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Archives: April 5, 2005

'He possessed "charism,"......he didn't fear for his life, ...'

Norman: For non-Catholics, there was no better pope

Krugman: An Academic Question (Liberal Bias in Universities)

engine identified-CFM56

The Dallas News simpers "Cornyn theorizes on violence"

A little something...

BREAKING NEWS on the Pope:

gasoline price check in-- $2.68 per gallon for regular unleaded...

Would you survive in poverty?

Why John Bolton must not become UN Ambassador!

I. Need. Help. (with a repuke)

What is the MOST liberal TV show on the air?

Use this email list to remind FOX that Pope opposed Iraq War and

How do you SLEEP at night, George Bush? >>>

What is the root cause of terrorism against the U.S.?

U.S. Begins Steps to Limit Import Surge From China

K St. fears nuclear winter (lobbyists warn GOP off of "nuclear option")

Carville memo on Social Security angers Dems -The Hill

New Nuclear Warhead Proposed to Congress -WP

'Minuteman' Founder Is Pleased by Reaction

Patriot Act Changes to Be Proposed (by Justice Dept)

SMEAGOL/GOLUM Checked in to the Malloy Thread tonight!

It's time fooooorrr...doggie cuteness!!!! (Graphic Heavy!!!)

Cubs without Sosa...

I'm the taxi driver on Taxicab Confessions.

WillaYumpit has been found.

Michael Jordan hugged each of the winning Tarheel players after the game

Best Mr. Show Quotes (post your favorite)

I'm sleeping in DON'T WAKE ME UP!!

Living Will jokes

Hurrah! got my 1000th post tonite!!!

Here's why I'm so happy to be a Canadian

DUers, what is your solution to having extra Badgers?

I'm not bored..... in fact I won't reply to you if you post here

More cute kitty silliness

These would make a great mobile...

ok, it's 12:30 in the morning and I'm spoiling for a fight.

I'm bored..... lavish me with attention.

What Band From the 80s Are You?

How many siblings do you have?

Congratulations, North Carolina Tar Heels!

*SIGH* This always happens

Democrats and Unions to work on political mobilization in April.

Kerry, Hillary, Dean & Obama to DeLay: "Go under oath now or resign."

Congressmen to Talk at Anti-Judge Conference (Judges Pose "Mortal Danger")

Why was Carter so despised? Any why did Christians support Reagan when...

Every state needs an AG candidate like Jerry Brown to fight USA PATRIOT

The Real Straight Banana

Controversy over reports that led to Iraq War/ Yoichi Nishimura

Back To The Future - the Protest Movement

What Rupert Wrought

Miller's UN Reporting

The Rejection Of The Eggheads

Policy Failure, Not Intelligience Failure

Staged Right? (RNC's Mehlman event at Howard U)

Jeffery Sachs: The end of the world (of poverty) as we know it

Roberts heavy-handed on Intel, Dems charge -The Hill

Houston Chronicle: Senator Links Violence, Judges. (Cornyn)

How Government Debt Consolidates Wealth and Power…

Hirsi Ali tells it like it is

Goodbye To All That Oil

Before the Circus

Overview: The Great Energy War

Overview: The Great Energy War

Article explains the recent mysterious success of the non-Left in gov't.

Oil Cost Stokes Push For Policy

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): The bluntest instrument

NPR's white noise

Brooks: A House Divided, and Strong (Why Repugs are on Top)

"Latest neocon target: The Vatican" by Wayne Madsen

The Worst Black Congressperson -The Black Commentator

Why not drug test Congess, too?

Good Things Happening in Venezuela

Thomas Cahill - The Price of Infallibility (Pope JP II)

Neutering Social Security [Jim Hightower]

Just Say No To Empire (from!)

The Coming Republican Crackup

Shutting Homework, Literacy & Citizenship Centers

Vote for the Most Shameful Media Kingpin

Pope Bush and the Media

Taxcut/Rebate, 1 st one: $300 - when, pls?

Taxes: 2 simple methods; None of ur time wasted:No big rulebooks

action item on the bankruptcy bill in the house

overview statics on the state of the working class in the US

"the wolf is coming".

Evergreen International pays $25 million for dumping oil illegally

Barton optimistic on energy bill


Greens Defend Critical Mass and Bicycles Against Mass Arrests

how much of the high price of gas is Bush's fault? Most maybe

Solar Towers -- A Possible Solution to the Looming Peak-Oil Crisis?

China's miscalculations increasing

Guardian Unlimited; Israel 'is sealing off Jerusalem Arabs'

Lecturers may boycott Israeli academics

Diebold, Choicepoint Partner to Offer Innovative Voting Technology

Received letter from Blackwell's office saying that I am not registered


Support erodes for elections director

NEWS LINKS for the Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Humboldt County Supervisors Approve Diebold Touch Screen Machines

Tuesday 4/5 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

Voting Rights Groups and Issues Links: Got any?

Directory of State Election Reform Groups

Does anyone have a good response to the ADA claim that Op Scan

Lets turn the table on Diebold.

KOEB (ASTB), Tuesday

CARTER COMMISSION Information and Fax #

Help -I'm looking for case law about getting out of Contracts w/DRE vendor


Does anyone know information on Election Science Institute, formerly

Los Angeles Times (April 5): Bills Target Pharmacists Who Say 'No'

I am interested in this story

Coastal panel's fate hangs in balance -State's top court to hear challenge

Thousands block limos heading into Arnold fundraiser

Where can we vote to hate 2.17 cent gas?

Downtown CR is a construction mess!

Des Moines Register has story on Gannon/Gosch connection, cites DU

Loebsack in West Branch Saturday

The new Air America station in Iowa will be invaluable

Graduate students at UMass-Amherst say no contract, no peace

Romney labor director penalized for work habits resigns

Joe K mocks ‘out of place’ Mitt at Dem bash

Marriage Amendment in Mass?

Anyone here know why Kerry

Printable Bumper Stickers now on Air America MN site

Klobuchar to announce she's raised big $$$ for Senate run

What the heck?!

Smart Phone Question

My mouse cursor will suddenly shoot up into one corner of my screen.

Message from Sherrod Brown, re; Town Hall Meeting

Plain Dealer's Connie Schultz wins Pulitzer

Where do your tax dollars go? ( texas chart)

A headsup on the Texas version of "Faith-based Initiative" Bill 2479

Campaign Finance Reform. A commentary.

Delay's wife and daughter paid $500,000 since 2001-Fundraising fees

RAlly to Indict DeLay (RAID) in Houston April 16

Texas wildflower hotline & web site

Need help on info please

KXEB bumper stickers - update

John Cornyn caught lying about legal support for his filibuster argument

Elizabeth Burmaster going to win

We took back our School Board tonight (Wauwatosa)

$2.36.9 per gallon gasoline @#$%^@!&

4 year terms for Milwaukee County is a go

Russ Feingold to be on C-Span 4/06

Wish Me Luck (Operation Tomorrow)

Helen Thomas takes some shots at Fleischer's book

well . . . seems the times, they are a-changin' . . .

Wow. I'm tripping. A new Globe Trekker. Frist and Hatch are on there.

After years of throwing all its hot potato issues to the Judicial branch

Superconducting Super Collider site to be a movie/recording studio

Where's the Daily show??

The Funeral of the Pope

Surprise! AG Gonzales to request renewal of Patriot Act

The Christian god is a warring desert god.

The ANARCHYof the right...........

Is the Congressional Medal of Honor that Bush just gave out legit?

UCLA launches $20m stem cell institute to investigate HIV, cancer

when does the counter-Clinton Library open?

Utne Independent Press Awards Nominees -- 2004

Unions serve their purpose...

My eulogy to the pope and the faithful.

Houston newspaper: Bush & Pope BONDED despite their differences

There has been call by Bush/WH for energy conservation/renewable's

Here is a poll on another site about Pope John Paul II legacy...


When the price of gasoline goes up, I assume that the excise taxes

C-SPAN...NOW... Discussing the Filibuster Rule!

should a decent church going person smoke marijuana?

Re: Montana resolution criticizing Patriot Act - Poll in Billings Gazette

Social Security "Calculator" - What will you LOSE?

Terri's Law: Where is the Legislation to Fight Eating Disorders?

berlusconi cartoon in il manifesto today

BREAKING NEWS! It's my birthday.

Wedding security headache

Brownshirts are hiring

C-SPAN: Revisiting the Patriot Act

"Florida Living Will" e-mail

RE: FYI Gannon/Guckert.......I smell a story cooking.

Bush Sez: US Government Bankrupt - "US Treasury Bonds Worthless"...

The Republican Party is like a rebellious teenage girl...

Does anyone have Progressive Insurance (car)?

Makeshift Hindu temple razed, three worshipers deported from Saudi

Brit Hume: Master of Deception (a FOX ghost story )

How does Costco auto insurance measure up?

This country is crawling with Terrorists, & they're NOT surly foreigners

New Blood in Congress....NBC

Happy Birthday COLIN POWELL!!!

The deliberate impoverishment of people as US policy.

Killer Piece on Faux's faux Popularity - about the Same # Viewers as PBS

SF Bar Exploits Native Remains

Rare photo of Minuteman volunteer in action!

My kid needs help with education rights/law issue. .

Gay marriage proposed by Republicans.

Al Gore's Current TV Teams With Google

Peter Jennings has lung cancer....

Urgent! Call Congress to Demand an "Open Rule" for the Bankruptcy Bill!

Other Reasons to Pay for Public Education

Is ground zero in New York or Hiroshima? Something don't seem right here

As a country where are we headed?

Jesse Ventura SPEAKS!

"Pain Weapons" against International Law?

nutty is as nutty does

Need help concering the Schiavo affair

NPR covering Opus Dei on Morning Edition today.

Iraqi resistance video claims "close friend of Bush" killed

I am tired of seeing the 'losers' list

Anti-Bush/Gas Price bumperstickers

All I have to say to republicans is you are as dumb as a box of rocks

The Grassroots Resistance To The Patriot Act

The Democratic Party needs to start a 'Read the Constitution' movement

Is anyone else disgusted at how often Bush is getting equated w/spreading

plant gurus! cactus question?


The Era of Fascism is here - RW'ers make support of DeLay mandatory

Love her or hate her: Jane Fonda is on Fresh Air today (NPR)

Imagine no Religion....I wonder if you can

My Underwear.

World Bank Workers Scared

I was in a car wreck once....

35,000 News Articles, Pope Goes for a Record

catch the MCP language in this header

Attention, Photoshoppers! Please, please, pleeeease

Required reading ; Scalia and our rights.

it seems things aren`t going well in saudi arabia

found this article about thom hartmann meeting withthe pope back in 1998

dailykos: A Democratic War Position: A good read

There are at least three ways that lowering the speed limit would help.

Why the love-fest for the bigot Paul Wellstone?

Mayhem in Iraq Today. FOUR GIs Dead... *graphic*

If you spoke at Bob Jones University, do NOT go to the Pope's funeral

There goes that MYTH of bush as "popular president"

Thomas Friedman on The Daily Show tonight

Thailand's Royal Rainmaking Center

How would you fare if civilization collapsed?

Why is David Brooks so freakin' wrong?

Trashing Democrats for stupid reasons.

Shadia Drury, author of "Leo Strauss and the American Right."

PING flamingyouth

I need help answering this question:

Freep family "vacations" at Minutemen border patrols

Scarborough calls Repuke Congressmen "sleazy"

PHOTO: "Mr. President, PLEASE don't take a leak in the garden."

Take Clark's survey on Iraq. he'll testify before congress:

News: Networks banking on religious-themed shows

put on your slime protection garb and go here: (DeLay)

DU gets honorable mention in Stars and Stripes letters (again)

combine these two technologies = smart soldiers

UK Panel: U.S. troops are too heavy-handed, excessive force used

The Things which Unite Us

Felt like I had to come to DU to cleanse myself

Who here likes Lizz and Rachel better than Jerry Springer?

aww... anybody watch McLaughlin group this weekend?

Why is a car pursuit getting national news coverage?

My fellow Americans, ask not if we can honor America, but ask if we can be

Investigators believe embattled judge committed suicide

"GasPriceWatch" web site ($2.59 / $2.69 / $2.79 today in Silicon Valley)

Goodbye Norma Rae. Bedrock US textile industry faces extinction

god thank GOD they won't have kids

Did Senator Cronyn retract his idiotic statement yet?

Gore's channel will NOT be a voice for Democrats

$100 ticket, $56 "administration fee"

FEC Question: Can non-Texans donate to DeLay's opponent?

Cousins' marriage highlights relationship controversy

Quick, what does this remind you of?

Religious broadcasters are squeezing community radio right off the dial

CNN: "Are they any danger to humans?"..(re:sharks 'swarms')

could senator Craig(Idaho) be who Scarborough is talking about

Iraqi Mujahideen Claim To Have Killed CIA Shadow Director in Iraq

US companies face corporate debt mountain

"Ding Ding Ding", end of round one: Culture War

Watch Out, Jesus!

Pigman was going off on "Sandy Burglar" this morning...

Faux news is getting better Only 1.75:1 Conservative versus Liberal ratio

Is there a reason they needed to point out ...

Anyone hear anything

It makes me laugh how some throw the term "Fundie" around.

First it was our brain, now you tell me our heart is gone

Political reasons for banning Gay Marriage?

A Primer on How Our Subservient Media Works.

quick quote from Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan:

Pass the AG Bill (S. 359/H.R. 884)

ok, ok, I admit it, I have smelly feet! So can you help?

Scarborough Country: (Repuke) Senate playing games with soldiers' safety

Greenspan: Oil Costs Strain Energy Markets (let the frog's boil in water)

Churches sell steeple space as hiding spots for cellular antennas

304 U.S. soldiers ordered killed by Pentagon in Iraq

How long will it take us to say "We" instead of "Me"?

Republicans request investigation in WA governor's race

Help on rising aborition rate stats from last year please

Iraqi say the U.S. military took his mother and sister as hostages

An Academic Question By PAUL KRUGMAN

Bill Oreilly and why the pope disliked America

I Pity the Photographer >>>

FACT: At least 600 soldiers were murdered by other soldiers during Vietnam

Let's reframe things by speaking against "passivist" judges.

Cars tell political party preference???

Gannon/Gorsch/DU at

Are gas prices higher in Democratic Counties and States?

Sign petition against changing Senate rules for confirming judges

With all this FAKE talk of "family values" by the pubbies...

Oily Fundy Evangelical calls Pantheism "Kooky"!

toons for tuesday

We need a new nickname for these "Minutemen."

Version II : Critique my anti-Bush SS piratization poster.

An important site..

Going to Canada, a cruise? Now you will need a PASSPORT

A state judge nearly ran me over on the highway.

The Minuteman Project: What They Stand For In Their Own Words

Russ Feingold will be on C-SPAN tomorrow on Washington Journal!

The Florida - Stand Your Ground Bill right to shoot....So let's review....

Vote for "MOST SHAMEFUL MEDIA KINGPIN" at freepress!!!!!

Balt Sun: Ripken foundation set to break ground on stadium

Bankruptcy Bill: Sell a card to Congress.


As if Chimpy's presence isn't enough of a freak show

Berlusconi 'Massacred' in Regional Elections...BWAAHAHAHAHHAA!!!

Aide: Falwell 'well enough to go home'

Jeff Matson's Obit and "calling hours"

"Republicans' 60 Day Soc Sec Road Show Calendar" from Steny Hoyer

Am I the only one who thinks* attending the Pope's funeral is a bad idea?

HEADS UP DUers. Tonight 'Frontline' on PBS!

CBS cameraman shot by US troops

The Top 10 Examples of Government Waste

Pope fears Bush is antichrist,

You're not gonna believe what recruiters are up to now....must read

Report: Unwanted Aspen Sled Dogs Shot In Head

Can anyone offer info on residential solar power systems?

What happened to John Kerry?

Remember RW bigot Bob Lonsberry? Now he's going after special ed!

Do DR. Rice and Smirk intend to INVADE the Vatican City?

How do Rove's two stories on SS Mesh?

Does Michelle Malkin have a Ghost Blogger?

Freak Republic eating their own... funny posts..

So, who's lost weight? How much did you lose? And how?

Here's a scenario:

Flags at half-staff

Consumer Reports: Ionic "Air Purifiers" POLLUTE the air!

Hannity: The Pope Was a Wild-eyed Liberal

Great idea!

If I was the bugman I'd be worried about being given a sucide

More on Michelle Malkin's "Ghost Blogger"

Was checking out and found this mess with right radio.

(photo) Does Yahoo do this on purpose?

A reminder: If you doubt that the Fascist bush administration

Clark on Wash Journal tomorrow/ Also Ask CSPAN to air HASC testimony live

Kerry Pledges $1M to DCCC

CBS News: Seal Hunt Photo Essay (**graphic warning**)

To all conservatives who wish to claim the Pope's legacy:

Will Pope's funeral be BIGGER than Evita's?

I'm a Red Sox fan myself . . .

Randi just cited Democratic Underground

Oh, freepers! It's that time again for a loving look at your president!

Asia Times story on Pakistan-AQ Khan (Kerry mention)

The Navy just called my son.

What would your "dream" candidate have to say?

I hope someone reads this and gives a report

The Pope's Funeral and how Faux will play it

exploitation part deux: History Book Club sales event!

Surprised I don't see more threads complaining about Gore TV...

Pope's body has not been embalmed?

Anyone watching Frontline on whacko Israeli Jewish extremists??

Drudge is going after DeLay

So, what will Laura, The First Fashion Disaster, Wear to the Funeral?

A poem if you please - Why do the good ones die so young?

On Cinco de Mayo, pray for a moral revival in this country

Does anyone know what is going on with CableOne?

Proof that * gargled with liquid plumber at sometime.

The International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence...

Is Cornyn using the Ward Churchill logic of reactionary vengeance?

anyone watching the news hour now?

Decoding Opus Dei

"The Trials of Dick Cheney' - excerpt from my novel (well, not really)

bad news from PA: Browne defeats Mann in state Senate race

I need your help...I can't choose!

Kerry and Kennedy D (MA)

Do Righties take advantage of Lefties compassion?

Would you have believed what was happening at Abu Ghraib prison...

* supports prisoners going on plane rides. The man is an idiot.

Barry Zito - major league good guy

Frontline (PBS) on now: Anarchist Israeli Fundamentalists

Camera catches thief caught in the act!


My fellow DUers....need some research help, please

Neocons Target Vatican: Pick-a-Pope for PNAC

Has Rove Turned on Delay?

5,000 Iraqis kidnapped since Saddam ousted.

DU named in Des Moines Register article on Gannon/Gosch connection

'least the vatican didn't embalm John Paul II, Pius XII style-ewww!!!!!!!!

oh for god's about exploitation!!! :puke:

Baghdad not safe for women after US invasion.

Sean Hannity's Not So Christian Behavior:


how will rush and hannity spin delay's newest troubles?

Here's What You Can Do

I never want to hear asshole Republicans complain ever again...

Message written by Castro in Pope's Condolence Book

They didn't embalm the Pope?

Speaker Hastert to Lead Bipartisan Delegation to the Vatican

Bush Approval Rating Lowest Ever for 2nd-Term Prez at this Point

You know went after King when he spoke out on Vietnam - then came the shot

NewsBreakers (this is a riot!)

Flags at half mast?

Joke: Bush's real reason for not including Carter in the US delegation

Have Seen 3 Anti-UN ads today -- Who is the sponsoring group?

How can the Church be anti-homosexual...

Is there a doctor in the house?

Anderson Cooper: "Saint Pope John Paul the Second"

Date Set for Wash. Gubernatorial Challenge

Should we be discussing philosophy more and policy less?

Blair Warns of "Rather Nasty Rightwing Campaign"--and MORE

why are no Polish American Democrats not interviewed during Pope's funera

*sigh* My county now uses Sequoia optical-scan voting machines...

New Freedom Ride Bus Tour Takes Moral Message to Nation

i'm surprised the GOP let them embalm Ronald Reagan

GOP Give$ Physicians Awards -- for a fee

The faces of meth

MANDATORY MALLOY: Tuesday Truthseeker Shin Dig

There's some BBC newsnight show on C-span2

Beware of China...

The Schiavo Case's Intended and Unintended Consequences

Quick obvious question: Should the "War on Terror" be called the "War on

Is "terrorism" a real threat to America?

DeLay: "We created the courts, we can un-create them"

Rep. Tom DeLay is going to the Pope's funeral. Will he return???

damnit nostamj, damnit damnit damnit

About the latest immigration threads here

AAR News

Study shows link between small penis size and violent acts/hunting

just for shits and giggles

Sign the Humane Society petition to the Canadian Gov. (re: seal hunt)


"We ain't gonna pay 'em!"

FAIR Alert: Reviving Cold War Reporting on Nicaragua

Important: Chevron/Texaco buying Unocal

Fox News is not exactly sure of Pope's position on Iraq War

Jimmy Carter SNUBBED by monkey?

If I die in florida

Princecon III Fantasy Game? Is it dangerous, criminal?

"Centrist" Democrats WARN Liberals?! What is this DLC BS?!

AFL-CIO's Union Summer program.

there are days when I just want to go to sleep and NOT

Des Moines Register cites DU in Gannon conspiracy theories

So... When Judges Install A Monkey As President, By A 5 To 4 Vote...

Sen. Cornyn's comments on Courtroom violence concern Texas authorities

How in the hell are the "Minutemen" allowed to do what they are doing?

I keep hearing it said, jobs we don't want to do, or we won't do.

Vote Democrat on the CMT Country Music Awards

How many times did you hear your Mother say

Get your Thanks pResident Bu$h gas pump stickers here!

Sean Hannity Compared Bush to John Paul II Last Night n/t...

Freepers Jumping Ship

"Mourners" photograph dead Pope with cellphone cameras...WTF?

Lord Help me....I Voted Republican Today.

Perhaps I really am a hypocrite.

Minutemen Are Not Simply Excercising Their "Free Speech" Rights

Man, this is all eerily familiar

Pedophile enabler bastards to pick next pope.

Fellow carnivores: ever have reservations about eating meat?

DU Nostalgia for the Old Days and Keph, Nostamj and others.....

WOAH! DeLay's wife and daughter paid $500,000 by his OWN P.A.C.-(NYT)

Ann Coulter is just a freak show to make the neocons look normal.

Minutemen, Signs, Borders LOL Some Of You Crack Me Up

RW Fundie Skywriters Over Florida?......Praise Jesus! Jesus Loves You!

Passing of DUer Nostamj, aka Jeffery Matson

Why don't high gasoline prices hurt Bush?

any mention of impeachment or revolution gets instantly shot down

TOONS: Memorial Edition: Thanks for everything, Nostamj

OK, did I step over the line here?

Tribute to Jeff Matson on The Guy James Show Saturday. Keep kicked please

my kitchen's a wreak, I'm starved and don't want to clean

Stasera il pane (Tonight's bread)

If one were to enjoy bagels with meat and cheese between halves

Singapore Curried Noodles - Recipe and request for help


Labour candidate joins Lib Dems

The Ides of May

Metro Radio (from Newcastle) online

New poll shows 5 point Tory lead

That;s the election been called

If there is a hung parliament, do you think it would last?

They said it couldn't happen here ... Tories given a 5 point lead by Mori

Thailand to tighten security in south as bombs kill three

Bush pledges closer links to Ukraine:Ex-republic's embrace of the West cou

Filipino WWII Vets Seek U.S. Recognition

Moldova Retains Pro-West Leader

Florida scores high on cancer awareness:Suicide and infant-death rates are


Early trial sought for Ken Lay in bank fraud case

Profits up for prison contractor, not state (Florida)

Blair sets 5 May as election date

U.S., Iraqi Troops Battle Dozens of Insurgents (2 US Soldiers Dead)

Duplicate...I think...hope?

Explosion Targets U.S. Convoy in Baghdad

Blast kills two US troops


Red Cross demands prison riot inquiry

Abu Ghraib Probe Suggests CIA Role in Iraqi Deaths

10,000 police to guard VIPs and pilgrims

Fort Lewis soldier dies in Mosul attack

Tiny drives set for space boost (one inch hard-drive holding 60Gb)

N.Y. Lawmakers Target Modem Hijacking

Regulator Moves to Rein in Exec Pay

Judge slates 'banana republic' postal voting system

Bush awards Medal of Honor

Vatican to Consider Severing Diplomatic Ties with Taiwan

Vatican Considers Cutting Ties with Taiwan -Bishop

Man sentenced to nearly 4 years for attempted arms export (Florida)

Death penalty 'at record levels'

ChevronTexaco buys rival for $18bn

Staged Right? (RNC's Mehlman event at Howard U)

UK planning to pull British troops out of Iraq

Al-Qaeda 'still serious threat'

US librarian loses 'sexy' lawsuit

Coalition made Iraq 'terrorist hotbed'

Defrocked Boston priest indicted on child rape charges

Gonzales Proposes Patriot Act Renewal (wants ALL provisions renewed)

BLM sells 30 wild horses to Florida rancher, $100 a head

Yucca Mountain E-Mails May Jeopardize Project, Officials Fear

Blair calls national election for May 5

Blair sets 5 May as election date

Scandal-hit Annan tries to cool staff anger with a 'pep talk'

Wanted Chávez foes flee to South Florida

Silk Road smugglers running radioactive wares

Experts Find 41 Saltworks Used by Mayans

UK Panel: U.S. Troops Too Heavy-Handed

Beijing Tells Vatican Not to 'Interfere' with Chinese Catholics

Bomb hits Iraqi oil pipeline, exports at a standstill

Armed Thai Gangs Attack Police Station

Castro attends funeral mass for Pope

Ford Motor plans white-collar job cuts in US (1,000 jobs)

U.S. to Tighten Border Controls by 2008

No need to name Greenspan successor soon, Rove says

Senate Wary of Changing Filibuster Rules

Red Cross saw riot denied by US

TX: House committee considers constitutional ban of gay marriage

WP: Bioterror Plans Inadequate, GAO Says

Sen. Byrd warns of problems with security

Jordan government quits, king appoints new PM

Drug Firms Launch $10 Million Ad Campaign

Project sheds light on disability born of alcohol

Purported al-Qaida video shows beheading

Patriot Act raises doubts in onetime supporters

Tax Abuse Rampant in Nonprofits, IRS Says

Former Sonic Kemp arrested

NYT: Crisis of Indian Children Intensifies as Families Fail

WP: Actors in the Insurgency Are Reluctant TV Stars (Iraqi reality show)

Japan history texts anger E Asia

LAT: (Stevens broadcast rule) Indecency Proposal Getting Static From Cable

Jury Selection to Start in (Eric) Rudolph Trial

Iraq child hunger report denied (by US and UK) (BBC News)

Report Said to Find 9/11 Evacuation Slow

Ford Aims to Cut 1,000 U.S. Jobs

Nurses: Major protest against Schwarzenegger set for Tuesday

Bush: Social Security Has Bleak Future (Boo...!)

ABC News: Peter Jennings Has Lung Cancer

Kurdish Leader Talabani to Be Named Iraq President

Four U.S. soldiers killed in clashes in Iraq

Iraq: Health officials fear leishmaniasis epidemic

Diary entries and autopsy photos can be used in Akbar trial

LAT: Bills Target Pharmacists Who Say 'No' (California)

Cancer Patients Exposed To High Radiation (miscalibrated machine)

Moody's Cuts GM Rating, Warns on Ford

Attorney General: Patriot Act used in Mayfield investigation

Sensenbrenner To Cable Execs: Indecency Is Criminal Act

Indian gambling debate comes to Capitol Hill

(UK)Government drops ID card plans (BBC News)

Kurdish Leader Talabani to Be Named Iraq President

[Reuters] G7 to Seek Development of Alternative Energy -Kyodo

Asbestos Bill on Its Way, U.S. Senate's Frist Says (Reuters)

Japan Approves Revised 'Nationalist' Textbook - COMFORT WOMEN DELETED

Video Released of Rocket Attack on Abu Ghraib

Death Penalty: 3,797 Executed in 2004

Canadian Automobile Industry and Government Agree on Climate Change Action

Social Security "Debate" on CSpan now

Moody's Cuts GM Rating, Warns on Ford (Reuters)

Frist Says Courts in Schiavo Case Acted Fairly

Saudi Gunfight Kills Alleged al-Qaida Leaders

Thailand, Under Royal Initiative, Steps Up Artificial Rainmaking

Gonzales to Defend Patriot Act Renewal

Iraqi Suspect Says U.S. Troops Took Mother Hostage

Inquiries ignore White House role

Missing Soldier in Iraq Has Become Part of Ohio Community's Consciousness

Bush Says Social Security Trust Fund a Fiction

Fake cops stop driver, leave with his wallet

Member of Scottish Parliament seen on CCTV in sex act with aide

Frist Says Courts in Schiavo Case Acted Fairly

Frist: Schiavo rulings won't affect dispute over judicial nominees

French hostility to European Union treaty deepens in polls

Bush, pope bonded despite their differences

Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow Dies at 89

Houston police to open task force into taser usage

Gonzales ready to deal on Patriot Act fixes

(New Florida) Law Expands Right to Kill in Self-Defense (Reuters)

U.S. to Tighten Border Controls by 2008 (for Americans, that is)

Bush Urges Congress to Act on Budget, Deficit (Reuters)

Moody's Cuts Debt Rating for General Motors, Places Ford on Watch

UC Workers Rally, Win Promise of Meeting with Chancellor (Berkeley)

Groups call on police to stop taser use (NY)

County, unions headed for talks (OR)

Union says Cooper offer 'is an insult'

NLRB will decide the fate of new Teamsters vote (MI / nurses)

Heavy-equipment operators call strike against contractors (Buffalo)

Negotiations Resume in Crosby-Ironton Teachers Strike (MN)


USATODAY: Appeals court says gripe site free to disparage namesake

WP: Senators Will Travel to Rome; House Still Unsure (no room at the inns)

Cameraman for CBS Wounded by U.S. Troops in Iraq

US names new Iraq ambassador

House Panel Revives Energy Bill (w/MTBE Protection) (Reuters)

Sexy Harvard librarian loses glass ceiling lawsuit

FBI (Meueller & Gonzales) seeks expanded search powers

Forgotten man lay dead in flat for six years (The Guardian)

Iraqi Suspect Says U.S. Troops Took Mother Hostage (His sister too)

Appeals court says Whitmore Lake students strip search illegal (MI)

Kerry and Kennedy D (MA)

World anti-drugs conference opens in Chile (closed mtg-70countries w/DEA)

OPEIU Local Union 459 Strike Notice Controversy (MI)

Autopsy set for today on man who died after being hit by Taser (CA)

Report Criticizes D.C. Voucher System

Halliburton Resolves Iraq Billing Dispute

Boost for superstitious: Sun to darken on day of pope's funeral

WaPo and NYT set to run Delay influence peddling to Russians, Page 1.

EPA says 21 counties in nine states now meet new air-quality standards

DeLay Russian trip paid for by firm lobbying Russian gov't

DeLay defiant over ethics allegations

Iraqi general kidnapped in Baghdad

Bush to Sharon: No Expansion of Jewish Settlements

Papers Link Delay to Russian Lobby

King County election chief under fire (WA State Governor race)

Louisiana environmental official says he was forced to retire

Romney labor director penalized for work habits resigns

Gibbons on new task force reviewing environmental policy law

Bill allowing people to "meet force with force" heads to governor (Bush)

Fired juror's employer to appear in court or face arrest

WP: Ethics Panel Finds Conflict With Senator's Job as Physician

Greenspan sees oil-price spike as short-lived (Marketwatch)

Jordan's Abdullah Picks New Premier...Fresh Cabinet (US pressure)

Top (Medicare) Official Charged (with falsifying documents)

Climate change could sour US maple sugaring

Connecticut prepares to sue US. over Bush education law

Democrats Attack Bill to Curb Gang Violence (Reuters)

Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader - NEW YAWK TIMES!

UN report blames Israel, US for lack of Arab reform

Drug Firms Launch $10 Million Ad Campaign

Global Gag Rule Victory

Baucus Says Social Security Accounts Idea Is `Dead' (Update1)

Military Deaths in Iraq - At least 1,542 members of US military have died

Dems Declare War over Judicial Nominees

U.S. to Change No Child Left Behind Law

DeLay's wife and daughter paid more than $500,000 since 2001

"The Tipping Point" (10,000 in SF Bar Arnold from fundraiser--people win!

WP: (liberal) Blogger Hits the Wall (when he asks McClellan a question)

Washington Post: A 3rd DeLay Travel Controversy

Offshoring's second wave (factory workers)

Author Saul Bellow dies

CNN/AP: Thompson's ashes to be shot from cannon

Lawmaker wants list of companies exporting US oil (Wyden-Dem)

Halliburton Resolves Iraq Billing Dispute (Reuters)

Zinc Helps Teens Think

NYT: Connecticut Prepares to Sue U.S. Over Bush Education Law

Senate Votes to Ease Family Planning Rules (Boxer, Murray, Snowe amend.)

Army asked yet again to give troops in Iraq more armored Humvees

Fourth man indicted in Republican phone-jamming scheme

Texas Senate rejects life without parole bill

NYT: Top Officials Testify in Support of the Patriot Act

Bush Says Attack Shows Iraq Insurgency Still Deadly

Bush team 'causing chaos in Arab world'

Army Restructures Future Combat Program

Frist: Schiavo, Bush Nominees Unrelated

DeLay Moscow trip underwritten by firms lobbying Russian government...

Rumsfeld blasts Spain's decision to sell planes, boats to Venezuela

Wal-Mart Fights Criticism From Labor ("Wal Mart is good for America")

Venezuela's Oil Minister Says OPEC Running Out of Spare Production Capacit

Texas Democrats eye religious voters

Rove Says Social Security Overhaul Must Have Private Accounts

Gallup: Chimpy's Approval Lowest Ever

Ex-Presidents, Bush to Go to Pope Funeral

Big-game hunting bags big tax breaks


Kansas voters approve ban on gay unions

Tories learn lessons of Hague's 2001 campaign

MSNBC: Jeb Bush Praises Scientologists

Drudge: Bush Passed Over Carter in Pope Funeral Pick

Reid Accuses GOP of Arrogance on Courts

Female boxer dies after amateur bout

Arab Report Sees Little Reform, Faults U.S. Action

WP: 'Wal-Mart' Bill Advances in Maryland

Survey (UPI): U.S. Media Censors Iraq Reporting

Fla. House Approves Bill on Self-Defense

Passports to be req'd to return from Canada, Mexico-AP

Iraq insurgency has killed 6,000 civilians -- (US appointed Iraqi) govt

Report on Trade Center Collapses Emphasizes Damage to Fireproofing

2005 Profile in Profile in Courage Award Recipients

Putin aide warns of Russian collapse

Doctor Named 'Physician of the Year' -- for a Fee to Tom Delay.

Are Honors for Physicians the New Political Diploma Mill? (GOP award)

Inmate, Warden's Wife Found in Texas

Bush Says Social Security Trust Fund a Fiction (Reuters)

Patriot Act's 'sneak and peek' searches nearly double

Dems now gunning for DeLay? (former Congressman Nick Lampson may run)

Canada may retaliate against new U.S. border rules

Protesters Greet Governor Outside Fund-Raiser (SF Arnold)

BREAKING: Peter Jennings diagnosed with lung cancer

Is he Johnny Gosch? (DU mentioned in article)

Dissenters cite legacy of Pope John Paul II's mistakes

Alabama Gov.'s Slavery Blunder

Professor says global warming could trigger monsoons here

Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader (Delay)

Castro signs pope's condolence book:Hundreds of Cubans have gone to the Va

Tru Calling: a typical show about a typical night shift City Morgue worker

Look, you bastards,

yeah, here come the rooster

Shucks! I was hoping for a Blue State championship sweep this year (UNC)

Tell me honestly, have I jumped the shark???

dammit, why oh why did i sleep in till 1pm today???

So MJ was hugging the victorious Carolina players tonight


John And Elizabeth Edwards and the Kids At NCAA Championship Tonight (pic)

Man, My Chemical Romance sucks.

If I'm falling asleep in my chair, you think it's time to log off?

Shameless "Bill is Hot" thread.

So...I just got home, and my condo smells like bacon...

I've come back to DU after 6 months self-imposed exile. Ask me anything!

Man, I am too thin skinned for GD.

Are you a smoker?

Build a Mercedes-Benz


How do you make nervous girls feel comfortable when you go out?

Ack! down?!

Do Republicans in Washington share the same hair?

Longest road trip ever-Anchorage, AK to Key West, FL - 90 hrs contin drive

Find out how you are going to die!

Freaky Free Republic profiles...

Time for your European Androgeny Break

What does one have to do to get stalked on DU

Censorship on the comics page...

My new favorite song

I'm finished with selling out my principles, ask me anything.

The Spoilers

I quit smoking/cell phone pet peeve

Republicans are aliens: Left thinking will be punished,

Bar Owned By Scott Peterson Put Up For Sale On eBay

Shock horror, amazement.


Presidential Star Wars: In the * administration

Bugs found in Firefox and Mozilla, again

After 20 Years, Wallet With $177 Returned

Send this form to EVERY High School kid you know: Military opt-out

Bride of Chucky!!!!

If I could just mention something to those driving to work this AM

Michigan Police Hunt For Menacing Turkeys

Killer Geese Camped Outside my Building!

Rush Limpballs is a ?

Well, here it comes: "Papal" Spam.

Well it is business as usual in nature

I need a little help with a work problem.

The Titanic...Re-enacted by Bunnies!!!

New DU rule

Can a lack of sleep actually make your head hurt

Whoooooooo do you love?

Ok I'm coming clean - I love Gene Kelly!

I pooped on your cat in my garden this morning. Do you care?

I pooped in your garden this morning, and my cat doesn't care

kathy in cambridge needs to be saved

Can you guys cross your fingers for me?

BREAKING NEWS! It's my birthday.

Should I post a comment to this puppy's blog entry?

I will wring the neck of the next bird to poop in my garden

Excuse me can we please move on from the POOP threads??

The Eastland Disaster....

CONFESS!!!! You LOVE cat poop threads!

When it came to TV Co-Hosts, DURWOOD KIRBY was KING!

Complete the Alphabet Poem.

I did it! I jogged a whole mile w/o stopping to walk!

Once again it's time for Dinner with the Dead: Who would you invite???

Who's up for an Early Round of WHO AM I?

Britney Spears & Husband Create Reality TV Show About Their Love

Assuming reincarnation is true, what do you want to come back as?

Just how many cats are pooping in your gardens ANYWAY?

Attention everyone! Here are some kitties for your viewing pleasure!

I cried when the cat pooped in my garden...

One more cat poop thread: Does the first kitty in the box get a prize?

If a cat poops in your garden...

Is he attractive?

This is for all the outdoor cats out there . . .

Post cute pics of your kitties pooping in someone's garden!

Which fried chicken to you find unusually sexy?

Outdoor cats suck ass.

Should I divorce my wife?!


Oooohhh, look what TwoSparkles started

Do the Yankees like cats?


Cats vs. illegal immigrants

April, after Easter, forecasted for nearly 60 degrees today

My milkshake is better than yours.

My coworkers are lauging at me cause I collect body parts..

We are going to stay in a *haunted inn*

Rapid Rising Water

Hey, DU: Come Get a Piece of Wedding Cake!!!

Is female boxing the dumbest idea ever conceived?

Is it BAD that I got into a flame war with LynneSin over Charlie Chaplin

Wah! People are making fun of me!

When it comes to Acting Legends: Charlie Chaplin RULES!!!

I'm leaving DU...

Let All Of DU Decide: Who Do You Like More MrsGrumpy or Lynnesin?

I am turning my backyard into a campground

New UPN "reality show"...a Britney Spears "documentation of love"

Cats are Too Dignified to be Pope

Admit an embarrassing fact about

Lynnesin and MrsGrumpy both rule even though they both have bad taste

attention everyone! here are some kitty pix for you viewing pLeasure

Tomorrow Is My Birthday. How Should I Celebrate My 33 Years?

Even if she's a misguided Packers/Keaton fan, MrsGrumpy RULES!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I adore LynneSin....even if she is a misguided Eagles/Chaplin

My hints and tips for raising teenagers...

Polls: Gas prices are a "hardship" (60%), and health care costs are

‘High Risk‘ Flaws Found in IE, Outlook

For my fellow UNC Basketball fans. (Pics of Newspapers today)

I'm getting Gray Hares (warning for those with blood sugar issues)

Cat vs. Pig

In Steinbeck's Birthplace, a Fight to Keep the Libraries Open

Okay, I admit it. I like the Wiggles.

I just got a job offer!

I am playing hold'em poker online ask me anything

I drive a convertible

Florida legislature passes bill allowing cats to be met with force.

I don't understand SUV drivers

what channeL is the revoLution on?

I'm Getting Gray Hairs

I'm Petting Gray Hares

Cats are too dignified to poop

what is it with all the kitty kat questions?

Let's let all of DU decide!!! Charlie Chaplin vs. Buster Keaton

When you want results out of someone

The tragic Marcia Brady "My Nose!" incident, broken down Zapruder-style

UK businessman donates EUR 5.5m to stop Ferris wheel

Children are innocent

Is there ANYONE rooting for the TB Devil Rays besides me??

Trumad has a blog!

CONFESS!!!! What Celebrity would you like to be stranded with on an island

New Daddy Question: Why The Heck Do Baby Clothes Have SO MANY snaps?

Curb Your Enthusiasm Vs The Office (UK version)

plant guru's! cactus question?

Make a piece of art using nothing but smileys.

OMG! LOL! the greatest retro style t-shirt ever only $14.99

Another reason to love my Harley-Davidson

Why not create a "Cat forum" to make the lounge a safe place?

I was wondering where my Moo Shoo was...


The softer side of smut peddling

I got only 3 hours of sleep last night. Damn, I wish I was I cat...

We're moving, help us choose a new house

I know a woman who is 38

Ok-what about THIS cat? Dammit! Watch the video!

"Florida -- Cauldron of Craziness"

Peebles versus Feebles?

DahDAHda-dah: "I woke up this morning, baby, I saw both cars were gone...

just replied to my high school 10 year reunion invitation

Best kitty in the world: Meet the Peebles

Snapple "Real Fact" #124

Why are you mean to redqueen?

I can't keep all of you straight people anymore

What is one of your "quirks?"

I smell formaldehyde

Help me with these riddles:

Life's gonna suck when you grow up

I just spent $340 for a freaking model airplane

anyone know how to contact mary crow dog, the author?

The SEXIEST movie in the world: Meet the Feebles

"Take lots of pictures, you aren't going to remember anything"

plant gurus! cactus question?

Caption: Lying in State..(Peter Brooks, Times)

Jesus and jewlery...too funny.

What is your worst physical feature?

Why are people mean?


Court Says There Is No Constitutional Right To Lap Dances

PING flamingyouth

Why are people contrary?


in honor of jandrok, I'm listening to "In Through the Out Door"

I like Grace Jones's music

Q: What do you get when you play New Age music backwards?

What did you do before DU?

Favorite celebrity funeral?

Kashmir: The most hauntingly stunning song ever created!!!

Oh, aren't you the CUTEST HOTDOG EVER!

Note to self, stay out of GD for a while.

Freepers come forth!

Vote Rick James

Nine percent of DUers who replied to this poll would kill someone's pet.

Google Partners with Gore

After several days of my copycat threads getting ignored in the lounge

I hate it when computer games are too easy, but I'm obsessed

Remember the game "Stunts"?

WTF? Who pissed these squirrels off?

Nine percent of pets who responded to this poll would kill a DUer.

14,492,371 posts since January 2001????

Look at that! Milwaukee has finally reached 70 F !!!

Why do cats hate Jesus?

My complexion looks like crap.


Check out my George & the Pope cartoon

First Picture of Misunderestimator & NSMA reunion!!

A link to Nostamj's website

John Paul vs. George Ringo

Cube dwellers: What unique thing do you have at your desk at work?

Who Owns This Website?????

Why wouldn't the Gondorians just ask the Jedi to come help them?

Chocolate sushi

Watched "CLOSER" on DVD last night - BLECCH!

I'm bored...anyone wanna play with me?

Hello Goodbye

what can't hedges be more like steve mcqueen?

Pope John Paul II vs John Paul Jones

I finally figured out why some sites

"Immigration Man"

Say "Knock knock"....

My doorbell just rang.

Which group has the moral high ground in the "Cat Wars"

Somebody's cat pooped on my Hummer!

I'm sure there's already been a Best Pope poll,


"A Day At The LBJ Ranch" by Sam Savitt

ok. I am really loving our new Tivo. Just had to say that.

On Saturday, I'm going to go fly a kite.

Breaking: Undisclosed Location of VP

Woman Breast Feeds Endangered Tiger Cubs

Unexpected windfall

I get it now! Bush makes sense!

While I really, really dislike cats...

Toot toot

Liverpool pulls mini-upset over Juventus at Anfield

Pope comics?

derby378 on Randi right now!

Ladies, your first choice to date


Flamebait Poll 201547

Posting from the Mac store in Chicago

Stereotypes about liberals of which I am sick to death.

Hey ladies ...

What NOT to do on a job interview.

I'm socially inept?

Do these guys have a cool-ass hobby or what?

The scariest movie I ever saw as a kid is being remade



Today's accuser said Jackson "tickled" him for "about two cartoons' worth"

Selfish overconsumption justified on DU. Why?

You could help me win health insurance through SEIU

Actors who have yet to work together but REALLY SHOULD

I love egg salad


We have a meeting room?

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

God, what a waste of time...

The song that made me dislike "TLC"

I Just Saw A Sign - $2.75 For Gas On Long Island

Who else here is REALLY tired of hearing about cats today?

Give this man a mousemat!

Since I Seem To Have Started The "Cat Controversy", A Clarification

Who wants to share an apartment with this guy?

If YOU had to find a roommate through an ad, how would it read?

Listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Texas Flood". Ask me anything.

My cat pooped in your garden this morning and I don't care

Which is the best Led Zep song?

Why dont you just shut up and do what I want for a change?!

tuesday toons..... :evilgrin:

Computer Gurus - Help. IE Explorer 6 -


I can't keep all of you gay people anymore.

Anyone ever read the Week in Craig? HILARIOUS shit there.

Hotels to avoid

What TV jingle drives you NUTS?

Just 11 more!

100 Worse Porn Movie Titles of All Time!

OK, no more cats, a recipe instead

fuckin''s pretty outside in Boston today, but ARGH

Dookus just shit in my yard

I'm not shutting up about Oyl overconsumption.

First it was pie, now it's cheesecake.


What do you do when really boring people call you?

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Doesn't RandomKoolzip know that you should never dare me?

More playing with the new camera . . .

Headlines We'd Like to See, April 5, 2005

"Gigli" is about to be shown on TV! Should I.....

Amazing Race preview thread 4/5

How were the first three months of 2005?

History Channel

Friends of Nostamj

I feel like a change.

Deliveryman Stuck in Elevator Four Days

I'm so very hungry but unable to eat

Sloth loves Chunk!

I'm not shutting up about oil overconsumption

Man Falls Asleep While Cooking - Seriously Burned

Things are WAY too serious in the lounge today. Post a funny pic

Abraham, Martin, and John (and Khephra and Nostamj)

Quick tell me something funny!

If anyone has pictures of JohnKleeb in a dress, PM me.

If anyone has pictures of JohnKleeb in a coffin, PM me

If anyone has pictures of DeposetheBoyKing in a halfnelson, PM Me.

I have a hard time buying the 'Jesus Saves' line

Don't look in here.

Question for webmasters

Your blatant heterosexuality is a SIN!!!

Do you like your chocolate with nuts?

If anyone has pictures of JohnKleeb in a Speedo, PM me

It's a new day, it's a new chick tract! - "something in common"

THIS IS HUGH!!!!1111

What's with all the Mexican (and cat) hate on DU lately?

Change one word in a book title to make it funnier:

Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow Dies at 89

The commute from to hell: 101-134-210-57-71-60-91

I For One LOVE All The Religion In The "News"

Who's gayer?

Before all you Yankee fans get too excited...

Who was Pope when you were born?

Just saw Matthew McConaughey on ET wearing a blue bracelet

the secret ingredient

I plead the filth.

I plead the fifth.

Shellfish overconsumption justified on DU. Why?

I learned a lesson today

What do you do when people call you really boring?

For the record, there is NO WAY anyone is getting me into a dress.

Pssst! Did you know IKEA sells bongs?

Wow, check out Google's new satellite photo feature (free). I see my house!

Out-of-date pimento cheese . . .

Culture of Death

In the 80's were you a Prince fan, or a Michael Jackson fan..

gimme burnt toast and a rotten egg

Best DU City in the country?

i have been convicted in the spirit

"Subcommander, activate our cloak! We are going to Free Republic!"

Where is Springfield?

Anyone wanna see my junk?

Well, I'm off to the election night party in a few.

Shillfish overconsumption justified on FR. Why?

So is 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' going to be funny?

Solar path lights. 5 BUCKS!

So, who's lost weight? How much did you lose? And how?

I've just made it to the 700 club; ask me anything!

My new lil' buddy


Smiley racin'..............GO!

My impending death in.....

I hear Big Kahuna Burger has some tasty burgers...

The U.S. in 2100 AD will be like...

Can I play attention seeker? Almost 1000 posts, ask me anything.

Gasp...I have a giant bottle of balsamic vinegar in my fridge.

HEyHEY is on his deathbed - Ronnykmarshall can have my pogoball.

Raccoons shit in my yard

After 5 days, FreeRepublic hits 25% of "Q2 FReepathon" fundraising goal

An apology to all DUers

Can you whistle?

Can someone explain why the US says they have strict borders?

An apology to Star Wars fans

OMFG!! Tammy Fae on Larry King!!!

T minus 42 minutes and counting

Anyone have Photoshop 7.0 or Photoshop CS?

If I hate people who hate, does that make me as much of a hater as they?

Frontline on PBS tonight looks very interesting

Well, beat the drum and hold the phone - the sun came out today!

If Jesus Came to Your House

What is this called?

I think I'm in the Twilight Zone

Today's Secret Word is...

Poll: Should I leave my sigline as it is?

du echo chamber

Jazz fans (well, Monk & Coltrane fans) will want to besiege Folkways

Anyone know how to convert encrypted WMA to MP3?

How Do You Make a "§" Sign on DU?


So, Peter Jennings has Lung cancer

Anyone notice the post counter next to user registrations?

Damn. My daughter got pink eye.

I have finally figured out WHY Bush is going to the Pope's funeral...

Remember Grimace from McDonaldland? Well.....

The new Doctor Who starts in 5 minutes.

"If you wear a bow-tie on Thursday, You're gay"

FYI Austin, Tx. DU'er's

Hunter Thompson's ashes to be shot from cannon....

Psst...Hey guys, do you know what today is?

What's your favorite new smilie?!

My friends are expecting twins in 8 wks and are cracking me up.

Hellllllloooooo everyone! post here to give dolo amber love!

Ohio Players? Anybody but me think they were hot as hell?

Michael Jackson is toast.

County Choice brand sandwich cookies.

I'm thinking of quitting my band. Anyone in Chicago looking for a drummer?

Forgotten man lay dead in flat for six years (The Guardian)

there is no god. kephra and nostamj are gone

What's for dinner tonight?

Darth Sidious is Bush! Selections from the script of the new STAR WARS.

Idea for new forum: Adults Only Lounge

Trying to find Fred Schneider's version of Coconut

Tell me about your cellophane plan.

Hey, DUers - should we add a lorimer smiley? Or an alewife? Or famulus?

Have you feng shui'd your home or workplace?

Mom! Call me. Everyone else! Hi.

Hey DUers, should we add a "fireman" smiley to the list?

I had a horrible nightmare last night! ...Dreamed Jerry Falwell died and

"Left Of The Dial" coming on HBO now

HAHA, this list of "right-wing" Hollywood entertainers is flawed

Damn you allergy people!

Help me bump a friend's website.

Sure Kittens Are Cute. But...

Linux? No Thanks

Does QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY help or hinder public opinion on gays

I can't keep all of you people gay anymore.

Deleted message

Al Howard & The K23 Orchestra

New "Google Satellite Maps," like flight training for Moussaoui. BAD idea

I can work no longer tonight...

Baby Avoids Being Kissed

Awww . . . cute baby elephants! (pics)

Real life Vs The internet.

Mr GoG was robbed at gunpoint tonight

nostamj: More Than Cartoons

What SHOULD you do if you're held up at gunpoint?

A friend wants me to go with her to Venezuela

Some morAn being interviewed on my local FAUX affiliate...

The "president" is still ....

The sunset last night was amazingly beautiful.

How long do I bake Salmon for?

Did anyone just watch Law and Order SVU? (potential spoilers)


Why wouldn't the Gondorians just dig a big ditch around Minas Tirith?

teacher's dilemma -- I let my students allocate bonus marks

Let's do a WHO AM I - Come on and play

Should Underpants change his name to Special Chastity Pants?

I went into a convienence store today and a customer had a puppy...

The purging of Tom Delay reminds me of the scene in "Casino"

Chocolate or Strawberry shake?

Anyone watching American Idol?

Dear Nostamj & Kephra

The commutation from hell

Control Freaks! Check in here!

Congratulations BullGooseLooney! 15,000 posts

HOLY SHIT! the Marlins are awsome this season!!!!!!!!!

When it came to comics, JACK KIRBY was KING!

Tips For Lurking Freepazoids

anyone watch that Mork and Mindy movie on tv tonight?


My goal: Lose 200 pounds.

A toast to Nost

Chick Tract of the Day: The Titanic (in honor of bunny re-enactment)

Prediction: I will be the next pope

What are you the Pope of?

"Moonlight" Graham will be honored at a Twins game

For my 2000th post...

ok, ok, I admit it, I have smelly feet! So can you help?

Music lovers, who was your favorite Glam Rock group?

Name a movie where all the bad guys were a certain ethnicity,

You have to see this Freerepublic poster!!!

Just Back From The Master's Practice Rounds, Taking Questions

Funny how you can build up an ignore list based on a single topic . . .

life is hard all around . . . hard for my sister back home.

All you Mac jealous, be very, very jealous. LOL!

The White house web site

What's it like to have a life? A job? Money for to buy stuff with?

this is it FELLOWS

I live with a couple of cards.

We passed 14,500,000 posts ... and NOBODY noticed!

X-Files buffs...who was the guy Mulder called with 'X'?

I paid off my 20 yr old defaulted student loan...Don't ask me anything...

I can't beleive this woman is 40 years old.

when you think of engLand

Congratulations mvd!! 20,000 posts

"If you wear green on Thursday, it means you're horny"

Knock knock

The latest video game from Fristco Technologies

Surgery Goes O.K. for DUer

Brazilian music is the sexiest music in the world.

I love seeing old guys sitting around telling stories and cracking

Firefox has a security flaw....patch coming tonight

I'm A New Daddy, Archaeologist, Potter, Anti-Bush Artist. Ask Me Anything


I finally bought a sofa!

For My 14,000th --- Aeroplanes in A Bottle (Many Pictures)

I'm probably going to start rolling my own cigarettes (tobacco)

Your favorite memory from childhood...

John Paul reborn as ‘Incredible Popeman’

Time to give it up for the one that rocked the most: J. S. Bach!

Tell me about your cellphone plan

A big, huge, thank you to DU.

Want to hear a funny story?

I Love you all!


One in eight smokers will develop cancer...

To All My Dear Friends here on DU: Sad News

I can't keep all of you people straight anymore.

Sign the petition to end the seal hunt.

This is why people still BUY dogs and cats.....

I just Googled Canada Seal Hunt, and it's getting BIG...

Do any of you live with a non-vegetarian?

Schiavo's Death Marks America's Move Toward 'Neo-Barbarism' (AgapePress)

a few years ago I was told there was a group pushing a very conservative

Gay Catholics & Others Call For More Liberal Pope

Gay Bishop Accuses Conservatives Of Twisting Words

New TV series on the Book of Revelations. No, really.

How many people could the Catholic Church feed...

Anyone ever read Chariot of the Gods?

Severe weather anyone?

Appeals Court Adds $100,000 To Award In HIV Suit

Member Of Parliament Caught On Camera Having Gay Sex

Pope is so holy they don't need to embalm him...

Human Rights Complaint Against Gay Guesthouse For Refusing Lesbians

Lesbian Coach Reaches Settlement With School Board Over Firing

Asshole fundie preacher in KS

Is this seriously the only excuses gay-bashers have?

The Phillies are undefeated and in first Place

it's a BLUE win!!!

Of course, we get the post-steroids Sammy Sosa!

Steroids and Baseball

Latest ESPN/USA Today NCAA basketball poll is out

Well, my 'Stros started out hot....

7th Inning Stretch: Status of "God Bless America"?


Who else walks their non-canine pets on a leash?

Do you suppose this is for real?

Kitty problem!

Belief creates reality, v2.0

Go Vote: Should Congress Renew The Patriot Act

Anyone here down with the Unity Church?

Can someone tell me what I am?

Sneezing- What to say when someone says "God Bless You."

Am I math challenged or something?

Oh goody.

I am an atheist

BREAKING NEWS: An 85 year old man died of natural causes...

Burying Tom Delay - Saipan Sweatshops

Joe K mocks ‘out of place’ Mitt at Dem bash

Kerry and Kennedy to Attend Pope's Funeral

I am going to see John Edwards tommorrow!

I saw the ad in USA Today

Asia Times Pakistan Story mentions JK

Anyone listening to Ed Schultz interview Jane Fonda right now?

4/5/05 Kerry donates to DCCC

Kerry Urges Romney to Sign Stem-Cell Bill

Kerry Pledges $1M to DCCC

hmmm, i think this person belongs in this group

Let's go tell this guy how much he ROCKS!

I just saw John vote - yikes

Leno Monologue

We need an intro thread. Lots of newbies

What I did today.

Finally a sunny day with the Nikon, and I had to work :(

Seeing the potential of your camera. Helpful link.

Headsup KOEBers!! Serious deveopment on the anti-filibuster front

Brian Williams (in Rome) on Imus this morning......

I hope Keith will stop smoking now . . .

Last night's show

Countdown newsletter for 4-5-05 - Subject: "The Future Papacy"

Did you hear about this? Patriots in Eugene shut down recruitment center

David Horsey,aytollah Delay issues Fatwha

Please sign the exit strategy petition

Separating Ukraine's "Siamese twins"

What happened yesterday - re: the nuclear option?

Gore Group to Start Cable Channel as Youth Forum

Who remembers Carter's "killer rabbit" episode in 1979?

Medford hotel owners say Bush Admin. left them with unpaid bills


reintroduction of Senator Jon Corzine's Chemical Security Act.

Truthout explains why Democrats have had to resort to filbustering judges

Churchill's 'iron curtain' speech online

Dorgan, ND on c-span saying the Intel report is useless--Now

Where did that Gannon/Guckert/Gosh thread go?


Tom Delay & Saipan Sweatshops

Heads up - NPR Morning Edition covers OPUS DEI today >

Phone your Republican Senator against ending Filibusters.

History of Nazi and Fascist Elections?

Pulling the plug on Corporate News

Drugs, Bases, and Jails

Another shrub cronie gets a fed contract

"Last chance to speak out"

Dump Delay Action notice!!! DU this!!!

Wow...Faux took a break from the Pope-fest to cover a car chase

New right-wing radio billboard I saw this morning.

I liked Jerry Springer this morning on AAR,

Bill O'Reilly puts words in the Pope's mouth/Video/ disgusting

The neocon strategy to ensure their candidate is selected pope

Fundies: come into the light!

W caught RED HANDED!!!

"If rumsfeld retired today it would be too late."

Since conservatives are "underrepresented" on Campus, I suggest a trade:

Sen. Boxer giving good talk on Senate Floor about Global Gag order

Centrist Democrats warn liberals

So, What's The Latest? IS Chimpy Going To The Pope's Funeral?

How Low Will The Giggling Murderer's"Approval" Rating Go?

Gov. Bush almost delayed execution because of pope's death

I voted for Democrats today!

Dem, MT on Senate Floor saying some rule just put out by Ag.Dept

Bush and the social security thing

Other Cause and Effect Connections John Cornyn is Currently Pondering...

The "It's not my fault!" pictures

Gallup: Bush Approval Rating Lowest Ever for 2nd-Term Prez at this Point

Bumper Sticker Help: George Bush and The Apocalypse

Blair Calls May 5 UK Election as Lead Shrinks

Sen. Russ Feingold Raising His Profile....(and getting criticized for it)

Sen Cornyn has a history of attaching the Judiciary


Senators Kennedy & Kerry's statements on the passing of Pope John Paul II

get your updated Bushisms here!

Someone posted a specific law that Cornyn may have broken

Dem Rightwing Corporatists warn Centrists

China's Awesome Culture Of Life!

Reid, Pelosi at odds on how to "frame" the upcoming nuclear option fight

Anyone Here Live in Central Ohio? Man I Am Disgusted...

Nine BILLION dollars! Some questions.

"The dark mind of Mohammed"-- the rise of Muslim hate-literature

Bush -- The Least-Popular Re-Elected President EVER

Feingold on C-SPAN tomorrow at 7:30 AM CST

Junior's 45% approval rating (TEN points below REAGAN at his LOWEST)

Zalmay Khalilzad named as U.S. ambassador to Iraq

Santorum states he is going to the Pope's funeral even though he hasn't

Dignitaries planning to attend pope's funeral

Anybody going to the Freepers' "historic" MARCH for JUSTICE II?

WTF?!?!?!? "Congressional Physician of the Year" = DeLay Scam

Kansas is joining the bigot farm today--saw a cool sign

I waited four hours today to speak for one minute

When President Carter called the White House to say he wanted

VOTE to hate Gays today in Kansas......

CONservatives are liars, thieves, scammers, immoral

freewayblogger Perfect way to protest!!!

Illegal Immigrants paying into SS, Medicare...won't collect

Are You Poped Out?

At what point will the people of Texas get rid of DeLay?

Did I just hear Shrub say he would continue his work to advance peace?

Are You "Physician Of The Year"??? Tom DeLay At It Again!!

RNC Chair sides with DeLay/Santorum/Cornyn on judges

Matson: Federal Judiciary - Open Season

Oppose the "Nuclear Option" -(Wed and Thrus are call in days)

I pledged $25 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

Life According to the GOP - By Al Franken

Please... Please... Please... Help me by taking this poll!

Whitehouse enters R.I. Senate race against Chafee

Kennedy: GOP Hurt by ‘Hysteria’


Connecticut Prepares to Sue U.S. Over Bush Education Law

Kerry Urges Romney to Sign Stem-Cell Bill

I never thought I would see the day that Freepers would turn on their own

Considering all the crap Gore took about the "lockbox"...

Move on has selected the final group of Bush in 30 years flicks/link

"Mr. President, I wanted to talk...." - Cornyn's full floor speech

Left Coast non-Malloy fans, check him out tonight! Big fun


Does * really care that he's unpopular?

On April 5, 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sentenced...

Wanted, Feingold Grassroot Leaders! Lets get the network up!

Howard Dean To Be Honored at National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

What is the ulterior motive of the Repukes' dumping of Delay?

Did the Pope die again?

Jeb's Hometown paper blasts him on Schiavo case

Hannity talking of the teenage and oral sex case (blah bhah)

DeGette, Grijalva Call for Investigation into Exclusion of Citizens/Bush

Remarks By * On Social Security Reform In West Virginia

Chevron, Unocal Deal.... Figures

Why does Japan seem to have this problem and is this solution ethical?

Gas goes up 12-13 cents PER WEEK around here.....

I got a letter from Kay Bailey Hutchison today

Are there any recent Pa. poll numbers on Santorum?

GO VOTE POLL- Should Congress Renew the Patriot Act?

CSPAN schedule/commentary, Wednesday April 6 - Feingold & Clark

Wes Clark on C-SPAN's Washington Journal tomorrow at 9:00 AM EST

Are any Senate Democrats on the fence re: the filibuster issue?

Why should people without kids pay taxes for public education?

Sorry, I love high gas prices.

Welcome to the stone ages...Kansas is FUCKED

DeLay's wife and daughter were paid $500,000 by his OWN P.A.C.!

Kerry and Kennedy to Attend Pope's Funeral

Cornyn was granted 5 minutes on the Senate floor tonight to

Unlike Bush, Blair facing serious heat on Iraq as elections approach in UK

Please write your Senators about the "Constitution Restoration Act"!

The real definition of the "Culture of L.I.F.E."

Don't Put a Magnet on your Truck, Put your signature on a contract

Venezuela DU Links - Think we should be paying more attention

Bunker film 'is too kind to Nazis'

Few conservatives in Academia! Why?? Krugman knows.