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Archives: May 24, 2005

Save every Free Credit Card Offer you get, Put it in pile A

Does election fraud/reform make you squirrelly?

Why were no (fraud/innocent) errors detected in 87 Ohio county recounts?

According to the rw a one party system is just fine, as long as it's their

Something Bushco is NOT doing enough about......

The only Democrat "winners" today, were DLCers.

I can't find Warner's comment... about the unanswered question....

Anyone know...

Well... At Least We Get To Watch The Right-Wing Go Apoplectic !!!

How do we know this wasn't Bush's plan all a long?

The Nuclear Option in Historical Context: "Enabling Act."

Interesting stat...

Democrats should promote this new "coalition"..

So does the filibuster deal change the outlook for 2008?

Did the nuclear option/filibuster fight wake up the country?

Nuclear victory?

Can we get down to business now....Save Social Security, Healthcare, Jobs!

Wip'n my ass on Frist LOL... my cats are happy too!

1 in 6 women of childbearing age have too much mercury in their system

"The New G.I.Janes: Damsel to Dominatrix" by Amy DePaul

How did Dobson get to be #1?

PHOTO: Phil Spector is REALLY facing a hair-raising murder trial

Ok, I've Ran The Scenarios Over In My Head

Frist isn't the only one "nutted" by the deal.

Japanese papers blame Koizumi for meeting cancellation

New Orleans Schools OK State Takeover

Syria Severs Military Cooperation With U.S/NYT

NYT: Guidant Didn't Disclose a Flaw in Defibrillator for 3 Years

Good Morning Iraq

Iraq: Former PM Reveals Secret Service Data on Birth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq

WP: Breakthrough Pact Unlikely To End Battle

Insurgents shot down British C-130: report

NYT: Efforts of 2 Respected Elders Bring Senate Back From Brink

NYT: The College Dropout Boom

Clinton pulls a half-mil from Texas pockets(2nd only to NY, more than CA)

Business Groups Tire of GOP Focus On Social Issues

Rice Says World Must Not Tolerate Iranian Nuclear Weapons Bid

How are you faring under Benedict XVI?

Greetings from Baghdad

'Stigmata': Who Else Loves This Movie?

hey, if you type in your pw, it will show as stars

Describe your night on the town with a DRUNK CHEWBACCA.....

Hello Newman

What stops you from killing yourself?

Yoda translates George W. Bush.

The new Blackberries with built-in Tasers are sure gonna rock the buttbone

Boy that was dumb.

My name is Jack Bauer. Ask me anything.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lounge.....

It happened. She did it. She really did it.

Q from an old outta the loop phart: WTF does "m'kay" mean?

Legandary punk band The Pagans reformed and I MISSED IT!

Should you go out for breakfast together the morning after?

Another picture posting thread.

Do you like or hate the Drake?

Who watched 24 tonight?

Anyone else see the latest P&T "Bullshit?"

Is there any good news today?

The reason wing nut media will say we won.

Looking under the 'hood' of the Filibuster - some concerns.

The Tower of Babel (Babble)was Shaking Tonight...

McCain and Frist both in big trouble for 2008

What/who did Garafalo recommend we read regarding the authoritarian mind

Dem Scores...

Don`t fight Republicans, just join the moderates and sing Kumbayah.

anyone got a link for bidens comments today???

"This" Was A Win For:

The Deal: This Moderate Republicans opinion.

A retrospective of Edward Kennedy's speeches defending Senate rules. Unsafe and Ignorant, Or How Russians Do Sex Alabama congressman: HBO comedian's remark "borders on treason"

Korean News: U.S. Propaganda a Prelude to Attack, Pyongyang Says

Afghanistan left in lurch by U.S.

The Filibuster

Freued and the Hyena Chorus

What Really Happened at Guantanamo Bay?

Frist's Plans Implode (good summary)

Pravda: Great Lies of the American free press

Newsweek didn't create White House image

The Rude One-Not Quite the Day After:

The Good, Bad & the Ugly: Good article from the Right.........For Once

Filibuster right saved?


LA Times editorial - Perhaps O'Reilly Is Wrong

Calling Air America: .......Interesting Read

The world should not pin its hopes on Rafsanjani

Herman: Okrent's Revealing Closeout as Public Editor of the NYT

A base for the corruption of democracy - By Scott Ritter

Stephen R. Shalom: The Anti-War Movement and Iraq

AP: Banks Notify Customers of Data Theft

Podesta: On bipartisan compromise to avoid nuclear option

The Show of Shows - George W. Bush in Tbilisi

GOP finds it convenient to play race card with judges

Tim Grieve (Salon): Done deal -- for now

CS Monitor: US to consolidate forces into four huge bases in Iraq

'Star Wars' exerts force in earthly politics

Molly Ivins: Duck and cover time

Chain of Prisoner Abuse Starts at the Top U.S. Presides Over Explosion in Drug Trafficking In Iraq

Capitulation to the nuclear lobby is a politics of despair (UK)

Link to Lobbyist Brings Scrutiny to G.O.P. Figure (Abramoff/Norquist)

Report 2005: A dangerous new agenda (Amnesty International)

FBI's powers may become fearsome

GOP's sudden loss of humor is laughable

US: farmworkers take on the fast-food industry

The pipeline that will change the world

Love and marriage didn't always go together

The metrics of losing (Asia Times/Iraq)

New Democrats Online: Nuclear Stand-down

Conyers speaks on Blair Memo and Free Press: Raw Story

Who Really Runs The White House?

reuters-Italy investigating child TORTURE site....Jesus H. Christ

Wait, A MINUTE !! More Evidence From Downing Street

UFPJ Demonstrations/Direct Action/Civil Disobedience: Sept. 24-26

The Sun publishes new "iconic images" of Saddam Hussein & two lieutenants

New Song by Joe Vecchio "Gonna Turn Your Red State Blue" at White Rose!

The Media and Democracy Act of 2005

Toward a ‘Faith-Based’ Fourth Estate

Herman: Okrent's Revealing Closeout as Public Editor of the NYT

Why do Newsweek reporters clear

A funny thing happened on my way to the forum

Wichita machinists reject contract with Onex

State University Coaches Threaten to Strike

Talks resume between United, machinists

Up To 150 PPM Arsenic In Tests Of South Florida's Toxic Mulch

Long-Term African Drought Likely: Linked To Human-Driven Ocean Warming

Chinese Island Of Hainan Bears Brunt Of Extreme Drought - AFP

Leading Australian Scientist Suggests Some Farmers Abandon Their Land

Tropical Storm Adrian

A song for the ride back into the Olduvai Gorge

Public backlash over private water deals (Guardian)

China Projects Coal Shortage At 330 Million Tons By 2010

Spain defends EU policy towards Cuba

Indonesian's U.S. visit to stress military ties

Some recent good posts from the troops at OpTruth

Western Sahara dispute dooms summit

AIPAC rejects PA request on US aid bill

AIPAC's Big, Bigger, Biggest Moment

Sharon to release more detainees

9/11 report lies (I received this in today's email)

Cognitive Dissonance, 9/11 Psychology, Psychedelics

Hey you stubborn coincidence theorists...

If the WTC were rigged for controlled demolition

New 2004 Exit Poll shows 60% Asians vote for Kerry

A new Poly Sci Statistic:The sBr (Shy Bush Responder) differential

WRITE Ohio Election Directors Email NOW Not To Buy Diebold / ES&S

Real OH fraud was drunks pulled out of bars to vote.

CONYERS on elections, push for impeachment?, "dictoral flavor", Iraq

Not Too Early To Plan For the 2006 Election, Rove Is

Anybody out there have some time available for a specific project?

Republican chairman turning PBS into FOX2

what does the "J" stand for anyway?

Are you ever encouraged to just give up?

BRAD BLOG: Conyers at Media Bias Forum: 'Independent Press Under Assault'

J. Gideon - ES&S Demonstrates New Method To Sabotage An Auditable NY Vote

Are you still a believer?

Read this or I will bust U R door down-- NOW read---Its about the kids....

I need an upper thread. Reasons for hope, please. Bleever and others?

The Reality-Based approach to future elections...

Do they really expect us to believe all that nonsense?

Sex Offenders Removed From Web Site - Allowed to Opt-Out Of Megan's Law Si

Is anyone spearheading an effort to remove Feinstein?

Median California Home Price Breaks $500,000

Westly's $10 million donation signals plan to run for governor

Fresno: I'm Interviewing for a Position There. What's Fresno like?

Going to San Francisco June 10-12

Show your support for our senior Senator

Attended a Martha Coalkey event tonight

Event for Pat Jehlen in West Medford

Rowley (Former FBI whistle blower) may run against Kline!

Newest DUer Keira Jane Oreo born May 20th

Please send warm thoughts and prayers to enufalready today

What's the deal with Oberstar and Peterson?

what are these hijacker signs?

Why am I getting "Waol, This program has performed an illegal function"

Judge Jennifer Brunner - future candidate for SOS

Queen Jane Approximately

Something funny on a Dallas road this am

Memorial Day, Houston: Let Their Sacrifices Be Counted

PDittie made the Dauo Report!

Moving to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, what can I expect?

Appleton Editorial: It’s attorney general’s job to defend state in lawsuit

Big Companies Fill BadgerCare Rolls

Isn't Laura (Bush) supposed to be in Madison June 9th?

Come on, people. We all know the real winner tonight is

Newsday: A Violent Cycle In Iraq (Retaliatory Killings & Civil War)

Galloway booking US speaking tour, cites democratic underground (sort of)

Virus kills 3 transplant recipients(traced back to donor's pet hamster)

I was reading over at Al Franken's blog, and it occurred to me,

While I don't agree with what happened--it's enjoyable to watch them eat

I had a hilarious idea...

The next rove sound byte? "Nothing in the constitution about 2 parties"

This just about says it all: and the "Republicans Buckle"

Supreme Court nominees?

"Rightwing Partisans Hate Filibuster Deal"

Will Jeb run for Senate?

"Christian Defense Coalition" ticked off! Prayer vigil & presser planned!

The word Socialist should be embraced in American poltics

The "moderates" can take over the Senate tomorrow.

a child's birthday. The theme? An Army party.

Conservative Groups Say Senators Sold Out GOP

Just a thought, I just realized HOW the entire Judge situtation....

And the real winners are ....

"Surviving Sudan"....On Discovery Times DirecTV Ch. 285

one of the best commentaries i have read re: democrats and their agreeing

Accounting: The aftermath of the filibuster fiasco

Democratic Senators make me ill

Damn the computer broke at 5pm, what the fuck did I miss!?!

Dumb question: who exactly are the 14?

Princeton "Filibuster Frist" Statement on "the Deal"

Has anyone ever used Paltalk or anything similar?

William G. Myers III - is earmarked for the 9th Circuit.....The BIG Prize

We all know what a pathetic POS McCain has turned out to be...

How many more times will Judges be appointed before Midterms?

this filibuster deal is good ONLY if we can take back the Senate . . .

Anyone have a link to Dana Reeve on ABC This Week?

Myers & Saad remain filibustered, other nominees remain blocked

Who's the real Sith?

Tuesday toon (5/24)

Headline I'd like to see . . .


How bad is it?

I am so sick of the "elections have consequences" crap...

New Democratic Strategy


Woo-hoo! People for the American Way did it! Woo-hoo!

Hey! YO! Hello! THIS is what we need to do!

"US presence unpopular in Iraq "... well Duh!

It's not my imagination! We've got a gun in our back!!!

How do you get your lefty radio fix?

Priscilla Owen . Who is she and what has she done?

We haven't lost yet

(biggest "winners" = corporations)

Worst Defense Going --- Pilots weren't operating plane

If The Democrats Are Now Bound to Rubberstamping...

"Good job, Senator Reid" - a contrarians view of "the deal"

Just Relax and Enjoy the Republican Rape

Guardsman felt threatened by Iraqi police officer he killed

I'm so confused

day old news--but Keiths writing style gave me a chuckle

Is it just me or did we just get screwed?

isnt this what happens when one party has house, senate

The Nuclear Option is off the table for today...

CSPAN caller: ties "Democracy" to "Communist lie"

CNN Poll - Are senators acting like children?

"Defeatist" - the new DU buzzword for saying "Shut the Fuck Up!"


New is Getting Bogus

One of Glenn Beck's sponsors saw the light, yall!

"Any lovin's good lovin, so I took what I could get.....

Rick's Cabaret Retaliates Against Protesters

so now, Political Humor is Considered TREASON. humorless fucks

Comment on this Jordanian political cartoon

I Remember When ANY Decent Sized Bombing In The World Was News...

I have one question about this filibuster 'deal.'

The Grounded Man

Turn on C-SPAN 2...FRIST is talking about the "agreement" and is not happy

Everyone who called senators: Give yourself a big ol' DU pat on the back

Peak oil hot topic at Bilderberg meeting

Bu$h has the Fecal Touch.. everything he does turns to shit.. what a Turd

Dear President Bush:

CNN: Bill Maher under fire from Republican Congressman - (VIDEO)

Washington Post :Business Groups Tire of GOP Focus On Social Issues

“If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy.”

I'm in search of an article or editorial that is about how the GOP is losing

Omg! Excellent Protest in Front of Seattle US Marine Recruiting Station!!

Young killer Lionel Tate held in pizza delivery robbery

Did anyone hear Senator Ken Salazar on MSNBC?

Will Karl Rove go down in history

the guy on my t.v. said the 'people of faith' are pissed about the 'deal'

anticipating the terrorists and their plans . . .

harry Reid speaking on the floor CSPAN 2

Could One of the Three Be Voted Down?

William Pryor Jr. Why he shouldn't be confirmed.....


Reid just said in the Senate, "All filibusters are extraordinary"

bush to speak on Bio Ethics today. Clones bad, Stem Cells bad...

Found another repug site.. not as bad as FR but still..

Kennedy is on the Senate floor now!

8 U.S. soldiers killed in 24 hrs. in Iraq & many others wounded

Is anyone archiving Stephanie Miller show? Thanks, n/t

Hey Repukes! You got what you voted for! LOL ROFLOL

Nukes Were A Non-Starter From The Get Go! Their Own Hubris Beat Them!

George Bush dancing with Ricky Martin (no, seriously).

This is Great…By Moving the Right-wing Judicial Nominees

Something That Has Been Lost In All This Talk Of Victoly.

Frist and Reid at loggerheads already this morning ....

Are there any Dem Leaders in favor of us joining the ICC?

COTAR is up and running

So a funny thing happened on the way to Calvin College.....

Save What's Left of the Flag for Me....

think republicans will win seats in the midterm

Justices Agree to Hear Appeal on Parental Notification Law

Bush vs McCain: End of the truce?

Need to find: a new research paper describes Demagogues as mentally ill..

House Dems to hold forum on media bias TODAY!!!

Hay, one sponsor quit Glen Beck !

Ok what would repugs say that the diffrence in what they did to clintons

Sen Cornyn R. Tx-saying that this agreement is just a delay.

Darwin Report: Two hurt in mock light sabre duel

McCain for breakfast...anyone?

Why they win

Bu*h: "My job is to pick people who will interpret the Constitution....."

Mrs Bush on Arab children's show

Don't Forget Media Bias Forum Today-Everyone Listen!

Why do all republicans talk about universities and colleges ..

So if you write an appreciative note to your (rethug) Senator/Rep...

Another plan buzzes restricted airspace in Washington...

The Ownership Society vs. the Common Good

Hubby Just On Stephanie Miller's Show

Here is the Actual Deal on Paper For All To Read

If you think the Democrats are not happy with this deal then look

Neighbors claim house bombarded by radiation

Another 'Threatening’ T-shirt barred from Bush Forum

Pat Tillman

Anyone keeping up who is voting for this?

Perhaps O'Reilly Is Wrong

Today's feature story here on DU home page.....

Our Repub Brethern are now primed, hypnotized & ready to attack

Proposed Act - The Will of the People

Why is mass media ignoring story about 'smoking-gun' memo?

US flips its lid over 'middle finger' tag

Lindsey Graham is playing to his base this morning...

What I have been saying about the nullification of the nuclear option

Why it is ridiculous to pin the filibuster compromise on the DLC.

CSPAN2: Senator Levin just got an affirmation that 3/5ths vote needed

Terrorism? the REAL war-

NYTimes piece about the death of Mr Dilwar in Bagram

A big fat ass whupping for Frist and Bush

Compromise is a Delay of the War - Means Nothing

when and where can I see or hear the forum on media with AAR

Do RW fundies even READ the bible?

U.S. covering up mad cow cases, scientist says

Bush is one pissed-off MoFo this morning!

Pitcairn sex convictions stand, court rules

Did someone say that CSpan will carry today's media forum?

IBM Employees on strike in Europe

District and appellate courts more important than Supreme

You should really listen to the Conyers Media Forum

I think yesterday was done for something bigger

The Gift that keeps on...

Thomas Jefferson's Warning To America

Why I consider this a victory

Has the White House issued a statement about the compromise?

Is anyone listening to Franken right now?

The moderates and the religious right are splitting, seems good to me.

"This is a case of ELECTION FRAUD"

New York Times Declares Modest Victory For Bush

This "deal" in Mccain's office is a threat to Frist's leadership

ANY alternates to AAR for media hearings????

Notice the corporate media's spin on these judges - all about "choice"

14 Senators save the day with moderation

What the hell is "treasonous" about "low-lying fruit? Pompous, arrogant

Are the "Moderates" a third party?

So - do you think when the R's haul out some horrid SCOTUS Nom they'll...

Records-search plan alarms civil-liberties groups

In The Spirit Of Compromise, Take The DA "Snark Free Pledge" Today!

John McCain Said We Need To Spread Freedom and Democracy

Did anyone catch CNN's "Most fascinating people of the last 25 years?"

Score Democrats 16, Republicans 13, Or Not? (crisis over filibuster)

NINE soldiers killed in 24 hours. Iraq is a Quagmire of death.


Man gets $1,400.00 for his Kidney in Bagdad

Senior US Officials Cozy up to Dictator Who Boils People Alive

McClellan continues to tip-toe around Downing Street Memo (press briefing)

Non-filibuster related rant: What the hell is wrong with parents?!?!

"Concerned Women" are IRATE over filibuster, "foolish 7 dwarves"

What the Freeps are saying about the filibuster.

Drink-sodden ex trotskyite Hitchens comes up with snappy comeback.

It's NOT the judges..It's the TERMS..

JUST IN! Zarqawi Wounded!...gosh, he's awful tough...more cnn bullshit

PHOTO: "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

Listening to C-Span. The term Up or Down vote is being used by

If you're unhappy about the filibuster deal, here's how to feel better:

Gas BUY-Cott (Citgo)

Nick and Jessica in Iraq - HORRIBLE!

This is just like the presidential debates, folks.

"Downing St. Memo" in Waco . . . .

Did anyone else get this e-mail?

Ok the senate is back and Byrd is talking now..

Judy Woodruff to interview Howard Dean on "Inside Politics" today!

Over four million new youth voters from 2000 to 2004 and the youth vote

"The lives of the embryos"

Wow looks like the Repugs in the congress might go against

Eight US soldiers killed in two days? I heard this on the radio.

Atlanta woman beaten "beyond recongition" --

Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.

Michelle Malkin INCENSED at "pusillanimous, pathetic cave-in" by GOP

Sign the "Leave My Child Alone" Message and send it to your Congressperson

British Military Issue Alert After Rare "Superbug" Kills A Marine.

Pigs always Promote Phucked Policy

Cruise gushes over Holmes on 'Oprah' (CNN)

Here are the 18 Nays on the vote to end debate on Owen --

We have FDR; they have Reagan

Splendor in the Court (dressing Michael Jackson)

Now we are starting to get some traction.

Despite the voting machines--I think this move just gave us another

NYT "public editor" chastises slow coverage of "Downing Street Memo"

Cornyn (Cornhole) and Repubs still talking division this morning.

AIPAC pushes "nuclear Iran threat" at conference

Did anybody catch McCain on Hannity's show?

Yet Another Example Of Religious Intolerance...

Interesting quote about America from CSI: Miami last night

Gotta get me some mule-lovin'.


14 U.S. Soldiers Killed in 3 Days in Iraq

Liberals (& Star Wars Geeks): You Should Read Rolling Stone!!

Let's here it for outsourcing

Will we loose some of our top scientists?

The end of fundamentalism ?

I love Randi Rhodes, mentioned that Fox viewership is down 58%

Based on what Im hearing and reading here, FRIST HAD A MISERABLE

I'm getting this strange feeling I'm witnessing history in the making.


Something conservatives are going to have to do is some

More corporate pressure on the media....surprised?

Update on the Nuclear Option by Senator Kennedy

And through it all, you will STILL vote Democrat next time around.

Repubs so concerned about "life" - yet killing thousands of innocents ok.

Let's review the 3 judges, shall we? Owen, Brown and Pryor.

Its really fun to see THE PUKES eat each other alive .

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

Marine tanker named "the New Testament" in *'s Crusade war for oil.

Boxer going to talk about filibuster compromise

watching CSPAN??? They are about 10 MINUTES away from Voting on Stem Cells

Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight

Let's refer to red states as "slave" states

McClellan Flip Flops on Claims that 'Newsweek' Story Cost Afghan Lives

NCLB.... why don't we learn from Finland?

2 2sday 2ns -- feel free to add or use in a 2nfest

So, do we get on message or do we keep dickering over the details?

Priscilla Owen: Is She the Enron Get-Out-of-Jail Free Card?

Use of Anonymous Uncorroborated Erroneous Sources Must Stop!

Priests, Teachers, Mayor involved in child torture webpage

PHOTO: Bush tires of using soldiers as props, moves on to babies

Howard Dean: "This is a Win for America - " and "a huge loss for the RW"

C-SPAN 2!!! Feingold is on the floor!

J. Nichols: Moyers' search for truth, Limbaugh's trash talk collide

The 14 Senators cared more

Bugman has photos of babies behind him

The guy who said bad words to ann coulter: What the hell happened?????????

Right-wing Republican reaction to filibuster deal

Here is the Stem Cell vote! Starting NOW

Barton (RW anti-choice) voting FOR stem cell research

You too were and embryo once

"Expect Republican Disunity to Become the Norm"

Does anyone know of any liberal think-tanks or research groups in NYC?

"A wave of Inhumanity and Savagery" henry hyde on stem cell research

bush's very 1st Veto: Stem Cell Research. Fuck the Sick. Go Fundies!

Could Democrats have won the Nuclear Battle?

So is Kos from a DINO sellout?

Public, press differ on attitudes about partisan bias, accuracy and

Why do posts about protesting the media only get about 10 responses? of my car's bumper stickers!!

"Edward M. Kennedy" -Update: Nuclear Option

'Janel Moloney who really does look quite a bit like Amber.'

Sen Harkin talking of Stem cell research on Sen. floor

Sen Harkin talking of Stem cell research on Sen. floor

Today's News from SAVE DARFUR

Another quote from right-wing-hate-radio...

Jesse Jackson Jr. on the filibuster deal

At least 615 people, including 49 U.S. troops, have been killed since 4.28

So the House did something right for once

I needs to gets me some of dat education

Howard Dean on senate "deal" CNN

and what will our punishment be for defying bush & his zombies?

This was a win for Rove

Another MINUTE from Downing Street

CBS/Schieffer actually reporting GI deaths in Iraq

BBC: Camp Delta death chamber plan

Losing in Iraq

'this ain't a Dee Mocracy, this is a Ree Public', bla bla bla Shut TFU

CONYERS "dictoral flavor", push for impeachment?, Iraq, dirty elections,

Why do people still torture themselves by watching Chris Matthews?

U.K. memo weakens credibility

Do you live near a chemical or energy (nuclear, coal, etc.) power plant?

The Party with-in the GOP

Just watched the Howard Dean video

The Great Caspian Sea Adventure/Globe&Mail, CA--SNOOKERED????

Look what a freeper wrote to Mike DeWine:

So I watched Harry Reid's press conference...

NYT: Rove Guided Career of Judicial Nominee in Filibuster Fight

Voinovich "Dear Colleague" letter re: Bolton

Warren Beatty going on Hardball tomorrow night! Whoo hoo!

NEWS: Death rate for reservists ('part-time soldiers') is up

Is the tail of the Religious Right about to stop wagging our national dog?

please delete

One day, somebody is going to break ranks and spill the beans

Vote on Bolton coming up this week

Open Letter to President Bush on Darfur - 3/24/05

ALERT! "Al Zarqawi reported wounded in Iraq!"

Evangelicals Rethink Their Public Face

POLL: filibuster compromise--victory or defeat?

Is the crap going on in the government a contagious mental illness...

On Olberman: the nut pastor with the 'flush the Koran' sign

Did you know this?

Which shooting affected you the most?

"Priests for Life" reprimand Congress re: Stem cell vote

Did you know that there are 8000 frozen embryos available for research? If you're confused by which side won, look who's angry

PROPOSAL: Perpetuate the Theory That FRIST HAD THE VOTES

What's up with The Daily Show?

Northwest to cut half of mechanics' jobs (2031, plus 800 other jobs)

DeLay's threats to judges

listen to AAR now.. MEDIA BIAS FORUM live.. w/Conyers

Tom DeLay speaks out about the horror of dismembering human beings

Peace March. Thousands Oppose Vietnam War, 1967/04/18 (1967)

...this here is a list of evil doers....

KO's guest on Countdown

remember this presidentel debate..."need wood"

Sign Nancy Pelosi's Pledge??? Here's her email and a link within it..

I was just polled by Zogby International..

Let's play a game. Who do you think is the anti-christ?

I know Savage is nuts....

Instead of "pro life" I'm going to start calling them "pro birth"

8 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

MSNBC poll on Stem cell research

FOX TV going "Over There" (Iraq) internationally-

Do you support using tax $$ for embryonic stemcell research?

Don't hate the players hate the game

Republicans changing their view: GOP Senator changes view in Congress

US Troops May Death Toll Tops 60

Killing people is a lot of fun, Part 2

Yup, Its Time To Give Hannity The Pie

What's "We the People's" "Nuclear Option" ?

What have the Clintons (either one) said about the "compromise?" n/t

To those who oppose the compromise is Byrd a sellout?

coulter coming up on hannity

Every Member of Marine Squad Killed or Wounded

Why doesn't Bush and the fundies push a ban on in vitro fertilization?



Graph of US Casualties

Fuck CNN! I Demand A 24 Hour A Day Daily Show News Network!!!

Hackers use new tricks to steal IDs

I Broke the Ten Commandments

Send Recruiters To Young Republican Meetings

If the 'moderates' can block one of the three, who do you want blocked?

Deputy Suspended After Using Taser Gun On Handcuffed 13 Year Old Girl

Please explain to me why most Dem. senators and house members say

My wife's idea on embryonic stem cells

I Just Put These Five Stickers On My Car Bumper! My Homage To Rolland99!

Sudan-CIA relationship preventing intervention?


In case you don't know about

Is "coalition politics" like the Senate Deal a problem or a solution?

GROVER NORQUIST: Link to Lobbyist Brings Scrutiny to G.O.P. Figure

Mainstream Republicans unaware of neocon/fundie hijack? >

Okay, I know mods will delete, but I have waited all day...

Social Safety Net: What are the fallacies in Repug. arguments ?

Graph of US Soldier deaths in Iraq to-date

Once a hero.....

Christian group retreats from Disney boycott

I can't take it! Brownback calling a frozen embryo, "young human life"

So, were you aware that Michael Jackson was on trial..


Embrace the Center

U.S. Military to build 4 giant bases in Iraq

PBS's topic was supposed to be

Barbara Boxer calls it for the Good Guys (US)

A couple of more dead people after being shot with a Taser

Editorial: A Smoking Gun

I just watched "Kinsey". GREAT movie!

14 U.S. Soldiers Killed in past 3 Days in Iraq.

Law & Order: SVU taking on 'the new Agent Orange' - violent soldiers

Veteran Democrat raises worries on civil liberties, 2002 Iraq attack plan

The tide is shifting.

Nightline-ABC CT, 10:30 pm. Stem Cell stuff. nt

Northwest, United, et al.

Christian Group Ends 9-Year Disney Boycott: NO EFFECT

Democratic measures deserve an "up or down vote"

Bush makes Jesus cry...

Conyers' congressional panel says media drifting toward tabloid coverage

The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?

Which do you prefer: Big government or Big church?

Man Shot With Taser by Tustin Police Dies

Will your grandchildren be proud?

Convicted Sex Offender Hired By Second Police Department

Wild speculation...

I have lost some respect for RR

Future: "Iraq is in civil war now because we were forced to attack Iran."

Repub 30 Year Plan?

Prominent DA May Take on Sen. Clinton (but husband has prison record)

the scumbag bush* "fixed" this family

Dobson OUTRAGED! Praises Frist, "great victory for united Democrats"

Why do they want these 3 judges so much?

BBC to "cause riots on ME": Reports on plans for a death chamber at Gitmo

Framing: Refer to Fristians, in mixed company, as "the far right"

A Knock-Knock Joke That Isn't Funny

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Hoe Down

so how many extreme RIGHT-WING judges do we get in this 'sweet' DEAL, 3?

Okay, I give up.

Told some freepers about the "pissilla" owen's...

"Commanders can't use the word but we're WITHDRAWING": Iraq getting worse

In what universe is this a "victory" for the Democrats?

Sen. Voinovich urges colleagues to vote down Bolton!

Now, let's get to work.

I finally finished "Crossing the Rubicon"

Al-Zarqawi Has Lost, Like, His Sixth Leg!

Fox News viewership drops by half in 6 months

"Today Is The Darkest Day Of My Political Career Second ONLY To 9/11"

free republic are sick puppies

Genocide Update: Sudanese Forces Arrest Hundreds Of War Refugees!

12:29 PM, May 24, 2005

Filibuster compromise: What a CHARADE by both sides.

Here's an update on that other Andy's situation...

Today was awesome from a parkinson perspective

Let's refer to red states as Bush states.

Report: 84,000 acres of Fla. wetlands disappeared over 15 years

Hey DUers! The PERCEPTION of being WINNERS is as important as a WIN.

50 House Repubs defy Bush and Tom DeLay

238 -194 STEM CELL PASSES!!!

"The poppy problem"

So the Rethugs are trying to play tough after they took one in the gut.

Aisle crossers on HR810, the stem cell bill

One man's conclusion of what it takes to have and keep....

It sounds like this comes down to, if Frist had the votes

Frist WILL "go nuclear", and he'll do it soon

2 Countries, Not one...

Our hottest new export product: Creationism

Why do you all hate America?


Repub Reaction to the "Compromise" is VERY REVEALING!!!!

Is there a right-to-live?

May 31 to June 3 – National Iraq Call-In

Why do Republicans continue to remind everyone that Byrd was a Klansman?

To all who believe the "compromise" is a victory...

Here's a sign that the filibuster compromise was a good thing

True or False : I watch C-SPAN and C-SPAN2 more than any other station

Lizz Winstead Sues Air America


Did ya know this?

A Republican civil war

Bill Maher Treasonous??

Poor Laura >>>

What is the seminal event of your lifetime?

What Happened to Bush's Broadband Plan?

8 out of 10 Historians Agree: Bush Worst President Ever

PHOTOS: Schwarzenegger's problems "follow him to Chicago"

Stan Goff: Golloway's courage challenges Dems to be a real opposition

OMG! CBS News just said "Iraq is tilting toward a civil war."

Frist has double crossed America! He went back on the Compromise!

For those who think we got a raw deal on filibuster. What would you

OMG! Brilliant solution to the stem cell research impasse!

Nun's Return after Her Protest Led to 33 Months in Prison

Photoshops of Republicans

CSPAN Schedule Wednesday May 25

what do U make of this (our election chairman is retiring and mails this)

"Sophie's Choice" (MOVIE SPOILER ALERT)

"As far as I'm concerned the liberals have their new May Day"

WAKE the F*CK UP: **Stop Election Fraud** Advice--Rep. John Conyers,D,M I

I must admit my ignorance regarding Venezuela's me.

A challenge to Clinton's apologists:Defend his role in the Iraqi sanctions

INS Status Adjustment Interview - anyone been thru one?

Fundie Arcade Games??? BBC - "Christians Purge Video Game Demons"

Sudanese security forces have arrested 250 people

Is It Labor Party Time?


Randi Rhodes Show anyone?

Great Moments In Bi-Partisan Compromise During The Bush Years!!!

May 24th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$171,953,286,278

1936... could we be seeting a repeat of THAT ONE?

WH unable to fill the seats at Bush press op

Bush has just declared himself to be Dictator

Bush Tells Moderate Repubs To Resist Pressure From Their

About the rash of credit info thefts lately...

Senate Dems to workers: DROP DEAD!

Today's DARFUR posts: Getting Worse by the Minute

END THE WAR ON IRAQ - 3 Days of Action for Peace & Justice - Washington DC

Geezz here we go again: Sign on NC church, Quran "should be flushed"

NION: We need to be about the business of driving the Bush regime ...

Why Did Senator Byrd -- and the others -- Sell Out?

My heart is breaking tonight

Just wondering: Why are we still in the Balkans?

any recipes for pink sauce?

CBC (May 24): Auditors dig up millions more spent on sponsorship scandal

Liberals win crucial byelection

Is there room for 2 monarchs in Alberta?

Is our Supreme Court less political?

Privatisation of the NHS is accelerating

Germany 'blocks' Blair's Africa plan

The election is over:now will the fight to redeem Labour begin?

Germany and France are struggling with a new world

UK DUer meetup, anyone?

LAT: A Shaky Win for Bipartisan Center

LAT: Oregon Law Fuels Debate on Suicide

US plans $460m radar sale to Aust

Stevens: Court Should Consider Other Views

House kills on-again, off-again vouchers bill

Blair may fly to US to save Africa plans

Gitmo detainees Say US interrogators desecrated Quran-- Pakistan Newspaper

Stem cell vote may challenge president

Baghdad Car Bomb Kills Six Near School

AP: Car Bombs Across Iraq Kill Dozens

Canadian soldiers killed by U.S. honored

Strains in US-Afghan ties on display

Evangelicals Rethink Their Public Face

NYT: EBay Drop-Off Stores Balk at Regulation

Dobson Blasts Filibuster 'Betrayal'

BBC: Camp Delta death chamber plan

Howard Morris, Ernest T. Bass died

Gary Bauer Calls Senate Judicial Deal a 'Sell Out'

In Iraq, efforts to catch militants fuel rage, fear (285 rounded up)

Uzbek Activist Says She Saw 500 Bodies

WP: Senate Panel Set to Debate Patriot Act

NYT: In Trial, Drug Aids Vision of Elderly (macular degeneration)

[UK Royal] Marine killed by scratch and superbug

LAT: Clear Path for Some (judicial) Nominees

8 US troops killed in Iraqi attacks - 13 US soldiers killed since Sunday

Egyptian opposition rejects Laura Bush comments

'Sarcasm' brain areas discovered

285 Iraqis detained in massive raid

Hamburg trial defense says boosted by 9/11 account

GOP dealt blow in (WA gov.) vote trial

Inquiry Into Dismissal of an Air Force Chaplain ...NYT

Mrs Bush on Arab children's show

Report warns of 'nuclear catastrophe'

New drug delays male orgasms, study finds (Reuters)

Court rejects appeal by Pitcairn sex abusers

Mother Sent Nude Photos of Child to Man, Accused of Raping Girl

'Newsweek' tightens use of sources

At least 8,000 treasures looted from Iraq museum still untraced

Inquiry Into Dismissal of AF Chaplain (criticized religious proselytizing)

NYT/Reuters: Mideast More Secure But Iraq Inspires Qaeda - IISS

Cathedral will host the Da Vinci code

WP: Alternative Stem Cell Bill Added to Debate (umbilical cord cells)

'The Administration let him down'

State gave sex offenders free Viagra

Ga. County Removing Evolution Stickers

Another 'Threatening’ T-shirt barred from Bush Forum

Christians purge video game demons

Car Bomb Kills 3 U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad (#1637,1638,1639)

Clinton to make second visit to tsunami-hit region, this time for UN

CNN: Senate expected to vote on judicial nominee (Owen, maybe today)

Soldier: Iraqi slain in self-defense

A Modest Victory for Bush, but Challenging Tests Lie Ahead NYTIMES

(Mysterious) Jammed Radio Signal Cited in Capital Plane Incident (WTF?)

Senate Votes To End Filibuster On Owen

Easy check fraud technique draws scrutiny

Nicaragua on Alert for al-Qaida Suspects

Civilian death toll in Iraq war unknown (Australian intelligence)

Civilian death toll in Iraq war unknown/ Australian intelligence

NYT: A Modest Victory for Bush, but More Tests Lie Ahead

Iraq launches hunt for freed Saddam regime official

WP: Spokane mayor refuses to resign amid sex scandal

Students picket military recruiters (Seattle!)

IRA is 'still recruiting members'

Iraqi militant group releases video of killing of 3 drivers who aided U.S.

UK allows extradition of 3 ex-bankers for Enron

Lawsuit says PA school violated free-speech rights

Iraq Suspends Oil Exports to Turkey Because of Shortage

Italian Police Crack Down on Porn Ring

Female Shiite MP Survives Assassination Attempt (Iraq)

Authorities:Men With Ties to Hate Groups Tried to Have Bomb Built(neo-Nazi)

IRAQ: Focus on reconstruction in Fallujah ("Little progress")

Senate votes to end debate, vote on judge's nomination (81-18)

Iran's nuclear tactics send delegates into interactive dystopia

Pentagon Analyst Charged Due to Documents

The deserter

BP institutes 'ad-pull' policy ... demands advance review of news content

Iran U-turn allows reformists to run

Cuba Asks Mexico for Report on Passage of Cuban Airline Bomb Suspect

Canada's April Leading Indicators Rise 0.4% on New Orders


Veterans at military retirement home report drastic cuts in medical service

House panel backs $45 bln for Iraq

CONYERS Veteran Democrat raises worries on civil liberties, 2002 Iraq atta

NYT: New Rule on Endangered Species in the Southwest

Stem Cell Bill passes House despite veto threat

7 American soldiers killed in Iraq attacks (3 Today and 4 on Mon)

Brazil warns Venezuela on Iran ties

Hope College Scholar finds Biblical justification for Gay Marriage

Death Rate for Reservists in Iraq Rises

Young killer Lionel Tate held in pizza delivery robbery

U.S. Closes Border to Some Mexican Cattle

Kerry Signs Form SF-180

Laser Warning Wasn't Used With Cessna

Shiite Leader: Iraq Civil War Avoidable

Iraq Oil Money Abuses Condemned

Tabloid says it paid U.S. official for Saddam Hussein photos

US, NATO nuclear policies 'immoral' - McNamara

South Africa spouse killings epidemic

Rice Tells Mullahs That Democracy On the Way to Iran

US Fights Iraq Fire with Street Fighters--Asia Times (militias??)

Students protest outside military recruiting stations (OR)

Tabloid says it paid U.S. official for Saddam Hussein photos (more than

Republican asks senators to reject Bolton (Voinovich)

Surge in U.S. Deaths in Iraq Draws Concern

U.S. Economy: April Home Resales Jump to Record (Update4)

Venezuela 1st-Qtr GDP Grows 7.9% on Jump in Spending (Update3)

Death Rate for Reservists in Iraq Rises

NATO Warns Uzbekistan on Crackdown

Attack On Election Board Whistleblower In Ohio & Leaked Blackwell Threats

Iraq Qaeda says Zarqawi wounded, urges prayers-Web

Peru protesters break into copper mine -mine vp

'Nightline' to Honor 'The Fallen'

Ga. County Removing Evolution Stickers :)

Arctic leaders sound the alarm over global warming

Newsweek Reporter Says He Dropped the Ball

Schools to Teach Constitution on Sept. 17 (thanks to Sen. Byrd)

FBI asks US Congress for power to seize documents

Conservative Groups Say Senators Sold Out GOP

First Lady's Comments Irk Egypt's Opposition

Northwest (Airlines) seeks (2,000+) job cuts

Remaining Md. Suspects Won't Face Slaying Trial (prompting protest)

Mediators to meet in attempt to halt BBC strike action

Slovene police charge ex-Communist leader in post-WWII killings

Northwest Preparing For Mechanics Strike - Union

Flagship Water Privatisation Fails in Tanzania

Wash. Judge Allows GOP Charges of Fraud

G.O.P. Senator (Voinovich) Issues Letter Urging Vote Against Bolton

NYT, Nagourney: A Compromise With Overtones for 2008

WP: House Defies Bush on Stem Cells

NYT: U.S. Effort to Secure Foreign Ports Is Faulted

New Allegations Surface Against Spokane Mayor Accused of Sex Scandal

Seattle high school seeks military recruiter ban

Egyptian opposition rejects Laura Bush comments

NYT: Supreme Court Justice Could Rekindle Filibuster Fight in the Senate

Nicaragua, El Salvador Alert for Al-Qaida Suspects Was a Misunderstanding

Caspian oil pipeline set to open (BBC News)

EU Doubles Aid for World's Poor

Bush Veto Looms over House Stem Cell Debate (NPR)

WP: Bush Expected to Push for a Conservative (Supreme Court nominee)

Homeland Security taps anti-snooping tool (will block content as well)

WP: For GOP, Deeper Fissures and a Looming Power Struggle

U.S. Senators Mount Assault on Wind Power( illegal in certain areas)

Inspector: Saddam Created WMD 'Ambiguity'

Police Use Taser Gun On Shooting Victim

St. Vincent PM Demands Extradition of Posada Carriles

Europe Expected to Get Tough With Iran

Nightline' to Honor 'The Fallen'

14 U.S. Soldiers Killed In 3 Days In Iraq

U.S. Citizens Tortured, Held Illegally

Governor, lawmakers in daily contact on Schiavo, e-mails show

NYT: Many Senate Repubs Already Eager to Challenge Filibuster Agreement

NYT: Steep Rise in Prices for Homes Adds to Worry About a Bubble

Veteran Dem raises worries on civil liberties, 2002 Iraq plan (Conyers)

Protesting Indians block roads linking Bolivia with Peru, Chile

Peace in Iraq 'Will Take at Least Five Years to Impose'

Navy ships, one from Florida, sail to disrupt terrorists at sea

WP,pg1: Military Had OK To Down Cessna

PBS Chief Rejects Liberal Bias Allegations

Man Who Preyed on Churchgoers in Investment Scam Pleads Guilty

G.O.P. Senator Sends Letter to Colleagues Opposing Bolton - NYT

City bankers face US trial

House Backs Loosening Limits on Stem Cell Funding

Official: Lists, counters, backups didn't match up (E-VOTE RE-VOTE in PA)

Insurgents Flourish in Iraq's Wild West (US "withdrawing"!)

NYT: Hoping to Make Policy Waves,and Graduate (new liberal think-tank)

A Community Celebrates a Nun's Return after Her Protest Led to a Term in

N.C. pastor stands by sign saying Quran should be flushed

BadgerCare aids Wal-Mart workers ($6.4M also helps McD)

Proposal to divide Iraq into semi-autonomous states gains ground

BREAKING: Ignoring Deal, Frist to File for Cloture on Myers

Chicago Protesters Greet Gov. Schwarzeneg

Bush Names Tyco Lawyer As No. 2 at Justice

House panel backs $45 bln for Iraq

Protesters beseige Bolivian capital, blocking roads

Aurora Father To File Suit Over Police Taser Incident At Salad Bar

House votes to outlaw computer spyware

Frist issues new warning on filibusters

Caspian Sea Pipeline to Be Unveiled

Democrats clear way for Senate vote on Bolton

WP: A Matter Of Public Record (Activist puts officials SS#'s on website)

Investigators digging around church property (Ponchatoula sex cult)

Former Host Winstead Suing Air America

NYT: Lack of Diversity Persists Among Ph.D. Recipients, Study Says

McClellan Backs Away from Claims that 'Newsweek' Story Cost Afghan Lives

Dean: Blacks Annoyed by Party's Outreach

Vets Sue Rumsfeld Over Health Care Cuts

Government [Korea] to tighten consumer privacy

The New Profile of the Long-Term Unemployed (Highest since WWII)

French fries protester regrets war jibe

N. Korea Won't Rule Out Pre-Emptive Attack

750 Bush protesters: 'No more pension stealing' (Rochester)

AIPAC's Big, Bigger, Biggest Moment

Is there a way I can adblock that "cool ranch and cheddar" ad on TV?

Who's there? ........

John McCain needs larger shirts (True or False)

Do you ever get 'lost' on the way home?

I went to work nekkid today

I always arrive at work with only my underware or just a towel. I ..

Anyone organized a large dvd collection?

I'm so happy the shit-storm is in GD and NOT in the Lounge tonight!

I just have to say...

Large soda dumped into desk drawer..(poll)

Any Photographers here?

Cardio: Best time of the day to do cardio for maximum fat loss and why

Alright damn it! It's a full moon tonight! I'm going to ........

it's been said many times on here, but if you haven't already seen "Crash"

"Don't Blame Me. I Voted For Gary Coleman"

"Favorite movie" is too vague, so: Best AMERICAN movie thread!

The ending of 24 Season 4. I seem to be suffering from insomnia.

toon for tuesday (5/24)

i did'nt know how to use softwares so i used the very basic mspaint ...

Today's Movie Trivia!!!

Free Buffalo!

Has anybody ever sent a "self-addressed, stamped envelope."?

Damn! I dodged a big one--major fire hazard, FYI

Have you ever done "The Butt?"

What The Hell Happened To Charlie Daniels?

Favorite Girl Band.

I don't believe in charity. I believe in solidarity.

Prisoners get erection at taxpayers expense

Good Morning, DU!

Who's going to NYC for the June 11th party

You're going to be speeding four days from now... Pay this traffic ticket

What would be seen over there

I just got news that a close family friend died last night.

Frist accepts compromise conditions, will from now on...

Which threads are getting read and answered to most?

I've got exams today..need hugs + prayers + karma + luck.

For Horse Players (Gambling)

Cartoon bears who walk upright and do not wear pants

For the spelling fanatics here on DU......

American Bandstand To Return


I'm out of coffee.

The Flash mind reader

Computer security question.

Self Delete

2nd Interview went really well for me yesterday! SEND GOOD VIBES!!!

Former Doobie Brother Now A Counterterrorism Expert (Jeff Baxter)

Is this true?

Using your DU Screen name, what would be your Free Republic one?

I can understand personal prayer but

What gift should I send to a mother recovering from childbirth?

Woman Arrested For Having 9 Passengers In Her Car

Another optical illusion! Try this one!

Gang MembersTake Over 84 Y.O. Woman's Apartment - Eat Her Senior Meals

This was my 5,000th post!

so how DO you shrink down an image to avatar size?

What do I need to do to have this on the Greatest Page?

One Hit Wonder Carl Douglas and the song Kung Fu Fighting.

Now, finally, I can come back to using Windows!

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

Hey You!

Where will *you* be in 20x6?

Another valiant attempt to win the Darwin Awards.

What would Pope John Paul II and Terri Schiavo have thought of the Deal?

I am plague-free, dare I have dinner again with JimmyJazz

'Griffith's' Ernest T. Bass dead at 85

He was GrrrrrRRRRRREAT!

... Record or near-record high temperatures again this afternoon...

Headlines We'd Like To Read, May 24, 2005

captions wanted

Hey You!

My Creepy Valentine

hijacker? in my hotmail account...

You're NOT ready for this recent Olsen Twins pic (not ready warning)

question for DU parents and educators....

Peachy keen!

This cracked me up...

More Cheesus diet...

Island king's cash cut off for letting drink-drive grandson hide in palace

What's on the McCall menu for the day?

Wandering bear takes dip in family's pool

Well, I got my cat

Hey Lizards, Sign On To The Distressed American Snark Free Pledge Today!!!

Paris Hilton Burger Ad Called 'Soft Porn' By Parental Group

Giant Armadillo Fossil (Size of a VW Beetle) Unearthed In Peru

Do you think YOU are anyone's DU crush?

A big fat ass whupping for Frist and Bush

MY.... HEART....IS....ON.....FIRE

Downtempo fans: The Fine Canadian - Ivana Santilli

What are you craving for lunch? What are you actually eating?

GOP is cracking like a spoiled melon

Vanity License Plate Spells Out Methamphetamine

Check out Phil Spector's hair!

thank you everyone who posted on my "new cell phone thread"

This feral cat had kittens in my back yard, HELP!!

I'm taking over the lounge by infecting you all with a major earworm

Quiz on origins of political terminology.

If you need to turn your brain off for a while...

Cathedral will host the Da Vinci code

What's in your purse/pocket/backpack A -to-Z (game)

Every Bloody Emperor

Best Line at a Wedding Reception (Hillbilly Uncle vs. minor-Mafioso Uncle):

Tony the Tiger has died.

For my own self edification, I present to you,

What is your favorite word to express size?

Which is worse?

Is the DU Lounge the most vain political forum in the world?

The Sith Sense website: Darth was pretty far off with this guess....

anyone clicked onto the link from here of my car's bumper stickers!!

How many jams from the 1975 charts do you have as MP3 or on CD?

Man Jumps Out Of Car On Highway (60 mph) To Retrieve Cigarette - Injured

Mail Call - A Story

Ah, Memorial Day Week - Time for sun, fun, bbq.... EXCEPT ITS 40 DEGREES!



I have to move

I didn't know Frank Gorshin died! He was just on CSI!

I need to make lunch for 5 at work-HELP

Even the organic farmers are cashing on on Star Wars

Thurl Ravenscroft, R.I.P.

Nancy Reagan, America's beloved Fourth Lady and idol of dozens...

MY......MOUTH.....IS......... ON........FIRE........

Does anyone know if Franco and Reagan are still dead

So I finally took off a sick day from work

"Fuck me gently with a chainsaw"

Hey is anyone going to listen to Randi Rhodes on AAR at

Summertime and the living is eee-say!

I've been out of town

I'm afraid it's not that simple.

So what Degree will you get at Trump University?

Waaarrriiiooorrrsss Come Out And Ppllllaaaayyyy - MOVIE ACTION FIGURES

Stick a fork in America, its done

Anyone seen my brain?

Best reason to keep young kids from watching violent movies/TV

I'm having a problem with EBay

MA DUers!! Fallen Soldier Tribute In MetroWest! WOW

Anyone seen Anyone?

Other Lauras: are you embarrassed to share a name with Pickles?

A sign that my doggies are far, far too spoiled....... how spoiled are

Anyone seen whoisalhedges?


Do you support stem cell research? Please send fax....

Name a band that broke up after only one album.

Anyone seen my keys?

Does your iPod ever read your mind?

anyone seen jukes?

Upset Mother Rams Kid's School With Her Van

Another day in GDP, another flame war

Anyone on DU doing podcasts?

Have you ever been clueless?

Is this not... wrong?

Anyone seen Longgrain?

Cell phone worst experience so far:

The ones who write they are from the other side are easy to catch

Please tell me to stay away from the candy machine!

Anyone seen chickenscratching?

Anyone seen my boy-toys?

So... How expensive is property in Mexico?

Christians purge video game demons

Have you ever been homeless?


For HeyHey

I don't love you.

Go ahead say it. You know you want to.

Did something happen to Jay Leno?

How do you feel about clowns?

I hold your hand in mine, dear.

I have my man to Love-so no I don't Love you like that

i don't love HIM but i DO love YOU

That woman had 9 people in her car - how many can we fit in the Lounge?

Beaver stew is the strangest thing I've had from a Crock Pot.

I just shot up. Migraineurs, check in here!

"Ugh, I sniffed it and I wanna PUKE"

anyone with an enema here?

Retail pricing. Two for $ 5.00 = one for $2.50?


Patti Smith to perform Horses live with Verlaine and Cale at Meltdown Fest

Anyone Seen The Invisible Poster?

Just in case you needed a laugh.

Is it safe?

Darth Vader is a wimp compared to Dr. Lecter or Norman Bates

My ususally sane mother just forwarded this email to me.....Oh boy..

Two big negatives with buying in bulk at warehouse stores.

Anyone seen an original idea?

which would you buy

My two Slutty Children.


You know, I love my wife, but,

Josie's on a vacation far away, Come around and talk it over


Website/domain name redux. MAN am I pissed!!

I'm back, hows everyone been and anything happen while I was gone?

Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight

Had to lay a verbal smackdown on someone today

Got my SS update in the mail today...

I'm feeling dangerously edgy, would you like to meet me?

Name That Film.

PissyFrist is even pissier

Do you drink the milk right up to the expiration date?

I would swear I just heard Darth Vader say: "This is CNN"

Just so you know, you can't put yourself on ignore

I just heard it on the radio - this really is one of Canada's best tunes

This pic is rather.. interesting. *l*

Reasons to keep a bad worker in the company.

Mike Tyson, unheralded genius.

I am getting so depressed

Possible Spoiler.....Harry Potter Rumours

Beaver Cleaver's pal Larry Mondello. Freeper?

Hey the sun is good for you,tan away.

What's for dinner?

Hilaura Bush?

Anyone else experiencing lag on DU right about now?

Ever watched the Maury show?

OMG, i am so bored.

Some of the funniest shit ever

cigarette break, anyone?

Name a band that should have broke up after only one album.

What have I missed?

Good news in GD/P: Stem cell bill PASSES! HR 810--details here:

Enough! Tell me what gives you HOPE.

annoyed by Novartis commercials

Public service announcement: Go Get Your Living Wills!

Look, I'm the last guy to be putin charge of Mr. Kinkade's PR department,

I have two starling nests in my eyes! I hate it!

i knew James Earl Jones was the voice of Vader in Sith!

Name a band that should have broken up before their first album

What band put out more albums after they broke up and/or died than before?

Alien abductees, check in here. Describe your experience.


Poor Rich Little

I'm a giant brain in a Tank...can someone feed my goldfish?

What's the weirdest stadium give-away ever?

"Paths of Glory" on TCM at eight...

I was just on the Randi Rhodes Show!

My son just had SIX wisdom teeth removed. He's a mutant with an extra two!

Do you ever bookmark a thread just to see if it gets deleted later?

Look Here, Brother. Who You Jivin' With That Cosmic Debris?


Mormons are.....

okay. . .does anyone have any decent NASA

I think its time we had the "Up or Down" vote

Where does dirt come from?

House Bill Would Provide $45B More for War

Call me a sap...but I realllly like If You Leave Me Now by Chicago.

Bush Caught In One Of His Own Terror Traps

It's Me, It's me, It's Ernest T! - RIP Howard Morris

I'm going to

You're handsome, you have a great personality, and everyone likes you.

I have two shining pins in my eyes! I love it!

There's a bright golden haze on the meadow,

June is bustin' out all over.

Spoilers needed (finale of Grey's Anatomy)

"FOX Reality Channel" **Grabs handgun to shoot television**

A Morality Tale

Anyone with anemia here?

Prediction: you`ll live to be over 85. Who believes so? Why?

Is it just me or is Kiefer Sutherland>>>>

Here we go... From Freepland:

The Party of the First Part

Some old, some relatively new,but most of them are good.

Ok. Who wants a ugh?

Ok. Who wants a hug?

Bubba and Homer

Kiefer Sutherland on Jack Bauer.

LOL . . . Some show called "Lie Detector" on PAX has a guy on who

New Organization

Me and my friends built a cat a boat.

Anyone else watching One Tree Hill?

WTF? It's May 24, and with every breath I take, I see steam

Caption Pickles and her hallucination

FOX TV going "Over There" (Iraq) internationally-

Oh... good gravy!

House MD anyone? I love that show!

Have you ever seen a clock like THIS?


I can give you an evil EARWORM. Enter as your own risk

A friend of mine just bought a townhouse and it wasn't the highest bid

"Who cares what YOU think?"

Good, Idol is I can watch HOUSE

American Idol Final!!!

All I needed to know from Chappelle's Show season 2... episode 1:


Any Boot Hill players?

Bad acting in Episode 3? Or bad writing....?

Coworker conundrum...


anyone else going crazy trying to start a family?

Did you like Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion?

I Feel Like Saying Jell-o

The Rating Systems don't work

All in favor a gas rationing??

I feel like singing Mellow Yellow

I know what you did and I'm telling.

Who let the dogs in?

ASK ALICE! Please! Call Alice! Please! I think she'll know!

Okay, who wants some of this?

hey friends and latest conundrum

A big THANK YOU to the Lounge denizens...


A Serious Question...What would you expect to pay???...

I lost my dog and I can't stop crying....

Jeff Gordon

Less than 100 posts away from 10,000.

Who won on "West Wing?" I've been meaning to ask this for

Okay, at the very end of Henry Fool..........

Update on Andy's surgery

Meat Pictures, to Counteract all the Cat pictures

I need help tracking a rock song (80s radio hit)

What is your favorite finger?

Look, I'm the last guy to be putin charge of Kinkade's PR department, but

New Joke

Cruise gushes over Holmes on 'Oprah' (CNN)

Who let the dogs out?

Honeysuckle- the anti-tobacco-smell

Guess who the birthday boy is today

Remember Jabba the Hut? What was the name of the little creature

Where the Fuck is FORKBOY ???

Live in Vancouver, Love Heroin? Sign up for a free year of it

How can you tell a Freeper-type is losing arguments?

She thinks she's so hot.

Where the Fuck is FENRIS!

Silly Poll: Have you missed me?

Gimme a break. We have hit the bottom of the barrel in TV programming.

Dinner at the Prophet household

Boston Molasses Tragedy. My grandfather witnessed this.

MSN phote email

Which Biblical Translation is considered the most scholarly?

Tell me if you've seen this commercial...then tell me if you noticed...

The Pidgin Bible

Oh Brother...

Does anyone know what's going on in Miami and/or Cincinnati for weather?

Scientology Kills-Celebrity Scientologist-Kelly Preston

Here's a freeper comment you don't see every day:

Putin talks about his dog.....a Lab

School books are different these days

Woman, 86, Jailed for Calling 911 20 Times

I'm from another planet. Please explain something to me.

Homage to Blue

If you had an invisible, lethal weapon... Would it be good or bad?

Another Market Research study


just got a masters in journalism-any advice on job hunting?

Who is Tweety?

I start my new job tomorrow.

Saw Episode III tonight for the second time

What is it with Freepers and this Photograph of Dean?

Interesting musical entertainment on the late shows

Bender is jacking on

Law & Order: SVU taking on 'the new Agent Orange' - violent soldiers

What is your home network like and what do you use it for (and ideas?)

People who should be (fill in the blank)

I'm bored who wants to take a midnight trip to Atlantic City with me?

I'm baking cookies

Tell me about "high index" eyeglasses???

Yahoo Fantasy Sports Hacked

I got new eyeglasses today!! Non-glare versus non-non-glare.

It's still hard to deal with right-wing family.

Someone please explain to me why Obi-Wan Kenobi looks so much

All of a sudden, I smell wet dog. WTF?!?!

What is your favorite bird?

So I am researching Roman sexuality and have discovered the Pompeii porn

I'm having 'The Daily Show' withdrawls.....

Wow, amazing huge moon over the ocean tonight...

How do I tell if the guy I work with likes me or not?

List some things George Lucas did *right* in the prequels (SPOILERS)

I don't know what I did. WIll you tell me?

I'll drink to that...

Remember that thing about that guy?

Would you eat at a"Toilet themed" restaurant? There's one in Taiwan!

anybody married to a foreigner?

Removing Bee/Wasp nests Help!

Just heard Zappa on Mike Malloy...

I can't do this anymore.

Bok_Tukalo! Paging Bok_Tukalo!

My siamese cat is a spoiled rotten little diva.

Will anyone ever talk to me, again?

Today is my Birthday. Can someone open the Bar?

Dreams of people I don't know.

Beautiful Video by Erasure: "Stand By Me"

Time to get your groove on

"Trump Unauthorized"

Plugged into one electrical outlet, I have the following:

So let me get this straight about Gordon Ramsey

Why are you so paranoid?

I just saw the Queen of England

Do DUers in general give good advice?

Update on Meniere's Disease..... "Real Science".

Go, Bo!! ... Bo friggen ROCKS!


Some Tuesday art . . .

To everybody I have inadvertently pissed off over the last six months


L-I-B-E-R-A-L V-A-L-U-E-S defined....

American Idol tonight! Who is the front-runner?

WTF? It's May 24, and with every breath I take, I see Cream

Isn't there some small award when you draw a troll's first post?

Looking for someone? Try Zaba search.

Feng shui, is it considered ok to have photos of dead people

What's the weather like tonight where you are?

Every Sperm is Sacred

New punk rock song: "Fuck the DLC"

Which STAR WARS world would you live on?

What Sport do you enjoy playing?

Me and my friend built a catapult.

Which president started the Vietnam war?

The 20 Movies You'd Better Have Seen Already

Post a palindromic sentence here


can you recommend a backpack?

Your favorite quote attributed to Jesus

Confess: how often do you exaggerate online?

What's the strangest/weirdest thing you have never seen/experienced?

I feel like saying "hello"

Shrub in Rochester today

Is there anything on tv besides Rob and Amber?

Ok, name of political person/politician you wish you could date or marry?

I found some new old B&W family photos (pic heavy)

Guerilla: Taking of Patty Hearst on pBS

Time for a Black Hearts DU Group?


If you could marry Russ Feingold, would you?

Kitty Pictures!

Just finished my first day of jury duty, ask me anything, except

I'm assuming we're all joining the "Buy-Cott" with Citgo - I know I am!!

It's been what, 3 days since the last "Post a Pic of Yourself" thread?

Massholes:Boston gathering for the Sox/Yanks games this weekend?

I was afraid this would happen :-(

Please tell me someone here watched the NCIS finale

For a new perspective on all things...

Does anyone know if Dylan still lives in California??

I have two starling nests in my eves! I love it!

OK, I'm back. Sorta.

How do people piss me off so much?

Two hurt in mock light sabre duel

Does anyone else think Ranch Style Beans aren't half bad?

TV Viewing tonight: What are YOU watching


Will Americans ever go for the metric system?

Does anyone draw or write their own comics?

If you could say one thing to one DU'er, what would it be?

Ok, who wants a kiss?

What's the strangest/weirdest thing you have ever seen/experienced?

Totally self-centered, whiny, childish rant.

Anybody else who does not care about having kids? Are we abnormal?

Post random facts you don't know here.

Post random facts you know here.

Word Association Thread: I'll Start: MOON

Taser International

Carrie Underwood, finalist on American Idol, is a vegan?

Will declawing ever be made illegal across the United States?

Question: where in the Bible does it say not to drink?

I was checking out FR

Individual medical insurance

'Sarcasm' brain areas discovered

Wormhole 'no use' for time travel

Gay Chat Mayor: Apology But No Resignation

Gay Book Ban Threats Spread

Oregon Senate Severs Gay Bills

Children In Gay Families Need Protecting Court Told

Maine Gay Fetus Bill Dead

so far two gay men are dead but more are feared dead

My Article on Gay Marriage

Andy Roddick is wearing a blue wristband at the French Open

NBA Draft Lottery Prediction Tonight


Hey, what was that sport they used to play in Canada?

"Mo Cheeks Follows His Heart Back to Philly"

The Pistons are the only blue-state team left

Piazza likens Rush Limbaugh to "Royalty"

The Detriot Game

Manilla was a bad kitty today

I want to start feeding my cats healthy food.

Adopt a Greyhound Atlanta Online Auction!

Has anyone here tried capsaicin (pepper) for sinus problems?

Ok folks is this FINALLY the turning point?

I just need to get something off my chest...

Oh Brother...

Reasons I'm Glad I'm an Atheist, #1587


Felt needs agenda

Kerry signs Form 180, and other Kerry news

Kerry on Bush's Stem Cell Research Threat

This post made me feel sad

Hey I'm back and I saw both Byrd and Biden speak yesterday

the Iconoclast endorsement, revisited

Look who voted AGAINST cloture on Owens

Have we heard anything from our sweet baboo about the compromise?

Bolton nomination on the floor tomorrow

I dreamed I met Kerry and got his autograph last night

New Kerry Photo From a Pelosi Mailing

An oped by Kerry on filibusters in the Boston Globe

did anyone see that between Kerry and McCain on the Senate floor

“I can’t believe I’m losing to this guy.”

This should be fun, I just ordered a 50mm 1.8 lens

A snap I took today...

The June Photography contest

Article on Rita Cosby leaves Countdown in the 8 p.m. slot!

Tonight on Countdown -- 5/24/05

Yippie! Countdown 5.24

I feel "silly" posting this but

Hey, seito! Apparently we're Dooooooomed again!

Compromise "a complete bailout and betrayal by a cabal of Republicans"

What if?????....Reid did have enough votes to block the nuke option & now

Compromise Reached, Nuclear Option Abandoned

The two nominees that Bush and Frist won't get ...

I'm coming down from my I'm worried.

We won the debate tonight, folks.

Quote from a Frist Aide about "the deal"

If you live in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, etc. you lost today

Reflection on the Nuclear Compromise

Newsweek-- the permanent scapegoat ?

What are McCain's motivations to search for compromise?

Is there really a viable bipartisan center?

HELP! Been sick in bed with the flu all day - what the hell happened?

Which Republicans Besides Frsit, Does The Religious Right Like?

Jeb's the next pResident...

Trent Lott Goes After Dobson

Filibuster Compromise Implications for 2006

An Imam was invited to read a prayer last night

Again, I think we have one more thing to look forward to.


Is There Still Hope That These RW Judges Won't Get Confirmed?

McCain Leiberman Mavericks Centrist Compromise Bipartisan Moderate

Get a shovel and bury the filibuster cuz it's dead

Dean's tough talk on DeLay troubling to some analysts

Do the Republicans EVER Compromise?

Lots Of Mad repugs On Washington Journal This Morning

Since Dobson crew is so threatening and ungrateful for all that they have

Dobson saying we won just to keep the base angry and active.

I'm glad there are still people who are willing to take a

Can someone explain the "compromise" to me?

Harry Reid replay of last night's speech on C-Span2. 9:40AM EST

A Good Deal? Josh Marshall on the filibuster compromise

Opinions and comments on the senate compromise deal....

The Nominees

Andrew Napolitano: "There is no such thing as an activist judge"

Is Senator Jeff Sessions the legislator who introduced the bill...

Repeal the veto? Bush says he will veto stem cell research bill

Congressman Slams Maher Over Army Remark

The Big Winner Last Night: The Republican Party Blew Up..........

Kennedy On The Floor Now

My take on the nuclear compromise.

Kennedy kicking ass on CSPAN2!!

Hate the deal? You can say anyting you want about it here:

Anyone have a direct quote from Lindsay Graham last night?

McClellan confirms veracity of Downing Street Memo?

Anyone see Senator Salazar on MSNBC being interviewed by Nora O'Donnell?

Problem is, Lindsey Graham, GOP definition of "conservative" is dishonest.

Houston Bar Attorneys rate Owen "Poor"; Owen ranked lowest of TX Sup Ct.

guess what Kissinger and Scowcroft are up to

The soldiers are on the line and the enemy is approaching

Good article on defining extremism

Princeton students' "Victory!"

I Don't Think Owens, Brown Pryor Are Automatically "In"

I feel sold down the river....Because...

This morning's senate

IMO... Frist is now defining "extraordinary circumstances"

Did Frist REALLY have the votes? Or was he truly bluffing???

Greg Mankiw labels "overbearing presence of Karl Rove" a false assumption

Filibuster thread over at (FR's more extreme little brother)

Salon: Junior's approval ratings "lowest of his White House tenure"

Spielberg accused of glorifying Nazi regime

MoveOn Webcast/Conference call with Harry Reid at 8pm Eastern

American think-tank looks ahead to Palestine, 2015

"Spirit of America" - bogus charity?

This new-age religion called "Conservatism" is getting out of hand.

Do you think there will be a Fascist party?

Who first wanted the compromise??---could be real important politically

Beyond Newsweek: showing REAL images of war....

Best case scenario from result of the deal

For all who think we lost...

A great filibuster deal BLOG & VIDEO CLIP collection at Crooks & Liars

Check out the quickvote on Senate behavior.

MSNBC- Live Vote - Are you in favor of the deal reached in the Senate?

WSJ: Drilling for Dollars

The Stem Cell Debate

Like like McCain....

All or nothing usually leaves you with nothing. nt

Hearings today on Media Bia. Does NYT, WaPost hire CIA ?

Afghani President Countdown video...about Newsweek article.

The Senate Vote to end debate on Owens

Party "registration" question.

The Downing Street Memo

Wired magazine: The World of Terror (LMAO, we got a problem)

Right Wing in Winter

George P. Bush Condemns Democrats’ Opposition To Judicial Nominees

"The fillibuster has never been used to block judicial

Who cares if Frist got burned? The deal sucks. Period.

Rethug attack machine turns on "HOLLYWOOD HARRY"

Anyone see these signs: Make "Violence against Women Act" gender neutral

And if Bush nominates Owens or Brown for SCOTUS?

The 7 "Compromising" Dems and the Abortion Issue

Toward a "faith-based" fourth estate

Is there anywhere to stream or download the conyers' media forum on AAR?

The GOP spin on the compromise has started

An Open Letter, with Love and Respect, to Dr. James Dobson


Tillman tragedy skewed - (Pvt. Lynch's) att'y

The "compromise" in street terms:

Stem Cell research debated; Bush threatens veto; GOP in a mad scramble...

MSNBC: Do you Support Tax $ for Embryonic Stem Cell Research?

All this talk about judges, but what about the Budget!

Chairman removes health care provision from defense measure

FBI whistleblower mulls House race

Repubs on the Evangelical "hit list" might as well vote against Owen and

Buchanan crying on Imus right now

Is anyone listening to Rush?

CNN: Bill Maher under fire from Republican Congressman - (VIDEO) it's time for Hannity....who will listen for me

Did anyone else wonder why the MSM

What about Tom "Cockroach" Delay.....

Looking forward, I need some numbers.

Wait a second, they get up or down votes on EVERYONE?

Has anyone told the Freepers how "in bed" with ENRON Owen is?

NEWSMAX: Senate Deal Hamstrings GOP till 2007

This Modern World: Credibility gap

Does the CIA hire reporters here in the US of A ?

GOP's Tumbling Numbers

Someone point me to BFEE list?


GOP Unity is Cracking

What is the definition of compromise?

Waxman’s GRMO Pushing Hard for Hearing on DFI Mismanagement

Does Joe Lieberman make anyone else sick?

Tweety called PFAW - "fanatical"

Nuclear Option May Still Be Invoked, Frist Says (BuzzFlash)

Just got polled by Eyewitness News (NYC) as a Republican....

MoveOn: We've stopped the power grab (for now)

AIPAC's Big, Bigger, Biggest Moment

The only chance that the 7 Repubs and 7 Dems have to fight the RW

NEVER mind those Yahoo judges, what about the SUPREME COURT???

Protection of the fillibuster boils down to one simple question ...

Uh-oh! Now when the Pugs use the nuclear option, they can say "we tried..

Can someone please show me how the filibuster deal was a "DLC compromise?"

A reminder to use the "Handbill site." I am having great fun passing out

America to Bush: Just shut up.

Explain to me again how this is a "win" for us.....

Some Freeper Sentiments

ok. somebody please, please explain to me what do you want

I can't understand why anyone's opposing the compromise on the fillibuster

Barbara Boxer says...

Why I've been thinking of becoming a preacher (DU's own article)

Protest the Media?

Anyone watching CSPAN? Are they voting on Owen today?

11 Reps to AG: appoint a spec. counsel to investigate military recruiters

Frist is in a good position for '08 nomination (and I couldn't be happier)

A vote for gwb is like a vote for this what some repubs thought?

A good AP story on why the compromise produces no obvious winners

ok, ok for those who think the compromise was bad

America won last night

Can anyone address this-and still call it a victory?

The Republicans don't care about the filibuster

How the Compromise Could Spell a Win

Stem Cell Research and the First Amendment

Heard on the Randi show: The Dems may not be unanimous against Owen.

Owen vote hasn't happened yet, but congratulatory photo op with Bush HAS.

Today's Cloture Vote on Owen

Frist speaking on Senate floor today said that he could still

Democrats need to tell as many people about this from the rooftops.

Uh oh...Condi warns Iran that "DEMOCRACY IS ON THE WAY."

CSPAN2 re-playing today's speech by PBS Pres./CEO Pat Mitchell

Boxer says America won; Feingold says America lost. What do you say?

Frist is still a danger.

Filibuster: This may be one hell of a slingshot move being set up for us.

Boxer's Statement on the Deal:

An instructive tale of three lies, two overt and one covert

Anybody know why the Rassmussen poll is always so much higher

The Senate compromise will only be viewed as a success, if the GOP 7..

Two names: Stevens and O'Connor....

Starting NOW! Frontline/World goes to Iran with UN Nuke Inspectors

Before Shooting Off Our Mouths, What Facts do We Know Up Front???

I got a quote from Dwight Eisenhower in my email... Coverage on NBC-11 SF Bay Area

Video Of Howard Dean's Interview On 'Inside Politics'

Tweety said Frist had the votes

In case you don't know about

Senator Dole aligns herself with the White House & not the compromise.

Can a divorced, unmarried man get the Democratic nomination for President?

McCain's moderate GOP block.

Ok folks, lets caption, keep kicked, and print this out and email out

Talking point: Bush does *not* believe in "up or down votes."

The Stem Cell Research Debate and Bush’s Veto Threat

"Respect for human life"??????

Principle, Principle, Principle-fuck all apologists and "pragmatists"

A Food Fight in the Big GOP Tent

Tony Perkins: Janice Rogers Brown For Supreme Court

Let's put the unfunded manate of the "Real ID" on state ballots in 2006.

Alright, I just saw Rep Gene Taylor on C-SPAN

Sen. George Allen (R-VA): "Lieberman will be with us on Bolton"

Rice Says World Must Not Tolerate Iranian Nuclear Weapons Bid

Did Hillary Clinton publicly disagree with/ criticize Howard Dean?

anybody see Matthews say dem senators are "poutin' n bitchin'"???

don't look now but we may be about to invade SYRIA ...

14 US troops dead in Iraq since Sunday. Why aren't people in the streets?

Was the "nuclear option" not a constitutional crisis?

Malloy played "Tell Me Lies" tonight

Does anyone have the exact numbers of Judges confirmed/denied/not voted on

Free Speech in the Capitol

Dobson will be on Fox News tonight, Hannity and Colmes

Hey Maine folks, can't you get someone to run against Susan Collins?

From a "divisiveness" standpoint, it appears Democrats won the battle...

Please help! Stem Cell Research fax link here!

Over 1200 people rally against Bush Social Security!

Why do Newsweek reporters clear things w/ Pentagon before

Tweety (R. Shill), Asks: "Is Abortion Immoral?"

It's amazing to me the DU Stalwarts who approved Fillibutster Resolution.

Gary Bauer Calls Senate Judicial Deal a 'Sell Out'

Five reasons why the filibuster compromise is a win for the Democrats

Watch Pete Stark's floor speech on HR 810 - I almost spat tea on my PC!

"Destroy life to save lives.....?....I will veto any such bill" W. Bush

Is anyone else upset that the nuclear option didn't happen? (semi-Rant)

Want Russ Feingold to run for President? Sign this petition

Hillary Clinton speaking to AIPAC Live now on C-Span2 during quorum call.

Iran's a done deal--Next talking point--Russia

WATCH...The Ground Truth:The Human Cost of War /wounded US soldiers video

Mind Over Media: The Media and Democracy Act of 2005

Does anyone think that closing Maine's bases backfired on *?

Is it too early to start flame wars about the 2008 nomination yet?

Can Bush's Executive Order be Overruled/Overturned?

Conyers Media Bias Forum BROADCAST LIVE at 1 PM on Al Franken/ AAR

Who would be best to replace Reid.?

*-WH Photo op w/"Snow Flake" babies- Christian "Embryo Adoption" group

What is the DLC?

Folks - do not take the behavior of Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.

"Patriotism, nationalism and the kill-em-all ethic is a safe place..."

"Thou Makest Jesus Vomit": Funny bumper stickers

I just watched Howard Dean kick Judy Woodruff's hiney ..

GOP talking point and counter:'Unless a nominee is more extreme than Janice

Wage Decline & Corporate Self-Destruction

BRAD BLOG: Conyers at Media Bias Forum: 'Independent Press Under Assault'