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Archives: April 6, 2005

KOEB (ASTB), new blog by KO about Peter Jennings.

Other media outlets, need ideas and suggestions

Attention web developers: Please nominate a CMS.

Did Cornyn do a Social Security Town Hall Meeting

Population Connection Sttment on Boxer-Snowe Amdt-overturns Global Gag

Tell Congress to Enact Tougher Penalties for Animal Fighting

We are Anti Bush Not Anti American

Connecticut On Verge Of Legalizing Civil Unions

Gun Violence Victims Urge Congress to 'Err on the Side of Life,

Court Decision Reverses Ballast Exemption to Clean Water Act

Award-winning Lesbian Coach Reaches Settlement with Texas High School

John Gibson's Message to the UN

National Council of Women's Organizations Calls for Congressional Inquiry

"The Onion" is funny and political this week.

TX lawmakers threaten to privatize failing schools

Center for Public Integrity to Reveal Extent of Lobbying Influence

the media is barely covering gas prices

ADL Audit:Anti-Semitic Incidents at Highest Level in Nine Years

Anyone into Qigong?

Gulp, This is one place I never wanted to be listed on...

Charles and Camilla feck it up yet AGAIN!!!

Thurs-Fed Ct to Consider Legality of Pres' Military Trials Tribunals

Seven Social Sins

While flipping the am radio dial...

These anti abortion activists have no shame

Thousands protest Arnie in San Francisco.

"The claim that democracy is on the march in the Middle East is a fraud."

Sweet Jesus!!!....Help us!!

WTF? yagoohoogle! Yahoo and Google merge?

Two million new poor from Asian tsunamis: ADB

Three injured by blast on Kashmiri bus route

Conn. To Okay Civil Unions? (CBS/AP Breaking)

Card companies offering credit to homeless young people (The Guardian)

Water Officials Consider $2 Surcharge for Homes

AP: Unions protest outside governor's fundraiser

Army recruiting falls short again

Army comes up short of recruiting goals for second consecutive month

U.S. to Change No Child Left Behind Law

Conn. To OK Civil Unions?

Ohio (Gay) Marriage Law Hampers Efforts Against Domestic Abuse

304 US soldiers ordered killed by Pentagon in Iraq

Chinese firm sued by Intel hits back with own suit

Senate bill would cut powers of Patriot Act

China leads world in executions: Amnesty International

Maryland Senate votes to make WalMart PAY!

Wal-Mart family lobbies for tax cuts

Large Blast Hits Bus Carrying Iraqi Soldiers -WP

Utah Based Polygamy Group Awaits the End of the World

Nutt: Players caught Loafing will not wear pink

I just called Skinner a lying Son of a Bush!! Ask me anything!

Talking about TV: anyone see Cold Case this Sunday?

I have a confession to make

Have you ever found anything interesting, like notes or pictures?

Zapatistas or Zapatero?

Share a random factoid, anecdote, etc., from your childhood/adolescence.

You can be either lucky or smart.

Ann Coulter's Beauty Secret

Why Wouldn't Gandalf Just Have An Eagle Take Frodo To Mt. Doom

Will Radical Activist give lap dances at the April 16 Champaign DU meetup?

Foods you loved as a kid, but can't stand today

Anyone here get The Sundance Channel?

You have to team up with another DUer in the Amazing Race

Can I confess something without fear of retribution?

If Rabrrrrrr were a Lord of the Rings character, who would he be?

Buying a new computer - need brand advice

Just for clarification, can we post personal stuff in here?

Hi! I'm certainly no photographer, but can I share these pics?

Singling Out Veterans -ROADkill, for "retired on active duty."

Border agency nearly "overwhelmed," chief says

Florida lawmakers want remote system to inspect boaters

Don't miss The Daily Show Replay at 1:00am EDT

Stop legally sanctioned atheophobia! Stay tuned until AD 2150

Blaming the Media Does NOT Cut It Anymore

Crow expedition `like a poor man's duck hunt'

Gene Lyons

Washington's Darkest Secret

Original axis of evil: Colonial empires

Despite Rhetoric in Schiavo Case, PVS Diagnosis, Prognosis Standards Relia

Shiller questions Bush's 'financial engineering'

USAT: For Recruiters, A Distant War Becomes A Tough Sell.

Meanwhile, at the Mexican Border

A KENNEDY'S CALLING (Robert Jr. speaks in Portland, OR)

The Bush Administration's Afghan Spring

The Pope and Hypocrisy

The US media and the pope—an assault on the separation of church and state

Democrats don't wait for America to get attacked

"The Metaphoric Death of Tom DeLay" Love that Rude Pundit!!

A quarterly report from Bush-Cheney media enterprises | N. Solomon

Democrats: MIA

I miss my country


NYT: The Judges Made Them Do It (John Cornyn's violence is justified stmt)

They Want War (DU Front Page)

Remove The Democrats Feeding Tube: Tom Tomorrow

A grown-up voice on radio (Bill Bennett)

Pope felt “deep anguish” as Bush went to war despite his urgings

Lakewood, CO Wal-Mart deal proves costly to budget

Retrofitting the suburbs for sustainability

U.S. moves to create a beachhead in space

Blumenthal: Politics in red robes

Tom DeLay's Final Dangerous Hours.

Was the Yushchenko Poisoning a Fake? (Justin Raimondo)

Changing the Oil Economy

Japan's Sustainable Society in the Edo Period (1603-1867)

The Pope Who Revived the Office of the Inquisition

After the vote (KC Star editorial on Kansas "marriage" vote)

Harvard student action results in divestment of PetroChina stock

Tell 391 National Media to Cover the NATIONAL ELECTION REFORM CONFERENCE

Tell 391 National Media to Cover the NATIONAL ELECTION REFORM CONFERENCE

My 2nd-ever PSA... this time featuring kittens!!!

San Francisco may not regulate bloggers after all

Gas prices affecting middle class

Algae Producing Liver Damage In Half Of Taiwan's Reservoirs

400,000 Displaced Under China's Yangtze-Yellow Water Diversion Plan

Rumors Grow Of China-India Cooperation On Energy Policy - Reuters

Australian States Leave Federal Gov. Behind On GHG Trading

New Strain Of Bird Flu Surfaces In North Korea - Reuters

Maximum Of $28K In Workers' Comp For BP Employees Killed In Explosion

Japan's Monoculture Forests In Trouble - Asahi

Gas prices affecting middle class

Starved Seabirds Turning Up Dead All Around Scotland - Glascow Herald

Ancient Japan's sustainable society.

Study Shows Air Pollution Directly Linked To Wheat Pathogen - Nature

CWD-Infected Deer Served To As Many As 350 At Hunters' Dinner - AP

Vestas Takes Order For 120 1.65 MW Wind Turbines - Reuters

Winter Rain In Columbia Gorge Nearly As Acidic As Vinegar, Study Shows

Support Jon Corzine's Campaign Against Genocide in Darfur

UN report blames Israel, US for lack of Arab reform

9/11 & pnac

OK. Someone prove to me that Bin Laden orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.

Dislodged fireproofing led to collapse, report says

The Great Conspiracy The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw

Flight 77, the plane that hit the Pentagon: Have you seen the passengers

How many Bush 2000 Voters do you know who voted for Kerry?

The Weighting Game

KOEB for Wednesday, 4-6-2005

Wednesday 4/6 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

How many Gore voters do you know who voted for Bush in 2004?

Can we get c-span to cover the conference?

jimmy carter knows, and * knows it.

Rep. McKinney added as keynote speaker for the "Nash-ional" conference

Tell 391 National Media to Cover the NATIONAL ELECTION REFORM CONFERENCE

Are these Florida Precinct Reports a smoking gun or not?

CA wins! 10,000 block Arnold from his own fundraiser! GREAT NEWS!

Need your best dirt on ES&S & Sequoia criminal, political, financial ties.

So Cal Inland Empire swing county project

Earthquake Registry: April 18, 1906

Bill Would Allow Hemp Farming

FBI investigates alleged shoddy work on new Bay Bridge

Curious - any reaction to Bush's statement yesterday?

Another Repub Candidate in the 1st District

Former Iowa Writers' Workshop Dir. Frank Conroy dies

Boston MOBE membership meeting Wed April 13

Comment form now up on Air America Minnesota website

Letters section of the White Bear Press is gone.

Tom Daschel is going to be Minnesota Public Radio at noon

Tell Your Legislators to Pass Clean Water Legacy This Year!

Two search engines in one

New computer needed soon, need some input please

What source do you use for comparing prices/features/reviews

OH Budget & School Funding - House votes Wed. April 13! HELP!

Ohio, especially SW Ohio, is there an election coming up?

Texas Senate rejects life without parole bill

House tax plan spared many industries

Intriguing question at

Soechting's letter to Cornyn

A message from David Van Os

Earthday in the Metroplex

Call TOMORROW - Wednesday - to support CHIP!

Dallas Sierra Club calendar, featuring Howard Garrett, organic gardener!

Dallas City Council District 11 Forum - TONIGHT

Culberson Town Hall Meetings - HELP!

Community Social Security Forum, Collin County, 4/28

Dallas county: Electronics waste collection, 4/9

Joe Trippi to be on Team Bell!

Crawford Tx

Border vigilantes turn eyes toward Texas

You can buy BIODIESEL in Ft. Worth!

Any Bedford DUers? What's up with your library?

Good News Locally


Support four key Dems on Voter ID!!

Wish The Damn 4-Year Term Thing would Have Failed

For those of you in Oshkosh (Election Results)

E-Mail from Progressive Majority... re: yesterday's elections

The Great Conspiracy The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw

Prince Ranier dead

What is the biggest right-wing boogeyman?

How far will the FBI take it

USA to stay in Afghanistan FOREVER

Wal-Marts share of the tax-cut was $51 million

The New York Times starts to grow

One thing that Progressives are doing to fight back - re: Courts


Use True Majority's form letter to ask Congress to take action onTom Delay

Meet the original "Christo Fascist Zombie Brigade"--N. Ireland Loyalists

This is working out well.... Not!

what would Democratic leaders with Spines do?


If true democracy comes to the Middle East, it will be not to our liking.

On War with Iran (I wanna pull on your coattail about something)...

Elitism - an article by ChoralScholar - feedback please

Flight 77, the plane that hit the Pentagon: Have you seen the passengers

Harold Ford Jr. on Washington Journal now.

Wes Clark will be on C-SPAN at 9:00 ET to talk about Iraq!

Isn't it odd that twenty odd years after the Soviet Union died,the

Yesterday on the way home, on the pedestrian overpass, our local college

When Will The Lies Stop?

Gonzales can't keep a straight face.

Md. Senate OKs 'Wal-Mart' payroll tax legislation (of course gov. opposes)

G.I. Joke - Village Voice article

A noted correction in the Ironic Times:

* is supposed to meet with Saudi Prince Abdulla at his ranch

Just who is the DLC?

Ex-jail official drunk in court

American Indians mourn pope's passing in private

Report: Bush to sit next to the Iranian president for Pope's funeral.

How can we vote Dem and tell the DLC to bugger off at the same time?

American Christianity

Mona Lisa gains new Louvre home

Tornado Warnings in

DeLay Scandal of the Day

Austrian government licenses a hi-tech US treasure hunter in the hope of s

The Petty President - Why Did Bush Snub Jimmy Carter? >>>

it's fun to imagine our heathen co-workers suffering eternal damnation

US Army calls a US Lt Col. the mayor of an Iraqi town.

Overheard at the White House

Flags at half mast?

It doesn't matter if the BC Pill is to prevent pregnancy or some

I hate it when Bill Moyers comes on TV.

Humanity Evolving: executions around the world soar

"First do no harm"

From my local cartoonist today

Is Springer's radio show out of Cincinatti?

E-mail Cavuto the following Fox archives article

The Monroe pictures hidden for 50 years

Special interests are undermining Ahnold, Boo, hoo!

Burning Question: Did Shrubbish have a nickname for John Paul II ????

So who was the priest on NPR this AM

FINALLY!--The Iraqis are becoming an Americanized society

I'd like to make a comment on the news coverage of the Pope's "grievers"

Please take this poll on Bush's "leadership".

America's Work Stories: The stories of what's happening in the workplace

Operation Truth: A Response to that Idiotic DOD Email

It was like an antechamber to the afterlife, as if directed by Fellini

Can't Carter go to Rome on his own?

Bill Hicks Documentary on Trio Network

Punch kills woman boxer

SEIU targets Walmart and you can help me win health insurance

Shocking Survey: U.S. media censors Iraq reporting

Bush may be Lord, but Cheney dwells among the Angels!!!

Yeeeee-HAW -- I've made the Daou Report twice in a week

Soldiers being returned to their families to decide to remove life support

Bloggorhea (Hollywood liberal stars starting up a blog site!)

Wedding switch hits 'rent a crowd' plan

Nine Killed in 'Coalition helicopter' crash. All Nine Americans.

Exchange student reported missing

Infant Death Rates Up - anyone notice?

Consoviet Playbook???

Wesley Clark was superb defending Michael Moore on CSPAN this AM

How to get a story on the front of Yahoo

Shuttle Discovery making final roll-out

nostamj TOONS tribute thread.

Im Losing My Job at The Airlines

Rice, Goss, Wolfowitz, Bolton, Gonzalez, Negroponte -- which is worst?

Has anyone heard of this Fl. "Wild West" Bill? YIKES!!

Soul Searching: The Religious and Spritual Lives of American Teenagers

Can anyone tell me where to find the Washington Post Iraq casualty list?

Was Carter snubbed? MSNBC poll

Are you being surveilled?

Oscar Meyer: Fully programmed-

be whatever religion you want, just don't shove it down my throat

"Statue Day" coming up in Iraq

Sex will undo the religious nuts and Right Wingers.

"Yush-chen-ko! Yush-chen-ko! Yush-chen-ko!"

A love letter to New Testament Christians everywhere...

Yikes -Not a good day to go out to play

Mother Nature was a Bitch this morning

New York state's Prisoner Politics

A remarkable moment over lunch break

I just had a terrible thought.

Helicopter crash in Afghanistan: Anatomy of press release propaganda

DeLay is the Whip...

Do these MSM Shrills do their job by pulling crap out of their ass?

Patriotism is for small people. We, the Elite,don't fight wars,don't pay

Charge Him or Release Him!

I need entries for my Political Art/ Poetry Show!!

Was talking-points memo a fake?

Goodbye to All That Oil

Jeff Gannon remains a mystery (would go back to WH press corps)

Call Congress: 202 224 3121 tell them to vote No on the renewal of the PA

So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans

A poll to rate the MSM personalites and bias!!

Is this a dupe? From Raw Story:

Rate this article

Rodents in Sugar Land Beware?...the Bugman might be returning to TX

Wouldn't it be funny if the College of Cardinals scrapped the "white smoke

Colorado Gov. Vetoes Emergency Contraception Bill

Pot Ingredient Slows Heart Disease in Mice

Florida to allow use of force even outside home. Thanks Jeb!!!

Is it possible to recall a President?

PUBLIC SCHOOLS QUESTION: In My Position, What Would You Do?

Re: They Want War

So, what is this "minutemen" thing about?

Charlie Rangle said: (bartcop quote of the day)

Open letter to Dr. Dean

Warren Beatty Takes on Drudge!!!

Richard Perle to appear on 'Real Time With Bill Maher'

9/11 & pnac

Montana Legislature Criticizing Patriot Act

Is anyone watching Inside politics?

PURPLE HEART: Terri Sciavo's brother was on Faux News last night holding

OK. Someone prove to me that Bin Laden orchestrated the 9/11 attacks.

New Site with information about Tom DeLay and calls for his ouster.

C-span2 - Senators are beating up on Delay

Pope John Paul II: Right-Wing Or Progressive? Two Points Of View

IRAQ - Not Democracy dummy, but a Representative Theocracy!...

No long waits for the US delegation

Has an Internet Attack on Federal Judges begun?

Inside Politics: warm/fuzzy report on Novak's Catholic conversion!

Democrats don't wait for America to get attacked

MSNBC Poll: Do you think former President Jimmy Carter was snubbed

Which event got the most media coverage...

Bushes visit Pope's body .. to the sounds of helicopters

Should Bill Clinton as the younger man give up his seat for Jimmy Carter?

transponders in cars

This is why we need outfoxed two

So now we know why bushco installed wolfie

Nature Helps Create Religious Adults

Why does bush get to select the World Bank president?

Will someone please stop the 24 hour a day Popeathon

One Wolf pair left in Norway!

can someone re-post that link on methan deposits potential for disaster?

A Ray Taliafierro nugget

I love Ron Reagan

Look up "bush snubs" on Google. Wow!

Get this: World bank warns U.S. to cut deficits

Alberto "Torture Pimp" Gonzales doesn't seem to be very bright

American delegation now kneeling at Pope's bier in St. Peter's

Tonight on West Wing- - Democratic National Convention


Which sounds better: GOPayola or DeLayola?

New Religious "Compound" under construction in Texas

I'm liking me some Dan Abrams these days

Too funny, yet oddly flattering.. One hand clapping makes more sound..

RNC is issuing press releases attacking Dems citing statements by Al From

I think taking down Delay a few pegs is

Steamboat Ski Resort using RFID Tag Bracelets for guests

Does the News Need a Star? .......... NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Do the "Viva Bush" Bumper Stickers Creep You Out?

Bush Says U.S. Government is a Bad Credit Risk!

You Choose

Will another economic collapse happen in the US within our lifetime?

Green Party in Iraq says, "Save the tree!"...

National Cell Phone Do not Call List

Connecticut Senate Just Approved Civil Unions Bill

Isn't Bush going to have to travel through the Italian crowds

I'll bet Michelle Malkin & Maggie Gallagher are PAID to troll here at DU

The Funeral as Fashion Opportunity >>>

Propositions to Fight the Right

GOP Attacks Moveon

Arming Yourself, A Primer : Part 1 (graphic heavy)

Why does this statement by Bush about the Pope bug me?

MSNBC Poll: Do you think former President Jimmy Carter was snubbed

What kind of people are attracted to make citizen's arrests at the border?

"GOD WAS WITH THEM" - Evangelicals beat and slash gay man

Pope John Paul II: a political obituary

I was just interviewed for the Consumer Confidence Survey

What is the Sound of Norquist In The Bathroom Drowning The Government

Lobbyists and Career Politicians have ruined our Republic.

Lurking freepers, why are you up so late tonight?

CBS report on Opus Dei the Vatican's Secret Society

Bush Has Lost Faith In Paper Issued by the Government!

What Price are we Paying for Republican control of Government?

we are NOT at war.

Even the 'liberal' media says it - DeLay is going down!

white house quotes on the pope's stance in Iraq?

John Paul...

They squash roaches...don't they? heeheehee

Shipping advice needed


The Ugly Side of Pretty

U.S. Fascism Redux

Okay, dammit, when did Prince Rainier become Prince "Ren-YAY"

"Selective" Right-to-life. Republican style morality.

Is there a pattern here? Is this true?

What would have happened if Saint Ronnie and JPII

mike malloy rulez

The New Scientific American: Okay, We Give Up

Lets all send Delay

So sorry, so very ashamed...I helped the president today...

'Moral Values' in the Christian Coalition

Is Bush Dumb or Intellectually Lazy

Is it in the Constitution: Congress shall pass no law affecting one

This new space shuttle is very tiny......

Agribusiness is a Product of Warfare

The US is Holding Iraqi Women Hostage For Information. One Is 65yrs Old!

Save Social Security Now - pics

more dirt on delay!!

Stop the Corporate madness! Smuckers patents PB&J?!?!

Arming Yourself, Part 2 (graphic heavy)

How long till Tom DeLay gets thrown under the bus?

Help remove future cash from Delay's pockets.

Okay now "WTF"?

Question about Tom Delay

Walmart blames taxpayers for providing health care to it's employees

Gasoline sticker shock: $2.54 a gallon average price

gas prices in Canada vs us

Santos-McGarry ticket on the West Wing!!!

Flavia Colgan

Culture of life! Woman charged with death threat fatwa on Michael Schiavo

Conservationists Applaud Colorado River Protection Decision

Call your Senators for Free--on the American Family Association's dime

Tom Friedman just appeared on two shows, Charlie Rose of PBS

Leahy and Snowe Offer Bill to Cut Mercury Pollution

I would like to see the Minuteman out here in the middle of July!

Ten Rivers in 11 States on 'Most Endangered' List; Rpt to be released 4/13

Bush Says Government Cannot Pay Debts…

Anyone watching Charles Barkley on The Big Idea?

After 5 years of watching Buxh rule like there's no tomorrow...

want illegal immigration curtailed?

Eric Rudolph? Wasn't his case to start today?

The US Navy is a primary sponsor of “Con.”

"The Huffington Report" - New *Group Blog* to Launch in May

OK... What Should We Name The Delay Scandals ??? - ExtermiGate???

Welcome to the Lou Dobbs Underground

Latest E-Mail from John Kerry

DHS Begins US-VISIT Biometric Exit Pilot At Philadelphia Airport

Opening Statement of Wesley Clark at House Armed Services TODAY

USSS to be unarmed while in the Vatican?

Don't Call Those Polygamists "Fundamentalist Mormons"

geore bush pic (graphic)

Reuters U.S. Journalists to Protest Offshore Outsourcing of Jobs

when the little bushturd waddled up to the Pope's corpse

WHAT happened w/ Bush 1 and the Evang Xtians?

Can we discuss Opus Dei please?

I am afraid for Clinton

So who are the Deaniacs? I mean do they live under trees?

Gay bashings on the increase

what was JP II's role in 'bringing down communism'?

Freakers Attempting Damage Control On Schiavo Memo

My prescription for peace.If this country stayed out of other countries'

Re: Michael Jackson....Are white males more likely to be child molesters

Can any Southern DUers help me locate a governor?

Where is Keith Olbermann??????? Is Tucker replacing him??? God I hope

The Official GW Embarrasses Us In Rome Photo thread:

West Wing - The President (Bartlet) is the ......

Would a North American Union solve the immigration "problem?"

I think I have hit the point of hysteria

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Rendezvous

Citizens Against Government Waste: 2005 Pig Book Exposes 27.3 bill pork

Confusion and questions about Bush entourage at Vatican.

Massive Buyers Remorse By Bush Voters? Polls Way Down.

I caught a wicked case of Liebermania today (nuclear option rally)

Can The Democratic Party Be Moved To The Left?

Need a couple of hundred 5's on the military deaths, DU!

They Want War

EETimes: Sounding The Alarm as Big Brother Goes Digital

TOONS thread - picking up where our fallen comrade, nostamj, has left off

Should English Be America's Official Language?

Wealthy Say, 'No, Thanks' to Tax Cuts

When the "Religious" Warp Sexuality, It is a Sin

Lewis Black on C-Span now ET n/t

if Jesus had $100,000,000 to build a church, what would it look like?

Today, I let my feelings be known about the current situation…

Faux "The Pope supported the theory of Just war"

Why is NAFTA more popular than illegal immigration in the Dem party?

I support genetically modified food...

T or F? Anyone who sees illegal immigration as a problem must be a racist.

So How Is Chimpy Going to Embarrass Us at the Pope's Funeral?

Once again- if the State says no, just legislate it under Federal control

Warning!!! Ugly photo

"there is no trust fund" !!!!!

Tell me I am doing the right thing for my kids.

How will the Tom Delay saga end

Did you donate to Terri? Well, her parents are selling your info!

NBC's Andrea Mitchell (Mrs. Greenspan) gave a recap of the Carter snub

Red Lake Hero - badly injured, unable to speak - comforts friends/family

Two Weeks In Falluja

Cobenais (Red Lake survivor) - making ‘miraculous’ recovery

The issues with beauty

Will media call Bush for lying about 5 person limit funeral delegation?

Marburg virus spreads to 5th Angolan province

Does the bible mention "hemp" at all? Or something like it?

Marine complains that Coulter insulted him when she spoke at KU last week.

It's not just seal blood on the ice in the artic

Flesh-eating bacteria

Stay Vigilant...with all this trouble, something big's gonna happen.

There IS no flood of Mexican immigrants across the border.

I'm sorry but this spectacle of a dead old guy lying out in the sun

US Media- the Dissent Barrier 'fakirs' Paid BIG money to ConTroll Agenda's

Anyone interested in a weather group?

Pew Center research is out on the Dean campaign. " Mix of Old and New"

Katherine Yurica's Book "Bloodguilty Churches", Bible Based Bush Bashing

Brandi Swindell: Bush losing approval because of "TYRANT JUDGES"

This picture says it all....

yippee! i'm going to court tomorrow...

We have a chance to end the pukes reign, but leadership is ABSENT!

An update...

Star Trek, Twilight Zone, fiction and reality.

The Pope was pro-animal rights.

To the Pharmacists -- Keep your morals OUT of my medicine cabinet

A small but significant plea for help

The Crisis In The Green Party by Peter Camejo

Funeral Photo-Op >>>

If Minutemen kill someone, will entire group be charged w/ felony murder?

Why Should Bush Take Carter Anywhere?

GM Pushing Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Thank GOD I'm a Heathen!

Minuteman Leader Gilchrist: "Why Are You Picking On White Supremacists?"

The Minutemen are bigots and so is anyone who supports them

West Wing...great suprise!!! Spoiler possibly

Three US Presidents at the Pope's funeral is excessive.

Maybe we shouldn't concentrate on bashing Bush so much.

Oil from Anything...And hardly anyone's writing about it.

Best Buy has man arrested for paying in $2 bills

Genetically Modified Food is Wicked and Dangerous In All Respects

March 31, April 1, 2005, in San Francisco area..Anyone feel anything odd?

The environment, war, and personal responsibility

WAR MAKES GAS COST MORE: Why "No War For Oil" is a Dumb Slogan

Finally managed the hand rolled croissants!

Red Lobster Cheesy Biscuits

10 minute miracle recipes: Please share

I need sourdough recipes

U.K. General Election 2005 prediction time

BBC News: Election 2005 Q & A The General Election launches FactCheck website

Brown 'could stay as chancellor'

The British system and in theory and in practice

The Guardian: BNP leader faces race hate charges

(Wash.) Senate thwarts gay-rights bill

Canada, giant car makers sign global warming pact

WaPo: Anatomy of a Trip (Delay meets Abramoff in Russia)

Former maid saw Jackson 'in shower with boy'

Crow expedition `like a poor man's duck hunt'

WP: Lawmakers In Fla. Back Public Use of Deadly Force

Iraqi compromise fuels angry debate

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghan Helicopter Crash

Lawmaker wants list of companies exporting US oil

Blumenthal Plans To File Lawsuit Over No Child Left Behind Act

Army pays Halliburton $1.18 billion for dining services

Hartford Courant: State To Sue Over `No Child' Law

Rumours Sweep Rome That Death Was Kept Hidden

FBI urges Congress to renew Patriot Act

Monaco's Prince Rainier dies, 81

Vatican sets papal election date

Israeli Official Acknowledges U.S. Rift

NYT,pg1: In Tsunami Area, Relief Slow in Coming(what happened to the $$$?)

Drone aircraft flying high against insurgency

Bush heads to Vatican for Pope's Funeral

Austrian government licenses a hi-tech US treasure hunter in the hope of s

Social Security in trouble; no plans from President

GALLUP: Public Sends Mixed Messages on Social Security Reform

Gov't Classification Decisions Hit Record

NYT: Rental Car Companies Get Aggressive on Damage

Senate chief quits in bribe scandal

Deliveryman Stuck in Elevator for 3 Days

Quang Ninh Physician Death Linked to H5N1

Review: Ex-prosecutor lied about barring Jews from jury

Downing St officer shot herself

Hastert Undergoes Kidney Stone Procedure

Insurers attack US Senate plan for $140bn fund for asbestos claims

NYT: Public Military Academies Put Discipline in Schools (growing trend)

House Panel Revives U.S. Energy Bill

Crossing the border will require a passport (into Mexico & Canada)

Most lawmakers want to forget Schiavo case

Maupin status under review (May Delare Him dead)

Owens vetoes contraception bill (CO, BC pills = abortion, per gov)

Cuban militant to seek U.S. asylum (Orlando Bosch's terra partner is here)

Adams urges IRA to embrace peace

Adams 'will hint at plan to disband IRA'

New Report Details Black Inequality

Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader (DeLay)

Pentagon move on contract is blow to Boeing

Prince Rainier of Monaco Dies at Age 81

US sends bird flu testing kits to N Korea

DeLay paid wide & daughter $500,000 in campaign funds

Woman boxer dies in ring, punched on the head

US soldier killed in Baghdad ambush (1543?)

Ranking member of Armed Services offers new plan (Levin) -The Hill

Iraqi Parliament Elects Jalal Talabani as President (Update2)

Md. Passes Rules on Wal-Mart Insurance

White House Has Tightly Restricted Oversight of C.I.A. Detentions

City (Woodland Hills, CA) eyes housing limit


New Special Forces unit will spy on the terrorists

Oil will hit $100 US a barrel by 2010, CIBC World Markets predicts

Ex-GOP officer convicted in fraud

Goldmans to ditch Ground Zero plan

2 Democrats help Senate GOP throw gay-rights bill off track (WA State)

Hearing for Bush's U.N. Nominee Postponed - (Chafee likely to vote YES)

Onassis heir locked in fight for $1bn family foundation

Accounts Could Replace Soc. Sec. Checks

World Bank: U.S. deficits may hurt others

Renovation may leave UN without a home

Wood won't seek second term as FERC chair, report says

(Undercover Fresno) Police presence at events debated

Pilates Indeed Tones Abs, But Does Little Else

Europe influence seen as positive

Rate this article

LAT: FCC Chief Sends Cable TV a Warning

Canada's Press Crackdown

Maine Joins Fight to Keep Pay Phones

U.N., U.S. can't agree on Guantanamo visit

This is interesting...

U.S. details fresh accounting woes at Fannie Mae

WHO Expert: Bird Flu Strains Could Combine

WHO expert: Bird flu strains could combine

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 6 April

White House says making headway (on SS - Rovespin)

Illinois White Supremacist Given 40-Year Sentence(Mathew Hale)

Yushchenko Asks Congress for Economic Aid

Supremacist Hale Sentenced to 40 Years

Senator: GOP shows 'arrogancy'

Alabama Presidential Primary Moved Up. Will We Now Have Significance?

U.S. Blacks Lag Behind Whites in Money, Jobs -Report

Crosby-Ironton Teacher Strike is Over (MN)

GESO strike vote to be held April 13 (Yale)

Judge rejects request to release FBI documents in Peltier case

Workers not saving enough for retirement (new rpt from non-profit)

Federal courts urge Congress, WH to provide more protection for judges

CNN: Prince Rainier of Monaco has died

Harry Reid Spokesperson: Schiavo Talking Points Memo Authentic

South African miners end strike

FDR Library Blocks Social Security Forum

Wal-Mart stops smiling at critics

Billions in foreign aid a mixed blessing for Afghanistan (Dear Pickles,..)

Pope's 'last word was not Amen'

Americans not satisfied with country’s track (Bush approval 48%)

Officials Ask Why Iraq Details Surface Now

Probe Into Leak of CIA Agent's Identity May Be Complete (Drudge)

CIA questions why some information was missed on Iraq intelligence

Senate Fight Over Marine One Stalls Bill (Dodd V Clinton & Schumer)

Sen. Martinez admits his staffer wrote Schiavo talking points memo

NYT: Some See Roots of (early human) Compassion in Toothless Fossil Skull

Police investigate death threats against sealer

White House uses radio to push Social Security overhaul

Ethnic tensions in Kirkuk dangerously high

Google Shows off Satellite Map Feature (Aerial photos of your house!)

Mexico's Fox, seen as a fallen hero of democracy

Saddam 'upset' at Kurd's election

Lawmakers: Daylight-Saving Time Saves Fuel (More DST with energy bill)

Probe Into Leak of CIA Agent's Identity May Be Nearly Complete

Women Killed and Mutilated in Congo Attack

NYT: High Rate of Failure Estimated for Silicone Breast Implants

New Report Says Primate Species at Risk

Was the Schiavo memo a fake? (WaTimes)

Saddam watches new president on TV

Exclusive: Plame Game Over?

Daschle Vows to Continue Policy Debates

University of Iowa women lag in salaries

NYT: Changes Are Weighed on Stem Cells (N.I.H. scientists)

YMCA cancels students’ Venezuela trip

Senate Votes to Reduce U.S. Dues to U.N.

"The Huffington Report" -- New *Group Blog* to Launch in May

WP: GOP Is Fracturing Over Power of Judiciary

Police turn away tide of humanity at Vatican ( viewings are fini)

USA Today, pg1: Many wary of GOP's moral agenda (poll)

LAT: Air Purifier Gets Another Critical Blow (may release unhealthy ozone)

Student reportedly shot near Lawless High School-New Orleans


Electronic voting machine approved for disabled vote(has paper ballot)

U.S. military helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

Debt collecting is often a calling

Official: China Plans 40 Nuke Power Plants

New Pope Faces Vatican Budget Deficit, Widened by Market Losses

House GOP backs DeLay amid ethics scandals

GOP Pounces on Sen. Byrd Link to Liberal Group

WP,pg1: Labs Turn DNA Into Personal Health Forecasts

Martin dodges questions in first speech as FCC chairman

Lawmakers briefed on possibilities of bird flu-Discuss worst case scenarios

Marine Corps narrowly misses target for enlisting new recruits

President Bush Views Pope's Body

WP: Cost of Soc.Sec. Drive Cited (Appropriations Comm. Repubs, Waxman)

Senators to Stall FDA Pick Over Contraception

AP Calls Criticism of Pulitzer Win for Photos 'Deeply Offensive'

Teachers' union, state renew contract talks (HI)

Ouster from Bush event blasted (repubs deride "purified" crowds)

Cannabis chemical "helps heart" (BBC News)

Courts Seek More Protections for Judges

CNN: DeLay blasts media over report of payments to family

Web Postcards Hide Trojan Horse Programs

Pardon sought for first back boxing champ

Albright calls for better nuke treaty

BP victims face compensation concerns (due to tort reform)

E.P.A. Nominee Gets an Earful From Committee Democrats

Homeland Security panel picks controversial chief (proponent of TIA)

Prosecutors agree to unseal documents in CIA abuse case

Missouri AG criticizes federal open records law

New England Emerging As Holdout In March To Ban Gay Marriages

Blix says war motivated by oil

Pentagon's "stop-loss" policy on trial here

Smarting sheriff tracks down critic

DeLay's Lavish Island Getaway (trip in exchange for ignoring sweatshops)

Roll call vote on moving date of presidential preference primary

Lawmakers urge living wills after Schiavo case

New Foreclosure Inventory in U.S. Rises Nearly Fifty Percent in March

Martinez admits his staffer wrote Schiavo talking points memo (RAW STORY)

DeLay daughter's baby shower held by Texas energy firm under investigation

Lawmakers Want Daylight-Saving Time Change

Rising property taxes price some out of market

Bush to Host Saudi's Abdullah at Ranch -Official

WP: Ombudsmen Appointed for NPR, PBS (Buster the Bunny fallout?)

Breaking: Connecticut Senate Approves Civil Union Bill (OVERWHELMINGLY)!!

Obese Shoppers Treated More Rudely, Study Shows

Just saw "The Office"

OK, if one hangs out too much at LBN, does one need hemmies removed?

Michael Vick Hit With Sex Suit (link)....

I love my eyeglasses.


Hey, stop apologizing for being nerds/geeks!

Elitism - an article by ChoralScholar - feedback please

Go ahead and be ridiculous

The Arc of the Universe is long, but it bends towards justice.

Hey, anyone heard from kick ass-bob lately?

Does Tinky Winky stay or not?

Is it just me, or does this guy kinda look like Pete Townsend?

Who wants something with sugar on top?

Can you bottle sleaze and sell it?

Yo, nerds!

OK, so I was running for township trustee - top 4 out of 7 candidates.

Can I confess something with assurance of absolute and utter retribution?

I'm sorry for my outbursts.

****MILESTONES**** As in...

I'm not sure I approve of selling whisky to children...

I just got 2,135 lines (Score of 46,755) in Tetris. Ask me anything.

Ok, I'm bored at work and have 3 games on my laptop

Worst, Most Laughable "Actor" In The Last 25 Years?

I can't sleep. Again.

KitchenWitch's Stupid Question O' the day #59

Former maid saw Jackson 'in shower with boy'

Holy shit! The Pope died!

Fuck, fuck, fuckfuck....

I'm ready to shoot DUers GONE WILD!

All these goddamn North Cackalacka pols look the same

What do you think of "I am Tinky Winky and I'll dance on your grave"?

anyone else feel like an alien in their own family?

RimJob has lost it, completely.

Who's up for an Anti-Nuke/Anti-War rally in NYC

Oh, Angel Heart on Bravo

CONFESS!!!! If I visited your home and checked out your medicine cabinet

Freeper flame out: Re anti-Walmart laws in Maryland

Daniel Craig picked for Bond.

Maybe this should be in LBN

Robin Meade of CNN Headline News

I've just checked every post on this page

The woman was a dream I had

Police Say Strippers Are NOT "Art"

Weirdest thing I have ever witnessed happened yesterday.

The "What's He Thinking About?" CAPTION

If I dared you to read one article on a website, would you?

Stuff I do while up in the middle of the night

Download shit for free - Nice and legal-like

Best Satan on the screen

Autopsy report in:

Cat Wars, Fat Wars, Pope Wars, Kerry Wars...

My Dog Has A Serious Thing For Dirty Diapers...

Overweight free-roaming cats who supported Dean should not be Pope!!

Shooby dooby doo

30 minutes to go

So, I'm thinking about heading over to Monaco to see if Albert

Impressive Monitor Architecture

How to catch a Troll...

A request for all men who are starting to (or have) go bald

Warning: This is serious FLAME BAIT. Do NOT post! Major FLAMMAGE!

What pushes your buttons?

Best Stan on the screen

Red Sox eye Gilly (Boston looking at a cricket player)

Turn you head and cough if you love pie

LePetomaine 2008

Why is Bush going to Rome this early?

Trolls happen in waves

Computer advice rant

I'm so happy that the RMV allows on-line renewals now,

well... on Monday & Tuesday... at least it got the Lounge


Have you guys seen these inventions?

The Weekly I LOVE ZERO 7 Thread

I ate apple crisp and whipped topping for breakfast. How insane am I?

So... now what do we talk about?

The Tori Amos Poll

How many remote control eunuchs are in your household? of the best ever..."Well, it's a marvelous night ..

Sometimes People Wonder What Goes On At DU Gatherings

Parody of "P.I.M.P."

So I have Jewel's "Pieces of You" album. But when I tried checking out

Universal hatred of gays and liberals promotes world harmony!

BREAKING: Report: 'Housewives' Flip Out at Shoot



Okay DUers: What WON'T you argue about?

"Shoot the kidney to me, Sidney!"

Worldwide Web Archives

Separated at birth? (Or maybe just distantly related?)

I knew the sale of the Vikings to Reggie Fowler looked fishy

it's fun to imagine our heathen co-workers suffering eternal damnation

Stuff that you don't do that you think the whole world does

Man Arrested For Killing Not One, But TWO Wives

Kick me. I'm not getting a thing done over here.

Brain cramps..

I'm off to DC, wish me luck!

Pad Thai . . . because what the Lounge needs is another kitty thread

I am really fucking fortunate.

Why can't I be in bed?

BREAKING: Paula Abdul revelation.

So - how many divisions DOES the pope have?

Sprint camera phone users-question?


Someone is playing music so loud...


When I pass on, other DUers will remember me as...

Good work from home companies

Blowing Bubbles?

I'm cool like dat.

Japanese Chewing gum can 'enhance breasts'

Anybody on DU live near Albuquerque/Santa Fe?

Best narrator for documentaries

Who brought their screaming kid to work

Email Bouncy Ball if you HATE getting mass forwarded emails!

Question about college sports (volleyball) recruiting

I am going to bathe my eyeball in acid

Just got this in my E-mail!!! Think I should do it?

Predictions: I will hit 15000 posts on:

Rant for Khephra and nostamj

Worst Hangover Inducer

Is DU doing anything re Jeff Matson's funeral?

Can you see the cute kitty kats?

Cheney, Scalia Go Hunting Again-Each bags limit (MUST SEE)

Did anyone hear the Minuteman guy on Hannity and Colmes?

So I got fired on Monday. Want to know what's crazy?

I need volunteers to take a test for me!!!!! I is for my Non-verbal Class

I just realized the only forum I've looked at today is the lounge.

Looks like I'll be getting XP SP2 regardless of my desire to have it.

So, we went to our son's parent-teacher conference last night

Do humans pair-bond naturally, or is that a learned societal behavior?

Post here if you HATE getting mass forwarded emails!

WOW!!! What a sweetheart!

More insanity from truly Insane Freeper(loony with Schiavo spam)

Any graduates of the College of Cardinals here?

graphics question...

The REAL Reason Bush is going to the Pope's Funeral

CONFESS! Do you have such a DU addiction that even when you are not here

Best Mustache poll redux

When they finally get around to making movies based on "The Cat Who.."


San Francisco WILL be hit by a major earthquake.

Happy Birthday Sara Ann. RIP. Miss and love ya.

You know what sounds weird?

It's 70 degrees in Boston. Why am I working today?

Did you ever read a Saul Bellow novel?

Best Mel Brooks film?

"Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny." - Bob Marley

I had such a terrific weekend. I'm still smiling over it.

And the next James Bond actor is.....

OK. Well. Don't know what to say about this. You be the judge...

Still Looking for People to take a test for me.

Stupid F'ing Stray Dogs SHIT IN MY YARD

"Message to terrorists everywhere"


THAT'S IT! You, me, outside.. right now!

Finally, I can post a picture of myself

Do you have Prince Albert in a can?

My comments on MoveOn's petition to remove Tom DeLay...

Another use for marijuana (shown to reduce heart disease in mice)

Have you read "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" by Harriet Jacobs?

When will Delay finally be ousted? Damned hypocrite.

Why why why must I listen to such terrible music????

Idol Fans: Who did the best last night? who do you want voted off?

Do any of your relatives still use terms like "colored"?

89% of all rappers who want you to "throw your hands in the air...."

Pilates Indeed Tones Abs, But Does Little Else

DU's Daleo quoted on

I love this bumper sticker

Help! Yaks keep shitting in my yard!

Help! Minutemen keep pooping on my border!

Would anyone like a beer?

"We used actual rodents. From birth, we sent them to training school...

Holy fuck! The EDGE works here?

Help! Shitters keep yakking in my yard.

Anyone mourning Prince Rainier's death?

Was this why we invented the internet? (WARNING)

Should I change my avatar to Senator Paul Simon

Cautionary tale from Clark Howard re: posting about your job

Are plans final for the replacement plaza at Ground Zero?

Things that never cease to amaze

I missed American Idol

How many remote control units are in your household?

The "Experts" Are Not Always Right

OMG! I think I just got cast in a TV commercial as a.....

The "It's Just as Much Evidence as We Had Before Invading Iraq" CAPTION

Ok this is quite sexist

Grammar/usage (whateva!) pet peeve o' the day 'Anymore'

POLL: The cliffhanger in the season finale of the West Wing (NO SPOILERS)

Hello, my name is Joe and I'm a petroleum addict

I support genetically modified felines

What should I have with my pork chops tnight?

Don't you hate it when you write a REALLY good post or response

What kind of DISASTERS occur in your area?

I support genetically modified copycat threads.

In mid-June, I will be totally alone for the first time in my LIFE.

Ever feel guilty about not saying something at the right time?

What was the deal with "House" last night?


DU is only 500,000 away from 15,000,000 posts

So just what kind of "Middle Age White Guy" commericial is underpants in??

What's everyone up to today?

I have to admit I was wrong about the american version of The Office

Hello, possums!

Headlines We'd Like to See, April 6, 2005


Someone set us up the bomb!

Help! Republicans keep pooping on my Bill of Rights!

Snap Poll (10 Minutes Only): I Have A Headache What Should I Take?

MUSIC about the plight of our SOCIETY in recent HISTORY

The ONLY man in the world that can have a combover!

Parents Say Student Sex Survey X-Rated

I got called "you MD hayseed" -- WTF?

I support genetically modified chimps

Red Sox win!! Red Sox win!! Red Sox win!! Red Sox win!! Red Sox win!!

Prince Rainier is no more so Jimmy Carter

Where is StopTheMorans?

Sick little boys...

EBAY Jeb Bush's Cojones for sale- pissed off rightie

Another, 'gimme a caption to my bush!'

How many licks does it take?

Good Thread!

Why is it that Rush Limbaugh can say the things he does regarding . . .

Come on, we are all friends here. Tell a secret about yourself...

The RIGHT wing

HELP! Need a keyboard protection program! 3 Y.O. Invader!!


By definition, my arguments are morally and ethically superior...

Did DU really slow down recently?

Am I hardcore undateable?

Living Will

Confess - did you broke the board?

The Ugly Side of Pretty..."Product" may NOT be a good idea

I feel low and here's why (lame autobiographical post)

Please help me figure out my HTML problems!

If anyone feels like helping out a good cause today...

ooo- I have a job interview this Friday!

Is the bar open yet?

The Muthafuckin' D*R*A*F*T

Simple Gifts

Sony Invention Beams Sights, Sounds Into Brain

Is it me or is this site just CRAWLINGLY SLOW in the last hour?

Better Living through --- Dumpster Diving

Heaviest element just discovered!

Firefighters Rescue Man Trapped In Garbage Truck

I know that I am ranting.

Deliveryman Stuck in Elevator for 3 Days

I'M BACK! After an agonizing week fighting computer viruses, I'm back!

Can I tie you up, blindfold you, and . . .

Can anybody help me out with a New York phrase?

HELP! Need a keyboard protection program! 3 Y.O. Invader!!

Hypothetical Political Fights!

On the subject of porn, how do women feel about porn?

The board wasn't broke, it was a moment of silence for nostamj

A female colleague said she is SURE all males watch porn.

Oops I did it again...I broke DU


I think Tucker Carlson is dotty.

My organic seeds are shitkicking the others

I think Tucker Carlson is a hottie.

I think Tucker Carlson is snotty

Ok, lets Settle this, Hottest Babe in Sci-Fi

Look you guys, a conservative punk

Testing 123.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Who would be in a Purple Supremacist group?

Help. I need the Air America address for Real Player.

Gay Republicans Pour from Closet as Draft Appears More Likely

Whoa. . . they call 'em fingers

It Was Warm Here Today, Sunny Too!

Astronaut's smoking crack in Earth's orbit.

Fallwell's doctor is Muslim

Second flood in less than a week.

New computer needed soon, need some input please


The Language or the Kiss

The "Hangover Cure" CAPTION

If someone supports genetically modified food.

Holla if you like Monty Python!

A living will template....

Blazing Saddles

i'm drunk again, been drinkin' gordon's gin

History Trivia thread anyone?



Reply if you, too, are completely blowing off actual work and just

MUSIC about the plight of our SOCIETY in recent HISTORY

Ever looked in the mirror and relaxed your face muscles to see what ....

Time for "Lost"

Just watching O'lielly and. . .

Best obscure song on the White Album disc 1

okay guys, betty rubble or wilma flinstone? wink wink nudge nudge

Shang-Chi, Master of Kung FU - Excellent article

Post something you've written....

"Conservitives strengthened by feuds" David Brooks

I'm listening to vinyl records right now

The West Wing's season finale is coming up in fifteen minutes.

Pat "AntiChrist" Sajak and Larry "AntiCharisma" King are scum

The New James Bond - looks like a clone of Connery.

How many Bad Movies is Saturday Night Live responsible for?

What's the worst movie you've seen recently?

Do I get to stop apologizing for being an asshole now?

musicians: in-ear monitors...

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!!

Jane Fonda interview (audio) on NPR

Hillarious Shrub parody!


"Idol" **spoilers**

Breaker 1-9 for a radio check

Dammit! My dog has a hurt leg

Did anyone hear about Peter Jennings having lung cancer?

New "Lost" on tonight - last new ep for a few weeks

Hannity is scum

I DON'T HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I thought Toby Keith was bad...

Check out my sig. line

what's it mean when you find THREE little white blobs in your pork&beans?


Yet ANOTHER pet peeve


You are...

I have an "owie" - need a kiss!

I've been Shrieking...

when you get to the end of the universe, what's there?

Larry King rant

I've been stinking....

I've been Shreking!

Damn cable!

I've been drinking...

I Support Genetically Modified tequila

Best version of "Unchained Melody"?

Best obscure song on the White Album disc 2

My 4 yr old is puking her guts out, and she's not even drunk

I am Shallow -- I like the Brawny Paper Towel Commercial!!!

Best Sci-Fi action sequence

What the hell is a "slump"??

Tomorrow night's our 3L party

attention Robert White , please contact me asap

Big surprise on the West Wing!

What's all this nonsense I keep hearing about males listening to Korn?

Why is everthing besides the most obvious religions labeled "pagan"?

West Wing just jumped the shark

South Park has the "Karate Kid" music going

Remembering nostamj

Another overtly political Law and Order.


Holy shit, I've got chicken skin.


The answer is, swedish dish satellite dish swedish fish

So, my almost ex-husband is gone on business for 4 days. What should I do?

Sshhhh!!! Don't let * know, but I got a job!!!

I'm surprised no one's done "I've been stinking"

request for photoshoppers (West Wing Spoiler)

What the hell is a "sump"??

Are you sober?

It Is My Birthday. Say Something Nice About My Latest Graphic.

My dawg played in the mud today

Laughing out loud at Malloy


The Last Pinball Wizard

What will get GD's undies in a twist next week?!?!

Canada is beating Sweden 6 to 0. Women's World Championship hockey.

"Star....Wars....Nothing but Star Wars! "

sugar kat krazy smack & ignatz too...

My dog got a skunk facial last night

I have had big, extended episodes of deja vu five times today.

See, this is the problem with how society deals with pain...

I'm Cosmo Kramer, the Assman!

Anyone ever shoot a snub nose .38?

Question for People who download songs

Going to Nassau Saturday...advice?

The Muffin Man is seated at the table in the laboratory of the...

Please tell me things get better. (Shingles)

Okay, so why's my left ear only ringing?


Marlins game going to the 13th inning......

I'm eating Jell-o without a spoon...

Strip me Naked and Force me to

If a loser spells loser 'looser' are they still a loser?

Are you worried about an Eruption of Yellowstone?

Leno and his Laker jokes- he sucks!!!

Usually I don't approve of vultures that profit from people of faith

What does it mean when you smell random scents that aren't there?

Questions for which there are NO answers! (Choose your favorite!)

"Missing You Photo" -- 4/05/06 photo at

Got in my first ever car accident today....

Jane Fonda is on Letterman tonight

Onec I was with this girl and some guy tried to steal her away by eating..

Spectacular Bid

Rules for shopping at Costco

i really really like ramen noodles...

Is mixing vodka, wine and beer bad?

How many of you ever received a thank you letter from a president?

Floss or Plackers?

We need to PURIFY the language in this Country...

OMG, I just purchased $40 worth of anti-W bumper stickers

Star Wars fans line up at wrong theater

Spaghetti and peanut butter.

Anyone else read "asthmatic ice hog" when reading a certain DUer's posts?

A great commercial for condoms . . .

I'm considering grooming my two

Wow..."I, Robot" sucked more than Xaviera Hollander.

Just a few assorted terrifying photos of that evil SOB John Snow

There's a furry purry pooper kitty on my lap

Anybody know any good grinds in Fells Point, Baltimore?

Is  HEyHEY still on his deathbed after his classy hammer bonking?

So Who Got Kicked Off American Idol Tonight

I've been thinking.

inflammatory threads: it doesn't pay to be measured

Any Project Greenlight fans??

Which IM program do you use? Anyone use an all in one type program?

I am the secret cardinal


I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!


Have you ever sneezed and felt like you broke something?

Do you have cable or a satellite dish?

It official as of today I AM A LOSER!

If you had to choose a radio name and personality - what would it be?

Anybody else seeing that stuff you read last Nov/Dec didn't exactly take?

What do you think when DU goes down or slows down?

"Two Cathedrals"

Greetings from Cologne! Germany, that is!

Love this comment from Miss Manners about cash for wedding

Best Repug Actor

Jimmy Carter not allowed to be part of the US Contingency to attend

My left ear won't pop!

The wheel is turning and you can't slow down,

Best 'obscure' Alfred Hitchcock song

Loads of fun, fresh air, even a little exercise... all for $8

Tasteless. And I'm going to hell for posting it.

Have you ever photoshoped yourself?

I account for 1 out of 700 posts on DU.

Changes to be made by new pope.

Best "obscure" Robyn Hitchcock song:

With gas prices going up, have you bought a bike?

A Father Mourns a Love Story Cut Short

POLL:What will be the surprise revelation on the July opener of GALACTICA?

WTF is Laura wearing!?

Why do many newscasters leave out words like 'are,' 'has,' or 'is?'

Post a picture of your favorite work of art and tell us why it is

Am I hardcore unemployable?

Spectacular News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"West Wing" Season Finale

Random lyrics

I've not been thinking....

"Sin City" Spoiler - I just returned home from viewing this movie.

I had to go to the dentist today..... and he remembered something

Best "obscure" Neil Young song:

Quiz show letter-turner Vanna White owns two Learjet 35As.

Is "republican piece of shit" a socially acceptable term?

So, it's going to be 80 degrees in Washington DC today.

What's all this nonsense I keep hearing about males watching corn?

Brave men and gender roles.

Let's brainstorm alternatives to "kick" and "bounce."

You gotta be a hottie to work at an Apple Store.

I'm smoking a chocolate-flavored Philles Blunt right now. Ask me anything.

Something I Never Considered (a letter to nostamj)

Your current food obsession/kick.

Meltdown in Miami: Jim Morrison and THAT concert

I saw Rachael Ray walk into my highschool today.

Everyone post a drawing YOU did.

The obituary of Jeffrey S. Matson, aka Nostamj

When you were little, you were afraid of:

It felt good to had a day off yesterday

Pope John Paul and his concern for animals

World Week for Animals in Laboratories: April 23-30

There's never been a Jesuit Pope?

Is conservative catholicism now trendy among conservative protestants?


What are your personal beliefs on Capital Punishment?

Question...Any Dentists out there?

Resistant staph cases on the rise

Scientific American's April Fools -- worth reading . . .

Found: the lost pyramids of Rock Lake, Wisconsin (archaeology)

Archaeologist finds 'oldest porn statue'

Australian jailed for gay sex in Fiji

GOP Digs In To Fight Washington State Gay Rights Bill

Gay Governor's Coming Out Wins Paper Pulitzer Prize

Connecticut Senate Expected To Pass Civil Union Bill

Texas GOP Balks At Gay Marriage Amendment

NAACP Supports Calif. Gay Marriage Bill

Senator Backtracks On 'Activist Judges' Remark

Italy: A defeat for Berlusconi - and a gay victory

UTA College Repukes celebrate straight pride.

Pope: homosexuality is evil. WWJS? The hatred of homosexualtiy is evil.

The Azaleas and Dogwoods are a'bloomin.

Breaking News/Sports: Francona Taken To Hospital

Vikings Fans - Reggie Fowler Bid looks shaky


Frozen Four

Edgar Renteria has hit into 73,214 double plays so far this season

Yikes. Micheal Vick sued for allegedly giving woman herpes.

the ark is full now.

Please welcome Zoey and her sister Mitzy

Meet Ethel and Lucy

Pad Thai enjoys a spring day in his kitty walk

Astrologers: Dimbot & The Eclipses of April 8 and April 24

seems there's a eclipse on my natal birthday this year-April 24th

W-a-a-a! Mommy, they're bashing us...

Flags half-mast for the Pope - that's wrong on so many levels!

Atheism a religion?


*sigh* yeah I'm going to ask a bible question.

Mass hysteria

Dead Pope Film Festival

The 700 Club? - HELL NO!

Just an FYI for everyone.

Are you a veteran??

John Kerry: A Million (Virtual) People Stand with Reid at Press Conference

Bolton nomination in deep trouble

Bolton Hearing postponed to Monday. (Monday? Oh no)


Kerry: The first 2004 prez candidate to make Doonesbury

Just want to mention Nancy Pelosi

Edwards Report


A lovely rainy day (large pic heavy)

Sorry, I just have to put up another Alaska picture...

Charles' rent a crowd problems

Is KOEB a subversive group?

Media poll for us to do!

Keith's heartfelt blog 4-5-05 re Peter Jennings

Why don't the Moderate Senate Republicans Jump Ship?

The Chimperor Arrives At The Vatican! Let The Photo-Op Begin!!!

Once Again Florida DINO Senator selling us out!!

UCSC protestors stops military recruiters from being at campus

Define "atheophobia"


Should the Military Industrial Complex be targeted by credible Democrats?

Best place for Anti Bush Tee shirts not plain white


College Repukes Celebrate "Straight Pride"

tipping points might have been reached...

Flood Delay's office with

Big Brother Pimps

Senator Russ Feingold on C-Span now at 8:50AM.

"Get in here, Dick! Them Italians got somethin!" (imagined novel excerpt)

New Kucinich website has gone live!

The Daily Show : The Republican news conference on SS....

Is the John Kerry ad in USA Today today?

How Much is Bush's SS Tour Costing You?

Delay and the GOP

Someone call C-SPAN and tell that ignorant Jeff Sessions

Sen. Santorum on c-span-talking about SS

House is in session, DeLay is speaker pro temporare

Newsweek's Samuelson: Deferring hard choices on retirement

David Wilkins from South Carolina is to be ambassador in Canada.

DeLay's wife, daughter got $500,000 from his campaign committee

WP: Maryland Passes Rules on Wal-Mart Insurance

Heckling Blair in Parliament on C-Span 2 now!!

Time Magazine: "Cheneys Rising" ... nepotism

Limits On Wells Vowed - "We will do something,"

Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison..wants run for Texas Governor

Senator Dorgan (D-ND) - End funding of TV Marti

Pictures and video of SFrancisco protest of Arnold from

Is there a government mail blaster?

USAT: Many Wary Of GOP'S MORAL AGENDA (The Tide Has TURNED!!!)

An Evil Idea for Peace Groups Under Surveillance

Where is the unified voice

Herald aims to cut 24 percent of union news staff

Can Bush privitize Social Security by presdential directive??

Peter Jennings emotional admission of Cancer/Video

Opus Dei. Since Tweety (MSNBC-Haradball) is going to have

MoveOn petition to requesting Delay be removed

Poll finds * suffering from 'second-term-itis'

Military bases - where are they?

Delay's daughter had been subpoenaed by Travis County DA

Can I get examples of the Patriot Act violating people's rights?

No-Neck Monsters >>>

Help Fire Tom DeLay -

Kennedy in front of the Senate now calling out those inciting violence

'Physician of the Year' = $1,250 contribution to the GOP

"On Iraq, Bush treated the pope like a well-meaning but naïve child."

Not another dime for the Iraq "war"?

Something That Worries Me On Friday...

Smaller elections yesterday, but it seems the worm has turned

Peak Oil and Social Security Privatization

Hastert waves the "National Sales Tax" flag, has kidney stones removed

Get 3 Conservative Books for $1 Each

Feingold on C-Span2 Now (6:55pm edt)

Voting Rights Act to *expire* in 2007?!

CSPAN3 loves John Bolton - several speeches overnight.

Ken Mehlman needs my help!

Nick Anderson's Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoons.

Like a Bowling Pin, Karl Rove Is Setting Up Tom Delay

Is it better for DeLay to get shit-canned sooner rather than later?

Boxer Amendment Overturns Global Gag Rule

DNC: Delivered our voices to congress, over a million. Blog, pictures.

Believe it or not: you might be subsidizing Tom DeLay’s legal bills

Clark's House Armed Service Committee opening statement:

Hell must have frozen over..

Should Democrats call for DeLay's resignation?

Developing on Rawstory: Papers plan stories on source of Talking points

Our New Strongman in Iraq

The NEW Congressional assault on the right to die - H.R. 1151

Freepers have a "break the filibuster" call-a-thon today and tomorrow

House GOP backs DeLay Amid Ethics Scandals

Bolton nomination in deep trouble

A 3rd DeLay Trip Under Scrutiny (RATE IT UP!)

All but 5 Pug Congressmen accepted $ from Delay

Tennessee's Sen. Ford Subject of Probe(Uncle of US rep Ford jr.)

The October Surprise 1980 ..... Turns out to be true .....

Drunk chief of police

Does anyone else feel

Where was Hastert today?

The Am. Conservative Mag.'s cover story: GOP exploits the religious right

When Democrats attack

have the repukes worn out the "liberal media" meme

Drudge feature search engine results: Halliburton vs. Michael Jackson

Red Lake teachers return to halls - Star Tribune

Since no one will read the Pew Research I will post. Relates to poll.

2004 elections gave West Virginia Pro Life majoritys in every branch.

Who said this ??

CNN poll on Delay

Daily Show is helping serve up the Iraq Democracy Kool Aid

I think the 2008 Presidential race will be very different from '04

Check out this powerpoint from Billionaires for Bush!

The Presidential trip to Rome (and the lying whitehouse)

Delay dissed Baylor U/ A&M and says everyone knew his kid at the local bar

Rep. Henry Hyde on Floor -tribute to Pope

I would like to make a law banning Corporations from giving $ to Politics.

Are Chiefs-of-Staff Really THAT Powerful? (As in, Leo McGarry-powerful)

Poll: Lieberman more popular with Repubs than with Democrats

Bush's Purge of the CIA - Recruiting Goldmine for the Democratic Party?

Poll: two-thirds of Dean voters don't want Kerry or Gore in '08

Mr. DeFazio on the extraordinary and reckless President Bush

Clearly the DLC does not mirror its constituency -- so what do we do?

Update from Eugene OR Recruiting Office Shutdown on 4/5

MSNBC Poll: Do you think former President Jimmy Carter was snubbed by WH?

From Jessica, a "Navy Wife"


Don't forget: Dennis Hastert gets sh*t-canned when Tom DeLay does.

CSPAN schedule and commentary for 4/7 - Heavy on the rethugs today!

I'm tired of political defeatism

This has come to bother me so much.

My take on the failure of the DLC

My marvelous day in Freeperville!

more police surveillance among Fresno Peace Groups

John Kerry: A Million (Virtual) People Stand with Reid at Press Conference

Censure Tom Delay

Is DeLay a gift from God?

Straw poll Russ Feingold, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, Wes


I'm listening to Wes Clark's testimony to congress on Iraq LIVE right now

Clinton and Bushes joined at the hip lately! Anyone else pissed off?