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Archives: May 18, 2005

The "Illusion" of Two "Parties"

`China is not too bright,' President Chen declares

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Wednesday

question to folks working with state officials on election reform

More in Miami on the Downing Street memo... or not!

Anybody else hear about Bob Novak calling liberals Nazis?

UN Oil for Food "kickbacks scandal". GUESS the MAIN CULPRIT.

Perhaps we should contact our Dem Senators and ask them to...

Credit Cards

And now the Bush administration brings us "sewage blending"

Should we can seat belt laws?

Poor bush, so UNPOPULAR as he DROPS YET AGAIN in the polls.

CBC (late Wednesday): Campbell headed for second majority

Pentagon Showcases New Airspace Warning

Campbell headed for second majority: CBC News

Child abuse widespread in China: study - raped, molested and bullied

Iraq to Confiscate Property of Insurgency Supporters

House Nixes Hollywood Consultant From Homeland Security Budget

Padres win again! Come from behind, win in 9th 3-2!

What do you always consider "MUST BUYS" at Costco?

A girl I know inherited $100,000 and her husband blew it.

is anyone here tonight?

Weird. Local teenager kills repuke parents, then attends the prom. WTF?

what's your car's name?

Ahhh. There's nothing quite like spring in Texas

Wang collects second win for Yankees

Great words on the dangers of "obejectivity in media, ie FALSE BALANCE

Galloway's on Charlie Rose tonight

Was Pope Benedict a "Hitler Youth"?

If Things Get Too Hot For *Co and The Repugs Do You Think......

This isn't about NEWSWEEK and it isn't about respecting the QUORAN

Abortion initiative will go on ballot (in CA)

why not call Ken Tomlinson?

US flails as Hu Jintao gains the upper hand

W David Jenkins - The American News Media - Tools and Fools and Scapegoats

'Step # 1: Whenever possible, blame the news media'

The WHO bows before China again

He's our sonofabitch

How Many More Lies Will the Media Tell Before We Stop Them?

LA Times editorial - Nuke It , Already

Bush visit to Georgia increases tensions with Putin government

UN report finds US war in Iraq yields a social “tragedy"

Falwells double, triple standard...

Haaretz: AIPAC Pushing Congress Toward Iran Sanctions Bill

Samuelson: Alternatives for fixing Social Security

NYT: "A Sudden Taste For Openness"

We Will Rape Your Women, Heck We Will Rape Our Women,

A Critic Takes On the Logic of Female Orgasm--NYT

Iraq Living Conditions Tragic - Report

Bookcast with Zell Miller on

Gene Lyons

Lampley - To Roger L. Simon: the rest of the story (Newsweek)

Ted K's 5/18 speech - list of Rules Senate will break to nuke Fillibuster

Why would anyone enlist now? (mentions Downing Street Documents)

The Sorrows of Globalization: Capitalism and Slavery

Boiling Butcher's Bill is Paid for by Bush

Blaming the Messenger By Anne Applebaum

Newsweek Was Right

Is the United States above international law?

They Really Are Watching You

Help Sen. Reid: Call the Senators in these states!!

Artists and Performers Needed for Sex Workers' Art Show Tour

ABCNOTE says nothing about Galloway testimony - but then only

Bill Maher: One Living Large Libertarian

MOGAMBO GURU: Empires Do Not Always Die Gracefully

PNG Delegate Presses For Forest Credits At Bonn Climate Talks

2 New Viruses From HIV Family Discovered In African Bushmeat Hunters

Ocean Temperatures Show Winter Rains May Fail Australia

Green Groups Join 12 States In Suing For Tougher Mercury Rules

Aging sewer systems fouling Great Lakes waters, report says

New Salamander Species DIscovered In Pacific Northwest

Houston Toad close to extinction

Bird watchers and naturalist, I need some advice- Fast!

Source for cheap, small photovoltaic needed


Peak Oil is terrifying me to death.

Singapore activist vow to persist in campaign against death penalty

Thailand embroiled in controversy over GM crops

Singapore reduces economic forecast for this year

The Asia-Pacific region is set to become the biggest naval warship market

BBC (May 18): Opponents denounce Musharraf move

Lingering legacy of Korean massacre - 1980, hundreds of civilians

In a blow to Hamas, Palestinian court nullifies local election results

Abbas, Chinese leaders sign agreements

Senior Palestinian slams cleric for anti-Semitism

Just another urban legend: Crocodiles in the Yarkon

Israeli Aircraft Strikes Hamas Militants

Famous anti-Semitic forgery removed from PA website

Palestinian leader's dream: an independent state, a normal life

Was the Crash of Flight 93 Faked?

Anybody know about this with George Orwell?

Anybody seen 9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold?

Anybody try the $20 experiment?

The Number One Reason Not to Believe the Official 9/11 Story

Too Little too Late Department

UA 93: Burnett's surprising prophecy

'Tribune' Runs Columnist's Election-Fraud Letter

BAUCUS' Statistics sounded remarkably like MORE Election Fraud

So my wife just informed TODAY her provisional ballot didn't count-5/18/05

Email from GOP about ELECTION FRAUD

Rossi on MSNBC right now re WA governer election

Let's see if I've got this straight...

So Mitofsky is seeking help with his math these days. Interesting...

Significant revision of USCV paper posted today

rBr: The Bush voter equivalent of WMD. There's no there there.

Remember Judge Moyer? Well he just recused himself....

Michael Keefer: The Strange Death of American Democracy: Endgame in Ohio

Okay, just to guilt those who can afford it, I just donated. nt

When the President Talks to God "Which voter fraud must be conceled?"


Febble: a report and an apology

Russian Immigrants Suspected of Poaching Californian Sturgeon for Caviar

Los Angeles Times (May 18): Villaraigosa Landslide Ends LA Mayor's Race

Governor backs away from union measure, Democrats skeptical

Uh oh... the wingnuts will be out for the July San Diego Mayor election

FREE Screening of "The Corporation"

Suds, Solidarity, and Prizes!

Call Mark Dayton, the right is outnumbering us on nuclear option calls!

DAYTON on floor: Nuke option a "shameful abuse of power"

A Minnesota Neocon's LTTE Re: WH blaming Newsweek

MN perspective on the Norm Coleman-George Galloway exchange.

What a bunch of clowns (Kennedy, Klobuchar, and Wetterling)

Developer Doran joins race for Dayton's seat

Computer virus spreads Neo-Nazi Propoganda

Anyone here familar with Veritas????

Anyone here played around with SMS server 2003?

Ok Bloggers and Web Gurus... I need your help!

How can I see what MAC addresses try to access my Wi-Fi network?

Finally took home my hand-me-down PC...

NEED an Ohio Lawyer Skilled in Federal/State Supreme Court Cases

Why is Taft at 19% in the polls?

Nuclear option showdown is TODAY

The SECRETary of State's E-Voting Exams

Texans!!! DU this poll!

WH Press Secretary Scott McClellan speaking at UT Austin!

Hey Texans! The Houston Toad is nearly extinct.

Neugebauer: House Resolution Calling For Responsible Journalism

Several protesters arrested outside hotel in downtown Houston

Stop Bob Perry's boy from being confirmed to Builder Commission

Favorite TEXAN C&W artist/ensemble, if any?

George Lakoff in Austin June 25th

Anyone interested in DU at the farm?

Gov Doyle to speak b4 Bush*

Shocker...local paper backs Doyle's veto

question for milwuakee/waukesha/state dems

Gangs Thrive In Maximum Security

Anyone have a link to a video of the bill moyers speech...

To a media by and for the people, a toast.

In a terror state can they sustain the Constiution?

Police want to change image-start with losing the black stormtrooper look.

I'd like to suggest, never again let DU be used to raise funds for

Why the Admin wants Bolton at the UN by June

The only way to make people give up their rights...

Nuclear Bunker Buster Demonstration

RW Using Nuclear Option Confirms RW Vote Fraud.

We're almost but not quite as good as ESTONIA! Woohooo! USA! USA! USA!

(Christian) College Ad To Protest Bush

What Ever Happened to Barb & Jenna????

47 Minutes of the Galloway Testimony video

In an all out epic battle, who'd win?

U.S. CONGRESS MOVES AGAINST IRAN - it's time to scream folks.

Anybody seen 9/11: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold?

Man US accuses Galloway of dealing with, SAME MAN US DEALS WITH...

So ... how can fundraising for others on DU be done smarter?

Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington - Yahoo rate this!

For those interested, George Galloway's recent election broadcast

Don't have a question about DU policy. Have a question for DUers:

Anybody know about this with George Orwell?

Pentagon issued Koran-protection memo for Gitmo in 2003. Why?

Praise for Isikoff who WROTE the story; attacks on Newsweek for PUBLISHING

You Warhammer 40K players will get a rise ot of this one...


So Senator Norm "lickspittle" Coleman threatens to INVADE George Galloway!

Jeff GannonGuckert gives Keith Olbermann the highest of praise!

it's SHOWDOWN (5/18 toon)

Political discussion or self-centered melodrama?

Alaska Airlines fires Union workers, horrible results

Those poor oil companies. (Say ahhhhhh.)

Ohio Wal-Mart Caters To Amish

Sorta listening to * on C-SPAN now at some event

Must See C-SPAN: Bill Moyers on CPB & Politics

Cant we give our Anemic Democrats a "Galloway" Transfusion?

Where are the AAR websites?

Welcome to Advise and Rubberstamp Day.

Uncle George set to deal Portsmouth, New Hampshire another blow

punks set Viet Vet in Wheelchair on Fire, nursing mom saves him

Newsweek in perspective

Need sources where Bush has called Iraq war a "war"

My Apology from Newsweek

Sent an email to Galloway

Letterman on the Newsweek brouhaha

I just emailed the DNC to tell them to take lessons from the Galloway

Let's vote to create the DUC

IS IT TRUE??????????????

Want a Cruise to Alaska and Hear former Senator Bob Graham :)

Terri Schiavo is the new Bill Clinton

Bush could call a primetime press conf. where he abuses animals.....

Bill Moyers Closing address @ National Conf. on Media Reform

Will the Govt. be Shut Down in the Filibuster Fight? we can only hope

What do Dems care?

The Quran or the oil?

How soon after the Nuke option is complete will AWOL Bush order the murder

Funny "Spinal Tap" story from Rolling Stone Ron Wood

Scott "Fibber" McClellan calls Chairman JCS Gen. Richard Myers a LIAR.

Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba

On Scarborough last night: Did the guy return to give evidence of deaths..

"Defend life and the concept of a natural death." (Schindler Pet Cause)

Bring it on, Frist. This is a win, win situation for the dems.

FBI now says Mystery Grenade in Georgia was LIVE

IS Air America's web site down?? I get...

Stealth Recruiting Ad Sparks Criticism

Galloway reminds me of Scott Ritter....

WSJ says no need to worry if housing prices drop

Just Three Years After 9/11 And We Are STILL Protecting This TERRORIST

Just How Many More Ways Can They Waste Our US Tax $$$ In Iraq?

The war on rationality

Not sure if this is the right place to post this

Why don't our friends and neighbors care about politics

Could someone please simplify the nuclear option?

"I can't help you out of a hole if I climb into it with you"...what a

Jerry Springer is on a rant!

Galloway already WON libel case...

Profiles in Cowardice

Orrin Hatch needs to shut his hatch

Administration Opposition to Auto Fuel Economy Costing Billions

One Man's Campaign to Rename Mt. Diablo ("It's a God Thing")

If we had ONE Democrat with Galloway's Guts, we'd have a president

Why You Should Care If Someone "Pisses On A Qur'an"

We'll beat them, we'll attach electrodes to their testicles,

Spam and Shitty news papers and programs.

Another great example of repub tactics.

Tax money down the drain ...... Teens will no longer be "horny."

Commander Koo-Koo Bananas or Cuckoo Bananas?

Star Wars Wars of Loss of Democracy

Frist is soooooo full of shit.

google "white cliffs of Dover" than click on the 1st image it takes you to


Webster's: under LIAR (pic one)

Official Government Minutes of an Official Government Meeting

As RUMSFELD said (several times now) in a FREE DEMOCRATIC NATION

and so the debate starts on cspan

Do you really think BushCo owns the media?


WH Reporters Challenge Scottie, in view of the Newsweek controversy

Eric Alterman (on Isikof) - Newsweek: Now You Tell Us....

So, has the official change taken place? NUCULAR?!?!

What is Spector doing??

Are we heading for a fall?

Americablog: John Teases About Sen. Coleman's Character

Is the existence of the religious right proof that Darwin was wrong?

Just wondering, what's being said in Freeperville...

All Springer's callers are RW'ers...and they're LOST!

kerry, boxer, dean, frank, hillary, reid...need to answer

Call your senators today #202 224 2131: filibuster, Galloway, UK memo

I don't see why the Dem Party can't make T-shirts for our Senators

How do we reclaim Page 1?

Could it be that Frist doesn't wanna take the blame for Bolton so..

Oil for votes

Osama Bin Laden Has Us Right Where He Wants Us....

DOJ website promoting Priscilla Owen - WTF?!?

Shouldn't your last purchase be Blue?

Leahy Very Eloquent

I guess the Repugs think women are more valuable than men.

"All they want is a safe yard for their children to play in"

Sen Leahy is making a great speach on CSPAN

Democracy Hypocrisy (look what scotty said about Uzbekstan)

Swooping grackles attack Houston residents

Cornyn on whining now

Need vacation ideas, somewhere warm, wet and cheap. I know some of you

Why Newsweek Got It Right: Newsweek's Cowardly Retraction

ACLU: FBI and Police Target Political Groups

Texas dirty chearleading bill video. A must see!

O'Reilly has replaced Hannity as the worst in my book.

Randi Rhodes with Larry Flynt Today!

Was Galloway a McCarthy 'have you no shame' moment?

The kids you grew up with: Which ones grew up to be RETHUGLICANS?

What I believe vs. what I know

Jane Fonda movie banned in Ky.

latest update on Noe, Ohio and coingate

Report: 'Piano Man' identified

U.S. Air Force seeks to Approval to Create Deathstar

Hooray, Consumer Price Index low (except for gas and food!)

Links of articles that mention Koran abuse - Um Newsweek - explain these.

65% of Americans favor universal health coverage


Anyone else sick of Franken's slide whistle crap?

The Alan Colmes Method

PM Galloway: Who Looks The Worst In Light of His Diatribe Yesterday?

Attention Eeyores, your negative attitude helps Bush get away with this

Charles Schumer has been impressive today

Need source for Dick Cheney quote on high gas prices/failed presidency

"She's the kinda woman you'd detonate the Senate for"

"officials covered for, transferred and even promoted pedophiles"

George Galloway's party (RESPECT)

**No excuse for not reading Mark Danner's "The Secret Way to War"

UK memo: the Smoking Gun that PROVES that Bush lied us into war.

'Lib'rul' media...

76% of Californians voted for Janice Brown for Judge...

grenade thrown at Bush was "live"

KUDOS to librarians who said HELL NO to FBI demands under "Patriot" Act!

In the beginning

The NewsPaper's Endorsements for Owens are not true

What Forum is the thread on Senate Fillibuster Debates in? Can't find...

Canada was RIGHT AGAIN against bush & his filthy Cartel.

Angry Scotsman ...

Good ol' Wayne Morse - Filibuster King???

FYI: Wikipedia has a great entry on George Galloway...

Diane Feinstein On the Senate Floor Today

DU this poll: Should the United States pursue a space weapons program?

From the AP: Officers staged mock executions

REAL religious dilema here - need big time help

'Person of interest' sought in Iraqi mass slaying

Guest Speaker Invitation List for REVOLUTION

Lunatic Malkin threatened with legal action; backs down, issues apology

The Senate Plot To Make The Patriot Act Even Worse

Now they are reporting hand grenade near bush* was Live...

Christian cons fight filibusters: "Church/state separation being misused"

Governor Dean is going to be on Meet The Press this Sunday

Rutland (Vt.) Herald: "Diverting attention: NEWSWEEK is not the issue."

WHY did Pentagon issue a Gitmo memo on the Koran in 2003!?

Someone asked me to explain why GWB is a thug

How can the repubs say with a straight face that the "left"

Army/Marine Corps Recruiting Idea

What Crutch do you use to fight Depression?

That's just lovely

Note To Al Franken:

UCLA Political Attitudes Survey

Question about the filibuster situation:

Appointment Television -- Dr. Dean on MTP this Sunday.

ABC & NBC no mention of Galloway yesterday

Newsweek at fault! Publishing RIGHTWING'S darling RIGHTWING reporter!

Galloway video

How many votes does Frist have?

You don't have to be a lawyer to a be appointed a Federal judge.

Please remember that the rules that are in place in our governing bodies

Why has 'nuclear option' been allowed into our daily vocabulary?

Lib Bloggers in conference call with Schumer this morning

Empty Suit Politician Walks Into Propellor

A question about the "nuclear option"....

MSNBC question. Is Newsweek being scapegoated?

Send to Newsweek Editor

Another MSM; Newsweek is not the Issue; Abuse of Detainees Is

Clinton: Iraq changes good for Middle East

Pet theory about Fox's "Cops" show and Miranda Rights

Ha, ha! Stupid Rs Have Made Nuclear A Bad Word Again!

Any DUers going to OpTruth Benefit on Monday

God I hope this is just the beginning...

Down the slippery slope...

Clubs lay bare criticisms of bill

associations with the word PRESIDENT

Gaming money went staright into Ralph Reed's pocket

Right now on Cspan2 4:39 et. Reid on the Capitol Steps: Public speech

ideal president

Let's lay the blame where it belongs on this filibuster mess...

I just saw the best bumper sticker...

change of attitude to the concept PRESIDENT


Nuclear Option - who should we becalling?

is the letter by the Calvin College professors posted in full anywhere?

Air America Radio site is down ?

America: Land of Myths, Lies and Half Truths

C&L: Video of Judge Lefkow Blasts Pat Robertson

Troll modus operandi

My gods, I can just hear dueling banjos right now....

Bill Frist is EXPOSED

Church of the Mighty Dollar

Write to CNN about Galloway right now!

Larry Flynt on Randi Rhodes, just starting now...

Man (not Frist) faces charges in killing of cat

Kentucky governor (R) feeling the heat on bias in hiring

I read a really grim book yesterday

Wow...Charles Schumer kicking Orrin's Hatch on CNN right now.

Galloway reminds us how Utterly Useless the 'Opposition Party' is

the president is a lying, murdering son of a bitch

discussion group on W's appearance at Calvin College

Hey, I think the Coleman committee should retract their story

Frank Gorshin, 'The Riddler' has passed away...

Are thread titles like: "DEMS WILL LOSE" appropriate for DU?

National IDs

When you're drunk with power..abuse it by forcing UP or DOWN VOTES

What do you think of the "Meme Theory"?

John Kerry wants to know what matters to you...sign petition let Frist

Was Gannon Commander Cuckoo Bananas boy toy?

This other thread gave me a GREAT idea for a bumper sticker:

Flynt on Randi right now...

Schumer doing well on CNN Wolfowitz right now. 5:33 ET

Galloway calls Hitchens "a drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay"

When was Galloway "asked" to appear before Senate?

Anyone else sense a shifting of the tide?

"As the Eagle Dies" my LTTE

What's the cost diff for an operation of a tumor in the Bile Duct

Harpers Post Article re: Flushing Koran

My Senators are onboard for keeping fillibuster... Who else do I call?

Anyone watching CBS News?

Priscilla Owen Nomination on CSPAN2 Live Senate

Should we be thanking Mr. Galloway or not?

Anyone watching CNN? I used to work with Janet Marguia!

Did you hear what Dayton just said????

Calvin College protesting professors on Hannity/Colmes..called 'bad Christ

Will the Dems start acting like an opposition party?

Is the extremist PUSH to Christian governance a form of socialism


A question about intelligent design

Now the 'LIVE' grenade was thrown 60 FEET from Bush*....Bwahaha

Will the Lord Forgive Bush & his Pals for the over 30,000 Murders?

Ahem. We have a WINNER in our DU midst--a mayoral winner...

Schumer - 2703 to 1

I know it suxs but this should be next weeks Newsweek Cover

So, should we all buy Citgo gas?

I gave the GOP my $.02 today

Software sector fears $200bn piracy losses

Email Dean re: MTP on Sunday..He MUST bring up the MEMO!!

I just saw the video for 16 Military Wives by the Decemberists

Sabrina Harmon found guilty of six counts.

"Christ as Son of God is just a theory."

Texas Legislators quietly boost their pensions


To all the Democrats in Congress

John Kerry wants to know what matters to you...sign petition let Frist

New WSJ/NBC poll just on NBC Nightly News - Bad news for Bush and Repubs.

My e-mail and phone exchange with one of my local media outlets

"chick daney"

If YOU Were On TV AND A Senator.....

Is this the way to Army-rillo?

Why the leaked Britins memo has been a "dud"

Al-Zarqawi says it's ok to kill innocent Muslims. Obviously so does Bush

Norm Coleman is a fool. (link fixed)

Bush and empire: OUR Frankenstein's monster

This is one Texan's hellish vision of a Bachelor Party.

Chris Matthews in major whoring frenzy

Ted Rall understands the depth of the Social Security discussion

If we ever get a free press back, will we be able to trust them?

Was just thoroughly surveyed by telephone.

What to do as oil peaks out

RSS question for those progressive bloggers out there...

I need info on FireFox web browser... I need help!

Is Frist starting the nuclear option now?

Did anyone else watch "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" in High School

Washington Times cartoon offends Pakistan. What will WH do?

"Faith & values" group planning prayer vigil for end of Filibuster

FINE! I'll Admit It, I'm Ready To Deal With The Republicans!!!

June 1st - Something big from Sun! June 6th from Apple

The Genocide Awareness Project is on my campus

Paul Keene, Organic Farmer, Dies at 94

Vandalism With A Message

That tears it, I'm voting NDP in the next federal

CBS kills 60 Minutes Wednesday

Do you think the biggest reason for the fillabuster is payback?

Is anybody else unable to watch or listen to the Nuke Option Debate?

Rush was *railing* today. NW redaction proves Liberal media bias.

Operation Save America burns the Koran

Soldier using TOY CAR to suss out IED's

Didn't someone say earlier that they felt the tide was turning?

TX: $100,000 worth of guns stolen (Cabela’s warehouse)

What the hell is Internet Safety Month?

Full audio/video of the Senate hearings and Galloway's

Day 7 - Do you know where George is?

Politics of "protect the children"

Ignoring the canary (Conyers)

I'm meeting more & more Christians who are FED UP with FundaMENTALists

The conscience of the king.

I can get AAR on Windows Media Player but not Real Player.

Anybody else impressed that Galloway was allowed to

US mulls ban on women in combat

my boss thinks clinton PERSONALLY killed many people

Hey Skinner, Elad, What's traffic like these days?

'sewage blending', a yummy Republican cocktail....

What is the rush on secretly reinstating the Patriot Act and Real ID bill?

Why Does It Take 6 Months Before Video of Committee Hearingss

So what's the latest phone scam?

How does the Majority Whip threaten his bushbots?

Anyone know anything about the Cato institute?

Husband is still getting Air America on Sirius.

"The Nuclear Option" on the table due to a lazy President

The nuclear option will reveal our worst enemies

the world will be safer once the bush vampire family is vanquished

NO Inhofe, NOT under God

SHOCKING prophetic 30 second spot by Ad Council from 2002 becomes TRUTH

Voters dissatisfied with Bush, Congress

How a "nuclear" option victory could come back to bite Republicans

There was a post with best rebuttals to filibuster lies...

Just had to bring out this oldie but goodie for today

Bush telling Egypt to have free and fair elections?

Predicted offensive space weapons by Bush well before 2004

white house wants Newsweek to go on Arab T.V.....? what the fuck?

Found a site that has a countdown on days 'til * leaves office.

SURPRISE! US House moves to scale back color-coded Terra warnings!

Why should Donald Trump have more say about what goes on downtown than me?

Mike Thompson sharpens his dagger with this Newsweek toon

Millions Against the Media March we should start planning them now.

Three Arrested in Sex Ring Involving Kids, Animals, and Church

Congratulations, Mayor-elect, DemocratIC, Hispanic VILLARAIGOSA!

Four Days Into the DU Fund Drive and They're Halfway There

Bush's "...if I were dictator..." statement - anybody remember it? Link?

Reporter to McClellan: Who made you the editor of Newsweek?

Maybe if we could drive into the heads of every RW we know

Worst Dictatorship in the World Poll!

Randi is continuing her discussion on the topic of sex....

Does anyone have the Bush Family/Star Wars clip ...

35 Greenpeace Activists Handcuff Themselves to Range Rovers

Interesting Email on Malloy & question

Nightline 5/18: "Loose Nukes" and link to free video (no joke!)

White House Ire Moves Beyond Newsweek - Faux

Anti-God Professors Protest Bush Appearance!

Bush likely to back weapons in space - Guardian

Bush and the live grenade - things are really looking bad!

I sure would like to hear from Kerry on the Nuclear Option

QUESTION: According to Kennedy, a slew of rules will be broken if the GOP

Demand for Chris Mathews to Resign...

After listening to the right good Rev. Kennedy, from Coral

Is it me or are more kids going missing/murdered?

May 18th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$170,612,406,404

bush wants to sell hawaii

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Hoe Down

Good news with voting machine's!

Good News, My Dr. Might be Able to Get Me Into Cleveland Clinic

Repeat sex offenders or violent criminals

According to NYT, Venezuelan fugitive is a Cuban?

"Remember the Maine" & Gulf of Tonkin option for Iran?

I have the feeling that change is in the air. Do you?

Should the term "Amber Alert" be changed to include "Adam Alert"?

Russert: "I say a prayer every night for President Musharref of Pakistan"

'This I Believe' essay: "Be Cool to the Pizza Dude" by Sarah Adams

Woman Receives Desecrated Quran In a Newsweek with a Finger In It

In order to refill my Rx, I have to send someone on a five-hour drive.

Would someone PLEASE give Bush a BJ?.......

Star Tribune tells Newsweek and all media to "Resist" WH pressure

Frist BUSTED has meltdown on Senate floor

Why do women live longer than men?

GOP beating us on nuke phone calls: We must call NOW, before it's too late

Interview with former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan

Are Republicans giving religion a bad name?

Ready to gang-email Manny Miranda?....(thief of Dem memos)

Wanna send an email to Galloway? I did:

CSPAN Schedule Thursday May 19

200 plus posts in my Norm Coleman thread and that's all the naysayers got?

A Message and Action Alert from Code Pink

Prophetic words on the 21st century from James Madison

"This is how liberty dies -- to thunderous applause."

Republicans vs the National Weather Service

After getting his ass kicked by Galloway yesterday, Norm Coleman

Where is the dirt on Sean Hannity?

Nuke Option: A Charge Bush Kept with Council on for National Policy?

Cowgirl Condi Visits Iraq- Picture This

They read Newsweek in Afghinstan?

Another Face To Face Freeper Encounter Story. They Walk Among Us!!!

I Think Its About To Come To An End

Rice, Straw asked about Downing Street document

American Killers: Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, George W. Bush!!!

Want a glimpse into the mindset?

Do any of you watch Olbermann ?

Marking the start of the Nukular Option, the 14 points of Fascism!

Have You Taken This Test?

Guckert\Gannon reveals a few things on his "blog"

What's wrong with Franken?

POLL: Who will win in public mind: George Bush or George Lucas?

i need help finding jon stewart clip difference between england

perversity and the black neo-con

Crazy to half wish the nuke action happens and the gov slows down?

requirements to presidents

CHECK IT OUT: "Nuclear Option" Mass Immediate Response

"Liberal Scare Tactics" prevent conservatives from Enlisting

We've got some Norm Colemans on this board...

Looking for information on homophobic / pedophile / abusive rethugs

Which World Trade Center design do you prefer?


"The answer is for the United States to stop torturing Muslims."

Please, REC this Yahoo! Story RE Trump's Twin Towers campaign!!!

For misinformed individuals who mistakenly think Galloway was "pro-Saddam"

Guess who's running Frist's "nuclear options" war room....


They really are watching us (Mark Morford)


What phrase scares the crap out of you

Sign this Petition and help Moyers save PBS from Repub Operatives!

I just got back from the Halliburton protest here in Houston, and

Let's have a Bush-making-ass-of-self picture swap please!

Open letter to the DNC re: memo

Help Reid: Call Senators in these states - AZ, VA, RI, ME, NE, PA, NH

MSNBC QOD: "Is Newsweek being scapegoated" Needs help!

Michelle Malkin: Abu Ghraib abuse was overhyped by media

Please donate to Voters Unite.

Radio host Glenn Beck "thinking about killing Michael Moore"

Left vs. Right

Please, no more discussion of the Andy Stephenson situation.

Another referendum on STV needed?

Grope and Flail: "MacKay ‘shocked' by Stronach defection"

conservative site wants to auction Belinda Stonach blackberry content

Holy SHIT! STV too close to call!

Cadman hints he'll back Liberals

Kilgour rules

The Conservative Party of Canada attracts reasonable people.

Hey, remember when Canadian politics were boring?

Common Sense Revulsion

Anyone know which way Cadman is leaning?

Peter MacKay "didn't see it coming"

Campbell: "Four more beers! Four more beers!"

Political watcher says Stronach backlash sexist

The Home Office prove that they are beneath contempt again

Ottawa curtails contact with Iran over Kazemi death

Senate Defies Bush, Approves Highway Bill

Reuters: Iraq Clerics Killed in Sectarian Strife

Files: Calif. Diocese Knew of Allegations

LAT: Web Pulls Ad Buyers From TV (change in "media consumption")

AP: Iraqi Interior Ministry Official Killed in Baghdad

ACLU seeks files from FBI on possible surveillance

Iran holds historic talks in Baghdad

Anti-Tax Group to Run Pro-DeLay Ads

H-P jobs cuts likely set before August - Merrill

I wonder if Galloway....

Air Force Seeks Bush's Approval for Space Weapons Programs

FBI: Grenade at Bush Rally Was Live

Smith plans to join Republicans on filibuster vote

Senate poised to begin judicial fight

Dover votes split (Intelligent Design)

AP: Consumer Prices Up, Inflation on the Rise

White House: Newsweek Story Did Great Harm

Air Force Seeks Bush’s Approval For SPACE WEAPONS PROGRAMS (NY Times)

Jitters in Paris as Polls Nod Towards a No

Gunmen Kill Iraqi General in Latest Strike

Hostage calls to say he's all right (Aussie calls cleric)

Rosendahl Wins (LA) Westside Seat; LAX Police Plan Fails

Former soldier killed in Iraq (Merc)

Briton puts senators on defensive on Iraq (Europe IHT)

NYT: FBI Says Grenade at Bush Rally Could Have Exploded

UN calls for Uzbek deaths inquiry

BBC: UN Calls For Uzbek Deaths Inquiry (100s in Refugee Camps)

Boiling Butcher's Bill is Paid for by Bush

Purported kidnapper of Italian aid worker threatens to kill her

Greenspan could stay at Fed longer-paper

FEMA gave $31M in aid to the unqualified

Zarqawi justifies Muslim deaths

Bush, Frist split on judges

FBI Memo: Protesters Subjected to 'Pretext Interviews'

Israeli Aircraft Strikes Hamas Militants

Mother: Wendy's Finger Used to Settle Debt

US government sued over virginity project funding

Report: 'Piano Man' identified

Newsweek Was Right

Relatives Barred From Uzbek Hospital

I just got back from the Halliburton protest here in Houston, and

Blaming the Messenger (WPost)

Seven More Bodies Found West of Baghdad

100 Israeli terror victims to be flown to Florida for Islamic Jihad trial

Dean jeers DeLay on eve of Valley trip

Bush Has `Full Trust' in Security After Breach in Tbilisi

Airlines argue daylight-saving change is costly

LAT: Abortion Alert Rule Makes CA Ballot (could draw Arnold-agenda voters)

U.S. tries to undo Koran-story harm (AP/AFP)

'The Riddler' Frank Gorshin Dies at 72

Rebels Seize Control of Uzbekistan Town

AP: Muslim Leader Announces Revolt in Uzbek Town

FBI Joins LA Task Force To Combat Computer Crimes

Country Cell Phones Increase Cancer Chance

Iraq Draws Up Plan to Privatize State-Owned Firms

Iraq Qaeda leader defends slaying of Muslims

Tenn. Parolee Charged in Triple Homicide

Norm Coleman is a fool.

Norm Coleman is a fool. (link fixed)

National IDs

Reid's performance gets thumbs up from most

'Vine that ate South' cuts drinkers' thirst

Norm Coleman is a fool. (Full Text)

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis taken to hospital (Canada)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 18 May

Villaraigosa claims victory in Los Angeles mayor's election

Quietly, senators from both parties attempt to preserve filibuster in back

Heated Senate showdown opens on judges (not on CSPAN)

Senate Asked to Condemn Jurist Disrespect

Senate Takes Up Debate on Bush Judge (Here we go!)

Hunter plan bars women from Army 'forward support'

Iraq Torture: 'Claims Against Soldiers Swept Under Carpet'

Rawstory: Sen. Durbin - Constitution clear, "the government can't do that"

U.S. and Iraqi military forces detain journalists

The RollingStone Blog: "The Smoking Gun? "

Governor (arnie) backs away from union measure, Democrats skeptical

Nuñez, Gov. Tune Up for Special Election Fight (Arnold)

FBI: Grenade at Bush speech could have exploded

Caracas (Venezuela ) 'to try bombing suspect' (BBC News)

New Hampshire Repug phone Jammer wants trial by Republicans only

Clubs lay bare criticisms of bill

If You Want to Win in Sports, Wear Red

Iran says no going back on nuclear decision

Alliance@IBM Urges "Day of Action" to Protest Layoffs

Paul Keene, Organic Farmer, Dies at 94

Senate group attempts to delay BRAC process

ACLU to Police: Show You're Not Spying

Terri Schiavo family thank pope for support

US mulls ban on women in combat

Galloway's acerbic tongue unsettles his inquisitors

Bush Proposes Special Corps to Aid New Democracies

N.C. Department Deemed Racially Hostile

Report: Ex-AIPAC officials briefed Israel Embassy official

Galloway: Panel Will Dismiss U.S. Claims

TODAY: Senate Intelligence Committee in SECRET Patriot Act Mark-Up

U.S. actions in Arar case called 'extremely troubling'

Wendy's finger suspect loses bid for lower bail

Colombia: Treaty with U.S. invalid

Bush admits spreading democracy will take time

Morgan Stanley faces $850m payout (BBC News)

Fresh Claims About Abuse of Iraqis by British Troops

Students get OK to consolidate loans before interest rates rise

Human Rights Watch: US Islam abuse genuine

US warns China on its currency

Cuba dumps Windows for Linux

Frist Nixes Reid's Filibuster Compromise

EU Move to Block Trade Aid for Poor

Judge releases files on 14 Orange County priests

Castro Says Arrest of Posada Two Months After Arrival in U.S. Was a 'farce

For Dead Sea, a Slow and Seemingly Inexorable Death

WP: Report Calls Payments By FEMA Questionable

WP: The Killer Instinct

Landless March Biggest Ever to Reach Brasilia

Protesters scale nuclear reactor

Protest held against death penalty (VT)

NYCLU Threatens To Sue City If Central Park Protests Are Banned

Newsweek Urged To Go On Arab TV

Ex-Taliban Foreign Minister Says He Will Run in Afghan Legislative....

U.S. and Iraqi Military Forces Detain Journalists, Whereabouts Unknown

'If the Troops Return, We Will Fight Them'

Dems Say Bolton Sought to Punish Dissenter

WP: Almost Unnoticed, Bipartisan Budget Anxiety (U.S. will be Argentina)

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#1625)

Desert campaign to save humanity

BBC: Media React To Blistering Hearing (Galloway caught panel "off guard")

Senate Democrats accuse Bolton of misleading them (Reuters/Yahoo)

Mini Oil Boom Bites the Dust in Greece

5 officers to receive Taser award

Rabbi's family said to kidnap, beat teen

Bush reportedly to OK space weapons order

Protesters Picket Schwarzenegger's Rocklin School Visit

LA County To Pay $200K To Woman Shot By Deputies

'USA Today' Drastically Reduces Its Use of Anonymous Sources

CBS Cancels Wednesday '60 Minutes'

Air force seeks Bush aproval for space arms

Librarian's brush with FBI shapes her view of the USA Patriot Act

Arrests and police violence at Halliburton, Houston this morning

North Carolina County Protects Gay Workers

Syria on Edge Over U.S.-Iraq Fighting

ACLU demands Denver comply with no-spying rule or ...

Antonio Villaraigosa Elected L.A. Mayor

Trump Sounds Off on World Trade Center

A Seattle High School Bars Military Solicitation

NO MERCY FOR (former hoboken mayor) RUSSO

Report: Muslim world largely anti-American (there's a news flash)

Bush acknowledges problems in post-war Iraq

WP: From Senator's 2003 Outburst, GOP Hatched 'Nuclear Option'

Three Arrested in Sex Ring Involving Kids, Animals, and Church

NYT: Generals Offer Sober Outlook on Iraqi War

NYT: Latest 'Star Wars' Movie Is Quickly Politicized (Moveon to run ads)

British MP Galloway says 'blew away' U.S. committee

Are We Heading For a Fall?

U.S. protecting accused bomber, Castro says (El Salvador to seek Posada)

Standing ovation for Galloway

ACLU, Others Suing FBI To Disclose If It Monitored Political Activities


Town segregates sex offenders

Voters dissatisfied with Bush, Congress (NBC/WSJ poll reveals 'angry elect

Woman Receives Desecrated Quran Through

Early Version of New Patriot Act Gives Administration Everything

White House Presses Newsweek in Wake of Koran Report (NYT)

Secret Service investigating who painted Fuck George Bush (Video)

Haitians march to demand Aristide's return (5000)

Bill Clinton: Iraq Changes Good for Region

African leaders meet on Sudan. Want no outside help.

Riede (DUer Rabid Nerd) wins McSherrystown mayoral nod

PETA accuses lab of animal cruelty

Should I buy a vintage VW Beetle?

Mary Gauthier - you've gotta check this out

What is the point of the DU "buddy list" ?

What to do in honor of a visit by *


Time for your ZombyMidnightSnack...


Finally , .. I can say without reservation .........

G'night, John Boy!

I've got one thing to say

Karmic Justice


Random Drug Testing on the Job .

bush Administration to Replace the Eagle as American Symbol

shit. 4:30. can't sleep.

Don't be so shy-- what are you REALLY trying to say?

How did you get out of the 700 club? (as in posts)

Cheap beer

ATMs are down all over town--solar storm effect?

I got a cool way to honor Galloway

SHOWDOWN at the not-so OKAY Senate (new toon 5/18)

I need some new avatar ideas!

George Galloway's Testimony Never Happened.

goodnight moon, goodnight stars, goodnight DU, goodnight lovely Lounge!!

I wish the Daily Show wasn't off this week!

I'm leaving

Cream Pie Opportunity

I saw Howard Dean last night

holy shit i think i got a cat high

once a bile duct, always a bile duct......

New respect for MSNBC

Apple/Tiger question

Best practical joke someone pulled on you?

This Christian Underground thing

Teens Busted For Nude Skateboarding

Let's redecorate the Lounge

I just noticed ....

I saved someone's life last night

my butt hurts

Ok UB40 fans, you know 'Red Red Wine' Was just a rip off, right?

The Answers to the National Radon Test

25 years ago today: The earth roared and the skies turned black

More dorky Star Wars trivia.

A photo of Manken Pis in Brussels--very famous, and very disappointing

I just watched George Galloway's full testimony on BBC's webby..

I thank NPR for my melodic earworm this morning...

Life at Free Republic...

I have spent most of the day in GD

Bushisms: How well do you know them - take the Quiz

Did Jesus have a dog?

My dilemma- please help!

Listening to Abbey Road. Love this album.

Need to get ouy of town cheaply, somewhere warm and wet, any Ideas?

If anything bad ever happens to me..I promise not to ask DU for help

Question for our filmmaking DUers (permissions for images)

RADIOHEAD - Hail to the Thief - Concert starting NOW

Check out the ATM before using it-New Scam uncovered

Anyone willing to help out a moron with her computer?

If you are currently experiencing PMS DO NOT read this thread.

YAY!!!!!!!!!! We're the kings of the world!!!!!!!!!

State Dismisses Complaint Over JOHN316 License Plate

"Has anybody here.....seen my old friend John?"

Sports fans.... A question

This CGI shite is getting out of control

"deviled eggs" = "Reagan eggs" and "devil cake" = "Reagan Cake", according

Toto vs Air Supply

Are there any guys who don't play video games?

Nothing's fine I'm torn.

Party for Miss Honeychurch

What's your favorite Foreigner song?

I have Great News!!!!!! Well, at least for me and my wife

Nintendo Revolution

Whenever you want me, I'll be?

Too much _______ ________, driving late at night!

Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike....

How deep is your love?

4 and 3 and 2 and 1! When I'm on the mic the suckers?

Paging JimmyJazz....will JimmyJazz please pick up the courtesy phone?

Whenever I want you, all I have to do is?

Star Wars: Episode III parody trailer

Papercut! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Baby , come back.

Oh my sweetness!

Kiss vs ocular lacerations

Colombian painter creates art out of Abu Ghraib pics

Curiouser and curiouser (on being followed)

They're coming to get you and then...

Strawberry letter #?

Who wants to break out of the Lounge's doldrums today?

Dare I say it?

Grovelbot day 2?

Street light peopuuuuuuUUUHL!!!!

I have the VONAGE commercial song stuck in my head!

Teen Moves Shotgun To Watch TV - Shoots And Accidentally Kills Dad

"School Ties" is coming on USA channel @ 2AM EST

Anyone see Monster in Law yet?

Here's your chance to jump off a bridge

Did anyone watch Britney Spears reality show last night?

Call 9-1-1: Grovelbot stole my avatar

Hey I'm using FireFox and the spellchecker hangs & crashes on me.

I learned it from watching you, OK?!

OK who released the Grovelbot????

t'would be both pope john paul ii and frank capra's birthday today

Buh-bye people

WTF...Academy of Country Music Awards names Cheney star of the year?

So what'cha what'cha what'cha want?

Another Republican with Odd Predilections :)

When the law breaks in, how you gonna go?

What was the best Megaman?

I'm Rick James Bitch.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Let's look 4 the purple banana 'til they put us in the truck

Caption: "All of you who are giggling homicidal maniacs, raise your hand"

Anyone ever get itchy skin from wearing sunblock?

Mother: Wendy's Finger Used to Settle Debt

All the little chicks with their crimson lips go Cleveland Rocks

When they kick out your front door, how you gonna come?

So when is our name being changed to The Republican States of America?

When the honey drips...

What's up with these ROBOTS?? I want my Avatar back

How should Grovelbot make his appearance

How did you deal with zits in high school.....

Kudzu plant combined with alcohol makes you drunker.


Who did you think did the best last night on American Idol?

Anyone wanna see a windmill? here's of the 6 right in Amsterdam



ZombyCoffee: Last Chance for 500 Miles!

Maggie's farm...

Headlines We'd Like To Read, May 17, 2005

We are planning on buying a steam cleaner for our carpet.


Grovelbot's absence during the fund drive has been explained

I'm chugging 10w-40 motor oil with my beer bong. Ask me anything.


To all of you posting earworms in my "I surrender" thread:

Paris Hilton, tokin' a roach or playin' the world's smallest harmonica?

Damn job keeping me from posting on DU!!!

To all of you posting earworms:


Take the Star Wars personality test - I'm Yoda

Are earworms the new Schiavo Pope?

After almost 30 years have we figured out what the HELL this thing is yet?


gotta say, I love Magistrate in GD!

So, was it wrong to do this?

Okay, I've gotta tell you this story

DOH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STAR WARS: You know someone had to ask...

Anyone remember "Fight Back with David Horowitz"? (no not that one)

"Star Wars Creatures" on Animal Planet tonight


If cats could talk...

Not upset about healthcare going up 2%, not upset about retirement up 1.5%

Sela Ward on "House."

whoisalhedges will drink a 40 for each reply here in the next 30 minutes

Riddle me this, Caped Crusader: What's black and white and dead all over?

Those extra buttons on men's dress shirts

Blue Wind

Who here remembers the two-face avatars?

I will drink a beer on the weekend for every response in the next 30 min.

"I am," I said...


She falls through the doorway, rolls down the hall

Passive Aggressive Programming: Apparently I'm not the only one

Star Wars fans: I have a dilemma

Uh-ohThe UFOs got into the rum

Very Cool Racing Link


Question....My friend and I can't think of this Name

Kids show... Kids show... Oh my lord, it's a kids show...

Rock the Casbah!

The reason I was recently fired from my job

I'm planning a hostile take-over of the lounge. (Shhhh)

Science Is Just A Theory Dammit!

Need help from C&W fans on DU

I have an 'Inspiring Personal Story' ; will repugs give me a judgeship?

Interesting fact: there are 96 DU groups ...

I will donate to DU a quarter for every reply I get in the next hour

I have received calls from "Friends of John Kerry" and 21st Century Dems

Post if you're seeing Star Wars at 12:01 A.M

Thomas A. Swift's Electrical Rifle used on journalist.

What's your least favorite household chore?

does anyone hear remember that website dedicated to chronicling

Ooga chaka. Ooga ooga chaka.


holy crap. i sit for my first part of the cpa exam on friday...

The Weather Channel web-site must be drunk

Any moles here?

What rare distinction do these TV shows share?

"The Riddler" is dead.

What TV child did you want to be?


Bebe Neuwirth Appreciation Time

Any Apprentice fans??? I cannot wait to see the Finale!

Pimpafy your name here!

When did my belly get so big?

Post here & I'll do absolutely fricking nothing to recognize that you did

Getting Bombarded By German Spam!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Something for the "Matcom File"

"LOST" fans: How many of you think that...

Jackie the Jokeman exposes the false prophets!

JimmyJazz Improvisation

Jazz Improvisation

Best Led Zeppelin Album. Zep haters, you might want to skip this one!

I got a Motorhead link in my sig line, BOW TO ME!

JimmyJazz gave me the plague

My first tattoo! XD

Poor Scotty M - can't get any respect

Have You Taken This Test?

When did my weiner get so long

JimmyJazz also gave me the plaque

Post here and I will give you a personal psychotic reading. For free!

YYYYAAAAYYY XRays & Bloodwork Came back negative

Troll modus operandi

How would one know if they are a "Holla Back Girl?"

'The Riddler' Frank Gorshin Dies at 72

JimmyJazz gave me a plaque

North Dakota vs. A Kick In The Balls

What's the best --or your fave--Bruce Springsteen song?

The envelope says 'Take a Deep Breath.'

Anyone else eagerly awaiting the new "Hate Mailbag"?

Grackles are attacking Houston!

This activity goes best with what kind of music?

Who'd a THUNK it? Federline not paying promised child support to his ex

Who really doesn't care about the new Star Wars?

So, you are gaining weight... What are you doing about it? Share

Do you ever just feel like this?

The bad thing about having Progmom on ignore is that I can't reply

So, that Army guy just called me again.

Who really cares about the new Star Wars?

I have big boobies too!

I've had enough of DU - I'm leaving!

Best Cheeseburger on the planet in the Best community on the planet!

I wore a Red Sox shirt on the subway today

Which DUer was at Six Flags America (in Maryland) this past Saturday?

Back When

Suds, Solidarity, and prizes! - Not for Boston Elites Only!

How can my cousin, born in 1987, be graduating from high school?

nothing like a pet on your willie to give a city girl the bug

I need recommendations for a new broadband phone router!!

Ellie Mae Clampett down by the cee-ment pond, or the Bush Twins in a bar

The bar is open in honor of my mom's birthday: self-serve

My next tattoo.

didn't there used to be a poster here named yvr girl?


Woman Receives Desecrated Quran Through

This brings back memories of being a little kid...

I bought a sequined suit from a pearly queen.

Anyone here fluent in French and been to the South of France before?

I just want to plug something here.

My review of the Hitchhiker's Guide film

Another semester done. More life troubles. What's a girl to do!?

You know what to do . . . .

Should I or not? Taking a contract job to replace my current full time?

Hey Beantowners- didja hear that? It's the first T-storm of the year!!

sci-fi fans: what if space aliens visited/attacked while bushco in admin

"chick daney"

Please give money to punch Bush!!!

Bad web host warning and plea for help

The best Star Wars review ever?

When did my boobies get so big?

And now...I give you: "A Horse with No Name"

Is it possible to be critical of Led Zeppelin and still love them?

Just because I'm so pissed about it...

The DU Donations pic of Bush needs to be "smirkier"...whattaya say?

The day the MP socked it to the Harper Valley G.O.P.

Okay, LOST is getting creepy

All right. 2 1/2 days without a ciggarette

One of the better drinking stories making the rounds...

DU would be nothing without...........

If You Want to Win in Sports, Wear Red

Led Zeppelin would be NOTHING without John Paul Jones. NOTHING.

Led Zeppelin would be NOTHING without John Bonham. NOTHING.

Canadain DUers: Which trait best describes you?

bush and crack

Norm Coleman is _______________

You know what would've been cool(Gallaway)

Now that I'm in the 1000+ I have nothing to live for. Please advise...

The Beatles would be NOTHING without Noel Gallagher. NOTHING.

Led Zeppelin would be NOTHING without John Bonham. NOTHING.

Bi monthly Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) Appreciation thread

I was offered the job in Rapid City, South Dakota!

So there I was............

I never thought I'd see Salma Hayek look bad in anything but...

JJ's post about earworms.... gives me an earworm.

If you don't stop ignoring me

*sigh* Trumad's back. Seems like old times.

I got Star Wars tickets (midnight showing) 4.5 hrs after they went on sale

more photos from the Outer Banks

If you went to a restaurant,

This will help for earworm. Kylie Minogue.



My Al Franken Pic made the front of!

I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile.

I love you all

Kilgore Trout Rules .....

unemployment appeal hearings

Help Me. I drank the Kool-Aide and I'm watching American Idol.

A Republican's First Time - A Short Story

Honey I'm still free, take a chance on me

Thank you anonymous person who gave me a star.

Science is just a Theory

Texas vs. California

Has Anyone Else Here Only Seen The First ORIGINAL Star Wars Movie?

Heres the thing

Christian Bale as Batman...what do you think?

Wendy's finger suspect loses bid for lower bail

Who (else) here has the knee-jerk reaction of projectile vomiting

Late May, I've lost the battle to not turn on the air conditioning.

Hey...go ahead and post some provocative pics of yourself.

I'll be in Boston tomorrow, if anyone's around...

Hey, what's that song in the new iPod commercial?


First change made by the German Pope

Have you ever seen a man as happy as the Myth Buster Guys...

I love it when two different threads marry up and form a new thread.

I'm so ready for Star Wars Episode 3-Revenge of the Sith

Who is going to the 12:01 showing of Revenge of the Sith tonight ?

Bucky has Satchel's watch!!!

I don't care if he joins the Dark Side ...

Revenge of the Shit

Any good voice alteration software out there?

Any hang gliders out there? I wanna learn...

Hey: The last installment of 'Revelations' is going to be on ....

ok, i'm going for a hike by the river... anyone wanna come?

In the movie of your life, who would play you?


Actors Seen In Old TV Shows Before Their Fame:Jack Nicholson/Andy Griffith

I escaped the 700 club!

OK, this came to me yesterday from a friend of mine. I asked her if she

Revenge of the Syph.

I feel so androgynous

My only experience with a scary church.

It's sorta freeing now that I am without a star.

I feel so anhydrous.

Chase credit card commercial has the lovey-dovey tender family music...

Cali is in Colombia

in all seriousness...anyone know for sure who's off idol tonight?

Holy shit. I saw a gas station robbery go down last night.

March Of The Penguins - Movie Trailer

DU wrestling fans! Who is your favorite pro-wrestling supergroup?

please click on this thread!


Kale is a green vegetable.

Padre juggernaught rolls on! Sweep Braves, 7th straight win!

Anyone watching the special on Star Wars on A&E?

Update for those who helped me.

listening to Air Merica and surf'n DU.. it doesnt get better than this.

I'll take you with me everywhere I go

'The Riddler' Frank Gorshin Dies at 72

Kali is a Hindu Goddess

Now we know why Eeyore was so sad?

ABBA is way too catchy.

"At first he was in fatal condition..."

Help with a scar?

What is the term for a group of gerbils?

Just so you know

If the Death Star was made today...

Does anyone know anyone who actually MOVED to Canada after the election?

Loaf of Gerbils? That's not funny?

The scene on Lost when Sawyer told Jack

haha!! Which one of you DUers did this?

So Lounge...

a question about see you

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Does anyone remember the TV show called

So Losenge

MAN! Revelations sucked terribly...

WORST pro-wrestling supergroup

Ever find a deceased relatives hidden stash of cash?

MSN just hijacked my home page..!!!!

Oh Look out world I'm about to be bad!

Who else cringes when radio hosts "open up the phone lines?"

Anyone a high school drop out who later graduated college?

John Malkovich. Master Thespian or just a Lucky Prick.

I think my cat has had another stroke,

Music scoring software help

Soup or Salad?

Best MST3K Season?

I just figured out what bothered me about Episodes I and II

How do you feal about Bartcop's Pink Tutu Democrat image

Are you over 60? How's life? If not, what do you expect of life after 60?

Good for a smile: Cat in a Bucket!

Darth Tater!

Would they rather I had explosive diarrhea on the sales floor?

who here ACTUALLY likes star wars.

My son, age 9, tells his Freeper friend to "do the research!"

Some State mottos I came up with

I saw the play “FEELGOOD”, and couldn’t help wondering

Just a standard rant against the republicans/freeps/fundy fucks

The Disgusting Chick Tract of the Day

i am DONE with school. done done done done DONE!!!

why do people in this country hate cats?

I'm leaving DU in 24 hours! Ask me anything!

Are we depressed because perpetual fury is just too tiring?

Favorite William Holden movie?

Replace one word in a movie title with Grovelbot.

Piebald deer

Breaking geek news. Kelsey Grammer to play Beast in X-Men 3

Anyone heard from rbnyc?

OMG Tomorrow I turn 60

Who should win American Idol ?

Fess up, guys - which one of these movie roles can bring you to tears?

American Idol SPOILER

Need source for Dick Cheney quote on high gas prices/failed presidency

Unemployment issue: opinions requested

the official Chicken Scratching good vibe fund


What's for dinner?

There's a bird on my balcony giving me the evil eye

June 11th meetup NYC!!

I will be reburying my best friend Friday.

Pregnant student banned from graduation walks stage anyway

No Matter What I Post I Am Always Too Liberal Or Not Liberal Enough!

Has anyone been to Robert McKee's Story Seminar?

Massachusetts: the real estate dead zone

The David Sedaris thread got me thinking...

Post here and I will give you a code name.

Alert!!!! The web site "" believed to have caused

Last nite I asked for suggestions about vacations and got some good info

What are your top 5 movies to watch when you are buzzed?

Weird thing happened last night.

Saviour Frist

Has anyone besides me noticed a LOT of

Homophobes have strong erectile reactions to gay porn?

Used vehicle history without paying? I was able to get this info free in


Jacob's Ladder

Who has seen "Enron - The Smartest Guys in the Room"?

Thundering and pouring here in Eastern Mass.---- What the hell?

When Skinner posts a (non-official) Thread, Do you?

Most promising potential Jewish girlfriend

Post here and I will give you a personal psychic reading. For free!

as promised -- your choice of cuckoobananas

Is it "hear hear" or "here here"?

It's My Birthday! Guess My Age!

I need reassurance!

I Miss The Dancing Banana

I reject your reality and inject my own...

Can a gift be the kiss of death?

Finally, a Bush Dog Chew Toy!

I think we ALL remember where we were the day Bush dropped Barney.

A bee hitting a leather jacket at 40 mph is very bad for the bee.

"I don't care about recycling (but I pretend I do)"

Cuckoobananas or "Cuckoo Bananas"?

The largest known dragonfly lived in the Carboniferous period...

I MISSED LOST, my favorite show tonight, anybody got a vid file of it?

Know anything about organics?

Do you need a star? If so all you have to do is win this contest.

Top 5 Freeper Lies about Hybrids

Wow, I got an invisible star!!! That is the SPECIAL star, right??

Somebody! Anybody! SOS!

Ok Zeppelin fans--do you realize Whole Lotta Love is a rip off?

Which Fall TV Schedule cancellation are you most upset about ?

One piece of advice you would give to high school/college graduates?

You'll Never Walk Alone

Huge Primate Lab Busted

Can A Catholic Explain The Abortion/Capital Punishment Issue?

A heads up to all you concerned about the price of medicine

Dueling Gay Marriage Bills In Rhode Island

No Repercussions For Parish That Allowed Gays Communion

Petition against Navajo Nation (Diné) Marriage Act

Homophobia Remains 'Serious Problem' European Leader Says

California Would Gain $30M Annually By Legalizing Gay Marriage

Transgender surgery..

Okay, I'm still new to the whole being gay thing

This is the absolute height of hypocrisy

David Wells...good lord!

Has Tom Glavin found his groove?

The Color of Victory Is Red, Scientists Say


Bengal cat up for adoption

Dedicated to the person who gave me a star: "Hope"

For Eve, though I never knew you.

Thoughts on two books

"He's with Jesus now."

Something that bugs the living shit out of me

my work place has started playing Christian muzak, what would you do?

Could someone lend me the Big Book of Atheist Doctrine?

LOL - Does this sound familiar to anyone?

A primer on truthtellers v.s. liars

Villaraigosa wins!


New favorite pic (Nasty)

Dean Report

I'm getting really tired of DU

Anybody watching the senate right now?

Is Kerry trying to find a position on both sides of filibuster? WTF?

some fun with photoshop

Newsletter for Wednesday!

Finally remembered to look up The Original Whizzinator.

KOEB (5/18/05)

Botany will be delivering a gift from us (the EDV of the KOEB) on Friday

Keith's Extra Backbone

My Roo is gone

MTBE, Tom DeLay and the Saudi Connection

165 Pets Taken From Calif. Ex-Mayor's Home

How many deaths will this mis-administration cause just nationally...

Definition: Santorum

why janice rogers brown sucks

LA Mayor 14% of vote ...Antonio Villaraigosa 56%, James Hahn 44%

L.A. Mayor Elect Villaraigosa: Declare Your Purpose!

In light of Galloway, how will the MSM (and GOP) respond tomorrow?


If they're so worthless why does bush own $4.95 million of them?

CPB Bushboy Kenneth Tomlinson on live call-in show ,10 am hour,EST

Question about Galloway hearing.

Any video links for the Coleman's public humiliation?

How painful is Norm Coleman's hangover this a.m.?

Hatch just bald-faced lied on C-Span - shouldn't he get himself to a

NY Post: "Brit Fries Senators In Oil"

Stupid pet tricks of my right wing pagan friend

Reid just objected to committee meetings while Senate debates Owen!

Why is Specter bald? Did I miss something?

Official CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms

O.K., With All The Attention On The Senate Today, Is There Something

I see Reid is off to a flying start

If I were from LA, I think I'd be very happy today.

Leahy says Bush has the 3rd most judges appointed in our history!

Sharpton rips Dean: Newsmax trash?

Whoa--Think of McCain's Political Ambitions in this Filibuster Issue

Democrats had more respect for the minority when they were the majority

Barney Frank Sticks Up for Tom DeLay on Faux News

Divide and conquer...

"Religious McCarthyism," A Term I've Heard Before (On DU)

Why is Bush trying to silence Cuban terrorist Posada?

DNC Conference call with Reid at 11:45am EST

Pulling US strings on Israel - AIPAC

Will Dems be able to preserve the filibuster?

Wisconsin State Assembly Reintroducing Fundie Pharmacist Bill

The Coup Whose Name We Dare Not Speak

#2 Official CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms

So, are they going to go "nuclear" today?

Letter to the US Senate (Filibuster rules)

House Cuts VA Hospital Project

Mr. Smith goes to WA =--- Gordon Smith (GOP) is NO Mr. Smith

A letter for NC Senator Dole re: filibuster

Democrats in Congress are going to wimp out

Goooooooooooooo Diane!!! (Cspan2)

WorldNut Daily says Anti-Minuteman site promoting sabotage

Specter calling for Party leaders to allow Senators to vote consciences


A theme that fully embraces the 21st Century

Nat'l Retail Federation to Bush Tax Reform Panel: "NO Nat'l Sales Tax"

Galloway and Coleman on Hardball last there video?

A caller on The Stephanie Miller Show today

Indiana Man Taken As Hostage In Iraq April 13th - Whatever Happened?

Downing Street War Memo Gains Traction in U.S. Press

Sign TED KENNEDY'S Protect the Filibuster petition

When the hell did Greg Brady get elected Senator?

Forgive me for pondering for a moment....

Is Downing Street in Neverland?

Harry Reid: "The radical right wing will be free to pursue any agenda"

Is there a higher power in politics?

Need source for Dick Cheney quote on high gas prices/failed presidency

Here's my compromise regarding the filibuster situation

Lost -- a joke from Bartcop

Filibuster Action Center

Calvin College (Christian) professors sign letter criticizing Bush policie

Galloway event: Whay isn't anyone upset with Carl Levin?

Help stop the nuclear option: call Sens in these states per Reid

HOMAGE thread to the Democrats in Congress...

They want MAJORITY rule, let us give them true MAJORITY rule in the Senate

Kennedy is speaking: The Senate will have to break all these rules

BushCO are like the locust aliens in "Independence Day".... is available!

A Reminder:

Can the Supreme Court overturn the Senate rule change if Frist succeeds?

It's OK For Us To DIE To Get An Iraq That Respects Minority Rights....

#3 OFFICIAL CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms

Can A Catholic Explain The Abortion/Capital Punishment Issue?

BAUCUS' Statistics sounded remarkably like MORE Election Fraud

In abstract, who would vote for in '08 primaries (something different)

"Give them hell Harry" -- you all watching Cspan 2 now?

McClellan to speak at UT Austin this Friday

LOL! Freeper World Abortion Map Proves: Freedom=Abortion Rights

Nuclear Option Options

Who is this MR PRIOR that Ted Kennedy is speaking about now (C-span2)

Democracy Cell Project has the scoop about Social Security

Good Janice Brown article... says she's worse than Clarence Thomas

Bill Frist, out of control, and Dick Durbin takes him to task for it.

"A chilling, rambling audio file" (al-Zarqawi, NOT a Bush radio address)

Justice Owen is a "lovely person" and...

For anyone who didn't know

What is Alan Greenspan doing or saying today.....

Boxer on CSPAN Now!

I love Patriotic Sen Mark Dayton...Dem from MINN...

Thou shalt not flush

McClellan: "Abu Ghraib was contrary to our military procedures and values"

Quick: name the seven judicial nominees and the benches open

The word "DESERVE"

Rights groups to sue FBI over monitoring

ORIN HATCHET Hatch) kept Pres Clinton's judges off

IT'S Back! The Daily Show is Re-Running the Laura Bush Joke!

You might be a Democrat if...

Ben Nelson to vote for nuke option?

Let 'em end the filibuster...

dKos diarist debunks the 9000 Soldier Dead theory

Will any Democrats defect on the filibuster vote?

Salon: "L.A. Times blows kiss to Frist" ("Nuke It, Already" article)

Email from GOP alleges "Fraud and Intimidation" (Pot...Kettle.,,Black)

Don't blame NewsWeek. -- Koran desecration has been ongoing.

MSNBC "Live" Poll: Is Newsweek Being Scapegoated?

Houston Halliburton Protestors Legal Defence Fund

Houston Indymedia: Halliburton protest, 16 arrests, 12 "trampled" by horse

17 Americans Shot dead in New York

Chairman Dean: There's corruption at highest level of Republican Party

Sirota - D.C. Elites, You Are a Joke, Get a Freakin' Clue

Pentagon's 2003 Memo Re: Koran Abuse AT Gitmo - Why did they issue this?

Shouldn't we be shoring Dems up to keep their promise and shut the Senate

today in history

Why The Gloom-and-Doom About The Nukular Option?

Republicans want pro-rapist judge appointed. (Janice R. Brown)

Extremist Corporate Whore at Center of Senate Fight

Weapons in Space. The Bushie Neocons ARE INSANE.

Aw shit, the grenade bullshit is back

RW Logic After The Filibuster is History...

9000 dead U.S. Soldiers, not 1700?

Anyone listening to CSPAN 2?

It's a sad day on DU when a thread on stopping genocide is hijacked

Cuban exile whisked away after his arrest

Bill Clinton: Iraq Changes Good for Region

On NBC & CBS news tonight ........ (head explode)

What Democratic Governors are vulnerable next year?

The Republican Definition of Bipartisanship

Who will you be voting for in '08?

MSNBC/WSJ Poll: We can now say "we told you so". Don't.

TODAY: Senate Intelligence Committee in SECRET Patriot Act Mark-Up

Why It's Important to Support Productive Input From UK and Others

Condi Rice as 'The Undead'

C-span VIDEO from today's Senate (Sen. Schumer, Boxer, Etc.)

Are Republican moderates worth a damn

DUers, wanna help me out here?

DUers - "The Galloway Offensive" - PLEASE call a Democrat about it!

Senator Kennedy's floor speech on the Nuclear Option, May 18, 2005

Is there a video of the Galloway hearing?

Baltimore's (RC) Cardinal Keeler to boycott Guiliani commencement

Anyone listening to CNN, Larry King, w/Russert? I just

Chimp's "Federal Worker Corps" this for his future invasions?

Discussion on Arlen Spector's speech.

Here's the Nuclear Option procedure, for those who are wondering:

Did anyone hear the Fresh Air interview today with D. James Kennedy?

If The Downing Street Memo Shows He Lied Us Into War....

Reid uses the Darth Vader connection!

Blue Magic Marker & the Nuclear Option

Abuse alledgedly committed by British troops

New Twist in the * /Georgian grenade story

BRAD BLOG: Religious MI College Students/Profs Object to Bush Appearance!

Sen Dayton: Dobson "false prophet" ... GOP "desecrating this institution"

New Hampshire Repug phone Jammer wants trial by Republicans only

Bayoil - Bayoil - Bayoil did sneaky business with Iraq - kickbacks

Drinking Poop is Bad for Us

I need a list of senators on the fence for the filibuster ban vote, thanks

Here Is Why The Republicans Will Loose In 2006 and 2008

PEW RESEARCH-New Typology Groups defined. Liberals rising!

Bush doesn't like activist judges, so why the hell is he nominating them?

Tweety just said that Dems brought nuclear option on themselves.

Dirita said the detainees put Koran in toilet themselves

Is it just me or has FUAX News become more blatantly partisan & desperate

Email George Galloway if you feel so inclined - I did:

Sen. Kennedy & Rep. Miller propose increased/extended minimum wage.

#4 OFFICIAL CSPAN2 Thread on Senate Judicial Noms

On Ed Shultz

Democrats discuss "deal" on judges

Animal Rights activists acting more like terrorists

Nuclear Option Calls for Strong Reaction

EMK calls out "venomous incitement from Republican members of Congress..."

Today, I'm DAMN proud to be a Democrat.

Newsweek Hypocrisy

GOP Chair's E-mail: "Had you been a good Democrat and not a socialist"

Senator Durbin is great

Musings of an Intellectually Shell-Shocked Kansan

Where the *bleep* is the Democratic leadership of this country?

What we need..................

Independent (UK): “How the oil-for-food programme was exploited”

The nuclear option, gays, and Roe v. Wade...

Sen. Kennedy: Tell Frist to STOP IT NOW!!!!! (petition)

Democratic Congressional Unity

Why are people so hesitant to compare BushCo to the Nazis?

AIDS kills 'one in three' in South Africa

Boycott Star Wars And George Lucas

Why Are There So Many Repugs Wanting To Run For Texas Governor?

From Media Matters: The Top 10 filibuster falsehoods

Funny but important - Ridicule/criticism of Bush Admin in MOVIES and TV

Simple question: Should ANY Democrat/LW appear on Fox News?