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Virginity Or Death! (Fundies don't want vaccine that prevents HPV)

Something Weird - FireFox

"Gay Marriage Ban to Go Before Texas Voters"

WAKE UP! a Soliloquy from the movie "Waking Life"

Why shouldn't we have an empire?

Who is watching Born on the Fourth of July right now on Pax?

Bushco + Jesusco = Untenable?

I've read the Constitution and have a question.

It's Over for Frist


When did horror films jump the shark?

Could it be? Are those car ribbons on the decline?

"Convoy of Death", mass murder sanctioned in 2002? by our government.

At least two Mormons cannot read

12 commandos killed in Iraq ("Wolf Brigade")

China Orders Emergency Bird Flu Measures

The Official SNL Blows Thread

The Official SNL Blows Thread blows

I saw my Senator today

should elshiva apologize for the 'apology'?

I just saw the main reason Lucas won't do 7, 8 and 9.

So, sometime in the 16 years between Episodes III and IV

What VIP was in downtown Boston tonight?

Does anybody else here like to sniff deodorant

Can anybody tell me what ever happened to Al Hirt?

Our cat ,Skunkie is no more

What celebrities do you find attractive? ( cute, pretty or stunning)

Does SNL blow or suck?

Meyer book may reveal Iraq secrets

8 hours 40 minutes till Meet the Press with Howard Dean...

Unfortunately, The Filibuster Fight Is A Win/Win For The Rs

The filibuster has been an enemy of Democratic Party ideas..

National Urban League blasts "The Filibuster Fig Leaf"

Karimov escapes regime change as America pursues the ‘great game’

Plan Would Broaden F.B.I.'s Terror Role (NYT)

Other 'irreparable harms' exist - (Downing St Memo)

(New York City's Bloomberg) Crushing Small Business

Would you Adam 'n' Eve it ... dinosaurs in Eden

The Message From the Sunni Heartland

A Nation Willingly Deceived

Filibuster; Lose the battle and we'll win the war.

WSWS: The two Americas:

How U.S.-China economic relationship really works (Krugman)

The Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel has two very disturbing articles this

Daily Life in Baghdad, from Afar ("coming apart at the seams")

The Resistance in Context

Bob Kerr: The picture that we seldom get to see (mayhem in Mosul)

The truth about military recruitment

Kitty Kelley not purring about critics

Associated Press (Sunday): Records Reveal Guantanamo Stories


Afghanistan: Canada's Iraq?

A breath of fresh air sweeps into hell, but there's still no way out

The American Myth Industry

'Three massacres' in anti-government uprising (Andizhan)

It's time for liberals to get in touch with the antiheroes of "Deadwood".

Heritage Foundation trashes Wexler's SS fix

Background on Darfur: History from Wikipedia

Peter Preston (London Observer): The writing's on the wall, er, the web

Notes on our patriarchal state

Guantanamo prisoners tell their Kafka-esque stories at secretive tribunals

Just What Every Iraqi Needs: A Bible

Galloway Senate testimony PDF goes AWOL: Evidence 'missing' from Committee

Is Venezuela going nuclear? Conversations w/Iran

Star Wars sparks talk of 'George W Vader'

George Galloway's Lesson in Speaking Truth to Power

It's All Newsweek's Fault - NYT Op-Ed

The Constitution on Trial

College Steered Students to Backbreaking Loans (15% from Sallie Mae)

Norm Coleman's "Celebrity Jeopardy"

Bush: Worst President Ever?........

"America has become an ugly place." (speaking of trash)

Bush to Dine with Porn Star: Mary Carey Does DC

If Phil Donahue had a one-hour radio show on Sunday nights,

Ugh - Akron Beacon Journal started "Prickly City" today

Full salary while drawing social security - but before FULL retirement age

American Chemists compare FT (coal based fuel) and biodiesel NOx

Bush backs security fence


The greatest threat to the biosphere, to all life on earth is...

2,000 more wind turbines in countryside (UK)

"The Rape of the Rainforest - and the Man Behind It"

Polisario leader warns of new war

Israel, Arabs agree to save Dead Sea

Palestinian university president denounces U.K. boycott of Israeli academi

Israel comes first, says US politician

Sharon booed in NY over Gaza plan

Calls for Israel's destruction in London

Guardian Unltd/The Observer "Why Israel must make sacrifices"

"The Asassination of Richard Nixon"

China goes undercover to sway opinion on internet (sound familiar?)

testing new signature line....

bin Laden says he's responsible for the 9/11 attacks but.....


Wash. Election Battle Heads for Courtroom

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday 5/22/05

I know the answer is here......Help

Since Dems are getting nuked--shouldn't stolen elections that made it.....

I need a list of the best docs and videos for a bit torrent file.

Risking my pride to ask a basic question about rBr.

Guess who's on the Corporate Affiliate Roster of the Natl Assoc. of SOS's?

Google kills ad critical of Bush, lets pro-Bush ads continue running


YESS! Instructions and sample letter for FOIA requests from USCV

A non-statistician's view of the E-M exit poll controversy


Dear Mr. Romney (RE: capital punishment adds)

Tell the administrative law judge to deny Gas Company Rate increases!

Minnesota state judges?

"Move Left" recent articles

Norm Coleman's "Celebrity Jeopardy"

DeWine center of debate to end filibuster -- says he has already

Anyone go to the Rally at the Columbus Statehouse

Do you think the good ole boy network is putting pressure on KBH?

Anti-Gay Texas Marriage Amendment Passes Senate

Coming to Door County this August

Nice to see the bushitler face off the page!

Do you ever just want to sing


CTV Network gets reprimanded by CBSC

I OWE Ralph Nader, the Democratic Party and John Kerry an apology:

Protesting Army Recruiters in Times Square

Don't forget: MTP on NBC

fixing a problem with a URL in previous posting about a cyberthreat

What do people suggest I do about a cyber threat?



Sunday talk shows

if there is an "official" investigation of Saddam's underwear ...

Loyalty to the bottom line trumps loyalty to the country or the people.

What do people suggest I do about a cyber threat?


So long as any institution does what they are told by the powerful, they

Congrats to Skinner and all the rest for another successful drive!

I know what will bring down the Republicans.

What do you think a fair sentence is for a Chief of Police that

It's All Newsweek's Fault

The wizard of oz of politics

You know who's crazy?

For some time I wondered about what a sorry ass country we have become.

Eishenhower quote on Soc. Sec.

Is the new Cultural Center at Ground Zero about Culture or Politics

Someone Admits the TRUTH: "Our policy is to make Iraq a colony" !!

Howard Dean is in the house! (MtP)

Saw Bill Maher last night

Should universities refuse to credit creationist "science" courses?

To Sgt. Benderman and Monica

Two more days to Rubberstamp Day.

"The Boss" Bruce Springsteen

Please allow me to paraphrase Jerry Falwell.

Ack I had a horrible thought

Barbara Ferguson...laying it down on CNN

Is there anyone who can help me with Windows Media?

How do I go about making a formal complaint to the FCC?

things are about to get much worse than we ever dreamed

should Osama send his FOUR wives to Appease the Western World?

Porn-again Christian

Why private investing for Social Security is a very bad idea.

Pope honours Maguire Seven gran

Bush* doesn't think Saddam pics will induce violence, but Newsweek did?

Hey, you know who is a really bad president?

Renaming the G.O.P.

Unnamed sources who lie should be OUTED!!!!

I think it would be cool if

Time's Richard Smith and his latest apology

Time Magazine: Newsweek "helped set off an anti-U.S. firestorm"

Feith Wins Arrogant-Prick-Without-A-Clue Award, Pats Himself on Back

neat as heck news heading

Why aren't pharmaceutical co's fighting for stem cell research?

Liberia - The Answer to all of our questions

U.S. fugitive sought in Toronto - Stay alert Canadian DUers

Are the Iraqis or 'insurgents' holding any US military prisoners of war?

MSNBC front page headlines

Clark debating Pearle on CNN soon, per Wolfie. nt

Muslim world turned into a tinderbox

The Limbaugh Rumors...

U.S. blames Afghan poppies on Karzai and Brits

How do they REALLY feel?

Bush sees no need to respond to Conyers letter

Lindsey Graham just said one of the eight judicial nominees would lose

FLASH: Fat Timmy has a research dept - Howie does Timmy

NYT Magazine Does Puff Piece on Man-on-Dog Santorum

Do freepers think torture is funny?

The scandal that won't go away

NEOCONS are the cancer that will kill the Republican party

Devlopments in EU: end of a union that could have balanced US hegemony?

Surely it wasn't Laura's idea ?

Sat Night Live last night.......

Star Wars Episode III is just fine. Better than last 2, not as good as

Creation Museum Opening in Kentucky - hopes to draw 60,000 people

Evolution of our Middle East Policy.

Evangelicals on NYT pg1 today, Santorum on mag cover -- reader revolt?

Social Security question....

I don't think the sheeple will wake up to the evil of this administration

Democrats use wrong tactic again ! We are strategy deficient !

Anyone care to offer some thoughts on a argumentative thesis?

Happy 47th anniversary, Club 47/Passim!

CNN's "Reliable Sources" is going after the Newsweek story

Oh good - the Kuwaitis think the cost of the war in Iraq is worth it

Question for Condi Rice

Bob McChesney (MediaMatters) streaming now (Sun 2pm EDT)

Pew Internet Blogs Report.

HS Teachers: can you talk about the filibuster/nuclear option in class?

does anyone think Bu$h hoped to get Pickles martyred for higher ratings ?

70,009 Registered Users At DU!

Bush probes Saddam's Pants (actual headline)

My letter to Governor Romney of Mass concerning death penalty radio adds

Two looks at empire starting at 1pm EST on C-SPAN2

It's up to the Republicans.

Dean tells truth...most voted for war based on LIES.

Unveiling the New Media - The Peerless Project

The Islamic world will defeat the Neocons if they resist the inflammation

Audio Link

"Patriot Pastors" to Consolidate Republican Power just dawned on me what is happening

Disgusting freeper propaganda video

Oil Storm - this FX movie has me feeling sick to my stomach

Why can't we sue these folks?

W's America: Regular gas for $3.09 in Needles, Calif. (photo)

I'm ready to fight the Right, are you?

Kraft foods and the Gay Games

What fake issues could the Left gin up to hurt Republicans?

Opus - Must read today - "Going to Hell"

NH Police Chief arrest illegal aliens for tresspassing. Racism?

I'm with Superman, I fight for truth, justice, and the American way.

"Reporting from Iraq" on CSpan 1 NOW......this is pretty

Man all I did was read two threads in GD this AM and this is what I saw

TEST YOUR MERCURY LEVELS NOW! Order a test kit thru Greenpeace.

Good letter in Stars and Stripes: A Repeat of Vietnam

I cant stand it ANY LONGER..

The Downing Street Memo would bring down this administration if

Anybody see Dean on Russert today? missed it

Libraries find many books urine-stained

I believe that Bush's plan is to create as much chaos, civil wars,

What is your favorite "Quote of the Week"?

Taking Luck Seriously

Told today in the Gungeon that if I don't like America, I should leave

Dear Leader's Daily Thought

More words from George Galloway

No Respect for the President

"The day I began to think on the Job."

60 Minutes tonight (Gov't's multi-million $ anti-condom campaign)

Bush probes Saddam's pants - Bush Vows: I will get to the bottom of it ;-)

Just watched a little of Peter Paul & Mary on PBS, now I'm depressed.

Help get Galloway's statement in the Congressional Record

Faded Glory?

The contradiction, tragedy, and irony of it.

Why would losing in Iraq be different than in Vietnam? Or is it?

so the liberal media is denouncing Star Wars 3 as being anti-* propaganda.

OpTruth Benefit last night was awesome - a crudely recorded sample

Did bush mock a woman on death row?

Galloway clip, Robert Parry (who broke Iran-Contra) coming up

Clark vs. Perle on Wolf Blitzer

"Protesters Mob Laura Bush in Israel"...the sunshine is working

The Power of Nightmares - Free Download at Internet Archives

Right wing talking points

First Lady Besiged by Protest in Jeruselum

Repost from LBN: RSS on US terror list

A brief review of ("majority") voting in the Senate.

LOL - Jack Cafferty on CNN

A Dispatch from Dahr Jamail-Displaced Iraqis Simmering with Anger in Amman

Judge Owen receives "poor" rating from peers

The chronological erosion of our rights right now today in the US

Perle: War In Iraq® Was a Clerical Error - WHAT THE FUCK???????

How we can stop the neocons and *

“This is the Way Democracy Ends”

Check in if you are from a different country. Just curious how many

Laura Bush just looks more and more like "The Joker"

George Galloway is my hero. "Pack of Lies" speech is priceless.

Dan Rather on with Tina Brown (CNBC at 8pm EDT)

Is it true? Pickles was booed at a couple of sites on her "tour?"

DOD Website jokes of Christian crusade against Muslims?

Finally, Palestinians and Israelis agree on something: Laura Bush

Is your FOX audio lagged by about 15-20 seconds??

May 21 Protest at Calvin College

Let's Not Forget Galloway's Rhetorical KO of Wormtongue Hitchens

Galloway to visit US Universities?

So tell me Laura with the plastered plastic smile You Philistine! What is

Iraqs Ayatullah Sistani met with the Iranian Foreign Minister this week

Anyone watching Howard Dean on MTP?

Ok DU, explain to me why Dean was silent on the Downing Street Memo!

Best Alternative to the IPOD?

Now I know why Bush talked about 9/11 a lot at the RNC

Gee, Pickles looks a little upset

Listening to Laura Flanders

Is Bush trying to get Laura martyred?

Afghanistan slipping into civil war...5,500 troups to be rushed in...

Neocons: Sith or Vogons?

Tangipahoa sheriff alleges devil worship in child rape, animal sex case

What lasts longer news or art? Why Bushco can't win forever...

On Air America Laura Flanders Eyewitness toKorans "Routine Desecration"

Jesus plays soccer?

Did Bush set Laura up?

God bless Harry Reid

What is OUR "nuclear option"?

Just seen "The Corporation" WOW

PHOTOS: Pickle's Excellent Springtime of Hope Tour!

To me the very act of not calling our wars in Iraq or Vietnam aggressions

X-post: request for info on finding Repub donors

RANT ON: Do We Need Proof the Freepers are Depraved!?!?!

Will there come such a time when copyright laws get so extreme,

What was on Laura's note?

Palestinians to Laura Bush : "HOW DARE YOU COME IN HERE!"

Frist's Attempt To Trash Constitution,Install Dictatorship

BayOil and the dirty work behind Galloway's "smokescreen"

Could we get some international help to fight the nuclear option?

Know the Enemy

Galloway Senate testimony PDF goes AWOL

No, that's Karl Rove in drag.

Tim Russert was an absolute JERK towards Howard Dean today

Media Alert: Shreveport local station

Massacre in Fallujah and mass graves?

A recruiter has allegedly kidnapped a Salvadoran immigrant

Saw a funny bumper sticker today

3 First Amendment Project videos airing on Sundance Channel tonight

So much for any more good X-Men movies.

Matt PUDGE Is Worried about "Rounding them up" petition campaign or

Is the FBI Spying on You? (ACLU has evidence that it is)

Just wondering

Dean MTP replay on MSNBC now (10:00 EST)

Is there support for a Republican forum?

I hunt with Scalia

May 22nd-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$171,460,104,117

Police Officer Shoots & Kills Suspect after Taser probes removed.

Re: Cloture Vote And Filibuster Imbroglio... Which Day This Week ???

Check in when you've signed Move-On's petition against the Nuclear Option

If a Dem Senator called for a march on Washington, would you come?

I need help from a Free Thinking Christian who knows the Bible

With "Nuclear Tuesday" coming up, and far-right cretins poised to rule --

death penalty authoritarianism psychiatry = social control

How many senators make a quorum?

OMG! Are you watching 60 Minutes?

Fascist LTTE! Incredible! Read this (newsweek story)

Psychiatrists May Push for Gay marriage OK

LIVE, ONLINE hearings on the corporate raid on pensions.

The Downing St Memo, Red Meat, and Howard Dean

The Fundies preach abstinence only. Did you have sex before marriage?

Emergency MoveOn petition against Nuclear Option

Ever wonder who runs CSPAN?

Great Bill Maher clip

Stop the War of Lies NOW!

Cheney's coup d'etat: Why Nuclear option is much worse than you thought

What the hell has * started? Protests all over the world now!

Should Democrats do a 'Contract To Restore America' before midterms?

A U.S. Soldier came into my dad's store today.

"Number one Democrat" Warren Beatty, kicked Musclehead Arnold in the ass!!

More evidence of doubts on Iraq emerges

I just heard Whoppi Goldberg on Politically Direct.

Howard Dean punk smacked fat-ass Russert ten ways to Sunday

NPR's Daniel Schorr comments on Downing Street Memo

Property Taxes Questioned As Prices Zoom

Master Yoda: Only The Sith Deal In Absolutes...

Learned scholar & economic guru Laura Bush misspells "commit"

When will the fundies finally realize...

But, of course...

Run, Laura, run! What kind of husband would put his wife in this situation

I am sorry if I went over the top on that gun thread. Applegrove.

It's nearly June, and Iowa is cold....

Pickles hits the Mosque!

Is sexual abuse endemic in the RW Christian community?

We have returned to 1775. Our enemy is the Bu$h neoconster regime.

Homeland Security Greatest Cash Cow EVER, but we're no safer

I need help with this. Please help me. (rw co-worker & my pending reply)

Those Who Support Wars Should Fight Them!

Why are there 25% more abortions under Bush than under Clinton?

If the nuclear option passes, can it be taken to the Supreme Court?

"Never did I dream we'd get the TRIFECTA" - GWB June 14, 2002 ---> MP3

Now NEWSWEEK says Korans were abused by the PRISONERS!

VIDEO EVIDENCE; Intolerable privacy invasion by military assets.

CSPAN Schedule Monday May 23

Why is violent crime in the USA so high compared to the rest of the world?

If Cheney declares the Filibuster unconstitutional, how should

Republican Total Power Trip is like the Stanford Prison Experiment >

The Bad Doctor Dems. Enemy No 1

Story by Dean on MTP re woman who thinks she is pro-life but who we would


it's a shame that so many people think bushco orchestrated 9-11

do you know any "Ex-gays"?

How to win the South (In a Young Dem's Opinion)

Where are they?

Lib Dem's poll 'disappointment' (BBC News)

Reasons to be cheerful.

Protestors reportedly beaten by police in India

Afghan president pressed on opium

U.S. Memo Faults Afghan Leader on Heroin Fight (NYT)

Posada's extradition focus of Venezuelan protests

LAT: Two Border Towns That Are Feeling Each Other's Pain

Farmers find allies in fight against U.S.-Cuba policy

Posada Questioned

Director general of Iraqi Trade Ministry and his driver killed by gunmen

Galloway ally sells US arms kit to Iraq

Romanians Freed in Iraq After Two MonthsRomanian Journalists and Iraqi-Ame

Laura Bush Heckled at Islamic Holy Shrine

Oil prices to top $60 by autumn, analysts warn

I Wish Howard Dean would Slug Tim Russert.

Top Iraq trade official shot dead

LAT: In Baghdad, University Students and Professors Feel the Heat

9 Accused in Alleged Giant Ponzi Scheme

Iraq Releases Terminally Ill Saddam Aide

Whitehall panic over army dirty tricks

U.N. Condemns Alleged Abuse of Afghans

Lost horizons

Believe It: The Media's Credibility Headache Gets Worse

Peer calls for Phil Flynn bank probe

WP: Contracting Rush For Security Led To Waste, Abuse

MSNBC front page headlines

Senate panel takes aim at 'stealth tax'

Viet Nam, Russia co-operate in nuclear energy

BBC: Laura Bush heckled in Jerusalem

Gunmen kill trade ministry official in Baghdad (Sunday)

Daily Life in Baghdad, from Afar ("coming apart at the seams")

Director of Iraqi Trade Ministry Killed

LAT: Officers Plot Exit Strategy (Young officers leaving the military)

Commanders Plan Eventual Consolidation of U.S. Bases in Iraq

Suffolk police shoot, kill Wyandanch man

Protesters surround Laura Bush at Jerusalem mosque

Protesters Mob Laura Bush in Jerusalem

Concerns heighten on plan to shut bases

Explosions rock two cinema halls in Delhi

Iranian Kurds inspired by success in Iraq

Prewar Findings Worried Analysts

Sadr undertakes Sunni-Shiite mediation

Analysis: CIA Unit Has Negroponte's Ear ( who is the CIA going to kill now

Insurgents launch bloody attacks in Iraq

Bob Kerr: The picture that we seldom get to see (mayhem in Mosul)

The truth about military recruitment

Rats fed GM corn due for sale in Britain developed abnormalities in blood

N. Korea Says It's Watching U.S. Attitude

As Nuclear 'breakouts' Loom, Diplomats Are at Odds Over Action

2 bomb attacks target US military convoys in Baghdad

Negroponte Paying Attention to CIA's Clandestine Service

Iraqi ship allowed to sail home

Sadr undertakes Sunni-Shiite mediation

Bush probes Saddam's pants - Bush Vows: I will get to the bottom of it ;-)

RSS on US terror list

Pension Fund Scandal Biting Into City Services, Reputation of San Diego

Bomb Kills Single Dad Serving In Iraq

Dead recruit's father wages campaign against 'green card Marines'

Yahoo: U.S., Iraq Troops Launch Baghdad Offensive

Fear of civil war grows as Shia start to retaliate

Merit System Investigation: Hiring process put in spotlight

Zarqawi group claims to have executed US-Iraqi businessman

Teachers flee Michigan to find jobs (option #1: get a suitcase)

NATO set to make African debut

With Kurds' Success in Iraq, Some Iranian Kurds Itching to Resume Fight in

Escape tunnel discovered at U.S.-run prison camp in Iraq

In Hawijah, the sand flies, not insurgents, strike fear

Court sentences three Iraq rebels to death

Afghanistan: Canada's Iraq?

Excerpts From Testimony of Detainees at the U.S. Camp for Terrorist Suspec

Colombia might sacrifice justice in search of peace

US, Iraqi troops in fresh offensive

Amnesty International says U.S. war dodger would be prisoner of conscience

On Air America Laura Flanders Eyewitness toKorans "Routine Desecration"

First Lady emerges as Bush's secret weapon

Howard Dean reappears on national television

Venezuela's Chavez to Reconsider U.S. Ties

Bolivia faces pressures from protesters, provinces

Democracy protests in four Nepali cities

Race plays subtle role in Scrushy trial

U.N. Official Calls U.S. 'Ungainly Giant'

Police: Church sex abuse case may involve 24 children

Where are U.S. sanctions on Syria heading? Congressmn says Mil action near

N.Y. Audit: Sex Offenders Getting Viagra

U.N. Official Calls U.S. 'Ungainly Giant'

British Army Colonel Faces War Crimes Inquiry After Iraqi's Death

Leaving the Army not an easy decision, but it's an increasingly common one

(NY) State calls for clamp on Viagra supply to sex offenders

Germany Arrests Suspected al-Qaida Link (another #3?)

Vatican Says Mexican Priest Will Not Face Abuse Trial

In New Job, Diplomacy Displaces Saber-Rattling -WP (Crouch,/NKorea)

NYT: New Public Editor Looks at 'Downing Street Memo' Coverage

Qaeda in Iraq says kills U.S. pilot - Web statement (Reuters)

Blair Faces US Probe Over Secret Iraq Invasion Plan

WP - Tillman's Parents Are Critical Of Army

Union workers picket resort (HI)

1,500 Demand Media Freedom--Moscow Times

Protesters Mob Laura Bush in Jerusalem

U.S. soldier killed by car bomb in Iraq

LAT: Dozens Have Alleged Koran's Mishandling(dogs, urination, obscenities)

States Target Property Taxes as Home Prices Zoom

Analyst spells out flaws in Iraq plan

Soldier Pleads Guilty in Beating Death of Afghan Prisoner; Gets 3 months

AP: U.S. troops unaffected by Uzbek unrest

Missing Florida girl found buried alive in landfill

Arabia shows support for globalisation, says Albright

Schroeder Calls for Early Elections

Top bosses (CEOs) get 21% raise (in IA)

Link to Lobbyist Brings Scrutiny to G.O.P. Figure (Abramoff and Norquist)

Cannabis smokers 'at risk of brittle bone disease' (Independent)

An Iraqi Police Officer's Death, a Soldier's Varying Accounts (Must Read)

SPD abgewählt, CDU triumphiert

Psychiatric Association Calls for Gay Marriage Recognition

US keeps its head down as Europe agonizes over constitution.

US military to build four giant new bases in Iraq

Illegals bolster Social Security (Contribute $6.5 - 7 Billion a Year)

U.S. and Iraqi troops launch offensive in Abu Ghraib district

US Military to Build Four Giant Bases in Iraq (Redeployment)

U.S. Coalition, Afghans Kill 12 Insurgents

WP: Newsweek Curbs Unnamed Sources: Koran Story Led to Rule Change

Spectre of Extinction: India Vulture Population Crashes (Culprit Found)

Bush Keeps Role in Senate Fray Out of Sight, Not Mind ("driven from top")

Karzai Demands Justice for Prisoners Abused by Americans (Sun. shows)

Strike Brings BBC to Standstill

NYT: Trial for Governor's Seat Set to Start in Washington(Rossi, Gregoire)

Chavez to Reconsider Diplomatic Ties With US if Cuban Exile Is Not Extradi

Review sought in inmate's death (Another Taser Death)

Chavez: Venezuela interested in nuclear technology

Apparent murder-suicide leaves Fort Bragg soldier dead

Newsweek: A Troubled Hunt (Osama may never be caught)

Desertion huge problem for US in Iraq war

Laura Bush Faces Protesters in Jerusalem

Big bucks beckon Galloway

Beatty Won't Rule Out Run for Calif. Gov.

Vatican, China May Re-Establish Diplomatic Ties, IHT Says

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

WP: Putting the Brakes on Wal-Mart (Chicago, NY, LA -- now D.C.?)

Marine Corps recruitment sluggish

New York Comptroller: Sex Offenders Have Been Getting Viagra Paid by Medic

US congressmen: Israel first in US Mideast policy

Tillman's family critical of Army, 'lies'

Iran, Spain sign tourism cooperation deal

WHO report charts disturbing changes in avian flu virus, urges preparation

I'm cooking up myself a nice hamburger. Mmmm.

I apologize for my apology!


Capsule Review: Roger Vadim's Les Liaisons Dangereuses (1959)


"I...ain't got nobody..."

Do we have a DU crush thread?

Waxing the car is "Hard work"

So I drank six or seven beers on an empty stomach, then took a shot

Something spilled in my fridge, and smells. Should I:

Placebo I found a Pink shirt for you ;)

i need more votes.

When you're making out...or more

I'm drunk and in love.

Blog television.. some interesting videos

elshiva - are you still online?

I keep stumbling over this "nopity" smily. Please somebody

Tom Jones - green, green grass of home

Will Forte imitating Zell Miller on Saturday Night Live

two more votes, please

OK, now I know I'm drunk

Before and After Makeup

Last post tonite...thank you to all who voted

13 minutes may have been a touch too long.

Fate Poll. Tell me my future.

caption this photo

I just got back from seeing Star Wars Episode III, and...

Somebody's got gas!

Battle Of The Bonehead Hunks: Barbarino vs. Kelso!

Spoof video: Royal Dragoon Guards. (Too funny.)

Which has the lowest IQ?

What is your favorite comedy show starring Jennifer Anniston?

My son loves MXC. (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) on SpikeTV

Tech question: Where can I find fast, anonymous proxies?

Celebrity peddlers of the past, so what did they peddle? Teehehehehehe...

Anti-War (a.k.a. Pro-Peace) slogans

Question about Episode III: ROTS (MAJOR SPOILER WARNING!!)

Ladies: How many colors of panties do you have?

Boom Shaka Laka Laka Boom Shaka Laka Laka

Good gracious--look what's on sale at Kohl's!!!

More annoying, Paul Giamatti or Chris Elliott?

I've always said you can buy anything on Ebay...

Has anyone else seen this email forward (possibly RW inspired)?

is God mean? get out the garlic

Can you do this?

What's your favourite kind of soda-pop currently on the market??

So whats for breakfast/brunch?

Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Tourettes' Chef!

anyone want a rhyming quatrain? post a line and I'll run with it

Another idiotic prediction from "Wideload" Matthews.

I just came back from Church, and I'm SOOOO happy! Ask me anything!

Houdini babe takes toy initiative

My kids like the B*sh anamation on the top.

Bernie Ward is great!

Awake Person Check-in. 23:21 Pacific Time.

GREAT SHOW.. listen streaming now! BRADSHOW ...

That Sucks

Anybody here going to see Toto in NYC tonight?

Meniere's disease.... just learn to live with it???

Stargate fans: ever seen that commercial?

Fourth Consecutive day Ive been up at 5

Pamela Anderson or the thing on the wing in Shatner's Twilight Zone

I'm green with jealously this morning.

China outlaws 'naked sushi' meals

"Only a Sith deals in absolutes"

just had a mini-panic attack re: Daddy the Cat

Damn that was some party last night!

How is William Rivers Pitt doing?

DU Group proposal: Democratic PNAC support group

Anybody Going To Be In DC Memorial Day Weekend?

Sean Penn is blowing me away in "The Assasination of Richard Nixon"

Republican lawyer/judge wannabe/cokehead

Who the hell is Greer Childers???? For some reason everytime

Whoa!!! My IPod just froze up for no reason. Anyone got a clue?

Jeremy Bentham's pickled head (the 2nd one between his legs)(big img file)

If you are more intelligent or compassionate than GWB say so here!

What is the difference between a political blog and DU?

Do you know what's the best thing about being a Liberal?

Ok, I just watched Episode 6, why the hell did Vader die?

Last night's logorrhea appears to have garnered little support.

Jokie Roberts spoke at a graduation i was at today

Man, it's hard to type with a cat on your lap

I went to a Roller Derby last night. Ask me anything!

Did anyone else try the government's diet pyramid?

Help! My favorite life-form is dying!

Anyone see the movie (documentary) "Dig!"

Whoopie Goldberg on AAR right now....

Is this a little pathetic, or am I a cynic?

Everybody into the pool!

The Emperor and Darth Vader

Everybody who has seen the show "Wonder Showzen", check into this thread.

I miss this Emperor...

rainwater comes into our basement from underground -- help

Do you go suntanning? If so, what method do you use?


I have a deep, dark confession to make.

Sox take 5-2 lead over Braves.

How far out of Portland, OR can one find cheap land for farming...I'd like

Royals lead Cards 8-2!

The Mets-Yanks Game was great from behind home plate!

Bumper sticker to go with the Jesus on trailer hitch

Puke! I reek of cheap, shitty cigarettes.

My new favorite song!

I just made dessert, would someone like to join me?

Anacondas have teeth.. and will use them.. ( squeamish)

Why Do They Hate Laura Bush? Why Do They Hate Freedom?

I watched Godfather I and II this weekend. Coppola needs a new editor.

Johns Hopkins Blue Jays are kicking ass. eom

I bought the Star Wars DVD Trivial Pursuit

Highly recommend Trader Joe's Tempura Shrimp.

"Yes maaaaster"

Star Wars is set to make $158 million this weekend

I just got my Mandrake 10.1 beta to print to my Lexmark Z600 again,

If you are addicted to DU and need help, please check in.

Boy Rescued After Climbing in Toy Machine

Hillarious Parody Trailer: Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope

I'm watching the Hindenburg on the History Channel, and they had a musical

The Dubya Puppet:


The FBI is here in my house!

Is it ethical to pay somebody else to do a dangerous job?

Seriously - it pays to complain

Is it ethical to kill Rabrrrrrr to end copycat threads?

96 Tears (? & The Mysterians)

Star Wars Allegory Question

I am developing a comic strip.

Is it ethical to kill yourself to avoid paying the worker guy?

Bowling is NOT boring...(pictures to prove it)

I'm developing a filmstrip.

Listening to Kate Bush. Don't ask me anything, want peace and quiet.

Before you get up to go to the loo, read this cool article!

What's your favorite old picture?

Bowling - Is it America's new hobby?

A silly Rant about "when I dye my pants"

It is 97 degrees outside, and my uncle is out watering his garden...

Princess Leia or her Mom?

Mary Kay Letourneau Wedding Skipped by Queen

Stuck at 245 lbs.

To be honest

Is it ethical to kill a worker guy to avoid paying him?

I'm stripping a comic and a developer

So I tried out this highly rated tanning creme...

Where's for dinner.

The best greeting cards ever devised...

Do you like my new sig pic?

What's the best thing a teacher ever did for you?

I just ran into a childhood friend I hadn't seen in ages.

I thought my cold unfeeling ass could never feel love...

OKAY! Who forgot to turn off the oven

Most asinine "Star Wars" merchandising you've seen so far?

Another Hypothetical Question:

It's nice and cool here in Wisconsin...

Awesome sand art!

Tonight's 60 Minutes: Mostly pop fluff, or criminal low life stories?

Are there ANY car commercials that aren't ridiculously stupid?

I'm craving the King Ranch casserole from Whole Foods.

Would Rabrrrrrr be the same if he were only Rabrrrr?

The Revolutionary People's Committee Against Imperialist

The Fat Budgie: by John Lennon


Laura Bush wants us to "committ" and reject "hatered". Sigh.

OK Starwars Fanatics: How Lightsabres Work:

What's for dinner?

Wow, Miranda July won Best Film by a First Time Director

I've only been on DU for a year

One-note guitar feedback solos


Poltergeist is on right now the Sci-Fi channel .

Best Alternative to the IPOD?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: HELP ME Find The Old DU Website and Archives

What is the nature of this smiley?

Stupid Idiot Neocon watercarrying Thomas Freidman's new Book

Has anybody ordered the unaltered Star Wars DVDs off ebay?

Anybody want a delicious fruit?

Be sure to catch "Laura's" other tour stops

Ten years ago I walked this street, my dreams were riding tall

Question for Star Wars fans:

Condi Rice is really Alfred E Neuman of MAD fame

What is it with the Forces of Darkness

Ever have someone creep you out?

WTF? Episode II is not worthy of being in the slot of Family Guy...

Can someone give me the link to the long pics thread of Star Wars Spoilers

Woo -1 San Francisco Cocksucka 0!

John Williams or Danny Elfman?

I finally lost my star. Sad.

Sooooo check this

A non Star Wars post

Cannabis smokers 'at risk of broken bong disease'

Are you a weekday or weekend person?

A Caligula and W. thread ..........

The Life Aquatic

If you lead a cow upstairs...

Stump Darth Vader

oh! I just "lost" two cats....

Who would you like to see compete on American Idol?

I have 2 fortune cookies , should I read them to the lounge?

Best Alternative to the IPOD?

Mmmm! Goddamn, Jimmie! This is some serious gourmet shit!

Hayden Christensen can't act.....

I'm truly dreading going to work in the morning. 8am staff meeting.

I just had a moment of perfect kitty happiness

some jackass is riding up and down the street on a mofo minibike

I want to run a Google experiment, and I need some fast help.

What ain't no country I eva heard of...

Living in tropics I need good sunglasses. Your favorites?

Don't be tellin' me about foot massages - I'm the foot fuckin' master.

How do you post pics that show up when you post?

Who will win the Western Conf. Finals?

Who will win the Eastern Conference Finals?

Is this Emperor Palpatine's wife?

My post count seems to be stuck. Does this happen to anyone else?

do you know whar I absolutely HATE?

could this be the sign of a cosmic event

I got my uncle's books today.

To all you Anakin/Darth Vader lovers out there...

The next Bush Mideast peace trip: Jenna, a key of weed, and lots of porn.

goddamn my crappy memory

Have you ever met a clinically diagnosed Kleptomaniac?

To "us guys" You know who you are.

Name the kitties

How many songs are in your mp3 player/iPod?

Electronically Inclined Persons, Help!

Beautiful video of Hundreds of buglers honoring veterans

Just when you thought that Bush couldn't look like more of an idiot...

What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

Microsoft gets owned at E3

I haven't watched any television for about three months,

Okay, what the bleep is wrong with my Firefox now?

Who doesn't want to talk dirty?

Does this man look sane to you?

Who wants to talk dirty?

It's been awhile. What are you wearing?

Swiffer wetjet issues...please help!

Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.

Favorite song that no one has ever heard

Hey everyone! Let's not feel so down! Let's all sing along!

Why haven't your children signed up for the Presidential Prayer Team?

What's the dumbest dream you've ever had?

Would you rather get locked out of your hotel room with nothing on but

Lest we forget: The "Star Wars Holiday Special."

A month's work down the drain

so who would win a fight between Count Dooku and Sauroman?

DU needs some merit badges:

Just "Galloway-ed" a music message board

So, how many times have you seen "Revenge of the Sith" so far?

our neighbor is an @$$*^!!

Deadwood Season Finale

Is there any hope?

Another MP3-related post: How many songs do you have on your harddrive?

I have only one word to describe the new Star Wars movie...

Manchetser United is now owned by an American Malcolm Glazer

Suggestion for a DU group

we overcame our differences by sleeping together

Anyone here a Romaphile?

Why aren't there any angels named Matilda or Roxanne?

TV alert-Cold Case-The serial killer/hunter returns-SPOILER

I saw Episode III this morning

For my 4,000th post, I ask the question: gas $ vs driving habits

What was the first Beatles Song

Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity? If so, who ?

Have you ever met a clinically diagnosed schizophrenic?

What county do you live in, and how liberal is it?

Found out recently than an ex fiance has become a neocon! Ewwwww!

Wanna see some paintings and drawings of mine?

How does one deal with a lack of external encouragement in their life?

Just saw REVENGE OF THE SITH this afternoon

My living will is as follows

May Photo Contest. LIGHT AND SHADOW, Finals - Please Vote

Episode II is worse than I remember.

most underrated album from 1965-1970

"Condoms don't protect your mind."

I think my birch tree's dead

Let's talk about punk music, shall we?

Lines written in a fit of patriotic fervor (WARNING: amateur poetry)

PETA article in the Virginian-Pilot......5/22/05

Does anyone grow their own sprouts?

Happy 25th Anniversary *link* PETA !

Creation Museum Sparks Evolution Debate

When the President Talks to & lyrics

Want respect ? We muslims must lead by example...

Laser could rival energy from sun's center

Anti-Gay Texas Marriage Amendment Passes Senate

FDA to ban gay sperm donors

Kraft foods and the Gay Games

Hey! I have an idea for a fitness/weight loss website for gays & lesbians

Remember Buster? David Dunn, Chief of Staff to the U.S. Sec of Education

On a possitive note...

Slow down... Gay marriage was used as a case against WHAT!?

No first pitch at Fenway for Afghan president

Bobby Bowden Plans On Converting His Players To Christianity

Steinbrenner rocks but the Yankees suck

Here's a picture of my snakelet, Sheikh Yerbouti

my late kitty

Cockatiel bent feather

any other "cuspers" out there?

How does one deal with a lack of external encouragement in their life?

I don't feel at home in GD. Does anybody else feel this way?

Developing- Rawstory-Tillman's parents angry about lies!!

Grad Pics!

Hi--I'm back

Cool canoeing pic

Some recent photos I've taken......

The Final stage of the May contest is now up in the Lounge

For the "inland people" -- breaking waves

Sunday talk shows

A good read - "I'm Not The Only One", by George Galloway MP

Secret UK troops plan for Afghan crisis

Howard Dean misspeaks, hold on to your hats, here we go

I Wish Howard Dean would Slug Tim Russert.

Bush's old lady gets heckled

"i voted bush because i could have been an abortion!"

WP: Contracting Rush For Security Led To Waste, Abuse

Anyone notice that

Starwars inspired a pretty bad dream last night...

The Constitution on Trial


Gorgeous George batters Bush’s beautiful fairy tale

Oh no we sent Lieberman to defend us

"The democratic underground is alive with the transcript ":

Letter re- "nuclear option"

Will anyone post video of Dean on MTP?

Welcome to Karl Rove's FantasyLand: A Real Vacation From Reality

Laura, you are no Hillary. You are no Eleanor, & you are no Nancy.

James Watt says Christians must protect the environment

A Global Good Neighbor Ethic for International Relations

esteemed writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Fidel, and Clinton

Pickles in Israel as Freedom Marches On: "what an emotional place this is"

Plan Now -- Sept 24th MASS MARCH IN DC - Endorse Anti-war

"This is the fight for the soul of America." Howard rocks!

Ohio coingate widens to include dealer in Colorado - oh my

Three Romanian journalist hostages were just released

Dan Rather Will Be On Larry King This Thursday (5-26-05)

FDR's national political strategy coalition forged in 1993???

The future after the filibuster...

Ben Nelson To Vote FOR Bolton & Against Stem Cell Research!

Quick...Where is the... Please sign emergency petition to save our courts

Can Someone explain this to me? And sign petition!

The realities of what a southern strategy represents.....

Du'rs It's time for action.

Impeachable evidence # 28 Ken Lay writing to Gov * and telling

Protesters meet Laura Bush at Jerusalem sites (Hecklers!)

We can't impeach the war chimp, so lets just forget all the lies?

Democrats should appeal to all Americans and not just Democrats...

Do Republican believe that all filibusters are unconstitutional?

Why "they" send Commandeer Cuckoo Bananas out for Bike Rides

CATO Institute shill chastises Democrats for changing stance on SS.

Without his Catholic worshippers, Blair wouldn't have had a prayer

Remember this? I certainly do and I'm pissed all over again!

Howard Dean: Bernie Sanders is a liberal Democrat

Crazy letter in my local paper!

Dean's discussion with Russert today: Dean said, if I heard him

Read further into this article for "The Bolton Angle"....

War crimes prosecution at the Hague: How likely?

request for info- how to find donors

Imagine W getting approached by a guy wearing a sock puppet -

Jerry Springer on the Radio...

Bush's Fight for Human's Rights in Uzbekistan; The human was Ken Lay

Carlos Watson just floated John Cornyn/Orrin Hatch as Supreme Court picks

the mother of all smoking guns

Remember Cat-Killer And HCA?

Og Boy, They're Playing Up That Laura Was In Some Kind Of Danger

...and another thing...

Can someone explain what "blocked in committee" means

Are you watching the next president on CNN 1:26 ET ?? Clark Rocks/ n/t

Wes Clark on CNN's Late Edition w/Wolf Blitzer for 1 PMish interview

What Kind Of Guy Exposes His Wife To This Much Danger?

What Would You Say If You Got Through To Brian On RW Friday On C-Span?

Howard Dean ~ "Take Back America" ~

FACE THE NATION - Bob Schieffer just said NEWSWEEK Koran story false...

I wrote my Republican representative a letter

What do you call it when....?

Where is the hub of draft clark 08? web source that is.

Does a federal grand jury have the power to indict a sitting pResident?

You won't believe this... I almost fainted!!

Freepers On Their Best Behaviour...

Letters to my local paper on Newsweek....

Was Laura Bush's little brush in Jerusalem a signal from Chimpy?

Full Video Of Dean On 'Meet the Press'


The top 10 most popular Democratic Governors are:

Proposed Compromise on Janice Brown nomination

I just had an epiphany--Dick Cheney is like the Tin-Man; nt

Dean on MTP just brought up Bolton and cooked intelligence

Could the UN get involved if the nuclear option passes?

Could George Bush become the only president to get all his judges ....

Howard Dean on Meet the Press/Video

Why didn't Howard Dean punch Tim Russert in the interview?

Money washes ashore, not jobs (Chicago Trib)

Is there any kind of filibuster deal that would be acceptable?

Laura Flanders on now - eyewitness to Koran (Qu'ran) desecration


Ok, stop the Dean Clark Covert Attacks and just Friggin Vote!

Just got an Email from MoveOn PAC....PLEASE sign the petition.

I'm diggin' Dean on MTP

Do you agree/disagree with this statement Dr. Dean made re: abortion?

Brian Schweitzer is really a class act, check out this photo

What would your advise be to a woman in the last trimester?

In the Belly of the Beast by Scott Ritter about Galloway

If the Koran was desecrated as eyewitnesses have stated now.

What is best way to appeal to senses of moderate Repubs?

Were you ever politically innocent?

MTP Video Archive: Kerry vs. The Russert 1/30/05

I Have decided who our next nominee for President will be.

How to End the War by Naomi Klein (5/5/05)

Look out folks - They KNOW they will never lose power again

New Product on Cafe Press, photo

Wes Clark's speech today to the ACLU

I was disappointed with Dean on "Meet the Press"

So my husband is thinking of running for sheriff...southerners especially

Neo-Victorian America? An interesting perspective on current events...

Folks should know - "Christian" right of old fought the constitution...

My LTTE "Don't blame Newsweek"

Galloway Senate testimony PDF goes AWOL: Evidence 'missing' from Committee

If "moderates" reach a compromise where only 4 judges are confirmed...

I just watched Pickles speech on CSPAN

Attn: Dean Bashers and Those Disappointed in No Mention of THE MEMO (long)

Why didn't Dean mention the memo on Meet The Press?

Chomsky: the national state and the transnational corporations

Harry S. Truman 1948 Campaign Speech (Give Them Hell!)

So who else threw up when they saw the NYT Magazine?

Freepers in line for Stars Wars movie get their butts kicked

PLEASE sign MoveOn's petition re nuclear option!!!

A reminder as to why Frist is giving the Bushies a rim job

Religious Bigotry Sucks

What Did Dean Say About the UK Memo on Meet the Press????

Galloway in DC: "I haven't seen such mass destruction since John Dean"

We need to replace "Republican Moderates" with Democrats


Here is a never mentioned choice for President 2008