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Archives: May 11, 2005

Assassination may have maybe happened, maybe somehow somewhere?

www. eastwaynesvillebaptistchurch. com

Wish we could do this.Canada's lawmakers pass vote calling on gvnt


ACLU-TX fax action on probation reform

US cited on torture in rights report

Runaway Bride Enters Treatment Program DISTRACTION! DISTRACTION!

This Thur. May 12-Senate Foreign Relations Cmte to vote on Bolton

Putin Reads Newspapers Every Day (part of 60 Min. cut out)


I got to slam one of the 101st Keyboardist Brigades

In case your eyes haven't rested on the Reverend Chan Chandler...

Nationwide Army Recruiting Stand Down 5/20/05

I noticed we only need 605 newcomers to celebrate 70,000 members at DU!

Bizarre Sex Habits of The Extreme Right-Wing

Only a cultural revolution can save us.

When oil hits $100/barrel........

What do you believe Al Qeada is?

Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela Create Oil Cooperation Forum

AP: Ethnic Rifts Tearing At Al-Qaida

Rumsfeld Seeks Leaner Army and Full Term as Defense Secretary -NYT

Hispanics use boycotts, marches to protest immigration proposals - Strikes

Suicide car bomb kills 24 in Tikrit

Nixon kin to seek Clinton's Senate seat -Newsweek

King of Jordan to pardon Iraq's deputy PM over $300m bank fraud

(Repub) Senator Slams New Driver's License Rules

Bolton's Fate in the Hands of 4 Senators With Doubts

Daily News Weds: Court fight looms after Real ID passage

Debate rages over British electoral system after “unfair” Blair re-election

I am the official Lounge verbal bomb-thrower.

All right.. I'm off to bed. Will see you all in a mere 7 hours *hugs*

Dave Chapelle starting off with a bang...

NBC may poach 24 from FOX.

I'm becoming a Lounge Lizard. Is this the equivalent of being in a

Everybody Loves Sundog

Dr. Seuss, Sat. Morning TV, the Muppets.

"Oh, that is a vile and odious lie!!"

Read about my awesome day!

Can two people be the antichrist?

This is my night. Just a couple of posts to 1,000. Keep this kicked!

Who is this?

Your favorite Dr. Seuss book

Everybody Loves Raymond

I want to be official something of the lounge.

I got my first tattoo tonight

V8 V8 V8

If Dr. Seuss smoked pot...

Most hysterically funny movie ever EVER.

The Wish Corrupter game is back!

Jeff Matson's Memorial Service (nostamj)

Yadda, yadda, yadda (((I'm in the 700 club))), blah, blah, blah

Mermaid of the lunar sea?

My Current Pet Peeve: Reality

Post a picture of yourself again!

So I went out for a walk tonight looking for May flowers...

RawStory: Ag Dept Paid Freelance Writer $7,500 To Tout Fed Conservation

Palast on the Alan Colmes show (audio)

great Bush quote...

Political, Pro-Bush North Carolina pastor Rev. Chan Chandler resigns

So what will Bush do when he runs out of cannon fodder?

How are YOUR Governor's approval ratings?

Wanted: Responsible Demagoguery

"Pinkos See Red in Zebra Tale", by Cathy Young

Bush's and the WTC!!!

Nationalism's Psychotic Side {why do decent people support evil?}

Oil and Food: A Rising Security Challenge

Gene Lyons

Self-serving Blackwell steams ahead with plan to preside over Ohio's ruin

Mortar Hits Iraq Oil Ministry

MI5 kept schoolboy on its files

Real Wages Fall at the Fastest Rate in Fourteen Years

Witchshaft: A federal court astoundingly upholds religious discrimination

This guy's from Strange Creek--all makes sense

U.S. Budget Focus Should Be Security, Not Weapons - Report

'The Junkman Rises To The Top' (The Key To Fox News Science)

Bush Mendacity Will Shock Historians -- another Gallagher gem

The Bolton Endgame (Laura Rozen)

Apocalypse Soon by Robert S. McNamara

My Totally Gay Boy Scout Leader

My LTTE to "The Nation" RE: Mark Ames's "Bush's Bitburg?"

The veneer of fraternity (Bush/Blair)

The Specter of Violence in America

Corporate News Media - Incompetent, Criminally Negligent or Complicit?

McKenna survives trip to Fox's den

Withheld videotape lets DA buck justice (AJC re: taser death)

Injured Iraq veterans battle a new enemy

Chávez gaining support across region

Seymour Hersh: Iraq 'Moving Towards Open Civil War'

Political animals sniff the winds of change

Its official, Baptists back expulsion of North Carolina 9

The Tipping Point (successful execs are psychopathic; Bolton fits profile)

Dr. Hager's Family Values

And You Thought WWII Was Over? (Conason on Bush slam of FDR)

Catching up with the past on evolution

Gwynne Dyer: Bush picked a poor moment to display his ignorance

Boxer has a new petition to stop Bolton (Vote is tomorrow)

Protest at the space weapons ground zero - Vandenberg Air Force Base 5/21

FYI Scientific Integrity Roundtable at UCSB 5/20

Protesters question Ryan's solvency plan for Social Security .. (WI)

Students Protest Gas Prices (Scranton PA)

RadFest Midwest Social Forum 2005 June 3-5, Lake Geneva/ Williams Bay, WI


FYI discussion on media solutions here:

Hollywood creates Boy Scout merit badge on copyright

Bestiality admission on Alan Colmes radio - Audio

MOGAMBO GURU: Looks Like The Beginning Of The End

Air Quality In Pakistani Cities "Alarming"

Everglades Special Master Rips Cleanup Committee In Report

Investors At UN Meeting Pledge $1 Billion For Clean Energy Investment

SA Poachers Poison Dozens Of Animals For One Rhino Horn - ENN

Up To 5% Of Norwegian Farmed Salmon Deformed - Reuters

Entirely New Species Of Fox Discovered In Borneo - Independent

Mainella Considering Outsourcing All Staffing For 3 National Parks - ENS

EPA To Sample WTC Dust From 150 Manhattan Buildings

Sea Lice And Government Lies

Ohio State EPA Suddenly Favors "Flexible" Mercury Limits For Coking Plant

Climate Change "All About Our Money", Big Investors Say - ENN

OPEC still sings same tune - David Lazarus, SF Chronicle

Stop Tracking Methyl Ethyl Ketone Releases, Court Tells EPA

Earth Shakers: The Counter-Enviro Power List (Know Your Enemies)

Russian ecologist makes 3rd bike tour of US

Under Pressure On Salmon Run, Feds Back Off Trinity River Diversion Plan

3rd & Final Installment Of New Yorker's Excellent "Climate Of Man" Series

Wind Power Industry Gaining Ground across U.S.


BP Solar Expands Home Solution Offer with The Home Depot

BBC (May 11): Hezbollah confident of poll boost

Human Rights Watch: Suspects Sent Back to Egypt Face Torture

Ceremonies and sirens mark Memorial Day

UN concerned at Israeli incursions into Lebanon airspace

Middle East diplomatic Quartet meets in Moscow

Rocket Fired From Lebanon Lands in Israel

Mofaz: Security will improve after Gaza pullout, but over time

Can we please have a clarification on the 9/11 rule for GD?

Natl ID PASSED..Mre candles on the 9/11 "Z " cake

9/11 and the Media

Any thoughts on this?

Bush's and the WTC!!!

UA 93: How did the alleged hijackers manage to enter the cockpit?

A quick sidetrack about e-mail blasters

TIA constraint: 2004 Votes = G+B+N+New, or New = 122.26-49.21-48.69-3.21

Conyers: Bush wasn’t given a mandate with election victory

Sam Seder AAR discussing the Jim Lampley article NOW!


ESI: Election Transparency: How Ready Are States and Counties?

Need update: Lucas County Dem HQ Burglary

Albany Leaves Choice of New Voting Machines to Counties :-(

BradBlog: Conyers on Grady Today at 3pm CT!

FOUND: GWBush 1998 Texas Gov'n's race Exit Polls Scrubbed @!

Please donate to Voters Unite

The Nation: Failing the Electoral Standards

Said you'd do anything for Boxer on 1/6? Urgent help requested!

TN DUers meet with our SOS & state legislators to discuss VVPB & MRMR

Sequoia lawsuit update 5-11-05

Help--looking for that Conn. study on cost comparo DRE's/OPscans

An EASY solution: VOTE INTEGRITY METHOD by Chuck Herrin

RBR and Rove

We should all rejoice in the promotion of the rBr Liepothesis.

ESI: Can Exit Polls Be Used to Monitor Elections?

Got election fraud graphics?

AccuPoll Receives FEC Certification - Thoughts?

"Don't blame me I voted for Gary Coleman"

California Daily Ledger-May 10, 2005

Los Angeles Times (May 11): Special Election Ballot Taking Shape

California Daily Ledger-May 11, 2005

Updates on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rulemaking available at:

planning to visit "the Mecca"

Anyone going to the May 25th rally in Sacto?

Move On: Rep. Howard McKeon's Connections to Tom DeLay

Special Election Ballot Taking Shape

Arnie coming on Air America

Schwarzenegger wants to restore $1.3 billion to transportation programs

How many are listening to Air America in eastern Iowa?

New Casion Licenses in Iowa

Notes that have been left on my windshield (cross-post from GD-Politics)

Anybody else with Comcast in Ma having trouble receiving C-Span?

Markey with Bush

Do y'all read the metro editorials?

Received Lottery Winner Scam e-mail. Watch out!

ive had it up to here with firefox!

Question about Spyware and Adaware....frustrated here!

Chris Bell in Austin tonight Wed. 5/11

Q and A with Nick Lampson (DeLay's opponent)

Dallas: White Rock Lake conservation honored.

DAMN Bank America. . . just Goddamn them!

Yesterday, it was 318 degrees in my house (in Milwaukee)

Looks like Doyle's in trouble...

Bernie Ward Calling All Workers

Chili finger woman has rooting section at arraignment

Recruitment centre blast rocks Iraq

Dallas: City razes homeless camp downtown (residents vow to return)

The U.S. has more people in prison than any other country

When will the Real ID take effect?

Being young & voting repuke is as crazy as...

Bush only attacks countries who can't fight back

Baltimore Airport to be Named after Thurgood Marshall

The most interesting news of the day (enemy in uniform)

The RealID Card and Bankruptcy Bill are tied together

ID Card and Bankruptcy Bills have a connection

Info on Clinton's Senate seat Challenger!

Why did the dems, all of them, vote in Real ID?

A historian on Shrub's distorted Yalta history...

5/11 new toon -- what scares you the most?

USDA paid freelance writer $7,500 for placing articles

Confessions of a Listener

Now if we could just get Pat Robertson to Resign for Excluding Liberals



Choose your enemies carefully because they are the ones you will

A Modern Day Parable.

Ain't this the truth, today's DU feature article on ......

Meese and Baker Say Bolton is a Great Guy.

The hasty retreat beaten by Condi Rice from Latin America tells us that

Anyone have a link to Bush unable to answer Dutch students?

Media Matters: Where Was WSJ When Repubs Were Blocking Clinton Nominees?

America Really Dodged a Bullet Yesterday

Even Bush's dog

The old style American Dream is fading fast for most of us. When I

Our Love Hate Relationship with Well Paid Public Employees

Is the Canadian government going to fall?

Oh the Irony!!!

a religious grudge can be maintained for thousands of years

Pew Research Center - what type are you?

Official Power-Tool of the Bush Administration

Thugs for Christ

Cuba 'plane bomber' CIA agent wants asylum (Bush Sr. pardoned his bud)

Bush Mendacity will shock Historians & Memo- Discussed on Springer Shw now

Mysterious Unseen Attack On The President Maybe Happened

NPR this morning

Judge who exonerated Cheney is on the payroll of Exxon

Photo on Senator Bill Nelson's home page: photoshopped?

Ok picture people.. could ya make this for me??

Yup, seems like those insurgents sure are growing "desperate"...

What the hell were all those postings yesterday about hand grenades?

Yet another cool Cassini discovery!

Trent Lott cuts deal with Dems?

The Terror Capture

Reid doesn't back down from Friday remark about Bush

bush & the grenade that didn't go off. gimmee your wild eyed theories

New name for the Bush years "The Fake Grenade Presidency"

Labor will rise again: United flight attendants, others prepared to strike

A Tentative Strategy for ending the War

Is the MSM going to finally report what all DUr's already Uncovered

Sweatshops in the Marianas: DeLay/Abramoff/Bush ties

The UAL Default Justifies a Nationwide Strike - IMHO

Dobson: Lott Has Brokered Deal on Filibuster

You are a LIAR

Iraqi police vent anger at US after car bombings

Abu Ghraib, one year later

Indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Malloy: did he claim dems could have votd down ID part,+ votd FOR rest of

"You'd better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone..."

Has anyone seen in any newspaper

So United Airlines Can Default On Pensions, But We Can't Default On Credit

Remarkable: Howard Zinn documentary ( Sundance channel) a must!!

at some point, one has to ask 'why are we putting up with this shit'?

Open letter to 'Air America' called 'Air America on Demand!'

Anybody watch frontline on PBS last night?

"Voluntary standards" unfair to honest business people...

The Senate just went into strange abrupt recess ENEMY AIRCRAFT

Tom Ridge is talking. Argued against raising threat levels to orange...

terror terror terror!...oops, all clear, terror over, see ya next terror

breaking news.. capital and white house evacuated.d.

The sky is falling (for "*" and Iraq)

Security forces (US troops) fire on Afghan protesters

I marvel at the way the Bush aristo-imperialists have managed to

Putting 2 and 2 LAZER warning system


Hillary Clinton and Newt Gingrich together

What was the Dem's justification for voting for Real ID?

Swiss cover their glacier to try and slow the melting

Reid stands by loser comment, though admits it was "innapropriate"

How much will we learn about the pilot?

Fighting terrorism, one pair of lacy panties at a time (not a joke)...

Pheromone attracts straight women and gay men

Defense contractors employees: Do they contribute to death and destruction?

Captiol hill being evacuated right now

"Bill of Media Rights" being discussed by Consumers' Union on CSPAN

Very bad journalism

College instructor loses job - (union activities)

Just to clear it up, the Troll asshole was MrNiceGuyIsDead

The evacuations. Preparations for an upcoming attack?

What does it say about our government....

Is it just a coincidence that the Bilderberg Society met in Munich

Who was interested in the 'Peace Duke' signs in Latvia?

There are still so many stupid blind ppl out there read on...

Rumor has it that a prominent Repub pol is going to change Party?

If Gandhi were an American Today he would...

EXCLUSIVE-White House releases photo of air craft that caused scare

"The Occupation Gets More Sadam Like Everyday" Says Iraqi Engineer

Gun 'bullies' spread fear in Augusta (Maine)


FAQ: How Real ID Will Affect You...

What bristish memos?

Q: What color was the plane?


Dang! I lost my star and my PayPal acct is empty. I never realized

Do you think Dubya knows he sucks?

I'm sorry, our Democratic "Leaders" are Failures

Scottie's 5/11 press briefing - the fake "air raid" vs. the Iraq/Brit memo

I'm gonna pretend to be a journalist now

Rights of Man by Thomas Paine

Terra Terra Terra! - Mission accomplished!

CSPAN now - Hastert in Speakers' seat; DeLay has the floor

I have a question or two about pensions. Can someone help?

Please help! RE: Vote fraud.

I know we all love Andy, but in defense of JH

If Jon Stewart is right, and the media only cares about ratings, then...

Tonight's anti-DeLay rally to be held at Stonehenge. (Clothing optional).

What's wrong with this idea? What's right with this idea?

Um, is there actual footage of the plane

The airplane incident happened before

Real ID needs to be framed as "mark of the beast"

Targeting the rank and file

N5826G (Corporate Registered Aircraft)

My new flag salute.... please add to it

Before everyone gets all wound up over the Capitol 'attack' story...

***DC scare pilot identified***

Fake Terror Alerts Should Be Classified as Treason

Why we can't out-Rove Rove:

Stop John Bolton Day!

Senate Votes To Give Homeland Security Secretary Power To Waive All Laws!

Pleasure marriages' regain popularity in Iraq

Online ad budgets stealing from traditional sources

I'll start -> Real ID = 666 nt

Okay, so just who are these 'leaders' we talk about? Who's the top dog?

Minuteman Chris Simcox and the Triumph of the Will

Tom Ridge said that he was pressured into doing terror alerts?

It's a perfect day for this..."Take Back The Media."

Army Recruiting problems. Threatened man with arrest if he didn't enlist!

CREW: Rep Hart Buys Ticket to DeLay Defense Dinner-REMOVE YOURSELF

Police Will Urge Congressional Action to Help Stop Gun Violence

Should we be connecting the dots?

Pew Research Center - Are you red or blue? DUH!

Annual State Department Report on Terrorism

Terror Alerts of Mass Destraction: like the weapons of mass destruction

Press Release with ORRIN HATCH promoting stem cell research

Photo: The WMD that caused today's DC "red alert" and evacuation

Iran attack by U.S. or Israel would be catastrophic for the whole world.

Ed Schultz archives?

This makes me rethink my opposition to the death penalty

Carly Fiorina speech, 5/7/05: "My fellow job seekers ..."

God(dess) help us all; a "new Jesse Helms"

What happens as goodness evaporates?

Fight thes fundamenalist huns now, or get burned at the stake later.

Get a look at this Pentagon "troop support"

Should cops have fired 100+ rounds at an unarmed man?

Need help with Seperation Church/State argument

Meanwhile back in Iraq,hundreds die in REAL attacks.

This is just a friendly peak oil reminder. Were running out.

Gore Vidal, Norman Lear, Tim Robbins cameo on WB's "Jack & Bobby" finale

Does THIS explain the false alarm today?

King Of Jordan To Pardon Ahmed Chalabi's 300 Million Dollar Swindle

I'm meeting with my reperesentative tomorrow and the next day:

I had to shoot down yet ANOTHER Reagan worshipper.

Judge on Exxon payroll Exonerates Cheney On Energy Panel ,

Du-ers need to do media blast on Downing Street Memo - Your feedback Pls!

Hey, Didja hear? Our friend the pastor got the red-ass...

Bush: HARD WORK biking at 11am on a Wednesday. Cheney at White House

Can you hear me now? Good!

Report: Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Jump 52 Percent

I just saw another ad about how *'s noms deserve an up or down vote

UNION MEMBERS: what's the water cooler talk today? (catch-all thread)

Tsunami Children Suffering Mental Problems - Who

Is there any info on the guy in Ill. who killed his little girl?

Why would Congress vote to pass the Real ID?

PBS reported that John Bolton would be confirmed tomorrow.

The Pink Triangle avatar.


Steve Clemons spoke with Bolton's ex-wife

What's it going to take to make anything stick?

A brief course in the history of the VRWC.

I wrote about "Air America Radio's" return to Chicago on my blog.

man what a bunch of easily fooled chumps americans are

jerkoffs like mrniceguyisdead are perfect examples of repub assholes

DC on terror alert - Chimp learns to ride a bike

Assault on truth and reality.

Incoherent screaming alert : Ridge reveals clashes on alerts

Coincidental link between dead activist and today's "incident"

Help - can't hear Randi on AAPlace, AARadio or WNJO

Lou Dobbs wonders if creationism and evolution are mutually exclusive.

Pentagon Launches Attack on Nature

FREEPERS uncomfortable with Star Wars

Bush is a conspiracy theorist!

General Jonah Goldberg of 101st Keyboardists Yawns while our Soldiers Die

Looking for Keith Olbermann video

Three Blows

Chris Matthews AND Tim Russert...

Conspiracy theory rock (animation) by Robert Smigel

Recruitment propaganda my daughter received

Well the blood suckers at Hopkins have been paid...

Joy at Work.

Bernie Ward: The middle class is done for -- It's a UAL thing

Boycott: May 19th, NO PURCHASE GAS DAY....

Oh Andy, I wish you did not

New statewide poll of California; Arnold down to 40% approval rating

Are you flying the flag?

Swoon! My brave hero! Georgia folk dancers had to surrender their daggers

Those poor limo owners... Everyone say "awwww".

The Extreme Right - TOTALLY UNEDUCATED MORONS!! (Tasered Preg Lady)

How does the REAL ID act violate the Bill of Rights?

Inconsistencies With The Genade Story

Would Republicans use fear to advance a political agenda? - (VIDEO)

Why are republicans so upset?

Canadian Citizens Show Their True Feelings for Wal-Mart

Isn't convenient that the capitol scare wiped away the Ridge

Maybe my dream last year was not so far-fetched

Assume that you are a "journalist." You want your job to be easy.

These "near misses" on * are too much of a coincidence

Anybody else with Comcast in Ma having trouble receiving C-Span?

Anyone else think that the airplane scare (haha) was a veiled threat

Three images (actual ones) from the DC Cessna scare today

Dennis Miller's show gets cancelled

I hope they throw the BOOK at those fsckers in the plane!

How does the first hundred days of Bush*'s second term compare with

One good thing about going back to the Medieval Ages

Jim Lampley is my new hero.

Dennis Miller: Well, that didn't work either. Wonder what's next?

Was 'Plane Incident' a drill? We'd never know.

More Union busting by the Airline Industry..Alaska Airlines

Any news on the Australian hostage in Iraq?

Anne Coulter has to be anorexic.

What's going to happen tomorrow with the Bolton nomination vote?

I'm listening to the Majority Report....... I missed something


Who is your favorite member of the current US Supreme Court?

Which is more accurate these days?

Another Freeway shooting in LA today

Pastor's supporters leave church, one of them claims


Two men who flew plane released with no charge

Anyone wanna hear Bernie Sanders on the Stern show?

New tactic of army recruiters

Grenade story?

My short LTTE was published

10,000 Ugandans to be mercenary security gaurds in Iraq, elsewhere

MOGAMBO GURU: Looks Like The Beginning Of The End

George has a different definition of "progress" than I do

Need help with a response to a LTTE

About the word NOOK-ULAR

Christian Social Engineering

Jason Leopold: Off The Record -- Don't Believe The Hype

Congress passes Gestapo ID legislation

Now they say the fake granade thrown at bush was found not thrown!

WTF??? A shadow? or a turd????

OMG, I just saw an ad ...

tom tomorrow on the majority report now

so since this (fake attack) is going to be on the "news" all day today ..

Is Al Franken a supporter of the DLC and its position on the Iraq War?

Saw my first military recruiters in action at the local Sonic

Free and Fair Elections: What can WE do to ensure we have them?

There is one helluva a storm in our country tonight...

Separation of church and state. Oh, I think I have done it now!


Just heard on PBS, McKinnon talking about "Wandering Home" Organic Gardens

It's hard to believe two Bozos hopped in the plane and got lost

I guess that i don't understand the airline business...

BBC World: 70 attacks a day in Iraq

Striking Difference of 9/11 and Today's Events

Roscoe Bartlett on Peak Oil, now on CSPAN-1.

EPA may abandon proposed rules protecting urban children from lead paint

I'll never eat another fish. Ever. This is PAST disturbing.

Does the "Crooks and Liars" website "host" the Video there? or...

gosh, the bush/blair fake intelligence war memo was quashed beautifully!

Recruiter Leaves Threatening Voice Mail Message for Potential Recruit (cli

Bush wasn't told about the plane in restricted airspace today

A Republican talked about Peak Oil on C-Span.

Today, Bush signed another ANTI-FREEDOM bill.

May we all bow our heads...and pray for Mr. Larry Flynt....

Who was the greatest justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (20th Century)

Thanks to the neoCONs, the "terrorists" have won!!!

Bush not told of scare till after bike ride

Georgia Interior Ministry: Grenade story a "total lie"

There are several hunderd thousand foreign fighters in Iraq..

WTF? 1st press briefing in days, not one ? about the Iraq/Brit memo!

Are newspapers obligated by law to protect a source?

My Life....Bill Clinton

so forgive me if I'm skeptical about the terrible dangers...

Bush asked reporters to leave?

When officials go "OMG our nuclear facilities are so vulnerable."

Marijuana Policy Project gala fundraiser

Why the heck was Bush biking in the middle of a damn work day?

You know its a bad day when

Thank you Andy. I don't know you but my life is in Perspective

I just read something from "From The Wilderness" for the first time.

Bush on bike ride....not told until later.

US towns brace for base-closing wave

I wonder if Bush knew that Georgia was a country

Is Larry Flynt the only "journalist" we have in this country ??

Okay, a grenade, a rogue plane, and a letter from the Democrats

Why wasn't Bush/Cheney invited to the DeLay dinner?

Robert Plant on Charlie Rose PBS now

Pressure Mounts on Other Airlines to Seek Pension Relief.

Have you guys seen this? Great blog from a 26-year-old Iraqi woman...

Do you buy this story on the plane incident?

'70's Hippie Forwards THIS Wingnut Crap

What should we do with our money?

People who want to torture inmates...

Wanna be on the radio right now?... open phones here..

How many DU'ers have walked a picket line? I have, although

Police are reopening The Atlanta child murders

Luis Posada Carriles´ Sinister Links with the CIA: documents released

Funny that there is this major offensive in western Iraq, yet...

Ike Predicted GOP Demise Over Social Security

The GAO points out bush's LIES for the LIES they are.

May 11th-The Cost of the War In Iraq-$168,951,050,213

LOL--Jon Stewart making fun of cable news channels

Aircraft incident over D.C. Was it a counter-terrorism exercise?

Concerning the occupants of the WTC on a certain September day, I wondered

Tonight's Law and Order (teeny spoiler)

Grover Norquist compares Dems to "fixed" animals....grrrrrr

Grenades, airplanes and fires

I listen to AA on XM... and I hate Alan Colmes

Base closings expected in evil New England, shifting to the South

Barabara Boxer has a new petition to stop Bolton nomination

Is this how Republicans felt during the sixties?

Goodbye "Sopranos," "Daily Show," "South Park," "Deadwood," Dave Chapelle

Poltically Active Music Groups

United flight attendants: Decision may have triggered end of all pensions

America; losing freedom and democracy under the bush regime. That's FACT.


guess dennis miller was trying to salvage his career & old fanbase on leno

Wednesday Toons


Depleted Uranium - A Survivor’s Perspective

Army soldiers mistakenly blew up the car of her husband

Remember this Clarence Thomas Magazine Cover?

How many people here really think the Iranians have nukes?

Flag Burning: How do you feel about it?

I'm in the process of creating a symbol for progressives

Okay, I'm weird. I LOVE the new GOP ad, "The Party of NO!"

Real Wages Fall at Fastest Rate in 14 Years

You call this an ORGY? >>>

Dennis Miller....Cancelled!

Seymour Hersch

Seymore Hersh on Democracy Now

Chimps paintings priced at $1500

NPR, talking about Bolton now.

Inside the mind of a serial child molester - Parents should read this

Wake Up Company Man

"No Christian should have a problem calling God 'Allah,'"

Spinoff: Whats REAL in this adminstration ?

AFA is at it again. DU this please?

Looking for CNN video of church!

Pastor tells congregation, "Don't be weird in front of the cameras."

Does it seem like since Bush's SS speech there haven't been any more...

I was nearly run off the road by a freeper!!!

The republican party is about to destroy its self from the inside

The extent of our wage problem in this country-an anecdote

Is this going too far?

The Skinner appreciation thread.

A lesson from Andy Stephenson's ordeal w/healthcare

Putin and * - Just aching for a caption.

Chimpy McCokespoon thinks cows talk to him.

Update on the Andy Stephenson Situation (12:30PM Wednesday, May 11)

Bill Gates, and my job woes...

If A Sick Person couldn't afford health care

DISCLOSURE: Clinton was briefed on UFO/IFO info ...

OK the 'threat in DC today was acted on. WTF happened 9/11?

OMFG. John O'Neill is being erased. Into the memory hole!

Concepts the U.S. finds useful in launching resource wars and wars

Bush Administration Manipulated Terror Alerts

President Dwight D. Eisenhower calls bush "negligible" and "stupid".

can 'theniceguyisdead' be prosecuted for what he did to Andy?


The other shoe will drop soon.

Speech I gave last night on corporate control of news media

Proper attire for a state visit?

DeLay's 'Salute': A Wave Goodbye?

Chimp's Art for sale

Iraq Bombshell Goes Mostly Unreported in US Media

Dean Seeks Prog-Dem Peace Pact

a good "news" memory, a juicy Bolton story and voila - speculation time!

We are in a Conservative Revolution.

FINALLY! CNN: Bush asked to explain UK war memo

Check out the approval ratings for all 50 governors!!!

CNN Breaking News: Cessna 152 can carry 2,000lbs of explosives? Huh?

Who is your least favorite Justice on the US Supreme Court?

A note of personal thanks to all DUers from *libnnc*

Subject: Gun 'bullies' spread fear in Augusta (Maine)

CSPAN Schedule Thursday May 12

How many things are FAKE in this adminstration???

Democrats need to back up the truck...

Those 2 girls that got murdered. I wonder what they

this thing about the Real ID Act passing unanimously in the Senate . . .

Who was the judge in the United Airlines pension revocation case?

Fired for being married.

Hang on a second. First a pinecone, then a tiny two-seater plane.

After the War Comes Cancer

A meeting of Imperialists Anonymous in 2010

New Definition of the Metabolic Syndrome:

OUTRAGE: Did I hear that WE paid for the extravaganza in Georgia?

More "journalists" on * administration payroll (Dept. of Agriculture)

Ex-FBI translator Sibel Edmonds plans appeal to Supreme Court

Sex Trade is not the same as Sex Industry.

Larry Flynt nails Bolton over divorce (forced sex, wife fled in fear)

My semi-controversial piss-you-off post for the week

Nightline Story has me wondering why Limbaugh isn't in Prison

Free Frostys at Wendy's this Friday!

Is Randi Rhodes Entertaining?

Panreatic cancer risk increase 6,700% if you eat processed meat!

Seems The Smoking Gun Memo Has Finally Broken Through

Bologna sandwich for me tomorrow night.

BBQers get ready for summer

Grits to hold a budget vote next Thursday: CTV

Toronto Star Editorial (May 11): Ottawa's empty frenzy

Okay BC duers how are you voting?

Good ol' Conservatives!

Steve Bell cartoon - "Two Lame Ducks"

The rise of Tony Zoffis

End of an era for Thatcher foundation

BBC (May 11): Has Blair seen off Labour critics?

Labour MEPs Defy Blair on Working Hours Opt-Out

What would be the best way for me to get the hell out of the US?

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Principled pragmatism (election reform)

MEPs deal blow to Blair on work hours

Why shouldn't we have restricted work hours?

UN concerned at Israeli incursions into Lebanon airspace

Dozens die in Iraqi suicide bombings

Riots over US Koran 'desecration'

U.S. Schools Pressed To Dump Stocks Linked To Sudan

Mexican president, Chinese official promise to strengthen bilateral ties

Private pleads not guilty in stabbing of sergeant at Camp Carroll

Reuters: Iraq Rebuilding - Security Eats Precious Funds

McCain Urges Compromise Over Filibusters

East Waynesville pastor resigns in wake of controversy

'Big fight' over filibusters could begin next week

Reuters: Afghan Editor Slams U.S. Practice of Using Warlords

Afghans riot over Koran report, 4 dead - official (Police open fire)

Violence, underfunding threaten Iraq's universities

N.Korea completes extracting nuclear fuel rods-KCNA

Army to dress down its recruiters

FBI Deciding Whether to Investigate Mayor of Spokane, Wash.

Real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years

Hedge funds accused of 'ripping heart out of German economy'

Man charged with 1,000 fake badges (FBI, DEA, NYP, etc.)

Japan Considering Exit Strategy From Iraq

African refugee kids threatened by lead(survived war, die in US from lead)

WP - Terror Suspect's Attorneys Link FBI to Alleged Torture by Saudis

Four dead, scores hurt in Afghan riot over reported US Koran abuse

States Challenging Pentagon's Claim It Can Shut National Guard Bases

Reuters: Don't Abandon Us Now, Afghanistan Urges World

Former Sheriff's Deputy in Ohio Admits Faking Going off to War

Vandals desecrate Jewish graves in France

NYT: U.S. Provides Rules to States for Testing Special Pupils

States Challenge Pentagon on Base Closings

Officer Accused of Sending Home Iraq Arms

FBI chief may review Saudi travel warning

Iraq struggles to rebuild (reconstruction failing, riddled w/ corruption)

Six bodies found on California ranch

CA- Legislative committees reject bans on gay marriage

Cuba 'plane bomber' was CIA agent

Cuba 'plane bomber' was CIA agent

MI5 kept schoolboy on its files

Mortar Hits Iraq Oil Ministry

WP: Congress Approves $82 Billion for Wars

Vapor of Deadly Nerve Agent Detected From Weapons Stockpile in Kentucky

Iraq: Focus on child labour

Qatar Called Out on Human Rights Abuses

IRAQ: Focus on child labour

Nancy Reagan Prepares for Public Event

2 Exclusive: Oregonian Is A Witness To History (N. Korea)

CNN: N. Korea extracts 8000 fuel rods from abandoned reactor

Capitol Hill Evacuated - CNN Breaking

King of Jordan to Pardon Chalabi's $300 Million Bank Fraud

Experts Are at a Loss on Investing - LA Times

Court-Martial Set for Sailor Who Refused to Board Ship to Persian Gulf

LAT: Survey of Voters Maps Subtle Splits

Arrest after four-year-old raped at Catholic school

Government will likely bring forward its own confidence motion: analysts

U.S. conservatives to rally around Tom DeLay

White House, Capitol Briefly Evacuated

WP - House GOP Weighs Preapproval of Sponsored Travel

Healthcare in Prisons 'Shocking'(USJudge moves to take prison mgmt fromCA)

Reuters: Iraq Rebuilding Lags, Security/Corruption Eat Precious Funds

New battle may suggest insufficient troops

12 million in forced labor - U.N.

Afghans riot over Koran report

Marines Push Into Rebel Areas on Day 3 of Offensive in West Iraq

Bosses told: list assets - including lovers

EU leader to block Wolfowitz appointment

French TV channel reprimanded for satirizing Pope

Texans--Need Help on SB 408

Two in Custody After Capitol Plane Scare

N. Korea Removes Nuclear Rods From Reactor

LAT: A Glimpse at the Mind of a Pedophile (California priest's deposition)

Japanese Hostage May Be Dead, Company Says

Declining finances hurting Thatcher Foundation


Prohibiting Driving Cars Without a Companion in Tikrit

In Turkey, New Fears That Peace Has Passed (PKK back from Iraq)

Army Recruiters to Take a Nationwide Time-Out

US denies two helicopters downed in Iraq...May 11

Bush Seeks to Regain GOP Support

US Marine dies in Al-Karama west Iraq ( # 1610 )

Congress Urged Not to Undermine FOIA

Democratic women push back on Social Security

'They Came Here to Die' (new insurgent ambush tactics)

Delphi asks ill workers for health files (call in sick=give med. records)

Senate panel mulls action on spyware

Human shield claims denied

Outsourcing death in Iraq

Larry Flynt: Bolton's divorce records and paid visits to Plato’s Retreat

Errant Flight Prompts Capitol Evacuations

USDA paid freelance writer $7,500 for placing articles

Recruiter Leaves Threatening Voice Mail Message for Potential Recruit (cli

McDonald's Plans to Continue Healthy Focus

Report: Chappelle in mental health facility

Dennis Miller Says So Long to CNBC (also known as cancelled)

Anti-U.S. Riot Turns Deadly in Afghanistan

Iraqi Insurgents Go on Rampage, Kill 69

Americans Seek Bodily Salvation Through Jesus Diet (Guardian)

Senate Panel Probing Bolton Down to Wire

Canadian consul told Arar not to fear deportation

Arms Makers Find Being Cash-Heavy Is Mixed Blessing -NYT

Parliament OKs 48-Hour Maximum Work Week

Salazar's filibuster critics assailed (clery call far right "Gestapo")

UN nuclear talks break deadlock over Israeli arms (Israeli nukes)

Bechtel tapped to run Los Alamos lab

Bolton probe continues on eve of vote (Dems Consider Filibuster!)

L.A. mayor's race signals new ethnic alliances

Bush Was Amazed to Spend V-E Day in Russia

Levada in line for key job at Vatican (SF Archbishop)

Senate defies White House on highway funding (+nix helmet law, tolls)

Security, sovereignty at issue in U.S.-Iraqi dispute over building

Chimpanzee's artwork on the block

Suspect in officer's killing may have tried to slip onto LAX

D.C. Mayor Says Officials Unaware of Alert

Internet, Radio Blamed for Discrimination

Cuba 'plane bomber' was CIA agent

CNN carries Downing Street Memo story

Official Says Bush's Social Security Plan Would Cut Some Survivor Benefits

Venezuela and Other South American Countries Meet with Arab League

Daughter Seeks Release of Haiti's Ex-PM

Chávez gaining support across region

DeLay Allies Seek Dismissal of Charges -WP

Luis Posada Carriles´ Sinister Links with the CIA

Spokane Mayor Complains of 'Brutal Outing

BBC Workers Vote for Strike Over Job Cuts

'Dennis Miller' Cancelled

Defense rests in Hanford downwinders case

Anchor Baker brags about Gannon in blog

WP: A Bloody, Devastating Day: Violence Kills 72

Former Army recruit says his life was threatened (w/ firing squad!)

Cuba Rejects Calls to Hand Over Fugitive

China, EU Agree to Improve Political Trust..Xinhua

Former homeland security head dismisses charge Canada soft on terrorism

United Airlines Ground Workers Threaten Strike--15 minutes ago


Pulitzer Prize winner to head UI conference - Seymour Hersh

US believes Syria supporting terrorists

See sunny Baghdad! (Air Scotland to begin tourist flights to Baghdad)

One Month's Toll in Iraq: 67 Suicide Bombers

US denies copter downed in Iraq

Shooting of Unarmed Motorist in Compton Sparks Protest -LAT

'They tortured me for being a witch'

Tories gain lead nationally over Liberals (Canada)

Democrats to Allow Panel to Vote on Bolton

White House wants oil price at $25 a barrel

Two killed, dozens hurt as security forces battle rioting Afghan students

Military Judge Convicts Anti-War Sailor

Prosecutors: Dad admits stabbing daughter, friend to death

TX: Police shoot burglary suspect at Wal-Mart

Parts of jet engine fall in neighborhood

Clinton, Gingrich Unite on Health Care (Is it upside down day??)

Colonel Reprimanded Over Abu Ghraib Abuse

Few Republicans in House Are Expected at DeLay Event

The Frist Filibuster Hits Washington (Princeton students / DC)

Newsweek: A Nuclear Blunder? (Bolton didn't prepare for key conference)

Ridge reveals clashes on alerts

Just another day in 'stable' Iraq

Suicide bombings kill at least 50 in Iraq

Millions 'live in modern slavery'

Dems Use United in Retirement Argument

House panel bans women from Army positions

Abu Ghraib victim's statement barred at trial (Hooded Man)

Bush not told about plane scare until after biking

WP- Putting Pressure On China's Peg ( US wants change in currency policy)

LAT:Special Election Ballot Taking Shape(could shift Calif. power balance)

How Do Japanese Dump Trash? Let Us Count the Myriad Ways

Fire in the U.S. Capitol building right now(11 pm)

WP: Demise of a Hard-Fighting Squad - Marines - 60 % casualties

WP: GOP Seeks More Curbs On Courts

Transsexual parishioner denied (restroom) facilities

Spokane wants state, feds to investigate mayor

Rawstory: John Bolton

Galloway faces renewed claims over Saddam oil/US Senate

Bush asked to explain UK war memo


The Return of Pedro Sanchez (from Napoleon Dynamite)!

Steel Wheelchairs, Stiff Fingers, Senile on Main Street...

Well i know what I'M official in!

What can I be officially?

Anyone else have a S.O. who talks in his/her sleep?

If your thread only gets a couple of hits, do you recycle your best bits?

Ya know what I hate?

XXX State of the Union...can't wait to see it,,.....,trailer

DAMMIT! I want an official something too. What is my Lounge title?

Have the Rolling Stones killed...

Do you continue to post after your brain has shut down for the night?

Which film critic is/was the biggest flack for the movie studios?

Resistance is futile.

I got my parents tipsy tonight

"Pimp My Fahrrad!"

Are lower sized tattoos on fictional islands tacky?

Ever put boiling acid in your eyes?

Favorite 80s song for people that do not like 80s music!

what scares you? new toon 5/11

The Gods Must be Crazy...1981 movie, who has seen it and......

Interview today!!

'Asshat' is my new favorite word

Former Sheriff's Deputy Lied About Going To Iraq

Yes, it's deplorable that I don't know Spanish. Help?

Should I buy Green Day's "American Idiot"?

I Survived My Surgery

Warning, this picture will make you very nauseous!

are you a member of NARMLA?

Greetings, starfighter!

OK, who's the DINK that threw this damn grenade at me?

BWA HA HA The "Helmet Boy" Commercial was just on..

well, i'm off to the golf course

403 dollars for a rolling stones tik?????

Hey DU guys - tell us about your "special purpose"!

So, do we have an official lesbian?

Hooray! The old USB spec is still fast enough for me to play mp3s

It's 6:30 pacific - I've been up fo rtwo hours already

Who's going to join JimmyJazz and I for dinner next Tuesday night?

Hey matcom: David Crosby is pregnant with my baby! I win!

It's Wednesday and time for a picture of the deli lama....

The Other Good-bye diet

My ex wants our son in "Cross Creek program" for troubled kids.

I just want Heidi and yvr girl to know...

It's Wednesday and time for a picture of the dolly llama

Bush finds missing WMDs in Georgia (former Soviet Republic)

Hey Underpants- You are paying me to go pick strawberries

Should I buy NIN's "With Teeth" ?

Greg Marmalard + Mandy Pepperidge + W = Laura's horse joke

So, its trash Day. There Is a lady going through my trash out front

Traffic outside my window is slowing down

When fur needs to fly, these folks help

People like me better when I'm nasty and mean.

Good-bye diet

yeah, so what if our bullshit giants lost...

The "no toner" light on our printer at work has been on for 8 days...

Teenager trapped in avalanche of peas

Robot dogs compete in football league

The Hunky Hand Grenade - I bet that is what was thrown at W

Senior walk attire

Superman is a dick

The cat feeding schedule is right out the window

Could someone help me feel better?

Just got a telemarketing call from the "Friends of John Kerry"

Family of drug barons kept their stash in Crooked Bank

Parkinson's patients with gambling problems sue

Good news on severed goat heads: Satan not involved

Her name is Caroline.

Choose the bigger dud...the fake grenade or Bush's entire presidency

I find it all too funny when I'm cruising the personal ads

So what do you think of my new avatar?

ATA redux- Can we just go ahead and have a Red Sox/Yankees group?

I wrote an apology, but it is gone...

Mystery lights appear over Wales

I've found my religion: Fictionology. Hail Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius!

What's your favorite insulting term?

Wanna tell someone your deepest darkest secrets?

Bad Blood. Some teams just don't like each other.

Listening to Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power". Ask me anything.

Advice on 5K training

The name and last name you would like to have

FYI: A great incense website

Six bombs kill 54 in Iraq...OR...Macaulay Culkin testifies in Jacko trial

Mr. Floatie protests sewer dumping

I wanna see this...

ARRRGH.... 107 Days Away from Stevens Point....

Laxative-aided search ruled unreasonable

People who know Broadway musicals: What is the "book" of a musical?

Is it time for the Rolling Stones to just go away?

Fisherman lands drugs haul catch

The Mummy: Absolutely terrifying...OR...I'll bet I could kick his ass

Nancy Reagan Prepares for Public Event

A Kelso Game Hen will kick your ass if you try to take her babies.

Her Name is Lola - She Was a Showgirl

Great quote of the day

Gee wiz, since yesterday...

I'm too slow "on the up-take"...

HOORAY!! I can leave town earlier if I want to!!

John Rocker proclaims "I've taken a lot of crap from a lot of people"

Star Wars Trivia for the day- 05/11/05

WH evacuated - enemy squirrel's shadow spotted

ARRRGH.... 107 Pixels Away from Stewie's Point....

CNN: 3 hour show: Leslie "Wolf" the Bush Ho Blitzer replaces Crossfire

Don't you hate it when you think you've found the answer...

Michael and I met a colleague of Playahata1's at a truck stop

Those with companion animals: Do you ever accidentally hurt your friends?

Update on my hubby.

Today is our 8th anniversary!

Martha Quinn is 46 today!!!!!

Anyone else not on great terms with "Sis?"

Low = Green, Guarded = Blue, Elevated = Yellow, Fabricated Rove BS = ?

NFL coach can NOT wear a suit & tie on the sidelines

Dan Ahdoot the Iranian Jewish comic said in his routine:

She's just a little bunny and I'm a big bear with claws

Crowds Protest Willbanks' Broken Engagement (Too funny)

Mr Beastman

School Girls Traded Sex for Meth

Laura Welch was on the road, her brain was squirming like a toad

Ok - where the heck did you hide my glasses???

Mr Beastman

BREAKING: Rove seen flying over Capitol Building

All hail Mark Hamill

Sony,Dreamworks and Schering-Plough HealthCare Products Donate !

Here, have a dollar,

Fortune cookies lucky for 110 lottery winners

What's your favorite surfing song?

One of my favorite bands from the 80's. The Fixx.

Stones starting up new tour

Is AOL not working for anyone else????

Heidi Klum, Seal Tie Knot in Mexico

Here's band for you.

For 2001st post - my tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey

Ex-'Idol' Contestant: More Evidence Against Abdul

Disney animation polls: the results are in!

Newly-weds sue after bedroom injury

Scientology Losing Ground to New Fictionology

attention writers, agents, publishers, and anyone else interested in

My last name ends with two 'T's - my signature ends with a big flourish

True confessions time. Favorite band/singer you like. This

Can I just say whoever designed the Nuremburgring race course

CRIPES! Has anyone ever accidentally logged out of DU

Bigfoot beneath the sea

i Love the dept. of education

Have you ever met a republican you liked?

The most beautiful cats on DU!


This is why I love Dear Abby, she won't back down from a homophobic reader

Headlines We'd Like To Read, May 11, 2005

Brazilian Town Declares Offical Orgasm Day!

**Advice** My SO is moving halfway across the country to be with me

Would you ever write an autobiography?

More "Separated at Birth" Pairings

It is the ultimate Monday Morning QB for Bush to criticize FDR re Yalta.

I am the OFFICIAL lounge ________ (fill it in for yourself, but it's first

I have a new name for Little Freepers: Spanky!

My ancestry is undeniably "pleasant". What's your's?

Weekly World News: Minister Starts "Church of George W. Bush"

Who lied to the AARP about my age?

Connect side B to side C with widgets G, E and F - Calgon take me away

What is the worst thing you ever did in a truck stop parking lot?

Post a picture of your bizarro world self

Does your dog roll around on top of earthworms?

I am laughing my butt off here, Freepers "Freep" a Clinton book-signing.

Anarchy1999's need a little support in the way of good wishes, prayers,


I'm only one post away from 100 - away from 101 now.

I know why the Capitol and WH were evacuated - for real!

I know we've only known each other

bacon question for bacon cookers


The Crawfish were awesome

Married DU'ers, I have a question.

Anyone here use Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0

The subway to Stripperville?

Ack! Mischief just shat a bloody stool.

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Woman Assaults Husband After He Refuses To "Bite Her On Her Butt"

Where do you read your mail?

Matcom, fess up

Man Wearing Mini Skirt Exposes Himself At Steakhouse - Arrested

My ancestry is undeniably "unpleasant". What's yours?

Passed 2000 posts! Your congratulations would be appreciated...

Test of Gibberish as a Second Language. Can you pass?

Saying goodbye to your friends is horrible.

Dems blocking new White House chef?

Which animals have more personality?

It's time for Match Game DU!

Maxwell House is using "Our House" to sell coffee!!

yet another meaningful and insightful milestone post (4000)

I like the highhat play in "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Is there something in the air? The water? The spooky internet waves?

So I tried parking the SUV in the driveway. Did "ok"

Ever wonder what on earth that weird bug you saw, was???

Trivia time!!

Am I the only person around here that watches America's Next Top Model?


Oasis wants you to give food to the mail carriers' drive on Saturday

Whatever. Post to me. I'm in a spectacular mood.

"'Murkan Idol" who goes tonight?

YAY! ANOTHER high interest credit card bites the dust!

***UPDATE*** Child's Post-Surgical Recovery, May 11, 2005

Whatever. Post to me, I'm in a bad mood.

I have my complete CD collection in front of me - what should I listen to?

What's more important?

I think someone is spending a little too much on their model....

Please cheer me up. I'm sitting here sobbing.

What's so hard about taking responsibility for the things you say?

Is this a BAD DAY OR WHAT look at this......

Xbox 360

What's more disgusting? the fact that Wal-Mart has an ISP or....

Democratic actors who run for elected office: Can we get a list?

Who else has a sinecure?

How might one access a couple of 20 yr old NYT articles?

After seeing the new Capitol One commercial, when the customer comes to

Photo of Bush with Putin, lookin' at him like he's some kinda dink.

Yesterday on the metrolink I saw a couple of women


The palindrome of Bolton would be...

Question about DLC Convention in Columbus, Ohio

What's the best way to break a puppy of the habit of biting?

I was in a great mood, but now I am disappointed. Ask me anything.

GASH! I've been hit a tall blonde woman!

Arrgghh. Russert is back on TV yapping about his book, Big Russ, blah

Cute Yahoo! headline: "Conservatives THROWING DINNER for DeLay"

HBO Cancels Carnivale

which of these is scarier?

WTF? Today I Saw A Ribbon-Magnet That Had A CAMOUFLAGE Pattern...

Essential Checklist for Evil Dictators

KISS. Classic rock gods or capitalist swine?

What happened to Reno 911? Has it been...God forbid...

Larry Flynt vs John Bolton ---- Place your bets now.

The camera lens never lie

I'm thinking about moving to Atlanta


why are donations to DU not tax deductabLe

If you go to a store and the clerk asks you if he can help you,


So I've started a fast today. Tell me anything!

If a man dressed as a king, wearing a mask knocked on your bedroom window

We hmm are hmm the hmm men hmm who hmm hum hmm between hmm


Who wants me to give them a kiss?

Why didn't Pope Benedict name himself after this guy?

Andy and Termite are happy to announce the addition of

So I've started a feast today. Tell me anything!

Man, I'm pathetic!

When I woke up today, there was an old woman laying on her side in my yard

They release new music on Tuesdays, and new movies on Fridays,

Come on, Fhqwhgads.

If you had $5000 dollars

How big of a loser must you be...........

Warning!..Graphic Picture of Wild Animals attacking defenseless...

Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives tops Maxim Hot 100 List

Who wants me to give them a hug?

Sweet: "My" Lord Mayor made the Time cover

I was in the bathroom this morning, and there was this old woman

More great stuff from the Political Compass people

A stupid random question...

Question about DLC Convention being Held in Columbus Ohio

I just burnt the hell out of my finger!

Getting Pumped for Rob and Amber's Wedding

Ever see that cartoon with the noseless child aardvark with a pet dog?

Is beer and nachos a balanced diet

Testing my new and improved sig-line!

Anyone planning on being a broad this summer?


LOST is on, discussion thread

if I look at DU on my break, will you guys diss me?

Has anyone seen the remote to my CD player?

Question about dropping ten pounds

I'm Only 14 Posts Away From 30,000 - Ask Me Anything

Name Wolf Blitzer's new 3 hour long show that replaces Crossfire!

If I took a break from DU, would you ladies want to kiss me

Ever see the cartoon where the stomach drives a red car and eats magnets?

reading comprehension time

Lindsay Lohan, what have you done?

It's Wednesday, and finals are OVER!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!!!!

has anyone here seen Mr Mike's Mondo Video?

Porn here and you will make you feel better!

I have another mess of big sea scallops to cook for dinner tonight...


"Babies shouldn't wear tube tops or fishnet thingys Mom"

puff, puff pass!

OK, I'm redecorating the Lounge.

Watching the "Sandlot" just made me realize

Can allergies prevent somebody from getting drafted?

When is Blizzard going to release Starcraft: Ghost ?

OMG my kids are driving me bonkers...

historicaL trivia time

Funniest ad for speakers I've ever seen.

Did anybody read the synopsis for the Enterprise finale?

Book exchange at work: I defaced the cover of "Bush at War" by

A new poem- "Sparrows of a Grey and Cold Spring Morning"

I don't care about you prog rock haters...ABWH KICK ASS.

LOL!!! Yahoo board discussion about the plane flying over WH

New Yorker cartoon caption contest

"_____________, I am your father."

Fun is...

Did people really runaway in their barefeet in Washington DC today?



Mothers' Day's Over - I Need to Rant

Jane Badler, then and now


Now that everyone keeps telling me to shut up, I'm taking a break from DU

okay, so I'm watching last night's Daily Show's rerun with my son. . .

has anyone been foLLowing reveLations?

Should I post drunk?

Do you use the bodily function list?

I Had A Serious Brain Fart In Class Today

ahhhh midweek vodka martini...

I spent $1200.00 on my dog; $1200.00 more next week.

well, it's either start a flame war or go make dinner....

Americans Seek Bodily Salvation Through Jesus Diet (Guardian)

I give out ZombyLove like sweet nuggets o' yumminess

Until Now, I didn't know that there are buildings on Diamond Head

Area 51: Fact or Fiction on TLC.

Listening to a great old Mancini side! Mancini '67!

Like gasoline and oil on a madman's face.

I noticed that WebMD is giving out advice

If I drove a stake through DU, would you

Goddammit! Why do I bother tuning into Law and Order anymore?

If I took a steak through DU, would vegetarians hiss at me?

Which do you use?

kicking squeeling gucci little piggy

There is a freaking opossum in my utility closet!!!

Flags in North America to be flown at half mast

If I took a streak through DU, would you guys diss me?

Tell me what you think about whiny "I'm leaving DU" threads....

If I took a streak through DU, would you guys piss on me?

Do you use the buddy list function?

Dennis Miller Says So Long to CNBC (also known as cancelled)

Chimpanzee's artwork on the block

I knew it! I knew Dennis Miller was doing that commercial!

If I took a break from DU, would I miss you guys?

only one more post to 1000

My sister's kid's combined tuition bill for next year is $80,000

A tiny little rant about my centrist/RW co-workers...

I'm an atheist.

Is it just me, or is it roomier in here?

Malloy is raging tonight!

So, what do you 40-somethings think of this new new-wave revival?

A friends's jacket got caught in an escalator.

anyone else having a problem logging on to stupid bloody Hotmail?

I figured out the answer to my Freud question!

If bicycling on an exercise bike 30 minutes a day is healthy,

Are General Discussion and General Discussion: Politics scary or funny?

I'm KeepinItReal in Prague...Ask me ANYTHING!

Dad, I've got great news

Uh-oh ... my gold star is gone!

Anyone watching Law and Order?

Report: Chappelle in mental health facility

Researchers build a robot that can reproduce

My 900th's time for an "all about me" vanity post...

I nominate for worst network movie.....

His name is Pat Paulsen

My mom needs cardiac ablation--anyone have it done?

Where did the term Bunnypants come from?

I wish they would take the good actors from all the C.S.I's

what are some aspects of the human body that defy intelligent design?

You need to listen to M.I.A.!!

His name is Robert Paulson

Favorite old song. Pre-Fifties. [I wasn't even born yet.]

Happy birthday to my wonderful cat . . .


I am the official "New Number Two" of the DU Lounge. Ask me anything.

"I'm not going to serve with the ungodly"

Legal Question - Swimming Pool related

My life is like the newstand scene in the Men In Black

Just saw "most" of HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy, ask me anything

My Senegal Parrot is masturbating with his Booda Comfy Perch!

Is there such a thing as post-operative depression or is this just

If I took a break from DU, would you guys miss me?

A $50 tax rebate for voting?

New Distressed American Bumper Sticker Designs Up And Running

American Idol fans- What was up with Vonzelle?

Help! Male cat sprays sofa...residents cleared out until further notice

iTunes users - help?

Hey SoCal DUers! Are you enjoying the weather?

The Right Team Won "The Amazing Race" Last Night

a neighbor has the 'dixie' horn beep

Fighting terrorism, one pair of lace panties at a time (not a joke)...

I'm 35 and just got an Army Reserve recruiting brochure mailed

2 days until Star Trek officiallygets laid to rest for a while at least.

Twins at birth

Montana May - brrrrrrr (pics)

What musical instrument is it?

Let's see: boyfriend, song.......what will she steal next?

The BEST photo of a cat eating balogna you will see today, GUARANTEED.

I am so excited.

I'm no longer Lounge nihilist

If You Could Go On Any Show, Call Them Dicks And Get Them Canceled...

I could use a little help here

Post here, and I'll make you feel better.

MOJO-rific! The official Mojo Nixon Appreciation Thread!

'Dennis Miller' Cancelled

Now That I've Reached 16,178 Posts, I've Decided to Take a Break From DU

G'Night, Grandma

Car won't start -- I've had it for two weeks!

Distressed American Finally Moves Into The 1990's - Check Out The New Look

Today I was on the bus. An elderly lady was standing.

Hola Amigos! I'm back from sunny Mexico. Ask me anything!


Storm coming my way.

Any Tricks to Getting Rid of Poison Ivy?

A hit and run driver smashed my car today in the parking lot at work

It's Wednesday and time for a picture of the dali lama....

My Daughter's friend died this morning

Has anyone seen the kickstart to Mrs Matcom's

I give out RabrrrrrrHate(tm) like death-bringing nuggets of chthonic bile

Who is/was your favorite Professional Wrestler? Managers can

Should I bother watching "The Last Samurai" on HBO?

This is SO TRUE about Starbucks customers

I found them!!! I found my glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP to our little kitten...


Now That I've Reached 30,000 Posts, I've Decided to Take a Break From DU

Chicago Reptile House-Action needed.

Moby on 16 years of vegan living

2012 The Topology of Time: Hyperdimentional Space..The Unfolding,,,

U.S. Bishops launch immigration reform campaign

U.S. Bishops File Brief in Assisted Suicide Case

3,500 homes die daily, Elliff says of America’s 'divorce culture'

Okla. school system adopts religious liberty protection policy

God’s message of history: to call all to conversion, says Pope Benedict

N.C. pastor's primary desire is peace & unity for congregation

BBC (May 10); Face of Tutankhamun reconstructed

'This is how science is done' (Feynman letters)

What we don't know about the world

I got an idea to help counter Anti-gay bills

Remembering Jack Nichols

Maryland Episcopalians Oppose Anti-Gay Amendment

Okla. lawmakers want gay tale out of kids' library

Painted Over Homophobic Graffiti, Students Suspended

My Totally Gay Boy Scout Leader

Telephone Company Using Their Support For Marriage Bans To Lure New Custom

I'm selling a note on ebay that someone left on my car- Proceeds to PFLAG

planning a trip to the gay Mecca

For your viewing pleasure.

Wild one for the Yanks 5th win in a row,,,

Toney's fight called No Contest over positive Test

Best and Worst officials in a professional sport

I have been punished for lack of faith in my Red Sox...

Michael Johnson could lose (5th) Gold medal today -Sydney 4X400

Felix "Tito" Trinidad vs Ronald "Winky" Wright

This is just sick (dog attacked in Iowa)

Happy FIFTH Birthday to the Daemon!

Good thoughts, prayers, light and love requested

I accepted a job offer! ...I used the Power of 8 posted on this forum!

My great, great, great grandfather answered my prayers !

What is the Hexefus Tarot Spread?

New GI Bill: Black Enterprise 5/10/05

E-mail lists, compare and contrast

SBA News: SBA Withholding reports 5/11/05

Transcripts form the SFRC Staff Interviews on Bolton

News Interview with Alexandra Kerry

More on Kos

Data Security Hearing: ChoicePoint

Can somebody tell me when we started considering...

You know you're a Kerrycrat if...

I just ordered my first dslr

Angels I shot last year

what do you think of that pic?

Countdown PRINT AD in Newsweek now on Double-O!

Keith tongue-depressor puppet in NEW Countdown promo!

Woo hoo, Randi Rhodes just had a commercial for the news

Can the EDVs give a little love to one more American who died in Iraq?

I only have to walk up one flight of stairs between commercials

KOEB meeting Wed. 5-11-05

And next up for bid on eBay...Keith's image discovered on TOAST!!!!

DU this poll!

When it comes to politics, anyone else feel like Andy in "Shawshank"?

Forgotten fact on Iran: They have nuclear technology. We sold it to them.

FBI enters case of hypocrite Spokane mayor

The Biggest Story of Our Lives

Kent Conrad has been sounding the alarm since 2001 about GOP deficits.

Today's Doonesbury on Bolton --- :)

It looks like Sen. Lincoln Chafee has folded like a house of cards.

Sen. Kennedy on * decision to elim food stamps for medicare recipients

HARKIN: * will slash social security disability benefits

What was Laura SUPPOSED to say in her joke?

Approval/disapproval ratings for all 50 governors (survey results)

Democracy is going just swell in Iraq, thank you.

The American media, for whatever reason, wants to keep bush in power.

Berlin's moral maze is 'living tribute' to Jews

LMAO every time the RWers start "getting concerned" about Voinovich

Has there been any emergency legislation on drilling for oil in Utah?

Politically Active Baptist Minister Resigns

The Daily Show points out the lazy MSM and their use of Blogs NOW

Politician email addresses???

Deus Ex Machina for President in 08!

What kind of "free market" has to bail out company after company?

New Tom Tomorrow Makes Me Want To Cry

The pastor has resigned at the right time

Email Senator Reid to encourage him to fight the nuclear option and

Rethugs poll selves on stem cell research, almost lose!

Bush shakes his booty abroad while Afghan students burn him in effigy

Minutemen and white supremacists

"Pork Laden" Iraq Bill

Imagine a Bush supporter falls into a coma while watching TV 12/1/2000

I wish NOW would make more noise

O.k., Now That The "All-Clear" Has Been Given, Where Is Our "Special Event

CNN "Blah, blah, blah!!!!"

Reps. Conyers and Slaughter hosted a web-chat 5/10: link to the Qs & As

Lying Sack McClellan is on

On my way home from work

The cessna is coming the cessna is coming!

Is anyone watching the Senate on Cspan? this is odd!

Need help from Michigan DUers!!!

There is no constitutional law to prevent Schwarzenegger

Terror Alert: Julius Civitatus nails it with a graph.

"My job is to give Bush words to explain his policy, in his logic"

annoying anti-france repug email I got from a bookstore.

Wonder if the SFRC will go into closed session now

Republican Values At Their Finest (Seminole County, FL)

Right-wing mayor hit by gay sex and jobs scandal


Three Diversions/Smokescreens In The Past Few Days:

Brazil to US - keep your money

Have the roundups of American citizens started?

Bush to China: Help!!!!! China to Bush: Up yours

Naomi Klein: How to End the War

Bolton is Bush's Frankenstein Monster

Bye-Bye rBr: The Reluctant Bush Responder is IMPLAUSIBLE...

Texans--Need Help on SB 408

correspondence with a reporter about the Smoking gun memo:

Iraq is becoming another Vietnam.

U.S. Needs to Get Out of Iraq

Updated Easy Senate Score Chart is up

H.R. 2070, the Gas Price Spike Act of 2005

E-mail the senators the Bolton raw story

Oh, the inconsistencies in reporting today's "event."

Question about Bolton's Apologists

Are there any Democrats in Congress that are self-professed Christians?

Just Saw The Owen/Brown Ads On CNN, Where Are Our Ads?

Drug Policy Alliance Alert

Average annual pay difference is 18% better

Edwards agrees to help in statewide Democratic races

RIDGE GOES COLOR BLIND: (so why did he not spit this out when he


Is there ANY MSM mention of the Bolton divorce?

Planning a revolt against Republican fascists and Christian theocrats?

Wartime reports debunk Speer as the Good Nazi

Why Iran wants a nuclear deterrent and BushCo is getting antsy.

Question about DLC Conference in Columbus Ohio

Okay, I had an idea

Colorado's Sen. Allard drafts Paris Hilton Tax Cut.

Serious question: given the state of the corporate media...

David "Pie-man" Horowitz employes extra security--and trolls for $$$

Roll Call: "DeLay Con Carnie"

rethug young and restless on CSPAN

I know better, but my Bush-sycophant coworker might accidentally stumble

Judge who exonerated Cheney is on the payroll of Exxon

Sherwood Brown, Dennis Kucinich on CSPAN now talking about CAFTA

Proposed new meme: "The RRR" for "The Rabid Religious Reich"

Is "motion to recommit with instructions" allowed by Senate rules?

***April 28, 2005 ***"Radar Alert Sends Bush into White House Bunker

NBC article on Moderate Republicans. Raises interesting points for Dems...

United Airlines, Delta, American Unions can fight back, here's how

A new 'TOON on the media...

Why is this news?

Nuclear Option

The time has come to take real action!

What is wrong with Bill and Hillary?

Ever heard of I'm confused by this site, is R or L?

correlation on hyped up terror alerts and negative press on bush??

OK, we need a paper trail for verified voting...What else?

We had a terror scare today, and it's the 11th--

Maher: Balance Brings a Better Talk Show

PROVE you give a damn about "the people" rather than the candidate.

self deleted

"Crossfire" will die June 3. Finally. Wolf Blitzer takes over the world.

Kerry exposes Bush, Delay and Frist in USA Today!


DU petition for soldiers facing court martial for Iraq war opposition!!!

Who exactly are we fighting in Iraq?

The Warnings of History (please read and remember)

Don't mention Sen. Biden anywhere near me.

Let's continue our discussion about building trust among primary partisans

Da Plane, Da Plane,

Lame Duck...

Grover Norquist Controls the Media Message to 'Neuter' the Democrats

Anyone know how to get a website a link on

What do you automatically think when "important" news happens?

Ohio is a GOP cesspool (AmericaBlog)

What are you doing about the war in Iraq?

Santorum & Savings Accounts

Boxer asks us for urgent help re: Bolton--sign & call

If (as reported) an F-16 fired warning shots...

FOUND: GWBush 1998 Texas Gov'n's race Exit Polls Scrubbed @!

I know why conservatives don't like me

Why do we think the Civil Unions strategy will work?

CNN cuts away from press conf as soon as subject changes from plane

Question: When did they start testing pilots for drugs...

Air Force wants to promote Religious Zealot

This Jen Sorenson CARTOON challenges us to do MORE than fight off GOP

Slate's Kaplan: Why We Won't Be Coming Home From Iraq Anytime Soon

Garrison Keillor: I don't worry about right-wing radio

GOP's new Framing: Democrats = Party of "No"

Open Mic Night tune to learn: Idle's FCC Song

OMG--- First strike on Iran "gaining traction"

The Zerg is Coming, The Zerg is Coming....Soon People will see the FOLLY


Notes that have been left on my windshield