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Archives: May 16, 2005

Ed Schultz -- still an asshole.

New USGS Oil & Gas Assessment of Central North Slope, Alaska

Conyers Looks for News in the Wrong Place (very unusual article for MSM)

Dennis Kucinich was on fire tonight!!

China AIDS vaccine begins human tests

Uh oh maybe Canada should be on TORY ALERT CODE ORANGE for

DOH! Redacted documents (US navy memo)

Cease the illusion : The US is no longer a "superpower".

Scenes We's Like to See

Do you remember all those terra alerts?

How much is too much?

Hostile Corporate take over?

The Prologue to Star Wars, the book, by George Lucas.

Check out this gem buried in the media forum. (Ed Shultz)

WP: Atty-Gen Gonzales Earns Praise, Despite Lack of Policy Change

America's Drug Plan Collapses in Chaos (Plan Colombia)

LAT: EU Sets the Bar High for Toxins in Products (now at odds with U.S.)

India's Suicide Epidemic is Blamed on the British

NYT: 60 Years Later, Debating Yalta All Over Again

400 and Counting: IRAQ'S Grim Death Toll for May

Republican councilman arrested for beating son("parental intervention")

To hell with "Return of the Sith"

The Salvador Maryknoll martyrs (Jean Donovan, Dorothy Kazel, Ita Ford, and


Has anyone here heard of or seen Kyle Riabko?

Pardon the Iran Hostage thread but I wondered what moment everyone ,about

"I see..."

Not another Dupe thread

Mashups, anyone? Give your ears a treat.

Scientia Est Potentia

Join the Kleeb personality cult!

Tell me if this is a good Real Estate deal or not?

People who were "owned" by kittens or younger cats please post your cat

Reading "What Color Is My Parachute?"

DU Schwätzchenthema heute abend: warum einige auf alles so ernst nehmen be

Well, still no google results for "commander cuckoobananas"

Parents of kids between the ages of 5-7 come hither !

How old were you when you started working?

I'm posting on Ambien - this stuff does nothing to help me fall asleep

Are eggs aborted chickens?

First on the reform agenda for the new German Pope...

Who was the governor of your state / premier of your province when you

I clicked on a LoZoccolo post and got a message that I hid the thread.

God and I

Navajo Nation Council may veto marriage act (In July, still time to act)

More political crap from * (In relation to forest service)

Base realignment plan would cut 18,000 civilian jobs

How would Clark or Dean have done against Bush ?

“Just to be direct and frank"... what the hell is's problem??

Uzbekistan's Nightmare: Made in Washington

Staying What Course?

How did Bolton make it past the screeners?

"Report Critical of Rumsfeld Is Pulled After DOD Protest"

UN Supports Death Squads

Halliburton's Crony Capitalists (Ken Sanders,

Why federalism in Iraq is inconsistent

Bob Schieffer got it right yesterday:

Downing St. memo for 1 full hour!! Tue. @ 1 pm. on NPR

The Black Hole where the press used to be

After the Oil is Gone

America has failed to win the war, but has it lost it?

Islam as interrogation tool: need for limits? (Inside the Wire)

Conservative Politics and Judicial Impeachment

Paying for Asbestos - NYT Op-Ed by Arlen Specter

Mark Danner on the British Smoking-Gun Memo

Tim Chitwood takes on a reader

The Best Bill Moyers' Speech to Date - 5/15/05


Cheese has nothing to do with it (Heather Mallick column)

Jay Bookman: Why would anyone enlist now?

Juan Cole: Guantanamo Controversies - The Bible and the Koran

An Alternative Annual Report on Halliburton

Christianity Today-- War Against Iraq is an Act of Christian Charity

James Wolcott: Permanent war for permanent fuckwits

Venezuela regime “must change or be changed”

Alien American Dream Changes the Earth as Some of Us Awaken

Hitchens: History and Mystery (NYT calls jihadists "insurgents")

Palast - Ecuador Gets Chavez'd

Bill Moyers Fights Back (Thought I'd honor Bill for my 1000th post!)

Cynthia Tucker: Science funding dips in U.S., soars in China

Amidst doubts, CIA hangs on to control of Iraqi intelligence service (KR)

Blair shouldn't think that Bush can be changed

Colorado Springs is the "New Nuremberg" for The Religious Right (pre 1945)

Africa Action: Activism for Africa Since 1953

Nuclear campaigners elect 'mayor' (UK)

Global Vigil for Tibet's Panchen Lama -World's Youngest Political Prisoner

Buy Your Gas at Citgo: Join the BUY-cott!

That freepin' idiot from Sam Seder's shift on Springer is back on

Back off, Brussels -- leave Europe's Web alone!

How I think the Newsweek Affair will play out...

JC:When Will There Be News on the Front Pages Instead of the Opinion Page?

The clock is ticking on Tom Jefferson's democratic vision

'Understanding the Social Security Debate' Seminar for Journalists, 5/20

Is MoveOn still planning a tv show?

ZNet: (Salim Lamrani): The Reporters Without Borders Fraud

Report: NY Times to charge for online access to Op Ed

Since when is Newsweek a publication of record?

Media Matters for America Open Letter to The New York Times

Intel & Hypocrisy

UK Climate Policy Disintegrating - Guardian

Spain Requests Up To 8 Million Tons Of Grain From EU - Reuters

BLS Stats Skewed To Underreport Refinery Deaths, Injuries

Drowning By Numbers - G8 Climate Action Likely Exercise In Futility

Birth Defect Cluster In FL Farmworkers Puzzles Health Officials

Subsoil Temps In Minnesota Site RIse 3F Since 1962

Pine-Killing Invasive Wasp Discovered In Upstate New York

Greenpeace target Land Rover in climate protest (UK)

Bush endorses biodiesel and ethanol.

Tax won't help Philippines: experts

Barclays' return to South Africa to have big impact

Mexican president backtracks after racist comment

Back off, Brussels -- leave Europe's Web alone!

Court rules against James Soong over his tax evasion - TW/USA

Yangon full of whispered theories about bombings

Vatican looks to Olympics to improve ties with China

Ecuadors' Debt

Bedouin Girl Murdered for Befriending Jews

Hamas men elected in PA vote holding ongoing talks with IDF

Wiesenthal Center slams PA TV chief

Israelis Foil Plot by Jewish Extremists

Israel to Begin Extending West Bank Barrier

Minister of Health Asserts Israel Buried 80 Tons of Nuclear Waste in oPt

Israel Investigates Plot On Mosque

Have You heard of this movie:"Billy Jacks Crusade "??to end Iraq War

Edward Felt's phone call

2 quick questions

I know someone here has he national media blaster, right?



What Percentage of the Planet's Democracies use Paper Ballots?

PLEASE!! Help us counteract the attack

BuzzFlash interview with Matt Kohn who did a documentary on voting

It seems some asshats don't care for Jim Lampley's opinion.

Has USCOUNTVOTES responded/made a statement re: ESI?

5/17 L.A. Board of Supes Meeting-we need people there

Is the threat of an Anthrax letter the reason for MSM silence?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Updates Thread for Tuesday

Has there been too much attention paid to exit polls in 2004?

Gore Vidal on Maher spoke of the appearance of Kerry coming in 5th in OH?

Should Felons Be Allowed To Vote?

Bob Koehler: The deafening sound of media silence (Trib 5/16)

"Ohio Exit Polls not a 'Smoking Gun' for Fraud, Study Says"

So, about this MSM refusal to report on the Iraq memo..

Hey, you think they are talking about us?

The BIGGEST waste of time on our side is this rehashing of

5/17-Alameda County,Ca-Rov & Board of Supes to buy Diebold VVPAT

Within-Precinct-Error Correlation BY Precinct (NEW)

California Daily Ledger May 13, 2005

Los Angeles Times (May 16): State to Detail Reform of CYA

California Daily Ledger May 16 2005

Flooding closes Yosemite Valley to traffic


Any of our E. Iowa papers carry anything on the Downing Street

Dennis Kucinich scheduled to visit Iowa...

Thank you Mass Democrats!

Giant Anniversary Photo Shoot Staged for Gay Couples, Tuesday, Boston

Giant Anniversary Photo Shoot Staged for Boston, May 17

Mass-related post more suitable to the lounge.....

Governor Poll (mid May)

DU mini-Woodstock @ Cambridge, this Saturday

We shut down 4th street and 3rd Ave in Minneapolis today

so....who's all running so far???

Myspace Democrats. Funny troll bashing.

Wellstone and Bush? On "60 Minutes"

CREW Prepares Complaint Against Rep. Bob Ney; Searching for House Member

Llano County pics

Why is Rep. Bill Keffer talking to me so much?

reminder: Harris County Precinct Level Organizing Training TONIGHT

Dallasites have their own "Gannon/Guckert"....kinda

Halliburton protest in Ft. Worth Wednesday

Repukes may be trying to ship KBH off to England...

Geez Louise, Time to Save Barton Springs Again

Just Registered for the State Convention

TABOR: Taking Away Benefits, Opportunities and Rights.

In your Opinion, what's the reddest part of Wisconsin?

I know what Negroponte's assignement in Iraq is.

This weeks Tom Tomorrow - it is a gem

Military Deaths

NYT: Air Force Chaplain Says She Was Removed for Being Critical

The Armstrong Williams report, did you all see it??

Day two of Newsweek story

US Nuclear weapons policy is Immoral and illegal

Downing Street memo - another link

"Patriot Act ID"

Sen Coleman Says Annan Is Dmg Goods - What is Bolton??

Who the hell is Rumsfeld to talk about "unfortunate deaths"???

After Republicans run out of oil...

Newsweek/Afghanistan Controversy on C-SPAN this morning

5 minutes for Democracy: Please forward

A chink in the armor of the Hard Right

State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized

Fox/Cavuto says "greedy brokers" to blame for poor housing market

"He's our president - Must suppport" and "Global Warmimg - Fake"

Rumsfeld "delighted" to meet dictator Karimov (February 2004)

Democracy Now! Moyers awesome as always.

Top Dems silent about Downing St. memo.

FYI: The truthout blog is back


Would you give money to DU for the purpose of advertising on Air America?

did anyone watch dateline last night?

Staying What Course?

I figured out why John Bolton looks so familiar

It's been 11 days, and no answer to John Conyers letter yet!

Advice for Letters to the Editor

Moyers rerun on C-Span now!!!

Go Jerry

Letter to the (CA) Press Enterprise: News by the numbers

What does this summer TV lineup say to us about women and minorities?

Leper colony to stage dramatic protest at WHO's HQ

BBC accused of 'institutionalised leftism'

Another similarity between the 'christian' Right and the 'islamic' Right

Jeff Gannon Article in Vanity Fair

CPB's Tomlinson cited only ONE PROGRAM as evidence of liberal bias

Frame: Misinformation Administration

One of the pictures in this week's Idiots List is photoshopped

Take the "are you a racist" quiz.

Gagged, but Still Going Strong - by Sibel Edmonds

Matthew 6:24

Al-Jazeera Reporter Denies al-Qaida Ties (Hmmm, I always said that

I have a new proposal that will sit well with the rightwingers.

Kurtz to Ignore Downing Street Memo for Third Straight Week?

Rita to Bump Re-runs of Tweety. Leaves Keith Alone

Bill Moyers Fights Back

Is There Anything We WOULDN'T Do At Guantanamo?

Tomgram: Mark Danner on the British Smoking-Gun Memo

Do you think Qurans were flushed at Guantanamo?

Could the crisis at GM be due to downgrading of engineers and making the

Caption this Condi pic...

Need some helping crafting a response to Krauthammer's op-ed

Bush Lied still not front page news in the US, UK War memo

Framing the Bush Approval/Disapproval reporting: If the numbers are 40%

tell me why closing bases doesn't create more bodies for deployment?

rawstory being quoted on franken NOW!

Payback for the Muslims/Arabs, that in the end is our policy.

Why hasn't 'Media' interviewed two Cessna pilots????

Important for Women...

Hmmmm... Stern or Air America?

If you live near Las Vegas, PM me. Calling all liberals/prpgressive/Dems!

How can we get Keith Olberman to cover the UK war memos?

Contrasting headlines on Ecuador. It's like parallel universes!

Tennessee working hard for election reform (verified voting)

What has ANN COULTER published about Muslims?

Fineman on Imus re: Koran story

POLL: Is there a "moment of silence" at public schools where you live?

PALAST: Ecuador Gets Chavez'd

An Iraqi expresses low opinion of President Cuckoo-Bananas

My local news was actually like real news tonight.

"Inside the Wire" by Erik Saar-- inteview with this Gitmo whistleblower

George Allen (R-VA) is a dangerous man.

A new plot twist to Pasolini’s murder

Anyone watching UNcle Linda Fester on Fox?

Paper ballots NOW!!! Hand counts NOW!!! N/T

Serial Murderer promoted James Dobson's Agenda

Now Condi is pointing the finger at Syria for the deaths in Iraq!

So, the White House is expressing indignation over the Newsweek story.

Ds don't oppose the judges for being prolife but for being pro-corporatism


The Bogus Congressional "Debate" On The Patriot Act

Awol crisis hits the US forces

The RW - A collection of psychotic people

What is WRONG with people?

Ok. Who here has seen this play called "Big River"

Based On My Poll About Nixon And Bush, I Made This New Bumper Sticker!

Animal Lover Alert - There's a chimp giving a speech on CSPAN

Is there a link to the conference Bill Moyer attended

Bush, Karen Hughes, Muslims, and the 'christian' Right

OK its it only me but this is totally hypocritical???

Has anyone noticed that 100s of dissidents are being killed in Uzbekistan?

don imus sucks

Wal-Mart Customers Tie-Up Charging Deer In Store (I did not make this up)

Michael Kinsley is such a milquetoast

ONe last load of Laundyry before going home....

We need to resurrect the "flying fickle finger of fate" award

where can i get a tape of Bill Moyers Speach...!!!

Something I was thinking about last night...

Sexually Suggestive Star Wars Candy To Be Marketed To Children!

A couple of questions to those who say that we should stay in Iraq ....

Do We Care About Lies? - An Excellent article

Great Quote on Presidential Prayer Team site

Senator Harry Reid on CSPAN2, talking about the filibuster now

Scenes We'd Like to See - Condi - "Call me Mrs Bush"

Hugo Chavez vs. Islam Karimov: Republican hypocrisy

Showing ignorance here again...

So Let Me Get this Straight (re Newsweek Story)

Karen Hughes

A subtle change in language: The Kansas evolution controversy

Missing Iraqi WMD is Pope John Paul's Miracle

Clay Bennett has some new 'toons posted.......And they are GREAT.

Just think what the response would be if....

Mark Luther is such a f@*^%ing asshole!

Yesterday, I heard the host and callers

NY Times to start charging for internet access to Op/Ed and top

Bill Moyers Responds to CPB's Tomlinson Charges of Liberal Bias:

Newsweek should just call a press conference, and say

Diplomatic Ineptitude-so stupid you need to cork the forks to avoid injury

Any able to help me find a good MSM link showing No War for Monica

Crowley the Hut is going to talk about Dean comments re:bugman

High court: Ban on out-of-state wine shipments unconstitutional

The Empire Strikes Bush

"Faithful Are Carving Niche in the Workplace"

Q: What is the 1st casualty of war?

has the monkey faced shrub met reasonable presidential standards?

America's drug plan collapses in chaos (Condi to drop program) at the

Are there any statistics on which women have abortions?

Conyers interviewed by CNN about Downing Street memo

DU this poll

I just got a letter from James Dobson

Who wants to bet that the White House was behind the Koran debacle?

Are we winning most issues, and not even aware of it?

Newsweek, CBS, Guckert, paid reporters--the destruction of the free press.

Union Wal-Mart Protest Angers Congressional Black Caucus Members

Let's see, how can bush piss off the Muslim world even more I wonder?

Neo-cons plant fake story in News Week.

AAR down in Seattle?

Bush does not want peace in the Middle East

Bush to China and India: YOU will become energy efficient for US or else!

Can The Senate Filibuster The Proposed Rules Change?


MSNBC wants to know YOUR feelings about the Newsweek story

"Spirit - A Journey in Dance, Drums & Song" did ya see it? watch here....

Now I've heard it all ........

incorrect "stories" - setup or goof up?

In Honor for them

To our forign members outside the USA,what have you heard about the Toilet

The current fund drive....

The Idiotic 30% strikes again

I saw footage of the protests. I saw NO armed civilians.

Faux News reporting Newsweek has officially retracted the story

Heads up! Remarkable Howard Zinn documentary on the Sundance Channel today

overheard this morning, "I am proud to be a Bush Christian!"

Mr. Horsley stated that it is logical and natural to engage in beastiality

Is there any interest in forming a John Conyers group?

I tried to download firefox

PNAC = New World Order, american style

Do you think prisoners were forced to use the Koran as Toilet Paper?

"Apology Fallout" Tonight on Olbermann !

senator byrd just spoke in my hometown on base closings

I wake up this fine Tuesday morning

Why outsource when we can get cheap labor here?

Did US interrogators at Guantanamo Bay desecrate the Quran?

Randi has audio of Mule F***er Horsely . WOW!

Bush Junta Iraq Successes

To our forign members outside the USA,what have you heard about the Toilet

WI Publ Radio (Ben Merens) to do full hour on Downing St Memo

To the corporate media manipulators and other custodians of the Truth:

Rumsfeld says "people need to watch what they write??"

How to Get Out of Iraq

Scott McClellan is IRATE at the American media.

expect more and more shark attacks in FL this year..."Dead Zones"

computer security expert thinks REAL ID is a very bad idea

Rice still lying to Americans, this time American Troops.

How is Firefox better than IE?

Just Bought "Network"

Folks, the BFEE just found the ULTIMATE SCAPEGOAT for a draft

Cannes Film says Terror Overrated

If you don't like America, then move to Saudi Arabia.

I applaud the Princeton ........

Anyone know why Newscorp (NWS) plunged a few months ago?

Author of MSNBC Bodycounts story asking for our help

emailed the NYTimes about poor coverage of Uzbek..Join In from here!

We may have another convert

Return of the Liberal

If Air America Radio asked for sponsorships, would you donate money?

Portraits of Shame

With JEB's term limit coming up, what is he planning next?

Nah, Newsweek doesn't have a right-wing bias...

German-language right-wing spam?

MSNBC calls it a PARTIAL retraction!!


And In Other News Today ....... FAUX

AFSC: widespread abuses among military recruiters

Why was there no stop loss during Vietnam?

What nobody is asking about the Newsweek fiasco . . .

RatherGate, KoranGate, same thing!

WI: Bill would let GIs drink at 19 in state

Wierd bumper sticker collection on my way home

25% towards 2nd quarter 2005 fund drive!!!!

Has chimpy said he's sorry ?

if flushing the Koran is acceptable now, flushing the Bible should be also

This poll needs some DUing


Can't Republicans even write their own letters anymore?

caption our fucked up president

A wonderful introduction to Neal Horsley

Anybody flushing Newsweek down the toilet?

Jim Lampley blasts the Howling Punditry on the Newsweek Story

Best bumpersticker my county party is selling

Hear Hear! I Declare The Newsweek Retraction May Not Be A Bad Thing!


Oil for Food, Flushable Koran, Successful Operation Matador..

The world is going to hell in a handcart

Blaming Violence In Afghanistan On Newsweek? Bush Dropped The Ball

Bush is raping America - and laughing. nt

Sure would be nice if Americans cared as much about the TORTURE

Air Travellers Stipped Bare with X-Rays

NEWSWEEK bows to Scott McClellan, RETRACTS STORY

Does anyone know how Tom Oliphant is doing?

US Social Mobility: Less than France, Scandinavia; On Par with Britain

Does "Liberal" = "Pacifist"?

Bible study = better SAT scores???

Wow, this guy let's Pat Buchanan have it!

Any NASA people here?

Does anyone know how "Granny D" is doing?

DU/reverse-freep/unfreep this survey

time for "Horton Hears a Human" again from

America's Death By Thousand Cuts.

Hamid Karzai: "Outside elements" fanned the flames of the riots. Hmmmnnn.

anderson cooper

Are We in the Middle of a Cold/Civil War?

Gay bashing in Europe's most liberal city

Credit card doubling minimum monthly payments.

Has anyone on Air America picked up the UK memo story?

Now that Newsweek apologized will Bush now apologize for Iraq debacle?

Join Wes Clark in a virtual march on Washington to stop global warming

The clock is ticking on Tom Jefferson's democratic vision

Can't we just "RETRACT" this fucking War? Call it a mistake?

"Occupation: queen."

Hold On! There was more than Quran/Koran flushing going on!

No 'W'

Extra! Extra! NYT Prints Real News on Monday, May 16, 2005!

Newsweek Got Gitmo Right by Calgacus*

Newsflash! My fundie relative's claiming oil is not fossil fuel!!

Only two weeks to the beginning of hurricane season and....

The secret way to war - good summary of memo and lead-up to war

Anyone know Kurtz email address

Rathergating Newsweek Quran story

Emergency: Senate to Start "Nuclear Option" Tomorrow!

I'm cruising on firefox right now - question....

It looks like the RW won the media battle again Wisdom Of The Day

Why is Newsweek held to a higher standard than the * WH?

Olbermann covering Blair memo: MSRNC NOW! (nt)

The timing of this Newsweek "incident" vis-a-vis US coverage of

I DEMAND a Retraction from the White House about the 9-11 LIES!

'Understanding the SS Debate' Seminar for Journalists,Nashville, May 20

Wanna bet NewsTWEAK was told it was a matter of "National Security"

Old but

Hardliners reject Koran apology

How many did China slaughter at Tiananmen Square?

MUST read: Newsweek Got Gitmo Right

nobody else on the planet believes the BS, why are they spinning so hard

Isn't this great...just on MSNBC

On Bolton

Ken Starr on Abrams - MSRNC

The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War

Program Gives Kids Intense View of Slavery

This used to be a death wish

Why are Republicans such whiny bitches?


"No attacks on US soil since September 11th", eh?

Conyers: why is all the news in the papers on the opinion pages these days

NEVER FORGET 9/11/01. Never forget that it was BUSH's fault.

Was Newsweek set up?

Do you watch or listen to Democracy Now?

NYT to charge to read op-eds

KKKarl Rove meets the Supremes!


Penn. papers not sure if they should report on Repug choking his girlfriend

Tell me what you know about Wi-Fi

My GOP Rep advocated for renewable energy (another talked Peak Oil!)

Antsy Editors, take 2

Rush Limbaugh, you sactimonious pig!

Do you think the "shit is going to hit the fan"?

Did I hear this right? (Louise Slaughter on KO)

nice to see a CEO downsizing

Just found a very interesting website

IT'S GONNA' BE HOT www dot eastwaynesvillebaptistchurch dot com

Straight Talk on Dungeons and Dragons

If You Had The Chance: Would You Trade Bush Jr. For Nixon?

Dave Chapelle not crazy or on drugs, thank goodness.

I was pleased with myself (letter to Newsweek)

"Congress predicts $9 billion taken from Social Security"

Newsweek: Got Gitmo Right

Now for my next trick

Why did "they" attack us? Its not what Bushco do, its the LIBERAL media.

Bush FDA advisor/Womens Health is a rapist wife abuser.

Maybe when 10,000 American troops die, people will pay attention.

I saw a headline today about bush attending a service for the fallen

The dam has all but busted.......

Was Scarborough ever a suspect for the death of Lori Klausutis?

Question - Just who got killed in the Afghanistan riots?

The Bilderbergers arrive.

Ajai Raj faces a justice of the peace on Friday. Where's the ACLU?


Is anyone watching Hercules?

State department propaganda front exposed

Wasserman - Victims of liberial media bias

Oliver North on Fox now--troop reaction to Newsweek article

CNN interviews McClellan and Conyers about UK Memo - (VIDEO)

The "I support President Bush and Our Troops" magnets

The end is near .... a contrarian view

"This is how liberty dies -- with thunderous applause."

"Oil and gas ensure that the US backs the Uzbek dictator to the hilt"

Roscoe Bartlett (R)-MD discussing Peak Oil on Cspan!

Strategically, Newsweek may have done the right thing.

Yahoo: Then they came for the children

Commander Cuckoo Bananas

Fox Alan Colmes actually talking of Bush-Blair memo-now.

CBS says Nwswk retracted the story "under pressure from the white house"

Did anybody notice the trailer

WH says Newsweek lowers USA in eyes of Muslims - HA!

Howard Zinn: The Scourge of Nationalism

Hey, ann coulter: "How do you feel about marriages where the man...

MOYERS: Radical Repukes Loathe Truth

Charlie Rose 5/16: Newsweek affair, Roger Cohen, & Arianna Huffington

Nightline 5/16: The NEWSWEEK thing

APOLOGY not good enough: NEWSWEEK just RETRACTED

Hardliners reject Koran apology

Yahoo Message Board Wingnut Quote Of The Month:

NEWS: "Corporate America pulling back pension safety net"

Bush to speak at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast 5/20/05


Folks, please don't give into cynicism and despair

Question dealing with Bush/United Nation's

Saudis lobby to limit chemical liability

The spraypaint "IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!" campaign: Now there's a clique

A small part of the greater AIPAC espionage story

May 16th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$170,087,548,051

The Real Catastrophe

Anyone save the article on the restructuring at the NYT?

So let me get this straight:

Why use placebo for cancer drug testing?

Boxer: Earth to *: Can't you please find someone who deserves this job?

PNAC for those still not familiar with it.

When Will We Learn?

Lou Dobbs poll on filibuster left hand side of page.

Some Drug Makers Are Starting To Curtail TV Ad Spending

Shining some light into the "shadow government's" operations and lies.


what's so wrong about flushing the Koran to offend prisoners of war?

Is Newsweek Dead?

Most Annoying RW Radio Host?

I'm just curious: Has any gasbag on cable suggested Newsweek was right?

Do you ever wonder if DU is discussed in the media? Check the last parag.

OPERATION: BACKFIRE-make the Newsweek story backfire on the WhiteHouse

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Group Therapy

Freepers on Memo, I love to see them squirm

"Christian" group: Massachusetts has become OVERRUN with homosexuals


What happened to the Gannon/Guckert/Gosch story?

Legalization of Gay Marriage Celebrates Anniversary (HAPPY MAY 17th!)

Who wants to replace with our own "free" site?

Nightline doing Newsweek.

Are our financial markets being manipulated?

BushCo is planning something big

Heads Up! Olbermann to talk about 'The Blair Memo' Next!

Why did the neoCON, corporacrat imperialists ATTACK Newsweek?

Does anyone else start to feel sick when they think about the War in Iraq?

If you don't have the Grovelbot Avatar, you are NOT cool!

Olbermann: Memo shows "Fixed Intel" and "pre-war plots" - (VIDEO)

New York Times to charge for Op-Ed Access

Africa Action Petition: Stop the Genocide in Darfur!!

NUL Pres. Morial Criticizes Vincente Fox re African American Workers

Olbermann: an honest report on the Newsweek retraction - (VIDEO)

United Employees Prepare To Strike...Bad News

looks like OLBERMANN plans a segment tonight on British War memo

Keith Olberman to talk about UK war memo on tonight's Countdown!!!

Media Matters for America Open Letter to The New York Times

NYT: Research Finds a High Rate of Expulsions in Preschool

Global Warming AD Ran In Todays Washington Post-Check It Out

THE strategy that we need to adopt for 2006, and especially 2008-

White House ADMITS to War Crimes at Gitmo!!!

Dr. Phil - RW? "freeloaders" "suckers"

To be hopeful in bad times .........


DU this poll "Do you believe US Interrogators desecrated Koran?"

Bill Moyers - PBS - you have to listen to this!

Impeach now

Here's how Republicans are being ordered to talk about the nuclear option

Has there been word on how Andy's surgery went? nt

Anyone play Warhammer 40K or "VOR" or "WARZONE" or CHRONOPIA"

CREW Prepares Complaint Against Rep. Bob Ney; needs House member to file

Buy Your Gas at Citgo: Join the BUY-cott!

Soaring birth deformities and child cancer rates in Iraq

Koran being flushed down the toilet is not a big deal!

Without Media Reform, the Bush Thugs Will Stay in Power. It's That Simple.

Do you think Newsweek's "apology" is a farce, or was the story a farce?

Suprisingly good analysis of Newsweek story by Andrew Sullivan

Ds don't oppose the judges for being prolife but for being pro-corporatism

Hotel Rwanda - the movie and the facts.

Protesters outside the local recruitment office

So there are no waiting periods to see a physician in the US?

Olbermann's blog calls for Scott McClellan's resignation

Treason... n/t

IDEA: After-school Constitution Study classes

Why They're Still So Angry (Bush's Sore Winners)

Parents who bring their kids into the smoking section at restaurants

Wellbutrin treats Depression with NO sexual side effects, but...

Talk about hypocrisy, the Bush White House is outraged over


Chimp's approval rating down to 43% !!!


Its a shame when the President of Mexico reaches out to US Civil Rights. .

CSPAN Schedule Tuesday May 17

OMG! Please help! Repub in my office just told me......

This Newsweek thing smells fishy. Look at this picture.

Importance Of Downing St Memo Lies In Fact THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN

Caption this * pic....

From this day on, every single news story printed about this war

Ok- it's confirmed NPR says Newsweek screwed up -

So who is going to believe the US isn't capable of destroying a Koran?

Newsweek and the Bushco. News Media ENDGAME STRATEGY

How do the "Bush Christians" square the * fish?

My 6K Post - What's in your Head?

My apologies, but I think freepers are getting ready to attack us...

Just how much do we lie to ourselves?

On Giving: For DU, and my good friends here.

Adjusted for inflation, Project Apollo (moon landings) cost $143 billion.

Is it just me, or does this feel like a tide that's turning?

Stories of Korans tossed into Gitmo toilets as early as **March 2003**

Did anyone see Chris Mathews yesterday...OMG

John 3:16 on a shopping bag

Apology, why? Why would Bu$h ever apologize?

Fund drive for ONE billboard re: Downing Street Memo ??????

Any good Mexican recipes?

Genoise: a rant

Canadian teens triumph at world-class science fair

proof that I am too unbalanced to be allowed near a polling station

Are there too many BBCs?

Queens Speech: Legislation to make it criminal to glorify/condone Terror

Queens speech: Compulsory Biometric Identity Cards and Citizens databse

BBC accused of 'institutionalised leftism'

In Trials, Drugs Show Promise Against Kidney Cancer

Panel on Iraq Erred, Ex-Investigator Says

Delaware Records Act Ruled Unconstitutional

Civil Commotion: The Right Wing Hysteria Machine ...

Newsweek says Koran desecration report is wrong

Staying What Course?

Global protest against Quran desecration on 27th

Annan warns U.S. on Iran

Three more Iraqi journalists killed

BBC: Uzbek troops seal off second town

Venezuela launches effort to solve housing crisis (Reuters)

Fear keeps Iraqi army in the shadows

With a New Editor, Rolling Stone Rejects Its Inner Lad

UNSC: US warns India not to seek veto power

Six killed in Iraq roadside bombings

NYT/AP: XM Radio Surpasses 4 Million Subscribers

Bolivians to stage energy protest

UK's Galloway to U.S. in bid to clear name on Iraq

Pope meets with woman whose cure put missionary on path to sainthood

Drug's Effect on Cancer Stuns Doctors

Baghdad: Gunmen kill police officer and wife

Afghan rebels attack from Pakistan - U.S. officer

(Supreme) Court Strikes Down Ban on Wine Shipments

Burning down the house

LAT: Cases Against (Hanford, Washington) Nuclear Plant Finally Heard

WP: Attack Kills 4 Baghdad University Students (dorm hit)

Rice urges increased Sunni role

UPS Adds Ground Freight Options by Acquiring Overnite Corp. ($1.25 B)

Raw Story - Newsweek report on Quran matches many earlier accounts

LAT: Fixes for Retirees' Safety Net Weighed

Tens of thousands of Christians gather to pray for peace TW

Iraq Violence Taking a Sectarian Twist - LA Times

Chen-Hu talks possible: Feinstein, Diane

Shiite firebrand Sadr urges restraint over Iraq communal tensions

Rumsfeld, Myers to Testify on Closings

Russia scorns Senate oil claims

Chinese police ransack activist's offices

U.S. capital inflows slow in March [China net seller]

Park manager says he was not responsible for woman's fatal ride

Newsweek report on Quran matches many earlier accounts

Supreme Court side with wineries (State bans on direct shipments tossed)

Iraqi government vows crackdown

NOAA Issues Space Weather Warning

Disparate Coalitions Now Make Up Two Parties, Study Finds (WPost)

Democrat Key to Bush Social Security Push

Report Critical of Rumsfeld Is Pulled After DOD Protest (more secrets)

Violence continues in Uzbekistan as 700 feared dead

Al-Sadr Demands Americans Leave Iraq

White House Says Report of Koran Insult Should Be Retracted

Labour MPs warn Blair of leadership bid from left--Independent/UK

George Galloway MP flies to U.S. to clear name .

Labour MPs warn Blair of leadership bid from left (The Independent)

Shiite Sadr urges restraint over Iraq tensions

Iranian bill backs nuclear program

Iraqi Village Scarred After U.S. Offensive

Maryland Senator Falls Ill at Funeral (Sen. Paul Sarbanes)

More Bodies Found in Iraq, Total Up to 45

GAO: FBI Health Care Fraud Funds Missing( used for counter terror)

Perils of obesity extend to pay (Seattle PI)

Suicide bomb kills 5 near Iraq customs point

SC overturns state bans on wine shipments

McHenry defends House leader DeLay against ‘baseless’ ethics charges

'Superpower Behind' Blasts in Burma

Political Split Leaves a Church Sadder and Grayer

White House says Newsweek report damaged U.S. image (Reuters)

Neo-cons plant fake story in News Week.

Israelis Foil Plot by Jewish Extremists

Afghanistan's New Jihad Targets Poppy Production

U.S. soldiers reporting steady progress in one-time insurgent stronghold

Russia's Khodorkovsky found guilty of four charges

U.S. "disturbed" by bloodbath in ally Uzbekistan

Newsweek Investigating Quran Story Errors

Al-Sadr Demands Americans Leave Iraq

Fresh bid to lift veil on security work

Ford's Layoffs Will Affect Local Workers

New Texan Ted Nugent still 'Madman'

Iraqi government denies killing civilians in Baghdad

Conyers to guest on CNN Wolf Blitzer Reports today

Maryland Senator Falls Ill at Funeral

Forecasters predict active hurricane season

Looking for Battle, Marines Find That Foes Have Fled

Kuwaiti women win right to vote

Iraqi detainee dies of apparent heart attack (30 years old)

Bush Urges Development of Alternative Fuels

Wine-Shipping Limits Overturned by U.S. High Court

Prosecutor in Detroit Terror Case Quits

Abu Ghraib Spc.: Abuse 'Awful' (Letter Oct 20, 2003)

S.Africa to charge 64 under anti-mercenary law

BREAKING: Terror Prosecutor Quits Justice Department

Cops fear state will dump gun database

Coach Beaten Unconscious In Fight During Girls Rugby Match In N California

Rice: U.S. to Put More Pressure on Syria

Hedge funds lose 1% in April - Worst month since July 2002, tracking group

Google hires Dan Senor for VP of Global Communications and Strategy

State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized

The deserters: Awol crisis hits the US forces

FBI questions four reporters in AIPAC case

Fresh bid to lift veil on security work (in Iraq)

Court to Review Rights of Disabled Inmates

Soldier who blew whistle on Abu Ghraib abuse wins JFK (*) award

Ex-Fla. Dem Chief to Run for Governor

Senate Dems Float Filibuster Compromise (i.e.: cave to save filibuster)

NYT - F.B.I. Said to Misuse Funds for Health Fraud Cases

Rove Guided Career of Judicial Nominee in Filibuster Fight

White House refutes UK Iraq memo

Ethics group prepares ethics complaint against GOP rep. (tied to Abramoff)

US 'backed illegal Iraqi oil deals' (Guardian)

Iran sanctions no sure bet in UN Security Council

Thousands March Demanding Nationalization of Oil Industry in Bolivia

US approves Iraq trade by man named as Galloway middleman

U.N. head urges grads to work for "larger freedom" around globe

White House bashes Newsweek report on Koran

U.S. Places Large Bet On Pipeline

WP: Fight Is On at the Grass Roots ("The war room is ready for battle")

NYT: Iraq Government Calls for an End to Mosque Raids

NYT: Harvard Will Spend $50 Million to Make Faculty More Diverse

Group Loses Bid for More Westar Data (DeLay contribution)

NYT: A.F.L.-C.I.O. Is Urged to Oust Its Leader

Chicago Trib (frontpage): Illinois still sour on Bush

NYT: Kansas Debate Challenges Science Itself

Saudis lobby to limit liability on additive (In US MTBE-DeLay Connection)

LAT: Pakistan's Role in Scientist's Nuclear Trafficking Debated (Khan)


Iraq is a bloody no man's land. America has failed to win the war. But has

45 in police face charges of abuse of protesters (G-8 Italy 2001)

61 to face mercenary charges (Mark Thatcher - Simon Mann et al)

Reid Says Showdown Imminent in Senate

UK's Galloway arrives in U.S. to clear name on Iraq

US court rules for UN on papers in oil, food probe

Army Charges 3 More Soldiers With Assault at Afghanistan Detention Facility

Castro Wages Campaign to Demand U.S. Arrest Suspect in Airliner Bombing

ACLU Launches National Gay Marriage Campaign

Crisis poses dilemma for US

Muslims sceptical over Newsweek back-track on Koran

Italian Woman Kidnapped In Kabul

Rice points finger at Syria on Iraq violence

Rice Says US Will Remain Until Iraq 'Can Defend Itself'

Hardliners reject Koran apology

Minister: Ecuador to review oil contracts

US 'backed illegal Iraqi oil deals'

Report: North Korea asks China to arrange Rice visit-report

ACLU Challenges Misuse of Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Religion (Silver Ring)

US hardens stance on Uzbekistan

Pa. to Wal-Mart: Pay up for health care

BREAKING: Newsweek retracts story. (CNN) to charge for Op-Ed, other content as of Sept

Middle School Girl gets detention for... (gasp) HUGGING!!

Landless Peasants Head to Brazil's Capital

Court Strikes Down Ban on Wine Shipments

Reservist found guilty of Abu Ghraib abuses

State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized (eugenics up until the 1970s)

WP: Two Fronts in the War on Poverty

Did anyone have any favorite "ambassadorial moments" that were none too

You could be magically whisked away to Delaware.

Everyone please post your "Older cat and leash" stories here

Going to try to sleep again -- wish me luck

Ringo and I would like to say...


What ambassador would you have been at the mercy of if you were in Iran

When the Levee Breaks

De Stijl

Latest update on "Keith Olbermann is in my Fiances Pants!"

Cute Beavers!!!!!!!

Naughty kids get pureed by the Wiggles and are eaten in a bowl

I say B.


( Y )

A girl I dated liked it up....the 8=====D (o( and I liked her (o) (o)

( ( }o{ ) )

( ( |o|) )

So why don't men shave their armpits? Because armpits don't


Bush is a (_o_)


Padres 1/2 game out of 1st, after a 10 run 7th. Best home record in MLB.

George Bush killed by an SUV in Car Crash

I still concede that Bush is a

If I drove by the Airforce Academy with a bumpersticker that said:

Hey I just donated and the count stayed at 89! Is this some kind of a scam

El Meow

La Meow

Die Meow

I'm turning fifty in three weeks.

I drinking "Budweiser Select". Anyone else try this stuff.

Check out this pillow biter


Does your family know?

Man packing fudge with a blonde ...............

Another overnight show request thread

Woem Weom

Le Meow

I can't believe the secret posts

I want my, I want my, I want my Grovelbot!

Who let the dogs out?

Darmok and Gilaad at Tenagra.

Has Grovelbot made an appearance yet?

I just bought and watched The Life aquatic

I have another idea for a name for a possible Iran war

Is anyone else experiencing "smilie dysfunction?"

I tinkle, therefore I whiz

The Doctor for next season

Which DU'er is responsible for this quote?

Destiny's Child and Justin Timberlake to perform at bar mitzvah

Gee, right wing judge nominee has reptilian attachments!

Survivor's been on for EIGHT years???

MatcomNews Update: Wendy's Chili Finger Was Severed In Truck Tailgate

No sleep for me, wheee!!!

Please click if you don't use IE..

I've got Grovelbot. If you want to see him alive again, send ME money

Wal-Mart Customers Tie-Up Charging Deer In Store

Super Freak Super Freak (Runaway Bride) She's Super Freakyyyy

Dave Chappelle Found!

School Bans Hugging, ALL Displays Of Affection

Until further notice..........

So doing family research...I'm pissed.

Somebody please buy me this :)

Happy Birthday... TORI SPELLING!!!


Fan Charged After Throwing Beer At Yankees' Giambi

VIRGINIAN'S!! Be On The Lookout For The Serial Litterer!! He Is WANTED!

At least we got our cowbell fix this weekend.

Teens Videotaped Themselves Setting A Chicken On Fire, Beating Others

Ad to feature Paris Hilton washing Bentley in bathing suit to sell.....

Help with email & donation, Please?

Which would you prefer - water torture or puns?

The father of Dogma films calls Bush 'asshole'

Junior's poll numbers must be LOW...he's hugging again.

Is it too much to ask?

Police arrest two suspected human skinners

Ex-Wal-Mart Worker Charged in Cat's Death

Just found out I passed out in a NY bar!

Best non-slamming French joke EVAH...

Homer hath spoken

Fantastic response to 'Piano Man'

Trying to figure out how much torture I can inflict on....

No shirt, no shoes, no service?

Whats the real reason they didn't tell * about the plane in Wash airspace?

Just saw Kingdom of Heaven...whatcha think

What animal is the greatest threat to families in the United States?

I Just Met Shaquille O'Neal's Dad

Is it me, or have The Simpsons seemed to rediscover a spark of life?

A Fun Answer to "Forwarded" Sillyness and Stupidity

DU has been PAINFULLY slow for me for the last 10 hours

Do you love John Coltrane?

I just lost my star

Where should I go on my vacation?

Since most of us don;t like what's on tv.. Let's pitch our own show

My God, NBC has the stupidest shows lined up for the summer

How do people know their post count? Mine just says 1,000+

Congrats! You've just been offered an ambassador's position....

Any freep response to the "Commander Cuckoobananas" quote yet?

ZombyCoffee: The FUND DRIVE Blend!

Which is funnier?

Ok folks - I'll play Blue Train just for ya'll!

Did we figure out that German e-mail spam thing yet?

Best monoclimatic Star Wars planet.

BiblioFinancial Joke: Q: Why did Onan's wife beat him up?

Can you ask a mortgage company to not pay one month?

Where shouldn't I go on my vacation

With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censored...

Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Wine Shipments

Caption This

I've restored my donors star...

Cool Bumper Sticker Sighted in Freeperland

100 Greatest War movies

I can't believe it, I actually have one of these.

Exactly HOW stupid are people, anyway??

I'm back!

Survivor Question RE: Tossing those sticks in the water & next years show

Where's Stop the Morans?

A magpie is staring at me through the window

"Corpse" Hit a doctor.

Most Anticlimactic Star Wars Movie?

I'm a woman and I hate to shop

Let no good deed go unpunished!

Check out this thread

I just got this in from the WP. German Spam!


President Cuckoo Bananas

That settles it! Beware the Beast Man needs a new nickname...

the new COMMON album is ridiculously good

For my 15,000th post...

I'm not too psycho with the teletubbies... am I?

spelling rant


German rascist email spam: Spam This!

Jennifer's High Tailin' Hot Sauce

Just got a big check - who wants to run away to Hawaii with me?

Better yet - use this generator & come up with your own insultive nickname

Who likes Green Day?

The only good a Pizza War!

Police Search For Stolen Giant Wiener (ACTUAL HEADLINE)

Separated at birth? -The Condi edition

Spelling rant

Girls Rugby Game Turns Into Bloody Melee

The Night I Connected With My Dog


Is the Lounge smoking or non-smoking? Or is there a 'smokers lounge' out

8000 posts. Finally - a milestone I didn't miss.

Commander Cuckoo Bananas is still looking pretty happy up there!

What is your favorite movie musical derived from a Broadway play?

¿ Favorite?

That settles it- you all need new nicknames.

How was everyone's weekend?

So how's everybody this Monday mornin'?

Study proves humans understand dog barks

Nicest pair of shoes you own?

Let's do the Time Warp can this little girl be 50 years old?

What the heck is in catnip that makes them go bonkers anyway?


A perspective on "clicks."

Clique roll call!


What do YOU think? The Texas Cheerleader crackdown

I just got a star! Thank you OldLeftieLawyer!!

Who needs a Pussy (Galore) thread?

A perspective on "clicquots"

Cliques can be fun and enjoyable


agents of the law

Fess up!!-Who among us....ever wore "Toughskins" from Sears

Has anyone seen "Kung Fu Hustle"?

A perspective on pricks

When will the Clique Wars be over?

Old Folks Indicator: Are you an old folk?

How does one send a complaint to Netflix?

I will never give up!

Thanks to all who sent good vibes last week

For your exotic pet...

I'm in the 700 club...

letter to God.

I just bought tickets to see Bill Maher

Are those who file bankruptcy followed?

Was Neal Horsely's mule rape a partisan sexual attack?

Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the ___________

Oh dear GOD someone Photoshopped Condi into Diana Rigg's Emma Peel outfit

So $2,500 Mysteriously Showed Up in My Checking Account

What the HELL is goin' on with Rumsfeld's, I mean, "HAND?"

50-Cent Tickets are $1.00 a couple!!! ?!?!? !?!?!

Am I The Only One That Gets Pissed Off By Gender Based TV Channels?

When is Jerry Rice going to retire?

When creating Photoshop based art which is prefered?

The Lounge is a sausage roll . . .

Cliques, pricks, kicks, or Twix?

Subversive Protest Idea!!! Print This And Replace Video Covers With It!!!

Did somebody wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?

I give up.

What's everyone doing for summer?

Oasis tickets $2 PER COUPLE!!!! !!!!???!!!!

Post an image of your DU nemesis


a thread dedicated to negative positivity

Doing my part to spread the cuckoo bananas meme...

How do you throw out a garbage can?

Who needs a kitty thread?

Five posts from 5000

Jack in the Box

Do NOT clique on this "The Lounge has a hole in its PM" thread

Another Fark Pshop Contest that should be good....

Anyone here listen to Ira Glass and This American Life?

Dubya said:

Anyone ever try Salvia Divinorum?

!! Free message inside !!

PETA Wants to Ban Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Are you afraid of the dork?

More like the SWANK hole!!!

Dave Chappelle saye he's not crazy

It's grilling season ... How do you make your burglars?

Today is Henry Fonda's 100th Birthday (movie marathon on TCM)


What's going on with the "German-Muslim woman" news article?

Top 20 things to do at a Star Wars premiere

Bereft of any dignity - CBS presents 'Rob and Amber Get Married'

I Need an Answer to an Important question.

Grrrr....I'm in a bad mood

can someone help me get my avatar back?

I've never admitted this before...

Silver Persian needs a loving home

More proof the Freepers are nuts.

I saw THE most obnoxious bumper sticker ever this weekend

Which Disney creature would you rather be attacked by:

Gimme a F!, Gimme a... (cakewalk to Baghdad)

Wait a sec., Wal-Mart...

Headlines We'd Like To Read, May 15, 2005

Alert, Alert

Those GEICO commercials are freaking funny!

Where oh where has my Grovelbot gone

Perilously close to 1000 posts...ask me anything!

Model plans trip to Thailand to find tree she held onto during tsunami

The lounge

Is there anything sweeter.....?

Are you afraid of the dark?

Calling all grovelbots...


My computer has Spyware and a trojan horse. Ask me anything.

Paul Anka goes grunge

Why the hell is Star Wars so freaking popular?????


eBay question... help :)

What's a freeper?

My back is fucking KILLING me.

Arthur Davidson goes to heavan...

Post your moving 33-word poems here! Prepare to be moved

I'm startin' to think all the hype was right

Errr!!! Apartment hunting in Hollywood. Anyone want to do it for me? :)

Its Spring. The Blue Jays Are F*cking

A Thread dedicated to Positivity!

Errr!!! Husband hunting in Hollywood. Anyone want to do it for me? :)

"24": Is the nuke gonna explode??? it left the pod, damnit!!!!

Draft Grovelbot for a 2006 primary bid against Lieberman

True confessions thread #1 Re: Bill Clinton

"Police seize Viagra-fueled horses"

What politician past or present had the uncanny ability to cure insomnia

why do YOU hate us for our freedoms?


Has anybody been having trouble with Firefox?

Havin' a house party? What's playing?

What's the weirdest thing your dog has eaten?

RW Christians: "we're persecuted against!" to which I say

So, West Coasters, the nuke in 24 will..... Read if you dare.

Coach Beat bloody And Unconscious During Girls Rugby Match

Brian Wilson's London concert of "Smile" comes to DVD 5/24/05

My son is 22 today

Question re: The Foreign Service Exam If anyone wanted to, would they

Well... I just don't know what to say about this...

Need ideas for a vacation this summer?

sorry, LynnSin.

DU mini Woodstock in Cambridge this Saturday

Question for Lounge Babes: Are you wearing any . . .


The song "White Flag" by Dido

RIP my dear friend.


I got burgled last night.


What's your opinion of the Star Wars Special Edition?

just found out I passed the NY bar exam!

Tink...Tink...Tink... Ladies and Gents may I have your attention...

Help Me. I have to confess a terrible thing. I watched My Children

WTF moment from GD--Can someone explain this logic to the poor blonde?

My local news can kick your local new's ass.

Anyone have the link to the video of the Fox news girl falling off..

Ringo/Nixon 2008: With a name like

Question for Lounge Cliques: Are you wearing any . . .

24 is coming on!

Trillian ROCKS

Friendly East Coast 24 reminder

"The West Wing" is moving to Sunday

If you have time to kill and want some belly-laughs

Have you been tapped by any cliques lately?

Still not convinced those magnetic ribbons are absolutely pointless?

Ok. Who here has seen this play called "Big River"

Back from the Outer Banks and I have one photo to share before


So my best friend's turning 50.

Cuidado: Vomito de Gato

Are there too many Veuve Clicquots in the lounge?

The Gunner's Dream

Can we get back to normal now? Enough of cliques, here's some

Click . . . click . . . click

Wow.. We need erinberry & Deb (maybe they are already here)

new oasis cd

Will you swear an oath to commander cuckoo-bananas?

the names jack, jack burton

"I have a good mind to go home."

Case closed on the great condom cleanup caper.

Emergency help needed

Oh my fucking gawd!!!!! McCartney tickets are $3,025- EACH!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world's shortest ghost story: Scary, or not?

I have just discovered Iron City Beer

Speed Stick Now Available In Neapolitan

Oh man I may need to take a breather for a while

Finally got my star ask me anything about sex

Aurora pictures from the geomagnetic storm over the weekend

Army gets new recruiting slogan: "Clique of one"

So the New York Times likes the new Star Wars movie

24 is on RIGHT NOW!

Emily Procter or Jill Hennessey? Who's the worst actress?

Who wants to join my clique?

Hey, where'd the "Ok, the fun's over" post go?

Is anyone else having trouble with their Yahoo! email?

Clique is a french word...Just like John Kerry!

Saw a Bumpersticker on the back of an SUV with a "W" decal:

my pic!!!!

Question for Lounge Dudes: Are you wearing any...

Does anyone have pharmaceutical or advertising connections?

clique-free jokes for you..........especially cat lovers

can i join a clique?

Good poem I just got in my e-mail.

Which picture is best? (rated PG-13 for coolness)

Blockbuster or Netflix?

Are Lounge cliques the new Schiavo?

What if a kid named "Pedro" really does run for class President somewhere?

I'm feeling left out- who wants to join my clique?

You scullion!You rampallian!You fustilarian! I'll tickle your catastrophe!

So I changed the cats' food to Innova Evo from the lite Formula

Did anyone save or recall the specific contents of an article on the NYT sucks!

RIP Jimmy Martin 1928 - 2005

Pastor Frist

Post here and I won't reply to you (nt)

it will hurt for 99cents...

'Star Wars' saga comes to an end... with jab at Bush's empire

Scarborough is a suck ass whiney little bitch

dont make any plans..........

In honor of "bot" night. Favorite Star Wars bot.

I am totally weirded out by the CitiBank commercial with the family in the

Repug mediawhores and their bullshit pisses me off to no end

Help Me. I have to confess a terrible thing. I watch All My Children

AAR - Morning Sedition - What happened to the daily fax

Behold, I have sold out! (New Jersey and Philly DUers, take note!)

This thread will be locked also

That's the feces that happens when shame eats too much stupidity!

Dammit, I wish my roomate would at least warn me

so there's a burgler loose in my village

Quiz! Kid + antiobiotics + empty stomach = what?

Seen Mexico's COPPER Canyon yet? BIGGER than the US Grand Canyon

Post in this thread and I will slap the sh*t out of you!

I'm no longer in prime drinking shape.

"THE L WORD": Did any of you guys feel that the season finale...

Yet another self-serving post about cliques

Amazing! A Republican talking about Peak Oil on CSPAN

The Batchelor...Is anybody watching this crap?

Threadjack this!

Come clean: admit your (TV) "trainwrecks" here!

I want a new click.

RAWWWWWWWWR!!! 3,000!!!!!

Shhhhh...I'm stalking Bok_Tukalo

Darth Vader and George Bush

24 - anyone else catch that little joke just now?

I need a new clique.

Sock it to me!

German spam? Beware the Sober worm

Screaming Lord Byron

This is the day I dreaded

Check out my George & Barney cartoon

Seems a wingnut board on the other side is preoccupied with the DU

Goodnight DU!

Itunes Party Shuffle

Oh thank the lord Tom Cruise has a new beard ....

I need a new life philosophy, what should it be?

I'm so sad, I'm loosing freinds over politics - I need liberal freinds.

Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight


What was the worst lie you told as a child?

The Funniest Show You've Never Seen ... YET. SEE IT TONIGHT!

I just renewed my donation...

What would make the grooviest paper weight?

Devo Live DVD coming soon. Here's a preview.

Dr. Belfry Sr. Has a Brain Tumor

Anyone remember the TRS-80?



This year's Six Feet Under will be the final season of the show!!!

I've been surviving on caffeine all day today.


A confession:

Google Bomb "Commander Cuckoobananas" Stick it in your profile

Favorite Futurama bot?

Got a call from the cabbie's I worked with

Well I'll be damned. Not one damn grape in my Grape Nuts!

Ignoring Your Own Best Interests Award: Bush sticker on pizza delivery car

Godfather 3. An undeserved bad rap, or Sofia's acting REALLY sucked?

Anyone eaten at Wendy's since the chili scandal started?

What kind of keychain do you carry?

help - my thread is being hijacked - send reinforcements!

I'm leaving for work now.

i didn't know they grind up cremains.....

Popular shows (movies) you have NEVER seen..

I'm frying liver tonight...

Have you ever had a professional massage?

the pressure of time and grades

You're feeling sleepy...the pictures are moving..... 3...2...1

It's grilling season ... How do you make your burgers?

A question for all the old computer fogies

OK: Illegally parked car got my attention at lunch! Read it here:

Any "All My Children" watchers here?

The lounge is a skink hole

World Records you wonder why they exist.....

Who thought the movie "National Treasure" was awesome?

Rolling Stones Tix For $906/Couple????? No.Fucking.Way.

So, half of my college career is over. ((reflection time))


Caption this?

Coming home from a wake tonight

What big eyes you have!



Star Wars Characters Kick Star Trek Butt

I've spilled my seeds upon the ground

I'm signing off to attempt to work on a play I'm trying to write

Star Trek Characters Kick Star Wars Butt

Cholesterol 900 plus

The time Wolfman Jack, THE Wolfman Jack cleaned my gutters


If everybody else is an asshole, why shouldn't you be too?

24 is over. What did you think of it? Why Atlanta?

< >

Any "Family Guy" Fans Here?

Court rules woman isn't liable for injuring boyfriend during sex

Does anybody like Dave Brubeck?

Is there an addiction/recovery group on DU

Flight Attendants Strip To Protest Pension Loss (United Airlines)

DU Photoshoppers:

Coach Beaten Unconscious In Fight During Girls Rugby Match In N California

Calling Hey Hey! Polar bears!

My doctor's nurse "accidentally" ordered the WRONG DOSE of

A perspective on "cliques"


In Honor Of The DU Fund Drive! The New GROVELBOT AVATAR!!!

Where to Vacation in Tennessee?

i think i'm getting a........

Clique-free Picture thread! Newbies most welcome

DC Area DUers: undisclosedlocation's comin' to town 5-26/5-30

Regarding all this clique nonsense

I am going on vacation to the D.C.-Baltimore area. What MUST I do there?

Gearheads, were cars in the 40's and early 50's mostly stickshift? And if

Post here and I will give you an appropriate smilie - like a nickname

The Great American Cuckoobananas Googlebomb has begun

What's your religious affiliation?

Please help! Rahall-Whitfield Amendment, H.R. 297

Come vote in the poll!

If the "bushfish" image and movement disturb you....

explain this flood story much older then the Hebrew story of the flood...

After a virulent outbreak, SARS appears to vanish

Second Parkinson's Drug Trial Pulled & Without Notice

Bees equipped with radar solve waggle dance controversy

Vaccine demonstrates potential to transform addiction treatment

Island tribes in India may be Asia's closest link to Africa

Clitoris captured alive and well

Gay Holocaust Survivors Go To Court For Settlement Funds

World Gay Pride Celebration Cancelled

N.J. Judge Rules Gay Couple Can Sue For Loss Of Sex

Hong Kong Sees First Gay Rights Protest

Is anyone here a Chasidic Jew or have a trustworthy friend who is? PM Me!

Anti-Gay Religious Leader Ordered To Stop Attacks--Canada

A very precient article in Charlotte's LGBT paper

My auctions for PFLAG are going to be mentioned w/DU in Washington Blade


Ugh.. come the hell on, Mariners...

My cat has a dangerous plastic fetish... any advice?

Abeline "might" have found a home

Predictive question:

Help please.

Okay, stacks of naked men, pointing at genitals, smearing "menstrual

Please explain to me the Republican position on Vietnam.

Implement the Kerry Plan

Positive DU-Politics thread on who still loves Kerry

Ahm, I forgot about Gay Marriage at the Con, sorry

Wingnuts are stupid

Is Elshiva in here?

Even when McCain is doing something good

New pics

9:25 last night in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Some seagulls, NOT pigeons...

A few of my rejected Light & Shadows photos...

Keith Olberman to talk about UK war memo....

New blog--Monday May 16th: This Couldn't be True Could It?

KOEB monday the 16th

Whoa KOEB heads-up.

Breaking News ... Crispini I.D.ed by KO as his ......

The Liberal Judiciary and Gay-Marriage


5 minutes for Democracy: Please forward

latest Executive Order May 12, 2005..........

Civil Commotion: The Right Wing Hysteria Machine ...

Former Secret Police Chief Accuses Pinochet of Atrocities

N.J. College Stunned at Professor's Views

Inner circle of Texans keeps president on track

Time to End the Bush Doctrine

MSNBC "Live" Poll: Has Newsweek's Apology Gone Far Enough?

Bill Moyers On C-Span... Rerun of Speech From Sunday!

Any studies of what would be if we let the South secede?

$64 mil. to train Georgian troops to protect smirk's pipe line- oh yeah

Bush says the "filibuster" issue is a legislative matter?

McDermott first up for House ethics panel

The deserters: Awol crisis hits the US forces

Madonna is an unlucky star for Israeli foreign policy

Let's not forget they blamed the "liberal media" for failure in Vietnam..

Condi's "this war came to us"

India's suicide epidemic is blamed on the British


I have a compromise for the Repubs regarding the filibuster....

MoveOn's stop the nuclear elephants ad

So,Germany, Great Britain and France fall in line with Bush/Iran Bombing?

Afghanistan pushing back against smirk (perm. US bases)


Congress kept from knowing about oil spills in Alaska

Bush the unpopular president (46% Approval rating)

So, do you suppose the government had any influence on

"Secret Way to War" by Mark Danner (UK memo discussed)

Seanator Harry Reid speaking now on the Senate floor re filibuster, 2PMEST

Idea: Lets Preemptively Jail Bush and Cheney

'Newsweek Got Gitmo Right' by Calgacus

Lets write a song Parody: LIEING, CHEATING, STEALING, THAT'S ALL BUSH...

Rummy's response to Newsweek story on Koran desecration at Gitmo...

This could be the reason why the US will bomb Iran this year

Parting thought for the day: Social Security

AWOL crisis hits the US forces

Prius hybrids dogged by software

Blast from the past, NYT article on Bolton, Cuba

CNN political analyst, Brownstein, marries McCain communications director.

BEAUCOUP BLUES: Democrats for a Blue Louisiana (featuring Jim Dean, 7/9)

Crossfire to talk of koran flushing NOW

The Empire Strikes Bush

Man, could the media get itself into a frenzy over the memo as they have

Key facts about Bush's U.N. nominee Bolton

". . . . . the US troops just laughed."

If the MSM Sez ANYTHING Bad About *, It Must Be A Lie!!

New Democratic Party Theme Song

CNN interviews McClellan and Conyers about UK Memo - (VIDEO)

"Without media reform, the GOP will stay in power."

Is there a thread on Blitzer's interview with Conyers yet?

Workers' unhealthy habits could cost them

Spousal Rape Bill Going Nowhere - Still Legal to Rape Your Wife in TN - Ac

Help us help the honest media!! PLEASE!!!

Newsweek retracts!!

This Newsweek Thing In Bullshit

"People need to be careful about what they say"...Rumsfeld

Filibustering Bill Clinton's judges?

Magazines don't kill people; people kill people.

don't forget to vote polls on Edwards blog

How many dead because Bush went to war on "bad information"?

Call Your Congressperson: Start Articles of Impeachment!

Tweety is brave tonight - talks about catching Osama

Moyers Speech On Democracy Now! (And On C-Span 1 a.m. cst)

What if Newsweek's story was accurate?

DU poll on the Condi/Iraq trip!

POLL: Did Newsweek fall on its sword, or the magazine erred?


Play tic-tac-toe with Bill Frist!

rant : Burning up the smoking Downing memo

Hardball chatting about newsweek story

Why is everyone blaming Bush?

Newsweek retracts story on Koran desecration

Great Bill Moyers speech.

Shouldn't Newsweak reveal who their BAD DoD source is . . .

Judicial Fight Prompts Duelling, Distorted Ads

Conference call with Harry Reid - Be part of it

"It's a good start" white house says-regarding retraction

Please keep in mind this National Media list(send e-mail on Newsweek story

Bush Discloses Ownership of as Much as $18 Million in Assets!

Today my millionaire boss received his TAX Refund!!!!!!!!!

Filibuster poll has been freeped on Lou Dobbs! DU it!!!

Did anyone else see Charles Pickering (Picklefinger) on

Democrats Consider Revamping Primaries....YESSSS!

Does anyone know which Senator has been first to speak up/Secret Memo?

Army to suspend recruiting for one day

Political Split Leaves a Church Sadder and Grayer

RE: Newsweek - We don't know what we don't know

Two points on the Newsweek story

Reid was right, Bush is a LOSER!!!

Shocking and Awful: Erasing Memory: The Cultural Destruction of Iraq .....

Countdown chatting of Koran story and Downing street memo now

We need Boxer on the Memo - Phone Protest!

Let's all email Louise Slaughter

Should Democrats abandon "we're stuck in Iraq"?

I'm fuming mad tonight about the "presence" of the Democrats...

"The party of No" embrace it!

Wolfie and CNN just now totally dismiss the Downing Street Memo.

Anybody Writing To Newsweek? Here's My Letter, Anybody Else Wanna Share?

Colorado Springs is the "New Nuremberg" for The Religious Right (pre 1945)

Is Newsweek to be a scapegoat for the Afghanistan insurgency?

Olbermann: Memo shows "Fixed Intel" and "pre-war plots" - (VIDEO)

Early Prediction Time: Who Will Be On C-Span For RW Friday This Week?

and once we've become the "junior badass" party,

Do you think Biden, Boxer, Kerry et al know what they're preventing?

Is the 'nuclear option' going to happen in the next day or two?

Olbermann: an honest report on the Newsweek retraction - (VIDEO)

Democratic voters divided, GOP voters united over social issues

is anyone watching Scarborough...?

An email to CNN, demanding Novak's removal

How Orwellian is "retracting" a news story because it caused problems for

Is the Downing St "memo" and the Newsweek story connected???

I got one of tnose stupid e-mails, here's my response.

Pew Research May 11-15 Bush Approval at 43%

Conyers to guest on CNN Wolf Blitzer Reports today

Help DU this MSNBS POLL on filibuster

War profiteers: Ongoing Investigations Into Haliburton as of April 2005

Bob "Buckwheat" Barr

What's With This CNN Front Page Pic?

IMPORTANT: This supports the UK memo .. No National Intelligence Estimate

"..anti-American anti-Bush journalism could lose us the war on terror"

Hmm, Big Eddie has a litmus test

Here is a letter my friend sent to John McCain today. I hope it inspires

HOLD EVERYTHING! Stop The Presses! This "Retraction" is 100% SPIN!

Dems seek new tough-guy image - The Hill 5/17/05

Democrats Covet the West, but Can't Keep Losing the South

See what Buzzflash dug up? re: Newsweek Quran story

Time for Operation: Backfire-make the Newsweek story backfire on WH

Greenspan:'Be honest.' Does this advice apply to himself, or to his likely

The entire Afghan riot thing is BULLSHIT

Why is Darfur not an issue? How many must die before DU Liberals get mad?

IDEA: After-school Constitution study classes

Keith Olbermann calls for little Scotty McClellan's resignation

Stop Nuclear Strike with a Cellular Spike!

NEED HELP! Live Newsweek Filibuster Vote at MSNBC

UK film at Cannes says terror fears exaggerated (new F 9/11???)

Free Oil: the ride is over.

KKKarl Rove guided Priscilla Owen's career

Fund drive for ONE billboard re: Downing Street Memo ??????