C-Span This AM?????


Hey BLOWHARD Brent Bozell-you never criticised the Coors family "Twins"

Anybody going to watch the McCain movie on Memorial Day

GOD BLESS HOLLYWOOD! Ten Commandment monuments DeMille's work

On C-Span just a bit ago Lee Hamilton was Brian's guest

Just called up Bill Nelson for the first time.

Will the moderate Repubs try to take their Party back?

A quote for all in Congress...

Protest Fox News, June 4, Denver Regional HQ!

Sen. Reid Lays Out Reform Agenda

Patriot Act 2 and 3 Coming Soon>>>>>>>

Largest Progressive Gathering Since Election Aims To 'Take Back America'

Pelosi Nominates Wasserman Schultz for House Judiciary Committee

Here's why we should have let them go nuclear, and what we shoulda done

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words -

Lindsey Graham has just stated THE most BOGUS excuse

Radio Ads, Voters to Hammer GOP Reps for Ties to Scandal-Ridden Tom DeLay

Kerry Live on C-Span2 right now ... 3:38 EDT

Slime Mold Beetles named in honor of Bush, Cheney and Rummy

Newshour tonight - Guantanamo torture, Bolton, Palestine

Just a small peak behind the see how the machine works

Pelosi and Reid Decline to Select Non-Voting Members for * Medicaid Comm.

Is the Bush administration really backing the rebels and is Zarqawi either

Vote for cloture on Bolton is at 4 P.M.

AAR news reports the Rummy compared Zarqawi to Hitler

Did anyone else see this on Buzzflash

If the nuclear option had happened ...?

Is al-Zarqawi Alive Or Dead?

Why is Stevens just wasting time right now on the Senate floor?

Blatant smokescreen re DeLay verdict, GOPUSA disses Hillary campaign $

TN lawmakers busted in sting operation.

It's Time For Dems To Address America's Cognitive Dissonance on *

Everyone encourage their Congressperson to back this bill

CNN Poll: Do you think the Bush White House is trying to control the medi

Anyone have an update on what is going on with ELECTION REFORM?

"Official" Senate debate thread

Just in Delay's PAC found guilty

So, what's the minimum requirement to run for the House of Representatives

Anyone have a link that shows who ones the MSM?

Reid on C-SPAN 2 on Dem agenda at Nat Press Club now

Bush pledges $50 million in aid for Palestinians

Toss out felon vote, Gregoire still wins

John Nichols; Limbaugh Vs Moyers

I don't get Voinivich's tears

Another body blow to Tom DeLay

Frist voted NO on Cloture

Joke, why Bush met with former frozen embryos

Orrin Hatch is such a douche bag.

"It looks like a filibuster, it quacks like a filibuster,,,

The Governor who is on the hot seat for supressing free speech

could somebody point me to a thread about what Ed Schulz was talking

Frist voted *AGAINST* Cloture

why were they called Snowflake Babies?

Now can we have some cable talking head invite Larry Flynt to talk about

Pardon me,Tweety, I want partisanship when fascists are running the U.S.!


Can anyone hear the yeas and nays on cloture - Now c-span?

Does anyone have the vote on Bolton. Thomas isn't listing it yet.

Corzine mentions Bush/Blair '02 meeting

Freepers on Bolton delay: "Nuke them Frist, if you have any spine left"

An Observation.....

Good move, Senators. Your votes to allow the discussion on Bolton remain

overlooked part of DS Memo...

Pryor (Dem) just voted for cloture on Bolton

Another tarry feather for Bush this week...

Disgusting Anderson Cooper Bolton Piece

I've been out of the news loop most of today, was Bolton vote

Chimp makes small child cry, who apparently takes after her mother

Good Bolton Blog - Stygius


What the hell is in this secret info on Bolton? Anyone know?

Could this be the Bolton rumors Voinovich referred to yesterday?

Cloture vote on now. Feinstein votes NO! No Dems so far voted AYE.

Why haven't I read a word about the Bolton-related memos being

Any polling data on Bolton?

Joe Lieberman, Unlikely Hero of the American Left...

Obama just said this about Iran

Americans have turned against Washington

Bill Frist voted Against Bolton?

Frist procedural NO vote --->where do I get a flip-flop bodysuit?

They will use this as an excuse to bring back Nuclear option

Will Bush turn over the memo?

What happens now?

NO CLOTURE! Vote done....some surprises:

Why now?

Commander Cuckoo Bananas admits to propaganda in a speech?

buchanan on hardball tonight re bolton

Consequences of idealism for Democrats ?

Something about the Cloture Vote defectors

Letter From Senator Voinovich

The Tweety replay is on now

What has happened to George Voinovich?

Frist is LOSING it. "It looks like a filibuster. QUACKS like a filibuster"

Why are all the Bush flunkie judges Federalist Society members?

Tweety is really having a hard time tonight getting his repug

ROLLCALL on Bolton Cloture... here's the #'s

THIS is what we won with the compromise (well worth reading IMHO)

Republican says his party has been taken over by "a bunch of kooks"

The real victory today is the headline "DEMOCRATS WIN crucial Bolton vote"

Notice all Bush Picks are PNAC??

So can you say that Frist voted against Bolton before voting for him?

Not Who Or If - WHAT "Secret" Could Some Day Come Out About bu$h?

One thing Bush had dems on was the Nascar vote...

I'm very tired of some Dems on DU not understanding whats at stake...

Delay's upset with NBC and Law & Order

Byrd's votes on Priscilla Owen

Worsening the Patriot Act - a frightening article, a must read

A request: Translations of pet names, and their history.

Judge: Parents can't teach pagan beliefs!

Which political party should I join?

President John McCain

My View On Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Impeachment question

Roll Call: Clark's Hill Role

Ted Kennedy on the vote to confirm Priscilla Owen

About the Secret Bolton NSA Intercepts Memos

Reid Lays Out Reform Agenda

Could Bush Recess Appoint Bolton?

anyone going next week to "take back america" with howard dean,

Is the Iraq War "old news" or is it a current event? (UK Memo)

America has a moral duty to try and fix Iraq

Reverend Lovelace's Response

Snowflakes Frozen Embryo Adoption Program: the new lebensborn

Kerry's New PAC Website

Bill Press: Nuclear Sellout

The Nuclear Option has nothing to do with John Bolton

Demand Harry Reid's Resignation!

Obama has not taken a stand on CAFTA

" the US president is already plotting his revenge"

Why do I feel so down on my country?

John Conyers "Freedom of the Press" Forum on C-Span Saturday

Wes Clark to do Democratic Radio Response this Saturday!

A Message from Bernie Sanders (running to fill Jefford's seat!)

Specter: "We have enough votes to override a veto" (stem cell research)

I just told Chemlawn to take a hike

Ken Blackwell wants to hear from the D.U.. We have been bad LOL

Smoking Gun Alert: DoD e-mails show plot to blame FBI for Torture!