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Archives: April 9, 2005

When we talk about exit polls, and how they indicated a Kerry win...

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival

Let's Start Planning the next Meet-Up

G_D DAMN Trojan Adwaheck Worm! Help!

Video Clip of on Bush Bin Laden quote wanted 3/13/02

Have You Seen This Yet?

How much did the Pope's hat weigh ??

does your belief in a higher power keep you

How comfortable do you think shrub was at the funeral?

Freepers hissy over GOP operatives gay marriage*snicker*

"We Need To Fuck!" Bill Maher's hilarious line on his best show this year

Did anyone else find the APPLAUSE at the funeral a bit disturbing?

Jenna Bush makes SFGate news for being on all fours.

"Who knew accountants had a Spidey-sense?"

Lawyers Against the War are After Bush

(PA) Businesses to demand health-care cost relief

U.S. Warns EU Against New Aid for Airbus (Reuters)

Tokyo nervous about Beijing rally

Protest Planned 2 Years After Baghdad Fall (in Iraq)

Time Warner, Comcast Buying Adelphia (Reuters)

I only want to love, to be loved and to be a banker.

1000 for me, too, tonight!

Veronica Corningstone Kleeb is mad at RevActs

Okay...I found myself applauding Bill Maher tonight...

I Actually Found A Traveling Wilbury's Album Yesterday

So, I put my AIM up again.

Anybody Else watching HBO's Atlantic City Hookers?

Assorted Advice

Spike Tv is showing the best of UFC knockouts

Sister Bertrand was our grade seven French teacher.

What's all the fuss about HOUSECLEANING ????

So the Finger-eatin' Wendy's chili lady may

I am going to order/eat an entire medium pizza in the next five minutes

Conan joke-When President Bush was booed at the Vatican.

Any fans of the old MAD magazine in the house?

I may be getting sick

One cannot fully descsribe the brilliance that is Mr. T.

A question about wedding etiquette....

If I'm correct, I'm Will Pitt's cleaning lady and Kleeb's pediatrician.

A face only a mother could love (picture)

Parrot in the Pantry

What Star Wars Jedi character is General Wesley Clark like?

Oh somebody is getting a suprise in their shoe in the morning.

STOP the Lounge this guy needs to get off.

Will Somebody play fetch with this dog. He is ready.

Anyone posting just to watch the all-time post-count in the Lobby go up?

Darned Catholics Are Taking All the Parking Spaces!

any fans of CRACKED magazine in the house?

Can someone translate these two sentences to French?

A joke

What does Meth smell like cooking

We're going to PETA's Helping Aniamls 101 two day conference tomorrow !!!!

new Human Rights Campaign (HRC) president speaks out . . .

Can The Mets Go 0-162

Who saw that Dodger comeback?!!!?

question about bunnies as pets

Any good parrot threads in here? n/t :)

My Campaign For President Logo

Come unto me, John Kerry. Let me make sweet love to you.

If the National Sales Tax is Unconstitutional... then what's the GOP up to

MyDD: 40% of The People Don't Know Which Party Controls Congress.

Is flying the Ameican Flag at half-staff for the Pope offensive to you?

Hail To The Robber Baron?

Censorship - Blurring lines between fact and fiction

Israeli human rights groups condemn Sharon government’s Gaza policies

Middle East democracy dominoes - By Scott Taylor

Glassy-eyed zealots

Lack of will slows down E. Europe's privatization

The Real Iraqi Election

Death by Design: The (Bu$h) Plot to Destroy Social Insurance

Rory Carroll (London Observer): Fire and rage in the shadow of Abu Ghraib

A Short History: CIA and the Kurds

"Front Page" (Horowitz) links Al Jazeera to DU

Frank Rich-A Culture of Death, Not Life

Reining In the G.O.P.'s Parade (Just a bit)

A Profoundly Rightwing Pope

Helen Thomas in a Seattle Post Intelligence article says,"I asked McClella

A Stalin like theocracy? They want to impeach a Reagan Appointee

do you really want to fill your own gastank?

What Bush Chose Not to See in Montana

Tens of Thousands Protest in Baghdad.

Danny Morrison--"No Pope Here"

Our Near-Death Experience

Family "Values"? Abstinence Only? WTF?

"America We Stand As One" AKA Funniest. Video. Ever.

The Economic Tsunami : Coming Sooner Than You Think

Protect the filibuster-use Gun Owners of America site about nuclear optio

Must read piece from Gore Vidal for activists!

Did I mention tonight how much I hate these people?

Novak is a lying sack of shit

Republicans dropping 'private accounts' from Social Security?

just got my first quarter estimated tax bill

Nukes Are Green, Nicholas Kristof, NY Times, Saturday, April 9, 2005

Bishop says China's involvement in HK laws `disrespectful'

Nepalese army arrests students, clashes with rebels

U.S. ‘oppression’ harsher than Saddam Hussein’s, Iraqis say

BBC (early Sunday): Israel 'to stop extremist rally'

Holy crap! Reuters: Palestinians vow "uprising" if Jews visit revered site

IDF kills 3 Gaza youths; Jihad wing rescinds truce

Question about Flights 11, 175 and 77 ocean shoot down theory

If it was your decision to make, what would you do?

Call-in line gives voice to voter frustration, provides data of problems

Hot damn! Nashville conference gets MSM coverage!

A closed door election for superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools

SPTimes Covers Clint Curtis...Sort Of; BradBlog Responds

Gore Vidal on Stolen Elections, Iraq, Bankrupcy,"War on Dandruff"

Can a Liberal Democrat win in 2005?

"...double-and-triple counted some votes, while leaving others uncounted."

Flunking the Carter standard "American elections are global laughingstock"

Huge disapproval of Bush & his policies points to election fraud

Why didn't Feeney ask Clint Curtis to Implement his Vote-Switching Code?

Where is Alan Gutierrez ---> Alleged programmer for Voting Machines


Today in Long Beach: Election Reform Community Forum 2 p.m.

California To Eliminate Key Parole Reform

What's up with all the ballot initiatives?

An idea to get AAR in Central Iowa (Eastern Iowa too!)

Very sucky pictures from the last meet-up

Minnesota Democratic senators who voted for Marriage ban....

McAfee is driving me crazy......Help

Hey Mac users...convert me!

Rosa Blackwell elected Superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools

Ohio Statehouse Rally April 12, 2005 " Budget Protest"

Bush plans Kirtland stop to pitch Social Security Friday,April 15th

What Can You Tell Me About Mark Green?

So...what's the scoop on

Ron Paul (R-Texas) Lambasts Bush on House Floor!

A "DU" Poll on the standard "DU" poll form

A joke

DeLay complains of "foreign law" What about foreign power-the Vatican?

What Star Wars Jedi character is General Wesley Clark like?

I just got this in an email- how should I respond?

so . . . what % of the adult US population REALLY doesn't know . . .

E-Mail Spammer jailed for nine years

"The US regrets that it has " (missed the deadline on Boeing-airbus deal)

Jane Fonda

News from Australia: UN envoy choice fuels fury at Bush

What's up with Disney and Eisner these days?

The Lie Factory (This is a Must Read)

Providence Journal: "From soup to nuts, US DEAD WRONG on Iraq threat"

DDT - DeLay

Halliburton awarded new $1.8 BILLION contract amidst bribe scandal

Nuking the Nuclear Option

the ARROGANCE of this statement is ......... incredible.

Postage going up another 2 cents..

What companies are contributing to the Tom Delay defense fund?

Today's DU lead article by Don Elkins....


ad-"news"eum stories for this coming week

Its contempt driving the republican party.

Report: JC Penney may be sold (to Carlyle Group)

Holy crap! Reuters: Palestinians vow "uprising" if Jews visit revered site

Jim Jones, the Kool Aid, & the death cult mentality

Stunning Find Deep in the Pacific Ocean

FBI issue warning over UK 'pilot'

Right wing politicians are "policy-pedophiles"

if the founding fathers watched cnn today

So how many more hours


AFL-CIO President John Sweeney and PNAC??


Two back to back articles by Paul Craig Roberts,great insights into

Iraqi Protest being Ignored by MSM

CNN commentary: "The King and Queen have just departed."

Hal Turner: DU is "Biggest Group of Idiots on the net!"

National Press Club Panel

Iraqis Complain of Arbitrary Arrests and Unlawful Searches

The 9-11 'effect': still working, or petered out?

Extremely elegant ceremony of Charles and Camilla.

what would the U.S. look like with pres. Robertson & v.p. Falwell?

Why is Finkelstein the only hypocrite here?

It seems ever since Terri Schiavo, Bush's approval rating steady below 45%

LA Times Vs GM

British Granny spared prison for Marijuana Brownies


Why are terrorists Eric Rudolph or Matthew Hale never called terrorists?

Michael Meacher: America is usurping the democratic will in Iraq

Conservative male prostitute?

“…the executioner's face is always well hidden”

Laura * and Condi wearing the black head coverings/bhurkas....

Jailtime for pie-throwing

A quote by rumsfeld that should get a bit more air time

Niger Documents Forged Right Here in the US?

just hit 500...

I'm Sick of Getting Taken - Happens All the Time Now

*Please* help me made a list of ultra conservative media folks

WP: "Confronting the Judicial War on Faith": Republicans admiring Stalin

Get Your Torture On...! :(

Democracy Failing In Mexico

100,000 people cut from Missouri's medicaid - Gov. OKed it

Evangelicals for Social Action......on c-span, sat. morn.

I was watching "The Civil War" by Ken Burns

US nuclear warhead plan under fire

When I try to post a thread, it continues to be erased.

Chirac gave * the Peace blessing during the Pope's funeral Mass

Company sends out Social Security numbers *on postcards*

I watched Royal Wedding and enjoyed it except for the ignorant comments

Extremist will plead guilty in 3 Southern bomb attacks

Protesters in Baghdad are pulling down orange jumpsuited Bush&Blair effigi


I post this webpage for DUers to have awareness of a single....

A Question of About the New Bankruptcy Act

Did a porcupine die on Camilla's head or what? (PHOTO)

The collapse of the networks


The Debt Slaves of America: Senate Democrats Abandon Victims

Check out "Cat Herding"!!

arlen specter seems like a good man

Communicating from Iraq.

Sister files suit against Halliburton for brother's death...

GOP economy: We are like lobsters, slowly being boiled to death

Ignore Posted before sorry "Man arrested, cuffed after using $2 bills"

A GD etiquette question

There Has Been A Police Helicopter Hovering Over My House ALL DAY!

You Decide: Are These People Terrorists Or Freedom Fighters???

WTF, I just received my 1/4erly 457b statement (Privatization rant ON)

Which of these stories is more important to you?

What do you consider the best source for news and

FBI Detain 2 16-year-old Girls as "suicide bombers"

Cheney's nepotism: One relative after the other feeding at public trough

NYT Joins Witch-hunt of Columbia University Professors

Good Show on the Biography Channel for

Iraqis Want Us To Leave And Hold A Large Demonstration To Prove It!

Well, we go from Schievo to the pope to the royal wedding

I Can See Your House From Here

Look, when you have a war, even a protracted and controlled....

Imagine this - He married for Love not Lust or Looks!

Help! What time is Guy today?

DeLay Explains the Culture of Life

TV's NOW - PBS: Families suffering greatest risks in economy, the New Deal

FX Is Launching a TV Series About IRAQ

"USA=OUT, remove roadblocks, stop raiding our homes!"

On This, The Day Of His Second Wedding I Ask Is Charles Gay?

Right wingers love to rattle on about "re-distribution of wealth"

US drivers fume as gas prices soar

How to argue that the troops should leave Iraq

I consider the religious RW's pursuit of issues like abortion, creationism

At what point will 'efficiency' and 'competition' kill us?

Do we need a depression?

Why Are They Trying To Piss Me Off?

The liberal war against the Left

The Ongoing War On The Left: From McCarthyism To COINTELPRO

"States! You VILL cooperate with der Praesident!!!"

Caption this


Ponzi-HYIP-You-nameitdude. To the tune of millions.

Why should we have to put up with all this crap?

Anyone else reading What's the Matter With Kansas?


never mind

It's not Bush's fault....

Puleeze don't do me any favors

Believe It Or Not, Gas Is Still Cheaper Now Than It Was In 1980

Remember bu$h's speech when he mentioned "Sex slaves"? WTF?

I guess I 'm just hopelessly secular

Buh-Bye! >>>

A Case Against Drugs

Does anyone else think it's really bad form

I can hire two of them for one of you.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities in a Banana Republic?

Kentucky Republicans still breaking the law...Virginia Woodward.

Is neo con America dumber than the Nazis?

What is the difference between the Trotskyists and the Marxist/Leninists?

The Portrait of a Pacifist: America's Black Sheep

An interesting take on conservative christians...

Are you going to a Putsch Town hall meeting

CONGRATS to the first civil union couple in New Zealand!!

50 False News Stories By Bush Propaganda Machine

Sometimes In April

How much good would it do

Drink to much, where is the barf bag, Listen to bush, dry heaves

The Rudolph Plea

"Chili-Finger Lady" Suing Wendy's Has A "History"

Do the Iraqi protestors really want to execute Saddam??

Please go rate the AP story on Yahoo about Baghdad protests!

I think we should make up a bunch of purple heart band-aids and hand them

The Economic Machinery Stops……

BP Says Oil Fields Declining

"If you believe in Armageddon, you don't need to save the planet."

Should we go on and not worry about tomorrow, I think not,

"There was madness in any direction, at any hour...

Listening to Willie, Good Morning America

Disturbing trend: right wingers openly quoting Stalin

MASSIVE Baghdad Protests

Is the US about intelligence, ideals, solid products, or slick marketing?

Dirty scumbag Repuke filth call for murder of judges (Washington Post)

PHOTOS: "Bush and Saddam: two faces to one coin"

Welcome to the global Plantation aka the New World Order.

Commentary Today - it's "one stop shopping" for political commentary

Karel streaming audio now 7 p.m. pacific time

Discover what the world thinks about U.S.

I see canaries in the coal mines...

A Problem With The Iraq Debate

Is Venezuela at the Crossroads of the New Humanity Century?

So when the economic crash occurs, what will happen?

Hey Aaron Brown of CNN answered my email

Cable "News" Is SUCH A Fucking JOKE!!

Schiavo, the Pope, the Royal Wedding -- all over. What will MSM do now?

Any one see local Fucks News report on amputee vets...

The CIA's "Special Removal Unit" Torture /Kidnapping Operation

Attendance figures in for Freepers March for "Justice"

Bush approval ratings remain near 100%

I am an agnostic at best, I hate Bush and don't believe the

Under 18 class action suit - no taxation without representation

Is It Just Me, Or Does Shrub Look Jealous??? (PHOTO)

So anyone hear about this white guy, Eric Rudolph?

Freepers are gonna go nuts this week!!

To be fair some Iraqis do like our soldiers

Why no death penalty for clinic bomber Eric Rudolph?

Maine's "Christian Civic League": Gay marriage is next!

Principal Law would have been arrested, teacher Law would have been

I need to be convinced of this Gannon/Gosch thing

History Channel, NOW!! God and natural disasters.

Low Taxes Or Freedom?

My heart goes out to veterans, re Health Care

Republican Gets Married to his Gay Partner!

We need to fight fire with fire.

Why do the Republicans hate the UN ??

Any rumor as to the location of the 2008 Democratic National Convention

For those of you interested in an Adoption Group here on DU

Senator Hillary Clinton on C-SPAN @ 9PM EST

Anyone here gloating? Anyone here yelling, "we told you so"?

Is Robert Novak a good Catholic?

Do we all agree that Guckert/Gannon needs to be investigated?

God dammit, God dammit, God dammit

Connecticut lobstermen, Alabama cabbies and Illinois florists

if YOU were the president:

What would be the easiest way to grab the media by the balls?

Special "Guy James Show Thread" Please keep kicked -regarding nostamj

Hilary on CSPAN tonight at Hubert H. Humphrey Dinner in Minn.

Cure for cancers 'in five years'

What's with this commercial?? Anyone else see it?

Is there no getting away from the fundies in this town?

How do i respond?

HEY: Remember last week when I asked for help with friend's cancer ride?

Flunking the Carter standard "American elections are global laughingstock"

Let Them Kill The Filibuster

Charles and Camilla TOONS for Nostamj

Bush's pending economic meltdown.

PHOTO: "Enjoying those tax 'cuts', Bush voters?"

The Economic Tsunami : Coming Sooner Than You Think

The "Cult of Life" you know about Mae Magouirk yet????

The draft isn't a question of "if", it's a question of "when"

THIS is MODEST? "Charles, Camilla Wed in Modest Ceremony"-ABC

About this crappy economy:

Before the Invasion of Iraq all the talk was about the Oil Glut.

Anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. hit 9-year high

The Great Apes are Disappearing at an Alarming Rate! Bill in Congress!

What's under Yellowstone?

SFChronicle: "Unitarian Jihad" by Jon Carroll

If peak oil is reality, we need to change our focus.

Photos from todays rally to stop the US occupation in Baghdad

50cal guns, You choose, The NRA or terrorists with airplane killing guns?

Need advice on response to R-W'er who pulled inappropriate prank

Guests coming tonight

Just what do I do with a mirepoix?

How long do you keep open stuff in the fridge?

Bavaria Bundt Pan

When does the writ drop for BC's election?

My friends/mes amis, call to action:

So are we all watching Chuck and Camilla's nuptials, Sports Fans?

Sean Connery dials for the SNP

Chinese TV, papers black out funeral

Nepalese army arrests students, clashes with rebels

Widow's Slaying Symbolizes Grief of War

Dozens are arrested as Sudan regime gags its opposition leader

U.S. Embassy in Yemen closes after warning

Fifteen soldiers killed in roadside bomb south of Baghdad

Sony Group Takes Control of Storied MGM Studio

Shia's say 'no to the occupiers'

Reuters: Gunmen Kill 15 Iraqi Soldiers South of Baghdad

Judge Sentences Spammer to Nine Years

Lunsford (Florida girl) may have been buried alive

Taliban Insurgents Kill Senior Afghan Official

Al-Sadr supporters shot while on way to protest

Iraq Military Deaths - At least 1,545 members of the US military have died

Next pope can decide fast-track halo for John Paul

Official warns Texas on school testing (special-ed students exempt NCLB)

Republicans Step Up Attacks On Judiciary

Man gets nine years for spamming

Czech prime minister to resign over financial scandal involving luxury apa

Spitzer to question Buffett in AIG insurance investigation

Think tank forms at Los Alamos

Bush* picks brains of Clinton, father

US nuclear warhead plan under fire

NYT/AP: Thousands of Shiites Stage Anti-U.S. Rally in Baghdad

US troops 'tried to smuggle cocaine'

Committee passes single-payer universal health insurance plan

The silent monks break TV ban to watch ceremony

Bush praises pope's 'profound impact'

States Seek EPA Action on Greenhouse Gases

Vietnamese appeal U.S. court's ruling on Agent Orange case

Defrocked Priest Will Get New Trial

G.O.P. Consultant (to anti-gay GOPers) Weds His Male Partner

Shriver wants Schwarzenegger "back home"

Chinese attack Japanese targets in Beijing

Border Watcher Axed Over Migrant Photo

US drivers fume as gas prices soar

US airline security chief quits (3rd to quit since 9/11)

Lawsuit: teacher makes girl unclog toilet

E.P.A. Halts Florida Test on Pesticides

WP: Another Russian Revolution? (youth adopt Orange spirit)

Time Running Out to Get N.Korea to Talks -US Expert

Deals being cut as Haitian drug case nears trial

Attacks halt WHO campaign against Marburg in Angola

(tens of thousands) Protesters Call for U.S. Pullout in Iraq

Records Give Voice to Guantanamo Detainees

U.S. sends team to probe Afghan chopper crash

Kansas Deputy Killed Responding to Dispute; Suspect in Custody

Signs of division show in Iraq insurgency

WP,pg1: Science's Doomsday Team vs. the Asteroids

South Korean defense chief to visit Russia

Man accused of being fake cop charged as robber

Michaels officials (Wyly) plan to turn over profits from offshore trusts

Ky. Police Chief Indicted on Meth Charges

Police kill Haitian rebel leader (BBC News)

Malaysian leader, at end of Australia visit, urges war on terror re-think

Cardinals impose media blackout

17 Health Care Worker Deaths May Close of 3 Hospitals in Uige

Abstinence aimed at grade-schoolers

Test tube gorilla fails to bond with daughter

An Old Soldier Finally Relents and Accepts His WWII Service Medals

When a Food Marketer Helps Devise Nutrition Advice (for the USDA)

In Attempt to Oust Clinton, a Strategist's Comeback Bid -NYT

China to face U.S. tariffs unless it devalues currency

St. Pete Times Front Page: theories of computer altering of votes

House Dems want to repeal Michigan law that protects drug makers

State Legislators Weigh in on Gun Debate

Cardinals Say Pope Must Be Communicator

Bush to Shift His Social Security Focus to Solutions

Ex-White House reporter is lightning rod on panel about blogs

US aviation security chief resigns following criticism

LAT: HMOs in Unstable Condition: Members Bolt to Other Plans

Saudis' tough line on gays

India and China Are Poised to Share Defining Moment

Thousands of Iraqis demand U.S. military pullout

Guardian: U.S. Troops 'Tried to Smuggle Cocaine'

Protesters attack Japanese Embassy in Beijing

Students Suspended for Using Phony Money

WP: Most Area (D.C.) Terrorism Funding Not Spent

Iran denies contact with Israel

Anti-Tax Group Hires Paroled Sex Offender

Police chief in Iraqi town assassinated - police

Troubles Mount for DeLay

WP: Suspect's Death Evokes Hussein Era (Read: Same-old, Same-old)

WP: Battle-Weary Marine Unit Awaits 'Taste Of Freedom'

U.S. vulnerable to terrorists passing through Canada

Japan embassy windows broken in China

WP: Clinton Plans Two-Year Tenure as U.N. Envoy, Aide Says

Court tosses conviction of man who endorsed Bush's death

Jersey probes Kerik's ties to suspect firm

Hiram Lewis to Challenge Sen. Robert Byrd

Joan K.(ennedy) loses fight with kids

U.S. insists it's ready if another Cuban mass migration occurs

U.S. 'Hands Tied' in South America

Rove rallies Republicans in fund-raising trip to Wisconsin

Scientologists push mental health law

WP: Coughlin Says Cash Helped Wal-Mart:Ousted Exec Cites AntiUnion Expense

SAN JOSE 2 computers stolen -- held personal data (185,000 identities)

Mexicans mount huge protest over threat to left-wing mayor

Reid defends Dems' fight over judges (radio address)

Florida Sheriff's Detective Fired; Charged With Falsifying Police Reports

A shake-up in the Jewish lobby

Japan Outlines Plan to Put People on Moon

For One Day Only, World's Oldest Item on Display

Ecuador Civil Unrest Grows Amid Public Protests

WP: DeLay's Backers Launch Offense

Deputy resigns in Taser incident

Finance: (U.S.) Savings Bonds Get Sticky (Reuters)

Bush picks brains of Clinton, father

Report: Bush Drafts Plan to See Intl Banking Records (Reuters)

DeLay denies making threats to judges

Thousands Protest on Baghdad Anniversary

American Catholics Seek Reform on Issues

Prosecutor to probe Cuyahoga County recount

MG Rover goes into administration (BBC)

Advocates for Abuse Victims Heading to Rome to Protest U.S. Cardinal's Role

US 'smuggles wounded troops home' under cover of darkness

Ohio Supreme Court ignores Governor, won't lower flag to honor pope

A Tax Increase That Bush Didn't Mention

Tories gearing up for election

Immigration resurfaces as issue for Sierra Club

Gas prices breaking records ... near Big Sur, $3.69 buys a gallon

..... Classmates Express Outrage at Arrest of Girl, 16, as a Terror Threat

Extensive coverage of pope brings complaints of overkill

Well, the house is a rockin', don't bother knockin'

I'm leavin' you woman Before I commit some crime going to have...a massive headache in the morning

Play the ball Game

So I met this woman....

I would just like to say this about Andy Stephenson:

What does marijuana smell like cooking.........

So I had this Apple Coffee Cake....

the abandoned PTL theme park

Anyone seen movie, Vera Drake?

Petco Park is a great place to watch a ballgame! Just got back.

What does Math smell like cooking

Celebrity Deathmatch: Pillsbury Doughboy vs. Mr. Peanut

I participated in a thread in GD...

check this out!

Yeah, baby.. I love ya

I just saw Fever Pitch

Silhouettes debate then they test their fate

Good news and bad news at the ballgame tonight

Okay! I'm listening to the old Al Stewart tune

I'm, drunk and my ears are ringing ask me anything...

Stories from the road

I'm stone cold sober

I have a radio audition in 8 hours!

Roger Clemens may end up the winningest pitcher of the modern era.

I can't believe it...

A Craig's List post: a pro-lifer repents

Celebrity Deathmatch: Black Sabbath vs. Simple Plan

Good Night DU!

I'll post on your thread if you'll post on mine

Local paper published my letter on Pres. Bush and the Pope!

Sorry for my rant earlier

I'm drunk on Straub- ask me anything!!!

I'm turning in. Night Folks! n/t

Look at me,

If Mrs. Sippy wore a new jersey, then what did Della wear?

OMG! I'm a non-philatelist!!

damned dupe thread - mods please delete

Whaaaaa? It's 1?

A challenge to Bill Mahr


Props for my roomie please

I'm a little teapot, short and stout

College Sports Report Gone *TERRIBLY* Wrong.

Holy shit, but has been playing some WILD jazz tonight

Good Bennett cartoons

Silliness abounds.

Woman Steals Puppies, Dyes Them Purple And Blue

Rum and diet mountain dew code red

Bush's Mideast Peace Plan

Beck: Genius or Loser?

Why Do We Say These Things?

Used vehicle for sale.. one owner..well maintained

Scarred by Miss Cleavage

Prince William and Chelsea Clinton should marry

Wow. I drank more than I thought last night.

Regarding Multiple Threads.....................

Trivia help! Help!

The DU store has some (no dubya) merchandise

...and the spirit of the Holy Goat...

Do you sorta feel bad for people who post and don't get ANY replies?

Constitutional Quiz Time. Answer correctly and post another question.

Okay - Funniest Hat contest at the Royal Wedding?

Time for another Osama home video to prop up the sagging Chimp?

Someone at DKos posted on mescaline, I think.

Do you feel bad when your photo kills a photo thread?

Chinese panda gets his teeth done

Which whisky-swilling Irish alcoholic got you interested in poetry?

10,000 Posts

Congratulations, Charles and Camilla

Bright Eyes: "When The President Talks To God"

Who else couldn't give a rat's ass about Chuck & Camilla's wedding?

What's the best seafood?

Would the Pope drive a Hummer?

Explain the Republican conservative attitude on all issues.

Who here this morning is recovering from a hangover

What are the most replies to a single post received here at DU - that

Chris Kattan is annoying.

Club Sandwiches, Not Seals

A Mere Fortnight Until The Invasion Of Boston!

I'm going to see Bill Maher tonight

Just hit 500!

I want to know your Dubious Talents

Here's something to have fun with

What Is The Most Boring Day Of The Week Here At DU?

Camilla Parker Bowles' former husband . . .

Did you ever have one of those nights????

Bathroom Humor

Satan is in the house. He killed my mom...

Only a gay man would have a wife with this hat

I just heard a radio station give a week's trip to Cuba as a prize

I'm sorry, but Queen is the s*it.

just hit 500...

After two Miller Lites, Whoisalhedges becomes a...

Watching Left of the Dial....

Are the concepts of "duty", "honor" & "respect" meaningful anymore?

What common food or dish have you never indulged in?

A tribute to Greta Garbo

I am sorry but Ive never b*en to Queens

I'm sorry, but I've never been a Queen

What will happen on the royal wedding night?*

This is one time when having a fat ass comes in handy.

Great website for easy entertainment!!

Last night I thought $1 highballs were the work of god...

Are the Yankees using a four man rotation this year?

The Amazing Psychic Powers of Kiko The Wonder Cat!

Anyone ever read "Yellow Holes In The Snow" by IP Freely?

Can someone help me with this Concrete Blonde question? Fans?

2 days ago, 71 degrees - This morning: SNOW

Any Wayman Tisdale fans here?

Those printer cartridges

Music, what artist made you realize that music is tha bomb?

I'm sorry, but the Spleen is the shit!

So, I've got some stupid dilema I need help with

Koolzip, what it is, what it shall be, what it was

What era/genre of music would you keep?

Corey Baker for Class President Campaign Underway:

I found a box of old family photos from Ma'a house.

Manny Ramirez; The man can energize a whole crowd

Check out "Cat Herding"!!

Could someone tell me what the pink things are in this video?

I just saw Sin City

If I post something this late at night, will lots of people respond simply

A conversation with my grandmother

Real life vs. the Internet

RandomKoolzip is a fabrication--he doesn't exist

Should the next pope take the name George-Ringo?

Greetings from Amsterdam! It's freezing here and everyone's stoned!

The Pasion is on tv here in Amsterdam--with Dutch subtitles!

I'm watching the Royal Wedding. Nice to relax and see something on a

There were 25-30 wild turkeys in my front yard this morning

Why do we thatch?

Interesting quotes.

All Baseball fans, join the DU Baseball Group!!!

I saw RandomKoolzip:

Men vs Women (again!)

I'm looking for some old style New Orleans jazz. Any suggestions?

Is it possible to get store credit for opened software?

Gaaargh!! Jane's Addiction song used to sell Coors beer on TV!!!

Did CHUCK AND CAMMIE consummate their marriage yet ?

Vince Carter Is On Pace To Score 96 Points Today

WHICH one of The Beach Boys would YOU have been?

What the Hell is in her Purse?

"Señorita Jenna Bush For Presidente En 2016!"

Am I demon?

Buy stock in Mac&cheese and ramen noodles?

Here is an interesting profession for those who love animals

Ghostbusters is coming on now on TBS!

I got in trouble.

Aside from your career what's the coolest job you've ever had?

Imagine this - He married for Love not Lust or Looks!

Hahaha! I *love* the Brits! (pic)

I know I'm not supposed to do this but I'm calling on JanMichael!

Gay marriage question,

Anyone interested in buying an

Who wants to buy a yellow 2002 Monte Carlo?

Hey "car guys" question

Stand Up For Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Ohh. Ohh. Ohhhhh! This is the best chesse I've ever tasted. What's yours?

Doctors vs. Guns

Check out the Hillary Meter

On This, The Day Of His Second Wedding I Ask Is Charles Gay?

Hilary Duff defends Jenna Bush

Why the Schiavo story was a really scary Tales From the Crypt episode

Do you think GOPisEvil and Matcom will up the ante in Boston?

Round 2: The Distressed American Challenge Is Back! Take It!

Serious question for sports fans

Debbie Travis can surely afford a better vehicle

Prince William has a bald spot started. I feel old now.

I'm going whitewatering tommorrow for the 1st time this year!

New Living Will form

A joke sent to me by a friend:

Any php geeks out there who can help with two niggling problems?

Who is going to the NE-Ohio meetup?

What Does n/t Mean?

"Soylent Grun ist menschen fleisch! Soylent Grun ist menschen fleisch!"

The name is Bond. James Bond.

Okay, so Sin City was pretty cool- my barebones review.

Worst rank for Major Crapper

progmom on the air 12-2 eastern time

Ever get the feeling someone doesn't like you?

Special "Guy James Show" tribute to Jeff at the start of the show tonight

The American President...the movie

Minor Rant - Check Approval at Grocery Store

Teaching my grandson how to fix his bike

Afer many DUers requests, it's finally up and running

I just spent my $50 gift certificate at Barnes and Noble...

NASCAR Announcement

What's the ugliest or goofiest-looking vehicle in your neighborhood?

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of DUers making fun of Camilla

Here is the link to my original article on Nostamj/Jeff's death:

If you forgot something important, what would you do to remember?

Official Public Apology Thread


Has anyone driven on the Autobahn? What's the fastest speed you've driven?

I stumped the spell checker.

OH Man!!! It is a beautiful day outside and I can not enjoy it.

Anybody like my new bumper sticker idea?

I hate the waiting game

Was there a radio DJ who you always tuned in when you were a kid?

Have you ever been angrily accused of liking sausage too much?

You Are ALL Smelly Pirate Whores!!

what is a good home remedy for ringworm?

I'm finally out of the 7000 club, ask me anything.

WOW! Got my first wake-up call here...

When first I came to Liverpool

I just witnessed a racist incident (car accident)

Happy Birthday to Hugh Hefner!

I think I've seen it all now

Going To Read Clinton's "My Life" Now

It's Prom time.....

Help Wanted

Who Told Camilla To Wear That Hat?

Somebody make me laugh, please?

Hello from my new laptop. Special thanks to all who

I Just Spoiled Bull Riding for The Princess

My New Comback for * Supporters:

Do You Like

Bitten by a spider in my arm pit two nights ago.

It's April and I should be in Paris

If you were a fast-food item, what would it be?

If You Could Be Any Kind of Tree, What Kind of Tree Would You Be?

Thanks to 25 straight years' worth of corporate and neocon policies,

If you were an energy drink which one would you be?

Whats the message to those "Captain Morgan's Rum" commercials?

OK, here my newest web site to check out

I want a Boston Terrier and a kitty.

anyone see Xultur since her awesome airport day?

Does anyone else think this kicks ass?

Just an observation: James Spader rarely blinks

Anything jesus does, i can do better!

I'm having nightmares about the animals I used to eat.

The world is about to end. Tell us something you regret.

If you were a kind of beer, what beer would you be?

The quality of bathroom reading material has seriously degenerated here!


This message comes from Sara, Nostamj's sister, to me today:

Police: Drunk Uncle Hands Keys To 12-Year-Old

Married DUers. Do you "pool" your money into one account?

what's the point?

It's been one of THOSE days.

"You just shot an unarmed man!" "Well, he should have armed himself..."

Where my peeps @?

who here remembers Clyde Clifford, KAAY radio...

Just saw "Finding Neverland"

Should I go to church tomorrow?

Russian language learning day one...

I've contributed 0.001313511712923 of the total post content here

What music have you been listening to?/Looking for some cool music?

"Sin City" reviews, give me yours

Have you guys checked out yet?

Is Anyone Watching Whoopi on HBO?

I have 50 more minutes on DU - ask me anything

Canadian Postal Codes look like license plate numbers

Does anyone play an autoharp?

What is your least appealing personal quality?

Am I crazy? I'm going to SIX, count them, SIX VNV shows in June

Im hanging a protest banner when our Air Base closes

How do you tell a really slicky troll from

I wish I was getting on a plane tomorrow

Could you all get into a giant flame war over something?

You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes...

Now, who says Wal-Mart is completely Worthless?

I NEEEEEED good vibes for tomorrow! We're having our open house to sell

lewis black is on cspan right now

ThermoMan loses President George Bush

Anyone here experienceing Internet speed problems tonight?

Conservative bloggers

A major dvd movie coup has just occured.

Who here has ever been married?

Terri Schiavo is not Brain Dead! She talks laughs and watches balloons!

Anyone else have fond memories of bug zappers?

Flower Watch #2

SNL - Pelosi, Richardson and ann coulter, on the Barry Gibb show.

Is that Justin on SNL?

Anyone else see the movie "millions"

Is it possible for a single woman and a married man to be only friends?

I got Pittsnogled tonight.

When something goes wrong for you, who are you more likely to blame?

Well Pete Townshend didn't call me...............again :(

What is it with all the offense taken here at comments on Camilla's

Anyone have any background on why

Dog Gets His Owner Busted On Marijuana Charge

Puppy and Kitty hilarious story (true)

Retro Music Poll - Cars vs. B52s?

You fools! I shall destroy you all!

Apart from autism, what pervasive developmental disabilities feature

Do you have friends who overdo it w/their cellphones when they're w/you?

I'm sorry, but the Queen of England is a b*tch.

Which subjects of lounge threads do you have on hide?

Are you obsessive compulsive?

I finally bought a new monitor. OMG!!!

What's your favorite flavour of ice cream?

If you smile at me I will understand...

Who here has had an epiphany?

anyone watching the UFC thing on Spike TV?

Well, I just scared the ever lovin' shit out of a waitress

Do Americans not have Tea Towels?

Three Questions for everyone here tonight.

Calling all Ipod users! I want some advice!

What grocery stores/chains were there when you were growing up.

Saturday morning mind-blower!

Who are you?

After Running A Recent Poll On People's Religious Beliefs. I've Decided To

I just got back from a one hour hike in the park.

Bob Boudelang Discusses the Memo and Tom Delay

Internet slang: r0xx0r or suxx0r?

Dammit! How do you get a foreign object out of your eye?

And, with this, I'm off to the ER.

I'm such an idiot! (Angry, Incoherent Rant)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: film to be released April 29

Internet Explorer users I need your help.

Check out what is in the middle of my desktop

Is 14 too young for a teenager to go with a student group to Italy?

Ok folks, you know the drill...

The "Christian Underground"

Anyone on a low-cholesterol diet?

Indian dies nine shy of his dream (Marrying 100 times)

Real AP headline: 'Grey's Anatomy' Keeps Key ABC Times Lot

Floridians, did Charley or Jeanne or Frances hit you hard?

Green Day on SNL tonight, y'all

What obnoxious radio DJ was on the airwaves when you were a kid?

American History X on IFC

Help! I've got to drive from KC MO back home to San Francisco,

i still love progmom

We destined the Great Lust for ourselves...

I think it's very nice of Prince Charles

Who here has never been married?

There's a whole lot of nothin' on TV

My Living Will

President Bush explains his social security reform proposal.

Star Wars fans: What's the difference between Palpatine and Darth Sidious?

a 7th_Sephiroth Rant

OMFG, Freakerland is under ATTACK!

who likes that ole timey blues?

Yesterday+today I learned the ancient art of delinquent bill collection!

Do you send hostile PM's

Did a porcupine die on Camilla's head or what? (PHOTO)

Can anyone tell me where I can find...

Can someone explain why FreakRepublic beats DU on Alexa?

Isn't confessing your "manifold sins and wickedness" a standard part

Should the Cookie Monster eat fewer cookies?

Am I a slow poster?

a rant.... :sigh:

I'm not ready to be the mom of a teen-aged daughter.

I've been on DU since AUG 04 + I've just reached 150 posts. Ask me anythi

What's the last album/CD you bought?

Mary Hartman,Police Academy,Kotter actress Debralee Scott,52, croaks

In your next life, you get to choose your best friend.

I'm cured!!!!

This is the best motivational "self-help" book ever written

What celebrities are on your list?

Great resource for famous speeches

Question for Camilla fans and feminists-

Should I tell dolo amber what hedges did?

Do any of you parents have techniques you apply to kid's dates?

I feel bad because no one responds when I start threads.

Do you have a "least favorite" cliché about veg*nism?

Singularity - spiritual or technological belief system...

Is Lightdancers outreach to exotic dancers a Southern Baptist effort?

"Deus, qualem Paulus creavit, des negatio."

17 Health Care Worker Deaths May Close of 3 Hospitals in Uige

New Zealand couple prepares for first Civil Union

GLBTs, How Would You Describe Yourself?

Vince Carter Himself Is Outscoring the Entire Celtics Team Today

Don't Sleep on the Baltimore Orioles

David Wells reminds me

New International B-ball League tips off; Grand Rapids 171, Vancouver 122

why is my cat trying to murder me?

Bush's exiled cat...

Astrology: Mommy Dearest, Kissin' Cousins,&The Royal Family

if god was real would god really be so horrible?

"Law would put 'in god we trust' in schools"

I don't mind religeon I think it can be a great thing but

I like this quote. I think I'm gonna use this one.

Corey Baker for President Campaign is Offically Underway:

The verdict on Blue Doggie

Tough week on DU, huh?

Dem Dorgan fighting to let "Fast Track" Trade Negotiation law expire

"The Radical Right is...

If a bank robber gave half his spoils to hungry children....?

Hey George, look over here

Bush's War use that term and make it stick. Repugs repeat a message .....

The Pope and the CIA

Alan Rudolph..Terrorist. So, why wasn't he tortured?(sarcasm)

There is still hope...

Cuban exile linked to terrorism wants haven in U.S.

Bush, Clinton Disagree on Pope's Legacy

Bush radio address: The Pope, "freedom-loving people," hope, dignity, etc.

Bush Poll Plummet and DLC Idiocy

no more POPE--all cable is on the Brit wedding. Been switching

prominent male Republican consultant marries male partner

Looking at the Good and Bad in Public Leaders (From LUTD)

Doing DeLay's dirty work?

FauxNews: Today's Baghdad Protesters want "Trial for Saddam" not

David Brooks (NYTimes) has given Democrats their issues.....

How Come When Republicans talk about Pope John Paul II

C-SPAN now, Sat., 2:05 est

I've become cautiously optimistic about NBC's Brian Williams

Lots of John Bolton coverage on C-Span this weekend

Delay's Web of Corruption Flowchart

Bush gets BOOed at the Popes Funeral. In 2001, Sweden, he got MOONED

Gov. Romney has his own paid columnist $10,000

Corey Baker for Class President Campaign is Underway:

Someone needs to send this quote to President Bush....

Is Bush snubbing the W.A.S.P. vote by not going to the Royal Wedding?

When will the Intelligence Community turn on Bushco?

Where in the world is Bush?

Conservative apologies for Schiavo Memo

What's the Democratic Party approval ratings?

gwb has "no doubt" that Jesus was sent here by God....

Rapid Response Network - Weekend Edition

Jeb Bush's Domineering Style Chafes Even His Own Camp

Rove Rallies GOP in Wis. Fundraising Trip

While the Terri Schiavo debacle was going on

Appeals Panel Favors Ill. Governor Firings

Congress is trying to cap Goodwill donation tax deductions

The Kool-Aid Drinkers are so frustrating!!

Ashcroft on CSPAN now

"Tom DeLay's Kampf"

Karl Rove, Hillary Clinton visiting Minnesota this weekend

Iowa video of Dean vs, Kerry supporters a couple days before the caucus

Iraqi Shiites protest bitterly against Bushite, neocon occupation

Headlines for the New Millennium, April 9, 2005

What our $300 billion taxpayer dollars in Iraq are paying for

Missile Defense policy from Democrats? forget it ...

Asshole Alert: Congressman Mark Green (Wi.) Delay/Enron Connection

Can the Freepers get away with this???

Sh** Happens

With the threat of Reps going 'nuclear', shouldn't the Dems pre-empt?

Govt to privatize the IRS?

WI-women not promoted cause roles in family (as mothers)

Project: Adopt A Right Wing Commentator Or Pundit

An early Western Regional Primary? Not sure I like that.

I saw on C-span today

CNN Dobbs Poll: 96% Not adequately represented

The Two Tenets of Repuke Beliefs

BTW, the Pubs talk like their man Bush is the greatest Leader of all time.

The "SUPER BOWL" of debates: The Pubs Vs the Dems

Guests on Sunday's Talk Shows

DU State Top Dem Roll Call

smirk flew the Vatican flag on his limo

John Conyers: "GOP Heading Over Political Cliff"

Transcript for Clark's smackdown of Perle at the HASC now available

Harry Reid's Radio Address

$7,782,816,546,352.29 -- Forget the Social Security "crisis."...

If Democrats had been very vocal on the Terri Shiavo incident do you think

Reid Blasts GOP Filibuster Threat

Today is the 140th anniversary of Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox

John Bolton - UN Nominee - It all starts on Monday

Post Your State's Governor, pictures and names, no dupes pls

What Do You Think Will Actually Happen If The "Nuclear Option" "Succeeds"?

Dean taps Roemer for speaking role

Sen Hearing on Negroponte's nomn to Nat'l Intelligence Director on Tues

Lincoln Chafee: Have You Actually Read the Dossier on Bolton?

New frame: Anti- judiciary campaign

The Shared Agenda of the Neocons and the New Democrats