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Archives: May 21, 2005

Playing with Fire

Imagine being twisted and corrupted...

DU is 5 members away from 70,000 members

DU about to hit 70,000 members! Cool!

Fundie bank robber: "take off your clothes and give me some money"

Former Pastor, Deputy Implicated In Church Child/Animal Sex Abuse

I met Madeline Albright Yesterday - Magnificent Lady

Jones sails a contrarian course, scolds Bush, bucks GOP leaders

Religious nut-jobs have taken over my Air America Station

Photos of Saddam are disgraceful!

Get Used to It: Shrub, Jockey-briefs

A Heads up, Bill Moyers on FSTV (free speech TV, Dish Ch 9415)

Know your BFEE: R. James Woolsey, Turd of War

Strom Thurmond's Biracial Daughter Tours South Carolina Statehouse

Arizona Governor Vetoes Two Immigration Bills

US Officer Jailed for Iraq Looting

(Soldiers) Families angry at deaths in Andes (blizzard) (The Guardian)

Republicans Threaten to Starve UN of Funds

Schwarzenegger Begins Fundraising Journey

Confidence on Iraq Success Falls in U.S.

Journalist's sentence draws fire - CN

US' China policy a `total failure': Pelosi

Zarqawi poised to revitalize al-Qaida

Cancer Patients Take Their Hopes to Tijuana

New indictment revises conspiracy charge in phone jamming case

Are you receiving me?

sctv is on tv land--YES!

So, Bushie Boy is worried that Stem Cell Research would lead to cloning.

All I wanted was to love you.

The Phoenix Suns are going to the Western Conference finals

Slogan: Support Our Troops - Enlist

I'm listening to "White Wedding" for the first time in years.

OK, can someone explain this Psychic website to me?

I pity da foo. I pity da foo.

Set My People Free!!!! Joe Cartoon!!! Joe Cartoon!!!

Help needed for my older cat.

Friday Night Free Association Thread

Call this my nosy night. Anyone ever made a small pond?


Cats in the bathroom. How's a girl to cope?

What to do about people who break the traffic laws.

The Democrats' new anthem should be....

Try this website out.

Best Dennis Miller comeuppance?

Thirty-Four Years Old, And My Life Is Shit

Why do I love Satan?

My SO puts the toilet seat down

I predict DU will have no choice but to create a "More Cowbell Group"

SW Death Star Questions (possble spoilers)

Do you have a DU crush?

Help needed for my older cat

New Vasoline ad features Saddam and others

Richie Havens will now dedicate a song to George W Bush....

Rights group take on religious extremists

Good info on Uzbekistan, Galloway, Gitmo, plus some giggles.

Remember: Any law that violates our Constitution is ILLEGAL...

"Hall of Mirrors" (Laura Rozen on the Larry Franklin case so far)

Uzbekistan rejects UN inquiry into killing of civilians

Church Teacher at Center of Senate Fight

Galloway Senate testimony PDF goes AWOL

Iran Policy Committee: Pentagon mouthpiece, Israeli ally, MEK supporter

The economy booms, the trees vanish

Bush unveils plans for US colonial office

Letter to a Friend in Need: The Democratic Party

Scientific American is at it again!

Right wing shill at LA Times writes in praise of MONARCHY

Darth Vader's Family Values - New York Times

The Heart of Learning: Mike Pritchard

This is what we are up against

Open letter to CNN's Christopher Crommett from Venezuela

Dictated medicine by the Health Insurance Industry

Richard Ingrams (London Observer): George and the Dragon

Financing Terror

Seymour Hersh: The unknown unknowns of the Abu Ghraib scandal

More Manly Galloways, Fewer Slimy Colemans

In the belly of the beast/ Scott Ritter

Father First, Senator Second

Wayne Madsen/Galloway tongue-lashes Coleman

Nuke it!

W's Sister and Brother-In-Law: Iraq Oil Kickbacks

Fox News: Star Wars Saga Reflects Political Ideals

Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows

Netscape's perpetuating the Monica Lewinsky "I voted Repub because"


Too many airlines? Too many flights?

Progress History?: REAL keys that upped std living

X-Post: Jared Diamond talk on environmental "collapse"

I posted this in the Texas forum, but

Plight of tiny fairy shrimp is a symbol of crisis

One Week Before MemorialDay, 5 Iowa Parks Have High Fecal Colifirm Counts

Australian PM Admits Global Warming Exists, But Won't Sign Climate Treaty

It Only Looks Pristine - Arctic Snow Awash In POPs, Other Toxins

Entire Tiger Refuge Wiped Out: Indian Govt. Appoints Task Force

Biodiversity Decline "Alarming" According To Global UN Report

Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows

My 8 month old nephew died last week.

Galloway transcript absent from Homeland Security website

Abbas to ask Bush for clarifications on peace plan

Hamas official: Group may quit truce over election dispute

Peres, Qureia meet in attempt to get peace process back on track

Moussa promotes Saudi initiative

Cellphone use in flight, a study of sorts

Still think 911 wasn't a conspiracy? Put this in your pipe and smoke it

Psychohistory of Bush and 9/11

Georgia SOS Office Says Lawsuit Only Way to Get Voter Data from 2004

Wash. election challenge puts politics on trial (Interesting week ahead!)

Kick Brad

I Don't Like Tuesdays

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday 5/21/05

Elizabeth Edwards: Has anybody heard how she is

explain it this way

Exposing the Myths: One by One

urgent help--Sequoia AVC Edge vs the Advantage

Just an idea to be blown out of the water, probably.....

Why are Dems so much more concerned about 2004 election fraud than Repubs?

new flash video "fuzzy math" mentions stolen election

"If you're worried about honesty in computers, don't get in an airplane"

OMG! Mitofsky invented reluctant Bush responder scam for Bush Sr. in '92!

Beatty says governor needs to work on his body politic

Did LA use a different ballot marking system for this mayoral election

Brian Melendez elected state DFL chair

Tim Breaks The Pledge, Announces Tax Hike picks up Bachmann's trash

Gasoline pissing you off to no end? Cheaper prices here!

St. Paul mayor's race? What is the latest? nt

Want a calendar that doesn't have to be connected to internet when I want

My start bar that is usually at the bottom of the screen is now on the

how do i reset my home page?? Msn hijacked it and i cant get rid of it or

Saints of Mischief at the Canyon of the Twisted Fork:

Erin Brockovich coming to Midlothian

wisconsin and Gard vs. SpongeBob

Negroponte "Flips Off" the Senate on Bolton Material

A Texas Lawyer speaks out on Priscilla Owen

What is the total percent of the US population working in government?

I can't seem to log on to AirAmericaPlace

Galloway Oil Claims 'Based on Forgery' - Photos of document

JUst when did filabuster become the "F" word?

PART ONE: Newsman Steve Wilson: Bulldog or bulldozer?

After the verdicts are handed down in

Has anyone realised that what we are all looking for are moderates?

Does anyone have a link...

Why don't more of our politicians do stuff like this?

I want to really encourage you to donate to DU this quarter.

Box Office Woes

Lucas hopes Star Wars final epic will wake up US to democracy in peril

Could this be some dirt on Frist?

SWIII Sith destroys one day record with over $50 million

Did Sen. Specter issue an ultimatum to Sen. Frist today?

The greatest Star Wars Slam at Bush: (SPOILER)

Well we're finally catching up to the Pigs

Billy Graham IS a proud Democrat

How will we feel when other countries can cure Alzheimer's and we can't?

how in the fuck is laura bush supposed to improve our image overseas?

Did Rupert Murdoch print Saddam's pictures in his papers

Spin and Fear - new toons (5/21)

"America & the World are Safer with Saddam behind bars" yeah right


The NYT today has the president quoted as saying.....

Baghdad Burning blog: USA v. Islam

Pickles does Iraq - a DU bedtime story.

I now understand why every empire has perished

Dear Leader's Daily Thought

Did Israel Assassinate Brad Doucette?

US freezes hopes for global warming agreement

Did George Bush have anything to do with release of Saddam pictures?

Anti-biotech Professor Who Sued UC Berkeley Finally Gets Tenure!! !!

Bush On Bushco? Th Neocons Perhaps?

It will be interesting to see if whatshisface on Washington

Is Jerry Springer's gig done? I have

Help me make a point: Discussion on SH pics in his underwear

This might help MSM with Downing MEMO coverage (GRAPHIC)

US Faces Questions over 'Kidnappings' in Europe

Bush to dine with porn star (so not kidding), and she'll be meeting with

Wal-Mart Shows Who Owns Our Government

NeoNaziCons - Call them what they are!

Eat More than Michael Moore

Since when does Pickles care about womens rights?

Sick Rantorum

Worker power in the coming years (a note for workers and unions)

Bush meets with Ghost of Thurmond Past to end fillibuster.

"I'm a uniter, not a divider"

In the bible does it say that sex is just to make a baby

The thrill of war is gone, and Saddam pics won't bring it back.

Pentagon Caught In Fib about Koran-gate - Yahoo Rate This

help me out with Pickles

Rare investment politically costly

Stupid Question: What does the MP stand for infront of Galloways name?

What's Wrong with Michael Moore?- An original essay

Dobson Fires Back at Salazar (RMN)

DU we have a group that is appropos for tracking TaliBornAgin orgs?

White House wants FBI to be able to track mail -NYT

Iran Policy Committee: Pentagon mouthpiece, Israeli ally, MEK supporter

why cant GM compete with companies with subsidized

Saddam pics won't bring back the thrill of war.

Corrected Headline of Day: Bush Administration Blows Up and Sinks America

Anyone have an mp3 of "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn?

does anyone want a star

What are the chimps* poll numbers now?

On this day in 1981: May 21, US returns to full scale WMD production . . .

Inmate's Liver Donation Request Rejected

Polls question

The Top 10 filibuster falsehoods from Media Matters

The Forgotten War; US deaths higher each year than previous years.

Can someone post a link to the Galloway video?

Bush Spawns Militaristic Monster

CIA had advance warning of airline bombing linked to Posada

Phony doctor and unlicensed cosmetologist sentenced to prison

Let's not forget why the minority is given special power in the Senate

Porn Star To Dine With George Bush!

The Stark Defect: A Case Study in Ideological Attacks on Science

So just why would ANY veteran support Bush???

Anyone catch the evangelicalism that was passed off as news...

W Stopping Stem Cell Research is like Stopping Dr. Salk's Vaccine

Is the Declaration Of Independence a message to modern Americans?

Bush is NOT the President

Do apologies suck?

Vets/Active Duty troops! PLEASE READ!

New Rendition story released and told in Washington Post! CIA in hoods!

When these thugs turn on us who in the World is going to care.

Want to bet we'll see Dr. Phil in politics in the near future?

FOX News - False Prophet, False god, Antichrist

dupe - delete pls

George Bush - Nice Guy? or the Devil's Spawn?

"WAKE UP AMERICA! Unite to fight! Minutemen Training Camp in Vegas"

The Family Released a Statement . . .

Credit card companies are acting with Congress' ok to defraud public!!!!!!

Too dangerous for Unocal Karzai to throw out first pitch at Fenway Park

Iraq war news coverage

Two God people showed up at my door this morning.

The Militias. How do they square with this regime and US, the Dems?

Nativism on FR (Election of hispanic mayor in LA)

Afghan Prez won't get "his wish" to throw out first pitch for Red Sox

The Cowardly Conservatives

Does the United States owe the World an Apology.

Does anyone ever feel like a Canadian trapped inside an American's body??

Our Rabbi defended the Filibuster at Services this morning

Hispanos Unidos to protest Schwarzenegger today in San Diego

Laura Bush: "A SPRINGTIME OF HOPE is dawning on the Middle East"

Help! Med. Info needed ASAP - Best friend in ICU w/kidney failure

passengers not know diverted to Banjor. (good story)

Extradite Posada Carriles To Venezuela

Wave Powered Generator to Power Homes

Army Recruitment Standdown Costing Them 1,000 New Recruits Yesterday!

On National Armed Forces Day: The War Prayer, by Mark Twain

FOX News: Dem. Senators against judges "GANG OF 12"

Naomi Wolf on with Bernie Ward now 2:09am EDT) -- stream

Why Societies Collapse: Jared Diamond

Does Bush lie awake at night thinking of ways to divide the people..?

Your Tax Dollars At Work: "COPS", Iraqi Style - Please read it all

Pennsylvania Dem's! Is Santorum beatable?

why a woman wouldn't want sex

Please don't let them be forgotten!

Corporate personhood

Iraqis Lament Call for Help as US Assault Flattens Neighborhoods

Darth Bush and Darth Cheney pictures

Do those who voted for bu$h owe the US and the world an apology?

Today is "Armed Forces Day" Anyone enlisting? LOL

Elizabeth Edwards Posted This Afternoon

Pregnant Teen Grad Defies Ceremony Ban, Police Escort Family from Church

Stand-down day is over. How do I know this?

How could Osama of been so stupid?

Is Laura threatening to kill her husband??

Bush has brought Salvadoran-style death squad tactics to Iraq

So has anyone seen the actual photos of Saddam?

Land of confusion

How much power does chimp really have in this administration?

Who do you think sent the Anthrax right after 9/11?

Please check in if you are a union worker, or manage union workers

They're coming for the vulgar pigboy

Bush CONDEMNS South Korean stem cell research advances

The freepers and the Koran

On NOW last night, Janet LaRue of Concerned Women for

Frist wants to lose.

Galloway testimony will be on again Sunday...

For Bush, Iraq Lies Are Fundamental

RAW RADIO's BRAD SHOW: Editor & Publisher ed. just mentioned 'impeachment'

How is this different that the '60's

AFGHANISTAN IN it's getting VERY drafty.

anybody know when Bill Moyers will be rerun next on CSPAN/CSPAN-2

Holy Water gate

When you are waiting in your car and not going anywhere, do you...

3 separate "white powder in mail" occurances in 2 days?

Still think 911 wasn't a conspiracy? Put this in your pipe and smoke it

Going to see Star Wars today...

Just why did Norm and the Republicans put Galloway in the spotlight?

Stronach's power play electrifies CNN pundits

Try again: Anyone have a great art tour of Italy to recommend?

How distorted of a vision of how America really thinks do I get by ......

Demonize The Poor & Weak While Protecting The Rich & Powerful

did you know there were slaveowners in PA?? I didn't

US communications strategy put to the test with Newsweek and Saddam flaps

Galloway Video-Speaking Truth to Power!

Instead of a deal, suppose 5 Dem Senators vote

thomas l friedman, the flat world

What's going on? The anchorwoman on FAUX doesn't look like a porn star.

Charlie Daniels On Evolution

Senator Kennedy on CNN's Capital Gang


May 21st-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$171,278,760,854

Required reading for bush, his administration and everyone who voted

origin of tern 'afghan' for knitted/crocheted shawl or blanket

Come on just a few more

Thanks Admins for Karel's Link on the Latest Page!

Isn't this interesting?

Self deleted

LA Times ownership?

When should the Rebellion begin?

My co-worker's vehicular malfunction has led to a recall

Was the Sun and the NY Post correct in posting the pictures?

Believe me please

My LTTE to St. Pete Times, and Tampa Trib.

Want to know WHY US troop deaths in Iraq ISN'T 10,000 already? I KNOW why

Downing St. Memo at online Phoenix news site

Laura, who doesn't know anything about anything, is now

Brad Show on Raw Radio-Thread

People actually protest media bias in France...

Do I see 70,000? Woo-hoo. We rock!! n/t

illinois library installing FINGERPRINT scanners

NC DU'er "Supernova" suggest meeting in NC WINE COUNTRY! Yessss!

A Question for the "Big Picture" Thinkers: Should the US Divide Itself?

Task Force recommendations threaten Canadian sovereignty

Could you be in an FBI file?

If you are concerned about nuclear energy resurgence in the US: VOTE

Andy Stephenson on today's Guy James show.


To the person who donated...

"I'm going to restore integrity to the White House"

Republican tactic

Being Bush - To Fail With Impunity

Too harsh?

Now all we need is 46 donations

We all hit the thousand donations goal! Thanks DU!....

stem cell vent

70,000 members, and a fundraiser goal in one night?

Anybody Find Galloway\Coleman On C-Span Lately ??? Cause I Can't !!!

This is too funny....StoreWars video...

Anyone with any familiarity with 'fundamentalists' in a collective sense

A Possible Tactic For Stopping The Republican Nuclear Option Express

Frank Rich of NYTimes Skewers Bushco for Newsweek and more!!!!

Should we eliminate corporate taxes?

Calvin Students Tell Bush: God Is Not a Democrat or Republican

Bush's next commencement speech - US Navel Academy

Need Economic Types to check my logic on this statement:

My sports site has a political board that has moved from right to left....

US blames Sweden for what CIA did. Read that again. More torture.

Has the formatting changed on everyone's board

Official "Guy James Show" thread-7 to 10 pm REAL Liberal radio

Did anyone catch Jeff Sachs on CSPAN this afternoon.

Text of Two Anti-Bush Ads from Calvin College

WTG DUer's!!!!!

Seven more people and we hit 70,000! Party Party Party

US army led by MacArthur, Eisenhower, Patton attack WWI Bonus Army

Do you know what this poll is about?

Just a theory, but is GWB trying to instigate a terror attack?

CSPAN Schedule Sunday May 22

"The 2 Ps"

Is Bush getting ready to attack Iran?

Keep this safe: Stenographic copy of Declaration of Independence

I'm wondering..if the US had a civil war today...

NYT public editor Okrent's curious farewell (Krugman's numbers suspect?)

DUers! URGE CSPAN TO COVER CONYERS FORUM on media bias next Tues!!

Rather than crab about WALMART's low pay let's push for a $8 or $9

Britain faces big chill as ocean current slows

Bill Moyers on CSPAN now (rerun)

My wife gave birth to a bouncing baby girl on May 17th.

Are we in the end game of a coup that nobody noticed?

Our Fathers

Another offer to match donations up to a total of $100.

LOOK AT the 3 y/o daughter of Dilawar: Bu$h tortured and killed her father

Just saw's ad about Frist, Star Wars, and the

"Monsanto Laws" Sweeping the Nation-House Bill 671, Senate Bill 631

Has anyone actually purchased a gun because of the political climate?

Jesus may be a Democrat, But God's a Republican!

NEWS: "Bush gets mixed reception at Christian college"

For the first time I am really worried about what lengths Republicans

The Empire Strikes Bush (Washington Post)

Things really haven't changed in the media over the years.

SUN: Bush probes Saddam's pants, Bush Vows: I will get to the bottom of it

Eternal Recurrence: Porn Stars Have Always Popped over to Visit Shrub

Why do we only get two weeks of vacation in this %#@*! country?

BOOK TV Schedule May 21-23

Some observations on my trip to the US

10 political "what if " questions

How would you solve the problem of creeping theocracy?

In Light Of The Recent Outrages, An Abu Ghraib Photo Essay (Pic Heavy)...

Democratic Party Leaders Owe Voters And Ralph Nader An Apology ....

Why Hillary will be the Democratic nominee in 2008-

Ann Coulter At McCarthy's Grave? WTF?

Should religious display be banned in public?

Europe Closing Shop?

To Stop a War - Welcome SGT Kevin Benderman and his wife Monica to DU!!!

Recipe search

So Where Is Mr. Martin

Anyone have kid friendly suggestions for a day in Montreal?

Layton joins call for probe of vote-buying claims

MP apologizes for use of 'inappropriate' language to describe Japanese

We have Grits and Tories but

The LU - Liberal Underground launches in Canada

Arsenal win the FA CUP

UK: Higher earners ‘to retire at 70’ (possibly)

Analysts expect massive HP layoffs

Jury convicts former airport screener of lying about Air Force

PART ONE: Newsman Steve Wilson: Bulldog or bulldozer?

U.S. throws out $5.5 million British divorce award

Salvadoran minister in talks to plead guilty

SWIII Sith destroys one day record with over $50 million

Dean Says Delay is Corrupt

Package prompts evacuation of N.M. Capitol(Dem Gov Richardson)

Trade wars threaten world recession

Senator Franken?

Shi'as stomp flags in anti-U.S. protest


U.S. Seeking to Speed Up Talks on Kosovo (urged by Holbrooke, Voinovich)

BBC (Saturday): Angry Sunnis shut Baghdad mosques

Bush probes Saddam's pants (SUN--gotta love the headline)

Second former top Taleban official says he will run in Afghan elections

Mary Kay Letourneau Weds Former Student

(News Corp.) Paper Publishes More Photos

Bush praises ties with Afghanistan despite riots (Weekly Radio Address)

New Swedish Documents Illuminate CIA Action

Church Teacher at Center of Senate Fight

Violence in Iraq cripples $21-bln rebuilding effort

Guantánamo Comes to Define U.S. to Muslims

Kaine Camp Decries (Swiftboat consultant) GOP Ad Tying Va. Dem to Tax Rise

Pawlenty proposes 75-cent cigarette 'user fee'

Judge faces discipline for remarks to women (Florida)

Attacks in Afghanistan raise fears of Iraq-like ambushes

Business with Baghdad set to boom

AP: Poll: Most Want Thorough Check of Judges

Karzai urges action against abusive soldiers..USA Today

CIA had advance warning of airline bombing linked to Posada

US first lady calls for women's rights in Mideast

Ex-Ukraine leader seen getting decade in U.S. jail

Officer Is Punished For Taser Incidents

Pakistan has fully secured border with Afghanistan: military commander

Karzai Wants More Control of U.S. Forces (Like that's gonna happen)

High Court Suspends Judge Accused of Bilking His Aunt

Afghan Gangs on Rise

Democrat urges young to oppose Bush plan

Democrat Urges Young to Oppose Bush Plan (Dem's Weekly Radio Address)

U.S. Says Taliban Waning in Afghanistan

Photos of Saddam will inflame anti-U.S. sentiment, analysts say

Phony doctor and unlicensed cosmetologist sentenced to prison

Clarke Gains Support (Kenneth Clarke of Tories)

Texas lawmakers approve bill to compress school year

NYT,pg1: F.D.A. Considers Implant Device for Depression

NAACP Invites Fox to Meeting; Mexican Leader Asked to Explain His Remarks

Medicare Will Revise Guide to New Benefits for 2006--I think

Terror fears drive new U.N. smallpox research rules

WP Sunday: Groups seek to improve image of DeLay, mute... Reid

Translators dying by the dozens in Iraq

Ehrlich vetoes gay rights bill (MD)

Azerbaijanis Demanding Vote Are Beaten (US Ally in "War on Terror" w/oil)

Brazil: Police `accidentally' demolish 100 homes

Illegal immigrants in energy jobs busted

Bomb kills one U.S. soldier, wounds two

Sinn Fein's U.S. Representative Barred

Texas May Get Life Without Parole Option

U.S. Senator Tells Arabs to Focus on Home

OPEC Could Cut Oil Production, Raising Prices

4 Killed As Plane Hits Coney Island Beach

California debates sale of San Quentin prison

Group Probing Religious Intolerance at the Air Force Does Not Meet With Ke

Wolf Brigade the most loved and feared of Iraqi security forces

WP: More Evidence Of Bush Aides' Doubts on Iraq

Police seize 500,000 pirated DVDs (Incl. you know what)

AP: Two North Louisiana Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Tony's cronies cash in

'No-protest zone' sparks suit

British officer could be tried for Iraq 'war crimes': report

Iraqi Sunnis demand dismissal of interior minister

295 contractors, including security personnel killed up to April 30th

Saudi scholars want Islamic court to rule on alleged Quran abuse

Iraq official doubts U.S. involvement in Saddam photos

Sunni groups form political alliance in Iraq

83 Tucson Diocese Properties Auctioned off to Help Pay Sex Abuse Claims

Wolf Brigade the most loved and feared of Iraqi security forces

Saudi scholars want Islamic court to rule on alleged Quran abuse

Egypt blasts suspect dies in custody

Bush Gets Mixed Reception At Christian College

Rocket attack on British troops base in Basra

More Evidence Of Bush Aides' Doubts on Iraq

Schröder government may lurch to left as poll defeat looms

WP: 'New Democrat' Bloc Opposes CAFTA (high-tech Dem support at risk)

Eight members of elite Iraqi force killed; Sunnis form alliance

US communications strategy put to the test with Newsweek and Saddam flaps

Wash. Election Battle Heads for Courtroom

US memo faults Karzai over Afghan heroin-NY Times

Boy rescued after climbing inside toy vending machine

Bomb Explodes in Southern Afghanistan, Killing a US Soldier and Wounding 2

Aristide backers march in Haiti

Lobbyist in Espionage Inquiry Says That He Broke No Laws

Buglers Scarce for Veterans' Funerals

Bush Lauds Progress in Terrorism Fight (This morning's radio address)

Bush tells graduating students that community service is an `American idea

Iraqis high and dry as summer inferno nears

Hoping Good News Holds, (blue) El Paso Prepares for Growth at Fort Bliss

Afghanistan’s Karzai ‘shocked’ by abuse report (16, 700 US

LAT/AP: First Lady Urges Rights for Mideast Women

Aide Asked How to Fire In-Law of O'Malley's

Attacks "delay" Iraq rebuilding.

NYT: Stem Cell Researchers Feel the Pull of the Golden State

Venezuela Oil Minister Says Foreign Oil Firms Owe Billions in Back Taxes,

WP,pg1: On Front Lines Of Asian Battle Against Bird Flu

Site of Watergate burglary up for sale

NYT: Dirty Secret: Coal Plants Could Be Much Cleaner

White House wants FBI to be able to track mail-NYT

Contractor deaths in Iraq prove difficult to track

Kerry Uncle Journalist Alastair Forbes Dies at 87

Texas Senate Approves Proposed Ban on Gay Marriage; Issue Now Goes to Vote

Debate over sex education continues in Ohio(abstinence ed. vs.realism)

Black market organ trade is Baghdad's new growth industry

Taser reports made secret

Dozens of Chilean Conscripts 'Left to Die' in the Snow by Their Officers

On Christian Mission to Top (Evangelicals moving up, incl. to Ivy League)

UN inspector paints bleak picture of Saddam's jail

WP: Sunnis Step Off Political Sidelines

U.S. Memo Faults Afghan Leader on Heroin Fight

Bush Returns From Michigan With New Saddle

WP: Says Who? (shoppers get nutritional advice from food industry)

Bush Lauds Catholic Role in US Freedom (politically-active Prayer Bkfst)

Alarm grows at prospect of French and Dutch no votes

United States cementing alliance with India

Venezuelans Protest to Demand Extradition of Cuban Exile

Moscow doesn't consider Iraq WMD issue closed

Ford plans Explorer shutdowns

American Indians Protest Tribal Ouster

Some Question Need for Calif. Election

'Grandpa Al' Sentenced To Prison For Molesting Girls

Whistle-Blower Suit May Set Course on Iraq Fraud Cases (Custer Battles)

Afghan president 'shocked' by U.S. abuse - report

LAT: Keeping an Eye on the World's Tragedies (new news organization)

U.S. Proposal in the O.A.S. Draws Fire as an Attack on Venezuela -NYT

Defense,Prosecution Play to New 'CSI' Savvy(jurors want forensic evidence)

Abbas to ask Bush for clarifications on peace plan (Reuters)

Daggers fly at CIA as ex-spies uncloak - Motivated by anger or pride

Guardian: Jury anger over threat of torture

More Evidence Of Bush Aides' Doubts on IraqAnalysts Questioned Most Intell

Prosecutors Seek Sealed Limbaugh Records

Accused priest tries to block media coverage

Europeans Urge Tougher Line on Cuba

Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer (I give up)

Army Faltered in Investigating Detainee Abuse -NYT

Blair faces US probe over secret Iraq invasion plan

Russia to Continue Nuke Cooperation With Iran (Russia-Iran Alliance)

Would You Adam 'n' Eve It...Dinosaurs in Eden (In the Bible Belt)

Outspoken Toby Keith shakes up bus side of music industry (He's a Dem??)

Galloway ally sells US arms kit to Iraq

Authorities plan show of force during OAS in South Florida

McConnell defends Iraq invasion at Armed Forces Dinner

Army recruiter in Gainesville is charged with rape

WP: Contracting Rush For Security Led To Waste, Abuse

WP: Commanders Plan Eventual Consolidation of U.S. Bases in Iraq

Secret UK troops plan for Afghan crisis

Taser tied to 'independent' study that backs stun gun (New Info!)

Taser victim dies: Stun gun was used 3 times on suspect

Revealed: health fears over secret study into GM food

Parents Sue School for Banning 'God' Song

Brazil: Lula defends (rainforest logging) policy from environment critics

45 more need to join up to make us 70,000

Ballroom Dancing, Ballet, and Ice Dancing.

Check out this System of a Down Video

Where has Colin Powell's finger been?

Has anybody ever read /Rhinoceros Success/?

My first poll! Are polls cool?

Satan is my motor...

Here's a cloud formation of the Statue of Liberty and SATAN!

DO YOU UNDERSTAND??!! People told me to DRINK a CAT'S ASHES!!

If you were stranded on an island.................


"We'll make you a republican yet"

I'm going to bed.

Pronunciation of LIHOP/MIHOP?

The Seventh Seal: On TCM at 1 am cst

I haven't said much

A late night song to share...

Where is Rev04?

Has anyone seen any of the "Bibleman" episodes?

HILARIOUS spot for "Carl's, Sr."

Will the final 3 Star Wars movies be made?

If the auto is a rockin', don't come a knockin'

oooooooohhhm the madalas are.....moving!!!!!!!!!!

If you missed Homer's CuckooBananas Rant

Star Wars: the model for Yoda

Padding Post Count vs Spamming the Lounge

Tank Game. Log on Multi Player

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the day #62

Why, in this progressive community, do SOME DUers still hold...

What kind of drink do you wish you had right now?

Alright! I'm going out and moon dogs! Don't nobody stop me!

Alright! I'm going out and dog moons! Don't nobody stop me!

Bacon, Sweet Corn and Cheese

Alright. Ok. I'll be a dog gone howling loon if I go out and play

Crying? Eating? Now they go together like PB and chocolate

New band name: The Crying Baby Jesuses

hmmm... sorry ladies but I had to post this one for the boys.

SWIII Sith destroys one day record with over $50 million

I Just Lost an Epic Battle with a Vending Machine

Toddler trapped in toy vending machine. How the heck . . .

I finally at long joyfull last have been able to afford to donate to the

Damn its 4AM...why the hell am I still here talking to you people....

You know what figure popped into my head the first time I saw Skinner??

What can I do about a co-worker who spreads bogus rumors about me?

I found Jesus trapped in a toy vending machine eating bacon and howling

Alright. I'm going to go out and stop dogs. Don't anybody moon me!

saturday 5/21 toons

If you live near New Haven CT,

Whose your favorite girl?

DUers: would it be bad to name IconBaby after a political prisoner?

Bush proves his cowardice and callousness once again.

Friendly passing motorist squashed by flying 1000-pound asphalt chunk

Get Yourself Back

I'm gonna sue AMC theaters! Star Wars blew my eardrums!!!!

What your favorite snackin' cheese?

"What you make it."

Just another "Donate to DU" thread...

Tropical Garden or Snowy Mountain?

Things that make you go "Hmmmm"

I got my star back!

ih8thegop is lying to you - THIS is the only known picture of the DU Admin

Can you guess these brand names?

My stuff from DU just arrived. Ask me anything!

Best online community on the Internets approaches 70,000 members!

I think there should be a computer version of the Darwin Awards.

I got sun poisoning from work!

Do people with IT helpdesk abilities get responses through

What's wrong w/ me RE Marlee Matlin?

Kylie Minogue Cancer Surgery Reported Successful

Air Show....Day Two. The Stealth bomber just buzzed our house!

I'm listening to 'Drum Beats of the Pacific.' Ask me anything.

Is there a DU prize for the 1000th donation? just checking....

Anyone have the newest Microsoft Publisher?

All hail Maddox, as he goes trippin' on "Trippin'".

this is not America ...

It's a beautiful day and I want to go trail running, but I can't drag

I am going to try to get tickets to take my son to the Rolling Stones

Dammit, it's cold and raining, and I wanted to GatorGard my Jeep!

If yer gonna post song lyrics, please put (song lyrics) in the title

Just got Rolling Stones tickets

I'm reading DU-ask me anything

Official Seal of the Republican Party

Forum weirdness

Happy Birthday Mermaid - I baked you a cake!

question about Lennon's "Across the Universe"

Create a better Pledge of Allegience... Add your own ideas.

Does any one else have NO wisdom teeth?

Save the antelope! (video) - hilarious!

Incompetent Legal Counsel?

progmom on the air - make your jazz requests here

I think I'll go out and howl at the moon again! Don't anyone stop

I need an earworm!

I just used the nuclear option!

GOP Racist Laura Ingraham, supports "Minuteman" paramilitaries.

I'm just gonna keep posting here in the Lounge

I found a spare 160GB hard drive, ask me anything!

The day I graduated high school: an anecdote.


i need to go back to bed.

Anyone heard of Wally Pleasant?

Favorite Weird Al song.

poorly chosen parking space: One Man's Treasure, a Fireman's Trash

Any Light Bulb fans here today?

I'm 49,000 posts away from 50,000! Ask me anything.

I went to see Star Wars yesterday... I slept through half of it...

Progmom, JJ, Rev and Bettyellen we forgot the Hawaiian dancing lessons

I just cleared my "hidden thread" and "ignore" lists. Ask me anything.

Faux News: Star Wars Saga Reflects Political Ideals


Software Geeks: Tk/Tcl or Python?

Forty-seven Years Old, and Got Good News This Week

Does Elvira owe DU an apology?


Forty-Seven Years Old, And My Life Is Fantastic!

Are you "Dog People"?

Are there any "Kerry Hawks" here? It was back in May of last

End the Fund Raiser Now

Should I take my christmas wreath off the front door

Calling all Duran Duran fans .

How to spot a LIAR

They never showed 'Castaway' on a plane, did they?

Think I'll go out to Alberta

I have the hangover from hell today. I'd like to offer some advice.

Jesusland (lyrics by Ben Folds)

I want to go to summer camp

Men: How many colours of bras do you have?

My kid has his buddy over to play Gamecube - time to relax

Does Mr. Six freak you out?

110 in the shade in Palm Springs

It is always darkest before

First thunderstorm of the year!

Do You Own A Pink Shirt?

Oh boy! Rainy-day movie-fest!!

Would You Support MY idea of a Draft ? ....

One Hot Lucky Puppy Day In Isaan

Parting is such sweet sorrow. (Kitty pics.)

I decided I needed a new desktop wallpaper. So I made one.

Do you talk to your dog/cat as if they could actually understand you?

SGT Kevin Benderman and his wife are posting on DU in GD now.

Who knows about a great art tour of Italy

What's for dinner?

Hide your Mules if you see this guy's face

What is your favorite DEODORANT in a movie?

Lorien..Ugly kitten post in the Pets Group.

9,079 posts away from 10,000....Ask me anything.

What kind of music do Bush repuplicans listen to?

I really hate it when I'm kept waiting. As if my time isn't valuable?

A tribute - or "whatever happened to?" - non-TSed DUer thread.

Many years ago I went to a weekend "Alfred Hitchcock" movie festival

A. Stevenson

Farewell for now DU. I'm off to a Roller Derby match.

Bikini Calculus

The 50th Eurovision Song Contest

Did Native Americans evolve from Asians that crossed the land bridge?

What do you call a black man flying an airplane?

You know what the lounge really needs?

When you feel alone and empty, what do you do to feel better?

Given how Family Guy season 3 was full length and DVD sales so great...

What will future civilizations think of our 'culture'?

How much would you spend to see Star Wars revenge of the sith?

Death Squads and the Iraqi version of "COPS", courtesy of GWB

Is this true: Billy Graham is a Democrat?

John Kerry and Tim Russert at the Springsteen show last night

Worst idea for ringtones ever?

Favorite Family Guy quote thread!

Anyone else remember when I dropped this stink bomb in the Lounge?

OK Trekkers - Name this Alien

So, I graduate high school today...ask me anything.

I've seen the reich wing media (FOX, ABC, MSN) say SW3 is anti-*...

Cash Cow Karl Marx

Transference: Star Wars Style

Charlie Daniels accuses air and water of being the big lie

My new bumper stickers!

Have you ever had suicidal thoughts? In what situations?

Effing EFFING public transit!

My brother just bludgeoned me in the head with a vacuum cleaner tube.

Caption this! ( * warning)

Show me a man with nipples

Who cares more about you personally? God or Satan?

Reuters: "Bush gets a welcoming sniff from his DOG."


Happy birthday margaritamama!!!

Well, this is a thread that'll piss off Rabrrrrr, darlin'

Found an alien spaceship!

Are you sure you're alive?

let's all get drunk and go naked,

If yer not gonna signal until yer into the turn, WHY FUCKING BOTHER?!

The 'middle wife' ? ?

Did you feel an urge to watch Ep 4 and 6 after seeing Ep3?

critique my sappy song

Take a look at this!

The worst thing about teaching someone about the Dark Side

Well so anyway, like I was saying

Hmm... statutory rape in pop songs....

for a few moments of peaceful escape

Have you found Jesus?


Digital Camera...Recommend one please for $200ish

Wow! Look at this big johnson .......

Who on Air America has the most

Bush is building the Death Star

Dark side vs light side

Anybody else watching " Grillin' & Chillin' Week " on the Food Network ?

I finally got to use the pool today.

I've had the shittiest night.

Does it annoy anyone when people make you

Black Sabbath's "War Pigs," starring Bush, Wolfie, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Frist

Face Farts Really Suck!

Ok I officially love David Sedaris. Wish I could have his child.

Have you found Jesus?

Fave Nickname for The Jeenius!

Who has the winning powerball ticket?!

Okay kids, Bouncy Ball's word of the day is

Come on

Urban, suburban or rural?

I might have a problem

What is your favorite DENOUEMENT in a movie?

Does age difference matter in a relationship?

Movie question (NOT Star Wars-related)

The cuckoos are fighting with each other!

CRAP! One of the cheesiest headlines ever, bad news for Halos fans:

I hate bush.

Where Can I Find The Old DU Website and Archives ???

an extemporaneous poem

You too can have a Palm Pilot

Lazy Saturday post something from your subject line cache

Any Lightning Bolt fans here today?

you make me feel like rhymin'

We just bought a vintage NordicTrak skier

I'm torn on something...

Boy rescued after climbing inside toy vending machine

Countdown to 70,000 registered users

Come to the NC Wine Festival, June 11, 2005

Has anyone here been background/extra in a movie

See the idiot walk...hear the idiot talk

"I can feeeeeeeeeel your ANGER! It gives you FOCUS!

(Blatant attempt at whoring for attention)


I've been up since 5am helping a friend move.

Anyone else watching "Voyage to the Planets and Beyond" on Discovery?

You're a high school student

Does anyone know why Skinner is called Skinner?

What sort of monumental thing should I do to celebrate my 10,000 posts?

Should I send in this resume?

Lost in the chaos, overwhelmed by the confusion....

Le Lounge bores moi

1000 Donations!

Natalie Portman with shaved head

Perplexed: I need the help of my DU peeps. (finding one's passion)

Supposedly, there are 3 words in the English language with no rhyme...

Cool!! We hit our goal early!!!

OK DU.....TOBY KEITH LIVE on CMT. Run don't walk.

Saturday night, the bar is open

My dog eats cats

Is Vin Diesel "over"?

Would you go to this wedding?

The Chancellor is Rove/Cheney...Rove/Cheney is the Chancellor.

New SNL, opening with Chris Matthews

Queensryche Fans: Will Op Mindcrime 2 mention Bush?

Will Install Needless Data On Whole System..

Does elshiva owe DU an apology?

How long ago was "A Long Time Ago"?

come and get your kisses

Good Night to all


Norton Security Alert. Constantly alerted on firewall rule violation


Do you snipe? Do you care?

My resting blood pressure is 124/70, 102BPM. Exercising it's 142/80/74!!

Do Duran Duran fans owe the world an apology?

Pick it, pack it, fire it up, come alooong, and take hits from the booong

Most annoying Bush habit

Name ANY movie that's WORSE than "Tango & Cash."

Once while tripping on acid, I entered a room


Whoa horsey....exciting Preakness

Fourty-Seven Years Old, And Not So Much (My Response In Another Thread)

Caption this! (* warning)

Why do I love Stalin?


What The Hell Has Lindsay Lohan Done To Herself? SNL.

Absolute Grossness

Strange Behavior By My Best Friend's Boyfriend

Another Freeper off their medication

I'm killin threads left and right tonight

Hear Debbie Schlussel makin a bigger fool out of herself on the Stern show

Eurovision ?

A poem for my fellow DUer's Mother who passed away today

Ladies: How many colours of bras do you have?

Albino moose -- check out these photos!

FINALLY Saw It!! - First Rule Of Fight Club? It Sucks ASS

1,000 donations AND 70,000 DUers!

post a single line and i'll give you a rhyming quatrain (see example)

Anyone else going to a baseball game this weekend?

Southeastern DU'er! North Carolina Wine Festival Meetup! Can You Come?

A Strangely Liberating Event

Toby Keith says he's "unfairly portrayed by the media and his critics"

Oh s***: it is that day again. (Eurovision)

Help! My yard is being taken over by bamboo sproutings!

Statutory Rape & Pedophelia In Movies

Found a 1000-watt car stereo amplifier

70,000 poll: We are the finest American political website around.

Stuck at 145 lbs.

Good Lord I'm Bored!

Best IT career until the crash?

Jesus Built My Hot Rod

Does anyone remember....

stinky update

What is your favorite line from a movie?

As promised, a DU inspired site, opinions please

I thought I'd take a break from painting all day, and to let you guys see

"Fuck Bush" is trendy in Japan (oldie but goodie)

Are you bald? Do you feel uncomfortable about it?

What's your beer tolerance level?

Everybody's got something to hide

If you want to sing out, sing out!

In honor of my 10,000th post, post a picture of yourself, but first...

I finally watched The Village

I just came back from my brothers wedding, ask me anything

I'm discouraged-I can't find homes for my foster kittens!

What is your favorite SCENE from a movie?


Is there any interest in a diet/weight loss group?

It began with three haunting notes .. AWESOME.

Has anyone here ever spotted a bird that with a wingspan of

Toddlers and preschoolers at the Star Wars movie.

Post a movie you think no one else knows about and see if they do.

Pssssst... hey buddy... wanna buy a lama?

The Stark Defect: A Case Study in Ideological Attacks on Science

In case you forgot-- The preakness is today

Ricky Henderson and Star Wars

Has everyone forgotten that these are all just games?

What an incredible Preakness race...

Well Lorien, here's another "ugly" little kitten! Dialup warning!

Birds and spring fever......

It's not over till the fluffy kitty sings

6 New Greyhounds have arrived

A prediction I receieved yesterday with Arnebeck

Suffer from depression, pain, anxiety, CFS, Fibromyalgia, or brain fog?

Public school children forced into prayer and bible lessons

Odd Obit: John Kerry's Uncle passed away.

What John Kerry did on Friday

John Kerry Receives Standing Ovation at Springsteen Show

New Photos of Kerry please!

e-mail cspan re Conyers media bias forum

Help with night shots

Round 1 of the contest is over

I feel like my photos suck!

"Countdown" Fun in the Lounge tonight....

Botany and Stephanie - Live!

The American people cannot escape responsibility..

spin cycle and fear factor (new toons Sat. 5/21)

Jockey and Hanes Wooing Saddam To Be New Ad Campaign Spokesperson.....

D.C. plans subterranean visitor center

We're such idiots!!!!!

bush* - cloning and veto

Bill Frist made the decision to go after the right-wing vote...

In case you forgot-- The preakness is today

The Stepford Rebellion: Mrs. Bush Differs With White House Message

The next "terrorist" will be "American" - not Middle Eastern ?

response from george allen on the filibuster debate

Fox, laying it on THICK: "First Lady Urges Women's Rights in Mideast"

British lawmaker: Iraq war was for oil

Radio Free Bush: "Advancing freedom agenda, defeating forces of terror"

Pawlenty proposes 75-cent cigarette 'user fee'

Iran Policy Committee: Pentagon mouthpiece, Israeli ally, MEK supporter

Congress moves to restrict court rulings on God

John Bolton's Guide to Diplomacy- Tom the dancing bug

Is there a downloadable .pdf of the Times of London front page...

Are Congressional Republicans starting to self-destruct?

Pew Poll: Economy, Iraq Weighing Down Bush Popularity

"Back-to-back deployments, poor pay, shortages of spare parts and..."

CalvinCollege-Full Page Ad. (PDF File) Over 800 people signed this ad!

A Constitutional amendment to allow Senate filibusters?

CNN carrying Bush at Calvin College? Anyone watching?

I wish I knew who said this--

SPONGE BOB'S GAY AGENDA - I know it's old... But worth re-view ! ! !

De Ja Vue -- All Over Again????

I don't understand why the so-called republican moderates

What is the US doing in Afghanistan? Guarding a pipeline?

Article on End of America's Soft Power - NPQ

Please do this now!

I just heard an army officer for recruitment say casualties were over 8000

*Propaganda Alert*- NEW PNAC Doc., "Iraq Setting the Record Straight"

Torture American-Style

Who's really the minority in the senate? article explains

Conservatives want to boycott Star Wars

Abu Ghraib, Task Force 121, and the 'Secret Army'

Kennedy on Capital Gang - CNN - NOW - 7pm edt n/t

For a change of pace...


Why has * never lost an election ?

Bush to 2005 grads: Get involved (like HE did when HE was a grad?)

Saudi Arabia

Just curious....Where did Lynndie England get her leash?

Is this what they have on Galloway?

Is Bush or Cheney Palpatine?

Link Of The Year> "The Downing Street Memo"

Molly Ivins on PBS/Video

"Smoke and Mirrors", NEWSWEEK gets the grandtheftelectionohio treatment

Is the Movie "The Yes Men" worth paying $3.99 to see?

George W. Bush once again demonstrates that he doesn't have a clue.

Lost in the chaos, overwhelmed by the confusion....

Feingold chides secret attacks on our civil liberties (unPatriot Act)

RimJob must be drunk again.

Why was * holding the King's hand?

Took first step in running against Sweeney - !!!

Saturday night live

Moderate Repubs will draw straws....

Kennedy lauds Dean on CNN's Capitol Gang (Novak disses)

Them Republicans sure hate "freeloaders"

Bush shown in his underware in Fundi Prison Photo (cartoon)

DUers! URGE CSPAN TO COVER CONYERS FORUM on media bias on Tuesday!!

This NYT Santorum Fest is such garbage!

Great Jen Sorensen CARTOON: "New Opiates of the Masses"

Complete testimony of George Galloway

Priscilla Owens Bar Assoc ratings published this morning.

Another California Hand Out - Jeb & the Calif. "morass"

Is This The Way To Armadillo? British soldiers in Iraq spoof video..ENJOY

The crowd they can't control? (GOP college protest)

Why is Priscilla Owens so "pro-corporation"?

Do you want to be in a documentary?

We need a grassroots effort to increase voter turnout.

The military's desperation is showing (alleged Shanghaiing of lowIQman)

Full Spectrum Dominance

Why is * not with Laura on her trip to Jordan?

Walter Pincus:"Prewar Findings Worried Analysts" buried on WaPost, p. A26!

SANTORUM Admits He's Never Actually Sat Down and Read the Bible!

Why Is * So Anxious To Get Judge "Enron" Owens in the 5th Circuit?

Wanting a leftie president is why America hates Democrats

This Week's BRAD SHOW via RAW RADIO! (5/21/05)

Loosening the Bolts on THE CAT BUTCHER